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I formerly had this introductory page, but I have come to sum the whole thing up more streamlined in recent weeks. In the following short account I try to make it easy to understand what it is.

See this page for details and elaborate discussions.

I here tell my conception of what is PTRSIM PIK (on basis of my own studies - I have no classified info): It goes back to probably Henry VIII breaking out of the catholic church for making anglican protestantism. (The biblical concordance can be much older). The story is Alexander Pope and 'Heimskringla'. (The politicians should have told long ago that 'Heimskringla' could be the same as 'the Kennedy curse'). Pope, whose life seems to have given the basis for 'Heimskringla', a document which claims to be from 1225 and which describes the 'golden age' of norwegian vikings and mythological saga kings, was acquainted with a matrix of 'Williamses' (agents or not). This seems to be the basis for the PTRSIM PIK program established at the end of the napoleonic era.

PTRSIM PIK is a way of constructing a technical Messiah. If one makes a division line in the first book of Moses ('Genesis') and extracts all words that occur twice and only twice in each of the two halves, and list these alphabetically, one finds that (with a certain division line) there are 1067 or 1071 such doublewords. This is the same number as there are verses in the gospel of Matthew - and there is even a certain relevance in the mapping, a sensible function which can be called the key to the construction of a technological Messiah who 'fulfilled the scriptures of Moses'.

The list of OT doublewords and NT verses are given here - the hebrew is written left-right for technical reasons. I emphasize that this is a matrix I have made myself - and I have no good reason to believe that some secret informer could have smuggled it into my computer while I was absent. The matrix is therefore to be considered very uncertain - but I have been a little surprised with how well it seems to function. Could be, therefore, that it is not far from the original.

If no divison line is used, there are 776 doublewords in Genesis. There are apparently two versions for the extended listing with divison line - one gives 1067 and the other 1071 words. PTRSIM is the word in one of these where there is PIK in the other - on place 948. There are various more or less interesting reasons for the choice of this entry as the name of the matrix. The word PTRSIM seems to mean a place in Egypt, just beyond the border from Israel and a little up the country. Hence the PTRSIM PIK formula could mean simply 'the matrimonial conjunction'.

The strategy is apparently to construct a child as 'technical Messiah' in accordance with this scheme (by Stammbaum?) and then subject the child to massive abuse - in such a way that it is easy for a politician to hijack the Messiah role and be elected as such. The politician gets the confidence which the child otherwise should have had. The trick is probably (as I have guessed) that the newborn's head is opened some days after its birth and the presidential candidate (or sth like that) masturbates a spurt on its cortex before the head is put back in place - and the candidate soon wins the election as Messiah. I have some reasons to believe that John F.Kennedy could have left something like that on my brain. See also this magnet resonance scan of my brain - there is probably something scissored away in the lower occipital lobe while the cranium is intact and has not been opened - at least not since age a few months old.

The theory is that such technical 'Messiahses' are subjected to rather massive abuse on the critical points of the development up to 18 years of age and that makes them an easy target of such 'role hijack'. I have speculated (although I have no official or other confirmation of the hypothesis) that from the moment when I entered puberty in 1970, the contents of my penis was replaced with somebody else's (John F.Kennedy?) while mine was transplanted onto my official mother who could have raped me in drugged condition with it. This could have been the basis for an administrative accusation against me that I 'had done it myself'. At the same time, the school dentist called Aulie (= 'oldie'?) drilled holes in nearly all my healthy teeth and filled them with amalgam resembling like tram lines. All the 'recursive' turbulence arising therefrom could be recognized as 'the Kennedy curse'. (I cannot avoid mentioning the theory that the hypothesized sexual abuse could have been only implied redundantly from the school dentistry - and the dentistry is certain and my teeth looked very white and fine indeed).

The 5-6 expeditions to the 'moon' in 1969-71 seem (as I fancy - I would suppose nobody can put their foot on the moon even today, for technical reasons) to have described some such early 'head-opened' PTRSIM PIKs with later US democrat presidents present. I tentatively (my speculations, this) reconstruct the list of PTRSIM PIKs as follows:

Henrik Wergeland
Pjotr Iljitch Tschaikovsky                
Arthur Rimbaud
Ludwig Wittgenstein      
Dylan Thomas
John Grover
US president
Knox Polk
Moon lander

I have also guessed that the project really is to construct a 'boa constrictor' of political power out of this: Henrik Wergeland had a house next to the royal castle in Oslo = 'Slottet', while Wittgenstein had a cottage in 'Skjolden' in Norway. I discovered after I had bought a house in 'Szolnok' in Hungary (that was also after I discovered that it probably was not possible to have water installed inside the house) that it probably had been prepared for me since about 1970 - for being 'the same' as Wittgenstein's and Wergeland's cottages. There was a famous event with some tumults at 'Torvslaget' for Wergeland - this is later recognized as 'the same' as the alleged murder of Wittgenstein of a schoolboy. This is probably a lie constructed by e.g. the International Secret Intelligence Services on basis of the 'Wörterbuch' which he had then just recently published. These same International Secret Intelligence Services could perhaps have planned to claim that it was I who murdered Inger-Johanne Apenes in 1978 - that is not true. Of course I did not murder her (or anybody else). See this file.

