The fire in Notre-Dame in Paris

John Bjarne Grover

Notre-Dame in Paris took on fire 4-5 hours or so after I had sent the below email to Libreria Editrice Vaticana - my TEQ is a sort of Madonna with divine revelation inside. (But 'ma dame' is not the same as 'notre dame').

If I were to renew or find a new housing contract in 4 years time, the fire in Notre-Dame could be a small matter in comparison with possible plans (in business, politics etc) that could be made in the mean time.

Soon after my email I went to the Mietervereinigung in Vienna and asked if they had some info on the conditions contained in the concept of required 'Hauptwohnsitz' in the 'unbefristeter Mietvertrag' I have in Vienna - that means I do not have to renew it with regular intervals and therefore I have a home - if I could be away for some time and how much time I had to spend in the flat for being certain not to have the contract terminated - they said 50% is safe. But my situation is quite exceptional - life in Vienna can be quite inendurable with those advertisements getting their themes from my life and work - now there are ads all over Vienna for sth called 'CONSCIOUS collection' - apparently with 'i' symbolism in the pictures - such as this example - not really or only 'ma dame' but rather 'notre'? It makes it rather impossible for me to be in a normal relation to society or lead a relaxed conversation - and so 50% of the time could be quite much. Life is much easier for me in Italy where such problems hardly exist - but the fire in Notre-Dame is an example why I cannot take up a loan - and so temporary lodging is my only chance there.

My economy is quite meagre and the conditions of my life quite exceptional.

The key combination for the 'print' command on my computer has always been CTRL-P - but after I returned from Italy it has suddenly become CTRL-SHIFT-F12. I have not made that change. Could it have been a virus?

It is possible that Notre-Dame could have been rescued if I could have remained in Italy these days - if, that is, there is any connection to my communication.

The email to LEV:

John Grover
Apr 15 at 12:27 PM
On Dec 28, 2018 at 8:46 AM I sent by email to you ( a copy of my manuscript 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics'. I was then in a hospital bed wherein I remained for yet another month. I am now on my way up again and have survived the crisis well.

There has been no response reaching me. In the mean time I have got a 'casella postale' (without number, though, a sort of 'poste restante') in Venice. I am currently in Vienna for some time - also for completing the manuscript. A few pages have been added.

In the article I have outlined the possible explanation to the story - that it was understood early that the Fatima revelations were an interpretation of a later text, and that the prepromised 'miracle of the sun' on 13 october 1917 in fact encoded the 'zifferblatt' (my theory, see which means that the revelation went through or by the human language faculty - and hence the idea that it derived from a text written later. It seems that I could have been designed for the job of writing that text - and then it was vital that I did not come to knowledge of this role of mine relative to Fatima, otherwise I could have come to cheat by peeping in the data - would have been the logic. If even the russian revolution of 1917 was immediately spurred by the revelation, it follows that the political measures taken for preventing that I came to knowledge of Fatima relative to me could have been quite grandiose (including the east-west power balance with threats of nuclear war). One of these measures could have been the development of the modern phenomenon of 'international secret intelligence services'. These seem to have developed a substantial degree of autonomy and may have nourished hopes of becoming the new format of reality constitution of the third millenium. It could come to be quite a disappointment for those if the story of their role in modern 'reality constitution' boils down to temporary 'protective measures' for ensuring that I did not come to knowledge about the data from the Fatima revelations before the work was completed. (The first 10 or at least 9 books - of my 16-volume 'The Endmorgan Quartet' 1997-2008 - were completed and self-published before the third secret of Fatima was published in 2000, and that of course made me aware of the phenomenon).

I suppose the Vatican have their own intelligence services but these probably get their data from other intelligence services (at least nobody has asked me) - and what these say about me can therefore probably be quite fantastic. It is also likely that the 'protective measures' (giving substance to their world) could have included plans of annexing the authorship and copyright to my work (for allowing them to classify it as secret) via various forms of advanced swindle. One of those swindle pieces could be the idea that I work on their behalf or for their interests. Of course I am not collaborating with or for any secret intelligences or any such plans at all - and frankly I dont believe that those plans will go through either. It is likely that the whole soap bubble is about to burst - and everybody will be happy about that. It is then of vital importance that the books I have written can be made available to the public. Could be some want to prevent the publishing of them in order to prevent the bursting of the mythos bubble, but that interest is probably only a role they have got in the mythos theatre. Every sensible human prefers truth before power, in particular under the present circumstances.

Of course I cannot sell the rights for a time period, since probably no publisher can withstand the millions that can be offered for the contract from the interests who want to prevent the publication. But a sensible publisher can buy from me (by an unsellable contract) the rights to a certain number of copies (100, 1000, whatever) and pay me a third or fourth of the booksales price for every copy printed (rather than paying for the rights in a period of time) - and the contract can be renewed automatically an indefinite number of times and be terminated (by any of the parts) with no period of notice and then the publisher has the right to sell out copies printed and paid for. The author has the right to veto in advance the design of the book and presentation format (in order to prevent the publishing of it as 'hitlerite' etc). This contract type is no risk for a publisher and if the publisher is sensible and copies can be ordered from anywhere in the world, the contract could even be exclusive. It is like paying internet per byte and not per minute - that speeds up the data transmission and is much more comfortable, economic and efficient in all respects.

I am not for the time being at the hotel address which I wrote in the email of december. My venetian 'casella postale' can probably be used but it may be some time before I can look it up:

John Grover
Casella Postale
etc         [not in use for the time being]

In the mean time I am in Vienna with the following address:

John Bjarne Grover
1152 Vienna

Thanks and best wishes,

John Bjarne Grover

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