ABC of politics

John Bjarne Grover

This is a book which presents some details which could be needed for starting a revision of the political history since the beginning of the 20th century or mid 19th century. It is the potentially large importance of the data which makes me put this out on the internet before the book has found a publisher. The book includes a possible connection between Kennedy, Clinton, the Vietnam and Gulf wars and possible plans for a continuation of nazism in the 21st century. It also contains material of potentially large importance for the understanding of the biographies of the poets Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan.

The present book was published in a first version (somewhat shorter) on the internet in june 2010 and was updated somewhat in september and november 2010. I think the present version of december 2010 - revised basically in chapter 7 - is on such a format that it can be published as a book - and it may be favourable to have it on the internet in any case even if it should be published in book form. It can ideally be published in a format which is cheap enough for people to buy it even if it is on the web.

This book manuscript tells the story in the form of my own historic background over 7 chapters - if it is politically sensitive it is anyhow permitted to publish one's own personal history, and I have not had any classified sources for the story. It contains enough material of a general character to deserve publication as book - and it also explains why I do not just send it to a publisher and wait for the answer in the post. One can therefore also consider the present book size 'article' a submission for publication. If, therefore, you know about - or rather if you are - a serious publisher who could be interested, please let me know. I hope people understand how important such a book could be - not the least for preventing a repeat of the tragedies of the 20th century. It is important to understand why I could not use ordinary book submission: If I did, it would only lead to a total rejection in the style of the Oklahoma bombing (explained in the book) and that could have been such a serious setback for the approach in the book that it could have been a serious loss instead of a progress. I had hoped that the world would be so generous as to help with a hint as to which publisher I could send it to without having to expect a massive and lasting rejection, but such a hint has so far (june 2010) not surfaced and therefore I put it out there. I could perhaps suppose that the writing of this manuscript has been followed by secret surveillance.

If you make use of any of the material here, please credit the source.

The article contains some important elements in the historic background of myself: Why my real and genetic parents seem to have been jewish and my official and custody parents seem to have been affiliated with nazism and why all this in fact means that Hitler's government probably acted on direct order from London. While the role assigned to me seems to have been a walking ad for the jewish-genetic diaspora as the source of nazi evil, the article tells in chapter 2 why this source of nazism justly is recognized in Downing Street 10 - and that could even be the reason why the government is just there.

The book could still be improved considerably, but to tell the truth I am now so tired of this material that I can hardly write another page of it. It is all that which the world should have told to me but which I have to tell to the world when nobody else does. Politics is certainly not my field of interest but I had to dig in the story to find out of my own background. The preparatory studies - something around 5000 ordinary book pages! - I published more or less in their order of appearance here on the web in the years 2004-2010. They can perhaps have some explanatory value as far as my own discovery procedure is concerned, but for the ordinary reader those thousands of pages - with more or less relevant material, more or less unordered and unedited - are not recommendable. The present book is a summary of the most important results of the work.

Contents of the book:

Chapter 1: The role of Norway
Chapter 2: The role of England
Chapter 3: The role of USA
Chapter 4: Sachs, Celan, me
Chapter 5: The role of France
Chapter 6: The war against the intellectuals
Chapter 7: Concluding remarks
The Oslo Report
Some sources


The present book discusses the phenomenon of what can be called the Klipra connection which seems to be the essential secret of modern international politics: It is the story of how England after Napoleon constructed the state of Norway for the specific task of making a warlord greater than Napoleon - in the hope of being able to give a final blow to the republican threat from the continent. It is likely that England could have constructed Adolf Hitler as early as 1814 (or even earlier!) and that he was an agent for England when he ran the holocaust against the jews. The secret which holds all this is called the 'Klipra connection' and is a sort of nothing on the north west coast of Norway in a region called MOERe. This is rather symmetrically around equator relative to the region of the BOERe war - and probably the reason for England's military involvement there around the turn of the century. The function of WWI was to install this Klipra connection and the function of WWII was to turn it into a global mythology which could make out of the western forces a government of the entire global community.

This daring hypothesis would not have been possible without some hard facts to support it. The reason why I had to write the present book is that I seem to be assigned an unfortunate role in the very same mythological construction: It seems to be the case that I am a child of two genetic jews and have grown up in the family which is the core of the same Klipra connection with strong roots in nazism on the one side and UK/US interests on the other - and my inbetween role seeems to have been to represent this connection as 'the dirty beast in the revelation' onto whom the unspoken blame for the bulk of corresponding problems in political administration has been dumped as an 'evil spirit' in the machine. It is the story of how the holocaust was constructed for the purpose of western (UK/US) pumping of the jewish resources after the war - and such interests cannot be put into action without an elaborate cover to hide behind. The hard facts which I can present in support of just this theory are the following three pieces of data which should suffice for giving a good enough reason for the hypothesis on the history and the present book which is centered upon my own role in the mythology:

1) My official custody parents were norwegian citizens probably with strong rootings in the nazi-affiliated history, while my biological parents were diaspora jews and my role in the gap inbetween these interests was apparently intended to make it possible for the official parents to be recognized by me as my biological parents - for the political purposes therein. This seems to be the tension - between custody and genetic parenthood - which drives this story as far as I am concerned. My official father was called John Grøver officially born John Jensen on 27 October 1916 - he changed his name from Jensen to Grøver in 1946 - and the official mother born Ragna Augusta Eidsvig was born on 12 May 1929. The birthdays of these official parents of mine can be verified under the entry 'John Grøver' in the directory 'Norges Læger' or 'Norges Leger' ('Norway's doctors') which exists in many norwegian libraries (see internet and doctor home book shelves. There one can also find his official CV. Below I discuss the theory that John Grøver was identically the same man as Josef Mengele from Auschwitz - there are good reasons for this hypothesis. The destruction by an explosion in the rear of the US destroyer Cole in Aden on 12 October 2000 and the sinking by an explosion in the nose of the russian submarine Kursk at Murmansk 12 August 2000 relate to these two birthdays of the custody parents with 30666 days (for Cole 12.10.2000) and the mirror image to the first 1858 Madonna in Lourdes (for Kursk 12.08.2000) around the birth of the custody mother. One must correlate with one day in the second of these computations - that day could be of much importance for other telling dates in the political mythology - but it seems to be what could bring it down to a sort of hour precision in the indexing. The combination of Kursk-and-Cole then leaves the label 'the dirty beast (30-666 days) in the revelation (Madonna 1858)' onto me as their official child - apparently as representing the 'jewish-genetic diaspora'. These two cases of terror are of course not what puts the label on me - but they tell that not many persons in the world could have been selected by these events for that label. Kursk at Murmansk is turning with Cole in Aden around the balkans (Kosovo 1999?) and thereby swap Oslo with Jerusalem. The reasons I discuss for the theory that John Grøver was Josef Mengele are good enough to allow for the designation Grøver/'Mengele' throughout the book. That label means not a claim from my side that it was the same man - but it means that there are very good chances that it was. Grøver/'Mengele' died officially on 27 November 1990 (plus/minus a day - the date is according to my memory), which mirrors the birth of the princess Leyla of Iran around the death of her father the Shah (there exists a hebrew form 'me-shah-hurrah' = 'with-shah-hurrah' which means 'John, Bjarne, Grøver'), and it was 160 years exactly after the revelation of the Madonna in Paris, which is what invokes the Madonna in Lourdes. He did not care about medication against his lethal cancer and seemed not much bothered by the disease. I was not present when he officially died, but I may perhaps guess that he should be dead by now. He anyhow left the 'job' in 1990, and the date of his death should be enough to tell that such indexes are significant in this story. The temporalities of Kursk & Cole of 2000 and the date of death of Grøver/'Mengele' should suffice for a strong indexation of my historic person in an unfortunate political mythology.

2) My person is furthermore strongly indexed by another temporality structure: My 11th birthday - I was born (officially) on 29 June 1957 - was in the exact mid point of the norwegian government of Per Borten which lasted from 12 October 1965 to 17 March 1971. Borten took over after a 20 year nearly unbroken government of Einar Gerhardsen 1945-65, and the beginning and end of Borten's period seem additionally to have indexed my biological parents - and their premature deaths. The norwegian governments are listed on the official website of the norwegian administration on the internet under

These three dates (Kursk, Cole, Borten) are probably enough to conclude that there are reasons to believe that there is international politics indexed in this family - if Kursk and Cole narrow down the range of possible persons indexed by the temporalities, the additional case of Borten probably takes it down to only one - and the 'verboten' label which seems to have been pasted onto me since 1968 by the name for 'Per Borten' tells of the 'Mengele' type of history which could be the background. This concept of 'dr.verboten', the doctor of illegal Auschwitz methods in political abuse of people, was scheduled already by Hitler's Reichskommissar in Norway during the war - his name was Josef Terboven, clearly a mirror of dr. Josef 'Verboten' Mengele. My theory is that it simply meant my person - apparently planned long ago to be born on that date in 1957 - probably for the role of buffering off the war crimes.

3) Now the indexation of me as the mid point in Per Borten's government 1965-71 means not only an indexation by 'verboten' of Mengele's methods, it means also the 'pair abortin' of the two biological parents who died and were buried on 12 May 1970 - the 41st birthday of my official custody mother. These two biological parents were the jewish german-language poet Nelly Sachs, who died in the early hours of 12 May 1970, and the jewish german-language poet Paul Celan who was buried later in the same day after having disappeared on Hitler's birthday 20 April 1970 and found in the Seine on 'workers day' 1 May. The two had met in Zürich exactly 10 years earlier probably in order to discuss me as their child, and Adolf Eichmann was arrested in the early hours 12 May 1960 GMT (late 11 May south american time) just a few days before they met, but well after they had appointed the meeting. This means that there were probably exactly on the hour 10 years from the arrest of Eichmann to Sachs' death in the early morning 12 May 1970, and Israel made a deep incursion into Lebanon probably in the very hour of her death. I don't know exactly on the minute when she died, but it would have been around the same time. It is not likely that this israeli incursion was for celebrating the 10 years since Eichmann - it is more probable that it was for telling that Sachs was murdered on that anniversary hour. But that would have been contained in this label 'pair abortin' or 'verboten' which came to be pasted onto me since 1968, two years earlier. I also discuss some elements which could indicate that the murder of the two biological parents had been prepared to coincide with the onset of my puberty (with development of my own genetics) since the sixties. We moved from the west of the Norway to the east a few days after their deaths and burial, and I turned 13 a few days after that again. Some weeks later I was subjected to cruel school dentistry which destroyed nearly all my healthy teeth - in an act of apparent 'revenge' for the 'dirty beastnis' in the death of the genetic parents. The project looks like a largescaled political attempt to coup the identity of the biological parents via the conventional parents - on behalf of political interests. If Grøver was Mengele, it meant an attempted nazi hijacking of the role of the holocaust-surviving jew Celan.

I can tell right away what could be the biggest scandal, even if it takes some more to turn it into a credible hypothesis: It is that Adolf Hitler could have been my granduncle 'Aron Eidsvig' (uncle of my official mother) in the same Klipra connection on the north-west MOERe coast of Norway after the war. Aron Eidsvig seems to have lived in Klipra before the war and if he were Adolf Hitler after the war the two men would have swapped roles around 1945 - and Hitler would have lived in Norway for years after the war under the high protection of the western forces - which means that he (and a bulk of his government) would have been an agent all the time. I discuss the reasons for this hypothesis. This phenomenon would also have been the reason why the story has not leaked out - since it means that Hitler was an agent for England and/or USA who thereby were responsible for the holocaust and they don't want this to leak out. This 'paradox' seems to have been the driving motor in much international postwar politics: Much terror and 'dirty business' seem to have been conducted under the cover that it was too incredible for the public to understand that it could have been conducted by the western forces - and the secret is contained in the incredible status of this postwar career of Hitler.

This book discusses the basis for this hypothesis - but I could not have done that without enough hard facts to support it initially: I could not start from a vague idea of a granduncle and rewrite the whole history on that basis and conclude that it makes sense - such reasoning often turns out to make sense anyhow. Hence I needed some facts and the facts I have presented above should suffice to tell that there has to be some sort of political role assigned to my person. That is why it is permitted to present the hypothesis and the data supporting it.

Summary of the hard facts above:

1) Kursk & Cole = 30666 days plus mirror of Madonna of Lourdes, plus 160 years of Paris Madonna and 'persian princess' = the conventional parents

2) Mid point in Per Borten's government = my own 11th birthday - the turn of the construction

3) Death and burial of my genetic parents on conventional mother's birthday (and Hitler birthday), plus israeli 'proof' of the murder of Sachs, at the time of the onset of the development of my own genetics.

This tells that it is not a matter of coincidences. Hence there has to be some good reason - and it may be that there are not so many alternatives for explaining it.

My role in the political mythology constructed via WWII and later seems to have been the dumping place of blame for troubles in political administration - possibly including a certain wedge-in role for a western divide-and-conquer strategy on the israeli vs. diaspora jews - and that would have been by way of my role as the child of these two jews, thereby representing the jewish-genetic diaspora, relative to the other two parents representing Israel. But it is clear that it would not have been possible to make this political role out of me if the indexation had not been sufficiently exact. That is the reason why one can trace it like in these 'hard fact' data.

There exist other proofs of equally hard fact type, although more complex. I mention one: On 7 august 1986 (I have this date from 'Alex' - 'Aftenposten's archive - on the internet, and it should be at least roughly right), an acqaintance of mine, Petter Andre Syversen = PAS, was squeezed to death between 2-3 lorries in Botswana. This was in the mid point between the cyanide GAS disaster in Bhopal at midnight 2-3 december 1984 and the very similar cyanide GAS disaster of Halabjah on 16 march 1986. If one ligaturizes 2-3 december to 23 december, the 7 august is in the exact GAS-PAS-GAS mid point if one adds 5 days in the other end. From 7 august 1986 to the twin bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (neighbour countries to Botswana) on 7 august 1998, there are 12 years exactly. This 1998 bombing was likely to represent the rejection of my PhD dissertation - the rejection was communicated to me in a letter a week or so before the bombing. Add another 12 years and one comes to 7 august 2010 - the day when president Alvaro Uribe of Colombia resigned, with much vibrations in relation to Chavez in Venezuela. The theme is likely to be the region of San Trovaso in Venezia where Gaspara Stampa (hence GAS-PAS-GAS and the lorries) lived. Other data point to the date 26 november 2015, one can guess at the time point of 1830 (the Madonna in Paris, by the death of Grøver/'Mengele') afternoon, which could be the time of a planned bomb on this location in Venice. If that should turn out to be the case, it would leave the date of 18 april 1981 as the mirror point around 7 august 1998, which was around the time when I broke with my girlfriend Kirsten Ribu (hence Uribe), whose name seems to be contained in element #5 in the Eisenhower doctrine of 1957 and possibly be contained in the attempt on the pope some days later, on 13 may 1981, if one can assume that the bullet, which allegedly and officially was fired against his RIBs, followed a 'cursed' path and hit (unofficially) his 'papa' region instead. (The bullet was said to be fired point blank towards his 'heart' but was stopped miraculously as by a mother's helping hand). The US embassies were in Dar-es-Salaam ('there is the salami') and Nairobi ('now it is up in it'), cp. 'Gaspara Stampa' and other aspects of the story, which would have been for the theme of the genetic/custody parenthood. This means that if a bomb should come to hit Venice or some other major town on that date in 2015, the political construction could be designed to leave the role of 'dirty beast in the revelation' onto me. And if it should turn out to be the case that I am interpreted by politics as an ultimate representative of the jewish-genetic diaspora, it could be that the plan is to dump the blame for such a horrendous bomb on some city on the jewish-genetic diaspora, as a constructed pretext for taking up new persecutions of jews.

The essential theme of the political intrigue is that administration is stronger than genetics and that is the pretext for the holocaust against the diaspora jews. This also means the tension between the conventional and genetic parents. And it means giving priority to power beyond truth, such as for example the truth of history. If official administration concludes that the body of Mengele dug up in Embu in 1985 and 1992 was the same as was born in Günzburg in 1911, that does not have to mean that it is the truth but that it is efficient administration which thereby provides the international political world with the basis needed for their administration. That is the orientation which can be called 'power before truth'. The historic complex is probably still classified in administration as very secret since an official publication of Hitler as agent for England - which would be the needed fact or conclusion for this analysis - would make the whole edifice of the postwar political world of the western forces crumble rather immediately. It means that England could have stopped the holocaust in 1933 if they had wanted. See chapter 2 for rather convincing evidence that England controlled the details of the holocaust.

If one can prove that England is planning to drop a bomb on Venice in 2015 for the purpose of starting a new holocaust against the jews, how come nobody has told about it (before this book)? Why hasn't anybody told about the reason for all the postwar terror? It must be considered a more or less ridiculous anachronism if jews know it but keep it secret for preventing the truth-telling from eliciting more anti-semitism (such as could have been the case in former days). Clearly if such a bomb is planned to fall, then it must be clear before it falls that it is England who plans it, and then if a revenge is going to be released, it must fall on England and not on the jews. Politicians who know the present story and keep it secret, prevent their own people from getting to the truth of history - and thereby democracy is derailed. To have access to the secret story of the Klipra connection as an active construction of nazism and to refrain from publishing it must count as high treason. Some secrets cannot be respected without serious loss of democratic control with the development. And soon there is nothing but surveillance cameras left of the once western culture and Hölderlin is but an aspect of the british government. Nobody says anything valuable to a hidden microphone, and nobody writes anything valuable on a tapped computer. My view is that if the people were informed of all secrets and truths of history, that would be the end of war and terror. There is no people on the earth today who is interested in waging wars against other people, but there may be such politicians. It could be that a new 1789 revolution will be needed - but now with the storming of the secret archives where there once was the storming of the Bastille. The Klipra connection is used for constructing a new global upper class who can rule the big mob by way of modern computerized mythology - which was constructed by way of the first and second world wars. If a new Jar connection - with a third and fourth world war - is in the planning or is already up and going, it could be for bottling and corking the secret of the Klipra connection. The wellknown 'Baby Jar' of WWII could have been about such a 'Jar connection', as a counterpoint to the execution site 'Paneriu' outside Vilnius of a 'Klipra connection'. A part of a Jar connection program could be a war in the region of Israel and Iran which even could threaten with being escalated into a nuclear war and which could have been prevented by telling this simple story: Then clearly if such a war breaks out and people are told that it could have been prevented by telling the story, then everybody will say that, well, then the story of the Klipra connection cannot be true. As simple as that. Then it may be too late to tell it, however much it can be 'proven'. Then it is bottled and corked and enters into a new level as modern computerized mythology. This could be the purpose with a war in the middle east - in addition to the lifting of the complex over towards Italy. McCarthyism in USA could have been for preventing it from being told after the war, since it would have been labelled hysterical communist propaganda. Khrustchov banged his shoe in the table-edge in UN, but that is perhaps as close as they came to 'publishing' it. Humans are tragic if this is the story and nobody tells it. The program of politics seems to be ACTS not WORDS on basis of a weird reading of Hölderlin's 'Hyperion'. England is likely to put viruses and bacillae - such as the new super-bacteria - in circulation if this story starts spreading. The uncontrolled oil blowout in the mexican gulf took place around the time when the present manuscript was drawing near to a completion. I put it out on the internet and there were some scandals of information leaks in some countries - and my own file on the internet looked like a standup comedian's joke for a while - before it silenced again, and then BP could announce that the hole was corked. Then some weeks later, I spent some days revising the manuscript, and the news told of another oil rig catastrophe in the same gulf.

For me personally it is of course of utmost importance to get out of the unfortunate historic role, not only for my own sake but also for the simple reason that the role is unfortunate for the whole world and it is of extreme importance that one comes to an understanding of what the holocaust against the jews really was about. Not the least for preventing a continuation of it. If the historic mechanisms are totally unknown to the public, there is the chance that the western forces could be tempted to try and repeat the success.

I emphasize that I have very little knowledge about the real story and many speculations on the roles of people I discuss are based on my own guesses. I therefore do not make any claims about the people in the family or other people who fall in under this story - but certainly I have to present the data which are available to me and then perhaps somebody else could take the job of getting the details out - if there are any more details to be told. My lack of access to informed sources means that I am only scratching the surface of many topics which certainly can look a little different under the surface than what I have arrived at by speculation, but I had to write the book now instead of waiting untill I have more exact knowledge - and it could be too late. The three pieces of facts discussed above should suffice to tell that I am not really allowed to let these things remain in secret. It can be vital that in particular the voters of England and USA could come to know the story - so that they get the chance to carry through the hopefully soft revolutions needed for getting the facts of history up in the daylight.

This is a book I had to write, in spite of my strong dislike of politics. It has become somewhat of a problem for me because it is precisely the sort of thing which I would not have wanted to write about and it has been the wrong orientation for me all the time. It is wrong way also because I had to spend so much time with telling the world what the world should have told to me - 40 years ago. The most incredible part of the story is this complete helplessness of politics, as if power should be gained by refraining from telling the truth. I have spent too much time with getting an overview of this way of thinking which is alien to me and I do not feel for continueing. However, I think I have done what is needed for seeing what should be done and it is very important that somebody can continue who finds it interesting and necessary. The motto is truth before power. Why should politics keep anything secret at all? Why not dump the whole thing into the public? If the BIG INTRIGUE conducting the progress of world history for the next 50 years is planned to be e.g. the reading of Genesis 1,21-30 backwards in hebrew and in parallel with the Oslo Report, for a deeper understanding of Satan in Nottingham, why should that be kept secret? In particular if even the old norse literature, including stories about 'Konstantinopel' = 'Miklagard' = 'Elohim' backwards, really is the old testament read backwards by a group of authors in England in the 18th century for putting up Iceland as the other side of Israel in the european swastika around Paris, why should that be held secret?

Chapter 1: The role of Norway

Norway was opened as an (in)dependent state in 1814 after having been in a union with (or rather under the government of) Denmark through several centuries: When the danes granted jews equal civilian rights with other danes in early 1814, Norway broke out of the union and declared itself independent with an explicitly anti-semitic constitution: Jews had no access to the new kingdom. This is likely to have been a move under the control of England after Napoleon. One can speculate that 'Saint Helena' of Napoleon could have meant quite simply 'Safe Haven' in Norway - for example for Hitler after WWII - and then Israel means 'safe haven' for jews after the holocaust. This relation between Norway and Israel would be the Kursk-and-Cole swap. There is a close relation between these two countries from this historic point of view. When the norwegian (anti-semitic) constitution was made by some local delegates or envoys on Eidsvoll (!) and signed by the lawmakers on 17 May 1814, the motto for the constitution-making was 'united and loyal untill Dovre falls'. Dovre is a mountainous region between Sweden and Norway, it is a high landscape and not very cliffy and therefore not very likely to fall under any circumstances. But the white cliffs of Dover - the 'mountains' on the border between Norway and England, so to speak - are more prone to fall, and indeed they do now and then fall, such as on 10 Jan 1999 at Beachy Head near Brighton (around the time when I sent a letter to London). No sooner was the new kingdom of Norway declared independent on 17 May 1814, they went right under the swedish throne and remained there with swedish king untill 1905 - when Norway finally got their first own king, Haakon VII, a danish prince in fact - the number VII is due to a series of assumed 'Haakon' kings in medieval times, however fragile the historic sources could be, cp. the play on VI-king - and at hindsight one is inclined to consider the period 1814-1905 as a period of 'declaration of unity and loyalty' to the throne with which they share the 'border of Dovre/Dover'. Hence this period could be about the constitution and consolidation of a british connection. This story from 1814 seems to be about the year of construction of what today perhaps can be called 'the Klipra connection'. Klipra is a small region in the town of Ålesund in the district of Sunnmøre (or 'MOERE' - there exists a 'Nordmøre' as well) on the north-west coast of Norway. The word 'Klipra' means 'cliffs-off', as for the cliffs of Dover - and it can also mean 'scissors-off', somewhat resembling 'Connecticut'. One guesses that the role of Klipra goes back to the constitution-making on Eidsvoll of 1814 - and when 'Eidsvig' seems to be the central name of the Klipra connection, there is the link to Eidsvoll. 'The Klipra connection' could have its ultimate interpretation in the etymological link contained in the hands of Isaac on the furred arms of Jacob, imitating the furs of Esau, for the blessing to the wrong person. It could be an expression of a british will to become 'the new jews' by way of swindle.

The main characters of the Klipra connection

The family saga starts in 1852 when the anti-semitic paragraph was lifted from the norwegian constitution after nearly 40 years and my official great-great-something grandfather Ole Devold started a knitting factory in Langevåg close to Ålesund (today I think people think of this 'Langevåg' as a part of the town Ålesund - it is anyhow very close to it). They produced what is called 'blåtrøyer' (blue shirts), a word which also echos 'blåtr øyer' = 'blackens/exposes the eyes', as if he produced 'shiners', and 'nisseluer' = 'knitted caps for elfs', such as Santa Claus uses. 'Nisse' is, though, a part of norwegian mythology and one could speculate if these products - not to speak of his 'ole devil' name! - should be telling of some envoy mission from England. The official norwegian name for Norway is 'Norge'. Could be he quite simply was a secret agent from England, but I have never heard any such rumours. His factory (I think it still exists) sold much and he and his sons made much money, is what I have heard. It was his son or grandson who was the father of my official grandmother born Laura Devold. Her mother was Ragna Landmark, apparently the origin of the concept of 'landmark terrorism'. Laura married my official grandfather Bjarne Eidsvig - this couple constituted the apparent crux of the whole Klipra connection story. Bjarne Eidvig was born on 6 July 1899 - 100 years after the finding of the 'Rosetta stone' - and his birth seems to have been the reference of the Dreyfus case, the investigations of which started not long after the birth of Nelly Sachs. Eidsvig was reportedly of a family of merchants (or something like that), but his family background always remained unclear to me. I think I was shown a photo of some family of his and was given the comment that they were merchants, and that was all. I was told that he was one of six brothers but I never met more than three Eidsvig brother - Aron, Bernt and Bjarne. The Eidsvig couple lived in Fjellgata 72 in Klipra, Ålesund, Sunnmøre, Norway, and they bought (Laura had inherited much money from her father) the house called Visthouse in Vistdal, a large timber house built by the british lord Guy Freemantle around 1907 for fishing salmon in the river Vista - but he quickly (when his young wife died) sold it to William Lawson (the two names butterfly to a 'key in the opening door') who sold it on to Thor Thorsen - cp. Kursk-and-Cole of 2000 - who sold it to Eidsvig. It seems that this 'Visthouse' (norwegian 'Visthus') could have been the background for the choice of 'Auschwitz' as location for the nazi death camp - a typical function of the 'Klipra connection' - where Mengele did his work on the ramp and in his doctor office. In addition to these two houses, in Klipra and in Vistdal, the Eidsvigs also acquired an oyster farm site at Vågstranda near Åndalsnes, a small fjord inlet wich could be closed for control with the needed quality of the water for oysters to grow there. Metal wire with oyster baskets ran under the sea from strand to strand and were held up with floating balloons. The site was under the two mountains called Blåstolen and Trollstolen. I spent some childhood summers on that property. He also had a seafarming site at Solevåg not so far from Ålesund. I don't know what he was doing there but I was there with him at least once. The extensive properties were made possible by the resources of his wife, since the Devold factory had brought much money, according to the official history. The oyster farm was not so lucrative, though, and Eidsvig went officially bankrupt on his 70th birthday 6 july 1969. It seems that the activities and relations of the Eidsvig couple constituted a backbone of Himmler's holocaust structure - as a referential point which after the war could be used for responsibility claims and harvesting of the pirated resources by the west.

It can be observed that when the present story is hinged on the Klipra connection by the Devold and Eidsvig families, this is rooted in 1852 when the anti-semitic paragraph was lifted from the constitution. The fact remains, though, that anti-semitism seems to have been the defining factor in the constitution of the state, and one can spot traces of this phenomenon in norwegian culture. It is not that norwegians dislike jews, absolutely not, although there are hardly any jews at all there, but the culture may still struggle for its independent constitution in the cultural history which is associated with jewishness. But that could be why - or the reason why - the Devold connection of 1852 could be of so much importance in the history of nazism. And that is when a theoretical agency of Ole Devold with England could be of much importance. Ole Devold seems by the year 1852 to be the incarnation of the end of the anti-semitism, but it is probably more likely that it really is the other way round if anti-semitism is the name of the independence of the country. They had the chance in 1940-45 when they were occupied by Germany, but the exile government in London meant that there was no real reboot in 1945 and therefore no fresh start.

The name-relation of Visthouse and Auschwitz is reflected also in the quasi-twin relation between oyster-farmer Bjarne Eidsvig (married to Laura Devold) and austrian Adolf Eichmann (married to Vera Liebel) in the bombs on Hiroshima (the name means approximately 'Bjarne Eidsvig' = 'hero-shamer') and Nagasaki (which means approximately 'Adolf Eichmann' when 'saga naki' = 'sawed naked'). Eidsvig was reportedly in the concentration camp Grini outside Oslo for a considerable period of the war, but he did not like to talk about this difficult time. One could of course speculate that he really had been in Germany or Vienna - and the idea comes naturally around that he could have been Eichmann himself. Some of the photos which are presented as Eichmann do resemble him somewhat, but it seems that most or all of these photos are very dubitable. It is said that there exist only two reliable photos of Eichmann and those hardly show his face at all - the one shows him looking down in a desk and another in a distant group with his face half hidden. One notices also the arrest of Eichmann in the moment when Sachs and Celan were to meet in Zürich - an arrest on the day or even hour 10 years before their death and burial. This tells of some systematic relation of some sort, even in the names, including the 'Adolf' of Hitler qua 'Aron Eidsvig'. The Eichmann whom Mossad arrested called himself Ricardo Klement, a name which are revealing hopes of a secret escape just before his hanging. But this must remain as a highly speculative hypothesis and it is probably more interesting to consider it a theoretical possibility used by administration for a 'twin' relation than a factual possibility. It must, though, be understood that if Hitler and many other chief nazis really lived in Norway after the war, nazi hunters such as Wiesenthal could not allow themselves to discover it. Wiesenthal collaborated closely with CIA in his hunt for the nazis - and it is well possible that Hitler did so as well.

This quasi twin relation between Eidsvig and Eichmann in the twin nuclear bombing of Japan is probably of much importance: For example, when Israel was opened in 1948 it was at a time point (mid May 1948) which was controlled by England when they pulled out of the region and left it to Israel to declare itself independent on the day which was in the mirror point to the birth of Ragna Eidsvig (my official mother - here is that birthday again, the same as in 1970) and 'Kristallnacht' in Germany in the night when Paul Celan travelled from his home town Czernowitz to Berlin - with only one week's gap in the end of the mirror structure. This 'one week' = 'en uke' = 'a nuke' tells that there was only one nuke on Japan - which means that the 'quasi twins' really were one person. 'Kristallnacht' could have been carried through for precisely these reasons - after Celan had probably bought a ticket for his journey some days in advance.

An interesting hypothesis - if the Eichmann who was arrested in 1960 were only a standin - is of course that Bernt Eidsvig could have been Eichmann. But this is only guesswork from my side.

In Studs Terkel's study of the collapse of Wall Street in 1929, he asked Arthur A. Robertson - a man with good contacts in the White House and owner of industries in Germany in those days - if he had felt the collapse of 24 October 1929 in advance, and he said that he had felt it in May 1929. Could have been that he felt it on 12 May, of course. He sold much of his shares already then and therefore did not suffer much from the later depression. One can guess that the catastrophic economic collapse was arranged by the US government for making much out of the birth of Ragna Eidsvig as the first child in the Klipra connection and thereby preparing for Hitler (a later uncle?) in Germany 1933: The depression followed 6 years after the massive inflation in Germany before the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 and it could have been a part of a method for engineering nazism in Germany - and Robertson's comment could be suggestive of the idea that one wanted to link it to the birth of the first child of the Eidsvig couple. The depression lasted untill 1934 - untill Hitler was well installed in Berlin. Could be it would not have come to an end if Hitler had not been elected in 1933.

The Eidsvig couple got 5 children: Ragna Augusta, Bjørn, Arild, Marit and Per, in that order in the period 1929-45. The 1954 US film "There's no business like show business" seems to be about this family (minus two children, but Marit is rather similar to Ragna - I suppose cloning was not invented in those days - there are some 10 years or so between them - and the character Tim could have been the two youngest sons) as the 'Klipra connection', could be the core of show business in those days. 'NOrwegian business like SHOah business' is perhaps the title. The brother in the film who educated to 'father' seems to imitate the role of Bjørn who later went as an aids worker to Kenya and Tanzania, helping people with opening small family businesses in the bush, before he travelled on to Jakarta for continueing his decent and respectable work there. (This was also long before the Rwanda genocide). The crux could be Marilyn Monroe herself - my aunt Marte Eidsvig was married into the family (to Per) around the time of the Kennedy assassination. She left the family around 1970 and I cannot determine if it could have been Monroe herself, but the real name of Monroe - she was baptized Norma Jeane Baker but grew up as Norma Jeane Mortenson - suggests perhaps so: The 'Baker' variant can rewrite to 'Normaned Eidsvig', in which case the 'Mortenson' variant rewrites to 'normanens ordsmed' = 'the norwegian's wordsmith'. There are references in her films - such as the scene at 01:15:55 in this film, with the clumsy landing on the sofa, which could be seen to be about the name of 'Marte Eidsvig'. The purpose of Monroe, if she resurrected in Norway, would have been to reinforce this Klipra connection and install certain concepts. For the idea that this film could have been about the Klipra connection, see e.g. the scene at the end of the film at 01:51:27 for the idea that it could be telling of the name of 'Laura Eidsvig' - the female with 'antique' laurel forms ('bay' = 'vik') around her breasts. At the classic responsibility claim point 42.666% through the film, at 00:47:58, there is what looks like 11 September 2001 on Manhattan - the suitcase spinning like a propeller in the air with the statue of liberty in the background - in a scene which looks like home entertainment in the house of Fjellgata 72. Aron Eidsvig used to write the lyrics and Bjarne wrote the piano accompaniment to their local-patriotic songs.

Marit married Arthur Nedregård, an organist and singer. He was educated in Stockholm. I have no reason (other than some name-relations) to believe that he could have been Arvid Storsveen, the leader of the main norwegian resistance organization during WWII - called XU - and a responsibility claim on the duration of the war. Storsveen was allegedly shot by Gestapo on 27 April 1943: There are 1113 days from the start of the war between Germany and England, and 742 days to the end of the war in Norway. 742/1113 = 0.666... = 2/3 exactly. 27 April was also 3 years exactly after Himmler gave the order to establish Auschwitz. The leaders of XU seem to be possible undertext names in the socalled 'Oslo Report' from 1939 and hence important for the british responsibility claim on the holocaust. The Oslo Report is on the surface a german spy report delivered to the british naval attache in Oslo in 1939 but seems really to be a british attempt to imitate the angel's voice which Rilke heard from the sea at Duino at Trieste - for the concept of Angel-Land = England controlling the holocaust: The german spy was really England. This connection between Storsveen and Nedregård is pure speculation from my side only and if Nedregård had any political function at all, it could of course have been a totally different role.

It seems that the purpose with WWI some decades earlier could have been to prepare for this function by installing these indexical references of the Klipra connection into the global consciousness for the later pumping of the resources of the jewish cultural heritage from the european continent to UK/US after the holocaust via the Klipra connection: 'Sarajevo' = 'Vjesoara' = 'Fjellgata' (by the assassin 'Gavrilo Princip' = 'gave a turnaround low principle'), the battle of 'Tannenberg' = 'Klipra' ('tarmen-berg' = 'intestine-rescue' as the opposite of 'Klipra' = 'scissors-off' - by 'saks' - the umbilical cord), the battles of Somme-Marne = Sunnmøre, the battle of Verdun = Vistdal with Visthouse. The giant battles here mentioned claimed around two million lives (see chapter 6 for 'Ypern'). It is a bold hypothesis that the entire purpose of WWI was to install this 'Klipra connection' into the world's historic consciousness. Then it is everything in politics - but looks like nothing but a few names and addresses in some remote and somewhat desolate region in a small town up in Norway. The secret could have been shared by a few top leaders only - who would let their armies clash on the preappointed places.

The eldest daughter Ragna August Eidsvig (my official custody mother) married John Jensen namechanged to John Grøver after the war. The question is whether he could have been Josef Mengele, who was the son of Karl Mengele who along with an 'Andreas Eisenlauer' founded the factory 'Karl Mengele agricultural machines' in Günzburg around 1907. Eisenlauer ran the factory along with Mengele untill Mengele's wife got pregnant and Eisenlauer pulled out of the business around the time of the birth of Josef Mengele in 1911. Karl Mengele paid him out, after which there followed a fire in 1912 which left little of the factory which he had built togeher with Eisenlauer in 1907. This could suggest that Josef could have been an illegitimate child. I don't know if much is known about the mysterious 'Andreas Eisenlauer', a mechanic. The name suggests an immediate relevance of Eisenhower (a friend of e.g. Arthur Robertson) and his doctrine of 1957 - which means some sort of relevance for the political mythology. By age, Eisenlauer could have been for example Aron Eidsvig or Adolf Hitler. He could well have been around 18-19 when the factory was started and Visthouse was built in Vistdal. There is a phonological link between Josef Mengele and Ole Devold: 'Langevåg' (the site of Devold's factory) butterflies to 'Mengele' such as home town 'Günzburg' of Mengele butterflies to 'Bünzgurg' = 'the crook of the town' = 'ole devold'. 'Vond grøsser' = 'dreadful horror', such as Mengele was known for. Hence there are phonological indications giving reason to wonder whether Mengele changed identity to John Grøver after the war - which means my official custody father. The relation to the death of Storsveen could be of some importance. I have established something which could look like a sort of proof of the identity of Grøver and Mengele: Mengele arrived in Auschwitz on 30 May 1943, which was about 33,3 days after the death of Storsveen. Vidkun Quisling - the world's most famous traitor, and the theory goes that he is famous for the murder of Lenin, possibly in company with my grandmother Laura Devold, more than the collaboration with Hitler - established a norwegian government with himself as prime minister on 1 February 1942, which is 1192 days before the end of the war in Norway on 8 May 1945 - an endpoint established with the death of Storsveen in 1943. Subtracting half of this Storsveen-determined interval (for the one third as against the other two thirds) gives 15 June 1940, something which leaves a gap of exactly 66,6 days from the beginning of the war in Norway (if the Germans took the power after 8 o'clock in the morning on 9 April 1940). Those 66,6 are the two thirds of the 100 days interval wherein Mengele relating to Storsveen is the last third. The beginning of the war in Norway meant Josef Terboven as Reichskommissar - and hence this 'Josef Verboten' related to Quisling such as Storsveen related to Mengele in Auschwitz. This makes sense in light of the idea that I was 'verboten' from 1968. There exist 3 relevant publications by a 'John Grover' in British Library (see below) - in 1823, 1843, 1845. The two first are clearly interrelated, the second (John Grover jr., so to speak) looks like a subconscious plagiarism of the first - and the proof of the identity Grøver/'Mengele' which can be derived from this is in these somewhat essential publications. These 100 years from 1843 to Storsveen and Mengele 1943 are the meaning of the 100 days from Storsveen to Mengele (33,3 days) plus the 66,6 days from Josef Terboven to the 'virtual' beginning of Quisling's government.

But this would not have been enough in itself in order to establish an identity between John Grøver and Josef Mengele. There is a shadow image of Adolf Hitler through the first years of the war: Carl Röver (cp. John Grøver, Karl Mengele) who was about the age of Adolf Hitler rose to a reasonably prominent position (Reichstatthalter of 'Bremen & Oldenburg' = 'Ronk Røver' = 'John Grøver') but died suddenly on 15 May 1942 after 'long time's serious illness'. That date is 2 weeks after Quisling started his government. There is also the interesting role of Josef 'Beppo' Römer, the communist who worked incessantly with attempts to assassinate Hitler untill he was arrested in 1942 and allegedly executed (reportedly in August 1944). Biographies, at least newer biographies, tell that Josef Mengele was nicknamed "Beppo" in his younger years. That means Josef "Beppo" Mengele and Josef "Beppo" Römer. And that means Carl Röver = John Grøver. One notices also that the 'shadow' of Hitler in Carl Röver would correspond to his postwar identity somehow - and that could even have been a 'röver' who raped me in 1957, as goes another hypothesis.

One adds the 2 weeks between Vidkun Quisling and Carl Röver in 1942 - and observe the two nukes = 2 weeks for the idea of one or two persons Eidsvig/Eichmann - this 'christian' theory would say that they are two. The 'jewish' of Israel tells that they are one. This is the difference between christian and jewish calendars in this nazi proof.

This means that Josef Mengele = John Grøver if one accepts the temporal logic - which seems to rely on the role of Josef Terboven = Josef Verboten = the conventional (not genetic) father/son relationship which can be spotted in the British Library catalogue between John Grover 1823 and John Grover 1843. This would be the relationship between Grøver/'Mengele' and me, quite simply, as the crux of this proof. If one thinks that it holds. Could be one does not - one could not have expected to find a certain proof anyhow but this is at least something.

There exists a photo from the ramp of Auschwitz where I believe that I recognize John Grøver/'Mengele'. The photo is not so good but I do think that I recognize him (lower righthand corner) from his characteristic way of standing - in fact the situation resembles quite a lot a typical party of 'croquet' many an evening on the lawn of Vågstranda in the sixties and then he could be standing just like that:

The photo from the Auschwitz ramp is an excerpt from 'Das Auschwitz-Album' (Wallstein / Yad Vashem 2005), p.195, the photo of Grøver/'Mengele' (some 40 years later, possibly with some silicon under his eyebrows) I got from Fredriksstad Blad. This correlation does not have to mean that it is Mengele who is standing there on the ramp - it could of course have been John Jensen in some other role - or somebody else. But there are reasons to assume an identity between the two persons. (If one finds that the neck of the Auschwitz person appears a little too broad, I can tell the story from the Grøver family visiting the Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo and Ragna Grøver commenting on all the 'germanic bullnecks' - while on another occasion Grøver/'Mengele' told the story of the student gag one national day when they lowered a giant student cap down over the 'Monolith' pillar in that same park by way of balloons and ropes). I have on other occasions been presented with the quasi-homeric phrase 'det tungt fremvraltende hornkveg' ('the heavily forth-waddling horned cattle') which could be a description of the man stepping forwards towards the group to the left on this photo - indeed revealing if it really is Grøver/'Mengele' who is standing there. Such an interpretation could be intended for association with the concept of 'Oxford movement' (= 'non-Cambridge' = 'quasi cannibalist'?), and if the person second from right is taken to resemble king Haakon VII, for a 'pederasty' parametre, the function of Grøver/'Mengele' on the ramp could be to represent the concept of 'genocide' - and when this concept of homeric 'heavily forth-waddling horned cattle' is presented to me, that could be for the idea of 'genetic side' in the sense of me being the genetic son of Josef Mengele standing there aside - which then would be a political act towards me. This idea of me being the genetic son of Mengele appears to be a possible part of a british strategy for labelling me a secret agent (a strategy which also seems to be applied to Gisele Lestrange - whether that be for the 'meaning' of her name or for historic person).

The name 'John Grøver' could be no sensation in a country such as England - but in Norway it was the family of 'John Grøver' who were the only ones with that name at least up to the 1960's. Which means that if one can prove that Josef Mengele was a John Grøver after the war, and that he was in Norway, it would have had to be just him and nobody else.

The Röhm putsch is interesting in light of a hypothetical name-relation of Adolf Hitler with Bjarne Eidsvig's official brother Aron Eidsvig who was about the age of Hitler and the question is whether it could have been him after the war - I here discuss this hypothesis on basis of the data which I can present and do not make any further claims than that. He was about a decade older than his brother Bjarne. A name-conversion from Hitler to Eidsvig after the war could have been contained in the 'Ernst Röhm' putsch on my birthday 1934 - on 'long knives night' = 'johnb jarnegg rover' (cp. 'Treblinka') 23 years later. An 'eid-svig' is an 'oath-treason' (as in a putsch) while 'eids-vig' is a waterway between two pieces of headland, which means that 'Ernst Röhm' = 'Aron Ströhm' putsch serves to convert the name of 'Adolf Hitler' into 'Aron Eidsvig's name (and possibly location in Ålesund) after the war. The name of 'Adolf Hitler' is probably constructed after Gen.1.26 - the first mention of Adam in the forms ADaM BTsLMNU KDMUTNU = ADaM image resemble/destroy = Adam 'Bildhauer' or Adam 'image-fitter' = 'Adam Idol Fitler'. The details of the namechange inherent in the putsch seem to be contained in a 'weird reading' of the hebrew of the old testament commandment against 'idol fitlers' (Exodus 20,4): "lo tasheh-leko pesel wekol-temuwnoh asher basshamayim mimma'al washer bo'orets mittohat bammayim mittohat lo'orets" which seems to have been read by nazi-administrative 'vulgata' sort of logic for this namechange - in a way which not only seems to be the template of the 'Röhm putsch' as a rape of the jews (or me) but also incorporates the genetic parenthood relations relative to me: "Lo ta skje-leken tungt, we call the move/moo now as her bæsje-meier imitate water på åren, delvis ba meg hjem, delvis la åren" = "lo, take the spoon-play heavy, we call the move/moo now, as her excrement-runners ('bæsje-meier') imitate water on the oar partly invited me home ('ba meg hjem'), partly laid the oar". This tells of how the iron-runner of a plough converts into a boat in the water (cp. Venice with the one-oared gondolas) by this name-change - the 'excrement-runners' would be the reason for the alleged homosexuality of Röhm's SA people in the 'long knives night'. Most or all of the SA leaders were arrested around the middle of the year (bo'orets mittohat = 'on the year's midhat'), brought to Berlin ('bammayim') and executed in front of a wall in Lichterfelde - the placename could be about the light mid part of the year. The alleged coup also coincided with some weddings - the most important being Josef Terboven's wedding where Hitler was guest but he was allegedly called back from the wedding due to the coup = lo tasheh-leko pesel wekol-temuwnoh - and for example an 'Ernst' who was arrested on his way into the airplane for going for a honeymoon at Tenerif - he was brought to Lichterfelde and executed (Fest 2002). This aspect of it, particularly the wedding of Terboven which relates to the later 'verboten' of my 11th birthday, seems to be about a hypothetical 'wedding' of Hitler with me in 1957, which would have been a rape in my infancy. Hence an 'ernst rump utsch' - which would have been assigned the pretext of 'calling for Jesus Christ' - a veritable 'gladius-conversion' of Adolf Hitler that could have been. Fest 2002 tells that Röhm himself was executed by Eicke and Lippert, telling names for a rape symbolism, who gave Röhm a gun for letting him shoot himself in the cell. When after 10 minutes nothing had happened and they re-entered the cell, Röhm stood in the middle of his cell with his shirt torn open - as if I had done it myself. It is likely that all such stories were made and archived for engineering the three parametres of nazism, but in this case it could have been specifically about imitating a rape of me in 1957 - if Hitler were my granduncle, that means.

The idea of 'excrement-runners' would be the same as in the pederasty parametre of nazi philosophy (see below). It seems that such an interpretation in the first part can be read as "lo tasheh-leko pesel" = 'pol anshel-eko pesah' = 'Paul Ancel' echo 'Pessach' = 'Paul Pessach Ancel', the birthname of Paul Celan, and in the second "as her basshamayim mimma'al was her bo'orets mittohat bammayim mittohat lo'orets" which could be taken to mean 'Leonie Sachs' (by the sax/scissor of the two 'mittohats' = 'on the middle'), the combination of which makes for me as their genetic child born in the middle of the year = "mittohat po'orets" and the key to the identity change of Hitler after the war and possibly a 'wedding' with him - for this genetic parenthood relation and the pederasty parametre. See also the below discussion of Modern Language Review april 1957 - at the time of my birth which seems to be built on the same quasi-translated hebrew fragment. It is an interesting hypothesis that the Ernst Röhm putsch really installs the namechange of Adolf Hitler into Aron Eidsvig via this hebrew commandment against 'idol fitlers' and the postwar relation to me in the tension between custody and genetic parenthood. It is also a hypothesis I have not been able to put aside that both of my custody parents could have been children of Hitler. There are also traces of the proof that Grøver was Mengele in the fragment - via the concepts of 'Sumer' (bo orets mittohat) and 'Menge' (lo orets mittohat). See the discussion below of the Goll intrigue - including the concepts of 'mannahatta' and 'lackawanna' which could apply to just these two.

The conclusion is that if one searches for proof of the namechange of Hitler to Eidsvig, the Röhm putsch is a good indication indeed. That would also mean that Röhm had just that job and probably would have escaped rather than being executed - and in general one can probably not take much faith in the reliability of the archives of Hitler as evidence of historic truth - they probably tell more about the intended mythology that Hitler tried to construct on behalf of the western forces.

Lenin's death and Hitler's postcard

The official version of the death of Lenin is still the one telling that he had been ill and was recovering slowly, and in the morning of the day of his death (21 January 1924) he got up late, asked for some soup which he ate, then went back to bed again and developed symptoms as from poisoning, such as for example lead poisoning. He had not long ago been operated for a bullet in his head - from Kaplan's attempt on him in 1918 - since it constituted a danger of just lead poisoning. When he died later in that same day of 21 January 1924, it could have looked as a death due to a 'poisonous soup', as if he suddenly had consumed too much lead. What was the 'lead soup'? If Moscow has not told the full story yet, there can be room for the following speculations: The norwegian Vidkun Quisling was in those days a promising and aspiring political secretary of another norwegian called Fridhtjof Nansen who worked (probably on behalf of the League of Nations) with rescueing russian refugees in Ukraina and the border zone of Russia. Quisling spoke well russian and was well considered by the bolsheviks. Quisling married the very young secretary Alexandra at his office in Kiev, but later he married yet another woman (Maria) and it seems (Dahl's biography) that there are no signs of the first marriage having been dissolved when the second was entered. In the summer 1923 he suddenly broke off his accelerating and promising career for taking a year off in Paris, for reading and relaxing and doing various things. This was at the same time as my official grandmother Laura Devold had finished high school. I am not certain when exactly she was born but I think it was in 1904, and neither am I certain when she had finished her school, but the rest of the story suggests that the year which she spent in Paris must have been just that year 1923-24. I have seen photos of her from Champse-Elysees and got the story of her year in Paris and suppose it must have been then. Anyhow, if she were in Paris that year and was scheduled for the later wife of Bjarne Eidsvig in the Klipra connection, she would probably have met Quisling who lived in Hotel Studia in the latin quarter that same year of 1923-24. Never has there been more nulling in the german economy than in that memorable autumn before the Beer Hall Putsch, and president Harding died in USA. Closer to Christmas, Quisling got a mission from the League of Nations in Geneva to travel as an envoy in the border zones of Russia, his only formal duty was to send a report now and then. It is known that he spent the Christmas in Paris but left for Russia later in January. It is not known where he was on the day of Lenin's death on his datcha in Gorki on 21 January 1924, but Quisling was travelling up in and around Russia somewhere. A natural hypothesis is that his Kiev marriage with the young Alexandra could have been a part of a plot for murdering Lenin along with the possibly equally young Laura Devold and that Laura followed him (in the role of his wife) on this travel under the identity of Alexandra who even could have had a passport with Laura's photo in it if they were sufficiently similar, which of course they could have been if Alexandra were a representative from London. I don't know, though, if Quisling was accompanied by 'Alexandra'. The theory goes that it was Laura Devold who shot Lenin on this day in Gorki after they had been let in as envoys from the League of Nations, with Quisling's confidence and sympathy from the bolsheviks. This is a possible explanation why a 'quisling' is the word for a traitor in most languages of the world. How they could have got away I don't know, but of course it could not have been a daring hit-and-run - it would have had to require quite a lot of control with the security on the datcha. Lenin had repeatedly warned against Stalin before his death, and Stalin seems to have taken his name from 'Vistdalen' = 'VI-stalin' where precisely Laura Devold came to own the house Visthouse which later seems to have been the origins of Auschwitz. If she did shoot Lenin, it could have been prepared by Nansen and Quisling (and UK/US) for making the Klipra connection coup of the russian revolution - and for couping the reason why Kaplan had shot him: That reason of Kaplan - if she acted alone and not representing other interests - could have been that she considered Lenin a traitor of the revolution because he had not told the people about the Klipra connection which was in formation and which could come to destroy every chance for a communist society on earth. Laura later went back to Ålesund in Norway and married Bjarne Eidsvig who was the essential name in the Klipra connection, and after Adolf Hitler had couped the russian revolution with this dirty plot on Lenin and the Beer Hall Putsch, even he seems to have gone up to Ålesund in 1945 and joined the rest of the group. With the third Eidsvig brother Bernt, these four Eidsvigs could have been the reference of the 'gang of four' which was led by 'Mao's widow' in China - a horrible insult against the communist revolution.

When Quisling enjoyed the support from the bolsheviks, that could have been due also to the political activities of his mentor Fridthjof Nansen who was a warm supporter of the bolshevik revolution (and worked incessantly with rescuing russian refugees) up to the death of Lenin, after which he turned some 180 degrees around. In January 1923, Nansen went to Moscow for talks with Mikhail Kalinin and Leon Trotsky, and he was accompanied by John Gorvin and Eduoard Frick. 'John Gorvin' was a variation on the theme of John Grover 1823 and 1843 and could have foreshadowed the role of Grøver/'Mengele' after 1945. Hence it could have meant 'after 1945' and 'Adolf Hitler'. Norwegian for 'healthy' is 'frisk' and hence 'Eduoard Frick' could mean 'he was not totally healthy/well', which could be about the condition of Lenin one year exactly later. It could also be about a responsibility claim on the medical reason which would be published for his death - telling also about contacts which could have let Quisling and Devold escape. In this month January 1923 there was a book published in Berlin by Henri Guilbeaux which seems to have been a responsibility claim on Lenin's death, including the insinuation that Lenin was perhaps not the same leader of the revolution as he had been before it started - as if Lenin had been replaced by a copy. Guilbeaux claimed to have been an old friend of Lenin. 'Henri Guilbeaux' = 'han rir shilpad' = 'he rides a tortoise'. This in total tells that the murder of Lenin would have been planned at least as early as a year in advance and that they probably could have promised Quisling and his wife an escape and even could have drafted the official explanation in advance. Today it is WHO and not the League of Nations who is situated in Geneva.

Lenin died officially in the afternoon on 21 January 1924 and the world's first Labour government (MacDonalds) was opened in London early next morning. This government, which seems to have been the start of nazism in Europe by precisely these historic correlations, lasted for some months untill the election in the autumn of 1924 when it is said that the socalled Zinoview letter downed the government. It was sent to a british newspaper and signed by Grigorij Evseyevitch Zinoview, Arthur MacManus and Otto Ville Kuusinen. It was said to be a false letter.

It was in february 2003 that I found Hitler's postcard from January 1924 in a cartophilia shop in Paris. It is a fantastic story of a postcard which had to reach its addressee - when I spotted it in a shopwindow and had to buy it for the price of 3 euros. It was in Vilnius in the spring 2000 - some weeks before the Concorde crash, allegedly due to a titanium strip on the runway - that I suddenly saw in a flash for my inner view a clear image which I had never spotted before but which I immediately recognized on the front page of the erotic magazine 'Union' in a kioskwindow in Paris on 1 feb 2003 = 1.2.3, the day of the shipwrecking of the space shuttle Discovery. I understood that I had to buy a copy of the erotic magazine - but had never bought anything like that before and the problem was how to secure a discrete purchase. I spent several days trotting around in Paris - there was always a customer popping up in the moment when I reached for the publication - when one day I came up Rue de Roule on my way towards a kiosk I had seen behind Les Halles and which had seemed to be surrounded by some privacy when I saw this thing in the Cartophilia shopwindow - a most scandalous sensation it looked like. I have concluded that the postcard probably is authentic, but the central importance of it in many parts of the story which include me makes it permitted to wonder if this is only one of many possible copies. Of course Hitler in the form of Eidsvig after the war would have had the text and a copy of the format present, but the incredible story of how I could come to find it by coincidence in a cartophilia shop-window makes it natural to ask if there had been arrangements for making me finding it. If it is authentic, the owners could not have let it go for such a chance project - in the faint hope that I would happen to come by and see it and buy it. It is the explanatory force it has which makes me conclude that it probably is authentic. Here is the postcard:

The text of the card is the following on the front page: Otto Trier Nachf. / Inhaber: Max Aberbach / Hamburg / Kaiser Wilhelmstraße 89-91 / Telephon: Hansa 196 / Firma Eugéne Paisseau / Frankreich / Paris / Rue de la Folie Regnault / 66/68. On the back page: Firma Eugéne Paisseau / Paris / Rue de la Folie Regnault / 66/68 / Um unsere Geschäftsverbindung, die durch den Krieg unterbrochen wurde, wieder aufzunehmen, bitte ich Sie mir schnellsten Horn, Britt, Buffals etc. wie ich Sie früher von Ihnen gehabt habe zu bemustern. / Hochachtungsvoll / 8ell4 / Hamburg, den 7. Januar 1924.

The signature which looks like '8ell4' seems to be Hitler's, and it even looks like 'Nelly X'. One notices also the 'majuscle' in 'Sie'. "Um unsere Evseyevitsch-verbindung, die durch den Grigorij unterbrochen wurde, wieder auf-Zinoview..." = 'Grigorij Evseyevitch Zinoview', the probably false signature on the socalled 'Zinoview letter' which thereby could have served to dump the blame for Lenin's death on Zinoview - by way of this postcard from Hitler to Paris some days before the death of Lenin. It would have been sent (it was poststamped 8 january 1924) about the time when Quisling went for Russia - and when Hitler officially was in Landsberg prison - for reading and relaxing and for 'being in the cell' when it started. Could be he was there after 1945 as well, for all I know - that could even have been a part of the background for the 'Beer Hall Putsch' with the telling name. The text tells that it is about Zinoview who asks for 'Horn Britt Buffals' = 'Fridge of Nonsense' (by his protegee Quisling who was 'horny' with at least two wives, if not three) to be sent quickly to the land of Zinoview, "wie ich Sie fruer von Ihnen gehabt habe zu bemustern" = 'just like I formerly had 'fruer' = 'wives' from you" ('zu bemustern' = 'to inspect [the wife = the orifice]' = 'vid-kun kiss-ling'). When this letter is sent to Eugéne Paisseau = Bjarne Eidsvig in 'Rue de la Folie 66/68' = 'the dirty beast in the revelation' (me - that means! and indeed the postcard finally did reach me in 2003, nearly 80 years after it was sent), it tells of Hitler = the one who is credited with this responsibility claim on the death of Lenin, allegedly via Zinoview (which probably is a false claim), who asks for being in the cell of his wife Laura Devold. The posture of a 'kiss-ling' in the 'vid-kun' could even be spotted in the apparent and possibly essential function of the postcard to denote the concept of 'kaudervelsk' - such as in the 'fridge of nonsense' expression. Hence Hitler in Landsberg Prison for being the one who couped the russian revolution from Lenin by taking the place of Fanny Kaplan and her reason - which was the desperate need for telling the people about the Klipra connection = Laura and Bjarne Eidsvig, Adolf Hitler and 'the gang of four' in general.

'Eugene Paisseau' = 'Ø kjempesår' = 'Ø giant wound' - the east-west slash over the globe represented by the norwegian letter 'Ø'. That is the wound which Hitler's war left on the world - it could even be the slashy form of Norway between east and west. It could also mean 'Otto Øgrim' as the name apparently as the undertext of Oslo Report #1. This could be recognized also as the 'Otto Trier Nachf.'.

The conclusion to this story is that it seems - although it could seem without being so - that Laura Devold shot Lenin for the purpose of the Devold branch of the Klipra connection couping his revolution by way of her later brother-in-law Eidsvig/'Hitler'. There would of course have been UK/US secret services involved if this should have been the story - and those could have carried it out without more involvement of her than being in some contact with Quisling in Paris. If she did not shoot him, it clearly would have been the intention to make it look as if she had done it, for the sake of just that Klipra connection. See below on the issue of the british state periodical 'Modern Language Review' just before Lenin's death. The MacDonalds government could clearly have been a part of a british responsibility claim. A perfect hijack from a british point of view would have been if they could have managed to create the conclusion in the minds of later analysts studying the data that Lenin would have had to be an agent for England and just that Klipra connection. An agent for Hitler, quite simply! I do not believe that this would have been the case - but a murder of Lenin in 1924 could have had just that possible conclusion as its primary aim.

Hitler's postcard tells of the background for Hitler's coup of Lenin's revolution which seems to have gone via the trick of the doctorate degree. Lenin took his university exams privately in 1892 for a russian 'first degree'. It is said that this corresponds to a german 'doctorate degree', which allegedly was cheap in those days. When the postcard was to 'Eugene Paisseau', that is suggestive of the two hemispheres divided by the norwegian slash - like the two hemispheres of a 'bra' = a doctorate degree, a PhD for example. The card also contains the notion of 'früher zu bemustern' = 'to inspect earlier/wives'. It is a good guess that this phenomenon is the background of Jensen/Grøver/Mengele's profession as medical doctor - for a coup of Lenin's revolution via the Klipra connection. The coup would then have gone via the double status of such a 'doctor' - partwise normal doctor, partwise Dr.Verboten. My PhD dissertation was rejected (unjustified, as is my view) in 1998, hence a sort of 'dr.Verboten'.

British spiritualism

The story of 'british nazism' can be seen to start with Henry VIII of England as he broke with the Vatican and founded the anglican state church. The essential question, which also was a theme of the catholic council of Trient, was the status of the holy communion: Should one really take faith in the dogma of the transubstantiation of the biscuit in the mouth, in the sense that one really swallowed a piece of human flesh, or should it be taken totally symbolically, to the effect that it was a biscuit one swallowed? This idea of a variant of cannibalism seems to be the basis for the formation of what can be called british nazism. It leads to the three fundamental political parametres of cannibalism, pederasty and genocide as the basis for the link between heaven and earth.

When the anglicans rejected this dogma and refuse to take it for anything but plain biscuits and drinks, then they are thrown into existential despair by losing the immediate contact with the divine. For solving these problems, they introduced the principle of reliance on the word - the 'trust me' principle - which emphatically asserts that this is a piece of human or rather divine flesh, and this 'trust me' word came to take the place of the idea of real substance. One cannot go to church on Sunday morning and swallow anything as disgusting as that if it is a piece of flesh from the pathologic institute, was the british logic who refused to take faith in the magical transformation. So there must be another solution. Pederasty is another transformed version on the concept of 'eating the bread of Christ' communionized in the metaphorical sense of recursive 'upbringing', which is the phenomenon with the trick of conventional (hence the theme) custody relation assigned priority above the genetic parenthood relations which has given rise to the modern phenomenon of international secret service, which means that the act of pederasty represents the childhood baptism - the introduction into the community of a consecrated place, and the 'mune' or 'mouth' is in the wrong end of the child (compared to where the 'bread' normally is inserted) and it is the pederast who is 'introduced', then double negation means that it is the child who is introduced into the religious community with this humid ceremony. But then one needs a better understanding of what the ejaculated sperm of the pederast represents when it really is the 'flesh and blood' of the body of genetic parenthood relations - such ejaculation as in pederasty cannot give offspring. When it is NOT genetic parenthood but pederasty via the 'celestial orifice' (not to be confused with the consecrated 'ecclesiastical office'), then it is the standard myth of 'genocide' wherein an enormous lot of potential people round off their careers prematurely: If the communion of the 'eucharist' is about (a portion of) the body of Christ and this is supposed to bring a solution to mankind's striving towards cosmic harmony with nature, then it follows that the body of Christ must be the cosmos (it normally means the church in its distributed form) or at least the territories within the reach of the british empire. And then 'genocide' means the sacrifice of a portion of the body - representing the 'genetic' sperm of pederasty. It goes into the 'earth' and never gives fruit except in the sense of 'upbringing'. It is this 'ejaculated part of the body' from which the christian faith can interpret the 'transubstantiation' of the normal biscuit and the available beverages (when it cannot take the traditional version of a mystic transformation in the mouth): It is transubstantiated via genocide, from the substance of the global community to the substance of the individual pederast, or vice versa. Therefore the 'holocaust' - thought of as a part of religious ceremonial feelings.

This means that genocide represents the transubstantiation of community to individual, but since british symbolic logic rejects the dogma the effect of this transubstantiation must be obtained via the concept of normal cannibalism, whereby one body from the community is transformed into another body in the metabolism. This completes the circle, maintaining the effect of catholic transubstantiation without having to accept the catholic dogma.

This means that the whole mystery is moved into the digestion channel - where the swallowed human flesh can come from the upper side and the 'upbringing' pederast sperm from the lower side - and they meet just there where the mystery is found, at the place where the substance of the food is sucked into the intestine wall. This is the reason for the execution site of Paneriu at Vilnius (the Jerusalem of the diaspora) during WWII, where 70.000 jews were shot into mass graves: They represented the human flesh being sucked into the intestine wall of the globe or global community and the name of the place represents that other mystery which the nazi philosophy hopes to get under control: The turning of the time for entering Eternity (however bad the scroll of conscience may look). PAN-eriu means that dry rusk which fish fingers are rolled in - they are so dry that when they land in the intestines they suck fluids out of the intestine wall rather than being sucked into the wall themselves, and - voila! - that turns the time of the otherwise irreversable metabolism which some people take as the basis of historic time. Hence the jews were really sucked out of the mass graves, so to speak, for cleaning records and things like that, by the name of the place.

This is the real reason for the nazi philosophy - that they hope to be able to enter Eternity by these three parametres of pederasty, cannibalism and genocide. A certain computational mastering of the transform is hoped for in terms of the 'keys to heaven', a permutational principle which later were found to be identical with the 'Fast Fourier Transform' from time to frequency (or at least it seems to me to be the same mathematical principle - I have not seen the proof of the identity of the two formats but I think it can be and probably has been done). The Fast Fourier Transform - and hence the 'keys to heaven' - are a fundamental principle of neural activation spreading in the brain and therefore an inevitable part of the human construction, but of course it is doubtful whether the brain is enough to understand the deeper religious mysteries. Nazism is a philosophical system which seems to function by way of short circuitry in the phonology of words (in the brain, probably), but it seems to be surprisingly resistant - in particular as long as the system and its implementation are held secret. The phenomenon of terror-organizing international secret service, which seems to be a variant of Al Qaida and terror-driven administration generally, seems to be built on these foundations which can be traced back to Henry VIII.

If this philosophical system has come to penetrate the metaphysical basis for the anglican state church, it may be that britons who are members of the church are inclined to feel existential despair in an empty and cold universe if there is not some warming genocide going on somewhere else on the globe. A simple ejaculation is no cosmic harmony. It could be telling of the phenomenon that such a 'religious' genocide is in fact better (from the viewpoint of cosmic harmony with nature) if it is outside own borders than if it is inside. England was a safe haven for jews during WWII. One notices the phenomenon of the 'Oxford movement' - which was not a 'Cambridge movement' but perhaps 'phonologically' similar to it.

The depth of the metaphysical problem is visible in the history of british poetry, where one can spot such 'phonological circuitry' in many or most of the names: John Keats for cannibalism, Lord Byron for genocide, Percy Bysshe Shelley for pederasty. Shelley even married Harriet Westbrook. 'Alfred Lord Tennyson' sounds like 'Alfred Lord Genocide'. George Crabbe wrote much about things resembling just that. I once read a report on a schizophrenic who was telling that 'I saw the ashes break off from the cigarette and fall with a thunder against the floor' - which is a great line which, though, could have its british counterpart in the poetic work of Crabbe which seems to be about the sound of the excrements breaking off from the anus when it starts falling towards the ground, a certain british conception of the 'poiesis' later turned into the 'Klipra connection'. His contemporary William Cowper's name could be telling of a similar obsession with the idea that the 'copper' is not willing to give in that quickly but could be hanging around for quite a while. And are we supposed to believe that Thomas Chatterton really existed? He was allegedly a precocious poet who suicided at age 17 - the Young Genius had been born in 1752, 100 years before 'Ole Devold' started his textile factory in Langevåg (see below on 'Drotninghaug' - the alleged origins of John Jensen's mother - and a corresponding 'Black Sea Loop'). These three poets are british variants of Klopstock, Hölderlin, Novalis in Germany. One wonders what sort of abyss could open if one starts questioning the authenticity in some british poetry - and language history. Wystan Hugh Auden's group of poets between the two world wars was composed of incredible names indeed: Stephen Spender ('pederasty'), Christopher Isherwood ('cannibalism'), Cecil Day Lewis & Louis MacNeice ('genocide'). Josef Brodsky talked about Auden as the biggest british poet. A close reading of Elizabeth Barret-Browning's 'Sonnets from the portuguese' suggest that it could be about the pederasty parametre. This does not mean that these are bad poets, but it means that there is something very alarming when it comes to the rooting of their poetic world in this story since about Shakespeare. The phonology of the name seems to be the essential key - could be that is how the society tried to find a solution to the dead-end road of that short-circuitry metaphysics and that is why the poets' names are telling of the phenomenon. The british poets seem to have been developed by the culture on precisely those points where there was a need for a poetic solution. After WWII, when the 'nazis' had won the war, so to speak, the phonology of the name has apparently been the key to much politics as well, and it is probably rare that one finds a government today wherein the names of the members do not mean something. The meaning of names was first discussed by Plato in his 'Cratylus', but it is likely that the phenomenon of today (after WWII) is something new nevertheless.

As a long as the analysis rests on the role of the transubstantiation only, one can ask what is the difference between the anglican and other protestant churches. I don't think I have understood it fully, but notice that the anglican church is in a somewhat intermediate position between Luther and the Vatican and perhaps it is their emphasis on ceremonial tradition which adds this particular element of 'ceremony' to the genocide factor. Could be the phenomenon of state church is something important as well - there are not many christian state churches left on the earth today, as far as I know: England is one, Norway is another, and maybe there are not many more than these two left. When a ceremonially conservative church also is a state church, then one gets the problem that proximity to the catholic dogma of the historic revelation of the church (that the church carries on the divine revelation from Christ) is lifted over onto the political side of a state church and one gets the problem of divine politicians - a new pantheon of a divine administration - where 'politics' may feel entitled to decide on life and death of others, at least outside the national borders, by an 'Übermensch' factor. Of course the anglican church does not preach neither of these parametres, but the phenomenon of 'cosmic harmony' obtained through them means that there has to be a political factor in addition - for example the phenomenon of international secret service for ensuring enough genocide outside the national borders in order to safeguard british wellness. This means that the sacrified genetic subset is a part of the individual's body which is equivalent to the pederast's ejaculated sperm, and the quasi-religious identity of the individual body with the body of the totality of mankind is what brings the sought-for cosmic harmony in union with nature. Of course this cannot be considered a valid religion - it always ends up with those fish fingers as the deepest mystery - and must be considered a deadend sideroad for a brief period of transition into a new millenium. The 'fish fingers' are of course a certain political tool for 'government of mankind' and christianity is rather about a solution to these three problems than the cause of them. The religion is about transcending the short circuitry - and it is not enough with a brain, one needs a heart as well.

This story of 'british spiritualism' has a corollary in the idea of british supremacy or 'Übermensch' philosophy which grants them the right to practice genocide abroad.

Why this section on 'british spiritualism' in the chapter on 'the role of Norway'? That would be because Norway could have been established as a satellite state to England in 1814 for precisely the reason of the british need for terror abroad - beyond their own borders - and that the assumed safe haven of Hitler and others after 1945 is a tragic and misunderstood solution to the british problem of transcendence.

Rawlinson, Grassmann and poetic logic

Nazism seems to have developed from this philosophical basis in the three parametres of cannibalism, pederasty and genocide on basis of the rejection of the dogma of transubstantiation in a traditional (anglican) state church. This rejection seems to be equivalent with the rejection of a poetic logic - and nazism came to form the epistemological basis for the modern digital computer. There seems to be a close connection between the name 'John Grover' (norwegian 'John Grøver') and this development via the work of Hermann Günther Grassmann in Stettin in Poland and his 'Ausdehnungslehre', a mathematical theory on 'die intensive und extensive Grösse' with a potential for describing a new poetic logic. (H.R.Jervell pointed out for me this work by Grassmann). It is about a high-dimensional space which is capable of describing human cognition on basis of the etymological logic which Grassmann also investigated in his important studies in historic linguistics. 'Die intensive Grösse' can be seen as a correlate to that transcendent aspect of human social cognition which british-logical nazism attacked - and when mathematics since then has developed on a symbolic basis which probably makes it difficult for mathematicians of today to understand their field as anything but the art of manipulation of black-and-white symbols on the paper, it could be that Grassmann's work is not really understood today. This could also be due to what looks like an apparent mock-attack from England in response to his workwhich was published in Leipzig in 1844 but probably was finished or at least drafted in 1843 or even earlier,

It is today normally stated that Grassmann's mathematical work is equivalent with William Rowan Hamilton's theory of quaternions - Hamilton got the idea in a 'flash of genius' one day in 1843 when he was out walking in Dublin (at a bridgehead, in fact) and rushed to the royal society for presenting his discovery to the gentlemen there. It is likely that the two theories are not really equivalent but they are apparently recognized as similar in terms of over-complexity - which perhaps is a misunderstanding of Grassmann whose mathematical work would have been about making a logic for the deep transcendent poetic and historic roots of cognition, and not really the advanced cyclicity on the flat paper of Hamilton's new number types. Grassmann's numbers are in the gap between the inner and the outer and cannot be reduced to the flat paper, for which reason it seems that his math is not really well understood. The binary logic which the 20th century developed for its computer instead of the poetic logic which there should have been, perhaps a la Grassmann's work, was started with the work of George Boole and de Morgan in the second half of the 1840's, including some accusations from another William Hamilton (a Scottish namesake of the irishman, a philosopher with interests in metaphysics) who claimed that de Morgan had stolen his ideas. I don't know if this could have been a british intrigue for getting Grassmann out of the history - the idea being that William Hamilton of 1843 had stolen Grassmann's ideas published in 1844 and hence that Grassmann's work reduced to paper-flat cyclic numbers. One normally takes the irish (and scottish, I suppose) Hamilton to be a man of integrity, though. I don't know the details in the story, but would guess that the two mathematical discoveries could have been authentic both of them but politics grabbed the story for making something out of it and for pretending that they were of one and the same sort. The political importance of 'George Boole' can be spotted in 'George Bush' of modern times. Grassmann's logic could have formed the basis for a 'jewish'-based sort of logic for a new information technology rooted in the poetic depths of history, or even beyond the form of time which I have been concerned with in my 'The Endmorgan Quartet', while George Boole's binary logic is the flattest logic ever made. Boole's biography also looks a little strange - he died in Cork in Ballintemple and things like that - and one could allow for some speculation whether he - and even his binary logic? - was a joke made by british administration. However that be, it is Boole's and de Morgan's logic of about 1850 which is the basis for the modern computer wherein one permute black and white in an advanced scrabble and that's it. It may well be that the new information technology after 1945 should have looked very differently, but where is the logician who understands Grassmann's mathematical work today? It is hard reading to understand as in those days (although the symbols on the paper are simple enough), and I have speculated if it serves to establish a new poetic substance for computation beyond historic time. One cannot read it as an exercise in symbol manipulation on the paper of the book. The tumults around Hamilton and de Morgan could have served to whip up enough dust around Grassmann to cover the phenomenon while a new 'binary logic' was screwed together in a hurry - making the foundations of the new world of the 20th century. The hullaballoo around the pirating of Grassmann's theory would have served to cover the character of his theory in a lot of whipped-up dust, as if it were better described by Hamilton. This could even be what the hilarious character of Hitler's nazism could have been about - an even deeper british ridiculing of the jewish and poetic logic with Hitler (as agent for England, that would be) in the role of the 'Führer' of that revolution in poetry and poetic logic - as if the historic impetus which Grassmann's model represented got its ultimate articulation in Hitler's program and the thousands of swastikas on the banners were flapping in the air for that poetic program which thereby looked totally ridiculous and would convince the world of the advantages of a more down-to-earth logic of british type.

The name John Grøver of my official father (hypothetically the postwar name of Josef Mengele) seems to originate in the same 1840's and is likely to have its origin in Grassmann's 'intensive und extensive Grösse', mathematical concepts on just this difference between the inner divine creation and the outer shared referential space: 'Von[d] grösser' is norwegian for 'dreadful horror', such as Josef Mengele seems to have practiced in Auschwitz. Could be there adds to this naive ideas of 'divine awe' in that horror of Mengele. There exist two 'John Grover' documents in British Library in strange parallel: John Grover 1823 is a (sort of unique?) pamphlet issued in Brighton, while John Grover 1843 is a pamphlet issued in London. Both of them are 38 similar pages long and one can make a line-by-line comparison which tells that the two were probably produced around the mid 1840's for the purpose of this idea of plagiarísm or generation-gap copying, perhaps as a ridicule of the jewish-genetic diaspora - or Hamilton as an inspired 'copy' of Grassmann. The older and the younger 'John Grover' of 1823 and 1843 could be the origin of the name of my official father John Grøver (possibly Mengele) and my name John Grover as his official son - cp. also the two Bush presidents. The John Grover pamphlet of 1823 seems to have been designed as a deliberate false document - it is issued by "John Grover, Brighton, printed and sold by the author, telegraph house, in the valley, 1823". But it seems that electric telegraphy was not yet invented in 1823, but it was in 1843, and semaphoric telegraphy could hardly have been 'in the valley', and one could assume that this identification of John Grover of 1823 serves to tell that it could not have been made that early. Hence the obvious similarity with John Grover 1843 tells that it likely was a 'plagiarism' made in 1843. Which again means that if Hamilton 'copied' somehow his ideas from Grassmann, this John Grover 1823-43 could be telling that the original of Grassmann had been copied from Hamilton and not the other way round.

There is the important background of this in the story of how the british Rawlinson deciphered cuneiform in the same decade of the 1840's, including the sumerian language which had its counterpart in the 'sunnmørian connection'. Rawlinson deciphered cuneiform on basis of the trilingual inscriptions (made by Darius I) high up on a steep cliff wall (some hundred feet up) on the caravan route from Baghdad to Teheran. There were allegedly three cuneiform languages on the rock - and one of them was in 'Ole Persian' (hence 'Ole Devold' on Sunnmøre 1852) which could be deciphered on basis of modern persian and what one knows about the language history. Recent close studies (a german expedition in the sixties, I think it was) of this part of the wall has shown that the inscriptions there are of a somewhat fresher character than the true cuneiform parts of the other two - which makes it permitted to speculate if Rawlinson quite simply incised parts of the socalled 'Ole Persian' himself. Rawlinson was hanging in ropes from the top of the cliff and was making 'copies' of the code in papier maché directly from the wall. He spent some years - or at least many months - with this work of paper/wall copying. Anyhow, when the work of copying was finished, it turned out that the cuneiform text on the wall could be deciphered from what was known of persian language history - and that gave the basis for the decipherment of the other two languages of mesopotamian origin on the assumption that the wall was a real trilingual - one and the same text in three languages. This subsequently led to the decipherment of Sumerian, yet another mesopotamian language, around the same 1840's. This was at the same time as Ivar Aasen (pronounced 'ee-vah-r awson', notice the name-similarity with Rawlinson - and with William Lawson, later owner of Visthouse, from which one could take the name of its first owner 'Guy Freemantle' to be similar to 'Rawlinson') made his studies in the 'sunnmørian language' - a description from the 1840's - which at hindsight comes in a peculiar light relative to the 'sumerian language' of Rawlinson. The phenomenon could perhaps resemble John Grover 1823 and 1843 - and hence the relation between Grassmann and Hamilton. The question is the reliability of Rawlinson's decipherment. I do not know if there is a real basis for the assumption that Rawlinson incised or edited the 'ole persian' himself ('in the valley', so to speak). There exist other bi- and trilinguals, but a closer critical study of them tells that there is not much material available for a reliable decipherment.

As far as the nature of the 'sumerian' language is concerned, there is a quote I would like to bring, also since it is hard to find it in the jungle of literature which takes the authenticity of the sumerians for granted:

"At the beginning of historical times three ethnic groups lived in close contact within that region: the Sumerians, predominant in the extreme south [...], the Semites, predominant in central Mesopotamia (the region called Akkad after 2400 BC) - and a small diffuse minority of uncertain origin [...]. From the point of view of the modern historian, the line of demarcation between these three components of the first historical population of Mesopotamia is neither political nor cultural but linguistic. All of them had the same institutions; all of them shared the way of life, the techniques, the artistic traditions, the religious beliefs, in a word the civilization which had originated in the extreme south and is rightly attributed to the Sumerians. The only reliable criterion by which we can separate and identify these three peoples is therefore their language. Stricto sensu, the appellation 'Sumerian' should be taken as meaning 'Sumerian-speaking people' and nothing else; similarly, the 'Semites' were those who spoke a Semitic dialect [...]. This, incidentally, explains why all efforts to define and to assess the relations between Sumerians and Semites in other fields than philology are doomed to failure". Jones (1969:135) on the 'Sumerian problem'.

Which means that a Sumerian/Sunnmørian phenomenon could well have been invented by british scholarship in the 1840's. For example, it is well possible - albeit of course far from proven - that a 'John Grover' language of Sumerian was invented for making the sunnmørian or Klipra connection at the time when Ivar Aasen made his nynorsk language and wrote his description of the sunnmørian language.

This means that if Rawlinson edited the cliff wall for making a political resource for the administration in London, it is possible that he invented a 'sunnmørian connection' ('Klipra' means 'from the cliffs') which even could have been based on the name of 'John Grover'. There are 4 basic graphemes in a cuneiform code - vertical, horizontal, slanting and big wedge - and if one assigns one phonological feature (labial/dental, oral/nasal, high/low etc) to each grapheme, then one can even read an english word out of a combination of cuneiform wedges (and assign some sumerian phonology to it). I have not studied this but it is of course possible in many cases - and if that should have been the story, there would probably be some key to the code locked down in some political safe in London. I don't know if this is the case.

John Grover 1843 is about two envoys sent from London to Bokhara - not exactly the place of the Behistun wall but 'thereabout' - faraway, poetic and so forth - who were captured by the Ummeer (not 'humour') of Bokhara and a call for their rescue. One associates with Grassmann and Hamilton - and the 1843 pamphlet looks like a subconscious parallel text to the 1823 one. The same author also wrote the longer John Grover 1845 on the same theme. These three years could be the origins of the Beer Hall Putsch 1923, the death of Arvid Storsveen on 27 April 1943 and Mengele in Auschwitz, and the end of WWII in 1945 - all of them 100 years after 'John Grover'.

In 1939, the british warship 'Royal Oak' lay hidden in the Orkney's 'Scapa Flow' when it was sunk by allegedly german torpedos, while it remained a mystery how they had got the torpedoes into the closed flow. One naturally believes that it was sunk by the britons themselves: Some days later, an allegedly german spy report was delivered to the british naval attache in Oslo - this report has later come to be called the 'Oslo Report' and seems to have had much historic value - not so much for its spy contents on german war preparations but more due to the aspects of historic reference and political intrigue there could be in it. I have the information from the book 'Most secret war' by R.V.Jones - a name which resembles 'Arvid Storsveen', notably also by the photo of the author with a strange huge curl on his head. If one takes the ten points in the report to be an undertext listing of the leading or main names in the later norwegian resistance organization XU (halved to 'VII'), the largest resistance organization in Norway against the germans during WWII, then one gets a list of name forms which I have reconstructed as follows, while emphasizing that this is my attempt and it may perhaps be made better than this: 1. Otto Øgrim, 2. Bjarne Eidsvig on Grini, 3. the Gran/Harlem committee = Bjarne Gran and Gudmund Harlem, 4. Vilhelm Aubert, 5. Brynjulf Ottar, 6. Eivind Hjelle, 7. Jon Hagle, 8. Eilif Dahl, 9. Ivan Thoralf Rosenquist, 10. Arvid Kristian Storsveen, and un-numbered addition 11. Øistein Strømnæs who took over as leader after Storsveen was shot or at least disappeared on 27 April 1943. These names can furthermore be reduced to the list 1.grim, 2.grin, 3.gran, 4.gram, 5.gris, 6.graf, 7.gram, 8.gran, 9.grin and 10.grim - a matrix which can mean 'John Grover', hence the name of the war and apparently constructed on basis of the matrix of the four phonological features which in theory could have constituted the basis for the 'ole persian' (hence the 'ole devold' in the 'sunnmørian' district in 1852) and the decipherment of the cuneiform on the Behistun wall. In support of the assumption that this 'John Grover' interpretation of the list is not too farfetched, I refer to two films with John Travolta - the one called 'Grease' could be about element 5.gris and the one called 'Saturday Night Fever' could be about element 6.graf (see the poster to the film with the 'fever graf'-like posture). I ('John Grover') lived in Volda in 1964 between Molde 1963 and Molde 1965, which could mean a 'tra Volda'. The route of my first addresses is Molde-Oslo-Hammerfest-Odda-Molde-Volda-Molde before Fredrikstad, and this reduces to Molde-Oslo-John-Bjarne-Grøver before Fredrikstad - hence John Travolta. This 'Oslo Report' (National Archives, Public Record Office ADM 1/23905, London) seems possibly to be the basis also for the Eisenhower doctrine of 5 January 1957, about half a year before I was born. If it was the secret matrix of WWII, it means that it could have invoked the whole tradition of Rawlinson's decipherment of cuneiform. It has a correlate in the famous 'Rosetta stone' which is the only known bilingual of egyptian hieroglyphs - the stone was acquired by 'british scholarship' from some folks in a back street of Cairo after it had been found 100 years exactly before Bjarne Eidsvig's birthday, and then it was lost and then bought back again from the backstreet folks. Which means that it could have been edited in the mean time. The Dreyfus case seems to have encoded this 1899 birthday of Bjarne Eidsvig - the brother of Aron Eidsvig (possibly Adolf Hitler) and the main name in the 'Klipra connection'. One is, after having understood the history, inclined to believe that even the Rosetta stone could have been the work of british linguists.

All this means that the name of 'John Grover' could be a rather heavy-weight british responsibility claim on an anglican war against catholic and jewish and other ideas about an 'inner creation' which could have led to a different sort of information technology. It seems even that Grassmann's theory has been used as the hallmark of that alternative theory - which then was couped by british ridicule, including the mass movements of Hitler.

