The logic of the new technology

John Bjarne Grover

The article continues the study of the chinese sign WO with a new study of the chinese sign probably pronounced SI - a standard radical in the chinese script. There is a discussion of it in the form of political, poetic and psychological logic - for the conclusion that only the poetic has anything to do with script and hence the study of it should be poetic and scientific and not be conducted in the form of political mass movements or violence against small children.

1. The political logic

As showed the article 'The Octogon', it seems that the triangle

could be defining for an unconstitutional power phenomenon or structure - springing out from the Burgenland border which also was Hitler's source of power and the basis for his cabinet. I have speculated that Pamhagen situated on this border (by the fisherman's tooth) could be the origin of the name of Pentagon, the US defence centre that was built as a 5-star shape in 1943. It is likely that this more or less global power structure springs out from Hitler's preparatory work.

I have shown in my work what is the probable source of this Burgenland power phenomenon - in the form of an 'ethnologic' parametre in natural language - the peculiarity of this border being the similarity between the two 'ethnologic' parameters in hungarian and german - in spite of their otherwise huge differences. It is probable that I have solved this problem and that the problem of nazism and unconstitutional power on basis of this can be tuned down and out of the political arena.

It furthermore seems that the more or less global structure in a postwar format is built on ÖVP relative to my person.

There exists two other chinese signs based on this triangular sign - here again from Mathews:

The fact that my person (from Norway) seems to have a role to play in this structure is emphasized by the relevance of these two signs for my person: Small Tender = Young Röver ('tenner' means 'lights [e.g. a candle]'), while 'public, open to all' would be telling of my sad story as apparently abused for a role 'in medias res' - without so far having been credited for my work.

I have speculated that my 'young tender' physiognomy with undeveloped muscles could have been due to 'pulver' hampering muscle growth but I have no real basis for such an idea. It is rather that if the critical points of development such as 1-2-3 (early skull opening, rape, chemicals) were the case, and indeed the magnet resonance scan of my brain seems to be proof that my skull was opened early, then it is also possible to see undeveloped muscles as having been the result of medical hampering in order to attain this state of 'young tender', but this is so far guesswork only. For the 'self-suck' factor of Sudan etc, it is possible that 'one - on the dice' is the origin or at least correlate. Nose-picking will then be like the flame of a candle. For the story of the vulnerability of an adobe house due to water leaks, the natural response is that wooden villas are even more vulnerable (but to fire, not water).

The reason is likely to be in the Burgenland power mystery which seems to be constitutive for unconstitutional mafia power. I explain this mystery by the chinese sign 'kong' (hence such unconstitutional 'kingkong' power tends to be non-republican, royalist) - here my own illustration based on Mathews #3701:

The mystery is explained by the phenomenon of vowel harmony in the finno-ugric hungarian (words have either front or back vowels but generally not both) but not in austrian/german - with its counterpart in Kennedy/Kanada. However, the power arises from the misunderstanding therein since it is probably not the vowel harmony which is the actual factor but the ethnological factor, as I call it, of the hungarian HYMEN = 'virgin' vs the german LAMP = 'female archetype'. But even this would not suffice if it were not for the fact that the two linguistic structures shared an abnormal similarity in the poetic form of this ethnologic factor - as shown in the two poems of mine given in the article The first emperor of China:

2. = hungarian

Die einsame Jungfrau

Entblößt ist die steinerne Ziggurat.
Es ruht in der Abenden Bauch
deine übervergrößte Aufmerksamkeit
deines offenen Dornenstrauchs.

Verkleidet ist sie - die Dunkelheit -
wie eine Jungfrau in schwarz
die hinter dem offenen Abstellraum
einzieht in ihrn Atemrauch.

Vom Badezimmer entströhmt es die Zeit -
eine Reihe von Fraun auf den Marsch
bis letzte Frau auf den Hüften sitzt
eines Mannes der steht in ihrm Harz.

Die einsame Jungfrau - die kennen wir kaum.                
Die sitzt in ihrm Rosa zart
und liest in dem Buche des Marmorbaums
bei dem Fenster im Hause des Rats.
3. = german

Die Lampe

Die Lampe ist ein bekanntes Wort
das läßt sich bei Tag nicht verstehen.
Bei Nacht, doch, erschließt es seinen wahren Ort
in Dunkelheit vor unsrem Sehen.

Es zieht ein Licht über Bäume und Strauch
von Föhn in dem Wind einer Wand
als ziehe die Dunkelheit mit in dem Hauch
als wär' sie dem Licht unbekannt.

