The data in The New Yorker

John Bjarne Grover

At the end of WWII, Vienna was liberated by the Soviet Union's red army on 13 april 1945, and already 4 days later the Österreichische Volkspartei was opened in its head of Figl, Raab and others in a constitutive meeting in Schottenstift (just next to Wipplingerstrasse) of 17 april 1945. Figl was perhaps coming right up from his 1937-46 home in Kundmanngasse where he could have been sitting in a window and look over onto the house which PTRSIM PIK Wittgenstein had built, and just next to the house where Wittgenstein took his education as teacher. The question is whether this is completely irrelevant to my own PTRSIM PIK name by the formula

knörva (means 'crumpled' a la paper - but used about person opened in infancy)
john bjarne gröver
dot jazzet knörva
don qui-Schotte knörva

and hence if there via me is a link to Joe-Obama's administration - the party of Kennedy as a potential link from Wittgenstein to me.

        In Kundmanngasse                           In Schottenstift

Clearly 'Hundmanngasse' could be the concept - cp. 'Figl' vs. 'Fido'. Powidlgoulatche is an austrian pastry.

I notice also the Oldsmobile of Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick.

From an internet article on Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP) I excerpt these lines:

"Die ÖVP wurde am 17. April 1945 im Schottenstift (Schottenhof, 1. Bezirk) in Wien durch Leopold Kunschak (Obmann), Hans Pernter (geschäftsführender Obmann), Lois Weinberger, Leopold Figl, Julius Raab und Felix Hurdes (Generalsekretär) gegründet".

The weak theory is that I was opened in the head a few days after my birth on 29 june 1957, and the strong version of this theory is that John F.Kennedy was present and masturbated a spurt on my cortex before the skullcap was put on again. Mao had started his 'Hundred Flowers' campaign in 1956, letting chinese people criticize the party line, but in july 1957 he suddenly made a 180 degree turn and started chasing critics again, according to this source which uses these words about the 'reason' for the 'flower' campaign and its sudden turn: "The Hundred Flowers Campaign was in fact a premeditated effort to identify, persecute and silence critics of the regime". It is far from certain that the following equations can be derived from this conception of the turn of the campaign history, but it may be worth the mention:

id-entify = john?
per-sec-ute = fitz-ger-ald?
sigh-lence = kjenner De...? ('by the way, do you happen to know Mr./Mrs.....?')

Now, whether Kennedy were there or not, somewhat interesting data is found in 'The New Yorker' for 6 july 1957 - that would have been around the time when my skullcap could have been lifted. The 13 cartoons in the 6 july 1957 issue can in fact be seen to correlate with the names of those present in the constitutive meeting of ÖVP on 17 april 1945:

Cartoon 1 could suggest the name of Julius Raab
Cartoon 2 could suggest the name of Leopold Figl/Kunschak (HYMEN power)
Cartoon 3 could suggest the name of Leopold Figl/Kunschak (HYMEN power)
Cartoon 4 could suggest the name of Lois Weinberger
Cartoon 5 could suggest the name of Lois Weinberger ('la bella figura')
Cartoon 6 could suggest the name of Leopold Kunschak ('le opphold kunstsjokk')
Cartoon 7 could suggest the name of Julius Raab
Cartoon 8 could suggest the name of Felix Hurdes ('flying hurdles')
Cartoon 9 could suggest the name of Lois Weinberger = 'least mad at us'
Cartoon 10 could suggest the name of Hans Pernter = 'hans peartree'
Cartoon 11 could suggest the name of Le[d]-opphold Figl
Cartoon 12 could suggest the name of Hans Pernter ('hands punter')
Cartoon 13 could suggest the name of Felix Hurdes

I add the one from 19 october 1957 which seems to suggest that the idea of 'New Jazzet Orleans' = 'Dot Jazzet Knörva' is perhaps not a farfetched idea.

13 april 1957 there was a cartoon on 'Fenwick Chemicals' with some possible relevance to the dog of the turned lapis philosophorum in this file. Is 'Kennedy Femikiev' a relevant idea? ('Kjev-e' is norwegian for 'jaw').

Under 14 september 1957 I found this cartoon.

The interesting question is why the meeting with opening of the head of ÖVP in 1945 should seem to be linked to the theoretic opening of the head of me in july 1957 - at least as far as concerns the data in a New York publication which one could guess could be under the influence from the US democrat party.

I have earlier launched the theory that there are strong international power interests involved in austrian politics - because of that apparent HYMEN power which led to Hitler. My work has now probably led to a solution to these problems - and one can hope that this will lead to less interest from international power to integrate into austrian political power.

