Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics

John Bjarne Grover

The article is based on and discusses the idea that the Fatima revelations of 1917 can be seen as the semantic interpretation or projection backwards in time of my poetic work The Endmorgan Quartet (TEQ) 1997-2008.

The fundamental theorem of linguistics

I discovered the fundamental theorem of linguistics while I was working out the principles contained in my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' in 2016. The theorem says that two and only two [linguistic] items can be the same across two different realities. Humans straddle more than one reality but in order to make these commensurable, they must be reduced to one. A stone in one reality and an umbrella in another reality are both recognized as one and the same type of tricycle in the human reality - and that imposes very strong constraints on human perception and cognition. Humans have also developed ideas of causality in order to make it function. It is this strangely redundant world which gives rise to human language and historic time. For two items from two different realities to be conceived as the same, the human psyche must take on a shape which sees these as the same even if they should be different. The sameness is not the one of categorization - since categorization is a form of sameness which can apply to any number of forms. It means that the fundamental theorem tells that the human reality is 'distorted' but its intersubjective form is kept invariant by the principles of language. Humans have a reality which resembles the lapis philosophorum while birds have realities that look more spherical - like their eggs. The philosopher's stone is sometimes called 'the philosopher's egg'.

For three items to be the same, categorization must apply and that is something totally different. Then a symbolic level is introduced which means that a symbol can contain a class of similar occurrences - but that is something very different from what the fundamental theorem proposes.

Two realities can be mother and language-learning child, the simplest example. The strongest example is Jesus Christ - who is the same in heaven and on earth.

The mystery of economic growth is contained in this: Farming is perhaps the primary source of economic growth, but it cannot explain it all - why trade enhances economic value. It is because one item comes from heaven and the other from earth that economic growth takes place - the heavenly looks the same as the earthen but there comes no growth out of two earthen items. Love is the ideal of a marriage because it brings real heavenly value into the marriage and society - if only two loveless people are married it brings nothing new.

Poetic language contains heavenly values.

How I discovered the fundamental theorem of linguistics

I wrote the work 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (TEQ), a work of 1719 poems over 16 books of poetry, in the 11 years 1997-2008. It is a long 'dantean' walk up to the peak of the mountain of mystic enlightenment, it can be said. Each and every line arises from a clear inner poetic articulation which (as I believe) takes its form in the moment when the poetic subject makes yet another step from the subjective into the universal knowledge-space - and straddles the two realities thereby - the heavenly and the earthen it can be. The resulting 16 books (with more than 25000 such inner poetic articulations) constitute four quartets over various poetic functions that constitute the fundamentals of language. Function 1 (book 1) seems to be about the etymological origins, function/book 4 about political governance, function/book 6 about the guiding of knowledge-acquisition for offspring by genetic parents etc. Function/book 14 is about distributional semantics in historic time - and its form can be seen to evidence how historic time interfaces with eternity. In the last four of these 16 books, that is TEQ books 13-16, there are a total of 1345 words that are used twice and only twice (according to the mechanical search methods of a normal text editor) within the scope of its book of occurrence. In book 13 there are 413 such word pairs, in book 14 there are 359 word pairs, in book 15 there are 141 word pairs and in book 16 there are 432 word pairs. A word can occur twice in more than one book - such as 'above' that occurs twice in book 13 and 14 but not twice in books 15 or 16. If one takes these 1345 words and list them alphabetically for each book, that is from A to Z of book 13, thereafter A to Z of book 14 etc, one gets an alphabetized list of 1345 words. Now this discovery was amazing indeed when it took place after 'Stillhetens åndedrag' was completed - this poetic work contains 1344 lines and the great discovery was that these 1344 lines could be aligned with the 1345 words in the alphabetized list - for a resulting poetic dictionary of 1345 words with 1344 explanations or definitions in the lines of 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. (The last and 1345th word is the norwegian letter 'å' - but the story of this single surplus word is much bigger and is told elsewhere in this book). For example, the 21 lines of poem #35 ('Savonarolas tanke') interpret the corresponding 21 alphabetized words (column left) that occur twice and only twice in book 14:








Savonarolas tanke

Mennesker reiser i rom.
Jeg sitter og hviler blant dem
og jeg grubler og tenker på om
jeg noensinne har gått frem.

