Covid-19 as data for new etymological studies

John Bjarne Grover

The article discusses a cartoon in The New Yorker 1999 as indicative of historic factors that seem to contribute to an understanding of a possible background of the current coronavirus epidemic, the distribution of which seem to be a possible source of new etymological data when aligned with fragments of my prose work "And hang under the Justcan keys" (2012).

1. The cartoon of 1999

When the Österreichische Volkspartei ÖVP was founded in a meeting soon after the war in 1945, the cartoons in The New Yorker encoded the names of those who - according to the theory - were present at the 'ritual' opening of my newborn head in probably july 1957: Those were, in addition to me, my two official parents plus possibly John F.Kennedy (or at least his name) - who, tells the theory, masturbated a spurt on my cortex before the helmet was put on again. The cartoons of the issue of The New Yorker at this time in 1957 did, however, encode the names of those who were present in the constitutive meeting of ÖVP in 1945. This butterfly constitutes an interval of 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days (the plus is the days from my birth to the opening) - and this butterfly seems to be constitutive for important events in ÖVP: The theory is that such important events in ÖVP have been pre-installed in the cartoons of The New Yorker 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days ealier. That suggests a sort of 'remote control' from the political framework of the magazine - which probably means Kennedy's US democrat party. The theory goes that this is what Auschwitz (up to 1945 when ÖVP was founded) was made for - that remote control via the USA-Witz-e-blatt of the local politics at the Burgenland border power mystery. Briefly, it is possible that Auschwitz and Hitler's death camp program generally was made as a postwar power pump from the Burgenland border to USA and possibly also England. I may have been constructed for this role. It is a part of the same theory that Robert Kennedy could have raped me at my age 6 months and Edward Kennedy could have injected some horror chemicals in my body at my age 18 months in 1959 - or at least their names could have been involved. This would have been before Kennedy took office in 1961 - see this file. This overall theory on the role of the Kennedys has some empiricial support from various data but await empirical support of more substantial kind.

The present article discusses the cartoon in The New Yorker on 8 february 1999, which was 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days before Sebastian Kurz in 2011 was appointed secretary of integration in Faymann's austrian SPÖ coalition with ÖVP. The present article discusses evidence that this cartoon has been the theme of rather massive indexation through many years before it was printed - partwise also related to my immediate circumstances. The cartoon is the following:

Click here for a better resolution

(In the article Orientation to my social interface I mention how Kurz' name backwards as 'struck nights abes' could be of relevance - but that is of course of little value compared with the later role of Kurz as chief of ÖVP and current chancellor of Austria).

There are two details on the background of the scene shown in this cartoon which seem to have attracted interest in my earlier enviroments - that is 1) the picture on the wall behind the foreground scene, and 2) the cupola seen in the window of the background.

In 2005-2008 I lived on Simmering in Vienna. I lived on the 5th floor and on the 4th were Tatjana Vidanovic and Kurt Köck and two others. The annual Betriebskosten came in 2005 - I got the one to Vidanovic and somebody else had got the one to me etc and I carried it down to her but she didnt open, but news later in the day told that a woman had been shot in Iraq when she opened a door. But I knew with certainty after this paper story which name was on the paper - and hence on whose name the flat was rented. In 2007 Kurt Köck died from cancer (I think it was) and some people moved out, and so did I some months later. I never found out what the purpose with that Betriebskosten could have been before I saw the cartoon referred to above - which gave me a possible explanation: 'Tatjana Vidanovic' = 'tatt-i-handa-vidd-a-no-vits' = 'taken/shaken in the hand, wit by some joke/cartoon', while the name of Kurt Köck could invoke associations to the name of Kurz in 2011 Faymann's government. That is when I also saw a possible extension of the names of the two neighbours who died with short interval in Venice in the summer 2009 - Mario Zorzetto right under me and E.Zuin next to me: These names can be recognized in a detail of the same cartoon - the picture on the wall behind:


Mario Zorzetto could be those two mounts on the picture behind, the one being bigger than the other, like some left-sided gynaecomasty, while 'Zuin' could refer to the sun above the two mountains - and on the top of the hat of the lefthand character. I have earlier noticed that these two names from Venice also seemed to have been preheralded in graffiti ('SVIN' right outside the gate and two phalluses in the next or second next street intersection) that was drawn on the asphalt outside my home in the early morning of (norwegian national day) 17 may 1983 - the day when the investigations in the Arne Treholt case started. (An article on the web tells that it was in may 1982 but that is not right - I remember this well from news when the case came up). 'Arne' means 'the origin' (or it can mean 'fireplace' = 'grue') while 'treholt' means 'grove' - but it also means 'three/tree/wood-held' - here it could mean the origins / first beginnings in the hold of the three - like 'Tatjana Vidanovic', so to speak. My name relates as 'Johnbj-Arne-Treholt-r'. I recall from the 1980's that the newspapers told that Treholt had an illegitimate son with a woman in Praha: That could of course be the 'sun' over the 'bra-ha' on the picture on the wall.

The 'money proof' was central to the case in court against Treholt: If the cupola on the back detail counts as a 'teapot', the curve of the 'braha' mountains in the picture of the wall - the same curve as the neck and shoulder/back of the woman to the right of it? - could be the 'money proof'. Ed Miliband was chief of british Labour from 2010 soon after my PEB was completed - his name could in principle be indicaticve of this 'money proof' in the sense of that cartoon. Whether this 'money proof' also tells of a socalled 'conception light', I dont know.

The woman to the right of the picture on the wall, the woman with the curving neck and shoulders talking with the man with the cocktail (or what it is) - is she interested? Corazon Acquino (the man to the right of the picture on the wall has a curve in his leg) died on the day when my philippine neighbours moved out in 2009, not long after the death of the other two neighbours.

However, if this detail is of relevance, it could in theory have been known long before the cartoon was published in 1999. Of course the cartoon could be older than 1999.

Even the bombings of Sri Lanka (starting in St.Sebastian Church) on ukrainian election day in Easter 2019 could have been about this?

When I came from Berlin to Vienna in the summer 2004, I arrived according to appointment on 1 july for a room while searching for a flat, and on 2 july I went to Meldeamt for registering my new address. They said they were just closing and I needed confirmation from the houseletter and could come back with it on monday 5 july - but they agreed to register it as 2 july because of the tax year. I so did - they opened at 8 in the morning 5 july and I was there a few minutes after 8. Later in the day there were the news that austrian president Thomas Klestil had fallen unconscious around 8 o'clock, could be a few minutes after 8 - he was pronounced dead the next day. 'Klestil' means 'clothes-style' in norwegian - hence 'thomas klestil' could mean the character to the left on the cartoon above. Indira Gandhi was shot on Halloween in 1984 - which even could have been my 'hello Wien' when I came to register my new address. The names of her two sons Sanjay and Rajiv can be seen to encode JFK's presence in Sandveien in Molde in july 1957 - and hence these two names could have been a way of registering the event in a way which would be difficult to wipe out of the archives. Whether that were the reason why she was shot in 1984, I dont know.