The question is simply whether the possible identification of ÖVP with me is sufficiently strong to lead to an outright confusion among austrian voters - that they vote for ÖVP because they believe that ÖVP is me - while the data from The New Yorker 1957 could suggest that it could even be quite the opposite. I have guessed that there could have been secret surveillance of me that could have been abused in advertisement - and that could certainly have influenced the election on the potential background outlined here. I hope the lost notebooks are not used for such turn-around purposes.

The lost notebooks are a part of my authorship.

I add the story told in this file - on the earthquakes of Bam and Banda Aceh relative to a US registration of my authorship. It is then probably permitted to notice the phonological relevance for the names from the ÖVP opening in 1945:

Hans Pernter = 'Hands' BAM-tern, PAM-hagen
Leopold Kunschak = Banned aceh?

Is my name 'Bjarne' even made for these constructons with Österreich? 'Schotten-stift' - 'stift' is norwegian for 'spike', 'nail' - hence 'donke Schotte' = 'hammer [stift] Schotte' = first-man-on-moon 'Neil Armstrong', cp. Cartoon 10 . The moon expeditions were initiated by Kennedy. 'Slå stiften' is a norwegian word for the gymnastics of turning like a wheel on first hands, then feet, then hands etc.

Added 8 january 2020:

More data on ÖVP/me from the New Yorker

If the above theory obtains, a study of The New Yorker for the issue closest to 17 april 1945 should expectedly show signs of the scenario with the opening of my young head in Sandveien 4 in Molde in july 1957 - if the theory is right and if the head opening was planned long time in advance. The scenario should according to the strong version of the theory above expectedly have included 1) John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 2) his erection (or 'junior'), 3) Ragna Grøver, the official mother, 4) John 'Jensen' Grøver, the official father, and 5) me (the 'junior' of the couple). There are rather clear signs of this in the issue 21 april 1945 - that is four days after the constitutional meeting of ÖVP in Schottenstift, just like this meeting on 17 april 1945 was four days after the liberation of Vienna by the Soviet Union's red army on 13 april 1945. The relevant issue of The New Yorker is contained in cartoons #235-245 in the 2004 edition of the complete cartoons. I discuss the cartoons one by one - adding comments on the theory that the 11 cartoons also apply in mirrored order with mutual references:

Cartoon 1: For understanding the three first one can consult Mao's Hundred Flowers campaign, as mentioned above - that tells of the three code words 'identify, persecute, silence' for the theory that it means 'John, Fitzgerald, Kennedy'. The third cartoon clearly tells of 'silence' and then the first should be 'identify'. It is likely that 'hourglass' = 'timeglass' was the concept - turned the other way every now and then when the sand had run empty: The scenario was in Sandveien 4 in Molde, Romsdal Fylke, Norway. Kennedy's wife was Jacqueline Bovier = jack-e-Lind bo-4 - where 'bo' means 'living-place', 'residence'. Is it Mahatma Gandhi sitting there? For the theory of 'identify', see also cartoon 11 below.

Cartoon 2: Per-sec-ute = for the security outdoors. Cartoon 10 tells of 'peer-sec[urity]-out' = 'Molde'.

Cartoon 3: This means 'silence', no doubt about it. For the theory that cartoon 9 should mean 'Romsdal', it can be added that 'dal[e]' = 'to fall down'.

Cartoon 4: The scene is from a shop selling 'haberdashy' which in norwegian is called 'kort-e-varer' = 'short-wares'. The scene tells of shortages they are not selling or are out of. Why not tell it shorter? For the idea of the address 'fylke' (= 'county'), it can be told that 'fyll' = 'filling' (or drinking 'binge'), while 'ke' is a short form of 'ikke' = 'no', 'not': Dont overfill, why not tell it shorter. 'Ke sant' is colloquial for 'ikke sant?' = 'dont you agreee?' For the theory that this 'fyll'= 'drinking binge' is contained in cartoon 8, see below.

Cartoon 5: It is the theory of 'haberdashy' which suggests that the drawings 1-4 tell of 'he biz dish shy' and 5-8 the lower vocalism by 'hab-er-dash/class-hy/high' - it is high class to have servants. It is the black-and-white with the negro that tells of binary oppositions in vocalic height. If cartoon 7 tells of 'Norway', the 'no-way' is by way of binary oppositions - as also cartoon 7 suggests.