Fuglene reiser i tid
som byggekunstenes hjem.
Savonarola var i
tanken som tenkte dem.

Husene tett i tett
bak løvverkets grønne skur
skildrer mitt synske vett.
Tiden ligger på lur.

Dette landskapet skygger sitt grønt
og hang med hodene tyngre,
forteller om det du nettopp har skjønt        
at når vi kom frem var vi yngre.

Dette landskapet henger sitt brunt
som dreier sitt hode om.
Rovfuglen kaster sitt legeme rundt
mellom det hvite skum.

Savonarola's thought

Humans travel in space.
I sit and rest among them
and I ponder and think if though
I have ever progressed.

The birds travel in time
as the home of the art of building.
Savonarola was in
the thought that thought them.

The houses tightly and tightly
behind the foliage's green shed
describe my clairvoyant intelligence.
The time lies in ambush.

This landscape shadows its green
and hung with its heads heavier,
tells of what you have just understood
that when we arrived we were younger.

This landscape hangs its brown
which turns its head around.
The bird of prey throws its body around
inbetween the white foam.

It means that 'humans travel in space' is the poetic 'definition' of the word 'step' etc.

The conclusion to this is that logical order and semantic assignment are one and the same thing - and that is the most radical corollary of the fundamental theorem. That opens up 'a deep ratch' - a veritable grand canyon - underneath the simple surface association of sound and meaning of language - and clearly that is the canyon which can hold all those strange aberrancies and peculiarities that make human reality what it is.

The fundamental theorem in Fatima 1917

It seems that the fundamental theorem can be recognized in the Fatima revelations 1917 - and then one can recall that Jesus Christ is perhaps the stongest example of what the theorem means.

The Madonna occurred for the first time on the 13th of may 1917 in Cova da Iria at Fatima and she told the three children that she would recur on the same place and time every 13th of the month for 6 months - and on the last occurrence she would give them a proof. There was a huge crowd of 50-70.000 people who gathered to see the promised proof on 13 october 1917 - it was called 'the miracle of the sun'.

The fundamental theorem tells that logical order and semantic assignment are one and the same thing. It means here that '13' (of each month) is 'the same' as '31' - which in the devanagari script means the letter 'A' which can be written either as this '31' (to the left) or as the symbol which shows the rising sun in the corner (to the right):

Now this rising sun 'A' has a close correlate and rationale in the 'breadslice' that results from the combination of two lapis philosophorums - this breadslice seems to have a control line of devanagari in the upper part and it seems to show the rays of the sunlight 'A' in the righthand part:

But this also means that the fundamental theorem of linguistics is an essential part of the revelations of Fatima if the temporality of the 13th of every month be understood this way. It means the miracle of the sun on the 13th of october 1917, it could be called - a very proof of God promised or foretold by Madonna on the first apparition 13th of may 1917. A foretelling is in itself a symbol of that principle of logical order and semantic asignment being one and the same thing.

Most importantly, if Fatima in itself is a foretelling of my TEQ, that is the best example there can be of just this principle.

What is semantic assignment?

It is normally assumed, and credited to Saussure, that the semiotic sign is two-sided with one form glued to one meaning, like the front and back side of a traffic sign.

It is the 'waist of time' in the hourglass where the sand runs between chomskyan formalisms in the one half and mystic inquiry in the other (and vice versa when turned) and contains the secret of how the human language faculty gets its shape in the constricted connection between these.

