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The phenomenon is described in the following five articles:

1. The opening gate
2. What is the doubleword phenomenon?
3. The name factor
4. The left side
5. Chinese emperor and PTRSIM PIK riddles are solved

6. This old book-length manuscript (called 'ABC' perhaps mainly because the author knew so little about politics) contains much discussion of the socalled 'Klipra connection' (= 'cliffs-off' connection) which could be about 'PTRSIM PIK' as the reason for the formation of the state of Norway in 1814. That is at least an interesting theory which came to my mind only recently.

A brief explanation to what is PTRSIM PIK:

The metaphysical theory which will create a far-reaching information technology revolution for the third millenium is based on what I call the fundamental theorem of linguistics which says that '2 and only 2 items can be the same across different realities'. This means that even if these two items from two different realities are different, the human mind conceives them as the same nevertheless, but that causes a distorted design of the human psyche (if an umbrella in one reality shall be conceived as the same as a stone in another reality, the conceiving mind must be adjusted to such a shape that these look the same even if they are different). However, when the human mind conceives these two items as the same nevertheless, the spirit performs a reduction which creates the material existence of one single (the 'same') item and turns the metaphysical difference between the two into the human soul which thereby attaches to the human material body as a piece of semantic meaning. This is what gives a biased form to the human psyche and it is this biased form which gives rise to language. This lends a very special biased form to the human psyche who thereby necessarily has a very redundant and limited conception of reality - it is rather easy to prove that birds live in other realities when their small bodies can fly across big oceans - and if that form and its limitations can be transcended, a giant leap in knowledge and information technology can be obtained. This is going to be the main technological and cultural change of the third millenium. Time is a result of this biased form of the human psyche - and a corollary to my fundamental theorem of linguistics is that synchrony can be the same as diachrony if logical order is the same as semantic assignment. That is when time can be transcended and a new information technology established.

It is probably long since the cultural reaction against this started. It is probably many centuries since theology discovered the phenomenon that the alphabetized list of words that occur 2 and only 2 times in Genesis (the first book of Moses in the Old Testament of the Bible) can be aligned with the verses of the gospel of Matthew (the first gospel in the New Testament) for the theory that if the alphabetized list (= logically ordered) is interpreted semantically by way of the correlating verses of Matthew, then this synchronic text of Matthew (what Luther pointed to) is also the diachronic text and hence Jesus Christ is present alive - a 'resurrected' presence. It is likely that this phenomenon was discovered early and taken to be the hallmark of christianity. It is based on what I call the fundamental theorem of linguistics. It tells that christian mysticism can peep into a deeper reality - could be some would call it the original paradise.

There are 775 (or 776) words that occur twice and only twice in Genesis and there are 1071 verses in the gospel of Matthew. It is when one finds the proper method for expanding these 775 to 1071 that the solution to logical (= 'alphabetized') order and semantic assignment (from the verses of Matthew) is found.

How are the 775 expanded to 1071? By a procedure (explained in the abovementioned files) which contains an error which creates the expansion - and when this expansion is carried out, the resulting 1071 doublewords in alphabetized order find their semantic definitions in the 1071 verses of Matthew.

It is the errors in the procedure leading to the obtained desired result that seem to be the defining parametres in the administration of modern culture. The variables and errors (division line in the total 'Barents Sea' set of words in Genesis is a variable, reduction to only 2 occurrences of all words in each subset is an error, and the listing of the word adjacent to a doubleword in the alphabetized list is the other error) are described in the beginning of the file The name factor. Due to the variable, the list can come out as 1067 or 1071: If the four last verses of Matthew are reserved for grammatical purposes, 1067 can be used. These last 4 verses are the 4 formal grammars of chomskyan grammatical theory from the 1950's.

The three lists are presented in parallel in this file.

The list of 775 or 776 words relate to the list of 1067 by the ratio 8/11 - and then the adjacency function (from the errors) leads to 9/11:

8/11 * 1067 = 776
9/11 * 1067 = 776/948 * 1067

This is likely to be the reason for the terror attack on 9/11-2001 in USA: The entries in the lists of 1067 and 1071 on place #948 = 1) PTRSIM and 2) PIK.

This is the socalled PTRSIM PIK. It is used as anchor point for the whole matrix of doublewords relative to Matthew, taken by administrative mysticism to be the secret key to Jesus Christ.

It seems that there is an international probably 'secret intelligence' power mafia that tries to remove the full matrix and its metaphysical theory from being accessible by the public and represent it all and only by way of the formula PTRSIM PIK. The idea is that this should be to get christianity under control.

It is possible that the state of Norway was established in 1814 for the purpose of being that PTRSIM PIK formula - by way of the socalled 'Klipra connection' from Norway to the white cliffs (Peters) of Dover. There exists a Dovre mountain region between Norway and Sweden which could have been the reason why Norway immediately went into a union with Sweden 1814-1905.