Cartoon 6: The Hitler-looking Mr.Rilkean is perhaps also being called to military service - the two identities tell of 'austrian'. 'Oystrian' then tells of 'secret service'? It is the mid cartoon in the series from 1 to 11.

Cartoon 7: 'Ra' is a morph telling of direction of attention, direction towards, such as in hungarian, and the pegs on the wall table are called 'knagg' in norwegian - hence 'ra-knagg' could be the leftmost character. The spoon to this is 'Rurton Bascoe' = 'rød tabasco'. 'Rød Mix' = 'red mixture' was a strong tobacco for own-rolled cigarettes. (An advertisement for the tobacco quoted for me by Trygve Tveterås went 'it is not you who quit Red Mix - it is Red Mix who quits you'). The conclusion is anyhow that the two dark persons could mean 'røver' - either as 'robber' or 'buttockers', or as 'rød ver' = 'red V's, blood, soldiers'. The conclusion that the drawing suggests 'Ragna Grøver' is quite easy. For the binary opposition of vocalism to cartoon 4 - it goes 'rig-nigr-øver'. No-way. What address is this?

Cartoon 8: The soldiers are leaving in a ship passing the statue of liberty - hence 'latue of stiberty' = 'onanism' or 'ejaculation' = 'john'. The question for the folks left in the harbour is 'will we see him again?' = will we '[g]jen-sen'? 'Will he come back' = will he reverge? Reverge not = reverse of John Grøver. Hence the identity of John Jensen, as was the name in 1945 (when the magazine was issued), before he changed his name to John Grøver in 1946. 'Fyll-ke' could be the code. It can be added that John 'Jensen' Grøver was drinking too much now and then - at least according to his wife.

Cartoon 9: She dropped a cigarette = she's up to trygderett = the issue of 'attføring' = 'rehabilitation' for the issue of 'pension' or rather 'benefit', vs. 'avføring' = 'excrementation'. 'Dirty Beast' it could mean. Worthless krepper = she drops cigarette? The two characters have strange feet - as for 'cold feet' = 'kalde føtter' - for the spoon 'farlig kjøter' = fierce dog, dirty beast. The falling litter could be called 'roms-dal'. One guesses that these unfortunate designations of americanism could have been planned on me as the beast of the revelation = 666 etc. For the question whether this means 'droppings' in the sense of 'secret agent', it could mean 'silence' from that point of view. But I am not and never was a secret agent!

Cartoon 10: Mandarin = in mantel. Wear Bag ute = Verpe Gute = to lay good eggs. 'Verpe-flichtet' it could perhaps have meant - in which case one could associate with paragraph 10 in the austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955: "Österreich verpflichtet sich [...] auf die Liquidierung der Überreste des Naziregimes". This has been accepted by the austrian parliament since 1 may 1945, that is 9 days after the issue of this magazine, and it means that if the threat of nazism should arise again, such as it seems to have happened with the monkey business on my work through some years, this 'nazism' must be liquidated - and if Austria does not carry this out themselves, such as they are obliged to, somebody else could do it for them. The cartoon shows a lady dressing up in sheeps clothing or something like that.

Artikel 10. Besondere Bestimmungen über die Gesetzgebung 1. Österreich verpflichtet sich, die Grundsätze, die in den von der österreichischen Regierung und vom österreichischen Parlament seit dem 1. Mai 1945 angenommenen und von der Alliierten Kommission für Österreich genehmigten, auf die Liquidierung der Überreste des Naziregimes und auf die Wiederherstellung des demokratischen Systems abzielenden Gesetze und Verordnungen enthalten sind, aufrechtzuerhalten und ihre Durchführung fortzusetzen, die seit dem 1. Mai 1945 bereits getroffenen oder eingeleiteten gesetzgeberischen und administrativen Maßnahmen zu vollenden und die in den Artikeln 6, 8 und 9 des vorliegenden Vertrages festgelegten Grundsätze zu kodifizieren und in Kraft zu setzen und, soweit dies nicht schon geschehen ist, alle gesetzgeberischen und administrativen Maßnahmen, die zwischen dem 5. März 1933 und dem 30. April 1945 getroffen wurden und die in Widerspruch mit den in den Artikeln 6, 8 und 9 festgelegten Grundsätzen stehen, aufzuheben oder abzuändern.

