Hitler's cabinet and the current political situation

John Bjarne Grover

In this article I mention some aspects of Hitler's cabinet relative to the white philosopher's stone and the concept of HYMEN on the border to Hungary - and the question is whether these aspects are active even in today's politics - in particular such as concerns the role assigned to my own person

The political background for Hitler's government seems to be the following:

1) A focus on the lapis philosophorum as basis for power, including the unit of the centimetre for the length e = 2,718 cm of the stone
2) The attempts from international secret intelligence services to gain unconstitutional power, not the least by way of the white stone
3) The division of Austria-Hungary with the borders of 1919

The borders at Sopron imitated a fragment of the white stone but in the wrong way, so that either Österreich would have to be a Westerreich or the austrian intelligence would have to imitate a 'self-sucker' with Melk in the Ruf of intelligence. This would make it difficult to re-constitute the austro-hungarian power factor. The role of 'Melk' is seen in e.g. Hitler's minister Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krossigk wherein the Lutz Graf is likely to be recognized as Loosdorf close to Melk - and then the 'milk' would be in the 'schwering' of the crossover - and this contained the secret of the 'hungry hung-air-ian' mammal species.

Could be that also meant the son-of-man as white stone: It seems that the cabinet of Hitler was focussed on the 'lapis philosophorum' in the sense of the border between Austria and Hungary being recognized as a female 'HYMEN' of the mid character of the front side of the stone. If Hitler was constructed by the international services for his role, his name could likewise have served a similar function. The cabinet - and my source in this article is this article - seems to have been composed in such a way that the heavy ministries encoded the railway from Györ to Hegyeshalom in Hungary, for the idea of what lies beyond the border of HYMEN (that is, the female vagina), while the less heavy ministries were about aspects of the white stone:

HUNGARY placenames
        Adolf Hitler

        Hermann Göring
        Franz von Papen

Foreign Affairs
        Konstantin von Neurath
        Joachim von Ribbentrop

        Wilhelm Frick
        Heinrich Himmler

        Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk

        Franz Gürtner †
        Franz Schlegelberger (acting)
        Otto Georg Thierack

HYMEN - the membrane of the border

        Werner von Blomberg
        Wilhelm Keitel

Austria white stone back side

        Alfred Hugenberg
        Kurt Schmitt
        Hjalmar Schacht
        Hermann Göring
        Walther Funk

Food and Agriculture
        Alfred Hugenberg
        Richard Walther Darré
        Herbert Backe

        Franz Seldte

Postal Affairs
        Paul Freiherr von Eltz-Rübenach
        Wilhelm Ohnesorge

        Paul Freiherr von Eltz-Rübenach
        Julius Dorpmüller

        Joseph Goebbels

        Hermann Göring

        Bernhard Rust

Church Affairs
        Hanns Kerrl
        Hermann Muhs (acting)

        Fritz Todt †
        Albert Speer

Occupied East
        Alfred Rosenberg

        Karl Hermann Frank

Front side of the white stone

No portfolio
        Hermann Göring
        Ernst Röhm (SA Chief)
        Rudolf Hess (Deputy Führer)
        Hanns Kerrl
        Hans Frank
        Hjalmar Schacht
        Otto Meissner
        Hans Lammers
        Arthur Seyss-Inquart
        Martin Bormann
        Wilhelm Frick
        Konstantin Hierl

inspector of 'HYMEN' - the very 'Quisling'?


Öttevény sidestepper = octogon
Öttevény troop of ribs = 8 women



Levél (levelling genital with the next)
Levél (levelling genital with the former)
Hegyeshalom = border town, union of genitals


kurz mitt?