Mystic inquiry seeks knowledge of what is beyond human reality. My own 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' tells that two and only two items can be the same across two different realities: That means that in reality 1 the item can be very different from what it is in reality 2 but the human psyche has taken on a shape (assigned to it in the act of divine creation of the innate human condition, or developed historically - that means that synchrony and diachrony are the same - in the same sense of it - in the fundamental theorem) which recognizes these 2 items as the same and hence opens for symbolic formalisms of human language and cognition. That means that human reality is redundant and limited: It has a form which allows the human psyche to assign semantic value to a referent (as it is in the human reality, that means) in such a way that it can be logically ordered. It means that there are realities (the field of mystic inquiry) beyond the human reality, and the redundancies and limitations of the human reality is what creates the causalities which traditional science studies via symbolic formalisms. The 'zifferblatt', as I call it, is on the border between these - telling the form which the information attains when it runs between metaphysical and physical reality. (The assumed form and contents of this 'zifferblatt' is a result of my own inquiries into mystic reality and in studies of language and linguistics).

The fundamental theorem of linguistics means (tells mystic inquiry when it articulates the bridge to the formalisms of linguistics) that there must be traces of a divine revelation in a historic text for this to have any real 'meaning' at all. That is: When two different items are recognized as 'the same' by the human psyche, what is lost thereby (the difference between them in their respective realities) is the meaning qua divine revelation - from beyond the human reality - plus the semantically empty symbolic value in the sameness. The divine meaning reveals itself in the reading - while the empty symbolic 'semantics' in the samenesses can of course be listed as a permutation of entries in a lexicon, the entries mutually 'defining' each other by permutation, but empty it remains - at best a mere decorative scramble. (E.g., the lexicon could be 'stone' = heavy mineral, 'mineral' = stone heavy, 'heavy' = stone mineral). Logical order is what comes out of the empty symbolic sameness.

'Meaning' in traditional semiotics tells that the cognitive contents is 'glued' to the fragile and ethereal phonetic forms, while my account by the fundamental theorem tells that this meaning is empty and a mere scramble of permutational symbols, a matter of logical order (like 123, 231 and 312 are different meanings due to the logical order - a case of grammar) while the real meaning is a divine revelation that comes by semantic assignment from the transcendent metaphysics in the reading. Could be the semiotic meaning qua logical order is like footballers with numbers on their backs - and the amazing popularity of football could be in the divine revelation which semiotic meaning really is about.

The fundamental theorem tells that such 'divine' meaning comes from what is left over from the metaphysical reduction of 2 and only 2 different items into 'the same'. The human spirit controls the dependent relation between body and soul, between semiotic form and content, but is itself controlled = created relative to the transcendent divine reality. If a new metaphysical logic is to be set up, it is not enough to just transpose the former knowledge onto a new level. Therefore the essential matter is where the inner poetic articulations come from (see below). But there exists the semantic assignment based on the historic distribution of 3 or more items in 'function 14' (see vol.3, 'Poetic semiosis', chapter 1 p.633 and chapter 10) - this semantic assignment takes its meaning from the permutational scramble of words in a dictionary. If this permutational scramble leaves a meaning which can be recognized in the divine revelation of reading from the transcendent surplus, it makes sense. (It may be that the divine semantics sometimes is misunderstood as a result of the 'permutational scramble' - that could be a typical human problem of faith). This should correspond to the difference between the child's 1-word stage starting about the age of 12 months vs. the onset of 2-word syntax at age 18 months (see vol.3 'A waist of time' book 1 chapter 2). The normally 50 word lexicon of the 1-word stage of age 12-18 months would then be the basis for the recognition of distributional semantic assignment as 'the same' in the period of syntax - on basis of the fundamental theorem's claim of sameness of synchrony and diachrony. That is when heaven and earth can be mutually understood, at least to some extent.

Clearly these are two very different forms of semantic assignment - it is in their combination that humans can navigate in their earthen existence without losing all contact with the transcendent reality. One can speculate that it is when the divine semantic assignment attains sufficient prominence that it can appear in the historic reality as a divine revelation. This is what the study of the twice and only twice occurrences in the books of TEQ in the next chapter is about.

Where do the inner poetic articulations come from?