My guess is that the recent division of Sudan, another state formation, could have included reasons from the metaphysics of dividing the set of words in two - see Rilke's poem "Das Gold".

The School - Skjolden: It seems that Wittgenstein had the role of being the PTRSIM PIK of WWII and that austrian 'monkey business' on Ludwig Wittgenstein was the basis for the brutalities of Hitler. His Tractatus was rejected by the publisher 'Jahoda & Siegel' and it is well possible that this was the reason for the 'sealing of judaism' in the holocaust. It is a theory of mine that the Kennedy 'clan' was established as 'monkey business' on Wittgenstein for the purpose of moving PTRSIM PIK from Wittgenstein over onto me. Wittgenstein had a cottage in Skjolden ('skjoldet' = 'the shield', as in warfare) in Norway - this could have been the purpose with the Vietnam war - to make a 'cottage' of Kennedy 180 degrees around the globe relative to Norway. That sort of thing. There is a 180 degrees turn of the european swastika on the map between Norway as the northern arm and Italy with the Peter's of Vatican as the southern arm of that swastika emblem.

It is a theory of mine - still unconfirmed by official administration - that my head was opened a few days after my birth on 29 june 1957 (the skull bones are very soft and the 'helmet' easily detached on a newborn) and that Kennedy was present and masturbated a spurt of sperm on my cortex before the helmet was put on again. This is, I have guessed, an old strategy for making political power because the person who had been opened (the person's 'historic potential', something like that) comes to be so easy to 'coup' later in life - and with a massive PTRSIM PIK story balanced on top of my shoulders, the coupable power is very big. It seems that my fate is to be that pitiful 'victim of monkey business'. My genetic parents were probably jews - and the sinking of the sub Kursk at Mur-mansk and the destruction of the destoyer Cole at Aden probably served to encode the title "Submorphemic signification" - the first book I tried to have published (1994) but it was rejected by every publisher I tried - and hence both Kursk & Cole as well as 11 september 2001 in USA could have been about 'terror and monkey business' on my authorship in the role of PTRSIM PIK.

For the question whether the Kennedys could have been outright constructed for being 'monkey business' on Wittgenstein, see this file. Wittgenstein was one of 8 siblings, three of his brothers 'suicided', one (the pianist) lost an arm. I read a jocular article on Kennedy's biography which gave the impression that he had very little education and had written his thesis in political theory with the help of a journalist, but that would be an unfair version of Wittgenstein's work. Wittgenstein had been in the war and had a stain on his moral record from a box on the ear onto a student in 1926 (the student Haidbauer lost his consciousness and some even claim that he died somewhat later, whatever 'somewhat' could mean), something which ended his career as teacher - this happened probably very soon after his Wörterbuch was published in 1926. This was the one of the only two books he published in his lifetime - the first was his 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung', the title of which could have been the basis for the PHISCHamand of the eastern Burgenland border after Austria was reduced in 1919. 'Pentagon' could have its name from this story. His Tractatus (Abhandlung) was eventually published in Ostwald's 'Annalen der Naturphilosophie' - which had a reflex in Oswald's 'assassination of Kennedy'. The german chancellor 1909-1917 was called Bethmann Hollweg - a name which could have been for making it easy later to establish that 'heter man Bollweg' = 'is the name Wittgenstein' qua PTRSIM PIK in the austrian empire well before 1919 - and hence when Hitler was launched in Germany it was probably all and only on basis of the 'monkey business' that had been accumulated on Wittgenstein in the years before 1919 and later as well. (Bethmann Hollweg in Vienna in 1917 was accompanied by Zech-Burkersroda: 'Zech' = german 'drinking', 'burk' = swedish 'box', together 'cupboard/box for alcoholic beverages' = norwegian 'bar-skap[et]' = 'barsk ape' = 'tough monkey', while 'roda' = russian for 'genetics', norwegian for 'gave advice', hence 'business'. 'Tough monkey business'. Vasmer adds a peripheral etymology 'Hölle' - 'gehenna' - to the 'rod'). It seems that the same has been going on with me - there is hardly a day that I do not verify that my recent life and work (such as my writings on computer) are the apparent basis for advertisements on outdoor posters in public space. It seems that the austrians are bisi with accumulating 'monkey business' on me such as they did on Wittgenstein a hundred years ago. I DO NOT SUPPORT THAT AND I DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW HITLER. It would be called bad abuse of my life and work if this is the story. I feel that it is urgent that the world stops this development in Austria before a new Hitler or Mussolini or similar arises in Europe again.