Cartoon 11: Seems to show an erection under the vest - vs. the east of the mandarin? Ah, a wolf in sheeps clothing? 'Sandveien 4' can also mean 'Truth Road 4'. The moment of truth? I have sometimes speculated that the skullcap which was put on again after the scenario could have been another than the original, but this is speculation only. I have tried a few times to get a genetic test of my hair against my beard but the laboratories have refused to do it - for whatever reason. The telephone rings when I come to the counter. It is possible that Gandhi and Mao could be spotted in the circumstances of encoding in this series of cartoons of 1945. The 'wolf in sheeps clothing' could be about a 'Loop'-us - in the clothings of a 'Black Sheep'.

I add that in my schoolyear 1970-71 we lived in Kongensgate 8 in Fredrikstad - there was a socalled 'Kortevare'-shop called BAGATELLEN ('The Trifle') - visavis a small grocery shop called MARKENS GRØDE (also the title to a novel by Knut Hamsun). A little further down the street towards the river there was JOHN JENSEN's shop.

Conclusion: There are good reasons to see a story with Kennedy and my two official parents and me encoded in this issue of New Yorker of 21 april 1945 - and that strongly supports the theory that there is a systematic link between the formation of ÖVP and me in terms of this hypothesized event from july 1957. One must even notice that the current chief of ÖVP has a name - Sebastian Kurz - that meets the description of cartoons 4-6 quite well - to an extent that one can speculate whether the situation is supposed to be that Austria after years of (hypothesized) plagiarisms of me now resembles me so much that 'Kennedy's erection' (or his 'junior', so to speak) now has come to 'shoot' them - for their 'monkey business'? The Staatsvertrag is what puts this obligation on the austrians. I am not going to 'shoot' them - but it could be a good idea to try and reduce the political value of the 'monkey business' as much as possible. It is the danger of the effect of this spreading up to Germany by the 'hymen' power pump which must be avoided. And, of course, the dangers of a Black Sea Loop must be avoided.

My personal background

Of course I have never been informed about this story with ÖVP and my own infancy head opening (if this be the story - I am still waiting for that info - but must agree that the data from the New Yorker are a little convincing). But the following story should be told: In probably the spring 1975 (probably not 1976) - I had left high school for speeding up my education by taking the exams privately - my official grandmother Laura Helene Eidsvig born Devold came for a brief visit to Labråten 58 in Fredrikstad. I think she stayed overnight and left again. In the course of the day, it happened that I was in the kitchen and she came to open the kitchen tap over the sink but seemed to have difficulties before she got it up and said: "Man må jo ha teknikern for å få opp denne" - 'one must have technical [education] for getting this up' - before the spurt of water came in the tap. A sensible theory is that this short event was the reason why she had come - there was otherwise no good reason, as far as I remember. (There is a scene with a 'damsky sekret' in Tarkovsky's 1975 'Mirror'). This theory could add the speculation that these were the words that Ragna Grøver, who stood nearby, if I remember right, could have used if she were wriggling my skullcap off in july 1957. Or, perhaps more likely, these words could refer to this 'head opening' in 1957 in a way which could mean 'The New Worker' - the technical education is not really complete. My own education was not really complete - in 1975 I was attacked by diseases after I had left the high school at christmas 1974 and my intention of taking all the exams of my 'artium' education in the spring 1975 was hampered by the mononucleosis and the throat abscess which was hard to take - as if antibiotics were not yet invented - but they tried mechanic tools in the throat instead - approximately where a selfsucked spurt of water would have hit the throat wall - and hence the bad behaviour with the tools would have been 'mine' (jewish genetics, probably). That is when the New Worker turns into the New Jerker - or New Yorker. The logic could then have been that Norway could have been pressed by the international community to tell me the fact of the head opening in 1957 - and they did it that way: 1) "He had heard the words in 1957 and would therefore remember the words to which the event referred". 2) The issue of New Yorker 6 july 1957 was sufficiently exact to serve as a proof. Her husband Bjarne Eidsvig was officially born on 6 july 1899 - that means '58', the number of the house in Labråten. His 'birthday' would then be the 'birthday' of the Oyster (Austria) farm chief. Should this be to tell me the story? If so, it must count as told now - that the present data leave no doubt, it would have to mean.

I have never been told a single word about this whole story - and particularly I have never heard anything about early child abuse - if I had been informed about this early head opening it would have been reason for an economic compensation claim - not the least in order to take the political effect out of it. Of course I could not have been living in Austria on such a background - ÖVP is currently and has often been the country's largest party with a majority in the parliament, and Figl was a main person for the construction and signing of the Staatsvertrag in 1955. With the apparent surveillance of my life and work and the 'reminders' pasted up on public advertisement it would have been hard to continue the illusion that this is a totally average country for my fate: Of course I could not have continued to stay here if I knew this story with ÖVP of 1945 and the head opening of me in 1957. The terror in Syria has been going since 2011 - and there have been some reasons for believing that the number '75' is a part of it. That could refer to this story from 1975, if that were the year - as continuing reminder: "You know it well, John, that your private residence is the story on background of 1945 and 1957" - sth like that.