RIDDLE = cistercians

(the strange salt?)

institution of Lord's supper
institution of Lord's supper

institution of Lord's supper
institution of Lord's supper




Calvary = Kerrl-Vary
(the vary) hung. vaj = butter

Westerreich, hence Österreich = Alfred Hugenberg

the 'latrine' at the tip of the snout of the eagle
dreaming eagle
erection clutcher
hands girl

the fork of the mid character
white stone substance = 'China'
sleeping lamb
division lines, diagonal etc

the erection clutcher
constantly here it is

Some reflexes of the government can be seen in my life in Zinckgasse in Vienna, assuming that the beast of the revelation (Revelation of John chapter 13 verse 17) is a part of the 'project':

The beast in question ('therion') is about that 'kharagma' mark (probably 666) on the hand and the forehead which people would have to wear (tells the apocalyptic vision) in order to be allowed to SELL or BUY. The greek language calls BUY for 'agorasai' which is a conjugated form of 'agorazo', a word which compares with 'ageiro' = 'to bring together, to gather', ultimately probably from ca. indo-european AGO = to DRIVE, such as driving yoked oxen for ploughing the fields, and the word for to SELL = 'polesai', a conjugated form of 'poleo' which (Frisk) comes from indoeuropean 'pel-no-s' which is where one can recognize the street 'Pelzgasse' - parallel to 'Zinckgasse'.

Ah, so then it is about SELL = the strange salt of the lapis up to the moment of formation of the white stone: The salt in a container seemed to produce water so much that it eventually rose above the top level of the salt itself. It could be called a strange 'cistern', cp. Labour minister Franz Seldte of Hitler.

Then it is about sending out the photons of yellow light which turns the yellow metre white - from first to second lapis - and that makes for an additional amount of valuable matter. This is the mystery - how can there by a surplus of goods? That is supposed to be the economy - and the west hopes to find a god-given justification for an upper hand in economy and politics by way of this overly smart Zinckgasse = Zinakgasse = Kina-gasse trick which will give riches and white christmas to all of us here in the west and goodbye to the east.

Otto Meissner was that Zinckgasse? Ottomaner?

Einkauf machen usw - is that the reason why I had to be a disability pensioner - so that the Einkauf machen was the main thing on my daily agenda?

It is high time to pack down all politics on these old Hitler ruins.

The white stone is , according to tradition, constituted by the chemical components of 1) salt, 2) mercury and 3) ncombustile sulphur, recognized in the three streetnames Selzergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse and Wurmsergasse near Johnstrasse in Vienna - which again can be recognized from the spoons of the two parallel streets Pelzgasse / Zinckgasse via Zelzgasse = Selzergasse and Pinckgasse = Wurmsergasse. Hence BUY & SELL turns into SIGH & BELL = Isabelle. 'Gstaltmeyrgasse' spoons into 'mstaltgeyrgasse' = 'mĺtte-ha-vasser' = 'had to get water' - hence 'Ottoman' = 'mottovan' = 'mĺtte-ha-vann' = 'had to get water' = 'Gstaltmeyrgasse'. To this one can add JANITSJAR = TURKER which spoons to KURTER.

'Mĺtte-ha-vann' = 'had to get water' = the Delitzsch factor - the book with 'Roerick' and 'idranu' inscribed on the inside of the two covers. (I should perhaps mention also the norwegian concern 'Norsk Hydro' - as for a 'hydro-no'). Could include also the lacking water in Szolnok: Greek POLES = seller, PELOS = clay, mud - such as the adobe house.

This establishes the SPOON as basic principle for the relation of Zinckgasse to the white stone of the Hitler government. In 2014 my pension was revised by norwegian legislation to get the new name of a benefit, which lent to me the epithet 'on benefit' = 'pĺ trygd' which spoons to 'tro-pygd' = 'TROPP-bygd' = 'trop-built' = 'TROP-RIBBEN' of foreign minister 'Joachim von Ribbentrop'. 'Joachim von' then spoons to either 'coitus von' or 'foakim John' - probably for the concept of the 'octogon' project - and the program of that could thereby have been to lend blame for this onto me. A troop of 'built' Evas one could speculate on for that octogon (cp. 'Öttevény').

