Covid easily explained

John Bjarne Grover

For many years there has seemingly been an enormous lot of abuse of surveillance from my life and work. It seems that there has been much of it in business, media (films, books, TV), news, advertisement, politics etc. This has created a large abuse reservoir which was supposed to be solved by one day somebody (or some state) being sufficiently responsible to declare this circus for ended and tell the truth and the countries pay for the abuse - to me, the one who was abused. But this did not happen. Instead I was forced to move back up to Austria in late 2009 without knowing anything about the story with ÖVP: Had I known this, I would of course never have moved to the country. It is only in the recent weeks that I have had the chance to discover the phenomenon that abuse of my intellectual work seems to be accompanied by mass shootings in USA. This terror and monkey business seems to have developed into grotesque proportions. An article in China Daily tells that since 2017 gun violence has come to be the primary cause of death among americans under 25 years of age. It is very possible that this is directly connected to my residence in Austria - not the least since there seems to be a certain connection between relevant indexes in the surveillance and in the mass shootings. This means that it is not a madman who suddenly loses his mind and starts firing indiscriminately around - it is rather, as it seems, that somebody with largescaled registers of names and addresses around the world lets the computer find the optimal address for a certain specific point in the surveillance data and the local mafia boss (or secret intelligence contact) finds a person who hasnt got a chance otherwise to do it. The massacre of 10 blacks in a TOPS supermarket in Buffalo recently could be an example, the story told in this file another. There seem to be such mass shootings on the average almost every day - and a bridge from the witzeblatt of New Yorker magazine to ÖVP in Austria seems to be essentially about the opening of my head soon after my birth in 1957 with somebody probably masturbating a spurt on my cortex.

Another example: On 11 may I sent an email to an antiquriat in Aarhus in Denmark and ordered a book. I asked to have their bank account number so I could send the money in advance. On 12 may I called and they said they would look at it the following day. On friday 13 may there had still been no answer and I started suspecting that biz was on. There had been some apparent terror-and-monkey-business in the news which told me that it was not impossible that the antiquariat and the book could have been paper constructions on the internet only and I searched the web for the streetview map and found the shop verified there - but there was a toppled bicycle lying on the sidewalk outside the shop so maybe it was not verified after all. 'Velta sykkelen' spoons to 'selv ta vykkelen', 'selv ta på pukkelen' etc, so I added in the email of late 15 may that the 'email angle' ('email-vinkelen') could be a little off the normal here in Vienna - meaning that if there were biz going on I could not participate in anything such. On monday 16 may I started to suspect that there never would come any answer at all - and I looked up the news for Aarhus and found that there had been a traffic accident in the night at Djurlandsmotorvejen direction northwards to Aarhus Nord which left a 35 year old in critical condition: He had seemingly driven into a pillar in a traffic subdrive - like princess Diana at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The report told that the news had come in to the police at 00:35 at night. I thought this sounds like the toppled bicycle outside the shop - and I looked up the police address which was Ridderstræde 1 which could invoke associations to a bicycle rider with only one leg. No sooner had I looked up these details, the answer came from the antiquariat and I could pay the book and start waiting for it in the post. However, in the mean time, it seems that the since 2017 austrian president van der Bellen (see also this file) had cancelled a trip to Finland, or Finland had (like the car on Djurlandsmotorvejen, or the parcel sent to me in the post?) and on 18 may a new austrian agricultural minister Norbert Totschnig was appointed to take over from the former Elisabeth Köstinger. I looked up the mass shootings in USA and found one in Philadelphia in the night after Totschnig had taken over: 5 people had been pumped full of bullets, one shot 14 times, but none of them died even if most of them were in very critical condition: It was not far from Temple University, at 1500 Bouvier Street - which could invoke associations to the wife of JFK ('Jackeline på fire' = 'Jackeline on four' - cp. my earliest childhood memory). This location is just on the other side of Tochi's Place - which sounds like the new agricultural minister's name - across 'Jefferson Street': This is the third time that this streetname 'Jefferson' is the location of such mass shootings in the course of a few days: On 1 may there was one in 500 Jefferson Street in Lafayette (with possible reference to 'cliff of the chief'), and on 10 may there was the massacre on 10 blacks shot dead in the TOPS supermarket of Buffalo, in 1275 Jefferson Street. Hence one associates with the 'culling' of animals ('djur-land' = 'animal-land') a la 'Temple University'. Is it about the 'canule' of the border outlines of Austria - even for an association with my person? So that if Austria is formally responsible for the many mass shootings, the generally agreed-upon program of politicians of all kinds and the police in all concerned states is to dump the blame for all this on me - qua 'octogon'-canule-meister? The question is whether Austria is on the way into a new mass psychosis - cp. the 'mass' shooting in USA. If there is a big 'project' going these days on the word 'Djurland'-s-motorvejen', it could perhaps be on basis of the idea of my comment on 'email-vinkelen', a comment which fantasy could suggest were not entirely 'clean talk' and therefore the cause of the traffic accident on Djurlandsmotorvejen - and hence this could serve as a proof of my 'compromised integrity'. Had PTRSIM PIK spoken without such undertone vibrations, the driver of the car would perhaps not have been misled in his heart and therefore would have avoided the accident. The shooting in Philadelphia was almost mid between Temple University and Kelly Street along the river - but not entirely: If you draw the diagonal you come only appr to Eastern State Penitentiary ('pen-i-tentiary' = 'van der Bellen'?) - which could look not like ÖVP but perhaps a CPU ('ull-web-ruden' = hung. 'farkasmenyasszony' [26/5: - cp. also the new 'wooly' Windows booting window of a recent update = 'ull-web-ruden'?]): The shooting in Philadelphia seems to have been at 7:30 PM local time, and another mass shooting took place at 7:30 AM the next morning in Houston, Harris County which could have indexed this square structure - four people were shot dead. It looks like the series of mass shootings constitute a sort of chain or bridge from index to index - could be it is a modelling of a Black Sea Loop.

There are some reasons to guess that this JFK could have been the one who masturbated on my cortex in 1957 - after which the voters believed that he was Messiah (if I were PTRSIM PIK) and he easily won the election. There has also been the theory up that the assassination in 1963 were only theatre and that he was rebuilt to somebody else. The US film "My big fat greek wedding" seems to indicate that he could have taken on the role of my younger sister (whose name could suggest the typical witzeblatt idea of 'BRISKEN' (cp. also 'PTRSIM PIK'), the plank bed in two chains on a prison wall - cp. also the Apenes story and the cuban missile crisis). Although I have little reason to believe so, the mythos could suggest that this were the factual contents of the Apenes murder in 1978 along with the murder of Aldo Moro in Italy. It is possible that these served to install the mythos that my younger sister could have housed JFK behind the facade and my official mother could have been replaced with somebody else around the time of the attempt on the pope. If, therefore, one continues the mythos telling with the idea that my own penis were stolen for rapes of me at my puberty time, I would have got somebody else's, and, if so, this could have been replaced with JFK's original penis contents some years later. (I have no reason to believe so, though). I think there could have been some jokes about me as Mr.Important, or something like that. Add to this the idea that the 'self-sucking' I probably was lured into at age 14, could be the idea was that since my official father certainly had been replaced with a copy in 1969, and there is no doubt about that, I could have rescued my younger sister from a similar fate by 'auto-fellatio'. But since this could have landed the sperm 'inside my head', so to speak, the mythological idea could have been engineered that since the material came from 'A-penis' who had belonged to JFK, and since JFK had landed sperm 'inside my head' in 1957, there could be reasons to say that the 'inner poetic articulations' came from 'JFK'.

Add to this the 1223-bridge from USA to ÖVP (that is, to the currently ruling party who has the government in Austria) which seems to be based essentially on the ejaculation from JFK onto my cortex in 1957, it follows that each and every mass shooting in USA could add to this general idea that it would add weight to ideas that JFK were my 'inner poetic articulations' and hence so to speak had 'written' my poetry.

But the US shootings are always mass shootings? Ah, that is when they are shooting into the 'mass' = 'excrements' = the 'dritte Reich', as was Hitler's project. It is possible that it was just precisely this story that was his project - in particular if he were the one who took the place of the first custody father in 1969. And then the 'authorship' could be seen to belong to the one who were in possession of my original penis - and if that person were an agent for an intelligence organization, these could feel inspired to believe that they had written my books?

