Amritsar and the assassination of Indira Gandhi

John Bjarne Grover

It seems, from my studies of the history, and I must emphasize that these are ideas I have made myself and I have never encountered anything the like elsewhere, to be the case that the identity of my elder official sister Vibeke Grøver can have been associated with the death of Mao and the identity of my younger official sister Tone Helene Grøver with the death of Indira Gandhi. Briefly, the 'mythos' seems to credit these with the deaths of the politicians - or at least it is possible to spot such an idea around.

I was in contact with these up to the first half of the 1990's and it has never occurred to me before recently that there could be such mythos constructions around. My view is that it is probable that none of them were involved personally but that their personal identities are used to model the political intrigue, potentially assigning such roles to them. Vibeke Grøver was for a year in Aberdeen when Mao died, and returned with Nick, while Tone Grøver was for a year or so in Nicaragua probably around the time of the death of Gandhi or thereabout.

I personally believe that it is not necessary to credit them with the bodily presence at the time and place of the deaths of the politicians.

However, there is a reason why I should observe the potential mythos construction - and that is that it seems to relate to the work I am doing - apparently serving to press that work down.

I have earlier told the story from the late '60's about the family waiting for the ferry at Vikebukt ferry station when suddenly Grøver/'Mengele' said "e må pisse" = "I have to piss" and he went behind a shed. After a few minutes another and similar person came back and took his role - I think for a lasting take-over. I recall this well and believe that this is what happened. In 1970 not only Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan died - but also the two rock stars Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix died from 'heroin'. If the mythos should apply to the two sisters, or one of them, it would tell that 'they had to piss[tol]', that is, they had to shoot, and a copy would return to take the official place while the original would be a 'hero-in' prison or something like that. However, I cannot present any data which tell that these were copies of the originals after 1976 or 1984 - of course such good copies could have been the case but I never discovered it and it is therefore not likely from my point of view.

It seems that the two high-ranking deaths constitute a butterfly on these two sisters - such that Nicaragua means Nick and Aberdeen means 'a burden' - such as by the hanging in 1989 of two of the three official assassins in India - at the time when I shared office, side by side, with a person whose name resembled 'discharging'. This was one of the crises of my life. I had been troubled by telephone terror (silent phones, I lifted the receiver but there was nobody there) 1986-1988 and when the last of these told me (by predictable time point) that it could have been Ragna Grøver who called, I moved from Kringsjå down to Bregneveien in late 1988 and Kehar and Satwant Singh were hanged in the morning 6 january 1989. It is likely that the telephones could have 'meant' that the responsibles could hurry up and apologize to the indian state - and then perhaps a prison inmate could be rescued.

In the autumn 1984 I studied latin - we were 4 students on the course, Sindre Bostad (then a monasterial novice) was one of them and we used to read latin together. In the beginning of december 1984, appr 5 weeks after the death of Indira Gandhi, around the time of the exam, there was the cyanide disaster in Bhopal. Norwegian 'bopæl' = 'bostad' = 'residential address' or 'place to live' - so the connection is obvious. Bostad speaks a peculiar western norwegian dialect wherein the 1st person pronoun (instead of the normal 'jeg' = 'jei') is 'ei', a word which also means 'not'. One of the three accomplices in the assassination was 'Kehar Singh' which could mean '[ik]-KE hashing' = 'NOT cannabis' which could mean 'Drug/Junk Røver' - at least this could be a possible explanation to the Bhopal disaster.

The other two assassins were Beant Singh (nephew of Kehar) and Satwant Singh. I had had a summer temp job as prison guard in the local prison in the Old Town in Fredrikstad in the summer 1978 or 1979 - which could have been the reference in 'Beamte Singh' (the guard) and 'sat-wand' (inmate) Singh. In addition, my christmas temp job at plastic factory Panco (making kitchen plastic bowls and things like that) could have added to this idea of a 'pang-co' (such as by 3 shots of revolver, followed by 30 shots of a Sten gun).

Does this sound farfetched? Perhaps not if you inspect the sculptures by austrian sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka on Albertina Platz in Vienna - from just this year 1988 - the year when the telephone terror ran. It is possible to see the sculptures as a monument of a 'hero' Tone Helene Grøver in prison 1988.