There seems to be a mythos around that my younger sister shot Indira Gandhi and my elder murdered Mao. Although this sounds unlikely, it could be a quasi rumour engineered for the detail of the two females at the window in the back of the same cartoon:

This looks like the cupola of the Chiesa di San Simeon Piccolo - the first thing you see when coming out from the train station St.Lucia in Venice. But there are, as far as I know, no such windows there ('karm er litt skjev'?) - but there are in the building next to it - in the building of the carmelite church in Venice. I think there is a tourist info office there on the corner for the time being.

2. The 'csira' complex

I have had the idea that this carmelite church attracts some attention from 'political interesters' - could be that also is on background of the story from Györ: I stayed at a pension there called Grof Cziraky Panzio at Bécsi Kapu Tér ('Vienna Gate Square') - it has a view to the carmelite church across the square - approximately the same distance as in Venice. I started wondering if this name should have been the story - cp. the name of Jacques Chirac who in 1976 started his party 'Rassemblement pour la République' (a variant of 'Bécsi Kapu Ter'?) His follower was Szarkozy with hungarian name - 'sarkon' means 'on the corner'. I looked up the cartoonist John Bernard 'Bud' Handelsman (who made the above cartoon) and found that even he was of hungarian descent - his grandfather immigrated from Hungary. Handelsman was born in 1922 in Bronx, entered the army but left it again due to asthma (cp. the current corona crisis). I dont know if he came from Györ but notice that if 'Bécsi Kapu Tér' rewrites to 'Boutique of Putter', a funeral bureau or sth like that, there is a short way to the name of Handelsman Bernard if you insist that there is 'J on' - that is, Boutiqueman Berjard = Boutiqueman Petter - and hence PTRSIM PIK/BTIK is a near form. Some would perhaps also think that 'Boutique of Peter' could be a variant of PTRSIM PIKe ('Peter's girl').

Who was this Grof Cziraky = Count/Earl Cziraky? I dont know but notice that the form 'csira' means 1) sterile / fruitless (milkless) cow, cp. the leftsided gynaecomasty, 2) 'kurzhörnig', cp. Kurz-Sebastian and Kurt-Köck. The hungarian etymological dictionary tells that it is of slovak origin, cp. also greek 'steiros' = 'barren, sterile' and the Steiermark election 2019 (with the first attested corona case in China two days after this election started). The hungarian etymological also lists 3) 'Hemdenmatz' = jocular about a small chap in shirt (like the cartoon?). What probably is another word of same form 'csira' is listed as 1) 'abwärts gebogen' (cp. the hat), 2) 'klein, rotscheckig', 3) 'kurzhörnig', 4) 'red' (human). Also about 'kleine, rotscheckige Kuh'. There are clear allusions to aspects of the lefthand character on the cartoon. With long 'i' in the form 'csíra' it means 'Keim, Wurzel, Anfang' (germ, seed-bud, root, beginning) - like norwegian 'Arne'. The 'bud' is also in the name of the cartoonist. It can mean an egg or other cell in the moment of reproduction - could be that includes aspects of virus reduplication, such as the corona. Generally this is used also about a moment of beginning which contains in itself the possibilities and forms of the later development - like that cartoon situation could be.

There are some other meanings of value - such as 'csíra' = the feeling of dizziness in horses = 'Schwindelgefühl', 'staggers' - or the bird/poultry disease called 'pip'. 'Csira' is used in modern language about 'hermafrodite' (could be negative about gynaecomasty?) or 'homosexual': I have had a feeling that there could have been organized attempts to make me homo and the reason could perhaps have been in that form. 'Csira' can also mean a 'red-hair' (human) or a reddish shorthorned form of cattle.

Could be this 'csira' was the 'Syria' of the war since 2011 - at the end of a long series of 'revolutions' in countries that looked like 'lapis philosophorum' on the map - like a channel from heaven ending in a monitor a la the 'astronaut' on the ancient chinese Chu silk. Or like the two details (behind) on this cartoon zooming in on the handshake situation itself?

There is also the apocryphal "Jesus Sirach" of certain editions of the Bible.

The form 'csirág' means 'asparagus'. The form 'csíraképes' means 'germinative' (= 'csíra-képes'). 'Csillag' = 'star', while 'eper' = 'strawberry', 'epés' = 'malicious/sarcastic/caustic' (about remarks).

The railway line between Györ and Vienna (or up to Melk?) seems to have been Hitler's cabinet - I don't know if that included this apparently strange story from a Grof Cziraky of Györ or therabout.

Among the hungarian expressions related to the form 'csira' there is the one of "Csírájában fojtja el a bajt" = "take the evil at the root", "set the axe to the root of an evil" - which could have been for the idea that I should be the jarnegg = axe that is supposed to take the world's 'evil' = the triangular form ÖVP-USdems-England at the root. This could clearly be the pretext for the whole construction - calling for a general accept of it - that the jump jarnegg grover shall take the evil at the root and that was the end of all evil in the world. But I have already done so with my blue PEB and the Burgenland border analysis - and still the rucksack disappears - so there is probably still a little 'evil' left in the world and maybe the pretext can turn out to have been a pretext for something else. What for? Could be for a new global class division - such as e.g. the intelligence information services against the rest of the world.

I add also a puzzling observation from my youth 1970 when I came to a new town and new school: My classmate friend Roy Andersen (who was a little slower in body height development than me - he was quite 'short') had a sister who was girlfriend or wife of Björn 'Krisa' Kristiansen - everybody called him only 'Krisa'. He was the local superstar as lead guitarist in the rock group 'Aunt Mary'. If his name should rewrite to 'Csira', the name of the group would rewrite somewhat to the name of my younger sister Tone [Helene] Gröver (cp. the second detail of the above cartoon). There could have been rumours around that her name even was the background of the logo of the Rolling Stones - the red tongue out of a mouth.