Or, even worse, if there is such a mythos around - that the person who could have raped me with my own penis were a 'trans' who had sprung out from a Buckingham Stammbaum, or even could have originated there somehow - there could be the idea that the authorship were to be associated with Buckingham's authority. By way of that cheap trick of 'inside the head' and things like that - a problem of the 'inner poetic articulations' apparently going back to Henry VIII and the pope. (However, it must be understood that the old 'sentimental' idea that poetic articulations are connected with sperm or sex is rather uninteresting nowadays).

This could be consonant with the idea that Norway was established in 1814 for such purposes - of being the northern arm on the swastika which had Italy as the southern - and England seems to have added angle (wrong way, though) to the western arm with the annexation in Northern Ireland around the time when Anton Drexler made the nazi party and Hitler entered it. The role of Norway could have been to receive the problems of the quasi-divine status of Henry up from England and return (with the turns of the swastika) the values of the inner poetic articulations for enhancing the justification of royal rule in England - and the method for this exchange would have been in the ridicule and discrediting of the norwegian poets. Hans-Henrik Holm could an example - the aftereffect of this 'ridicule' seen in the 'gunsmoke' of present-day mass shootings in USA.

Grøver (i.e. Hitler?) told me that he had seen Holm striding down Karl Johan in hat and coat. If Holm is heavily abused, in e.g. the 'Gunsmoke' series if this is based on his 'Sunsmoke' series of poetry, three volumes dressed in inner jackets with 'Sunsmoke' outer jackets around, it is well possible that the 'gunsmoke' in USA in recent years serve to turn the roles of Hitler and Holm around for thereby telling that, although it could appear as if Holm could have been a 'gunsmoke' agent, it really is Hitler who could have been a special agent for Buckingham only - cp. the 1936 Wallis Simpson affair (= 'brisken'?). If so, it is high time that the britons close down their monarchy - if it is that much of a burden to the world.

The mass shootings in USA could have contributed to the idea of engineering the idea that somebody else - potentially housing a JFK behind the facade - could have been the author of my work. That would be swindle - I am the true author of my work, and I do not write it with the penis. But it could, much worse, be the plan to create a third world war for letting the surrender signature count as a surrender of the authorship to an agent for the british monarchy.

Everything should be done to prevent that.

It is likely that it is this background of maximally raw abuse of my authorship which could have prompted the outbreak of covid at the time of brexit.

The viruses

Is it possible to make vaccines against viruses? Probably not - in particular if viruses take shape ex nihilo from a metaphysics rather exhausted with abuse misbalance. In the present case, the abuse which has been going on for a long time resembled an overfilled metaphysical cupboard which poured all the old shoeboxes and tennis rackets and jumpers out when the doors were opened: There should have been a tidy-up of the abuse, with apologies, truthtelling, money paid etc, everybody were waiting for that and waiting just another week or month, and if this had come about the story would have been down. But this did not happen - on the contrary brexit signalled that they would double instead - and thereby covid broke out.

Hence if viruses cannot really be stopped by vaccines, how come they launch vaccines nevertheless? There could be one plausible explanation to this - and that is vaccines by placebo based on the principle of doubling or tripling the abuse instead of finding a remedy against it - thereby pushing it all back into the cupboard again instead of tidying up. Then the vaccines will look fine during test trials and everybody are happy that the problem was solved - but of course if the virus disease not only strikes back due to massive abuse ad metaphysical misbalance but even in principle strikes back at those who had been involved in profiting from the abuse, then these 'vaccines' will not be able to stop the disease - on the contrary they will only postpone the avalanche a little before the renewed misbalance is released again with even bigger force and maximizes the pandemic - and even strike more against those who have been vaccinated than those who are not.

This seemed to be what happened: The pandemic was on a reasonably moderate level and was lurking around with the mumble "why not hurry up and get these problems solved? Why not tidy up in the abuse mess so that we can get this finished and return to work?" - when around january 2021 'vaccines' started being pumped in for pushing the avalanche back again. It is true that the number of deaths per day reached a maximum not long before the vaccinations started, but the number of infections reached a local maximum in april 2021. In the beginning it looked as if the vaccines would have some effect, and one quickly developed the idea that if people were not only vaccinated once but twice and thrice and four times, it should suffice to keep the avalanche back up there. But of course that would only make it worse - or have no effect at all - and, not surprisingly, after some time the distribution started to turn around and it could be shown that vaccinations against covid only increase the danger of disease and death. In Sweden appr 75% of the population is vaccinated but among those who die from covid 89% are fully vaccinated (at least two doses) - and the new infections seem to be about the same percentage (numbers are not explicit but the graph looks convincing). This ratio has been rising - in the beginning it seemed that the vaccinations had a positive effect but now it looks rather the opposite. For a few weeks when the breakthrough percentage was rising, it seems that the published data mixed up breakthrough and non-breakthrough, and the ratio was sinking rather constantly, untill the error was discovered and it leapt up to the other end of the scale.

Sweden is one of possibly very few countries who have published these data, as far as I know - data on how many people got sick and died from covid and how many of these were vaccinated - and look at what happened in response: They were soon forced to apply for membership in NATO - which could be the main organization for spread of the nazi mythos around my person. Cp. the Kosovo story which could have been based essentially on the element of 'auto-fellatio' ('self-suck') for a potential JFK swindle. In short, it is a possible hypothesis that the reason why NATO bombed Kosovo and Belgrade could have been the 'self-suck reboot' that surveillance could have detected in Austmarka - because this could have added to the idea of 'inner poetic articulations' landed from a potentially once Kennedy penis 'inside the head'. That is heavy mythos- and possibly swindle-making and not really worthy of such a defence organization. It would have been for the idea of the anglican church being justified in its suspicion that the inner articulations which the pope took for communications from God really were a form of transformation of the whereabouts of e.g. Henry in London - and such a church they could not support in England. When they liberated from the catholic church, it gradually could have dawned to the world that it was because they felt that the Vatican did not credit the source properly - they said the messages were from God while Henry could have believed they were from him - and when the english king came to be the supreme head of the new church, there were some potential shady overlaps there. This could have come to be an acute problem after the french revolution - since the godgiven justification for royal rule suddenly looked far from self-evident - and when this also could have compromised the royal authority as far as these 'inner poetic articulations' were concerned, it could have been then that they made the PTRSIM PIK program for re-infusing quasi divine authority or 'majesty' into the royals. It is this which looks like a terrible farce which is kept going only because its construction is kept under secrecy.

Brexit could then be taken to mean that the british monarchy feels that the Vatican does not credit the source properly - they should have credited the royal inspirations since Henry but the Vatican says it comes from God instead. When I say that the reason for covid is in the lack of crediting of me as the source (by surveillance) of massive 'monkey business', then I mean to say that there is a misbalance in the metaphysics that has been accumulated from longtime abuse of my work without crediting of the source - but the secrecy clauses imposed on the construction of the PTRSIM PIK (me, it seems) makes it possible to spread fog on the landscape for creating the idea that it is the british monarchy that has not been properly credited - since it is their quasi divine inspiration that gives rise to those inner poetic articulations which then is seen as the source of the monkey business. NATO could be a main source of this fog-spreading - not the least by way of such things as the Kosovo bombing campaign - and, perhaps even more importantly, the '1223' bridge from USA to ÖVP in government in Austria. If so, it could have been a main element in the development of covid that I still have to reside in Austria and do not get the help I need for moving to another country - preferrably Italy. The international secret intelligence services - the 'Kennedy batallions'? - probably pump the politicians full of propaganda that I am the flagship of british monarchic rule: That is very wrong and the lack of crediting of me is not a lack of crediting of a royal inspiration for the inner articulations of ideas in the minds of people. But clearly such intelligence propaganda can create ideas in the minds of the people, including the politicians - and those 'intelligences' seem to believe that I am their intelligence project. I am not their intelligence project! I am a normal private person who have done a lot of work which is abused without crediting of me as the origins of it - and I believe that is the reason for the covid - that the world protests with a pandemic against this mixmax of who is the uncredited one.

If one were to make a detailed catalogue of the cases of abuse of my things in the public space around the world, the catalogue would probably be very thick, even if bible paper and telephone book types. But the plan of those 'intelligences' is probably to erase those data from the archives - for thereby making it possible to claim that it was the royal inspiration that was abused and uncredited. This is another factor of main importance that could have triggered covid: That the world cannot continue waiting - only for seeing it going the wrong way with doubling instead of levelling. The plan is perhaps also to credit somebody else - 'royal' Kennedys or something like that - with the authorship of my work. That would be another case of swindle.