I should tell a story from Vilnius: I was in the city archives in 2006 and searched the name lists of some of those who had been executed at Paneriu - or rather those who had not been executed but picked out 'on the ramp' in Lukishki prison - under documents associated with Martin Weiss, chief of the executions. I had gone there because I wondered if there were any connections to Klipra. Among the papers under Weiss in the directory, I found a Lithuanian passport #V073922 - in fact the only passport among the papers - of a person called Pavelas Antanas Biedka (Pavel Biedgo), of polish origin ('lenkas'). He was born in 1863 and had a son called Pavel Povilo Biedgo born 29 August 1884. They lived in Zarasu Gatve 14. One notices the 20 years interval between John Grover 1823 and 1843, and here another 1863 - and 1884. The reason why I stopped at this document was something which happened a few days earlier: I had just come to Vilnius and found a place to live and was rushing up to the railway station to get my luggage when I passed through Geliu Gatve, and in the moment when I passed the gates to #6 ('GG6'), a number of bricks hopped out from the old brick wall - right out in the air! - and exposed a face underneath! - and a wellington. It was an incredible moment of something telling - I had not even been near to the wall, and my hurry could not produce that much turbulence. It was when I recognized the face from this wall in the passport photo of Biedgo some days later that I understood that there was a strange connection. At first I thought the wall-face looked like Lenin with a cap (not to speak of the photo of (Mandelstam in a quarry in Armenia), but Biedgo reminded me very strongly of Sigurd Jensen, the father of John Jensen, whom I had once seen a photo of. I think he died in the forties. When one adds the idea that the genetic father of Grøver/'Mengele' could have been Hitler, I make the additional question whether the photo of Biedgo really could have been of Aron Eidsvig before the war. Sigurd Jensen lived only a few houses down the street from Bjarne Eidsvig's house. This origin of Grøver/'Mengele' and in the photo is guesswork only but an interesting hypothesis. I refer to the 2003 film 'Das Wunder von Bern' by Sönke Wortmann which seems to be a story about a football made of newspaper with a rope around which Grøver/'Mengele' told from his childhood - and the father of the main character in this film looks somewhat like Sigurd Jensen in the photo I once saw - and Biedgo in this passphoto (here with the 'brickworks play' in Geliu Gatve 6 to the right):

The lists of names in the documents contained some traces of a systematic attempt to coup Lenin's revolution - which then could mean the Klipra connection. For example, the name 'Aleksiej Korwin-Gronkowski' looks like Frick, Gorvin and Nansen's visit to Moscow in 1923, another list contains 4 Krupowitch, 2 Jonski and 2 Sygnatowitch - which could be indicative of a John Jensen Klipra connection coup attempt. That is why a photo of Aron Eidsvig would not be surprising. Also, the passport photo from the 1940's does not look like a man born in 1863. It was when I came to Vienna in 2004 that a polish man was murdered in a car and one found some false passports after him. He was found in the intersection Kopalgasse/Rappachgasse, which was the reason why I found it relevant to me since some terror in Khobar had been a part of the background why I left Berlin for Vienna. When I nearly half a year later moved into Ehamgasse in Vienna, the parallel street was Lorystrasse - and that could have been the 'lenkas' of Vilnius which also has a correlate in the 'LKW' on the map of Venice. The polish president Kaczinsky died in an aircrash at Katyn, Smolensk, in April 2010. In the worst case, it could even have been about a 'pawel bridge-go' in Venice 2008-2009 - and that could have been the background of the attempt on the pope in 1981.

I add the peculiar story - perhaps of not much value, but anyhow - about the father Leif Stene Johansen of a high school classmate of mine. If one studies some relevant publications some time just before the Kennedy assassination on 22 November 1963, one finds traces of the name and address of Leif Stene Johansen, Marmorveien 6, Falchåsen, Fredrikstad, Norway. (For 'Marmorveien', cp. 'Zarazu Gatve' of Biedgo). For example, the Nobel peace prizes for 1962 and 1963 were announced a few days or weeks before the assassination and seemed to encode this name and address, and Modern Language Review seemed to have it in their article undertexts immediately before. Whatever be the explanation, the name 'Leif Stene Johansen' resembles Grassmann's 1844 title 'Ausdehnungslehre'. It is not possible for me to decide whether Stene Johansen and Kennedy could have been one and the same man. Stene Johansen died on 24 november 2002 and I got a pension some days later. I don't know when he moved to Marmorveien - but he must have lived there for some years when I met him in 1973. There were some reasons to see the assassination as connected with Norway - for example, the president of the legislative assembly in the norwegian parliament was 'Nils Hønsvald', which spoons to 'Hilsen Oswald' = 'greetings from Oswald' (it was Lee Harvey Oswald who was suspected of having shot), and the norwegian prime minister Gerhardsen appointed Jens A. Boyesen to the government on 22/11-63, which probably means a few hours before (and not after) the shot in Dallas. This means that there were some factors which converged on the possible conclusion that the assassination was organized relative to Norway, which would mean the Klipra connection, and of course it is fully possible - and probably most likely - that one could have inspected indexes in e.g. the Nobel peace prize assignment and in periodicals such as Modern Language Review and found an address in Fredrikstad which could be seen as a point of convergence for these indexations - and then let a person with name quasi 'Ausdehnunglehre' = 'Leif Stene Johansen' (and who even was more or less similar of body stature to Kennedy) get a site for his house there: This could have created the impression that Kennedy had not been shot at all but on the contrary had participated in the story and gone for a new identity in Norway - and who would blame Norway if that were the story? Johansen could even have been ignorant about this possible function. I suppose this is a better explanation than the other one. If, in addition, Marilyn Monroe had gone there a little earlier, there is a lot of mythos to be made from such an arrangement. But I don't know which was first - the Kennedy assassination or Johansen building his house in Marmorveien. Official norwegian registers are probably not very reliable if the country suffered a blow by that story.

However that be, it seems that the defining parametres of top international politics is still this coup of the poetic logic from about the mid 19th century. 'George Bush' resembles 'George Boole' - that is perhaps not totally coincidentally - and 'Leif Stene Johansen' resembles Grassmann's 'Ausdehnungslehre'. The simple story seems to be that a new 'inner creation' had to be incorporated into the code of a new episteme around that time - but it was couped with british nazism and ended up as politics instead - a field of human activity which has taken over the old habit of esoteric societies and refuse to let their most precious secrets go, at nearly any cost. They try to construct a space of 'inner creation' on the form of that esoteric society of top level politics based on the role of political power in the genocide model of 'cosmic harmony', which is a tragic misinterpretation of what the poetic logic should have been if it had not been drowned in the ocean of violence from the british symbolic-logical political enterprise called nazism in Germany. Clearly in order to get the 1850 poetic project back on the rails again one needs to deconstruct all those secret society philosophies of modern politics and get their precious gems - such as all this Grover and Eidsvig and Mengele and Klipra connection and all that - out in the daylight. That is a most important political task.

However, it is possible that the british 1840's only built on foundations of a program of 'culture swindle' which could have been in full bloom already at that time. I did not start pursueing these ideas before I had read the old english anglo-saxon epic poem of Beowulf in 2008 and was struck by the strangely scorning and ridiculing flavour of the story, as if it were high 'humour' for the art of understatement. 'Beowulf' is said to be an epic from the low middle ages, perhaps 7th, 8th, 9th century, the oldest known british poem of any length and probably a cornerstone in the science of the form of old english language. The literary work is of more than 3000 lines and is of considerable majesty in its description of the hero Beowulf who on a daring voyage crosses the sea (at Helsingör?) for visiting the king of the danes, who had been troubled so many a time at night by the monster 'Grendel' - whether that be related to the half-dane ('frisian') king Hnæf ('knap' = 'button', while 'knep' = a rude danish word meaning 'fuck') or not. The story is scandinavian - the Danes, the Swedes and the Geats (the No[r]ses?) - 'Beowulf' is a 'Geat' hero, and the question has been raised whether these Geats were the norwegians or if it rather were about Goets of Gothenburg and thereabout. Beowulf is well accepted by the king of the danes and the mead is flowing generously in the evening before the heros go to sleep, probably around on the floor of the mead-hall, when suddenly Grendel rushes in, as so often before at night, and attacks the sleeping warriors. Beowulf reaches for his mighty sword 'Nægling', broadest of blades, grabs it and strikes against the monster's shoulder and the arm eventually seems to fall off and the monster withdraws and dies (or at least shrinks, I am not certain what really happened). Great is the honour that befalls the hero Beowulf. The story continues when Grendel's mother enters the meadhall for a revenge of her son and Beowulf struggles with her in the sea and finally wins even this battle. Later Beowulf and a fellow warrior battles a dragon but falls in the fight and is buried.

Hence the theme of the epic seems to be 'masturbate the bottom' = 'ronk röver' = 'John Grøver'. One is entitled to wonder whether it is a mock epic constructed for british ridiculing of the historic roots of that etymological logic which Grassmann seemed to be about - not the least since it is a major source of anglo-saxon (Ancel-Sachs - and me as the 'Juten'?) language. The poem has survived in one single handwriting - which was rescued from the flames of Robert Cotton's library in 1731. 'Cotton' in norwegian is 'bomull', cp. 'Beowulf'. The poem was transcribed by the icelandic scholar G.J.Thorkelin in the years up to 1787 (the 'Oxford Anthology of English literature' is my source of these data). There is no doubt that it is written by a skillful poet - and the archaic style would have called for much linguistic scholarship. I have guessed that it was written by Alexander Pope (1688-1744). He was a member of the socalled Scriblerus Club along with Parnell, Oxford, Gay, Pope, Swift and Arbuthnot. Pope is the heavy-weight who translated the Iliad and the Odyssey, and Parnell had written Homer's 'War between the mice and the frogs', a sort of mock epic in three short songs of character comparable with Beowulf. Swift and Gay are also wellknown names. The group used to meet from about 1713 onwards in the home of John Arbuthnot and was said to be informally under the patronage of the prime minister (the earl of Oxford). They seemed to have been involved in the construction of the fictive historic person Martinus Scriblerus and comparable projects and the construction of 'Beowulf' would likely have been within their scope. (Alexander Pope was somewhat of a dwarf and Alexander the G[r]eat could have been about his role). John Arbuthnot was born in 1667 in Inverbervie, Kincardine, Scotland (just south of Aberdeen) and died in London in 1735. Arbuthnot was the queen's doctor and the founder of the group. One could guess, therefore, that Beowulf (and other anglo-saxon poems) could have been constructed on old parchment by the Scriblerus Club with sanction from the prime minister and the king/queen, not the least in order to create an administrative control with the etymological rooting of the english language - for getting that Grassman project under political control, that means, unfortunately by way of swindle. This 'Anglo-Saxon' language under political control was later interpreted in the form of 'Ancel-Sachs' - the genetic origins of me.

'P[r]ope' could have been the model for Hitler's prop-aganda minister Goebbels - they were even rather similar, and one can guess that Hitler's government could have represented the Scriblerus Club and thereby a link between Beowulf and the Klipra connection. And Swift seems to have been a possible model for Göring.

But this single epic of Beowulf is perhaps not the reason for such a role of the club in Hitler's government. It is possible that the Scriblerus Club could have been involved in more extensive production of old manucripts and documents. Most alarmingly is the idea that the old norse sagas and eddic poetry ('eddik' is norwegian for 'vinegar') from the high middle ages - often considered a local peak in world literature - could have been produced by the same group. Parnell died rather early - and one could speculate that he left for a mission to Iceland for collecting material and writing the sagas. If this be the case, then it is very possible that one knows very little about norwegian history from those days of the middle ages and viking times. Perhaps one cannot even be certain that there existed a norwegian kingdom before it fell under the danes in the late middle ages after the black plague. There exists a collection of 20.000 old norwegian administrative documents called 'Diplomatarium Norvegicum' from the time 1050-1590 which seems to be a valuable source. This number of documents is the same as the number of documents left after Darwin, who is said to have descended from the apes, and the impressive norwegian collection of medieval documents was edited and published by Lange and Unger in the mid 19th century. The force of the name of 'Stalin' is contained in this story - that 'VI-stalin' is the locus of Visthouse when the danish king Haakon VII entered the throne - as a 'VI-king' which could leave the VII of his title a single I of a Haakon I instead of VII - which would be the case if the old norse documents were fraud from e.g. England on the 18th century.

What should have been the purpose with such a largescaled project - as the construction of a fictive old norse kingdom in the realm of cold and ice in the far north? It could on the one hand have been to get language history under administrative control, which would be very contrary to the program of Grassmann with incorporation of etymological form into a poetic logic, and it could have served the function of holding the keys to the more remote history. In particular the history of Iceland - with its glorious literary past - could collapse totally if it be shown that the old sagas and poetry were written by britons in the 18th century. And if the history of 'the people of Iceland' collapses, so could the history of 'the people of Israel' as well - as could be the plan. But that would have had to go via a longterm program on Norway - which later came to be swappable with Israel via Oslo/Jerusalem of the Kursk-and-Cole for a 'dirty beast in the revelation'. And with the swastika on Europe around Paris, with Norway as the upper branch and Italy as the lower, the position of Israel relative to Italy comes to be about the position of Iceland relative to Norway. There has been a scandal of pederast priests in Ireland - that could be for similar purposes on Isreal. And the eastern branch as a Black Sea Loop could find Vilnius in Lithuania in about the correponding position - the place which has been called the Jerusalem of the jewish diaspora. (The english involvement in northern Ireland could perhaps find some rationale in these aspects of a european swastika).

Old norse saga = old nose sawed, old nose sexual intercourse. Eddic poetry = vinegar poetry. It is well possible that these are the historic foundations of norwegian (and icelandic) self-esteem, with 'banna bein' (cursed leg/bone) and similars. 'Old nose' = 'Åle-nose' which makes 'Ålesund' (the town of the Klipra connection) a female counterpart to the 'old nose'. It is said that when people there talk the dialect sounds like cows mooing in the fields ('rauter'). Could be that is the reason for the news agency Reuter.

It may be that icelandic historic identity is rooted on such weak grounds. There exist some medieval manuscripts from the middle ages that tell of the early settlers - the first being Ingolfur Arnarson - who married Hallveig or Hallgerdur Frodadottir - and his brother Hjörleifur who was murdered by his slaves. To a norwegian ear this sounds like a joke on the names: Whether Frodadottirs name was Hallveigs or Hallgerdur, it sounds like 'half-hearted' with a half or nearly whole open bosom, in her blossoming youth, while 'hjör' = 'makes' and 'leiv' = 'lump of bread-dough'. His 'leivs mudered him' after they claimed that a brown bear had attacked their ox. 'In-golf' = 'in the fly' (cp. also the Gulf wars 1980-1990 which claimed one and a half million victims - nothing surprises me any longer as far as politics is concerned) while 'arnarson' = 'the origins', 'ama' = 'breast-fed'. In short, it sounds as if Hjörleifur was just in the process of penetrating the virginal membrane of the half-hearted when Ingolf suddenly took his place and presumably completed the other half of the penetration. This was the beginning of the 'saga' = 'sawed' era, as if those were the days when they 'sawed' on Iceland. The membrane bursting open can be called 'Reykjavik', the name of the capital (but it does not tell which 'membrane' - it could of course be one in England). 'Kefla' of main airport 'Keflavik' means 'the rolling pin'. 'Saga' seems to be essential for nazi myth by 'saga naki' spooned to 'Naga-saki' = 'Adolf Eichmann' of one of the two nuclear bo[m]bs on Japan, while 'Hiroshima' = 'share of hima' = 'share of the virginal membrane' ('hymen'). The mechanism of the three names - Hjörleifur being just in the process of penetrating the essential point when Ingolf takes his place while Hjörleifur is thrown into the state which his name suggests - could be the basis for the Eisenhower doctrine (or the british project it perhaps describes). This mechanism of 'Hiroshima and Nagasaki' can perhaps be recognized in the three names from the establishment of the austrian republic in a memorial from 1928 on Schmerlings Platz outside the austrian parliament, a memorial showing the busts of Jakob Reumann, Victor Adler and Ferdinand Hanusch due to their role in the establishment of the austrian republic on 12 november 1918. Adler had even worked much for this establishment and died on the day before the republic was opened - on 11 november 1918. With 'onset-hopping' a la the story of Hjörleifur and Ingolfur, it turns into Fakob Heumann, Jictor Radler [norw. 'jiktor' = 'gout word'] and Verdinand Anusch - which could be a representation of the roles of Ingolfur, Hallgerdur and Hjörleifur from the beginning of icelandic history. Schmerlings Platz is on the righthand side of the parliament (seen from the parliament) at 'Dr.Karl Renner Ring' ('dr.-the-man-is-running-ring') which on the other side in front of the parliament, some 50-100 metres further, at Stadiongasse, runs right into Dr.Karl Lueger Ring = 'dr.the-man-is-lying-ring' = 'doctorate + secret agent' = the strategy for Hitler as agent couping Lenin's revolution on behalf of England via the Klipra connection - of 12 nov 1918 = ten years earlier. I don't know when this magic-of-names was installed in these streets - if it was before or after Hitler - but at least today they are telling of Hitler's role. One can take it further - and conclude that the murder of Aung San in 1947 was for making a birmese parallel to Adler on that place of proof of secret agency of Hitler - but following up not Iceland's history but rather Israel's history - by the role of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This could also have been the original intention with a fraud on Iceland's history - to prepare for the future conclusion that all the old hebrew manuscripts about Abraham and Moses and all that is a lot of british fiction from the 18th century. Gutenberg's bible was printed in Nottingham in 1752 - and so forth. That would be the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' from early israeli history. And that could thereby have been the role of the two nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima - to represent this early 'british authorship' on Iceland's history = Israeli history. Hence the current military regime in Birma - if they are working on behalf of England - with the house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi. (One notices the 'rundb-renner' = 'gas-convector' which could be contained in the name of Victor Adler on the form 'victor gascogne'). One notices also the story of Mengele's escape which is said to have gone via 'Ingolstadt' cp. 'Ingolf Arnarson' - there was also a neighbour to Labråten 58 called 'Ingvoldstad'.

With Adler's and San's deaths right before the new country was opened, it also means the british monarchic interest against Napoleon, and this 11.12.18 could be 'half-heartedly' reduced to 11.12.13, with 'Hjörleifur' as 11 and 12 as the 'me too' (not 'touch me'!) of Ingolf. This 11.12.13 could be the basis also for the 1-2-3 of 1980-81 - of the deaths and attempts on Sanjay Gandhi, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan and pope John Paul II in intervals of 3,2,1 x 56 days, with the 'holy hijacker' on 2 may 1981 correlating for the last. Hitler's warships Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau could be of a similar category, sailing in old norse waters. (I have the stories about Ingolf and his family from sources on the internet - I am not sure how 'authentic' they could be).

The conclusion to the story of 'british spiritualism' seems to be that the rejection of the dogma of transubstantiation combined with a traditional state church led to a collapse of the religious basis into the parametres pederasty, cannibalism and genocide while the element of transcendence of love and poetic logic was transformed into terror-driven administrative logic. This is also how the russian revolution was couped: The communist revolution was supposed to build on solidarity and human compassion but these qualities were transformed into efficient administrative power by way of the british murder of Lenin via Quisling (as goes the theory here) the evening before the first MacDonalds government was opened in London. This couped power-by-solidarity transubstantiated into power-by-terror was exported to Germany, which likewise was a protestant country albeit without such 'revelational' views on history, by way of the secret agent Hitler who thereby represented the element of state power as the 'inner creation' of the genocide in the global space beyond the national british borders. This complete collapse of any concerns for human relations is the reason why a traitor is called a 'quisling' in so many languages. This principle of 'transubstantiation' or transcendence of love into terror and religious mysteries into secret agents seems to have come to be a basis for british global power generally - with the 'secret agent' taking the place of the secrets or mysteries of transcendence and transubstantiation. Josef Mengele is perhaps a good example of this type - and the name of 'John Grover' seems to be a key concept for the british responsibility claim on the hijacking of Grassmann's theory and poetic logic generally. I have speculated if John Gower could be the reason for the use of the name - he wrote some ballades which at least could be taken as evidence of early knowledge of the permutational 'keys to heaven' in english language - see my 'Time and the sonnet' - but the theory of the four fundamental phonological features relative to hebrew phonology is perhaps a more probable explanation. However, since the envoy as the four lines at the end of the ballade is a typical trait, one can recognize this in the story of John Grover of the two envoys sent to Bokhara, which is a point in favour of this ballade theory. All this story seems to be the foundations of the modern digital computer - and that tells of how wrong it has come out. It was Noam Chomsky who came to define the basis for the formal languages - which generally are listed in the socalled Chomsky hierarchy of formal languages.

Himmler's holocaust structure

The Klipra connection seems to have been the bridge from the holocaust to the western powers after the war, and one can assume that Hitler and Himmler and the bulk of his administration were secret agents for England - not the least for feeding the hungry believers with a warming portion of genocide outside the borders of England. The holocaust seems to have interpreted these mysteries in terms of the relation between custody and genetic parenthood. And it seems that the parents are the two custody ones of 'Kursk-and-Cole' vs. the two jewish poets Sachs and Celan (the 'Ancel-Sachs-on' origins). 'Sachsenhausen' could mean quite simply Nelly Sachs' house, probably even the one she lived in on Söder in Stockholm, in Bergsundsstrand 23 (owned and administered by the Jüdische Gemeinde in Stockholm in those days). 'Buchenwald' seems to have meant Paul Celan's birthplace 'Buchenland' ('Bukowina' with Czernowitz, probably the reason for the Chernobyl disaster). 'Dachau' seems to mean me - see below on 'San Pantalon' in Venice (and it could include 'Datcha-u' of Laura Devold in Gorkij etc). The death camps were responsible for the largest number of deaths. It seems that nearly all of them were in immediate connection with this Klipra family story as it converged on this custody parenthood relation:

Auschwitz - Visthouse of Eidsvig, and dr. Mengele = 30666 of 'Cole' in 2000. The principle of governmental quasi-divine power by 'verboten' principles for elevating administrative logic beyond the poetic.

Lublin-Majdanek - jubelen i maidagene (the rejoycing in the days of May) = birthday of Ragna Grøver on 12 May 1929 as the mid point in the mirror of 'Kursk' in 2000. This suggests that the two dates of 12 August and October 2000 were computed already in the thirties. The war also ended in May 1945, with rejoycing all over the world, and the name of the death camp could suggest the preappointed character of the war, since one knew when it was opened on 1 October 1941 that the war would end in May 1945. There has been much criticism of the western forces in their relation to Auschwitz: They knew what was going on there but let it continue for many months yet. The preappointed end of the war is also what seems to constitute a part of the proof of the identity of Grøver and Mengele via the death of Storsveen - 3 years exactly after Himmler's order to build Auschwitz.

Sobibor - seems to have represented the pederasty parametre, simply by the sob in the bore. It can also mean the name of my elder official sister 'Vibeke Grøver' (born 25 nov 1955), since 'V-back g-røver' could mean just the pederast in the 'V' of the behind. But the name could also mean an innocent 'walker'.

Treblinka - seems to mean the genocide parametre. 'Blinka tre' is norwegian for a tree with a cut in its bark meaning that it is destined to be cut down. This is also my name on the form 'jump-jarnegg-grover' - ('jarnegg' = 'ironedge') - the forester who is swinging his axe for marking the trees to be cut down in the forest which then is 'Treblinka'. See the discussion below why this 'forester role' seems to be a function assigned to me - in the role of the jewish-genetic diaspora, probably for the purpose of divide-and-conquer on the people of Israel. I certainly do not support the program.

Belcez - seems to mean 'cannibalism' - I am no expert on the phenomenon but have fancied that eating human flesh leads to excessive flatulence, and hence 'Belcez' pronounced 'beu-zhets' or 'bow-jets'. (For example, it is said that Charles Darwin suffered from excessive flatulence and his stock of children was gradually diminished). The name of my younger official sister 'Tone Helene Grøver' (born 23 feb 1961) can be taken to mean the infant's eating of human 'flesh' when it sucks mother's milk: 'To-ne[d] hele- ne[d] Grøver' could then mean '2-down whole-down g-røver', but if these 2 whole down are in the behind, then perhaps it could be more about human rumpsteak. But of course the name could 'mean' the small child's digestion channel.

Hence the three names of the official children of the Grøvers can be seen to represent the three main death camps of Himmler's program for the three main parametres of 'british nazism', but the names can also mean innocent variants of it - for example, my name can also be an anti-racist 'jump-yar-negro-over'. Which means that the names also could have a whitewashing function for the probably british origin of the ideas. However, there are reasons to believe that these three names of Labråten 58 (the home of the Grøver family from 1971 onwards) are not only constructions made after the war was over - but could have been planned even before the holocaust started and, even worse, could have been the very reason for these three dreadful death camps which were responsible for nearly a third of the 6 million victims (appr. 1.750.000 lives were lost under Globocnik's command). The construction of the death camps left what looks like a proof of this latter and worse interpretation: That is the fact that the camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez were parts of the socalled 'Aktion Reinhard', allegedly put together after Reinhard Heydrich had been murdered on 27 May 1942 by czech agents for british secret service - Heydrich died not immediately but allegedly one week later from infections ('basillae') in the wounds. This could be the week on the mirror symmetry to Ragna Eidsvig's birthday around Kristallnacht for the opening of the state of Israel - represented also in the two nuclear bombs on Japan. A preliminary revenge action was staged by the destruction of the village called 'Lidice', a name similar to 'lydrike' = 'vassal stage' or 'dependency', such as typically the 'basileia' Norway relative to England since 1814 (by the 'Dovre' symbolism). 'Lydr ikke' = 'does not take order' = 'rebellious'. 'In the wound' = 'i såret' = 'IS-året' ('the IS year') = '19-42'. Adding 16 (the alternative to 19 in rough handwriting of 'IS') to 42 one gets the house number 58 of 'Labråten' = 'Lydriket' by lifting it up 'two lines' = 'to lioness' = 'Leonie Sachs'. (I have speculated if Heydrich lived further down in Labråten when we moved in there in #58 in 1971, but I cannot make any such claims - not only because my memory is vague but also since the person probably was younger). The later construction of the postal codes in Sweden in 1968 - on Ragna Grøver's birthday 12 May, 2 years exactly before the death of Sachs - came to constitute a bridge from Sweden to Norway, and that is when the israeli arrest of an alleged Eichmann on 12 May 1960 came to look like the one week of the opening of the state in 1948. Not only - the incursion into Lebanon in the hour when Sachs died in 1970 would have emphasized these 'to lioness' of the story of the death of Heydrich with the 'rough handwriting'. The handling of the village 'Lidice' was rough indeed - not to speak of the victims of the following 'Aktion Reinhard' which was led by Odilo Globocnik from the Trieste region - he probably originated close to Duino. His name could have been motived by the idea that nazism could be traced to a single revelation of Satan on the main square of Nottingham some centuries ago, prompting comments from the surroundings - 'glo bort' = 'look away' - and the myth of Robin Hood. A british responsibility claim on the role of 'Odilo Globocnik' can be spotted in the collection of poems by J.Grover called 'Nature's melody - a selection of verse' in British Library from 1936. The name 'Aktion Reinhard' trivially sounds like 'Reinhard Aktion' = 'Ragna Eidsvig' born on 12 May 1929, in particular since 'Aktion Reinhard' culminated in the socalled 'Aktion Erntefest' ('action harvest feast' - while 'havets fest' perhaps could apply to Eidsvig's oysters) on 3-4 November 1943, when 43000 Jews were massacred in the Lublin district in the course of these two days. But that means 43-000 = the TURN of the millenium = the year 2000 with Kursk and Cole for the 'dirty beast in the revelation', not the least via the birthdate of Ragna Eidsvig in May 1929 = 'Lublin-Majdanek'. Cp. also the list of owners of Visthouse (for 'Auschwitz'): 1) Guy Freemantle, 2) William Lawson, 3) Thor Thorsen, 4) Bjarne Eidsvig. This means that the Aktion ('Acts 10' = 'Downing Street 10') comprises all the main death camps with number of victims running into more than half of the 6 million jews that died in the holocaust. That seems to be contained in this address of Labraaten 58 - as early as 1943! - on basis of the birthdates of Grøver/'Mengele' and his wife Ragna Eidsvig. Both birthdays seem to have been preannounced in the british state-controlled periodical Modern Language Review in 1916 and 1929.

It is important to understand the structural importance of this 'Aktion Erntefest' in the larger time schedule, including the alleged death of Storsveen on 27 April 1943. Using the terza rima and sonnet algorithms over 8 and 16 lines, there emerges the interesting date 21 September 1943 of much structural importance when computed on basis of the essential date 27 April 1943 as the alleged death of Storsveen as a responsibility claim on the preplanned character of the war:

27.04.43 - 21.09.43 = 147 days = the Dirty Beast, the diagonal over elements 1-4-7 in the terza rima structure
21.09.43 - 3-4.11.43 = 43-44 days = the Revelation, the TURN in the sonnet structure

This makes for an advanced Dirty Beast in the Revelation in terms of a TURN computed from Storsveen in April 43. 43 = the TURN on the WORD level. 44 = 4 x 11 is the word turn on the LINE level - including the 'to lioness'.

I have not found anything significant for the date 21 September 1943, but the norwegian king Haakon died on 21 September 1958, and this date enters into an important calendarial telescope on the numeral '23' (over months, weeks, days etc) relative to the birthday of Tone Grøver on 23 feb 1961. This seems to be the background also of the two Gulf Wars under Saddam Hussein.

Chelmno nad Nerem - If 'Lidice' means 'Lydrike' (dependent state), 'Labråten' comes out as 'Labåten' = 'let the boat'. Hans Bothmann (= 'lead the boat'?) was chief of Chelmno nad Nerem. In fact this name of the chief of Chelmno could serve as a proof that Norway - or some other state? - is a 'lydrike' = 'dependency' state relative to England. It happened around 1989-90 that I got into problems with passing bits of broken glass on the ground and felt that I had to take care to pass them in such a way that they did not come between my feet - this quasi-neurotic behaviour could, though, have had its origin in this 'hans bråt-mann' - telling of some state dependency relation of probably essential importance - and tied up to my person via Labråten. This was also not so long after my cousin Hans Frode Nedregård (!) had died, allegedly in an attempt to ski over some mountains. I don't know what this death camp represents 'philosophically', but there is a notable relation to Noam Chomsky. The camp seems to have been opened the day before ('next to') his 13th birthday - and there was a Rakel Nerem living in the house next to the Eidsvigs in Fjellgata in Klipra in the thirties (according to her family). Chomsky later developed into a leading figure in the 'cognitive revolution' which started around the time of my birth. One must assume that Chomsky is not personally involved in the nazi program, but it is noteworthy that his grammatical theories necessarily and trivially share some aspects with the 'keys to heaven' and the permutation algorithms for a Fast Fourier Transform.

If 'Lidice' means 'Lydrike' (dependent state), 'Labråten' comes out as 'Labåten' = 'let the boat'. Hans Bothmann (= 'lead the boat'?) was chief of Chelmno nad Nerem. I don't know what this death camp represents 'philosophically', but there is a notable relation to Noam Chomsky. The camp seems to have been opened the day before ('next to') his 13th birthday - and there was a Rakel Nerem living in the house next to the Eidsvigs in Fjellgata in Klipra in the thirties (according to her family). Chomsky later developed into a leading figure in the 'cognitive revolution' which started around the time of my birth. One must assume that Chomsky is not personally involved in the nazi program, but it is noteworthy that his grammatical theories necessarily and trivially share some aspects with the 'keys to heaven' and the permutation algorithms for a Fast Fourier Transform.

'Chelmno nad Nerem' was called 'Kulmhof' in german and could be the contents of this 'Kulmination' of 'Aktion Reinhard' in the sense of the socalled 'Aktion Erntefest', as the german nazis called the massacre. This death camp sort of runs off with the whole cake from the rest of the death camps in this 'culminatorial' sense of it. I add that a role of Noam Chomsky in the 'cognitive revolution' from his chair at MIT in the fifties could be seen as reinforced by two important deaths during the war: Kurt Tucholsky died in Sweden while he was waiting for having his application for swedish citizenship accepted, hence he was 'i-søksmål' ('having sent an application/claim and waiting for the answer'), while Leon Trotsky died in Mexico after an attack from an intruder who hit him in his head with an ice axe = 'is-øks-mål' ('target of an ice axe'). There are also some affinities between Chomsky's minimalism (presented for the first time in Tromsø) with my 'MA thesis' ('A model for a non-discrete grammar' - about the not so very original idea of a grammatical sentence structure by data analysis of some kind from the phonetic signal level) which I completed in 1992.

It is of course a complete scandal that these data are not published but are kept secret for the purpose of administration. The reason for that is simply that the nazis won the war. There exists in norwegian language an expression - often met in the media, for example - called 'is i magen' = 'ice in the belly' (I think it normally is used in the sense of 'the need for staying calm' in a difficult situation), but clearly it could refer to 'IS in the year of 42' for this symbolism of Heydrich's death, hence Labråten 58 and the concept of 'far til to' = 'the father of two' - which could mean the father of the two official sister. I don't know if I am the father of anybody - I should suppose not. But this is an expression introduced in the normal language instead of telling the true story. Which must be considered a scandal.

John Grøver and his wife Ragna Augusta Devold Eidsvig married Grøver moved with their family of 5 (me #4) to Fredrikstad in 1970 and looked for a site for building a house - first we looked at one at 'Oredalsåsen' = 'Aure-Dallas-Osen' in the summer 1970, but the high voltage lines going over or near the site was the reason why we looked for another and chose the one in 'Labråten 58'. Nathan Milstein was born 508 months, weeks and days before me, but not years or hours. The connection by way of cosmic revolutions would have been 'weak in years, weak in [h]ours' - representing bad social performance. The idea that Milstein could have been my father (for example, the new SATA computer hard drives can hold 'millions of signs') probably boils down to the idea that it is Celan's 'millstone' who is my father - and 'Flossenburg' could have been about just that 'genetic parenthood relation'. However that be, it seems that this 508 factor is contained in the 58 of the street address. See the front page of e.g. International Herald Tribune for 3 november 2009 - the photo of Karzai after he had won the election in Afghanistan. All the major european and US newspapers available in Venice that day showed the same photo on the front page - which seems to index just this 5[0]8 - as a political concept. Even the top headline to the photo in IHT showed some printed 'dirt' (in a bis-t format, perhaps) over the word 'canceled' in 'Runoff canceled, Karzai takes prize' as if it were a photo of some cancan. This tells that the details on the political function of Labraaten 58 seem to be well known in the world of journalism and not much of a secret. But nobody tells the truth, as it seems - rather, this has come to constitute the basis for the political world of the new millenium. The reason for that is likely to be that a total rewrite of nearly everything that has happened after WWII would be needed if the world were to regain its mental health. To come out with the details on Labraaten 58 in some newspaper is to challenge UK and US totally - and that terrible threat (called 'Facts Aber-Pac[t]s' - I heard George Bush in some report use the expression 'show them the fac[t]s') is what constitutes the western power dominance. It is the world of power instead of truth, and that seems to define nearly everything in the field of the humanities. Only technology develops unhindered - in particular surveillance technology which can take the truth at the root.

The conclusion to Himmler's death camps seems to be that they all were centered on this Labråten 58 in Fredrikstad for the concept of the 'dirty beast in the revelation' of Kursk-and-Cole 2000 - which means quite simply me. That is why I had to write this book - it is one of those books which could not be skipped even though politics is not my forte and not my interest at all. The world is crazy who could not write this book themselves but had to leave it to little me.

Below I also discuss Ravensbrück and some others. It is well possible that the entire holocaust structure was based on the Klipra connection. For example, 'Flossenburg' could well be about 'blåsen-firk', the square oyster chicken-wire baskets hanging from the round 'balloons' = 'blåsen[e]' on Eidsvig's oyster farm. Only opposite - the round balls hanging from the 'boys trasket' = the testicles hanging under the 'boys-walking'. But those testicles could be the pederast testicles. 'Gross Rosen' is likely to be about 'Ross Grosen' or simply 'John Grøver', possibly for Mengele's identity after the war, for which reason it was 'Gross Rosen' during the war. And this 'Grösser-Osen' could then be 'Aure-Osen' ('åre' = 'vein' or 'artery') after the war, the place whereto Grøver/'Mengele' took me for a car ride in the late sixties probably as a responsibility claim on the death of Charles de Gaulle in 1970. And so forth - the holocaust structure seems to be variations over this custody/genetic parenthood theme in the Klipra connection. That theme would be the program that administration is stronger than genetics.

Chapter 2: The role of England

The theory of the present book tells that the history is one of a strong impulse of terror and fraud going out from the british nation since Henry VIII and the break with the Vatican. This is rather much in contrast to a widespread view on England as a just and morally upright kingdom who fought bravely against the nazis and rescued the Jews from the total extermination. It is not the least for these heroic deeds that England has been granted such a prominent role in the formation of the postwar world. The theory presented here makes it look rather differently. What is required is therefore some material which can serve as proof of this hypothesis. There are two main axes which I have found - the diachronic one of the periodical Modern Language Review, which seems to have been the market of responsibility claims for the Klipra connection since 1905, and which even could have got its name from a weird reading of the hebrew commandment against 'idol fitler', and the synchronic one which I discuss towards the end of the chapter and which seems to be the cognitive interpretation of the dogmas of the anglican church.

The historic dimension: Modern Language Review

There seems to be a proof for the hypothesis that nazism is a british phenomenon - and particularly that terror abroad seems to be a part of the daily spiritual dosis which transubstantiates to political power in England - which seems to be rather 100% certain: It is in the periodical called 'Modern Language Review' (MLR) which seems to have the function of presenting british responsibility claims for political 'landmarks', particularly terrorism. It is disguised as a philological periodical but seems to be controlled from Downing Street. The periodical, which is the organ of 'Modern Humanities Research Association' (MHRA), was started in 1905-06, about the time when Visthouse was built and Laura Devold was born, and seems to have indexed in advance major cases of terror and fraud throughout the twentieth century up to the present day. The periodical, which is issued on the first of the months january, april, july and october each year, seems to be a running commentary and venue of potential responsibility claims for the Klipra connection, and in fact seems to have converged on my person at least to some extent. That means that if e.g. my passport is about the expire, there are some titles in the journal which seems to encircle the concept of 'passport' and when I get the new one from the consulate, the photo seems to be a little edited - as even the titles in MLR seem to suggest before I get it. This was in MLR april 2009 when my passport expired in I think september 2009. This correlation is because the periodical seems to have converged on my person.

Lenin did not tell about the Klipra connection, as far as I know, but he could have arranged two gigantic events in his own life for telling it that way: The first was the attempt on his life in 1918 by 'Fanny Jefimovitch Kaplan' whose name easily rewrites to 'Modern Language Review'. The second was his own death in 1924 which could have served to leave little doubt that it was Laura Devold from the Klipra connection who did it. But if these were so massively important, why didn't he tell it? Could be he did, of course: If the Klipra connection could just travel to Gorki and murder him and travel back again, it would have to mean that Stalin was involved in the coup of the revolution - and that was the reason for his name VI-Stalin = VI-Stalin, the location of Laura Devold's (and husband's) summer house Visthouse. (Lenin, in contrast, seems to have taken his name after Leonie Sachs). But Stalin is famous for having edited a lot of documents: There have been much attention to the alleged falsifications of historic evidence by Stalin - e.g. retouched photos from the leaders on the Red Square where a central politician is quite simply removed from history. Which means that Lenin could have told and written a lot about the Klipra connection - but where are those documents today, after Stalin? There is not a single word anywhere. That is why Kaplan of 1918 and Devold of 1924 could have been told by way of Lenin's exit from the history, and those events would have been covered in many western publications and could not have been erased by Stalin. The attempt on Lenin in 1918 could therefore have been his way of telling about MLR. Which could mean that 'Modern Language Review' is one of the most gigantically important things in world history. It could have been the beginning of the end of the russian revolution.

I here discuss some major cases from the periodical but do not intend to make it exhaustive. I focus on the role of myself and the custody and genetic family background of mine.

The Beer Hall Putsch

A good example of british nazism in this state-controlled journal is Adolf Hitler's and Erich Ludendorff's Beer Hall Putsch in Münchner Feldherrnhalle in November 1923 which seems to have been about making a responsibility claim on the death of Lenin in January 1924. My theory is that the attempt on Lenin by Fanny Jefimovitch Kaplan in 1918 was a spontaneous expression of the despair which the revolution could have felt about the need for the leader of the revolution to tell the people about the plans for another world war and a mass extermination of the jews via the Klipra connection: In 1918 Lenin certainly would have known about the Klipra connection, the plans for launching Hitler and the holocaust from about 1933 - and when nobody did anything to tell the people about it, the british and the german people would not get the chance to protect themselves against it. When in 1923 this desperate need had not yet been understood by Lenin and the other leaders of the revolution, England organized the murder of Lenin for running off with this aspect of the people's revolution in order to use it for the coup of the revolution by way of Hitler, and therefore using 'Modern Language Review' (cp. the similarity with 'Fanny Jefimovitch Kaplan') for this purpose. One even fancies that she felt the call to shoot Lenin because of the similarity of names - which could be telling of how central the periodical could be for the Klipra connection. Modern Language Review is at least today very concerned with being published on the first of the months of January, April, July and October each year, and one can guess that the October issue certainly was out before the Beer Hall Putsch came about. The MLR October 1923 issue contained the following article titles:

1. The middle english prose psalter of Richard Rolle of Hampole, III. By Dorothy Everett.
2. Italian influence on the english court masque. By Enid Welsford.
3. John Donne and Sir Thomas Overbury's characters. By Evelyn M.Simpson.
4. Andrew Marvell: Further biographical points. By Pierre Legouis.
5. Les deux demoiselles Maitteland. By Ruth Clark.
6. The adventure of 'Le cerf au pied blanc' in spanish and elsewhere. By William J.Entwistle.
7. Karl Philipp Moritz' 'Blunt' and Lillo's 'Fatal curiosity'. By Francis E.Sandbach.
8. The genesis of Wagner's drama 'Tannhäuser'. By J.G.Robertson.

The putsch was conducted by Adolf Hitler and Erich Ludendorff starting in the Münchener Feldherrnhalle, which is title #1:

'Middlenglish prose psalter' = 'Münchener Feldherrnhalle'. 'Of Rolle Richard' = 'a dolle fitler'. 'Dorothy Everett' = 'Laura Devold'? ''Middle english prose psalter' (the beer hall itself) = 'knee-salter' = 'knis[e]alder', which means a very young woman in the age around 14-18, typically after puberty. 'Er i knisalderen' (is in this early age) = 'erich ludendorff'. . Cp. also greek 'knisa'. 'Enid Welsford' = 'erich elsewhere' = 'Erich Ludendorff'? Or simply 'I need a T-Ford' - the request of an egg from Laura = the postcard. And then the italian influence on the english court masque could have been the 'Kiss-ling' himself looking for that egg. 'John Donne' = 'John Gorvin' (from Moscow January 1923) = 'London' John Grover (hence british responsibility claim). 'Sir Thomas Overbury' = 'Edward Frick' (not totally well, but not totally dead either). 'Andrew Marvell' = 'Fridtjof Nansen'?

Title 5 seems to be a rewrite of Vulgata 1,1,1, the first line in the latin translation of the hebrew OT: '5. Les deux demoi selles Maitteland. By Ruth Clark' = 'in principio creavit Deus caelum et terram' ('principio crea' = By Ruth Clari demoi'). This segmentation of Vulgata 1,1,1 could even be the background of Francois Mitterand in France. These two young women could then be Alexandra and Laura - which means Laura of the Klipra connection being let in to Lenin under the identity of Alexandra Quisling.

The rest of it could be about the details of what would happen when Quisling was let in to Lenin on 21 January 1924. I have got this idea from somewhere, I don't know wherefrom I have it, that Lenin was offered a drink and a toast and when he lifted the glass to his mouth he was shot in the heart - which would be 'Wagner's drama 'Tannhäuser''. I don't know if this is later rumours on basis of this issue of MLR - it could have been the plan.

The child which should be made from the egg of Laura was probably quite simply me - the 'dirty beast in the revelation'. But certainly they would not have announced this if it were to be the case - that is the secret of genetics that it does not need justifications or explanations - that is rather what happens when it is the other way round. Hence the Beer Hall Putsch is so called and was arranged also because of the birth of Paul Celan in 1920 who probably was scheduled to be my father already before his birth. And then the egg would have come from Nelly Sachs (born before MLR was started) - and hence the purpose with the whole egg-matter would have been the couping of the jewish-genetic diapora via an administrative identity of Nelly Sachs with Laura Devold - created not the least via the murder of Lenin who seems to have taken his name precisely because of the planned role of Sachs born Leonie Sachs. Lenin was born 'Vladimir Iljitsch Uljanov' but changed his name to 'Vladimir Iljitsch Lenin' in 1900 - which also proves that he knew very much about the plans for Europe already in 1900. His communist revolution was not the least an attempt to rescue the poetic traditions and logic of the jewish-genetic diaspora. 'Fra din mor Iliad's len-in' = 'from your mother Iliad's len-in' = this Beer Hall Putsch for the idea of my mother the poetic one (Iliad).

This couping of the russian revolution by way of Hitler's nazi revolution is a british project. The MacDonalds revolution was opened in London early next morning after the death of Lenin. The mixmax has continued up to the present day and when people sit there listening to the nazi propaganda of The Beatles and things like that, they believe that it is the revolution of the youth and the new optimistic world of communism which they are joining - untill there is nothing left of anything except a bunch of lies from London. It is particularly sad for the jews all over the world, to the extent that they believe that England is their friend and Germany their enemies from the time of 1945. The spiritual world has reduced to a flatscreen TV with hollow mixmax propaganda 24 hours a day.

The nazi death camps

The holocaust seems to have been constructed by Himmler in such a way that it indexed the Klipra connection. Treblinka could have been made for indexing my name ('jump-jarnegg-grover' = the forester who walks through the wood and marks trees for being cut down by making a wound in the bark with his axe = 'jarnegg' = 'iron-edge'), but if it so does, it is mainly for the purpose of indexing the british-nazi political parametre of 'genocide'. The three 'british' parametres genocide, cannibalism and pederasty were installed with the three death camps Treblinka, Belcez and Sobibor. The 'Aktion Reinhrd' was about Reinhard Heydrich's name which seems to have been the background of the name of the three death camps, but there are reasons to believe that 'Reinhard Aktion' really means 'Ragna Eidsvig', my official custody mother born in 1929, could be even for the 'frau Röver' construction from Sachs on Söder. The three death camps existed only for a few months and claimed some 1,8 million lives. The british responsibility claims for them seem to have been presented in the three first issues of MLR 1941.

Treblinka: This is the death camp representing the nazi-philosophical parametre of genocide. There were hundreds of concentration camps and clearly not all of these could have been forecasted in the MLR, but the main death camps would likely have been. Treblinka claimed some 7-800.000 of the 6 million jewish lives. It was, according to Schwarz, opened on 1 June 1942, and the plans for the construction of it seem to have been taking shape from the autumn 1941. Schwarz tells that the area for the camp was determined in the autumn 1941 and in this district there had been a 'Strafarbeitslager' in the summer 1941. The order to make Treblinka as a death camp is therefore possibly represented in MLR July 1941, which contained the following main article titles:

1. The Elizabethan translation of the 'Questioni d'Amore' in the 'Filocolo'. By Herbert Wright
2. The Caroline audience. By Clifford Leech
3. The Dunciad. By Gilbert Highet
4. Staging 'Le Jeu de la Feuillée'. By Thomas Walton
5. A coronation service 1414. By Inez Macdonald
6. On the origins of the liturgical drama of the middle ages. By R.Pascal

The indexation of 'Treblinka' is very obvious: 1 = a trouble-link of the 'blinker' (Amor's arrows). 2 = a treble in car. 3 = Treblinka ('The Dunciad' = Alexander Pope's title, and 'the axe rests already at the foot of the tree' - the axe is under). 4 = tree-blinker - the play of reflections of light in the leaves on a tree in the forest. 5 = a car on [n]asian service = trouble in car. 6 = the tradition of marking a tree for being cut down by the forester's cut with his axe in the bark = jump jarnegg ['ironedge'] grover. This seems to be more than enough for the assertion that Treblinka is encoded in advance in MLR June 1941 - which is when the plans for making it was taking shape.

Belzec: This is the death camp which seems to repesent the parametre of cannibalism. It was built from 1 November 1941 to February 1942. The first gasings started in the middle of March 1942 and lasted untill the end of November 1942. The camp was only 265 x 275 metres - very small that means. In the course of these 8-9 months of 1942, 600.000 people were gased to death. That means more than 2000 new people every day into that little area, which again means that the 'camp' was only a sort of transit region for people coming in alive in the one end and were poured out dead in the other - more than 2000 every day. That is a 'death camp' - it is likely to have represented the intestines through which the 'genetic food' was processed in metabolism. When the building of the camp started in November 1941, it is likely that MLR January 1941 could have been the british responsibility claim, with the following main article titles:

1. Geoffrey Chaucer, J.P. and M.P. By Margaret Galway
2. 'The Faerie Queene': Alterations and structure. By J.H.Walter
3. Some notes on Joachim du Bellay. By Janet Espiner-Scott
4. A disciple of 'Obermann': Eugène Fromentin. By A.Lytton Sells
5. The sociological approach to literature. By W.Witte

'Belzec' is a polish name and seems to be pronounced 'beu-zhets'. The interpretation seems to be in terms of a 'fart' from a bowed position = 'bow-jets'. Even boats have 'bows' around which the water is 'jetted' to both sides - also for the name-conversion of Hitler to Eidsvig via the 'earth-jets' of the plough. I am not well acquainted with the phenomenon but have speculated if cannibalism leads to excessive flatulence and if that could be the reason for this peculiar interest which the nazis took in the phenomenon. It can be observed in the 'gale-way' of title 1, the pressing need of the 'faerie queen' in title 2, while the belly could be joking in title 3. Title 5 could also be indicative of some such 'sociology'.

Sobibor: This is represented in terms of the pederasty parametre. Sobibor was opened on 7 May 1942 after the building of it started in March 1942. The dead bodies were first buried in the forest and after 1942 burned on a grid of railway iron rails - probably for represting the bottom of a child, and hence this April 1941 would have been one year in advance of the opening. Sobibor represents the nazi-philosophical parametre of 'pederasty', the moment when the adult penis glides into the anus of the child - the very 'penetration' - whereby the child's small body is transformed by mystery into the adult by way of the relatively small shape of the penis compared with the rest of the body. Which could be the 'sob in bore'. There is a possible responsibility claim for this camp in MLR April 1941:

1. Some lost saints' lives in old and middle English. By R.M.Wilson
2. Did Shakespeare produce his own plays? By Alfred Hart
3. The 'autobiography' of Edward, first lord Herbert of Cherbury: the original manuscript material. By R.I.Aaron
4. On linguistic explanation. By Manfred Sandmann
5. Balzac and Thackeray. By W.C.D.Pacey
6. Sixty years of Goethe, 1880-1940. By J.Bithell

In 1, if the lost sperm of the pederast corresponds to the lost aspects of the life of the infant, the union of these 'sacrifices' are found in the in-gli[de]-sh of the old and the young. That is where the 'mystic conversion' takes place for a nazi philosopher. Consequently, with a union of Hart in title 2, did Shakespeare produce his 'owen' plays? This makes for the autobiography of title 3. In 4, the ex-planation is 'ling-uistic', the labia and the spreading out of them. For title 5, Balzac = Belzec = the cannibalist parametre, the colon of the child containing the 'thanks-giving' - of 'deep acey' where the sperm of pederasty meets the excrements of the cannibal for the mystic element of the theory. This union of cannibalist food and pederasty sperm seems to be found in title 6, when 'Goethe' suggests good food. Hence the titles seem to be a close study of the nazi mystery of the pederasty parametre interfacing with the potential cannibalism.

Auschwitz: The story of Auschwitz and MLR seems to be that when Himmler gave on 27 April 1940 the order to make the camp, the responsibility claim to this had already been given in MLR January 1940 - which then probably means that the order from London could have been given between January and March to Himmler who subsequently forwarded the order in Hitler's administration in April. MLR January 1940 therefore seems to serve as a british responsibility claim on Auschwitz by way of what one can assume was an order from London to Berlin (the order could of course have been given years earlier). Here are the article titles for MLR January 1940:

1. The literary background of Francis Bacon's essay 'Of death'. By Marjorie Walters
2. The mouse-trap - a postscript. By W.W.Greg
3. 'Volpone' and the reputation of venetian justice. By Richard H.Perkinson
4. The evolution of Racine's 'Poetique'. By R.C.Knight
5. Archery and Chivalry: A noble prejudice. By A.T.Hatto

This very clearly indexed 'Auschwitz' as a rewrite of 'Visthouse', the property of Bjarne Eidsvig. The story goes that the first british owner lord Guy Freemantle, who had built the house around 1907 or even by the start of MLR in 1906, was waiting for his ethereal young wife to come over from England to see it but she died before she could reach the place. She 'switched aus' by force majeure? Guy Freemantle sold the house after her death to William Lawson - and the names of these two first owners butterfly to 'Guy Lawson' = 'the key in the lock' and 'William Freemantle' = 'the opening door'. For title 1, 'Of death' is 'to switch aus' - as for the young wife (= 'french bekken'?). In 2, 'mouse-trap' = 'ouse-m-trap' = 'Aus-schwitz'. Title 3, 'Volpone' = 'William' and 'the reputation of venetian justice' = 'Freemantle'. Title 4, 'The revolution of Vladimir Iljitch Lenin's poetics' = 'fra din mor Iliads Lenin' = Laura Devold of Visthouse. Title 5, 'Arch-Chiv' = 'Ausch-vich' followed by 'a noble pre-judice' = 'e ry' = 'a reputation' while 'andalry' = 'ATHatto'. This seems to tell that Himmler's order of 27 April 1940 must have originated in London.

There is an abundance of these responsibility claims on the most horrendous form of terror throughout the more than 100 years of the periodical - more than enough for the theory that it was England who organized the holocaust and WWI and WWII for running this over-napoleonic project. One can apparently look up a major case of terrorism and expect to find it represented there in MLR - typically a month or two ahead.

The birth of Ragna Augusta Eidsvig

This birth on 12 May 1929 should be in the MLR April 1929. It certainly is. Here are the article titles:

1. 'Young Mr.Cartwright'. By Eleanore Boswell
2. The interpretation and probable derivation of the musical notation in the 'Aucassin et Nicolette' MS. By Clifton Joseph Furness
3. Pierre de Peckham and his 'Lumiere as Lais'. II. By M.Dominica Legge
4. 'The battle of Maldon': Some danish affinities. By B.S.Phillpotts
5. The middle high german 'Adam und Eva' by Lutwin and the latin 'Vita Adae et Evae'. By A.C.Dunstan

'Young Mr.Cartwright' is the semantic opposite of 'old Miss Eidsvig', which could be about the aboriginal 'miss' (apocalypse) called 'Ragna-rock' - hence of the Klipra connection. For 3) 'Pierre de Peche-ham' = 'Fjell-gat[t]a' while '72' = 'settante-deux' = 'sett-an-te-dö' = 'seen/put-him-to-death' which is the opposite of 'Lumiere as Lais'. Also, 7 is the opposite of L. Since 'Ålesund' = 'eel-strait', the strait where the eel passes in and out, hence the strait = straight of Adam in and out of Eve, hence the 'middle high german' of Adam and Eve, if you understand what I mean, with the 'sund' = 'strait' between England and France in terms of the bilingualism. Then one guesses that title 4 = 'the Klipra connection' when 'klipra' means 'cliffs-off', 'scissors-off', or even 'kli' = 'bran' hence 'battle' plus 'pra' = 'Mal'-done. Only the second title I cannot easily get down here. If she took her father's title as her name, such as John Jensen did in 1946 when he took his father's title 'stats-vraker' (a 'sorter of fish' employed by the state, but it can also mean a discarder of states) as his new name 'John Grøver', then one gets 'Clifton Joseph Furness' = 'Klipra Joseph Mengele'. Her father Bjarne Eidsvig was officially 'disponent' or 'oyster farmer' but he was also a passionate hobby inventor - a Klipra-local 'Edison' - who spent a lifetime trying to invent the 'music-sheet-turner' = 'noteblad-venderen', as Grøver/'Mengele' told with much laughter at his inventions with pedals, airpillows in the armpit, leafing parts or all of the book etc. I have, though, seen references to him as 'composer' - 'the composer Bjarne Eidsvig' - which makes some sense relative to title 2.

The birth of John Jensen 1916

Jensen Grøver Mengele seems to represent 'Auschwitz' in the death camp structure. MLR October 1916:

1. The influence of transmission on the english ballads. By John Robert Moore.
2. 'Le Grand Alcandre frustré' and 'La Princesse de Clèves'. By Benj. M.Woodbridge.
3. The passion of St.Andrew. By A.T.Baker
4. Notes on romanic speech-history. By Edwin H.Tuttle

1. English ballads = John Gower's ballads. John Robert Moore = John Jensen. Hence John Jensen = the author of the studies of 'John Grøver'. 2. I have been told that Bjarne Eidsvig was related to the composer Halfdan Kleve and that there was a link to the Cleve wife of Henry VIII. 'La princesse de devel' could therefore be Ragna Eidsvig's mother Laura Devold. 'Le Grand Alcandre frustré' could perhaps mean 'Ragna Augusta' - hence his wife in title 2. Title 3 seems possibly to mean 'Dr. Josef Mengele' - his title or work. If the baker was making T, and Ragna Augusta was 'frustré' about the wooden leg, it which could mean that John Jensen was not the father. Title 4 could mean the placename 'Ålesund', his home town. This in total could suggest that John Jensen was born on 27 October 1916 and was replaced with Josef Mengele for his new identity John Grøver in 1946.

The birth of Josef Mengele in 1911

Mengele was born on 16 march 1911 and should be in MLR january 1911. The copy I consulted was in the austrian national library. It contains only two articles but it has an additional two 'texts', which makes it look a little special:

1. Alexander Montgomerie. By Allan F.Westcott
2. Schröders Ausschreiben und die drei Brudermorddramen. By G.Schaaffs.
1. An italian version of the legend of St.Margaret. By C.Foligno
2. Fifteenth century carols by John Audelay. II. By E.K.Chambers and F.Sidgwick

'Gom[me]' = 'gum' and 'mont-gom-erie' could mean 'good safe mengele'. The three murders of the brothers could invite for a listing of the elder brother of Josef Mengele who was born dead, the eldest son of Paul Celan who died after 30 hours in 1953, and the elder brother of Lenin - Alexander Uljanov - who was executed while Lenin was rather young. Hence Alexander Montgomerie - which then would mean the triple of Lenin, Mengele and Celan - Jensen Grøver/'Mengele' seems to have been concerned with couping Lenin and Celan's historic roles. But 1911 was a little early for pretelling Lenin in this role - and hence Fanny Kaplan's attempt in 1918. The two texts invite for the interpretation Margareta Holmqvist and her husband Bengt Holmqvist, the two friends of Sachs on Söder who seem to have been the one bridgehead of the 'frau Röver' construction to Norway. 'Kvist' = 'twig', on which the 'folgino' is - leading over to the 'rod'. 'Benket' means 'sitting down at the table for a meal' - such as e.g. for Bjarne Eidsvig's 70th birthday. Article 2 could mean 'Grøver's birth' - hence Mengele = Grøver - and his 'Ausschreiben' could be his 'Auschwitz' (with 'XU' date 27 April). The chancellor Schröder in Germany could have got his political force from this title - which even could be telling of the idea that Mengele murdered Jensen for taking his role in 1946. Grøver/'Mengele' was on bad terms with his family. G.Schaaffs could be partly about the 'shoah', partly about Chamberlain for a british 'schlaf' with Hitler in Munich - and hence 'Kåre Fylling', the brother-in-law of John Jensen. The 3 'Brudermorddramen' do, though, suggest the 6 Eidsvig brothers of whom I never met more than 3. 'Bruder-Morddr-Amen' = 'Bjarne-Bernt-Aron' - and then Lenin 1911 with elder dead brother Alexander would have been a coincidence. 'Ausschreiben-Eidsvig' = 'Auschwitz-Eidreiben' = menstruation cycle. As far as I know, Ragna Eidsvig got a bicycle for her 12th birthday from (I think) her uncle Aron. Drei-ben = Dreyfus, for the birth of Bjarne Eidsvig in 1899. Hence 'G-schafs' = 'G-røver' for Jacob's rod technology on his ewes - hence also the 'Holmqvists' = 'holding-rods' of the texts. The titles anyhow suggest that Mengele = Grøver. An interesting question is whether there have been more than these two articles in MLR jan 1911 - whether the two texts have been inserted later - which would mean that the copy in the austrian national library would have been replaced with another - for example because it was too obvious for Downing Street 10. I cannot decide on this.

Birth of Tone Helene Grøver in 1961

She seems to represent the cannibalist parametre of 'Belzec'. If Celan visited me in Odda in September 1960, one could expect a reflex of this in the following issue of MLR, which would not be in October 1960 but in January 1961, which thereby coincides with the birth of Tone Helene Grøver on 23 February 1961 (first address was probably Sjukhusvegen, Odda, see titles 2 and 3) and contains these main article titles:

1. The authorship of 'Meditations on the six days of creation' and the 'Meditations and devotions on the life of Christ'. By Catherine A. Owen
2. The significance of the Pan legend in Rabelais's thought. By A.J.Krailsheimer
3. Jules Romain Pasticheur. By A.E.A.Naughton
4. Geography of fact and fiction in Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival'. By Marianne Wynn
5. Death by water: or, the childhood of Wilhelm Meister. By H.M.Waidson
6. The reception of Fritz Reuter in victorian England. By John S.Andrews

1. invokes the title of John William Grover (1878): "Conversation with little geologists on the six days of Creation, illustrated with a Geological Chart" in the british library. This 'John William Grover' could be about my name, as in title 3. Owen's article starts: "Since Miss Wade, in her edition of the poems of Thomas Traherne, attributed these two works to him, it has been necessary for those who wish to write about Traherne to decide with what degree of confidence that ascription can be accepted". 'Thomas Traherne' can be seen to be a name referring to the pulley in the corner of the painting by A.Fumiani in the ceiling of San Pantalon in Venice - and its link to the horse-shoe of the drinker at the altar - the 'grail'-drinker. This San Pantalon (see chapter 5) seems to encode me - and to have been the basis for Hitler's government. It is an interesting hypothesis that Traherne could have been a fictive authorship constructed for this role. 2. Rabelais recurs in October 1971. A 'grailsheimer' could also be the one who sought for me in Odda. My name could be in title 3, where one notices also 'skyldes romance pass deg sjøl' = 'it is because of romance watch/take-care-of yourself', and title 4 contains another grail-seeker. A guess could be that the titles encode me and my things on the surface while on a deeper level they contain a reference to Tone Helene Grøver. The Pan legend would be about Pan the son of Hermes, hence a Hermes-qvist = Holmqvist. The construction of post codes in Sweden could have served to establish such a link from Sachs to me via the Holmqvist factor of the 'Aktion Reinhard' structure which seems to come down to the role of the numeral '23' which seems to be a code for Tone Helene Grøver - even for Saddam Hussein's Gulf wars (see chapter 3). This connection from Sachs to me via the post code system (and here the 'Pan legend') could represent that axis from the pulley in the corner to the drinker above the altar in San Pantalon in Venice.

The birth of Vibeke Grøver

She seems to represent the pederasty parametre of 'Sobibor'. Vibeke Grøver was born in Ålesund on 25 november 1955. MLR October 1955:

1. 1905-1955, a retrospect. By C.J.Sisson and A.Gillies
2. 'The Modern Language Review', 1905-1955. By S.C.Roberts
3. Editorial note
4. Walter Hilton and 'The cloud of unknowing': A problem of authorship reconsidered. By Phyllis Hodgson.
5. Richard Robertson and the stationers' register. By W.W.Greg
6. From 'Quand l'ombre menaca' to 'Au seul souci de voyager'; Mallarmé's debt to Chateaubriand. By A.Gill
7. The politics of Machiavelli. By J.H.Whitfield
8. 'Honor' in 'El Alcalde de Zalamea'. By C.A.Jones
9. The observations of Father Dornblüth. By E.A.Blackall
10. Goethe looks at the english. By L.A.Willoughby

There is not much I can say about this series, since most of it looks unfamiliar to me. The 50 year anniversary of MLR could mean an anniversary of the Klipra connection, and it could have a counterpart in a mirror image 60 years later. The two articles on the anniversary could be about 'vi begge' = 'we both' and 'g-røver' = 'retrospect'. What the editorial note should be, I don't know. Title 4 is a discussion of who is the 'author'. Would the complex discussed in chapter 3 be about a 'dåd [= deed] of unknowing' - in parallel with the hypothetical 'deed' of Laura Devold in 1924? Title 6 could theoretically be about 'Camp-hill', but I have no details which could support this idea. However, 'Zyklon B cyanide' gas used in Auschwitz could have its origins in the name 'Sykkylven', cp. 'sykkel-pumpe', birthplace of John Jensen's mother Inga Olsen, while 'Au seul souci' perhaps could indicate 'Ålesund'. 'Mallarmé' = 'Fjellgata' (72)?

My own birth

My role in the death camp structure of Himmler seems to have been the 'genocide' parametre. Also, if the role assigned to me as a 'dirty beast in the revelation' were present even in the murder of Lenin, one should expect to find traces of my birth on 29 June 1957 in MLR. My role seems to have been to represent in the political nazi mythology the role of the dirty beast in the revelation as a label on the jewish-genetic diaspora represented by me as a genetic child of Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan - the historic roles of which the political project attempted to take over by way of the custody parents whom I should recognize as my parents while my soul grew up (so to speak) with the genetic parents. My birth on 29 June 1957 (my first address was Sandveien 4, Molde, Norway - see titles 2, 3, 4) seems to have been represented in MLR April 1957:

1. The application of textual theory to Hamlet's dying words. By Winifred M.T.Nowottny.
2. Ben Jonson's 'To Sir William Sidney, on his birthday'. By Lisle C.John
3. Further notes on Flaubert's realism. By Marjorie Shaw
4. Zola's 'Le Rêve' as an experimental novel. By J.H.Matthews
5. Numbers in Otfried's 'Evangelienbuch'. By Hilda Swinburne
6. 'Vicissitudes' in Gotfried's 'Tristan'. By H.B.Willson
7. The place of 'Martin Salander' in Gottfried Keller's evolution as a prose writer. By J.M.Ritchie

The first could be my name. The second tells of John Jensen's to John Bjarne Grøver on his birthday, written by Lisle C.John which probably means Paul Antschel or Celan, represented not the least by way of his wife 'Gisele Celan' = 'Lisle C.John', while Gottfried, Gotfried and Otfried in the second half represent 'Nelly Sachs' by the idea of 'negle-saks' = pronounced 'neile saks' = 'nail scissors'. IN title 4) one can spot traces of an 'asshole' = Zola's 'Le Rêve' = 'the dirty beast' as an experimental navel = turned around to a 'revelation'. The 'math' of the author is likely to be the 'keys to heaven' of Acts 10 (representing Downing Street 10) with the turning point of the sonnet 2/3 through the 64 elements, as in the numbers in title 5. There could also be some 'jews' in the name of Matthews. The 'unzipping' permutation of 'keys to heaven' is probably the 'vicissitudes' of title 6, in which case it could be that title 7 represents the procedure of 'bit-reversal' = 'J.M.Ritchie'. It is likely that the plan is to make a 'dirty beast' out of Celan and a 'revelation' out of Sachs (hence the tendency for her name to drop out of some modern books about german literature). The 'revelation' would be found in the 'keys to heaven' analysis of Acts 10, applied to the 'speech acts' (of a 'dirty beast') of Celan in the first half. Together these would make for a responsibility claim for 'Downing Street 10', which seems to be the whole story.

Cp. also the web home page of 'Modern Language Review' on ';jsessionid=xklhijgn19qb.alice': 'Ingen ta kontakt' = norwegian for 'nobody contact me' = 'please do not contact me', which perhaps could have some explanatory value relative to the fact of my postbox normally is rather empty. (MLR = 'Mother Father me'?).

The 7 titles can in fact be read as a description of traumatic events in my life which in total would come to constitute this 'walking ad' for Hitler's nazism as a dirty beast in the revelation.

I add a peculiarity in a story from Molde in the sixties when we children in the back seat of the T-262 asked if the people in the front seats had considered other names for the children and they said yes - they had considered Emte (see author of title 1) for Vibeke Grøver and Laban (see author of title 4 for her) for me. I don't know if this means that the plan could be to credit her with the work of mine and/or vice versa, such as the complex discussed in chapter 3: If the plan is to credit her with the work of mine and me with e.g. the death of Mao in 1976, it could be about a structure around the dates of birth of the Grøver and Kennedy children.

The birth of Celan, MLR October 1920

Celan was born as Paul Pessach Antschel on 23 November 1920 in Wassilkogasse 5, Czernowitz, Bukowina - which relates to the district called Galicia (reaching up to Poland) or it was in the outskirts (provinces) of it. The titles of the articles in MLR October 1920 are the following:

1. Vernacular books in England in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. By M.Deanesly
2. Alexander Nevile's translation of Senecas's 'Oedipus'. By Evelyn M. Spearing
3. 'The shepherd Tony' - a recapitulation. By M.St.Clare Byrne
4. Some provincial periodicals in Spain during the romantic movement. By E.Allison Peers
5. Notes on Lessing's 'Hamburgische Dramaturgie'. I. The plays of the Hamburg repertory. By J.G.Robertson

1. The key to the name is the one in the indexation of me in April 1957 - on the form 'speech acts' = 'Paul Ancel' + 'Pessach'. His fatherhood to me would have been in terms of his age 14-15 which would have been the earliest safe age for biological material. There are reasons to believe that the embryo to me could have been made in 1935.

2. But then Sachs (born 1891) as the mother of me would already have been old - an 'Oedipus' relation. This is the crux of the story. It is the 'navel' which is the key to the mystery - if the old mother had such an 'alexander' navel since early infancy, she could still be the mother in this age. Only some 'spearing' would be needed. And that seems to be the story of Lenin and his elder brother Alexander who was executed for political reasons while Lenin was still rather young - hence also Alexandra Quisling. Lenin's brother was executed in 1887 and Lenin soon participated in some student riots and was relegated from the university, but took his exams at Petersburg university at the time of Sachs' birth in 1891. 'Oedipus'/'Petersburg'. Lenin could have been Sachs' father - hence an upside-down Oedipus relative to me when this was the time when he took his exams. While Celan as my father would be at least one generation younger than Sachs.

3. Celan's first address was Wassilkogasse 5 in Czernowitz. 'The shepherd Tony' rewrites to 'Czernowitz' in about the same way as 'Wassilkogasse 5' rewrites to 'a recapitulation' (or 're-capi-2-lation'. 'Sengklærne' = 'the bedclothes' - could be they could offer some material. If this is not simply the early responsibility claim to the Dead Sea Scrolls written on modern bedclothes before sandblasted to old age. These came apparently to have some defining role in his life. But due to the 'alexander navel' there would be no hurry although Sachsenhausen opened when Celan was still 15.

4. 'Modern Language Review' in the sense of 'Mother Father Me' (where me = John Bjarne Grover, apparently the identity of MLR) would then be about the Galicia district - the name of the Galicia district is shared with the Galicia in Portugal/Spain - hence provincial Spain and the romantic movement.

5. 'Bukowina' seems to be the origin of the camp Buchenwald which was opened on 12 July 1937 about a year after Sachsenhausen on 15 July 1936 - indexed in this 5/2 of 're-capi-2-lation'.

In short, there seems to be a unique indexation of Paul Pessach Ancel from Czernowitz in this October 1920 issue of MLR. Celan was born in November 1920. It means of course that he - and most probably Sachs - were born to the job - of being my genetic parents! That would be for making me as a 'dirty beast in the revelation' as a label on the jewish-genetic diaspora. This also means that their own parents probably were agents of some sort and hence one has to guess their own genetic parents. I don't know who these could have been - one could have guessed on some Rothschilds. Both of them look a little similar to their own official parents, though, so maybe these either have been chosen for the job due to expected look or they really were their genetic parents.

Sachs and Celan also combine on the jewish commandment against 'idol fitlers' - and it is probably no coincidence that Hitler's signature looks something like 'Nelly X' (and 'Gilly'). It is probably the plan of the british nazis (those who constructed Treblinka and Auschwitz and all that) that in some future Hitler is to be credited with the poetry which Sachs wrote and Grøver/'Mengele' with the poetry Celan wrote. Today this sounds totally hilarious but the program of England seems to be in a long perspective and a gradual haul of the Big Fish of judaism as their own cultural inheritage - leaving the culture of the jewish-genetic diaspora as a 'dirty beast in the revelation'.

The deaths of Sachs and Celan

Celan disappeared on 19 or 20 April 1970, Hitler's birthday, and was buried on the day when Sachs died, on 12 May 1970. Hence MLR April 1970 could contain the story of the end of Sachs and Celan if it were about a british responsibility claim:

1. The spanish source of Edmund Tilney's 'Flower of Friendshippe'. By Ernest J. Moncada
2. Ovid, Juvenal, and 'the silent woman': A reconsideration. By John Ferns
3. The paradox of reason: Argument in Rochester's 'Satyr against mankind'. By Charles A.Knight
4. A rhetorical topic in 'Tristram Shandy'. By Graham Petrie
5. Beauty is truth - once more. By Marco Minkoff
6. The making of 'Sylvia's lovers'. By John McVeagh
7. An unpublished letter by Mérimée. By A.W.Raitt
8. The sources of André Gide's 'Thésée'. By Patrick Pollard
9. Society as mediator in Simone Weil's 'Venise Sauvée'. By J.P.Little
10. The function of letters in Fontane's 'Unwiederbringlich'. By Frances M. Subiotto
11. Brecht's 'Puntila': A marxist comedy. By E.Speidel
12. The strange history of Dr.F and the dismantling of Courtavenel. By Patrick Waddington

It seems that the first half of the titles could be about Celan and the second half Sachs. 1) Spanish = hispanic, hence 'he panish ource' (fdemund ilneys) = 'he Paul Celan', 'lower friendshippe y rnest oncada' = '6 Avenue Emile Zola (15e)', Celan's address at that time. 2) could be about a rape of me in my infancy, and if so it could mean Hitler's birthday = 20 April, the day of the disappearance of Celan. 'Fems' is danish for '100'. 5) could mean the genetic but not official father. 6) could tell of Celan as the father of Grøver's official child = the spanish source. If Celan's address is in title 1), Sachs' could be seen in title 9) - 'Bergsundsstrand' = 'save-bay-strand' = 'Venise Sauvée'. With Sachs as my mother, it would be that society was the mediator - whether that be due to a 'simone veil' or not. 11) could be this 'simone veil': 'Puntlær' = a kind of strong leather, sometimes jocularly used for the virginal membrane - hence the 'breakthrough of the virginal membrane' - a 'Sarxist' = 'Sachs' comedy of the E.Speidel. 12) Sachs' death certificate after her death on 12 May 1970 was signed by dr. P.Lindell, with the cause 'ca.coli' = 'cancer coli'. Title #12 could perhaps read Dr. F.Dindel = dismantling of colon w/anal = ca.coli. Cp. also Andre Gide in #8. There is a sketch of a map at the end of the article #12 which shows the district of 'Brie'. Celan was found on 1 May not far from Boulogne-Billancourt with its 4 September road. The place on the map is called Courtavenel at the Bois de Blandureau and Jouy. One guesses from the second half of the titles that Sachs could have sent or given me a letter, including her own address. 'Unwiederbringlich' could mean my name.

The death of Peter Szondi

Peter Szondi disappeared on 18 October 1971. He was found in Berliner Halensee on 9 November. Here is the front page of MLR for July 1971:

1. Rabelais and 'The water-babies'
2. An episode in 'Jourdain de Blaivies'
3. Manzoni and french literature
4. The personages of the 'Poema de mio cid'
5. The sermons of Eckhart and Tauler
6. Schiller and 'Die Kinder des Hauses'

Assuming that 'Halen-see' = 'the tail-see' = 'Black Sea', there are clear traces of 'black eye' symbolism. A 'shiner' is called a 'blåveis' ('blue anemone') in norwegian. 'Eckhart and Tauler' = 'e drar t an Dtauler' = 'I hit that Dtauler' (in Jensen-Grøver's sunnmørian dialect). Karl-Axel Menzoni was a good friend and classmate of mine in Molde in the last years before we moved in 1970, and Szondi was a good friend of Celan. A third friend of these from Sils Maria 1959 was 'Jean Bollack' which could be taken to mean 'Jean Black-O' = genetics in Halen-see = Peter Szondi in Halensee.

Mahatma Gandhi

But MLR seems not to be restricted to the family life of the Klipra connection - far from it. I add some prominent examples of terror and fraud which seem to be affiliated with this story but not immediately in connection with the Klipra connection. Mahatma Gandhi was murdered on Friday 30 january 1948. He was shot by indian newspaper editor 'Nathuram Godse'. Gandhi had been suggested for the Nobel peace prize by various people, including the norwegian newspaper editor (of 'Stavanger Aftenblad') called 'Christian Oftedal', a name which compares well with the indian colleague's name. His nomination letter was sent on 20 january 1948 and seems to be a possible responsibility claim on the murder of Gandhi by way of the titles of the articles in MLR for january 1948:

1. 'Piers Plowman': Problems and methods of editing the B-text. By George Kane.
2. The periphrastic auxiliary verb 'do' and its use in the plays of Ben Jonson. By A.C.Partridge.
3. Thomas Percy's great schemes. By E.K.A.Mackenzie
4. Glossarial and textual notes on Gaimar's 'Estoire des Engleis'. By Alexander Bell
5. 'Tartuffe' and the comic principle in Molière. By W.G.Moore
6. Paul-Louis Courier among the cannibals. By Alexander H.Krappe
7. Some new correspondence of Petrarch and Barbato da Sulmona. By R.Weiss
8. Sumarokov's 'Hamlet'. A misjudged russian tragedy of the eighteenth century. By D.M.Lang

Here is a parallel reading to the titles, the nomination letter and a translation:

Piers plowman (= Adolf Hitler namechange, Ernst Röhm)
20 januar 1948 (= presidential inauguration day USA, Harry S.Truman)

Problems and methods of editing the b-text. By George Kane.The
Hr. direktør Aug.Schou, No belinstituttet, Drammensv., Oslo

periphrastic auxiliary verb 'Do' and its use in the plays of Ben Jonson
Kjære direktør Schou Disse linjer tør jeg be Dem oppfatte
Dear director Schou (= 'wood') These lines I venture to let You understand

by A.C.Partridge Thomas Percy's great schemes By E.K.A.Mackenzie
som et forslag om å gi Nobelprisen for 1948 til Mahatma Gandhi,
as a suggestion to give the Nobel prize for 1948 to Mahatma Gandhi

Glossarial and textual notes on Gaimar's 'Estoire des Engleis'. By Alexander Bell
dersom ikke forslaget kommer fra noe annet hold. Jeg regner det
unless the suggestion comes from some other source/side I consider it

'Tartuffe' and the comic principle in Molière. By W.G.Moore.
som en selvfølge at forslaget i år kommer fra mange kanter men det er av og til at
as self-evident that the suggestion this year comes from many sides but it sometimes happens

Paul-Louis Courier among the cannibals. By Alexander H.Krappe. Some new
selvfølgeligheter slår klikk. Derfor dette for sikkerhets skyld.
that inevitables go wrong Therefore this for/fodder security's sake

correspondence of Petrarch and Barbato da Sulmona. By R.Weiss
Begrunnelsen kan komme senere om nødvendig.
The reason can come later if necessary.

1) Sumarokov's 2) 'Hamlet'. 3) A misjudged russian tragedy
3) Med de beste ønsker for 2) det gode virke 1) i dette året.
3) With the best wishes for 2) the good work/material 1) in this year

of the eighteenth century. By D.M. Lang
Min kone hilser Deres frue. Deres Christian Oftedal
My wife greets Your wife Your Christian Oftedal

MLR could perhaps defend themselves with the fact that their jan 1948 issue was out before the letter was sent - the question is whether the parallelism is too good on too narrow a space. Maybe it is not - and therefore one could argue that the letter was written on basis of MLE and not vice versa. If there were a correlation from MLR, the differences and problems in the mapping could have been contanied in the articles - I don't know if that is the case. The expression 'slår klikk' means that something which is expected to take place is replaced with an unexpected mechanic sound of a machine that fails - it really means that what was expected did not take place, but the sound of a gun that is triggered can also be the meaning of this expression. 30 jan was a Friday, not a 'sabato da pulmona'. Gandhi was shot in the chest. Godse was editor of a newspaper in 'Poona', and Oftedal brings greetings from 'kona' = 'the wife'. The norwegian 'Frede Castberg' sent a nomination letter from Smestad in Oslo dated 31 januar 1948. Such roles - verboten, conspiracy to murder etc - seem to be assigned to me for the nazi project of considered me 'the dirty beast in the revelation' on the form of the jewish-genetic diaspora. And from there to a british coup of the authorship to the ancient hebrew scripts.

The Kennedy assassination

Kennedy was shot on 22 November 1963. MLR for October 1963 contains the following article titles:

1. Shakespeare and 'Solyman and Perseda'. By A.Freeman
2. The relationship between brother and sister in the plays of John Webster. By Elizabeth M.Brennan
3. Gérard de Nerval, fire and ice. By Norma Rinsler
4. Water in 'Sylvie'. By R.Chambers
5. Images, structure et thèmes dans 'El Desdichado'. By A.S.Gerard
6. Francois Mauriac and Jansenism. By Margaret Mein
7. Space and time in Rilke's Orpheus Sonnets. By I.Parry

In chapter 1, I mentioned the vague affinities there are between Kennedy and Leif Stene Johansen, Marmorveien 6, Falchåsen, Fredrikstad, Norway. Most notably, this name and address could perhaps be spotted in the names of the Nobel peace prize winners (including Linus Pauling who got it delayed for 1962) that had been announced some weeks before the shot in Dallas. The question is whether the same obtains to this series of article titles. If Grassmann's 'Ausdehnungslehre' is the meaning of the name, one could perhaps argue that this work is the last work of poetic logic before the british binary symbolic logic started to take hold, and hence it is comparable to Shakespeare in literature relative to Henry VIII. 'Marmorveien' could perhaps be spotted in title 2 - in relation to 'mormor' = 'grandmother'. 'Marmor' = 'marble'. 'Relationship' could be the numeral 6. Would 'Webster John' associate with 'Faldråsen'? Then perhaps 'Elizabeth M.Brennan' = 'Fredrikstad, Norway'. 'Brennan' means 'to fire', for example a gun. The most obvious title for the historic event on 22 november 1963 one is perhaps title 3 for the the fire of the gun (towards the 'neural' region of Kennedy) and the eye of sight of Lee Osvald Harvey = Norman Risler - with the norwegian government and legislation assembly by the president. 'Risler' is typically water rinsing through or over something - in which case it could be water in 'sylvie' for the Grassmann. Stene Johansen was a seller of working clothes - clothes for dirty work - it is a little farfetched to see this in 'R.Chambers' = 'r drar en bers', but it could be supported by the 'Perseda' in title 1 - in which case it could be about a 'sellymann and berseda'. Title 1 could then mean quite simply that Kennedy did not die but changed identity and went for another career in 1963. Which of course does not mean that he did - but it seems so from this MLR. Neither do I know if Stene Johansen got his site in Marmorveien before or after 1963. 'El Desdichado' (Nerval's sonnet) could mean 'eld is Klipra-go' - which could mean that the fire was signed 'the Klipra connection'. But it could mean much else of course. It is a little interesting with this apparent affinity with Johansen and Kennedy, but if one finds that the association is only vague, the explanation can of course be that there is a third complex (unknown to me) which both phenomena relate to without being mutually related.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in february 1947, they had apparently already been announced in advance in Modern Language Review for january 1947. Which means - if this is right - that the scrolls would have been british fraud. They could have been written on modern bedsheets and placed as scrolls in ceramic containers in a sandblasting chamber for some time, for imitating the desert cave they were found in. When I was born 10 years later, my first address was 'Sandveien' - the dust road or sand road - and Celan had done forced labour on dust roads in Tabareshti during the WWII nazi detention in Moldova. 'Tabareshti' could resemble the address 'Labråten', and the word could even mean 'mistakes from the remains' - of e.g. the bedsheet cloths - one could think of small pieces of the scrolls falling off in the sandblasting chamber and being used as holy relics for british administration. I don't know how important these scrolls are for the mythological construction of this nazi program, but it may be that they are planned to have a role comparable to the icelandic sagas and eddic poetry if those were produced by the Scriblerus Club for the purpose of acquiring the authorship to the ancient hebrew scripts. In particular, if the sandblaster is considered the one who shot Aung San in 1947, this person could be considered the one holding the 'authorship' to the ancient scripts. If Aung San additionally were murdered for the role of 'Hjörleifur' in icelandic history, the couping of the authenticity to the scrolls goes via the role of Adolf Hitler as secret agent for England. The 'anglo-saxon' = 'Ancel-Sachson' epic Beowulf could be a parallel example - in which case the scrolls even could be about me - probably in relation to Adolf Hitler whose status the british nazis seem to try and construct as divine. My official sister Vibeke Grøver told me once that she lived in the house of a man who did sandblasting in his garage. Here are the article titles of MLR January 1947, published some days before the scrolls were found in February:

1. The text of 'Piers Plowman': A newly discovered manuscript and its affinities. By J.H.G.Grattan
2. Symbolism in Shakespeare. By Elmer Edgar Stoll
3. Ben Johnson's debt to renaissance scholarship in 'Sejanus' and 'Catiline'. By Ellen M.T.Duffy
4. The reflection of Wordsworth's personality in his choice of french writers. By Herbert G.Wright.
5. Some early critical work of Emile Zola: 'Livres d'aujourd'hui et de demain' (1866). By L.W.Tancock.
6. The psychology of the 'picaro' in 'El Buscón'. By A.A.Parker
7. Some considerations relating to Georg Büchner's opinions on history and the drama and to his play 'Danton's Tod'. By A.H.J.Knight.
8. German literary and linguistic publications during the war years 1939-44. By Clair Baier.

1. 'Piers Plowman' clearly could be about Adolf Hitler's namechange with elemental conversion to the water in the sea from the soil thrown up by the plow and the Ernst Röhm putsch of 1934, which hence means me. 'Grattan' would be 'in the grotto' where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in early 1947.

2. Symbolism in Shakespeare could of course be about the Hamlet who sees the ghost ('something is oslo in the state of oslop'?), and here about the hamlet where the scrolls were found. 'Elmer Edgar Stoll' is alarmingly similar to 'hermer Edda scroll' = 'imitates the Edda scroll'. Or even 'Dead Sea Scroll'.

3. Ben Johnson's debt to renaissance scholarship in 'Sejanus' and 'Catiline'. By Ellen M.T.Duffy = John Jensen is 'Dead' (suggesting that he has transformed into Mengele or John Grøver by name-change), 'Sej anus' = 'Sea', 'Catiline' = 'Scrolls'. According to his CV, Jensen changed identity to Grøver in 1946. This article is from January 1947.

4. 'The reflection of Wordsworth's personality' could means 'William Foxwell Albright' and the 'choice of french writers' = 'John C.Trevor' - Albright and Trevor were two persons of much importance for the earliest stage of the discovery in 1947.

5. The 'early critical work' is likely to be just these early 1947 scholars who could testify the likely authenticity. 'Eliezer Sukenik' is another early person and could perhaps be recognized as 'Emile Zola'.

6. The psychology of the 'picaro' in 'El Buscón': Could be about the 'bedouin' who found the scrolls when who according to legend threw a stone into a cave up in the rock in the belief that one of his goats had escaped in there - and the sound of pottery smashed by his stone made him climb up to see - and that is how he found the scrolls.

One could see enough redundancy to venture the hypothesis that the scrolls were made by british administration for the construction of the mythology. A closer study of the articles and other titles of the issue, including contents of the essays, could perhaps be telling of the nature of such a project.