There are three main stones (two white and one grey). The two white ones stand close together - the grey at some distance. It is possible to see in these the three Grøver children represented by indexes. The 'Tone Helene Grøver' group contains not only her name and apparently her address Ribstonveien of 1980 or thereabout - but also the temp work types I had done - such as that summer temp job at DeNoFa Lilleborg paint factories in the word-gas-mask , the Pang-co with two daggers and the Old Town prison guard:

The 'Tone Helene Grøver' group 2 (breasts) down, the whole (child) down, g-röver - with 'Ribston' symbolism
A dagger into the thorax of the 'ribston'
The temp job concepts: 1) DeNoFa Lilleborg above, 2) The second dagger = co-dagger = kodak-er = pang-co in the middle, 3) Old Town prison guard below

I seem to be identified on the other group with two identification marks: The self-sucker with penis in mouth and a little 'tidelitei' under the nipple on the lefthand side of the thorax. These are also two elements of potential relevance for the norwegian health administration: I had (1978) asked for removal of the fat of the 'tidelitei' (fat under one of the nipples) but they removed the nipple (the navigation organ, not the surface of it) and let the fat remain - a korean doctor that was, they said - and I asked for opening of the penis foreskin (which had grown very tight) and was put in full anaesthesia (which perhaps was still necessary in 1981) and it cannot be excluded the possibility that the penis head had been replaced with a copy - in which case these two elements would have been swappable. They are also recognizable as related to the representation of the name of 'Tone Helene Grøver' in the other group.

The 'John Bjarne Grøver' group - by these two peculiarities which also have a name-correlate: J-on-the-mouth, B-jarnet = the handcuffs on, g-röver = the other side of the bottom - by the nipple fat
The self-sucker - and a Kodak can also have a 'selv-söker' = 'auto focus'
The nipple fat is just visible on the skinny ribs - handcuffs to the right

In addition to these 'identity marks' there are apparently the three names of the indian perpetrators in the assassination of Indira Gandhi: Satwant Singh in the form of hands bound on the back (the handcuffs), Beant Singh in the form of the 'Beamte' with spectacles and uniform, and 'Kehar Singh' in the form of 'NOT hashing' = the syringe in the artery of the wrist:

Satwant, Beant, Kehar Singh = handcuffs, uniform, syringe
The uniformed 'Beamte' seen more clearly

This means that my labour (temp jobs) seems to be associated with the 'Tone Helene Grøver' group - 'hero' of those 1988 days? - and my 'identity' (well, self-sucker and tidelitei nipple fat is not my identity but could have been associated with me in the mythos via the history) seems to be associated with the misdeeds of the assassination which were the cause of her 'heroic' sitting - 'in Gefängnis'. A swipswap. This is also why I should mention this phenomenon and the theory on the theoretic involvement of the sisters - this theory can have been designed for use by administration for a hijack of my contributions in terms of the work I have done - see this file for an overview of my work.

The name of 'Vibeke Grøver' seems to be associated with the darker group a little further off - two buttocks and legs - and is it the death mask of Dante Alighieri on his grave? The sculpture could look like 'tysk samtidskunst' - and I must tell that the impression which the lower part of the body gives in relation to the very heavy matter for the upper part resembles a condition of eczemas I have had for some time in Zinckgasse - the eczemas embracing the shoulders behind, going down under the armpits like a bra strap and covers the front part of the thorax and abdomen. For a while I even had a dark circular spot under the sternum - which I recognize in the hole on the back side of the sculpture.

The massive 'bra'
The g-röver and the death mask
The death mask - is it Dante or who is it?
The hole on the back side of the sculpture
The text engraved in the high raised memorial stone

These sculptures, which, though, claim to have another or at least more general basis, although they were raised in 1988, constitute some evidence for a theory that such a mythos construction exists and that it serves to burden down my contributions by work under false blames in connection with the death of Gandhi.

It was while I lived in Zinckgasse in Vienna that I discovered these things.

The official reason for the assassination by the three sikhs was the attack on the holy shrine of Amritsar under the control of Indira Gandhi. The sikh rebellions had turned more and more militant and Indira Gandhi had to find a solution. The Amritsar shrine was conquered in the socalled 'Operation Blue Star' which consisted of three parts which can be analyzed like this:

1) Operation Metal - me tall = with number = me 2 = with 2 = To-me, To-ne
2) Operation Shop - shop vs hop = the heels = Helene
3) Operation Woodrose - G-røver, flower, Yeat's 'Rose tree'

In addition, there were not so many public metal or ironware shops in Fredrikstad - the main one was Johan J.Jacobsens Jernvarer (= iron-ware) next to a flower shop - and there was a men's clothing shop there as well.