Pfizer launched its anti-covid 'Paxlovid' pill on 21 december 2021 - look at the skyrocketing covid curve from that day on (source One really could guess that the pill is based on imitation of some ideas of mine without crediting of the source - and would the steeply rising curve be an after-effect of the vaccination program - as if this had accumulated only more avalanche to be released with the pill?

My epidemiologial theory of april 2020 presupposes an ex nihilo origin of virus due to such metaphysical misbalance under certain cultural circumstances: Apparent spread by bodily proximity would then arise from a temporary shared (and very local but intensified) cultural context and not from hopping of bubbles through the air. It would be the same 'bodily presence' that looks like the formation of virus by 'multiplication' under the electronic microscope but which has its triggering factors hidden inside the 'interface' between the material bodies: It would be this interface that contains its 'generating' potential with an isomorphy in the multiplication data in such a way that it can be 'blocked' by a substance filling in the 'vacuum' in the pumping mechanism by way of a distributional analysis based on dependency defined by a distribution that steers towards a semantically balanced distribution. Thereby cause and effect are compromised as far as 'bodily proximity' is concerned - and this could be precisely where the vacuum pump has its source and force. It would look like normal multiplication due to chemical processes - but the difference between the multiplication of a virus and a bacteria could then be just in the principle of mix of cause and effect in the interface. Or, say, it could be beyond that cause and effect level.

This could also explain how the statistical incidence looks convincing for those who go for the virus vaccinations while the ratio between vaccinated or not does not: When 75% are vaccinated and 89% of those who die are vaccinated, it means that the vaccinations increase danger of death. But how come the incidence value tells that it does not but on the contrary vaccines give protection? For once, since mainly older people die and that age group has a higher vaccination rate, it can be argued that the effect of the vaccines is close to zero - but that it does not lead to increased danger of death. The finnish data on hospitalizations tell that 75% are vaccinated and the incidence for hospitalization is 3 times higher for those who are unvaccinated. But that means only that the number of vaccinated hospitalizations roughly equals the number of unvaccinated hospitalizations. That again means that the cause and effect could have been turned around since it is not the disease which creates the crocodile in the covid curve but it is the crocodile who creates the disease in the covid curve: The crocodile takes one vaccinated, one unvaccinated, one vaccinated etc equally, which means that the vaccinations have no effect on the crocodile - or even that the crocodile tries to get it in balance. Then it makes sense relative to the other way of counting.

This mix of cause and effect could be also where monkey business finds its rationale - which also suggests that if it is the crocodile who strikes against those who are involved in monkey business, whether for natural reasons or for reasons of being vaccinated with a placebo for scaring the croco, it could mean that the crocodile strikes against those who have their cause and effect interchanged in their interface to society - and that is when the crocodile logic could explain the distributions.

It is the possible systematic relation between the covid crocodile and the crocodile from the attempt on the pope in 1981 which tells that it could be about a mythological being.

The theory on virus multiplication is, as far as I know, my ideas only (they are based on the structure of my 'The Endmorgan Quartet') and if e.g. Pfizer makes a pill on basis of this theory and does not credit the source properly, the effect could be just the opposite of what is intended.

Hence the only thing which will have a lasting value for such virus medication would be to credit the source of this idea properly - not to pump in more poison for scaring the croco.

It must be understood that medical science which ignores all such mythological factors and focuses on the physical body only in fact could be a very strong support to the cynical mafia program which probably is involved in organizing the mass shootings in USA and who do not want to credit the source.

For this turnaround, see also my fundamental theorem of logic - which is defined in statistical terms.

These theories of mine are not for remaining in the murky backwaters of superstition: On the contrary, it is of course for getting out of them.

If there is a mixmax with me and Buckingham, that is not the same as the mixmax of cause and effect.

Concluding remarks

The puzzle is this: Why is it I who have to tell these things? Politics is a field which should be concerned with precisely these matters and the politicians should of course have told it all to the public since long. But maybe they have read too many intelligence reports about me and my life - including samples of my ongoing work - and feel that they cannot admit it and therefore not pay for the breaches of copyright and surveillance abuse either. Then it would be their compromised integrity which is the problem.

Politicians are paid for keeping their mouths shut - and secrets define the political landscape. How is it possible that all politicians accept this 'secret-intelligence'-controlled world?

Under all these circumstances, it is self-evident that the world would be a better place if I move to another country - outside the reach of the 1223-authority. But my socio-historical and economic resources are so limited - and my chances to gain more resources small - that it is rather difficult for me to obtain that. How is it possible that the politicians leave that to little me and my limited budget - in particular if there is a direct link from the 1223 to the covid? What is politics for, really?

Of course I cannot continue to reside in 1223-Austria under such circumstances - and in particular I should have been outside Austria during the covid years. I should have moved away since long (were these things in the air already at the time of Simpson?) but have not the needed resources. I repeat here some reasons why I need some assistance for being able to do that:

- I cannot buy a normal flat because the surrounding flats are likely to be filled up with agents who drive the houserent up - and soon I cannot pay the rent and cannot have it sold.

- My pension is in norwegian kroner which fluctuates with the ups and downs relative to the euro.

- My pension goes into retire pension in 2 years time and then it is reduced quite a lot.

- The double taxation agreement with Italy is under revision and I cannot know if the pension will remain tax free or not. It is even possible that benefits are taxable under the present wording?

- Why cannot I pay tax? Because many or maybe most tax offices probably agree that a person who has been opened soon after birth (possibly including masturbation on the cortex) cannot pay tax without suffering badly from it: Normal people get something in return for the tax money they pay (friends, customers come into their shop, goodwill from history) but an early opened person does not: It often goes wrong way instead - and then the tax system does not function and the person gets unpopular. My case would be extreme in this respect (if it were Kennedy who masturbated on my brain, the political pressure is considerable) and therefore it may be only a few countries with suitable tax laws that can be inhabited by me unless it is officially accepted that I was opened as a child. I have this brain scan from MRT Mariahilf which also shows that my skull is intact and this seems to be a proof of early opening. But child abuse of me has so far not been officially accepted even if it could have been a political factor throughout my life - and it may be that Norway will not agree to that - in particular if the plan is to explain my miserable career with generally untalented disability. Since 2010 I have paid 15% withhold tax to Norway - I did ask for tax freedom in a letter some years ago (without evidence, though) but it was not accepted. This also means that I cannot really earn more money than a tax-free pension - if taxable income makes me historically unpopular.

- Normal house rental on the open market means normally renting from privates and then there can be much money to gain from showing the flat to possible buyers. If I am not at home when the owner comes with the potential customer, they probably have the right to lock themselves in anyhow - or to use a locksmith if they have not the key. Of course this is particularly untenable for me with my special problems.

- The conclusion is that the only real possibility for me is to be the owner of a small house without houserent - and with an insurance and police which function and which does not dump the blame for a burglary on me. I did get the chance to buy a house in Hungary in 2015 when I bought the cheap adobe house in Szolnok - german 'Lehmhaus' - but it turned out to be uninhabitable due to water pipes installed inside the adobe walls and these could be opened probably by remote taps controlled by the international secret intelligence services and then the house would fall down - and I concluded that the house had perhaps been prepared for me since 1970 or so - could be there even had been norwegian interests behind? If the destruction of the ruins of Palmyra - cp. also the Palme assassination - were planned already when Pål Bang-Han[d]sen (!) made his 1972 film 'Norske byggeklosser', it could have been about such 'falling adobe housewalls'. It would be telling of how difficult things are for me if an international network of secret intelligences keep my advances under control. Should it be left to little me to tackle these difficulties to rescue the world from another covid? The police in Szolnok has apparently not yet been able to solve the burglary and the Generali insurance has not yet paid me any insurance money - but I cannot be entirely certain about that since the bank will not let me have printouts of ins and outs but only the current balance. (The previous insurance Allianz had given me a surprise discout of apparently precisely the value of the items stolen in the first burglary, probably on the same day). It seems that I am considered a 'political project' of some sort. It is likely that these problems are controlled from the international 'intelligence' network who wants to have me in Vienna - could be for running a Black Sea Loop and a US mass shooting program.