3. The cartoon of 2018

There is a cartoon story from the burglary of my house in Szolnok 2019 as well: In late october 2018 I sent from Szolnok an application for 'social housing' in Venice. When I sent the letter from a post office, I took a photo of the handling of it on the postal counter - and there happened to be two magazines lying on the counter which came to be a part of the photo. I never published it but it may be that secret surveillance of my computer had got hold of a detail of it and this could have been used for the burglary. The magazine showed in its upper left a cartoon with a fence (with a 'diagonal') which looked a little like mine seen from the inside of the garden and a 'church' behind (that is, outside the fence) which would correspond to the cupola in Venice. 'En kar me[d] litt...'? 'NAGY BETÜS' = 'in big lettering' is the name of the magazine. (It was half way hidden under another magazine 'Könnyü gyors receptek', this time for 'gesztenyés-csoko...') When I came to report the 2019 burglary at the police station in Szolnok, I was asked to wait in the reception and the police came and shouted the name 'NAGY ZSOLT' = 'big hymn' - a hymn which well could have been written in big lettering - or the Burgenland border phenomenon of BIG HYMEN.

The conclusion to all this could perhaps be that the overall strategy seems to be to create the impression about me that 'he is an agent and it can be proven' - on basis of the idea that I had to know about all this. The trick (which failed) is that the interval of 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days between the founding of ÖVP in 1945 until the moment when JFK (if it were him) masturbated on my brain in 1957 was supposed to remain unknown - for which reason there would have been a strange and unexplained redundancy in the data which would have looked like a 'proof' that I was involved somehow or knew and organized ('masterminded') things. Of course I did not know this (untill last christmas when I discovered it from the plaque at Schottenstift) - and had to spend a lot of time finding out of it.

Vi-Dano-vic - was that the reason for the 1500 euros stolen from my wallet in the hospital in Venice? The crime is not yet solved, as far as I know. 'Gyanú' (pronounced 'janu') = 'suspicion', while 'ovi' is given in my 'Concise Hungarian-English dictionary' 1990 as 'kindy', whatever that means - it seems to be colloquial for 'óvoda' = 'kindergarden'. This theft added to my problems with settling in Venice - in addition to the faulty telephones of apparent 'errore technico' type.

It adds to this plot that terror sometimes (not always?) seems to be based on my things - for the idea that I am 'behind' the terror. It is not me - it is those who want to make a new global class division who seem to use me as a 'scapegoat'.

4. Karachi + Let Kar

A recent example is in the aircrash in Karachi and the burning of the village Let Kar in Myanmar. The theory is that these two cases together encode the two most important parts of my theory of how to find a medication against virus and possibly cancer (this I made on background of the current corona epidemic but it must be observed how relevant the theme is to the above-mentioned 'csira') - and that they could have been organized in order to create the impression that I am 'behind' the terror and therefore could have been an agent who got the theory from the intelligence services. 'Function 14' is the proof that my book is not written by inner propaganda voices. There are three occurrences of the word 'Karachi' in TEQ - here for function 14:

22.09.00 - with 391 days to next
18.10.01 - with 1218 days to next
17.02.05 = 1609 days in total

The first interval is 207 * 391/1609 = 51 - poem #51 in TEQ book 14 - a poem which is three lines which well interpret the three occurrences of 'Karachi'. The mirror poem to this is 1218/1609 * 207 = 156,7 - but the two poems following immediately after 156 are not numbered - however, the one following immediatrely after 156 is called


and is 6-7 lines which well (by some logic) could be seen to interpret the sounds K-A-R-A-Ch-I.

This LED-GED could be the LET-KAR. It could be about a 'let care' = the metaphysical 'undo' function which is the other half of my theory - in addition to function 14. (There is also a 'Gerds Vei' intersecting with Labrĺten in Fredrikstad).

Somewhat importantly, though, is the fact that this poem #51 in book 14 of 207 poems is poem #1298 in TEQ in total - the whole work contains 1719 poems - and then it is observed that 1 - (1298/1719) = 51/207. That is, there is a sort of optimal self-reinforcing function which lends weight to the idea that it is me who is 'behind' this terror - could be for the intended conclusion that I had to be an agent who had got the theory from the 'intelligence services'. (See also end of 6. below).

Do these 'intelligence services' try and swindle the origin of this theory from me? It is my authentic independent work and I am not agent for anybody and have never been.

A vaccine against covid-19 is now under development in USA but I dont know if they use my theory of virus medication which is based on the metaphysical theory (my fundamental theorem of linguistics) which also can be recognized as the cornerstone of the PTRSIM PIK phenomenon of 2 and only 2 occurrences in Genesis. But the political ('british'?) PTRSIM PIK program seemingly wants to keep this scientific model suppressed and secret and reserved for powermaking of this cheating type, while I want to bring an end to all political abuse of the metaphysical theory and let it develop as science and new knowledge generally. The theory of how to develop a medication against virus and cancer is a good example - the 'intelligence project' does perhaps not want it because it could drain the 'intelligence project' called PTRSIM PIK of its power potential, including bioterrorist threats that can keep the world locked down for months. But power should not be intrigue - the power should be constitutional and come from the voters and not from such suppressive mechanisms. To reserve this sort of knowledge for powermaking is a crime against humanity - it can lead to a new Hitler instead of a new cultural blossoming. I have speculated that this is what BREXIT could have been for - to make that new Hitler instead of a new cultural blossoming - for making a global british kingdom on the ruins of the world after the next Hitler.

If this story is the case, I mean, with Auschwitz and USA-Witz-e-Blatt and an interval of 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days untill my birth and opening in the head a few days later, it was probably considered impossible to take: For 'taking' it you must know the interval and for finding that you must know when ÖVP was founded and you must know its relevance, you must know about my role in the mythos and that I was opened in the head in early infancy - which is a difficult piece of knowledge to find, even I had much difficulties with finding it - and you must know that it could have been JFK who was there in Molde in 1957. If you know all this, then it is possible to 'take' it, otherwise not. It is well possible that this is what Auschwitz was - that USA-Witz-e-Blatt for remote-controlling the development after the war via these factors. That means a rather heavy turnaround mechanism relative to my humble person.

5. The deep logic in the historic collective consciousness

In light of this advanced turnaround mechanism, it could of course be rather catastrophic if the poetry notebooks I lost in the summer 2019 should come to land on the wrong hands. I had just taken the evil at the root with my poetry when I forgot the rucksack with the poetry notebooks in the church - and if the swaparound mechanism is sufficiently sophisticated, these poetry notebooks could come to be abused for creating the impression that it was somebody else who had taken the evil at the root. (I dont know where the notebooks are).

My poetry (and prose) is written for improving the spiritual and life conditions for people all over the world, but if it falls prey of political abuse by heavyweight turnaround mechanisms a la Auschwitz, then it could be that the good intentions of the poetry comes out the wrong way and people start losing their breath instead. In fact it can be shown that in these covid-19 times people have started dying in accordance with the chapters in my prose work "And hang under the Justcan keys" instead. That looks like a real turnaround effect! Don't let demagogy blame me for the development - that is very to the opposite!

