John Bjarne Grover

Exodus 15.13:

"In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed.
In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling".


Old ranked with even.
Convenialism got a scar ranked under her nose.
Now that we're watching,
the movie's going to be

nil when I'm going to church,
will be seen the underbukse
in Yessitown,
were treated and detected together.

Amund saw: It was pupper in the frigaucy,
as if he had not observed,
behind the balance,
the rear / melancholy: It's trueing warm.

Aye - it would be necessary to joke away
your brain:
All the waterproof win,
will not excerpt an extract.

I'm very sorry I didn't saw this disk man.
Writer, oh writer, I am very sure,
I wasn't your
Londonderry, gases and the defuncts.

It was: Travel off!
The royally keep their ear/heir/air.
More time in Charlie Monte's idea:
The time had just stopped as I made all my idea,

all the sex numbers,
horribly, extension.
I remember the seal and the pretty pilot test.
Hold on -

it's all a lousy dog-peer
S-doing it!
All that is map, there is traaers.
There is træeers.

Set it, with a snew mile,
streets smartened out
in his rojection.
Once again, travel a start. Travel a seat.

What I cannot do there and then, I have to take out in a beach,
Brendmong among the "watch me/on".
I felt that a real dramatic/grammatic was not in the weather.
To the extent that I can allow it, the flower is readable.

I kunne si det, if it were not my original.
An aughority hasn't used it for many years.
It's filled, it's massive!
Later on, I felt that I shouldn't have walked those stairs,

and only to / blur the distance,
something which hasn't made a shunt about Tanzania
along with Jack Blay, who
at least for the present time, make so many angerangements.

You know how you do,
to travel the source,
despotie and historie.
There was this one here who meant that there was a unity in it,

the complicator,
the surface's quartet.
At romance, you not always feel well and up.
This is the Hop tradition.


underbukse = underpants
kunne si det = could say it

From my 'Birds to Saladin', Bergen 1999,
pages 174-176, written on 21-22 Jan 1999

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 26 April 2004
Last updated 5 December 2007

Exodus 15.13 is from "The Holy Bible, New International Version", International Bible Society 1984