This is the essential question. The inner poetic articulations are supposed to straddle two different realities in one single inner poetic articulation - which then will be the same in the two realities - and in principle this can be considered the same as Jesus Christ in that sense of the strongest example of the fundamental theorem.

There are various levels of explanations to the postulate that Fatima 1917 can be considered a projection qua semantic interpretation of TEQ 1997-2008 - 80 years later - because TEQ is a revelation in this sense of inner poetic articulations - and it must be noticed that TEQ is special in the sense that each and every of the appr 25000 lines are such inner articulations from some inner source. I have added nothing to it myself and have deleted noting - however strong the temptations could have been to sweeten the surface with more 'harmonious' esthetic-sounding feelings.

The essential question is this: If TEQ is such a revelation, what is the source of it? Where do the inner poetic articulations come from?

One can postulate 4 principled levels:

Level 1: Level one is the trivial one that the work is written by a good poet based on his skills and experiences - and possibly knowledge of Fatima. Then the logical order is 'normal'. This level is not interesting for the issue of revelation.

Level 2: The second trivial explanation is that the inner articulations come from propaganda in the culture - filtered through the contemporary time by news and other forms of consciousness-shaping forms. That is likewise not interesting for the issue of revelation.

Level 3: The third level is the mystic-religious one that the source is divine. An important element could be the Vatican and the catholic church who may have understood early that Fatima could be a projection of a later work (or a 'Christ') - and they have lived in the understanding and expectation (that is also an essential christian attitude) which can have added much essential transcendence to the work. That is interesting for the issue of revelation.

Level 4: The fourth and highest is that each and every line of TEQ is a divine revelation in the sense of 'Jesus Christ' who is the same in heaven and on earth (by the fundamental theorem of linguistics). That is interesting for the issue of revelation.

Earlier it was impossible to postulate levels 3 and 4 because of the trivial levels 1 and 2 when Fatima was first and TEQ second. The difference is in the theoretic apparatus of the blue metre PEB (2008-2010) - which makes it possible to understand why the semantic reference can come before the source itself.

The Endmorgan = God
Quartet = a proof

A proof of God is no small matter - it is the blue metre which makes it possible to use the idea which hardly has been around since Descartes. It is not necessary to postulate that God is proven - it is the idea that a proof of God is theoretically possible which can be harmonized with the blue metre.

What does 'proof of God' mean? It means perhaps only that if the inner articulations come from a divine source and it can be shown that they are a revelation, then the work is in itself a proof of God. It can be called level 4.

Between Fatima and TEQ there will arise - if TEQ is a revelation - a field of tension which conditions thought and behaviour and which can be called culture - but only for levels 3 and 4. It is the revelation which makes the culture and which lifts it a level up.

The childish and immature resistance against the conditioning of thought and behaviour - which such culture-conditioning in the time of waiting from Fatima to TEQ can imply - cannot be justified by a 'struggle for freedom of thought and speech'. Such struggle for freedom makes more sense if it be an attempt of the subject and the people to liberate from the spiritual suppression of a level 2 propaganda, but the confusion of this justified struggle with a conditioning of thought and behaviour via a level 4 revelation can be the source of much demagogy. It is possible that there has been some of that problem in the gap between Fatima and TEQ. It is for avoiding such confusion and its demagogy that culture develops ethics and morals - for making TEQ possible 80 years after Fatima. The morals which is needed for making a healthy culture between Fatima and TEQ is called respect of copyright and crediting of the source of thought and behaviour - that is respect of spiritual integrity. Of course if TEQ is a true revelation from divine source, then its form will be the same whether the 'fioriday is full of hype' (TEQ 25.07.99 = TEQ #528) or not - but clearly for the culture to develop in a healthy manner, it must not be all too difficult for a poet or mystic to write or live a truly transcendent work. The mirror poem to TEQ #528 is TEQ #1192 which tells why this is an important point.

Lucia was visited by Madonna also in 1929, if I got it right. That is 80 years before the PEB.


