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John Bjarne Grover
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1152 Wien

This mail address is new from about Christmas 2009.

For the question as to whether post to me could be censored or not, which means the question whether post sent to me could be forwarded to others who could come to answer in my name, see this article. I cannot determine to what extent there is a factual basis for believing that censorship of my post could be going on. - There had by 17 november 2016 not arrived anything 'personally interesting' - beyond routine things from bank etc - since last comment on this theme - there had in the course of the year before that arrived two envelopes from 'Ragna Gröver' - these I could of course not open but sent on as 'evidence' to the police in Fredrikstad, Norway. - As by june 2017 even some post from banks seem not to have arrived. On 6 june 2017 two letters (of 21 april and 21 may 2017 - none of them containing unexpected material) from the norwegian bank were found on another po box shelf. I have hoped for interest from publishers to my books but there has by june 2017 not arrived anything such. Clearly if one should believe that the post does not function it would mean that the state is in a serious crisis.

I also have an email address, but there has been almost only bulk mail which are sent to email addresses found arbitrarily on the internet by search methods of various kinds. These bulk mails go into a folder which is emptied automatically and if a mail ends erroneously up in that folder (as has happened) it can be deleted before I find it. To try and avoid so much bulk mail (this method really also worked out well and the amount has been much reduced little by little) I explain the address as follows: The username is composed of seven letters, the three first from 'john' plus the four first from 'grover', in one word and in small letters. Then follows the curly at sign plus yahoo and then a dot and a com.

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