WWI and the Klipra connection

John Bjarne Grover

The first world war seems to have served to put up the Klipra connection in the global historic consciousness as a background for the holocaust of WWII, in order to pump its resources westwards. A few major examples - names of main battles from WWI - can serve to illustrate how it came to index the Klipra connection with Laura and Bjarne Eidsvig:

Tannenberg August 19145 = tarmenberg ('intestine-berg') as the opposite of Venus-berg, hence 'Klipra' = 'scissors-off' (the umbilical cord) as the opposite of 'tarmen berg' = 'intestine-rescue'.
Marne September 1914 adds to
Somme June-November 1916
for the concept of Somme-Marne = Sunnmöre. But it is 'on reverse' in time! That is why the battles of
Yser / Ypern = Onr Over = John Grover = Reverse Not comes inbetween, in September-November 1914. I don't know how important these were or if they were mentioned on Microsoft Encarta only for making the effect.
Verdun February-June 1916 = Visthus on Sunnmöre.

Somme claimed some 1.000.000 lives, Verdun some 700.000.

Bjarne Eidsvig owned Visthouse in Vistdal and Fjellgata 72 in Klipra and the family lived in Visthouse during the war when they were not in Klipra.

Sarajevo where 'Franz Ferdinand' was murdered on 28 June 1914 - the beginning of the war - is likely to be the key word for Fjellgata 72, the house of the Eidsvigs in Klipra. 'Gata' = 'the street', 'gatt' is the anus of animals, in particular fish. 'Sarajevo' = 'Vjerasao' = 'Fjelgata'. V = letter #7, while letter #5 = #2. There is probably a conversion key in the name of Franz Ferdinand.

What was the 'fjert', the 'fart' in the 'gatt'? That is likely to have been the brother Aron of Bjarne Eidsvig after WWII - if his real name was likely to have been Adolf Hitler. And his work was the holocaust.

These types of world war is not about battles between competing world views: They are prearranged mass murders ('Schlacht' is the german word) for installing concepts in the global consciousness. If Hitler was an agent for England, and this strange series of battles in WWI seems to indicate just that, it was a matter of leading this number of allied soldiers here and this number of german soldiers there and then let them slaughter each other for creating an unforgettable concept among the people of the world. It is fantastically unsmart politics, is my view on these matters. When the number of dead in Treblinka was the same as the nunber of dead in Rwanda 1994 and the number of dead in the world's most disastrous earthquake in Shansi in China in 1556, that gives the reason for the number of dead in Verdun: They had to continue mutual mass murdering untill they had reached 700.000 - for putting up the concept of 'Visthouse' on the global historic flannelograph. All this slaughter has led to a serious damage to the world's consciousness and today it is 2008 and these essential and hysterically trivial and simple data have not yet been told publically, as far as I know.

Could be the explanation would be that the data do not mean that Hitler was an agent for England, they only mean that the allieds guided the germans into battle on such places which indexed the Klipra connection. But that anyhow should mean that Eidsvig was an agent for these political matters. The Rosetta stone was found 100 years before his birth, and the Dreyfus case seems to have indexed his birth on 6 July 1899.

The reason for the absence of these essential data could even be that one plans to continue with another round, 100 years later (unless there is a smaller gap this time). Would it be the same Klipra connection this time? Probably not. I notice the concept of 'mangiare' with apparent systematic function in the political mythology. The Aukrusts (elder official sister and brother-in-law) live on Jar in Bærum outside Oslo. They have cottages or weekend houses (I have never been to any of these places) on Lom and Tyin, two mountainous or rural regions. These two names in combination seem to mean something like 'the man murder' or even 'the murder of the human species' - or even worse 'the extermination of a/the human race' - in French. Cp. the idea of 'genetic bias' in the royal massacre in Nepal 2001. But I have no reason to believe that the Aukrusts are involved in any shady business and I have no information which could be suggestive of the idea that this is the new Klipra connection. Of course one has to live on an address and that is normally in a district and if one has a summer house then there is already the similarity there. However, the names of the summer houses are a little special and maybe that makes me entitled to mention them here. Also, the name of the street on Jar in Bærum outside Oslo is a little similar to the word 'tullespråk' which Gröver/'Mengele' pronounced when we drove in under the leafage canopy of Aure-Osen in the late sixties - and then one can compare with the 'tollepinne' of 'Hermann Göring' in the ceiling of San Pantalon. If that is the rod which Jacob used on the 'naked ewes' = 'Gim-söys' (John Jensen Gröver/'Mengele' was allegedly born on Gimsöy in Lofoten), then one could even invoke the idea of foot-and-mouth 2001 as related to this 'tollepinne' or 'tullepinne'. But if one has come that far in comparisons, then one could even recognize the name of 'Jar' in 'Bærum' in the car accident outside my home in Vilnius one hour exactly before Straw was pronounced new foreign secretary in June 2001 (the day after the general election). 'Jar' is hungarian for the movement of e.g. a car (or in such expressions as 'the war continues'), while 'Bærum' means 'to carry around', such as was necessary with the victims of that accident ('Beirut' in comparison means 'to carry out'): I think two of the three young people inside died, according to later stories. The car accident could be a case of 'l'homme tuin' (depending perhaps on definition of the french word). One anyhow should not confuse the concepts with 'Thomas Dylan' - if that name should have happened to be victim of political abuse. (As concerns the name of 'Bob Dylan', the old fortified town in Fredrikstad with a canal around it (a correlate to Venice) is linked to the area outside with a bridge which thereby can be seen to be a sort of 'umbilical cord'). Then what would the 'general election' be? That could be about the general de Gaulle 'going to bed' on 7 November 1970, which then again could be about my role as an 'NMI of the state' after Aure-Osen. (Jostein Simble, who was leader of NMI, died on 21 October 2000 - the mirror image to 12 October 2000 with Cole). Would 11 September 2001 be about such a 'general election'? It happened in the morning after the election to parliament in Norway on 10 September 2001 - and I think the votes were not even completely counted when the twin towers fell. Which could mean that there could be 1-2 Reich connection of England-Norway.

This means that whether or not there is any reason to believe that Jar could have any such function as Klipra had, the references around the general UK election in 2001 were notable.

This, along with the current stockmarket and economic situation generally, makes it justified to create the hypothesis that England could be planning a continued persecution program - possibly against the Jews. Could be it simply could mean that the plan is to exterminate the jewish diaspora. Such plans or politics are not permitted and should not be continued. The current Windows version is called 'Vista'.

I emphasize that I have never heard about any such plans for a hypothetical 'Jar connection' and have never experienced any reason to believe that there should or could be - for which reason it must be said that these speculations are based on names only. If the type "since 'car-is-on-a-car' can be an element in the GAS-PAS-GAS construction, Venice and 'mangiare' can be key words for the context of it" etc. Whatever the story, it can be added that as far as I know, Laura and Bjarne Eidsvig were not involved in illegal business. And if there should have been plans for a 'Jar connection', the Aukrusts would not even have to know about it themselves, and it would of course be wrong to abuse their address like that.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 23 December 2008