There is in the depth of my heart the sweetest little kitten living - it has always been there and is called Löwentatze. It is probably Leonie 'Tatze' Sachs - the very Leotad girl of the first line of my TEQ. She was, like Mary mother of Jesus, a jewish woman. It is this which surfaced by my letter to Lucia dos Santos in 2000. I wrote the letter on 27 september 2000 - and Lucia died on the day 1600 days later. She was probably my best friend ever. My letter was written between the two days which constitute a proof of an attempted level 2 conditioning of my thought and behaviour:

My genetic parents were probably the jewish poets Nelly Sachs (born Leonie Sachs) and Paul Celan (born Paul Pessach Antschel) - who both died in 1970 - Celan probably on Hitler's birthday 20 april 1970 and Sachs on 12 may 1970 - my official mother's birthday. The death dates of these are available from any biographies on their lives - e.g. the 'RoRoRo' monographs.

My official custody parents: The official custody father was called John Grøver officially born John Jensen on 27 October 1916 - he changed his name from Jensen to Grøver in 1946 - and the official mother born Ragna Augusta Devold Eidsvig was born on 12 May 1929. The birthdays of these official parents of mine can be verified under the entry 'John Grøver' in the directory 'Norges Laeger' or 'Norges Leger' ('Norway's doctors') which exists in many norwegian libraries (see internet www.bibsys.no) and doctor home book shelves and has been published annually in book form through many decades. There one can also find his official CV.

Kursk and Cole: The destruction by an explosion in the rear of the US destroyer Cole in Aden on 12 October 2000 and the sinking by an explosion in the nose of the russian submarine Kursk at Murmansk 12 August 2000 relate to these two birthdays of the custody parents with 30666 days (Cole 12 october 2000 is 30666 days after 27 october 1916) and the mirror image to the first 1858 Madonna revelation in Lourdes - Kursk 12 august 2000 mirrors this revelation around the date 12 may 1929 for the birth of the custody mother. (One must correlate with one day in the second of these computations - whether that means anything as far as the mirror image is concerned). The combination of Kursk-and-Cole then leaves the label 'the dirty beast (30-666 days) in the revelation (Madonna 1858)' onto me as their official child. One must take it that there are not many married couples in the world with these two birthdays. And, even if there should be some such married couples, there is probably only one of these who fill the third criterion - by Per Borten.

Per Borten was norwegian prime minister from 12 October 1965 to 17 March 1971. That leaves my 11th birthday - I was born (officially) on 29 June 1957 - as the exact mid point of his government. Borten took over after a 20 year nearly unbroken government of Einar Gerhardsen 1945-65, and the beginning and end of Borten's period seem additionally to have indexed my biological parents - and their premature deaths. Gerhardsen resigned (and Borten took over) in 1965 due to the 'Ingeborg Lygren' case in Moscow - which could have meant 'Ingeborg Bachmann' - 'lygren' = 'the liar' and it is possible that the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group in Germany could have indexed just this Bachmann ('laug-e' means also 'to bathe' and 'ren' = 'clean'), while Borten resigned after he had leaked classified information to a journalist in an airplane - a mistake which he repeatedly called a 'glipp' - while 'klipp' is what you do with a 'neglesaks' = 'neilesaks' = nail scissors in norwegian. The norwegian governments are listed on the official website of the norwegian administration on the internet.

This means that the construction serves to index me probably uniquely in the world - as 'the dirty beast in the revelation' which then probably is meant to mean - absurdly - that it was I who murdered Sachs and Celan. Of course I did not - I was 12 years old and they were probably my best friends in this world - see their correspondence published in 1994 on Suhrkamp where I seem to or at least could be the reference of the code word 'das goldene Licht'. This is of course no proof - but if one assumes the theory that I am their son and that the three of us constitute an important triad in political mythos (such as by Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Treblinka), the book can certainly be read that way. See e.g. letter 107 from 20.3.1968: "Paul, lieber Paul, ist etwas Gold vom nirgendwo zu Dir gekommen, mit dem Herzen möcht ich es zu dir schicken, - Nelly".

