Brief comments

John Bjarne Grover

Some times it can be of value to tell a small detail without making an entire article out of it. Such brief comments can be added to this page - and the date of the most recent addition is given on top of the page.

30 september 2022: I emphasize the following: It is only lack of money which prevents me from moving back to Italy. If I had money, I would have been back there since long. But the world owes me a lot of money, and then I cannot make it without help. When Trump was elected, the whole world expected that he would start the cleanup of plagiarisms and abuses and arrest the worst plagiarists and wring compensation money out of them, but he did not do that - on the contrary he took Weinstein (who could have made films plagiarizing my work, although I do not know about that) to court but only for forcing him to pay even more money to the actresses participating in his films, not to me. When I before the election wrote "vote Trump", I meant of course "vote republican" - I do not support or endorse abuse of my work in any sense of it and I cannot agree to any postponement of the end to this system beyond the historic-practical limitations, and it is of fundamental importance that all aspects of the story, in particular the PTRSIM PIK construction in all its historic details, be brought to full daylight. The story of the PTRSIM PIK and 'zidalweidun' problems is essentially monarchic, it seems, and republicanism should not accept its abusive parts - otherwise the world could feel that they do not need republicanism. The US republicans seem to go to great lengths to seek peace and harmony with monarchic interests, which of course is well and fine - but if they become more monarchic than monarchism there is little purpose in it. The reason why I have to be explicit on this point is that the poet's problem is that abuse and mobbing wants to hijack the poetic authority and present itself therewith - that is probably the entire purpose with and historic reason for the PTRSIM PIK and 'zidalweidun' problems - that the poet is not allowed to enter but the abuser is because the poet's authority is welcomed, and this problem can be hard to understand. In the spring 2020 I wrote that somebody should sell me a little house in Italy against a small sum and get it back against the same sum when I exit, and help me with a transport across the border - then it is also possible, I would say, that Trump could have been re-elected. When I was in Italy in 2020-2021, my PO Box in Vienna was emptied and its contract terminated even if I had paid (sent money in the post well in time, but it could perhaps have been stopped by 'extended authorities' in e.g. the 'intelligence services', which could have been for obtaining just such a closure), and this was followed by a coup in Burma one month later. A day or two before the school shooting in Russia by 'Artium Kazantiev' there was a rather big and square and 'box'-like van parked in the street (between my home and the 'garasjetulla' location), resembling the box - 'kassan' - wherein I store manuscripts - that could of course be a 'coincidence', as usual, but it could also be an attempt to prevent - not the least on background of the terror in Vienna on 2 november 2020 - and there is a new election coming up - that the poetic authority runs off if I should try and find another solution on my own. 'Laud' - not 'Lauch' = sumerian 'garashtulla' - is a mark level for exams in the norwegian university system (but not for 'artium' which is below university level). This school shooting could also have been an attempt to 'coup' the semiotic work (or the poetic authority therein) which I have been into for a few days. In the worst case, it is not only that Auschwitz could have been constructed by Hitler for the one and only purpose of the 1-2-2-3 link from US terrorism to the postwar ÖVP and the 'garashtulla' complex, but also that it could have been planned by terrorists politics that the poetic logic and authority in my work be abused for giving shape and reason to terror along the eastern arm of the european swastika (the recent referenda in eastern Ukraine could perhaps be telling of such a problem), then there is also a danger that the indexical circumstances of my life and work (I mean, including the electromagnetic state and condition of my laser-sensitive brain for which the formal schooling competence is beyond 'artium' level) could be invoked for giving punch to the 90 degrees turn of this swastika. Clearly those who organize such want to see my poetic authority as an 'authority extended' onto themselves. I am not and have never been an agent but those who organize such terror and abuse of authority probably claim that I am and then I have nothing to complain about - and the doubleworld could find its justification in the false idea that I could be an agent. The reason why I have not moved back to Italy is lack of money. Now I cannot even do serious work simply because I cannot contribute with my poetic authority - walking back and forth to the rather empty PO Box across the 'garashtulla' point - to a post-Auschwitz re-nazification and escalation of terror in Europe and elsewhere - in particular if the titbits of my poetic work are mobbed for lending punch to the 'extended authorites' that could be welcomed around Europe and elsewhere. I have guessed that the covid pandemic for some (who could be welcoming couped poetic authority) could have looked like a positive event for my case - prompting 'canulerude' action all over the world? I refer to this article which proves with official swedish data that the covid vaccines are completely inefficient or even negative and serve no other real function than pumping 'canule'-fluid into people. (When the 'reinfection' percentage has been rising, the result could even be that the pandemic now is mainly vaccine-driven: The data published yesterday from the national swedish health authority 'Folkhälsomyndigheten' tell that 25% of infections now are re-infections and among these registered infections as much as 91% are fully vaccinated - while as by 8 september 2022 only 73,2 % of the swedish population are fully vaccinated. Children are not normally vaccinated but if you count only those 12 years or older, it is still only 84% that are fully vaccinated. Among the 19 deaths registered so far for the last week only 1 was unvaccinated. The global vaccination program looked fine and well and percentages were optimistically reported in detail in the media in the first months after it started in january 2021 - but after half a year it started turning and in the autumn 2021 most media started suppressing the detailed percentage data and now there is hardly a number to see anywhere - the swedish data are the only ones I have found so far - but the mortality is now so low that Biden could declare the pandemic for over - at the time of the funeral of the british queen, that was). When I knock the old coffee from my italian coffee maker out in the wastebin under the kitchenbench, there comes normally 3-4 sharp and surveillable knocks from the bucket rim, like somebody knocking on a door. Could this have been the reason for the Affen-Pochen-Caffen spreading now when the covid seems to be down? Hopefully a new global vaccination program can be avoided.

27 september 2022: A few years after I left Vilnius in 2002 I was back there for another visit and got a couchette night bed in a compartment along with a young female (in another couchette bed) when travelling out of the town on the way towards Warszaw. She arrived along with an 'anstand' (as it could be called in norwegian) who saw her off and took me briefly into consideration before she left. She had a toy elephant under her arm while talking in a telephone and after (probably not before) the telephone talk I asked her something but she did not answer. I got nervous that it could have been an agent and held my nose briefly for telling this while I moved over to another empty compartment. I did not have a reason (beyond my own private history, including elements such as this story) for believing that she could have been an agent, and I am sorry if my gesture could have been misunderstood. It was not meant to be about her.

Later: Around 11 or so today I went up Märzstrasse from Urban Loritz Platz. Now there are news of an undersea leak in the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe: News 1, news 2. Norway is offering gas from 'Nordsjøen' instead. The switch could in principle concern the not so interesting idea of changing the left-right order of these two photos. There is also the signature 'North Zen of Stemmer' in this poem - and it is used also in another poem of TEQ. 'Stemmer' can mean 'voter' as in the referenda of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, the results of which were emerging this afternoon. So far there seems to be a massive majority - more than 90% - support in these regions for a russian annexation, something which could have been felt in the west. If there are attempts to link this to my web page, I think it is time to take the problem seriously - somebody should tidy up in the apparent 'intelligence' mobbing of my person and work and my social interface thereby.

