John Bjarne Grover

TEQ #613
Exodus 17:8     ויבא עמלק וילחם עם-ישראל ברפידם


I road part 1.
I could ask                                                         23.01.00
and the subjected to
the same three neurotical probes:
Downtrack and Saw.


This poem is #8 out of the 88 poems in TEQ book 10 'A deep ratch'.

I sent the poem along with book 10 to the indian mystic Swami Divyanand in Herrischried in november 2012, after having read volumes 2 and 3 of his inspired translation of Rig-Veda (planned, told the two volumes, to be published in 80 volumes). I was completing the edition of the three first volumes of my work in 30 copies - they were delivered to legal deposit on 25 february 2013, which counts as publication date (and I had noticed the phenomenon that the three volumes could be considered 'the same', or like vol.2 as a body and vols. 1 and 3 its 'wings') and was then writing 'Der Dornenstrauch' and had completed part 1 with the last poem in january 2012 (except for the three poems of 'Nachwort' which were written in november 2013). Some time after I had sent the poem and book to Divyanand, a strong impulse went through the spiritual space one day and I had to wonder what it was. Some time later, on 10 february 2013, the same happened again, I think even stronger this time, and the news followed the day after that pope Benedict had announced his immediate resignation in the morning of 11 february 2013.

If this story be associated with 'part 1' of my DDS, there are the following events that took shape at the end of the writing of its four parts:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV        
-         pope's resignation
> -         graphic form (scroll and bbook?)
-         lapis philosophorum
> -         Mount Everest trembled (thhe big 'white stone')

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