But if Tone Helene Grøver's address in Ribstonveien in Oslo in 1980 or thereabout could be seen (afterwards) as having been pre-heralding the role of Amritsar as the cause of the death of Gandhi in 1984, how could anybody planning such intrigue have known in advance that the sikhs would follow their leader to such an extent that the government of Gandhi would have to launch a military attack on the holy shrine? Which political forces could have guaranteed that in advance? It is an interesting theory that the US democrat party under Jimmy Carter's government could have allowed for the religious revolution in Iran in the late 70's in order to make it sufficiently probable that the sikhs in India could consider it possible to reach similar goals - by way of assistance from the US government - whose embassy was occupied for 444 days (cp. the 4444 days between the paralysis of my left hand in 2002 and my right hand in 2014). The birth of the shah's youngest daughter in 1970 and the death of Grøver/'Mengele on 27 november 1990 are symmetric around the death of the shah himself in 1980 - and Grøver/'Mengele' died (officially) exactly 160 years after the Madonna revelation in Paris.

Hence it could have been the US democrat party who controlled the Sikh faith in their leader enough to be able to predict when Tone Grøver moved into Ribstonveien in probably 1980 or 1981 that the battle of the Amritsar shrine in 1984 would be the official reason for the assassination which later should be used for the giant swipswap construction. If so, this could be seen on the sculpture on Albertinaplatz in Vienna - the 'Ribston-veien' up into the thorax of one of the sculptures - and possibly the 'Bhopal' gas disaster.

All this could suffice for making it possible to claim that Tone Grøver was a 'hero' for the western interests who supported the sikhs in India - and that she was 'in Gefängnis' (while a copy took her place in Norway) at least untill the perpetrators were hanged in early 1989. Officially, Gandhi had been declared dead at 2:20 on Halloween, which of course does not mean that Tone Grøver was sent back to Norway in a 'zinc-kasse'.

The cyanide disaster of Bhopal had a close correlate in the same disaster of Halabjah, carried out probably by or at least under the rule of Saddam Hussein - and clearly it could mean 'har labb, ja' = 'has a paw, yes' for 'Sikh-tatsen' - for telling of 'tidsaksen' via this 'Ribstonveien' - and, that could mean, 'Amritsar'.

I could also tell that Petter Enok Skau Jakobsen and I visited Tone Grøver - I think that was when she lived in Ribstonveien (about 1980?) - and we were sitting in the kitchen when she suddenly pulled her jumper off and put a new one on, with some nudity exposed in the mean time. If that could mean a role for Peter Ustinov ('peter used to some off') in the story, it could mean that the trace of 'Rib-ston-veien' in the Albertinaplatz sculpture could point to a certain political mythos role for Tone Grøver in the story from India 1984.

It is likely that all this is political mythos which has been constucted at least since the 1960's - and I cannot report any signs that their lives should have been interrupted by such extraordinary and sensational story elements.

It could be said that even I was involved in such a high-ranking assassination - of Kennedy in 1963, when I was only 6 years old. The 'proof' of this is in the name of the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald - which tells of the three towns (Molde, Oslo, Hammerfest) I lived in when Kennedy himself in theory could have been there for a 1-2-3 abuse of my body and person. Once again I think it is reasonable to believe that it was not Kennedy himself - and to believe that I organized the Kennedy assassination is of course nonsense.

The library of Amritsar seems to have been put on fire during the attack in 1984. This could mean the library of 'Hero-s-traitors' and hence the earthquakes of Bam and Banda Aceh could have been for that 'Library of Congress' registration of my manuscripts in 2002. Which means that all of it could mean 'Amritsar' and the swipswap mechanism.

Of course this could be a political construction which serves to suppress me as the source of my work - such as my manuscript sent to Library of Congress in 2002 and the knowledge-revolution generally, that work which I have elaborated throughout the last 25 years of lonely pioneering work. It is possible that Albertinaplatz tells of a suppression mechanism in the one end and the monumental text in the other, next to the apparent 'Vibeke Grøver' stone. It is likely that the whole construction has been made in an attempt to credit somebody else for this work of mine - which then would mean that the whole construction could have been about me writing the blue and the other metres which the administration could not find in any other ways. It is then of essential importance that my name be not suppressed. Clearly if the Obama / Joe Biden administration related to my name John Bjarne in more than a trivial sense of it, cp. also the 'James Bond' character, then these observations I have done here must be considered permitted speculations. But then of course it should not really be up to me to describe these political things.

Indira Gandhi was, as far as I know, a great friend of my life and case, and her death was a great loss for India and the world. The Gandhis have my full support and I would never support anybody involved in the murders of these people.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 16 may 2017