In my childhood I was taken to a circus - 'Arnardo Circus' I think it was - and a man with a band before his eyes threw knives and axes after a beautiful lady standing with legs and arms spread out before a wooden wall - the ironware slammed into it between her legs and arms and around her head - I regretted having seen such 'entertainment' - isnt life anything worth?

The ironware thrown out could perhaps be called 'geheul' - is that possible? A norwegian ear could perhaps agree to something like that. On a walk a year or two or more ago there were first two males at a wall - the one photographing the other in that spread-out posture - then walking up L�hrgasse there was a man sitting zusammengeb�ckt on the curbstone with a rucksack next to him

l�hren = ein thierisches geheul ausstossen
hauern = zusammengeb�ckt sitzen

In the morning today I called my norwegian bank and asked how much transfer were possible on 'Bank Axept'. But of course I did not do that as part of such possible intrigues.

26 september 2022: School shooting in Russia this morning. Background could be my oral/handwriting observations in my private home last night on this poem:

It is fully possible to see the poem as being essentially about the written form of the hebrew:

קא משמע לן
ul         eq = HE LU

לן - looks like '17'
שלשה - means '3'

קא משמע לן
rel iam Shn aT = Tannskje mailer (backwards)

8th = shemini → civili
8 = shemonah → ongwar

(Cp. the '88' school for cardinal/ordinal 8). The poem was written years before the poet came to find the Talmud as parallel text - not to speak of the particular fragment. And clearly such a graphic parallel should presuppose that the poet had the fragment visibly in front of his eyes while writing. Hence this mystery can be seen to be a case of blue ecstasy. It is poem #1147 in the 1719-poem work.

A real problem in these fields of study is all those 'intelligence' maniacs who try to turn a precious piece of knowledge - such as this one - into a secret reserved for a small group of 'esoteric' insiders - which could have been the background of this tragic event. It is a real problem for mystic inquiry and a real burden for this sort of knowledge. It is a problem which probably often runs in parallel with a terror-orientated understanding of the 'mysteries'. Those are people who cannot keep such a piece of surveillance data secret - they 'have to' leak it in terror as quickly as possible - and that is probably why they try to turn this incontinence into the sort of 'secrecy' control which they mastered earlier in life, before the problems of bad conscience started. A pity it is with these ballroom problems. Is Austria making new nazism? (Twitter is still closed). Then they should rather pay for the previous nazism. This sort of 'immediate challenge' on my late-night observations last night is a very serious problem and makes the resulting culture-space look like those heaps of dead bodies bulldozered into nazi mass graves. Indeed this could have been a part of the 'underpants' = norw. 'underbukser' = 'un-derb-okser' = 'bulldozered' of covid-19 interpreting such a culture-space (cp. also the idea of a 'compression' of the culture-space in the 'canule'-rude which could be Austria in the eastern axis). Also on such an assumed background, I would badly need to move to another country.

Another example occurred last friday 23 sepember 2022 - I had translated a poem by Josef Brodsky - which is none of your business - wherein there was an option for seeing some relevance of 'garasje-tulla' in his reference to 'венского стула' = 'ballroom chair'. Some hours later, news of a bus accident in Georgia (newspiece 1, newspiece 2, newspiece 3) which seemed to index just this 'garasje-tulla' (the guitar-box man in Olav Skundberg's garage in probably 1973 with the comment on 'en fuktig en med skum' as a possible paraphrase on the host's name) - see also the mass shooting in USA, E 35th St and S Prairie Ave in Chicago, on 22 september 2022. (This of course could also have been an attempt to influence or 'integrate into' the italian election, cp. the terror in Vienna 2 november 2022 - not likely to be italian). The children seem to hang around grandfather making his bottleships while he is waiting for a chance to move to another country. Such a pity I have to write all these reports and see the world this way.

22 september 2022: Twitter is still defect - I added this reference to this file after Twitter now opens the pages but the pictures are still not visible, at least not on my computer. This is how a screenshot of the image looks. I hope this will get in order. 'Vanne[t]-i-huse[t]' seems to be a formula for generating nazism in Austria by letting the water come up inside the walls on PTRSIM PIK's computer, so to speak, or in his house in Szolnok. But that is not permitted by the Staatsvertrag.

21 september 2022:

News today of sports teacher who abused children. In 2021 a group of some 14-15 elephants started a long march north from Xishuangbanna in China at the border to Myanmar. Now they are back again, after some 1400 km trek through 124 days. Two elephant children were born on the way, and one big male split off (according to the news) from the group on the way - could be he is back now. The elephants' long march could have been an interpretation of my poem 'The funeral. (A ballade)' in my vol.4 p.1178-1179. This poem again could be seen to be an interpretation of my TEQ #1323 for 'The End-morgan Quartet' (see also this file with this, this and this image). This poem follows right after the one discussed in this file - that ageold theme of discussion between catholic and anglicans on what is it that is swallowed really in the holy communion. The elephants tell a friendly story. The poem of Celan's following right after the one in the this file is called 'Gezinkt der Zufall' - which is quite interesting.

18 september 2022:

On 16 september 2022 I published this study. The next day I observed this ad which I had not seen before, but I dont know when it came up - and noticed the three days in the news already on friday 16 september 2022. Twitter had been disconnected again for my internet connection - I hope it will return. Today I went out to buy the newspaper 'OE24' which is published regularly on sundays for sale in plastic bags hung up on traffic poles etc - but this sunday it seemed to be rather absent from the district around Zinckgasse - even Westbahnhof did not have it. Could be it had been there and been removed? Or it was only the distributor who had been lax in this area? However, I observed this destroyed car parked in the lower Zinckgasse - just vis-a-vis #2 - and could not avoid the idea of 'öffi rundt zwanzig' being absent. I hope I am not the 'öffi'. There was also news about Zelensky having been in a car crash a few days earlier. Some days earlier I had on internet looked up the address to the israeli embassy in Vienna - it was in 'Anton Frank Gasse', told the web. Not 'Fronk-Olision', though. This brought to my mind what happened after I sent my 'Der Dornenstrauch' to the israeli national library in Jerusalem - several 'meaningful' people on the way to sending it and later the terror in the supermarket TOPS in Buffalo in USA with a logo in red and white resembling (90 degrees) the logo of the israeli national library. A couple of days ago I had also published data on 'the octogon' and the norwegian entertainment programs called 'Og takk for det' which seemed to index the octogon years ahead - and the question could naturally come up whether the title 'Og takk for det' could apply to my jewish genetics - the society saying thanks to its presence - or whether it could have been the other way round (for which there seemed to be less reason). Now in episode 2 around 7:55 there is mention of a car collision with belt.

This source reports
17 September 2022 in Missouri, Blue Springs at US 40 and Adams Dairy Pkwy - 4 injured
17 September 2022 in Minnesota, Minneapolis, at Hennepin Ave and N 8th St - 5 injured
As also this source reports, there have been several 4-5 cases recently. The Minneapolis data could be suggestive of the idea that the throat abscess treatment in an Oslo suburb basement was because of the needle in the TV chair of 1973 and hence was not pretold with the 1969 'dentist' scene of 'Wesensteen', while the Blue Springs could tell that 40 Highway and Adams Dairy are parallel graphic texts by my study, possibly suggestive of a leftsided gynaecomasty (cp. the scene at 05:20-05:55 when the 'mast' glides from the one 'mor-ello' gynae to the next in the old recordings of Roald Øyen from Ålesund). It is possible to see the mass shootings as telling of the Auschwitz-USA-link reinforcing austrian ÖVP by an Atlantic bridge.

