Brexit and the catalonian separatism

John Bjarne Grover

I have shown that the philosopher's white stone is essential in the construction of nazism - and one could add the 'bill climbon' mystery as example of associated political bait.

The white stone is composed of salt, mercury and incombustuble sulphur, tells tradition. In the contruction of Hitler before he went to Berlin, it seems that the 'Bermuda triangle' at Johnstrasse in Vienna could have been used: This is the three streets Selzergasse (= salt), Gstaltmeyrgasse (= mercury) and Wurmsergasse (= sulphur, backwards). Selzergasse and Wurmsergasse are intersected by Gstaltmeyrgasse and Hütteldorferstrasse - and the theory goes that this Hütteldorferstrasse is just Adolf-Hitler-Strasse which opens as the fourth corner in a 'Bermuda rectangle' (or trapezoid) when the Bermuda triangle of the three other streets opens up.

The theory goes that the reason for Golda Meyr as PM of Israel in the 1960's was for telling of this Gstaltmeyrgasse - that it had been used to make Hitler and that it could happen again. It must not happen again! The theory continues that this Gstaltmeyrgasse also is the reason for norwegian Stoltenberg as chief of NATO these days - and that, when it means 'mercury', also could have been the reason for a US democrat president being 'negro' = 'the darkskinned' = norwegian 'mørkhuden' = 'mercury'. This could be heavyweight elements in the construction of a new Hitler.

There have been many examples of traditional female jobs being filled with males in Vienna. The post offices and the bakers selling the white loaves and the employees in the counters of the grocer shops are typical jobs for women - but there was a period in Vienna (it has lasted for some 3 years or so, but is hopefully on the way down) when nearly all these were flooded with males. My theory has been that there was one and only one reason for this - and that was that I could not interface formally with the society without interfacing with a male where there normally are females - and this would turn me 'homo'. The constructors had perhaps hoped that I would turn even sexually homo and invite the 'Hitler' in by opening the Bermuda rectangle for him. (That has not happened and it is not going to happen). The reason why this is no small matter is that e.g. Obama and Stoltenberg could have been careers constructed in more or less constant relation to my person - and when these do not so easily give up their Gstaltmeyrgasse but others rather press on me with the slogan "John, you have to move out of Zinckgasse as quickly as possible" (nobody has said a word, though - it is more about a 'feeling'), it would mean that I would be jolted out to the 'other side' which means Hütteldorferstrasse. It has been shown that at least one letter I sent through a normal mailbox did not arrive - and therefore I would be forced to go to a post office to put it surveyably on the counter for the male employee there to grab it and put it in the box. That should mean 'voluntarily' - which could mean that the jewish genetics (cp. Golda Meyr) voluntarily opens the Bermuda rectangle for the nazis.

There are signs of the construction of new nazism in Europe - and that even the old methods are used. BREXIT could be a sign that England does not want to be member in a union that constructs new nazism. But if Catalonia in Spain is the same, a new (or even old) separatism which serves to open up a Bermuda triangle to a Bermuda rectangle of "katta-Lund-ia" = "Grover's cat, yes", it could rather be about making space for the new Hitler out for raping the jews once again - could be the 'End-Lösung' is his dream.

You see - it is not possible to show the construction of new nazism without having the white stone - and where is that available if I had not made it myself? Why arent there photos of it on the internet - beyond my photo? 'Bill climbon' is quite an essential thing.

The sound which the sheep make is in norwegian called BREKe. BREK-SIT could even be that CLIMB-ON - if it does not really climb but rather sits there on the 'cliff' called 'klinten' in danish - which is the origin of norwegian.

The question is whether the angel wording of 'è un ragazzo' is the essential trick for taking Italy as the third element in the 'triangle' relating to Norway:

1. Norway-Vietnam = 180 degrees around the globe
2. Norway-Iraq = 180 degrees around cognitively for the OTHER, rolandic fissure sort of
3. Norway-Italy = 180 degrees around human-angelic/divine

and then it is the angel's voice speaking ITALIAN when it says 'è un ragazzo': But when this means e = 2,7182818284... it tells of Euler's (!) constant 'e' as the length of the philosopher's white stone when measured in centimeters - and that is not the same as the british inches. The voice speaks angelic = english, but it recommends or strongly suggests a centimetric = non-english basis for the understanding of the mystic relation between humans and divine or angels - and that could be the essential trick for the construction of a new Hitler in concert with a new Mussolini. The germans have been punished since the war with 'grammatical terror' - which has let the bamboo dance on their bent spines if they do not put the FINITTe verb in the end of the dependent clauses. "The finitte must be in the end, not in the front!", tells this terrible clause as a condition for peace - otherwise the war breaks out again. The germans have ironed their trousers and been good guys since then and put the finitte in the end every day and every night, and they are mighty tired of it. Therefore they do not say no to a new politician who can handle this problem efficiently and bring an end to the terror of anglophony.