Like probably was the case also for Wittgenstein, I have never been informed with a word about this fate. One can guess that Wittgenstein would not have given his fortune away if he had known. I have found the data myself through own studies - my work with articulating the fundamental theorem of linguistics.

It is likely that the data in this matrix have a high secrecy classification. But I have not got it anywhere - and for the same reason I cannot guarantee that the data are historically correct but they look relevant. (If the division line between the subsets varies the words can vary a little but apparently not very much). I mention as an example that the last word in Genesis looks vaguely like OIL-TsAD (= 'bemitseraim' = 'in Egypt' = roughly the hebrew meaning of 'PTRSIM') - which could be the background of the name of STATOIL, the national norwegian oil company. The first word in Genesis is 'Bereshit' (= 'in the beginning' = roughly associated with the hebrew meaning of 'PIK'). Cp. Eliot's famous 'In my end is my beginning' and the air crashes of Air Egypt and JFK jr on about the same place just outside Long Island. (It was houseletter Erik Berstad who called for a psychiatrist - Johan F.Krohn - needed along with a signature from the official mother - to have me hospitalized by force in a psychiatric hospital after I had made him aware of a plastic bag with bedsheets that had been left there for a week in the laundry room - this happened not long after Clinton had been for a visit to Norway in the same morning as the Air Egypt plane crashed at 00:47 - telephone prefix for Norway - in the hour when summer time turned to winter time - the plane had reportedly been held back for some time before it was granted takeoff from John F.Kennedy Airport).

See my recent study PEB line 12 and 14 of what such monkey business really could be about - why societies can feel that there is a historic call for such 'monkey business'.

It is my view that of course the story and the data must not be held secret but must be published. There is a fatal anachronism in the construction (Jesus could have emerged as the projection from the doublewords of the hebrew scriptures in his lifetime but not 2000 years later) which means that it is my blue metre only which can serve as an imitated 'projection' from the hebrew scriptures - and then arises the problem of the protestant-catholic conflict and the phenomenon of 'terror and monkey business' - that is Hitler.

My own view is that I was made for the purposes of writing that blue metre under the burden of the role of PTRSIM PIK. It is of vital importance that this blue metre book 'POLAKK English Bloggi' can be published and not be the tool for terrorist control and intrigue a la Hitler.

The constructors of the new nazism seem to have constructed also the 'homo wave' - could be on basis of the idea that if the PIK (the penis) does not belong to 'Peter', if he nevertheless considers it 'his pik' it means that he is homo. The logic seems to be as tragic as that - for the purpose of making a strong indexation of the formula PTRSIM PIK without being in any form of contact with the original matrix of doublewords of the Genesis-Matthew link. Supporting 'homo' is therefore likely to be more about sympathy with Hitler than with suppressed minorities.

It looks strange with this formula PTRSIM PIK. Why this single pair of words from the list of 1067 possibilities? I cannot exclude the possibility that there exists an additional reason of sufficient systematic value to justify that formula, but I have so far not found anything sufficiently convincing. I do, though, point to a possible origin in the socalled 'Ausdehnungslehre' of Hermann Grassmann 1843 - if that is supposed to mean the firmament with its origins in Genesis 1:6 - where the word RQIA can mean 'Ausdehnung' as well as 'das Feste' between the waters when God created the world. It could contain the metaphysical theory of the formation of ontological matter in that sense of 2 and only 2. If so, this 'Ausdehnung' could also mean the revolving firmament in the sky - where St.Peter is and picks people for paradise. It was an ad in the window to the Sonnschein Apotheke in Vienna that made me aware of the phenomenon of 'Trockene-Scheide' - as I suddenly realized the potential relevance of this for the name of 'John Kennedy Fitzgerald' - and if so, it could mean that apparent collaboration in acts of 'terror' would be without much participation. It is this 'scheidend' between the 'Wassern-zu-Wassern' which is the contents of Genesis 1:6.

I am not this PTRSIM PIK of the organizers of the intrigue. It is probable that my genetics is jewish and that the purpose with the intrigue could be to find a pretext for persecution of the jewish genetics. But that does not mean that I appreciate the quasi opposite label 'worthless krepper' either. Should that be intended to be of any help for me?

It is of course possible that Vienna, under such historic circumstances as this, in particular if a new Hitler is in the planning, could be the one and only place where I should not have had my residence (even if modern surveillance could make this a less important matter), but my finances are for the time being too weak to be able to afford a stable home in another country, and if I live on a time-limited letting contract the world of banking and finances will have to choose whether my next contract will be on the same place or a new - much investments and big money could be involved in the choice. Will he get his contract renewed? Or will he choose (PIK) between option A or B for the next place? If A, who will win the election? These are factors of potential importance which makes it important for me to have a stable residence.


Steurer, R.M.: Das Alte Testament (Interlinearübersetzung), Hänssler 1989

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