However, I notice also the role of the turnaround of the gender by the role of MELK in the RUF of intelligence - and then the 'similarity' of the sternum with the spine by way of the attachment of the ribs (ribben) is noteworthy. It could mean that a series of 'built' Evas could serve to facilitate this turnaround function.

The renaming of the pension to benefit came in the spring 2014 - that is when I had a period of low health or condition generally. It is possible that the renaming came to designate an unfortunate role for me in Zinckgasse.

The attack on World Trade Center on Manhattan on 11 september 2001 was about 2/3 = 0.666 through the year. Or, rather, january-august = 2/3 = 666 and then 10 september is 1/3 of september and the hours of the day are further fractions. It could have meant this '666' in the 'trade' of Rev.13:17.

There are appr. 666 metres from my flat or the house in Zinckgasse up to Wurmsergasse and thereabout. It gets too silly, though. For example, Pinkgasse - that is the same as Wurmsergasse, dont you think so?

The conclusion on Hitler's cabinet is that it is composed of HYMEN plus the white stone - and that means the idea that there is a divine justification for anglophonic governmental authority - or, that means, the divine justification which Hitler could have believed in had its basis in a redundancy of anglophony in line 1 of the blue metre which I have written. It should mean that ADOLF HITLER (the inspector of the HYMEN? or was that Quisling's name and role?) would have divine sanction and thereby his acts would inherently serve the interests of anglophonic government. It is likely that this is what happened 100 years ago. Could be they used the same tricks then as well? Hütteldorferstrasse unites Selzergasse and Wurmsergasse at Johnstrasse.

But it is just to tell all the details in public and then the magic is gone.

Politicians who have access to those secrets and do not tell them in public could come to count as responsible and could be blamed for the history if it comes out wrong. They could have to carry the burdens for the destructive politics - since it is possible to avoid it. It seems that there has been a quasi-fanatic faith in the impossibility of turning the program when it has started going - like the impossibility of turning the revolution of the earth. It is likely that this no longer obtains when one has found the reason for the whole phenomenon.

It is fully possible that I was constructed way down in the 19th century, could be at the time of the construction of the centimetre on basis of Euler's constant - for this role of being a switchboard for such disparate concepts which get their unification only via me in Zinckgasse. But then somebody should have told me!

Is this centimetre simply my role?

It may have been the intention of the political intrigue to construct me for this position in the mythos machine without access to the white stone and therefore without chances to understand anything of it - such as this Sopron border phenomenon, Hitler's cabinet etc. But that could have been the reason why I had to make the white stone myself - since otherwise there would not have been any data on it. This is also how I could come to solve the riddle about the HYMEN on the border.With my discovery of the reason for this, the magic is gone from the construction - and anglophonic (and other) government will have to pay for terror they should come to use - so there is no gratis power or Lebensraum to gain from this nazi mythos machine any longer.

My blue metre PEB shows where the nazi magic is hidden - and then it should be easy to make a counter-method for balancing the gratis-power-by-terror up - or even turn it around towards itself. I dont know if China has managed to make it already and if that could be their Belt-and-Road initiative? Or maybe that is something else? If it is constructed then the strategy could well be published in all details.

Politics does not have to make Hitler's mistake once again.

Öttevény and the Octogon of Eisenhower doctrine could be the basis for guessing that Joachim von Ribbentrop could have meant that I was planned already then - and then a 'Selzergasse' could have been planned to be about a 'dirty beast' who 'buys' a ribbentrop of victims for perverse sex of type anal coitus with climax of strangulation - a real 'dirty beast' that would have been. 'Sells her gasse' is not the type of sex I would be interested in. Could be there is a systematic link between greek POLES = seller and PELOS = clay, mud a la the adobe house in Szolnok - and then such ideas could have been tentatively attached to me by performing such perversities elsewhere. However, for the cabinet of Hitler it can be noticed that the ministers of postal affairs and of transport could be seen as related to the institution of the Lord's supper by the phenomenon of transubstantiation when the biscuit glides down the gullet. The name of Paul Freiherr von Eltz-Rübenach in Hitler's cabinet suggests an 'else strupen-ach' which can be recognized as 'in-stitution' of the throat etc - and could be this is identified as the same as such perverse anal coitus with strangulation.

