The Movement

John Bjarne Grover


Luke 23.45: And the curtain of the temple was torn in two.

The movement

When the [...] is turned
with the nature
I'm trying to call,
it is not there.

This is the problem.
Anyone who feels that he has
changed the house
is affected.



I wrote the poem on 28 October 1997 and the signature 'Gred' on the 29th. I made an early edition of "Hammerfest" with this poem in it in December 1997 and gave it to some libraries.

Ted Hughes died a year later, on 28 october 1998.

It is likely that the poem refers to a deep mystery which, if the understanding of it is derailed by intrigue, can give rise to some 'recursive matter' of brown and foamy substance - which, though, is totally without the bad smells which otherwise could follow such matter.

Luke 23.45: is from "The Holy Bible, New International Version", International Bible Society 1984

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