- Politics in general could be seen as a fiasco when they have not even been able to tell me about these problems - but see me optimistically off for buying my own house in Hungary only for having to conclude some years later that my initiatives for solving these problems had failed once again. It seems that they all support the mafia instead of little me - and it could be that even the literary world feels that it is difficult since they are normal people etc. Now the mafia is probably planning a third world war for letting the surrender signature of the next Hitler count as a formal takeover of my authorship - for the eventual triumph of Henry VIII in the question of those inner poetic articulations. Have you ever seen as worse fiasco? It could be so bad that even if I got a loan cheap enough for me pay for a small house, that could be a goodenough reason for the internationals to drive the interest rate high enough for me to be unable to pay it.

Isnt it just to tell the whole story out loud?

I have been doing that for years but that is easy for me since I have not received any secrets - but politicians have got their info probably from secrets and then they are paid for keeping the mouth shut.

But it is still a mystery why it is left to little me with my meagre resources to rescue the world from the next catastrophe. Of course I have to move out of the 1223 vortex - not the least because I cannot write poetry if it is converted into terror in USA and possibly elsewhere - but how can it be done?

Added on 24 may 2022:

"Norske byggeklosser"

As to the question whether the norwegian film "Norske byggeklosser" from 1972 encodes the Palmyra bombing, this is perhaps difficult to tell, but there seems to be little doubt that it could tell of my acquisition of the house in Sziget Utca in Szolnok in 2015. If it should be about 'Palm-yra', it could likely have been about the theory of Kennedy masturbating on my newborn brain in 1957. The film is about 'Olav Femte' (played by Bjørn Sand), a name being a play on 'Olav V' who was king of Norway in 1972 and hence it could be a reference to me in the sense of PTRSIM PIK, possibly a part of the basis for the establishment of the kingdom in 1814. Rolv Wesenlund plays 8 different roles, hence 'Role of Wesen-Lund' could be associated with the 8 roles of the 'octogon' which then means that the 8 triangles of the octogon would have been planned in advance - which means that the 'bearskin' would have been sold in advance - which is the role of 'Bjørn Sand' = 'bear-sand' as Olav Femte. One of the 8 roles of Wesenlund is 'this scene with a quasi 'Henrik Wergeland' who is associated with 1814 and could be even this PTRSIM PIK role. The film could be also a way of stating the 'octogon' in advance: 'Wergeland' is a moose hunter, hence possibly 'Sylvia Plath' - if not simply 'Marianne Moore' (marrying a moose). The part which seems to tell the address and the time of acquisition suggests 'sighet toucha' = Sziget Utca in Szol-nok ('sun-enough', the question of light). The role of the children, the wife who sighs and touches her throat. At 01:42 = the scene with the plumber who has turned the watertap (french 'robinet') of the 'bide[t]'n' into a lightswitch: When 'light' = 'lyse[t]' in standard norwegian but 'jose[t]' in dialect and nynorsk, the scene very clearly seems to tell 'light watertap bide'n' = 'Jose[ph] Robinet Biden' - for a timing of my acquisition in early june 2015. (There was in those days also an MP, in 1972 minister of social affairs, called 'Bergfrid Fjose' - this could in principle have been a reference in this scene). However, the name of 'Barack Hussein Obama' seems indexed with this scene: She rubs her lower spine, he enters 'huse[t]-in' = 'into the house' while she looks at her round watch = the 'O'. 'Ba-ma' could associate with 'ba me[g]' in the sense of 'invited for a dance' - hence his mention of the 'danse-platting': The construction of this dance platform is shown in this scene, where the plank is a little too short and hence the 'wooden platt'-ing could come out as 'wooden plath'. (The rub of the lower spine could even have been a 'Trump Donald John'?) The house has sunk 15-20 cm in one corner but was probably built that way intentionally in 1970 - 'huset heller'. (The short plank = grisk helly?) One guesses that it could be about a parallelism to 'Zinckgasse' or even strong hint about 'water in the adobe walls'. The police control is held in old mute film gag style and could be a play on the fact that the house was sold to me via the estate agency 'Openhouse' without the sign 'ELADO' = 'for sale' being visible anywhere on the property. On the contrary, the house had not been emptied - a cupboard contained many female dresses. I took it that the house had been for sale for a long time - but more properly it is of course possible that it was for sale only to me. It is possible that the ELADO sign is an obligatory part of the sales. Hence the police in this 'mute film' scene 'lodda ut' which also could have meant 'jimi hendrix'. This inspector from the house control services would probably be about the status of the house as 'csaladi haz' = 'family house' which is a category which probably requires sewerage - however, it would for various reasons (as suggests also this scene) have been impossible to have water in and out installed. The inspector would return at 16:45. Would the scene suggest the name of Anne Sexton? The same inspector had been to inspect the house - could be the inspector 'ødela'n' = 'destroyed it'. Stool below or above?

In short, there are some reasons to believe that the theme of this film from 1972 is 1) the socalled 'octogon' as an intelligence project related to my person, and 2) the house I bought in Szolnok in 2015 - which probably would mean that the house even could have been constructed in 1970 for this special program on me as PTRSIM PIK. This could be a program that could have been the theme also for an undertext of the 'Eisenhower doctrine' of 1957.

I add that, as far as I remember, there were 3 main children's schools in Molde in the 1960's: I went to 'Sellanrå' skole, the other two were called 'Langmyra' and 'Elvebakken'. If one takes 'Sellanrå' to be about 'Celan Rå', the name can turn into 'Celan Pål' if the lower diagonal of the 'R' is lifted like an '11' back towards the end - and turned 'long' there. Hence a 'Pål-myra' could arise as a concept therefrom? It would mean 'children's school' in Molde. What a pitiful reason for bombing the ancient and very precious ruins of Palmyra that would have been. 'Sellanrå' was the name of the main character in Knut Hamsun's "Markens Grøde" - this "Markens Grøde" was also the name of a small local grocers shop just visavis the 'kortevare'-shop = 'haberdashy' shop called 'Bagatellen' - these two shops were on the lower side of the house of the Grøver family in Fredrikstad in 1970-71. Another local grocers shop called 'John Jensen' existed a little up the street in the direction towards the river and library. Which means that if Grøver should have been Hitler, the Palmyra bombing could well have meant that the genocide on the jews would continue - ultimately on behalf of the needs of the british monarchy, it seems.

[Added 30 may 2022: It is possible that the 'octogon' can be traced back to the 1930's: If Auschwitz is the background of the USA-witzeblatt 'The New Yorker' in their potential reference to ÖVP in Austria, it is noteworthy that ÖVP was opened 80 days after Auschwitz was closed, and if these 80 days are the 08 of the octogon ('8 daisies'?), it could be a program rooted in Hitler's holocaust. At Hauge on Hvaler there was in 1968 a school opened that was constructed as an 'octogon' and functioned as a pedagogic experiment with open walls between the classes. The school is called 'Åttekanten' = 'the Octogon', architected by Ole Arnt Arntzen and Nils Peter Solheim. (I think the once husband of Jardar worked as a teacher there - and Wittgenstein was teacher in Otterthal children's school in Austria). The school is in 'Nesebakken' = 'Nosehill' street. I think Aanonsen worked as teacher at Torsnes children's school - cp. Wittgenstein's 'Trattenbach'? My first girlfriend (1973) was Mona Arnesen from Torsnes - and I myself worked for half a year in 1977 as a teacher at Hauge-Stalheim Privatskule - cp. this 'Arntzen/Solheim school' at Hauge. Rather close to 'Åttekanten' is a probably newer square building for Christianslund 'Tae-kwon-do', a martial art that was introduced, as far as I remember, in the second half of the 1970's (after Mao's death?), could be along with Budokan karate (1973-74 schoolmate Henning Lønn - from Frydenberg gymnas/highschool - was a Budokan enthusiast in Fredrikstad - I think I remember this from the 1970's, while I see from the history of Oslo Budokan karate that it was founded in 1989 by John Groves and Torild Næsheim). My younger sister practiced 'Taekwon-do' in probably the late 70's or early 80's. Now it seems that the 'octogon' school was closed in 2021, but the martial arts centre probably continues. A nearby street is called Stormmusbrinken - search this file for 'rain and gusts of devil's treason' - for the idea that 'Storm' can refer to my official custody mother and hence 'mus-brinken' could refer simply to my puberty anus possibly subjected to rape. (The prophet 'Habakkuk' makes a mention of a music director at the brink of the text). Christianslund is also the name of a region in Fredrikstad - just up from 'Frydenberg'. The link between the 'Octogon' school and the house in Sziget Utca in Szolnok could emerge from the name of the architect 'Ole Arnt Arntzen' when 'varmt-vann' = 'hot water' - the house has no water installed but has apparently water pipes inside the adobe walls - which could be symbolic not only of marital infidelity as a wrong way of putting the 'water' into the 'body' of the 'house'. This water is controlled by taps elsewhere - could be it matters if the temperature is 'hot' or 'cold'. The socalled 'Visegrad Group' is a political organization of Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary - cp. also the names of the two architects - it could be about a 'water-temperature group'? If this 'Octogon' school serves as a main symbol of the 'octogon', would it mean that the long series of school shootings in USA and elsewhere serves to index this 'Octogon' school? From the 1972 film 'Norske Byggeklosser' I made some tentative albeit uncertain associations with the wellknown names mentioned in this file: Snekker Trygve / Janis Joplin, Nabo Højdahl / Jim Morrison ('morsom' = 'funny'), Elektriker Steen / Sylvia Plath ('silver place' etc), Antikvitetshandler Gjerde / Marianne Moore, Bygningsinspektør Berrefjord / Anne Sexton, Bankfunksjonær Christiansen / Grace Kelly, Politikonstabel Nordli / Jimi Hendrix, Rørleggermester Cappelen / Saul Bellow].