The perverse idea could have been that anal coitus with strangulation makes the light of the soul of the female escape from the body like (a bundle of) photons ecape in a Treblinka fashion (?) connected with the strange behaviour of the salt when the lapis philosophorum is formed - the perverse idea would then have been that this is how the lapis philosophorum is formed - via anal coitus with strangulation ('halse rundt etter damen'). Such tragic ideas are too far from any reality, though. It is moral integrity which creates the white stone, not any such perversities of an unhealthy mafia or even 'service' logic.

It is also possible that the program initially was constructed based on the impossibility of knowing what was inside a house. Today there is nothing left of this.

At the time when I met Jette Rĺboe Larsen (Eisenhower #3?) as chief of the music library department where I got a job as library assistant, I lived at 'Rekustad', an old wooden house next to the farm of Hauge: I knew Simon Walter Hauge from some violin lessons in the first half of the seventies - he ran a music teaching centre there on his family farm along with his wife, the pianist Darlén Bakke. When I returned from the west part of Norway in the summer 1977 and needed to find a place to live, somebody could have cued me to the idea that 'there are many old farmhouses around in the district - if you ask Simon Walter Hauge maybe he knows about some'. I so did, and, indeed, it turned out that the house next to his farm was an old house which was empty and not in use. I asked the owner and was allowed to live there. What luck! I also got a job at the library and there was Jette Larsen chief - and after Ragna Grřver had been in there one morning before opening times, I had to give in to the idea of advances which I probably had to ascribe to myself. After some time when the autumn progressed, I 'moved over' to her - not formally but I often spent the night there and stayed there more or less constantly in the coldest winter time. Then when I came up to Rekustad again it turned out that the water in the kitchen had sprung leak and the floor was filled with ice which I threw out the kitchen window. It seems that this flooding was pre-announced somewhat in MLR october 1977 - search for 'MLR oct 1977' in the socalled 'ABC' - Raino Malnes had been a schoolmate a year or two earlier and the question whether there were two 'kitchen colerinses' seemed strangely relevant to the flooding which followed later (I dont think Raino had done it, though). Now the names of Hauge and Bakke can be somewhat recognized in the ministers of food and agriculture - Richard Walther Darré and Herbert Backe - which could allow for noticing the spoons of their names: 'Deutsche Sprache' --> 'sprřyte i taket' --> 'ballen i taket' --> 'Darlen Bakke' - and 'Simon Walter Hauge' --> 'women sold the reve-G' or even 'women salter hauge' for the strange behaviour of the salt when it seemed to produce water that rose even beyond the top of the salt - cp. the minister of labour. This is supported also by hungarian for 'younger sister' = 'húg' and hence 'Alfred Hugenberg' suggests a reference to the 'cistercians' - not only of the related Melk monastery but also this cistern function of the flooding water - of Rekustad and of the salt. 'Spoons' can also be called 'butterfly' - as if Hauge were running with buckets of water.

The conclusion from this is that there probably are ideas in the construction that the ordinary sulphur sends out a 'blink' of light (Treblinka?) when it turns into 'incombustible sulphur' and the white stone is formed - in a sort of substance that resembles china (cp. 'Otto Meissner' of Hitler's cabinet). The purpose with the whole construction could have been an attempt to derive economic and political privileges for the western world because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and then it is because the sun rises and sends rays of light over the world that China is formed - and Hitler's government could have aimed at lending control with China (or the eastern hemisphere generally) to the international secret intelligence services and the anglophonic world.