Hans Hermann Groër was a cardinal to the Vatican from Austria. Around 1997 it became clear that his past contained a number of stories of 'Hands J-on', hands on other people's genitals (hermann 'on the mind'), hence John Bjarne Grø[v]er, and he resigned. His follower 'Kurt Krenn' resigned after a scandal of internet child pornography (17000 photos on a computer, said the newspapers, if I remember right - I think the number then was about my income somehow - but probably not Krenn's computer, I think it was about some other person) in 2003 - on the other side of the millenium turn. 'Kurt Köck', my neighbour who died in 2007, differs from 'Kurt Krenn' in the 'Renn-öck' which compares with the address 'Rennweg' of Klaus and Nani Demus since the time when they met Celan, 1948 or maybe somewhat later. And to the two streets Dr.Karl Renner Ring and Dr.Karl Lueger Ring in Vienna. It attaches thereby to the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' - and one could think of these stories as 'the bishops with the scrolls'. (The bishop of Gurk in Klagenfurt had been in contact with Hansjörg Schuh and things like that). Hubertus Czernin has written a book 'Das Buch Groër' with a front page picture in green on red, showing a clerical lifting a mask of Jesus from his face to look at a scroll in his hand, rising diagonally up from this hip. Seems to be about the Dead Sea Scrolls and hence the reference to my name. One guesses that these scandals is how the Vatican tries to communicate that it could be about an enormous scandal - for a slow and gradual deconstruction of the evidential value of the Dead Sea Scrolls rather than a sudden publishing of the scandal. There has also been a series of paedophilia scandals among catholic priests of particularly Ireland - and that country in relation to England is likely to represent Israel in its relation to Italy in the swastika on Europe around Paris - and with Norway as the northern arm the correlate becomes just Iceland with its old norse Edda and Sagas and the story of the earliest settlers. The project of the Dead Sea Scrolls could be about throwing doubt on the ancient sources of the Old Testament - for reducing the history of the people of Israel to a piece of british fiction.

Conclusion on the periodical

The examples I have discussed suggest that the references to historic events are by way of somewhat advance aspects. Cases such as Celan's birth are quite convincing, but it is likely that one needs access to secret intelligence for a real assessment of the periodical. My view is that the cases I have discussed nevertheless suggest that this periodical is used for national responsibility claims on cases of terror and fraud.

I add that the norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik was hospitalized at the psychiatric hospital Modum Bad Nervesanatorium for a period in the late nineties during his prime ministry.

The synchronic dimension

The permutational algorithms - keys to heaven

It was in 2002 that I found a permutational algorithm for analyzing Acts 10 - a chapter of the Bible which is about the nature of divine revelation. I found it myself, after my work with my book 'Time and the sonnet' and after having read through Acts 9-12 which I planned to use as parallel text to my new poetry book. The analysis I arrived at for Acts 10 is certainly amazing and it has a high explanatory value indeed, and should be considered a breakthrough in textual exegesis for understanding the character of revelation. Although I have a feeling that there are many hidden references to this permutational scheme for Acts 10, I have never seen any explicit analysis anywhere and it is possible that this is to be considered the result of my own intellectual work and therefore should be considered my own intellectual property. However, since the solution consists of an apparently wellknown permutation algorithm along with what could be age-old traditions of verse counting in the Bible, it would be natural to assume that it could have existed for quite a while - and even in principle could be the basis for modern linguistic theory. My guess is that it could have roots in freemasonry or similar idea, from centuries back in time. The peculiar aspect of it is that it today can be constructed in such a way that it can be seen to contain the algorithm for the modern Fast Fourier Transform from the time of signals to the frequency of the spectrum and vice versa. This 'FFT' algorithm was officially discovered in the 1960's by Sande-Tukey and Cooley-Tukey, after Chomsky launched his four formal language types. I don't know if that makes it permitted to speculate if this is the very 'turkey' itself.

If this is old knowledge, one must conclude that its potentially enormous value for e.g. exegesis and text analysis should trigger some eyebrow-lifting in light of the view that it may have been kept locked down for centuries, reserved for use in secret service and administration only. And perhaps for military purposes - the history of military strategy could be overcrowded with number symbolism which could be related to these matters. And it could have been reserved for the use of indexing Downing Street 10 = Acts 10, as if the 'downing' of a fellow being were the archetypal form of 'act' - such as the diachronic evidence above can suggest as a british conception. Could be that is what has been kept locked down (if this analysis of Acts 10 is old news) - responsibility claims for Downing Street 10 on political and cultural events. The permutational algorithm - to the extent that it can be seen as consonant with a Fourier transform - is more or less equivalent with the fundamental mechanisms of human perception and cognition, and it can be seen as a breakthrough in the early christian centuries for an understanding of how divine communication reaches humans and are converted into a human format. That is probably what Acts 10 is about.

When I found the algorithm, it was partly due to my studies in event structure, partly studies in sonnet structure, partly by studies of my own poetry. I had also, some weeks before I found it, met a person in a park in Paris, and I later speculated on the revelational status of this person. I had just started to read through (on a park bench) my own manuscript to the poetry book to which I later assigned Acts 10 as a parallel text when she occurred. My studies in my own poetry included the 'gap' between the following two poems from my own book 'A deep ratch', with parallel text from Exodus:

Exodus 19.17: Then Moses led the people out of the camp
to meet with God, and they stood at the foot of the mountain

He had made motoreazed and arid consumers
of a Neptune family triad.
The best search is the Echo family,

histories narrow with pitch and frequency.
The Brits are running a somewhat quicker but still fullfledged version.
It's cracker or a law article. (or 'cracker on')

            Dag Hammarsvold

Exodus 19.19: Then Moses spoke and the voice of God answered him

…and drove them into the Steinwer,
so to come into the waters, you have steal some fool
blue cathedral
watching the days and the blueprint
Done Akebakke, a place where they runs forwards,
does playback and Julia Aphrodite.


The first I had sent to the swedish Nobel foundation some weeks earlier (Nelly Sachs got something from this Nobel foundation), and the second was what gave me the key to the analysis of Acts 10. The algorithm consists of the three loops (permutations) that are needed for making an FFT program (as it can be conceived today). These three permutations have highly interesting general cognitive properties.

Here are the three permutations, from left to right: 1) Sonnet, 2) bit-reversal, 3) unzipping:


The sonnet algorithm: In a traditional sonnet, the two last lines are mute and the 'turn' is after the 11th line. I have studied this underlying structure for the sonnet - and the permutational principle in general for most or all of the canonical poetic forms that can be traced back to the high middle ages - in my "Time and the sonnet", including the 'terza rima' of 'Divina Commedia' as based on a closely related permutation algorithm over 8 lines, whether that was known to Dante or not. It could be that this is my discovery, but I have a feeling that traditions of understanding this 'cognitive' basis for the sonnet and terza rima could be old and esoteric - although I have not found any overt proofs for that assumption.

The bitreversal permutation: The sonnet structure imitates an FFT flowgraph, the only difference being that the FFT takes a bitreversal permutation in the fifth column where the sonnet returns to the first column. It is the fifth column which is the story - and that is a wellknown 'political' concept. The bitreversal permutation is obtained by rewriting the element number into binary notation and then reading it backwards. For example, 1 = 0000 and remains 1, while 2 = 0001 and bitreverses into 1000 = 9. Furthermore, 3 = 0010 and turns into 0100 = 5. And so forth. The characteristic 'turn' in line 11 can be recognized in fact by turning the bitreversed column upside-down, if that be interesting.

Unzipping: This type is an unzipping of odds and evens in a time series, creating four transforms (permutations) in a four-line structure before one returns to the original line as the fifth transform (column 6). One further column generated by the same principle will return it to the time series in the first column. Hence this permutation principle creates 5 columns out of 16 lines. Notice the characteristic 'turn' in line 11, just like in the sonnet algorithm.

The interesting relation between these three modes of permutation is found in the fifth column - as suggests the concept of 'fifth columnists'. My guess is that the unzipping handles the weighing factors in an FFT, and I have verified that intuitively on basis of the three loops needed for making an FFT computer program, albeit not mathematically. As I have shown in my "Time and the sonnet", the basic underlying narrative structure in the sonnet developed in the Middle Ages is the sonnet algorithm such as defined here.

The relevance of the fifth columns appears from the narrative stucture of Acts chapter 10. It consists of 48 verses, which is 3 x 16. A close reading of them suggests that these are the three permutations by their fifth columns listed the one after the other: First the 16 verses as the fifth column in the sonnet, which is the same as the first column, hence verses 1-16 unpermuted. Next, the 16 elements in the fifth column of the bit-reversal, for verses 17-32, the order of which permutes accordingly. Finally, verses 33-48 map onto the fifth column in the unzipping permutation. That gives the following grouping (verses listed in three columns) of the verses in Acts chapter 10 into subsets of threes which belong together and create a subtext in a way which probably can be recognized as universals in narrative structure. I have equipped the groups partly with my own model on a goodness-driven economy based on the concepts of goodness, arbitrarity, bitreversal and the opening of the subsets of humanity, partly with the relevant concepts from contemporary stoic philosophy at the time when Acts was written, partly with general linguistic-semiotic concepts (source of the text is 'King James version'):

1. There was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius, a centurion of the band called the Italian band,
17. Now while Peter doubted in himself what this vision which he had seen should mean, behold, the men which were sent from Cornelius had made enquiry for Simon's house, and stood before the gate,
48. And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then prayed they him to tarry certain days.
= entrance to community

2. A devout man, and one that feared God with all his house, which gave much alms to the people, and prayed to God alway.
25. And as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him, and fell down at his feet, and worshipped him.
33. Immediately therefore I sent to thee; and thou hast well done that thou art come. Now therefore are we all here present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God.
= goodness

3. He saw in a vision evidently about the ninth hour of the day an angel of God coming in to him, and saying unto him, Cornelius.
21. Then Peter went down to the men which were sent unto him from Cornelius; and said, Behold, I am he whom ye seek: what is the cause wherefore ye are come?
47. Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we?
= divine apparition

4. And when he looked on him, he was afraid, and said, What is it, Lord? And he said unto him, Thy prayers and thine alms are come up for a memorial before God.
29. Therefore came I unto you without gainsaying, as soon as I was sent for: I ask therefore for what intent ye have sent for me?
34. Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:
= donation

5. And now send men to Joppa, and call for one Simon, whose surname is Peter:
19. While Peter thought on the vision, the Spirit said unto him, Behold, three men seek thee.
46. For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Then answered Peter,
= commutation in global community

6. He lodgeth with one Simon a tanner, whose house is by the sea side: he shall tell thee what thou oughtest to do.
27. And as he talked with him, he went in, and found many that were come together.
35. But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.
= arbitrarity (in/out aspect)

7. And when the angel which spake unto Cornelius was departed, he called two of his household servants, and a devout soldier of them that waited on him continually;
23. Then called he them in, and lodged them. And on the morrow Peter went away with them, and certain brethren from Joppa accompanied him.
45. And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost.
= bit-reversal

8. And when he had declared all these things unto them, he sent them to Joppa.
31. And said, Cornelius, thy prayer is heard, and thine alms are had in remembrance in the sight of God.
36. The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ: (he is Lord of all:)
= free will as prerequisite for nature poetry

9. On the morrow, as they went on their journey, and drew nigh unto the city, Peter went up upon the housetop to pray about the sixth hour:
18. And called, and asked whether Simon, which was surnamed Peter, were lodged there.
44. While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word.
= nesting = nominal type = +N-V

10. And he became very hungry, and would have eaten: but while they made ready, he fell into a trance,
26. But Peter took him up, saying, Stand up; I myself also am a man.
37. That word, I say, ye know, which was published throughout all Judaea, and began from Galilee, after the baptism which John preached;
= context = verbal type = -N+V

11. And saw heaven opened, and a certain vessel descending upon him, as it had been a great sheet knit at the four corners, and let down to the earth:
22. And they said, Cornelius the centurion, a just man, and one that feareth God, and of good report among all the nation of the Jews, was warned from God by an holy angel to send for thee into his house, and to hear words of thee.
43. To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins.
= self-embedding, witness report, messenger = adjectival type = +N+V

12. Wherein were all manner of fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air.
30. And Cornelius said, Four days ago I was fasting until this hour; and at the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and, behold, a man stood before me in bright clothing,
38. How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.
= prepositional type = -N-V

13. And there came a voice to him, Rise, Peter; kill, and eat.
20. Arise therefore, and get thee down, and go with them, doubting nothing: for I have sent them.
42. And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick and dead.
= negation, paradox, binary values

14. But Peter said, Not so, Lord; for I have never eaten any thing that is common or unclean.
28. And he said unto them, Ye know how that it is an unlawful thing for a man that is a Jew to keep company, or come unto one of another nation; but God hath shewed me that I should not call any man common or unclean.
39. And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree:
= gender

15. And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.
24. And the morrow after they entered into Caesarea. And Cornelius waited for them, and he had called together his kinsmen and near friends.
41. Not to all the people, but unto witnesses chosen before God, even to us, who did eat and drink with him after he rose from the dead.
= relegation of authority/control

16. This was done thrice: and the vessel was received up again into heaven.
32. Send therefore to Joppa, and call hither Simon, whose surname is Peter; he is lodged in the house of one Simon a tanner by the sea side: who, when he cometh, shall speak unto thee.
40. Him God raised up the third day, and shewed him openly;
= three triadic semiotic spaces


Information transfer = LOGOS
  1 17 48 entrance to community = the DOOR
  2 25 33 goodness = parameter 1
  3 21 47 apparition (divine) = BODY
  4 29 34 donation = HOUSE (= oikonomia)

The main parametres in a model of oikonomia = PHONE
  5 19 46 commutation/information transfer in global/universal space
  6 27 35 arbitrarity (IN/OUT as aspect) = parameter 3
  7 23 45 bit-reversal = parameter 2
  8 31 36 free will for nature poetry; information is real value = parameter 4

The four grammar/language types = LEXIS
  9 18 44 nesting = nominal type = +N-V
10 26 37 context = verbal type = -N+V
11 22 43 witness report = adjectival type = +N+V
12 30 38 prepositional type = -N-V

Triadic butterfly sign, the working of the machine = LEKTON
13 20 42 negation, paradox, binary values = lekton = HOUSE
14 28 39 gender = BODY
15 24 41 relegation of authority/control to universal muse = ORAL
16 32 40 three triadic semiotic spaces = three basic parameters giving the fourth = COGNITIVE

One can recognize a basis for the four grammar types of Chomsky from about 1957 in these subgroups, in particular the third. Although it is likely that the cultural history developed the chomskyan grammars on its own around 1957, one can add the puzzling idea that if this permutational analysis of Acts 10 existed as a british responsibility claim already decades before the WWII, one could understand a role for Chomsky (whether deliberately constructed or not) in Himmler's death camp structure. One adds to this that the Fast Fourier Transform was discovered only a handful years or so after Chomsky discovered his formal language hierarchy - and it would perhaps have been strange if british administration possessed this algorithm on Acts 10 and did not try to find the link to a normal Fourier transform. But clearly if it had not been discovered by british interests before the 1950's, the technological development could have called for somebody (Chomsky got the job) to make the discovery after WWII. Chomsky's theories investigate the human interface between the machine and a spiritual domain, the ever-puzzling issue being whether it is possible to store information 'in the air', in the eternity beyond the brain and beyond history. And those lofty regions could certainly also have been where british administration could have tried to find a rooting for its power.

In the second half of the article titles of MLR April 1957 (discussed above as relevant to my own birth), the sonnet algorithm could be title 5, the unzipping title 6 and bit-reversal (J.M.Ritchie) title 7. These apparently relate by onset-truncation with nail scissors. When Acts 10 is about the nature of divine revelation, this makes for an advanced reference to the concept of 'in the revelation' for the second half of the titles where the first half makes for a 'dirty beast' of Celan - in total for me in that british role.

The nature of this 'turkey' could include the systematic silence on this important discovery of the textual structure of Acts 10. Where is the university course which shows how sonnets can be analyzed by way of the sonnet algorithm? It should have been a self-evident part of every university course in literary theory since it tells in a simple way how a sonnet can interpret and transcend the human cognitive endowment - which was the discovery of the high middle ages and the basis for the renaissance, leaving scholasticism behind - but the exegetical algorithm could have been suppressed deliberately and kept off the books for the purpose of reserving it for such 'dirty beastnis' of administration, in a tragic attempt to lend divine authority to the government.

One can perhaps postulate a culture grammar on basis of this 'sonnet algorithm' on the hypothetical form of the german language situated, as for every other language, on the lefthand side, creating a biased format which could resemble a 14/16 surplus in the matrimonial relation to society by way of the national german identity - as basis for the british 'Downing Street 10' = 'Acts 10' = 'keys to heaven' as a strategy for engineering nazism in Germany. Could be such engineering goes on even today (I don't know if the many free newspapers typically distributed at underground stations in Europe select their information on such a format - for a western hope of making new nazism/fascism to be battled with 'verboten' methods on the continent). It could be this role of the matrimonial relations which could be the basis for the intrigue on Celan as a counterpoint to the story of Sexton (see chapter 4). This phenomenon could perhaps be called the 'biased [head]'. Could that be the reason for my mid name 'Bjarne' - cp. MLR April 1957?

It is likely that Hitler's characteristic moustache and biased haircut served to represent just these aspects of the international planning of the nazi movement in Germany - for telling that it was an 'international' project. Today one can see reflexes of it in e.g. Hollywood films if one computes the exact image 42.666% through the film. That percentage derives from 2/3 of the 64 elements in a typical 'sonnet' with 16 lines - it gives word number 42,666, which is blown up to 42.666% of a 100% format. For example, the image at this point in the 1954 US film 'There's no business like show business' seems to be a responsibility claim on 11 September 2001.

I notice the title of Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke's book 'The occult roots of nazism' which in theory could have been a way of telling that the occult roots of nazism lie in Downing Street 10 as Acts 10 by the three permutations - if his name is taken to rewrite to 'Go[o]dlike Limerick-Lark'.

An example can be found in the name of Simon Walther Hauge who lived next to the house on Rekustad (seems to mean 'recursion') on Rolvsøy where I lived in 1977: If this is verse 6 ('simon vralter ræv-G', cp. 'ræv-krok'), there is the possible explanation why the CIA chiefs ('the sea I am' and 'the advisor to the president') since 1977 seem to have had names as variants on Hauge's name - around the concept of 'Vergewaltigung' = 'rape' for verses 19 and 46 for the concept of the spread of US power and the 'ferry' philosophy around the world.

One could guess (I have not tested the hypothesis, though) that if this exegetical algorithm had been discovered by british administration, it would also have been installed in the holocaust structure and in such things as the birthdates and other indexes of central mythological persons. This could have a reflex in the analysis of the issue of Iraq in the following chapter. If the analysis is reserved for such political business under the cover that the strategy must at any cost be kept secret, that could explain why important fields of humanistic sciences have gone into a standstill and hardly move forwards at all. An interesting hypothesis is that the first 16 or 32 or whatever verses of Genesis 1 (in hebrew) could have been installed into the engineering of the nazi project.

Chapter 3: The role of USA

While the death of Lenin seems to have been the historic core of the Klipra connection in terms of Hitler's hijack of it, the death of Mao could have had a comparable function for a hypothetical 'Jahr connection'. In the biographies of Mao I have consulted, it seems clear that he was not in contact with (or at least did not meet) internationals in the last three months of his life which ended officially on 9 September 1976. In these last months, he seems to have lived rather isolated with his closest people. One source (wikipedia on the internet) even go so far as to say that they pulled the cable on 9 september because 9-9 is an easy date to remember, and his wife had been in there for sprinkling powder on his body and things like that. It is, though, easy to construct a logic which tells that it looks like an american murder - much in line with the death of Lenin. If Vidkun Quisling and Laura Devold are credited with the ('lead soup', sort of) death of Lenin, Gerald Ford had been in Beijing with Henry Kissinger 9 months before the official death of Mao. And Richard Millhous Nixon had been there earlier (in 1972, cp. the 2-5 categorial or 'gestalt' switch of the 'keys to heaven'), like Fridthjof Nansen one year before the death of Lenin. One notices that the norwegian national telecom changed name to 'Telenor' in (I think) the 1990's - could be 'ed war frick!' to an extent that it leaves 'John Gorvin' as the name which thereby applies also to me.

The essential logic for constructing the US plot seems to be backwards causation which tells that George Bush, who was chief of CIA when Mao died, later travelled to Beijing as the official US representation, which means that he was the bullet if Mao were shot. This murder by this (backwards) former US president Bush was such a scandal that the US president had to resign with Nixon, and since 'Mao's widow' (norw. 'Maos enke' while 'Mao senke' = 'sinking Mao', as if it were in a 'watergate') were sentenced after his death along with the other three in the 'gang of four', one can see a connection to Watergate as a responsibility claim on Mao's death. This led (backwards) to a war in Vietnam, another scandal which was so incredible that the US president quite simply was assassinated in 1963. For those who should advance the theory that Kennedy did not die but changed identity, this theory of backwards causation on the Vietnam war could be of interest. And so forth. If Nixon was blamed for the death of Mao backwards, one can notice the name of 'John Jensen' backwards = 'ne[d]snødd natt' = 'snowed-down night' = (latin) 'nix nox' = 'Nixon'! In addition, Nixon already had a glory of martyrhood in terms of his name when it signifies the 20.000 documents of old norse (in the socalled Diplomatarium Norvegicum) and Charles Darwin which could be cases of historic fraud of essential importance. We must hope the UK/US plan is not to bomb Venice as if it should have been Oslo (earlier called Kristiania) - or even as if it should have been China who did it because of Mao. The logic of backwards causation seems to be that one takes an event in one year (a 'Jahr') and an event in another previous year (or suitable interval) and defines an administrative causal connection between them. One can of course define these 'reversing' connections in such a way that it always is the 'dirty beast in the revelation' who is blamed for the problems, and on basis of this strategy one can make new moves on basis of former events - in such a way that e.g. the jewish-genetic diaspora is blamed for all sorts of problems. I don't know if this strategy could be called a strategy of jewish definition - for defining the backwards causation to be what is jewish as what is the cause of problems. If the administration is planning new persecutions, this method could of course be used for making reasons for that. This connection from Jahr to Jahr - from year to year - could be called a 'Jahr connection'. Weak in Jahrs (Mao), weak in Urs (Lenin) = the 508 'weak in years, weak in hours' connection between the birth of Nathan Millstein and the birth of me - an interval of 508 days, weeks and months.

Now the question is whether there is a parallel to Laura Devold in the death of Mao. Mao's widow and 'the gang of four' could be suggestive of such a parallel. The story goes that Laura Devold was in Paris for a year in 1923-24 and there she could have met Vidkun Quisling and joined him under the identity of his wife Alexandra on his journey to Russia. Curiously, my elder official sister Vibeke Grøver, later married Aukrust, spent the year 1975-76 in Scotland, at Camphill near Aberdeen, not far from Arbuthnott (presumably the home place of John Arbuthnot in the Scriblerus Club). She used to be two years above me in school and therefore must have spent the year 1974-75 with other activities. I got my driving license on 11 August 1976 and helped them move by car to Bergen and Kristiansand ('Kvadraturen') before she started studies after her first child Camilla was born on 12 August 1977.

I had earlier noticed that I could not leave the idea that I had met Jack Straw on some occasion and had located it to a short meeting along with Grøver/'Mengele' at the entrance to the lift at the hospital in Fredrikstad in 1970 or 1971, but that must count as speculation and I cannot say that I remember the person from then well enough to be able to say that it was Straw. If, however, it should have been him, or a 'straw' variant of him, then the event of me passing George Bush sr. (or a 'straw' version of him?) about house #262 on Zattere in Venice in 2009 could have led to the following reasoning: Vibeke Grøver married Knut Aukrust to Vibeke Aukrust, which by 'backwards causation' on the name leaves it something close to 'Straw Ekebiv'. I also remember Grøver/'Mengele' using the anglicism 'drikke-strå' = 'drinking straw' for the more typical norwegian form 'sugerør' around 1971-72, sufficiently often to call for attention to the word. I think Vibeke Grøver met the church historian Knut Aukrust well after 1980. On basis of these name forms and the assumption that it could have been a somewhat norwegian-speaking Straw I met in 1970-71, which perhaps is doubtful unless it were a 'straw' version of him, One can construct the redundancy that she could have met the CIA chief Bush in 1976 before going to Beijing in parallel with her grandmother 52 years earlier. The Aukrusts were also for a year to Chicago I think in the eighties. This potential role of the 'straw' could have been reinforced in 2010 when the Labour government since 1997 - and Straw had been in the cabinet throughout these 13 years - ended with a new liberal-conservative coalition government (David Cameron, Nick Clegg, William Hague) after the general election in the spring, I think around the time when I had moved to Zinckgasse and the Aukrusts split and left Jar and moved to two new addresses which more or less encoded the old address with a sort of rewrite function which could have left the Jar address invisible although still potentially active - a sort of 'straw' address it could then have been. (Of course it is normally unsuitable to discuss a private address like that in a book of the present character, but if this address - Tollef Gravs vei 60, 1358 Jar, Norway - should come to be the very name of a third world war like Fjellgata 72 in Klipra seems to have been the name of WWI, it must be pronounced publically - but clearly such an address does not mean that those who live[d] there are agents). The oil rig/leak disaster in the mexican gulf a few days before the election could have been telling of a 'rigged' election, whoever caused the disaster.

Would it have been Vibeke Grøver who had been in Beijing and murdered Mao while a straw-version of herself took her place in Camphill for the alibi? Or a 'straw' had been in Beijing? She could of course have been totally ignorant about the whole story. (One notices that Lenin got injections of 'camphor' before he died, according to the official story - cp. 'Camphill'). That could be a theory arising from MLR October 1955. The unspoken political version can of course tell something like this, but one must assume that it could have been 'Gerald Ford' who was 'Vibeke Straw' along with 'Henry Kissinger' as 'Vidkun Quisling'. Ford's name backwards sounds like 'truffet large' = 'met/hit a large one', like the bullet or meeting a 'large' person. It adds to the reason why this logic could be permitted reasoning that Bush's running mate Dan Quayle is a little similar to Knut Aukrust, although absolutely not to any alarming degree, and his wife is perhaps a little similar in some sense of it to Vibeke Aukrust, at least on the photo from the election victory which is seen in Microsoft Encarta.

The 'shot' or bullet symbolism has perhaps a prehistory in the fate of Rosa Luxemburg. She was on 19 Jan 1919 in Berlin first badly mistreated in a car in the street outside Hotel Eden before the car drove around the corner and she was allegedly shot in the head and dumped in the Landwehrkanal where her body later was found decapitated four months later. The circumstances suggest that it was the 'keys to heaven' (cp. Downing Street 10) sonnet algorithm which was the reason for this tragic fate, and Hotel Eden could have served to index the 'frequency transform' while the Landwehrkanal would have been the 'time dimension'. This Fast Fourier Transform is the british variant of a US concept of eternity by time and causality forwards and backwards. The decapitation would have been about the two tacit lines 15 and 16 in a sonnet-by-algorithm. It was allegedly Otto Runge who did it as a member of a Freikorps ('Freimaurer'?). Now the essential cue would be that 'Land-g-wehrkanal' would find its parallel in 'Ragna-g-Røver', and this could even have been the basis for Himmler's concentration camp for women 'Ravensbrück' since a bridge goes in the AIR over a KANAL and 'ræven' (rude norwegian meaning 'the arse') then could be about 'frau Röver' (hence the role of Carl Röver in the proof of the relation between Mengele and Grøver). Hence 'Ragna Grøver' would be the 'Lang-gewehr-kanal' in which Rosa Luxemburg was found - symbolizing the bullet. Or symbolizing a daughter of Ragna Grøver. This could have been the 'bullet' from Washington to Beijing, the US president Ford as the very symbol - symbolizing the very identity - of Luxemburg, a founder of the german communist party by the 'Spartacus-Bund' (not the 'Scriblerus Club' - an association which could have been the purpose with the murder). Hence the name of the 'bullet' - Gerald in the Ford.

When Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the founders of the 'Spartakus-Bund', were murdered on 19 january 1919, it was only two weeks after Anton Drexler and Karl Harrer on 5 january 1919 had founded the german nazi party - where Hitler entered some time later, in september 1919. Luxemburg sometimes seems to be credited with the theoretic construct called the 'doctrine of spontaneity and organization'. I looked in the register to her collected works and found some references to both spontaneity and organization, but none of them looked interesting relative to such ideas. It could be that this idea is hovering over the waters of her writings generally, but in whose writings would it not? One could assume that she has been credited with these general ideas after the murder of her because it smells of 'keys to heaven' plus a dosis of potential hypocricy from England called the 'Scriblerus Club' (cp. the two gifts in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris - the iranian showed me how to pour and smear and smell some of the nitroglycerin-looking fluid in the palm), and the two concepts could be derived from the name of 'Anton Drexler' who founded the nazi party a few days before her death. 'Doctrine of spontaneity an[d] organization' = 'doctrine of Ant-an[d] Drexler' = 'doctrine of Eis-en Hower' - the Eisenhower doctrine which seems to apply to me in the role of Karl Harrer = Karl Liebknecht (see chapter 4). This relation again seems to obtain for Dr.Karl Renner Ring and Dr.Karl Lueger Ring at the parliament in Vienna, with Schmerlings Platz and Stadiongasse. To this can be added an administrative affinity between Adolf Hitler and the union of Eisenlauer (companion of Karl Mengele 1907-11) and Eisenhower via hebrew.

By backwards causation - Liebknecht was found dead in Tiergarten in Berlin, cp the general idea of 'the dirty beast in the revelation', a label later assigned to me (with the 'Octogon project') - this death of Luxemburg in 1919 could have been constructed as the reason for Fanny Jefimovitch Kaplan's 1918 attempt on Lenin as a 'traitor of the revolution' (he had not told the people - or the world in general, in particular not the people of England - about the Klipra connection, and this is something which 'Fanny Jefimovitch Kaplan' = 'Modern Language Review' would have felt as critically important), which means that the attempt against him in 1918 would have been because Lenin had plotted the death of Luxemburg - and hence Lenin would have been the backwards-causation mirror image of Hitler's entry into the nazi labour party in september 1919 after Karl Harrar = Karl Liebknecht and Anton Drexler = Rosa Luxemburg had founded the nazi party 10 days before their deaths - which means that the Spartakus Bund = the Scriblerus Club = the nazi party. There were 5 months from the attempt on Lenin to the death of Luxemburg/Liebknecht, and 8 months from there to Hitler's entering the party (cp. the 58 or 508 factor). One could add the general idea contained in the names of Luxemburg and Liebknecht, as if there had been a relation between them which was not contained in his marriage to Sophie. She wrote in january 1917 a letter from the prison to Sophie which contained a PS - "Geschäftliches: Bitte schreiben Sie gleich, wieviel ich Ihnen in summa schuldig bin (zwei Bücher und Brosche, die wundervoll ist!). Dann wäre ich Ihnen sehr dankbar für ein Fläschchen Toilettenessig wieder und eine Puderquaste mit Flaum (ins Päckchen per Post)" - which by prison censorship perhaps could have been interpreted as such a confession, and when Otto Runge spent 2 years in prison for the murder (before he was rehabilitated by the nazi party), it could make for another mirror-symmetric structure around her death. 4 years, 4 months. If these 2+2 years mean 'Karl Harrer' or 'Karl Liebknecht', there is the inherent butterfly contained in the association of the Eisenhower doctrine with me via the Octogon project (chapter 4). This butterfly could be the 'meaning' of the name of Gerald Ford in this story - as a 'fjäril dåd' = 'butterfly deed'.

This story of Luxemburg/Liebknecht again could have been a part of the basis for the couping of Lenin's revolution by his death in 1924 the evening before the opening of the first MacDonalds government in London in the early next morning. 'Proof' of this could be found in the story of Lenin and his wife Krupskaja in Poronim (near Zakopane) in Poland 1913-14 (where they lived in a house depicted in Weber's biography on page 87). They stayed there while waiting for Krupskaja to be operated against 'Basedow', a disease somewhat resembling (by the throat region of the body) what is called 'krupp' in norwegian. The operation in her throat lasted for some 3 hours. I was also subjected to painful 'operation' in my throat in 1975, apparently for no other reason than the pain (but very short duration and nothing like that story of Krupskaja). Could this 'Basedow' be the origin of the idea of Al Qaida's 'base' - for example for turning the backwards causation into forwards? And the 'dow' is in Downing Street? Clearly if 'Al Qaida' is a state-run UK or US organization, it can borrow much public sympathy from the political struggles of Luxemburg and Liebknecht.

In short, it is likely that the construction of Luxemburg as a revolution hero for use in modern political mythology is a way of sneaking the foundations of Hitler's nazi party into modern administration. She seems to have been a revolution hero but she may have been misconceived somewhat in her theoretical doctrine. The aim could be to see Adolf Hitler as a revolution hero and the basis for modern political administration. If one concludes that the nazis won WWII, while people believe that it is the other way round, one could also conclude that many people today believe that we live in the long-awaited revolution of Lenin - and then it turns out to be only Adolf Hitler who is hiding behind all the TV programs and propaganda films from Hollywood.

This means that if 'land-g-wehr-kanal' = 'ragna-g-röver' = 'frau Röver' = the 'drecks-leerer', one could even add ideas which could attach to the car crash of princess Diana in 1997: The princess was perhaps in a toilet when a similar ('straw') person drove off in the 'taxi' which, though, had to stop abruptly in the roadside when nature called - hence for 'Anton Drexler'.

This could be the background of the idea that 'Vibeke Straw' was the projectile issued from Ragna Grøver, a projectile who thereby hit Mao - since it would mean that it was the US president who was the bullet (cp. the bombing of the Air India plane 185 km off Cork). Gerald Ford - the spoon of 'fjær-ild dåd' = 'feather-fire deed' or 'butterfly deed' as in the FFT flowgraph of the sonnet algorithm - was president at that time, and the 9 months (the time of a pregnancy from the firing of a 'projectile' till it reaches its goal) are admittedly a little alarming. This logic does not mean that Vibeke Grøver was in Beijing and shot the revolutionary, but it could mean that if USA claims a sort of responsibility for his death as a part of a 'backwards causation program', it could in fact even suggest that it could have been Jack Straw I met in 1970-71. Or perhaps a 'straw' version of the 'jack'. It could of course have been a straw on Zattere as well - in fact I thought I even saw Jörg Haider with female there and he gave me a peculiar look, but that was after his death and so it clearly must have been a 'straw'. I don't think it was Haider, but he was a little similar. Folks were a little similar in those days - I even thought I met Jostein Simble on the Accademia bridge, but he died in 2001. I also thought I observed some 'reflexes' of George Tenet and George Bush jr. in the streets - but those were obviously not the originals.

The Aukrusts lived formerly on Jar outside Oslo, in Tollef Gravs vei 60, 1358 Jar. A definition of a 'Jahr connection' could be contained in a US backwards causation on the death of Mao from Jahr to Jahr. When Vibeke Grøver lived near Grini (the concentration camp of WWII where Bjarne Eidsvig allegedly had been) not far from Jar in the late 70's, I think it was even there she lived when her daughter Camilla was born on 12 august 1977, she told me that the owner of the house she lived in used to do sandblasting in the garage. I don't think this region was called Jar, but it is not so far from it. Or there could have been a 'backwards causation' JAR connection in terms of the sandblasting facility in the garage. Then sandblasting is the key - and my first address in life was just the Sand/Dust Road = Sandveien 4 in Molde. The SAN-d-blaster could be in the role of the one who shot Aung SAN in Birma in 1947.

One of the world history's most disastrous and tragic earthquakes struck China in Tangshan on 27 July 1976. One could guess that this could have been around the time of the death of Mao if he died before the official date. It is the second most disastrous quake in history after the one in Shansi in China in 1556. The Guardian reported that the news on Mao's death was announced nearly 16 hours (= 1556?) after his death on 9 Sep 1976. If so, it could have been about Tangshan on 27 July 1976.

Mao suffered, according to the official version, strokes on 11 May and 26 June 1976 (and 2 Sep), while Lenin (who also had three strokes before his death) had his first stroke on 26 May 1922. PM Bhutto of Pakistan was the last foreign official Mao met, in May 1976 - his daughter died in a bombing in late 2007. There is a photo from the meeting - Mao looks very old and ill, as if he had only a few days left to live. One guesses that the meeting could have signified that Mao was well aware of the plans but had no chance to prevent it - and therefore invited 'Bhutto' = 'has invited her' from 'Pakistan' = 'prepare for departure'. It probably did not mean (backwards, so to speak) that she had no alternative and could just prepare for departure. Anne Sexton died in 1974 (for some reason or other), the Reksten case came up in Norway and Drew Barrymore was born in Los Angeles on 25 february 1975. I recall well Grøver/'Mengele's laugh through the sixties at the phenomenon he called 'drubba' - a concept of low respect which could be about a plump and clumsy female without much chances in any field of activity. Vibeke Grøver made her first attempt to make dinner for the family at age 14 or 15 (in 1970) and was laughed out of the room by the cruel Grøver/'Mengele' when he had tasted it - and she ran weeping away. But could be there were prospects for an important career in other fields. Mao also invited Nixon (Nixnox?) for a 'last goodbye' ('snikksnakk'?) in january 1976. Clearly, this could have been taken by US and other administrations as an advice from Mao to something resembling e.g. 'snakk-t ho drubba' = 'talk to that drubba' in time - perhaps with the later american proviso that 'drubba rimer' = 'drubba rhymes' - cp. 'dubbel'. (There is also the role of Petrarca's 'Rime' as his collection of sonnets - which could suggest 'keys to heaven'). 'Slakt' means 'slaughter'. My main teacher Bernt Weberg in 1971-73 read the author called 'Slaughter' for the class on Fridays. That 'web-erg' could perhaps be interpreted as a Great Leap Forwards, which, if it means the shuttle in the web, also means a Great Leap Backwards. (It is said that Mao's revolution claimed 70 million lives, and so did - according to some sources - the famine of the year of the Great Leap Forwards as well). It was in the sixties - I remember meeting a 'Ragna Eidsvig' - namesake of my official mother, a sort of 'copy' - who was about to leave Klipra for going to Bern - to be 'bernt', so to speak. And if the UN organization FAO were involved in that tragedy of the Great Leap Forwards around the time of my birth, Grøver/'Mengele' worked at Gudmund Harlem's SAO institute in Oslo a decade later. This was while 'Keith Abercrombie' (cp. Eisenhower's presidency of Columbia University) was chief advisor (or advisor to the chief) in the UN food and agriculture organization FAO in Rome - I met Abercrombie in 1981 and could today perhaps spot some sort of relevance of his name in 'Aberdeen', 'Abbey Road' (the Beatles) and 'Max Aberbach' of Hitler's postcard.

It seems that this 'Drubba' (not 'dubbel') could have been in construction for a while before 1976. There is a story of Vibeke Grøver at age around 9 in Volda in probably 1964. She ran on a wooden sledge down a hill and over a stone wall in a daring leap through the air and landed on the snowy ground of the road outside the little green house where we lived just in front of the hospital (same distance from the hospital as in Odda). In the moment when the sledge touched the ground, her bottom went through the wooden laths of the sledge. History seems to have stopped in this moment when the attention of the surrounding audience was drawn towards the cracking wooden sound - which sounded as a historically slow motion to the surrounding eardrums - before the film sped up again and she continued down the hill towards the house of Sjøstad and her schoolmate Grethe. It was possibly later that she told me (I think I remember that she told me, but maybe this was a story that came out via Grøver/'Mengele') that she had visited Grethe in her home and she had excreted in the kitchen sink (cp. also 'XU' which could be the essential point). Could have been about Grete/drete. The 'Chernobyl' disaster probably did not mean 'krapspül', but Adorno's wife was called 'Grethel Karplus' and the death of Adorno seems possibly to have been a part of the construction of 'Drubba' (see chapter 3). It seems that there is a tendency to credit his wife for his death - which could be about just this role assigned to her. Later analysts could have concluded that the story of the kitchen sink in Volda was an attempt of 'Drubba' who had gone through the wooden sledge to dump the humiliation on her schoolmate. The school they attended was called 'Øyra Skule' which sounds funny because it sounds like 'Ears Frown', as for that still moment of eternity when everybody watched the sound of the cracking laths, while I went to a pedagogics training school called 'Øvingskulen', which could mean 'Ø-vings-kulen' = 'the Ø-wing-bullet', such as e.g. the one on Kennedy (or in the 'lang-gewehr-kanal'?). In Fredrikstad 1970, Vibeke Grøver attended 'real-skole' at the socalled 'Gule Anstalt' (near the ferry), which could have been re-interpreted as 'Skule Antalt' which could have been the background of Jozsef Antall in Hungary - which then could mean that it was a 'Josef' who had been among the audience looking at the tearing sound in the historic moment in Volda. 'Josef Mengele' could be the conclusion on the story from the kitchen sink - and if 'XU' was the deeper meaning, that could mean the identity of 'Josef Mengele' and 'John Grover'. Even the abrupt stop - for whatever errand - of princess Diana near Tour Eiffel in 1997 could have been about this story. The bombing of the chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999 - the day after the death of Per Paust (it was Diana who paused, wasn't it, or could it have been a peer?) - could have been due to this 'Øyras Gule' = 'Ears Yellow'. If Beatles' 'Yellow submarine' (record and film) from the sixties could have been about this story, it indicates that 'Drubba' was a phenomenon subjected to much audio-visual attention long before 1976. It was seemingly the norwegian representative Per Bøthun ('per bøtten' = 'peer bucket') who was on duty in NATO that day of the bomb on the chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999. If Celan visited me in 1960, it could have been outside the house - which also would mean the 'yard' = 'tun' outside the home of the Bø family - the Bøs lived approximately on that place in Odda which corresponded to the sledge-land in Volda - hence 'Per Bøthun' could suggest that it was not Celan but a peer - or rather that a peer had gone to Stockholm while Celan went to Odda? There were two boys in the family - called 'Bø-guttene'. It could of course be that the probably fictional story of Grethe in the kitchen sink really is about these 'bø-guts' in 1960. Which means, if Vibeke Grøver in the role of 'Drubba' be credited with the death of Mao for a 'Jar connection', it could be about dumping the blame for it on 'the dubbel' of the 'bogus' outside the house in Odda - which means Celan. Could be therefore the plan is to blame Celan - or even me - for the Jar connection couping of Mao's revolution like one could have blamed Sachs for the couping of Lenin's revolution by the Klipra connection. And then my role could be the intermediate 'grammatical node'. The role of 'Drubba' could also be the background of a role for 'Drøbak' outside Oslo. It can be added that the normal start for a sledge-jump in those days was a little up the hill, but she had gone almost to the top, at the house of Fardahl and Kort, before she set out down the steep hill. This was at the time of the formation of FARC in Columbia - which then could have been about a FARC-lal. There seems to be an almost endless series of references to this sledge-jump - and the reason for that could be that the story was incorporated into the end of Mao's life.

I must emphasize that I have no data which could indicate that Vibeke Aukrust (age 20 in 1976) could have been in Beijing and murdered Mao. She could of course have been totally ignorant about all this history and just been to Camphill at Aberdeen for a year and then come back without being involved at all. As I remember her from those days, it would have been a hilarious idea - she was not even interested in politics, as far as I knew, and the type was not the sort I could imagine sneaking into a house for murdering people. But before she left for Camphill she did go to a dentist in Moss for having a wisdom tooth removed by a specialist since it threatened (I never saw it, though) with growing out 90 degrees through the cheek. Things like that - for example she invited me in the late sixties to play '52 pick up' ('52 plukk opp', upside down?), a card game which I agreed to play although I was not yet acquainted with it untill she threw (not Drew) the pack of cards on the floor and said that I had agreed to pick them up. The interval in years between Lenin's and Mao's deaths could perhaps be computed to be something like that - even read upside down of '52 plukk opp'.

If there should have been some involvement of elements of the family somehow, I was not involved and could not guess anything of it. There was also the story from probably the first half of the seventies when I had gone to bed and was sleeping when Vibeke Grøver peeped in the open window and woke me up. She had come home late and the door was closed. If I could open it? I could not, said I. Stop joking, she said, can't you go and open the door. Well I could not open the door for just anybody, said I. If she had a passport or some other identity paper? We discussed like this for a while when I suddenly woke up from the 'trance' and - of course of course - I went and opened the door. I don't think this story could have been later than the spring 1975. It was not I who had locked the door.

I can add the story that I was on a trip to the mountains with Mette Krøtøe in a cottage in probably the early summer (June-July?) 1976 and was chopping wood when I suddenly threw the back iron part of the axe into my own head, exactly on the top of the crown. There was a too long way to walk to the nearest folks and it was reported that I had been swearing somewhat. I was not unconscious, though, and it was not very dramatic, in spite of some bloodshed. But I had not been off to China for a brief trip.

The official chinese version is that Mao died a natural death and one can of course assume that he did and that a Jahr connection can have been constructed with his death as an element in any case.

The conclusion could therefore be that it seems that of there is a program of USA in the service of a british continuation of the holocaust, the strategy could be to guarantee the security of Israel if only they will let the diaspora go. That is when the role assigned to me could be the 'zwischen-papier'. And that could have been the purpose with a murder of Mao. A 'zwischen-papier' function could be rooted in the institutionalization process of judaism in the new state of Israel. If one agrees that an institution always and necessarily negates what it is there for, then any israeli politician will feel the temptation from negating judaism not inside their own borders but outside - which means in the diaspora. Such a relegation of anti-semitism to what is outside the israeli borders would also on the one hand resemble the 'british problem', on the other hand it could serve to strenghten the security of the israeli state. But an outright negation of the diaspora would not gain him or her many votes - but a negation of my person or role could function as long as one keeps up the myth of Hitler or Mengele as my genetic father. But it would function in Israel only as long as I represent the jewish-genetic diaspora - hence the idea of a mashed foetus from Sachs and Hitler injected into my jaw at puberty for my recognition of it as 'my own genetics'. The effect of all this could be on the type of divide-and-conquer on the people of Israel, the jews all over the world. Of course a genocidal program would find it optimal with an israeli organization of a new persecution program against diaspora jews. That is probably far from the current reality - at least unless the state of Israel has been couped by agents since its start in 1948. Does an institution always negate what it is there for? Could be it necessarily does - and could be that is a part of the reason for the strong historic role of jewishness in the diaspora. Look at that subject of historic studies at a university, for example: Isn't that just a way to ensure that the Klipra connection is not being discovered by the global community? It is a disability pensioner far outside any academic institution who is writing these lines.

If 'Gerald Ford' is the name of the mythological murderer, his name spoons or butterflies to 'fjäril dåd' = 'butterfly deed' ('fjäril' is swedish for 'butterfly', norwegian is 'sommerfugl'), while 'fjær-il[d]' = 'feather-fire'. Cp. MLR October 1955 title 4. One could think of the idea that the murder would not have been carried out for other reasons than for using me as a 'zwischenpapier' for splitting the israeli-jewish faith community.This could be the contents of the 'fjäril dåd', the butterfly who murders. There was this chaos theory around for a decade or two which claimed that a butterfly beating its wings in one part of the world could cause a thunderstorm in another part of the world - and that tells of the complexity of meteorological computations. One could guess that this theory was constructed for drawing much public attention to the theory that a butterfly in Norway or Scotland could have murdered Mao in China. That is when the reason for a murder could have been to obtain that splitting effect.

Could Mao have been murdered? If he were well aware of the problem and the plans, he could not have been certain who were the agents involved in a plot, and to replace his guards and closest persons could have been just to let the murderer in. If this is the history, he would have pretended to be ill and on his last days, and invited 'Bhutto' = 'Drubba' in for a last visit, which means that he so to speak would have put the needle in himself. That means that the political effect of the plot would have been minimized. It is therefore difficult to know anything about what really happened.

The conclusion to this story seems to be that USA would have been involved in creating the impression that in theory it could have been Vibeke Grøver who murdered Mao - as a parallel story to the unspoken 'rumour' that Laura Devold murdered Lenin. Could be that theory (or both of them) is the 'dirty beast' which is hard to take. And if 'backwards causation' is the resulting administrative format, there is 'the dirty beast in the revelation'. It must be noticed, though, that this beast is not me - it is rather to be identified as US or perhaps rather UK administration. Which perhaps is the very purpose after all - for the second half of the strategy which tells that what is associated with this beast does not belong to the beast but rather to UK/US administration.

My guess is that Vibeke Grøver did not murder Mao but that there is much administrative structure built on the assumption. The purpose of this could be found in the possible eventual conclusion which can be obtained with a swapover relative to me that it was I who was there and murdered Mao - while officially I was in that summer house with Krøtøe. Which would be a wild story without any rooting in any reality. I certainly did not murder Mao and have so far (2010) never been to China and I did spend some days in the mountains in 1976.

The US strategy on Iraq

The sumerians seem (see the quote from Jones in chapter 1) to have had their origins at the persian gulf, approximately where Iraq, Iran and Khuwait meet today. They later moved north and could have reached Kurdistan of today (up to the 'Vansea' which could have been the reference of the 'Wannsee' conference). If a Black Sea Loop is planned, it could be about reaching down to this area. Kurdistan was planned for the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 but wiped off the map in the last moments. One can speculate on this as a basis for the two Gulf Wars of Saddam Hussein 1980-90, the purpose of which could have been to establish a numerality in the outbreaks of the wars. The first Gulf war broke out with the invasion of Iraq in Iran on 22 September 1980, the second when Iraq attacked Kuwait on 2 August 1990. There are 29 days left of August, from which one subtracts the overlapping 8 days left of September to 21 days, to which one adds the 2 days of August to 23. This is a 'rævkrok' construction - the norwegian game is that two persons lie on the ground in opposite directions with hips aligned and lift one leg each and try to catch the other person's leg for throwing or rolling him (a typical male game) over his neck. It means that for computing the interval between the two days, one must compute them 'anføtes', which means from either side each month, plus the overlap of 2 days as is the breadth of the leg. This 'rævkrok' party game is a variant of a much deeper cognitive mystery in the 'form of time', as I call it, which includes a 70% overlap loop. For example, one can take the graphic form of many state leader names and divide it at exactly 70% through when counting 1 graphemic unit (letter) as one unit, and moving the end to the beginning. That typically leaves many forms on the type '):' which has its origin in the 'ronk røver' ('masterubate the bottom') symbolism which is summed up in the formula 'John Grøver'. One can also visualize the phenomenon with 2 sonnets 'anføtes' at the turning point: If there are 16 lines in a normal 'keys-to-heaven' (chapter 2) sonnet and 2 of these are hidden lines, the turning point in line 11 comes around 0.666 x 16 = 10.666 = 11 lines with the 11th incomplete. Hinging another sonnet the other way in the same turning point, the two sonnets will be non-adjacent in the vertical direction and be in total 10 + 11 lines = 21 lines. To these one can add the 'hook' of the overlap - the 2 lines = 2 days of August (the breadth of the leg) for a total of 23 lines. Roughly 10.666 x 2 = 21.333 plus a hook. Or one can add two hidden lines to the 21. Many news media and businesses nowadays launch themselves with a '24' which could be about this double sonnet mysticism just as well as an around-the-clock concept. See my 'Time and the sonnet' for a discussion of the phenomenon on the format 'the sonnet of the I and the sonnet of the THOU' for an implementation of it into a theory of linguistic discourse and human communication generally - and hence the precise locus of one certain aspect of political power, such as the one of communicational means but at a psychologically developmental level. (A single sonnet can model the sensory interface at the turning point). Communication between user and networked computer can certainly be captured in such a model. If the two sonnets are conjoined with 'boustrophedon' reading of the lines (like ploughing a field - one does not carry the plough back for the next line but turns at the end of the field, on either side), such as early greek writing was, that could be the strops or straps with which the wooden leg of Greece is supposed to be attached to the leg of the Balkans - hopefully with a balkan war avoided in 2012-2013 - cp. the current politics on possible bankruptcy of Greece for a 'wooden leg' function - to be reattached with 'economic strops' to EU - 100 years after the balkan war. The recent bankruptcy of Iceland is probably a similar 'masque' = 'mass-K' of ice at the nose of Norway. I would guess that there is no other reason for the bankrupcty claims on Greece than this wish to equip the country with 'strops' - I notice that the 'foot-and-mouth' epidemic of 1968 in England started in Oswestry in Shropshire - around Grøver/'Mengele's birthday, which could be telling of the economic policy. In 2001 it started in Heddon-on-the-Wall! With the riots in Greece by the bankruptcy threat in May 2010, there were the photos of furious masses of people throwing stones and bricks against police - and the peculiar fact, which could tell the whole story, is that the former 'αστυνομια' now is called 'police', as if it were about a 'police brickwork'. The former hungarian 'rendörség' is now also called british 'police', as if they were to be swinging the baton and exciting the ewes for making money. That is when the reason for this economic crisis in Greece could be the british 'boustrophedon' - putting strops on what he has done for putting a wooden greek leg onto the Balkans for participation in the cancan ball.

The reason why it is called 'rævkrok' is, though, to be found in the three parametres of 'british spiritualism' which leaves the deepest mystery not in the brain but in the intestines - approximately where the cannibal's food meets the pederast's sperm. The story of the execution of 70.000 jews at Paneriu outside Vilnius in WWII tells of how incredible this philosophy is - it really seems to be about a solution for the future of mankind in the function of the stuff of 'rusk' = norw. 'kavring' in sucking out fluids from the intestines rather than being suck in itself. 'Rævkrok' means really 'arse-hook' and can be thought of as a primitive conceptualization of the cognitive phenomenon - in the sense of a hook attached to the rusk material which is sucked out of the intestines with a line attached at the hook - for reversing the metabolism out of the intestines through the anus. This would be for turning the time by way of 'fish finger' mysticism - for the backwards causation therein. However incredible this philosophy may seem, it corresponds to a conceptualization lifted over from cognitive principles - cp. the theory of the socalled 'abdominal brain' which tells that there is more nerve tissue in the abdomen than in the brain (which of course could be the case for some cannibals with such preferences, but I would assume that the theory is farfetched for most normal people). Clearly these ideas tell of the enormous crisis there could be in the fields of science and rational thinking. 'Rævkrok' as a strategy for turning the time would mean that turning the time of metabolism should mean a hook on the food in the intestines (cp. the Kennedy factor) pulling it up through the digestion channel - but here it is pulled out the normal way behind. That means 'anføtes' and the opposite way of August 1990 and September 1980 - with the 2 days of August as the 'fish hook'.

This means that the purpose of the two Gulf wars could have been to install such western-nazi ideas into the temporality of 10 years for installing the numeral '23' as two opposing sonnet structures. That could in fact have been the entire purpose. For the role of the 10 years, I add the speculative interpretation of the role of the monument over Reumann, Adler and Hanusch at Schmerlings Platz in Vienna - this was raised 10 years after the events it commemorates, and if the real function of it is to refer to the early settlers of Iceland, the name of Ingolfur Arnarson could even be the purpose with the Gulf wars - with 10 years interval. The meaning of this again would have been only to put abnormal emphasis on this monument. This interpretation in total (not only by Schmerlings Platz) could suggest that Saddam Hussein could have been an agent for UK/US - typically the synchronic dimension of a UK responsibility claim - which includes the final stage of the story when US invaded Iraq for taking the power back again - from either their own or perhaps England's agent. (If he was an agent, that means). The two Gulf wars claimed 1,5 million lives - a lot of 'flesh' in the intestines of the globe which thereby could be 'fish-hooked' out the 'wrong way' by the invasion of 2003. If Saddam Hussein really were an agent for USA, why couldn't they just have told him to drop the programs and turn to sensible politics instead? Like they could have done it with Hitler, if they really wanted to stop the holocaust? One reason could be that Hussein was an agent for England and USA could not handle that power resource for England and had to stop it. But an invasion for stopping Hussein could also have meant a sort of 'rævkrok' in this sense of it. One observes the fate of Helmut Kohl and the allegations against him of corruption, a story which could have been about reading his name spooned: 'Kelmut Hohl' could be the situation of Saddam Hussein found in a dark cave in the earth and 'fished out' by US soldiers. Which means that it is fully possible that this end of his regime was an integral part of the story which even could be predicted with certainty before the story with Kohl (who then would have to be considered somewhat of a hero) was published in Germany. In addition, his wife suffered from allergics against light and had to stay indoors throughout the last years of her life - as if she were living in a dark cave in the earth. Such 'leaks' of secrets are not so easy for a politician. One could speculate if his name even could have been about 'Kellum Tall'. The matter is of rather enormous importance - since it could be essential whether Hussein could have been an agent only for England or even for USA - in particular when it comes to understanding the invasion in 2003 - which must have been planned in advance if the finding of Hussein in a hole in the earth was a part of the 'project'.

But of course Hussein need not have been an agent for USA. If he were an agent for England only and England thereby had an enormous power resource globally - how come USA wages two wars instead of just letting the newspiece go that Saddam Hussein was an agent for England and the two gulf wars served british interests? If USA had stopped the political effect by releasing this newspiece, then they could have lost NATO-internal alliance with England and the chance to take over the business later. That is another reason why one could say that Hussein served US interests as well, if he were an agent - in addition to the obvious similarity of US interests in Vietnam as the globally opposite of Norway with the double sonnets one over the other.

The numeral 23 - which this seems to be about rather essentially - applies to my younger official sister Tone Helene Grøver as a calendarial telescope: She was born officially on 23 February 1961 which is 23 months, 23 weeks, 23 days, 23 hours, minutes and seconds after the death of King Haakon of Norway on 21 Sept 1958. This is 15 years after the date 21 september in the essential 'Aktion Reinhard' with the three camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec and with 'Erntefest' ('feast of harvest') on 3-4 November 1943, when 43000 Jews were massacred in the Lublin district in the course of these two days. With the official death of Storsveen on 27 April 1943, there are (as explained above) the intervals 27.04.43-21.09.43 = 147 days = the Dirty Beast, the diagonal over elements 1-4-7 in the terza rima structure of the synchronic permutational responsibility claims of England, plus 21.09.43-3/4.11.43 = 43-44 days = the Revelation, the TURN in the sonnet structure, which means that the form is the 'Dirty Beast in the Revelation' = me in terms of a TURN computed from Storsveen in April 1943. This TURN seems to be the perhaps most important responsibility claim of England and is represented in the program on the Oslo Report (apparently based on Gen.1.1-10 before the Eisenhower doctrine of Gen.1.11-20) - to the extent that it encodes the main names of the resistance organization XU. The date 21 September is thereby the key to the construction - and the key to the numeral 23 relative to Tone Helene Grøver's birthday - with a 15 years interval. Which gives another reason to the 10 years interval between the two wars - that it is 0.666 of the full interval. It is the same foldover as is installed by Kursk and Cole in the year 'two thousand'. And what does 'MAO-thousand' mean here - the concentration camp 'Mauthausen'? My impression is that these sorts of computations and 'projects' are what is found on 'high level politics'.

Incidentally, and possibly as an irrelevant observation, Tone Helene Grøver has the sort of hair which one often can see on Peloppones, as I discovered when I came there in 2008. 'Peloppones' = 'pell opp o[g] ne[d]-s' = 'pick up and down' = 'picking the nose', which is another symbolism of 'rævkrok' type. See Tarkovsky's film 'Nostalgia' where the main actress has just that sort of hair - and the title with 'nose-talg[=tallow]-ia' could be a reference to 'picking the nose'. This concept of picking the nose could of course also be seen as contained in the name of 'Heinrich Himmler'.

The strategy on Iraq seems in fact to be that numeral '23' in that sense of it - and the purpose could be to lift the 'historic resources' from me representing the jewish-genetic diaspora over onto Tone Helene Grøver representing England or USA in this sense of it.

But clearly USA in this sense of it could be only a tool for UK global dominance in the sense of a 'kingdom of the universe'. Could be, though, that the aspirations of USA is to coup that 'kingdom'.

In addition, 1958 is 23 years after the wedding of Rakel Nerem with Ragnvald Hansen in Klipra - cp. the later Chelmno nad Nerem death camp. Nerem had, according to a family member, lived in the basement of the house of the Flems next to the Eidsvigs in Fjellgata 72 in Klipra, before she married Hansen on new years eve, which could be telling of 'counting whole years'. 'The basement' (cp. also 'Al Qaida', 'Basedow') = 'kjellern', hence 'Chelmno nad Nerem', Himmler's death camp which seems to correlate with Noam Chomsky. This could also be about a program of USA of 'being right' by way of Noam Chomsky - which could have served also to leave the impression on me of 'being wrong', with much public emotional appeal. Tone Grøver lives in an address which seems to point to the paintings in the ceiling in San Pantalon - the crisscross of the 'holy grailer' and the pulley-man - which could be indexing me relative to Sachs and Celan in some essential way, for example relative to the concentration camps Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen. The Oklahoma bombing in 1995 is telling of this US strategy relative to me. I had submitted my book 'Submorphemic signification' to John Benjamins Publishing in Amsterdam and they sent it to review by Michael Noonan in USA. He first asked me to make a 'rework' of some parts of it, which I did, but then he eventually rejected the book after all, with the reason that I had not 'addressed enough of his reservations'. I had, when the response was much delayed, called him or the publisher and they said that they would not publish the book after all, and then about a month later I received the letter with the formal rejection from Michael Noonan ('not addressed enough of his reservations') in my home mailbox on 20 April 1995 - the letter was dated the 5th of April, and it was poststamped the 10th, and it had been addressed with a wrong postcode (zip code). I had submitted it when I lived in Nilserudkleiva in Oslo and had moved to Krumgata in the mean time and the letter had probably been on a one day detour in Oslo before it reached me with its address "Krumgata 4, 0874 Oslo". The Oklahoma bombing was on precisely that day 19 April 1995, which was on the very day 6 months after I submitted the manuscript. The rejection letter came in a small envelope while the manuscript was returned in a separate larger envelope - without poststamps on it. It reached me anyhow, several days or weeks later. Was the book (like many of my applications to the council) rejected because of low quality? I had made improvements on the relevant aspects of it, and Noonan's scientific reasons for the rejection were not so interesting. (My view is that the book well deserved publishing). The return of the book could be seen to be accompanied not only by this Oklahoma bombing, the biggest bombing in US history, but even by an article (Nichols & Peterson: "The amerind personal pronouns") which was very much about the theme of my book (at least in one chapter), a comparison of the reconstructed personal pronouns for the large language families, which was accepted by Language, probably the most prestigious US (or world) linguistics journal (they publish about 16 main articles annually), and printed in June 1996 while the author went into the board of the Linguistic Society of America. Clearly Nichols had worked with similar topics before and the general theory (in this particular chapter of mine) was not so very sensational news anyhow - the connection to my book, beyond this obvious similarity of theme, would have been about the timing and a possible reference (to 'Matthew Dryer') which could have made for a link to me. The US authorities sentenced Timonthy McVeigh to death for the bombing - a loner who seems to have made the huge bomb in collaboration with a Terry Nichols - hence the bombers Nichols & McVeigh and the scholars Nichols & Peterson. They made the bomb by way of material which to a large extent included farming fertilizers - and which thereby much resembled the method of amateur explosives made by newspapers dipped in saltpetre solution and dried, as was the technology I learnt from probably Grøver/'Mengele' around age 14. The article in Language credited Matthew Dryer as a source of inspiration - a name which appears as an inherent reference to this amateur way of making the bomb. It seems that one important way of making the fertilizer component is called 'the Odda process', named after a person in Odda in Norway where I lived 1960-62, and possibly recognizable in the Beowulf-type poem 'The battle of Maldon' of alleged Anglo-Saxon origin (could be from the same sources as Beowulf - I don't know if all anglo-saxon sources could be about the same age). There is also a place not far from Odda called 'Førde', cp. the fertilizer explosives. The name 'Timothy McVeigh' of the bomber suggests partly 'they had to prepare the way for me', suggesting collaboration from officials, and partly 'they had to wake me up', suggesting that the death sentence was not too seriously meant. At his execution, the public had the chance to follow the dying pace of his heart on a monitor after the lethal injection, if I remember right. He left after him a poem which he had written, although it seems to have been written by somebody else. The chairman of the norwegian research council at that time (Halvor Stenstadvold) was also director of the business company called 'Orkla ASA' - which had made amazing progress throughout a couple of decades - this research council in Stensberggata 26 was only a stone's throw from my then home address in Krumgata 4 - had received and rejected my applications a few times already when this bomb went off, and so one could perhaps see this council as 'captains of my heart', so to speak. I think Halvor Stenstadvold (whose name perhaps could entail a certain reference to the outlines of England on the map) a handful years later got the parliament's permission to rebuild the former airport of Oslo (Fornebu, before Gardermoen became the main airport) into an 'innovation park' or something like that. I was writing (on my first computer) my novel "The Dreamer" in 1994-95, and the rejection of such an application is mentioned on 26.12.94: "This is the second Christmas day. I have stayed indoors since the 24th, when I received the rejection of the PhD project application I mentioned in the first of these notes, in the summer. I have tried to work a little, but I feel as if I have sort of lost my spirits due to this rejection. Everything is so incredibly difficult: There is only resistance everywhere". CIA chief Robert James Woolsey resigned from his position on 10 January 1995 (everything was so incredibly difficult? - I add that Simon Walther Hauge is said to have suicided in february 1980) and was followed by new CIA chief John M. Deutsch on 10 May. (I have not been able to escape the feeling that the Oklahoma bombing must have been sanctioned by the White House). I did not 'let the manuscript go' for terror purposes after having 'clutched' it (notice also the 'hyper-deutsch'-ing which could have been requested by Noonan when he asked for a rework of the manuscript, see below on the concept), but I have understood that CIA could have a sort of plan on me to pretend that I am a secret agent for them or for somebody else. Which I am not. For example, I was not involved in the murder of Mao - but the name of Timothy McVeigh could suggest that 'they had to wake me up' - like Vibeke Grøver who woke me up through the window and asked me to go and open the door for her. If somebody entered Mao's house and murdered him in 1976, certainly the way would have had to be prepared in advance. And when I made the homemade explosives from fertilizers at age 14, it was with a friend 'Roy' with whom I also - at the same time - made a boys' homemade push-car, which could be called 'mekke vei'. The wakeup was perhaps a little later than the push-car-making, but it was anyhow around the same time of my life. In addition, the wakeup event prompted me to go to the main entrance to open the door (facing what could have been a surveillance camera on the other side of the street) with the lock from inside, while the push-car and explosives were activities through the other door, the back door pointing down Labråten (towards a neighbour called 'Løken' = 'The Onion'?) in a 90 degrees angle relative to the main entrance door, which could suggest an 'L'. I think the dried newspapers had been soaked in saltpetre solution inside this door (in the 'hobby room'?) before they were carried out for test firing. In the Orderud Paust case there was also a 'resell' of weapons via mobile telephone. (Grøver/'Mengele' later - in the eighties? - entered this 'hobby room' once when I was there with his one hand constantly in his trouser pocket, as if he held e.g. a little container there - he asked me if I recalled what was the name of the once standard book format for latin 'pensum' pages, he just couldn't remember it - what's the name - I later found that it probably was 'Teubner', for example '50 Teubner pages latin text'). Could be it is this 'dumping of the blame for a murder of Mao' onto me they are working with in CIA more or less constantly - including the apparent project of calling me a secret agent. The story of the rejected applications could be the mythological basis for the idea of an 'angry young man' whose applications (my applications to the norwegian research council, that means) had been rejected and therefore he took revenge on the 'Orkla-ASA'-affilated complex by bombing 'Oklahoma' - as could be the unspoken mythology. The date of the Oklahoma bombing - which was timed with the return of my book from the publisher - was on the anniversary of the deaths in the 'Waco Siege' and the reasons which the bomber gave for the terror was 1) the 'Waco Siege' (not 'wacky sock' - it can be noticed that Robert Woolsey started as CIA director on 5 feb 1993 and the Waco Siege started 23 days later, on 28 feb 1993) and 2) the Ruby Ridge. (For the 'wacky sock', I notice also that there had been cameras screwed up to be directed towards the housedoor entrance of my homes in Ehamgasse and Pedrocchi - see chapter 4 - before David Cameron became PM in England in 2010). These two historic sources could be compared with 1) a hypothetical Hammerfest injection of 'Mengele' chemicals in me in e.g. early 1959, and 2) a rape by e.g. Hitler in Oslo in late 1957. The target of the bombing was the 'Alfred P.Murrah Federal Building' in Oklahoma, reminiscent of the hebrew concept of 'me-shah-hurrah' which along with the form 'lists' seem to mean approximately my name on the form 'jumper, freebooter, rover' (also in the two 'reasons' for the bombing) - cp. also the below fragment from a local-patriotic poem by Aron Eidsvig. This 'me-shah-hurrah' could also be contained in the date of official death of Grøver/'Mengele' in 1990, in the mirror point around the death of the shah of Iran to his daughter the princess Leila ('with shah hurrah'). In addition, the title of my book could be suggestive of the submarine of Kursk and the signification of Cole in 2000, as I later understood - but really the contents of the book is a proof that it is possible to find a solution to those epistemological problems which have arisen after the rejection of Grassmann's outlines of a poetic logic in the 1840's. My book proves that there exists a level of signification below the morpheme even in adult language - and that is precisely what Grassmann's theory could have been made for - for constructing a logic wherein the etymological history of the language is included in the logical derivation. Grassmann probably borrowed his term 'Ausdehnungslehre' from the word (appr.) 'Berkeiy' in the early verses of Genesis 1 - which later 'politics' seems to have turned into the Oslo Report and Eisenhower doctrine for a complete occupation of the knowledge-resources in this logical approach. This US response to this book of mine under Clinton tells of the relevance of the idea that 'the nazis won the war'. It is difficult - or at least one could call it naive - to believe that the bombing could have taken place without the involvement of the official administration. For example, one does not immediately believe - on the background of the total history - that such a complex involving 'Language' and the return of my book and the two bombers and the two article writers could have gone unnoticed - or been without involvement of more or less official administration. If I had been a person completely unknown to the political administration, this complex could of course have been engineered by some network of some kind, but if the rest of the complex I have described in this book has some rooting in reality, then one must believe that US administration could not have produced 3,5 ton of evidence papers without discovering the connection. Which could mean that they had engineered the whole thing themselves.

It can be added that if it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the White House must have sanctioned the Oklahoma bombing, the biggest bombing in US history, the story could of course even - although I am only guessing here - have been about creating the impression that the White House is involved in the 'british revolution' which even could have been the contents of the attack on Manhattan on 11 september 2001. Could be they are, of course.

The observation to be made relative to the Labråten 58 complex is therefore the combination of 1) a massive rejection of me and my work, including dumping of the blame for the death of Mao on me while the resigning CIA chief could have taken on my role as 'everything so difficult' (cp. the suicide of Hauge), and 2) a possible hijacking of my work by what looks like more or less intended plagiarism (although in this case it is probably easy to show that the two authors had worked with similar matters earlier and could have had the papers in their drawers since long). I do not have an overview of the 'project', but one could guess that if 1) is associated with Vibeke Grøver Aukrust, 2) could be associated with Tone Helene Grøver.

This could mean that it is an official US policy to reject my authorship in that rather bombastic manner. My books are still (september 2010) unpublished. It is even possible that the character 'Osama bin Laden' serves as a mythological representative of me relative to US policy - and that the construction of this mythological character could have been an official US project. But clearly while the investigation of the bombing produced 3,5 tons of paper with nearly one billion pieces of information, which corresponds approximately to the weight of the bomb itself and probably also the number of 'pieces of information' it produced in the surroundings, there would of course not be any mention of me left after it - even if the purpose with the bomb could have been to tell what high-explosive information there could be contained in the story of the Klipra connection. There could be little left of US culture if all of it were to be 'detonated' - and hence it was not recommendable to publish the book, could be the attitude in the bombing. The Biggest Bombing and the Biggest Investigation in US history - one and the same thing? It is realistic to realize that the US authorities are not going to admit anything of this but could be planning to take over the business (without those religious problems) when England is pensioned off, and they are probably not inclined to discuss matters. The Oklahoma bombing would likely, as is my guess, have been a part of a political program on the death camp structure of Labråten 58 and the political resources therein. But of course it could also have been about an attempt of 'international secret service' (british secret service, quite simply?) to take over the control with the official administration in USA - after all, this explosion of 'fertilizers' was an attack on the american people. In principle, that could, although I cannot evaluate such things, even have been a part of a british project attempting to gain control with USA. The Oklahoma bombing could have been in preparation of 11 september 2001.

And I am supposed to submit my manuscripts to publishers in the hope of having them accepted?

If this Oklahoma bomb was a case of abuse of my novel 'The Dreamer', it could be telling of other comparable cases of terror which could have been based on the same manuscript - such as e.g. the apartment building bombings in Moscow in September 1999. 11 September 2001 could in theory also be seen as related to this book of mine - which is on an autobiographic format (the format of car numbers are also very important in the story) and hence the car bombing of Rafik Hariri could have been coordinated with the launching of the term 'blog' for the internet, cp. also the concept of Grassmann's 'Ausdehungslehre' (which could mean that it was CIA who arranged the bombing). If 'Ausdehungslehre' here also means Rilke's last days, it is even possible that the bombers could have studied the literary lines from my novel via Rilke back to Hölderlin with his 'Hyperion' (cp. WWI 'Ypern' and 'hyper-deutsch'), as discussed below, although this could hardly have been contained in the resignation of Woolsey. (One can notice that if 'Al Gore' represents my childhood fantasy friend 'Gori', my childhood authorship, so to speak, that could have put Clinton into my role around 1960 - something which perhaps could be of some value when considering the role of the White House relative to the Oklahoma bombing). I have the impression that there could be much Hollywood film based on my authorship (but uncredited, of course) - and certainly US authorities should have been able to find out of this if they invested as much efforts into it as in the Oklahoma bombing.

It was in 1986 that I learnt from Tone Grøver that Petter Andre Syversen, the husband or mate of my friend from the studies called Pernille Christiansen, had died in Botswana that summer. I later learnt that the date was on 7 August 1986, 12 years exactly before the twin bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in the context of the rejection of my PhD dissertation (the two places seem to index Schmerlings Platz in Vienna with the symbolism on Arnarson on Iceland), and with the GAS disasters of Bhopal and Halabjah symmetrically around this death of PAS (Bhopal even at the time when I studied along with 'Sindre Bostad' in a course of latin along with another two students). I sent a letter to her in the autumn of 1986 (after having heard about the death of PAS) and said she could contact me if she wanted, and a day or two later there was a silent telephone with some tacit person in the other end. This telephone terror continued for two years, more or less frequently, untill I finally could tell that it was Ragna Grøver who seemed to call by predicting the next telephone on basis of knowledge of her. I had predicted the time point for the next to be some 5-10 minutes after half past seven in the evening on a particular day and it rang at 8 minutes past. 'Pernille' sounds like a rewrite of 'nespille' = 'nose-picking', while 'po-sniking' could mean that her role had been gradually replaced in the course of some time (such as these two years). I don't know who rang - it could of course have been CIA or british secret service or something like that - or quite simply the norwegian service, for example on their behalf. After 2 years of telephone terror, I could not take more of the ringing and was without telephone untill 2000 when I moved into a house in Vilnius where there was a telephone which I eventually dared to connect. It worked out well for some days untill one day it rang and I lifted the receiver - a person said something which sounded to me like 'la pesetas' and hung up. Later in the day there were the news that the british military attache in Athens, Stephen Saunders, had been shot in his car around the time point when I had lifted the receiver. I contacted the british embassy about it and the terrible vibrations were enough to suggest that it had been a british project - clearly for preventing me to have open communication channels to the outer world. (The name of Saunders could have its reason in the poet Stephen Spender who could be representing 'pederasty' and hence the 'Pedrocchi' of my later address in Venice in 2008 - for the A/P cp. the author A.Peterson in Language June 1996). When I was in Greece in 2008, I learnt that one could not open a bank account there without having a telephone number - and I did not want to have a telephone, for obvious reasons. I first tried one bank which refused and some days later I tried the national savings bank (Ethniki), and they had just (same day or something like that) received a renewed reminder from the central administration in the bank that no bank account could be opened without a telephone number. One guesses that this role of the telephone could have been new after 2000 - even with some rooting in the 'nosepicking' of the origins of the story. 'La pesetas' (nosepicking in the other end?) could have been from my own manuscript to the novel 'The Dreamer' from 1994-95 where there is a little dialogue with an inner voice on 'samis' or 'lapps', the inner voice claiming that the lapps are so called because they have such broad trouser seats. I notice also the title 'La Peste' which Camus presented when he was pressed out of his newspaper 'Combat'. This telephone story could suggest that US policy could be not only to keep me off the book market but also off contact with the outer world. I don't know if post to me is censored but the number of letters I have reeived have been declining year after year and in the last years there has been almost nothing. Could be because people do not write to me, for various reasons, or it could be because the post is censored - by e.g. international (UK/US) secret service.

See below (chapter 6) on the hypothesis that this telephone terror through 2 years could have been made for the purpose of an identity of my custody mother with Rilke's mother - with the 35 years time interval from the coup of Iraq in 1968 to the US invasion in 2003.

It is sometimes said that the US war in Iraq is a new Vietnam. This could have a sense which is more than just about the futility of the war. Vietnam is on the other side of the globe relative to Norway and indeed somewhat similar of shape. If the strategy really is converging on Italy as the other side of Norway in a swastika on Europe (with Norway as a northern arm, Italy as a southern, England as a western and a curl around the Black Sea as the eastern), with US in Vietnam and Iraq, one could guess that the next step in the UK-US program could be Italy, not only because there are lots of historic landmarks there but also because it is the southern branch on the european swastika around Paris and the relation to Israel - comparable to Iceland relative to Norway - could be the reason for the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'. Venice - or Genova? - could serve the function of Oslo with its Jerusalem swapover in the Kursk-and-Cole program. Italy could then quite simply be the intended target which Vietnam and Iraq are converging on - for example for re-creating conditions in the 21st century resembling the ones in the 20th. A bomb on e.g. Venice ('Al Qaida' or whatever) could perhaps be enough to trigger such an accumulated convergence for a repeat of the role of Italy.

The double sonnets of '23' can be seen as a THEORY of the 'keys to heaven', which can mean 'the dirty beast', and the upside-down sonnet makes for a 'revelation' relative to the other one. From the one to the other - that is Acts 10.

These theories of permutation apply (as I have shown in my 'Time and the sonnet', 1999) also to the ballades of John Gower - which consequently are essentially related to the sonnet permutations of the numeral 23 and hence John Grøver/'Mengele' of Labråten 58 relates to the Gulf war complex like his daughter Tone Grøver. But it is hard to see this number-mysticism (with sonnets upside-down and things like that) as a goodenough reason for all the wars and terror in Iraq.

The dirty beast in the revelation

The story of the number mysticism sounds admittedly strange and any healthy person must necessarily wonder if the world really can be like this. Sonnets upside down, 26 couping the power from 23 with some millions deaths. To which the politicians could be inclined to answer that 'this is how political power is nowadays and that is the reality they have to relate to'. To which the only sensible answer must be that it means that political power is nothing but imperialist exploitation of other fields of study and cultural development. Nowadays it is particularly poetry, poetic logic and literary exegesis which suffers from the ruthless exploitation from 'political power' - who brutally keep these fields of study suppressed and off the public attention in order to protect their own abuse and exploitation - and when the administrations have devoured what is left of these fields of life, they will turn to other fields where there still are some signs of life left and devour even them. And that is how political power will look then. They pump the resources from these peaceful fields of life into their own exploitation machines as long as there is anything left, and the one who pumps the best has the most power.

The sum of this chapter on superpower power so far can be seen as 1) backwards causation and 2) upside-down sonnets. Both of these can be identified as a 'dirty beast in the revelation'. If the strategy on me - as 'the dirty beast in the revelation' by e.g. Kursk-and-Cole of 2000 - is 1) to dump the blame for terror and other problems on me and 2) to hijack my resources or the historic resources associated with me, this could be seen as a continuation of the strategy on the jewish-genetic diaspora relative to Israel. The joint format of the two strategies would be in the formula 'dirty beast in the revelation'. This means that all the three children in Labråten 58 - corresponding to the three death camps of 'Aktion Reinhard' - could be seen to aspire to the label 'dirty beast in the revelation', and it can be difficult to see the difference, in particular if Vibeke Grøver was not involved in the death of Mao. What Tone Grøver could have been not involved in, I don't know. But at least as seen from my viewpoint, there is little or nothing I can find to blame the two official sisters for in this respect, and that is probably how it looks to most people. It may therefore well be that the purpose with the construction is precisely this evenness - which was constructed already in the early forties with Himmler's 'Aktion Reinhard'.

One could guess that the strategies on Mao and Iraq could be interconnected - that the upside-down sonnet on Iraq can be turned around by dumping the blame for Mao's death on me. When in addition Iraq could be related to the upside-down role of Vietnam relative to Norway, there are quite sizable interests involved. These US interests seem to be quite a lot connected with the nazi achievements of 'Aktion Reinhard' under 'Odilo Globocnik'. This could perhaps explain 'Mikhail Gorbatchov' giving away his power over the Soviet Union - in the hope that the 'terror and monkey business' of USA would have to do the same?

Lenin and Mao and the 'keys to heaven' of Acts 10

If Lenin arranged the attempt on his life in 1918 by Fanny Jefimovitsch Kaplan (outside the Michelson factories, could be for the concept that 'there is not enough cosmic harmony for communism yet' - and the basis for this is Michelson & Morley's = 'Michelson & Motherly's experiment - hence 'Quisling's & Devold's = 'Paul Ancel & Nelly Sachs' experiment = me) for telling about the Modern Language Review as the diachronic dimension of the Klipra connection, there is the hypothesis that he died or pulked in 1924 for telling about the synchronic dimension of the same connection - the 'keys to heaven' of Acts 10 of Downing Street 10. I have probably not found the solution to that but maybe it exists. The most natural explanation is of course that Lenin died for other reasons than for telling things - he could of course even have been murdered and this idea of 'telling things' was later constructed by his murderers - but this explanatory framework deserves some attention. There are 1970 days from Kaplan's attempt to his death on 21 jan 1924, and Celan and Sachs (cp. 'Michelson and Morley') died in 1970. 1 relates to 21 (the date of his death) in the first quarter (lines 1-4) of the 16-summary scheme of the 'keys to heaven' and 19 to 7 in the second such as 10 to 30 (for the 0 in the 19-7-0) in the third and 28 to 16 in the fourth. Verse 28 could be the explanation how it could come about that Lenin let Quisling and Devold in to his datcha in Gorki, and then verse 16 tells that she shot him three times before the two travelled back again to Paris (the sheet was lifted three times etc). I have not found the 'three times' in the official data on his death on 21 january - but he suffered three strokes before he died - on 26/5, 16/12, 9/3: I don't think I have solved this but it could be the reason for the birthday 25/11 of Vibeke Grøver in 1955 and John F.Kennedy jr. in 1960. Hence if I am born 'po orets mittohat' = 'on the mid hat of the year' = 'Modern Language Review' = the diachronic dimension, Vibeke Grøver is born on the synchronic dimension relative to Lenin's death - and the 'reason' for Tone Grøver's birthday is as discussed in chapter 3. That reason is rooted in the death of king Haakon VII who seems to have been the name of Stalin as VI-stalin, for king Haakon I.

But it may be that if Lenin's three strokes refer to this scheme, it relates to the two columns of the FFT flowgraph only and the natural question arises "where is the third column?" That is the column of weighing factors in the FFT algorithm - the semantic element which could be seen as the 'quasi-poetic logic' if the flowgraph is the administrative. Could be, of course, that there is another reason for Vibeke Grøver's birthday and this could even have been known to Lenin and hence his question was this 'third column lacking'. If he took his name Lenin in 1900 for the sake of 'Leonie Sachs', it tells that the russian revolution is about the poetic revolution which should have developed from about 1850 if the british 'administrative' revolution had not taken its place. (If the phenomenon of 'norwegian semantics' is of any relevance, it could relate to this 'third column', cp. e.g the phenomenon of 'Uri Geller' as 'Ure Soppstöd' as a possible comment to administrative faith in 'the power of names').

It can be, therefore, that Lenin died by his own hand in 1924 in order to rescue the revolution. But then he would have been the very Klipra connection in the mythology - which is not likely. (Or, if that was his reason, for example in order to get the problem under the revolution's authority and into the grave, it could be tragic today if people of 2010 believe that we are in the midst of Lenin's revolution when we are in the Klipra connection - which would be very tragic for his own revolution). It is therefore possible that Lenin had appointed with Quisling that he should bring Laura Devold with him to Gorki to shoot him there, three times through the heart. This seems possibly to be the 'british' interpretation. Can we believe it? We can not? The last foreign politician Mao met was Bhutto from Pakistan - three months before his death in the autumn 1976 - which arguably sounds as if he himself had invited Vibeke Grøver to come and give him the last injection. I would, though, suppose that these are explanations provided by administrations who could be in need of such an explanatory framework.

It could be (as seen from MLR, although I have little other evidence or reason for the idea) that I was given a 'third eye' under anaesthesia in the autumn 1975 - a circular mutilation on my frontal lobe by laser imitating the turning of a key in a cylinder - could be for this concept of the 'third column' as Lenin's recommended answer to the political halt of communism, and as the correlate in Mao's death to Nansen, Gorvin and Frick in Moscow one year before Lenin's death. Lazer Ran published a book about Vilnius (and Martin Weiss) in 1974. He lived close to Ilse Blumenthal-Weiss in New York. MLR July 1975 could tell of such a 'third eye' - and one speculates if an octogon 'circle' of married nurses could have had a sex party on my unconscious condition - for a 'brow har[l]em grundtlan' ('grundt-lan[d]' = 'laid him aground', 'shallow land') - an unrealistic idea which, though, would have been about the connection between the Octogon project and this 'third eye' column of Lenin. If the operation on my tonsils in the autumn 1975 were the correlate for Mao to Fridthjof Nansen in Moscow in january 1923, one year before the death of Lenin, one can find even a correlate to the operation on Krupskaja against 'Basedow' in 1913 when they lived in Poronim near Zakopane. But this 'Basedow' could even (guesswork, though) be the origin of 'Al Qaida' = 'the Base': A 'Fridge of Nansen' = 'Fringe of Tonsil' = 'Based-ow Shansi'. The earthquake of Shansi in China in 1556 is the most disastrous quake in known history - it claimed around 800.000 lives, same number as Verdun, Treblinka and Rwanda - while the second most disasterous quake in known history was the one in Tangshan on 27 July 1976, around the time of the death of Mao. According to Chuang/Halliday, Mao met his navy chief in 1975 one year before his death (around the time of my hypothetical 'third eye', that could be) and showed him a little finger and said: 'Our navy is only like this'.

If Lenin's three strokes select Vibeke Grøver's birthday in 1955, Mao's three strokes (11.5, 26.6 and 2.9, according to Spence: 'Mao', 1999/2003) could select Caroline Kennedy's birthday 27.11 on reverse - and between these there is the 26.11 possibly of 2015. Leif Stene Johansen died on 24 feb = 24.II.2002. This means that dates of the three strokes of Lenin and Mao can have been used for computing this 26 nov 2015 for couping the joint effect of the two revolutions - for a joint Klipra and Jar connections. This construction can of course be a late variant. In 2005 I got a PO Box in Vienna - I first got #23, same as my house number, and then it was changed to #35. (A notary public called Christel Scheibenpflug right across the road intersection relative to this post office could have been a name referred to in an attack on a jewish school in Vienna while I used this PO Box - the intruder at night broke windows and toilet lids and when he was arrested he claimed to be Adolf Hitler).