(PS 19 september 2022: There were also many males selling the loaves in the district yesterday, contrary to normal).

4 september 2022:

Children's weekly radio entertainment was called 'Lørdagsbarnetimen'. It had either intro or more probably end music from probably Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 1 around 17:25-17:50 - but I do not think they credited the source in the radio and told where the music was from. (At least I cannot remember that - but could be it was mentioned in 'Programbladet'?). It is important to tell the name of the composer. The program included in 1964-65 a reading (or radio play) called 'Veien til Agra', about somebody travelling to the indian town Agra. 'Veien til lagra' = 'the street[s] to the stores/KZs' - hence the fence-enclosed stores of planks, pipes and other things. In Hackengasse, Zinckgasse, Löhrgasse.

Wood = ve[d] → 'fei'
Round = run[d] → 'dun'
Where do you live = hvor bor De → 'wubu-li'

Fei-dun-wubu-li = 'zidalweidun'
Faymann Werner (former chancellor)
Löhr-dag-SPAR-netimen: Lør-dag-SPAR = 'save [until] saturday' = 'karl'; netimen = 'Ne-hammer' (current chancellor)
Löhrgasse etc

Fay-e Dun-a-way

The indexations converge on Zinckgasse where Mr.Grover lives
That could be illegal personal persecution!
If the state is turning nazi it must be dissolved

Austria = 'zidalweidun' in triangular challenge on the PTRSIM PIK via Yijing - and that is the nazi machine which created the holocaust and all that. 'Lagra' could mean 'the KZs' which for these three streets probably could be 'Aktion Reinhard' = Sob-i-Bor, Treblinka, Belcez. Not to speak of the possible Auschwitz relative to my birth. But I am not nazi! I am waiting for a chance to move back to Italy or anyhow a country where my presence does not so easily generates nazism.

2 september 2022:

I just tried to add the Caravaggio with originally intended form of the annotated egg-shaped oval a little further down - compared to the form so far appearing on the screen in this file - in the form of a comment added in smaller lettering - but even here it came out with the 'lifted' oval. It is probably not so magic - it could resemble more the idea of a 'cuban crisis'. I hope the strange 'glitsch' will be mended. I had made both forms myself and am not entirely certain which one I published first but have later tried repeatedly to have it repaired, so far without success. [3/9-22: Today I looked it up on another computer and there it is in order - but on my internet computer it refuses to go right on this file but not on the present. It could have been a virus but when I entered the correct image with new file name, it went wrong again when coming from the web but not from my computer - so there must be something strange].

1 september 2022:

I used Yahoo Small Business web hosting for some years and then it changed to Luminate and Verizon (whether it was 'sold' or if only the 'logo' changed, I dont know). I have used regularly and without problems this hosting service untill around 04:00 AM (Vienna time) in the morning 31 august 2022 when I published the article When I approximately one hour later tried to open the service again it was closed and all attempts to open 'Verizon' pages were redirected to something called 'Turbify' and which looked a little made-on-the-spot. The news of the death of Gorbatchov came I think a little later. At first the 'Turbify' would not open my hosting service but now today it would - I dont know when it started functioning again - under this new login emblem, though, or what it is called. (I tried to update this photo with a small change - the oval a little further down - but what I send does not seem to reach the screen).

28 august 2022:

The last poem in my DDS was written in january 2012 (another 3 were added in 2013) and Whitney Houston died in february 2012. The news told that she was so down on drugs and alcohol and was so overdebted that she could not live any longer - the condition could be called 'brøstfallen' in norwegian (the word could have been weeded out by the intelligences?) - which sounds improbable. If it is told as a suicide it makes it appear as if she had sacrificed herself for the sake of Adolf Hitler's case, which probably is not right - and the result of this error of info could be so bad that it could have triggered the war in Ukraine. The truth must be told and the source credited - if Houston was murdered it could have been by some criminals or mafia services who felt inspired after having illegally read my manuscript - but they would not have understood the connection themselves and hence could have been jumping jacks thereafter for strange emotions - and there could have been CD-scratches and other things. There has for a few months time - could be a full year? - been a worker's barack hut in Hackengasse which could have put Burt Bacarach's name into play as the 'brute brackengasse' which Fjellheim told about in probably 1985 (when I lived at Tårnåsen) - the story of a worker in such a barack who let out so much flatulences in his sleep that a colleague worker in the same barack put fire to one and of them and the poor chap died from the wounds. (I think he said it was an uncle of his or something like that who had told the story). The 'brute brackengasse' could otherwise be the dead soldier found on a roadside - being in need of being buried in some 'Brachfeld' = 'brackenfield'-[heim] (cp. the 'brekking' from 22 august below), not to be confused with the Nod/God = Nad/Gad of the Szolnok map - who seems to be a theme of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf', the intro with the names of fallen outside the house in the münchener Beer Hall Putsch - borrowed apparently from Talmud Eruwin. Bacarach published along with Hal David which is a name suggestive of the same. The '24 hours from Tulsa' was released in october 1963, a few weeks before the Kennedy assassination. '24 hours from Pølsa' ('pølsa' = 'the sausage') could be the unspoken theme of the Hut in Hackengasse - bad reading, bad thinking. Fjellheim's "1.Olsens bok" from 1983 (Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Oslo 1983) contains a chapter about 'Billepelsen' - there used to be a Billa shop in Hackengasse (it is now replaced with a shop called 'Bedronka') and there is the parallel Pelzgasse - with Zinckgasse inbetween. The book contains also a chapter called 'Herr My' which could show traces of the name of 'Volodymyr Oleksandrovitsch Zelensky' - with "1.Olsens bok" in the 'Oleksandrovitsch'. Here are the intro lines - the first line 'Herr My rotet i lommen' could read 'Herr My' = 'Warlord My' plus the 'R' of 'rotet', then 'O-tet' = 'the lens' plus 'i lommen' = 'in the pocket' = 'key'. (The Challenger space shuttle disaster was even caused by a leak in an 'O-dichtung', as it was called). In the next line the 'ole' could be the 'aldo moro' of 'Ragna' = 'regnet' etc - for 'Oleksandrovitsch' = '1.Olsens bok'. (When Trump asked for seeing the details of the 2019 ukrainian election he could have been interested in whether there were traces of this Fjellheim book in the election campaign? Trump was later impeached for his inquiry). Hence the war in Ukraine could be seen as contained in this Hut in Hackengasse. It is important whether Houston died by own or other's hand - 'brøstfallen' could suggest Britney Brouston etc - vs 'høstfallen' ='autumn fallen', 'fallfallen', typically the autumn leaves. Is it only in Britain that they call it 'Good Friday'? But it was Bad to nail the Lord up on the wood, wasnt it? Yes it was. But why is it called 'Good Friday' then? Because he was divine, is probably the answer. How many Lords do they have in Britain? How many No[r]ds? The Iliad is a sort of L/N story. Kleberud, Kneberud etc. Klebserud, Knebserud. Khlebserud - Hitler lived for a while in the corner house of the intersection Beingasse / Felberstrasse. The whole complex could be contained in that single element - whether Houston died due to own or other's incentive. However, if she were murdered, it could be important to tell whose incentive it was.