The construction seems to be about the dates of death of the genetic parents and the dates of birth of the custody parents - and hence to be about an attempted hijack of the jewish culture traditions. Kursk-and-Cole turn geographically in such a way that Oslo swaps with Jerusalem.

A child needs food, clothes, shelter, education - I have thanked my official custody parents for this.

The construction recognizable in Kursk-and-Cole is what can be called an attempted level 2 explanation to my work. It is not interesting for the issue of revelation. It may be that I could have sensed it in advance when I sent (or at least wrote) my letter to Lucia on 27 september 2000. When she died 1600 days later, on 13 february 2005, there was not much left of that level 2 - it was turned into the level 4 explanation to the relation between Fatima and TEQ.

I mention also another very heavy apparent attempt to turn level 4 into level 2. In 2002 I spent many nights behind some garbage bins in Paris but continued writing book 13 nevertheless. Towards the end of the year I got the message that I had got a pension which rescued me economically and I could continue the work. I made a photocopy edition of the handwritten manuscripts to TEQ books 11-12 which I had made in Vilnius in 2000-2001 and sent these to copyright registration in Library of Congress in Washington where they were received and registered on 26 december 2002. Exactly one year later, on 26 december 2003, there was the disastrous earthquake of Bam in Iran - the whole ancient brick town was demolished. This was not so long after the afghan government had decided to demolish the two giant stone Buddhas of Bamiyan - reportedly in an attempt to bring an end to the series of warfare that had destroyed so much for the mountainous country. The logic is probably that the two stone Buddhas counted as two 'lapis philosophorums' combining to the 'breadslice' (a la the four presidents in the rock in USA) a la the structure I tell of in the article on the yinyang breadslice phenomenon. Then exactly one year later, minus one hour only, there was the world's biggest earthquake ever recorded in Banda Aceh on Sumatra in Indonesia - it created a tsunami that went across the Indian Ocean and claimed several hundred thousand lives among the world's poorest people - could be as a sort of 'breadslice' over the Indian Ocean a la the geographic scope of NATO. As far as I have speculated by own reasoning, such earthquakes can probably be triggered by underearth bombs, 'torpedos' that go vertically through rock and carry traditional but advanced explosives - but if these exist they are probably still classified as 'secret military weaponry' and for the ordinary news watcher such earthquakes probably still count as true expressions of nature and therefore an expression of the will of God. Clearly if these two destructive earthquakes were triggered by human bombs, they may - at least as seen from my viewpoint - count as very heavy attempts to turn a level 4 valuation of my work into level 2 and/or vice versa.

It is well possible that the connection between Fatima 1917 and my historic person has been well established qua mythos even long before my birth - and that the two 'John Grover' publications in British Library suggest that a captain John Grover of 1843 is a real copycat master relative to John Grover 1823 - and that this has been taken as a part of the level 2 conception of my work.

It is also possible that the whole problemshift of level 2 vs level 4 has gone into the political reality wherein a 'struggle for freedom of thought and speech' qua demagogic confusion of level 2 with level 4 has come to define the political landscape to a considerable extent. If, for example, the role of the Kennedys was to define a big 'bubble' out of my mythos role (but it may be that I am not yet properly informed about the role of the Kennedy relative to me), the demagogy is to identify me as the same as the mythos bubble - the big complex of ideas and concepts associated with that mythos role in media, business, politics. That cultural presence of an engineered mythos bubble will have the function of propaganda which recognizes itself as the reason for the inner articulations of the poet.

Many feel perhaps that level 2 is safer than level 4.

In my opinion, the world could not really proceed without discovering in an unbiased manner the socalled 'blue metre' of the PEB, and many will perhaps be inclined to see this as the most important purpose with the whole story - some will perhaps say that the TEQ was but a preparatory study for making the PEB possible. In this view, my historic role has been to write the blue metre. In my own view, the PEB is what makes it theoretically acceptible with the semantic interpretation of the TEQ being recognizable in the Fatima revelations 80 years before the work started.

© John Bjarne Grover
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