Der Vogel fliegt in dem schnellen Wald
und läßt sich nach Hummel fliehen.
Da zieht er wie Salz in dem Herbste kalt
nach was sich die Frühlinge ziehen.

Da war es die dunkle Frage entblößt
von welcher kein Lebe-Gast stand
als wär' es bei Donner und Blitze getöst
bei Fenster, bei Lampe, bei Wand.

It must be emphasized that these are my ideas and they are achieved by way of my poetry. It is the 'vowel harmony' between these two forms (the two poems) which is the cause of the unconstitutional mafia power, not the vowel harmony of hungarian - but it is (tells my theory) the misunderstanding (the misunderstanding that this vowel harmony is the same as Kanada/Kennedy) which gives rise to the power. Hence the mystery of the 'Kennedy clan' who seems to have had to chose 'another solution' (by the famous 'curse') for or when coming to grips with the power. Hence also the apparent 'error' in the righthand side of the triangle - from Vienna up to London: It seems to fall off in Berlin. That 'explains' the phenomenon that Hitler could not really become anything in history before he had left Vienna and gone up to Berlin - thereby being a realization of the fact that the theory is an error - a la the Kennedys with the 'curse' for 'another solution'.

The other cases of 'ethnologic factor' which I have given in SNEEFT COEIL (the chapter 'Die Verwandlung') are quite different - but these two are quite similar.

The ethnologic factor which I have suggested is difficult to prove in language - it is only by my PEB that it can be shown to exist. My PEB is a reduction from my TEQ.

Myself as 'Johng Röver' = 'Young Tender' has probably been equipped with a leftsided gynaecomastia by way of a scissored righthand occipital lobe - which could have been for imitating the 'error' in the chinese sign. 'Klipra' means 'scissors off' and could be a way of lifting London up to the top of the diagram. It could be the origins of the establishment of Norway in 1814. With a scissored lobe and a slight gynaecomastia, a primitive imitation of the chinese sign 'xing' = 'to walk' = the female archetype is obtained in the 'Lamp/Lamb'. The 'limp/limb' in 'xing' (here from Mathews #2754):

The scissoring of the lobe is made by lifting the 'protection' (natural 'hymen') of the young child off.

There are reasons to speculate whether England has Brexited in order to reinforce my role as PTRSIM PIK / chinese emperor in this structure. For enhancing their royalist/intelligence power.

I have guessed that I could have been engineered as the secret trick of England. My guess is that if they were involved in the Adolf Hitler program and/or the holocaust, it could have been for bridging the missing link from Berlin to London.

But one cannot continue writing chinese like this. For writing chinese, one properly needs paper. Unconstitutional power sometimes seems to be engineered by way of divide-and-conquer on 'love' - wedging in between people and their love for the other sex, for their work, their children - then the power looks 'loving'. That could find its origins in the theme of the two poems telling of the two forms of ethnologic factor. Wedging in between the young woman and her hymen, between the lampshade and the paper the poet is writing on, the manuscripts on the paper which also can take chinese script.

To let the bumblebee whir around - that could be New Politics. Lassie feer = tündér-bolt = fesjå. Fun like this.

Now I beliee that I have solved this problem with my poetry - but the unconstitutional power seems to try and behave very childishly against the mature lampshades of the non-royalists and seem to try try and suppress my work and manuscripts in order to rescue the 'integrity' of their conception and 'power games'. It is an all or nothing sort of thing - if the hymen bursts, then it is gone and cannot be repaired - and hence they seem to try and prevent that my role and work leaks out to the world - since that is very childish (underage) behaviour.

It seems that the world has been busy with imitating the chinese sign in public administration open to all. But where is the missing link between Berlin and London? Were there a secret liaison there - which need not be told since it is 'public and open to all'?

Evidence in favour of a 'Bermuda triangle' structure can be spotted in the story of the bombings of Sri Lanka in Easter 2019: Kannada is a dravidian language on Sri Lanka, where one also finds the city with the 'hybrid' name Candy - and hence the theory that the current ÖVP government of Sebastian Kurz was pre-indexed by the bombings (in Sebastian Church etc) could find its rationale in just this Kannada/Candy phenomenon. That would be for the lower horizonal line in the chinese sign.

