8 january 2022

John Bjarne Grover

Brief summary of the situation today 8 january 2022:

1) The new corona infection numbers have been shooting high up globally (recent data here) since 21 december 2021 when a new film was released on the internet which in principle could have been based on an article of mine from 2020 - but probably without mentioning my article as source - if that were it. (I have not seen the film - only the title). See this file for details. It is possible that these data provide something close to evidence that the pandemic is caused by political attempts to turn poetic logic into political power. I first believed that the massive rise in infection numbers was due to some chinese poems I had translated just before the increase started, but when I discovered the release of the film I concluded that it could just as well be about a combination of the two factors.

2) I recently summed up some views on the new poetic logic that I have elaborated and which the cultural stage of development probably will open for with the new computer technology - and it can well be said that the contents of this article - which could constitute a quite significant breakthrough in the development of the new knowledge - is inherent in the first and preliminary article of 12 november 2020 called "12 november 2020: Can light be dated?" - but it is possible that these by then inherent although still unpronounced radical possibilities were discovered or 'sensed' by those who want to turn the poetic logic into political power and therewith the film could have taken more or less hastily shape in the framework of such interests. Thereby the infection numbers could have shot high up by the time of its release - since that could have been an attempt to suppress the new poetic logic for turning it into political power - its very opposite, that is.

3) In the course of the year 2021, vaccines against covid-19 have been developed and distributed in large amounts, but there are now clear signs that this turn of poetic logic into abusive political power could come to turn the effect of the vaccines around as well - and in the worst case the vaccines could come to have an opposite effect if what they are intended to do. I repeat from the article The breakthrough issue the addition to it that I made today - on the situation in Sweden and the apparently dramatic increase in what could be a factual negative effect of the vaccines:

New weekly report from Folkhälsomyndigheten in Sweden tells that the tendency [for rising 'breakthrough' percentages] has continued and is now very clear: While in week 50 (of 2021) the 'breakthroughs' (that is when people get covid even if they are vaccinated against it) had risen from 34 % to 53 %, which means that more than half of those who got ill were vaccinated, it has now in the most recently reported week 52 of 2021 (up to 2 january 2022) reached 74 % - nearly 3/4 of those who get ill are vaccinated. The following numbers for two regions (vaccination percentage week 51 for breakthrough infections week 52) are telling:

Region 1 dose       2 doses       Breakthrough
Gotland 91,2 %       88,7 %       82 %
Stockholm            82,5 %       76,2 %       74 %
Dalarna 87,8 %       85,2 %       75 %

It means that the effect of the vaccines is close to zero, and even if Folkhälsomyndigheten still urges people to get vaccinated, the reason presented is that it protects against serious illness and death.

From week 51 to 52 the increase in infections among unvaccinated was 57 %, among vaccinated 142 %.

Among those who needed intensive care, 75 % were unvaccinated, and through the last 4 weeks the risk for intensive care status was 12 times higher among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated.

There is a delay in the reports on deaths, so the ratio may be higher for weeks 51-52, but for week 50 (when the 'breakthrough' percentage was 53 %) the ratio for reported deaths was 64 % vaccinated.

This means that there could still be some protection in the vaccines against serious illness and death, but those percentages are getting rather small.

But since the risk for intensive care is 12 times higher for the unvaccinated, which is as it should have been under normal circumstances, it means that the risk for an apparently 'conditioned turn of the crisis' - some 'political' sort of factor? - could be present in the deaths.

For the end of the year 2021 the situation was approximately this:

Population (week 52):       84 % vaccinated (1 dosis appr. 86 %, 2 doses appr. 82 %)
Infections (week 52): 74 % vaccinated
Deaths (week 50):       64 % vaccinated

and it seems that the lower numbers now are breathing the higher in the neck. (If the ratio 53-64 % for week 50 should apply to the end of the year, it could mean that by now 85 % of the dead would have been vaccinated - against 84 % of the population vaccinated - and then the vaccines would in fact impose an increased danger of death compared with those who are not vaccinated). Of course, if 100 % of the population comes to be vaccinated, the percentages for infections and deaths cannot be higher and this way of measurement thereby becomes 'invisible' - but the question is how many would have been ill or dead if no vaccine had been given at all. The current numbers from the end of the year tell that the vaccines probably still give some protection although it is now quite small and the protection has been decreasing statistically through the recent weeks. If in addition the numbers for intensive care and deaths tell that there seems to be a conditioned sort of turn of the crisis, the question is whether the pandemic is a matter of political disease - a disease caused by political factors. In addition, it is noticed that covid-19 on a global scale now is not much more dangerous than a normal common cold - the pandemic which was riding the world through ages and has prompted tough and efficient restrictions like the quasi lockdowns called 'weekends' and 'holidays' and things like that. If so, it is possible that the only difference between the current covid-19 and the age-old common cold is the vaccines - and if those are the ones which make the political power program possible, it could be doubtful whether they have a positive effect. And of course obligatory vaccination could come to look very dubious in such a light.

Briefly, it means that political initiatives can cause an increased number of deaths due to covid-19 infections - and it may even be that vaccinations against this covid-10 can come to serve to increase this political factor.

The conclusion seems to be that the vaccinations can make people more vulnerable to political initiatives that serve to turn poetic logic into political power and thereby spread such oppressive power globally.

How can these problems be solved?

Well, what about supporting the poet a little - instead of only the raw abuse? He needs for example some money to move to another country - not the least for escaping apparent persecutional advertisement that could seem to try and turn the poetic logic into political power mythos.

And he needs a green pass and to be exempted from obligatory vaccination not the least for escaping the 'quasi-royal' PTRSIM PIK body status of scapegoat that could enable further advances of political power.

Could be he needs a new citizenship as well - for relaxing the decades-old cramp of bad national conscience that could be a major factor in the new power field.

Added 14 january 2022: New weekly report from the swedish 'Folkhälsomyndigheten' today tells that in week 1 there were 124 211 cases reported - of which 77 % were vaccinated. That is more than last week but still a little lower than the vaccination percentage (appr. 84 %) in the population, but the difference is small, which suggests that the efficiency of the vaccines in preventing infection is something like 7 %. The number of infections increased with 81 % among the unvaccinated and 119 % among those who were vaccinated.

It seems that the definition of 'breakthrough' could have been changed since last report since all regions this week have lower 'breakthrough' values than the 77% - the average seems to be given as 59%. Likewise for the number of dead - some 46 % of those are given as unvaccinated, but these numbers are not big and they are 2 weeks delayed: In week 51 there were 41 dead of which 22 were unvaccinated = 54 %.

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