But does that mean the anglophony of the italian 'è un ragazzo'? If so, that means that the new Hitler constructed as a white stone from Vienna will be precisely the double agent who works for the interests of non-centimetric England - with Brexit from EU'n RAG-AZZO - and that is how it will look once again after a new crisis or war - or simply replacement mill when thousands and thousands (or even millions) of german people could be planned to be replaced with identically looking copies from the enemy.

'Ragna Grøver' is a name which could mean RAG-nag-RØVER = RAG-nag-AZZO. EU'n RAG-AZZO could be that NAG which means old bad feelings - say, an undisposed mind had good chances with a girl in the student days but then came a Salon-Löwe and charmed her off - and he lost his chances and never got over it. Every day his mind sweeps more or less briefly over these happy days of his youth which never were to return because of that successful salonlöwe type who came and destroyed the whole thing for him. That is to carry NAG. Could be the octogon is supposed to have an element of NAG in it. The jews were just about to have their decisive cultural breakthrough when Hitler came and destroyed the whole thing. It is not jewish to carry NAG - but the constructors of the intrigue will believe that they are humans after all - and that the jews, although not NAG-carriers, are not christian cheek-turners to the face-slappers either - even if, that is true, Jesus himself was a jew.

Ragna Grøver was born 'Ragna Eidsvig' - and this Eidsvig Ragna could be the reason for the socalled 'Aktion Reinhard' - the three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez which together claimed something like 2 million jewish lives - on a size of Auschwitz with its Josef Mengele on the RAMP.

There are reasons to believe that Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez means - and could be meant even then - the three official children after the war of this Eidsvig Ragna = Ragna Grøver after she married Grøver/'Mengele'. If John 'Jensen' Grøver even was the same person as Josef Mengele, then the numbers associated with these names run to more than half of the total number of jewish victims of the holocaust. I would believe that the names of the death camps also mean deep jewish mysteries - but have not got this confirmed so far. It is possible that the generative movement in linguistics since the 1950's were about these.

There are also reasons to believe that there exists a MYTH - and I cannot decide on the potential reality behind this except for reporting that it sounds rather improbable on the background of my personal experience (unless they were replaced with identical copies in youth and the originals went off to choiceless fates, which I doubt) - that my elder sister Vibeke Grøver = SOBIBOR murdered Mao in 1976 and the younger sister Tone Helene Grøver murdered Indira Gandhi in 1984. 'Poo, ikke de mont' would mean that it is not the two mythological assassins they go for but the poo in the middle. At least if Cata-Lund-ia opens up.

A pity that Grover (me) cannot really interface with the society without those males being there. The construction could have been made in such a way that it makes me look like the sinner who gladly and volunteerily opens up for Adolf Hitler - the son of a Josef Mengele - as a scapegoat they could need if the white stone later is blamed for disasters in Germany - and in Austria that would also be for not being on conflict with the austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955, paragraf 10.

The first Gulf war (Iran-Iraq) broke out, tells the internet now, on 22 september 1980 - that is 1500 days before the death of Indira Gandhi on Halloween 31 october 1984. That is 75% - from 15 0/0 if you put a slash inbetween the 0's and lift the downstroke of the 1 to a 7. The Kosovo bombing campaign of NATO at 2000 could have been about that 75% - in which case the ratio is perhaps of no small value for the construction. "Hello, Wien" = the formal interface being mainly males in Vienna?

My idea is that the whole grandiose construction could be controlled by International Secret Intelligence Services - who abbreviately can be seen to be the same as ISIS. Is that the reason for the males in the post forwarding the letters?