I here bring some examples of correlations of covid-19 data with this book of mine - "And hang under the Justcan keys" - most of the samples - from german, russian, portuguese - are in this file plus some data added here from swedish and arabic. The principle is the regions of the country ranked in the order of number or percentage of infections of covid-19 - and the ranking number of the region name is correlated with the paragraph in a relevant chapter of my book that has the same number as the ranking:

1) On 23 april 2020, the ranking of the german Bundesländer by number of infections put 'Hessen' on place 5. A study of this list of state names concluded that it matched chapter 1 in my book best. Paragraph 5 in chapter 1 is the short fragment "It would be mighty isolated if I were to crush the surface like a cobweb on a mirror". When this is studied relative to the etymology for the name 'Hessen' such as it can be detected in Grimm, it emerges that the correlation (the hare-snare!) is very good.

2) Russian data for 24 april 2020 put the region 'Dagestan' on place 8 when the regions are ranked by number of infections. A study of the resulting ranked list shows that it correlates best with chapter 16 - in which paragraph 8 is the following: "Look at this one - it is one of the jewels of our collection. It is a socalled 'stringhook', as it is called, invented in the late 19th century". Russian words starting with 'dag' are very uncommon but Vasmer's etymological for russian provides a few examples - among which particularly the 'dagliksk' is of acute relevance for my 'stringhook'.

3) From the same list of russian for 24 april I mention also the region 'Rostov' on place 10 which then compares well with paragraph 10 of chapter 16: "'This is a marvellous invention', she said. 'It is everything the opposite of a ski lift, and it was in fact invented before the ski lift was invented. That is the fantastic thing about it'". Vasmer's etymological provides these data)

4) The 7 main regions of Portugal - ranked on 1 june 2020 by number of infections in the order North, Lisbon and Tagus Valley, Center, Algarve, Alentejo, Azores, Madeira - correlate well with the 7 paragraphs of the last chapter '24. What happened later'. This gives for the mid 'Algarve' the short paragraph 'I've got a bullet train in the bucket' - cp. Adolfo Coelho's etymological dictionary for portuguese under 'Algar', 'Algara' or 'Garupa', 'Garupada'

5) Sweden has 21 regions - the ranking of these on 13 june 2020 according to infections per 100.000 gives the list Örebro, Jämtland, Stockholm, Uppsala, Västmanland, Gävleborg, Jönköping, Södermanland, Västra Götaland, Östergötland, Kronoberg, Dalarna, Västernorrland, Halland, Värmland, Norrbotten, Blekinge, Västerbotten, Kalmar, Gotland, Skĺne which seems to run in interesting parallel with chapter 9 'Requesta' with 20 paragraphs. Here the region 'Jönköping' on place 7 will go in parallel with the 7th paragraph of chapter 9 which is "In the hectic paranoid style, man slipped out the door and was gone. Requesta remained seated in the armchair, looking at a clock which she held in her hands. She had an ambiguous look in her eyes as she was shaking her head back and forth". Hellquist's 1922 etymological dictionary notices that 'Köping' derives from 'kaupangr' = from 'anger' meaning 'grass meadow' which suggests the 'grass widow' = 'gräs-änka' Requesta when her husband is out. Finnish 'juna' = 'train', 'rails' - hence the clock. Hellquist 1922 tells a hundred years ago that 'Jönköping' is attested as finnish-swedish 'Junakřpunger' in 1278 - he adds that the word has challenged many etymologists but none has solved the riddle yet, and that it is not likely to be solved for quite a while: "Trots mĺnga tolkningsförslag (av M.F.Lundgren, Bugge, Pipping, v.Friesen m.fl.) mĺste väl namnet alltjämt anses dunkelt, o. förledens form gör det sannolikt, att dess gĺta icke snart skall lösas". The present theory is interesting, though. If 'Juna' derives from a form meaning 'ever' in the sense of the 'continuous never-ending stream/creek/spring', there is in 'Junabäcken' the forth-and-back ('spring-and-bäck') movement of her head for the ticketock of the ever-flowing stream of time. As another example I try 'Kronoberg' for chapter 9 paragraph 11 = 'Just outside the door, two feet were standing in giant boots'. On the internet I found an old source telling 'satte iak biscops krono (coronam episcopalem) vndir fötir' (= 'I put bishop's crown = 'coronam episcopalem' under the feet'). Is this the franciscan washing of people's feet?

6) I add also the data from Syria on today 18 june 2020. Only half of Syria is affected, approximately the half which corresponds to the righthand face on the 'lapis philosophorum' (when this is turned and mirrored for the outline of Syria on the map). There were 178 cases, regions ranked by cases: Damascus (109), Rif Dimashq (67), Homs (5), As-Suwayda (2), Daraa (2), Hama (1), Latakia (1) - with zero cases in Aleppo, al-Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Hasaka, Idlib, Quneitra, Tartus. The 7 regions affected seem to follow the 7 paragraphs of the last chapter 24. What happened later well - in that order. Search this dictionary (Hans Wehr: 'A dictionary of modern written arabic') for 'suwaida' (4th paragraph = "I've got a bullet train in the bucket", the deep muscle in the 'container') and 'dara' (the 5th = "I had to hurry up to close the office and I think the aus-krim was of just that type").

These examples should suffice for proving that the epidemic by some deep logic in the historic collective consciousness of the people of some epidemic runs in parallel with my book - and how is that to be understood? For once, it could be that my literary text describes formal aspects of the collective historic consciousness which are relevant for understanding the disease, and it could be that the people want to support my work and therefore they follow up its logic: The people even do so in a way that lets apparently very deep etymological roots - deeper than ordinary etymological resources can provide - come to the surface via my literary texts. That adds also new methods to the etymological studies of language - if, that is, the literary text has sufficient integrity. The fields of study that can make progress with this new understanding is primarily historic studies in language but also to a considerable extent comparative studies - in view of the principles of continuity and contiguity which the ranking entails.