The last 'biography' in "1.Olsens bok" is called 'Jokke, eller Deus Absconditus'. 'Da har Wien Jokke' ('da har vi den jo ikke') could be an idea relative to my residence in Zinckgasse - and certainly to keep the PTRSIM PIK secret and hidden for a 'Deus Absconditus' role is absolutely against my wish. On the contrary I think it is very important to have my work published and to stop all that mythomaniac fanatic PTRSIM PIK nonsense - which could mean attempts to assign divinity to me, could be for plans of lending such to the british monarchy. In particular it is a bad idea to put me in the chemicals because I reside in Zinckgasse - as for crucifying the divine for mixing up good and bad reading - as for pumping some quasi divinity over to England. Such plans are mythomaniac and fanatic and not acceptable for a modern civilized world. Stop that mythomaniac nonsense about me as a PTRSIM PIK divine. I am not any more Jesus than you are. It could be about an old 'intelligence project' to construct me as such? Then close down those intelligence projects. They can of course close down the british monarchy and turn it republican if they cannot keep it going without abuse. Of course all such projects are not about 'total power to the throne' - there are only normal people on the thrones and those can of course also be replaced with intelligence copies - agents from the intelligence services - and such 'total power to the throne' canot then mean anything else than 'total power to the intelligence services' - and that is exactly Adolf Hitler and his comrades.

The front page of Fjellheim's "1.Olsens bok" contains an 'ichtys' which looks as if it could have been the victim of the fishing method called 'spear' in english - norwegian 'lystre' which is ambiguous for 1) to obey (order or authority), 2) to fish from a hole in the ice, often with lanterns. It occurs e.g. in Hans-Henrik Holm's poem "Stilt barnehugen blømer yr og underfull", the 8th and last in the chapter V-ix in his 'Bygdir i solrøyk' (V-ix-8): 'Berre dei som englane lystrar' = 'only those who obey the angels' or 'only those whom the angels obey' - but with the undermeaning (underpant?) of 'only those whom the angels spear' or even 'only those who spear the angels'.

The Hut in Hackengasse does not mean that I get my inspiration from Fjellheim's book or administrative activities in the services.

The Hut in Hackengasse does not imply that I get my inspiration from Fjellheim's book or administrative activities in the services. Why all these 'impf-lies' about covid vaccinations? The data from Sweden tell that 88% of those who get covid are fully vaccinated, in the previous week (week 32) as much as 92% of those who died from covid were fully vaccinated - but the mortality is now so low all over the world that it is nothing, really - it is lower than normal flue. It is likely that coronavirus always were around and people who die from respiration complications probably often have coronavirus in their bodies - now as before, could be since Adam and Eve - but it was only after 2019 that one started getting sophisticated with the analysis of coronavirus variants. The percentage of re-infections is rising - it was stable on 10% for some time but is now sliding upwards and has reached 23%. (I found some data from Switzerland but the group of 'uncertain status' on vaccination was too big to be probable. The US data seem to tell that people die in the course of the vaccinations because fractions like 10,7 people vaccinated occur in the data). Why are these impf-lies so difficult to get hold of? Is that a part of the reason why Russia had to go to war in Ukraine? 'Hut' is swedish (spelt 'hot') for 'threat', norwegian 'trusel' like 'truse' = 'underpant'. Covid = an underpant?

If I have to move away due to threats from 'zidalweidun' problems, threats about chemicals and things like that, or an 'affe' = human copy taking the place and the original being sent 'absconditus' to the chemicals so that the public authorities can pretend like nothing, which is a bad idea indeed, could be planned since long by some 'services' who are out for an 'Endlösung' to the Judenfrage or the quasi-divine PIK, it means that the state of Austria is not legal, according to the Staatsvertrag. Of course I do not constitute any threat against the territorial rights or claims of the state - however one twists or turns the Yijing and the zidalweidun therein. But why do I not get any help to find another permanent solution?

Should I hurry to move out of Zinckgasse? (Johnson is moving out of Downing Street). I have tried through years to find a permanent solution in Italy or elsewhere but it is rather difficult for me - in particular if agents from those services 'buy' themselves into the house of the 'divine PIK' and drive the houserent up and I am forced to move back to Austria, such as happened in 2009 (when I had to find a solution) after I moved away in 2008. Or houseletters could get money for refurbishing the house and then it is legal to terminate the contract.

All these things should be easy to tell so that the people need not be cheated in socalled democratic elections. If Zelensky should have been planned according to the scheme in Fjellheim's 1983 book, it should have been told in public so that the voters in Ukraine knew what it was about. Ach, it was in 1998 when my PhD was rejected that I understood that I had to do all the work with finding these details myself. A lot of work that was. Of course all that intrigue is the backwater of history - it is not the future.

I dont remember when the huts were put up in Hackengasse - but clearly if it has been there since, say, november or december 2021 (which perhaps is possible - if it were not later - I took a photo on 17 may 2022 and then they had been there for quite some time) and that was the reason for the skyrocketing covid curve from that time (starting when Pfizer launched 'Paxlovid' against covid, cp. 'packs-lou-ID' vs 's-ID-alweide' etc) - lasting untill Russia attacked Ukraine after which the covid curve started falling again - then it could be smart to consider if one should find a better storage place for these huts. I was also quite ill with a strange obstruction in the hip region - but I dont know if this were before or after the huts were put up. (I was anyhow since a few years convinced that I should move to another country but it is difficult to find a solution which can function). The huts were put up on the location where I and the 'female archetype' parted in 2012 - like that knot tied - the hut storage goes along that area where she would have walked after we parted - appr. from that point. On background of the 'zidalweidun' structure, one could speculate if it would be about an attempt to wedge inbetween me and the female archetype whom I met very soon after having completed 'Labyrinth 101', the last book in the red-metre 'My mention e Anna'. She had a tube in front of her face and scanned the ground with it back and forth when I met her - I tried to see if I recognized her but there was no face to be seen inside. She had long legs and small arms and was dressed in a tight-fitting overall of skin colour as we walked down M�rzstrasse but people who came the opposite way apparently did not notice anything special. We parted in Hackengasse. It was only much later that it struck me that maybe she had been lightly dressed, so to speak. This was in late february 2012 (and of course I had to speculate if she were going to some carnival or something). I had in early january 2012 registered the second part of the red metre, the prose book "And hang under the Justcan keys", which later seems to have been interpreted in the early spread of the pandemic. It is therefore natural to speculate if the huts have been put there for reasons of feelings of the security of the state, so to speak, by the zidalweidun effect. 'Hud i Hackengasse' would be norwegian for 'skin in Hackengasse' - cp. the underpant theme. It is this sort of thing which can lead to big things. If the pandemic and rising economic crisis with global recession are prompted by these huts, for example instead of paying an economic compensation to me for the apparent abuse of surveillance material in e.g. advertisement, then it is not so certain that Russia or any other state would launch to the 'sovereign' state of Austria a diplomatic or whatever request for removal of the huts from this street. Could be wars and crises can break out instead untill it is done - could be even a pandemic can start spreading for desperate 'underpants' reasons. I had not thought of these huts as having such a possible role untill today - could be it is this sort of thing which one simply had not expected at all, to put it that way. But clearly such a game cannot continue. If it is that sort of challenge which nobody touches but everybody lets it continue, it could end in world war again. But that is not sensible thinking. The right thing is of course to stop it before the world war breaks out. What about helping me find another place to live? I think the world owes me a lot of money (for a lot of abuse and plagiarisms) and I could probably expect to get some help. Is the austrian culture so ashamed after Hitler that they cannot really handle it - and could be subconsciously or not put out these huts for the effect of 'knot ashamed at all'? But it is the 'zidalweidun' structure which is the reason why that is not permitted - if it concerns me and is not only some roadwork storage things. There have been some artifacts in the story - such as the black textiles, the stone with the 1 mm white sole, some poetry notebooks.