The US mass shootings

There are reasons to believe that a mythological theory could be up and functioning in such things as the mass shootings in USA - I have looked at some (quite few, though, so the empirical basis for this theory is a little weak) of those mass shootings and believe that I have seen the outlines of a theory that could be at function - the theory could look as follows:

1) ÖVP was founded 80 days after Auschwitz closed.

2) John F.Kennedy masturbated on my newborn brain 12 years 2 months 3 weeks later, and this interval has been defining for the activities in ÖVP ever since: Major events in the party seems to be preheralded in cartoons 12 years 2 months and 3 weeks in advance in the 'witzeblatt' The New Yorker Magazine.

3) In 1978 John F.Kennedy was - as goes the theory here (there is little empirical evidence available as far as I know) - rebuilt to an identical copy of my younger sister Tone Helene Grøver and took her place around the time of the Apenes and Aldo Moro murders in 1978. The responsibility claim for the takeover was the Cuban Missile Crisis - telling of the knife that penetrated the thorax of Inger Johanne Apenes in the night to 6 may 1978 - cp. also the name of 'Kirsten Ribu' as a potential part of the 'octogon'.

4) The Apenes murder seems to be used as 'responsibility' claim on the replacement. It was her son Georg Apenes (conservative MP) who found her dead. This name seems partly to function as Geor Gapenes - for the 'autofellatio' program for a planned hijacking by takeover of my authorship - not only my sister but also my authorship. The plan could seem to be to claim that Tone Helene Grøver (who could hide JFK behind the facade) wrote my books.

5) Georg Apenes could find an austrian counterpoint in Georg Koch Platz at Stubenring 8-10 - the former Wirtschaftskammer, now taken over by Parlamentsdirektion. This is just on the other side of the street relative to the ministry of health - who organizes the corona things these days. The central function of this Georg Koch Platz could perhaps be seen in the role of socalled 'cookie prompts' on the internet. These could have the function of constituting a potential threat: "We value our privacy", is the enigmatic slogan in these prompts - "and how is it about your privacy, John - are your private data secured well enough?"

6) The czech baroque composer Jan Dismas Zelenka seems to have been suppressed for many decades before he was re-released a few decades ago - he may in the mean time have been available only on the czech 'Supraphon' which could have been about 'sabre-affen' = the copy of my younger sister signified through the Apenes murder in the house next to Hanne Skjefstad = 'hand on the handle (of the knife or sword/sabre)'. It could go back to the socalled 'Cuban missile crisis'. The name of Zelenka could mean that 'the young woman gave him the diss-mass' = 'it was the young woman who masturbated on his brain in 1957'. This apparent paradox - not only by gender but also be generation/time - could be another form of 'responsibility claim'. Zelensky in Ukraine could be a name which suggests that the gender of who once left a 'zombie' inside my 'u-kraine' were another. The extraordinary beauty in much of Zelenka's music could also have been planned to be used as a propellar for the concept of a JFK wolf in sheeps clothing.

7) The mass shootings in USA seems possibly to be centered on indexes referring to i) ÖVP and ii) Georg Koch Platz (or is it 'Coch' - cp. also 'Kosovo'?) in Vienna. Example: There was a mass shooting in Bouvier Street in Philadelphia - several people got many bullets pumped into their bodies but did not die - which could mean 'Djurlandsmotorvejen' in Aarhus in Denmark - for the 'culling' of foot-and-mouth disease. Jefferson Street has been indexed at least twice before in these mass shootings in recent times (as discussed above) - such as in the massacre on 10 black people in Buffalo, the TOPS supermarket in 1275 Jefferson Street. Now a third Jefferson Street is just south of the site of mass shootings in Bouvier Street in Philadelphia - and exactly on the other side of this there is an apparent student accomodation called Tochi's Place: The mass shooting happened a few hours after Norbert Totschnig had been sworn in as new agriculture minister by president van der Bellen in Austria. From the nearby Temple University one can draw a line across the site at 1500 Bouvier Street in the direction Kelly Street - but the mirror site is not in Kelly Street but rather in 'Eastern State Penitentiary' = 'Öster-Reich pen-i-tentiary' = quasi 'austrian van der Bellen'. This penitentiary looks like a CPU on the map - a very square area with internal structure. From this one could almost predict the next mass shooting - which was in Houston, Texas - four people (like that square penitentiary) shot dead inside a flat in Cypresswood Drive: This could be about 'sabre's-wood drive' = the 'drive' of the 'sabre handle' in the 'Supraphon' of Zelenka - could be about the 'cuban missile crisis'? Hence if 'CPU' counts as 'ÖVP' (well, the new agriculture minister was at least associated with 'ÖVP'), there is this apparently rather standard formula i) ÖVP and ii) Georg Koch Platz in Vienna. (I notice also the names of the two top state chief of China).

The sum total of this theory would be JFK with possible plans of taking over my authorship. The Ukraine factor could be about this Zelenka 'paradox'.

Of course it would be maximally unfortunate for me to continue living under ÖVP authority in Austria if these are the factual plans. If so, I should not have been residing here at all, of course.

Whether JFK really has taken the place of my younger sister is perhaps not essential for this theory - it could be a theory used by a quasi-'political' strategy anyhow. (This 'politics' as a program would then be identified as a criminal mafia organizing mass shootings in USA).

Sum total of the story is likely to be the tentative conclusion that I seem to be made as PTRSIM PIK for the plans of angloamerican 'royal' take-over of my work for the program of enhancing the 'majesty' factor in the british monarchy - not the least on basis of the function of the Kennedys in this story. It is possible that the plans for the current times are articulated in Hitler's 'dritte Reich' as a rape of my work. Are there still authentic copies of my work in those libraries to which I have donated books - or are they all replaced with 'service' copies of reduced interest? Of course if it is top angloamerican superpower that play these games, it would not be surprising to find that the few copies of my own handmade kitchenbench editions have been replaced with false versions - and could be the plan is to use the original work for a Black Sea Loop of horror - for turning my poetry into satanic things - difficult to prove in particular if the authentic books are not publically available. Not good politics that would be. Could be it is urgent to have legal and authentic books published.

I think the britons should close down their monarchy and pull out of Northern Ireland.

My understanding of the history is this: It seems that the british church has got a problem with the mix of royal status and head of church after Henry VIII pulled out of the catholic church. If Henry had understood that what the pope took to be communications from God really were transforms through the collective consciousness from Henry himself, he could not be member of such a church and broke out and made his own church with himself as the supreme head. However, since this church was based on the recognition of himself as the origin of the divine messages to the pope, they got the problem of divine status for the king - and the need for getting down to earth again, which means the need for recognizing humans not as gods but as animals. Since humans eat animals, there is the 'cannibalist' misunderstanding of the christian holy communion - and from this misunderstanding there naturally follows the other two parametres in the form of genocide = the holocaust and pederasty = the 'dritte Reich' program of Hitler. See the ABC under 'British spiritualism' (the word should perhaps have been 'spirituality'). This problem could arise from the monarchic constitution of England - and adds another reason why it could be better with another solution than monarchy in England. A continuation of the holocaust is not a good solution.