The story with Laura Eidsvig could therefore have been constructed for making the scenario possible - that some 'intelligence' or political person sees what is going on and contacts Norway with the single question that had to be answered: "Is John Bjarne Grover informed about the opening of his head in july 1957?" - to which the state of Norway could have answered 'formally' that "yes, he is informed about it" - meaning this kitchen scene with Laura Eidsvig.

It would have been like paying in a shop with a bank note with a certain number which contains a significant code which links to a crime - the secret code to the safe that had been burglared - and saying, yes, he has confessed but the state did not want to take him - they have agreed to the project, that means. It has not been vetoed by the president.

The Black Sea Loop?

What should the whole program be about? My view is that it could have been for constructing the 'Black Sea Loop' on the eastern arm of the european swastika around Paris. This would be a chain of horrors going from Turkey around the Black Sea towards Paris - crossing also through Romania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland. The horrors could have been in the form of 'spin-doctorism' - I know little about this but fancy that it consists in the original person being driven off to chemicals by some doctorism at a 'lonely farm' while a copy takes the place for the 'spin' of 'orgasmic' go when the life resources are pumped out of the victim and over onto the new carrier of the indexes, and under sufficiently poor conditions the state could have been unable to help the victim. Only few such cases would be needed to set the underearth panic going along a chain of addresses and personal indexes - and it would have been this 'underearth panic' along the eastern arm that was swung 90 degrees down onto the southern arm of Italy where it arose as 'overearth pane-ic' in the 'collection of fascies' for the 'pane' in Mussolini's Italy - the 'fascies' were the bundles of corn stalks (collected overearth for the making of the 'pane') which also served as a symbol of the roman state in classic times, I think the logic was. This identity of the opening of the head of ÖVP in 1945 with a scene with the opening of the head of mine in 1957 would then have been for making the same happen again in this century - under the guiding authority of John F.Kennedy - or his brother Edward, if the story is that 'ed ward Kennedy' - 'that was Kennedy'. Or, rather, it would have been me who 'warded' Kennedy's genetic spurt inside my skull - and hence Edward Kennedy would have been my name - that means ÖVP in this equation. In the worst case for Austria, the story going back to the foundation of ÖVP in apparent Kennedy-dependency relative to me could have been for international interests to make it possible to run the 'loop' through Austria - and the formulations in the Staatsvertrag of 1955 could have been for just that reason.

It is high time that all these smartnesses be brought to the surface of public attention and be questioned off publically. Or should the people allow the politically responsible to just continue making another Mussolini and Hitler? The construction has been made for making this possible and dump the blame on me qua jewish genetics while letting the responsibles go unrecognized for their crimes.

It is possible that ÖVP is not a legal party under international or even national law - if the story is as I have fancied or outlined here.

If the underearth and overearth panics get out of control, it can be hard to stop the catastrophe.

The trick for making this would then have been in the formulaic question "is John Bjarne Grover informed about the head opening?" to which the answer from Norway could have been that "yes, he is informed" - meaning that the data - the cartoons - in The New Yorker of 6 july 1957 are unmbiguous and cannot be misunderstood. The collection of all their cartoons since the start of the magazine in 1925 was published in 2004 when I moved to Vienna. The austrian president Thomas Klestil fell unconscious in the moment when I entered the Medleamt (residential address register) and died the following day. Jörg Haider died on the day when my application for residence was accepted in Venice in 2008. Tor Sverre Lande was a member of the Musikus project. 'To svære lande' means 'to land two big ones'. It could mean 'residential addresses' - could be the format of the under- and over-earth panics. I partook in the Musikus program on recommendation from NMI of the state - I had first had a job or two with partwriting for the composer's union (where Eva Hanisch was then the contact) in the late 1970's before the state-financed NMI (Norwegian Music Information centre) was established.