30/8-22: It is observed that the little 'Hütteldorf' in Hackengasse finds a potential reference in the 'Klimabonus' graffiti at 'Hütteldorf station' (see under 25 august). If 1899 is the official birthyear of Bjarne Eidsvig, maybe somebody had hoped to claim that it were 'helt usannsynlig' = 'highly improbable' that I had written my works? If there is an intrigue on attempting a highjack of my authorship, could be going back to the Cuban missile crisis of JFK, an intrigue could perhaps nourish such ideas.

Of course Russia would not have gone to war in Ukraine for making Austria move the huts a little down the street. But could covid be prompted by an administrative decision on the Hütteldorf' in Hackengasse because PTRSIM PIK lives in Zinckgasse? I notice the comparable pile of planks and pipes in Zinckgasse: 'Administrative decision' in norwegian is 'vedtak' while 'ved' = 'wood, Holz' and 'tak' = 'roof'. On 17 may 2022 I photographed this container/hut-roof in Hackengasse. Some years ago the WAFFEN shop came up: Were the decision on the Hütteldorf' in Hackengasse made 'under duress'? (Under 'Durex'?) 'Rex Tillerson' could be a name which could turn the street into a 'ROYAL LAND' while the death of Whitney Houston could have created the 'Filósofo' sticker - cp. 'White-ney Küsten' = 'Elfenbeinsküsten' - for an ultimate 'INRI' combination of the two stickers on that road intersection. ('Vitne i hosten' = norw. for 'witness in the cough' - if she were murdered that could be part of the covid).

Yesterday I monologued for myself that a Truth Party could be established as legal party and thereby get access to all secrets of the state and on basis of the party program - which tells that some secrecy classifications are illegal because they are in conflict with the democratic constitution and all voters must have access to the information needed to make a proper choice in an election - publish a good number of secrets which are necessary for democracy to function. This party will strive not for power but for truth. If this monologue in my home yesterday were tapped and certain advances were made in the administration 'for reasons of the constiution', that could be an example of how difficult it is to avoid the zidalweidun-ptrsimpik trap - which, via such an abuse of a tap, could enhance the feeling of state power, could be under fantasies of Schenkungs-Urkundes granting illusory territorial rights in Germany and Poland - possibly for a future Hitler to make advances in these areas.

25 august 2022:

It seems like the socalled 'Klimabonus' (which I would guess is new of the year) is not a joke - the newspapers are full of it today, telling that anybody who wants can get 500 euros from the state. Multiplied with the nearly 10 million people in the country that is some 5 billion euros - or 5 billion microvolts turbulating in the banking computers. The euro started falling against the dollar 'cartoons' on 11 august and is already well under - so it could perhaps be about a reflex of 'territorial propaganda rights' after the holocaust. If it be mainly about microvolts in the banking computers, the 5 billions euros could perhaps be seen as laundered down from german and polish soil?

The austrian eurofighters cost not 5 but 2 billion euros or thereabout. The country is perhaps allowed to have them but not to use them, according to the 1955 agreement.

There is the story of the 'cartoon' on the back side of the US 20 dollar bill which could be folded so that it looked like the twin towers on Manhattan after they had been hit by the airplanes on 11 september 2001, but before these fell to the ground. The probably ex nihilo 'FILOSOFO' sticker appeared on a plastic bag for fruit or bread - it suddenly stuck to 'folded' plastic like some paradox branching across a cortical fissure.

Vis-a-vis this spot on Hütteldorf (with this sign [28/8-22: right above this graffiti of september 2021]) there is some graffiti telling '1899' - the birthyear of Bjarne Eidsvig, if that is interesting. I saw this 1899 scratched on a bonnet of a parked car just down from Urban Loritz Platz - in Westbahnstrasse. A little further down there is today a large wall painting or professional 'graffiti' of the Pink Panther. Did it come up after I found the 'pink marble stone' on 31 july 2022?

(The wall art seems to be signed something like 'GLOD 2021'. The word 'blod' is norwegian for 'blood' - the concept could be recognized in the form 'xue' in "yang-wu-xue-wu-you-li" - see this comment and the issue of spoon on 'bad reading' vs. 'good reading' under this discussion - there is also a [selje]-'fløyte' = [sal/palm-weide]-'flute/cream' conclusion to the '3-4' story).

There seems - without me having kept a record of it but certainly somebody else has - to have been much abuse of surveillance data from my workdesk in public advertisement throughout the years since 2009, with what has looked like reflexes of my ideas peeping back from the advertisement posters (typically commercial type, rather than the graffiti type) around in public space. There are certainly international fees telling how much the abuse of 1 - one - such abused surveyed page shall be compensated with - and it may be that if these standard amounts are added together, the sum could be quite high. If so, it may be that the state should have paid to me but they pay to everybody else instead - and that could be the 'zidalweidun' blunder?

Is this 'pink panther' new? It is new to me but I have not been in that district for some time but it could well have been made after I found the pink stone. If so, it looks like 'everybody's property but it could be mine - if it took shape ex nihilo just before I came to the spot.

There was through some years what I believed could have been a stalker if it were not coincidences. I met him the first time on Breitensee - he had a beerbox in hand. I had also irrational problems with a 'klinr' and believed it was due to some childhood experiences of mine. 'Abony' is not far from Szolnok - the train line which goes to Nyugati PU.

(Glod/Blod: I recently heard the word 'regning' which is norwegian for a 'bill', 20 dollar or whatever, good or bad side, which by G/B alternates with 'rebning' which could refer to an opening slit, something torn apart. I developed problems with the lower peritonum during the last winter - cp. the printing error mentioned in this discussion and had to wear a 'truss'. I believed it could have been prompted by a 'controllo' which, if it had been for austrian military installations, could have left the state formation in a miserable condition due to the details of the Staatsvertrag: But it is not right to let me or my jewish genetics pay that bill - it is the state itself that must pay for its own problems with the 'zidalweidun' obsession: It should be possible to get out of 'bad habits' of cultural obsession with such ideas).

