Call for invention

John Bjarne Grover

The historic study on this page has shown that there are reasons to believe that 1) there has been a systematic war against the intellectuals since at least 1945, and 2) there could be a new crisis in development from about 2015 onwards. Those who arrange these crises are those who want to administer births and deaths in the society according to schedules and matrices and control of opinion. With modern surveillance tools there is no lock which can keep a person from the national secret services outdoors. They put a sensitive microphone with radio sender or memory store into a nearby lightswitch and a computer analyses the fine noise from the key when it is running in and out of the cylinder and the computer prints out the key code. Or an infrared camera photographs the key in the pocket through the textiles and one easily reads the profile. Advanced iris code can be safe on an entrance lock but the electronics is too advanced for normals and therefore the security is in the company who makes them and that is under national control. There seems to be only one safe way to keep the servant from the services with the tasteless cancer-provoking powder for the jam or coffee jar connection outdoors - and the camera copying the authorship on the table for copyright registration by the services even before the work is finished - and that is an infrared movement censor which triggers a non-reversable code running on a display. This cannot prevent a burglary but it can be a certain way of proving it for the one who is the victim. With this tool one can activate the censor and record the code when going out and if the code is the same when one comes back there hasn't been anybody there. If it is not the same then there has been somebody there. This system is 100% certain and can in fact keep the secret services out. That is probably the reason why it is not produced anywhere: If one finds something like it, it is always either with a howling siren or with a weakness in the construction (such as battery removal for keeping the code intact while the man from the services searches the flat) or net energy source which can be switched off with the main fuse or something like that. Those devices are for keeping oldfashioned burglars with black mask and striped jumper and crowbar outdoors with a terrible howling siren, not the ones from the secret services. One speculates that the service 'does not like' such secure movement detectors and that a producer who makes them or a shop who sells them can get into trouble, since it tends to leave the space protected by it less vulnerable to propaganda and it could stimulate 'freethinking'. It is, though, fully possible to produce such a tool: It would have to contain a 4-5-6 digit code on a display which starts running if the infrared censor is activated. The speed of running could vary for the various digits and the variation could be determined by temperature, battery level and time, which means that if one lets the code start running from e.g. 000000 (three 2-digit numbers from 00 to 99 - or maybe only two would do for a 4-digit combination) up to 100372 before one leaves it there and goes out, a service-man who enters and nulls the code and lets it start running again will not be able to reach the same code since temperature, battery level or time is not the same. The display could be nulled completely if the electricity is going out in any part of the system. Ideally, the tool should have to contain one simple display and one infrared censor - plus a do-it-yourself kit for putting the components (which one also can renew from a hobby electronics provider) together on a generously spaced pre-printed circuitry board, otherwise a chap from the services will replace a part of it with one containing a radio sensitive unit which can be controlled from outside before he enters. Battery level, temperature (or light censor) and quasi clock should be easy components. The code should be triggered immediately when somebody enters but there could be a delay of some seconds (or up to one minute or however long) before it starts running or nulls, so that one gets the time to check it. If one trusts electronics, one could of course have a system with a small stick with a display in the key ring which one puts towards the tool for copying the code automatically before leaving and it goes into the same code as is on the censor. On returning, one just pulls the stick from the pocket and checks the code on the stick against the code on the censor. Or it can be done totally without displays at all - then one just puts the stick against the censor and the invisible code is accepted or not. But that is when one has to trust the producer of the machine - and such producers do not exist who would not put in a special secret option for people from the national secret services, just in case, trust us and democracy. Therefore a mechanic little device with oldfashioned brass wheels to be turned as on a code padlock is the best for keeping the code in the pocket while being out. Paper and pencil is of course possible but cumbersome. Or an electronic pocket calculator which keeps the number in memory when it is off. Maybe somebody could make such an electronic chart showing components and values and connections and put it out on the internet? (And send the URL to me?) That could rescue the future of the world. There could be poets, philosophers, politically minded people around who still has some work to do.

Added on 10 sep 2011: I was in Venice and saw the arts biennale where it seemed that 'Bewegungs-Melder' could be the joint theme of the contributors. In theory, this could (if my interpretation were right) of course have been lifted from the present website, but I would believe that there could have been a political background of some interest as well. 'Bewegung-Smeller' could in norwegian be called a 'knallert' which is a 'moped', such as 'Vespaen', which could be recognized as 'Westbahn'-Hof etc. This Vespa seems to be rather central to some political construction for which I do not have the overview (could it be about Westbahnhof vs Simmering or something like that?). A 'be-vegg-ung-smeller' could be a 'Hammerfest' etc - the titles of my Endmorgan Quartet could perhaps be interpreted along such lines, although not in my mind when I wrote them - and a little farfetched it would be anyhow. However that be, since 'Bewegungs-Melder' could be the solution to many problems that arise from the new surveillance technology, it could be that the surprising difficulty with finding such elementary gear in the shop is due to political plans on the concept. Which is a pity. Such electronics should be easy to find in the shops of cheap-ware on every second corner. If the plan is to launch a new Hitler (the old Hitler lived for a while in Felberstrasse in Vienna, not in Arups Gate in Fredrikstad) under the invisible banner that 'the people needs a Bewegungsmelder' and there he is allegedly as the only safe protection against 'international secret service', it would be a pity if this were the reason why it is so difficult to find in the shop.

John Bjarne Grover
On the web 6 December 2009
Addition on 10 september 2011