It can be that the people of the world believed that the nazism of WWII was a past stage in the history of humanity - and when a string snapped in the heart of the world in view of the potential rising of nazism again, the epidemic broke out and took on the form of an updating of the state of the art relative to the deepest etymological roots of the country in an attempt to regain balance (cp. also the discussion of the hungarian 'csira' example above). I recall well the deep indignation that arose in my mind when I discovered that the manuscript I worked with seemed to have been surveyed and become the undertext of titles of Modern Language Review for 1 january 2012 - such as the first title 'Androgynous Desire' = 'And drog ynous the sire' = 'And hang under the Justcan keys' - Flaubert John Bjarne etc - that was before the book was finished - and it even seemed (in the mid title 'Punctuating Dramatic Dialogue: Corneille's Suspension Points') to preherald the shipwrecking of Costa Concordia against the 'Tuscan coast', after which the ship was 'hanging under' with a 45 degree list - this made the indignation boil up in me and it may be that I rounded off the work with the book a little before it really was finished. I may have transmitted some of this to the office for legal deposit in the austrian national library in the Hofburg when I came there to give them the legal deposit copies of the book when I self-published it some days later. The indignation was that I did my best to make a contribution for improving the state of the world and then comes some politician or something and hijacks it probably for pumping power and glory for himself out of it. That is not permitted.

6. The study of Harvard Medical School

In april I launched the idea that virus epidemics such as this covid-19 could be stopped by way of a method based on study (video recordings) of the distribution of the reduplication patterns - the movements of viruses, that is, as seen under the microscope - reduced by way of some data analysis to a matrix of discrete symbols that can be converted into a molecular structure by the metric of my function 14. This theory proposes that viruses reduplicate in order to imitate an attempted 'undo' function from the historic-physical onto the metaphysical reality but when failing to go 'in nihil' they create a vacuum-pump that causes the reduplications when a 'semantic element' is included in the probability distribution and hence the sum of material elements reduplicate in an attempt to reach probability sum 1.0 - but these reduplications can be stopped by making a substance that turns the 'semantic' part into a material.

This semantics is not of a human 'word semantic' kind - it is of course about a formal semantics on basis of the patterns of virus reduplications, not anything 'meaningful' in the sense of human language. The 'semantics' could resemble the function of the second ex nihilo white stone I made - see on spaniards who lisp - when the ex nihilo matter that crosses the border to existence (as it glides over from a 'semantic' to a 'material' format) is in conformity with a certain line in a poem of mine - that is when the substance 'is' or takes the place of the meaning. But this means a 'semantics' in a pre-existing reality. Since it is difficult to print out ex nihilo matter for commercial purposes, another strategy must be followed.

A recent study from Harvard Medical School in fact suggests on basis of studies of the movements of 'material' people or rather vehicles in Wuhan and the people's 'semantic' searches in the Baidu search engine on internet that traces of what could be equivalent to the corona virus disease could be found already in august 2019 - that is, probably, soon after I had forgotten the rucksack with the poetry notebooks in the Barnabiten church on 3 august and after a few days realized that it probably would be difficult to find it again. The study from Harvard Medical School is very simple (and probably no proof) but interesting nevertheless: They counted numbers of cars on parking lots outside relevant hospitals in Wuhan as well as number of internet searches for 'cough' and 'diarrhea' (symptoms of covid-19) on the internet and found an increase in august 2019 compared with the year before. It is true that the internet searches could be called 'let' = 'search!' in norwegian language and that the cars are observed from the sky - that is, a sort of 'car-at-sky' - but it is possible or probable that it is not the medical study that has imitated the terror but rather that it could be the other way round - that the ongoing study at Harvard had been surveyed and that could have been the source of terror in Karachi and Let Kar which then tried to create the impression that my poetry led to terror - because of the global distribution of the word 'Karachi' in my 16-volume TEQ and the mirror-symmetric position relative to 'LEDGED' (quasi 'Let Kar') on the rainbow form of the local function 14. 'Let Kar' could also mean 'find the chap'.

Trump spoke already in march (long before I articulated my theory in april) about prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine which normally is used against malaria - and one could think of my theory as being rejected by the argument that it involves 'semantics' - like using hydroxychloroquine against the 'mal air' which contains corona virus. But it is not that sort of semantics I have in mind - and so my theory cannot be rejected on that basis. The Harvard article was probably not 'John Baidu' in that sense of it - even if the semantics of 'cough' and 'diarrhea' is morphemic enough.

Of course China has not made the virus on purpose in a lab - but it is not impossible that the corona virus exists everywhere and is a normal widespread virus - and for some reason or other it suddenly started multiplying because of a condition in the metaphysics that must be understood as a historic reason. I have suggested that some of this (on basis of correlation with the data) could resemble the problem that arises when legalization of homo marriage entails the breaking up of people's private elysium (their marriage) and turns it into a power pump that sucks political power out of the families. It resembles the effect of pumping political power out of poetry (or, say, the jewish diaspora). The metaphysical theory says that two realities tie a knot (are fixed in a metaphysical structure) by the spiritual priest (the human spirit who recognizes two items in two different realities as one and the same - and thereby ties them in a knot) and this gives rise to a material piece of substance (a child) who luckily has a meaningful soul attached. But homo marriage cannot do that - and therefore it resembles the problem in the physical reality which gives rise to the virus epidemic. If a political turnaround machine is made on basis of Hitler' work, the mystic poetry becomes like the fruitful metaphysics that is turned into physics and desperately tries to undo the situation.

Wuhan is about the same population size as Austria and is situated in China approximately such as Vienna is in Austria.

7. The lost poetry noteboks

It was my 'Wu'-hand that had written the poetry which can take the evil by the root and then one should expect the society of Vienna to be overly happy by my poetry which could have rescued the independence and future of the austrian society (when it by my poetic study now can be liberated from the control of UK/US interesters who are out for the Burgenland border power pumped over the sea to UK/US by the Auschwitz pump) - and hence that they would be overly quick with finding the lost rucksack with my poetry notebooks again - but it soon dawned to my surprise that there was little or no interest in trying to find it again. That could have been when something broke apart in the social heart of the 'Wu'-hand poet and people started losing their breath all over the world. Instead of the poetic solution which could liberate Austria from the international mafia power control, it looked as if the society preferred the Auschwitz machine that could have started gnawing the poetic matter to pieces. My poetry is written for the peace and growth and fruitful development of the global culture - but under the present circumstances it seems that the goodness of it can be turned into badness by some turnaround mechanism in the Auschwitz pump and people start dying instead. It can be all too difficult to understand that the society prefers the holocaust machine instead of the freedom and future contained in the poetic solution - as if they should prefer Hitler on behalf of US/UK interests instead of a future of freedom and independence. The world's people cannot understand that - and hence the respiration problems?

Dont blame my poetry! Blame the turnaround politics!

Of course such overly smart turnaround mechanisms cannot really be legal either.

The data from Harvard Medical School must not (say, by effect of e.g. the potentially organized terror in Karachi +Let-Kar) lead to a persecution of the poet - they must not be used to identify the epidemic as having its origin in the poet - rather they can be taken as suggestive of the conclusion that finding the lost poetry notebooks and bringing them back to the poet could contribute to stop or at least slow down the epidemic. The losses from the disease have so far run into trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives.