2. The poetic logic

The reason for this strange imitation can partly be that 1) this is how the world is, and 2) the 3rd millenium will probably see a new computer-based script resembling chinese - se my article 'The chinese sign WO'. I recently made another discovery of related kind - as referred to also in the article The Octogon: Wittgenstein's 'Philosophische Untersuchungen' part 1 contains 693 sections, same number as fragments from Talmud Erubin in parallel with my TEQ books 13-16. In the file Higher-order poetic logic (which I published in a first version on the web on 2 and 17 may 2011, just a few days before the Oslo terror) I mention the example of function 14 (book 14) by the poem #152:

TEQ #1399
Book 14 #152

One of the [greatest] British politicians

Fi-net is another dog or similar


This #152 after the 213 poems of book 13 corresponds to Wittgenstein's 213+152 = PU #365:

365. Spielen Adelheid und der Bischof eine wirkliche Schachpartie? - Freilich. Sie geben nicht bloß vor, eine zu spielen - wie es doch in einem Theaterstücke auch geschehen könnte. - Aber diese Partie hat doch z.B. keinen Anfang! - Doch; sonst wäre es ja keine Schachpartie.

On 8 february I made a discovery in my private manuscript notes on my computer of importance for this parallelism of my TEQ with Wittgenstein. I was studying some structures in my DDS ('Der Dornenstrauch') as far as distributions on either side of local semantic maxima were concerned and stopped by the poem of relative enumeration 107g "Früh war die Flotte" (absolute enumeration #146) which contains the word 'Lotte' - I could not find it anywhere in modern dictionaries but it is in Grimm from 1885 (vol.12):

What Grimm calls 'Liefland' is appr. today's Latvia - computing the distance from Riga in Latvia to Nassau in Germany takes it to be exactly 1300 km. Looking up TEQ #1300 (by the number 1300 in the distance Riga-Nassau) takes it to this poem:

TEQ 1300
Book 14 poem #53

Who was in the middle

If it is in the spark of our 'twice',
the little dog who ran abruptly around:
"I'm a warm dicate-dicate!"

                The Real Historical Grip

Who was in the middle? I look up the straight line between Riga and Nassau and find that the middle is between 'Natolewice' and 'Rotnowo' (not a 'Rottweilo' but a little smaller is the dog) - and Lopianow which is pronounced Wopianow = Warm-dianow. Here an excerpt from Microsoft Encarta World Atlas 99:

That is the real historical grip! Close to Gryfice - its a Gryf. I did not use such sources - but the poetic logic resembles the one in the chinese sign WO over the european map as recognized in the fragment of the thesholded photo I took in a grove on the Danube Island. It is probably this sort of 'chinese-script'-looking logic that the third millenium will develop.

The poem rel #107g = abs #146: In DDS part 1 the first 11 signs are enumerated relative 1a-11a before the enumeration starts over again 1-11 - up to absolute #23 - plus 12-14 doubling the final 12a-14a - that leaves 265 poems in the middle. The mid of these is 133 - adding half of (the 'doubled') 26, that is 13, to this takes it to #146 which is just rel #107g "Früh war die Flotte" which I studied as a local maximum. The poem abs #133 = rel #101:

Ich habe dich früher gesehen
als ich die Straße überquerte:
Es muss in eine anderen Welt gewesen sein

wo die Menschen sich überhinein
sehnte nach ihrem Zelt mit einem weißen Wein.

where the strange syntax tells of a local minimum in 'sehnen' = 1) to long for, 2) the rope or 'Seil' that holds the tent up on either side of the local maximum. On the other side of the tent #146 (with its white wine) is the other world with its poem abs #159 = rel 109a "Stiegenschatten":

im Herbstlicht.

Plätzen erinnern
was sie sind
ohne Drüsen.

This was the local maximum I studied for the word 'Lotte'. It suggests also why the exact value of the line in 'Unter Gesellschaft' #16" is of such large importance. Le mot juste is probably 'alt undicht'.

TEQ #1300 ('Who was in the middle?') is #266 (there is that 133 * 2 again!) out of the 693 poems in TEQ part 4 (books 13-16). Assuming parallelism between Wittgenstein's 693 sections in his Philosophische Untersuchungen part 1 and the same number of poems or rather hebrew fragments from Talmud Erbin in my TEQ part 4 (and this suggests that it was this sort of logic Wittgenstein was out for in the later parts of his work after the Tractatus) takes it to his PU part 1 #266:

266. Ich kann auf die Uhr schaun, um zu sehen, wieviel Uhr es ist. Aber ich kann auch, um zu raten, wieviel Uhr es ist, auf das Zifferblatt einer Uhr sehen; oder zu diesem Zweck die Zeiger einer Uhr verstellen, bis mir die Stellung richtig vorkommt. So kann das Bild der Uhr auf mehr als eine Weise dazu dienen, die Zeit zu bestimmen. (In der Vorstellung auf die Uhr schaun).