The conclusion to the theme of Lenin and Mao and the 'keys to heaven' seems to be that it could be what the 1-2-3 is about: 1-2-3 are the three columns in the 16-class analysis of 'keys to heaven', the two first of which apply to the 'stroke structure' of Lenin and Mao - which must count as examples of administrative logic, while the third column applies to the quasi-poetic logic which it may be that England plans to present itself with while the rest of the continent is struggling with implementing columns 1 and 2 as well as they can. I guess that this is the essence of the 1-2-3 - and hence the structure over the pope in 1981, Manhattan 2001 - and a hypothetical attack on Italy (Venice?) in e.g. 2015 or thereabout.

If one considers the three birthdays 25/11, 29/6 and 23/2 of the Grøvers and 27/11 and 25/11 of the Kennedys, along with the hebrew of Exodus 20,4 with 'årets mittohat' = 'the mid hat of the year' and the theory of a bomb or other significant event on 26/11-2015, and adding the dates of death of 24/11-2002 for Leif Stene Johansen and 27/11-1990 for Grøver/'Mengele', there is a redundancy suggesting that the project could be to use these days along with the three-column scheme of 'keys to heaven' for lifting the nazi death camp (Aktion Reinhard etc) 'resources' over from the Grøver context (Labråten/Lidice) to a Kennedy context (Jar connection?). Cp. also Palme/Lind in Sweden. Whether that means lifting it from UK to US, or on the contrary preventing such a lift, I don't know.

Tentative informal proof that Paul Celan is my genetic father

Anne Orderud Paust, who had been the personal secretary to the ministers of defense in Norway since the mid eighties, was shot along with her two parents in the night to 22 May 1999. Her husband Per Paust - who had a ..... - had died allegedly from probably 'leukemia' (cp. Goll) on 6 May that year, the day before the bombing of the Chinese embassy the day after, on 7 May. This clearly could be seen as related to the death of Mao in 1976. It seems that the norwegian air force representative to NATO, Per Bøthun, was on duty for NATO that day of the bombing on Belgrade. He was pensioned off some time later. The theory naturally arose that the personal secretary to the defense minister had taken personal 'revenge' for the death of her husband on 6 May by way of her personal contacts in NATO and bombed the chinese embassy the day after. For which reason she was shot on 22 May, 15 days after the bombing (along with her two parents who happened to be present - she had gone to visit them). Her brother Per Orderud who lived nearby got a lifetime sentence for the murders, along with another three people (his wife, her sister and the sister's boyfriend) - a quartet. I don't know if a chinese 'gang of four' would be a comparable idea. There was a widespread feeling that the sentences were not just - could be because the political background with the chinese embassy was a little too obvious. I don't know if there had been confessions.

'Anne Orderud Paust' clearly could represent 'Paust Orderud Anne' = 'Pault Sell Anne' = 'Paul Celan'. Orderud Paust was shot exactly half a year before I was brought to a psychiatric hospital against my will, on Kennedy assassination day 22 november 1999. I was presented to the responsible doctor the day after, on 23 november, which makes the interval 185 days - which seems to be the characteristic number for a calendarial telescope on me. The events included in this telescope over months, weeks, days and years are the death of Sanjay Gandhi, the murder of Rabin (one must correlate with the murder of Ronald Ramm in Norway - cp. the 3,2,1 x 56 days intervals between Sanjay Gandhi, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan and the pope, correlating with the holy hijacker for the last), the Paust case and this hospitalization of me - to which can be added a few days of 185 hours etc which brings it close to the turn of the millenium - from which one can subtract 185 years back to 1814, the year of the antisemitic norwegian constitution.

The following story seems to be about Paul Celan as my biological father and it is from my diary novel 'The Dreamer' for the morning 22 May 1995, exactly 4 years before the Orderud murders but before Rabin, which goes as follows:

22.5.95: I woke up last night around twelve. I remember this only in a vague form: I had a running nose and needed a handkerchief. I rose and grabbed in the trouser pockets for my handkerchief, and found it together with the wrist-watch. For some reason, I found it important to bring both the watch and the handkerchief back to bed, and I put the watch on the upper shelf and the kerchief on a lower above the bed.

Then I woke up around five with the following important message on my lips: TWO VERY THIN THREE-BLOCKS. I repeated this over and over again, as if it should be very important.

The report in Jung Chang / Jon Halliday's biography on Mao ('Mao - the unknown story', published on Alfred A.Knopf, New York, 2005) tells of his last minutes resembling these mysterious 'three-blocks' (here from the end of the book):

On 8 September, an unintelligible croak came from Mao's throat. His barber and servant of seventeen years tucked a pencil into his trembling hand, and Mao laboriously drew three shaky lines, and then feebly touched the wooden edge of his bed three times. The barber figured out that Mao wanted to know what was happening to the Japanese prime minister, Takeo Miki (whose name in Chinese means 'Three Woods'). [...] Soon after this, Meng heard Mao say: 'I feel very ill. Call the doctors'. These were the last words he spoke.

Clearly this seems to be about 'two very thin three-blocks' and 'cloth and clock'. Cp. also the story of me on holiday chopping wood around the time of the death of Mao.

The 'proof' (whatever it proves) now rests on three facts:

1) The events I describe in this diary novel fragment are from the early morning 22 May 1995 and were on the very hour (or why not simply the very minute) four years before Anne Orderud Paust and her two parents were shot. Today I have to realize that the novel could have been stolen from my computer and in theory could have been part of the time point chosen. In the worst case, this work-in-progress of mine could even have been part of a replacement of CIA chief in the spring of 1995 - when Woolsey was replaced with John Deutsch (a name irrelevant to the concept of 'wacky sock'?) after four months interval exactly. If CIA or british secret service used my novel as a template for various kinds of 'secret administration' a la MLR, this John Deutsch could have served to represent 'John Clutch' turning into 'John Dutch', as if I only reluctantly let it go for such purposes. John Deutsch was later accused of having been too lax with security when he had connected his personal computer containing classified material to the internet - and clearly such material could have leaked out that way. Which means that, since a CIA chief must have been aware of this possibility, he could have done it on purpose. This could have insinuated that I had let my novel go for such purposes, which of course would be very wrong. The murder (or 'pulk') of Anne Orderud Paust 4 years later could have got its date determined by abuse of my book - since it could have been served to create the impression that it was my intimate knowledge of the last seconds of Mao's life - residing on my lips and in my inner conscoiusness - which was the reason for the choice of date of the murder of Paust. Which again could mean a CIA concern with crediting me with a murder of Mao.

2) But, as tells normal logic, that story of Orderud Paust from 1999 cannot have been made on basis of my diary since it seems to have been motivated by a '185' telescope plus the Kosovo bombing campaign. However, the 185 telescope could even have been constructed from Gandhi 1980 onwards - including Rabin in late 1995 - for the specific purpose of lending false priority to this telescope. Rabin could even have been murdered on basis of temporalities which could be constructed from my book - in which case it could have looked as if the 'dirty beast in the revelation' had plotted the murder. Which is very wrong. However, if I really perceived, without conscious knowledge, the last minutes of Mao's life in this early hour 4 years before the murder of Orderud Paust, it could partly have been beause that diary fragment could have been motivated also by that telescope: It could have been the awareness of that in 1995 which made me 'foresee' this story from 1999.

3) The '185' telescope turns out to be perhaps the strongest formal evidence: Paul Celan was born on 23 November 1920: Subtracting 185, minutes, hours, days and weeks takes it to 27 October 1916 which - voila! - was the official birthday of John Jensen from Klipra, later turned into Grøver/'Mengele'. But since both the birth of Celan and even of John Jensen 1916 were foreshadowed in MLR, one can assume that the 185 telescope could have been made in advance. Then John Jensen's birthday could have been attached to the 12 years after the 'handshake' of the german emperor and the russian tsar in 1904. That event was perhaps not so very big, but it was a 'handshake' - which tells of the nature of the origin. The constructed birthday of 'John Jensen' would then serve to link the fatherhood to Mengele and give a shade of affiliation to Celan.

The solution to the mystery is in 'two very thin three-blocks' which I later recognized in the two first rows of the Terza Rima structure, based on that permutation algorithm which I was then, in the spring 1995, just about to discover. I had discovered the sonnet structure from event studies in the streets and found the 'terza rima' after I had come to Bergen. There is a very close affiliation between the sonnet and the terza rima in terms of permutation principle. The terza rima is based on the following structure:

C = 'A' turned into 'C'
The structure is 8 rows long and then one starts the repeat. Rows 8 and 9 (= 1) are 'hidden lines' comparable to rows 15 and 16 in the sonnet. With A turned into C for '666' = the 'beast', the rhyme continues in row 10 with C and then D in row 11, with a new replacement in row 14, when C turns into E. In this way, one gets a perfect terza rima such as found in Dante's Divina Commedia. The '666' has the same function here as row 11 in the sonnet. The 1-1-1-2-4-8 seems to be the basis for the postal codes of Sweden 1968 which constitutes a bridge from the Holmqvists near Sachs on Söder to Norway and the 'Aktion Reinhard' structure of Labråten 58. Backwards 8-4-2-1-1-1 one gets close to something resembling handwriting of my first address 'SAN-dveien' which also could be the background of the murder of Aung San 1947 and the SANdblasted Dead Sea Scrolls.

Now the 'message' I repeated over and over again to myself in the early morning in 1995 was in actual fact about this: "Two very thin three-blocks" = "two four eatin three-blocks" = "248 111", with a particular function on the 'three-blocks', which occur in rows 1, 6 and 9. The thin three-blocks are the two 111s.

For the background in my diary novel, it is likely that the words that articulated itself on my lips were about a subconscious understanding of some intrigues that could have been going on in preparation of the murder of Rabin later in the same year - after I had got a university stipend in Bergen. Hence the death of 'Zhu De' on the date of the 508 telescope (minus a year) relative to Lenin - and Rabin could have been about an attempt to lift Mao's death to this date. Hence also the bombing of the chinese embassy in 1999 in order to install a mid point for the Kursk-and-Cole turning of Oslo with Jerusalem around Kosovo or thereabout - for installing the concept of me as 'the dirty beast in the revelation'. The Kosovo bombing could even have served to install just this. Even more, the Kosovo and Belgrade bombings could have served to prepare for a 'carpet-bombing' of Italy. I notice that the function of the two very thin 3-lines in the permutation scheme could have been related to the deaths of my two neighbours Zuin and Zorzetto in Venice in 2009 - the one next to me and the one right under - which also could have been contained in the arrest of McVeigh by Charlie Hanger (!) for driving without a 'licence plate'. See below on Pedrocchi in Venice - where it could have been about the idea of a me as a 'cannibal' - which is not a licenced plate.

It happened on midsummer night 2001 after Dalai Lama came to Vilnius. In the afternoon on 23 June, which must have been around the time of his arrival, I was downtown and suddenly started feeling very drowsy and had to take the bus home for a nap. People around me also started rubbing their eyes and their heads were hanging with low eyelids, even in the streets outside the bus, as if everybody were falling asleep at the same time. I could hardly keep my eyes open. At home, I fell into a deep sleep and woke up refreshed two hours later and felt better than ever. I went for a walk in the midsummer night, and on the way home I observed a capsule (from a bottle) on the ground which occurred to me as highly significant. At home, I sat down at the computer to look up the Paust case verdict which had been made on 22 June. I opened internet right after 10:30 PM local time, which was when an enormous earthquake - it has been measured to 8.4 on the Richter scale, which is extremely rare - struck Southern Peru - at 3:33:14 local time, which was some three and a half hour before midnight (2033) GMT. Southern Peru is the other side of the Northern Peru earthquake where there was the 16th deadliest quake in known history on the last day of the month when Sachs died and Celan was buried after having been found on the first day of the month. And on the Philippines, on the other side of the globe, the volcano Mount Mayon erupted four hours after midnight GMT (0400 GMT). These two events of nature were distributed diametrically about the globe and roughly symmetrically around the midnight of the midsummer night.

Now the nature mystery seems to be about just this role of the electronics vs. poetic truth. It was in the evening of 23 June that I sat down to read the 'Paust' verdict from 22 June again. I had read it in the morning but had not got a copy and now I wanted to print it out from internet (which turned out to be impossible due to some technical problems). The earthquake struck Southern Peru (it rumbled also in Chile and Bolivia) at 3:33 local time which is 10:33 p.m. Lithuanian time. When I checked out more precisely the time when I had logged onto internet that evening, it turned out to be at 10:36:40 local time, which is 3 minutes and 26 seconds (= 3.5 minutes minus 3.5 seconds) after the earthquake struck Peru. I don't know how long time I needed for switching on the computer, navigating the windows and connecting the cable, and how long time it took from I made my decision untill I jumped out of the chair to log onto internet, but it could have been some 3-4 minutes. The point is this: Had the earthquake struck in the moment when I logged onto internet, then the function would have been electronically computable. But it is not electronically computable. It is computable from the moment of the decision in my mind: The earthquake struck in the moment when I decided to log on. It is about the poetic observation - the poetic logic - and not the power of the secret surveillance of the electronics. The earthquake of Tangshan could have been of a similar kind. The quake was at the depth of 33 km (or could be 33.3 is the right measure here, since it is a rough estimate and means just one third of a hundred kilometers), - indeed "two very thin three-blocks".

It could have been this which the Paust case would be about - it could have been an attempt of e.g. CIA to model the contents of my mind four years earlier, in my diary novel, as the basis for the murder of Paust - as if it were the contents of my mind and not the contents of some surveyable electronic format - which was the contents of the murder, its case and its verdict.

I add that the great 8.8 earthquake of Chile on 27 Feb 2010 was at 03:34:15 local time. These are among the biggest earthquakes.

Now the mid point between the earthquake and volcano on midsummer night is at 1.5S 25.0E in Congo, close to Lowa city at Lualaba river, nearer to Lomami river. This suggests 'lomma mi' = 'my pocket', for the story from my diary about the clock and cloth in my pocket which led me to discover the two very thin three-blocks in the case of Anne Orderud Paust.

On an old German map (19th century, probably) I found in the Academy of sciences in Vilnius, whereto I had gone to check out this theory, and indeed I felt the discovery very well in my soul, the Lomami River and a Likoto city at the mid point were called Boloko River (with the alternative name 'Lubilash') and Boloko city.

That of course makes for the three-blocks. 'Lubilash Boloko' gives 'two very CH-blocks'. Furthermore, there is a city a little above the mid point, above Likoto, which is called Opala: That seems to represent the element where I put the wristwatch on a shelf above the bed ('oppå-la', as it well may be called in Norwegian). The Henker-Chef is then perhaps the city 'Likoto' under Opala - when 'lik' means 'corpse' or 'similar'.

The quake measured 8.4 on Richter. Could be it was 8.42, for one of the three-blocks backwards?

Finally, it can be observed that this nature mystery was in the night of 23 June, which is the date of essential importance in my tentative formal proof that John 'Jensen' Grøver could have been identically the same person as Josef Mengele.

How does one interpret these amazing data? To me they mean that the connection to the story from 1995 and 1999 are not coincidental. There is a strong connection between them - which means that I am entitled to make the conclusion that the earthquake at local time 3:33 did in fact correlate with my decision in my mind and not with the moment when I logged onto the electronic internet. It could mean that the diary novel was guided by poetic logic and not by CIA's 'mind control' or anything similar. This furthermore means that the data, to the extent that they prove a genetic or at least poetic relation to Paul Celan, do not exhibit these forms due to US administration but rather because of the genetic history of the poetic logic. See the next chapter on the poetic proof of the parenthood of Sachs and Celan. One takes it that the presence of Dalai Lama as a buddha is about poetic truth and not about political power. The redundancy in the placenames in Congo relative to my diary fragment could be telling, by the clock and the cloth, that my authorship is not under the administrative control of CIA but finds its motivation in the genetic connection.

One can conclude that the administrative project is out for reshaping the world into 'power cycles' of numbers such as 23, 26, 185, 508 etc., and for this they use political power. This would be to suit the british digital computer - for computing on the world with such numbers - from the bible, the calender etc. Then the whole universe could come to look like some british scrabble and one must assume that the 'cosmic harmony' which can be obtained from this could come to be a little boring. Could be like the life of Per Orderud in his cell or something like that. That would be the version of the 'electronic' format. The poetic solution in the mind is certainly a better alternative. If the administrative logic with its power cycles were of any value, why should it be kept secret? Why should it be imposed on the world with political force? The public has a legitimate right to get a full account of all such projects. The real computer is probably not even invented yet.

If CIA is trying to integrate into my person, that could of course be the contents of their ideas (if they have such) of me being involved in a murder of Mao. If my diary novel 'The Dreamer' has been abused as a template for terror, that tells of a dangerous naivity in that US secret service, since they probably would have understood very little themselves of the reason why they did it - could be even including change of CIA director in 1995. It was in early november 2008 that I discovered the parallel hebrew text to my novel (although it was the same parallel text as I had used for the last quarter of my The Endmorgan Quartet which relates systematically to the novel). No sooner had I discovered it, there was the terrible terror attack on Mumbai in India, including a jewish centre. One could speculate that CIA suddenly had discovered, by tapping my computer in Venice, why they had decided in 1995 to use that novel manuscript of mine as a template for their activities, if that be the case. They could have felt that they looked into a new landscape, a 'promised land' which my book really is about, without understanding much of it but feeling a generally uplifted mood which they ascribed to their own visionary ideas of secret service, and then started attacking this 'promised land' with terror for being the first to plant their flag in there. Then the Oklahoma bombing could have been linked to the concept of 'wacky sock' for imitating ideas about the change of CIA director in 1995 - for the 'Waco Siege' = 'Vergewaltigung' of CIA identified as the bomber's real contents of mind. This could perhaps even have been a part of the background for the israeli bombing of Gaza in christmas 2008.

Chapter 4: Sachs, Celan, me

It seems that the history is contained in the relation between custody and genetic parenthood, and that the Grøver couple were my custody parents while Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan were my genetic parents. My role seems to have been to represent the jewish-genetic diaspora with a global scope, under the custody of non-israeli states, and it is well possible that Treblinka was established for making my mythological role - in the typical 'nazi' approach of blaming the jews for the holocaust. The political project would have been to replace the genetic connections among people related in love relations of genetic parenthood with the administrative logic of custody parenthood relations. The contents of this mismatch of custody and genetics is discussed in the last chapter.

It seems that my personal history could have contained some elements of abuse - which perhaps can be recognized from the titles of MLR April 1957. The ones I have figured out as cases of possible or probable abuse in my infancy are 1) a rape by Adolf Hitler or comparable around Christmas 1957 when I lived in Brinken 2, Kampen, Oslo, and 2) an injection of 'Mengele' chemicals in my blood in Hammerfest - and for the time of this second one I have computed something around the date 20 January 1959 which was the mid point in Eisenhower's presidency. The custody parents have admitted that I nearly died from an 'allergic' or 'asthma' attack in Hammerfest but said that I probably had put something in the mouth which I could not take. (They have also said that I was allergic to 'house-dust' = 'husstøv', cp. 'hus-døv' = 'house-deaf'). These two events are, though, guessworks only from my side and none of them would be detectable later in life, as far as I know. What would have been a case of abuse which I know about is when the school dentist drilled up most of my healthy teeth in the autumn-winter after I turned 13 (1970-71): The teeth were white and healthy before the [mis]treatment and the fillings went mostly like straight tramlines through the teeth afterwards. 'Tram' is called 'trikk' in norwegian, hence a 'dirty trick': The name of the school was 'Trosvik' = 'oaths-treason', as for a 'dirty trick', while the next school, a year later, was 'Seiersten' where I got an amazing series of top marks, followed by high school 'Frydenbergs Gymnas' where I dropped out mid way at the end of 1974. In the same year 1970-71 Grøver/'Mengele' was chief doctor for the department of not only social medicine but also of geriatrics (I think this lasted unto about the mid seventies), there is the natural association to 'geriatrics' as 'dirty tricks' of a way of getting one secret agent naturalized (or 'published' in society) as by social medicine by way of sending somebody else out, as on the ramp of Auschwitz. The maltreatment of the teeth and the school stories 1970-74 could have been for the ultimate blaming of me for 'dirty tricks' in the administration of society. I mention also from 1970 or 1971 when Grøver/'Mengele' quoted somebody saying that 'social medicine is like trying to get toothpaste back on the tube', whether that be relevant to a 'Jar connection' or not. Sachs' 'Sternverdunkelung' was co-published also on 'Querido Verlag'.

When in 2004 I came across the published exchange of letters between Sachs and Celan, published nearly a decade earlier, it was like reading a book I had always known. It seems that all my early childhood memories can be traced in this book. The first childhood memory of mine is from a corridor in Brinken 2 in Oslo in probably late 1957 or early 1958. It consists of 3-4 elements: 1) I can still not walk but only crawl - actually rest on all four - looking down on the floor in a corridor, 2) then I lift my head and look into the end of the corridor, and then finally 3) I lift it further and look into the circular lampshade in the ceiling over me, (4) with the bright light shining from it, and there the memory fades. We left the place in April 1958 and I had never been there again before I went back in 1993 - in fact I lived only some hundred metres away on Kampen in Oslo and was writing a book about child language acquisition and I found an excellent chance to test the relevance of my own childhood memory and went to the residence register and got the address details from 1957 - to see if my memory was right, and indeed every detail was as I remembered. When I laid down on the floor I could look up into the same round lampshade, with the same end of the corridor ahead. Only a fire hose had come up on the wall. It seems from my recognition of the letters in the book that this memory of mine is from the letter which Sachs sent to Celan on 10 March 1958, and indeed the memory must be from about the same time. It contains the poem which she included in the letter and which starts as follows - with the four elements of the memory in these four lines:

Warum diese Traurigkeit?
Dieses Welt-zu-Ende-fliessen?
Warum in deinen Augen
das perlende Licht daraus Sterben sich zusammensetzt?

I personally believe that my first memory is not from a rape by Adolf Hitler himself (probably Christmas 1957) but rather from this much better understanding of the world - also as my rescue in such a difficult situation. I do believe that it is because my genetic mother sent this to my genetic father that I remember this understanding of the poem in the letter. It is also essential that it is a poem she had written and not only the prose of the rest of the letter - it was the first poem she sent to him. Therefore it is my first childhood memory. The second childhood memory is from Hammerfest where I lived from April 1958 to the end of 1959: I was walking outdoors, it was dark and hence the winter season north of the polar circle, and cold it was, and the two custody parents were holding my hands up in crucifixion posture - the normal posture for a small child learning to walk. I was not a fast walker. Could be it was late 1958. Then suddenly somebody appears in front of me and looks at me, a little up and in front of me. The memory is the strange phenomenon that I cannot decide who it is - if it is myself or somebody else who looks at me. Was it my own self seeing me walking there between the two custody parents? The memory is likely to be connected with the letter Sachs sent to Celan on 11 September 1958 with the poem including the lines:

bin ich hinübergeneigt
das Ende der Fernen zu küssen.

The word 'Gängelei' means 'custody [parenthood]' and means the two custody parents holding my hands outdoors in the crucifixion posture - hence the memory means the understanding of Sachs' motherhood. This memory does indeed seem to be from this poem in the letter from Sachs to Celan - it was the second poem she sent to him as an integral part of the letter, according to the published collection, and it was the second childhood memory of mine. It seems to be the poem, quite simply, although the first memory tells that there had to be a real-world experiential basis for it in my life. But that only tells that the experience may have been mutual - and, of course, of a universal poetic quality. See also Celan's poem 'Der Reisekamerad' from his 'Mohn und Gedächtnis'. A third memory, also this from Hammerfest, is a little later since I was a better walker at that time: I remember we were at the Meridian pillar (there exist three of them in the world, as far as I know, for land measurement purposes) and I put my hands against the cool stone (probably granite). It is this feeling of cool stone against the palms which I remember, while the walk itself is documented on an 8mm film, if I remember right, and probably derives from that. Could have been about a 'feel-M'. The palms are also about the name of the place - and the later prime minister of Sweden. The memory of the hand is likely to be from the beginning of Sachs' letter to Celan of 12 June 1959 - which well could have been around the time of the walk.

"Lieber Paul Celan, schreibe diese Zeilen in einer weissen Sommernacht - ebenso unergründlich wie im Winter die Polardunkelheit - ebenso günstig für Heimweh auf allerlei Art. Wie natürlich dass zu Ihnen meine Grüsse und Herzenswünsche gehen sollen und zu Giselle mit dem Brunnennamen, deren Hauch über meinem Bett schwebt mit dem silberglänzenden Strich ihrer Hand. - Ostern fuhr durch äusseren Anlass - der furchtbare Schmerz wieder durch mich und noch geht es schwer mit dem Aufrichten".

'Gisele' could be a name telling of my custody in Hammerfest, and the memory of the feeling in my hand could be this 'silberglänzenden Strich ihrer Hand' telling of the placename which here is in the 'Ostern'.

The idea is that 20 January 1959 - mid way in Eisenhower's period - could have been the day of a 'Mengele injection' and it seems that Sachs could have felt it all the way to Stockholm, as appears from her letters to Dagrun Enzensberger in Norway on 22 January 1959 (cp. also my title 'The Endmorgan Quartet') and her two letters to Walter A.Berendsohn, telling him things, on 22 and 25 January 1959. See also Celan's mention of '20.Jänner' in his Meridian speech which he gave some days after he could have visited me in Odda on 3 September 1960 - although that date also has other and independent reasons. The letter to Dagrun Enzensberger was written one year after Sachs had been acquainted with her husband Hans Magnus Enzensberger for the first time. She writes first that perhaps she should have written in swedish and not in german, since Dagrun was norwegian (like me) and perhaps understood swedish better.

"War den ganzen Tag froh, trotz Eis und Dunkelheit, daß es so etwas Lichtes und Süßes im Nachbarland gibt. Es war so gemütlich zu hören, wie Du schön warm heizt, und draußen ist es bitter kalt genau wie im Märchen. Ich sehe euer Häuschen vor mir. O wie gerne würde ich auf der Küchenbank schlafen. Weißt Du, ich schlafe bei mir auch in der Küche, einfach weil ich da mehr zu Hause bin als in dem Fein-Zimmer, wo ich die Möbel von anderen Flüchtlingen übernahm. Und dann, wenn man selbst einmal auf der Flucht einen Stein gestreichelt hat, weil es das erste war, worauf man sich niederließ in einem freien Land - so hat man niemals mehr ein nahes Verhältnis zu allem, was nicht ganz direkt zum Dasein dient".

It seems to be the case that there was such a traumatic event in Hammerfest - 20 january 1959 could be a good guess but I have no certain data on this.

A particularly strong and vivid memory of mine from Odda (1960-62) is the following: I and my friend Allal (his real name was Harald) decided to go for a rathunt behind the house. I grabbed a broom in the entrance room and we went behind the house where there was the creek or river and the field of stinging nettles and the foundations of the house made of stones. Between some of these, a rat suddenly peeped out with a friendly look. It was rather big. I swung the broom and hit the rat on one of its paws resting on the brim of the stone - it looked at the bleeding paw and then on me with a sad look in its eyes: Why did you do this to me? Then it disappeared under the house again. We went back up with the broom and a terrible conscience attacked me on the way (like flames of shame rising from the shoulders). I put the broom back in the entrance room. There is the background for this memory in Sachs' poem 'Und die blindgewordenen Leiber' from 'Noch feiert Tod das Leben' - she sent the poem to Celan on 6 january 1961 - it seems that the letter contained only this poem plus a greeting at the end ('Paul und Gisèle mit soviel Licht / wie ich senden kann! / Nelly'). The poem starts:

Und die blindgewordenen Leiber
der Ausgestoßenen werden
von der Nacht an der Hand genommen
Nacht die ihr eigenes Dunkel überspringt
bis die
geschwisterlich Geführten
zunehmend an Gefährdung
in die Katakomben von Ur hinunterfallen
die begrabenen Schätze betastend
die glimmen im schwarzen Feuer der Leuchter

The 'rathunt' memory could be an interpretation of that poem, perhaps in combination with Celan's possible visit to Odda in september 1960. The reason why I remember it so well could be that the poem could have been a real cure of a rape by Hitler - who must have had a terrible conscience afterwards.

These early childhood memories suggest that my social-psychological survival was due to my genetic parents and their presence in my life, and it also follows that although this remote dependency was precisely a part of the political construction, my role in it was to be the genetic link in the jewish-genetic community and its culture - a link which could allow administration to get the jewish-genetic diaspora's shared knowledge-space under control - it would also have been part of the same administrative construction that this remote dependency would have been declared as only a kind of fantasy of mine and engineered really by administrative control - up to the day when the two genetic parents were murdered and the family moved over to the other side of the country. For example, my feeling that I had a remote - or rather very near - mother who cared for me - was that feeling due to administrative manipulation, for example by secret surveillance of the letters exchanged between Sachs and Celan and imitation or representation of the contents of them by the custody parents, or was there a reality in the feeling of the near presence of a remote mother? I think the first memory proves that there was a reality in it, and the second probably does as well. But the idea of administrative engineering of the inner genetic mother is an impression which could have been signalled to me for plunging me into further spiritual isolation - for example, the custody parents could have imitated the first poem which Sachs sent to Celan and thereby they would have been intruding into the poetic world I shared with the genetic parents. I don't know if such attempts to imitate them really were going on, but I remember from Odda (where we lived throughout 1960 untill the summer 1962) that I found an old ocean-green verdigris brass-case-contained traveller's alarm clock in a kitchen cupboard. Sachs had written to Celan after her return from Paris to Stockholm on 18 June 1960: " Ihr meine geliebten Drei, nach dem Abschied und dann durch die Luft gezogen und dann aussteigen, abgerissen - aber Ihr wart vorausgeeilt, auf schwedischem Boden das Gras einen Augenblick goldgrün wie nur in Kinderträumen". This "Gras goldgrün wie nur in Kinderträumen" is in fact a possible etymological interpretation of the greek in the name of 'Akhilleus' in Homer's Iliad and could be representing the role of the poetry in the communication between Sachs and Celan. It is also the contents of the earliest hebrew verses in Genesis 1.9-11, about the land of fresh green grass. I think this could have been the reason for this early morning story - the colour of the alarm clock: I had - inspite of my young age - the impression that it was not functioning properly any longer. It was one night that I woke up very early, could be around 4-5 in the morning, and rose and found this alarmclock in the kitchen cupboard and sat down outside the sleeping room of the custody parents. I had the idea that I had to repair the clock and I therefore started turning the screws untill it gave off a shrill alarm which I could not get off again. After some time of this 'terror', maybe a minute or two, the custody mother burst out the door in dramatic morning gown and with a terrible look on her face - she grabbed the clock and switched it off and I was ordered back to bed. Was the genetic parents' presence in my life due to administrative imitation of them by the custody parents or was it because of the poetic language in the genetic space I shared with them? The question was, in short, whether the custody mother controlled the communication or not. She did not, was the answer in the early morning. This probably gave me the answer to the question whether she was in charge of the spiritual communion affiliated with the poems which Sachs sent to Celan, such as the ones from 10 February 1961:

Ächzend zieht sie ihren Geliebten
am Gelock des Weltmeeres aus der Tiefe
Und hier in den vier Wänden nichts
als die malende Hand der Zeit
diesem Embryo der Ewigkeit
mit dem Urlicht über dem Haupte
und das Herz der gefesselte Flüchtling
springend aus seiner Berufung: Wunde zu sein -

This "Urlicht über dem Haupte" could to be about "Giselle mit dem Brunnennamen" from the letter to Celan of 12 June 1959. It also tells of the four last lines in the first poem from 1958, the one from my first childhood memory:

O Strahl der uns geweckt:
wie nahmst du unser Müde-werden
in deine immer mehr Heimat dunkelnden Arme
und liessest dann allein uns in der Nacht -

Apart from the opening lines of the Iliad, Akhilleus (here interpreted as 'the yellow-golden green grass of childhood dreams') appears for the first time in verse 54, and verse 55 suggests "for in the case of the heart, the white-armed nursing goddess" (who is Hera). Genesis 1.9-11 talks about the land of fresh green grass, which could be the same land, only that the water in that hebrew is replaced with air in her letter - in an elemental conversion which has a counterpart in the possible name-change of Hitler to Eidsvig in terms of water and earth. Which means that the hebrew definition of the love of a child and its inner fantasy world in her letter is taking the place of the greek definition of the war hero 'Akhilleus'. In her letter she adds the 'gold' to the green grass - perhaps that is not in the hebrew of Genesis - and this colour could have its interpretation in the complex around Charles de Gaulle in France, in very acute contrast to the role of 'Die Goll-Affäre' of Celan which started in 1949. In the theme of genetic vs custody relations, there would also be the theme of 'hebrew love' vs 'greek war' of the nazis - and her letter to Celan serves to put it back into the hebrew again. The correspondence between Celan and Sachs seems to have been a part of their remote upbringing of me in Norway.

Sachs' letter to Celan of 30 October 1967: "Paul, lieber Paul, Deine Gedichte atmen bei mir Tag und Nacht, sie teilen also mein Leben. [... ] Wie oft bin ich im Geiste bei Euch, und dann das Gold über dem Wasser und in Deinem Zimmer! / Gisèle im grossen Buch bist auch Du bei mir mit Deiner Hand, aber wie stehst Du auch sonst vor mir so klar in meinem Augenlicht. Diese Tage bei Euch waren damals die letzte Helle dann 3 Jahre Nacht". Three years I would have been, and a few weeks, if Celan visited me in Odda in September 1960. The 'Gold vom nirgendwo' in the letters they exchanged seems to be me - the golden light over the water and in his room which they saw in Zürich and Paris in 1960, and it seems to be related to this "yellow-golden green grass of childhood dreams" (including an elemental dream-conversion from grass to water which is not the same as the one of Hitler). This means the poetry which means what shares life with her - which again seems to mean me sharing life with her.

The exchange of letters between Sachs and Celan seem in fact - at least to me - to be mainly about me. In Zürich and Paris in 1960, they seem to have appointed a 'code word' on the form 'the golden light over the water' which seems to refer to me. On 13.12.1967, she wrote to Celan: "Paul, tiefen Dank für Dein Gedenken. Käme das Gold durch die Luft noch einmal aus dem Geheimnis. Es war so lange schwarz für uns beide [etc]". On 20 March 1968, Sachs wrote the following short letter to Celan: "Paul, lieber Paul, ist etwas Gold vom nirgendwo zu dir gekommen, mit dem Herzen möcht ich es zu dir schicken - Nelly". Celan wrote back on 22 March that he would publish a new collection of poetry in the autumn wherein he mentions that golden light with a hebrew name. This is likely to be the poem 'Nah, im Aortenbogen' in his 'Fadensonnen', with the line 'Ziw, jenes Licht' which seems to rewrite via 'Zi Wjene Slicht' to 'John Bjarne Grøver'. It seems that they were very aware of me but could not mention the name explicitly - for the simple reason that it could mean a leak of the very high secret of the nazis in the family.

There is one poem which Sachs wrote and which is not contained in any of her collections of poetry - but it is in the selection 'Ausgewählte Gedichte' which Hans Magnus Enzensberger made of her poetry in 1963. That is the poem 'So steigt der Berg in mein Fenster hinein'. This poem is also in a letter she sent to Celan on 22.12.1961 - with only one minor difference which was in the onset: 'Es steigt der Berg in mein Fenster hinein'. The two poems are nearly the same apart from this 'so/es'. I remember well the situation which this publication in Enzenberger's selection could have been about. I was in the bathroom at 'Stuevollen' in Molde, which means probably in 1963, and rolled the foreskin back on my penis - when suddenly I discovered that it could not be rolled back again. Grøver/'Mengele' helped me get it back while I was crying, and it could never be rolled back after this time. It seems to have its explanation in this poem of Sachs. The small difference between the two poems could have been the historic background of the scene with the apparent printing error in Tarkovsky's 'Mirror'. The 'dirty' word ('sues'?) is whispered in the ear at 28:35. This film could be a poetic interpretation of the relation between Sachs and me - and this 'sues' could be the origin of the forms 'svin' in Oslo in 1983 and 'Zuin' in Venice in 2008-2009. The other print-worker in the film, who quarrels with her in these scenes around 28:30 onwards, resembles Ragna Grøver in some respects. Her entry around 23:18 looks as if it is done on basis of a study of Ragna Grøver - a secret film or a report from some witness. (In 2010 a new edition of Sachs' works was published on Suhrkamp).

Sachs published her 'Fahrt ins Staublose' in 1961. If this means 'Fahrkarte Stockholm', telling that I was welcome there, Celan published his 'Fadensonnen' in 1968 - which thereby even could have contained the idea of 'Fahrkarte Paris'.

Poetic proof of the genetic parenthood of Sachs and Celan

No sooner was 'Fadensonnen' published in September 1968, not so long after my 11th birthday, Celan had another psychiatric crisis when on 15 november he attacked a neighbour whom he thought was a threat to his son Eric. He was brought to psychiatric hospital - where he wrote most of the poetry book which in the late 1990's was published under the title 'Späte Gedichtsammlung', in spite of his explicit writing on the front of the folder that it must never be published. The peculiar aspect of this is that it is a very close parallel to Sachs' 'Glühende Rätsel I' - so close and precise that it had to be an important part of the work. There is only one poem in this work which is not a precise parallel, and that is his 'Landschaft, nicht ohne Falken', poem #19 in 'Späte Gedichtsammlung', which corresponds to Sachs' 'Ich wasche meine Wäsche', poem #4 in 'Glühende Rätsel I'. One aligns #19 with #4 and compares poem per poem. Then Sachs #1 = Celan #16, and one leaps to the end of Sachs' work and continues counting backwards to her #16 which then corresponds to his #1 - and to his #31 counted forwards. Her #16 contains this doubleness: "...den Zwillingmund tief beglückt / so weiß ich ja nicht / was mein Unsichtbares / nun mit mir anfangen wird -". I discovered the phenomenon when I read his #20 = 'Die Fahnen waren den Schein' wherein I immediately recognized her #5 'Lichterhelle kehrt ein in den dunklen Vers / weht mit der Fahne verstehn'.

It is a poem which I myself wrote in 1996 which is the solution to this mystery. I constructed this poem (before I came across Celan's book) on basis of phonological properties of words in Johannes Friedrich's "Hethitisches Keilschrift-Lesebuch" (Carl Winter 1975), on basis of the roughly 350 Sumerian 'ideograms' with phonological values in the list of words. I used a bound form which I had derived from the sonnet algorithm (described in my 'Time and the sonnet' of 1999) on the format which I invented and called a 'star' structure, where the lines are composed of elements permuted from the 8 columns. Each column permutes the one to its left in the same way (which is the FFT flowgraph of the sonnet permutation which can be traced to the 'keys' as a general cognitive principle) in the 'permutation' matrix. Here are, from left to right, 1) the permutation, 2) the subsets, and 3) the 'star' structure:






















A trivial poetic form on basis of this 'permutation' is then the rhyme ABCB CACB or even ABCB CDCB. It can be generalized to the traditional ABAB CDCD. The fourth column is optional and is in any case a repeat of the first. The reason why it is conveniently maintained as a part of the form - and hence lending a comparable fundamental importance to the fifth column of the sonnet structure in the 'keys to heaven', is found in the second-order transform which obtains when these 4 x 8 = 32 words are listed vertically 1-32 in a lefthand column and the same permutational transform is carried out in another 5-6 columns. When the resulting lines are inspected, one finds that there is a limited number of distinct subsets in the lines - or distinct 'rhymes', if one likes the idea. Just like lines 2, 4 and 8 = subset B in the permutation matrix contain the same elements, which again differ from lines 3, 5 and 7 = subset C, there is a total of only 8 different such subsets in the permutation of the 32-element columns. They can be listed from A to H. These subsets are the ones numbered from 1 to 8 (= A-H) in their order of first occurrence, in the matrix 'Subsets'.

Now the 8-line form to the left can be rewritten by replacing element number (counting the elements from 1 to 32 while reading from top to bottom) with corresponding class or line number in this ordering of the subsets. That gives the 'star' structure from this higher-order permutation in the righthand matrix above. This is a form which I explored in 1996 on basis of phonological forms in various languages. I typically used 2 or 3 binary-valued phonological features on the 8 lines of classes ('rhymes') and applied these to the 'star'. I found that sumerian ideograms were interesting because they could be assumed (or at least I thought so in 1996) to have the role of summing up the most general classes of presumed cultural concepts - used almost as a sort of grammatical or rather lexical 'sumerian' tags for the Hittite text, sort of indicating the semantic field within which the word is to be understood. There is naturally a limited number of them, and they will have a maximal generality. I interpreted +Consonantal +Vocalic as nasals and liquids = 'l, r, m, n', and -C-V = -Consonantal -Vocalic as meaning the glottal fricative 'h', on basis of which I constructed 4 groups for the 8 lines or elements in the 'star' structure:

2, 4, 8
3, 5, 7
+C+V, -C+V, -C-V
+C-V, -C+V, -C-V

The groups would select ideograms from among the 350 possibilities (of which only some have truly ideogrammatic values, and some merge with Hittite interpretations) which meant that the alternatives were very few. I arrived at the following 8 semantic elements, which I now find again in my notes from 1996: 1. Hang-on, 2. Black night, 3. White dry shirt, 4. River, fish, 5. Blue stone building, 6. Breath / meaning, 7. Tent / writer, 8. Half-moon, Here element 1 'hang-on' is the syllable 'LAL' = 'liquids', which also Hitler used for his 'Heil Hitler' sign, the arm reached out in 90 degrees angle (it consists of one vertical and one horizontal wedge attached on top). For Element 6 = +C-V I used the syllable 'ZI' meaning 'breath, meaning, soul, wish, self'. There would be many alternatives to a purely consonantal syllable but this was perhaps optimal for the particular form which emerged from the rest of the 8 elements. If the number of elements with only vowels or mainly a glottal articulation is very small and therefore constraining for the poem, the number of +C-V elements will be comparatively large and provide for the variation among the poems. For element 8, I wrote down three alternatives - 'entrance hall', 'half-moon' and 'rusk' (!) - and chose the half-moon not only for the relation to the 'hang-on' but also for the context which would make a sort of 'entrance hall' or even 'in trance hold' out of the half-moon. To take element 4 as another example, I used the three concepts 1) 'mnlr' = 'black night', 2) 'vocalic' = 'dream/sleep', and 3) [h] = 'fish', for which the Sumerian ideogram seems to have the value 'KU6' but the Hittite pronounciation of it is listed as 'ha'. There are very few alternatives for the -C-V, for which reason I allowed for this variant, in particular since it is listed also under Sumerian ideogram 'HA' in the overview list at the end of the book. (Also, in a Sumerian dictionary such as Hübner and Reizammer, the form 'ha' means 'fish' and not much more). The purely vocalic alternative is basically the 'A' = 'water', which goes well together with the fish. There are very few singular vocalic forms - 'E' = 'house' and 'U' = 'grass' and 'I' = 'fat, oil, flesh' are among the very few - about all there is. The 'house' gives the 'mausoleum' in my poem when combined with 'blue' and 'stone'. This means that there is an extremely strong constraining of the poem - there would perhaps be a few alternatives, but they are very few. What is left of choice is largely conditioned by very general poetic considerations. Here is the poem I wrote:

In the autumn dark my days grow shorter.
In the white river I wash at night.
My shirt breathes in the silent water,
in its blue and stone mausoleum of light.

This shirt is the tent of my soul.
A single half-moon writes in the river
as I wash the meanings out. In the cold
and stony water my white shirt shivers.

Now the discovery I made in 2004 was that this poem of mine was semantically very close to the poem of Sachs from her 'Glühende Rätsel I' which was not in parallel with Celan's poems of 1968, and it was formally very close to the poem of Celan from this 'Späte Gedichtsammlung' of his which was not in parallel with Sachs. These two poems were selected by Celan in his work with the book in the psychiatric hospital. Here is Sachs' poem:

Ich wasche meine Wäsche
Viel Sterben im Hemd singt
da und dort Kontrapunkt Tod
Die Verfolger haben ihn mit der Hypnose
und der Stoff nimmt willig auf im Schlaf -

This poem - which is an amazing semantic parallel to mine - is the only one which is not a semantic parallel to Celan's poem from his 1968 book - which is this:

Landschaft, nicht ohne Falken

Die windigen Isoglossen, semiotisch
entfärbt und verfärbt;
Syntagmen, Syntagmen;
ein Wander-Code, auf Fixstern-Aschen;
eine Wegweiserkette, wundenbeflügelt;
Zeichenwein, in
schmerzbeschrifteten Kufen;
Marstide, Milchblitz.

For once, this poem describes the formal structure of my 'star' poem, the winding meandrics. However, the mystery was not really solved before I discovered that this poem of his was a line-by-line description of the photo which I took in Vilnius of a tree that fell in a storm at night outside my home in november 2001. I photographed it and it makes for the back page photo to my The Endmorgan Quartet. The photo also seems to be a representation of Sachs' poem 'Mund / saugend am Tod' from her 'Fahrt ins Staublose' (it is also in her letter to Celan of 27 february 1960, a reply to his letter of 20 february 1960). Here is the photo texted with Celan's poem:

The self-referring recursive property makes for the washing and death theme in Sachs's poem and for the formal self-reference which explains the parallel to Sachs's poem in Celan's. My poem and photo is about that link between the two poems - which means the link which holds the two parallel texts together.

The conclusion is likely to be that the formal constraints are so strong that the mystery of the parallelism of Celan's poem with my photo means that these two are my genetic parents. The shared language which is the basis for the phenomenon is likely to be the one of the genetic connection from my childhood.

The phenomenon probably has its rooting in Celan's letter to Sachs of 24 December 1964, probably the christmas wherein I got my first book (if that was not the christmas before - I know that I got it in Volda): "Hab Dank, liebe Nelly, für Deine glühenden Rätsel. Wir gehen viel mit ihnen um, wie mit allen Deinen Gedichten, hoffen, noch viel mit ihnen umgehen zu dürfen. / Bald sinds elf Jahre, daß wir einander kennen, und viel ist geschehen in diesen Jahren, vieles hast du vorausgewußt. Ein neues Jahr beginnt nun in ein paar Tagen [...]". This suggests a connection to my own 11th birthday in 1968, after which Celan wrote his 'Späte Gedichtsammlung'. In the published correspondence, this letter of Celan is #96, and letter #97 is Sachs sending a poem to the Celans, signed "Für Paul, Gisèle, Eric / meine geliebte Familie / ein gesegnetes Jahr 1966 / Nelly". The poem is the first in Glühende Rätsel IV: "Verzweiflung / deine Buchstaben wie Streichhölzer / Feuerspeiend / Niemand kommt ans Ende / als durch dein Wortgeweih [etc] ". I had learnt to read my first word by the help of Grøver/'Mengele' in Molde in probably the summer or autumn 1963 (I would suppose it was not in 1962) - the first word was 'pancake' ('pannekake') which Grøver/'Mengele' made me read, while he laughed as if the word should have a funny meaning such as a 'third eye' or something like that. It was perhaps a somewhat unhappy start. It could have been around the time when Celan started writing his 'Atemwende' in september 1963 - the first poems in this 1967 book of his were written on 16 october 1963. I got my first book "Da vi snødde inne" ('When we snowed in[side]') by Hans Peterson for probably christmas 1964. I remember well that I thought the title was "Da vi snudde inne" ('When we turned inside'), if this was because somebody had told me this title or if it was because I had not been so detailed with that strange norwegian letter like in Hitler's postcard to 'Eugene Paisseau' = 'Ø kjempesår' = 'Ø giant wound'. It may of course be that Grøver/'Mengele' had handed the book over to me while pronouncing the title 'Da vi snudde inne', for invoking precisely this complex. In january 1965, when I probably struggled with getting through the book I had got for christmas (could be I had read it through in christmas, I don't remember), turning page after page while reading and reading, waiting in vain for the promised turning to start while the pages were all about snowing and snowing, Celan followed his wife to the train for Rome and then wrote her a long letter, page after page, with expressions of the sort 'now I turn the hourglass again'. It could be that this is the line 'Niemand kommt ans Ende' in Sachs' poem a year later. I would take it for granted that she had not got secret information about such a project on me reading my first book - but it is of course possible that she would have felt the need for a poetic interpretation of the phenomenon. That does not mean that her poems are restricted to her understanding of me - it rather means that she gave my problem a solution which was in the universals of poetry. And of course it could be about her relation to me when it is about universals of poetry.

But clearly this relationship is precisely what the nazi-political project is out for controlling and couping by divide-and-conquer from the jewish-genetic diaspora - with their projects on '23' and Mao (also a poet) and 'the dirty beast in the revelation'. Administrative logic will probably claim that the correlation is due to the permutation and the sumerian of Rawlinson - which could be telling of the reason for these political projects on mesopotamian Iraq etc. But that is only because there is something there to coup - otherwise it would not have been interesting for administration. I think this is what Celan tried to say with his poetry book written in the psychiatric hospital - shortly after 'Fadensonnen' had been published. It may go back to his letter of 24 december 1964, although I would take it for granted that he did not copy from Sachs' book in any sense of it - rather it is a project which he started then in 1964 (around the time of the first book I read) and which he put aside from publication - it remained unpublished in an envelope untill the mid 1990's when the correspondence of Sachs and Celan was published and I wrote my poem.

It was after I had discovered this phenomenon of the parallel books of Sachs and Celan that I wrote my 15th book 'Gentlemen' in 'The Endmorgan Quartet' which consists of 16 books. (The poetry in this work contains nothing of the 'meccano' principles of construction of the 'washing poem' - it is totally free of any construction principles). This book of mine is the correlate to their two books about the inner poetic articulation and it has the following poem (of 24.04.2005) in the slot which corresponds to their above-mentioned poems:


Like the issue like you say,
we need to sleep
the man dressed as attacking a friend.

Dorja Dar pai Tau/Tan

The first line is the phenomenon discussed above, the second is an element of Sachs' poem, while the third could refer to Celan attacking a neighbour in the autumn 1968 (because he believed that the neighbour was a threat to his son), after which he was driven to the psychiatric hospital where he wrote the [rest of the] book. I refer also to the corresponding parallelism in Sachs' #1 ('Diese Nacht'), Celan's #16 ('Kreuzkobolde') and my own #47 ('Ketchup') - with some explanatory force for an understanding of the theme of 'transubstantiation' but seen from a poetic viewpoint.

Below (chapter 6) I briefly mention Hölderlin's Scardanelli poems - many of which, on a closer inspection, turns out to be on the 'star' form which I have described above. Since the 'Bilde' seems to be a major theme of many of these latest Hölderlin poems, curiously even these written in the state of a psychiatric condition, there are reasons to believe that the phenomenon of Celan's poem over my Vilnius photo is not a coincidence but a part of the poetic phenomenon. Then it is about new poetic logic which should have been developed had british symbolic logic not taken its place. And, typically, this Scardanelli phenomenon seems to be a field which modern administrative logic tries to invade and occupy for their own interests.

I have elsewhere shown how the first 13 books in my TEQ converge on the 14th in a way which makes it possible to consider every poem in that 14th book a semantic function of the total distribution of the approximately 100.000 words in the 15 first books in the work, and I am convinced that a similar function can be proven for the 15th book as well - and that is when this correlation of my book with theirs is independent of my discovery of the parallel some time before I wrote the book. Rather, this timing would be telling of the motivation for Celan's book as well, irrelevant of such timing issues - also as far as concerns the accusations against him on plagiarisms from Ivan Goll.

In my view, the example of the parallel books of Sachs and Celan serves as a proof of the genetic relation to Sachs and Celan, while administration would perhaps argue that it proves the administrative guiding of the poetic connection.

The phenomenon is also about the 'one poem in the book'. The one poem which Sachs wrote and which is not contained in any of her collections of poetry but in the selection which Hans Magnus Enzensberger made of her poetry in 1963 (and apparently interpreted by Tarkovsky) could be seen as a part of the same complex.

Aspects of Sachs' and Celan's biographies

Leonie Sachs (she called herself 'Nelly' in most contexts but Leonie was her official name in documents) was born on 10 December 1891 in Maaßenstrasse 15 in Berlin to the jewish parents Margarete Sachs (born Karger) and Georg William Sachs, a producer of rubberware and inventor. Her mother's mother Feodora Karger lived in the nearby Winterfeldtstraße and her mother again, Nelly's great grandmother Amalie Meyer, lived in Linkstraße. The family moved to Lessingstraße 33 in 1895 and to Siegmundshof 16 at the Spree in 1912, very close to the 'Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur' which at least later could be recognized as relevant to 'Paul Antschel'. They were reasonably wealthy.

If Sachs is my mother and Celan my father, he would have reached puberty at an age (around 1933) when Sachs would have been 42 and approached the menopause under normal circumstances. This generation gap seems to be important for the mythology. The question is how these two could have been the parents of me born in 1957 when Sachs was 66. She would have been 64 when I was conceived if there were no delays in the freezer, and she was 62 when she underwent an operation in her abdomen which could have allowed for removal of parts of an ovary. One or more eggs could then have been fertilized and the embryo[s] put in a freezer for later insertion into a surrogate uterus. If one searches the internet for articles on female fertility of high age, one finds everywhere the same pyjama-blue pages which tell that the eggs are fertile at birth but at the age of 50 nearly all of them have died - although women in the sixties have conceived in normal ways. This question is of some importance if a giant mythological complex was constructed - including Hitler's concentration camps - for Sachs as my mother for me being born in 1957, and in particular if this included Celan born in 1920 as my father and all this were planned in the 19th century. After the invention of the freezer around 1920, one probably quickly discovered that eggs as well as embryos could be stored for quite a while, but this could not have been predicted before the birth of Sachs. It may be that the generation gap between Sachs and Celan could have served precisely this function. Today it is easy to see that some eggs could have been removed from her body in anaesthesized condition without she even discovering it, and the embryo[s] could have rested in a freezer for a decade or two, and then the story is probable from that point of view. But in 1890 that could not be foreseen.

My guess is that there could be some secret in the story - since it would have had to be certain that one could make a child from an egg of hers around age 60 or more if my birth as late as 1957 were planned in the 19th century. When Ibsen's 'John Gabriel Borkmann' from 1896 seems to be about me 'John Bjarne Grøver' in Voldgata 1 around 1978-80, probably inspired by Fumiani's painting in San Pantalon, there must be an explanation to this puzzling point - which could have been the essential paradox on which they could have planned to base the political intrigue. It could have been considered high-classified medical secrets of those days. For example - although I know little or nothing about this - if women who have not had menstruation have a different sort of egg death and hence egg fertility in high age, this could have been the reason for the generation gap to Celan on which the intrigue could have been built. A possible theory is that Nelly Sachs could have been mutilated in her vagina in young infancy, e.g. rather immediately after her birth or in early 1892, for a 'closed vagina' condition which would have prevented menstruation hormones and cycles, and that the first investigations in the 'Dreyfus' case were started soon thereafter, for establishing a link to the 'Klipra connection' when the french case came to spread out rather symmetrically around Bjarne Eidsvig's birthday 6 july 1899. This date could have been planned at least since 1799 when the Rosetta stone was found in Egypt 100 years before his birth. The case attracted an enormous lot of attention. Dreyfus was found guilty and sent to 'Ile de Diable' = The Devold's Island, so to speak, or quite simply Laura Devold, before he was pardoned by the french government in 1899, the year of Bjarne Eidsvig's birth. In 1906 he was totally rehabilitated. This also could mean that if Laura Devold 'opened fire' on Lenin in 1924, it could have served the purpose of dumping the blame for this 'ile' = 'il[d]' = 'fire' on Nelly Sachs, in particular if the 'diable' was planned to be me! Cp. the role of the 'Langgewehr' of Ragna Grøver in the story of the deaths of Luxemburg and Mao. Nelly Sachs had a serious crisis in the years of her youth, of age around 15-17 or thereabout, when she suffered from serious anorexia. It is not clear what her condition was but it seems to have been about unhappy love, as tells the biographies. If it were about a discovery that her condition was not normal and she had to understand or at least could guess something of the role of her parents, it could have been particularly critical if she would not marry and would be dependent on her parents. This crisis would have been about the time when Visthouse was built.

Hence it is a possible theory that this medical condition could have been a planned part of the story including the generation gap between Sachs and Celan - if, that is, this condition really does imply egg fertility in higher age. This could have been something which high-classified medical secrets could tell with certainty in those days but which ordinary folk knowledge could not guess. And it is inherently difficult to test the hypothesis. It may be that the question is not so easy to answer even today, and all the pyjama-blue pages on internet - and other published material - could be political propagranda for precisely this reason! I recall Grøver/'Mengele' in the seventies telling at the dinner table from the hospital where they had got in a young girl who had fallen on a bicycle and the gear handle had torn up her vagina. The story sounded constructed and could have been made for telling that it is not possible to find out of this today - and such rare stories as that one is likely to be constructed. But this would have been a problem only before the freezer was invented.

It was invented around 1920, when Celan was born. Below (chapter 6) I mention the theory that I could have been conceived in 1935, 35 years before their planned deaths (by the 1970 days from the attempt on Lenin to his death). The method would then probably have been biopsy via colon in drugged condition. The Celans moved from Wassilkogasse to Masarykgasse in 1935 - which is a detail which supports this theory, a theory which today in fact looks the most probable. But in 1891, the year of Sachs' birth, it is not likely that freezing technology could have allowed for such a solution. In fact my name and Sachs' full name 'Leonie Sachs' meet in an 'interpretation' on just this concept of eggs removed from an ovary of a drugged female via the colon - with the name of 'John Fitzgerald Kennedy' as the administratively perfect inbetween - so perfect that one could speculate that it was the whole story of JFK and the Kennedy clan. My name in norwegian is pronounced 'yun bjarne Grøver', which makes english correlate 'djan fjernegg røver' = 'j on remove-egg via-the-bottom' and John F 'it's J role' K-end-y and so forth. The name of Paul Pessach Antschel adds to this on the form 'pa hjulpe[t] Sach[s] kant-sjel' = 'pa helped Sach[s] edge-soul'. Leonie Sachs started to use the name Nelly Sachs and Paul Antschel started to use the name Paul Celan, which probably helped. When I in 1999 changed from norwegian form 'Grøver' into english form 'Grover', it was before I had understood anything of this.

From about 1910, after her crisis was over, she made friends with Dora Jablonski, daughter of nearby family Jablonskis - one could think that this was the reason for Himmler's 'Dora' concentration camp where Hans Karl Möser was chief. Other of her friends were Vera Lachmann, who moved to USA which was an alternative escape route if Sweden failed, which did not happen, and her lifetime friend Gudrun Harlan who later married an organ builder called Ulrich Dähnert in Kaiserstrasse in Dresden. Harlan was granddaughter of Sachs' childhood school (1902-1908) teacher Helene Aubert - and one could speculate that these two persons were the background of Vilhelm Aubert and Gudmund Harlem in the norwegian wartime resistance organization 'XU', the central names of which can be seen in the undertext of the german spy report called the 'Oslo Report' of 1939. Harlan, who was a medical gymnast, suffered in 1938 a car accident which injured her legs, but she was nevertheless (with the money she got by selling off her own furniture) able to travel on crutches to Sweden (her passport was not jewish and the nazis allowed her to travel in and out of the country) where she managed to obtain a recommendation for entry permit for Sachs and her mother from Selma Lagerlöf and prinz Eugen, and the two women (the father had died in 1930) could leave for Stockholm in a narrow escape. They were among the last jews to leave Germany before Himmler closed the borders for jews who wanted to leave. This is perhaps no coincidence - if Sachs and the Klipra connection were precisely the field of work for Himmler - he could have waited for her escape and then they closed the borders.

Sachs published a collection of stories 'Legenden und Erzählungen' in Berlin in 1921, but except for a few poems in newspapers in the 20-30's her first poetry was published in a book in 1947, seven years after she came to Stockholm where she lived for the rest of her life. She got the Nobel prize for literature on her 75th birthday in 1966 (along with Samuel Josef Agnon) - the prize is given out annually on her birthday. It can of course be that this date is not a coincidence - if e.g. Lenin took his name in 1900 for her 'Leonie' name - but it was certainly for her literature and not her mythological role that she got it. She is doubtlessly one of the greatest poets there have been - here from her 'Und niemand weiss weiter' (1957), the end of the poem 'Das wirft die Nabelschnur':

Schwarzmond reißt Türen auf,
reisefertig ist der Stern,
betet mit den Wellen.

Since there seems to be no doubt that Sachs was murdered on 12 May 1970, and the prime minister Olof Palme must have been aware of this in advance, as tells the israeli incursion into Lebanon, one could wonder whether his name reveals another nail in the other palm. That could have been in 1968 when he was minister of post and communications and Sweden introduced the new postal codes on 12 May 1968, two years before her death. Among her many friends in Sweden were the Holmqvists who lived not far away on Söder, in Tantogatan. They were close friends through many years and they edited her last poems after her death, and if one wants to consult Sachs' medical papers one cannot get them from the library but has to contact Holmqvist at their home address. (It was in the library that I saw this 'terza rima' formula of the address-including-postcode to contact when I looked for the medical papers). They got in 1968 a postal zip code which along with the address presented a nearly perfect start of the terza rima permutation (see also my poetic proof above) something like 2-8-4-1-1-1-8-4-2 which thereby came to represent the 'Aktion Reinhard' structure which seems to be built on this formula for the 'frau Röver' construction to Labråten 58 and Ragna Grøver there. There is the role of the Holmqvists (Margaretha and Bengt Holmqvist) for this postcode construction - see also chapter 2 for MLR January 1911 (the birth of Mengele) for a possible background of the assignment of this particular postcode to their home address.

In 1960, one of her readers called Dorothea Zimmermann from Kaiserswerth in Germany started sending her letters and postcards - which reached the amount of 127 communications before Sachs died. Whether this relates to the 31 attempts on the life of Charles de Gaulle later in the same year 1970 I don't know. It would have been the placename Kaiserswerth relative to the firm address on Hitler's postcard which could have called for such attention. The school dentist of 1970-71 told me that he had drilled 31 holes in my teeth, and I was once thrown out the schooldoor next to the dentist's office - by a grip in my neck - by a teacher called Zimmermann. Dorothea Zimmermann visited Sachs in Stockholm a few times - the last time just a few weeks or days before her death.

Sachs also had good friends among poets in Sweden - Erik Lindegren, Artur Lundqvist and Gunnar Ekelöf were among her friends, and the composer Moses Pergament and his wife were among her closest friends.

Were there an 'instep' nail inbetween the two 'Palmes'? That could have been the operation on Sachs in may or june 1969 - some days before Bjarne Eidsvig's 70th birthday when it seems that a part of the 'holocaust' was 'benket' = 'seated around the table' - which seems to have left some 'schlimmes Dasein' producing much pains in her body untill she died in 1970. (Or it could even have been the trip with the T-262 to Aure-Osen - see chapter 5 - which in principle could have been around May 1969 - I do not remember the date, though). If Sachs were murdered, it was anyhow preceded by a long period of illness. She was operated for intestine cancer in may or june 1969 and was much bothered by pains in the last months of her life. On 11 november 1969, she wrote to Ilse Blumenthal-Weiss in New York: "Liebste Ilse, wir tappen alle hier im Dunkel, was die Ursache meiner furchtbaren Schmerzen ist, die ich nur mit Betäubungsmittel bekämpfe. Röntgen zeigte keine Metastasen, wohl aber Verengungen, weil man so viel vom Darm fortnehmen mußte. Ein schlimmes Dasein". Which seems to suggest that one could not find real cancer - but maybe there could have been some alien object or condition left in her abdomen (after the operation in June 1969) which could have caused the pains. On 24 February 1970 she wrote to Moses Pergament: "Lieber Moses, ich schreibe niemand, weil ich nicht kann. Aber eine Ausnahme heute. Wir waren doch so gut, als Du bei mir warst. Für mich war der Anlaß, wie Du weißst, daß Ihr mir nicht die furchtbare Verfolgung glauben wolltet vor den beiden Attentater später, wo ich dann geschützt wurde. Nun bin ich todkrank u. warte aufs Ende. Deine Li". This was nearly 3 months before her death - but it seems that she had guessed that there would be two murders - one can assume that she had understood that she and Celan would be murdered and that is why she was so ill. 'Ein schlimmes Dasein' in her body, and she seems to have expected to be 'geschützt'. Could be that simply means that she expected to be murdered - or even worse - by an injection.

The operation in her abdomen was in june 1969 and on 6 July 1969 Bjarne Eidsvig celebrated his 70th birthday with the dinner party on Vågstranda, including his brothers Aron and Bernt and other family members. He told me that he had gone bankrupt on the same day due to his danish creditor 'Tage Pris'. The name means 'taking price'. It could mean that they meant to take away from Nelly Sachs what she had got from Sweden when they gave her the Nobel prize in 1966, which thereby could mean that her end was like her beginning with the Dreyfus case and Bjarne Eidsvig. (At least it could look like that for her). I think Eidsvig told me this name of Pris on that birthday of his, but I don't know if his creditor really had that name. (The bankruptcy seems to have been real, though - I recall his three sons were later trying to establish a joint company for keeping the oyster farm within the family). If the 'Vansea' in Turkey (in the districts of Van and the Bitlis) - at the meetingpoint between a Black Sea Loop and the mesopotamian Iraq - really was the reason for the 'Wannsee' conference on the 'Endlösung' (the plan to exterminate all jews in Europe) on 20 January 1942, another 20 Jänner, there could be such aspects of the story as well - for example if Eichmann from the Wannsee conference should have been present at the dinner in 1969. But I don't know if Eichmann really was present there in the Ålesund family.

There seems to have taken place a change in swedish cultural life after her death. Lars Gustafsson eventually left Sweden and converted to judaism. Ingmar Bergmann stopped paying tax to the state and eventually even stopped making film - for as much as 20 years. It may be that a murder of Sachs - for the sake of protecting the nazis! - was too horrendous for a state like Sweden to accumulate. They had put an 'Olof Palme' on the responsibility of the two crucifying 'nails' of 1968 and 1970 - and eventually even Palme was murdered, in 1986. He had protested officially against the Vietnam war in the sixties - walking in an outdoor protest demonstration in the street - could be he meant to say that he protested against the plan on Sachs but could not do much to prevent it. (Or, it could have been about the Vietnam-Iraq-Italy axis with Sweden next to Norway). I notice also that 'vi et nam' can be taken to mean 'we eat good food', as for a dinner party a la 6 July 1970 (I think I remember that Laura Devold served 'laks' = 'salmon' for this dinner). One would believe that there could have been quite a heavy pressure from England and USA. It seems that her death could have been a heavy blow to the cultural life of Sweden - the place where she had written her best poetry. It would be wise if they now would publish the details in this story - if she really were murdered or even worse - as seems to have been the case. There is no reason to wait - for example for a repeat.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, whom Sachs called 'Mang' ('barn' means 'child') and who also was mentioned in her will (he inherited the stipulated sum from the rights to her published works), travelled to Stockholm to be acquainted with her in january 1958. Here are the titles of MLR jan 1958:

1. George Meredith and the 'Westminster Review'. Gordon S.Haight
2. Malherbe and Gongora. By Renee Winegarten
3. Saint-Amant and the 'New Astronomy'. By Beverly S.Ridgely
4. Some unpublished letters by Alfred Jarry. By I.Königsberg
5. Fontane's conception of the folk-ballad. By Gillian Rodger
6. Multatuli's psyche. By Peter King

'Går den så høyt' = 'does it go as high as that?', which for example could be the Nobel prize 8 years later. Hungarian for 'grand piano klaver' is 'zongora'. The second title starts: "The ever-increasing interest in cross-currents in European poetry at the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth centuries prompts a re-examination of a question mentioned only cursorily by writers in the past: the possibility of a connexion or relationship between the poetry of Malherbe and Gongora". This jan 1958 would have been only a few days after a rape of me in Christmas 1957, if that is the case. Such a rape would of course have been a major event in my life as far as MLR is concerned, and should be in MLR oct 1957 (which also, by the way, contains the birthday of Caroline Kennedy):

1. Well-languaged Daniel: A reconsideration. By C.C.Seronsy
2. Fielding's 'True patriot' and the Henderson murder. By C.E.Jones
3. The historical sources of 'Fierabras'. By G.A.Knott
4. 'Dom Juan' reconsidered. By W.G.Moore
5. Romains and 'L'Abbeye'. By P.J.Norrish
6. Establishing the text of 'Der Ackermann aus Böhmen'. By M.O'C.Walshe
7. Washington Irving's influence in german literature. By W.A.Reichart
8. The emblematic aspect of Vondel's tragedies as the key to their interpretation. By W.A.P.Smit

There are admittedly traces of the name of 'Leif Stene Johansen' in parts of these titles, whether that could be the same person as John F.Kennedy (later from Washington, cp. the 'Ø-vings' school of mine in 1964) or not. 'Fierabras' suggests a 'feather' in a bottom. 'Rakkermann' = the bogeyman, the devil. If 'Daniel' = 'spaniel' as the bayer in 5, then 'Vondel' could be about Dom Juan in 4 - like the Emblem mountain at Ålesund where Eidsvig lived or 'JFK' of the 'Wild Duck' of Ibsen. 'Pul' is norwegian folk language for sexual intercourse. Whatever be the connection between the many persons who could have been affiliated with the complex, one could guess that the story could be about establishing an administrative identity between Kennedy and Hitler - for example via Johansen and the conclusion that otherwise presents itself with impressive redundancy that it must have been Hitler. But I would assume that the Johansen whom I knew from 1973 had not raped me in my infancy, as far as I could guess. But it need not have been the same man, of course. It could of course have been Hitler who raped me for a later association of Kennedy and Johansen, if that is of any relevance. The word 'pulk' (for fictive death and change of identity) seems to have been formed from the expression 'wided/whited sepulchres'. Hence it is even possible that Hitler raped me for creating the impression that Kennedy 'pulked' to Norway in 1963 - while he could have been assassinated as in the official version of the story.

Paul Celan was born as Paul Pessach Antschel in Czernowitz on 20 november 1920 and, as Modern Language Review for october 1920 indicates, even his parents were probably agents with the job of bringing up the child. His father was Leo Antschel-Teitler, his mother was born Friederike Schrager. They were, though, sent to concentration camps and died there some time in the fourties - I don't know if that meant that the job was over and they left for England or if they really died in that way. Felstiner mentions that Celan's uncle was among the first deported to Auschwitz in a transport signed Alois Brunner. Celan is his author name - it was Antschel in his passport. He seems to have been surrounded by intrigues throughout his life but he was lucky in other ways - for example he married Gisele Lestrange. In Czernowitz he lived in multi-lingual cultural environments including Rose Ausländer and Alfred Margul-Sperber - german had been the main language of the austrian empire which lasted untill the year before his birth. At the end of the war he moved to Bucharest and in december 1947 he fled to Vienna where he met Ingeborg Bachmann in january 1948. It seems that the biological material for me could have come from their meeting - if it did not simply come from Masarykgasse in 1935. Graham Greene left for Vienna for writing the manuscript to 'The third man' in Hotel Sacher already in february 1948 - the film tells of a 'car accident' and the porter in the house (the scene in the film is from Josefsplatz) also dies - which in terms of the intrigue of the film would mean that even he had brought some material for the story. It suggests that the porter - on behalf of the western world, could be - had been into the room when Bachmann and Celan were out and had found some material which could be used. In the spring 1948 Celan wrote the preface to a publication on Edgar Jene (who was married to Erica Lillegg) and in June he met Klaus Demus, and his first book of poetry 'Der Sand aus den Urnen' was delivered to the publisher A.Sexl. A few days later, in early July 1948, he left for Paris where - more than a year later - in 1949 (after Demus had come to Paris) he sent a letter to Ivan Goll with his Czernowicz mentor Alfred Margul-Sperber's recommendation. This was the beginning of the Goll intrigue which came to cast a shadow on his life - but it seems to be based on an international intrigue which could have included the Dead Sea Scrolls of 1947. He met Gisele Lestrange in 1951. Their first child Francois (1953) died after a few hours from brutal birth tongs and their second child Eric was born in 1955. One can think that if the first child were murdered in the birth, it could have been for making a shadow of him in me - a sort of transcendent spirit as part of the publicational/matrimonial story. Sachs had written to Celan in 1954 (could she have guessed who would have been the father if they made the embryo to me in 1953?) and he answered in December 1957, after I was born, with a reference to the literary periodical 'Botthege Oscure' by princess Caetani in Rome. This periodical was published in the years 1949-60. Celan participated along with Bachmann in finding german poetry for the journal. The title clearly could have been about 'obscure bottles' but was a well-considered international periodical. The editing princess was a french woman born Marguerite Chapin who had married an italian pianist prince.

Sachs and Celan met in Zürich in May 1960. Their correspondence before the meeting includes Celan's letter of 20 february 1960 with the following lines:

Was kann ich sagen? Täglich kommt mir die Gemeinheit ins Haus, täglich, glauben Sie's mir.
Was steht uns Juden noch bevor?
Und wir haben ein Kind, Nelly Sachs, ein Kind!
Sie ahnen nicht, wer alles zu den Niederträchtigen gehört, nein, Nelly Sachs, Sie ahnen es nicht!
Denn es ist nicht allein Indolenz, es ist Niedertracht und Gemeinheit.
Soll ich Ihnen Namen nennen? Sie würden erstarren. Es sind solche darunter, die Sie kennen, gut kennen. Sie wissen nicht, wieviel Freundschaft ich diesen Menschen (Menschen?) entgegengebracht habe! Einige schreiben sogar Gedichte. Sie schreiben, diese Menschen, Gedichte! Was schreiben sie nicht alles, die Verlogenen!

This admittedly sounds like open talk about something which must be kept secret. My guess is that Celan had got a rather complete account of the intrigue, such as his own role relative to Sachs and me and Mengele and Hitler. It seems that he would have been fully informed about all this already in the summer 1959. It is therefore a possible guess that 'Gemeinheit' could be about 'Josef Mengele', in which case 'Indolenz' could mean 'Adolf Eichmann' and 'Niedertracht' could mean 'Adolf Hitler' in the new role of Aron Eidsvig - who at the time of 1960 was engaged in writing local-patriotic poetry about Sunnmøre, to which Bjarne Eidsvig put music for 'songs' which he performed with his own piano accompaniment. And the 'Kind' could be me, if 'wir' refers to Celan and Sachs (and not Celan and his wife). It is likely that this was the background of their meeting in Zürich on 25 May 1960, which they had appointed well in advance. They could then have met not only for coming to know each other but also for Sachs to get the high-classified information from Celan. An 'Adolf Eichmann' was arrested by Mossad very soon after midnight GMT 12 May 1960 (late 11 May argentianian time). Nelly Sachs died probably exactly on the hour 10 years later - which hardly is a coincidence. Israel made a deep incursion into Lebanon in the very same hour in 1970. Then it is no coincidence. It means that she was murdered. And Celan was buried later in the same day after having been found in the Seine on 1 May after having disappeared on Hitler's birthday 20 April (or late 19 April).

Was it Adolf Eichmann who was arrested on 12 May, some days before Sachs and Celan met, or was it a standin? The name of the man they arrested was Riccardo Klement, which tells of hopes about a secret release after the process was over, and it is of course possible that the real Eichmann followed the case from Ålesund. It seems that there hardly exist reliable photos of Eichmann and none of them show his face clearly. (There are of course lots of photos which claim to be of him - as is the case also for Mengele - but for both of them the variation from photo to photo is so rich and overwhelming that one can hardly take faith in any of them).

Aron Eidsvig wrote local-patriotic poetry about Sunnmøre. One of his typically 'patriotic' poems ('Hilsen til Ålesund' = 'Greetings to Ålesund') contains the following refrain:

Et hurra skal du ha
et hurra som gjør gla',
et hurra fra våre hjerters bunn.
Et hurra skal du ha,
et hurra som gjør gla',
et hurra for byen Ålesund!
A hurra shall you have,
a hurra that makes glad,
a hurra from our hearts' bottom.
A hurra shall you have,
a hurra that makes glad,
a hurra for the town of Ålesund!

This hearts' bottom could of course be me. 'Ålesund' means 'eel-strait' - as for the strait between two headlands for the meaning of the name 'Eidsvig' in the 'Röhm Putsch' = 'rump utsch' (and one notices also the Kennedy assassination in 'D-Åles-un'). Jastrow's dictionary of talmudic hebrew gives the form ???????= 'me-sha-[h]ura' = 'jumper, freebooter, rover'. Which means that this form could have served the name-conversion from Adolf Hitler to John Bjarne Grøver via hebrew. And there even seems to be a sort of 'shah' involved: 'With shah hurrah', as for the official date of death of Grøver/'Mengele' on 27 november 1990, in the mirror point to the persian princess Leila around the the death of her father the shah. I hope this is not the essence of the current international concerns about a nuclear program in Iran. 'Me shah hurrah' has a counterpoint in Jastrow's talmudic hebrew form ??????= 'lis[e]t[e]s' = 'robber, pirate/freebooter, rover', in meaning very close to 'me shah hurrah'. Such lists could be e.g. the list of names of aboriginals in a national pool of genetics - and one could think of such lists as constituting the targets of an extermination program of the genetic roots of a nation or country in which one replaces and naturalizes aboriginals with secret agents from abroad - for 'matrimony and publication' - in which case this hebrew format of the intrigue could imply also an attack on my identity in the sense of the identity of the jewish-genetic diaspora on a global scale. This again could make for the genocide parametre in the british nazi logic from 'Aktion Reinhard'.

After Zürich, the Celans went back to Paris and Sachs came over and visited them there later in the early summer 1960 before she returned to Stockholm on 18 June 1960. From the letter she sent to them soon after the arrival it appears that she had got a letter from Celan which she had read and then destroyed. It could have been the high-classified secret information - which Celan could have got from Charles de Gaulle - in writing. It would have contained the information about Hitler and all that and the reason why it could not be leaked out. France got into trouble with NATO in the course of the sixties and it seems that de Gaulle was murdered in 1970. When Per Borten took over the government in 1965 after Einar Gerhardsen had ruled Norway more or less uninterrupted for 20 years since the war, it was in the accompaniment of the Ingeborg Lygren spy case in Moscow. 'Lygren' means 'the Liar' and hence it could be about Ingeborg Bachmann - a name which later got a reflex in the Baader/Meinhof = Badr-Mein-hof ('inne-borg' = 'hof') terrorist group. The 'liar' would be the one who had brought the biological material (and the film 'The third man' could have claimed that it was the porter's material which came to be the source). Which means that the onset of Borten's government in 1965 indexed Celan. When he resigned in 1971, it was after he had shown a member of the movement against norwegian membership in EU a classified document in an airplane - a mistake he called a 'glipp' ('klipp' is what you do with a 'saks', while 'g-lip' could suggest 'g-røver'). The idea is therefore that Sachs had read the letter in the airplane and there was a spy on the seat behind her who saw the classified material. But not so long after her return, when her friend Gudrun Dähnert had come to visit her, she started developing a nervous breakdown and ended up in a psychiatric hospital - where she stayed more or less constantly for three years. She had just the time to write back to Celan a letter which seemed to indicate that she had lost the letter she had got from him (not destroyed it, that means) and hence that somebody would have been into her home and stolen it. Celan would have to come to visit her in Stockholm - and one can guess that he had to bring a copy of the letter. This story is a possible background of Per Borten's resignation in 1971 - on that day which left my 11th birthday in the exact mid point - suggesting what the story was about - and which, unfortunately, gave his name a shade of 'pair abortin' - the abortion of the lives of the parents in 1970. My 11th birthday as the mid point in his government added the label 'verboten' to my role - a label which more properly would belong to dr. Verboten = dr. Josef Mengele.

Celan left officially for Stockholm on 1 September (31 Aug?) 1960. Felstiner writes in his biography that Sachs did not recognize him when he came to visit her in the hospital. He stayed in Stockholm for about a week before he returned, as tells the official story. However, it is well possible that it was not Celan but a standin who went there (in which case the trip could have been arranged by french secret service - could be the two persons even had been allowed to swap passports - I notice the norwegian politician Odd Einar Dørum from the seventies, but have no reason to believe that he would have been the double from 1960) - and that Celan went to Odda where I lived in order to try and get in contact with me there - I was then just 3 years of age. Tarkovski's film 'Stalker' seems to be about this attempt of his (in 3 persons or aspects of his person) to enter the dangerous 'zone' of the house where I lived along with Grøver/'Mengele'. Ingeborg Bachmann was not allowed to join them, suggests the film. On his return to Paris, he wrote or completed the speech 'Der Meridian' which he held at the ceremony of the Büchner prize which he got in October 1960. This is at least a likely interpretation of the speech - it could have added a flavour of Grøver/'Mengele' in the role of the 'Kunst' and me as the 'Dichtung'. The speech could thereby have included some public report from the meeting in Odda - although its character suggests that it could have been planned before he went to Odda.

Celan seems to have left Paris for Stockholm on 31 August 1960 and come to Odda on 3 September 1960. He seems to have returned to Paris on 8 September, after which he visited Martin Buber on 14 September after having deposited some poetry for him at his hotel in the evening before - Buber had been invited to be in Paris around these times - but Celan seems to have been deeply disappointed by the meeting - which also could have served to mean that he was the father of the boy, the 'Bub'. If the point with the attempted meeting with Buber were 'my art in buber', it could have served to represent his meeting with me and the conclusion that he was my father. A clue to this story could be seen in a letter which Buber wrote on 7 September. It is written in Zürich and addressed to a 'Simon Schereschewsky', a name which means approximately 'ronk/jumb jarnegg røver' (= 'simon cut-aslant') = 'John Bjarne Grøver'. The letter is reproduced in Martin Buber, Briefwechsel III, Heidelberg 1975, pages 512-513. There are the following lines at the end of the letter of 7 September 1960: "Eben erhielt ich einen Brief von Golan, in dem er mich dringend ersucht, doch nach Florenz zu kommen; die Ägypter legten, sagt er, besonderen Wert darauf. Ich hatte zwar La Pira abgesagt, will es aber letztlich davon abhängig machen, wie ich mich nach der Pariser Anstrengung befinden werde. Es wäre mir sehr lieb, für unsere Sache noch etwas tun zu dürfen. *Ner habe ich nicht bekommen, weil mir Drucksachen nicht nachgeschickt werden". This fragment could leave the impression that Buber makes the hint in writing to Schereschewsky that Celan (La Pira relates to Paris such as Ancel/Angola relates to Celan/Golan - cp. also the african map in the Congo evidence) had asked him to come to Paris after the visit to Odda not the least because of the concerns of the 'egyptians', which could mean Nelly Sachs or me. The form *Ner could indicate 'on yar ner-over' (the star is in the sky, 'on yar over'), onset-truncated from 'John Bjarne Grover' - who was not troubled by 'Drucksachen nachgeschickt'.

This story with Buber and his letter and Celan's disappointment could be the background of my socalled 'rathunt' memory from Odda, the very strong and vivid memory which could be the format of my memory of the event - a format which allowed me to remember it in line with Sachs' poetry and without arriving into a conflict with the Grøver/'Mengele's authority. I notice also 'Paw' + 'look-at' = 'Paul Ancel'. It would have been the combination of Buber's letter and Celan's disappointment - and Sachs' poem to Celan - which created in me this memory which should have served to create in me the certainty that Celan was my father. I suppose this was the format in which I could remember a meeting with Celan without getting into serious trouble with Grøver/'Mengele'. I have concluded that there seems to have been a certain 7-year cycle of crises in my life - going back to the first half of 1961 when the intrigues on a visit from Celan (such as Grøver/'Mengele' relative to the father of my inner life) could have been more or less of a success. These crises could have been about an understanding of the difference between the inner and outer realities and for each turn reinforced my understanding of Celan as my real father. 1961 was also a year of many months in psychiatric hospital for Nelly Sachs - could be they had started with electroshocks sending her into unconsciousness - for waking up later - already then.

The first poem Celan wrote after the trip seems to have been 'Die Schleuse'. 'Sjukhuse[t]' is the hospital next to the house we lived in, and 'Sjukhus-vegen' was the street.

Sachs wrote a letter which could be seen to be on behalf of me to a 'Celan' friend, on 28 September 1960, to her friend Gudrun Dähnert in Germany: "Mein geliebtes Duchen, ist es wirklich wahr, dass Ihr alle wohlauf seid, dass ich Deine stimme am Telefon hörte, Deinen Brief, Deine Karte? Ich lebe nur in Gedanken an Dich und die Deinen. Wie es Euch geht. Du hättest doch längeren Urlaub haben können. Ich bin so verzweifelt" etc.

It was around this time that I started to get visits from a fantasy friend I called 'Gori', who of course could be living in this shared jewish-genetic space ('Gold über dem Wasser'?). Gori claimed to live behind the mirror and I remember we played together in a cardboard box. I inspected the mirror and found that it probably was a little too shallow to give space for Gori there. These memories of Gori could perhaps be traced to the letter which Celan allegedly sent to his wife from Stockholm on 5 September, whether it was he himself who sent it or somebody else (his standin) who sent it in his name. Ragna Grøver later knitted a doll to me which she claimed was 'Gori'. When Eichmann (or standin!) eventually was hanged, it could have been called 'knitted'.

It could be a possible question whether Sachs faked her mental disease for giving Celan a good pretext to travel inkognito to Odda while a standin travelled to Stockholm - as a pretended emergency trip for the sake of her health? Had they appointed this in advance when they met in Zürich? Fritsch-Vivié's biography page 120 shows a letter which she had written in 1957 which clearly shows typical 'schizophrenic' handwriting and for which the schizophrenic signs certainly do not look fake. In a letter of 25 July 1960 to Celan she writes in the first half of the letter that she is followed by a nazi-spiritist liga who follows her with radio telegraphy and knows every whereabout of hers ('wohin ich den Fuß setze'), they tried to take her with nerve gas when she left (this element could also have been about the possibility of removing eggs from her in anaesthesized condition) and they listen with microphones through the wall (which could be true, of course), and in the second half suddenly that she wants to give her money away to his son Eric and in her will to Gudrun Dähnert. Although this could have been about Adolf Eichmann dressed up as Gori in the jewish-genetic 'spiritist liga' (this idea of an Eichmann dressed up as a 'Gori' could find its deep etymological roots in the Iliad I,54-55), it tells of a 'widened' volition - which on the one hand could be classified under the symptoms of schizophrenia, on the other it could be an acutely precise observation of hers of the administrative relationship between the then US president Eisenhower and Adolf Hitler, about whom she could have learnt things in Zürich and Paris. The 'wide house' of her volition in the second part of the letter has a counterpoint in the 'nazi-spiritist liga' of the first part which tells of 'Otto Trier Nachf.' (Eichmann?) in the beginning of Hitler's postcard - and then it is about the plot to the murder of her political namesake or mentor Lenin for the nazi hijack of the revolution. It is likely that this acute political sense is what she really intuited but she had no other ways to express it than in 'schizophrenic parlance', which then certainly was not faked but a real condition caused by these problems of political persecution. It is well possible that this was her disease generally: Too top secret to reach the everyday sense of historic reality, and too immediately relevant to her own private life. Could be I recognize the problem. If one studies the letter as a mirror-symmetric structure, like Gori in the mirror, there is 'Paul lieber' for 'das Testament' and 'den Erlöß des elterlichen Grundbesitzes' (the white-armed goddess Hera!) for 'eine Nazi-Spiritist-Liga jagt mich so schrecklich'. Which could mean another letter - as from me - about the release of me from the 'elterlichen Grundbesitzes'. Sachs wrote also many letters to Ilse Blumenthal-Weiss.