Are all politicians on this program? It is my impression that this is an intrigue which could be related to or even involved with the international secret intelligence services - who could organize control with it. For example, if the burglary of my house in Szolnok were a part of the construction - who were responsible? Who could do it without being stopped by the police? If the country's governmental intelligence services were involved, it could have been not the least by informing the locals that "this John Bjarne Grover had organized it himself - he is here for constructing the chain of horror - an NMI of the state it is". Really? That poor little fellow? How can he be a threat against our country? "He has been fully informed about all details of the story and know well the reason for the construction of ÖVP", could be the 'proof' served by the informing services, meaning that 'the cartoon magazine had been made available to him with its re-publication in 2004'. I have computed that the burglar of the house in 2019 could have been a person resembling me, but this is sheer speculation. If the state's intelligence services spread this sort of information, and if the house in Szolnok has been an 'international intelligence project' since its construction in 1970, as part of the construction of a Black Sea Loop of horror and underearth panic, it could be that the state's governmental intelligences are involved.

When I moved from Venice back to Vienna in late 2009, I travelled up and down with my things on the train a few times - it was in fact the cheapest transportation. It was on probably 12 january 2010 that the big earthquake of Port-au-Prince went off while I was back in Venice for fetching more things to bring back to Vienna that I believed that Gordon Brown - then PM in England - if it were not only a similar person or a 'revelation', it is not the same but such copies are probably not normally permitted - stepped onto the train somewhere between Venice and the border and wanted to get into the couchette compartment where I was sleeping alone. He carried an oldfashioned doctor bag in his hand. Seeing this doctor bag I did not take the chance to be there alone with him (what was his intention? why this bag?) and therefore moved out of the compartment. If the combination of the earthquake of Port-au-Prince (what was in the bag?) counts as 'spin' plus his doctor bag counts as 'doctorism', this 'spin-doctorism' could add to the apparent PTRSIM PIK code for Tony Blair's first Labour government after the landslide victory in the general election soon after I had come to London from Bergen in february 1997. The logic is that PTRSIM PIK = dTRSIM PIK = 'doctorism spin'. There was some ado in the news with Peter Mandelson (who was secretary of Northern Ireland affairs at least in the autumn 1997) - PETER-SON-MANDEL = PTRSIM PIK - who, wrote the newspapers, was known for his 'energetic dancing' and the question was how he could afford such an expensive house - it was about the house, could be the story, could be he felt the pressure of being driven out of his house. If 'spin-doctorism' were the issue, it could have been about a Black Sea Loop. The house in Szolnok planned already then? (This could be another triumph of the 'services' - that I had bought the house that had been planned since long - how could I if I were not involved in the intrigue? It is easy to answer that question, though - and my question in return could be if even house prices in Hungary were regulated and controlled for my economy making this house the optimal solution). But would a Black Sea Loop be a Labour project qua PTRSIM PIK or would it be a Labour 'warning' to me? It is the conservatives who want the BREXIT - and that could be about preventing a further involvement in such a development in Europe.

The metaphysics

I bought the house in Szolnok in the summer 2015 and soon developed incontinence problems - which I of course ascribed to totally different reasons of overworkedness etc. It is only after I have reached the conclusion that the water leaks from the ceiling in the 'télikert' - the simple 'wintergarden' entrance room with hardly any winter insulation - could not come from a breach in the rooftiles or plastic plates covering it that I could reach the conclusion that the water therefore has to come from water pipes hidden inside the housewall constructed in 1970. These water pipes could then go up to the top of the wall and reach down into the foundations of the house, possibly quite deep down, going to some potentially faraway neighbour who controls the water by a tap: If this tap is opened, the water will flow in the adobe wall and the wall and roof will eventually collapse. But how can I have an infrared photo of the house proving the presence of the water pipes inside the walls - if the project is an 'intelligence project' since 1970 and is a part of the construction of the Black Sea Loop for swinging down onto Italy for making fascism there and nazism in Germany? Can I then go to a firm in the field and asking for a photo - and there, aha, there are the hidden pipes? Of course if even house prices in Hungary are adjusted to my wallet, then all such firms will expectedly be under the control of just those 'services' and of course it will be impossible for me to find out of or to find assistance for repair. Was this even Blair's first government? My own ex nihilo piece explaining the 'wigwam' as a PTRSIM PIK is telling:

On top there is a character who looks as if he is peeing on the 'cliff' but he is really looking out between the two 'oarlocks' on top. These could be the two ring muscles of the urine tract - the inner and outer 'sphincter' or ring muscle. This person will embody the phenomenon of 'redundant human reality', a reduced format of the larger mystic reality - a reduced format resulting from the human understanding of metaphysical identities - that lends meaning to the idea that the faculty of human vision imposes these redundant interpretations of physics onto the metaphysical reality and therefore the human vision goes from the eye and out and not the other way round. That is the classic human urine retention problem: People used to die from retention of urine resulting from the ring muscles in the urine tract refusing to open - before the invention of the catheter people probably just died from the poisoning of urine presence in the body tissue. But how was that possible - when it is the body's own muscle and the nerve impulse needed for opening the sphincter is under own control? "It is just to open the muscle and there goes the water out" - but the body refused to do so even if it were perfectly possible and preferred to die instead. Why? The neural impulse went wrong way - one concentrates on getting the water out in front but the body tries to get it out behind but, alas, it wont open that way. Why? My interpretation is that the mind under such circumstances has seen a glimpse of the mystic reality being different from the human reality and therefore 'underearth panic' goes in wrong lock and continues stubbornly the imposition of human 'redundancy' onto the world. Could be old sins open up otherwise - that is a natural explanation. But for a mystic poet this sounds very paradoxical - a mystic poet is most happy when the mystic reality opens and the human redundancies are revealed as illusions. My own incontinence with following retention started after I had bought the house, though, and is probably not because of such 'old sins' or unwillingness to see the mystic reality - it is rather because I do not have the full control with the water in the walls of the house I had bought and risk being blamed for the tragedy if the 'Wall Street' collapses with a state bankruptcy in Italy. "He is fully informed and collaborates on this program" could be the 'intelligence' propaganda. It is also a point that soon after I had bought the house I was happy to have found - finally, could be for the first time in my life - a place totally free of any intelligence intrigue. Haha, what a clown! - was the undertext in the newspapers after I came back to Vienna. The worst trap in my life, it gradually dawned to me - and not the first time I had escaped the intelligence intrigues. Should I sell it and buy another instead? But that is likely to be an even worse trap! And nobody says a word to me.

But of couse it is not my ownership to a house that is the problem. It is the international intrigues that are the problem.

The effect is that I cannot control the water in the house and I risk seeing it fall down at any moment - this was my incontinence problems that arose when I approached my home in Vienna - the closer I got to the threshold of my home door, the more it started to 'fall down' on the righthand side of the body - and I normally just made it, after under- and over-earth panic with key fumbling - in to the toilet for getting the water out in controlled fashion. It was only on one side of the house, this could mean. Untill I returned from Venice and it turned from incontinence into retention. The intrigue is likely to say: Hah, that jewish genetics has sins on his conscience which he cannot handle and that is the reason for the dangers of the world. He dare not face the mystic reality! But that is not right - even if the octogon could have been constructed for lending substance to such claims. It is rather that the firmness of the house walls is not under my control. There could be dangerous water leaks in the house walls - and those leaks could be under state intelligence control if this is their 'project' since 1970. But clearly such a project could be in conflict with international law and it should not be left to me to struggle with finding an infrared firm who has not yet been discovered by the state intelligence etc - it must be up to the international community to tidy up in this mess. I very much hope they do. The international state intelligences should be under governmental controls and these should have the chance to photograph the house - well, certainly their archives could contain those photos since long - for proving the existence of the hidden water pipes and bring an end to the intigues. And to my retention problems.

It is observed that the top character on the wigwam probably is 'the same' as the woman in the window who inserts a long object into her mouth below - the long thing could be 'the same' as his cognitive redundancies. She could be the BTRSIM BIG or MTRSIM MIK. The mid character is a Janus with a 'priest' with a dripping nose on the back side - he has incontinence problems, it seems. Is he WTRSIM WIG - while the front face of that Janus is FTRSIM FIK/FIG? Is this a scene of perversion - like a '69' could be taken to be? That his 'sphincters' are her genital opening and hence they are 'metaphysical' because this is a marital conjunction 'beyond observation'? All such explanations are probably unable to handle it - untill one finds the solution on the back side of the wigwam - the scene with the apparent woman in a shower - she is leaning forwards to reach for the soap, it seems. Or is it the soap? Isnt it rather a water tap - to the dripping priestly nose on the front side? Aha, this woman in the shower is the one who controls the hidden water pipes in the adobe. The scene is a little difficult to spot but it seems to emerge from the totality, including the other side (and it can be imagined in ways differing from this):

(See also the big cartoon immediately preceding the first decade 1925-34 in the 2004 edition of the complete New Yorker).

The conclusion to the intrigue is that it could have been constructed for lending substance to the claim that "the jewish genetics suffers from moral failures and cannot face the eschatological facts of St.Peters - they are morally degenerate in their metaphysical conception and that is the problem of the world. Only an Endlösung can solve these problems" - will probably be the nazi propaganda.