The european union was called EF in norwegian - 'Europeisk Fellesskap' - in the 1960's, a term constructed from the former 'EEC', and this term was used also for the big referendum in 1970 or 1971 on membership or not in the union, then called YES or NO to EF - this was only 2-3 years after Grřver/'Mengele' had been for a year to Harlem's institute in Oslo called 'SAO'. In chinese there is the form SAO which looks like this EF backwards (source 'Das neue chinesisch-deutsche Wörterbuch'):

This means that the SAO really is a WASH-ington etc. Could be the reason for that referendum going the wrong way. The old form is in the parentheses, it is the new chinese sign that looks like EF backwards (when the 'TV antenna' underneath is removed). Mathews dictionary tells of the old form, less transparent:

To sweep, to clear away, to exterminate. One sweeping exterminating move for clearing it all away. The holocaust?

Die Endlösung, is that the concept?

SAO has its abbreviatory counterpoint in FAO in Rome - the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation - and of course there was the MAO in China. There was a big hunger disaster in China at the time of my birth - dozens of millions of people starved to death. The Volkswagen beetle car which Grřver/'Mengele' bought in Odda in 1960 got registration number T-262 - this is called 'bilnummer' or 'kjennetegn', the latter can mean also that 'kharagma' sign on the hand and the forehead of the beast of the revelation (Rev.13:17). If you assume cycles of 389 years from the year 529 when St.Benedict wrote his Regula at Montecassino in Italy, then the eventual cycle will land on 262 for the year 1957 when I was born. Could be that is something. In 1970 when the family moved east in the country there was a car number revision - formerly there was one letter for each county, from 1970 there would be two letters of much higher geographic preicision, and with 5-digit numbers. Fredrikstad got the combination 'AR'.

One of the names in the socalled 'octogon' was 'Ayo Jardar' (cp. Eisenhower doctrine #4?), whose name seems relevant to the greek spelling of the indo-european root AGO = Αγο - cp. also the 'greek' spelling of the name of 'Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krossigk' when 'nk' in greek traditionally is spelt 'γκ' = 'gk'. Jardar has sons with names Kim and Espen - cp. the name of 'Joachim von Ribbentrop' ('Öttevény'). The spoon of her name comes out as 'jeio ardar' = 'jeg og AR-dar' as for 'me and AR-there' - where the 'AR-there' could be just a 'kjennetegn' = 'kharagma' of the car numbers from 1970 or 1971. This means that quite a complex - potentially comprising even the great hunger disaster of China in 1957 - could be invoked via the greek of the revelation of John chapter 13 by that 'AGO' = 'Αγο' - for which reason I have to mention it here. It could be that the roots in Hitler's cabinet as far as these streetnames are concerned would have slumbered in the ignorance of the people untill I moved into Zinckgasse - after which a certain feel of alarm could arisen in the intuition of the collective consciousness of Vienna - who suddenly could have felt their independence and freedom threatened.

The conclusion is that the nazi programmers could have known the 389 cycle and that this is the real reason for the interest in Melk - and all those silly jokes about 'czech this czech that' in the Ruf of Intelligence are only covers for hiding the cycle - and they could have known most of the parametres - only the real blue metre which I wrote 2008-2010 they could not have known and therefore they believed in the supremacy derived from the construction. If my role was to be the 'centimetre', that would have been for pretending that the centimetre was first and Euler's constant was discovered later and turned out to be the length of the stone - and what a magic length that stone had! - while in actual fact is it the other way round, like that EF.

It is high time to pack down all politics related to Hitler's program or any power-making on basis of the white stone and ideas of HYMEN and all that - in particular I do not participate in or support any program related to that sort of things. Also - it wasnt I who should have written all these thousands of pages on the internet in order to be able to write the present article. That should have been done by competent political authority after all necessary details were downgraded to public knowledge. The present article is not systematic or well organized - since I have no access to the details of history but have collected only some observations I have done more or less coincidentally.

It is a total scandal and a crime against humanity if the politicians are engaged in constructing Hitler and nazism once again. Why isnt my blue PEB published?