Hence it is likely that the two poets in May-June 1960 could have appointed Celan's travel to Odda - including a standin who would come and visit her in Stockholm - but not that they would have appointed her illness in advance as a pretext for the travel - that illness or condition of mind is more likely to have arisen from her intuition of what it all meant that she learnt from Celan in Zürich and Paris.

In april 1959 Celan came to know Peter Szondi and Jean Bollack and in the summer that year they went for a holiday in Sils Maria in Switzerland. Theodor Adorno would come as well, but Celan had gone back to Paris before he arrived. Celan wrote his 'Gespräch im Gebirg' in that summer. The question is whether this quartet in Sils Maria is supposed to be understood as a signal of the knowledge of me in Norway, representing the paintings of Fumiani in the ceiling of the church ('ceils Maria') of San Pantalon in Venice. 'Peter Szondi' would, if this be the case, mean father and son ('son-di[n]' = 'your son'), while 'Jean Bollack' could represent quite simply the name 'John Grøver' - as a signal to the world that they knew who it was about. A reason why this is a possible understanding of it - that the trip to Switzerland was a signal that the intrigue was known from well informed sources which hardly could be anybody else than Charles de Gaulle - is found in the tragic deaths 10 years later, in fact all of them with allusions decipherable from MLR some time in advance. When Russia invaded Czechoslovakia, it was on a date which was in the mirror point around my 11th birthday (the 'verboten' one) to the date 'May 8' which could be the wife Mayotte of Jean Bollack. In 1969, Adorno died one month exactly after the 70th birthday dinner of Bjarne Eidvig, with Aron and others present around the table on his oyster farm which had gone bankrupt on the same day - 'the night of the firm' = 'Firma-Natten' = 'vier Monaten' which seems to be part of a temporality of some of the holocaust structure. In 1970 Celan died and was found in the Seine and in 1971 Szondi was found dead in Halensee in Berlin under similar circumstances. 'Czechoslovakia' could indicate 'check Oslo, it wasn't me' - or simply 'Check the vecchia church' = check the old church of San Pantalon and Apostoli in Venice. The Apostoli church is remarkable by its Tiepolo wonderwork - and the Magiotto ('May 8') painting in the other end of the church.

This could be the story of the 'Birkebeiner' ski which Ragna Grøver fell on during a ski trip with us children in Molde in the sixties (Sachs had a poet friend in Sweden called 'Ragnar Thoursie') - the ski tilted 90 degrees and the edge of it plunged in between her buttocks towards the tailbone while she remained hanging in humiliating posture in the ski sticks. We children laughed and she said: 'Dere er så flåsete' or 'ikke vær så flåsete'. This could have been the origin of numerous events (for example, the sonorous brass of 'Qi Gong' could find an origin there) which perhaps could be traced to Ravensbrück concentration camp. Ravensbruck for women was opened on 15 May 1939, Carl Röver died on 15 May 1942 and the war was appr. over on 15 May 1945 - which means that the opening of the camp could have symbolized the 'frau Röver' bridge to the end of the war. Hence the ski hit in the 'bottom' of 'frau Röver'. Therefore the mirror image around my birthday to May-otto. The comment on 'flåsete' could then have been about 'Flossenburg' which could have meant the oyster farm on Vågstranda - 'blossen-fürg' could mean the balloons with the baskets of oysters hanging from them - and the 70th birthday there in 1969, and hence the death of Theodor Adorno (and the suffering of Sachs). In addition to this, the norwegian word for sliding down like that, hanging in the ski sticks, could be 'segne' which is pronounced just like the spelling 'Seine', for the death of Celan in 1970, and the event could be called 'Halensee' = 'to see the tail' for the death of Szondi in 1971. Which means that the event could have indexed all the four years 1968 (Bollack), 1969 (Adorno), 1970 (Sachs, Celan), 1971 (Szondi) with a rooting in the trip to Sils Maria in 1959. And the Maria could have been about the Kursk-and-Cole of 2000. I notice that the story with the ski in between the buttocks of Ragna Grøver could be taken to represent the names of Brynjulf Ottar and Eivind Hjelle, Oslo Report #5 and 6.

Another story is from an afternoon in the living room in the second half of the sixties, could be late sixties, when we were sitting at the table for some game or something like that and Grøver/'Mengele' was sitting aside in another part of the room, when Ragna Grøver said he was too little involved with the children. He came over to be 'involved' and sat down to tell a story from the mountain region Finse in an easter when they had gone skiing there in his youth. They stayed in a rented cottage and on the other side of the thin wall they could hear slaughtering of poultry going on. He imitated the sounds of the scared birds, then a terrible bang which he imitated with his fist in the table, and then deadly silence. He looked around the table with a dangerous look in his eyes. Then he repeated the ceremony by imitating the chicken, followed by the bang and then silence. We children - or at least I - were scared by his behaviour - which could have meant the slaughtering of the poultry - the poetry - the two poets in 1970.

These were two stories I can tell from Molde which could indicate that the Grøvers prepared for the deaths of Sachs and Celan by telling about it in advance - which then would have meant a responsibility claim pronounced years in advance. Could be that was the case - it would have had a form such as in these two stories and any 'responsibility claim' could only have been reconstructed with difficulty much later - but of course it is not possible to say anything certain about it without having access to classified material. From the fact, though, that the first story seems to index Brynjulf Ottar and Eivind Hjelle = Oslo Report #5 and 6 while the second story seems to index Jon Hagle = Oslo Report #7, there is the possible indexing in them of a 'pushdown automaton'. To the extent that the Oslo Report is the basis for the Octogon project and the Eisenhower doctrine, one could even see the two examples as telling of a possible intrigue telling that the deaths of Sachs and Celan in 1970 should have been caused by me - hence the 'revenge' in terms of the school dentistry on me in the autumn 1970.

The Golls

Celan lived in Vienna 1947-48 and was befriended by Klaus Demus and his wife Nani Maier just before he left. The making of the film 'The third man' started before he had left Vienna. A year after Celan had reached Paris, Demus came over for studies 1949-50. It was in late 1949 that Celan took up contact with the Golls (Ivan and Claire Goll) on recommendation from his Czernowitz mentor Alfred Margul-Sperber - a name which - by his role and 'custody-authority' as mentor - invokes associations ('gargle-spermer') to that concept of sperm which seems to have been Celan's mythological role since birth - to be my genetic father: Margul-Sperber was abnormally long - could be he was closer to 220 cm or thereabout. Maybe it is permitted to wonder if he could have been an agent for those who made the intrigue. He was (according to Colin/Silbermann) born in Storojineti, which suggests 'big-and-genetic'. Ivan Goll, who enjoyed a considerable reputation as poet, died soon after having been contacted by Celan - 5 months exactly after Celan wrote and sent his letter - and there are reasons to wonder if his death was fictional for making a political project out of Celan.

His wife Claire Goll - also a poet - had been a girlfriend of Rilke and had kept him somewhat on leash untill his death, and her autobiography starts with a list of famous persons she had known - and whom seem to have died most of them. She also published a novel called 'Arsenic'. She was originally born Clarisse Liliane Aischmann (cp. the arrest of Eichmann in 1960) in 1891, only forty and some days before Sachs, and married editor Heinrich Studer in 1911, the year when Josef Mengele was born. She divorced from him in 1916, the year when John Jensen was born. She went to Geneva and studied philosophy and was engaged in 'Friedens- und Frauenbewegung' - cp. the story of Lenin's death in 1924 with Quisling on behalf of the League of Nations in Geneva and the possible 'Frauenbewegung' of Laura Devold, if she was the one who murdered Lenin - not to speak of the 'Frauenbewegung' there could be in a reference to Quisling on Hitler's postcard, in which case 'Friedens- und Frauenbewegung' could mean quite simply 'Fridthjof Nansen'. She had a relation to Rilke in 1918-1919 after which she met Ivan Goll who had gone to Switzerland for his pacifism, and they left for Paris where they married in 1921. She wrote fashion journalism for newspapers and magazines and her name 'Claire Goll' sounds in norwegian like 'klær går' = 'clothes walk'. The Golls defined 'die Goll-Affäre' which came to throw a shadow on Celan's life. It consisted in her accusations against Celan that he had been plagiarizing from Ivan Goll's work without crediting the source, and these accusations came to create somewhat of a cultural debate around 1960 which caused some of his friends to go into the other camp. Claire Goll presented some cases of similar words or phrases, but the list was not so impressive compared with what it could have been planned to be. Paul Celan contacted Ivan Goll in a letter of 27 September 1949 on background of the recommendation from Alfred Margul-Sperber in Bucharest. He had then been for a year already in Paris and seems to have postponed the contacting as long as he could. He wrote in a letter of 12 november 1949 to Erica Lillegg (Edgar Jene's wife) that Jean-Dominique Rey - whom he calls an 'Esel', a formulation which seems to have attracted much 'politics' later - had had the address of Goll but had 'forgotten' it over and over again. Some weeks after he had sent the letter to Goll, he received a reply letter telling that Ivan Goll had been on a travel when Celan's letter arrived, but was now back in Paris and he was welcome to visit them. No sooner had Celan been there, the news appeared that Goll suffered from leukemia and had only a few days left to live, although, as told the news, this disease had developed gradually through many years but had so far been known only to him and his wife (up to Celan's arrival, that could mean). Ivan Goll, who on his last days received blood transfusions from 16 poets in order to be able to write poetry up to his death, allegedly died on the day 5 months after Celan had sent his letter, and he had just the time to write his will wherein he mentioned Celan and he distributed to him work for money-bringing translations, such as e.g. the notorious 'Elegie d'Ihpetonga' which he allegedly had published earlier that year. The poem is about 'Lackawanna and Mannahatta', which today can be recognized in the fall of the twin towers on Manhattan in 2001 - a fall apparently timed with a photo of Margul-Sperber. The accusations from Claire Goll were that Celan had borrowed some formulations from these works in his own poetry.

One can construct another version of the story, on basis of the assumption that the Golls throughout their lives could have served as secret agents on Celan's career - and MLR October 1920 should be enough evidence that such a pair of secret agents (for e.g. England or USA) would have been very possible. Their role could have been to be heavy-weight poets with lots of high-ranking contacts in the cultural life of Europe, and when Celan finally contacted them on recommendation from Margul-Sperber, Goll would die and leave his poetic call to Celan who then would plagiarize him enough to leave a stamp of 'copy of international secret service' on him. No sooner had the Golls received Celan's letter with recommendation from Margul-Sperber, they could have put the planned intrigue into action. Ivan Goll would pretend to be on a travel to Venice and Switzerland untill 6 November, and in the mean time they made a 'bibliophile' print of the "Elegie d'Ihpetonga - suivie de Masque de Cendres" dated 'May 1949'. The reason why this looks a likely version of the story is that "Elegie d'Ihpetonga" = 'e legge de på tunga' is Grøver/'Mengele's sunnmørian dialect meaning 'I put it on the tongue'. Which means that Goll on behalf of Grøver/'Mengele' put the words on Celan's tongue - a la a communion host in church, with or without transubstantiation, with all the political complex of transubstantiation about it - who thereafter pronounced them according to expectation, as if Grøver/'Mengele's body had been transubstantiated over onto Celan's for a pronounciation of the poetry there. Moreover, since it seems that Celan's mythological role in the construction of the nazi program was to be my genetic father, the role of Grøver/'Mengele' (the official custody father) to put his sperm on the 'tongue' of the egg or uterus would mean that the final authority to the identity of the child would be in the hands of the one who mixed the sperm and egg and put it in the surrogate uterus. Which in principle could have been Grøver/'Mengele'. This combination of publication and matrimonial history seems to be the key to the whole 'Goll affair[e]' relative to Celan. Briefly, since Celan would be inclined to reject Grøver/'Mengele' as the origin of his poetry (and the child), he would also, according to the logic in the intrigue, be inclined to reject the dogma of transubstantiation - and thereby be turned into an ardent supporter of anglican interests which seem to be at the bottom of the nazi program. None of this seem to have applied to Celan, but it certainly could have put a heavy stress on his life. The construction could also have served to fuel the idea that Grøver/'Mengele' would have mixed in his own sperm instead of Celan's - for precisely this aspect of the story. However, that seems not to be a possible solution - it would have taken the bottom out of the whole construction and it seems that the ultimate role of the Golls could have been to create just that conclusion that I would have been the son of Grøver/'Mengele' and not Celan, since Celan's role in the story expectedly would have been primarily the poet's call and not the genetic one - but MLR October 1920 seems to prove that it really is the other way round, and such 'teasing' of the poet would not have been enough to create heavy politics.

Ivan Goll could have pretended his death - while really leaving for some other location and identity for the rest of his life - on 27 February 1950, on the day 5 months after Celan had written his letter. According to his wife, he threw the nurses out: "Let me be alone with my death!". In Goll's will, Celan is mentioned along with another three poets who should be in charge of his literary inheritance after his death: There are two 'johnGrøvers', sort of, 'Robert Ganzo' and 'Alain Bosquet' ('bukse' could also suggest 'San Pantalon'), plus a Mme Yanette Deletang-Tardif, poete habitant en Neuilly, and Celan.

Celan tells in a letter to Alfred Andersch of 27.7.56 that he and Claire Goll were around on the night of Ivan Goll's death (in 1950) and when they could enter the room of the dead she exclaimed in english when she saw her husband dead on the bed: "My darling!" - which sounded strange on background of their own german-french background, although it was in an american hospital with american nurses, but of course it could have meant 'Majdanek!' and hence Ragna Grøver in Labråten 58 from 1970 onwards. Lublin-Majdanek - 'my lovely darling' - the wife of Grøver/'Mengele' - and maybe the son with an intimate relation to Hitler in 1957. But that would have been a relevant interpretation only if they were secret agents who had access to this knowledge.

Since the relation between publication and matrimonial history seems to be the key to the construction, there is another parallel story which deserves attention: The matrimonial history of the US poet Anne Sexton - who married Alfred Muller Sexton - runs with some precision in parallel with the publication history of Celan whose poetic mentor in Bucharest was Alfred Margul-Sperber who was an abnormally long man. Celan had first fled from Bucharest to Vienna where he had planned to stay. This is where he met Ingeborg Bachmann and it was in Vienna that he made his first publication, a prose commentary to a work of art by Edgar Jene, as well as his first book of poetry: "Der Sand aus den Urnen". The manuscript to this poetry book, which he had written in the period 1940-48, was completed and given to the publisher right before he left Vienna for Paris in early July 1948 (which means that it must have been completed and delivered to the publisher around the time when Demus befriended Celan, or perhaps some days before) and was published by Verlag A.Sexl in Vienna in October 1948. (On his way from Vienna to Paris, he made a stop in Innsbruck wherefrom he on 6 July 1948 sent a letter to his Czernowitz friend Ruth Lackner, married Kraft). A possibly important part of this story could be the name-similarity of 'Alfred Margul-Sperber' with the husband 'Alfred Muller Sexton' of Anne Sexton - and the publisher 'Verlag A.Sexl'. It seems that the first date between then Anne Gray Harvey and 'Alfred Muller Sexton' II, the 'Kayo' who married her in August 1948 after a common friend of them (cp. the recommendation letter of Margul-Sperber) had provided for the first contact per letter in May 1948 (he wrote and presented himself and she returned the reply 'come up and visit me sometimes') and a first dating took place in July 1948 (according to Middlebrook's biography), which could have been when A.Sexl looked through Celan's manuscript. In August 1948, Celan's first piece of prose was published on Agathon Verlag in Vienna - a preface to a work on the surrealist painter Edgar Jene, whose name backwards arguably is similar to 'Anne Sexton'. His wife's name 'Erica Lillegg' backwards resembles 'Nelly Sachs'. He had apparently met the painter in Vienna in late 1947 and it was in the context of an exhibition made by Agathon on 27 March 1948 and a reading on 3 April that he wrote his comments to the painter's work. The Sextons started apparently in July a relationship whereby Anne reportedly lost her virginity in spite of her formal engagement to another man - with whom she then also had sex with a guilty mind before she broke the engagement and ran off with the lover, according to Diana Wood Middlebrook. (I could add that the name of the biographer could resemble the peculiarity of the two bridges that could be used in the night of 5-6 May 1978 when I was at a party at Hanne Skjefstad and the old woman Inger Johanne Apenes - the mother of conservative MP Georg Apenes - was murdered with a knife in the neighbouring house in the same night - it wasn't me who did it, although my name could have suggested so. When I in the same night went to my home in Voldgata 1 on the other side of the canal, I could use either the 'wooden bridge', an old medieval-looking construction, sort of, and then replaced with a more modern construction, in which case I would have had to pass Apenes' house, or I could have taken the other bridge which was not wooden. I think I went over the parallel to the wooden bridge. Aldo Moro was murdered and found 3 days later. I don't think Anne Sexton was in resurrected form among the more or less middle-aged guests in the party, and neither would I found such a 'bloody story' much attractive). Anne and Alfred escaped in a stormy romance, climbing out of a high window and running off in a car (a 'convertible') to North Carolina where they could marry already at the age of 18 - and they married there on 18 August, which probably was at the time when Celan's prose on Edgar Jene was published as the preface to the book in Vienna - on 'Agathon Verlag', cp. 'North Carolina'. Anne Sexton, as her name was after the wedding, was of unstable mind throughout most of the rest of her life - and perhaps she was before they married also. At least she quickly fell in love with Alfred, tells her biography. It seems that Celan made his prose before the romance started which led to the wedding at the time of the publication of his work. Celan seems to have written his prose probably in April 1948 (or at least he was involved with Agathon in March - 5 months before the matrimony/publication). Hence it is at least temporally possible that the matrimony of Alfred Muller Sexton could have been taken to be a part of the Goll intrigue which followed after Celan, on Alfred Margul-Sperber's recommendation, had contacted Goll in late 1949, after which Goll died exactly 5 months after the letter had been written. Anne Sexton seems to have developed her psychiatric problems some time later. In the last days of her life, before her alleged suicide by gas on 4 october 1974, she had the same 'confidante' called Lois Ames as Sylvia Plath, another Boston poet, had before her suicide by gas in 1963. Even Plath's husband was a 'long man'. There seem to be some parallelisms in these stories.

The parallelism between Sexton's matrimonial history with Celan's publication history has its formal representation in the similarity of name of Alfred Margul-Sperber with Alfred Müller Sexton, and this parallelism represents the title of Goll's work 'Elegie d'Ihpetonga' as were it Grøver/'Mengele's sunnmørian dialect telling that 'I put it on the tongue' and the title of Goll could have meant that the administrative control which Grøver/'Mengele' had with the fatherhood of mine would have entailed an administrative control with Celan's poetic words - for which reason Claire Goll's later accusations of plagiarism had some effect since there was not much Celan could do about the role of Grøver/'Mengele'. I have even speculated if Grøver/'Mengele' copied Celan deliberately in some more or less extensive respects. There exists a photo of him in anorak with leg lifted onto something in front of him which much resembles a photo of Celan in same anorak and posture - but I have not access to any data which could support this hypothesis of mine.

'Die Goll-Affäre' seems to have been a very big thing and it is apparently still going strong. Around 1960 it was a matter of some importance in european (french-german) cultural debate. One suspects that it is not much more than this confusion of Grøver/'Mengele' and Adolf Hitler - or the Klipra connection generally - with the 'anglo-saxon' connection in Ancel-Sachs = Celan and Sachs. And me. The Golls knew a lot of influential people, and even I seem to have met some of a related character, although perhaps more 'politicians' than poets and artists. Could be the Golls were in the role of representing me relative to Celan - in which case it could have been for a general strategy of divide-and-conquer on the jewish-genetic diaspora.

The Demuses

The question is whether Klaus Demus (cp. 'Ausdehnung') and his wife Nani Maier are a part of such an intrigue story. Demus and Celan met in Vienna in June 1948 - a few days before Celan went to Paris - but seem to have become rather close friends from the autumn 1949 in Paris and they kept up rather much contact up to the beginning of the sixties. Demus was first Celan's close associate in the 'infamie' debate but turned away from him after some time, and Celan broke the contact with him. When Celan was in a psychiatric clinic (probably with reduced authority) after the publication of his 'Fadensonnen', Demus took the opportunity to visit him there and was received with some reconciliation. He brought the poem 'Morgennacht' which can be interpreted (at 2/3) as containing two lines (211-212) encoding the name of my young neighbour in Voldgata 1 in 1978-80 (211 - 'sanftwilden Himmeln, bläuehohen') and my name (212 - 'wo meerher schwerausleuchtendes Gewölk').

My impression from the reading of the correspondence between Celan and the Demuses is that a possible role of Demus and Maier can be seen as representing me and Nathan Milstein relative to Celan as my genetic father - for the idea that the eventual conclusion could have been that Milstein (cp. Genesis 1,17 - not Voldgata 1 - and the corresponding T-262 of Ezekiel) was the father and Celan was not, another version of the Goll affair relative to Grøver/'Mengele'. Milstein was born i Odessa 508 months, weeks, days before me. Hence the name of Milstein represents the administrative counterpart - of Grøver/'Mengele', that means - to the genetic fatherhood to me of Celan. Demus' wife Nani Maier in Milstatt could suggest 'Nani in Millstatt' cp. 'Nathan Milstein'. Demus' brother was a pianist. The Grøvers had a recording with (I think it must have been) Milstein playing Mendelssohn's Violin concerto (one of the great things of my childhood, that recording) and a record with I think Jörg Demus playing Schubert - Impromptus, I think it was. And some other records.

If Demus was a part of the Goll intrigue, the function of the couple could have been to communicate responsibility claims from administration on important dates and milestones of history relative to Celan's own publication history relative to Sexton's matrimonial history. The reason for this hypothesis is that there seems to be some encoding in advance of such events in letters from Demus to Celan. I don't have much data to support the hypothesis, for example I do not remember specific dates of potentially relevant events from my childhood, but I bring the possible cases I have found here and leave it to the readers to make up their own opinion.

1) Most spectacular is the hypothesis that Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin was murdered (he died officially on 5 march 1953 in Kunzewo in Moscow) because the Demuses had just married (not vice versa, probably). The last letter Demus sent to Celan before Stalin's death can in fact be seen to contain some traces of his name, which, though, is natural in a honeymoon context. The letter was written on the date of 20 Jänner 1953, after they had married one month earlier on 20 December 1952: "Liebster glücklicher Paul, diesmal bin ich besonders unfähig, Dir zu schreiben, aber aus Freude. [...] Ich bin wohlbestallt, zufrieden mit der Arbeit für unser Leben". There are some of those but the letter is perhaps not too alarming in this respect. But perhaps the date could be.

2) Demus' letter soon after my birth on 29 June 1957 - and his wife's letter some days before my birth - are clearly suggestive of knowledge of my birth and name. Klaus/Nani Demus to the Celans:

            Wien, 5.Juli 1957
Liebe Gisèle, lieber Paul!

Ein sehr weißes Sommerblatt will Euch in den Bergen grüßen.
Es treffe Euch in Kühle, Ruhe und Genüge.

In allen Wäldern wird das Licht gemäht
und Feuerwiesen ziehen mit den Flüssen
die Stunde abwärts in die Spiegelmeere...

Grüß Euch der Himmel!

[plus some additions]

which seems to be telling of my name 'John Bjarne Grøver' - both in the first line, in the three concepts and in the three following lines. 'Jarn-egg' could mean 'the origin of iron'. This letter was preceded by a letter telling of great expectations, only a few days before my birth.

3) Albert Camus died on 4 January 1960, which was a few days after we had arrived in Odda from Hammerfest, or maybe it would have been around the same day. I think the official date of the move from Hammerfest to Odda is one of the last days of 1959. Camus died from a car accident at 'Villeblerin' (cp. today's 'Villepin'). There is a certain name-similarity of 'Albert Camus' with 'Klaus Demus', and I may be allowed to notice that my official brother-in-law Lars Andreas Loe - married to my younger official sister Tone Grøver, and according to himself born on the last day of 1959 - in fact resembles Klaus Demus somewhat. But so does Joseph von Eichendorff as well, so I don't know. Are there traces of Camus' death in Demus' letter before 4 jan 1960? A letter from Demus to Celan is written on 15 dec 1959 in 'Luxemburg': "Lieber Paul, liebe Gisele, / in wenigen Tagen hoffe ich bei euch zu sein. Morgen geht es von hier nach Belgien, Mecheln, wo ich bis Freitag oder Samstag zu tun haben werde, so daß ich Samstag oder Sonntag in Paris sein kann. Leider wird es nur sehr kurz sein können... Ich freue mich so sehr, Euch und Eric zu sehen. / Von Herzen, / Klaus". If there should be any pretelling of Camus' death here, it would have been in the short time interval from our arrival in Odda (and the birth of Loe) to the death of Camus. 'Mekkern bilen' could be a norwegian expression for 'he is fixing the car', could be for creating a car accident, and Luxemburg invokes associations to Rosa Luxemburg as the co-founder of the Spartacus and communist party in Germany with Karl Liebknecht - both of whom seem to have been murdered for the swapping with the founders Anton Drexler (cp. 'Albert Camus') and Karl Harrer of the nazi party in Germany. Liebknecht seem to have been used as a sort of name-template for my role. The name-relation of 'Anton Drexler' with 'Albert Camus' corresponds approximately to the name-relation of 'Belgien' with 'Mecheln' etc. The death of Camus could, though, primarily have had the function of pointing to the squeeze-out of him from Combat (see below), when Barthes wrote his 'Degré zéro de la literature' which in principle could indicate 'Lestrange erotic Gisele' and hence be a hint that she was an agent: Camus had also written 'L'etranger'.

4) If the theory of Sexton is relevant, one could check some dates in her life for the correspondence Demus/Celan. Her first book of poetry was accepted for publication at Houghton Mifflin on 19 May 1959 and her father Ralph Churchill Harvey died on 3 June 1959, which means 15 days later. In a letter to the Celans dated 9 May 1959, Klaus Demus writes from Düsseldorf: "Liebe Gisele, lieber Paul, / seid herzlichst gegrüßt. Wohl lebt sichs hier anders als uns not tut, der Anker faßte keinen Grund - er liegt, wo unser Leben ist; an weiter Kette treibe ich auf der Lichtfläche gezählter Tage. Und doch ist Ahnung von Anderem, Resten von wahrem Grund. In Herzlichkeit, / Euer Klaus". One can perhaps spot the name of her father Ralph ('Wohl lebt sichs hier anders als uns not tut, der Anker faßte keinen Grund') Churchill ('er liegt, wo unser Leben ist') Harvey ('an weiter Kette treibe ich auf der Lichtfläche gezählter Tage. Und doch ist Ahnung von Anderem, Resten von wahrem Grund. In Herzlichkeit') in the undertext of this letter - which was sent before she got her book accepted. Then on 30 May 1959, Demus seems to have sent a review (?) of some work of his. The commentary to the letter tells that it is not known if the review followed a letter or if it was only a separate literary analysis. There are traces of preannouncement of the cerebral haemorrhage which her father died from 4 days later: "...Wirklichkeit. / Sie ist erschaffen mittels einer Sprache, die im bestürzenden Ernst des vollen Sprechens, Wort um Wort Wahrheit eröffnend, dem herrenlos verwilderten Idiom das Wunder dichterischer Mächtigkeit erweckt". Things like these do arguable sound like a 'hint' about the cerebral haemorrhage of her father, but some space for coincidences must perhaps be traced even here.

5) In March 1960, Anne Sexton's father-in-law George Sexton died in a car accident and on 8 May 1969 her sister-in-law Joan died - also in a car accident - on her honeymoon, 6 days after the wedding. Joan Sexton died from a head-on crash with another car with a drunk driver, and according to Linda Sexton's biography there was not a mark on her body except for a broken neck and a tiny scratch above her right knee. The 'naked' positions, the touch on the point. Could be there are some traces of this in the letter from Demus to Celan on easter monday 7 April 1969, one month and one day before Joan Sexton's death, although of course one must allow for the factor of possible coincidence in this case: "Die Welt steht mir wieder fester, der Himmel, der mir über Paris eingestürtzt war, an einem Kardinalpunkt, und einen ganzen Erd- und Lebensquadranten verschüttend, ist wieder hoch, und des Herzens Reisegedanken ist diese Richtung nicht mehr verboten. / Ich hab es wohl gemerkt, lieber Paul, daß Dich meine persönlichen Grenzen - 'Positionen' hast Du's genannt - von neuem enttäuscht haben. Ich sollte diesen Punkt vielleicht nicht so sicher berühren" (etc).

6) There is one letter dated 21 November 1962, which is one year and one day before Kennedy assassination day: "Lieber Paul / ich wünsche Dir von Herzen alles Gute. // Dein Buch - es freut mich sehr. / Die Krüge gingen nicht verloren: Ich danke Dir. / Klaus". from which perhaps the name of John Fitzerald Kennedy can be read in the undertext. Then there is a postcard from Jerusalem from November 1963. The previous communication before this was in June 1962 and the next was in June 1964, and it seems that Celan did not respond much after July 1961 when his last letters seemed to try and bring the letter-writing to an end - could be he communicated something like 'close the mouth'. ("Eines - hoffentlich nicht allzu fernen - Tages wird dieses Kesseltreiben ja wohl aufhören", 13 Oct 1961). The Kennedy assassination was therefore not much worth from this point of view.

7) The Celans' first child Francois was born on 7 October 1953 but died after 30 hours on 8 October due to 3 x heavy use of birth tongs and caesarian section. One naturally associates with Grøver/'Mengele's sunnmørian and 'I put it on the tongue'. Celan immediately, on 8 october, wrote to the Demuses for telling the details of the sad news and added that Gisèle was well. The last letter from the Demuses before this birth was dated 13 september 1953, and consists of 3 x 'liebe' in escalating degrees plus a final 'herzliebste' - followed by a final 'Gisèle - Paul' without 'liebe' but 'de tout coeur Nani + Klaus' - on various stations along the route back from Millstatt: Mönchsberg, Sonntag 13.9.53 ¾ 3h, Mirabellgarten 15h 20, St.Peter ½ 4h, Domplatz 15h45 before the last Bahnhof, ¼ 5h. This 'prophetic' announcement of the details of the tragic birth could of course have been the reason why Celan so promptly wrote to them after the child's death - so to speak echoing their own 'prophetic' communication - as if he could not have escaped the association.

8) Vibeke Grøver was born on 25 november 1955. 8 days before, on 17 november 1955, the Demuses wrote to Celan for his birthday and quoted Gisèle "es solle 'ein kleines Jahr' werden, das Ihr bei uns bleiben wollt! / Liebster Paul, es soll mir wichtiger noch werden als das erste Jahr an deiner Seite". He refers to Grillparzer, Stifter and Hofmannsthal. Tone Grøver was officially born on 23 February 1961, a date of apparently much imporance for the numeral '23' in international politics. On 22 February 1961, Klaus Demus wrote to Paul Celan: "Mein lieber Paul, ich danke dir sehr führ deinen Brief. Ich wünsche mir, Du erzähltest mir von den Dingen, die geschahen, ich möchte teilnehmen daran, so sehr, wie das zu Deinem Vertrauen gehört, das du mir immer schenken mußt. Leider wird Dir mein Teilnehmen nicht recht zu Hilfe - ich nehme zu sehr meinen Teil, muß ich doch, soll ich helfen, das mir wahr Erscheinende nennen".

9) The last communication is from Nani Demus to Celan dated 16 April 1970, which was 3-4 days before he disappeared. It is about "Dein Dasein, Deine Existenz als Leidender, Fühlender, als Denkender, der es zu äußern vermag, wie kein anderer in dieser bitteren Zeit, mit den vorgetriebensten Organen, dem lebendigsten Puls, was nicht mehr faßbar ist" etc. In light of a hypothesis - I don't know where I have this from but it is a theory which has taken shape while I have been studying the complex - that Celan in the evening of 19 April 1970 (or early 20 April - Hitler's and GHB's birthday) was abducted and tortured before he was murdered and dumped in the Seine, one could wonder if Nani Demus had guessed his abduction and death in advance.

Conclusion on the Demuses: It seems that one could read the communications from the Demus couple to Celan as another part of the complex of matrimonials around Celan's publication history. The death of Stalin by their own wedding could have been telling of such a role. This would have added more weight to the role of the Grøver couple relative to Celan - possibly for the general project of matrimony as a cultural 'fissure finger'. Milstein was known as a master of violins, Mengele was known as a master of violence. All this intrigue could have been part of the reason why Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen and Dachau were of large importance for the installation of Hitler's role in the mythology: It served to relate Sachs and Celan to Grøver/'Mengele' and the Klipra connection - and the Anglo-Saxon origin of the britons. For getting poetic logic under administrative control. And that could have been for turning love into terror by the 'british spiritualism'.

I have sometimes had the feeling that my computer is tapped and what I write is converted into templates for terror. (There was a terror group in the Pakistan/India region called Lashkar-e-Toiba at the time when I wrote on a Toshiba laptop, and I believed that I had found some correlations in newspieces with what I wrote on it). I don't know, though, if such really has been going on or if it has been only a feeling of mine. But if this be the case for me and my personal writing, it could of course have been the case for communications from the Demuses to the Celans as well, at least if the letters were short enough to be readable through the envelope over a lightbulb by the secret services. Hence it looks sort of waterproof, whoever is to be blamed for these strange correspondences.

Golda Meir

The Goll intrigue ('Die Goll-Affäre') started in late 1949, but could perhaps be seen as initiated with the recommendation letter from Margul-Sperber, written before Celan fled from Bucharest in 1947. 'Die Golda Meir' was israeli ambassador to Moscow from June 1948 to April 1949 when she went back to Israel as member of Knesset and became minister of labour in Ben-Gurion's government, later israeli foreign and prime minister. If 'Golda Meir' = 'Goll-Affäre', then 'Ben-Gurion' = 'Bes-Gurion' = 'besk-urion' = 'acrid urine'. Grøver/'Mengele' told from his studies that a professor of medicine called 'Tjøtta' made urine tests by dipping a finger in the urine (a sort of 'fysh finger'?), putting it in the mouth and making the diagnosis on basis of the taste. 'Hm, too sweet', he could say and conclude on some disease. (He also once told that eskimos - not 'beskimos' - in older days used to wash their faces in urine). One would be inclined to believe that the story is not really true but could be constructed for example on basis of this 'acrid urine'. 'Nøtta' = 'the nut'. Golda Meir was born Golda Mabowitsch and married Morris Meyerson in 1917, but divorced from him in 1956 and changed her name to Golda Meir. 'Forin Feyernos' = norw. for 'gets the sweeping nose in'. 'Golda Fabomitn' = 'Golda gets it in the middle'. 'Kjøtta' would be pronounced almost exactly the same as 'Tjøtta' and could mean 'the fleshy female' - with obvious allusion to the issue of 'penis-inside-vagina', could be even with associative links to the idea of 'drubba' in the story of Mao. The state of Israel was opened in the mirror point to the birth of Ragna Eidsvig around Celan's travel to Berlin in the Kristallnacht, plus a week. The story which Grøver/'Mengele' told could therefore have been meant to say to me that the israeli prime minister had divorced from the norwegian son but had retained the symbolism of the week of his father. Which in principle of course could be the Eichmann-Eidsvig combination. However, when she divorced in 1956 it was the year when I was put into a uterus and hence I could be defined as 'the Goll-Affäre-son'. It was also the year when she swapped her ministry of labour with the foreign ministry. This could have been the background of what could be a sort of 7-year cycle of crises in my life on the formula 'die Goll-Affäre' - which I probably could have inherited from Celan.

The Octogon and the Eisenhower doctrine

The story of the Goll intrigue is the story of how the political interests managed to put some words on the tongue of Celan - and thereafter accused him of plagiarism. I have not studied the amount of similar forms but one can perhaps assume that there could be some. One natural reason for this is that such similar forms could tend to be about Celan's own necessary and wellmeant reconceptualization of these - for lending emphasis to what is poetry and not 'politics' in them. That could be the right way of thinking - not the least since much political intrigue seems to be poetry gone astray.

This story seems to have been lifted over onto me in terms of the chapter of the story which could be called the 'Octogon': Celan's publication history came to run in parallel with the matrimonial history of Sexton, with accusations of illegitimate plagiarisms, and the corresponding 'politics' on me seems to have been a matrimonial history of 8-9 'triangular' relations with corresponding illegitimate 'plagiarism' of matrimony. In the worst case, the 'Goll affair' could have been only a preparation for the 'Octogon'. All of the 8-9 seem, though, to have been prescheduled already in the Eisenhower doctrine of 1957 - whether that doctrine serving as a responsibility claim on the stories or it be about leaking a preappointed character of them. (To this comes a possible parallelism to the Eisenhower docrine in the socalled 'Oslo Report' from 1939). The names of the 8-9 females involved can be compared with the 8-9 parts of the Eisenhower doctrine of 1957, just at the start of the cognitive revolution. It turns out to be a rather good correlation between the names and an 'undertext' reading of the doctrine for all or most of them. It adds to the story that most or all the females could have been considerably much older than me. I don't know if one can assume that all of them really were nearly a generation older than me - with the natural connotations thereto - but it is perhaps not impossible that all or most of them could have been able to join or been expected to be inclined to join the program already around 1957. The names are the following:

Intro - 'Laila' (I don't know the family name), I - 'Anne Karen Axelsen' (later changed to 'Tulla Elieson' - could be the first form was 'Karen Anne'), II - 'Tordis Skjærven Søderlind', III - 'Jette Råboe Larsen', IV - 'Ayo Jardar', V - 'Kirsten Ribu', V or VI - 'Wenche Stray', VII - 'Tonje Aanonsen', VIII - 'Herdis Eggen', IX - 'Ellen Berger'.

I am not certain about VI, if that were to be a part of the story or not - could be part VI of the doctrine simply indexes my name. The role of VI in this list is therefore uncertain and could perhaps - if a part of the program - even have been an alternative to V - a possible 'pushdown' phenomenon which could be recognized also in VII on the form 'ton[e] yawn onsen' vs. my name 'john[b] yawn[g] røver'. Neither do I know if 'Aanonsen' was her real name, but it was the name of her husband and would have been the 'married' name in that sense of it - could be it was her real name. [Added 2022: The name is 'Tonje Kolle']. Her husband Per's name is reminiscent of the placename Poronim of Lenin's and Krupskaja's stay in 1913-14 - which could be indicative of some systematic function. I notice also the 1980 'Bologna bombing' relative to the name of VII's brother-in-law 'Pål' - if that makes for a 'Pologn-onsen' (as for the death of the polish president in April 2010), there is the minimal VII-VI 'pushdown' opposition in 'Pologn-røver' which could be traced to the central bus station close to the bombing place of the railway station in Bologna - this bus station could perhaps also be recognized in MLR July 1980. For IX, the name is verified via a common acquaintance. It is well possible that there are more or less largescaled political projects built on the names involved - which then could have been for the purpose of dumping the blame on me due to the philosophy on new logical consistency. For example, the name of 'Anne Karen Axelsen' is similar to 'Abdul Karen Qassim' who couped Iraq from king Feisal II, and there are even redundancies relative to her neighbour in that respect. Although she herself is a little similar to Plath's and Sexton's confidante Lois Ames on the photo in Middlebrook's biography p.373, I don't believe that it could be the same person, in spite of the alternative name 'Tulla Elieson'. Neither do I believe that Sexton herself could have resurrected as Eisenhower doctrine #2, as also Demus' letter to Celan of 9 May 1959 could suggest, but of course such an identification could be a political project. The spoon of IV to 'Jayo Ardar' = 'jeg og Arthur' = 'I and Arthur' could apply to the phenomenon that Arthur Rimbaud died on the day when Nelly Sachs was born, plus a general reference to a possible 'Jar connection' ('Jar-dar-ayo') - with 'backwards causation' meaning that Rimbaud died because Sachs was born, hence Rimbaud was the mother and therefore Sachs' mother, who could have been an agent for some administration, was the 'author' of her works, as could be the political interpretation. Jardar's husband worked at the socalled 'Octogon' ('Åttekanten') school on Hauge, Vesterøy, Hvaler outside Fredrikstad. I cannot say that I noticed any particular relation between aunt Marte and uncle Arthur. I lived together with Kirsten Ribu for some weeks in her flat in late 1980 - untill the neighbours underneath launched a formal complaint based on alleged 'production' in our flat, including more or less disturbing sounds. The meeting with the leaders of the housing complex around Christmas 1980 ended with the conclusion that both parts should try and fulfill expectations. It was a bizarre idea, though - at least I had never heard those 'production sounds' - which could be refuted only with claims of the opposite - unless there had been secret surveillance by microphones which could have provided the needed proof. This is called 'rom-av-lytting', while 'Roma-flytting' means 'to move to Rome'. A then friend of mine (Fjellheim) had just been in Rome for a while and could be helpful with finding accomodation, he told me, and since I felt a little exhausted anyhow from too much work I decided to go for some weeks in Rome to ease my somewhat stressed condition. There further events guided me into a flat next to the Laterano church where I was at the time of the attempt on to pope - one could guess that the shot was aimed at his genitals although the official version told that it was directed against his ribs - but, one could guess, the gun or bullet could have gone astray and been 'cursed' onto other parts of the pope's body. Cp. also the name of Gavrilo Princip, the assassin in Sarajevo in 1914 - 'ga vri la[v] prinsipp' = 'gave a turn low principle' - which triggered WWI. Pope John Paul II (himself or his collaborators) said that the bullet had been fired at point blank towards his heart but seemed to have been stopped miraculously 'as by a mothers helping hand' just before it could have reached its goal. He donated the bullet to the crown of the sculpture of the Madonna in Fatima. Ragna Grøver had allegedly been in a serious car accident which left her face rather damaged around the same time (I do not remember exactly when this was) - it eventually healed rather well, but I could not forget the strangely clean cut across her forehead when I visited her in the hospital and I had to doubt that the cut could have been made by a car accident. (I suppose it really is Nelly Sachs who is buried on Norra Haga churchyard). One notices that the papacy of John Paul I lasted only 33 days, same interval as between the death of Storsveen and the arrival of Mengele in Auschwitz in 1943 ('I and Arthur'?). Could be this interval of John Paul I and II could be telling of something. But this period of time would of course be of interest only if one assumes a sort of connection - in any case the name 'John Paul' could be taken to be about the custody vs. genetic father of mine. I notice that some of the children in the complex of couples in the above list seem to have names indicative of the idea that Grøver/'Mengele' could have regulated the growth of the bones of my skeleton throughout my childhood. I don't know if growth-hampering chemicals can be injected into bones (in drugged condition), but would naturally believe that it can. Mengele on the ramp probably picked out many monozygotic twins for his experiments and could have been experimenting with bone growth aspects. If my skeleton were influenced by such injections, it could of course have made it difficult to establish the genetic parents of mine by the look - and even the parenthood of mine to a child of mine who could be growing up in conditions resembling mine.

If the 8-9 stories were prescheduled by the Eisenhower dotrince of 1957, how could they know in advance that I would agree to be part of the stories? Could be it was a very simple trick: If I did not participate in the plans, I could expect to see a repeat of the Mengele-chemical story from Hammerfest - which in principle even could have been in the mid point of Eisenhower's presidential period. This threat could of course not have been sufficiently articulated for me to relate to consciously - if it were, I could quite simply only have gone to the police with it - but it would have had to be clear enough for me to understand it. Also, it seems to have been vital for the 'project' that I would have myself to blame for them, and then a 'threat' to make me collaborate would have had to be out of reach for my conscious understanding.

It seems that my career since birth has been a series of possible abuse relations which have been just one step ahead of my own developmental level, thereby making it difficult for me to protect me against them or even understand them in time. My theory, although it goes without saying that it cannot be proven, is that I was physically abused in the earliest period which I later could not remember, then psychologically and socially abused in ways that I could not understand, genetically at puberty and sexually from about 16-18 onwards, and professionally in adult career age. Tapping of my computer, if that goes on today, could be abuse of my professional career which I cannot discover before it is too late. But of course such abuse from my youth and family relations would never have been in a form which I could refer to with proofs of abuse - since that would have made it easy for me to get out of the family. I never got any good proofs of abuse, and the school dentist of 1970 was not in the family. My theory is that I was raped by Adolf Hitler in christmas 1957 and tortured with chemicals in the blood - could be by specialist Mengele - on 20 january 1959. Psychological and social abuse could have been that the custody parents indirectly pretold the deaths of the genetic parents in the sixties (such as by the story of slaughtering of poultry on Finse or the skiing accident), well before the deaths of the genetic parents in 1970, and of course I could not find out of that. The school dentistry starting at puberty 13 years included a series of alleged anaesthetic injections which also (this is a hypothesis only - I don't know what was in the injections) could have contained a mashed foetus made from e.g. Adolf Hitler and my genetic mother or a genetic sister, for the idea that I should recognize Adolf Hitler's genetics as 'my own genetics' - the new thing occurring in the body at age 13 - and with a new interpretation of the 'ow[e]n' from 1957, only that the pains were in the other end of the digestion channel. It happened now and then in my childhood that I was attacked by sudden high fever, vomiting and recovering in the course of approximately one day - it could of course have been poisoning, but I have no proof of that. I recall that this happened in the year 1970-71 after the custody mother had left for a day or two and I was alone with Grøver/'Mengele'. Such a sudden quick rise of fever (it felt like running into 40 degrees as I lay curled around the oven with clattering teeth) could have been a case of 'doctorate degree' or even 'dodorate degree'. The professional career abuse would have been the more or less systematic rejection of my applications - even the ones abroad. The story of the Oklahoma bombing is telling: The book should have been published, according to my view, but it may be that there never have been a more massive rejection than this one - on basis of an administrative logic. Well, could be it was not the most massive rejection there has been: The rejection of my PhD dissertation with the twin bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (= 'Schmerlings Platz'?) and the bombing of Omagh was perhaps even worse. The sexual abuse would have been the Octogon as a matrimonial correlate to Celan's publication history. My guess is that every step in my developmental history has been preceded by abuse or rejection on an administrative basis.

It was a 'Laila', a girlfriend of a classmate of mine, from another town and a little older than us, who took me out on the mounds outside Voldgata 1 during a nearby party for classmates and opened my fly ('unzipping' of 'keys to heaven'?) in the dark winter cold, but failed in her attempts to get the organ up or invoke my interests. The classmate soon arrived, but it may be that this story, apparently contained in the 'Intro' to the Eisenhower doctrine, led to the conclusion that it was not certain that I would come to be collaborative on the 8-9 stories that seem to have been planned. It could be that this was the reason for the diseases I got in 1975, which could have served as reminders (unless the events of that year of 1975 could be seen as prescheduled already in MLR april 1957). I dropped out of high school at christmas 1974 (for trying to take my exams privately one year earlier - something which also could have given me the chance to run off from the plans) when I in january was attacked by mononucleosis which lasted for a few weeks. As far as I remember, I was even driven in ambulance to the hospital where I spent some days - which should have been rather superfluous. No sooner was I on my feet again, I was knocked out by a throat abscess which lasted for some time, and Grøver/'Mengele' drove me to a 'specialist' in a private basement in Oslo who tried in vain to open the abscess with mechanic tools in my throat. The abscess would not open but the pains were impressive and it is likely that the story could be labelled deliberate torture, or perhaps be suggestive of what such things could be about. (It could also have been about an imitation of the Basedow operation on Lenin's wife Krupskaja in Poronim near Zakopane - if that is the origin of the concept of 'Al Qaida' = 'the Base'). The later medical conclusion was that the abscess could come to return and in order to prevent this a removal of the tonsillae was recommended. That was yet another hospitalization - in the autumn, I think it was - with full anaesthesia - I spent a day or two with bottle-needle in the wrist (if that was not the first time). This removal of the tonsils was after the summer but probably not so far into the autumn - and an inspection of MLR July 1975 could perhaps allow for the hypothesis that I could have been subjected to a 'third eye' in my frontal lobe cortex with laser tools in the anaesthesized condition of the tonsil removal. As far as I remember, I was up and down in ambulance as much as three times that year of 1975, or maybe it was only two, but it is likely that all of them were superfluous anyhow. If one combines these scattered medical elements of the year 1975 into one coherent picture, one probably gets something like what I could have experienced in the year 1959 in Hammerfest (and perhaps the tonsils would have been about a rape in the other end of the body) - without me being able to remember that consciously but certainly the body (or my subconsciousness) would have remembered it well if it did happen. The combined elements would have sufficed for convincing me that they would not feel moral obstacles against a repeat - Grøver/'Mengele' stood there watching the attempted abscess opening - in case I would come to be non-collaborative.

I should add to this account the story from possibly late 1974 which is a little peculiar: I had been fumbling with a kingsize hatpin which I put up projecting from under the pillow in Grøver/'Mengele's TV chair, thinking about how bad it would have been to sit down on such a pointed thing, when I was interrupted by the call that dinner was ready. I must probably have forgotten it there (but certainly not by conscious ill intent), and when I came home in the evening, I was presented with the question whether I had left it there. It appeared that Grøver/'Mengele' had been sitting down on it and been quick up again, but I never got the details. He appeared normal to me, though, as he was seated there in front of the TV. I had not been brought up to the custom of apologizing - the phenomenon seemed to be unknown to the family, for whatever reason - and it was left there unapologized. I took it as self-evident that it had not been done intentionally and that it was an accident, but it may be that Grøver/'Mengele' would not take the chance that I had done it on behalf of somebody else, although that would not have been my sort of thing to be involved in. The throat abscess ('halsbyll') of 1975 - with the trip in to the private basement in Oslo - could in principle have been a reply to this accident. I certainly did not leave it there on purpose, but it is natural to believe that some subconscious knowledge could have inspired me to experiment with the idea of what such a massive 'injection' would resemble in Grøver/'Mengele's TV chair. I had perhaps guessed the plans and told about the 'background' in this way. The US film 'American Beauty' (2000) has some scenes which could be about this incident: It shows at 22:45 that there could have been TV camera or microphone surveillance at the moment of call for dinner - and that the homecoming in the evening, after the old nazi's wellgrunt (with 'revelation' next to him) in front of the TV at 27:55, was perhaps not as dramatic as it could have been. (This sort of film seems very normal for US film production - it is even possible that the film is a parallelism to my own first and self-published poetry book 'Hammerfest'). I recall Grøver/'Mengele' (probably before this story, but it may have been later) telling me that he had been abusing morphine in Hammerfest 1958-59 when he was attacked by a very painful inflammation in his nerves. There were some crutches and metal shins in the attic allegedly from this story, and he told me that he had not been able to stop the morphine abuse later. He had to tell me just in case somebody else did before him. I personally believe that these crutches and shins rather could have had the function of reminders of a chemical history of myself in Hammerfest - when the morphine was not for me but rather for him while I could have been the one in need of it. Or even that morphine for him meant the opposite for me - and he confessed that there had been too much of that in Hammerfest. I developed allergics in that year to an extent that I had to wear plastic tubes on my arms - a correlate to his shins on his legs - allegedly for preventing me from scratching my face, while I was learning to walk. I don't remember when he told this story, though. Could be it was before 1975, could be it was after.

In 1970, the family moved to Fredrikstad, to the address 'Kongensgate 8' which reads 'kongen ska te 8' = 'the king shall to 8', which could mean that the Octogon was inevitable. It was an old wooden house (now demolished) which was cold in the winter and in the late summer 1970 it was filled with some insulation material which was pumped in through lots of holes drilled in the planks and later corked.

The Eisenhower doctrine is from the time of my birth in 1957, which also was about the time of the start of the 'cognitive revolution' with Chomsky's theories and the epistemology for a computer era. The crux of chomskyan grammar (or, rather, that is what is typically not mentioned there) can be seen to centre around the problem whether it is possible to store information 'in the air', in eternity beyond history, or whether information necessarily has to be stored in a material medium. If the latter, then the human brain (and possibly human knowledge, for those who believe in that) can never exceed the pushdown automaton which the Eisenhower doctrine can be seen to be about, if e.g. VII drops down on VI etc. A pushdown automaton is a device where the righthand context of a recursive loop has to be stored on the memory stack while the serial computer runs through the loops inside, and the stack is filled push-down by loop after loop untill the stack is emptied again, as in a sort of 'backwards causation' on the righthand side - like some Klipra connection on the lefthand side and a Jar connection on the righthand. It means that a context-free phrase structure grammar will never be anything but a pushdown automaton since one always must be able to backtrack to the original neural address of the righthand contexts while 'printing out' the lefthands. A pushdown automaton could mean that the mother who leaves her child to the custody of a caretaker cannot go shopping while the child is looping around on the playground but has to wait with the shopping untill the caretaker is back with the child, since a serial digital computer (or a string of symbols) can do only one thing at a certain time. But if a context-free phrase structure on the form S = aSb can apply without intermediate storage of the righthand context 'b' while the 'S' applies recursively in the middle for creating the form aaSbb, and so forth indefinitely (while constantly storing the righthand b's while waiting for the loops to come to an end so that one can finally start printing out the righthand side, or go shopping), then one has hypothetically reached a breakthrough in a new level of knowledge - or a level of social organization - which was presented as the revolution of the post-1945 computer age based on british binary symbolic logic from about 1850. The breakthrough would depend on the possibility of storing the addresses of the b's 'in the air', in the air of the open fissure, instead of having to travel back and forth around the substance for getting them. And such storing in the air is difficult - at least one will need synchronized clocks so that the mother is not out shopping when the caretaker comes back, and those clocks measuring the time of the historic consciousness (which is the field of politics) must be understood in the brain with neural fissures and activation. The 8-9 stories of the 'Octogon' were mainly singular incidents plus 2-3 of some week's duration and seem not to have served any other political function than the question of what an alien penis does inside a married vagina - if the vagina serves as the locus of a 'cognitive fissure' for social cognition: The Octogon seems to have been about that abstract aspect of illegimate matrimonial relations - for a political interpretation of the cognitive revolution of the fifties. The most 'abstract' of the stories would perhaps have been #3 which included my chief at the library department - I had got a job as library assistant there, at age 20 - she was 39 and she had already moved away from her husband who reportedly had let a new girlfriend move into her former bed - which suggests that such aspects of the story were not interesting - but she was only separated from her husband and not formally divorced - in which case the story could have served to leave the blame on me that the error in question was a penis inside a still formally married vagina, however separated the couple were and however much divorce papers were already being expected in the post at any time, and without any considerations as to reasons or rationality. My presence could thereby have been taken to be an insult against the abstract or theoretical social institution of marriage more than against any particular person.

The element of synchronized clocks is of course not needed if people can synchronize 'in their hearts': In the moment when the caretaker decides to go back with the child, the genetic mother can 'feel it in her heart' and run back from the shopping before the caretaker is back with the child. Then they don't need synchronized clocks. This could be about the idea of a jewish-genetic diaspora and the shared inner space, and somebody would perhaps consider social institutions regulating these connections as the subject of politics.

The purpose of the 'Octogon' could have been to dump the blame on me (in the role of the 'jewish-genetic diaspora') even if all the 8 stories should have been deliberately engineered as political intrigues, could be as early as 1957 and the couples involved even could have been paid for the job - which would have been considered irrelevant as long as the penis had been inside the institutionally married vagina and hence insulted the social institution which theoretically was established for maintaining british-logical consistency and coherence in the social cognition. Clearly human rationality tells that the involved couples could not have been much 'insulted' if the stories were their own projects as political agents - then it could rather have been felt as an insult if I had not participated - but it would have been essential that this aspect would have been an irrelevant matter for the political project. However, if the actual fact was that it was I who were insulted (by such sexual abuse in my youth by couples more or less a generation older than me) by the political project while the public would be convinced that it was the other way round and wholeheartedly supported the insulted couples, it could have served a general turnaround function possibly even relative to the jewish-genetic diaspora - which could have been the intended effect.

This idea seems to be present in nazi philosophy for explaining the logic of cortical fissures where the neural activation (the 'information') 'leaps' across the paradoxical fissures (the Rolandic and Sylvan fissures are the biggest ones in the human brain) rather than taking the long detour around - like taking a philosophical ferry across a fjord rather than travelling all the way around it - with the sexual correlate to this in the filling of the female 'fissure' with a penis (who thereby provides substance for the information to travel across the female or corresponding cortical fissure) and with the institutional marital principle of faithfulness serving the purpose of preserving logical consistency and coherence of the intersubjective consensus on the reality of the culture by an invariant 'filling' of the cortical and neural fissures - by the 'filling' of the 'fissure' being the same invariant penis from day to day: The same 'fissure finger' (cp. Paneriu at Vilnius) every day, thereby preserving logical consistency for a harmonious nazi society. This role of the ferry across the fjord is the context-free phrase structure grammar, while the pushdown is travelling around the fjord - back and forth for each loop. I notice also the 31 fillings in my puberty teeth - and 'Kåre Fylling' was the brother-in-law of 'John Jensen' (MLR October 1916) whose spoon 'Fåre Kylling' means 'Lamberchain' - and hence the 'fillings' were Chamberlain with his 'british sch-laugh' in Munich. This philosophy would presume that the function of sexual intercourse would be to install social cognition into the framework of neural cognition - by the isomorphy of the female with the neural fissures - including the role of information technology developing in parallel with logical paradoxes relating to such fissures (I have discussed this cultural-developmental history in my 'Epistemes, language and information technology' of 1992/1997). The function of marriage would then be to provide for a cultural regulation of social knowledge between individuals. If such 'alien penis inside' - causing confusion and mistakes in the social logic - is taken to be a case of 'irreversible mistake', it could have been planned to take the place in nazi philosophy of the former irreversibility and unidirectionality in terms of time in the metabolism - which now after WWII could be considered 'solved' with the 'fish finger' phenomenon in e.g. Paneriu at Vilnius (but then the 'finger' seems to be in the other sort of 'fissure' - possibly in order to solve the logical inconsistency of the assumed digested flesh of the cannibal meeting the penis-in-vagina - then the penis has to be in the 'vagina' behind and not in front if logical inconsistency is to be avoided). The cognitive revolution (with Chomsky etc) started in the fifties, then followed (after the last veneric diseases such as syphilis had been battled) the sexual liberation with the pill and the revolution in the hippie-time of the sixties and early seventies, then followed the Octogon in the late seventies and early eighties - and the sexual revolution of the sixties-seventies could have defined this as a potentially minor problem, at least from the viewpoint of traditional moral values - after which there followed the AIDSHIV ('Eidsvig') epidemic which has served to close the sexual revolution again - as if this 'revolution' should have served the only purpose of lending false legitimacy to the Octogon mistakes, thereby enhancing the political power potential therein. More precisely, the AIDSHIV epidemic seems to have been set in circulation more or less exactly when the Octogon started - which means that it could have been the plan to dump the blame for this tragic disease - possibly named after my official granduncle '[h]Aron Eidsvig' - on my promiscuity. Not even traditional moral considerations would have been the reason - only pure cognitive revolution of the new era of information processing based on british symbolic logic as developed from about 1850 for applying it to the social domain.

But does the information really leap across the 'fjord' or 'fissure'? Doesn't it travel electronically around? The idea would have been that a substantial leap in cultural knowledge - from one episteme to the next, higher and qualitatively different - would have to go via such leaps of information through immaterial 'air' in the open space of the fissure. Could be this is a naive conceptualization of deeper spiritual phenomena - and that the whole problemshift arises from the british problem with transubstantiation: After all, it is a matter of the same problem of 'trans'-ing of the substance from the one strand to the other, and the whole problemshift could be understood as an attempt to solve the problems which the rest of the world solves by way of religious faith. If so, one can trace this problem of nazi philosophy - finding its ultimate rooting in sausages and fish fingers - to british philosophy, and, it seems, to chomskyan theory for formal languages (which, of course, has to assume at least a minimal degree of logical consistency to function). I don't think anybody has dared to put up an identity sign between chomskyan theory and Himmler's Chelmno nad Nerem death camp - could be because everybody in at least the western world intuitively feel that Chomsky is 'Right' (while I, with the Octogon, am 'Wrong'). A concrete computer is of course always a pushdown running around the fjord (by radio or electric signals) since it cannot take the chance to send the information telepathically. But on the other hand the issue of storing information in a substance beyond history is of course of vital importance anyhow, and clearly Chomsky can be taken to present a theoretical alternative to nazi fish finger philosophy when it comes to the question of the possibility of a phrase structure grammar. The problem is nevertheless that he could be seen to be right not only by his view on grammar but also by the historic support from Chelmno - which brings him into the sphere of the death camps which he thereby can reject and be 'Right' in contrast to me who then would be 'Wrong' by virtue of the Octogon. The 'trick' could resemble Cantor's diagonal proof (the one with the swap of elements) since it becomes transhistoric simply be being defined as mathematical (quasi 'platonic'), and skipping the details of temporality of the brain. The distinction between his 'competence' and 'performance' could therefore intrinsically hide the Chelmno factor in the gap. This is what could make fish finger philosophy out of chomskyan grammar nevertheless and make it rather invulnerable. It is perhaps not so certain where the Eisenhower doctrine really is located in this landscape - could be it tells the story rather than constructing it after all. I have no immediate answer to this question of the status of the doctrine, and it seems that it can be used either way.

The husband of #3 was a brain surgeon - working with neural fissures and related matter - while the profession of the husband of #9 was a gynaecologist. Husband of #3 worked in the hospital whereto norwegian foreign minister Johan Jørgen Holst ('Nudelholst' is german for 'rolling pin' = 'kjevla' = 'kjev-la' = 'laid the jaw', cp. 'Keflavik' airport at 'Reykjavik' = 'smokavik') in Gro Harlem Brundtland's government was brought after he had been shot in the head apparently in the moment of ejaculation in bed with a woman (I don't know if it was his wife or somebody else) on 17 december 1993 - he was badly injured and I don't know if the hospital could have 'pulled the cable' when he died on 12 January 1994 - that was also the date when the 'cable' went from Rwanda to UN with a last call for help if the planned genocide should be avoided - no answer came from Kofi Annan's office of peacekeeping forces and the genocide against the 800.000 Tutsies went as planned in the summer 1994. There was a correlate to the story of Holst's exit in foreign minister Knut Frydenlund (even he in Gro Harlem Brundtland's government) who died under similar circumstances on 26.2.1987 (a 'T-262' day), but that was on the toilet ring, could be in the moment of excretion. One notices e.g. the possible VII-VI 'pushdown' of 'john jawne onsen' vs. 'johnb jawneg røver'. There was quite an impressive squeeze-out force in this 'Octogon', and my life since about 1983 became more and more marginalized. I had of course to blame myself, at least untill I had understood more of the historic background after 2000. As late as 1998 I had to believe that I was a very normal person with a very normal upbringing and family background, and I have as late as 2010 so far never ever heard a word from anybody about this political history for which there are quite substantial suggestive indications. And with such minimal information, it is not so easy to start searching on the top level of international politics for explaining events of one's own humble life. In fact it is not possible to find a reasonable explanation to it without assuming the secret agency of Hitler - and that is where the official version refuses to give in since it would mean that it was England who arranged the holocaust and who should have paid war compensation to Germany and not the other way round. But that is also why the political pressure inherent in this Octogon construction is rather massive. It is built on lies - but whose lies? The trick is to dump the blame on me as the jewish-genetic diaspora. As can be seen from the discussion towards the end of this book, it is possible that the social squeeze-out and this striking absence of information could have been given a high priority in order to make it possible to abuse me in the inbetween role, as a sort of 'zwischenpapier' - between the state leadership of Israel and the jewish-genetic diaspora. That inbetween role could have been planned to resemble the role in the Octogon, and it could have served to dump the full blame on me.

What were the purpose of the whole story if it were arranged by international administrative interests? Why all this dumping of the blame for all evil of the world on little me? It could have been about turning the forwards of the jewish genetics into a backwards, a la the foreign ministers of Gro Harlem Brundtland or the name-symbolism on Schmerlings Platz or the settlers on Reykjavik, for making a 'weird reading' out of the hebrew of the beginning of Genesis 1 as for 'Oslo Report' - and of course the purpose could be to continue the 'squeeze-out' of the jewish-genetic diaspora which was started with the holocaust 1933-45. Then it could even be about an interpretation of the second word ('vara-A') in Genesis 1. Or could it be that a pretext for the plan was to model a Satan - and then the Satan eventually turned out to be not so very bad after all and then the problem of evil was finally solved? But if this were the story, then it has to be able to carry the weight of being told without collapsing. Secrecy of administration cannot be the solution to these problems - in particular not when such political intrigues can have been made by the national political administration and secret services and the secret archives can be full of information which is an integral part of the intrigue. I am sure there can be much information there about an agency contract signed by me and my own plans on this Octogon and much else - all of it could be lies for modelling my person as a Satan of History. There could be levels of secrets and on the low level I am nothing but on the toppest level I could be declared an agent, and as long as it is not pronounced one cannot protest against the claim - although I can protest against the possible claim or the very idea. I am not partipating in any such political programs - in particular not secret ones - and my view on the matter is that truth should be prior to power.

The 'dirty trick' of history seems to be contained in the idea that the 'chomskyan' movement is a modelling of the spiritual domain, and that 'jewish-genetic' culture is a sort of 'pushdown automaton'. The trick is obtained by the idea that a free society means that the mother can shop while the child is in custody of a caretaker and she does not have to wait with the shopping till the child is back. This is the spiritual freedom which the 'quasi nazi' politics seems to launch as their own - while in actual fact the trick is obtained by modelling the spiritual domain by the string logic of chomskyan grammar - which is a variant of the alphabetic technology for serial computers. This has led to the situation that, in modern politics, the name is the most important thing - because it is an unambiguous string of symbols which applies to the historic subject and all other strings about the same are at best highly ambiguous and uncertain. Therefore it is probably also legitimate to discuss the 'contents' of the names of e.g. CIA chiefs since 1977. A modern government is typically composed of names which 'mean' something as far as politics is concerned - and one can generally assume that the name can be just as much the reason for a person in a certain position of responsibility as can his or her competence.

I apologized to the males involved in the Octogon and was met with much understanding. The feeling I had of being a burden to the society and to history could perhaps have been related to the burden which I could have constituted for e.g. the jewish-genetic diaspora or other social groups - but it would have had to be via the burden I could have been for the males of the Octogon. Or at least that is how I had to understand it. Could be of course what I have discussed here are the outlines of the reasons for the stories - but I have very little information about the political intrigues. The political administrations should, though, have the stories in their archives - hopefully the truth of the stories.

The 'octogon' is symbolized with Gro Harlem Brundtland's name, even in the sense of a european swastika with 8 corners - a 'B' around the land, hence 4 B = 4 x 2 - which can be seen to be around the land of Paris/France.

Chapter 5: The role of France

The theory of a coup of France

It is Grøver/'Mengele's quasi-divine 'verboten' authority which seems to be the crux of the plans for a global government of the minds of the world's people, by the identity of money with secret-agency drugs for a dependency relation to the administration. But the trick would not be Grøver/'Mengele's authority - it would be the authority which controls Grøver/'Mengele's authority. That seems to be a possible UK/US plan on France. It is a hypothesis that Adolf Hitler could have been the genetic father of Grøver/'Mengele' and thereby be his genetic authority. His administrative authority - controlling his career - was in the state of Norway.

Gudmund Harlem was a contemporary of Grøver/'Mengele'. John Jensen was born on 27 October 1916 and Gudmund Harlem on 24 July 1917. Harlem, who married Inga Brynolf Danderyd (born 26 march 1918), took his medical exam at the university in Oslo in 1946 while Jensen changed his name to Grøver in 1946 and took his medical exam in 1954, which means that Jensen (officially) had dropped out of the studies at the time of the war when he went back to Aalesund while Harlem continued in Oslo where he was one half of the Gran/Harlem student committee which seems to have been the undertext of #3 on the Oslo Report list. After the exam Harlem went for specializing in rehabilitation medicine in UK/US while Grøver studied (or while Mengele orientated himself in norwegian environments in Oslo, if that is the story). No sooner was Grøver/'Mengele' a doctor and got a job in Ålesund in 1954, Harlem was appointed minister of health in the government of Gerhardsen in 1955 and could control Grøver's continued career, which made slow progress untill he had accepted to take a specialization in rehabilitation medicine at Harlem's own institue SAO in Oslo 1968-69, after which he finally got a chief doctor job in Fredrikstad in 1970. In the first years, he was half time chief doctor of the geriatric department and half time of the social medicine department - and if his real name was Mengele one can imagine the combination to amount to a construction of sending old people out of the reality for replacing them with fresh naturalized blood from abroad. I don't know if this really was the principle but it suggests itself from the context. This lasted for a few years and then he went over to full time at the social medicine department. Harlem was minister of health in the norwegian government untill 1960 when he changed to minister of defense 1960-65 - which also means that he was 'minister of guns' when Kennedy was assassinated and Jens A.Boyesen was appointed to the same norwegian government on 22 november 1963, the day of the shot in Dallas. One guesses that there could have been a story pretext for Jensen's 1946 namechange hiding behind these details - some ideas about a story with Danderyd and Jensen (shaking hands or whatever) which could have been enough pretext for letting Mengele continue under new Jensen Grøver student hide for some years after the war. The years soon after WWII was over includes the Dead Sea Scrolls with the hypothetical sandblasting technique used for simulating the ancient character of the (hypothetically) modern bedsheets. This role of the 'sand-blaster' could have been the reason for the murder of Aung San in Birma on 19 july 1947 - in which case the sand-blaster as an agent for England would have been the purpose of it. This was also the year when the possible story with Ragnar Thoursie and Nelly Sachs with her first book began - which could contain even the beginning to the George Bushes - with the birth of jr on 6 July 1947. Mahatma Gandhi was shot in 1948.

The chemical formula for morphine (according to my source which is Webster's dictionary) is the alkaloid C17H19O3N.H2O, the characteristic numbers of which can be recognized in Grøver/'Mengele's CV in terms of his move-arounds in his hospital career. (Since the career is not entirely exact, it could of course be that it descibes a formula of less comfortable character, such as for example what I had got in Hammerfest, of 'verboten' type, if that were the story, but I don't know anything about such details). After his official medical exam in 1954, Vibeke Grøver was born in Ålesund 1955 and I in Molde 29/6-1957. We moved to Oslo on 26/9-1957. Here is the list from his CV in 'Norges Leger':

1. Ålesund 1955-56 - 16-17 months 'turnus' Ålesund-Molde (the time is guesswork),
2. Molde 1956-57 - 16 months (including 3 months temp in some position)
3. Oslo - 1957-58 - 6 months in neuro department (Rikshospitalet)
4. Hammerfest 1958-59 - 20 months
5. Odda 1959-62 - 30 months
6. Molde 1962-63 - 20 months (including 15 months in some assistant chief position)
7. Volda 1964-65 - 20 months
8. Molde 1965-68 - 40 months?
Molde 1968-70 - 10 months assistant doctor in psychiatric department inbetween
9. SAO, Oslo 1968-69 - 12 months
10. Fredrikstad 1970- - chief doctor 1/2 geriatric 1/2 social medicine

Which means that the 'turnus' of 1 = C17, 2 = H19 (adding 3 of temp), 3 = O3 (subtracting 3), 4 = N (for example, N = the north of Hammerfest, the world's northermost township, or 'nitro king' for the 'crucifixion' in Hammerfest), 5 = the dot (he also got a daughter there), 6-7-8 = H2O. 'Volda' is a word related partly to 'mound' partly to 'violence', which means that 6-7-8 means the bottom ('røver') while the water means the genital region. 'Hammerfest' can mean 'ronk/junk/jump', 'Odda' = 'jarnegg' (it means an 'iron edge'), 'Molde-Volda-Molde' = 'røver', hence my name John Bjarne Grøver = 1955-1970 identical to the chemical formula of morphine before Fredrikstad. It may be that the name of Freddy Fjellheim (same age as me from Fredrikstad) is used by british administration for the 'couping' of my role and career. The turn would have been in 1970 with the onset of puberty and the loss of the genetic parents, the school dentistry, the move from west to east (the 'foot-and-mouth' epidemic in England in 1968 started in Oswestry, Shropshire) of the country - plus the long series of apparent murders which seem to have affected me more or less personally - Adorno, Celan, Sachs, de Gaulle, Szondi, Horkheimer, Bachmann, Mao, to mention some of those I have an overview of as of today. The list of murdered intellectuals is probably much longer. This means that the years up to 1969 would have been my name and Grøver/'Mengele's professional career - apparently under the control of Gudmund Harlem - untill it turned over into my puberty and hence onset of 'matrimonial career' - which came to be marked with the Octogon project. My guess is that my professional career has been kept deliberately low by organized resistance untill I was pensioned off in 2002 - for keeping me economically 'dependent'. I am not dependent in any other means - neither drugs nor alcohol or any other ways (Ragna Grøver gave me some antabus pills when I was 19 or thereabout - if this is presented in the secret archives as proof of addiction it only proves the role of Ragna Grøver) - but it may of course be that this career construction of Grøver/'Mengele' is made for the purpose of making it possible to swap my historic role with secret agents. I do not know much about what secret agents do but I have this idea that some of them are held dependent on their administrations or bureaus by way of drugs on which they are dependent (I do not have Fjellheim in mind here) - and if the agent cannot have the illegal drug from the bureau (in some sense of it) the despair is just around the corner and that is how the bureau controls them without normal employment. At least for some of them it may be vital that the addiction is not in the medical file. Therefore an identity of Grøver/'Mengele's professional drug career with my name and my 'professional career' 1957-70 (before the 'matrimonial' started with puberty) is a way of administrative hijacking of my work and role by way of secret agency generally. It is possible that this is the background of 'Al Qaida' = the 'alkaloida' of morphine, possibly in addition to the Basedow ('the Base' = 'Al Qaida') of Krupskaja 1913-14. This story would also make for an administrative identity of my (low) income and the drugs of secret agents - for what seems to be a possible attempted administrative identity of verboten Mengele chemicals in the blood with money. Could be the plan is to let tax money represent that administrative chemical dependency relation of secret agency, thereby allowing for some 'mind control' of the world's population from some central government - in which case it could go back to verboten chemicals in my blood in Hammerfest and Grøver/'Mengele's professional career. A drug is a sort of loan in a bank: It leads to immediate improvement of the economy and one suddenly has a lot of money. When the day of repayment comes, the loan can be paid back with a new and bigger loan - and it could be that professional agents are paid well enough to have an intuitive understanding of the immediate identity of drugs and money lending: It is to borrow from the future. But this lasts only as long as the administrative resources continue. If the administration starts disliking their work or thoughts, the resources come to an end and that is a catastrophe for the addict. This system of agency is therefore to replace poetic logic with administrative logic. I don't know how many agents are addicts, dependent on the morning pill, but I would guess that a lot of people could be on agency contract for the simple purpose of keeping them going in drug dependency as the character of the administrative remote control - instead of old-fashioned employment against salary. The only difference between addiction and non-addiction could, in this administrative logic, be that in addiction the chemicals are produced outside the body and in the non-addiction they are produced inside. That is an attempt to get the poetic function of aspect (which also exists as a grammatical category in many languages) under administrative control.

The alternative - if an administrative opposition to an agent exists - could be for me to conceive of the dependency opposition not in terms of money but in terms of opposite-valued chemicals - which could mean Hammerfest - and then one prefers the symbolism of money which even could identify (a little primitive, this identity) with an infancy rape by Hitler's sperm. This could be the symbolism made from Fumiani's paintings in San Pantalon, including the new bank codes IBAN and BIC - and in fact a majority of the names of the UN chiefs after the war. Then the plan could be to turn the whole world into a secret agency for England - who thereby can govern the world by way of control with the 'drug' of money. It seems unfortunately that most high-ranking politicians accept the british wish for secrecy on this topic (if the story is as I am guessing here). The murder of Aung San could have been by a secret agent for England - and hence the 'san[d]-blaster' of 1947 (some months after the scrolls were found - and it seemed that they would be accepted as authentic by the world of scholarship) could have been for making an identity of this global 'money-drug' dependency relation with the concerns and studies of the Vatican and other religious groups.

The attack on Manhattan in 2001 was not in the district of Harlem but on the other side - directed rather against the opponents of Gudmund Harlem. It was the World Trade Center that was knocked down. When I was held for forced treatment including the drug 'olanzapin' in 1999-2000, it was at 'Sandviken Psykiatriske Sykehus' which resembles 'Aung San Suu Kyi' who likewise suffered from detention problems. She was exactly on the day 25 months of age when her father was murdered - the timing precision could perhaps be telling of Grøver/'Mengele's morphine career. 'Osmun[d] Uelan[d]' was chief of the norwegian railways when two trains crashed (while I was held in the hospital) on 4 january 2000, which was 40 years after the death of Camus. The story of Camus is marked by the coup in his journal 'Combat' which he edited during the war. The question is whether France was 'couped' after the war - and if the coup of Combat was the beginning of the story. In 1947 it was acquired by what is called a coup by Henri Smadja who had been a submarine liaison for british secret service in Tunisia, if I am right, during the war. He acquired the newspaper on 1 June 1947 and Camus left it on 3 June, while handing out the first copies of his 'La Peste'. Aung San in Birma was murdered on 19 july and on 1 August 'Combat' could present the first publication of Roland Barthes, an article called 'Degré zéro de la literature' (a later book title of his - "Le degré zéro de l’écriture" of 1953). One notices the peculiar phonological link to Camus' first title "L'etranger" from 1942 (the reason for the murder in that book was, if I recall it right, that the protagonist had lost some warmth of human relations but it was a warm day on the beach where it happened, cp. the issue of drugs and administrative control) - and even the link from the name of Roland Barthes as 'rullan bratt' = 'rolled it steeply' for Camus' second title, from the same year 1942, "Le mythe de Sisyphe". This was also at the time when Trygve Bratteli started his political career in Norway - he later became PM - and Trygve Lie was chief of UN at that time. The name of 'Barthes [...] Roland' can also be recognized in the commandment against 'Idol Fitlers' in the forms 'bo'orets mittohat bammayim mittohat lo'orets'. Barthes was allegedly homosexual. He died after having been hit by a 'laundry car' = 'vaskeribil' (according to Knut Stene Johansen, personal communication). He wrote also a book about Jules Michelet - who arguably in both name and person somewhat resembled 'John Grøver' - the new name of John Jensen from 1946. If the below speculations on 'iknuklgdeslv' from 1952 makes sense, then one can notice 'skjules mitt skjelett' = 'my skeleton is hidden'.

This article by Barthes in Combat 1947 can perhaps be seen as a sort of start of the new french semiotics after the war. The question is whether the nazis had won the war and their official name since 1924 was 'british Labour' (not Barthes Roland) and they presented themselves as 'materialists' and socialists-quasi-communists. The flagship of this movement - who had won the war - could in fact happen to have been just that 'Jensen-Grøver-Mengele' of the Klipra connection - could be with that enormous power potential of the historic resources which were considered as accumulated in the death camps of Himmler, ready for use by those who had the secrets to it. I suppose it is not normal to associate Barthes with such ideas - any more than Chomsky - and of course it could have been Smadja who had promised the young aspiring with such a name some space in his journal if only he wrote something about a 'Degré zéro' of literature - but this story seems to be the story of other-way-round with the secret that Hitler was an agent for England. 'Henri Smadja' could have resurfaced in the death of princess Diana when Paul Henri drove the car that was 'crashed' - which could be called 'smadra' in norwegian language: Henri Smadra the car. If Barthes served the interests of this political winner-team after the war, one could speculate if postwar semiotics could have gone into difficult fields if the project is to associate money with drugs for a british-governmental control with the minds all over the world, including the ideas that arise in them and the general signification of human thought and language. Arbitrarity of signification is not the same as drug dependency.

The matter is the british wish to coup the french revolution since 1789 - like they couped Lenin's - with their royalist world and principles - in particular after the 'british napoleonism' had won in 1945. My guess is that if Barthes was not an agent for this program himself, it could have been his indexical role relative to Camus and Aung San which made him an easy prey for the intrigue. This could even have been the reason for the military regime in Birma up to the present day - quite simply to coup french intellectualism and for controlling the development of 'semiotics' into a conception of it as a drug dependency - meaning glued to the form by some dependency glue. That is, if the birmese government subsists in some relation to british administration or secret service. If the birmese military regime quite simply works on behalf of british interests, it could be for the sake of a british control with french intellecualism via the coup in Combat and Barthes' early works - which could last as long as the birmese regime does. As far as I remember, Barthes' article in Combat included a discussion of Viggo Bröndahl, which perhaps could be taken to mean 'we go burmese'.

It could be this 'family saga' with Jensen and Harlem (and Aung San) which was lifted onto Harlem's daughter Gro Harlem Brundtland (also doctor and politician) relative to me (and Aung San Suu Kyi). Brundtland was prime minister in Norway 1986-96 and chief of WHO 1998-2003. It seems that the principle of a low career was lifted onto me from my official father Jensen Grøver/'Mengele', and maybe there is a certain element of inverted proportionality in Brundtland's and my careers. When in 1992 I got a 2 month stipend at a research institute in Oslo, Brundtland's son Jørgen committed suicide while his parents were at NATO (Kolsås) and Brussel. 'Nabo-trussel' = 'threat from the neighbour'. This could have been around the time when I was notified of the stipend, and when I came to start on 1 november I was told that Nils-Ole Finnemann who had been there for a while wanted to extend his presence for yet another week and I therefore had to wait untill he had left. This - I think it was about the same day - was when Brundtland announced her resignation from the party leadership in Norway although she continued as prime minister, as if my very humble progress of career by this 2 month stipend was a heavy blow for her. (The news of the death of her son emerged only a year later). It was when I started working for the 'Musikus' project in 1987 that Ole-Johan Dahl came to an initial preparatory talk in clothes for a funeral, and told me that a young relative of his had died. When my younger cousin Hans Frode Nedregård died in I think 1988, allegedly while he was trying to ski across a mountain in a blizzard and his remains were found the year after, there is the 'Nils-Ole Finnemann' ('no-sun finding-man') of 1992 which could be a reference to this early funeral of Dahl, and his extended presence at my arrival could then make it appear as if it were my fault that my cousin had died. (The other temporary scholarshipper at the centre at the same time was called 'Vessela Misheva'). Brundtland entered the norwegian government as minister of environment on 6 september 1974, which was at the time when I started contemplating dropping out of the high school, which I did at Christmas, after which there followed the memorable year of 1975 with a series of diseases and setbacks. In 1976 (around the time of the death of Mao) I started studying at the university but dropped out after half a year for somewhat diffuse reasons, while Gudmund Harlem got a doctorate degree and a professorship in Trondheim. In 1984 I took a university course in latin and was acquainted with Sindre Bostad (we were four on the course). Around the time of the exam there was the cyanide GAS disaster in Bhopal, which meant 'cyan drep bostad', and when Brundtland started her prime ministry the mate PAS of a student friend of mine was sent for studies in Botswana and died in a car accident on 7 August 1986, and in the mirror image to this there was the very similar cyanide GAS disaster in 'Halabjah' which means 'Harlem' ('har labb ja') - one notices also 'Henri Smadja'. Gudmund Harlem died 6 days after Halabjah and 9 months minus one day before the Lockerbie bombing - 9 months which could be about the visit of Ford and Kissinger to China before the death of Mao and the idea of a 'Baby Jar'. The twin bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania was on the day 12 years after the death of PAS and they followed rather soon after I had received the rejection of my PhD - which, by the 'Schmerlings Platz' symbolism on the placenames, could mean that somebody else is supposed to take my place, as the response to my dissertation work, instead of acknowledgement to me. One can guess that a part of a reason for the 'family saga' relation between Jensen and Harlem could have been to create a 'tradition' of blaming me for the troubles of the state. I don't know to what extent the troubles of my own life could have been created by the Grøver/'Mengele' family on a state level or whatever, but one can guess that the plan anyhow is to leave it on family level.

It was in the late sixties that Grøver/'Mengele' took me for a trip with his T-262 beetle to the district called Aure-Osen outside Molde, a place suitable for some footwalking. (We sometimes went for such walks - also at 'Skaret' and 'Tusten'). I don't remember the exact time but it could not have been winter - an 'instep' date of 12 may 1969 (relative to the two 'palmes' of 1968 and 1970) could perhaps have been a guess - I suppose political administrations have the date in their archives. In the moment when we drove into a dust road under a leafage canopy he used the word 'kaudervelsk' and I said from the back seat 'what is that?' ('ka e de?') and he said 'det er et tullespråk' = 'it is a nonsense language'. A close analysis of Hitler's 1924 postcard shows that the text boils down to something akin to 'kaudervelsk' - could be that is the essential contents of the text - and one can establish an associative connection between the concept and the text of that postcard which was the responsibility claim on Lenin's death. When Charles de Gaulle died on 7 november 1970, it was exactly 562 months - for the T-262 - after Hitler had written this postcard (it was poststamped the day after). 'Charles' = 'osen' and 'gold' = 'aure'. Of course Hitler, in particular if he were Aron Eidsvig, would have kept a copy of the text. It is therefore likely that the trip by car in the late sixties served as a responsibility claim on the death of de Gaulle.

This trip to Aure-Osen seems to have been assigned immense importance for later responsibility claims - not the least for the close connections to 'de Gaulle Charles' and 'Die Goll-Affäre'. I notice a relevance of the hebrew for Gen.1.14, containing the forms ???????????= 'lights on the expanse [of the sky]' = german 'Leuchten am Ausdehnung/Firmament', which reduce to ????= AUR = 'light' and ????? = [Be]RaQIYa = 'expanse' or rather 'Ausdehnung'. From this one notices 1) Aure-Osen ('AUR-Ausdehn-ung') by the essential historic importance of Grassmann's 1844 Ausdehnungslehre for the role of John Grover 1843, 2) the coup of Iraq 1968, 3) Lucia's secret of the overnatural light from 1917, 4) 'Leute am Firmament' = Bjarne Eidsvig's 70th birthday on the day of the bankruptcy of his oyster farm firm, and hence 5) 'Firmanatten' = 'vier Monaten', including the death of Adorno one month after Eidsvig's 70th birthday. This means the original hebrew 'Licht-Ausdehnung' converted into the british-logical version as a 'bitmap reality' - a flatscreen TV world, really, with black-and-white alternations - for the poetic logic which should have developed from that time of the 1840's onwards - if it had not been couped by the binary logic of George Boole. This pixel reality is the whole story of nazism, including the double sonnets (of I and THOU with sensorial interface for human communication) for the numeral 23 in the 'aryan' or 'mesopotamian' or 'kurdish' regions of interest in the Gulf wars. Iraq 1968 and all references to Aure-Osen and 'Die Goll-Affäre' could find their origins in the hebrew of this Gen.1.14 (cp. also Eisenhower doctrine #4). This could extend also to Aron Eidsvig present at the birthday party - he was sitting at the end of the table together with his brother Bernt. Could have been Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann as the chief Führers of the 'jewish-poetic revolution' - which indeed could have been the whole purpose with Hitler, to serve as a british ridicule - a british laugh, like Chamberlain staying overnight in Munich - at this poetic revolution?