8. Brigate Rosse

What is a very characteristic part of my life is that I have never been told one single word about all this. Still one has the impression that some people find reasons for spreading rumours (or at least thought) about me that "there is hardly a piece of news, a piece of terrorism, a piece of high-level politics that is not 'about' Mr.Grover - even the Kennedy assassination is said to have been 'because' of Mr.Grover, then 6 years old". But how can that come about if I have never been informed in any way - never heard one single word about all this? Is it only paranoid delusions? If it be the case that there is media abuse of my person and I have never heard a word about it, it follows that there can be only one possible explanation and that is that it is 'rigged at the brasse'. And then who am I, Mr.Mystery? The italians will have a little difficulties, I could guess, with not letting the thoughts stray at least briefly across the concept which then automatically takes shape in the air - that Mr.Grover is a sort of 'Brigate Rosse'. More so: The one in Brigate Rosse who was responsible for the murder of Aldo Moro (in the night when Inger-Johanne Apenes was murdered, neighbour to the house where I was to a party) was called Mario Moretti - and if you add only 'E.ZU-IN'-to this name, you get the name Mario Morzetto = Mario Zorzetto who was the other neighbour who died in Venice, along with E.Zuin in the summer 2009. But that points to the cartoon in The New Yorker 1999 - along with the graffiti in Oslo in 1983 and the two neighbours of Simmering 2005-2007 - the picture on the wall. Of course the italians do not want Brigate Rosse again. The terrorist organization was started in 1970 and one guesses that it could be a part of the 'intelligence project' which comprises Hungary, Tveitt etc.

Comparably, the Baader-Meinhof group in Germany could have served to index Ingeborg Bachmann = 'inge-Borg Badr-Mein-Hof' = the Bécsi Kapu Tér ('Viennese Gate Square') in Györ with the 'csira' symbolism - which again could be the background of the war in Syria from 2011 onwards.

Leader of Brigate Rosse used to be Renato Curcio. That could mean the one says 'det er Kurz, jo' = 'but it is Kurz!'. (Cp. 'Let Kar' = 'find the chap'). Who says so? It is probably only I who can see (without access to secret archives) the various factors that contribute to the mechanism - and the reason for seeing Kurz in the complex is only that he was the event of ÖVP 12 years 2 months and 12 plus days after the apparently much-indexed cartoon occurred in The New Yorker in 1999. It seems to be my person who 'feels' the effect of the mechanism. I live in the atrium of Zinckgasse = 'Ingeborg Bachmann' = 'Baader-Meinhof'. Do I say 're-NATO'? Well, is it NATO who plans a land invasion of Austria (who is not a member of NATO) in order to stop the politics? ('Tar-ne Re-holt' = 'takes down the re-held'?) Then we must hope that the swap is not so total that the land invasion is intended to be in my body and soul instead. There has apparently been a quite massive surveillance and potential abuse of my work in Austria for many years, not the least in advertisement there seems to have been abuse of it. But clearly this could have been so in other countries as well.

Renato Curcio --> Kennedy Rutscho?

The more divine authority is assigned to PTRSIM PIK, the more 'divine' will the 'Kennedy' be.

'Downgrade the Kennedys' is probably a sensible program.

It may be that 'Thomas Klestil' (once austrian president) was a name indexing the lefthand character in the cartoon above. He was followed by 'Heinz Fischer' - could be a name less interesting for this cartoon but not entirely. Then some years ago there was new austrian presidential election after Fischer resigned - Hofer of the Freiheitliche Partei FPÖ won but it had to be done over again untill Alexander van der Bellen had won (were there two or three elections?). It may be that Bellen's name applies to the lefthand character on the cartoon as well. In the same moment as Bellen had won, the french and italian PM's (Renzi and Valls) resigned. (Ursula von der Leyen soon went to Saudi Arabia but refused to follow the traditional dress code there - I could perhaps have remembered this in the hospital in Venice when my 188 cm weighed around 50 kg?). Bellen asked Kurz to be chancellor - it is perhaps doubtful whether Hofer would have done that.

Is it the plan to build a new mega-politician on basis of a swap with me qua PTRSIM PIK - something that e.g. lends much power to the intelligence services - or UK/US? It is easy for the world to avoid that - it is just to tell the story as it is - but the solution is not to take me if it seems that my authorship is the 'reason' for the epidemic: It is the politics that must be stopped.

9. More etymologies

It is seen that the covid-19 pandemic seems to display patterns of distribution that are telling of a deep logic in the collective historic consciousness. There is a superficial similarity to this in the 'csira' complex which could have been contained in the cabinet composition of Adolf Hitler - from Györ to Melk, thereabout. It is possible that this phenomenon in Hitler's government could be a phenomenon related to the formula PTRSIM + PIK = PTRSIM PIK - but conceived in the form of the chinese sign HAN which also can be a designation for the biggest ethnic group in China - the HAN people make for some 91 percent of the total chinese population. It is the second part of the name of the city WUHAN (here from Mathews):

WU   = =
HAN = =

The HAN sign can in theory be seen as composed of one male dancer to the left (bending a little forwards in some chachacha or thereabout) and a female dancer to the right. If she is Peter's girl, the sign would be PIK+PTRSIM. Or 'přlse' (sausage) + 'fřlse' (feeling). The political strategy of e.g. Hitler could be to display this as the western hemisphere while the warlike and 'fierce' hemisphere is chinese. 'Han' can mean 'chinese' but also 'man'. In the swedish data, there is the 'Västmanland' region and the 'Vestra Götaland' - the latter exhibited a strange rise in infections for a brief period. I notice RAG-ÖTA ('öt' = hungarian for '5') could be the 'han' by this hitlerish logic, while the 'MAN' would then be the 'wu'. ('Gĺta' = 'riddle'). It suggests that the swedish data serve to turn the hemispheric bias in the hitlerish interpretation around - also in the corresponding fragments from my text. (I thank the crow who made me aware of this). Here are the two fragments:

Vestmanland: The box contained something. It was not clear to me what it was. "How many do you want?" was the question. Ten, I said. The hand plunged into the box and lifted a handful of fine shingle marble stones which ran like an eternity through the fingers and back into the box. They have some of these in the trams.

Vestra Götaland: Enron and another were at the young birch tree nearby. It was covered with a transparent canopy-coat of light green leaves over the rustic-red and brown illumination-darkness inside.

But if the hitlerish logic be the semiotics, it is somewhat too simplified to be considered 'the same' as the deep etymologies of the covid-19 data correlated with my text.