In particular the PTRSIM PIK program - of making the deep mock of constructing a quasi Messiah child for abuse and hijack of the divine aspects - must be closed. It is likely that I am such a PTRSIM PIK and that this is the reason for these problems related to the house in Szolnok and to possible plans of attempted hijack of my authorship. There could be parametres resembling these aspects in the constitution of human semiotics - but that does not mean that they have to be installed into modern administration.

On sunday 22 may 2022 it was announced, told the news, that van der Bellen would run for president once again in the upcoming election and needs 3 million. On monday there were 252 corona-deaths registered in Austria, against the normal 10-12. I dont know who ultimately organizes the US mass shootings.

I dont know if this '3' is significant of anything. In case it could be, I tell this little story: I used a 'Drei' WiFi but the bytes were rushing out too quickly - 500 megas in the course of a morning when I had looked up only a few pages - see the 'foff' - so I threw the WiFi in the dustbin or 'refuse box' - called 'sophink' in this scene from the 1972 film. This 'Movimento 3 Stelle' was in fact the safest solution I could find - so that other solutions would not be sabotaged in order to force me to return to the bytes left in the 'Drei' upload. I don't know if the swedish word 'sophink' could have been used in the film for the idea of Hitler's 'dritte Reich' - a variant of 'mass shooting'. I threw the '3' WiFi or LAN in the dustbin but retained a '3' SIM card for telephone, though, which I use mainly for a '232' telephone number.

Added 25 may 2022:

There was a school shooting in USA yesterday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

I had in recent days just understood that the norwegian poetry - at the end of the series of my formal poetry - here 'Stillhetens åndedrag' - could be echo-read in hebrew and thereby solve the problem of antisemitism arising from a possible construction of Heimskringla. For example, the title and first lines of the first poem in my book could be read as if it were hebrew - or has a hebrew echo in the acoustics of the norwegian language when understood in such ways - which could explain the ex nihilo spike that occurred in my shoesole rather soon after the book was completed (and Shimon Perez died around the same time), and it was hidden for three days inside the sole and could be felt only when the foot stepped on the sole, while I had to believe it was a strange pebble. For example, מערה (resembling 'mørk-ner' = 'darkens') can mean 1) bare place, 2) cave, shrine, sanctuary, 3) attached, connected, rooted, or מועקה = 'oppression' (of the foot on the sole), while טיל = 'to walk' (for pleasure, a stroll) - resembling 'ti[d]li[g]' = 'early', or תירי = 'touristic' for the walk-around. Of course it is not just any similar word that is of interest - only those which could find some ontology for its form. That could include music in the air - like those 2 minutes and 22 seconds of probably ex nihilo piano-harp which I recorded some time ago (in the vicinity of a 'Billiardschule' and a bar). Or, say, the xylophone in the garden behind the linguistics institute in Venice - I fancied that even this was ex nihilo. 'Stillhetens åndedrag' can be seen to concern 'gravity' as well as musical 'harmony'. Could the yellow metre be read in a similar fashion in greek? I looked up TEQ #517 (which is signed 'Old Carrera' and starts "The fairy wheel of a rosy concert - / fiefdom - / the names, because it's histories: John, / because they are the histories etc" ) - but I certainly do not mean that this poem of mine is a norwegian 'reading' of the greek parallel text ('πορευομενοι δε προσθεν διαβηναι πριν βρεξαι τα αιδοια: και διαβαντες, λαβοντες τα ιματια παλιν ηκειν') in that sense of it. My TEQ is 1719 poems in english language (by inner poetic articulations) in parallel with greek and hebrew fragments - from mainly the new and old testaments of the Bible (but it has nothing to do with any PTRSIM PIK construction - nor is it about any 'salty'-charismatic readings).

My A1 'Wert'-karte went out yesterday and I gave it a reload with new 'guthaben' and then it started functioning again, but it expired already this morning even if I had used only a few bytes. I consulted the internet provider and understood that both the contract period and the guthaben could expire, either of them apparently independently. Is this a matter of 'technische Abteilung' in time - as for 'the order of events'? They said that I had used 3,6 gigas over the night, which I had not. Hopefully the wifi code has not leaked out - I bought a 'Huawei' tablet some time ago but adjusted all personalizations to a minimum leak of info to the net so it is not likely to have escaped that way. Could be, though, I had not understood the contract forms of the 'Wert'-Karte well enough.

Is it the plan of or with Bellen to alternate E and U? Or R and D? It is noticed that 'van der Bellen' can be seen to rewrite by E-U to 'van dur bull-lun' which could associate with 'motorvejen Djurlands', apparently a possible element in some above-mentioned terror, while 'Alexander' → 'A1-[j]uks-andur' could apply to my Wert-karte problems with the claims of 3,6 gigas - even if the counter for my WiFi - which I had put on zero when the new 'guthaben' was registered - showed only a few megas, far less than 100 megas. I am not cheating.

My TEQ is not a book of 'fui' or 'f*ck' even if the word occurs 12 times - a closer study of the occurrences could tell that the word cannot mean that normal negative sense of it - and it is likely that this word once upon a time was a nice and friendly word, but, alas, could be it came into unfortunate company or something like that. I would believe it is still filled with good intentions, though, even if it sometimes could have been misunderstood. Is it really the fact that the word is not so 'clumsy' as it was some years ago?

What is the problem with Zelensky in Ukraine? It must admitted that if he were elected on basis of a TV series with a massive indexation of my life and possibly work from data in the intelligence archives, and if his name means the theory of a 1978 take-over of my younger sister's person by Kennedy, then it looks on the surface like an intelligence project for a 'Kennedy' take-over of my authorship - at least not as long as the role of my person is left completely unmentioned. It could be, therefore, that Zelensky by name 'means' the same terror program as the school shooting in USA yesterday - or the long series of mass shootings in USA generally seems to imply. The bombings of Sri Lankan churches and hotels took place early on the day when Zelensky later in the day was elected president in Ukraine and it could have been part of the reason why Trump asked for information about this election: It was this request he was impeached for - and acquitted of - which could mean that this correlation of the terror on Sri Lanka with the 'meaning of Zelensky's name' (relative to e.g. Zelenka - cp. the apparent change of grammatical gender) could be something. The first bomb on Sri Lanka seems to have been in St.Sebastian Church which could have indexed 'Sebastian Kurz' elected chancellor in Austria later in that same 2017.

The sum total of this seems to suggest that the apparent program of the mass shootings in USA - and other forms of terror - could be organized by some international secret intelligence services with the apparent program of hijacking my authorship on behalf of a 'Kennedy clan', so to speak, associated possibly with my younger sister. If the names of the two top chinese leaders Li Keqiang ('li koch-iang') and Xi Jinping can be seen to index Georg Koch Platz ('liana' could suggest Mrs.Apenes on Kongsteen, cp. 'king of the apes') and ÖVP/CPU in Austria, cp. also the 'Xinjiang' issue, and if ÖVP be about this 1223 of Kennedy relative to me, then it is no small matter. If it could even be a program traced back to the Wallis Simpsons affair in the sense of 'brisken' (cp. also my 1957-58 address on 'Brinken' in Oslo, before the younger sister was born in 1961 - and current US foreign secretary or 'secretary of state' is 'Blinken' - which could suggest that the theory is not entirely irrelevant to the current international situation), then it is an old international project - which perhaps ultimately could be traced back to Henry VIII and his apparent problems with the status of the inner inspired articulations - such as of the pope's communications from God.

It is essential that I am only a private person with normal people in my Stammbaum and I have no political involvements and I am certainly not affiliated in any way with any intelligence or terror-organizing organization. I am also authentically the same identity as when I was born, or at least as far back as I can remember which was 1958. The reason for my apparent role in the international political arena is likely to be this PTRSIM PIK role which is a construction which seems to try and imitate a technical Messiah function - a construction which could have been made (since 1814 or earlier) for solving or maximizing just that difference in the anglican vs catholic conception of the status of the pope's (or a poet's) inner articulations: Then the whole question is "wherefrom do those inner articulations come?" - the pope says that his come from God while it may be that Henry VIII had doubted that and could have believed they had human origins such as even possibly intrigue of some sort. The role assigned to me would then be about just that question "wherefrom do those inner poetic articulations come?" - for which the political intrigue seems to try and claim that they come from a 'Kennedy' who could have masturbated a 'zombie' on my young brain, organized early 'auto-fellatio' and suggested organized affiliations with the 'A-penis' murder at the time of the Aldo Moro death in Italy - for the control of the 'inspiration' in the 'old mother' by way of the knife that is pulled in and out of her body - signified or symbolized possibly earliest in the name of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The 'dritte Reich' program of Hitler could then - if applied to me at the time of my puberty 1970-71 - have served to lift the 'inspiration' or 'control' with my authorship over onto the custody mother - the 'aldo moro' or 'old mother' - presumably on behalf of political interests (cp. the name of the shooter in Uvalde). Of course this sort of 'inspiration' looks rather uninteresting for serious poetry - but such ideas nevertheless seem to be the reason for the apparent interest in my person and authorship in political circles of various kinds. My 'function 14' seems to be a proof that my inner poetic articulations are not due to intrigue or administrative influence - and indeed I am the true and only and authentic author of my works.