The final conclusion is probably that one knew most of the parametres but could not get the ship of history off the reef because one didnt have the last secret - that is the line 1 of my blue metre - and therefore the whole nazi history was only for getting hold of that last element which finally lifts the ship off the reef of history by high salty waters.

In 2005 I wrote a poem for the 16th and last book of The Endmorgan Quartet - some years later I used this poem for a business card of mine including a photo of the border tower of Hegyeshalom. The poem suggests today that the wine is the high sea, the barber is the underwater reef - and then the 'thread' is likely to be the spaghetti-like form of some ex nihilo substance which seems to be formed out of what looks like spaghetti threads in close parallels - strata or thin layers of substance. Could be the flooding of Rekustad was meant to be that flooding which lifted culture off the underwater dangers of nazism. The poem (#1546 in the full work of 1719 poems in total) is anyhow this:

TEQ #1546
Book 16 - poem #26

The flooding


The city of darkness
    is the abominable depth
in the thread,
    barber and wine.                                                 22.10.05

Added on 22 january 2018:

Settling the issue on 'the british Hitler'

The discussion has shown that Hitler's government embodied what can be considered an attempted 'proof of british supremacy'. Does this mean that Hitler was an agent for England?

It is possible that my fundamental theorem of linguistics is an inherent part of the construction: This tells that when there are two and only two occurrences in language, that is a representation of the fact which humans must not forget - that there are realities outside the reality which humans can experience and understand. In order for human history not to shipwreck in the cosmic totality, they speak language and systematically use the phenomenon of two and only two occurrences. The divine fact is called one and only one, but two and only two is the human variant. It means that divinity exists.

However, if this is coupled with a proof of british supremacy, it will look like a proof that supremacy exists and that it is british.

Hitler's government was therefore not an agent for England - at least not right away - it tried to point to the fact which today can be done much easier by way of the rationality in my blue metre. But he used military reasoning and that is not smart.

It means that there could be 1) a rational linguistic-philosophical proof that divinity exists and 2) a proof that british conceptualization of languages contain etymological redundancies - but to take these as proof of british supremacy is probably not valid reasoning.

I point to the fact that the proof of english redundancy in the interpretation of the hungarian etymologies rests on line 1 in my blue metre PEB - which are the 365 'sonnets', so to speak. (Real sonnets I would not call it, but they are of 14 lines with sonnet line end rhyme structure). There exists a 'sonnet algorithm' which probably is standard in military strategies and that is to consider the sonnet as 14 overt + 2 virtual lines - for the permutational scheme described in this article - search for the string 'mode 2'. It can be observed that only lines 1 and 11 are without variation. Line 11 is the standard 'turn' of the sonnet. It is not impossible that this reasoning is contained in attempts to combine the fundamental theorem with the etymological redundancies - for proving 'british supremacy' - I have no opinion on that permutational phenomenon for the time being.

But could it be that line 11 is a god-given means for getting the effect of Hitler's government down again? Or is that the reasoning of the fifth columnists ('mode 1') - the real meaning of the name of 'Adolf Hitler'?

The problem is probably summed up in the story of the two beasts of the revelation - see the samples 28 and 29 of recursive matter - including that 'x-rayed' M shape of the palm on the frontal lobe. Are they one or two?

What can be considered settled by my work is this: Could be the problem of supremacy is not 'solved', but what is solved is the idea of a particularly british supremacy. The germans have no reason to revolt against this any longer since it can be considered proven that the problem is solved. But it may be that it is not the germans against the britons - but rather the unconstitutional power of the 'international secret intelligence services' or something like that who uses this reasoning in revolt against the constitutional power. But history should have told what this is about.

The conclusion on Hitler's government seems to be that Hitler authentically believed in his case and the german people stood boldly behind their Führer, willing to sacrifice themselves to the last man. And what was it that they believed in? The english language! "Wir kapitulieren nie!" was their last shout from the last acts of war in 1945.

Hopefully this tragic story is not about the letters from his mother which Rilke lost on a railway station.