This 'raten' tells of the 'rat' that can be spotted on the front page of my DDS (a photo created from ex nihilo matter) on the place corresponding to the 23 of my 'Zifferblatt' of the human language faculty - that is, approximately around the place of 'Berlin' in the above triangle - the imitation on the political map of the chinese triangular sign.

This is logic which I develop with my poetry. Hence - support me rather than the power liga and possibly intelligences who now could be spurting to be the first to detect this new logic - for new intrigues (with terror in Thailand?) they can serve for the government. It is a logic which probably resembles the 'metaphysical' logic of chinese script. I believe that this is original progress from my work - and it is the poetry which is the valuable part of it. It is my work - even if the 'intelligence intrigue' could have given me 'pulver' for making my muscles 'young tender'. These services seem to be involved in a rat race towards the south pole and then they feel perhaps that they have to tap illegally the info from my workdesk for preventing the 'enemy' ('kamunists' etc?) from coming there first. How is it possible to make any real progress then?

The 'services' says perhaps: "But this is our way of thinking. It is we who say that Wittgenstein's 'raten' means a rat". That is not true: The fleeing rat is interesting only because of the point symmetry around the middle of the face on the front page of DDS which includes the mouse sleeping in the wolf's mouth, between the sharp teeth - and because of that '23' on the Zifferblatt. Why is the place called 'Cork'? Is it because it is 580 km off 'Hull'? I dont think that is my way of thinking - that counts as a joke and not as an interesting piece of logic.

There are impressive symmetries in DDS part 3 - which led to the lapis philosophorum at the end. The front page of DDS arose at the end of the work with DDS part 2. It is likely that there are point symmetries in DDS part 2 - and that is why Wittgenstein's 'raten' can mean the rat on that picture. It is not that the alphabetic letters are the same. It is because the 'raten' and the 'rat' lead on to constructive new ways of thinking, probably with an overdeterminedness that eventually makes the alphabetic letters superfluous except as a piece of confirmation, that one can see the mutual relevance of the two. It is, though, in this piece of confirmation that the phonetic value resides - and if a program a la Chomsky's minimalism is supposed to obtain, the logical form must reside in this phonetic form somehow. But that is exactly when a blunt identity 'raten = rat' takes it very far astray. Could be the example is not too farfetched for the heuristic value of the following stanza #3 out of 5 from poem rel #2 = abs #13 (in DDS part 1):

Doch ist das Fühlen noch in dieser Tat
was wir als Schreiben und als Denken kennen
als unser Herzen uns sich selbst als Rat
von Wahrheit und von Wissen nennen.

There is an occurrence of 'Rat' also in DDS part 3 'Linien die prägen die Sternen über uns' ('Aufgestellt in tiefem Staube') - in poem #42 called 'Zusammenhänge spielen' - stanza 1 out of 4:

Wie in den fernen Bergen
schwebt die Heurigenstadt
wo die Menschen hergehn
nach dem heiligen Rat.

Interestingly, there is a Heurigenstadt to Wien called Grinzing - this little townplace has been copied in China in minute detail, told a newspaper article (in probably 'Österreich' or 'Heute') some years ago. There are strong mirror symmetries in DDS part 3 - and if I look up the exact mirror line to this one with the 'Rat' I find the following, the last line in the third stanza of the poem called #23 'Bei Tisches bronznem Fuß':

Es rollt so wie ein Wagen rennt
nach unsrem schwersten Draht
als wär' der Menschen Auferstehn
dasselbe Wagen-Rad.

Here the phenomenon of point symmetry is emphasized in the wheel of the wagon - could be the wheel of the cyclic blue metre.

There is no rat to be smelled in TEQ - oh, yes, there's one in 709 (see also the mirror poem 1448 and its correlate at Wittgenstein) - but there are 'rats under the table' in TEQ #272 - about just what looks like a 'poetic' logic. And, of course, there is 'A deep ratch', the title of book 10.

Concluding, the 'Rott-nowo' near 'Gryfice' is in the rat phenomenon while 'Natolewice' is in the symmetries. Is there a WO-piano-w? Could be that it in my article 'The chinese sign WO'.