This is what I mean: It could have been discovered in Italy and maybe even other countries that an angelic voice said it in italian over the heads of a local congregation - like the dove and the voice over the head when Jesus was baptized - that "è un ragazzo" - this was discovered and highly esteemed as a beautiful piece of wisdom and sensational knowledge relative to the white stone - and the bandits of secret intelligence administration put up a fence around it and tried to wipe out all traces of it and stamp it very secret and tried to convert it into a tool for terror and power games - and thereby they could make the impressive death camps of Hitler and much other horror.

That is the worst side of the human species!

It is probably what is called International Secret Intelligence Services. Open those secrets and drive the bandits out with tear gas! And give the mystic secrets back to the people - where they come from - in the interface between the human and the divine.

In an older article of mine on the internet, I computed on basis of the first Gulf war starting on 9 september 1980, but that could have been an error - unless the date was moved from 9 to 22 september for the sake of the 1500 of that Gandhi 1984 - and a royal massacre in Nepal could have taken the place of the old date. Not to speak of the syrian crisis.

'Bill climb-on' - tells of me in the autumn 1971 being videoed from behind - as 'dama skues'? The lady of the white stone?

Some people freeze on their back by (as I have quoted before) George Seferis' Mythistorema #8:

What are they after, our souls,
travelling on rotten brine-soaked timbers
from harbour to harbour?

(transl. Keeley/Sheppard). Greek for the last line is 'apo limani se limani' - the greek word 'limani' = 'harbour' coming from (talmudic?) hebrew 'limein' = 'harbour'. A 'balk limon' could be just that timbers of a new xylogistic logic - and could be 'li-mani' is made to look so as well - for the 'Mongo-li-a' parametre on China as as white stone? But notice that these are names only - and that is no guarantee for what politics hides behind the name. 'Balk Limani' (vs. 'bilk linteni') and 'István Örkény' - and that Al Qaida of OASE / BASE of the 'euler' nosetip beak of the constant 'e'. There can be much demagogy in a good back-freezing name - and this example could perhaps even compete with the divine voice over the heads. ('Aanonsen' was a refridgerator in Norway in the 1960's). Indeed Seferis' lines are great poetry - but that should not be abused for nazi politics!

Jacob Böhme is the authority on the white stone. His 'Aurora' = 'Morgenröte' has the following text towards the end of the more than 500 pages book - in chap. XXVI sections #120-121:

120. Wenn aber diese Morgenröte wird vom Aufgang zum Niedergang scheinen, so ist vorbass mehr keine Zeit, sondern die Sonne des Herzens Gottes gehet auf und wird RA.RA.RP. in der Kelter außer der Stadt gestoßen und mit ihm AM.R.P.

121. Dies sind verborgene Worte und werden allein in der Sprache der Natur verstanden.

The word 'vorbass' is not in the dictionary - the edition I have says that 'vorbass' = 'künftig'. It is probably not (or is it probable?) the reason for the Donbass crisis - unless this crisis simply was made in order to locate the quote in Böhme's work.

In my 'Stillhetens åndedrag', there is in poem 60 the following stanzas 3 and 4 - where stanza 3 was written originally in this poem 60 but stanza 4 was plaited in from poem 67:

Som en tilfeldig lathans

Du kan reise din bajonett på hodet                
som var du en gitterflekks år.
Da lyser det i visjonenes kode
med guitar og en børste av hår.

Ringduen ser - og han sitter på
så lenge den har bensin.
En rødstrupes livseliksir titter på,                
forvandler seg selv til vin.
Like a coincidental lazybones

You can raise your bayonet on your head
as were you a gridstain's year/[wound].
Then shines it in the code of visions
with guitar and a brush of hair.

The ringdove sees - and he sits thereon
as long as it has petrol.
A robin's life elixir peeps thereon,
transforms itself into wine.

The 'lazybones' is likely to be the illustration of the 'indian' (with the 'bayonet' on his head) - who turns 90 degrees the one way for his daughter and wife and 90 degrees the other way for the mysterious 'MONTE' in Italy.

Now the RA.RA.RP could be one of the two avatars - and the other could be AM.R.P. - that AMERIPAN who tried to get the wallet out of my pocket. (Luckily, he did not succeed in that). 'A marry-pan' is then that old story from Sandveien 4 in Molde in 1957 - when the lid could have been lifted from my head.