But that Endlösung is easy to spot: It is just to close down the international secret intelligence services - those who control the James Bonds and the continuity of an illegal program that extends across decades of alternating governments. Those are the ones who could be aspiring towards a control with all the world's governments.

The catheter (needed for getting the urine out in spite of the body's retention) is the proof of the 'moral insufficiency' of jewish genetics? But that is probably not right - it is rather because of hidden water pipes and control with the taps elsewhere. Jewish philosophy used to be quasi esoteric for preventing people 'stepping on' them - in addition to its true esoterism - and jewish culture and philosophy is the opposite of fear of the metaphysical reality. It is very much the opposite - and therefore the intrigue with a rotation mechanism between me - being without control with the water taps of possibly Kennedy in july 1957 - and ÖVP - as documented in 'The New Yorker' - could be the trick which contains the secret to a new antisemitism. If this antisemitism is engineered along with a mechanism for making fascism in Italy, the idea of 'moral insufficiency' of jews could probably be engineered in Germany by way of the HYMEN power pump from the hungarian-austrian border up into Germany.

Was it Kennedy who released a 'shot of water' towards my brain in 1957? This is perhaps a very essential question. It must then be observed that it does not make it 'metaphysical' even if the spurt comes onto the inside of the skull - directly onto the brain - without going through the perception of the senses. That is a ridiculous idea - that this should make it 'metaphysical'. But maybe this idea is a part of the political strategy.

I notice the attack on MP (or 'rep.') Gabriele Dee Giffords outside a SAFEWAY supermarket in Casas Adobes (!) at Tuckson on 8 january 2011. She is married to astronaut Edward Kelly. (Some people may perhaps think of 'chin'-ese as a SAFE WAY - others will say it is an error).

These ideas are conclusions that seem to arise from the data of 'The New Yorker'.

One could - although I let it be here - continue speculations on the similarity of these ideas with norwegian 'gape-stokken' - an old form of public punishment resembling the pillory - the sinner got a necklace of iron around the throat attached by a chain to a higher pole fixed outside the church - a formalized gallows, sort of - and the church-going insider sinners were allowed to spit on the outside sinner. This could also resemble the idea of 'heinous' strangulation during anal coitus as a variant of 'retention'. This 'gape-stokken' could then be recognized as related to the gaping woman in the window in the wigwam version of PTRSIM PIK. I hope my poetry notebooks are not used as 'gape-stokk'.

The conclusion is that the matrix of phonological oppositions in PTRSIM PIK could have a metaphysical basis evidenced in the wigwam piece of ex nihilo matter and hence be essentially telling of the nature of human language as a means for the human psyche to retain contact and logical consistency and coherence with the metaphysical reality in spite of its reduced material format. It is the fact that this form PTRSIM PIK occurs in the matrix of alphabetized doublewords from Genesis with their definition given in the verses of the gospel of Matthew that makes for this thrill of exultation in the formulation of the conditions of intrigue for a proof of the moral insufficiency of the jewish genetics or culture. It must be understood that this 'proof' is based on certain essential turning-points of intrigue - such as that july 1957 of possibly Kennedy and ÖVP relative to my person and structurally similar hidden water pipes in the adobe house in Szolnok. But an Endlösung to these problems is possible if the secrecy - that which makes the dirty intrigues based on misunderstandings due to insufficient information - is removed from public administration. Of course the public administrations can just tell the facts to the people and all these problems are gone. But that means that the public administration must not accept the bribes of power from the secret intelligences and power mafia. The big turning day may have come when the political administration says no thanks to such bribes from the power mafia - and feel content with the power that the constitution grants them.

Downgrade the secrets: That should be given high priority in politics. There has now for more than half a year been an expert government (Bierlein) rather than a political in Austria - that seems to have been a very good solution.

The article continues here

(PS I see that a new film 'Vier zauberhafte Schwestern' is launched from Austria and Germany tomorrow 9 january 2020. The poster in its upper half seems to suggest something like 'Volo-De-mür-ze-the-lensky' while the lower half looks more like 'sier i lanka' (see also this file). I have not seen the film and hope it is not based on my lost notebooks or matter related to it (there are two 'towers' opening up with the couple between the walls). I have not been informed about anything such. It seems that the launch of this film comes at the same time as the newspapers on their front pages tell that Sebastian Kurz of ÖVP is about to start a new government).


The complete cartoons of The New Yorker. Ed. Robert Mankoff. Including 2 CDs with 68647 cartoons ever published in the magazine. Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, New York 2004.

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