Evidence of a political mythos role of mine

John Bjarne Grover

Here I sum up the most essential evidence that my person could be abused by political mythos construction. Most of the details in the article are mentioned elsewhere on this web page.

It was only after 2000 that I started unwinding the story seriously. Had it not been for the events of Kursk-and-Cole, my investigations would have looked like sheer mental disturbance - but the three historic facts of Kursk, Cole and Borten cannot be ignored or shuffled under the carpet of disease. These are the data that prove that my person probably is used for the construction of highlevel political mythos - and hence that the ideas of mine probably are not sheer imagination. First on my official custody parents and my probable genetic parents:

My genetic parents were probably the jewish poets Nelly Sachs (born Leonie Sachs) and Paul Celan (born Paul Pessach Antschel) - who both died in 1970 - Celan probably on Hitler's birthday 20 april 1970 and Sachs on 12 may 1970 - my official mother's birthday. The death dates of these are available from any biographies on their lives - e.g. the 'RoRoRo' monographs.

My official custody parents: The official custody father was called John Grøver officially born John Jensen on 27 October 1916 - he changed his name from Jensen to Grøver in 1946 - and the official mother born Ragna Augusta Devold Eidsvig was born on 12 May 1929. The birthdays of these official parents of mine can be verified under the entry 'John Grøver' in the directory 'Norges Læger' or 'Norges Leger' ('Norway's doctors') which exists in many norwegian libraries (see internet www.bibsys.no) and doctor home book shelves and has been published annually in book form through many decades. There one can also find his official CV.

That these birthdates probably are not late inventions can also be verified roughly from the relevant issues of Modern Language Review (for those who take that as relevant evidence).

Kursk and Cole: The destruction by an explosion in the rear of the US destroyer Cole in Aden on 12 October 2000 and the sinking by an explosion in the nose of the russian submarine Kursk at Murmansk 12 August 2000 relate to these two birthdays of the custody parents with 30666 days (Cole 12 october 2000 is 30666 days after 27 october 1916) and the mirror image to the first 1858 Madonna revelation in Lourdes - Kursk 12 august 2000 mirrors this revelation around the date 12 may 1929 for the birth of the custody mother. (One must correlate with one day in the second of these computations - whether that means anything as far as the mirror image is concerned). The combination of Kursk-and-Cole then leaves the label 'the dirty beast (30-666 days) in the revelation (Madonna 1858)' onto me as their official child. One must take it that there are not many married couples in the world with these two birthdays. And, even if there should be some such married couples, there is probably only one of these who fill the third criterion - by Per Borten.

Per Borten was norwegian prime minister from 12 October 1965 to 17 March 1971. That leaves my 11th birthday - I was born (officially) on 29 June 1957 - as the exact mid point of his government. Borten took over after a 20 year nearly unbroken government of Einar Gerhardsen 1945-65, and the beginning and end of Borten's period seem additionally to have indexed my biological parents - and their premature deaths. Gerhardsen resigned (and Borten took over) in 1965 due to the 'Ingeborg Lygren' case in Moscow - which could have meant 'Ingeborg Bachmann' - 'lygren' = 'the liar' and it is possible that the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group in Germany could have indexed just this Bachmann ('laug-e' means also 'to bathe' and 'ren' = 'clean'), while Borten resigned after he had leaked classified information to a journalist in an airplane - a mistake which he repeatedly called a 'glipp' - while 'klipp' is what you do with a 'neglesaks' = 'neilesaks' = nail scissors in norwegian. The norwegian governments are listed on the official website of the norwegian administration on the internet.

This means that the construction serves to index me probably uniquely in the world - as 'the dirty beast in the revelation' which then probably is meant to mean - absurdly - that it was I who murdered Sachs and Celan. Of course I did not - I was 12 years old and they were probably my best friends in this world - see their correspondence published in 1994 on Suhrkamp where I seem to or at least could be the reference of the code word 'das goldene Licht'. This is of course no proof - but if one assumes the theory that I am their son and that the three of us constitute an important triad in political mythos (such as by Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Treblinka), the book can certainly be read that way. See e.g. letter 107 from 20.3.1968: "Paul, lieber Paul, ist etwas Gold vom nirgendwo zu Dir gekommen, mit dem Herzen möcht ich es zu dir schicken, - Nelly".

The construction seems to be about the dates of death of the genetic parents and the dates of birth of the custody parents - and hence to be about an attempted hijack of the jewish culture traditions. Kursk-and-Cole turn geographically in such a way that Oslo swaps with Jerusalem.

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