10. The doff and the driving licence         [This part was added on 17 june 2020]

On 16 june 2020, Europe opened most of its borders again, but the international train connections are still very limited. But of course it is possible to rent/Let Car for crossing the border (for example, if some should feel that it is my presence which is the problem and not a hypothetical JFK masturbation in 1957 or the ÖVP party formation in 1945. My driving licence from the 1980's (my first licence was from 11.8.1976, the one I now has - 'FŘRERKORT - PERMIS DE CONDUIRE' - was renewed on 30.10.1987) has a photo so 'paled off' that it can hardly be used - but were that need for it (e.g. to reach the border) and the circumstances of the epidemic planned/known already then - in 1987? (The driving licence was laminated with a protective plastic coating when it was made in 1987 and the photo could not be changed). It was 'Mette Gulbrandsen' who signed on it: 'Med TEG[r] hjulpet han sen[ior]' = 'with TEGs helped he/that sen[ior]'. While I worked at the MUSIKUS project in 1987-89, I did for a time share office with 'Dag Diesen' - it seemed that the name could have left some impression on me. 'Skilpadde' = 'tortoise'. My high school biology teacher Tore Lauvstad told in a lesson that he had written his MA thesis on TEGEr - that is a type of small bugs probably called 'bille' in norwegian. T/G on his name makes for a Gori Lauvstad - Gori was my fantasy friend in 1960 after I probably had met Paul Celan in Odda and he wrote his Meridian speech thereafter. (Do TEGE bugs cause damage = 'skad[e]' to the trees' leaves = 'lauv'?) I have therefore also fancied that if I met Nelly Sachs on way to school in Volda in 1964-65, she could have stayed overnight at Lauvstad not far from Volda - hence the name could mean the two jewish poets who probably are my two biological parents - or, perhaps, that I met them - could be the plan was that I should not have the chance to guess that and that I should become a warm supporter of e.g. a future Hitler with e.g. 'Endlösung' plans. (I do not support that). Lauvstad lived (as far as I know) up the left in Gerds Vei (cp. the 'LED-GED') which could be seen from the upstairs bathroom in Labrĺten 58 (while the french teacher Aster lived approximately the same distance down to the right - the two teachers lived probably not on the same height above the sea) - it was only my two official parents who used that upper bathroom while we children used the bathroom downstairs. A high school classmate was called 'Lore Diab' - of exotic egyptian-danish origin. One can probably see diagonally from the upstairs bathroom up to Gerds Vei. Grřver/'Mengele' always used 'melitta' (cp. the 'carmelite' church) coffee which he made in the kitchen. I once observed the official mother going from her bedroom (did she have a flu?) in to the toilet (this path crosses the bathroom-kitchen axis) dressed on underbody in only underpants - this short second or two is probably the only evidence I have of her gender although such a brief glance is perhaps not very reliable since one probably cannot be very certain what can be in such underpants. But this 'KAR'-melitta view ('kar' = 'man') does of course not mean that I had 'helped him' with 'masterminding' highlevel murders or deaths that can be (mythologically) associated with the two sisters - Mao for the elder and Indira Gandhi for the younger. (It could have been John F.Kennedy - or even his 'junior' = 'erection' - who 'master'-bat[h]ed on my semantic 'mind' = material 'brain' in 1957).

For this car-Melitta 'coffee', cp, the 'cough' and 'diarrhea' - vs a 'doff' and a 'car-Melitta'. We moved from Molde to Fredrikstad soon after the two biological parents had died in 1970 - my first year in school in Fredrikstad was in 1970-1971 at Trosvik school ('tros-vik' means 'faith-treason' or simply 'treason' generally - the name is really 'Tros-vik' = 'obstinacy-bay', 'in-spite-of-bay') for the last year in primary school while the same class continued in a secondary school Seiersten (= 'victory-stone') 1971-73 wherein the classes were scrambled for 'levels' 1-2-3 of advancement. Roy Andersen was one of my classmates from 1970, another was Rolf-Erik Johansen who was called 'Doffen'. His brother Ivar Johansen was later a famed critic of the secret services/intelligences.

'Med TEGer hjulpet han sen[ior]': Now the question is whether the car-'Melitta coffee' etc should mean the background detail in the 1999 cartoon which shows a man talking with two women at a window apparently in the building on the corner between the carmelite church and the St.Lucia railway station in Venice. The 1999 cartoon is built on a principle of mirroring around the mid group or detail of the picture on the wall - could be the posture of the man who talks with the woman shows mutual interests (does she have her hand under his vest? or is it in his underpants? or is it only around a cocktail glass?) - cp. the 'octogon' - could be for the idea of a turnaround of the righthand part of the cartoon with the lefthand. If the righthand part - the detail in the background - shows Gröver/'Mengele' talking with the two sisters in the kitchen, for example while serving coffee, it could be that the cartoon is intended to show the act of 'helping that senior' by the turning around by way of illegitimate sexual involvement (of the 'curves' of the leftsided gynaecomasty?) a la the octogon - for example for an understanding of the lefthand scene. If this turnaround is supposed to be the same as the 90 degrees turning of the ex nihilo piece showing a 'kurz' 'přlse' (sausage) with a 'long' 'fřlse' (feeling) - if the latter is meant to be the same as the turning or 'falldown' of the 'corona' = the face on the chinese bronze inscription, recognizable at the end of the chinese film from 1963 - see towards the end of the article for this photo series

then one can speculate whether this story really could be about an intended english crown for a global kingdom - such as if the 'corona pandemic' is meant to signify a 'natural global coup d'etat' (natural by viruses). I have not planned to 'roun-doff'. I think England should round off their kingdom and turn republican. (It would also be particularly unfortunate if 'royal immunity' should be conceived as 'extended authority' to international secret intelligence services).

I have earlier told of how the official father in the living room after a christmas dinner in probably the early 1980's or late 1970's told the story of how his colleague the psychiatrist 'John Otto Haug' had massaged a woman's breasts for half an hour in search of 'cysts' = norwegian 'syster'. Could be it was this cartoon he had in mind? Or was he adding explanation or rather 'dimension' to the brief underpant story? Could be it was in the 'öl-i ate-ies' he told it.

I am not involved in all this apparent 'secret intelligence' intrigues - which, as one could speculate, could spring out from Kennedy's US democrat party.

There have been some graffitis around in the district showing an apparent garbage bag tied on the top - could be for 'sekk-skjul dra-i-V' - as the reason why the cartoon is supposed to turn around in such a way that he 'hjulpet han sen[-ior]'? Ah ja, this sort of logic is not so interesting.