26/5-22: The wikipedia article describes the shooter as a student bullied for his stutter and lisp, for which reason he often got into fights - I naturally speculate if the character is supposed to look like my web page = norw. 'nettstedet' → 'nuts-two-det' cp. the environments to the 2:22 ex nihilo recording. The alleged stutter and lisp could refer to an aspect of my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' which resembles the formation of the ex nihilo nail in the shoe - but apparently based on not a hebrew reading but on the original norwegian: In this article I describe how the white stone that took shape while I wrote the book could be put in relation to the mid stanza of poem 5 by way of its shape: It would then not have been the hebrew which gave this shape to the ontological matter but the norwegian. (See also this file - search for 'yawn and lisp' - for the same phenomenon in marble - possibly Carrara marble - outside the music conservatory in Venice). It is possible that the terror in Uvalde could have been reported by 'wikipedia' to have been potentially ultimately prompted by these aspects of the shooter's stutter and lisp by the phenomenon of the hebrew for the two essential words '[g]jesper' = 'yawns' and 'lesper' = 'lisps'. יאש = 'despair', and פאר = 'adorn, glean, glory, headdress, diadem, turban'. For the 'lesper' = 'lisps' one finds ליס = 'loess' (soil) + the same פאר - hence it could invoke associations to the shooting triggered by a 'stutter' for 'yawns' = '[g]jesper' = 'despair' with adorning headdress plus the soil of type 'loess' - potentially for the idea of the poet being inspired in the 'les-per' / 'des-pair' contraction of the 'inspiration' or 'impulses' of a raping quasi 'madonna' giving shape and impulse via the 'loess' (as excrements of a 'dritte Reich') - this combination of 'des-pair' and 'les-per' then taken to be potentially significant of a 'dritte Reich' program - to the writing of 'poetry' in the form of terror against schoolchildren. The ultimate propaganda conclusion could be that 'jewish-genetic poetry is dangerous' - and if the mass shootings in USA are designed in this form, and if hundreds and thousands of victims in USA are supposed to be revenged along a Black Sea Loop signified by the Georg Koch Platz and the ÖVP/CPU symbolism which links Kennedy to me via the 1223, then it is possible that the mass shootings in USA is an international secret intelligence service program for 'revenging' the terror by striking back against jews or comparable along the Black Sea Loop. Clearly such a program could be a possible background for the russian attack on Ukraine. It appears also obvious that these elements could have been aspects of a pandemic response to BREXIT - in particular if that should have come instead of a crediting of me - a crediting which would have been for detaching me from that 'political' program of the background - this background being possibly affiliated in theory with such historic characters as Hitler and Kennedy who could have been out for using me as a scapegoat by jewish genetics. Here the propaganda of the Uvalde terror could have been that the acoustic reality is dangerous and a threat against our culture. It can be noticed from the wikipedia article that the shooter is told of in terms that could be associated with me - such as this frequent involvement in conflicts which could have signified my web page. Is even 'wikipedia' financed or controlled by 'international secret intelligence services'? My elder sister 'Vibeke' is a pedagogue. It is of course possible that the Vikebukt event is a part of the story of the construction of the modern mythos, possibly including a background in Kennedy's Pigs Bay ('pigebukt') invasion of 1961. Wikipedia normally gives the impression of being a very safe and serious deliverer of information - and one would therefore naturally lend confidence also to their report on e.g. the Uvalde school shooting.

It is understood that the jewish-philosophical reality constitution is an essential part of the human semiotic constitution which cannot be removed without the whole humankind suffering shipwreck. How come a holocaust is possible then? It could have been a matter of despair prompted by hubris from a quasi divine status accompanied by the urgent need for getting down to earth - and to continue with an attempted 'Endlösung' is the same as a suicide attempt of the human species. The jewish-philosophical reality constitution is as necessary as a vital organ in the human body. Nazis may have tried to identify this as the gender organ - but that may have been only because such an organ can be removed without the individual dying while the real problem of the nazis was what is called human sinful nature - that is, the biased semiotics which identifies a bicycle in one metaphysical reality as the same as an umbrella in another metaphysical reality, this identity leading to peculiar causalities and strange reality constitutions which, though, is the sinful human nature which we cannot avoid. Some say perhaps that this sinfulness is in the gender organ - but clearly the problems of the nazis could not be solved by such solutions. New knowledge (e.g. such knowledge as could come to reveal a glimpse of the original difference between the bicycle and the umbrella) can be felt as very scary if the subject feels very guilty - then new and uncontrolled knowledge could suddenly come to expose parts of the historic reality which contain such traces of sin (or, well, even crime) - and then new knowledge could appear as scary as a gunman suddenly entering a schoolyard filled with innocent children? Arent they originally innocent? They probably are and their sin is innate and the same for all, could be the philosophy. This philosophy could be at the heart of the problem with socalled 'monkey business' - that many could feel that it is difficult to terminate the monkey business without feeling the threat from the phenomenon of innate sin.

However, covid is a pandemic and it tells that we cannot allow for more antisemitic persecution without the whole humankind suffering from it - and possibly even risking a complete shipwreck.

I should be very explicit on this point: The mass shooting terror in USA probably serves to pump authority from me over onto the austrian intelligence (or related part of the administration) and these could be [ab]using this pumped authority for making implicit or explicit claims that I reside in Austria in order to support the construction of a Black Sea Loop or Endlösung or similar politics. That would be very wrong: I do not support such politics and I would not have resided in Austria if I had known this in advance. I try to find a permanent solution in another country.

Added 31 may 2022:

The conclusion to the phenomenon of school shootings in USA and elsewhere could be that they are 'state security' which is based on the phenomenon of me as PTRSIM PIK relative to Wittgenstein who seems to have been the previous PTRSIM PIK. Wittgenstein was teacher in three different schools before he quit this career when his 'Wörterbuch' was published - see this page for details of how the Kennedys could have been built on or at least related to his 'Wörterbuch'. My view is that the story of how Wittgenstein murdered the schoolboy Haidbauer and 'therefore' quit his teaching career is not true but a 'service' or 'security' fabrication like the idea that I should have murdered Inger-Johanne Apenes, which of course I did not: One cannot be a serious poet like I am while hiding such a misdeed on the conscience. The logic in the school shooting relative to me would be contained in the fact that I was teacher at Hauge-Stalheim private school filling in the third Wittgenstein location. Wittgenstein was teacher at the following three places:

1) Trattenbach
2) Puchberg am Schneeberg
3) Otterthal

1) 'Trattenbach' could be recognized as 'the place where the poultry issues the egg' and hence be recognized as Nepal relative to the outlines of China on the map (cp. also the royal massacre of snowy-mountainous Nepal - resembling perhaps a school shooting somewhat - soon after or even while the british queen returned back to UK from her official visit to Norway). In norwegian 'snes' is a word meaning '20' normally only in the sense of '20 eggs' and hence potentially relate to 'Trattenbach'. 'To[r]snes' would then be about 2 * 20 eggs = 40 = norw. 'førti' eggs. There is the story of Mao's 'Great leap forwards' not long after my birth (like potentially Kennedy's masturbation on my brain) which should have been a time of blossoming in China but was a hunger catastrophe instead. Evil ideas could have claimed that Mao had instructed the farmers in using wrong 'ferti'-lizers (cp. '40'-lizers) - say, fertilizing with salt instead of saltpeter or something like that (cp. the name of architect 'Nils-Peter Solheim' for 'Åttekanten' school). It would in 'service' mythology have been comparable to the spurt of sperm on my newborn cortex - see also this file on the role of Mao and his 'Hundred flowers' campaign as a potential sort of 'proof' that it was Kennedy who was present by the opening of my head not long after my birth in 1957. ("Da saltet Esta ment" = "then Esta salted the mind").

