Sample from 'Birds to Saladin'

John Bjarne Grover

TEQ #344
Exodus 13:22
  לא-ימיש עמוד הענן יומם ועמוד האש לילה לפני העם

It was on earlier Chalk Farm, where I had spent a day:
"Could you please ...farchs arge?"
With the hope that nobody can ever tell the story:
14 West Extension Areas are filled today
of any side of the native search,
writes on the 145th page side
    and Descartes pass[es] by:

"The only thing which opens to a poem
occurs in a main note.
The four samples,
though I've had them
    for being there,
    though I'm coming
to the same Endmorgan Quartet, says I,
but wind and dark -
but hour to test hypotheses on various directions...
I have another two years before I think of it".

And I say: I have not.

From my 'Birds to Saladin', Bergen 1999, page 92, written on 17-19 november 1998. 'Birds to Saladin' is books 5-8 (the second quartet) of 'TEQ' = 'The Endmorgan Quartet' pages 355-578 - the present poem is in book 6 "Orphan and the angels" (pages 405-466) in parallel with Exodus chapter 13 verses 17-22 and chapter 14.

The Holy Bible, New International Version, International Bible Society 1984 translates Exodus 13:22 "Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people".

Source for the hebrew parallel text is Biblia Hebraica, Hooght/Hahn, Lipsiae 1839.

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