There are train connections to Italy - to Bozen/Bolzano in the region 'Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol', next to the Lombardy region, the hardest hit area. A [re?]-'NATO' F15C Eagle jet fell down off the coast at Hull. In mid july I would have 184 days - half a fiscal year - in Austria if I do not travel abroad.

Were there still a weak point in the reasoning of the turnaround? The hydroxychloroquine could have its origins in the idea of imprint of meaning on matter, like my 2nd white stone which occurred ('fell down' while the water 'came up'?) while I wrote 'Stillhetens ĺndedrag' - a book about harmony and 'natural faith'. To this it can be added that 'faith is not creed' - hence my theory is not rejected by the argument of the 'word semantic' level being irrelevant. But if 'kate is not freed', that is a 'submorphemic level'? Ah ja, this sort of logic is not so interesting. My books are not published but my bukse is? Ah ja - I hope my books will be published one day.

Is faith the same as creed? Is this problem what made Henry VIII brexit from the catholic church? The transubstantiation issue was the main matter of dispute - and it can be seen as the protestants insisting on the meaning of the eucharist while the catholics insist on its matter - cp. the 'imprint' of such meaning on such matter in e.g. the northern Ireland conflict. They broke the 'brea-doff'. Is this what 'hangs under the cancan shoe[s]' (photo 2 from this file)?

Added on 18 june 2020: It can be argued that if this is PTRSIM and this is PIK, then one could assume a link between PTRSIM = England and the PIK which is perhaps somewhat 'kurz' - a link of 90 degrees. If Zinckgasse = Ingeborg Bachmann in the sense of the knockings = 'poltergeists' (see this file) in the inside of the Burg (the house) of Zinckgasse and that is from a 'back-man' (cp. 'bank-man'), it means that if Beat-less = Knock-less is the same, then there is a link from Baader-Meinhof ('Bachmann-Hof') to England qua The Beatles. The knockings could be tape-recorded (nowadays it is electronically recorded) only for some days in january 2020 - after a week or two the knockings still continued but then they could no longer be recorded, even if a clap of the hands could. But then it is the 'tape' which is beatless even if there is beat in the air. 'Baader-Meinhof' changed name to 'RAF' = 'Rote Armee Fraktion' - cp. the expression 'red tape'. 'RAF' = 'Royal Air Force' would be the name of the beatings in the air - those which can or cannot be tape-recorded. A magnetic tape changes the sensory modality of the signals in the audition into something that at least in principle can be inspected. (In comparison, the rolling's tones remain auditive). But I have heard these knockings elsewhere as well (although not tried the on/off tape of recording) so it is probably not only Zinckgasse who has it. Why did the knockings occur? I dont know but it is an interesting question whether it could have anything to do with the occurrence of the coronavirus in China. England BREXITed from EU in the end of january 2020, which means around the time when the knockings went 'off tape'. Sebastian Kurz started his second government on 7 january 2020. The argument rests on two ex nihilos which I have not attested elsewhere. My reason for these observations on his name is not that I have any bad things to report from his government - the question of the ontological status of ex nihilo resembles the question of the status of transubstantiation in the 'brexit' conflict of protestantism vs. catholicism. Could be protestant countries are more inclined to invoke a psychiatric explanation to the ex nihilos than catholic countries are. Austria is catholic while Germany is protestant. It is possible that the argument functions well here in Vienna but if one goes up to Berlin it could break off ('brexit') in the air: Either the knockings exist or they do not exist and if they cannot be recorded then they exist only in your head and that is psychiatry. It is possible that this is the weak point of Berlin. (Or is it mainly the 'Klipra connection' of Norway?) The mass psychosis of german nazism could perhaps be explained by these parametres, while the english solution is perhaps more like 'the british laugh'.

11. Conclusion

The conclusion tells that my poetry is written for the up of the global human society but because it seems (on basis of somewhat meagre sources) to be hijacked by a turnaround mechanism apparently made by Hitler's holocaust it comes out wrong way and people start dying in covid-19 instead of blossoming. Blame the hitlerish terror machine, not the poet! It seems that the pandemic could have the function of preventing a spread of new nazism. The poet hopes to find better working conditions which makes him less vulnerable to these political intrigues.

(My prose work "And hang under the Justcan keys" can be seen to be about the literary parametre 'catharsis'. It is of course not impossible that this catharsis is the 'contents' or function of the epidemic - adding explanatory value to the correlations).

It is observed that the covid-19 data seem to correlate with parts of my literary text from 2012 in ways which perhaps can give access to historically deeper etymologies than otherwise is possible. This clearly could be a considerable step forwards for linguistic theory.

PS With such potentially magnificent results, weren't it right that the poet had optimal working conditions in a land less burdened with Hitler history, in particular as concerns the poet's own person?

It can be observed that my residence in Ehamgasse (2005-2008) could create the impression of 'Kurt-Köck+Tatjana-Vidanovic' = (on background of the 1999 cartoon) 'but isnt it Kurz!' = 'Renato Curcio', while my residence in Calle Pedrocchi in Venice (2008-2009) could create the impression of 'Mario-Zorzetto+E.Zuin' = 'Mario-Moretti', both of them (Curcio and Moretti) once chiefs of Brigate Rosse the presence of which the italians do not want. My current residence in Zinckgasse (2009-2020) could create the impression of 'Ingeborg Bachmann' = 'Baader-Meinhof', an aura of history which the germans do not want - in case I should move up there. Isnt it time to find a place for me - a new home where I can live without the threat of throw-out, a threat which can create power and money for many -without such reverberations of unfortunate history following me like a shadow? If I go into an estate agent's office, it is of course all prepared for me in advance. But I am not an 'intelligence project'! If the authorities could find a place for me without such 'attachments', that is, a place which thereby could be a great improvement for the world's health and economy, it could be that the 'intelligence services' would not like it? But they have no right to that at all! If they should start making problems or hanging around the door when I come home, some 'name' who stands there as for adjusting the parametres of the 'intelligence project' while I wait for half an hour, it is just to release some secrets from the Kennedys - that is likely to help - and there is the very good reason for it that one has to take care of the health and peace and economic stability of the world - and prevent a civil war in USA. That is just the way to do it. I should probably have remained in Italy in 2019 if only I could have found a foothold - if I had remained there then it is even possible that the current corona crisis would not have been the same - and, I mean, all those trillions of dollars...


Benkö, Lorand: "A magyar nyelv történeti-etimológiai szótára, I-III", Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 1984.

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Nsoesie, Elaine Okanyene, Benjamin Rader, Yiyao L. Barnoon, Lauren Goodwin, and John S. Brownstein: Analysis of hospital traffic and search engine data in Wuhan China indicates early disease activity in the Fall of 2019. 2020

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