If the Klimabonus slides over from the euro, it could have been an aspect of the big sum which Greece had to pay to the central bank some years ago.

It is so very easy to explain to the people what are these mechanisms and then there would not be another Hitler. But if the politicians do not tell it - and then it could slide towards an inevitable apocalypse - because "it was impossible to stop it". What nonsense that would be. It is very easy to explain it all and then the democratic voters would not vote for Hitler-friendly politics.

If I have to flee from the country because of zidalweidun problems, then it means that the state is not really legal any longer - by the conditions in the 1955 Staatsvertrag.

It is of course not I who should pay for these things. It may be that I should wait for an economic compensation sum. It would not be wise with a 'foldover' of payments held in place with a FILOSOFO sticker. Hopefully these are superfluous thoughts - sorry for unnecessary worries if that be it.

Of course there could be a 'controllo' of Austria and if military installations be found, they have to tidy these away and probably also sell eurofighters etc off - or the state could be dissolved. Is it difficult to do that on state level - and hence either complete annihilation of the state due to overstepping of the preconditions or a complete annihilation of the jewish genetics instead? Not to speak of sickening quasi-religious ideas of me as a PTRSIM PIK 'Jesus suffering for us'. England should not play with such ideas - then they can rather suffer for others themselves. But that either/or on state level should not be the choice - if needed, they could also pay for the oversteppings of the 1955 preconditions with long-lasting sanctions and loss of rights and participations and public esteem enough to prevent the repeat. Is it Russia that suffers these sanctions nowadays? I am not involved - it is not me who should pay for these political problems.

It would anyhow be right to pay me a compensation sum for abuse of my surveyed work - and pay in money and not in chemicals. Such a payment in money to me due to such abuse could be precisely what prevents a european apocalypse. It should be very easy to explain and understand the details in this problem.

24 august 2022: The death of Darya Dugina

The work I am into for the time being is a study of the logical aspects of my own work (DDS, TEQ) relative to Yijing and Caravaggio. I have been working with these new aspects for quite some weeks. There is the possibility that the work has been surveyed and somebody 'wants to have it', since it is quite interesting.

Darya Dugina was the daughter of russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. She died due to a car bomb on 20 august 2022, on 'Mozhayskoye Shosse' in a Moscow suburb. It turns out that the Google satellite map of the region exhibits some peculiarities which could be seen to explain the story. Not far off from where the bomb exploided (annotated with red up left) - down and to the right of this red point - there is what looks like an old wheel and further off to the right from this one comes to a landscape where the shadows from the trees on the day when the satellite photo was taken exhibits a pattern which looks like 'NOTESKRIVER' - the norwegian word for 'musical partwriter', 'music notation copyist' - which was my freelance income from 'NMI (of the state)' (Norsk Musikk Informasjon) and other institutions through several years in mainly the 1980's. It was a convenient way of earning money - I could bring the work with me also on travels. It may be that norwegian registers still contain this as my 'profession' - even if computers probably have taken over all such activities now - and my 'profession' it inst. It is very simple work which anybody can do who knows some music notation and basic principles of music and instruments. My university education is literary and linguistic. The 'script' in the landscape (could be my ongoing work could be seen to recognize some sort of 'scripture' in the landscape) on the Google satellite map can, though, be seen to turn off and bend nearly 90 degrees off towards the 'state historic-literary [institute]' or something like that - could be this or nearby? Hence one could recognize a sort of 'loghouse' structure ('lafte[n]' = the interlocking logs) with 'yu-laften' ('jul-aften' = 'Christmas eve'), 'he-laften' ('hel-aften' = 'full evening program', 'binge'), 'wheel-aften' (the wheel in the landscape) - cp. these comments on the same theme. Current austrian president Alexander van der Bellen was a professor in literary theory before he was elected president - and can be seen associated with the 'state historic-literary [institute]' on the map - compared with my humble title 'NOTESKRIVER'. (See below 22 august). 'Duger' is norwegian for '[cap]able', cp. also 'den vrede Gud' when 'vred[e]' = 'angry' while 'vri[de]' = 'to twist/turn around', typically like a wheel of water tap (french robinet). However, my ongoing study is mine, however humble my title and career be. It is noteworthy that Dugina's father was a namesake 'Alexander'.

I personally would speculate that the map on the internet perhaps could have been subjected to some editing? I looked it up today 24 august 2022.

It is likely that the death of Darya Dugina could have been a part of an attempt to coup my work. Plagiarisms seems to have been frequent on my literary works. I think it is time that this problem be taken seriously and investigated.

If a 'loghouse' mysticism is planned as a political strategy ('Djengis Kahn' type), for example on basis of e.g. chinese for 'to see/read' which is 'kan' = 看 in which the upper and lower part of the sign could signify not only a log-wall but also e.g. the threads of a screw called 'gjeng'-er (almost like 'djeng'), then one could think of 'cunnilingus' as a political strategy for undermining China or chinese script (setting underground movements going) by way of the idea that if 'yu lou mi' is taken to mean 'love' in the sense of 'low', it could mean a cunnilingus type of act which can be done on females but not on males - and hence my role in this position would be weakened, so to speak.

I found this probably ex nihilo object on this metal grid. On 20 august 2022 at appr.10:30 AM local Vienna time I took this photo and 3 minutes later this one. The story is probably the extraordinary beauty in the three great trees at that house. People seem to be very happy for living there under such generosity. Save the trees from the terrible gardener's saw!

(There were also some things going on outside yesterday).

It seems that the reason for Hitler's holocaust could have been to dig down in the german and polish earth as many jews as he could, on basis of the conception that territorial rights are based on the amount of forefathers in the earth: The more forefathers speak to the hearts of the nation from the ground, the more territorial rights do they have. Therefore if PTRSIM PIK is a Messiah structure based on the bridge from the old to the new testament (Jesus' saying that he was the fulfillment of the scriptures), it means that PTRSIM PIK is a way of gaining territorial rights - or, say, territorial propaganda rights to win the election - if one controls the new-testamental half of the structure, and hence JFK, if I were the PTRSIM PIK and he couped it by masturbating on my brain in 1957, could say in Berlin in propaganda format "Ich bin ein Berliner" (as he says with a 'drunk' gesture at 01:55) - he seems to promise that he will come again, like 2000 years ago. Does he say the 'free world' or the 'pre-world' - where he talks about the 'great issue' at 2:38? He says 'free world' but he also says 'elsewheye' at 03:15. "Let them 'come' to Berlin" is the refrain in the speech. "I wonder" he says at 04:20, like an armchair philosopher after the wall split the INRI in two (or was it 'Civis Romanus Sum'?) invoking script-based protestant interests. 04:38 Propertius. 05:44 'your meier has saed'. The people wish to be INRI again by 'Jo[i]n To-get-her' (in a resurrection - with loghouse cunnilingus or not - a la 01:28) - end of speech = 'sist[e]or[d]' in 'vesper-Lind'? Should the protestant(s) give in to the logic? Must it be accepted by the protestant people? Etc. It seems to be PTRSIM PIK propaganda for a new Jesus-Hitler. (I do not want to be 'the fighting spirit of vesper-Lind' in a chemical sense of it). The details of the story should be downgraded enough to make it possible for the average democratic voter to understand the propaganda in this speech. This could be the reason why Russia attacked Ukraine - if the political situation is based on the TV series with Zelensky and this was essentially based on intelligence on my life and work qua PTRSIM PIK = quasi Kennedy coup. If, in addition, Zelensky's government is based on the concept of 'Dracula' and this is the concept for Austria's 'other side', which could mean me (I was not aware of this when I moved to the country), the way is short to a program of making a new Hitler or way for a propaganda Hitler in Germany, Poland and other territories of the holocaust - and that again could mean the Endlöung for completing the nazi program. It could be this which was the contents of Russia's reason for the attack on Ukraine - the explanation in the form of 'de-nazifying' and 'de-militarizing'. The west should not be uncritical on these aspects - and it is noteworthy that Trump was impeached for taking interest in the details of the 2019 election that brought Zelensky to power: There must be a very good reason for such an impeachment. It is likely that the structure of PTRSIM PIK is a classified piece of information which should have been downgraded so that the democratic voters (as it is called) can get the chance to understand the history and current situation. I have invested much time into finding out of it myself and my info here on the web is not classified but I do not know if what I have found is the real structure: It is probably on the same format even if details can vary. That is also when one can understand why Russia's attack on Ukraine could be for preventing a new hitlerish wave in Germany and other parts of Europe - and particularly along the eastern arm of the european swastika. Why doesn't western media inquire into the reason for the attack? There must be a good reason, but what is it? The war costs Russia all too much and there must be a good reason. It is high time to downgrade all this 'mystery' around the attempts to assign quasi-divine status to monarchy such as the british.