Clearly these logical phenomena are the real reason for the political history on London, Berlin, Kennedy etc. That seems to be the real rationality therein. But that is probably only because one had not guessed that it was a piece of logic to be developed. Therefore to continue the 'imitation' of this logic with structures on the map and to allot political theatre roles to be played is madness. It is high time to return to a sensible scientific exploration of these semiotic matters and find other ways to cool down the nerves of bad conscience.

3. The psychological logic

The theory is that the octogon is based on the role of the critical phases in child development: When the child in birth is thrown out of the 'paradise' economy through the umbilical cord, there comes a new economy by the crisis of the birth. The skull had to be soft in the birth channel and therefore the 'egg' can easily be opened for a 'second coming' into an even more vulnerable and exposed condition, but when this does not happen (for a normal child), it means that the child so to speak is returned to its condition of paradisal economy which thereby - via this early crisis when it is successfully carried through - comes to be the basis for the social 'economy' of the normal society. But a child who has had a 'second coming' (by the opening of the 'egg' of the skull) has lost that chance of natural give-and-take relations with society and contributions to society often lead only to further expulsions ('comings') than to social and economic progress. For example, my many self-made books donated to the society's libraries have so far led mainly to much apparent monkey business, plagiarisms etc rather than to progress for my own career. If the author had not been opened in early life (such as seems to be the case with me), a reader who finds such a book and appreciates its contents will say "but, ah, this is a good book which must be published - I will contact a publisher and recommend it". That is (in principle) the 'paradisal economy' which is what makes society function. But for me it seems that a reader who finds value in such a book also discovers an invisible impetus that whispers in the reader's inner ear: "Take this and exploit it as well as you can". Why that evil impulse? It is an invitation for a 'second coming' in the other one instead of the self - and the presidential candidate goes from victory to victory.

Normal child development has probably a series of such critical turning points, and the 1-2-3 could perhaps be extended up to 8 (my guesswork, this), and a normal child survives them all without scars but with reinforced courage and optimism (which could be the very 'purpose' of nature with these crises) - while a child abused on the critical point will experience that the confidence fails just in the critical moment when it should not have failed. That is another example: When the housing contract for a house tenant expires the date approaches and eventually arrives when the housing contract either must be renewed or one must find a new place by a new application. For a normal person that works out well if one has written good books etc - the things organize themselves such that the right housing comes up just when you need it. But not so if you have been abused in the critical time point - then a Hokusai wave of opportunities can rise for 'the others', and that is probably what this 'politics' can offer. It may be that this phenomenon is an essential part of the construction of the european political map - since it seems generally impossible for me to find a goodenough housing solution anywhere but in Austria - where ÖVP has been in construction since 1945. If I should take up a bank loan (if I could get it), very little fiddling with data from my life or work can lift the bank on the Hokusai wave of financial success while my conditions darken accordingly - therefore I would either have to buy a home cash or find a letting solution and the latter is rather impossible to find in any country I have been to except Austria and perhaps Germany (but in Germany all the flats from former East Germany are now probably filled with refugees after the flooding of 2015). It is possible that this is no coincidence. It means that if I under my present economic conditions try to find a home outside Austria, it can come to release tsunamis of monkey business and financial bubbles. The story from Venice 2009 could be telling.

The reason could be that if my housing problem is solved, then the 'Kennedy factor' in the above triangle construction may go down and less power comes out of it - but I could find a solution in Austria not far from the Burgenland border. Of course I should not have lived in Austria if the background is a story with ÖVP and Kennedy 1957 - but how can I otherwise find a solution?

Brexit seems to be based on the idea that they left EU because I still live in Zinckgasse. If so, that could very grossly magnify the role for politics of the power potential in the 'critical turning points' projected into the role of indexes generally.

Politics says nothing but could release a gunman who shoots people on specific addresses and this 'communication' is thereafter analyzed for its contents. That is because indexes seem to be the 'critical points' in the life of the PTRSIM PIK whose 'divine origins' is engineered with early cutting of the occiptal lobe.

But I says that such abuse is wrong and the local poetic maxima are right.

The assumed 8 critical points and the 8 mirror points of the 'services' are likely to mean the 16 ethnologic parametres on the european map which I have described in my SNEEFT COEIL - among them the two of hungarian and german which are special by being so similar that they approach 'sameness' and hence constitute the socalled 'Burgenland power' of a global unconstitutional power liga.