'Aure-Osen' takes a K for the 'Auer-Ochs[en]', and if this 'K' applies to Blair (such as in 'Brickworks Play') it means that the K turns me in the back seat of the T-262 at Aure-Osen into a british responsibility claim on the turning of France. One can add the story of the 31 assassination attempts there had been on de Gaulle before he died, and the 127 postal communications which Nelly Sachs received from Dorothea Zimmermann in Kaiserswerth in the period 1960-70, whether that be a coincidence or not. I don't remember which year this trip by car was, but it certainly was in the late sixties. One can therefore guess 1968 or more probably 1969. If the latter, then there could be a small interval to the car accident of Ted Kennedy at 'Chappaquiddick' on 18 july 1969. Kennedy had been driving back from a party with the secretary Mary Jo Kopechne in the back seat of his car - cp. John Bjarne Grøver in the back seat of the T-262 beetle - when he reportedly drove out from a bridge and landed in the water. He fled from the scene and when he was contacted by the police the next day, he was sober. A woman was lifted out from the back seat of the car and identified as Kopechne. Why 'Chappaquiddick'? One can notice the norwegian form 'ski på taket' = 'skis on the roof', which could have been about a 'grin[d]' on the car, cp. Oslo Report #2 and 'Grini' close to Jar in Bærum where Vibeke Grøver lived when her first child was born (in the house of a hobby sandblaster). That could mean a 'Jar connection' via the 'sandblasting' of the 'dust road' in Aure-Osen = 'san-dveien' of Charles de Gaulle, to the T-262 connection at Aure-Osen and the death of de Gaulle more than a year later. There is also the reading of this 'skis on the roof' as the other side on the head of my own withdrawn jaw, an apparently hampered chin development which can be seen as a result of the nazi dogma that 'administration is stronger than genetics' - if one considers Nelly Sachs shorter and broader in her face than Paul Celan, and it is not impossible that this could have been intended if the two were constructed for the story. Then the 'swastika' = 'hake-kors' = 'chin-cross' could be my chin added (as the hooks at the end of the cross) to their form as a nazi responsibility claim by this dogma. I think I developed this withdrawn chin around 1970 - and there could have been administrative things as a responsibility claim for that. One notices also 'Jack Chirac' and 'jack ski-rack' which could be this 'Chappaquiddick' in norwegian reading. 'Valery Giscard d'Estaing' could be seen in the same matrix, as 'leaf-canopy-valley - this car[d] I drive' for the 'T', and 'Laurent Fabius' could serve as the postcard with the 'kaudervelsk' theme. If so, the situation could resemble the one in Russia after the death of Lenin or Mao - they would not come out with the story but kept it going politically. Lenin officially died after consumption of some soup, cp Alain Juppé in France. 'Nicolas Sarkozy' could be faintly recognized in the name form '[T-or-dis] Skjærven Søderlind' who seems to be contained in Eisenhower doctrine #2, hence relating to me in a 'T-262' sort of form.

There seems to have been a T-262 - quasi 'arbaat pneu Adam pneu' - driving around in french administration ever since this death of de Gaulle in 1970. One wonders if Ted Kennedy's car accident would have been about a responsibility claim on a coup of french administration in order to get it under control as the end of the Black Sea Loop - and the origo of this swastika on Europe. 'Edrkopne' ('edderkoppene') is norwegian for 'the spiders'. The car number system in Norway was changed around the time of the death of de Gaulle - formerly there had been a single letter and a number of any lenght and from 1970 there would be two letters and a 5-digit number.

Now a matter possibly of some importance is the question whether Mary Jo Kopechne could have resurrected in the form of later WHO-chief Gro Harlem Brundtland who entered the norwegian government in 1974. The two names seem to be somewhat contained in the issue of Modern Language Review for april 1968 which contained my 11th birthday on 29 june and which seems to have been about launching the political program of 'dr.Verboten'. The new postcodes of Sweden on 12 may 1968 (Ragna Grøver's birthday) would also have been in the scope of this MLR april 1968, which contained the following main article titles:

1. 'King Lear' and renaissance paradoxes. By Brian Vickers
2. Narrative distance in 'Jane Eyre': The relevance of the pictures. By Jane Millgate
3. T.S.Eliot's 'Long unlovely street'. By A.A.Mendilow
4. Imitation in Ronsard: 'O de Nepenthe...' By Grahame Castor
5. The idea of 'judgement' in Montaigne. By S.John Holyoake
6. Aspects stylistique des 'Mémoires' de la Rochefoucauld. By D.E.Secretan
7. An unpublished letter from Ballanche to Lamennais. By A.J.L.Busst
8. The use of colour in 'La Naussée'. By D.J.Fletcher
9. The textual history of Tirso's 'La Venganza de Tamar'. By Alan K.G.Paterson
10. Old english 'dryht' - a new suggestion. By D.H.Green
11. Parallel attitudes to form in late Beethoven and late Goethe: Throwing aside the appearance of art. By R.T.Llewellyn
12. Halm's 'Griseldis': A landmark in nineteenth-century german drama. By Peter Skrine
13. The stage as metaphysical institution: Zuckmayer's dramas 'Schinderhannes' and 'Der Hauptmann von Köpenick'. By E.Speidel
14. History and cruelty in Peter Weiss's 'Marat/Sade'. By John J.White

1. 'Kingeler' (plural of 'kingel') is the (gossamer) substance which an 'arachna' ('a Ragna') spider produces - closely affiliated with the substance of semen - and 'kingel-vev' = 'spiders web' such as often are found in a 'corner' = 'krok' = 'hook' = 'GroH'. Hence 'the spiders' = 'edrkopne' = 'Kopechne'. See also E.Speidel in title 13. The postal code system in Sweden created a 'keys to heaven' form which could be contained in the name of 'Brian Vickers'.

2. When the jets crashed into the twin towers on Manhattan, it was with 'Harlem' on the other side. Then it was about the 'narrative distance in 'Jane Eyre''. The 'relevance of the pictures' could be quite simply the banknotes seen so many times before the picture occurred in all news after 11 September: (It was in the mid seventies that I was told about a person who lived close to the main bus station in Fredrikstad who could scissor banknotes up and glue them together again in such a way that 10 original banknotes came out as 11 - and this phenomeon could be spotted in some US dollar banknotes which could be folded with about one tenth overlap to render the picture seen everywhere on 12 september 2001 - the jet crashing into one of the twin towers) By 'J and Millgate'. Hence title 2 means 'Harlem' at the time when Gro Harlem Brundtland was chief of WHO - which means the issue of a global 'verboten' strategy. Harlem is on the other side of Manhattan relative to the twin towers. Would there be a 'Jo' in this title?

3. The toilet's long and unlovely street = the bowels for emptying = Brundtland, g-Røver. Cp. T.S.Eliot's famous title 'The waste land', not really 'the landing of the waste'. A 'Mary' could also be contained in this 'Mendilow' title - but really if 1 = Mary, 2 = Jo, then 3 = Kopechne which is the opposite of 'Brundtland' in a relation (by 'meaning of names') comparable to the pushdown function of Eisenhower doctrine 7-6 (as for 'tone yawn onsen/røver'). As such, the relation between Mary Jo Kopechne and Gro Harlem Brundtland could apply to me (here by my 11th birthday) via the Eisenhower doctrine 7-6. One can guess it would have been difficult for me to escape that 'Octogon'. I think the relevant authorities should try and recompense this abuse of me rather than continueing an abuse program. The apparent CIA program that I should be a secret agent for them - and hence agree to such abuse - would be an outright lie, which, if it be a project of theirs to create the impression, could have had the function of continuing this abuse program on me relative to this story of the 'verboten' symbolism of 1968 and Brundtland - who was chief of global medicine organization WHO. If the same CIA also organized e.g. the Oklahoma bombing for rejecting my authorship, there is the question how on earth can I have my books (such as the present one) published?

There are traces of Mary Jo Kopechne in the three last titles as well. 'Halm' is what one formerly stuffed mattresses with.

A conclusion could be that this issue for my 11th birthday as the exact mid point in the governmental period of Per Borten 1965-71 could be about the concept of 'verboten' relative to the three names Ragna Grøver, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Mary Jo Kopechne. One notices the near 'Thoursie' in title 9. Ragnar Thoursie is a swedish poet (friend of Sachs and name in the story since 1947), Allan Petterson a swedish composer known also for his very long symphonic movements. The new postal codes in Sweden were introduced on 12 May 1968 and left the post code for Sachs' friends the Holmqvists as Tantogatan, which makes the address close to the 'keys to heaven' structure of 1-1-1-2-4-8 which also seems to be the code for SANdveien backwards and in handwriting. Sachs lived near by on Söder with the post code 11738. Which means that it could have been about establishing a link from Stockholm to Norway and the Aktion Reinhard death camp structure associated with Ragna Grøver. Sachs' house nearby would be 'Sachsenhausen' and there are reasons to assume that it could in fact have been her house in Bergsunds Strand on Söder since 1940 which is the reference in the concentration camp name. The idea that Marilyn Monroe (= Norma Jean Baker/Mortenson) could have resurrected as my aunt ('tanto') Marte Eidsvig (also present at the 70th birthday, if I remember right) from about 1963 (the year of the Kennedy assassination) to 1970 could receive some support from this structure (which thereby would include the massive Hollywood propaganda machine and its obsession with the Klipra connection), but I don't have any opinion on a possible alternative background of this aunt of mine from those days.

Could Brundtland have been the same person as Kopechne? I cannot find out of this but of course Brundtland could have been the 'resurrected' mythological version of Kopechne anyhow and one can apparently take this issue of MLR april 1968 to suggest that there is a political connection of some sort between the two persons. Kopechne had been the secretary of Kennedy while Harlem's wife Inga Brynolf Danderyd seems to have been a secretary from Sweden. 'Danderyd' is reminiscent of 'Tantolund' with Tantogatan in Stockholm and the 'Danderyd' district just north of Humlegården is somewhat on the other side of the royal castle relative to 'Tantolund[en]'. Danderyd was the mother of Brundtland.

The conclusion seems to be that 1968 was the mid point year of Per Borten = Verboten pasted as a label onto me, and the 'family saga' traditions of Harlem were lifted onto Gro Harlem Brundtland's relation to me - to the effect that she, not the least as chief of WHO 1998-2003 - could invite to a world wide resistance against 'verboten' in the form of me (representing the jewish-genetic diaspora), while in actual fact her own political program could be seen to be related to just those verboten principles of government which could be in the continuation of Adolf Hitler's british-rooted program - could be for the aim of a global government with principles of monetary value identified as verboten chemicals. This is of course a simple political trick but could be the background of the 'family saga' - which of course would have been a piece of theatre as far as the Jensen-Grøver-Mengele/Harlem relations were conerned. Even Ragna Grøver had in the early seventies to accept some collaboration with Gudmund Harlem as a member of his 'Council for the care of the disableds' which she at least on one occasion called the 'Council for the care of Gudmund Harlem'. The Grøvers seems to have been a little troubled by their dependency on Harlem - and, who knows, maybe there had been some onr-ovr story with Jensen before the war which could have deprived him of the full authority to the Universe. Hence another person could be in secret authority of the Universe. Some of the Kennedys have been enthusiastic supporters of the disabled sports movement and olympics, which of course is a respectable concern.

In short, if Kopechne were in MLR april 1968, it means that the death of de Gaulle could have a stamp of british responsibility claim on it. France seems to have been driving T-262 since then, and England seems to have waged a Flagellant War by the Falklands War in 1982 - which could have been a responsibility claim on the death of de Gaulle, thereby lending national french interests to the T-262 of their administration, as if it were to serve as a constant reminder to the britons that there were still a few things left to talk about. It is not certain what was the outcome of that. But this could have served to turn Paris (the centre of the swastika on Europe) relative to London into a correlate to Harlem relative to Grøver/'Mengele'. But that would have been interesting for London only if they were in some sort of control of this role of Paris for the purpose of the aspirations of global british power. such a control of Paris could have been of a 'semiotic' kind - for lending this sort of 'drug meaning' to money.

The theory of a coup of Italy

The theory on Italy is that the plan of UK/US is to turn it into a european correlate to Vietnam and Iraq - as the other side of Norway on the map. Vietnam is the diametric opposite of Norway on the globus, and Iraq has an upside-down sonnet format relative to the british connections in Norway. Italy would then be the geographic correlate to Norway when turned around Paris, France, where the trick of the verboten authority to the european continent could be hiding, and Iceland - with all its old norse saga and eddic poetry - would relate to Norway such as Israel relates to Italy. This means that the ultimate purpose with the Vietnam war could be to gain UK/US authority to the ancient hebrew scriptures as the defining source of the western culture - on basis of the assumption that the bulk of old norse literature and historic documents were authored by british administration around the 18th century. The 'semiotic' interests of England could then be to redefine the hebrew beginnings of the western culture to coincide with a drug of some sort - opium for the people or something like that.

Italian correlates to Oslo (and London) would be either Genova-Turin (with the famous shroud) or Venice, depending on rotation or folding. There seems to be a long tradition in political intrigues on the churches of Venice. The churches (there are more than 100 of them in that geographically small city - could be there are more churches than tobacco kiosks) are distributed in such a way that one can form alphabetic letters on the map by drawing lines between them. A most notable structure is the one formed by the 'L' on the map going from the Chiesa dei XII SS.Apostoli on the top of the L, the San Pantalon church at the corner of it and the Gesuati Rosary church on Zattere on the righthand tip of it. If one takes the three churches of the L on Venice to represent the british-philosophical concepts of cannibalism, genocide and pederasty, then the cannibalism clearly is in the Apostoli. John Keats would be the british poetry correlate. Genocide would be by San Pantalon (Lord Byron), pederasty by Gesuati on Zattere (Shelley).

'Apostoli' contains a masterwork of beauty by Tiepolo - the communion of Santa Lucia. In the other end of the church there is a Magiotto. When Russia invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, it was in the mirror point to May 8 around my 11th birthday 29 June. The wife of Jean Bollack is Mayotte Bollack. 'Check/chiesa Apostoli vecchia' could have been the code. The 1954 US film 'There's no business like show business' apparently about the Klipra connection family in Fjellgata contains a scene around the 42.666% responsibility claim - a scene with 'family entertainment' which seems to contain cues to later political intrigues. The most notable of these is the apparent attack on Manhattan 11 Sep 2001 at exactly 42.666% through the film. There is a decoration in the background of the entertainment stage in the 'living room' of Fjellgata which seems to be in imitation of this Tiepolo in Apostoli:

'San Pantalon' is famous for its huge painting by Antonio Fumiani (1645-1710) in the ceiling of the church - painted in the years 1680-1704. It seems that Ibsen's dramas find their themes and titles in this painting, and Hitler's government seems to have been based on it. There is Hitler himself as the drinker - the holy grailer - over the altar, with Churchill to his right. Could be an 'ernst röhm' of the horsehoof would leave the 'holy grailer' as 'Adolf Hitler' - it means a 'hoof-gap' or 'Høvik' (Gunvor Galtung Hovik was an espionage case in Norway). To the left there is Goebbels with his 'club foot', in the back over the entrance door there is Heinrich Himmler, and over this door there is also a small homunculus seated on some heart shape - a homunculus in the blood - in a posture which is imitated on the righthand side with what consequently seems to be Hermann Göring as the fourth corner of the gingersnap. Himmler's early concentration camp 'Dachau' could have its origin in this church with the painting in the ceiling - 'Dachau' was (according to Schwarz: 'Die nationalsozialistischen Lager') on the site of a former 'Pulver-fabrik', cp. 'Anton Fumiani'. The church can be seen (although this was probably not Fumiani's own intention) as having three main groups on each side, apparently representing the linguistic phenomena of onset-truncation (near the altar, cp. the 'armour/marble'), spoons (in the middle) and feature-conversion (over the door). In the corner at the door there is a man in brown carrying a pulley, close to the hooves of another horse in parallel to the one at the Adolf Hitler drinker over the altar. If one takes the form 'feature-conversion' and converts the phonological features in each of its phonemes to its converse position (by features and in the oral space), that is, performs 'feature-conversion' on the form 'feature-conversion', one gets something like 'IBAN AND BIC AFFE', the two codes (IBAN, BIC) for international money transfers. It is a curious fact that most or even all UN chiefs since WWII have had names which seem to encode this 'feature-conversion' axis in this church. ('U Thant' could be about 'Tantolunden', though, and 'Kurt Waldheim' could perhaps be about the mid spoon principle rather than the feature-conversion of the back part). That really means the pulley in the corner, and that pulley seems to be the symbol of 'dr.Verboten' more than really the principle of money-making by circulation of money in the society (as by the conversion of the conversion etc). The german secret services are situated in 'Pullach' - probably for just this reason of the pulley in this church. Genocide is apparently the british concept for the place and one can assume that UK/US interests have chosen such leaders of UN for the sake of representing the concept of 'genocide' - for the harvesting of the 'resources' of the holocaust after it was over. Economic theories which take it that economic value is created when the money circulate in society could - as far as this church and its interpretation is concerned - be related to this idea of genocide on the form of Mengele-type torture on some subsets of humanity for creating economic value for the other subsets. Clearly a UK/US hypocricy program which aims at bombing Venice for starting a Black Sea Loop on such principles could find its nourishment in just this sort of weird thinking.

'Gesuati' or 'Rosary' on Zattere contains the other Tiepolo. One believes that the structure of the L could have been known to Tiepolo himself. This painting constitutes a peak of philosophical mysticism where Apostoli is a peak of beauty.

These three churches make for an L on the map, but the L is not totally right angled if it goes 90 degrees at San Pantalon - rather one must let the angle go a few metres down from the church, just at the end of Campo Santa Margherita. Since San Pantalon is interesting mainly for its paintings by Fumiani in the ceiling (although it has a chapel with some very ancient murals which must be from some very early centuries - and strikingly refute the idea that Venice is sinking), this seems to be the possible background of the names of Margaret Thatcher and Colin Powell. One can of course form any sort of L between the two outer churches by letting the 90 degree angle slide along a curve - if one takes this curve to be a 'Simone de Bouvoir', then one has the diagonal from San Polo (cp. the attempt on pope Jean Paul II) down to Gesuati on Zattere - a 'San Polo Zattere' - as the definition of the lower slant in a 'K'. It is this K which will have a certain limp of the L since it does not reach down to Campo Santa Margherita.

'Serifs' can be put on the 'K' by the four churches of San Giovanni Novo, Santa Maria Formosa, San Trovaso and Ognisanti. Santa Maria Formosa has a famous mysterious 'lift' which can be felt when one steps into the first chapel, where it feels like the body is being lifted up - Rilke mentions the phenomenon in his first Duino elegy where he also mentions Gaspara Stampa who lived in the San Trovaso district - hence the Formosa and Trovaso churches are united in Rilke's Duino elegy - which could be the explanation to the mythological role of Duino. Or, rather, if it goes up in Formosa, it could go down in the Ognisanti church - which is very close to the Trovaso church. The four 'serif' churches can be united by parallel and intersecting lines which will have their mid points in the area called Malvasia Vecchia which could be the origin of the AIDSHIV epidemic which seems to have been set in circulation for political reasons contained in a test vaccine against hepatitis-B in November 1978 - all the earliest cases could apparently be traced to that experiment in New York 1978. The area of the lines between the serif churches constitutes the outlines of a 'diamond' card symbol, the gingersnap form which also is found among the main characters under the ceiling of San Pantalon, representing Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and Göring in nazi Germany. Hence the 'AIDSHIV' region of Malvasia Vecchia is also a map of the painting under the ceiling of San Pantalon - which is when AIDSHIV represents 'global power'. In one of the corners of the gingersnap or diamond figure in Malvasia Vecchia in Venice there is a churchtower which is slanting so badly that it has to fall sooner or later. On 11 September 2001 there were four airplanes crashing - one of them in a former diamond mine in Lambertsville. It is likely that this could have meant 'lander på Swift' = 'lands on Swift', which could mean the Scriblerus-Club 'Jonathan Swift' = 'Hermann Göring' corner of the corresponding diamond shape under the ceiling of San Pantalon. Which suggests that this AIDSHIV lift story is about the isomorphy of this Malvasia Vecchia district with the gingersnap form under the ceiling of San Pantalon.

According to a swedish website which once was up (I think by Ingemar Kwame Ljungqvist), the AIDSHIV epidemic was set in circulation with test vaccinations against Hepatitis-B in Greenwich Village, New York (november 1978) and Los Angeles and San Francisco (probably february 1980) on volunteering homosexuals. Kwame Ljungqvist's article seems to be from his own periodical on modern science, claiming that the virus originally was developed in a laboratory for biological warfare: "Blaming monkeys and chimpanzees for AIDS also conveniently obscures the possible link between the gay hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981) and the outbreak of AIDS in gay men shortly after the experiment began". The article, which said that all the early documented cases could be traced to volunteering participants in those test vaccines - claimed that the firm which made the virus was 'Gallo & Essex' (hence representing a butterfly over the french-british canal possibly resembling the butterfly among the four serif churches) and the same 'Gallo & Essex' also created the name AIDS/HIV of the epidemic. (This does of course not mean that 'Gallo & Essex' put the virus in circulation). Which means - if this should be right - that it expectedly would be documented in MLR October 1978 if it were a case of british biological state terrorism - supposedly for the sake of the EIDSVIG code in the Klipra connection. It seems to be - here are the main article titles of MLR oct 1978:

1. The polarization of erotic love in 'Othello'. By Arthur Kirsch.
2. The identity of William Carlos William's 'Solitary disciple'. By Suzy B.Michel.
3. Tropes and blocks. By John Bayley.
4. Pascal's three orders. By Janet Morgan.
5. Reading Mériméé's 'La double méprise'. By Robert Lethbridge and Michael Tilby
6. Sacred and profane in L'Éducation Sentimentale'. By D.A.Williams
7. 'Literature' and the book trade in golden-age Spain. By D.W.Cruickshank
8. Hölderlin's Pindar: The language of translation. By David Constantine
9. The real mystery in Droste-Hülshoff's 'Die Judenbuche'. By Jane K.Brown
10. Toller and the Luddites: Fact and symbol in 'Die Maschinenstürmer'. By N.A.Furness
11. Vsevolod Meyerhold and the commedia dell'arte'. By C.Moody

The first could tell of Aron Eidsvig and 'Gallo & Essex' ('girllove in othex'?). 'Author X' could be the signature 'Nelly X' or '8ell4' on Hitler's postcard. For title 10, I notice that the Göring type in Fumiani's painting in San Pantalon holds a scroll which could be called 'tolle-pinnen' ('the oarlock'), and with the pulley as a 'Maschinenstürmer' there is San Pantalon with the 'Fumes' plus an N and an A of Fumiani in this title. 'Othello' of 1 and 'Toller' of 11 could of course be about 'Tollef Gravs vei 60, 1358 Jar', the former (in 1978 the future) address of the Aukrusts, if that represents a 'Jar connection' as a correlate to the 'Klipra connection' of the Eidsvigs. 'Vsevolod Meyerhold' could be the exposed breast in the famous Tintoretto in San Trovaso. 'La double méprise' = 'Hepatitis-B'? 'Tilby' is norwegian for 'to offer' something, like that exposed breast. Title 6 could in principle mean 'Greenwich Village' ('vill itch' is norwegian dialect for 'I don't want'). The 'book triad' of title 7 could be about the three golden age poets of Keats, Byron and Shelley for the three parts of the 'L'. But that would not have been in an old spain but perhaps rather in a new 'york': 'Sjuk-krank' means 'ill-krank' and this 'yorking' could thereby be about the 'cranking' of a veneric disease. I think Marte Eidsvig married a person relevant to title 7 after 1970. Title 3 could be about the pulley in San Pantalon - the ropes and blocks etc - for the political potential in e.g. the series of UN chiefs. There seems possibly to be a double reference to the Pantalon church and to the Malvasia Vecchia district in this series of titles which thereby would be a responsibility claim on the pandemic apparently named after the postwar Hitler (as agent for England, that would mean). What would be the political purpose of this great tragedy? It could be about creating a lift (cp. Santa Maria Formosa and Rilke's elegy) from Paris as the end of the Black Sea Loop to London for a british harvesting of the badness-driven political resources in all the tragedies which such a loop could create - from the location of the authority beyond Grøver/'Mengele' to the London government. Rilke's elegy comprises this lift of Formosa and Gaspara Stampa of Trovaso.

One notices that there has been an institution at the cliff of Duino between Venice and Trieste where Rilke walked when he first time heard the angel pronouncing the first line of the first Duino elegy. This claims to be a United Nations institution, or if it is a 'United Nation's institution I don't know. It claims to have 200 students from all over the world, studying 'the theory of knowledge' and related topics. The students are selected by special principles and their stay is financed by the institution. The location seems to be a possible reference of Oslo Report #6 on Rechlin at the 'Mueritz-See' = the 'Adriatic Sea' in handwriting. In which case 'Rechlin' could be a reference to Eisenhower doctrine #2 - and a T-262 could be about this Formosa-Trovaso relation contained in Rilke's elegy. Odilo Globocnik who was responsible for Aktion Reinhard with the three main death camps came from a district not far from Trieste, could be close to this Duino. 'Rechlin' of Oslo Report could find its origin in Johann von Reuchlin (1455-1522) who taught hebrew at Ingolstadt and Tübingen.

In addition to the L and the K, there is a notable W on the map of Venice constituted by one upright V and one in 90 degrees angle. The upright is from Santa Maria Formosa slanting down for the righthand side of the V to the church of either San Pantalon or Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and from there slanting up again for the lefthand side of the V to the church of Madonna dell'Orto which can be recognized as the 'my Octogon'. The 90 degrees V goes from the church at the Campo San Geremia (where the body of Santa Lucia from the Apostoli Tiepolo is stored) to the church at Campo di San Giobbe at the angle of the V and up again to the jewish synagogue as the lefthand tip. The combination of the two could mean that 'my Octogon ' = 'the jewish synagogue'. I suppose it is possible to construct a parallel double upright V as well. The L plus K plus W makes for the LKW ('Last-Kraft-Wagen') = lorry or Bedford (and variants) which can be seen driving around in political intrigues. A friend from the studies in 1982 was a Pedersen from Jar, who in combination with her brother seem to have indexed this complex of the W.

I here tell some details from my personal experience of a connection from Vienna to Venice, since the theories have taken shape in my mind and refuse to declare themselves as uninteresting. I do not have the chance to check their validity, though, but mention the basics of them anyhow.

Vilnius is traditionally the Jerusalem of the diaspora. There were more than 100 synagogues in the city before the war and now there is only one left. The Vilnius-Vienna-Venice axis intersects with a Black Sea Loop at Vienna. I lived in Vilnius in 2000-2002, and that was because I fled from Norway after the forced psychiatric hospitalization and came to a paradise of some sort in Vilnius.

It seems that the plan of the international secret service since long had been to see me move into Ehamgasse (cp. 'Nottingham') 23 on Simmering in Vienna and later into an address in the small Calle di Pedrocchi in Venice. I did not land in Vienna before the summer 2004, though, being moved around by invisible forces. When I moved out in April 2008, I tried to avoid Venice (since that seemed to be on the schedule) and went to Athens. I had not been there many days in January 2008 to search for a flat before the airplane (British Airways) BA38 from Beijing to London emergency landed on Heathrow while Gordon Brown was waiting in a nearby building for takeoff to the very same Beijing. I have later come to wonder if that BA38 could have been a sign that the british government wanted the greeks to squeeze me on to Venice. A garbage strike was arranged when I moved into a flat at Kupseli, and the town was not sinking as Venice but perhaps stinking for some days or weeks. It was in June that I gave up and moved to Venice and my resources were low after all this and I had to take the cheapest I could get which was a 600 euro per month studio in Calle Pedrocchi at Campo San Barnaba. Some estate agents will not let out flats to residents for less than 4 years and one-year contracts are normally only for students and temporaries, which is according to the law. When my one-year contract expired I could have it renewed, but then my neighbour E.Zuin across the street died (at reasonably high age, though) and my neighbour Mario Zorzetto right underneath died some days later, probably in July 2009. From my kitchen window I had looked into Zuin's kitchen many times - the narrow calle was only approximately a metre and a half across. It was after their deaths that I recognized these two names from the night to norwegian national day 17 May 1983 - when I woke up that morning somebody had graffitied the word SVIN ('swine') on the asphalt outside my home in Nordengveien and in the nearest or rather next-nearest road intersection there was the drawing with the same yellow spray of two phalluses. This clearly makes for 'E.Zuin' and 'marry of source-1-2' ('ett-to' or 'et-to' is norwegian for '1-2'). This word 'suin' could be from Tarkovsky's film 'Mirror' at 28:35. If that 'Zuin' means Nelly Sachs, one could take 'Zorzetto' to mean the two children of Celan in his marriage, which means Francois who died after 30 hours for whom I could be taken to be the representative. On that same 17 May 1983 of the word 'svin' outside my home, the police made the first ransacking of the flat of Arne Treholt who later was sentenced for espionage for Russia. They reportedly found much money in an envelope, but in the case against him it was argued that so much money could not - even with the biggest banknotes - go into such a small envelope - echoing the later 'Pedrocchi' = 'pedrasty'. The graffitis were in Nordengveien where I lived and in the intersection to probably 'Trettebakken', cp. 'Pedrocchi', probably not 'Linhusveien', cp. 'Ehamgasse'. There were also two main train accidents in Norway in recent decades: The one on the station 'Tretten' (means '13') in the sixties and the one at 'Åsta', which could mean 'Ehamgasse' or 'Linhusveien', on 4 jan 2000 at 13:13, 40 years after the death of Camus, while I was in the psychiatric hospital in 1999-2000. Which means that Pedrocchi in Venice could be an old project planned since long - even with its links to Ehamgasse. I add that the studio was just a little less than 25 square metres, and if one adds the thickness of the wall it quickly goes beyond 25, which means that the size of the flat was almost the size of 1 'perch', old english measure of 5.029 metres or 25.29 square metres, or simply one quarter of a socalled 'chain' = 25.29 metres. Hence one perch = one chain. Pedr, perdr, the persian princess. The squaring of the circle and similar ideas come to the mind. It could have been for a british responsibility claim via these old english measures. One can observe that when Grøver/'Mengele' officially died on 27 november 1990, it was in the mirror point to the birth of the persian princess Leila around the death of her father the Shah of Iran.

This also means that these names of the two neighbours that died (and who probably had been living there long before I came) clearly could not be a coincidence and I speculated that the 'Sotoportego e Calle Pedrocchi' had been prepared for me in advance, possibly since the 1960's. It was Kalle Solgård (a name which can mean something like 'Calle Pedrocchi') who directed 'Brickworks Play' outside the Old Town (the norwegian correlate to Venice) in 1980. My budget has been low throughout most of my adult life and my chances to earn money (for example by publication of my books) were probably minimal, such as the Oklahoma bombing and the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania could suggest. It is well possible that my income has been kept low not the least for making it possible to steer me around Europe with remote control, into this flat and that flat. Ehamgasse and Pedrocchi would probably have been only two examples. In the same summer 2009 as the two neighbours died, there were also the news about the deaths of Farah Fawcett (cp. Mario Zorzetto) and Michael Jackson (who had been in a case in court for his relations to children - although he was acquitted). Sonya Sotomayor was elected new US supreme court judge in those days. On the day when the apparently filipino family next door moved out (seemingly for giving space to a refurbishment of the flat), the former Filippines president Corazon Acquino died, after illness. There were hardly anybody left around me in Calle Pedrocchi in the autumn 2009.

I have guessed that the 'Pedrocchi' represents the parametre of 'pederasty' and that 'Campo San Barnaba' represents 'cannibalism' - and then the bridge between them represents 'genocide' in the nazi mysticism.

The school massacre in Erfurt could have been for the purpose of guiding me on to this Pedrocchi in Venice, of for installing the UK/US political 'project' in Germany. Or simply for telling what was on the agenda. One sometimes gets this feeling that there is no end to the dimensions of tragedies that can be offered the international community only for making it look like a natural progression of events that I move on to a new place - such as the BA38 soon after I had come to Athens and the plan seems to have been Venice at least in 2009 - and the media follow up and do not question the character of the terror. It was allegedly Robert Steinhäuser (he had been expelled from the school some days earlier) who shot 17 pupils to death - walking from the one classroom to the other and shooting through the doors - in the Johann Gutenberg Gymnasium in Erfurt. That could mean a reference to the year 1444 of Giambono's painting in the San Trovaso church a few metres down from Campo San Barnaba, and it could mean the end words (a la Gen.1.21) of the Oslo Report: "The fuses are made at Sommerden in Thüringen by the railway line running between Sangerhausen and Erfurt. The firm is called 'Rheinmetall'." 'Robert Steinhäuser' = 'Erfurt Sangerhausen'. I don't think it can be made more obvious. This seems to be the world of international secret service who articulates its ideas in this way. The Columbine ('Stompa'?) high school massacre in Littleton by the two high school students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, names which could be seen to conspire on the name of my neighbour Kari Løveid (backwards 'dievøl Iraq') in Voldgata 1, while the name of her daughter Hilde Løveid Varvin could imply a reference to the gondola shipyard ('varv' in swedish) at the San Trovaso church. Cp. also Demus' 'Morgennacht' at 2/3.

The 'meaning' in such a tragic event as in Erfurt is all and only contained in the secrecy of this insane program of nazism. Steinhäuser was eventually calmed down by a teacher who told him to stop, after which Steinhäuser locked himself into a room and shot himself - they heard the shot through the wall. When they opened the door, they found the body on the floor and it was carried away. Such a 'secret service project' must have had a 'good reason' unless it is pure terror, for example for telling a high secret, and indeed it is a tragedy that one does not tell the secret instead. The Fort Hood massacre in USA could have been of a similar character, possibly with a reference to 'Fortuna' on Giudecca as seen from San Trovaso Zattere. The massacres on politicians in the parliaments of Zug and Nanterre seem to be political, for installing certain concepts - or simply for turning it around if the world should arrive on the conclusion that England must be stopped in its political direction. But if this is for 'telling things', it is high time that the secrets be told instead of being 'installed' in this way.

There were also some stories with two neighbours in Ehamgasse before I left - one of them (Kurt Köck) died in late 2007. The problem was that these two had names which seemed to be scissored out from my poetry book - at 'responsibility claim' point 42.666% exactly - which could have been the template for some US film.

It is easy to see the connection to the two political parametres of cannibalism (Ehamgasse, Barnaba) and pederasty (Pedrocchi). The link between the two flats could even be spotted, coincidentally or not, in Pedro Almodovar's film 'Volver'. I refer also to the US film with Marilyn Monroe called 'Monkey business' from 1952 - about 'Barnaby Fulton': 'Barna befølten' or 'barnaby følten' = 'he offered it to the children to be felt by himself' could in norwegian mean a pedophile, and Calle di Pedrocchi runs almost right into Campo San Barnaba - there is only a bridge between - which could be about Pawel Antanas Biedgo = Pawel Bridge-go from Vilnius. The house where the family lived in Molde in the last years of the sixties had an L shape - with a 'stain glass window' near the inner corner of the L.

I lived in Voldgata (cp. Vulgata) in 1978-80 and when I moved in to Nordengveien (cp. Forhengveien = Curtain Road) in Oslo, it could later be interpreted as being about the relation between Vulgata (Genesis 1) and Luke (Acts 10). The flat in Voldgata 1 I had got via some colleagues at the library where I worked 1977-78 and who lived in that house (in fact most of the names of the neighbours were of some interest), and when I moved in to Oslo in 1980 I got a bedsit room in Nordengveien 46 via Ragnar Söderlind who already lived there and whom I knew from Fredrikstad - he had moved in some months - or even a year or two - earlier. The Bologna bombing was at 10:25 AM on 2 August 1980 in the waiting room in the central railway station of Bologna Centrale, close to the central bus station. I am listed in Oslo residential register on this address in Nordengveien from 5 September 1970 onwards, which is more than a month after the bomb, but I certainly arrived there before 5 September 1970 but cannot remember how long before. It is anyhow reasonable to assume that I would have talked with Söderlind about it before 2 August - but I don't remember how long before. Considering this bomb as possible british terrorism related to my arrival in Nordengveien, I conjectured that I would find the name of 'Ragnar Söderlind' (cp. 'Rechlin') represented in the first title of 'Modern Language Review' for July 1980. This title is "The 'Kharjas' as early romance lyrics. By Richard Hitchcock" which seems to tell precisely that name. Hence this connection between Vulgata 1 and Luke 20.

As I arrived in Venice, I rather quickly understood that if there were any purpose in steering me in there, it could have been about a british responbility claim on a huge bomb on the old and beautiful city. Therefore I was somewhat surprised when I discovered that two rather giant exhibitions were opened - in the Dogana centre and Palazzo Grassi - which seemed to be based on my authorship, without crediting of the source, though. The exhibition opened within the temporal scope of MLR april 2009. My logic was that if the city should have a chance to prevent a bomb, the last thing they should have done was to collaborate with the britons or americans on exploitation of me. That is why I was rather much surprised with those exhibitions. The one in Dogana seemed to borrow themes from my 'Endmorgan Quartet', approximately one book per hall, and the exhibition in Grassi seemed to be based on my novel 'The Dreamer' - more specifically fragments over themes of 'KONe' which seemed to correlate in the exhibition with the corresponding ratios in my novel. There exists a german parallel to the british MLR - called 'Deutsche Viertelsjahrsschrift', whether that be political or not - wherein the first article was written by a 'Konrad Burdach'. I notice 4th CIA director 1961-65 John McCone - 'John me[d] kone' = 'John with wife'. 4th last CIA director in 2009 - in the mirror - was John M.Deutsch 1995-96. George Bush sr. is nearly in the mid point between these in the list of CIA directors. These phenomena could of course be due to coincidences or universals in modern themes, but some of the correlations were a little too striking - such as the 'car numbers' in Grassi or the passport photo hall in Dogana. The political effect of this could be by the turnaround by 'Octogon' and the construction of the family in Labråten 58 (plus my address in 'Pedrocchi') for obtaining a public opinion in Venice in favour of a bomb on the city, as if they were waiting for the redeemer in the sky - such as by the annual and traditional 'Festa del Redentore' when a pon-ton bridge is built to Giudecca. There is also a very large propaganda potential in the great influx of tourists from all over the world - and these two large exhibitions of contemporary art seem to have been an attraction since 2009. They are selections from the art collection of Francois Pinault. Could be, of course, there is some name-similarity with Francois Mitterand which could be politically active, but if a link to my authorship really should have been imposed on the exhibition, then my name should have been in the catalogue if the point were not to obtain a swap which identifies me with a threat against the city. Then the further aim could have been to contribute to the formation of new fascism in Italy. There are some reasons to believe that UK and/or US state terrorism could have abused my authorship - in particular the novel 'The Dreamer' which could have been lifted from my computer around the time of shift of CIA chief - since the mid 1990's, and if that novel is the format of such a responsibility claim on a bomb on Venice, it means that this exhibition could be quite simply that. If, that is, one agrees that the exhibitions are related to my two works.

This means that if France is slowly accepting a coup from London against its intellectual traditions for being the centre of the european swastika, Italy could be under a similar coup of participation in a future vietnamization of the country for being the southern branch of the same swastika. A hypothetical lifting of a Jar connection to Venice could have served this swap-over relation between Norway and Italy.

The 1-2-3

My theories on a political focus on Venice was accelerated somewhat when on 17 sepember 2009 I went for the usual stroll around the Dogana tip and passed George Bush sr. (or very similar person) with a running mate the opposite way, approximately outside house #262. Some days earlier, I had been addressed by a couple who asked for the way to 'Magazzini di Sale', and when I passed house #562, the male coughed so strongly that I had to notice it. Even earlier I had met a photographer standing in some stairs to a bridge close to the Dogana - he took a photo and lowered his camera and twisted his nose. Just before I met Bush, I had first been photographed by two females and then on Zattere been met with a female with arms out in crucifixion posture - which I thought could mean 'no trespassing' or something like that. Then on 12 october 2009, 9 years after the bombing of Cole, I once again met a person on nearly the same spot (in fact where the photographer had been standing) - in a way which allowed me to speculate on some systematic meaning. I am convinced that it was not Trevor Rhys-Jones (princess Diana's bodyguard in the car of the crash in 1997, driven by Henri Paul) who stood there - but I don't know who it was. I once met Kristiane Billington Qvale when she was a very young girl, but it is only the name which makes me speculate if it could have been her - because of George Bush sr.'s vice president Dan Quayle (which could mean 'the day of Quayle'), and one can add the crucifixion gesture of the female on Zattere - and I have no idea who it really was who stood there. The name could be seen to relate to Celan's letter to Sachs of 1 April 1967 with the mention of 'Skara, Hudiksvale, Kristianstad', in which case the idea of 'coup d'etat' presents itself. It was a Monday, and I quickly felt the effect of the name of Walther Mondale, Tuesdale, Wednesdale etc. - which told me that this day could have been planned many years ago. (In addition, 'Mondale' seems to have had his family rootings in 'Måndal' just next to Bjarne Eidsvigs oyster farm on Vågstranda). It could even be that the name of 'Oprah Winfrey' could serve the purpose of referring to this name 'Qvale, Kristiane', for the same reasons as Dan Quayle.

There exist some 1-2-3 structures which even could be in some relation to the name of 'Anthony Blair'. When in 1981 there was the attempt on pope John Paul II on St.Peters Square, it was at the end of a 3-2-1 countdown via Sanjay Gandhi, John Lennon and Ronald Reagan. It is possible that Ali Acqa shot him not in his heart but on his genitals ('cursed-on-rib-u') and that the purpose was only a humiliation of his papa-hood (a la fathers John and Paul) and not an attempt on his life. 20 years later there was the attack on Manhattan on 11 September 2001. Assuming that the next 20 years interval counted from 2001 corresponds to the one from 1981 to 2001, and that 9 October 2009 was a 'holy hijacker' a la 1981, one lands on the date 26 november 2015. This would be the day after Vibeke Aukrust's 60th birthday and the day before Caroline Kennedy's 58th birthday. If the attempt on pope John Paul II in 1981 was by 'ga vri low princip' = 'gave turnaround low principle', one could guess that a 1-2-3 could land this principle on this date. Which then could correspond to a Sarajevo of 1914.

Around the year 2000, there were three major political names relevant to this story: Anthony 'Tony' Blair as chief of UK, William Jefferson Clinton as chief of US, and Gro Harlem Brundtland as chief of WHO - with potentially verboten chemicals for a coup of Lenin's revolution. It is of course theoretically possible that there exists a global network under the authority of WHO of medicals who are disposed to use verboten chemicals - but I have no reason to believe that Brundtland would have been involved in anything like the construction of such networks. But her position in 2000 could of course have been about this principle of global power by 'Mengele chemistry', and the position is certainly of a kind which has to deal with the potential problem. It is possible that these could have constituted a 'holy troika' on the following scheme: Holy Fa[r]ther = Tony Blair, Jesus as the rewrite of William Jesus-fan Clinton ('Jefferson' = 'I'm Jesus' - and when 'on the cliff' the homesick would be about to depart), and Mary Magdalene as Gro Harlem Brundtland / Mary Jo Kopechne / Marilyn Monroe. Such a 'holy troika' could have been about getting US and WHO authority under Downing Street 10.

This could be the 'troika' which could have a reference in the russian 'perestroika', where Shimon Perez could be the one from the holy land of Israel east of Italy, like Iceland is west of Norway. I noticed Gorbatchov apparently in a marketing campaign for 'Luis Vuitton' and had to associate with 'Leif Stene Johansen'. If I remember right, there was even one with Gorbachov on the bonnet of some car. I don't know if this would be relevant to possible links to Pawel Biedgo in Vilnius. The other part of the Glasnos-Perestroika dissolution of the Soviet Union can of course be the trivial alcoholic nose of an 'LKHol' in the sense of LKW = Venice, but another likely aspect of it could be the story of the british ship 'Glasgow' (a person is called a 'glaswegian' if he comes from Glasgow) which came to the rescue of the norwegian king Haakon and his son the crown prince Olav as these waited under a birch while the germans bombed Molde in the end of April 1940. The ship eventually arrived and the two could get away in a narrow escape towards London into 'open sea' = 'rom sö' (danish - the norwegian king was in fact danish), where, surprisingly, they seem to have changed their minds in the tumult of the war and gone north to 'Tromsø' for some weeks, for reading and relaxing there before they continued down to London. In the mean time, the national gold reserves, which had been too heavy for 'Glasgow', went north on separate yachts. Tromsø is, for whatever reason, called the 'Paris of the north', and there is a fascinating similarity of name with 'Chomsky' who was a young man in those days and who turned 13 on the date next to the day of the opening of the death camp 'Chelmno nad Nerem' (german 'Kulmhof').

I make some observations (mentioned above) which could be telling of some historic encoding of Chomsky's role relative to Lenin: When Trotsky was murdered in Mexico, it was with an ice-axe which did not go through his skull properly: 'Gor-k-i' could be the Norwegian form. Trotsky died from the wounds the next day. When JFK visited Mexico on my birthday, it could have been about this 'Gorki' vs. 'me X i ko' = 'with X in co' = 'XU', as for the butterfly of Gorki and Lenin's death. Then the observation could be Trotsky's name relative to the form 'Chomsky' (Russian 'm' = 't'). The reason why this observation is permitted is in the death of Tucholsky when he was waiting for an answer to his application for citizenship in Sweden: His situation would then be 'i-søks-mål' while Trotsky's situation would be 'is-øks-mål' = 'target of an ice axe'. 'I-søks-mål-de' = 'I seeks Molde' could be this Glasgow ship (and Indira Gandhi was murdered by siks among her security guards) coming to rescue the norwegian royals. This apparent wartime installation of Chomsky's role after the war does deserve some attention, although Noam Chomsky himself was certainly not involved in this and could have been unaware of the phenomenon even later in life, but it is a curious phenomenon that Chelmno nad Nerem is the only death camp which has no obvious correlate in the Grøver/'Mengele' family or under the Aktion Reinhard format. (The number of death camps was small: Auschwitz, Lublin-Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez = one for each of the five Grøvers in Labråten 58 - plus Chelmno as the sixth). Rakel Nerem was, though, a neighbour to the Eidsvigs in a basement flat in Fjellgata for some time in the first half of the thirties, before she married Ragnvald Hansen. This could have been a possible 'Klipra' background for 'Chelmno nad Nerem'.

This means that if 'Glasnost' (in addition to the trivial LKHol on Venice) is the 1940 'Glasgow' for the northern Tromsø (of the norses in the far north) and hence 'Acts 10' = 'Downing Street 10' via modern linguistic theory which could be used to lend legitimacy to the 'lifting' of the pushdown up to a context-free phrase structure grammar, and if 'Perestroika' = the Holy Troika in the sense of the MLR responsibility claims on terror and fraud, then the two russian concepts of vGlasnost and Perestroika could mean the combined synchronic and diachronic british responsibility claims on a continuation of the holocaust. Or simply the british responsibility claims on the formation of new world wars, possibly including a Hitler for the making of a new turn of 21st century nazism and fascism on the continent for the righthand side of the branching historic structure.

There exist some interesting pieces of evidence for these ideas on a role of Venice. One of them has a rooting in an event at the kitchen table in Labråten 58 when Grøver/'Mengele' told a story about a classmate of his who cheated during an exam: He had his food in a paper bag on which the word for 'fruit' was written in old spelling FRUGT instead of the new spelling FRUKT, and instead of trusting his own knowledge about the spelling he looked at the paper bag for the right form when he wrote 'fruit' in his exam essay and therefore he failed his exam. I never understood the story before I came across the photo of Alfred Margul-Sperber in Wolfgang Emmerich's biography on Celan, page 60. It shows Margul-Sperber apparently nearly double the size of his two friends (Moses Rosenkranz and a third person) passing some advertisement poster standing up along a wall. It consists of three picture elements bottom up and with the word FRUCTE at the bottom, along with some variant ('FRUCT6 STO' or something like that, difficult to decipher). The lower third of the ad shows what looks like a boot stepping upon the heel of another boot in front of it, and could have been the background of the attempt on the pope in Italy (the Vatican) in 1981. The second part could invoke associations to a harbour region with some tower in it - and could be the origin of the attack on Manhattan 2001. The third part - cp. the 1-2-3 scheme - looks like a US stealth airplane throwing bombs on Kosovo. Or is it a series of false teeth dancing under a chin or jaw upside down? The other side (cp Vietnam, Iraq, Italy) of the house 262 on Zattere is in the district called 'San Gervasio e San Protasio' (hence false teeth), more commonly called 'San Trovaso'.

The other piece of 'evidence' on Venice derives from this 1-2-3 = 123 structure in the photo of Margul-Sperber and the attempt on the pope, in the peculiarity of the numbers in 'the square root of 123' = 11,09053650640941716205160010261... (I don't have more than these decimals), which seem to contain the temporalities of 11 September 2001 = 11,09 plus half of a year = 185 etc, and possibly the other two events of potential relevance. Vibeke Grøver lived for a while (in the late seventies) in 'Kvadraturen' in Kristiansand. The '123' could be the 1-2-3 of Blair ('An-tho-ny') and the rest of the complex. If one can spot the dates 13 may 1981 or 26 nov 2015 there, in addition to 11 sep 2001, it could perhaps be taken as some sort of proof. It could also suggest that if 11 September 2001 was arranged by USA themselves, it could have been for having a 'goodenough reason' for a major assault on some other place - such as e.g. Venice.

A third piece of evidence for San Trovaso and the date 26 november 2015 is found in the role of Petter Andre Syversen = PAS who died in Botswana on 7 August 1986 in the mid point between the GAS of Bhopal and Halabjah. When Syversen allegedly was squeezed to death between 2-3 lorries, it could be about GAS-PAS-GAS = Gaspara Stampa in San Trovaso. When Bush on Zattere, outside house #262, is in the other end of Zattere compared with San Trovaso, it means that there could be reasons to notice this redundancy relative to the date 26 november 2015.

In the mid seventies, probably around 1974-75, I had a violin teacher called Simon Walther Hauge (mentioned above). He lived at Hauge farm in Rolvsøy at Fredrikstad. In the autumn 1976, I started studying ast the university of Oslo but dropped out after half a year, for whatever reason, and searched for a job instead. I found one at a private children's school called Hauge/Stalheim school in western Norway - they had gone on strike a half or a whole year earlier and made their own school when the local school was closed down. They collected money for the salaries to the two teachers - I was one of these two teachers for half a year before I returned to Fredrikstad. I needed a place to live and somehow got the idea that I would try and find an old empty farm-house, and somebody may have hinted that Hauge perhaps knew of one. It was probably he that tipped me of the farm-house next to his - it was called 'Rekustad' and had been closed for many years already and the old window-less house had apparently been the temporary shelter of some homeless folks. I was allowed to live there for free and said I would try and improve its condition. Then I was offered a job at the library and the story with Eisenhower doctrine #3 started. In the cold winter, I lived at her place. I was briefly back at Rekustad and the water had frozen. Some weeks later, I was back again and there was water frozen to ice all over the kitchen floor. I threw the ice out and had no other explanation to it than that it must have been I myself who had opened the tap while the water was frozen and that I had forgotten to close it again. I moved to Voldgata. In 1980, there were the news that Simon Walther Hauge had suicided. It was told that his wife Darlen Bakke had left him and moved to Hannover. It must have been around the time of the second round of AIDSHIV injections with hepatitis-B vaccine in San Francisco and Los Angeles. After I had discovered the MLR phenomenon in 2009, I also found this story with the water tap and leak at Rekustad in advance in this periodical, something which told me that it was perhaps not me after all who had opened the tap but somebody else. In fact it seems from title 1 of MLR october 1977 that my schoolmate Raino Malnes had done it, but the similarity of name suggests the more natural explanation that he could have been assigned the role of the scapegoat for this 'accident' of the old house in my custody, for example due to the name-similarity with the last word 'Rheinmetall' in the Oslo Report. Here are the titles of that MLR oct 1977 issue which seems to have a mirror-symmetric structure:

1. A new Reynold - Milnes letter: Were there two meetings between Keats and Coleridge? By Donald Lange
2. 'A season of awakening': An analysis of chapter five of Mill's 'autobiography'. By James McDonnell
3. Language and gesture in 'Great expectations'. By Ian Ousby
4. Jean-Baptiste Chassignet's debt to Diego de Estella. By Catherine Grisé
5. Polyeucte's martyrdom - 'Une autre explication'. By William S.Brooks
6. Saint-John Perse and Joseph Conrad: Some notes and an uncollected letter. By Roger Little.
7. The creator's game: Some reflections on Robbe-Grillet's 'Le Voyeur'. By Valerie Minogue
8. Biblical borrowings in Goethe's 'Faust': A historical survey of their interpretation. By O.Durrani
9. 'The forest's revenge': Subconscious motivation in 'The wild duck'. By Joan Carr.
10. Pushkin's 'Boris Godunov': The first modern russian historical drama. By Ervin C.Brody

The story seems to be the name of Simon Walther Hauge. Eng. 'rape' = german 'Vergewaltigung' = 'ferge-valt-i-G-ung' = 'ferry-chosen-in-G-youth'. If the 'ferry' is the penis of the nazi philosophy of faithfulness in marriage for the Octogon project, then 'Vergewaltigung' dissolves to this name 'Simon Walther Hauge'. In addition, there is the spontaneous reading of his name as 'simon valgte ræv-G' = 'simon chose arse-G' = 'simon chose ræv-krok', which seems to correspond to Acts 10 verse 6 ('simon vralter ræv-G') and its corresponding group of three in the 'keys to heaven'. This group of verses could even suggest that it could have been Hauge who had been there and opened the tap while I lived in the flat of my chief at the library department where I worked. There is also the important role of the G in the formula of the 'Land-G-wehrkanal' of the death of Luxemburg such as it seems to have been used in the story about Mao. 'Otto Runge' could even be seen as the 'teacher' of Luxemburg in the sense of the 'doctrine of spontaneity and organization' which she has been credited with - cp. Hauge as my violins teacher.

Now it seems that the name of (up to 1995) CIA director 'Robert James Woolsey' rewrites to 'Whopper James Rolvsøy' as if it were about a 'Vergewaltigung' of Hitler on me in my infancy. His follower was 'John Deutsch', which in handwriting looks like 'John Drubba-h' which hence could be about the construction of 'Drubba' and the idea of me as having murdered Mao in 1976 - as for a 'John Hyperdeutsch'.

It happened one day when I went to the one grocer on Zattere - with a view to Giudecca - that I was recognized by a person whom I had never seen before as he was standing outside there: "But hello, isn't this John Grover?"

The conclusion on all this seems to be that there could be reasons for believing that a 1-2-3 or 3-2-1 construction converges on a date around 2015. We must hope the plan is not to start a WWIII - with some event a la Sarajevo 1914 - for a world wide installation of the concept of a 'Jar connection'. In theory, if the indexation of a 'Jar connection' is moved to Venice, a bomb on the town could partly serve to mark this indexation, partly it could be enough for getting Italy sufficiently at odds with the rest of NATO to create a situation which later could allow for a 'carpet-bombing' of the country. This again could lead to conditions resembling Italy and Germany under WWII - for a later WWIV. A vietnamization of Italy would be for the north-south axis of the swastika on Europe.

The Black Sea Loop

In the treatise of Lausanne in 1923, Kurdistan was scheduled for independence. The Kurds are the world's largest stateless nation. It was in the summer of 1923 that Laura Devold went to Paris and probably met Quisling, and never has there been more nulling in the German economy than in that year. US president Harding died in the summer. The Treaty of Lausanne, where Fridtjof Nansen could have had some words to say, was completed in the end of July 1923 with the interesting result that the promised Kurdistan was wiped off the map in the last minutes, and a new text rechiselled over the old plan. The Beer Hall Putsch was staged exactly three and a half month later, after which Hitler went 'in the cell', and Quisling went for his mission to Russia. Kurdistan is in the region shared between Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Instead of Kurdistan 1923 = 1-23, one established Israel 1948, which was another important stateless nation - and with Jacob as its founder.

It is likely that this is the background for the idea of a Black Sea Loop going from Turkey around the Black Sea over Vienna to Paris as an eastern branch of the same european swastika. I don't know where I have this concept from but it seems to linger in the air around much 'politics'. Grøver/'Mengele' claimed that his mother Inga Jensen (born Olsen) came from a farm in Sykkylven (which could be the origin of the 'Zyklon B' gas used in Auschwitz) on Sunnmøre called 'Drotninghaug' = 'the royal hill' by some ancient word 'drott'. 'Dro t n i[ngh] aug' would mean 'hit him in the eye', which could leave a 'Black See', which means that the hit itself could be a Black Sea Loop. There are other variants such as 'black sheep loo' or 'black seal up' etc. Cp. also 'Bollack Sils Maria' and the Apostoli church with the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.

The idea of a Black Sea Loop as an eastern branch of the european swastika would be a flux of political resource going from the 'Esau' country of Kurdistan with the sumerian cuneiform of Rawlinson (as a counterpoint to the sunnmørian of Ivar Aasen) or rather Turkey around the caucasian district at the Black Sea up through Vienna to Paris. On this way the loop would have to pass through the countries Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, (Moldova?), Rumania (?), Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and France. 'Brigate Rosse' in Italy could be about the 'bridge at the Russia' which is found in the beginning parts, which also is where one finds the trouble with Chechnya and Georgia. When Celan was born in Bukowina in 1920, it had just stopped being an austrian region. It was in the peace treaty of Saint-Germain in 1919 that Austria got its present syringe-shaped form, possibly the tool of a Dr.Verboten for the couping of Lenin's revolution by way of Hitler and the Klipra connection, after having been a rather extensive eastern-mid european empire. With the new states around 2000 of Slovakia and Slovenia on both sides of the Hungarian border to Austria, one now gets the two 'gloved' ('glovakia' and 'glovenia') mid and index fingers holding the syringe, with the hungarian thumb pressing on with Fingerspitzengefühl around 'Pressburg' ('Bratislava'). The contents of the syringe may spurt out through Vaduz and the swiss metal tube into France and Paris - and this axis could have been the background of the massacres on the local parliaments or councils in Zug in Switzerland and Nanterre outside Paris. This construction could be motivated by a UK/US wish to run a Black Sea Loop of 'political resource' from Kurdistan to Paris and from there with AIDSHIV lift of transubstantiation to London. The 'driving motor' of the loop could be Mengele's chemicals in the blood of victims, creating an underearth impulse which could spread panic on the continent, exterminate the last remains of rationality and trigger nazism and fascism after decades of systematic planning, and drive the loop towards Paris. It could even come to constitute the basis of a third world war under the official surface.

This loop would constitute an eastern arm of a swastika on Europe with its centre in Paris. The northern arm would be Norway, the southern arm Italy, and the western would be England with northern Ireland - only that the latter hook goes the wrong way. This 'british' swastika on Europe would be the reason for a Black Sea Loop if it is or has been in construction. The trick of it would then be in the 'wrong way' of the northern Ireland hook - which just as well can find its correlate in Iceland relative to Norway and Israel relative to Italy (in which case Aberdeen and northern Scotland makes for Sicily, Finnmark and Turkey). And then northern Ireland is Chernobyl relative to Celan's birth place Czernowitz. Or if England is considered a normal arm on the swastika, their occupation of northern Ireland would correspond to an occupation of Iceland relative to Norway and Israel relative to Italy. If this ambiguity is related to the 'rævkrok' phenomenon, A fishhook is called 'angel' in norwegian - Grøver/'Mengele' quoted Ibsen's 'i anelsens mangel har mannen med hoven sin beste angel' = 'in the lack of intuition the man with the hoof has his best [fish] hook'. This 'Anglend' is the A/E conversion of 'England'.

The Vietnam war could have been a bombing of Norway on the other side of the globe. Vietnam is rather similar and rather 180 degrees positioned. Which means that the war probably first and foremost was a bombing of everything which Norway was not - which means that it actual fact was a sort of hypocritical attack on the other side of Hitler which means England. They tried to hit Norway but missed the point. In fact they hit rather far off the goal. Now maybe they hope to make it better with the next attempt - which could be Iraq with the two 180 degree sonnets. The Black Sea Loop could be an attempt to establish an origo in Europe for a swastika with a northern arm of Norway and a 180 degrees southern arm of Italy and then bomb Italy like they bombed Vietnam - for continuing the same program after Vietnam and Iraq. The Brigate Rosse could have been an attempt to install this southern arm of the swastika, or for turning it 90 degrees by the waterway to Sicily for the bridge at the Russia, something like that. Were the Brigate Rosse anti UK/US? If they had not been working for UK/US (international) secret service those brave young terrorists would certainly have invested their courage into printing and publishing information - bold pamphleteers - about the Klipra connection instead of terrorizing the italians. This is a very simple thing which cannot be misunderstood - and one should not have to wonder on which side terrorists are when they choose the way of terror instead of the way of information - the way of terror is the way of Hitler. The death of Aldo Moro (found on 9 May 1978) seems to have been at least temporally co-ordinated with the murder of my neighbour Inger Johanne Apenes (the old mother of conservative parliament representative Georg Apenes, cp. 'Georgia') on 6 May 1978. There is this problem of 'leftist terrorism' which really looks like not much more than variants of british Labour - who couped the revolution from Lenin by way of Hitler's revolution. That is called national socialism - outright nazism. If leftists were not so nazi-affiliated in this sense of it they would since long have published all details on the Klipra and Jar connections.


Conclusion on the role of France: It could be the plan of postwar nazism to install 'Mengele semantics' for a global control from monarchic London of the individuals all over Europe (and eventually the world) and then the plan of London could be to let republican France - in the centre of the swastika - install that new semiotic principle of drug addiction as a principle of economic value and taxation for regulating the minds of the people and controlling the historic consciousness on a royalist scheme. A vietnamization of Italy could be for getting this system through for british monarchic interests. Clearly everything should be done to avoid such a pitiful development of human automata all over the world - even at the threshold to heaven! If the britons have problems with their conscience and fear doom at St.Peter, they should try and tidy up in this problem themselves instead of trying to convert the whole world into a new grace machine system which can grant even the britons access to heaven against a decent sum. It seems unfortunately that the british strategy could be to try and get control with the intellectuals for preventing outbreak of understanding of this system, or even outbreak of laughter at it - such as the britons used to laugh at Hitler. History bites its tail. But this could be precisely the contents of the US interests in 'recursion' on Oslo Report backwards etc - as if their aspirations were to take over the business when England is slipping out of the history. But nobody would laugh at a Black Sea Loop and its terrifying 'arch-angel' aura - which the Oslo Report and the projects thereon could have made for.

Chapter 6: The war against the intellectuals

The proof: Hyper-deutsch

The book has suggested a close connection between the terror-bombing in Iraq and the interests in making it possible to do the same in Italy. If so, the attack on USA on 11 September 2001 could have been arranged by USA themselves (as part of a 1-2-3 structure since 1981) in order to get a 'goodenough reason' to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. The reason for Iraq is as I have described - step 2 in the 1-2-3 of Vietnam, Iraq and Italy on basis of the 23 in the Gulf wars 1980-90 - and the reason for Afghanistan is that it tells of the antithetical role of Norway relative to Iraq: Norway looks like 'a gunny stand' on the map, and is 180 degrees around the globe relative to Vietnam which is of a somewhat similar shape. The russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1978 could have been an attempt to include the country in the Soviet Union before USA got the chance to do it. Such strange ideas seem not to be totally absent from the political reality. For example, it is possible that the syringe-shape of Austria after 1919 was not entirely coincidental - it could have been planned as a part of the eastern branch of the european swastika. It is also possible that an important part of the british strategy is 'justified' by its particular self-esteem according to the 'erection' of England and Scotland, with irish testicles, reaching all the way up to the Hebrides.

My analysis of nazism suggests that 'Aktion Reinhard' was planned onto Labråten already in the fourties as a close correlate to Lidice. It would be the relation of Labråten to Lidice which is the whole story: If this connection can be proven, then the relation of 'Aktion Reinhard' to Norway and hence Vietnam, Iraq and Italy can be considered proven. There does exist such a proof: The analysis can be tested empirically by the fact that 'Labråten' seems to be applied as a rewrite of 'Lidice'. It means, comparing the two forms: a = i, br = d, å = i, t = c, en = e. The formula could be called 'aibrdåitschen' = 'hyper-deutsch-ing'. Cp. also 'Abercrombie' - as the 'keys' to this british construction. His house was not so far from the pope's summer residence, and there were other links to the church - which makes for the 'Aibr-church-ing' factor. To speak hyperdeutsch would be the 'joke' on the over-german britons who made the holocaust - and it could even apply to the interpretation of the outlines of the country on the map. Could be that is the reason why one used just Lidice and Labråten - to make for the joint effect of them as 'hyper-deutsch'. It probably is - if we add the essential evidence from the battle of Ypern in WWI: It could mean 'H-Yper-deutsch-n', including even the N at the end of 'Labråten', suggesting that 'Labråten' was planned already before 1920, and 'Ypern' can mean that movement of the plough which symbolizes Adolf Hitler's name-change to Aron Eidsvig via 'Ernst-Röhm'/'Aron-Ströhm' - 'hyppern' in norwegian means the person who causes the movement of soil which is made with a small spade instead of the normal plough when one throws a little more soil up around the potato plants later in the season when the underearth potatoes tend to be exposed to air due to much growth and they need some more soil on top - 'hyppe' is the word, which also can be used about expressions or signals for making a horse pull faster or using more force, as when pulling a plough - and thereby point to Hitler's namechange by way of the Ernst Röhm putsch. That means 'Labråten' and 'Aron Eidsvig'. 'Yppern' can also mean 'a provocative person', like Hitler. And, not the least, 'hybern' = 'the bedsit' and could refer to Rakel Nerem's bedsit room rented in the basement at the Flems in Fjellgata 70 or 74 in the mid thirties, which means in the house next to the Eidsvig's. This bedsit of Rakel Nerem could have been the reason for 'Chelmno-nad-Nerem' ('kjellern-te-Nerem') as the death camp with an apparent reference to Chomsky. ('Hu Bern' = 'the female in/of Bern' and could have been a background of the female namesake 'Ragna Eidsvig' whom I met in the sixties when she was on her way to Bern whereto she would move - from Klipra or at least Ålesund to Bern). This name-change can then also be symbolized by 'Labråten-Lidice'.

It must be noticed that this evidence on 'Ypern' very strongly supports the hypothesis that WWI served to canvas the Klipra connection for the implementation of it in WWII. And this role of the 'hyper-deutsch' seems to be a substantial proof of the role of 'Labråten' in the construction of 'Aktion Reinhard'. These are possibly very important data. 'Hyper-deutsch' can be considered a proof of the Klipra connection with Aktion Reinhard and Labråten - and that proof was the reason for the WWI battle of Ypern. It can be added that if Abercrombie was not Himmler, he could of course have been an ordinary british envoy to Rome, serving to implement this concept of responsibility claim. However, the name 'Max Aberbach' was printed on Hitler's postcard of 1924 and could well have served to represent 'hyberdeutsch', with 'max' = 'hyper' and so forth.

I had written this paragraph and went out to buy some food and lined up in a queue behind a person before me who bought 3 bottles of 'Huber' wine in a practical 3-pack with the script 'Exclusive' onto it and a handle for carrying. I immediately recognized the 'huber-clutch' of a 'hyper-deutsch'. Could be this is a standard business concept selling well in german countries, since it seems to tell that it was England who organized the holocaust. This may even be a little different in Austria compared with other countries. The austrian 'Staatsvertrag' from 1955 - the constitution with the conditions for their independence after negotiations with the winners of the war - contains a clause in article 10 telling that the state is 'obliged to liquidate the leftovers of nazism' ("Österreich verpflichtet sich [...] auf die Liquidierung der Überreste des Naziregimes"). Could be that is the reason why there is not so much british tongue ('hyper-deutsch') to be heard in the streets of Vienna.

The complex around Rilke's death

If 'hyperdeutsch' were the concept of proof for the 'Klipra connection', is there anything similar coming up for a 'Jar connection'? I am here outlining what could come to show itself as a future 'hyper-deutsch' for a 'Jar connection', but I emphasize that the basis for this guesswork is very weak and exclusively founded on my own personal experience. The new 'hyperdeutsch' could in theory come out as 'iknuklgdeslv' - for the crossed bones of the pirate flag Edward England which shares important graphical similarities with the british flag Union Jack. Hence it could constitute a british responsibility claim a Jar connection, be that 'nuklr' or not. I explain how I arrived at this hypothetical form:

The form is a cross-reading of the word 'Zinckgasse' with the form 'Skuldelev' or 'Skulclelev'. This is the site of the excavation of 5-6 viking ships in Denmark in 1962, 20 km off Roskilde where Lidice was 20 km off Prague, birthplace of Rilke. The background for a choice of this excavation site as one part of such a responsibility claim would have been in the story of the death of Rilke: When he died in late 1926, it was after a strange story in which he hurt his fingers on a thorn of a rose shortly after MLR october 1926 had been issued, and then an intestine flue held him in bed for some weeks untill his whole system started collapsing and he died right before the end of the year. It seems that this was a poet's death and not a murder, but it seems also clear that England have cast their eyes on this death from the news emerged and have been struggling with getting it in under MLR october 1926 since then. Roskilde would have been due to the lethal roses, and 'Skuldelev' (means the 'indebted student' - I recall the Grøver family being for a trip to Røros = 'red-rose' at Dovre with the copper mines there in the late sixties or early seventies) could have been chosen for the role of the young secretary Genia Tschernoswitowa who arrived on 15 september 1926 for helping him with some translation work. Her name seems to suggest the birthplace of Celan 6 years earlier, and when MLR october 1926 contains the following main titles, the temptation could have been too large for the britons who later would have concluded that his death had been preannounced in MLR - and hence that the young secretary was guilty of the murder = 'skuld-elev'.

1. Some Yorkshire place-names. York, Ure, Jervaulx. By R.E.Zachrisson
2. A poem by Sir John Beamont, wrongly attributed to Drummond of Hawthornden. By James Hutton
3. A second visit to Gondaliand. By Madeleine Hope Dodds
4. The conception of 'mesure' in some medieval poets. By Jessie Crosland
5. The relative position of the 'Perceval' and 'Galahad' romances. By Jessie L.Weston
6. Rare or unexplained words in the anglo-norman 'Voyage of St Brendan'. A contribution to french lexicography, I. By E.G.R.Waters
7. The influence of Young and Gray in Spain. By E.Allison Peers
8. Grillparzer's hero and Shakespeare's Juliet. By Douglas Yates

If 'Some Yorkshire' = 'John Grøver', then the placename of Chernowitz means Grøver = Celan. John Beamont Wrongly = John Bjarne Grøver? I personally do not believe that these titles preannounce Rilke's death - I think that is a conclusion made later and hence that Roskilde and Skuldelev were chosen after this story and not before.

The strategy would have been to root the intrigue in three of the warships of Hitler which sailed in norwegian waters during WWII and which were built in the 1930's, in such a way that one could consider Modern Language Review for October 1926 a responsibility claim on the death of Rilke in late December 1926. The three warships were these:

1) Scharnhorst= Ehamgasse - the shortest Harn/Ham ('genocide'?)
2) Tirpitz = Pedrocchi - british political parametre 'pederasty'
3) Gneisenau = Zinckgasse

'Scharnhorst' as the 'shortst ham' could even be about England on the map - and in the rewrite comparable to the 'Tirpitz' and 'Gneisenau' it could come out as the 'nah-ost' and hence the 1957 Eisenhower doctrine on the 'near east'. 'Scharnhorst' and 'Gneisenau' were sister ships.

Pedrocchi is (as far as I know) earliest attested in media in 1952 in the film 'Monkey business' about 'Barnaby Fulton'. This was when Celan married Gisele Lestrange, and 'løst-rangert gisele' ['loosely draped gisele'] could be taken to mean 'i knukl-gisele' which could have been the reason for the choice of Zinckgasse for the construction since this streetname allows for this form as crossreading with Skuldelev. It means that 'Gisele Lestrange' is the actual cross-read form - equivalent with 'hyper-deutsch'. The purpose could have been to pretend that she was an agent. In addition, Zinckgasse is close to Westbahnhof in Vienna - Rilke was some 25 years before his death married to Clara Westhof with whom he had a child.

Celan and Lestrange met in november 1951 via a common friend 'Isaac Chiva', and it is a good guess that AIDSHIV could have been set in circulation for the sake of this name - and hence a british responsibility claim on the story.

In 1992-93, I worked at the TMV centre in Oslo Oslo (with a view over to the neighbouring informatics institute where I could see Ole-Johan Dahl in his red jumper). When I now look up TMV on the web, I find 'Tiroler Mittelschüler Verband' which seems to carry some weight in administration. For example, could it be 'Otto Trier Nachf.' on Hitler postcard of 1924? It seems that one can make a cross-reading of 'Skuldelev' with 'Mittelschüler' as follows:

Skuldelev 1: sk = mitt
Skuldelev 2: u = e
Skuldelev 3: cl = sch
Skuldelev 4: e = u
Skuldelev 5: v = r

Schmidt[e] (means 'contamination', such as in an epidemic, a la AIDSHIV) = Grover (hence dumps the blame on me). Mitten = glover. Etc.

It is possible that Beatles 'Sgt.Pepper lonely hearts club band' could be about this TMV, and 'Magical mystery tour' could be about this tour of mine Ehamgasse-Pedrocchi-Zinckgasse (I don't know if 'blue cross' could be about ovary biopsies). But this is speculation from my side. There is much additional speculation that can be done which seems to support this theory of an 'iknuklgdeslv' = 'Lestrange-Gisele' as a cross-reading, but I leave it to the reader to search for them. It must at the present stage count a highly speculative in any case.

If, though, Rilke's death is as central in the intrigue as it seems, it can be added that administration may be prone to assign his death to the authority of his mother: He had written some 1000 letters to her in the course of 30 years, and she answered his letters but he seems to have destroyed her letters one by one, and so only his letters have survived in authorship format. The theme of the intrigue may be my 'chin' = 'hake' for the 'hake-kors' = 'swastika', since MLR oct 1916 can be used for proving that John Jensen was probably born on 27 oct 1916, which is 37 years, months, weeks, days after Rilke's birth, and the same interval before the publication date of the Eisenhower doctrine on 4-5 jan 1957, which again was at the end of a 1223 telescope from the birth of Albert of Saxony: Now the crux of the story is that Rilke and Albert shared a characteristic chin of the type with an upside-down crescent under the lip - and that is exactly the sort of chin which I have as well. This mystery is likely to count as the triumph of Mengele's eugenetic art and administrative logic may take this as a proof that custody authority is stronger than genetic authority. There seem to be no traces of this sort of chin in the families of Sachs and Celan. This 'triumph of administration' could be associated over the swastika of Europe centered on Paris, and when it tells of a certain effect of the 37 telescope, that could counts as the purpose of the 23 telescope on Tone Grøver's birth relative to the project on Iraq between Vietnam and Italy. To this comes that 'Genia Tschernoswitowa' arrived to her job as Rilke's secretary accompanied by her mother. Does this prove that Rilke was murdered by british administration? This seems indeed to be the main theme of theirs. The story with the construction of 'Drubba' - which could be derived from the 'Drummond' of MLR oct 1926 - seems to reduce to a matter of 'kjelk-spil' = 'sledge-lath', and the story of Grethe and the kitchen sink is probably constructed by administration on basis of 'William Shakespeare' (in the last title of MLR oct 1926) = 'vil-hjem kjelk-spil', where 'vil-hjem' = 'wants-[to-go]-home' when she continued down the steep hill towards Grethe's home - and the story could have been an administrative wordgame on 'Grete/drete' vs, 'Vibeke/Sibeke' for the construction of 'Drubba'. This could have been the background also of Ragna Grøver's frontal car crash in 1981, for the form 'vil-hjem kjelks-bil', ('bil' = 'car', here 'kjelkete') summed up possibly also in the car crash of princess Diana in 1997 when her car stopped so abruptly in the roadside, possibly because the princess had felt the need for going to the toilet (chapter 3) - something which could include a reference to the story from Volda. To this comes the story with my trip to the mountains in the summer 1976 with 'Mette Krøtøe'. And, most importantly, this could have been a part of the background for an intrigue on the death of Adorno - if his wife 'Grethe Karplus' was blamed for it - he was sent back from Visp to Frankfurt in a 'sink-kasse' = 'zinc-coffin'. All these stories converge on 'William Shakespeare' = 'Williams Hake-s-pair' = 'Williams Swastika'. Cp. also 'Albert Speer' in Hitler's government - and his 'Spandauer Tagebücher' which were published in 1969, could be in time for Bjarne Eidsvig's bankruptcy by his danish creditor 'Tage Pris'.

It must be admitted that there are traces of my name in the titles of MLR oct 1926, and that could certainly be telling of long-terms plans for the Eisenhower doctrine already in 1926, but that does not have to mean that the young secretary murdered him and was turned into a 'Skuldelev', only two years after Laura Devold could have murdered Lenin. It could as well be that they had interests there only for adjusting the calendarial telescope. The story tells that Rilke had indeed hurt his one finger on a rose-thorn in early october 1926, and likewise the same finger on the other hand the day after, and this developed into infections which eventually ended his life. Would he have allowed the secretary to wound him in such ways? Probably not. He writes in letters before his death that he had his hands in bandages. The story goes that I signed the housing contract for Ehamgasse on 22 december 2004, after which a grandiose nausea arose in me throughout christmas untill it finally was released with the Banda Aceh earthquake on 26 december 2004, one of the greatest and most disastrous quakes in history, exactly a year after the disastrous earthquake of Bam ('barn' = 'children'), which again was one year after my two poetry books 'The Endmorgan Quartet' #11 and #12 were registered for copyright in Washington. Rilke had bandages on his hands after the thorns of early october 1926. My view is that he died a poet's death, and that is a part of the reason for the role of the 'Skuldelev' ships. 'Leif Stene Johans[k]en' is a name which could mean 'the life-stone is, though, the glove' - as if the end of Rilke's life were due to a 'Glover', or that he would have used gloves under normal rose-circumstances - or simply a reference to the fact that he wrote the inscription for his own gravestone ('Rose, o reiner Widerspruch') not so long before his death (a year or so). To believe that he pulked as a secret agent for England is, though, a ridiculous idea.

I have the information that Rilke himself had destroyed the letters from his mother from the published collection of his letters to her. I have no information indicating that they could have been stolen by british administration. See Koenig's 'Erinnerungen an Rilke' for some examples of his mother's poetic letters. It would of course come as no surprise if one were to learn that England had stolen these letters of Phia Rilke to her son and since then have used them for launching themselves internationally - could be even for designing the 'frau Røver' project - one could even speculate on this as a factor represented in the generation gap in the Octogon. I notice title 4 of MLR oct 1926 and the notable musicality in Phia Rilke's letters to Hertha Koenig. British administration could have planned theft of the letters even for the sake of the generation gap between Celan and Sachs relative to me. Such a launch could include a big bomb on Venice on e.g. 26 nov 2015, not the least due to Rilke's mention of Santa Maria Formosa and Gaspara Stampa in his Duino elegies - and one can add the structure with GAS-PAS-GAS, Alvaro Uribe and other aspects of it which could link it to this story of the death of Rilke in 1926.

Administration may think that it is no purpose in telling these details to the public. There is an enormously big purpose in telling it all - and that is if a big bomb should destroy that beautiful old city it must be clear for everybody in Italy and Europe and the rest of the world that the bomb comes from England, from London, from the government there. It does not come from Osama bin Laden or some jewish diaspora genetics or islamic terrorist groups, except perhaps as an intermediate link. It would be the british government who is to be blamed if anything such should happen, as tells the story of the Klipra connection. I do already see the complete helplessness of politics looking at that bomb as it comes falling down from heaven, explodes over the city (the cameras were put up in advance), and soon there are the news all over the world that it was Osama bin Laden's network who did it (and the british government could be furious about the carnage and the primitive brutality of the terrorists) without any mention in the news or anywhere else of this story of the Klipra connection. Why should the world continue to protect that british policy? It is not enough that the administration knows it. All details in this history must be made available to the public - enough to make it futile to hope for any political gain in such terror. The story is told very simply by presenting for the public all the british responsibility claims on terror in the past.

The Hölderlin phenomenon

The story is the tragic development of british symbolic logic around 1850 which caused the cultural development to take a wrong turn and it brought an end to the development of a poetic logic which had started in the 18th century. The story of Hölderlin is telling - he developed a mental disease around 1806 and spent the last 35 years of his life in the socalled 'Hölderlin tower' in Tübingen, classified as incurably insane. He wrote some poetry in these years, but by and large rather little. In the last years of his life, he wrote the socalled 'Scardanelli' poems - he signed the poems with this name and a date which normally was far off the real date. The datings range from 3 march 1648 to 9 march 1940. (I notice also the wellknown cartoon 'La linea' which seems to be based on Rilke's signature). It seems that the poems that are preserved were given to visitors who came to see the wellknown poet who lived there, somewhat like an animal in a cage. According to one source, whether representative or not, they asked him to write a poem - and he thought it out and wrote it while tapping his finger for the scansion (as could be the signature). There are rumours from a neighbour that he wrote large amounts of verse in these years (if true, those poems would have been lost), and it would come as no surprise if one day british secret service comes up with a big collection of 'authentic Hölderlin' found in a shoebox in some attic. (I recall Grøver/'Mengele' stored some long letters written with pencil on metres of toilet paper in a cupboard in Molde - I asked him what it was and he said it was written by a psychiatric patient in the closed hospital 'Opdøl' (the Molde correlate to Veum in Fredrikstad) where he had worked - the closed-in patient had given him these letters in the hope that he would smuggle them out - and he had probably promised to do that for him). The reason why England would be interested in gaining authority to his authorship is in precisely this status of his as the last great poet before the british intrigue got hold of the cultural development - and one could think of a Hölderlin phenomenon in the sense of the poet's despair when he understands that political work (such as by the french revolution) can be no solution, while there would hardly be any other way to meet the british intrigue. Hence his insanity throughout those years up to 1843. For the years 1806 und 1811, there are only 6 poems left, for 1812 only one, and then the next is from 1823! Which means that the great pause in his writing occurred 35 years before his death. Rilke corresponded for 30 years with his mother who survived him with 5 years = 35 years. Which means that if administration wanted to incorporate with hostile integration into the mother figure relative to me, they could have made an embryo from Sachs and Celan in 1935 and kept it bottled untill 1956, and murdered the two parents in 1970 - without me having been given the chance to let the mother through for 35 years. (As mentioned above, the Celans moved to a new home in Masarykgasse in 1935). The concentration camp Sachsenhausen was opened on 12 july 1936, which means that the construction works could have started in 1935. Evidence of the relevance of this interval of 35 years can be found in the telephone terror (silent telephones) apparently from Ragna Grøver towards me in the period 1986-88 - which means that it ended 35 years after the operation in the abdomen of Nelly Sachs in 1953. When I was born in 1957, it was 22 years after 1935, and 22 years after 1953 takes it to 1975 when the tonsils were removed from my throat, for more or less obscure reasons. 35 years added to my birthyear 1957 takes it to 1992 - the year when Gro Harlem Brundtland's son allegedly suicided (in the temporal context of my short stipend at the TMV centre). This suggests that the 35 years of Hölderlin and Rilke in their relation to insanity/mother are of relevance for understanding the history relative to my own custody mother - possibly as she could be integrating with hostility into the role of Nelly Sachs - for engineering the spontaneous reaction in people when exposed to my authorship that this is due to Ragna Grøver and not to Nelly Sachs, but in an inspiration suppressed and rejected by me. The telephone terror was not much inspiring, whoever carried it out. The administrative interest would probably be to attach the political administration to Hölderlin - before the onset of british symbolic logic.

The 'Scardanelli poems' seem generally to be on the 'star' form which I have described above.

Hölderlin's 'Hyperion' was published in the last years of the 18th century and is the poet's 'novel' (his 'Roman'). It can be seen to be about the reader reading the text he is reading - as if Diotima is reading the novel while the reader is reading it, standing behind Diotima as if he held his hand around the back of the book, curling it around her body ('the body of the book') while she is reading. The reader behind her is hesitant as to whether it is appropriate to touch her breasts while she is occupied with the reading - and in part 2 she puts the book aside and takes the reader's hands - as if to confirm the information that has been transmitted in this tactile 'braille' by the reader. If she invites him to a sexual intercourse, for returning to the reader the tactile feeling of his gender-specific organ such as he has been reading hers, remains as unclear as whether he really touches her gender-specific breasts as part of the reading. These aspects of the artifact level of the artwork remain as obscure as the novel's themes - it is, after all, about an eremite! It is about the reader's reading and so forth. Certainly to land the whole story of 'Hyperion' in a sexual intercourse is to lose the tracks of the spiritual ways - and can be seen to be precisely the british mistake of the 1850's - like those aircrashes which seem to be state terrorism on the format of 'hype-air-ion'. Not to speak of the whole construction around 'Ypern', 'hyppern', 'hyper-deutsch'. It is well possible that the role of Tony Blair around 2000 was to be that 'an-two-ny [= 1-2-3] braille' of this interpretation of the british 'bella figura'. John Grover 1843 - the year of Hölderlin's death - is about sending envoys to Bokhara in search of two travellers there - which here could be seen to be about this interpretation of 'reading book'. Avicenna was from Bokhara and this could be of much importance for the british relations to the logic of Aristotle via Thomas Acquinas. Avicenna's full name was 'Abu Ali al Hosain ibn Abdallah ibn Sina' - and one can guess that this was the reason for the Abu Graibh scandal - whose real name perhaps could have been 'Hyperion' and 'Scardanelli'. (Notice also 'Nicolas Sarkozy' in France). This suggests that John Grover 1843 could have been correlated with Hölderlin's death rather early (although it is likely that the pamphlet, with its notorious parallelism relative to John Grover 1823, could have been antedated) - and this again could have been the background of the WWI battle of Ypern, which means that the 'hyperdeutsch' of WWII could have been constructed before WWI. One could therefore guess that the two pamphlets John Grover 1823/1843 could have been produced for the purposes of WWI - for example around the turn of the century.

My guess is that the british strategy is to join forces with persecuted jews, if new (british-organized!) persecutions should come about, and to leave the sexual intercourse with Diotima to them while the britons choose the more spiritual ways - and let this distinction become their divide-and-conquer strategy. The sexual intercourse would then be the 'jewish-genetic' style ('octogonal' or not) while the 'spiritual way' would be the administrative custody authority - and that's the trick. The 'british' reading of Hölderlin would then correspond to a 'do-it-yourself' variant of 'knuckls' which, assuming that sex normally does not really include the bones of the skeleton, then could mean the 'standing' and reading of a book with the solitary hand around the back of it - for the 'spiritual' sense 'i knukl gdeslv' = 'i knukl gjør det selv' = 'in knuckl, do it yourself'. Could be quite simply 'Abu Graibh'.

