Some chinese poems

translated by John Bjarne Grover
from source Top 10 Most Influential Chinese Poems in History

Cao Zhi: Poem

Cook vessel round, burn vessel square:
The vessel is old China's tear.
The true root is the living root.
It seems you cook on higher foot?

Li Qingzha: Untranslatable poem

An alien man makes people feel like heather:
Death also comes as miserably shod
untill the moment when you feel your feather
will not transgress the river of the God.

(It is my interpretation that this poem is about the poem or poet that will not translate)

Li Shen: Poem

We pick the rice when sun approaches noon
and sweat drops fall like rice grains to the earth:
Who knows what plate of china fills it soon -
the rice that's every toilsome labour worth?

Wang Zhihuan: Poem

The clear sun hangs over the mountain tops.
The Yellow River's running towards the sea
trying to reach the end where nothing stops
so far beyond the surface of the tree.

Wang Wei: Poem

Alone in foreign land, I am a happy guest
and every girl I meet at parties want to kiss and kiss.
A letter from my brothers tells: "Climb to a higher nest
beyond the [mountain oak] - there is our brother's miss".

(Mountain oak is guesswork only - I could not find out anywhere what CHA ZHU YŚ could mean - it seems to be a tree of some sort)

Translated on 22-26 december 2017

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 27 december 2017