The coordinate system

John Bjarne Grover

In this article I discuss or rather mention a few important aspects of the 'coordinate system' in the political blue metre - see under Point 4: Political theory.

Nonsense aside - assume the following theory: The west lives in a double reality and the east in a single - probably because the sun rises in the east and sets (or doublesets?) in the west. Western democracy is terror-driven and consists in a matrix of mythos elements that can be manipulated by terror which moves opinion here and there according to the will of the power-holders. (For example, the terror in France recently could have served to manipulate - via the following media-focussed terror in Mali and some later things that turned things round later - the election in France). The mythos matrix is created by media and the terror by the anonymous and non-existing 'services'. Some of the spectacular terror surfaces in the media but most is probably of an undramatic kind which is not mentioned when people are carried out (in english-western language it is said that 'the terror was carried out'). Although this would be hardboiled tyranny, it is called 'democracy' because it manipulates opinion to vote for this and vote for that. It is the rule of terror.

However, everybody knows and understands that terror is very unpopular and does not increase the public's confidence, and this theory is generally not officially accepted in the west. The enigma therefore remains: How come terror can be used to gain power?

The answer is that there is one and only one form of terror that is accepted by the public and that is godgiven or godconducted terror.

Therefore the western powers were eager to establish Israel after the war because that is a godgiven state. It is the blue metre that solves the riddle: It shows that administration tends to organize in the 360 degrees circle of the millenial metre in such a way that a coordinate system arises on the map: The state chiefs of England, France, Belgium and Spain are so called that the names are recognized in the fourth line of the PEB with an interval of some 91-92 sonnets, creating a perfect telescope sight that focusses on the Channel - an 'Overseas' or even 'Oversees' power.

Who looks (oversees) at Earth through this telescope? Ah, it must be the Divine with long white undulating beard and a total power: He sees what is going on there and grants the rights to this and that when he does not punish this and that. Therefore, since the states organize in such telescope sight formats in the blue metre, it follows that the rights to use terror is godgiven. Then it is accepted by the public.

No sooner had I completed the PEB in 2010 and this phenomenon was discovered, the double-tongued west started to claim the end of Bashar al-Assad's rule in Syria and whipped up rebel terror that wanted 'democracy' - probably because Syria's system constituted a threat to the divine rights of the west to use terror. Bashar al-Assad's name and rule has been determined by other factors than the 'democratic' telescope sight formation - and when it is a part of the sight on Israel, it is part of the fundamental geographic preconditions for western rule after the war. 'Baath' could mean that the long-stretching branches are genetic and not series of names in the blue metre. A blue metre branch can go for many generations.

But, clearly, as soon as the blue metre is discovered, the rights to use terror collapse - simply because the idea of an old god with undulating beard and a long telescope with focus sight at the end is too naive. Or maybe that is not so naive - compared with the idea that the administrations can model the telescope sight on the map and thereby be in charge of the visual focus of the old god and the control with the details of his sight.

But it is true that it was the people's faith in the divine that was raped and abused by these means in such a way that it allowed for terror. However, to solve the problem of terror by exterminating religion is not the solution. The solution is to understand what the blue metre is.

World religions do not accept terror and protest strongly against humans dressing up as divines in order to grant themselves divine rights. It is because the naive blue-metre telescope sight was so cleverly designed (it existed as a subconscious and unknown phenomenon untill 2010) and hard to discover that it could create such quasi rights - enough to cheat the public into believing that it was their own faith in the divine that had created these rights. That is double-tongued 'democracy' - telling the public the it is they themselves who have chosen it. It is double-tongued because it did not know about the blue-metre telescope sight as the basis for the governmental authority and (ab)use of power.

There exists a modern phenomenon of secret agents working for intelligence services and 'bureaus' that have the function of being dependent on drugs and telling lies (the worst form of lie is that HOMO COPY or HOMO AFFE) for the sake of power-enhancement in the services and administrations that sent them out in the field. How come? It is likely that these dependencies serve to create a redundancy in the socio-political space that leads to the formation of an apparent coordinate system on the map - thereby creating the illusion that the governments have godgiven authority and have been granted by the divine the rights to use terror and abuse people - not the least for reinforcing the coordinate system and thereby the presence of the divine on Earth. No wonder the churches shrink under such historic circumstances of record long noses among the people.

To believe that a british or other global empire with total control everywhere can be built by way of terror is to believe so because they themselves believe in the godgiven authority - a subconscious belief in the divine rights by way of that coordinate system - and that the terrorists and criminals who would have been constituting the moral backbone of such an empire feel right because they believe in the authority from heaven (otherwise, if that were not their driving force, such a global empire would crumble as soon as the criminals were offered more money from somebody else). But clearly such an empire cannot last as soon as the blue metre has been brought to the surface of consciousness - as soon as the cat is out of the sack - it is accepted only as long as the subconscious error has been recognized as 'religious faith' in competition with the accepted world religions - and probably will not even be constructed.

Hitler's swastika and the swastika on Europe with origo in Paris as well as the global cross from Boer war to Moere-der regions could be a naive misconception of this coordinate system of the blue metre.

The blue metre should be brought to the surface of conscious attention. The book should be published. The many students of politics and political theory and all the other fields of study concerned by it should not get the copies they need from the 'services' - that would be illegal copies - and so it is important to find a publisher who can organize the production of legal copies in order for the many students to be able to acquire the copy that they need. That is what a publisher is for.

It is important to understand that the people are not so underdeveloped that they cannot understand these things. It could in fact be the other way round. It is important that the people get to the facts and the blue metre as it is and not via service- and service-media-controlled propaganda.

Could be nonsense has to be lifted aside for understanding it. But how can one believe that the west is so bad as to rely on terror while denying it? Isnt it rather that the west defends the good values and protects the suppressed? That is probably right, that the west feels so - not the least since that is the program of world religions. But there is a mixmax problem there which could be at the heart of the story - and that is where the nonsense could be hiding. It is important to understand this element and not for political authority to take up competition with religious authority.

It is important to understand that it is the power that wants the rights to use terror who are relying on religious faith (cp. the phenomenon on apparent rockpedos triggering 'divine' earthquakes) - otherwise the people would never 'accept' the terror. For such administration to say that we do not need the churches and religions (and that political power can take their role) because the third millenium is rational and we do not need that old superstition is to be double-tongued indeed. When this double tongue is coupled with the problem of total control by surveillance which makes a revolution impossible or very difficult, it is a very dangerous situation and it is high time that politics starts working on recognizing and understanding its own limitations. The global community has probably now reached an equilibrium which can make it possible to start the work of reducing the scope of validity of political authority and reality - like they reduced the nuclear weapon potentials some decades ago. It is the people who must have the blue metre and the studies of it - not only political administration.

There probably exists a theory which says that I was created for the mythos role of writing the blue metre and the 'services' thereafter would claim that I so did as a 'Deletang-Tardif' who got the inspiration from an 'Alain Bosquet' - that is, that it really was the 'services' who wrote it in that way. But this nonsensical theory (which certainly does not grant any copyright to the 'services') would only be about an attempt to retain the rights to use terror by way of the divine telescope sight. The intuition that this blue metre has been in the articulation could have been around for some time - cp. the 'odd gold' of german language coupled with ideas of focussing a 'long telescope' on an 'origo' in the 'end'. But all this looks like confused attempts to put the pieces together - and to belive in continued rights to use terror because of 'service copyright' by 'Bosquet' methods and so forth is not interesting. The problemshift belongs to the second millenium - it is time to move into the third.

John Bjarne Grover
On the web 3 january 2016