In such a strategy, they could be planning to take on the role of Rilke's mother teaching her son to read and write and understand poetically - and write letters - thereby they could be hoping to turn their pederasty parametre into a more acceptable form. Celan's suicide attempt in the end of january 1967 could have been on this format. On 30 dec 1966, one month before his attempt on his own life, his wife wrote him a letter containing forms which strangely echoed his own letter to Erica Lillegg dated 12 nov 1949 wherein he writes that he had recently been to visit Ivan Goll, and he mentions his 'Élégie d'Ihpetonga'. On the 25th of january 1967, he met coincidentally Claire Goll in the Goethe Institute in Paris and immediately left the place in a hurry - and wrote to the director that he could not be in a house where they had Goll as a friend. A few days later he drove a knife into his left lung and was rescued by his wife who got him to a hospital in time. It is easy to see a connection to his attempt in the form of collapse of the language in the formulation in his wife's letter (german translation: "Nachher werde ich auf einen Sprung, hin und zurück mit dem Bus, nach Messuguière fahren, um die von ihr gebundenen Bücher zu liefern, ihren mageren Lohn zu holen und ihren korsischen Freunden Thiry junior (Philosophielehrer in Korsika), dessen Frau und dessen drei Kinder sehr rührend sind, eine Botschaft zu überbringen...") which suddenly could seem to say: She leaped towards him, back and forth with the 'bus/car', with a knife (Messer), to deliver the pregnant books from the Lohn/loan of the stomach (mageren Lohn) etc. Hence by the meeting with Goll he was reduced to the artifact level of his own book, for which reason he drove a knife into it in order to understand the wording in the letter from his wife better. This could be in the middle of the 'british strategy' with Rilke's mother and the artifact reading of Diotima and the clutching of her breast. The story seems to be about me as the one whose primordial egg was lifted by 'Messer' from the stomach of Sachs and delivered ('lille egg' = 'little egg') via a surrogate mother, like those bound books. Grøver/'Mengele' bought a typewriter of type 'Erika' in Molde, could be around the same times (I would guess at the end of the sixties), and a tanker 'Erika' sank in the british canal around the millenium shift. The Goll affair was apparently about me, and Celan's attempt on himself imitated himself being his own wife and not e.g. Claire Goll. 'His wife' could then be Nelly Sachs - and not Goll. The short circuitry in this logic would be the contents of the Goll affair when it reduces the transcendence of his own poetry to an artifact level - which is precisely the story of british nazism with problems of transubstantiation. British secret service could have analyzed the suicide attempt and landed on this 'Erica Lillegg' interpretation - hence the investment in a typewriter. One would not have sunk the tanker Erika if Lestrange's letter had been their own invention.

If Hölderlin's 'Hyperion' was a part of the construction of the Klipra connection, by the battle of Ypern for the 'hyper-deutsch' etc, one could guess that Rilke's 'Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge' could be the next connection. There existed a norwegian beer with very little alcohol called 'Brigg'. The new capital of EU is in Brussels. My novel 'The Dreamer' is certainly not written for any nazi connection purposes.

The world is suffering from a disease which says that one should act but not speak. Politicians never talk publically about the matters I have discussed in the present book but they do a lot with or about it. Could be a politician cannot talk about it - I don't know the reason - but it can be observed that the Bushes perhaps can be seen to have done some significant things. This ACTs not SPEECH is, though, a strategy which can be mis-interpretated as the 'braille' of Hyperion, hence Blair of 2000.

The war against the intellectuals

If politics has been waging a war on the intellectuals on the form of Rilke and Hölderlin, it seems that the british war against the jews 1933-45, documented in e.g. MLR 1941, was continued under the slogan 'the war continues' after the war - and then in the form of a war against the intellectuals.

It may be a terrible loss for a politician - or for the political state of the nation - to tell a high-classified political secret. Was it a coincidence that Ariel Sharon's career was over when he as a PM of Israel collapsed after having told jews to move out of France? One can fancy that the russians dismantled their Soviet Union for the one and only sake of paying the price for telling the two big truths of 1) Glasnost, which could be quite simply as simple as the 'glassy nose' = the alcohol = LKW on Venice, the plans for vietnamizing Italy or at least dropping something big there (leaving only an 'LK-hole'?), whether that be the same as 'Noam Chomsky' or not, and 2) Perestroika, which could be as simple as that - the 'holy troika' in the sense of 1-2-3 = the Gavrilo Princip by the attempt on the pope in 1981. The alcoholy troika. One speculates that the russians would not keep the global 'Ø kjempesår' cold war front up under such conditions but preferred to take it down and try and handle the situation by other means. The children of Khrustchov and Kennedy met informally (but it was covered in the news nevertheless) some time after 2000, and some time after this again - whether connected to the first event or not - Gorbachov appeared in a series of photos of peculiar character - looking like a commercial for the 'Louis Vuitton' chain and things like that. It could also have been about the hebrew of Gen.1.21 and other verses backwards, as for the idea of US recursion on the Oslo Report. One wonders why it costs so much for the political level to tell truths of such vital importance for the people. It could be suggestive of why the publication of the details of the Klipra connection from Moscow or Beijing would not have been possible before.

But for independent intellectuals it should not cost much to tell the truth - rather the opposite - it should cost much to keep it locked down or telling outright lies. Therefore the intellectuals are the only real threat against the british monarchic aspirations to a global government. There is no doubt that there seems to have been a war against the intellectuals since WWII and maybe even before, and that intellectuals are murdered on a broad scale by 'international secret service'. Adorno, Sachs, Celan, Szondi, Horkheimer, Bachmann, Sexton, Celan-Lestrange are only the examples I can easily find in the context of my own history. I could perhaps add Nono, Luhmann and Sontag among the examples I have looked a little closer at, although I suppose the list is much longer. (I considered including Josef Brodsky who died on 28 January 1996 but could not find the key, even if there could have been some traces in MLR january 1996). It is always the same story - it is either suicide or disease and one never presents the apparent and vital fact 'murdered by international secret service for the sake of Adolf Hitler'. This chapter should have contained many such case studies but I leave that to the interested readers - to organize such studies and to establish an international documentation centre for studies in modern political mythology and the war against the intellectuals. The aim of the british aspirations seems to be to set individual up against individual for a divide-and-conquer on a global scale which puts every individual in a direct relationship with the headquarter or even throne in London and with nobody else. Such a documentation centre must have the aim of taking the mythological constructs apart - not making them functionable for use in administration.

Albert Camus - see chapter 4 under the 'Demuses'.

Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno died in Visp on 6 August 1969, which was one month after Bjarne Eidsvig's 70th birthday. He was on holiday with his wife. According to Adorno's friend Alexander Kluge, there had been some disagreement and he withdrew to his bed with a crime novel and when they peeped in an hour later he was dead. His body was put in a sealed casket of zinc in Grand Hotel and sent to Frankfurt. His wife blamed herself, maybe she could have rescued him, and in some language Kluge describes how his wife, who was an experienced chemist, took poison and set off for death after the funeral but in wrong dosis so that only half of her soul died and the other lived on thoughtless for years. When she died in 1993, the newspapers wrote that she had been a 'pearl'.

The reason why Adorno should have been murdered one month after Eidsvig's 70th birthday could have been the similarity of name of his with me: Theodor could mean the 'jump', Wiesengrund the bogs as a source of iron for 'jarne', and 'Adorno' could be my 'G-røver'. It was in the summer 1959 that Celan was in Sils Maria along with Jean Bollack and Peter Szondi and Adorno would be coming as well - but Celan had gone back to Paris before he arrived. It is the same theme of Celan relating to me but without immediate bodily contact - as in the story with Martin Buber and his disappointment by the meeting. But clearly such 'reasons' as these are only thin pretexts for the general war against intellectuals. As a prelude to Adorno's own death in August, there was earlier in 1969 an alleged suicide of a doctorate student of his called Roland Pelzer, cp. Roland Bartes, who threw himself out from a tower, and a former friend of his called Carl Dreyfus, cp. Celan's poem 'Drüben'. It is the birthname of his wife 'Margarete Karplus', later called Gretel Adorno, which tells that there could be some systematic relation to Grete and Drubba and the excretion in the kitchen sink in Volda in 1964. It seems that new analysts, such as the biographer Stefan Müller-Doohm, are trying to put some emphasis on Adorno's emotional life outside the marriage. I don't know what is meant by 'Liebesbeziehungen', but it seems that one tries to find a reason for some disharmonics in the later months of his marriage - as if that should explain his exit in Visp with his chemical wife nearby. But that of course could mean just 'Drubba' and Grete. The conclusion to this story is likely to be that Adorno died from chemicals but probably not administered by his wife - although she could have been tacitly blamed for it in order to make much 'Drubba' out of the story. It could even be that 'Drubba' was constructed on basis of Adorno and his wife after Sils Maria 1959. One could guess that Adorno could have been murdered for the purpose of leaving the blame on his wife, resembling the intrigue on Nuria Schönberg Nono with the death of her husband on the day of 'the liberation of Norway'. When Grøver/'Mengele' talked about his friend 'Giske', it could have been for creating the impression that Gisele Celan-Lestrange was a friend of his and hence a secret agent. The program could have been 'divide and conquer' on the intellectuals. A comparable intrigue could have applied to Lenin.

Sachs, Celan, Szondi died in 1970-71 - these cases are mentioned in chapter 4.

Max Horkheimer died on 7 July 1973. I don't know what was the reason for his death, but he was 78. It was probably for my 16th birthday on 29 June 1973 (I don't think it was for Christmas that year), 8 days before the death of Horkheimer, that I got Robert Havemann's "Dialektikk uten dogmer" ('dialectics without dogmas') as a birthday present. 'De har lekt gikt uten dommer' = 'they have played gout without a judge'. Which could be a play on the rumours about Adorno's death - as if he continued living half way for 23 years after his death and burial. 'Hore-Keimer' could mean the origin of the construction of 'Drubba'. 8 days could then - if Horkheimer's death was not natural - mean the planned 'Octogon' as a 'hore-keimer' as the reason for 'Drubba'. It is only recently that I have understood that the book could have been an allusion to 'rommet i Hammerfest' = 'the room in Hammerfest' which could have been about the room where I (hypothetically) could have got an injection with 'Mengele chemicals'. I think I started reading a few pages but soon gave it up.

Ingeborg Bachmann seems to have been my 'first mother', the one who called forth the seeds in 1948 (as is the theory, if it were not in 1935), in addition to at least another 3-4 mothers (genetic, surrogate, custody, step). I started high school (Frydenberg Gymnas) in august 1973 and left the state church of Norway on 17 September 1973, which was only some days after I got my own religious and sexual authority. I recall that I went to a party at Ole Skau Jakobsen, who was a classmate one year above me, probably reasonably early that autumn - although I cannot reconstruct the time point now. At that party I talked with Ellen Jebsen, another schoolmate and daughter of chief of grocer and canned food producer 'Stabburet', while we were sitting on a floor with people around. She mentioned 'sexual intercourse in a bathtub' which of course could have been about a rewrite of her own name. Since I don't remember the time point, I cannot determine whether this was before or after Ingeborg Bachmann was brought to the hospital Sant'Eugenio (cp. 'Stabburet') with serious wounds after she allegedly had woken up in her own bathtub after her clothes had taken on fire, and she called the caretaker and asked her to bring some ointment. 'El[d]' or 'ild' is nowegian for 'fire', hence 'Ellen Jebsen' = 'fire and tubsen'. It was her houseletter or caretaker who told the story of the bathtub. Bachmann died on 17 October from her burns - one month after I left the state church. Some friends of her called it murder and reported it to the police. Hans Werner Henze, who had shared life with her through some years, describes in his autobiography how he went to visit her in the hospital and finally was let in to the room - but ran out again with a cry when he saw her face. I don't know what that means - if she were not recognizable or what it was - or if it were her at all. He seems not to have been certain whether she had been conscious, although he thought he had heard a 'ja' from her through a microphone and loudspeaker. Neither do I know if there are more sources to the story of the bathtub than the caretaker in the house - cp. the role of the porter in the film 'The third man' - a film which seems to be about just Bachmann and Celan and the origins of me. And finally I cannot determine whether the evening at Skau Jakobsen was before or after the disaster - but her death was anyhow a month after my exodus from the church. I dropped out of the school again after another year and some months. There are some possible traces of the story in MLR july 1974, although it could of course have been made reasonably quickly, for example on basis of data from Fredrikstad. I notice also the book title 'Silben im Oleander, Wort im Akaziengrün' by Ariane Huml on Bachmann.

Anne Sexton died on 4 october 1974 from gases in her garage. She was sitting in the car and let the engine run. It is classified as suicide, and she is said to have made some attempts earlier. Her death resembled Sylvia Plath's by the gas. Lois Ames had been the 'confidante' of both of them. It could have been around this time that I started planning to drop the school and take my exams privately. Gro Harlem Brundtland had taken over the ministry of environment after Tor Halvorsen (who changed to ministry of social affairs) in Trygve Bratteli's norwegian government on 6 september 1974, and Sexton died one lunar month later. These four weeks seem possibly not entirely coincidental in view of the fact that Bratteli established a new 'havrettsministerium' = 'ministry of sea/ocean rights' for taking care of the negotiations in the Barents Sea. This new ministry (sorting under the foreign minister) was opened on 27 September 1974, 3 weeks after Brundtland started and 1 week before the death of Sexton. This could correspond to the one month from Eidsvig's 70th birthday to the death of Adorno. Jens Evensen left ministry of trade and was appointed new minister of 'Barentshavet' negotiations and Arne Treholt, later sentenced for espionage, was his 'statssekretær' (which does not mean 'secretary of state' in the US sense of it but rather a secretary to the minister) on 27 september 1974. Sonja Ludvigsen had been minister of social affairs - she went on sick leave on 16 april 1974 and died on 12 july 1974 - her name arguably resembles 'Anne Sexton's somewhat. It is natural to wonder if Sexton's death could have been a part of the construction of 'Drubba' in preparation for the death of Mao in 1976 - on basis of 'Drubba rimer' = 'Drubba rhymes' with the Reksten case, Pakistan and probably other rhymes.

Gisele Celan-Lestrange discovered in October 1991 that she had cancer and died on 9 december 1991. In the spring 1990 I had entered the MA studies in linguistics in Oslo and got a 2-year student stipend from the norwegian research council which made it possible for me to go to Budapest for a while, as a part of my plans to use hungarian as the 'special language' (which had to be non-indo-european) for my studies. Grøver/'Mengele' died in november 1990 (although he had announced his lethal cancer months in advance - I cannot remember if it was before or after I was notified of the stipend but it could even have been before - and I could leave for Budapest in January 1991. I got the residence permit stamped in my passport twice - the first was overstamped 'ervénytelen`= 'invalid' (some mistake with the stamp, perhaps) and the second was valid and stamped under it. It lasted untill 15 october 1991, although I stayed there only untill I think june. The date of expiry of the permit was around the time when Gisele Celan-Lestrange, the wife of Paul Celan and hence a sort of 'fifth mother' to me, discovered her cancer and soon died - as if her residence permit on earth expired. Considering the crisis in the career of Gro Harlem Brundtland, including her son's suicide, which followed the news of my 2-month stiped in the autumn 1992, Celan-Lestrange's death could have been the 'price' for my 2-year student stipend - like the progress in my career which my admission to the high school was - could have been the cause of the loss of my 'first mother'. The policy could have been that progress in my career would generally have been too expensive to allow for major breakthroughs. In 1973 - and even in 1991 - I had never heard about any aspects of this history at all and had never heard about any possible relation of mine to Bachmann or Celan. It was therefore catastrophes of my life which resided in the historical unreality - inaccessible to me by conscious knowledge - wherein everything was very different from the official reality.

These were only those which I have some overview of - could be there are more people from my own history which I have never heard about. But the war against the intellectuals is clearly not restricted to people in some connection with me - it is apparently a general and widespread phenomenon.

Luigi Nono, italian composer, was born on Zattere in San Trovaso in Venice and lived later on Giudecca along with his wife Nuria Schönberg Nono, the daughter of Arnold Schönberg. They may have 'chosen in youth' to live on Giudecca whereto one can travel only by 'ferry' (see above on the 'frugt' story). After I discovered that Nono died on 8 May 1990, which was the anniversary of the liberation of Norway in 1945, and that MLR for April 1990 contained clear traces of his name, I tried to find out the details of his death but did not receive answer to any of my inquiries. I did, though, if I remember right, find traces of the deaths of the mother and brother of Nuria Schönberg Nono in advance in MLR - and one could think of this as a story of systematic decimation of her family - for the sake of british state terrorism and the nazi project generally. Here are some of the titles of MLR april 1990:

1. Marriage comedy after the 1688 revolution: Southern to Vanbrugh. By Michael Cordner
2. Text, 'Text', and Swift's A tale of a tub. By Marcus Walsh
3. D.H.Lawrence's Mr.Noon as a postmodern text. By Earl G.Ingersoll
4. Poetry of exclusion: A feminist reading of some troubadour lyrics. By Simon Gaunt
5. The unity of Flaubert's Tentation de saint Antoine (1874). By R.B.Leal
6. Louis Landin: Mauriac's Mounsieur Ouine? By J.E.Flower
7. The italian futurist theatre: A reappraisal. By R.S.Gordon
8. Mirror and self in symbolist and post-symbolist poetry. By Margaret Stoljar
9. 'Und es ist kein gott ausser Adolf Hitler': The biblical motifs in Brecht's Arturo Ui and related works as political counter-propaganda. By Robert Atkins
10. Some slavonic translations of Sienkiewicz's Janko Muzykant: The translator as naturalist. By Kevin Windle

1. Southern to Vanbrugh: 'Sören til vannbruk' - a blaming on the form 'such wateruse!' 3. Mr.Noon = Mr.Nono. 5. Tentation de saint Antoine = the famous painting by Tintoretto in the San Trovaso church a few metres from the Nono family house on Zattere. 6. Mounsieur Ouine = Mr. Ouioui Nono. 7. italian reappraisal: French Oui = Ouioui (Luigi), italian Noon = Nono. 8. Mirror and self in poetry - could be about Santa Maria Formosa and San Trovaso of Gaspara Stampa in Rilke's elegy. 9. Arturo Ui = the author Ouioui = Luigi Nono. Could be it is a part of the story that the Holmqvists wrote to Nelly Sachs from Luigi Nono's home in june 1961 (mentioned in her letter to Enzensberger 18 june 1961) - he was interested in her poetry and considered music to some of it. The ultimate reason could of course also be found in a potential political interest in this San Trovaso, not only for the AIDSHIV symbolism. If 'the liberation of Nuria/Norway' is the theme, it could be about preparing for the swap-over of Italy and Norway on the european swastika. Nono's early mentor in the field of modern music was Bruno Maderna. I searched MLR the issues in advance of the death of Nuria Schönberg Nono's brother and mother and thought that I found traces of even these in that british periodical. Could be the reason for such a persecution of Schönberg's daughter could be found in the speech given by John F.Kennedy at Rathaus Schöneberg in Berlin in 1963, with the famous words "Ich bin ein Berliner", including comments on the ancient parallel "civicus romanus sum". If MLR had warned in advance of several deaths in her family, the periodical could perhaps be called a 'Rathaus Schöneberg'.

Niklas Luhmann died on 6 November 1998 in Bielefeld - a placename which could be taken to be a play on 'car-field' could be for the 'auto-biographic' form of my novel 'The Dreamer' 1994-95 (where there also are some references to the [doctorate?] student 'Vessela Misheva' of Luhmann whom I knew from Oslo 1992). The date is 3 months after the date of Adorno's death (with the associations to 'Drubba') and 4 months after Eidsvig's 70th birthday ('Firmanatten') in 1969. It is also the birthday of Maria Owings Shriver = Maria 'Øvings-skulen', my school in 1964, opposite of 'Øyra Skule' of Vibeke Grøver - where I think that her teacher was called 'Myskja' which sounds like 'Misheva'. It was in either this year or the year next to it that this was her teacher. 'Vesla' means 'the young girl', typically a school girl. 'Ø-vings-kulen' could be the bullet on Kennedy - or 'cursed on rib-u' for the pope 1981. 6 November is also the day when Celan met Ivan Goll for the first time. Hence the death of Luhmann could indicate the 'loo-man' of Grete's 'nickle' kitchen sink as a 'postkakanisch Vidimierung' of Drubba's breakthrough on the sledge in 1964, plus the idea of 'lumen' running through the literary history back to at least Hölderlin - cp. also the 'star' format of Hölderlin's Scardanelli poems and the corresponding form in my poetic proof of the genetic relation to Sachs and Celan, although this 'star' format (as I call it) of the Scardanelli poems would probably not have been known to political terrorists in 1998 - but my novel from 1994-95 could have been. I don't know anything about the circumstances of Luhmann's death, though - if, for example, it could have been a natural death. It was in the year when my doctorate was rejected. Clearly 'Nix Lumen' could have been for the 'fiat lux' vs. 'fiat nem' of 'Vietnam'.

Susan Sontag could be thought of as a sort of archetypal western intellectual. She had been ill with cancer in 1975 and 1998, both of them troublesome years for me - 1975 by the diseases and 1998 by the rejection of the doctorate. Her son David Rieff has written a book about her last days before she died on 28 december 2004. It was on 28 March 2004 that she told him that she maybe suffered from leukemia, which turned out to be the case. If she were murdered, and if she had suffered provoked cancers also in 1975 and 1998, it could have been by her name and the week as a pretelling of Walther Mondale, Tuesdale etc: Susan Sontag, Muse and Montag, Tusen Ton-takk ('Thousand Tons-Thanks') etc, Fusen Fond-tag. Rieff's book is dedicated to 'Miranda'. I was notified in probably March 2004 - the same month - that an irrational tax would be imposed on me from Bergen in Norway for the year 2002 (from May 2004 onwards - I think they drew a third from the pension, but I eventually got the money back - towards the end of 2004). I could not understand it at that time since I had not been in Norway since 2000. Could be it was a diplomatic attempt to remind me of Lithuanian tax since I had not declared the income for that year - which was an inheritance sum which had been declared in Norway and was considered tax free, and I was really in good faith about it. (This has later been clarified - could be a 'thousand thanks' from me is a suitable description of the situation). Or could be there were some details about the registration of my address in London 1997-98.

One naturally has to speculate whether Sontag could have been an agent due to the temporalities of her diseases in 1975 and 1998 which were years of setbacks for me in terms of the doctoring on my health in 1975 and the rejected doctorate of mine in 1998 - but it is more probable that she was a victim of this war against the intellectuals due to her name and its relevance for the complex around Walter Mondale, Tuesdale, Wednesdale etc. or that this medical history of hers was the reason why she could have been murdered in 2004.

The general conclusion seems to be that nazism strikes against intellectuals and sometimes in what seems to be the most cruel 'verboten' forms of it. A number of the cases seem to have been announced in advance in MLR, which consequently means british state terrorism. The general rule will of course be that the war against the intellectuals strikes against intellectuals who are not agents - in an attempt to get all freethinkers under agency control - probably even under 'Mengele-semiotic' control with cognition as the 'zwischenpapier' of the new (rather old) reality. If all intellectuals were drug addicts, they would be more easy to control for the central administration - hence administrative control with reasons for births and deaths, seems to be the aim of administration. Something like that. It is international secret service who is running this war, must be the probable conclusion. And it is because they are running these projects in secret that they are not stopped. It is very clearly a monarchic principle of government which is conducting these projects and plans - with the aim of getting all people on the earth under the authority of the one and only 'freethinker' which is the one on the throne in London. For reaching this goal, every aspect of liberté, égalité, fraternité must be deleted from the earth. It is the exact opposite of the french revolution of 1789 - right across the canal - and it is only because people do not have access to data which tell them the character of these projects that they still nourish some respect for the british isles and what is going on there.

My guess is that this war against the intellectuals is much worse than this small tip of an iceberg which I have outlined here.

The aim of international secret service - in extension from the monarchic interests of England - is probably to take complete control with academic and poetic knowledge, and with the reasons for 'natural' births and deaths (cp. Rilke and his mother). The problem of secrecy is as acute in knowledge as it is in the administration of lives. Where is the institute of historic or political science which teaches the historic reality of the Klipra and Jar connections? Where is the institute of literary science which teaches the sonnet algorithm - or the theological institute which teaches the structure of Acts 10? Where is the institute of film science which teaches the presence of the Klipra connection in 20th century film - and for example can show the historic rooting in Klipra in such films as 'There's no business like show business'? It seems that 20th century film is almost only this political history and the production of mythology for it - and film is over-ripe for a new narrative language - could be it is too late. My guess is that one does not find these academic institutes anywhere on the globe - simply because international secret service controls the whole academic business - and that should tell the whole story. What would happen if an institute of historic studies starts publishing and teaching on the story told in this book? Such public information could seriously threaten the more or less british plans for the construction of a world government - and it is likely that such public information on the topic could lead to countermeasures untill it was closed down again. Or maybe not. When the first version of the manuscript to this book was about to be completed for publication on the internet, there was the leak of oil in the mexican gulf, and new super-bacteria started to spread - they are resistance to antibiotics and can turn out to be very dangerous.

Is France couped intellectually? The question is what keeps the one part of the semiotic sign to the other - if it is Grøver/'Mengele's chemical art for a nazi-monarchic government of the minds of the people or if it is a poetic logic for intellectual freedom. Pierre Boulez established in 1976 Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM), which should be exactly in the middle of that essential question. In April 2002, my money and chances ran out in Vilnius and I travelled to Paris and applied for political asylum (for example, I had been abducted to a psychiatric hospital in Norway after my own doctorate was rejected, probably for political reasons), which I did not get, but I got (instead, or for whatever reason) in december 2002 a pension from Norway which made it possible for me to live abroad. Arriving in Paris in April 2002, and being rather low in money, I sent an application to IRCAM (by Hugues Vinet) on a study of the correlation between the phenomenon of school shootings in USA and Europe, the names of the young desperates tended to correlate with cyclic temporalities in the first four books of my Endmorgan Quartet, but they did not answer. When in 2008 the last book (#16) of the same Endmorgan Quartet was completed in the three first out of four parts, it was about the correlation of inner acoustics of my poetry - the inner revelational character of it, articulated probably on the inner interface to the working memory (the reason for this assumption is that the articulated poetry correlated with the music on a 2 seconds interval scheme) - with the outer acoustics of the music of Midori's recording of Bach and Bartok sonatas released in late 2007 or early 2008 - but I had written my poetry without access to the music and hence the correlation had been established without any overt outer-acoustic signal level inbetween, but maybe with an inner-acoustic jewish-revelational interface - which means that it was a purely intellecual or spiritual connection exactly on the essential point for this story. This would have been on the interface of book #16 established on basis of my book #15 ('Gentlemen') - the origin of the project can be traced to book #1 in 1997. Grøver/'Mengele's art would perhaps claim responsibility for the connection by referring to a sticky chemical attachment of the semiotic 'form' to the semiotic 'contents' of the poetic signs due to pedagogic economy if he - or perhaps rather 'Harlem', that could mean, who controlled his career - would claim to be controlling the spiritual forces of the universe. This chemical demiurgy is not my way, though, and I believe in a poetic inspiration on a spiritual level - a level of spirituality where the 'british problem' is solved, that means, cp. the parallelisms of Sachs and Celan with my book #15 - rather than the impositions of a propaganda level with relegation of articulation to an outer-acoustic interface. I sent in 2008 the book to IRCAM - who thereby could inspect the correlations themselves - with an invitation to answer (a fullfledged application would not be the thing after the first attempt), but they did not answer even then. (I hope it should not be necessary to dump the blame on a deficient post system). Could be this counts as a proof that France has been couped not only politically but even intellectually for the 'verboten' Mengele-format monarchic global government of the minds of the people. Such a coup would have been totally invisible while eating itself through the society like a worm in a computer - and could of course in principle rest on two such essential points: Roland Barthes in Combat in 1947 and the death of de Gaulle 562 months after Hitler's postcard. It is a matter of what keeps the semiotic sign intact. To this comes the 'Chomsky revolution' to which there attaches a certain tsunami of death camp mysticism which normally is not pronounced.

The classic misunderstanding of left and right

The history since 1814 can perhaps well be summed up like this: As England started to construct its nazism through the 19th century, in competition with the blossoming of jewish culture on the continent, a revolutionary communist-socialist movement accumulated probably for the one and only reason of preventing outbreak of british nazism, and when Lenin took over in 1917, he was the leader of a historic movement which could have been there for one and only one reason: To tell it out loud to the world what the plan of british nazism was about. When a few months had passed and he had not yet told about the plans for Hitler and the Klipra connection, he was shot by Kaplan who considered him a traitor against the revolution - which means against the global uprising against british nazism. It is not possible to stop nazism if the people is not completely informed about it and been given the chance to handle the problem with truth instead of power, since otherwise the battle is left to the art of politics and intrigue in administration, and then british nazism seems always to win. This is where we still are - and every day the leaders of the world have not yet told the story, while the people of the world do not know what the story is and therefore cannot protest against the silence. It is probably the most incredibly wildly insane situation - that it is only to tell it in a few words and then it is stopped - and nobody does it! What is the matter with these humans?

Socialism or communism was in 1900 about the 150.000 (200.000 according to Karl Liebknecht) Berlin workers who marched 5 hours behind the coffin of his father Wilhelm Liebknecht for his funeral after his death on 7 august 1900 - for showing their strength against the exploiting capitalists, who had to realize that they could just give it up - and, we must assume, the 150.000 marched for 5 hours for telling Lenin (and Liebknecht in the coffin!) that he had to tell the story. This element from Liebknecht's funeral could even have been a background of the Octogon project on me - qua treason against the deepest feelings of the people - and the dates 7 August 1986 (PAS between GAS and GAS) and 1998 (bombing of US embassies with Schmerlings Platz symbolism).

The crisis of this suiciding 'left' is really about a deeper crisis: The crisis of the symbolic logic, which has been the ultimate crisis since about 1850, and the once legitimate socialist movements have turned into a war against poetic logic. It led to the wrong information technology, and now christianity can be seen as a recursive pump 'S' working on jewish left- and right-hand contexts 'a' and 'b' - as simple as that! Then a whole universe of faith is reduced to the symbolic value of a single alphabetic letter. a = good conscience, b = bad concience, and S = a-S-b = profit. It is because faith could move mountains in former days that the generativists were so optimistic about this social machine - but not many generations need to pass before this capacity of the faith and confidence and optimism is gone since all there is left of it is a few symbols on the paper. Presumably in the vain hope of replacing religious faith with modern administative telescopes on 'natural numbers' (23, 26, 185 etc) for an artificial cosmic harmony. But the cost of such an elimination of 'historic justice' is the loss of access to an inner eternity - and apparently the attempted solution to this is to gain such access by way of 'Mengele methods'. Similarly, a poetic line reduced to an 'S' is not much worth from a poetic point of view. Nor is it recommendable that a certain numeral of a calendarial telescope takes the place of the law of Moses for the sake of cosmic harmony.

The story seems to be the british couping of Lenin's revolution when the MacDonalds government started as the first Labour government the early morning after the death of Lenin - which was 1970 days after Kaplan's attempt on him in 1918. The trick of british Labour - or british administration generally - is the following logic: When the french revolution of 1789 was a revolt against the monarchic rule, the british reply to this with the defeat of Napoleon was a triumph of the british monarchic system - which they still have, as late as 2010. The logic goes that monarchy is based on genetics while the opposing republicanism consequently is based on a custody authority of the rulers relative to the people - in the opposition described in this book. That means, according to this reasoning, that the french revolution was a triumph of the custody relations in parental or administrative authority over the genetic relation. But this clearly is a serious misunderstanding - in particular when it is used for interpreting the 'genetic culture' of the jewish-genetic diaspora - which can be counterbalanced by the insight that democratic rule is not comparable to parental custody: Monarchy is top-down genetics while democracy is a bottom-up relegation of the custody authority from the people to the temporary rulers.

The war against the intellectuals is, though, probably very easy to understand: It is for preventing the truth of the Klipra connection to be told. Then it is just to tell it - and that can mean the end of this war against the intellectuals and it can mean that a third and fourth world war as part of a 'Jar connection' can be prevented. The political strategy is, though, not only an outright war against the intellectuals but also a gradual invasion and occupation of the fields of a poetic logic - such as the political annexation of the historic roles of Rilke and Hölderlin seems to be about.

Chapter 7: Concluding remarks

The book has postulated a 'Klipra connection' - plus a more hypothetical Jar connection - as the main political factor in the 20th century. The most striking aspect of the story is the historic role of England - and the present book has converged on an impression of the country which is rather strikingly different from the official standard version. It seems that the country is suffering from a major defect in its religious foundations which perhaps could be called an accident and not a really necessary historic path - with the unfortunate result that the history seems to have progressed by way of extensive terror, fraud and lies on a broad scale. When this even has come to provide the foundations of the new information technology, the result is potentially very alarming indeed. This has led to the phenomenon of the Klipra connection which carries the whole edifice and which is kept strictly secret - probably for just the sake of the british 'bella figura' as far as the background history is concerned. Or, simply: If the details of the Klipra connection came to be published, it is likely that much of the rationale for the historic foundations could come to crumble. And as long as the connection is kept secret, the chances are small for the development of a poetic logic which is not based on the worst aspects of the human nature - such as pederasty, cannibalism and genocide which seem to be the epistemological basis for the current computer technology. This development took a sharp turn around 1850 - and it is likely that this was the basis for the development of zionism and the subsequent formation of the holocaust and the state of Israel. The Klipra connection I have described here can in fact be traced back to just 1852 - and it is the secrecy imposed of this connection which seems to be the whole story. Most notably, european communism and socialism developed rapidly from about 1850 and seems to have been formed as a more or less desperate movement trying to stop the development of nazism and the Klipra connection. Quite simply: Had the millions of proletariat workers known the name of this Klipra connection, the protests against it would have been written on top of their banners, above the names of Marx and Lenin and all that. But they never learnt about it and now at least 160 years have elapsed without a single word having been published about it, as far as I know - and there is a certain danger that it could come to be too late. Which means that the third millenium could have to face an information technology built on pederasty, cannibalism and genocide - instead of that poetic technology which should have developed from about 1850, presumably on the basis of jewish-philosophical traditions. The british-organized holocaust aimed at demolishing the basis for this alternative technology as well as they could.

Since about 1850, the british symbolic logic has developed a world of 'cognitive nazism' which recognizes a political structure on a somewhat naive format based on isomorphy of the religious-philosophical and the political for a gradual political invasion and occupation of the poetic. This world view understands the human psyche as the locus of incoming sensory data, flushing in through the senses, for a 'processing' in the cognitive apparatus (the brain, with its permutational filters) from which the information is ejected into a sort of less exact and vaguely obscure 'collective consciousness', presumably from the frontal lobe or thereabout (the details in this connection seems as yet not totally clear). It is assumed that this 'collective consciousness' remains in some more or less telepathic contact with the world of the sensory signals, into which it thereby feedbacks. (For example, it is possible that a 'Black Sea Loop' is a sort of 'telepathy soup' with inexplainable and mystic telepathic impulses being emitted from tortured individuals to be received by others). This means that political power can be controlled through the cognitive 'zwischenpapier' of the brain, and control of this 'zwischenpapier' means control with the constitution of the world. What is new (not so new, really) in this model is that the cognitive paper is flat and the symbols thereon are flat as well. The role of Iraq inbetween Vietnam and Italy represents this 'zwischenpapier' with the defining numeral 23 - for the combination of two sonnets on the format of the permutational algorithm. If there is a political program on 'Zinckgasse', it could be about permuting letters and sounds for a 'Stink-gasse' of the diaspora as a frontal olfactory phenomenon vs. a 'Zion-gasse' of Israel as an occipital visual phenomenon, with me as a 'zwischen-papier' inbetween. The 'Rwanda' genocide could in theory have been a variant of a 'V[e]randa' conception of the Labour party, for just this Zinck vs Stink. I notice also 'Vera' vs. 'Reva'.

The political analysis in the present book is based on the role of the cognitive 'zwischenpapier' which outputs a '23' as the numeral for two sonnets hinged in their turning points. The purpose with the two gulf wars under Saddam Hussein would, according to the present analysis, have been all and only this numeral 23 in the 'foldover' interval with a 10 years (1980-90) gap between. The reason for this is as I have outlined in my 'Time and the sonnet' (1999) - that human signal perception comes down to an FFT format which is equivalent with a permutation algorithm a la the 'keys to heaven', which also is the basics of a sonnet algorithm. In my 'Time and the sonnet', I have shown that the main literary forms developed in the high middle ages (such as sonnet, terza rima, ballade, sestina) can be reduced to this permutational algorithm which seems to be the essence of the functional principles of the human brain. When this permutational algorithm also can be constructed for the socalled 'star' form which I have developed, and it can be shown that Hölderlin's late Scardanelli poems can be analyzed to be in accordance with that format, there is the basis for the apparent political interest in this literary bridge via Rilke back to Hölderlin.

These permutational principles can be called a cognitive 'zwischenpapier', on the border between a british (quasi empiricist) world of signals and a corresponding quasi-computable spiritual world. When the 'zwischenpapier' is computable, so is the spiritual world as well - to the extent that the signals are - as can be the news for those who are nervous about a future beyond the threshold of their lives.

Chomsky's linguistic theories since the fifties attempt to trespass just this border to the computable in the 'zwischenpapier', to the extent that they are dependent on a concept of information storage and retrieval in a spiritual medium beyond history. Whether Chomsky really is a part of the holocaust structure by Chelmno-nad-Nerem, or if that only could be a secondary postwar effect which could apply to his own career, I don't know.

The question is the character of the collective consciousness and its possible spiritual 'compartmentations'. Chomskyan grammar can be seen as an attempt to handle just these aspects of human cognition. Terror (the hallmark of nazism) is concerned with just these matters of a shared consciousness. Terror is to inflict damage and suffering on another mind, and if the terror is targeted and intended, the terror damages the humanity in the terrorist in such a way that the damage left in the victim can be felt in the humanity of the terrorist. Hence an element of 'telepathy' - which probably is the reason for politics which believes in terror - that it creates a society with a shared historic consciousness, and those who believe that terror can be used for governing the world probably believe in the effect of the intentionality in the terror having a 'governing' function on the community. This is likely to be the reason if e.g. one sees a newspiece of terror in a certain location - it could, as is my impression, typically be a british or comparable governmental case of terror on a certain linguistic name-function which serves to leave a targeted wound for governing the minds and thoughts of the collective consciousness via this 'telepathy' function. It is an old and dirty trick for creating a collective consciousness, and any plans for a Black Sea Loop would certainly be of this kind - for creating a sort of 'Mengele telepathy' by way of targeted terror.

Societies bogged down in terror face the loneliness and aridness in the breakdown of their shared culture if they have to stop the terror.

Christianity is about solving this problem, on a jewish basis of a continuous creation of the historic reality through a divine articulation in the subject's psyche which then unfolds onto the real world. 'Tat twam asi' is the indian wording. When this goes on continuously, the problem which such a psyche faces is the solipsism that everything is the 'own fantasy' created thereby, and the quest of the human life is to find the 'real other' in the other beings, without this real other breaking down the own 'illusion' created by the continuous solipsism. In christianity, the problem of terror is institutionalized in the celebration of mass by the humans celebrating the terror on the son of God, on the divine offspring which means the articulated WORD of the historic reality in the hearts, and thereby the basis for the shared consciousness (which terrorists seek with their terror in a hope to build a better society) is obtained by way of the sufferings of the victim of the terror - which means with the divine word (once walking around on the earth as a human being in history) which is shared by everybody in the community. This gives a divine basis for the shared consciousness and an escape from human suffering as the way to a historic consciousness.

Linguistic theories on the constitution of the 'zwischenpapier' relative to a collective consciousness could be an attempt to get scientific/political control with this divine WORD. That means an attempt to get the 'real otherness' (love etc) under political control.

But in order to solve the problem of a shared consciousness which is not constituted by the telepathy obtained via wounds of terror (and one notices that buddhism considers any sort of being a form of suffering, even if terror is perhaps not exactly the same), christianity postulates a third divine element called the 'holy ghost' which provides for an unwounded divine common basis of understanding: It is this trinity which will make it possible to recognize the divine in the real otherness (beyond the solipsism) of other persons without having to postulate a shared linguistic foundation in the form of terror.

This is, though, strikingly in contrast to the british traditions on the topic - since such a holy ghost could threaten a government of the solipsistic 'zwischenpapier' and make all the synchronic permutations worthless and a waste of time.

It is all this which the '23' in the gap of the two Gulf wars is about - an attempt to get governmental control with the cognitive 'paper' inbetween the realm of signals and the realm of the collective global consciousness. For a Black Sea Loop, that would be for making the targeting of the terror computable. Such terror provides the immediate faith in a transcendence of the illusion by telepathy since the illusions run off and hide as soon as it starts. However, it is of course the worst sort of illusion ever made and could perhaps even come to be unsolvable. Such solipsistic loneliness is due to the blunt brutality of the categorizing mind when it squeezes the world into symbolic units and pastes its labels on them, and not the other way round. Plans for a Black Sea Loop could be driven by tragic nazi ideas of a computable cantorian eternity or infinity wherein the infinite is obtained by the computability of the discrete symbols with discrete 'arbitrary' lexical meanings of the categories pasted over the discrete phonological forms, including 'Mengenlehre' diagonal replacements.

If one accepts the political reality of this 23 and similar phenomena on the political 'zwischenpapier', then one will also notice the 1-2-3 in the series Vietnam, Iraq and Italy on basis of the european swastika associated with the 'octogon' ('B rundt land') project on me - which seems to be rooted in a political structure which the Eisenhower doctrine either is or is telling about. The british trick could be to tell the italians that they are the 'spiritual' part of the structure, with the Vatican and all that, and that Vietnam was the material field of bombing while Iraq was the 'zwischenpapier'. However, one can guess that the trick includes the status of cannibalism, based on the naive idea that 'vi et nam' = cannibalism and hence Italy should be genocide - even according to a time schedule - but when or if Italy can be associated with cannibalism it turns around and suddenly it becomes a target of british bombs - in a process which could be called a 'vietnamization of Italy'. There is every good reason to stop all this before it has come too far - and one does so by telling all the details of the Klipra connection to the public.

The british project since Henry VIII seems to be an attempt to gain political control with the world for turning it into a british empire based on these principles of collective historic consciousness by terror. That is what the nazi revolution of Hitler was about. However, while the exterminations of the holocaust 1933-45 were of a rather human kind, normally with gases, a Black Sea Loop on Mengele principles can come to be a profound disgrace for the human species by being an apocalypse of horror in which the evil is intended to be maximized and not minimized as under Hitler - precisely for the purpose of creating transfinite collective consciousness by way of targeted terror on computable indexes and things like that. Clearly if anything like this is in the planning, the human species must get out of its slumber as soon as possible and articulate the global protests against it before it starts.

One can perhaps assume that a british strategy for a 'Jar connection' will try and impose a divide on the roman-catholic and other christian churches for splitting off a part of it on the issue of the holy ghost - precisely for the purposes of creating a Mengele-type collective consciousness, for sending space rockets into the universe of consciousness and so forth. Pravda 16 july 2010 reported on Hugo Chavez in Venezuela (see, curiously, MLR oct 1971) challenging the Vatican on the issue of the pope as God's or Christ's ambassador, which in a 'british' reading perhaps could be interpreted as 'I'm bæsja door' = 'I am excrement[ed] door', hence even the exit location of a 'holy ghost' as a 'flatulence' in a nazi-interpretational framework of the concept.

This british obsession with the lower orifices as having an explanatory force in 'spiritual' matters, whether that be due to the massive historic impetus of a revelation of Satan in Nottingham or not, can be spotted in e.g. the character of the earliest known british poem (older than Beowulf), characteristically called 'Widsith' (cp. the issue of God's ambassador and the whole 'ræv-krok' mysticism), which starts as follows (source 'The earliest british poems', Alexander, Penguin 1991): "This is the testimony of Widsith, / traveller through / kindreds and countries; / in courts he stood often, / knelt for the lovely stone, / no living man more often. / Unlocks his word-hoard... [ lines...] The makar's wierd is to be a wanderer: / the poets of mankind go through the many countries, / speak their needs, say their thanks. / Always they meet with someone, in the south land or the north, /who understands their art, an openhanded man / who would not have his fame fail among the guard / nor rest from an earl's deed before the end cuts off / light and life together. Lasting honour shall be his / a name that shall never die beneath the heavens". It could be worth it to form the hypothesis that this poetry, which can find its parallel in for example the work of Crabbe, could be swindle from a post-Henry-VIII period. In the worst case, the poem could even have served to encode the concept of 'ra-knakk-røver' (or even 'ra-gnag-røver') = 'Ragna Grøver' for the 'Aktion Reinhard' and the Klipra connection in general. It could be about a specially tragic british understanding of the art of poeisis as the creation of substance, as for a british variant of the concept of 'poetic logic' and a technology based on it.

A political project which involves Ancel-Sachs and me could see this as equivalent with the anglo-saxon origins of the britons and me in the role of the 'jutes' (Beowulf etc) from the northern branch of the swastika. Could be the nazis plan to handle me as the holy ghost to be split off from the triad (could be even with ridiculous claims that 'he never existed' and things like that) - and that could even have been the reason for Sachs' suffering in 1970 if it were about a 'son' = 'serving a sentence' (= her suffering 1970), for the triad father, 'son' and holy ghost. (There is a place in Norway called Son).

The hope of this british terror program is apparently to gain control with the insubstantial collective consciousness, perhaps in the faith that it is equivalent to 'paradise' or something like that, by gaining control with the other two factors: The sensory signals and the cognitive domain. The sensory signals are gradually getting under control by the technological revolution and the cognitive by the cognitive revolution. This explains the role of Chomsky and the 'cognitive revolution' from about the fifties (or the onset of automata theory). It can be seen to be approximately contemporary with the state of Israel - and the role assigned to me can perhaps be recognized in that gap, as a 'zwischenpapier' between the institutional state of Israel and the jewish-genetic diaspora. The story of Hans Frode Nedregård of 1988 and Jørgen Brundtland of 1992 relative to TMV could leave to me (via Hans Bothmann, chief of Chelmno with a role for Chomsky) the role of a walking proof ('hans bråtmann'?) that Israel is a 'Lydrike' = 'dependency' under England and hence thereby create a gap of suspicion between Israel and the diaspora. It is in this gap that one can spot british interests, and if there is a systematic political interest in a gap between the state and the diaspora and between the role of Chomsky and me (Chelmno and Treblinka?), it could be in that wish to establish a political control with that inbetween 'paper' on which one can write discrete british symbols between mind and matter in the new digital computer age. The british hope is perhaps (for whatever reason) to gain political control in heaven, could be with Adolf Hitler as the chief of the pantheon and with ultimate authority to decide who is to enter ('heaven' or whatever it is called) and who is not. The fact that Iraq was invaded by USA 35 years after the coup in 1968, same interval as for Rilke-Hölderlin and for Harlem Brundtland's son and the telephone terror, tells of possibly systematic engineering relative to me.

It may be too late and maybe it is not. Could be it is the last chance. If the world wants to develop a better information technology than the one based on the worst aspects of the human nature, it should start with a thorough analysis of the Klipra (and Jar, if that is in the planning) connection. We are for the time being on the verge to what could come to develop into a third world war in order to consolidate the british tragedy, including such vastly tragic ideas as a Black Sea Loop constituted by even worse aspects of the human nature (Mengele technology - his art of chemistry in the blood) than the three parametres established so far. People may think that the world is too peaceful today for another world war, but if 11 september 2001 was a british challenge towards USA, it may be that they cannot take too many of that sort before NATO dissolves. There are very good reasons to stop and take a thorough look at the Klipra connection. But for that, a certain intellectualism could be needed - and we must hope that there still are a few freethinking brains left on the earth that have not yet been exterminated by the british war against the intellectuals. The situation could be critical if a third and fourth world war should come to develop.

The argument from politics could be that we are now just about to be able to curb terrorism - and we should not disturb this fine historic process by compromising the britons so totally. That means perhaps that terror is a phenomenon organized by the nazis in those countries where the nazi revolution is as yet not fully carried through (including full control with all academic institutions etc), but as soon as a country is under total british control, the terror vanishes. The promises of a near future without terror - as a reason for keeping the mouth shut about this historic phenomenon - could therefore be a double-bottomed truth indeed. It could as well be a badly disguised threat against those who want to get the story up in daylight.

My view is that the story probably is very simple: If you see some news on terror, for example gunmen has entered a mosque in Pakistan and shot a number of people, it is likely to be on the order and payment from England. News about terror are probably as simple as that. Or at least it is my impression that this is more often the case than it is not. The reason is normally, as is my impression, the need for doing terror on a certain placename in order to 'govern' the historic consciousness. The aim is to bring all independent thinking to an end for turning individuals into muscular instantiations of the quasi-'royal' and quasi-'aristocratic' thoughts from England, who seems to feel such terror as their holy mission and that they have to do it more for the duty than for the refreshment factor. I know of course little about the practicalities in this system and it is well possible that 'England' is a little anachronistic and that their function is taken over by 'international secret service', but as far as I can understand the principle is something like that nevertheless.

The story I have told in this book is rooted in the role which could have been assigned to me in international politics - which seems to be about constructing a mythology for world government (of that kind!) which by and large is kept very secret. There exist several biographies on the lives of Sachs and Celan but none of them mention the phenomenon discussed in the present book - even if this seems to have constituted a completely dominating factor in their lives. And so it has in mine - without me being able to get a single word of historic fact from anybody on the topic. Ancel-Sachs-me seems in the constructed mythology to represent the 'anglo-saxon-jute' origins of the britons in England, and the centrality of the installed mythology can be spotted in the fact that the selection of state chiefs of the relevant countries - Sweden, France, Norway - seem at least at a first glance on their names to have been selected by international political interests, possibly more than by normal democratic processes. This can be spotted from the fact that Olof Palme was chief of state in Sweden where Sachs lived after the war - like the two palms of a crucified (1968 and 1970 for her part) - when she was suffering and eventually died, and Charles de Gaulle was chief of state in France where Celan lived during the period of 'die Goll-Affäre'. And Golda Meir in israeli politics since the foundation of the state, and so forth. Al Gore was Clinton's vice president - could be a variant of my childhood fantasy friend Gori of 1960 as vice president to Clinton in the White House. And Gro Harlem Brundtland was chief of Norway when I lived there - 'grow hard-limb B-round-land' could suggest a fourfold 'swastika' B directed east-south-west-north of Paris for a total Octogon of the 'hardlimb' - and this career was preceded and prepared for with her father Gudmund Harlem and his 10 years in the government 1955-65 along with the Eisenhower doctrine. Are these names of state chiefs coincidental? Put differently - was Charles de Gaulle the primary role in the french part of the history - or was he only secondary to a primary Goll couple? Could be 'Golda Meir' tells something about it. But if so, then it must be realized that the construction of this mythology for the government of the world probably is assigned rather much importance in the top level of politics.

The study has suggested a 100 year interval, as if the world government (wherever that is situated) plans to repeat the history every 100 year. For the present time, the situation is the Balkan wars 1912-13 which then could be repeated on a 100 year scheme with a possible conflict with Iran 2012-13, whereby Iraq will be identified (by the 23 factor and Vietnam) as Italy and Iran is just east of that - hence Iran is the balkans east of Italy 100 years later - with only a norwegian-english border style of sea inbetween. (This corresponds to the Dovre-Dover connection, and it's not a lie that this could make of Iran a reference to Zinckgasse in Vienna via Røros at Dovre). Which means that if a conflict with Iran breaks out in time for a 100 year since a balkan war, it is a sort of proof of the validity of the assumption that the plan is to bomb Italy (rather than a fish-finger mysticism of Paneriu telling of a vietnamese re-sproutup in Italy). Or vice versa - such a war with Iran in 2012-13 could reinforce the understanding in the global consciousness of a 'need' for bombing Italy. But clearly this trick with Iran will function only as long as the Klipra connection is kept secret. It is also this trick with the Klipra connection which could be active if Israel should have been constructed after the war as a dependency relative to England - and this is a no less important matter to be aware of, in particular if it should be in the field of interest of 'Israel' to send a missile towards Iran for triggering a possible world-size crisis a la WWIII. Then people must know that it is England who is sending the missile rather than Israel, and if a comparable bomb should fall on Italy, for example on the Vatican on 26 november 2015 at 1830 in the afternoon, people must know that the bomb comes from England and not from any 'islamic terrorist network' who constitute some fictional threat - against for example Israel or a rivalling religious centre. These primitive ideas of an islamic threat against the western civilization could be in formation in these days around 2010 with increased attention to islamic presence in Europe. There are also tendencies towards an association of such terror with me.

What is needed is that the people of England must get a chance to understand the role of the british government in this history and thereby get the chance to carry through a revolution as soft as possible. It is not enough to throw a current government for replacing it with the 'opposition'. It is the opening of the secret archives which is the key to such a soft revolution, plus a critical analysis (without the old 'experts', that would mean) which can sort the lies from the fact in those archives - where one could guess that at least 50% of the data (on some level or other) certainly will be lies for constructing the truth of 'another and better world'. If the icelandic sagas are fraud and the old testament is not, it must be understood critically with this valuation and not the other way round. The story must be told before it is too late to stop the formation of an illegitimate global upper class which rules the great 'mob' by way of the mythology created by the Klipra connection. One can guess that the britons are working with getting a full overview over all hebrew documents available in the world for a gradual destruction of them (do there exist bugs that eat libraries?) and an eventual replacement of them with british-updated versions of the history.

The story is the conflict between administrative and poetic logic: Administrative logic sees the material world to the left, a zwischenpapier inbetween and a global consciousness to the right, and can manipulate the one with the other by means of terror - but that is a view which presupposes that the observer is not a part of the reality. Hence the development of administrative logic entails the development of a class division, could be that class division represents that division between matter and spirit or consciousness with a flat paper inbetween, and this is the reason why the development of communist philosophy went in parallel with the crisis in the poetic logic around the mid 19th century when british binary-symbolic logic took shape. A communist revolution is, from this point of view, a poetic revolution and vice versa: Poetic logic means the absence of class division. But since communism developed into party policy struggling for representation in the parliament and for controlling the administration, even communism was forced into administrative logic - and today there is hardly any communism (or poetic logic) left, at least in the western world. The enigma remains, though, why russian communism - before its collapse - never told the story about the Klipra connection. The answer is likely to be just this - that they struggled for administrative power. Even the italian communist party has not, as far as I know, told the public about the Klipra connection, including the possible plans on a vietnamization of Italy, could be including even a nuclear bomb on Venice. Is that because they struggle for administrative power in Italy? But now there is not much left of the italian communist party! Could be this is the simple story. The terror continued in Italy as long as there was any resistance left against british nazism, and now it seems to have silenced. That could be in accordance with a british schedule on a bomb on Venice - could be on 26 november 2015 at 18:30.

Why don't they tell it now, before the bomb falls, and then they could even prevent it from falling? It cannot be stopped with political pantomime! They cannot stand there on Zattere or in the Vatican making grimaces towards the sky if the bomb starts falling - it must be made with explicit wording in advance.

How many countries are there in the world? If there are 200 countries and 199 of these do not want this development but have no choice since they do not know the art of talking, it is high time to learn the art of intellectually understandable speech.

It is my impression that the british plan could be to tell this truth - or a quasi-truth related to the truth - which people so desperately need - in slow motion exclusively to people who are bound in secret agency dependency and then slowly let such agency dependency take the place of traditional employment. Could be they tell it only to 'drug addicts' - or rather the equivalent to that, with the inherent threat that the drugs could be withdrawn if they tell the story on to others. Then little by little a number of people will have access to the true story but only under secrecy and dependency clause, and this access is equivalent to access to an understanding of the mechanisms of power which controls truth. This clearly would be an extremely unfortunate development - the development of a global 'intermediate class' - and it would be in line with the british project of getting every individual on earth directly under 'monarchic' control - the exact opposite of the motto for the french revolution - for a quasi-poetic reality of one single mind or 'poet' only - the monarch in England, who thereby can see the world from a 'poetic' viewpoint while everybody else are the pieces moved around on the screen by the cynical adminstrative logic. The poet creates the world - but then there can be space for only one poet in the world, as seems to be the british logic competing with the french which tells that there is philosophical space enough in the world for more than only one poet if one allows for a little liberté, égalité and fraternité. Such a british concept of the poet could also arrive at the conclusion that poetry basically would be about swindle and hence a good poem is swindle (could be even stolen) in a sufficiently clever way to be accepted by the public as 'truth'. But that would mean that only the monarch has the truth, if everybody else are supposed to accept the swindle as truth - something like that. Hence a role for Phia Rilke's letters to her son in modern british politics - if those were stolen by an exclusive british agency hand in 1926 (for the very uppermost only?) and had so far been read only by her son - who then was murdered and could not tell about their contents? This idea in general could even be the background of the often strange names of british poets, such as e.g. 'Robert Browning', 'George Crabbe' and comparable names. That british mis-conception of the poiesis ('ra-knakk-røver'?) and the role of the poet could create the false impression that british monarchism is a variant of poetic logic - under the pathetic pretext that there is space for only one poet in the world. And indeed it may be that my name is specially tailored for just this aspect of it - since 'jump jarnegg røver' can be taken to mean even 'liberté, égalité, fraternité' and hence denote a sort of 'recoil' of the french revolution - cp. the british 'leakoil' in the mexican gulf in 2010 - and hence for launching nazism as the true 'poetic revolution' - which only would mean that british upper class would be the only poets in the world while the rest of the world would be the subject of the cynical administrative logic by which this upper class would rule their 'poetic' world. Not the least for preventing such a development, as much of the story as possible must be published as soon as possible. For the time being, it seems that 'british authority' (in some sense of it) uses the historic truth for implementing itself into the government of the countries of the world, on some level or other. The false world view is likely to be that representation of communism in administration means that communism is administrative logic, while the monarchic class-divided society is the only possible poetic reality. This is of course a ridiculous misunderstanding - that there is space for only one poet at a time in this world. It resembles the misunderstanding that monarchism - by which power moves along the lines of family connection - is equivalent with the principles of the knowledge of the jewish-genetic diaspora with its 'poetic logic', while the french revolution should have represented the alternative 'administrative logic'. It seems that this trivial misunderstanding is at the root of the story. People seem naively to believe that the development of poetic logic means the development of british monarchism, and that is why they accept it - in order to develop poetic logic. That is a tragic misunderstanding indeed.

For example, it is not I who should have written the present book. Somebody else should have written it 40 years ago and given me a copy of the book. It is likely that many or most of the top politicians who have access to the information on the Klipra connection and do not tell it to the public in most countries can be accused of high treason (since they protect Adolf Hitler and his gang). Could be that is the way to go. But then the world must get the historic facts on the table. It does not help to take the icelandic government of 2008 to court for the national bankrupcty.

For me, who have no access to classified information and who live as a single individual without political contacts, it is still not even possible to determine with certainty whether the Klipra connection really exists or if it could have been a mirage (a sort of british 'holy ghost') in the modern mythology machine of the media world. Nobody has ever told me a single word about this complex. The aim of a Jar connection is probably to reach the conclusion that it was a mirage only. It may be urgent with having the Klipra connection verified before it is too late. There are still some people around who know something about this from personal experience, but in some years' time the secret archives of the administrations could come to be heavily edited by international secret service working on behalf of british secret service, and it may soon be too late. The archives are probably already a tool for administrative intrigue.

The study has shown that there are two main paradoxes which govern modern 'politics': 1) The ambiguity of genetic vs. custody authority in terms of monarchic/republican authority, and 2) the ambiguity of administrative vs. poetic logic. These two ambiguities - which spring forth from the christian reinterpretation of the world - can be recognized in Genesis 2.10, wherein they seem to be about 'irrigating the garden', the garden of Eden. The ambiguity is captured even in the double meaning of PLACE and NAME to be divided - to copulate vs. to be four-fold, to be chief vs. to be poor. In my childhood there was the radio play series on 'Children's hour' on Saturdays called 'Stompa', about a youngster in a boarding school - all the gags of the youngsters and the problems of the teachers. It was also published as books. The series is originally written by Anthony Buckeridge ('bøker' = norwegian for 'books', 'bøker-idge' could mean 'bøker-ikke' = 'books-not' for the radio format, cp. 'Greenwich Village' for the assumed start of the AIDSHIV epidemic) about a boarding school character called 'John Jennings', and one could guess that it is based on 'John Jensen' and intended for norwegian translations from the british beginning. (An internet article about Buckeridge mentions that his books became particularly popular in Norway). It now occurs to me that it could have been about the norwegian variant 'Stompa' as 'holy ompa' - 'ompa' is the word for brass music, typically also about people who keep up control with the development - from the christian mother Phia Rilke in her letters to her son - for depicting her as a christian dominatrix who remote-controlled her son's poetry-writing - which would be a very primitive conception of the person and her poetic language. Her letter of 28 march 1931 to Hertha Koenig tells of a iambic musicality and christian love devotion which lends it an immense beauty and warmth - which certainly would have been an important source of inspiration for her son - and to think of this as 'holy ompa' is very ugly indeed. It is probably possible that british administration has peeped in his luggage and discovered this phenomenon and therefore murdered the poet and stolen these letters in order to try and solve their own problem of Nottingham-Satan by dressing up in these letters. Which could be telling of how profound their problem is. It could have been made for the british idea of administration writing poetry through remote control of the poets, thereby assigning the authorship to the administration, so to speak, and it could have its interpretation in 'phiaril ke' = 'fjäril ke' = 'butterfly key' which 'key-butterflies' to 'kjäril fe' = 'Gerald Ford' as the key name in the apparent intrigue on the death of Mao - perhaps even to the extent that the plan is to butterfly Vibeke Grøver Aukrust's role with me. 'Gibeke Vrøver' could mean 'give back Frau Rehearse-Over', as for this 'give back Phia Rilke's letters', as indeed also is my view on the story, or even 'give back ke-fjäril'. 'Kefir-melk' is a particular sort of soured yoghurt-like type of milk (a product which I never have been able to swallow), and hence 'give back kefir-milk' could be about 'to nurse' = 'amme' a child. Only a 'Vrøver' --> 'Fjäril' is needed for this construction: I notice for example the role of the 'Columbine' school massacre on 'Stompa' students, a massacre which could have served to index 'klompa-n' = 'tsompa-ng' = 'Stompa-nG'. Here 'stom pang' = 'silent bang', 'stom' can also mean 'speechless', while 'kau-pang' ('stom' = 'mouth', 'kau' = 'chew') is the allegedly ancient old norse word for 'market place', cp. also the re-sell of weapons in the Orderud Paust case. The key concept is nevertheless probably in 'Buckingham Pa-lass' for 'Stom-pa-lass' (cp also 'San Trovaso' = 'San Protasio e San Gervasio' district).

Even the global crusades of Gro Harlem Brundtland's WHO against smoking could have been about this 'Stompa' (she was born on Hitler's birthday, Celan's day of death) on basis of norwegian 'stomp røyken' = 'stop smoking', 'stomp gassen'. 'Senk farten' = 'lower the speed [limit]' could be a related theme. 'Stompen', often used about an amputated limb, is in norwegian also used about a small child's bottom (hence 'San Bruno'?). 'Fumiani' who made the paintings in the ceiling of San Pantalon in Venice could be the reference, and the massacre on the students in the 'Stompa' environments of the Gutenberg Gymnasium in Erfurt could likewise be - the name of the norwegian translator Nils-Reinhardt Christensen seems to constitute a near perfect end of the Oslo Report ('die Firma heisst Rein-Metall' + 'Christensen') which seems to have been the purpose with the massacre carried out by Robert Steinhäuser. Stumpergasse 29, Gaspara Stampa, Buckeridge's Stompa, Baruck Obama, etc: There seem to be many political concepts around this 'Stompa', and Stumpergasse is probably the original one unless Hitler had some reason for the address. One notices also the phonology in 'Obama sin Laden', for the idea that Rilke had put his mother's letters aside even on her own explicit wish ('o ba ma sin la den' could mean something like that), suggesting that the disappearance of the letters was not because Rilke had destroyed them but on the contrary they could have been stolen by e.g. british administration.

The Black Sea Loop and european swastika is a way to make a new global upper class, a new aristocracy which grants itself the rights to exploit the lower classes. This is what communism should not have accepted. There could be three great tragedies in this history: That Lenin did not tell it, that Mao did not tell it, and that Israel was opened without the story of the british holocaust being trumpeted out by the new authorities. After 5 minutes of new state without the story of british nazism being broadcasted and printed, it was getting critical for the new state. After 7 minutes people already started to lose their hope, and after 8 minutes it seemed that all hope was lost - and then the arabic states attacked the new country which seemed to have lost its support for its right of existence after only 10 minutes or thereabout. Judaism was the world's hope against nazism. Communism seems to have served this unfortunate role of keeping the hopes up among people while England installed its death cult. It looks a little tragic when one understands that the giant uprise among the world's people since 1850 which created communism was nothing else than a worldwide cry to the politicians that they had to tell the story - all details of it and keep no parts of it secret. That is the 200.000 that followed Liebknecht's coffin to the grave - to make sure that the man inside the coffin did not forget this important point. Democracy and british parliamentarianism - which created nazism - is all and only the fact that not everybody can read all papers in the parliament - they don't have the time - and therefore people have to be elected to the parliament on basis of other aspects of their persons than the contents of the papers: They have to be elected on a mythological basis and that is democracy - the colour of the tie of the politician on TV. When communism kept some extremely important and essential aspects of the history secret and reserved for the political leaders only, that was to agree to british democracy in the sense of keeping some 'papers' (secrets, such as this Klipra connection) off from the attention of the public and then they had to relegate their authority to leaders by mythological aspects. And political mythology is exactly the nature of nazism and the Klipra connection. When communism accepts political secrets, they accept british 'democracy' which means terror, swindle, death cult, which means that communism has accepted the formation of a new global upper aristocratical class - which of course is the very opposite of communism. That is is why it makes sense to see the history of communism as the story of their gaining of the people's confidence in the sense of the people's need for getting the whole history and not only some selected excerpts from it on the table. The deep secret of this tragedy of communism is perhaps that it is not possible to be both a politician (for example striving for representation in the parliament) and a communist at the same time, and it is well possible that the trick of nazism is precisely me - to give the leftists a chance to go in the trap of believing that I am a secret agent for the nazis and thereby they can keep it going for yet some years while nazism consolidates its positions. 'He is an agent', it is perhaps whispered about me in a power-corridor, or 'there are traces of drugs in his blood' - false rumours like these could suffice for making communism still going as a resource for pumping the people's confidence over to british nazism. That pump could be the Black Sea Loop which thereby is driven by the fact that there are secrets to tell about the Klipra connection.

If, in addition, the plan or current project is to turn the global personal taxation systems into comparable pumps of confidence to London, it could be telling of the situation of mine where I can live reasonably unaffected by this story with a non-taxable pension (it is taxable in some but not all countries), but as soon as I start earning taxable money I could come to feel this phenomenon quite efficiently. The strange numbness which attacked the lefthand side of my body in France (in fact before I came there but after my decision to go there had been made), could perhaps correlate with my paying of tax for 2002 to Paris (where the pension is taxable). My left hand is still now and then numb and senseless and I can for example feel that I have something in my lefthand jacket pocket but cannot tell if it is the paper notebook or the reading glass case. Normally it functions quite well nowadays, though, but it took me quite a lot of years to get over it. The theory that this could be due to the french tax is interesting - it would mean that modern taxation could be planned to be based on such principles of 'Mengele chemicals' a la the Black Sea Loop. There is something resembling a proof for this: The numbness started on 23 february 2002 or the day after when I read the news on internet that Ingrid Betancourt had been abducted. No sooner had I read this, the numbness started to spread from my lefthand index fingertip to the whole left side of my body which eventually felt like it had been pumped up like a balloon, and I could hardly walk in the first days. It took me several weeks to get back to typing on the keyboard with my left hand. Today I understand this as a function of hungarian 'bal-ra' = 'on the lefthand side' or rather 'bal-on' = '[up]on the left side', hence the 'balloon', and the hungarian derived from the role of Genesis 2,11 in the below scheme. The story, which I could not have guessed except perhaps subconsciously at that time, was that after Leif Stene Johansen had died on 24/11-02, I got a letter telling that I had got a pension with delayed payment since my application for it more than a year earlier, which meant that I would get around 200.000 NOK in december 2002 - and these money had to be taxed in France for 2002. In February, my prospects for an income were extremely low, but the news on Betancourt could have meant this future income due to the circumcision associations in her name by 'f-Inger Bit-he-short' and hence the hebrew Genesis reference and the hungarian language. This also suggests that the loop is planned to be running over Hungary towards France. Other countries I have been in some tax-relation or other to confirm this hypothesis on 'bal-ra' or 'bal-on' = 'on the lefthand side'. 'France' = 'gauche' = 'left', and in Italy I did not feel certain about the tax laws: 'Sinistra' = 'respira', and indeed I developed some respiration problems there. Norwegian for 'left' = 'venstre' - I did pay tax to Norway through some 26 years and this could have been part of the development of a formal aspect of my character which was not really there in my youth - and which now and then perhaps can resemble some paranoid traits as far as understanding of details are concerned. Could be this is a national norwegian problem, though - could be even by a national problem of swapping roles with me. Norwegian for Norway is 'Norge', hence 'ronge' = 'masdurbation', cp. also 'gonre'. 'Hungary' = 'Magyarorszag' suggests 'hadde John omslag' = 'had John a condom/Umschlag'? 'Hadonászik' = 'had on nazi-k' = 'war [army] on terror/nazis', such as Bush had just announced after 11 september 2001. Could this 'declaration of Bush' have been the reason for this 'bal-on' feeling? When I lived in Hungary in 1991, I went back to Norway before (as far as I know) I had been there half a year, but my residence permit lasted untill 15 october 1991, around the day when Gisele Celan Lestrange discovered her cancer, and I don't think I had given formally notice to Hungary that I went back. Could be there was an old tax question there - which in those days would have been outside the reach of my understanding, not the least since my stipend for being there was tax free and I automatically believed that it was so in Hungary as well. Lithuania = Lietuva, suggesting 'tieuvla', such as 'töfla' = 'slippers' or 'kjevla' = 'the rolling-pin', cp. Keflavik at Reykjavik. Devold and Tiepolo could be associations. Left = kairys. I had not declared any income to Lithuania since what I brought with me in 2000 was declared as taxfree inheritance in Norway and the anonymous donations of 5000 or 10000 NOK at the end of 2001 was all I had of income there, and I was convinced that no country would tax a sum below an existential minimum (frankly, I had no ideas about tax at all in those days and believed that money were taxed in the country they came from, as in Norway where the employer drew the tax from the salary and the rest was paid to me). Vilnius tax authorities later kindly annulled tax claims for these towards me, in spite of my missing declaration. In sum, this could be the background of this numbness in my lefthand side, but that would have been on basis of tax matters. If one assumes that the balloon of the lefthand side of my body was due to this redundancy in the sense that the attack on USA on 11 september 2001 was conceived of as an 'unholy revenge' due to my missing declaration, it seems to prove that tax is relevant to these matters. In 2004 I lived first in Charlottenburg in Berlin and was told that my pension was tax free, but then in the spring I moved out closer to Lichtenberg and sent a letter to the local tax office there about the pension - and got a letter in return telling that I had to declare it and that in principle all income was taxable. I soon realized somewhat absurdly that if I continued living in Berlin, Clinton would be elected. I anyhow moved down to Vienna just in time for half of the year. It is only today that I see how this means 'Steuerland' and 'Clinsn' of 'Links' - a phenomenon of 'Steuerland/Deutschland' which could be the origin of the whole construction - could be even the role of Clinton. In the first half of 2008 I lived for some months in Greece before I moved to Venice on 20 June: 'Greece' = 'Ellada' = 'de la' = partitive, while 'left' = 'aristeros' = 'stariesos' = 'stauros', the historic morph for 'crucifixion'. 'Sweden' = 'Sverige' which on the one hand could have a converse interpretation in 'Rossia' (Russia), cp. also 'Lucia', on the other hand in a visual 'porn'. (There is also the quartet of Palme, Lind, Klestil and Haider). And if the 26 years of tax-paying in Norway left traces in my psyche, it would not have been only because of a missing declaration to Lithuania coupled with Bush' war on terror, even if a missing declaration to Hungary in 1991 could have been a part of the story. After I signed a housing contract for Zinckgasse in Vienna in early october 2009, I got a letter in november telling that Norway had imposed a 15% 'withhold tax' = 'kilde-skatt' on my pension, which I now perhaps could associate with 'Roskilde' and the 'Skuldelev' viking ships. It could represent a role for Hammerfest chemicals in a Black Sea Loop. I hope that this will not leave new traces on my psyche and weaken my social or psychological performance (and of course it is very unfortunate if one tries to construct such a loop on such principles). I have sent a letter about this matter and hope they will annul the tax on my pension - which perhaps would be fair if my historic and humble person is the basis for a global or local taxation strategy. (I got a letter from them telling that the letter I sent had been lost and I could send it once again if I wanted, but I suppose the first will surface one day). It seems that this national name of the country and the corresponding term for 'left' is an attempted solution to the old problem of the expulsion from paradise. When Celan was born in Chernowitz, it was not so far from Galicia which has a counterpoint in Galicia in northern Spain ('gale sia' = 'the wrong side', while 'skull-del-ev' in 'norwegian semantics' could suggest a hard skull vs. a soft or 'moll' bottom) and hence it is a counterpoint to the Dover/Dovre of the 1814 establishment of Norway - which means that Galicia could be a corresponding phenomenon on the establishment of Israel. (There has been a european move towards replacing national names for 'police' - such as hungarian 'rendörség' or greek 'astunomia' - with the english word 'police'). 'Österreich' means reaching right if the left is numb, hence facing north which could be about my birthplace Molde and Moldova close to Chernowitz. That is where one finds 'Bessarabia' (cp. also the issue of God's ambassador on earth) which could be the origins of the current politics on alleged 'islamic terrorism' coupled with the phenomenon of 'San Trovaso' = 'San Protasio et San Gervasio', or simply 'gebisso' = 'Bess-'. The reason for this again could be in the attempts to imitate (by the hebrew logic) the name and/of place and the formal thought of the lefthand side of the brain which could let Adam's thought make the snake behave in such a way that it could make Eve take a bit of the apple like a 2 x 2 pattern of 3 makes one square missing in the crossword puzzle (there are necessarily some redundant holes in a crossword puzzle), hence the lefthand side, or like a politician taking a single bit of jewish philosophy for making power out of it. This pattern-genetics corresponds to Jacob's technology of the sheep and in general it could be the aim of politics - planning a Black Sea Loop of Genesis 2,5-15 - to try and control people's behaviour by remote control. (Why do politicians keep such things secret if they really are of relevance to politics?) One guesses that Al Qaida could be a network of UK/US state terrorism which could have been established for precisely such reasons.

My analysis of the story suggests that the Vietnam war was conducted for the purposes of a continuation of the nazi program in Europe. That is essentially a british concern. When in the 1890's Ibsen could write Wild Duck, Eyolf Little and John Gabriel Borkmann, that was probably because JFK (= 'Dreyfus') = John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and John Bjarne Grøver (me) were constructed for the political mythos-machine already then. The role of Kennedy was further prepared by way of Quisling for the mythos-role of Judask Whistling Brutus = John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a 'brutush' or 'british' agent, that would mean. Could be 'brutush agent' is the word after all, if the Kennedys were not outright agents but only were given the chance to get much power by way of the construction. The job of the first Kennedy could have been to prepare for the Vietnam war - which England could not afford to run themselves but which they got USA to run for them by way of the agency relation of JFK to England. They needed it for the construction on Italy in the european swastika. The Kennedy function of being Judas Quisling Brutuses working by way of a terror-and-monkey-business program for England would have functioned by way of their relation to me - for a swap-function with just that historic role. Therefore the Octogon project on me, which, as a british project, would have served for the folk understanding of me as a Judas Quisling Brutus relative to the deep emotional values of the people. The political strategy has likely been that whenever there has been a setback for me, a rejection of some sort (such as rejected applications, for example), this setback has been welcomed by the people (the voters) in the sense of being recognized as a setback for the 'political Judases', which then means the Kennedys, and the people simply could not have enough of it - while the Kennedys all the time have progressed thereby. This misunderstanding can be of the same kind as the one of the 'genetic royals' mixed with the idea of 'jewish-genetic diaspora' and its affiliations with poetic logic as the cause of people mistaking british monarchism for the road to a new poetic logic - hence the 'quasi-royal' status of the Kennedys. This mechanism seems to have been created already in the 1890's, including the roles of Hitler and Quisling and possibly others. The 'dirty beast in the revelation' of Kursk-and-Cole 2000 is a construction which probably indexes my historic person quite uniquely, possibly for this role relative to the Kennedys.

In the light of this, the Eisenhower doctrine appears today as a document which can serve to prove the 'british Kennedy' character of the Octogon project.

After 1961, though, when Sachs published her 'Fahrt ins Staublose' which at least politics seems to have interpreted as 'Fahrkarte Stockholm', and of course there could have been an element of this in it, at least the poetic intention, there seems to have been constructed a new program on Sweden called 'norrbaggar' = 'nordic bags' for the concept of 'pulk' or 'pulkers' = people who pretend to die but change identity for a second career while the first is considered dead and ended. The word 'pulk' is then derived from the word 'whited sepulcher'. Norwegian 'pulk' means just that sort of 'bag' which children can be put into for being attached by some mechanism to hang after a skiier, hence it is a 'nordic bag' = swedish 'norrbagg'. After the socalled 'Fahrkarte Stockholm' of Sachs in 1961, of very much value for me in my desolate existence in Norway, it is likely that England could have constructed a program of such british pulkers - agents officially dead in England but resurrected as naturalized swedes in Sweden under new swedish identities - identifying with me who could have been assigned the role of the 'norwegian welcome in Sweden'. These british agents would then have been constructed for being welcomed as me in Sweden, for the role of being Judas Quisling Brutuses for a longterm program of a power takeover in Sweden and gradually infiltrating the administration. The swedish word 'norrbagg' is of rather negative value - it used to apply to norwegians on basis of their language and other aspects of their culture, and could have been used for redirecting the uncomfortable cultural nervousness of such infiltrations towards the 'source' of it, which would be me. This would be another variant of the 'british Kennedy' strategy by way of me. Today one can postulate a theoretic program of England in Norway as their dependency = 'lydrike' in the form of british agents infiltrating Norway and bringing it to the verge of collapse in order to force a power takeover from a neighbouring country. If, for example, british agents in Norway should be allowed by the authorities (which they would have to control, that means) to send norwegians to 'verboten' conditions without restrictions, the country must be stopped from abroad, and that means that it can be necessary to include Norway under Swedish authority - unless Russia would be so kind as to take over - there are some oil (found after 1970) and other resources available there. If so, it would really mean a british power takeover in Sweden - an expansion of british nazism eastwards.

This can be called a program of 'norrbaggar', a word possibly constructed on basis of the name of Eisenhower #9, which would have been from before 1961, though. After Celan published his 'Fadensonnen' in 1968, it could have been interpreted as a 'Fahrkarte Paris' to me and conceived politically in similar terms. When Ted Kennedy had his car accident with Kopechne at Chappaquiddick in 1969, it could have been for that 'ski på taket' which also could be recognized in the name of 'Jacques Chirac' = 'ski-rack' - which could be either 'ski på taket' or 'pulk', 'norrbagg'. It means that Ted Kennedy 1969 could have been assigned a 'norrbagg' function relative to France, for getting british agents into France under the cover of being welcomed as me - for a 'Kennedy conversion' on the concept of 'Judas Quisling Brutus', thereby dumping the blame for the infiltrations on me.

It is even possible that Dreyfus 1899 - the indexation in the Dreyfus case of Bjarne Eidsvig's birthday in 1899 - could be the 100 year precursor of JFK jr 1999 when he aircrashed with his 'Piper Saratoga' airplane. A piper is in a Whistling (or vice versa) and I suppose Brutus was in a toga. If that means that he pulked to a new existence, one can only guess where he went. If the british program is a Black Sea Loop, one could guess that JFK jr's role could be to facilitate the functioning of that loop running towards France with a 'Fahrkarte Paris'. Hence a resurrected JFK jr could in theory be found somewhere along the loop, and one could guess that the role of 'Johnjohn' could be 'monkey business' on me ('John'). As the story told here has shown, it seems that the driving motor in all such constructions around Sachs, Celan and me would be on basis of the conflict between genetic and custody parenthood, and one can of course guess that he could have resurrected as the father of a child of mine: That would presumably be a daughter whose fate it is to be the target of the 'Kennedy strategy' in terms of removal of eggs in drugged condition through the rectum wall (cp. 'ræv-krok') in the 'wolfshour' of the deep night - which perhaps could have been the original reason for the name of Ulrike Meinhof when Andreas Baader means that concept of turning the spade in the graveyard which could affiliate with Leif Stene Johansen on his way to work in the morning ('John på jobben') when he turned his car at Gamle Glemmen Gravlund. When LSJ died on 24 nov 2002, Per Lorentz Vik (whether that was the man who ran 'Viks brukthandel' close to LSJ's shop on Molvigkaia or not) died the day after (jr's birthday), could be for the concept of 'der jorden svinger' = 'where the earth turns'. For this turning, cp. also 'Hyperion'.

The Kolontár chemical disaster in Hungary could have served to index just this strategy. A pensions reform could be predicted in the 1990's for Europe, and a 'pepperspray' is the only missing link from JFK jr's Piper Saratoga. (It can be added that when I got my pension in 2002, it had been rejected once in early 2002 but then they changed their minds and gave it to me nevertheless, around the time of the death of Leif Stene Johansen). Could be such a biopsy could be called a 'pepperspray', or a normal spray of pepper could be performed directly on the child for telling that it was an 'accident', and when millions of people all over Europe protest against the pensions reforms, it comes to apply to this Piper Saratoga of JFK jr 1999 - for a similar 'Judas Quisling Brutus' role of mine. Could be those inevitable protests would serve to dump the blame for a pepperspray on me? The name of the assumed Eisenhower #6, Wenche Stray, rewrites to 'senke spray' = 'to lower the spray', or 'vendre stray' = 'turning astray' (Svend Wam - not Barn! - and Petter Venneröd were the duo of norwegian film-making in the 70-80's, not from Coventry), a movement of the muscles which could reveal for a child whether it was an accident or deliberate torture. If, in addition, this name (not the person) was involved in 11 september 2001 as a british attack on USA (a power demonstration pretending to prove that they control them), it could have been for the same program on Europe where pensions reforms would be inevitable. There were two 'peppersprays' on Manhattan in 2001, like two ovaries. (Is there a concept of 'blue cross' associated with such biopsies as a 'Kennedy factor', cp. the two 'red cross' organizations who got the Nobel peace prize in 1963 along with Linus Pauling 'delayed' = 'for-sinket' from 1962?) I add that this idea of active use of pepperspray is speculation of mine on basis of redundancies. Clearly a 'pepperspray' could also be thought of as a nose-spray for anaesthesizing a sleeping child for insults against the body in the 'wolfs-hour' ('pepper') of the night.

If princess Diana - to continue the speculations - also pulked in 1997, it could be for adding a british national 'Octogon' element to the story in terms of the british flag Union Jack and its 8 corners, which shares graphic similarities with the pirate flag Edward England.

'Kursk-and-Cole' of 2000 could have been for installing JFK jr relative to me as a 'dirty beast in the revelation', if he pulked in 1999.

'Al Qaida' could (as a hypothesis here) be a concept based on 'Cairo' = 'Al Kahira' with a d/r twist for the hebrew similarity of these letters - cp. also current british PM David Cameron. (I add that Tone Grøver got a stuffed toy cat in the late sixties or early seventies with the producer label 'Hamiro' on it - hence I think the toy cat was called 'Miro' and later a family alsation dog got the name 'Mira' - while Vibeke Grøver 's first child was Camilla, a name in fact suggested by me in 1977). This 'Kahira' could apply to lithuanian 'kairys' = 'left', hence the clintonean 'Steuerland' construction which could recognize Vilnius (via the Bessarabia construction which identifies Galicia as Dovre/Dover) as a sort of London for a 90 degrees turn of the swastika which would send a Black Sea Loop down Germany from Hamburg towards Paris or Austria. One can guess that Baader/Meinhof (apparently changing name to 'RAF' around 14 may 1970) was a british construction for this program, which could have been a Kennedy program related to JFK jr. 'Al Qaida' could in theory serve that turnaround of a Black Sea Loop to apply to Germany - in which case a role of JFK jr could be Germany like his father JFK could have been on Italy via the Vietnam war. When JFK jr's magazine was called 'George', it could have been for 'Georgia' as a 'bridge at the Russia' = 'Brigate Rosse' in the Black Sea Loop extending to Turkey. Hence Brigate Rosse in Italy and Baader/Meinhof in Germany could have been for a british Kennedy jr function relative to me, whether he would participate or not. The names of Baader and Meinhof could have served to index a turning at the time point 7:50 - as could be suggested also by the name of the norwegian composer Geirr Tveitt whose nearly 300 opus burnt with the barn that burnt on his farm in the night to 12 june 1970, one month after the death and burial of Sachs and Celan. This month was represented in the Grand Izmit earthquake in Turkey (claiming 20.000 lives) one month after the last takeoff of JFK jr and the two females - in fact they took off 81 years after the death of the Romanovs in Russia and the quake was on the hour one month later. I would guess that the burning of the barn - cp. the great earthquakes of Bam 2003 and Banda Aceh 2004 - one and two years after I had a copyright registration in Washington on 26 dec 2002 - could have represented a british program of extermination of ancient hebrew scriptures - or of authorship generally = 'böker-idge'. If somebody had put fire to his barn, it could be called 'tent Tveitt' = 7:50. Tveitt was born Nils but changed to Geirr. I notice that Andreas Baader's escape from prison was two days after the death and burial of Sachs and Celan: 'Zwei Tage' = 'Tveitt Hage' = 1) Geirr Tveitt and 2) Robert Havemann (author of 'Dialectics without dogmas') which rewrites to 'Reinhardt Heydrich' in such a way that 'Geirr Tveitt' rewrites to 'gorn[i]nvhaven' (cp. 'Al Gore') and 'hyperdeutsch' correspondingly rewrites to 'Bhopal-deun' ('Bhopal-clan'?) which in light of 'Ulrike Meinhof' perhaps could mean 'Bhopal-Halabjah' = GAS-PAS-GAS. 'Robert Havemann' as 'rommet i Hammerfest' = 'the room in Hammerfest' could suggest that a chemical trauma from Hammerfest could be the theme, for example for new principles of taxation, 'New electrics of Stockholm' could refer to electric shocks (in the 'wolfshour' or not) a la those Nelly Sachs were subjected to.

In 2002, the Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe was stabbed in his abdomen by an 'Assedine Berkane', according to the newspapers, and Jacques Chirac was in the back open part of a military vehicle driving through the streets of Paris during the Bastille celebrations when 'Maxine Brunerie' (if I got the name right) shot in the air with a gun he had hidden in a guitar case - not 'cigar box' which perhaps could have served to refer to me and my poetic authorship - or genetics, that could mean. I have guessed that 'bryderi i baksetet' = 'inconvenience in the back seat' could have been one of the themes, another could have been 'bryggeri Manson' = 'brewery Manson' for Charles Manson and his death cult, which could have been repeated by Joseph Kibweteere (!) in the church for the restoration of the ten commandments in Kanunga which went up in flames with some 500 believers in 2000 in the moment when I for the first time put my foot on the railway platform in Vilnius in the morning 17 March 2000. There was even a change of government in Norway some 3,5 hours later - unknown to me before I my journey. The death cult in Kanunga had been going for some years before the last conflagration and mass graves were dug up showing bodies with ropes around their necks ('hangr over'), knives in their backs ('lump jarnegg röver') and battery acid smeared in their faces ('Wanda Bakke Lier' is the sister-in-law of Simon Walther Hauge). This suicide cult - which one could fancy could have been for the sake of a program associated with JFK jr and my genetics, possibly even for an identification of my penis with the tool needed for a biopsy on ovaries through the rectum wall, cp. the two females (wife and sister-in-law) in the Piper Saratoga on 16 july 1999 and possibly the role of Linus Pauling in 1963 - could be the name of the 'norrbagg' phenomenon in new form. If JFK sr. pulked to Norway in 1963 and the later strategy came to be to run the country into a state where the administration could need to be taken over by some other country, it adds to this idea. If the Vietnam war was run by England using Pentagon as they liked, it would have to be considered a suicide cult who voted for the Kennedys in USA - and this phenomenon would have been possible only by way of the construction on me as an Octogon type of 'Judas Quisling Brutus' spread around the world by way of abuse of my person and authorship in the media. The same seems to apply today when I write on my computer and find reflexes of this in 'brutus'-type media a day or two later.