Added 23 january 2018:

Since it is clear that Hitler's government and its principles of power-making constitute a heavy burden on the german language and culture and the self esteem of that, it follows that renewed power-making on related principles can come to be very unfortunate for the country. If some say that this is my fault since I live on this address, then they should first have told me (I discovered this role of the beast of the revelation of John chapter 13 only after I had found the two pieces of recursive ex nihilo matter #28 and #29 on 8 and 14 january 2018) - since there is nothing secret about these street names. However, my role would at the most be only secondary and very modest - in the links by name back to Ribbentrop etc (and it must be added that I got the flat from Wien Wohnservice in 2009 and they told me that 'this is the only place available for you in Vienna') - clearly what makes the problem would be the streetnames of Selzergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse, Wurmsergasse, Zinckgasse and Pelzgasse - could be there is some factor in the names of Hütteldorferstrasse and the Leopold Zechner Schule as well - plus possibly a role for Johnstrasse - and this problem would remain as long as all of the heaviest streenames do. It could therefore be very wise to change at least the worst streetnames - in order to remove that Adolf Hitler powermill factor from the map. It can be added that the constitution of 1955 also could expect that. If one renames e.g. Zinckgasse and Selzergasse to something without spooning links to history, there would be little left of that nazi powermill.

Added on 24 january 2018:

The above showed that two of the names of the 'Octogon' (as for Eisenhower doctrine #3 and #4) could be seen as relevant for the idea that Hitler's cabinet simply meant me - 'John Bjarne Grřver' of 1957. The 8-9 names were mentioned in the socalled 'ABC of politics' (search for the string 'The Octogon and the Eisenhower doctrine'). The question is whether the names constitute a logic (#1 'Tulla' could then relate to the querstrich on 'Lutz' etc) that relates my name to the names of Adolf Hitler's cabinet, such as when #4 = 'Ayo Jardar' which suggests the name of Joachim von Ribbentrop - and #5 suggests 'cursed on RIB-you'. I notice name #9 = "L and BERG-er" - such as for 'Alfred Hugenberg' --> 'Alfred Uglen' = 'Alfred the Owl' - for that hieroglyphic owl of the mid character on the white stone - which could be #7 = 'ton-J aanonsen'. 'Heard i sec-en' = 'heard in the SEC', 'hört i skjegget' = 'heard in the beard', such as for Franz Schlegelberger and Franz Skjegget = 'Franz the beard'. Heard in the beard? Werner von Blomberg --> Werner von Bom, 'hvem er London', 'who is London', 'hvem er promper'-G? Who is the farter-G? Hieroglyphic M = the owl while N = the water of e.g. the channel between France and England etc. Reichswehr Wilhelm Keitel / Walther Funk --> Wilhelm Funk / Walther Keitel. Watergate! It could suggest that the 'Watergate scandal' were about the 'wil-helm' of the 'funk' of 1957? 'Wilhelm Ohnesorge' could be this pensioner on basis of that 'wil-helm' of 1957 - turned into 'pĺ-trygd' in 2014 for 'Ribbentrop' - with a notable 'curse' effect etc. Whether the 'logic' of the names constitute a coherent and consistent puzzle is up to the reader. 'Von-Bom' = 'London' etc could be about the problem that the cabinet of Hitler encoded just that english-language redundancy of hungarian which tells of the owl and the mid character on the white stone etc.


'Das neue chinesisch-deutsche Wörterbuch' (2004)

Mathews' 'Chinese-english dictionary' (Harvard 1931/1943)

The greek new testament - edited by Aland, Black, Martini, Metzger, Wikgren - in cooperation with the Institute for New Testament Textual Research, Münster/Westphalia. 3rd edition, United Bible Societies 1975.

Tamud Erubin, the classic Vilna edition, El Hamekoroth, Jerusalem 1947/48.

Frisk, Hjalmar: Griechisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. Heidelberg 1960.

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