John Bjarne Grover's collected works volumes 1-4

John Bjarne Grover

These files were published here on 24 october 2022 but the publication seems possibly to have fallen prey of some web mob interests and the files now, two days later, seem sometimes to take too long time to get through - if they get through at all on a normal small WiFi connection. I tried a commercial internet point with cable connection and there they went smoothly through, albeit a little slow - the 60 MB file took perhaps a minute or maybe even two. Modern civilized society should not be like that and I hope it will improve if the transfer is intentionally delayed.

Here are the four volumes of my 'collected works':

Volume 1 = 1266 pages - this file is   5,8 MB - click here if you prefer to download the file
1. The Dreamer (1994-1995) - a novel
2. POLAKK English Bloggi (2008-2010) - poetry in english language
3. My mention e Anna (2010-2012) - poetry/prose in english language

Volume 2 = 1881 pages - this file is   5,3 MB - click here if you prefer to download the file
4. The Endmorgan Quartet (1997-2008) - 16 books of poetry in english language

          (Click here for the handwritten manucripts to volume 2).

Volume 3 = 1264 pages - this file is 61,7 MB - click here if you prefer to download the file
5. A waist of time (1992-1997) - scientific prose
6. Poetic semiosis (2012-2013) - scientific prose

Volume 4 = 1311 pages - this file is 11,4 MB - click here if you prefer to download the file
7. Der Dornenstrauch (2009-2015) - poetry in german language
8. SNEEFT COEIL (2014-2018) - poetry in german language
9. Stillhetens åndedrag (2016) - poetry in norwegian language with literal english translation
10. Rosens triangel (2018) - poetry in norwegian language with literal english translation
11. Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics (2014-2019) - scientific prose

          (Click here for the handwritten manucripts to 'Der Dornenstrauch').

'Stillhetens åndedrag' - (also in vol.4) - this file is 176 pages, 1,15 MB - an A6 edition in parallel with Luigi Nono's 1980 string quartet - this edition contains also a postscript.

'I tell you, Estunates' - (also in vol.3) - links to the file of 82 pages (845 kB) - from my TEQ book 16 in parallel with recordings of Bach and Bartok sonatas by Midori and McDonald - there are also links to the recordings on internet.

I include also a link to my 1992 master degree thesis 'A model for a non-discrete grammar' - here is a PDF scan of the thesis.

The works are discussed in more detail in this file. There are also some discussions found under this listing, and there are some interesting comments in this file. The concept of 'parallel texts' is explored further in this study.

Volume 3 was published with faulty phonetic font on 24 october 2022. The errors were corrected in an updated version on 1 december 2022. The original filenames contained an unnecessary error - it said 'johnbjarnegrovercollecteworksvolume2' instead of 'johnbjarnegrovercollectedworksvolume2' - this was corrected on 11 december 2022. It was an error only - it was not for the idea of 'collective works'. Whether a virus caused it or it was a typing error I dont know.

You are allowed to take one copy of these published works for your private use or for scientific study of the work but not to forward or make commercial use of the work. ('One copy' means of course that you can make paper printout and store backup - but not to give it on to others). Respect the copyright and the intellectual property this means - it is not so complicated. You can of course forward the URL to anybody. Any use of the work must of course credit the source by explicit reference to the author and work title and the URL.

I hope of course that a serious publisher will contact me for rights to publish a paper edition of some or all of the volumes.

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