Which means that the 'british Kennedy' program could be to repeat nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy for a repeat in the 21st century of the 'success' in the 20th century. Only a 'Kennedy highway' from Braunau am Inn to Villach - thereby reaching down to Duino at the Adriatic Sea as Rechlin of Oslo Report #6, cp. Eisenhower #2 - could be needed for an Anschluss of Italy to Germany. When Hitler allegedly was born in Braunau am Inn (my guess is that he was born in England, though), it could have been for this 'Braunau I'm in' on a 'figlia' of a Kennedy strategy on the ovaries via rectum inbetween the names of Sachs, Celan and me. Modern Language Review is the evidence needed for understanding that this is a likely or at least possible account of the story.

I repeat from John F.Kennedy's famous speech at Rathaus Schöneberg (!) in 1963, some weeks before his alleged death: "Ich bin ein Berliner", he said with reference to the former saying 'civicus romanus sum', thereby indicating "Ich bin ein Berliner Romanus" = the axis from Berlin to Rome (as a 90 degree turnaround of the axis England-Turkey, as if he stood there outright confessing that he was a Londoner), including the highway through Austria which could be seen as a parallel to the axis Vilnius-Vienna-Venice. Cp. 'Johnjohn er onkelen' ('Johnjohn is the uncle') for 'Londoner Ankarus'. Clearly if this is the story, a resurrected JFK jr need not be involved in the politics himself - he could be much of a symbolic character in a mythos theatre such as I have been assigned, although one must take it that the participation would be a little more active.

Genesis 2,5-17 seem to contain the material used for a Black Sea Loop - the countries from Turkey to France in verses 5-15 and princess Diana in Gen.2,16 and JFK jr in 2,17. (The two last hebrew words of Gen.2.15 could look like 'David Cameron'). The massacres on the politicians in the parliaments of Nanterre ('tanten' = 'the aunt'?) outside Paris and in Zug ('biopsy'?) in Switzerland could be for being aligned on this route from Turkey to England and USA. I notice that Genesis 2,16 perhaps (with some liberties) can be read left-right in 'latin' style of the hebrew letters as 'the food to eat of garden Diana Frances Mountbatten-Windsor Spencer', something like that, while Genesis 2,17 perhaps could be read in a similar way as 'John Fitzgeroyal Jr, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Drunk Röver'.

Was Kennedy an outright secret agent for England, possibly a british civicus such as even Hitler could have been, or was it only that he could get power in USA by way of this 'Quisling' role relative to England by way of my role in Norway? He was in Mexico on my birthday - 'me-X-i-co' seems to be the trick of the 'Steuerland' construction on Europe. The fact that England seems overconcerned with leaving the stamp of 'secret agent' on me nowadays - could be for dumping the blame of a CIA murder of Mao on me - could suggest that he was.

If one can make an analysis of the Kennedy assassination as having the purpose of keeping the secret agency of Hitler for England intact and undiscovered by the public, it could be one and the same program as on me.

I must emphasize that this analysis of the Kennedy role is my own and based on my speculations, and the official image of the Kennedy family is very much the opposite and imbued with the role of martyrdom in their heroic struggle for truth and justice and things like that. My view is that this public image of the Kennedy role is created by media for making the power factor in USA relative to the british construction of the 1890's or thereabout, for appearing as the opposite of the Judas Quisling Brutus of the Octogon - a 'dirty beast in the revelation' on whom the blame could be dumped even for a Quisling function of JFK. No wonder people dislike that 'beast'.

The present analysis has suggested that terror = England and England = terror and that could be the story. Terror and swindle - power at the cost of any other values. That could even be a substantial part of the role of american terrorism which often is credited with the bulk of terror among 'critical thinkers' and activists. Terror-and-monkey-business could be the principle of the Kennedy role relative to me.

One likely view is that the Clintons are a new form of Kennedys, for example for facilitating the turnaround of the swastika for making the Black Sea Loop run down Germany from Hamburg. A republican reply to this strategy could have been the role which Ronald Reagan made (I must credit Ragnar Söderlind for a story), partly in extension from Kennedy's famous speech, for taking the effect out of it decades in advance.

I mention a peculiarity worth some study - in the form of the mystic treatise, the innermost secret of esoteric alchemy, called 'Tabula Smaragdina' allegedly written by a Hermes Trismegistus, if not by british administration in the 18th century. According to tradition, it was Alexander the Great who came across Hermes' grave on one of his expeditions and wrestled the tablet out of the hand of the mummified god (sounds a little british, this story). Here is the text (source Latz 1869):

Verum est sine mendacio, certum et verissimum. Quod est inferius est sicut id quod est superius. Et quod est superius, est, sicut id quod est inferius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. Et sicut res omnes fuerunt ab uno, meditatione unius: sic omnes res natae fuerunt ab hac una re adoptione. Pater eius est Sol, mater eius est Luna. Portavit illud ventus in ventre suo; nutrix eius terra est. Pater omnis telesmi totius mundi est hic, virtus eius integra est, si versa fuerit in terram. Separabis terram ab igne, subtile a spisso, suaviter magno cum ingenio. Ascendit a terra in coelum, iterumque descendit in terram, et recipit vim superiorum et inferiorum. Sic habebis gloriam totius mundi. Ideo fugiet a te omnis obscuritas. Haec est totius fortitudinis fortitudo fortis, quia vincet omnem rem subtilem, omnemque solidam penetrabit. Sic mundus creatus est. Hinc erunt adaptationes mirabiles, quarum modus est hic. Itaque vocatus sum Hermes trismegistus, habens tres partes philosophiae totius mundi. Completum est quod dixi de operatione Solis.

The tablet contains the essential word 'telesmi', the translation of which perhaps is a little hard find out of. Clearly for political purposes the rewrite is simple enough as 'Helms Telesmi/tryst-me-Visthus'. I suppose the word 'telesmi' can derive from greek '[to] telesma' = 'payment, outlay', into a sort of plural 'telesmi'. The word is apparently the same as 'talisman' (arab origins, for a 'consecrated object') and can also mean 'religious rite' or 'completion' or 'perfection'. It is also possible that it could be the origin of a sort of 'Bermuda triangle' ('Felberstrasse'?) constituted by Tælavåg, Telavi [= 'telesma'?] and Tel Aviv - a geometric triangle the exact mid point of which is Telekhany in Belorus. A mystery! The relevant story of Tælavåg goes back to 1942 with Heinrich Fehlis, the security chief of Josef Terboven in Norway - hence 'tele-smi[th] Visthouse' (owned in fact by my grandmother Laura Eidsvig). For Bermuda/Felber-strasse 22 of Hitler: 'Felber' as 'mesmer' could be the reason for the theory that it is the magnetism of the earth that pulls the nails out of the hulls of the ships travelling through the Bermuda triangle, cp. the Talibans 'pulled out' of the power/election of Afghanistan. 'Tote les-ma' = 'dead read-me' = the tablet in the hands of the mummy (like Phia Rilke's letters) = recursive = Rekustad = 'whopper Rolvsöy'? - could perhaps even be the origins of the Oklahoma ('to telesma' = 'OK Westbahn' = 'OK lahoma'?) bombing on background of my book submission to John Benjamins. In the sense of 'payment, outlay', the word could even be the background of plans about turning the 'left' of national 'place-names' - human linguistic capacities on the lefthand side could be the reason for the 'tele-pathy' (!) of Adam on Eve - into general taxation principles of the same kind as for the 'zwischenpapier' function of me as Iraq between Vietnam and Italy. Such 'esoteric secret service philosophy' should of course not be kept secret but should be published by the governments or at least some documentation centre for modern political mythology, precisely in order to prevent an undemocratic power takeover by international secret service. In the worst case, their war against the intellectuals could even be on basis of such tragic mysteries as 'dead read-mes'.

The Black Sea Loop is perhaps planned to be a horror apocalypse on the form 'T-Arthur' = 'torture' on the continent, up to the french coastline, with the britons across the canal bathing in what they can get from it. It seems that the british political quasi-religious parametres developed since Henry VIII allow for the conclusion that a Black Sea Loop could warm the british hearts is other people are suffering so badly outside the british borders. Could be that is the concept of 'the garden of Eden' for a Black Sea Loop. The whole story could perhaps be as tragically simple as this - and that means that the solution to this story is in the britons shaping up their moral concepts instead of running such wild politics.

As the Oklahoma bombing could tell, there are political interests that try to hamper the publication of my works. I hope of course that my work will be published, and I think also that it should be published as a contribution to a creation of a poetic logic and new poetic etymology. However, even if the books should be published, with the possibly rather immense interests against it, I would guess that a book in a library would not be safe against british agents who could be out for either removing it or replacing it with a copy with altered contents. It happens now and then that I see a reflex of my own writing on my home computer in a newspaper some days later, and it is possible that british secret service taps my computer and spreads the material to such media as are interested in abusing it as if I should have been a secret agent working for such spreading. The british pretext, or even their reason for doing it, could be to create just that illusion that I work as a secret agent for them. Which I most certainly do not. When Ed Miliband was elected new british Labour leader in late september 2010, I had reasons to speculate that it could have been a choice of the party on background of a poetry manuscript of mine (on basis of poem #183 in my Endmorgan Quartet book 14 relative to poems 212 and 321 in my new book) which was completed in may. The release of israeli photographer Rafael Haddad from libyan prison could perhaps have been an indication of that, but I still hope that the reflexes I saw of it in the media were due to 'poetic phenomena'. Even the mass demonstrations, involving some 100.000 demonstrators in october 2010, against Bahnhof Stuttgart 21 in Germany could have been part of the same 'structure' which I hope is a poetic phenomenon and not a political intrigue. But maybe the 100.000 german demonstrators were a spontaneous protest against the british abuse. If, though, it had been stolen by surveillance, this tells of the level of culture of 2010 and the character of the war against the intellectuals and poetic logic. If it is no longer possible to write on a computer without seeing it tapped and abused by british agents (I have guessed that remote surveillance of electronic equipment now is possible on some distance by way of antennae), then there is soon the end of authorship. There seems to be the same development in all such british activities: To flatten everything out to a flat nothing upon which british administration can leave their symbolic stamps, as if they were the only interesting thing in the world - the one and only Poet. It is extremely important that the world comes to an understanding of what England really is about.

One sees the outlines of what the situation in theory could be: If JFK jr and possibly Diana pulked and have resurrected in new looks and identities, the function could be to constitute an origo for a Black Sea Loop from Turkey around the Black Sea to Paris, ending in an AIDSHIV lift to London. This loop will presumably consist in torture of the worst thinkable kind, bordering to coma condition by chemicals in the blood, on targeted victims who constitute a chain along the route by way of indexes. That will create a condition of 'underearth' panic. With the Clinton-Steuerland 90 degree turn, (possibly including a Hölderlin-Hyperion turn of Diotima represented in e.g. Tony Blair/'Braille' at the turn of the millenium ('ty potte'?) and in e.g. the name of Andreas Baader, around the Galicia-Dovre/Dover and Bessarabia/San-Trovaso via 'Al Kahira' = 'Al Qaida' and lithuanian 'kairys', this loop of diffuse and indistinct panic will later come to be running down Germany towards Austria (Anschluss by Braunau am Inn?) down to Italy, in order to make it possible to create nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy once again. This could have a correlate in the axis Vilnius-Vienna-Venice. The function of JFK sr (as a 'Judas Quisling Brutus', the cost for the progress of the democrats in those days) could have been to involve USA in the Vietnam war on behalf of England, so that USA would send their soldiers and be guilty of the murdering while England would 'enjoy' the effects thereof. This Vietnam war would go via Saddam Hussein (who, one could guess, could have been an agent for England) for targeting Italy, all the time with Norway as the other side. Hence JFK sr could have pulked to Norway in 1963 for being in that other-side role, for thereby facilitating the british cash-in of the whole story. The purpose with such a german-italian project could be to run correlates to a WWI and WWII on a 100 year scheme reinforced for example with the current Iran crisis representing the balkan war. The connection to me as a 'zwischenpapier' could be to ensure a dumping-place on the jews, for blaming those for the panic in Germany, by way of a sort of 'Bermuda triangle' with JFK jr and Diana if those should be in custody of a genetic daughter of mine (and a jewish woman, probably), in which case the 'triangle' (by a 'Union Jack' symbolism') would be a technical matter for later use for engineering a german nazi hatred against the jews and their 'scriptures' - for which the Octogon project (by way of the 8 corners of the Union Jack flag) would be the 'proof' that I would be guilty of the 'triangle' (while in reality it would have been the other way round). This could have been the purpose with the Octogon project all the time, and one can fancy that Eisenhower leaked the project with his doctrine already in 1957. (I don't know if all genetics-comparing 'lab' machines are made in England and have my genome installed in the software). Such a 'Bermuda triangle' could be thought of as including the idea of a tacit lifting of former administrative status into new after-pulk identity, which could correspond to carrying the old testament ('will') into the new. Curiously, New Testament verses 363-5 (for a full year) is Matthew 12:18-20, which is a quote - like a cardboard tablet - scissored out from the old testament Isaiah 42,1-4 and glued into the new like old volition status lifted into a new 'will' or identity! In weird reading of literal translation it could be telling about the attitudes of international secret service (is that simply to be thought of as an administrative 'Al Qaida'?) - people who seem to be represented in the parliaments and use drugs and only long for getting over 'on the other side' with the final pill which they always carry around (cp. fragments of Xenophanes, authentic or not). A 'drikke-strå' he will not break. In hebrew, the passage starts: ?? ???? ??????? = 'Henne i Aberdeen etter Mao kbow' = 'she in Aberdeen after Mao's kbow'. Clearly if a tablet or piece of OT is lifted into the NT in this way, it could also be about the idea of the muscles of the people of the world ('Tjötta'?) carrying out the will or simply thoughts of a monarchic headquarter in London, for creating a quasi-global consciousness (or pretext for mass murder), including the extermination of cultural diversity and free individual will. If Gen.2,17 is JFK jr and Gen.2,16 Diana, then Gen.2,5-15 (the loop itself) could be representing me in such a 'Bermuda' scheme as the jewish-genetic diaspora extending from Israel as Gen.1,1-2,4, if not vice versa in a 90 degree turn. (I currently live in a house with 30 and some flats in Stiege 1 and a handful in Stiege 2). The function of Edward Kennedy could have been to control France as the end station of the loop, with the confidence on his person always vibrating somewhat of Chappaquiddick, on behalf of England on the other side of the channel, for example with an 'Edward England' symbolism.

This function of France could furthermore have a correlate in Sweden, to the east of Norway like Iran to Iraq, and if it is a political intention to infiltrate Norway enough to make it necessary by an international demand that Sweden takes over the administration of Norway in a new 'union jack', the purpose of this could be a british control with Sweden via 'norrbaggar'. This could have the function of correlating Sweden and France, the home countries of Sachs and Celan after WWII, which could mean that Norway could find its correlate in a country whereto JFK jr could have pulked. This would be on the background of the history of Norway 1814-1905.

What is the role of the Kennedys? In the following I present some considerations which have a certain speculative character but which can be of some value nevertheless. There are reasons to see a certain systematic relation to my mythological role. The two cases of the brothers Robert and Edward in the late sixties are telling. Indeed they seem to have been swapped since Ted Kennedy's story from Chappaquiddick seems to have been announced in MLR april 1968 - which was just before the alleged death of Robert Kennedy! This story seems to be about the articulation of my name or person in the communications between Sachs and Celan.

It was on 13 january 1967 that Paul Celan sent a letter from Paris to Nelly Sachs in Stockholm - she had announced the arrival of Holmqvist to Celan in a letter of 30 december 1966 and it seems that Holmqvist had brought the construction of 'postkakanisch Vidimierung' with him to Celan, apparently thereby signifying that I would be the 'virtual heir' in her will. Celan was writing the letter apparently with Bengt Holmqvist sitting there next to him. The letter starts "Bei einem 'Stamperl'", which rewrites to 'Bei einem Stammbaum' (cp. 'Stamm-Paul') with an L-M rewrite which applies to the contents of the letter, including the deletion of initial S, apparently for an encoding of my name 'John Bjarne Grøver' as their child in the 'Stammbaum'. The Holmqvists and the Celans were 2 of the 3 main names in Sachs' will (the third being Gudrun Harlan). Celan's letter of 13 januar 1967 was co-signed also by Holmqvist and Celan's wife Gisele. This rewrite L-M and S-deletion seem to have been active in Edward Kennedy's alleged car accident at Chappaquiddick in the summer 1969 when his secretary Mary Jo Kopechne allegedly died. The two rewrite rules apply to 'paranoia schizophrenia' for 'parano-M-ia schi-ophrenia':

Mary Jo Kopechne
Para no kipechne = kipe-Mna
              ski på taket = chippidaqua = Chappaquiddick

'Ski på taket' ('skis on the roof') = 'schi-o-phrenia'. The rewrites seem to be active even today: Corazon Aquino died in the Philippines north-east of Vietnam only some months before she 'resurrected' in the form of 'Cameron David' as the new PM in England north-west of Italy - which could be for a british program of making the italians believe that their future fate in the construction Vietnam-Iraq-Italy is to be the resurrected vietnamesians and not the one of getting a similar fate of a total bombing of the country - and with this smartness (here by the name of Cameron and the story with the Kennedys from the sixties), the 'promises' of future prosperity and peace in Italy can gain many supporters there for a 'british Kennedy' program which, though, could come to mean the final end of Italy and a total destruction of their historic landmarks. It is a part of this story that Aquino died on the day when my (probably) philippino neighbours moved out - they had apparently rented the flat from the houseletter whose name resembled the name of Martti Ahtisaari who got the peace prize that year - telling of further prospects of peace and prosperity. (In London 1997 I even had a neighbour called Matthei, whose mate had a name strongly suggesting the third and uppermost part of the triadic ad of FRUCTE in the photo of Margul-Sperber).

This means that if Kennedy 1969 constructed the event with Kopechne for political reasons, he could have used this letter of Celan to Sachs of january 1967 for the event which seems to have been announced in advance in 'Modern Language Review' 1 april 1968. One could, in this case, even guess that Edward and Robert Kennedy's defining events came to be swapped in the last moment: There is a repeated reference to my name in Celan's letter to Sachs of 22 march 1968, when he refers to the line 'Ziw, jenes Licht' in his forthcoming book 'Fadensonnen': This line seems to have meant 'zi wjene slicht' = 'John Bjarne Grøver' via hebrew etc and the frequent reference in the correspondence between Sachs and Celan of the socalled 'golden light over the water' which seems to have been their code word for me as their child in Norway since they met in Zürich in 1960. This particular line is in Celan's poem 'Nah, im Aortenbogen' (in 'Fadensonnen') and could perhaps even be seen in the background of the news of Clinton's bypass heart operation in 2004. When the Baader-Meinhof group were in the Stammheim prison, it could have served to turn 'Ted Kennedy' into a 'Ted Vendy', as for a cigarette vending machine.

Only 12 days after Celan's letter was sent in 1968, Martin Luther King was murdered, and 64 days after this again, Robert Frances Kennedy allegedly died from a shot the day before. He officially died 23 days before my 11th birthday - a birthday which was the exact mid point in the governmental period of 'Per Borten' in Norway 1965-71, hence 'verboten', and when these 23 days are the same as the defining 23 days of the two Gulf wars 1980 and 1990, the coup in Iraq the same year 1968 constitutes a proof or at least indication that Robert Kennedy 'pulked' (from 'whited sepulchres') = did not die but changed to a new identity for continueing his political career. The 23 days emerge from the matrix of 16 x 4 = 64 (see my 'Time and the sonnet'), and when Kennedy was shot 24 days before my birthday, the shooter Sirhan Bishara Sirhan (a name which could be telling of the principled reason for the numeral 23 in the political history) could hardly have been so precise that he could have timed Kennedy's death to the next day. King's wife was Coretta Scott, hence 'skudd-såret' = 'the wound from the shot' = 'såret a skudd', 'skudd-året' = 'the leapyear' and therefore 'the leap-share' = the disputed areas of Sweden and Norway = Bohuslän, Jämtland and Herjedalen. ('Lys-håret' = 'blonde, light-haired', while 'lys-året' = 'the light-year'). Which means that RFK's field of work was Sweden like Edward Kennedy's was France, both of them on 'norrbaggs'. Sirhan Bishara Sirhan = 'says he bi-sharer says he' = 'the leap-share', 'the lip-share'. It is then interesting to observe that Celan's letter of 22 march 1968 could have led to a swap of the order of the events of Edward and Robert Kennedy - since MLR april 1968 in fact seems (whether relevant or not) to encode the story with Kopechne 1969. That seems to be the reason for the swedish word 'norrbagg' (cp. 'påska-kanisch' = 'easter-kanisch'): It seems to mean a 'pulker' who is dressed up as a natural swedish citizen (who looks as swedish as everybody else and is hard to take = 'vidimierung'?) but really is a hostile foreign agent infiltrating the country, and that is why the word is or was applied to norwegians who then have to carry the burden of the natural but hard-to-articulate hostility against such infiltrating agents - could be there are some reasons for this in the role of Norway in the construction with Vietnam, Iraq and Italy - a construction of a rather massive political force. This means that both these Kennedys seem to have carried on their careers on France and Sweden relative to my historic person with a norwegian citizenship. (After Celan's book was published in 1968, he had a crisis only a few days later - he attacked a neighbour because he believed that the neighbour threatened his son - and had to spend some time in a psychiatric hospital - in the ambulance he repeated over and over again that 1) he was a french citizen and 2) he had been operated in a lung).

The political force in the two Kennedy stories 1968-69 seems to be rooted in the sheer mention, however vague, of my person relative to Sachs and Celan. 'My art in Luther king' could have been about a reference to the contemporary of Martin Luther - Henry VIII who founded the anglican church (with its peculiarities) and whose name seems to have been the origin of the name of 'John Grover' in the story, at least since the 1840's (if those scriptures were not later fabrications). Hence when Martin Luther's reformation movement was about the role of the scriptures, the Kennedy stories from the late sixties could be about the mention of my name in the scriptures of Sachs and Celan.

It is likely or possible that this prohibition of my person is characteristic of the Kennedys generally. (The 'disputed areas' - from oldtime discussions of the border between Norway and Sweden - of Bohuslän, Jämtland and Herjedalen could be targets of intrigue).

To the Kennedy story must be added the essential data on the socalled 'Kanada commando' in Auschwitz - selected prisoners who sorted and took care of the luggage of the incoming camp prisoners who came to the ramp - where Mengele stood waiting for them - and brought with them their family inheritances in their suitcases which were taken from them there, by the ramp of Mengele, and sent to the Kanada commando. This 'Kanada commando' could even have been the entire purpose with this Auschwitz camp - to create the power of Kennedy after the war.

If so, one could postulate that three major characters were scheduled for the political scenario in the 1890's: Adolf Hitler, John F.Kennedy and me - represented in the three plays be Ibsen from those days - Eyolf Little, Wild Duck and John Gabriel Borkmann.

I am, though, absolutely not involved personally. The role assigned to me seems to be the offspring of the Antchel-o-Sachs-ons, the anglo-saxons, and I am a jew (Jud = Jut) by virtue of being a genetic offspring from them. The purpose of this would have been to define the anglo-saxons (the britons, that means) as the ultimate and original jews - with rights to their scriptures etc.

There is the photo from the ramp of Auschwitz (see chapter 1) with apparently Grøver/'Mengele' to the right, a person resembling king Haakon VII (not him personally, though) inbetween, and a group of people as the incomers. It seems that this photo has been assigned much importance in the construction of the intrigue - and as far as the relation of the Kennedys relative to me is concerned, the question could be who is the ultimate jew. Put differently - who is it there on the ramp, in the photo from Auschwitz? Well certainly it is not me, and I am not involved in the intrigue, which does not, though, have to mean that I am not the jew of the mythological story, and it does not mean that I am Mengele standing to the right.

The plan seems to be a total takeover of the jewish history and inheritance by the british administration who seem to have looked upon the jewish culture with some shortcoming moral standards prompting them to want to have their role. Hence the holocaust - and apparently the Kennedys.

The role of the numeral 23 in the Gulf wars supports the idea that the numerality in the intervals from the death of King to RFK to my 11th birthday in 1968 are suggestive of the idea that RFK 'pulked' to a new identity. One can argue similarly that if one considers seriously the theory that JFK after the assassination in 1963 turned into e.g. Leif Stene Johansen, then the fact that this identity change seems to have been encoded in the Nobel peace prizes for 1962-63 should be indicative of the same - that JFK pulked and did not die in 1963. I mean, it is not probable that the US president did not get hold of the assassination plans in time if the Nobel peace prize committee in Oslo had them. Jens F.Boyesen appointed to the norwegian government a few hours before the shot in Dallas and Nils Hønsvald president of the legislative assembly in the norwegian parliament are quite strong indications of just this, and it suggests that Kennedy pulked to e.g. Norway.

Could be this allows for the conclusion that the socalled 'curse' on the Kennedys is telling of a family habit of just this character. One of them even died when he was playing football with skis on his feet (not on the roof, that could mean), if I got the story right - that could be suggestive of the idea that the whole thing has been getting rather transparent and people are not really supposed to believe anything.

But that means also that a pulk of RFK - and the murder of King - could have been designed on basis of secret surveillance of the written communication from Celan to Sachs in march 1968. Which is bad behaviour. I think it is high time to unwrap the whole Kennedy story and publish all details of who pulked where and what they did.

To repeat it once again, John F. Kennedy said famously and shortly before his alleged death in 1963: "Ich bin ein Berliner Romanus". There could be elements of 'Persephone' = 'Berlin-Rome' as the mythology for the 'pulkers' in this expression. The essential and innermost secret in the story seems to be the factory of SIMO pram producers in Fredrikstad which was established by Simensen and Mohn shortly after the war. They had their premises at the Seut river, a side-branch of the Glomma river, which runs past Seut at Ørebekk between the railway going in to Fredrikstad from Oslo - just down from Labråten farm at the end of Labråten street, a hundred metres or so - and Gressvik, a small place just outside Fredrikstad, to the left at Seut and Ørebekk and some metres down there. If one stands on the Seut bridge one can (or at least could earlier) spot the former SIMO factory premises up to the left and Gressvik to the right. 'Se-ut' means 'look out' (e.g. look out the window) and could have been the background of Pol Pot's bizarre agricultural policy ('land-bruk' = 'agriculture', 'bruk lampe' = 'use a lamp' - for letting others see in, that could mean - or simply 'you Celan, P.'). 'Harry Potter' could be about this aspect of the story. 'SI-MU' seems possibly to have been derived from sumerian ('O' seems absent from the standard transcriptions, which means that SIMO = SIMU) for 'Berliner Romanus' or 'Roman[t]ic' or something like that. The syllable 'mu' in the sense of the 'moo' of a cow is often said to be a trait of the sunnmørian dialect (that it sounds like a cow's mooing) and is called 'rauter' - this could perhaps have been the background of the news agency 'Reuter' for 'si mu' = 'say moo'. The cuneiform of the two signs for SI and MU can apparently also conspire on the form 'SIGUR' as for 'security', which could be the innermost secret of the story - the international secret service as representing british power. That could have been the contents of JFK's famous speech in 1963. The cuneiform sign of 'MU' can also (among other possibilities) be pronounced 'MEHIDA' which could transform to 'Berlina' with movement of the nasal - and hence the swap of first and second part of the name when SI can mean MU. I notice also the 'co-jack' as for the 'Hugo Chavez' on the ramp, with the 'venezuela' type behind. This could share origin with the 'Panco' plastic factory on Seut/Ørebekk. The movement of the nasal gives the following forms:

'Kennedy' ? 'nekte' (norwegian for 'to deny' facts etc).
'Diana' ? 'neida' (norwegian for 'no, no').

Is this the reason for the persecution of Nuria Schönberg Nono by the murder of her husband Nono (see the chapter on the war against the intellectuals)? The 'Nuria' = 'Norway' language forms for 'Nono' can be taken to be 'nekte-neida'. The deaths of Nuria Schönberg's mother, brother and husband Nono, all of them apparently heralded in advance in MLR, or at least I thought I could spot traces also of her brother and mother, would thereby have served the british intrigue of installing the Kennedys on the form SI-MO. It is when this is considered a legitimate reason for murder that the administration has no right to continue its policy.

I am not informed about the original semantics assigned to SIMO, but I made a joke for myself which gradually expanded to what looked like a quite plausible explanation, and I can repeat it here, at least for its illustrative function: SIMO can then be short for 'Self-Induced Model Operation', as for a golem or Frankenstein who is equipped with the facility of a self-annihilating kamikaze button which can be pressed at any time. This button could also have a correlate in the concept of a basement cell surrounded by electric cables inside the concrete for the current keeping an iron trigger suspended by the magnetism inside a coil, held up by a rechargable battery in case the electric net current breaks down, which should make it difficult to escape or help somebody out by breaking through the walls since this would break the cables and cause an explosion when the trigger falls down, and the principle can be extended to remote 'dead man's button' and other security concepts - even to the Frankenstein as a kamikaze golem itself - this concept seems perhaps to be contained in some aspects of the Oslo Report - cp. the 'Kennedy factor' ('djan fjernegg röver' etc) - such as falling explosives, Frankenstein, bunkers etc. If one presses the button as for 'John Grover' pressed down to 'Onr Over' ('Octogon'), one gets something similar as 'elf-nduced-odel-peration' = 'elven du ser er en terrasse' = 'the river which you can see [for example from the Seut bridge] is a terrace', as if the river were the same as the river banks with SIMO and Gressvik - hence a phrase structure grammar format. Or 'elven du ser er datter-peration' for the 'Kennedy concept' of pirated ovaries or eggs through the rectum wall. (This interpretation of SIMO is guesswork of mine only, but I made the joke after I had spotted the terrace-shape of the building of the Vienna main municipal library on Urban Loritz Platz - and it is well possible that the theory is close to the truth). This kamikaze golem could have been the parody on the theories of Chomsky and his cognitive revolution from about 1957 when I was born and Chomsky got ahead with his academic career - and that could explain the curious role of Chomsky in this story as representing the nazi death camp Chelmno nad Nerem: It could suggest that Chomsky could have been brought up to the role and was guided towards automata or 'cybernetics' theory and was somewhat allowed to conduct his academic career under circumstances ideal for these purposes - without, though, himself having to be involved in the intrigue. Which would mean that the nazis would feel that they had the whole cognitive revolution under comfortable control with this 'SIMO'. The 'kamikaze golems' could have been the purpose with the suicide bombers on Israel - as with suicidal strategies generally. This political strategy is perhaps what could be hiding in the name 'Schimansky' which I have encountered on various mysterious places in the course of my life - for example I went into a shop in Paris for buying a second-hand laptop computer but quickly changed my mind when I spotted the name 'Schimansky' printed somewhat discretely on the inside of the handle. (How could they know that I would go in there and ask for it?) There have been some of those and I have ventured the theory that it means the combination of SIMO and Chomsky. Grøver/'Mengele' once said to me with a strangely rough german accent: "Jawohl, herr Oberscharführer", as from the photo from the ramp in Auschwitz. Could be he said "Jawohl, herr Schimansky". My guess is that 'Schimansky' means the same as 'Heinrich Himmler' in the postwar construction, and that SIMO-Chomsky is the real-world installation of it. But that would mean that with SIMO on the lefthand side of the river, there could be Chomsky = Gressvik on the righthand side of it. My theory is that SIMO-Gressvik is the essential part of the construction whereby british administration creates power globally by way of the mythological machine which includes me (in the context of Hitler and Kennedy since the 1890's) and could include the royals of Buckingham. If, for example, one thinks of the Antschel-o-Sachs-on Stammbaum as being constituted by Celan, Sachs, me and a daughter of me and a jewish female (it could even be Nelly Sachs herself if the 'Octogon' mythology applies) the child presumably having to be female by the role of the 'Kennedy factor' which arises from the combination of the names of Sachs, Celan and me relative to the Kennedys and includes the potential theft of eggs from her ovaries in drugged sleep (and the name-structure will dump the blame for that on me) if the power of the mythological construction is threatened by truth, such as seems to have been the case with the two letters from Celan to Sachs which could have prompted the two Kennedy stories at the end of the sixties, then the question is whether she would resemble me. If, therefore, I have been the victim of Grøver/'Mengele's physiognomic editing when I grew up, it could be that she would not resemble me strikingly although she could be of my genetics. (This would of course also make the intrigue rather flexible). I would then constitute a sort of intermediate generation in the 'Stammbaum'. This could have a counterpart in Buckingham in terms of the role of prince Charles, who is perhaps not strikingly similar to neither his parents nor to his children. My theory is that this is a phenomenon which is easily explained in terms of the role of Diana, who even could have been designed to be genetically affiliated or resembling the parents of Charles, thereby creating a genetic loop which closes on her children. (The austrian foreign minister around 1990 was Alois Mock with wife Edith Mock - Alois Mock seems to have started his career in the early sixties). The question is then what would be the story if a daughter of e.g. Sachs (or other jewish female) and me were in the custody of pulked Kennedy jr and Diana (one could take the stray NATO missile of type 'Harm' onto the house of Diana Vurbenova in Sofia on 28 april 1999 as indicative of a potential role of a 'Diana Bermuda' in this story). The 'Bermuda triangle' could then be constructed on the form of the mythology that the child of a pulked Diana being the genetic daughter of me and jewish female would be the real heir to the british throne - on the assumption that Charles were not the real genetic heir to the throne, an idea created by the swap of his role relative to me as a Mengele-edited person who thereby is recognized as not being a proper genetic part of the Stammbaum. This theoretical possibility could be the background of the animated film 'Rapunzel' (english title 'Tangled') which on the poster (I have not seen the film) seems to be about a young female princess who is 'heir to the throne' along with a male who handles a 'frying pan' = 'on the ramp' (the poster also shows a white stallion who thereby could represent the role of Al Qaida). The power-production of the british administration would then lie in the mythological value of the construction: The mythology would say that the daughter is the real heir to the throne and that the princes William and Harry as sons of Diana and Charles are not, and this would enchance the mythological value of the daughter for the purposes of power production. The role of british state terrorism would then be to try and set the mythological role of the princess through around the world (somewhat like e.g. the pakistani terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba seems to have been established or at least active after I bought a Toshiba laptop for writing my PhD dissertation with Lars G.Johnsen as supervisor, and I did believe that I recognized some tragic news of terror in Pakistan, India, Kashmir from my own writings on this computer). All this circus could create a lot of mythological dust, while the british self-confidence would rely on the unique access to the truth that the real heirs to the british throne of course are William and Harry and they have never accepted this mythological construction. There would not be much british power if Charles were not the genetic son of his parents and father of his children. It is the british-international secret service which creates the power by creating the myth that there is a secret heir to the throne somewhere else - as if the jewish culture still nourished hopes of being the identity of the new millenium, such as perhaps it could have looked around 1850. The royals of Buckingham have their own family life and this Mengele was never a popular person there, is the official stance which certainly denies any involvement in these stories. I saw a newspiece in a british newspaper - a big front page headline, I think it was - about queen Elizabeth calling Diana (it was in 2003 or thereabout, I think) for an outright whore, if I remember right - which could be telling of some 'Bermuda' ideas, and certainly such a newspiece could enhance the power effect of some terror abroad. It is well possible that this is the ultimate function of the Kennedys: To contribute to the construction of that terror-and-mythology machine. There seem to be much business and politics and even academics and art and other public interests investing their efforts into interpreting the latest mythological news - which are installed into the global historic consciousness by way of terror, ideally perhaps even as heralded in advance in e.g. MLR. This has gone so far that business apparently make their money on the role of the Kennedys in that sense of it - however much the factual role of the Kennedys can come to be the quislings whose role is to sink the country for a final british takeover.

I add, relevant or not, that I knew three persons from Gressvik around the end of the seventies: Kalle Solgård may share some vague features with prince William, although perhaps many people could be seen to do so. (I also met a person via Eisenhower #2 in the mid eighties who vaguely resembled prince Harry, but I would suppose that many do so as well). Morten Sørlie educated to priest and I think he is now the priest in Gamle Aker church in Oslo. 'Preste-bøtten' = 'the priestly bucket'. Freddy Fjellheim is not, as far as I know, heir to the british throne, but I don't know much about this. He is, as far as I remember, light-haired, and one observes the name-similarity of Marilyn Monroe with Fjellheim Freddy, who even was called Freddy Olsen when I was acquainted with him in 1977 and he quickly changed his name. Ragna Grøver had allegedly a head-on car collision in 1981, which even could have been taken to mean 'F-rett-i fjell-vegg' = 'F-right-into the Fjell[=mountain]-wall'. Gre-svik = comb[ing]-treason. There is the trivial name-similarity of 'prince William' with 'Freddy Fjellheim', and then even 'Freddy Olsen' could resemble 'prince Harry'.

There is of course nothing good to gain for the world from this mythos-machine: It is british nazism all of it, and certainly one important aspect of it could be to turn Italy into a new Vietnam. And while the italians wait for that, they are invited to believe that they are waiting for something good, in particular if they support the 'Kennedy project'. It may be important to notice that british administration may be rather much interested in spreading the image that I work for them or their interests and thereby invite other administrations to reject me if they don't want that nazism. However, it may be important to understand that british administration does not work for a poetic logic but on the contrary seem to be waging a more or less holy war against it while at the same time claiming that they do the opposite. My work is very much about constructing a poetic logic - which is not the same as working for british interests: On the contrary, it is rather much exactly the opposite of what british administration is out for. To reject me in order to avoid the threat from the britons is a very serious misunderstanding which could be closely related to the problem which secret services can have with understanding the logic of poetry.

It may be observed that if the Oslo Report is a security concept which could be a hallmark of the Kennedy strategy, it does seem as if the Oslo Report also could have been a british responsibility claim on the holocaust wherein the 'Kanada commando' in Auschwitz seems to have prepared for Kennedy after the war. The Oslo Report is from 1939. Today the power construction could be active every time a person sits down at a personal computer since the construction of the computer languages historically is very closely affiliated with Chomsky from about 1956. However, that is perhaps much propaganda since a digital computer is not much more than an advanced vending machine or pushdown automaton and real context-free phrase structure grammars never really existed in machine form. They are understood, by the cognitive revolution, to be an aspect of human cognition (interpreting the machine), and it is probably in this that the construction has a propaganda value for british administration via this 'Buckingham' phenomenon at SIMO-Gressvik. There is of course no necessary connection between human language and Buckingham. But there could be some propaganda value in the gradual cultural approximation of human cognition towards a machine level which is recognized as 'the same' as human ways of thinking. But there is no need to believe that this approximation necessarily has to be recognized as affiliated with Chomsky or his historic role since the fifties, although the propaganda may want to emphasize just that. Chomsky's role in the development of modern grammar should of course be acknowledged, but we do not have to assume a 'Chomsky ghost' in the computers.

It is high time to come down to truth and forget all the mythos nonsense - and it can be dismantled simply by telling the truth of the construction of it. It is well possible that the whole Octogon (for the 'Bermuda triangle') and SIMO and Chomsky and all this was constructed after or even before the war for making that mythos machine producing power for England by way of terror abroad. This is the concept which they have exported to USA, and it is well possible to consider US internal policy as a battle between those who want to create more US power by that british mythos machine (cp. Disneys Business, Dreamworks and all those) against those who desperately try to rescue the last remains of US independence before it is too late and USA has sunk too deep into the hopeless swamps of myth and invested all their money into faraway ghosts. While India and China and the east are entering into an era of booming economy and new cultural growth, Europe and USA may be left behind in the dark bogs of superstition. Western business may feel that there is no money without this mythology - to which the answer can be that it pays off about as much as lies do: Such lies often help immediately and can solve difficult problems on the spot. The only real longlasting effect of money-making by way of such quasi-mythology is, though, that it drives the own country down and England up. That is the power in the construction, and some would perhaps say that this is what power is - neither more nor less than lies - and that a community should be governed by truth and not by 'power' = 'lies'. Similarly, the art of literature should not be fiction as mythos-resembling lies for power-making but on the contrary truth for a goodness-driven society. It must also be understood that the 'stories' in question are no real mythology on the format of old greek material - they are only a lot of lies made up in London or thereabout - mainly fog on the landscape and with hardly any real mythological value at all. The Vietnam war may have served mainly as a power demonstration from England for telling the americans that they have to obey british rule - otherwise they are sent to Vietnam once again. And that could have been the job of JFK, to tell them that. Manhattan 11 september 2001 could have been another power demonstration telling that England knocks down the twin towers there if they want - and nobody even dares to protest against it. They even had to let the airplanes hit their goals without stopping them. The Bush administration took Saddam Hussein's Iraq in return - the '23' which was the reason for the Gulf wars since the coup in Iraq in 1968 at the time of RFK and King. Manhattan 2001 could have been step 2 in a 1-2-3 just like Iraq in the Vietnam-Iraq-Italy construction. But it must be noticed that this also meant that steps 1 and 2 included a lot of US bombing on the place - and we must hope that the third step is not planned to be on the same format.

This is the threat from the british monarchy who won the battle against Napoleon with their Wellington. They hope to convert the whole world into a Big Screen of computable pixels wherein each and every individual is in unilateral loyalty relations to the throne of Buckingham only and rejecting any other serious interpersonal relations. And please have a bad conscience if you think badly about the british policy.

This mythos machine is a real danger for the world's spiritual life, and the war against the intellectuals is at a very serious stage. It should be noticed that if 'Persephone' is the secret behind the Kennedy careers with more or less odd exits from the public stage, and if plans for a new disgreement on the epistemological status of the Holy Ghost is supposed to give reason for a deeper disagreement of the anglicans relative to the Vatican, for example for breaking off the south-american continent from the catholic unity (I know little about this, though), it could even be in direct extension from the problemshift of 'berse-fone' and the philosophical questions which can be derived from the theme of substantial excretion ('berse') with or without accompanying spiritual flatulence sounds ('fone', also as 'p' vs 'b'). Mind vs matter etc. England may come to look with disgust upon the 'stink-gasse' of such a problemshift, and may perhaps have planned to be the only country left which still harbours some spiritual values. I have seen some Monroe films with scenes (such as 'Monkey business' at 08:16) from a living-room in what could have been Fjellgata 72 in Klipra of the Eidsvig family with a peculiar corridor from the wall with the bookshelf between the door and the fireplace (in the corner of this room) in to the kitchen - displaced 90 degrees relative to the real corridor in Fjellgata, and one could speculate that these 90 degrees were the function of Marilyn Monroe's films. See "There's no business like show business" at about 01:40:05 for the real-world door (apparently 'surrealistic' in the film) with the male passing with lifted arm in jacket. (The real corridor went in parallel between and along the living-room and the kitchen and contained various cupboards and shelves). The secret corridor would be 90 degrees on this from approximately where the imitation of Tiepolo's Lucia from the Apostoli church in Venice is in the scenes from the home living-room environments from about 45:35 onwards to about 53:10. 'Father Steven Donahue' could then be on the theme of fatherhood, as for the 'head' = 'hue' of the biopsy tool when it penetrates the intestine wall. If the spiritual world is associated with the human genetics, there is the potential concept of a 'secret corridor' of the 'Kennedy factor' of eggs through the rectum wall and opening which thereby could represent the emission of gases by 'phony' corridors during excretion. Whether this secret corridor of Fjellgata 72 is essential or only coincidental, I don't know. The 90 degrees could also be about turning a Black Sea Loop 90 degrees for a Berlin-Rome axis in a 'Clinton-Steuerland' construction. This anyhow tells of how alarming the spiritual and intellectual situation could be if the world is supposed to continue following the british program with its apparent obsession with the lower orifices. Could be it is too late, could be there still are some intellectuals around. The international secret service - those who e.g. tapped Celan's letter to Sachs - are working day and night with getting the whole world under their control. Could be it is too late to make a french world of liberté, égalité, fraternité. Hopefully there are still chances, though. But that means that the whole story of the Kennedys must be unwrapped and published in all details: Who pulked where and into what new identity and so forth.

This explains Chomsky as Chelmno = Gressvik. That seems to mean JFK's "Ich bin ein Berliner Romanus" = "I am SIMO", with SIMO being in control of Chomsky's cognitive revolution by way of 'Schimansky' = 'Heinrich Himmler's holocaust. SIMO pram factories (who probably are not involved except by their original location) now seem to have moved (2004?) their premises up to Rolvsøy just north of Fredrikstad (Gressvik is on the other side), just like Leif Stene Johansen first had his shop on Rolvsøy before he moved it down to Molvigkaia, I think was the name, at Glomma river not far from SIMO in those days. This SIMO on Rolvsøy could of course also be the background of CIA chief 'Robert Woolsey' = 'whopper Rolvsøy'.

The whole story means that England is my enemies, not my friends. However, they seem to be much concerned with making other people believe that they are my friends and that nazism can be stopped only by rejecting me. I mention two examples which tell of how deep this association may reach - deep enough perhaps for Italy to be able to stagger and safeguard with at least waiting with taking a stance. The one example is Cameron David as PM in England after the death of Corazon Aquino on the Philippines: If this is the M/L of Kennedy 1969, it could serve to turn that into a resurrection on behalf of me, which could seem like a solidarity declaration with me as far as Italy is concerned. If so, one must notice that it is the PM. The other is in the use of terror: The word 'genre' is spelt both 'genre' and 'sjanger' in norwegian, or if it is spelt 'genre' it is pronounced 'sjanger' (perhaps with some relevance for the issue of genetic vs custody authority), and in the year 1973 or 74 I asked my school teacher in norwegian 'Tenvik' in class what was the difference, since I had to believe that it was two different words with different pronounciations. I notice 'sjanker' = 'veneric disease' like the later AIDSHIV, perhaps even 'sjonglør', 'John Grøver' etc. It may have been after this that Tenvik presented the book 'Det forsømte foraar' by the danish author Hans Scherfig for the class. Tenvik later, if I remember right and got the news right, married my former carpentry teacher Bangor (whom the students, for whatever reasons, sometimes called 'Bokji' which is traditional western norwegian for 'the book', while 'brokji' could mean some 'pantalon' - 'det stend i bokji' = 'it stands [written] in the book', cp. 'distended b[r]okji' and 'Ausdehnungslehre[r]', while russian 'brioki' = 'trousers') - the two names could combine to 'Vik-bang-ten-gor' (not to be confused with 'Viks brukthandel') which could mean 'Labråten gård' between 'Labråten 58' and 'Seut'. 'Ten-vik' can perhaps invoke associations to Celan's 'Ziw, jenes Licht' for my name, a possible background of the other major Kennedy event, the one in 1968. When around 1995-1996 I wrote something about the name 'Siv-Ellen Kraft' (could be even in the context of 'Levis trousers') on my Toshiba computer, it was probably in the framework of PhD supervision of 'Lars G.Johnsen', who, buy the way, had acquired a red sports car around those times. As far as I remember, the terror was after my writing and not before. The close affinity of this name to 'Ziw, jenes Licht' could thereby have been the background of the newspiece from I think a village in Kashmir that Lashkar-e-Toiba had attacked teenage girls who wore (tight-fitting?) jeans instead of traditional islamic clothes. If this be related to my writing on my Toshiba, it is hard to see this 'jihad' as being anything but political ideas based on indexes and not on human beings, and the question is therefore whether this terror could have been for islamic purposes or on behalf of british state terrorism. 'Jihad' as a religious concept is probably, as is my guess, related to ideas of a true 'poetic life' in the relation between poetic and historic reality, and if the last remains of 'jihad' are exterminated from the earth, then there is nothing left to make a poetic logic out of, and 'jihad' in this sense of it has of course principly nothing to do with terror - but clearly the british war against poetry and poetic cognition can be tempted to launch a conception of 'jihad' as equivalent to 1) poetry and 2) terror - for an ultimate complete identity of the two, and call for international condemnation of it. British state terrorism is then the flag of England in the forefront of the 'poetic revolution' (of Hitler and those). If, therefore, Lashkar-e-Taiba works for british interests, then one can analyze it to the conclusion that it represents a very deep and brave solidarity declaration with what I represent in this political story, which perhaps e.g. italian secret service could be inclined to see - or understand that way subconsciously - as an authentic support of my case and not of England. Which would be to wedge off the terror part of the identity (of poetry and terror) and dump it onto me and let the poetry part of the identity remain in the state of England. But that is only if e.g. the italians assume that Lashkar-e-Toiba did not work for England, which perhaps is hard to find out of, and if the terrorist group in reality did work on behalf of England, that could be the final proof which Italy needs to be convinced. Clearly if Lashkar-e-Toiba were working for England, which I cannot find out of - this phenomenon could perhaps even have been a side-effect of their own political goals? - their job could have been precisely this simple one of convincing italian secret service and administration and opinion generally that I (or the role which I represent in the mythos theatre, which means the role of the genetic jews by way of the 'Stammbaum') am on the british side. Which I am not. The britons should pack down these gigantomaniac terrorist programs instead of making intrigues on other people's integrity and authenticity. But there could be rather enormous investments in England for convincing the world about this point - could be primarily on a deep emotional and subconcious level and not so much on an administrative-logical level - which could be what England needs for being able to elicit anti-semitism as the last desperate solution in Italy and Germany, where people perhaps still (want to) believe in something as far as human relations are concerned. And the real difficulty in deciding on the matter could be in the question whether England represents the interests of poetic logic or not, which could be difficult for italian and other secret services to decide on.

This account is the impression which arises from the material I have studied in this book. Whether it really even corresponds to a reality in the world, or whether it only is a theory which arises from a certain redundancy in the data, I don't know. It must be noticed that the theory has a strength in its possibility of accounting for the whole death camp structure of Himmler in a small region of Fredrikstad - from Labråten street via Labråten farm ('gård') down to Seut and Gressvik a few hundred metres away. Clearly such dimensions would mean that the norwegian involvement would not have been only a couple of agents up in Labråten but would have had to be a national concern. I had to tell this story because it is possible that it could correspond to a reality and even be related to my own historic person, not because I am out for making bombastic claims. Clearly everything must be done to prevent a continuation of a british program which professes 'power before truth' and a new technology based on the worst sides of the human nature. England seems to be basing their global-monarchic aspirations on mass extermination of people and their cultures, and they should not be allowed to continue with such a program which only vaguely resembles a radical TV-screen nominalism at the verge of a new era of information technology - it looks more like a bloodthirstiness which the culture has lost the chance to understand anything of themselves. Cp. a possible debate on a 'flatus vocis' of a british-inspired 'holy ghost'. If England for such quasi-nominalist reasons and as part of a 'Dead Sea Scroll' program (cp 'Black Sea Loop') could be planning to destroy the world's libraries with book-eating bugs or ten year old germs, if such book-eating bugs exists, for replacing the books with pederast-cannibalist-genocidal computers for which storage media are not so ever-lasting and therefore historic truth quickly can be replaced with an updated british version, it must be considered a desperate cry for help: Why hasn't anybody stopped them? Why hasn't anybody published the whole story? Why are they still welcomed around the world? They seem to suffer from some fatal bug in their state religion, whether that be from Satan in Nottingham or from Henry VIII (the apparent origin of the name 'John Grover').

If Adolf Hitler and his government went for a safe haven in Norway after the war, it could even be that NATO was established mainly for making a safe haven out of it. The Soviet Union otherwise included most of its satellite states, but did not cross the norwegian border.

'Red Adair' plugged the blowout in the 'Bravo' oil well in 1977, and there seem to be interests in recognizing me as the son of Bjarne Eidsvig, whose brother Aron could have been Adolf Hitler = the 'red' Adam, for Adolf & Eva, could be for the equation Heros-traitor = Herostratos (and 'Hiroshima'). If Grøver/'Mengele' engineered on my skeleton growth in my childhood, it could have been for such purposes. In the late seventies, I helped Magne Rudjord with carrying a freezer up from the basement of Hanne Skjefstad.

The moral is very simple: If there are secrets, then there is intrigue and that is not for anything good, and that is why it is secret.

A somewhat tragic discovery can be made by the reader when one finally, at the end of the studies of this history and the development of nazism, comes to understand that it is not much more than a naive attempt to imitate the technology of the printing press. The history seems to find its explanation in the invention of Johann Gutenberg in 1444. The cleverness which was needed for making this invention was the insight that things had to be printed backwards and mirrored - what britons took to mean the opposite of what it meant. Hence a printed Holy Bible was the printwork of Satan, tells this folk logic. In order, therefore, in a heroic deed to rescue mankind on the continent from the doom of having to read the Bible backwards as spelled out by Satan himself, who told the britons what that german press was about, and the britons offered to take on that role themselves, as for being the plate of the printer as the island in the sea being stamped upon the continent. For this, one also needs a method of 'folding over' as in the sonnet algorithm - probably an old freemason secret - as for the folding and cutting ('klipr-a') of the sheets. This version of the story is the revelation of Satan in Nottingham: They took Johann to mean 'genocide' (a sort of 'good-and-bad'), 'gut-and-burb' to mean cannibalism and 'gut-and-bird' to mean pederasty. With this they stamped themselves upon the continent for printing the Holy Bible in a mighty pressure upon the continent with the two world wars. By this, they conceived of themselves as 'burdens upon the continent', or, as seems to be the key word for the Kennedys in some political circles, they can be thought of as a 'burden for their country'. Hence the whole matrix with Judas Quisling Brutus and so forth.

The britons may have been thunderstruck by the new technology of 1444 and were in a hurry with inventing a new in the 19-20th centuries. Luther's reformation may have been the continental answer to the enigma of mass production of the 'Holy Scriptures', while the britons produced Henry VIII for the same years, with his tragic 'anglican state religion' solution to the mysteries - introducing 'genocide' for the 'good-and-bad' and so forth. For this reason, England still seems to be carrying out genocides (or letting others do it for them) in an attempt to solve the 'mysteries' deriving from the name of the inventor of this 'Satan technology'.

'S-unn-Möre' as the region of Klipra would then simply be the 's-möre' technology ('unn' means 'deserve', 'avoid', 'away'), the smear and oil and printer's colour on the british plate. It is this connection which is the essential story. 'All is unn' = 'Ålesund', hence 's-möre' = 'smear' = 'the anointed'. 'Klipra' in the sense of 'cliffs-off' = 'c-lips/lifts off'. Even 'A-doll-fitler' and 'B-jarn-neid-s-vik' can be seen to be names imitating the essential moment of pressure in the printing technology and the characteristic 'smacking' sound when the plates are lifted - cp. the idea of 'berse-phone'. In the church of San Trovaso in Venice, there is a painting by Michele Giambono from 1444 (right opposite a Tintoretto from 1556) which shows 'San Crysogono a cavallo' - the rider on this painting from the year when Gutenberg invented the printing press is somewhat similar to Ragna Grøver, which could explain this 'ra-knakk röver' of the printing with pressure upon the 'continent'. Could be most aspects of the story can be recognized in a normal printing press machine - and it is well possible that this aspect of the story is not at all unfamiliar to politicians.

And what is the next - imitations of the 'digital' computer with rough-languaged administration? Digit-hale? 'Kennedy' programs with 'digital' biopsies for a 'comp-uterus' way of making power? The apparent tendency of modern 'security' semantics of focussing attention on the ring-muscle behind is telling of such a symbolism. Could be that is the 'Jar connection': Quite simply the rectum and its containment 'lock', for the concept of the 'digital comp-uter[us]'. Could be even 'du løfter av' = 'you lift off [cork]' = '0' by removing the 'finger' from the anus, and 'two-lip grave' = '1' when pushing it in again, hence 'digital' in-out for the mathematical computations. A world of 'security'. If this is the reason also for a 'Bersephone' and 'Ihr greift euch' symbolism, we must hope that the british plan is not to break the south-american continent off from the Vatican for such tragic reasons.

It is not permitted to continue with such incredible naivity. There is nothing natural or necessary in the bizarre traditional british parametres of politics. And the new ones do not seem much better.

This I have to say, for natural reasons. I notice that some of the teachers from Frydenberg Gymnas 1973-74 seem to have had names conspiring on the idea of 'poetic logic'. The biology teacher was Tore Lauvstad, cp. 'binary logic', the mathematics teacher was Sundet (reminding me of Udet, the hero of WWI), cp. 'Duino' with S/D rewrite. I don't know if this is coincidental or not, but it could have been used later in politics on e.g. Burma, which then even could have the function of creating the idea that I represent british interests with my poetic-logical work. I don't know if the burmese government work for british interests (and as such pretend to be in the role of mine and hence the jewish-genetic diaspora if the Aung San assassination is conceived of as a correlate to the Kennedy assassination) and modern ideas of 'security', and to what extent the country could be assigned a role a la Lithuania or Vilnius in a 'Clinton-Steuerland' program of 90 degrees turn - with Vietnam = Norway, Laos-Cambodia = Sweden (with Cambodia as the 'disputed areas', cp. also 'Lashkar-e-Toiba' vs 'Laos-Cambodia'), Thailand = Finland and China = Russia, with Burma = the baltics. And India = the european continent, divided in two with the iron curtain and Pakistan. Then England = Sri Lanka: Colombo --> Lombok = Wallet (norwegian 'lommebok'), and when 'Wallis Simpson' (not 'impfen' in the rectum wall, as for the 'Kennedy factor' relative to the names of Sachs, Celan and me) was the reason why the british king had to abdicate in 1936 because he wanted to be in bed with a woman (marry her), there is even the possibility that this could have been the background of the murder of Aung San in 1947. 'Kandy' is the most central city on Sri Lanka, cp. 'Kanada' of Auschwitz and 'Kennedy' of USA. In addition, 'anka' is swedish for 'duck' and hence 'Aung Done DucKyi' could then mean 'S riL anka' if taken in a 'swedish' sense of it. This could add popular credibility to Lashkar-e-Toiba, as if they - as 'church-RAF-toy' = 'Laos-Cambodia' = 'Sweden' - worked with their terror for the sake of Aung San Suu Kyi and me, not letting themselves be cheated by any divide-and-conquer propaganda label that could be pasted onto the burmese government. (The current burmese state chief is even called 'Tan Schwe'). This political goal of theirs could of course have been right, although their terror could not. (Lashkar-e-Toiba or Lashkar-e-Taiba seems to have been founded in 1990, the year when I bought my first computer, a laptop Toshiba T1200, model no.PA7048E, serial no.04053846, with 20MB hard drive and half of the top being liftable to a narrow screen, for writing my MA thesis, and in 1995 I changed to Toshiba T2150CDS for writing my PhD dissertation. They are based in Pakistan and attack mainly targets in 'the disputed areas' - cp. swedish areas of Jämtland etc - of Jammu-Kashmir and seem to have their headquarters in 'Muridke' - I remember 'Murihøgda' from the 1960's - possibly early 1970's - when Ragna Grøver told that the Eidsvigs had a property with that name somewhere and she had been there several times since her childhood, but the mention of 'Murihøgda' has otherwise been rare. There is also the notable phonological relevance as to the 'church-RAF-toy' of 'Ihr greift euch' from Rilke's 2nd Duino elegy as a counterpoint to the 'subrisio saltat.' of the 5th. One could speculate that 'toy' could be constitutive of top british administration, while 'church' could be contained in the anglican-catholic relations and RAF naturally be associated with 'Rote Armee Fraktion' of Baader-Meinhof and hence the british construction could serve to target Germany. I add to this the observation that 'Bermuda triangle' can be seen to be constituted by 'BER-muda tri-JON-gle' rewrites to 'Budapest jangle', where the word 'jangle' (cp. also 'genre', 'sjanger') is a special Fredrikstad dialect term which is reserved for the specific act of strolling around the mounds along the moat surrounding the pentagon-shaped 'Old Town' (I lived there in 1978-80 in Voldgata, cp. Vulgata, just next to these mounds, when the Apenes murder took place in the house across the moat canal) - my guess is that the word 'jangle', which people in Fredrikstad probably believe is old and authentic for this specific place-walk, could have been constructed in England for this purpose, and then it has a counterpart in the other end of the town with 'the Seut river' = 'Seut-elva' = 'se o tælle, hva?' = 'look out [to see] she is walking, eh?', where 'tælle' is another special dialect word for walking generally, not only around the pentagon-shaped mounds. The logo of Baader-Meinhof RAF was a Pentagon, and one can speculate that even the american Pentagon headquarter has been built in that shape for the specific reference to the outlines of the Old Town as an old fortified structure - with a function in Norway resembling Venice in Italy - and indeed one could see 'Voldgata' where I lived 1978-80 as related to San Trovaso and Zattere in Venice, in which case Luigi Nono on Giudecca could correspond to Apenes on Kongsten. To walk Zattere and around the Dogana tip could then be called 'jangle' in Fredrikstad dialect. (The place-names in the district around the Old Town are quite interesting, such as Vaterland and Glacis-gata across the river with 'gladiator' associations for the potentially lonely battle of me in a 'Bermuda triangle' for claiming authorship or parenthood - it must be noticed that questions of parenthood can be solved only by the official authorities who are responsible for finding better and non-abusive custody authority - which would mean non-agent parents - to a child who is threatened with becoming the focus of political mythos-business attention which can destroy a life, and this is when a theoretical lonely 'gladiator' struggle, with potentially negative effects for the concerned person, could be telling of why the Kennedys seem to be conceived of as 'burdens for their countries'. The official authorities are of course responsible for helping the child out of abuse relations without waiting for a 'gladiator' initiative from the genetic parents - and it is probably this particular aspect of it which has destroyed my relations to Norway, perhaps even as much as such phenomena as 'Per Borten' - on the assumption that my custody partents were agents for political business, that is. If 'Bermuda triangle' means 'Budapest jangle', one can speculate that the hypothetical couple could reside somewhere along the distance Budapest-Paris. Between Glacisgata and Vaterland there is Isegran, which could be telling of the 'grand Izmit' earthquake in Turkey one month exactly after the last take-off of JFK jr). The movement from the end of 'Ihr greift euch' to its beginning for 'church-RAF-toy' corresponds to Colombo/Lombok and could derive from the Wallis Simpson story of 1936 in the sense of 'SAL is impfen' - cp. also 'prince of charles' vs. 'prince of Wales'. There is also the 'Simpsons' cartoon which has gone on US TV through many years (since the eighties, I think) - an interesting theory is that it could be about a pulked couple of Kennedy jr. and Diana (possibly even including me in the role of 'Bart' as the genetic part of the family?). There is the interesting opening scenes in a series of variants - after the 'Zeusy' clouds and the writing (hopefully not subliminal?) on the blackboard, there follows an 'on-the-roofer' and 'leonie sax' and a sofa scene where the family could have watched the news of Lubomir Harman's massacre in Bratislava - which hopefully did not serve to invoke the broad US audience attention resources from this TV series. (The creator of the series - 'Matt Groening', a name which could suggest that you don't need to use a lamp to look out windows = Seut Windows - says that it takes inspiration from the environments of Portland, Oregon, where he grew up). One can assume that 'subrisio saltat.' of the 5th elegy is interesting for british administration by way of the 'JON-BER-SAL-ROSh' of the 'Marr-Hahn' = the 'Marr weathercock' - the four fundamental syllables of Marr, assumed (at least by him) to constitute the basis for all languages - and my name, possibly also some 'Persephone' associations. Being pakistani and working across the 'iron curtain', Lashkar-e-Toiba could have been assigned the role of Russia = China - and if the british plan is to take control with Sweden, the international condemnation of terror could then be planned to run in parallel with international expectations of Russia to stay away from Norway. Everybody agree that England is not right generally, on background of the whole story, but due to Norway's position in the global 1-2-3 construction, it continues to look as if England is right since about 1814. However, it may be that the problems of nazism could have been solved if Russia had included Norway - and then suddenly England would not look as if they were right any longer. It is also possible that USA and hence NATO will not continue to feel so comfortable about the british quasi-rightness, and if they should turn around a sacrifice Norway to Russia, if they are interested any longer, the whole british program could come to collapse. It is well possible that these aspects of asian politics are used for british modelling of what is planned for later decades in Europe. One notice the possible role of Quisling and Devold in the death of Lenin, and with the notable correlations in the death of Mao there is the Russia-China association in the asian mirroring of Europe in terms of this Vietnam = Norway construction, and clearly if the deepest truth about John Fitzgerald Kennedy is that he was a Judas Quisling Brutus, one can see how the whole story can balance on the tip of a Kennedy - apparently relative to my person (I am not involved!) in a probably british-defined good-and-bad = Gutenberg relation - as long as Norway remains independent of Russia. Even the list of names of CIA directors can be seen to circle around the same concept of 'John with wife' (whether the wife be 'sawed', a 'rumpsteak clutch' or whatever), but it does not say whose wife and if the Bermuda triangle is the theme, then it could of course be about another's wife. Neither does it say which John it is. The list could therefore be ideal for those who want to lift a 'quisling' label from Kennedy onto me. I can confess also that whether it was due to the exhibitions in Venice or not (could of course have been other reasons than a 'kone' = 'wife' in one exhibition and a 'hyper-clutch' phenomenon in the other), I developed a problems with gases in the stomach there towards the end of the stay (would 'a prince of charles' be a relevant term?) and notice that George Bush sr. is almost in the mid point of the series of CIA directors. If Norway is the balance-point for this global construction, one can see even NATO as being motivated by this need for balancing Norway off against russian interests - but clearly the construction could also be a little frail from a british viewpoint since it depends on american and NATO goodwill. That is why England could be so interested in offering power to americans who are willing to support the mythos machine - and those american media who are pumping out nazi propaganda in support of the mythos are indeed a great danger to the future of the world. The americans may hope to take over the business when England is pensioned off - but it is indeed a question whether there is a light in the end of this gloomy british mythos world or if it all ends in the dark bogs only. Could be the americans have started to understand that the asians are speeding off into the new millenium while the americans - a small nation in the west with hardly as much as three hundred million people in their scarcely populated fields - remain behind in the old swamps of superstition, and that was the end of the story of the british Klipra and Jar connection. It is not the future - and nothing valuable for the americans to take over from England. They had better hurry up and join the new millenium - wherein it will be possible to organize a society by way of truth and not by lack of knowledge.

It is possible that the situation can be seen as contained in the struggle of Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo who hopes to drive a wedge into the one-party system in China. A political theory could be that he - in this role of his - serves chinese interests even in the sense of an attempt to drive in a wedge into the one-party system of USA, where the totalitarianism perhaps is worse than it is in China. The one and only party in USA could be the one called 'the american dream' (with democratic and republican and other fractions) which perhaps rewrites in british-defined fashion to 'crap on poetry'. But the real problem, says perhaps Xiaobo, and the real and urgent reason for his struggle, could be that a one-party system is vulnerable to being couped: What if even the chinese party is couped and they work for England? Then it is virtually impossible to stop the coup if there cannot be other parties in the country. Indeed that could be the urgent situation in USA - that the whole continent has been couped by the british death cult which leaves the country without integrity and therefore in a desperate need for finding another reality to cling its shadows onto. Which could be China - and then the real effect of an attempt to drive in a wedge in the total unity could be that USA will start dreaming about an 'NPTO' = 'North Pacific Treaty Organization'. And then the whole card-house edifice with Norway-Vietnam-Iraq-Italy could come to collapse. If only they could reach the fantastic situation of being able to establish a democratic multi-party system in USA. The rewrite rule seems to have explanatory force for many top names in american politics, in particular if interpreted in norwegian language, some even as possible problem-solvers with the two-language scandinavian solution of swedish. The most important example is, though, probably 'John Fitzgerald Kennedy', a form which could rewrite correspondingly from 'self-induced is/Jesus gitter/jøder' = 'self-induced is/Jesus grid/jews' with variants, such as 'self-in-yoked shits-gear' which then means the anus ring as a symbol of 'security' with mystic value for the concept of 'digital computer'. I have to mention the story from november 2006, one early morning when I was writing about Saddam Hussein on my computer and this object fell down with a notable rumble in my bathtub (see this article), apparently from out of eternity since I could not find any explanation to it. It clearly can be taken to be a 'self-in-yoked shits-gear' - although I believe that this is a poetic rather than political phenomenon. Chomsky is associated with the computer languages - although all factual computer languages are pushdown automata - but Chomsky associates in this context with the SE-UT and SI-MO framework which consequently tells that politics on the digital computer rests essentially on the american program of 'crap on poetry'. (The 'N' in 'Kennedy' is really the initial 'S' in the 'self-induced' which thereby comes out as 'nelf-induced' etc - which could be about 'Nelly Sachs is 2 expensive/animals' - I notice also 'John F.Kerry' as democrat candidate some years ago - cp. also the iN and out of the finger in the anus lock for the political symbolism of the computer). But this tragic rewrite story tells why USA could have been couped by the british program via the role of the Kennedys and the quite large historic force in the death camps of Hitler and Himmler relative to Chomsky - and Labråten just 2-300 metres up the street. The american youths tried to protest against the dangers of the Vietnam war, but the protest failed - at least so far. The tragic program tells that 'the american dream' = [to] 'crap on poetry' and this constitutes the legal unity of all americans. It is the war against the intellectuals. If this also is launched as the one and only hope for an american future when the east speeds off into the third millenium, the chances for avoiding a total british coup of USA are perhaps not so large. But this is something which the americans should be able to understand rationally and they should reject the program for the sake of their own future. It clearly is a british construction which lends the authority over Pentagon to Downing Street 10, and not much protests of youths could be needed in USA before the americans are in war again. That is probably the secret of Kennedy's success (in addition to the illegitimate support which could have been gained from many people who could feel that 'the american dream' is 'crap', be it on poetry or elsewhere). One can guess that it could be about a successful agent for England. If so, he would have been designed well before Charles de Gaulle rose to chief of state in France. It is perhaps less probable that de Gaulle got his name after Florence Nightingale, whose name could have been designed after the 'norwegian hardingfele', a national fiddle with four freely resonating strings hidden under the fingerboard, rich in over- and undertones. The story with the Golls relative to Celan could perhaps be somewhat interesting in light of 'the american Wallis Simpson' story from 1936. Some could, on this background, perhaps even see a british responsibility claim on de Gaulle in the Simpson story - assuming that 'the american Wallis Simpson' (divorced twice) simply meant 'the american netting' (= 'Charles de Gaulle') and hence 'crap on Kennedy' as the bait for the french voters?

It was in early 2003, soon after I had got my pension, that I tried to find a place to live in Paris and was guided by invisible hands into a flat in 'Rue des Vertus', around the same time as the US film 'Mr.Deeds' was released in France - and the studette was ideal for my purposes, and I even understood that I could have got the chance to buy it for the afterpayment of my pension, and it is well possible that I would have bought it if I got the chance - had it not been for an electric piano which resounded from above hours and hours every day and made it totally impossible to live there. Earplugs and professional sound-protection gear did not help. The 'jazzy' pianist, apparently with a swedish name on his postbox, refused to use headphones (he said he had pupils), and I gradually had to understand that the situation meant a sort of 'persona non grata' on my person, could be even due to 'norrbagg' concepts, and I understood that I would be wise in leaving the country. (It must be added that I had been without housing for many months, which means that my person was rejected by the world, and then one is of course very vulnerable when trying to get a foothold inside the roofed world again - and not much intrigue is needed to squeeze the rejected person out in the dark and cold again). If the electric piano meant 'can you read the [electric] metre?' (see the note on Aage Krarup Nielsen at the end of the book), and if this meant that I were associated with top british interests in combination with Kennedy/Diana, it could have meant that France could not support british interests of that type. But this only means that they would factually support Kennedy/Diana instead, could be for a Black Sea Loop concept, and that the role assigned to me is to be the ultimate top supporter of the persecuted britons who suffered so much during the dreadful holocaust. I must repeat it once again: I do not support England and if the plan is that my last chance shall be a helping hand from England, it is even in my role to reject that last helping hand, since I am not a nazi, because France and perhaps Israel and everybody else who do not want british nazism have run the game all the time that I am the ultimate expression of british nazism and enjoy tacit support from that top level and they don't want that. Could be they even reject me for giving me the chance to accept that helping british hand when there are no chances left. Which is the dirty game which could leave the whole world as a mass support game for the Kennedys and a Black Sea Loop. If this is not the case, then the tragic story seems to be that politicians cannot talk but express themselves with ambiguous acts instead. Was it the meaning that I should go to Sweden and apply for swedish citizenship? Well then the pianist would not have been swedish! - and I had no chance to guess the role of the citizenship, much less was I born with the national laws and regulations. They have to come out with this story in explicit wording. It is only 8 years after I was driven out of France that I am able to understand this myself. Could be it was something else, though. In late 2010 I sent a letter to a french nationality office ('Service de la nationalité des Francais nés et établis hors de France') with an inquiry whether Celan was registered as my genetic father in the state of France, in secret service archives or whatever, and a few days later I got an email from the swedish 'Migrationsverket' (who I had earlier contacted and got an answer from, but here it was somewhat updated) by a person whose name seemed to mean 'el-piano bid' that it would take 2 years or an unspecified time for me to get a passport there. Which - although the intertwining with the french inquiry could have been a coincidence, and I had a feeling that it was - could mean that I would not be able to reach the 2 years limit there - which could be for political 'norrbagg' reasons. I don't know if the french 'gaullism' could indicate a 'persona-non-grata' a la Kennedy's role. I think even that Sarkozy announced his plans for re-election on the day when I sent my inquiry to France - which I had written on 30 november around 2-3 o'clock afternoon, dated 1 december and sent on that or the following day - but clearly that could have been a coincidence.

Of course it does not help to crap on neither poetry nor on Kennedy - the only crapping which perhaps could help a little would be if it were on the british. But that was perhaps Hitler's warship 'Tirpitz' and Shetlands-Larsen's (!) failed attempt to 'crap' on it. (Shetlands-Larsen is allegedly the highest decorated marine officer from WWII - I don't know if he installed such 'shetlanding' or 'shits-gear' in the british mythology constructed by the world war when he shuttled 52 times back and forth between England and Norway). Clearly the solution is not in crapping but in information about facts.

The conclusion seems to be that both Kennedy and de Gaulle could have been agents on this scheme - for England, and possibly with Chomsky's role as the link - and hence SIMO and possibly Kennedy's 'Berliner Romanus'. How extensive this phenomenon is (state chiefs as agents for England), I don't know. Hopefully it is not every country in the world - but maybe it is the plan to reach that condition, for example via a Berlin-Rome axis of the 21st century and extensive use of the same sort of principle (Kennedy vs. me plus swap of roles, possibly via a principle of 'Bermuda triangle' etc). The plan could be to have british agents in all top positions and easily manipulable parliaments underneath in all countries of the world. One could guess that if a country revolts against such a principle of agency or informal dependency, they could get trouble with Pentagon. It is likely that outright agency of the state chief or top leadership is not necessarily the key at least so far - it is well possible that the only criterion for a peaceful co-existence in the present world is that the country craps on poetry. That is the british world after 1850 and the epistemology of the digital computer developed from it. And the british strategy seems to be that every other country in the world craps on poetry, but England does apparently not, and that is what their alleged ideas about me as a secret agent for England could mean. And that is the reason why all other countries could have problems with accepting me - that I am not 'crapping on poetry' and hence must be an agent for England: They don't want british nazism and that is the reason. Which of course would be mistaken and the reality would be very much the opposite. This would, if it be the case, be an exclusively top international level phenomenon which is used to spread british 'crapping on poetry' all over the world. For installing the epistemology of the british computer - as a 'finger in the bottom' - hence my name 'John Grøver'. It is the tacit understatement (which only other state chiefs with access to 'tip top secret' could relate to) that I should be an agent for England which is the dirty trick. That could be the 'dirty trick' installed with the school dentistry - the 'tramlines' in my teeth - in 1970-71, after which I went to Sei-ersten school (= 'agent #1'?) and dropped out mid way from Frydenberg Gymnas.

I have never heard a word about my person in any political context at all: On the contrary, I have always learned that I am Mr.Everybody without any political role at all. Therefore I had to write this book which I should not have written but which somebody else should have written - and given me a copy of it. But clearly those who have access to tip top secret could not write it, and others do perhaps not even know about it except for fragments of mythology involving my person (dirty beast in revelation and things like that). During the time when I have written it, things have been going wrong way, and I have now developed an eczema because I cannot take another day with this work but could not stop before I had reached this point, and, even worse, I start to get used to this way of thinking, and then my body gets ill. It is the fact that I had to defend myself against such 'tacit allegations' of secret agency for England which is the reason why I had to write it: Otherwise the world could have gone totally de-poetrized.

Mystery mass bird deaths in Arkansas, Lousiana, Italy and Sweden on telling place names at the new year 2010-2011 are telling that no bird falls to the ground unless either God or Downing Street wants it - with mystery vibrations from high-technology Pentagon laser beams or whatever - and it may be, although one could perhaps not be entirely certain that it was not the birds who responded 'poetically' to my poetry, that the bird deaths told about just this 'Kessedy' and my 'Endmorgan Quartet'. However, 'Fallköping' in Sweden could be telling of 'fallosen' vs. 'Falchåsen' and 'no bird falls to the ground without God's will'. Faenza in Italy with turtles from heaven could be telling of the cup I drank from in Venice, with neighbour underneath, and with photo of the cup on the internet. Redwinged blackbirds could be telling of the poem I had just put out on the internet from my 'POLAKK English Bloggi', wherein I also included an analysis of parallelism in my novel 'The Dreamer'. It could be that chemicals are now invented which disintegrate in the blood of humans (into two components, one of which could be not so nice) only by activation from an invisible laser beam or radioactive radiation and leaves the victim more or less convinced of the nearness of such 'religious' authority - be it on cardinal or even higher level. The data on the birds seemed to suggest that it was I who had instructed Pentagon about the desired targets of radiation or satellite laser beaming, for purposes of 'my project'. Which would mean only a very top level agent for England. On Saturday 8 january 2011 (the day after my doorbell rang in the still-christmas-feeling evening but I could unfortunately not open it), US democrat congress representative Gabrielle Giffords (apparently a friend of Obama) was shot point blank in the head in a supermarket along with a number of other people - John Roll etc., it was not I who masturbated in the 'super'-market of satellite beams - by an apparent 'loner' who according to media was not typically 'church-raff' and who nourished ideas about empty talk in the media: It is a matter of interpretation whether this means Modern Language Review title 2 in the issue of 1 January 2011(with 'Ferdinand Freilingrath' in title 2), issued on the same date as the mystery bird deaths, in which case the conclusion could be that the 'forking' of the birds and the attempt on the congress representative is a case of british state terrorism which has no problem with using Pentagon technology (unless the britons have these weapons themselves) - and it could have been designed as an expression of Satan who wants to publish something. This seems to be the style (I can add that I am not Osama bin Laden either) and the media publish the data that the birds seem to have run their heads en-bloc into some wall or something in the air - could it have been a curtain of frozen aurora borealis hanging in the air? - or could it be the birds were scared by new year fireworks? - and nobody in the media world seem able to come close to the probable facts - which here include the possibility of 'correction' by laser beam from airplane or satellite onto a single person in the street if people do not behave according to preprogrammed expectations. Then 'democracy' is easy indeed. This 'british problem' could otherwise have been solved long ago if only people had been informed about it, but mass non-involvement with britons (untill they have tidied up in the historic mess) is perhaps not so easy if such satellite laser weapons exist. It may be too late - and that is because the authorities have not informed the public about the history. America is not interesting if they only are running around after Kennedy: It really seems to be all and only about England.

Correction by laser beams on unexpected behaviour, interactive computers in constant contact with the headquarter in London (responding with 'corrections' if you type something unexpected), subliminal feedback and guiding of thought and behaviour from behind the wallpaper: This is likely to be the british vision of a 'poetic world'. But then there is space for only one poet in the world and that person is in London, and the rest of the world is there only for making telepathic reality of this single totalitarian poet's ideas - making 'poetic complexes' a la these 'super'-market laser beams grounding poetic birds, with door openings and gunshots on politicians and such elements. Does it send a shiver down your spine with those divine and biblical (migrating?) birds? A tragic vision of poetry that is - which seems more or less identical with 'crap on poetry'. It may be too late if the world allows the british mythology to continue.

My name 'John Bjarne Grøver' seems to encode the 'dirty beast in the revelation', for example on the form of 'Treblinka', but it also encodes the motto for the french revolution 'liberté, égalité, fraternité' on the form 'jump jarnegg röver'. That could be for creating the impression that Hitler's nazism is but a recoil of the french revolution. For the couping of Lenin's revolution, it may be that the doctorate (Lenin's, Mengele's etc) was the key concept in the use of the Klipra connection. For the planned couping of Mao's revolution, it is possible that the plan could be to throw up the 'Langgewehr' of Rosa Luxembourg for a renewed revolution a la Mao - in which case the 'recoil' of the butt of the gun against the shoulder corresponds to a magic transformation and transubstantiation of this bra into a butt of a gun against the shoulder. This transformed bra could be the aigis of Zeus and his daughter Pallas Athene (a la Kennedy and daughter?) from the homeric epics. A giant 'leakoil' was released in the mexican gulf after I had moved to Vienna from Venice and a new government was made in England, and the british BP was blamed for it. When the US invasion of Iraq was preceded by an invasion of Afghanistan, nevertheless what were the real reasons, one could of course spot such a 'Langgewehrkanal' in the role of Afghanistan, in which case Iraq could be thought of as a US 'aigis'. In all this, one could spot the idea that England via my name represents the french revolution. Which clearly sounds like humbug.

Could be the longterm british plan with a 'Jar connection' is to recognize the 'poetic logic' of the 'digital computer' as being essentially jewish, in the sense of a 'pumping mechanism' going from the poetic to the historic reality and back again - inside and outside 'history', beyond historic time and so forth - and then let people, who may turn desperate when seeing these prospects for a future, exercise this 'poetic logic' on the jews themselves in new waves of antisemitism after a 90 degrees turn has lifted the jewish 'anglo-saxism' from England over onto Germany and Italy. But, once again, it is, tells that conception, only England who has a deep understanding of the jewish culture and philosophy and can offer them a safe haven after the persecutions are over - for putting up the new millenium on basis of 'jewish security-philosophical concepts'. Just like the 'Klipra connection' seems to have lasted not only throughout the holocaust 1933-45 but well into the next century, so a 'Jar connection' can have been planned to extend beyond new persecutions and into a new era of 'jewish philosophy' for a 'digital computer', pumping information from the people's poetic ('trans-historic') to historic reality and back again.

It is not a good idea. Such a british-poetic computer with finger in and out of anus (a variant of 'Ronk Röver' = 'John Grover' = 'Henry VIII') would of course be a horrendous parody on the poetic computer which there should have been had history taken another course around 1850. It is not the future.

The mechanism seems to be that the more a country accepts the mythos circus, the more will it fall down and England be pumped up. The reason why a country accepts it is that it makes the wheel of business turn a little faster around for a short while, and a few politicians (of a certain kind) can gain some more power than they otherwise would have done. The cost is that it creates a class division and it reinforces the bad sides of democracy - those which create power by myth from the sheer fact that not everybody in the country can read all documents in the parliament and therefore the voters have to vote for the politician's mythological tie and not his words. These bad sides of democracy are also what create the role of secret agents and the power of international secret service. It is therefore a difficult problem, and the question is how it can be solved. Well, there are two simple suggestions immediately presenting themselves: 1) Tell the truth - the historic facts which constitute the basic elements of the myth, such as in this case e.g. Hitler in Klipra and things like that - and do not accept the political mythos world, and 2) close down the british monarchy.

The conclusion to the whole story - including the mystery how it can come about that peaceful administrations let this continue without stopping the terrorist state[s] and without informing the public about it - seems to be that it is conceived of as yet another level in the development of information technology, for which reason one allows a certain amount of terror for the sake of 'rationalization' of knowledge and things like that. And politics is granted the right to invade and occupy the fields of poetic inquiry for the same obscure reasons - that people believe that it is the future and not the past - and so poetry and other arts are slowly and gradually squeezed out and a new world of pure power takes their place. There could be an urgent need for a critical study of how much of official english literary and linguistic history is or could be pure swindle - hopefully not everything before 1840 is pure politics, but it is probably wise to have as little illusions as possible about England, and it is probably also possible to find empirical evidence for supporting such an attitude. In the worst case, it is all and only the Klipra connection all of it - and that would be for the one and only sake of their third political parametre genocide (against the jews) as an outgrowth of a tragic religious development since Henry VIII, and perhaps a wish to export that revelation to nowhere. When swindle comes to be the backbone of the history, suffering from socalled 'english disease', then power is defined as truth, and truth reduces to the effect of threats which makes truth very flexible and plastic. The new information technology - and the digital computer is the tool of writing for it - conceives of itself as a giant global 'zwischenpapier' on which the global consciousness can write its ideas, and England apparently wants to be the attention module in its working memory - for an attention which can target its terror for creating and giving shape (by 'poiesis') to the new global consciousness. That 'globalized' condition of the cognitive 'zwischenpapier' is the contents of the language level of chomskyan grammar. However, the story is tragic in the sense that this new information technology is not really new - it is rather a gigantic version of the old alphabet with its discrete symbols, and the human errors seem magnified on a corresponding scale. It is not the new poetic technology which it should have been - it is an 'ABC of politics'.

I hereby declare that I never was in any sexual relation to princess Diana (cp. 'bermuda Triangle') or a pulked version of her, and if she and/or JFK jr or Köpenick versions of them are in the custody of a genetic child of mine for purposes of abuse, the law should of course be used for dissolving the parenthood. Ideas of abuse with 'Kennedy' removal of ovaries or parts of them can be derived from e.g. 11 september 2001 and the attack on Anna Lind 11 september 2003. Neither is there any reason to let e.g. JFK jr send me to the chemicals for reasons of strange feelings which a genetic fatherhood of mine could invoke. Any 'double identities' under the pretext cover of 'Coventry' are of course unacceptable in view of the political potential therein. The austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955 (article 10) prohibits nazism or its 'leftovers' in Austria - please don't swap that label with me, by way of monkey business or whatever. The animated film 'Shrek' could have been formed on basis of the difference between my skull according to genetics and the form it eventually got, possibly by way of Mengele methods for hampering bone growth, hence the ears of the animated film character - for which reason the argument could be that I would be a 'pulked' or edited 'agent' variant of myself. The character resembles Gröver/'Mengele' and hence one could talk about a 'leftover of nazism', which is forbidden by law in Austria. If that is the plan, to drive me off for the sake of the law, please let me know so that I can get a chance to move somewhere else - but preferrably one should of course not respect monkey business at all. There have been a series of peculiar events in the house where I live - I am not involved in any of those and I am not mentally disturbed.

Several films can have been made on basis of a mythological 'Bermuda triangle' of this kind - such as 'Taxi Driver', 'Moulin Rouge', 'The dreamers' etc. In the late seventies I was diagnosed with 'clamydia', which is a veneric disease, but the only possible source did not have it (as far as I remember) so one could of course speculate that it could have been transmitted in drugged-sleep condition - could be for 'telling things'. I don't know if it really could have been 'gonorrhea'.

There have been much news about WikiLeaks. I don't know if that could be for buffering off the 'leaks' about the Klipra and possibly Jar connections on this website.

This book forms the natural continuation in the series of cultural studies of mine - see the page about my works - the natural progression of which could be suggestive of the reason why people paradoxically seem to accept the development, as if it were the only natural progress of history:

1. Submorphemic signification (1995)
2. Epistemes, language and information technology (1992,1997)
3. The theatre of the heart (1997)
4. Time and the sonnet (1999)

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