22 august 2022:

Szolnok and the 1962 photo from the White House

A photo from Valerie Giscard d'Estaing's visit to John F.Kennedy in the White House in 1962 as a possible background of my house in Szolnok built around 1970.

Evening: Some days ago I went into the post office while what I fancied was a 'finnish-looking' woman went out. As I thereafter went out again and climbed the stairs to the park, apparently the same went up just before me. [24/8-22: I therefore turned in the middle of the stairs and went down again and took another route]. Now Finland's PM has tested negative for drugs. Today news that austrian president van der Bellen had climbed some mountains and fell and must in hospital. Meetings cancelled. Newspiece 1, newspiece 2. Wang is probably in the territory of Austria and it means that I should not contact her. It may be urgent for me to move out of the country. In the home postbox today allegedly from Bundesministerium a VOLLMACHT form for what is called "Klimabonus 2022". My PO Box was emptied on 1 january 2021 and I lost 7 months of post. The reason should have been that I had not paid the fee from 1 january onwards but I had sent enough money well in time from Venice but since there did not exist any contact details on the web - and the only telephone number to Post Austria even seemed to change from day to day - I had to send the money as banknotes in an envelope - I sent 140 euros on 14 december 2020. They said it had not arrived. (I have complained - sent a letter to relevant office and told the story - but there has been no answer). Otherwise I can add that I have not given any VOLLMACHT at all and hope that if I travel to e.g. Italy my belongings will not be carried out of my flat. (In Italy they have still obligatory covid testing if you have to go to a medical centre such as a hospital and if you are positive you have to quarantine, and if you have no place to do that, you must pay for the ackommodation offered from the authorities). In the postbox today there was first a letter to somebody else which I put up on the shelf and later this Klimabonus notice arrived along with an orientation once again from Wien Energie on higher prices - now on heating costs. I have a feeling that I should have gotten some help to move out of the country and to find a transportation method for my belongings. I do not constitute any threat against the austrian territory - in particular not as far as the 'zidalweidun' factor is concerned.
(23/8-22: Heute 1, Heute 2, Oe24 1, Oe24 2, Klimavollmacht 1, Klimavollmacht 2).

The complex is explained here

15 august 2022:

Hans-Henrik Holm's 'Hard-røynd frå havland og dalsògur' contained the 'Fyrestev' with last line 'i fjågsam bånedåm' which could have been 'i Bloksa Ryvarden' - cp. 'i fjågsam folkevogn/barnevogn', 'i buksa fly-warden' etc). 'Fyrestev-end' = 'ry-festev end' = 'din beste venn' = 'your best friend'. Han skjener i kolumn = he drives aslant/diagonally in the column.

Austria has apparently been totally outsmarted by the british 'blue ecstasy' in the 'zidalweidun' intrigue - and it seems that they could have been trying to construct a reply in the form of a 'red ecstasy' - which could be comparable swindle on archetypal human relations. I have earlier recalled how Tveterås quoted from an old commercial in Norway - for the very strong tobacco called 'Red Mix':

It is not you who quit Red Mix.
It is Red Mix who quits you.

Could this be the reason why Twitter seems to have 'quit'?

14 august 2022:

Some years ago I travelled by night train from Vilnius to Warszaw along with a younger female who had goodbyed off an older female before we left. The co-traveller in the sleeping compartment had brought a toy elephant she kept under her arm while talking in a mobile telephone. Norwegian 'sville' = 'sleeper' which the train runs over on its way towards the border. For some reason or other (probably 's-Vilniu' etc) I got nervous and asked the train attendant if I could have a compartment for myself, which I could. I left the first compartment and held my nose while leaving the compartment for telling that I feared possible agents - I did not mean to suggest that I left because of bad smells.

It is fully possible that The New Yorker was started with cartoons in 1925 for reasons of the planned story with 1223 from the founding of ÖVP in 1945 to the opening of my head in 1957. Should they stop such an instiution? Many felt that negro slavery was an institution in the society and how would it look without? Of course american culture, economy, media, business, politics would thrive much better without slavery and without the apparently essential but totally uncredited role of mine in the 1223 story. (I dont know if 'Sempé' made cartoons for '1223' - but his nosediver could of in theory have been that Vilnius-border trip).

One really should have credited the sources for every word spoken but since that is not possible one gives the name, birthplace, schools, workplaces ec as indexes that contain a heightened chance for mentioning the source. If you got (learnt) a new word from a boy in the neighbourhood where you grew up, he contributed to the society and should be credited for that - and that is why indexes are important. Had he not been potentially credited with your name in the registers of residential addresses there would have been a downfall in his career as source and riot and social unrest could have followed. A future economy will be based on the principle of crediting the sources of knowledge and will strive towards an equilibrium by searching for every source - and this economy will certainly find that boy and grant him a coin for it - as a victim of partial misrepresentation when you used the word as if you had invented it yourself. History will come up. This economy will continue as long as there is hidden history left to be credited - and that is probably rather endless - a microscope on history it will be and every little stone will be turned. It is the goverment that can store away some billions or trillions to shoot into the market for buying all the least lucrative stocks - those that fall the fastest - if the market starts collapsing and thereby prevent the collapse. The future economy will credit the boy for his contribution to the knowledge - not because that is 'competitive' but because it brings equilibrium and historic truth and the one man dead is not the other man's bread. Likewise, the american society will thrive much better if culture, economy, media, business, politics stop abusing me. Slavery used to pay off since they were cheaper labourer and hence increased the competitive chances - but everybody knows that it is wrong way. The american society breathed out when Trump was elected since then finally the mass arrests and police investigations against the american abuse culture would start - but when it did not, people got nervous and could not breathe out after all and that was covid. If Weinstein had produced films that abused me or plagiarized manuscripts of mine, he was not sentenced for that but the actresses in his films got only more money and I got none. Of course one has to say goodbye to all that abusive culture and the 1223 cartoon department of The New Yorker will likely also go down the drain - otherwise China and the east will speed up into the future while USA and Europe are left behind in the murky backwaters. Of course all this PTRSIM PIK must up in full daylight.