However, it is all easily solved: One downgrades all the secrets of the mythology (such as the story from july 1957) and tells it in simple and understandable words to the voting people.

That can be done when the ethnologic parametes are understood - which they are now. The ethnologic parametres then reduce to linguistic-anthropologic science instead of politics.

4. Conclusion

It seems that the logic of the chinese sign 'SI' (if that is the sound of it - or maybe it is soundless today?) has been applied into the political history - could be on basis of the psychological logic that interrupting a child in the critical turning points amounts to the interruption of the 'triangular wheel' between Berlin and London. However, a closer study of this should rather lead to the conclusion that these are matters of semiotics and linguistic science for a poetic logic.

There could be a semiotics to the yellow metre with 'Der Dornenstrauch' on the front page as the FORM and the back side text "Der Dornenstrauch ist eine Studie in poetischer Mystik die eine Tür öffnet und wieder schließt und versetzt den Leser in einen Zustand von mystischer Wonne" as the CONTENT. This is not a joke on the 'Tür' = 'Dor' and 'Rauch' = 'mystische Wonne' - rather it tells of how phonetic and logical form relate like two sides of a sign and the semiotic 'glue' between these is the contents of the book. That is a highly complex relation and not anything like a blunt 'raten' = 'rat'. See also the poem #15 in SNEEFT COEIL the chapter 'Die Verwandlung' on the ethnologic parametre - on the value of the combined marian cult and catholic incense. That is the assumed ethnologic parametre for the spanish language.

See also the article on the chinese film for its "Image at 01:41:21 - my photo #2" - the last and concluding image of the film:

Image at 01:41:21 - my photo #2

Image at 01:41:32 - my photo #2

It seems to contain the head up left as it had rolled down from England to Berlin or thereabout (München?) - this being the same as the FORM of the title to the film pasted upon it - like DER DORNENSTRAUCH on the front page of my book. This would also have been contained in the swap of the first and last of the Danube island photos in their parallelism with the film. That last image is also the one which forms the basis for the article 'The chinese sign WO'.

Similarly, to study such semiotics by breaking up the skull of small children must be considered very primitive and it cannot be the right way to go - even if the semiotics of human language and logic certainly is contained in the human body and development. Could be chinese has tuned the sound of the sign SI out of its vocabulary simply for avoiding such logical errors contained in western history.

The story goes from 23 february 2002 (18 years ago today, by the way) that I read the news of the abduction of Ingrid Betancourt - and when I closed the internet article a cerebral haemorrhage broke out on the righthand side of my cortex and led to a partwise paralysis of my left hand and body side. This 'in-GRIP/GRYF-i-tankor' ('in-grip/Gryf-in-thoughts') could have been just that missing part of the line from Vienna to London at Berlin - for creating that 'Chomsky hook' of the context-free phrase structure grammar - 'hatted' (Pelzmütze? Perücke?) with left and right contexts above it. Clearly it can be assumed that this is an aspect of cognition in the collective historic consciousness as it interfaces with subjective cognition.

But clearly violence is not the right way to understand this - it is a part of the relation between the collective and the individual, and terror and violence (such as head opening of an infant) are but forms of immature power aspirations which create artificial attachment formats - and the development of the new knowledge should not have to go via unfortunate detachment such as that 2002 could have been.

It is anyhow very wrong to try and imitate or model the collective historic consciousness and its formalisms in one single subject (such as e.g. me) in order to try and come to grips with its logical functionality. That can come out disastrously wrong - since it means imposing individual logic onto the collective and then we havent made any progress at all: That would be to remain in the second millenium and its script technology - under the false pretext that 'raten' = 'rat'.

The conclusion is that chinese script probably contains a logic which could be the basis for a computer logic of the third millenium in some form or other. I read somewhere that informatics science has converged on appr 600 basic functions of programming as all you need for solving any programming task - that is the number of basic signs in standard cuneiform script. It is therefore well possible that a study of the ancient script technologies can give important contributions to the information technology of the third millenium.

26 feb 2020: 'kicsi kocsi' is hungarian for 'small wagon/vehicle'


Grimm, J. & W.: Deutsches Wörterbuch. (33 volumes). DTV 1991 Nachdruck von Ausgabe Leipzig 1985.

Mathews, R.H.: Chinese-English Dictionary. (A Chinese-English Dictionary Compiled for the China Inland Mission by R.H.Mathews, Shanghai: China Inland Mission and Presbyterian Mission Press, 1931). Revised american edition 1943. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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