Ringduen se
r - og han sitte
r på                    
Rangduen se
r - a[g]han sitte
r på

rødstrupes livseliksi
r titter på                
En rødstrupes livseliksir = AM(m)

Is this simply Mengele's RAMP of Auschwitz? If so, it means nothing but that swap of AM.R.P. to RAMP - and that means that wrapover which is the Nono harmonics of poem 50 in my book. That could be also the 50-60 of the two Gulf wars 80-90 of Saddam Hussein - with some wrapover in the computations - could be for the numeral '23'.

I emphasize that I have never got any info on this quote from Böhme and have found it myself. It is true that 'Aurora' is a children's book series in Norway (written by Anne-Cath. Vestly) which in principle could have its reference in Böhme's book - but his book is thick.

My view is that politics seems to abuse my work for the uttermost destruction - such as that terror on the Lokichogio school in Africa which could have been for 'Molde tings du har sagt'. The 'Anne Orderud Paust case' took place in whitsun = PINSEn (PINCE pronounced 'pintse' is hungarian for that KELTER of Böhme's quote) after I had completed the first four books of The Endmorgan Quartet - and I had made a complete edition of these four books under the title (which also today is the title to the first quarter books 1-4 and to the whole work books 1-16) 'The Endmorgan Quartet' in the spring 1999. It is bound by staples in the leaflets and these are glued together with silicon in the spine - the production method was efficient and quick but the resulting book was not so bad - the staples are corroding a little, though, and the spine is a little stiff. I enclosed the book in an application for work stipend or guaranteed salary for authors (as poet) and got a travel stipend of 25.000 NOK = a little more than 2000 euro (if that was not for author of scientific works):

The TEQ edition of 1998

The book of probably spring 1999

Part of the application


It is likely that Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch was about installing the 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' - see the list of fallen heros which is alphabetic even if it tells a story - amidst a tremendous inflation, and with the birth of Ragna Eidsvig in 1929, there followed a crash on Wall Street which could have been about a 'walls' treat' when the walls pronounce the voice which is lowered with the monetary value over the congregation. (The voice I heard was inside the four walls of a restauration place, over the head of a congregation of people, a couple of dozens or more). This 'depression' of the acoustic format of the white stone lasted untill Hitler had come to power - and it served to tell that it was God's voice which told it with a lowering dove over the german people that "this is my son, whom I love - with him I am well pleased" (Matth.3:17) - so there they got it who it was. And God was, told the crash on Wall Street, mighty well pleased with Hitler, as the german protestants, hungry for some revelation, could conclude. Politics intruded into the mysteries for turning them into power - under the pretext of turning the world into an oasis of religious mystery. Has the world become an oasis of religious mystery? No, it has not. Therefore do not listen to those politicians who want to close down my work in secrecy, keeping it unpublished for using it for giving form to their plans and activities under the pretext that it is for making the world 'poetic'. Of course they are not making the world 'poetic' thereby - of course it is the very opposite they are doing.

The new Windows 10 has this front page logo, and it seems to have been the presentation logo since at least Windows 8 - but is it about an 'Endmorgan Quartet'? Like that 'Anne Orderud Paust case' with the four suspects? I have never been asked or informed about this. Or course it is just a Window, but little could needed of additional features to turn it into an 'Endmorgan Quartet' - and that would be very much against my will. It could perhaps be compared with a 'rape' of my authorship if it really functions as an 'Endmorgan Quartet'.

The Hitler intrigue was of course not much mystic or religious, and one can guess that the modern intrigue is not much 'poetic' either. One can guess that it is based on 'mysteries' of the following 1-2-3 kind:

1) this is my son = opening of infant skull, masturbation on the cortex
2) whom I love = rape at age 6 months
3) with him I am well pleased = horror chemicals in the blood of 18 month's child

(In the summer 2014 I woke up in a night of much unease to an inner experience of what I believed was John F.Kennedy saying "this is my erection").

The greek text of the heavenly voice in Matthew 3:17 is this, here skipping flats and sharps (the second last word is a long aspirated omega with circumflex):

Houtós estín ho huiós mou ho agapetós, en ho eudókesa
  ουτος  εστιν ο  υιος  μου  ο  αγαπητος, εν  ω ευδοκησα.

en ho eudókesa

© John Bjarne Grover
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