5 august 2022:

A 'situation report 5 august 2022'

3 august 2022:

It seems that my access to Twitter and Facebook are closed. From time to time it opens again but only for a few lookups - then it closes again with "Attempting a TLS handshake to" - for a connection that does not succeed.

Could be this is a virus? Could be not.

This sort of behaviour with closure of certain web pages must be counted as racism. If it is not a virus on my computer which the 'Windows Defender' does not succeed in taking, then it must probably be some internet provider or webmaster or local intelligence or police who does it. It could of course be a normal corruption problem.

The socalled 'personalized contents' likewise. It could be possible to ask actively for personalization, but if it is imposed on you against your will, then it must count as racism.

Some people like racism because they feel that it gives them an upper hand, but it is not accepted by civilized societies.

24 july 2022:

The two biblical verses Genesis 35:19 and Genesis 35:20 seem to contain the form ותקבר for quasi 'Vatikan-r' (or 'Vatikabr') and על-קברתה for quasi 'alcohol' - could be for the idea that the anglican and the catholic churches share the wine but not really the bread. What is interesting is that the northern flank of NATO seems to be well present - Vadsø and Jakobselv. Is this 'al-Knulrud-[h]' = 'on her grave' ('fits yer old grave'?) the reason for the ideas of 'islamistic terrorism' by the initial 'al'? Finding its rationale in a shared mutual understanding in the alcoholic wine - which, though, islamists do not drink? Is this why it seems so important with this northern flank of NATO on the historic background of the anglican-catholic schism? I searched the Catalan constant for 351920 to see if this were the reason and found something but maybe not enough to explain the whole story.

I wrote about this observation (on Genesis 35:19-20) on my home computer yesterday around 11:00 or maybe a little earlier local Vienna time. When I now look up this source, I find this report from a shooting in 'Rockford' (cp. Jakobselv) reportedly at 4:30 am which would be 11:30 Vienna time, half an hour later. 'SiNniSsiPpi' in hebrew could look like סנספ which again resembles 'GOLF' etc.

15 july 2022:

New data on this page (at the end of the page) today 15 july 2022

8 july 2022:

In this file there is an account of a possible background for the death of former japanese PM Shinzo Abe this morning.

5 july 2022:

22 june 2022

See also the addition too this page today 5 july 2022

28 june 2022: The rakeboard was half off my house in Szolnok when I bought it and it later fell down. I have not repaired it yet because it is not so important. There are only wooden lists on the roof holding the tiles and the rakeboard is nailed right onto the end of these. The rakeboard can be called 'Møneskien' in norwegian. (I saw this connection after having read an article in Pravda).

There exists an old traditional norwegian dish called 'rak-ørret' (some people seem to think it is stored among the traditional 'fertilizers' before it is prepared - it is a little 'smelly') which in swedish is called 'surströmning' ('sour-streaming'). 'Ørret' = 'trout'. (I think it was Per Magnus Halvorsen who mentioned this swedish term in the 1970's, if it were not the Krøtøes, whom I think served this dish once).

It was in 2019 that I published on this homepage this translation of mine of a poem by Tu Fu: It seems to tell that if you send a poem to copyright registration, some time later you get a 'sour streaming' in return and that is what is left of the once sweet melody. In 2020 there was the giant explosion in the Sursock area of Beirut. It was said to have been 'fertilizers' that had exploded.

On background of the comments in this file on Hans-Henrik Holm's unpublished manuscript "Attljód frå gamaltidi", one could fancy that this Beirut explosion could have been about an "Attljód frå gamaltidi" in the sense of 'behind-sound from old 'tidi'', in my case as an echo from a head opening in 1957.

Hence the Beirut explosion could have been a comment on the theory that somebody with a role in 1957 could have been thinking about plans of attempted annexation of my copyright or authorship. I have elsewhere speculated that 'JFK' could have been present. But havent I since long published the books in home-made editions, in some number of copies? I have.

In Odda in probably 1960 (if not 1961) the family went to a farmer to pick broccoli, a new vegetable in the country. Nelly Sachs died in Stockholm 1970 from 'Ca.coli', as it was written by Dr. Pär Lindell (cp. the 'perlende Licht'?) on the death declaration, as far as I remember. 'Ca.coli' = 'colon cancer'. 'Blomkål' is norw. for 'cauliflower' - 'flower-cauli', 'blom-coli'. A 'joke on Holm's "Attljod i gamaltidi"?

On 17 may 1983 (national day in Norway) somebody had sprayed graffiti on the asphalt outside my home. There was the word SVIN right outside the entrance gate and two phalluses in a nearby road intersection. Some may have associated this with a response from the octogon on the last 'story' there. However, as it later became known that the investigations in the alleged spy case against Arne Treholt had started on that same day 17 may 1983, and the previous spy case of considerable public attention had been Gunvor Galtung Haavik, the recognition of the two phalluses as 'gunvor' and the 'SVIN' as 'galtung' ('galte' is a male pig) was natural. 'Haavik' could then in principle have applied to 'H-H H' = 'Hans-Henrik Holm' ('hans ende er i kolon' = 'his end is in colon' = 'ca.coli'? 'ans ende er i kolon' = 'somebody else's end is in colon'). It was, as far as I remember, said about Haavik, an old woman who had worked a lifetime in the foreign ministry, that she at first refused to confess but then she told the whole story before she died in the cell. When in Venice in 2009 two neighbours died around the same time, one called ZUIN and the other Mario Zorzetto, it clearly invoked associations to this story of the graffitis from 1983. In the short street where I lived there was the word TESA written on a sign in a corner. A couple of years ago I was into Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia which I used in 2009 - but it turned out that this bank had been consumed into the giant 'Intesa San Paulo' which, as they told me, had grown to be Europe's biggest bank. (On another overview on the internet of 2022 it is ranked #6 in Europe, but there may perhaps be different ways to count). I think I remember that I read that the bank in 2009 had been reasonably middlesized - but the same overview now tells that it arose from a merger in 2007 of what then were two of Italy's three biggest banks, but maybe there are different ways to count even there. It was after the death of Corazon Acquino that I moved up to Vienna. From the article Holm and the death of Lenin it appears that the whole story since the death of Lenin in january 1924 could have been rooted in 'The book of Daniel' in the bible. It is easy to see a connection from 'Intesa San Paulo' to the name of Danielsen in the Octogon - could be also on background of the Haavik-Treholt story from 1983 reinvoked by the names of the neighbours in 2009. Italy's economy was among Europe's strongest in 2009, but that is normally not said about it these days.

The story tells that I could need some help to find a permanent housing solution in another country such as Italy.

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