3) 'Otterthal' could be recognized as precisely the background of this 'Octogon' = 'Åttekanten' school - and if the name of the first architect 'Nils-Peter Solheim' points to 'Trattenbach' via the chinese hunger catastrophe at the time of Mao's 'Great leap forwards', the second name 'Ole Arnt Arntzen' could be identified with the 'V-armt V-annsen' = 'h-ot w-atersen' - in the 1972 film 'Norske Byggeklosser' that tells of the name 'OlaV Femte' = 'Olav V' of the main character. It could be a part of the reason for the construction of the house with water inside the adobe walls but not inside the house itself - and a role in the construction of Hitler's 'Black Sea Loop' by the 'Wannsee conference' could be recognized in this 'V-Arntzen'.

'Otterthal' for this 'Octogon' = 'Åttekanten' school could then be telling of Jardar as teacher in this school - with 'Trattenberg' for the teacher Aanonsen at Torsnes - both of these names related to the theory of the 'octogon'.

The simple logic in the school shootings as 'security program' would then have been that the second location of Wittgenstein's teaching career - 'Puchberg am Schneeberg' - could be identified as related to me via my 1977 teaching at Hauge-Stalheim private children's school as well as the name and home of my first girlfriend (1973) Mona Arnesen from Torsnes. 'Morna' is norwegian for 'goodbye'. If the school shootings are national or international 'security' it could have been this idea of 'Puchberg am Sniper-G' - a 'sniper' entering a school for the terror on the children - in quasi imitation of Wittgenstein giving a box on the ear of Haidbauer.

As the covid pandemic now seems to be drawing towards its close there are news of spread of a 'monkey-pox' virus which could be telling of this 'Puchberg' by 'monkey'-PUCH. The 'monkey' could then be related to the name of my first girlfriend 'Mona' with injection of 'k' by my 'A-penes', would have been the 'service' logic. See also this file on the name 'Berger' as potentially a part of the 'rationale' in the burglary of my house in Szolnok in 2019.

Hence if the monkeypox is put in circulation by international secret intelligence services, it could have been for a program of identifying such viruses with me - while the actual fact could be that such virus epidemics could arise from the abuse of my authorship - by plagiarisms in business, politics, media - films, books etc. There is something called 'subliterature' which I have speculated could be an entire genre based on plagiarisms of my work. That is because I could be recognized as a PTRSIM PIK. Is my 1995 novel "The Dreamer" the world's most plagiarized book? Has it been turned into an outright 'literary genre' without crediting of the source? Is this a substantial part of the reason for covid-19? It is clear that if such abuse could be the immediate reason for the ex nihilo occurrence of contagious viruses, then it does not help much with strong restrictions against the spread if people spend the time of lockdown with reading such books or watching such films. It could resemble lockdowns against a new dangerous virus attacking people's livers - with people spending the time of lockdown with drinking alcohol. Why doesnt the virus go down? Could be the 'liver virus' would go down if people stop drinking the alcohol - or flues and common colds generally would stop if people stop consuming all those plagiarisms.

A normal flue has mortality 0,32% - see this study in 'International journal of infectuous diseases' vol.88 nov.2019 pp.127-134 which tells that in Italy in the four years 2013/14-2016/17 there were an average of 5.290.000 cases of ordinary flue (ILI = influenza-like illness) and 68.000 deaths attributable to flue epidemics - that is a death rate of one fourth of 1.29% - while the covid now has mortality 0,15% globally. It is likely that covid now is very comparable to the normal common cold - the same sort of virus type, probably same level of mortality or even less - and that news of school shootings while reading a plagiarism of my 'Dreamer' could be the immediate cause of many cases of this disease - people read such stuff while waiting for the terrible pandemic to go down.

The sum total of this could be that the phenomenon of terror against children by school shootings could have been organized by 'international secret intelligence services' or 'security agencies' as a part of a 'Kennedy' strategy against me qua PTRSIM PIK - or, more generally, a part of a potential program of plans for an intended take-over by a sort of 'Kennedy' of the rights to my authorship - a 'plagiarist' strategy generally - as part of the overall 'political' strategy contained in the issue of the inner articulations of the pope (the communications from God) as a background of the formation of the anglican church - including the problems that later could have followed from an identification of a divine aspect of the british monarch and the need this could have prompted for 'getting down to earth' - such as by the pogroms against indians in USA or jews in Europe under Hitler. This is a part of the reason why Hitler could be identified as a part of the program of 'international secret intelligence services' and the interests of the british monarchy.

It is seen that this logic could not be understood unless one knows the PTRSIM PIK status of 1) Wittgenstein and 2) me. It is the societies that accept a secrecy on these essential data that are to be blamed for this.

The Kennedys, if constructed from Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch', could be related to this phenomenon of international 'security' or 'international secret intelligence services'.

If I write a new book, there has generally been no chance to have it published in ordinary ways but it seems that publishers have pumped out plagiarisms on a large scale and earned a lot of money thereby. However, as covid tells, this cannot continue - not only is it bad national economy but it is also likely to be the immediate and simple reason for a general fall of level in economy, health, culture. People stay at home with flue and read a book instead of going to work but why doesnt the epidemic go down? A good poet can lift the level of economy, health and culture in a country - while plagiarisms of such a poet lead to the opposite even if it can lead to some apparent 'success' of certain publishers who are out for money more than the culture. The publishers could also perhaps profit somewhat from a school shooting - had there been no school shooting the air could have started going out of the plagiarist balloon and the success would have been over. See also this file.

I quote from the above:

" knowledge could appear as scary as a gunman suddenly entering a schoolyard filled with innocent children. Arent they originally innocent? They probably are and their sin is innate and the same for all, could be the philosophy. This philosophy could be at the heart of the problem with socalled 'monkey business' - that many could feel that it is difficult to terminate the monkey business without feeling the threat from the phenomenon of innate sin".

And so if the gunman comes from a security agency, this logic could serve to lift innocence from the children onto the gunman bureau - thereby completing the vicious circle of abuses. If the agency after such a massacre lets themselves be guided by the same inner authority as the children, in movements and associations, that could lend a 'feeling of innocence' to them - under the philosophy of 'becoming like children again' and then they can get into heaven and be the shepherds of the society. But clearly there must be a flaw somewhere in this logic. Is it that the 'eternity' is too temporal - it doesnt last so long? So after some time they need another school? But clearly a feeling of innocence could be an imitation only, a placebo, it is not necessarily true innocence.

Hitler's 'Wannsee-Konferenz' could be about just the crocodiles and monkeys with their 'business' at the waterhole. Like a 'putschberg am sniper-G'? 'Gripen smaker eple-tup' = 'Gripen tastes from apple-tip' - while 'Gripen uj[j]abb baleset' suggests 'Gripen newer [OR: more fingerly] accident/put-on-balls' as if a new penis had been put on top of the 'balls'. But I do not write with my penis - I write with my fingers. ('Kulepenn' = 'ballpoint pen', cp. 'Kuleba' as FM in Zelensky's government). But, tells this construction, it is 'mor' = 'mother' who writes fingerly. 'The moral backbone' seems to be a concept for this construction. Is that for getting a new madonna - with 'new morals' - in Italy? 'Grepin' = 'gripped in', 'took action' - also like in terror. Hence 'Grepin smaker eple-tup' could suggest 'kiss at gunpoint' - cp. also the current situation in Ukraine on background of the 2002 story with Ingrid Betancourt and my possibly lazer-induced cerebral haemorrhage (cp. 'Maryna Lazebna' in Zelensky's government) on my younger sister's birthday - and my following application for asylum in 2002. But that is when 'putsch-berg am sniperG/gunpoint' could make mass shootings in USA turn the situation in Ukraine into an apparent attempted rescue of an intended putsch against my authorship.

Dont be so helpless. When I publish this file, it is not for winning the academic competition - it is rather the poet who generously has used some years of his life for solving these problems and then the world could thank him with some support to his poetic work and not take the linguistic study as a challenge from a salonfähig gurkha for more academic struggle.


Klein, E.: A comprehensive etymological dictionary of the hebrew language for readers of english. Carta Jerusalem, University of Haifa 1987

Xenophontos Kurou Anabasis, Dindorfii, Oxonii 1855

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