The project is likely to construct such a giant 'sausage' for the same power ('ISIS') as created Adolf Hitler and Mussolini - including probably new massive antisemitic persecutions. Then it is the 'power sausage' that is the PTRSIM PIK. However, it could be a standard trick sto direct a trembling accusing finger towards me: "Youuuu are the PTRSIM PIK who is a threat to our society, our culture, our future" - and it is easy to convince the masses that this PTRSIM PIK is more or less the same as Hitler+Mussolini. But then of course they really mean the big power sausage, the boa constrictor winding through history, and not me who am only a victim of their abuse. But the trick is easy and it is hard for the public to understand what it is as long as it is held strictly secret. The essential factor in the story is what can be called 'ISIS' = the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' who constitute an international 'liga' with representatives in probably more or less all national intelligence services (those who make James Bonds - and it is noticed that this fictional character even could be based on my role with 'Bjarne John' as the name of the 'LOO' upside down). It seems also that they are trying to construct a new 'service God' for the CHurch of ISIS = Chesus or even the Judge (for the ultimate day) of ISIS = Jesus - in order to have something to offer the masses for thereby manipulating them easier. This apparently false or 'technical' church is probably more or less a direct descendant of the anglican church of Henry VIII that was created by the brexit from the catholic church. Hence the alexander POPE - potentially mocked by all the Williamses etc. (It is noticed that the current princes of England are William + Harry whose name resembles the 'Heim-' = 'Harri-skringla').

Wittgenstein seems to have met much resistance to his first book and Adolf Hitler came 'instead'.

One understands that this PTRSIM PIK program could constitute a certain 'secret liaison' between England the US democrat party.

If one guesses that Brigate Rosse in Italy and Baader Meinhof in Germany were national security programs, what for? Baader Meinhof could have meant simply 'Bachmann Ingeborg' and hence me in Vienna, while Brigate Rosse could have been me in the sense of PTRSIM PInK ('PRDAEM at the russe' script). But clearly the national interests of Italy and Germany could not have been to put the national oppositions up against my little person, persecuted and without a clue for many years untill I started digging in the dirt. Of course it is the angloamerican giant historic power-sausage - that constructing power which seems to have constructed also Hitler - they want to buffer off. There seem to have been a mythos out that it was impossible to prevent that I would come to grow up as an ardent nazi - and this mythos has been held alive by the way of thinking in the ISIS, providing info to their governments. It is not impossible that Adolf Hitler took on the identity of my granduncle Aron Eidsvig after the war (the 'hardon' AIDSHIV epidemic could perhaps be indicative of that) and I could have met Hitler in that form a few times in my childhood - and jews I had heard mention of but such things were rarely seen in Norway. If I should have turned out to become an ardent nazi, then Italy and Germany could gladly take me to be the hallmark of that history-sausage. But it is possible that I met both of my genetic parents in my childhood - and that could have made this turn of the story impossible. But if I did not end up as 'nazi' (that is, if I could not be used as 'unspoken' representative of the 'nazis', being aware of that or not), then it would be possible to wriggle the PTRSIM PIK indexation in Italy and Germany off me and onto the sausage: Nazis raus. However, there would also be the tempting option for new 'nazis' and 'faschists' in the International Secret Intelligence Services that it could be easy to claim that it is the Judenblut that is the threat against our society. It is fully possible that all this secrecy 'turbulence' could make two rebels shoulder by shoulder on the barricades believing that they share enemy suddenly discover that they are on very different fronts - and the turbulence of secrecy seems to wriggle ahead like a snake. In Hungary there seems to have been an unspoken assumption that I should be an agent for the international intelligence - which of course I am not - and hence when my house was burglared, the Generali insurance to whom I gave all the papers from the police has not paid any insurance money (as far as I know) - could be they want to claim that 'he did it himself'. Which of course I did not - but there are apparently those unspoken assumptions tacitly steering the progress of my relation with the society in such a way that this identification of PTRSIM PIK as either me or the top political intelligences are on and off according to needs for the moment. It is probably the national intelligence services who hope to control police and justice and parliament in that way - and they talk a lot of stories to the police which are too classified for me to get hold of so it never comes to be cleared up.

The house in Szolnok is of adobe and was cheap enough for my budget economy - but it turned out to have water pipes only inside the dry adobe walls and not inside the house and so some more or less faraway neighbour can probably turn the tap and the house falls down. But how can I have that repaired - so that my Szolnok house (cp. Wittgenstein's 'Skjolden' cottage) can be turned from summer house only to residential home? It means that there is only cold and not hot water in the house - and is that the reason for the 'Visegrad Group' of 1991 - Poland, Czecho, Slovakia and Hungary = 'check Oslo, there was no yes to get here' - and so they seem to firmly reject the PTRSIM PIK but it never becomes clear what exactly they mean thereby. Is it me (Judenblut or 'nazi') or is it the bigger western intelligences? It is probably secret what they mean. The Oslo terror seems to have indexed my house 4 years before I bought it - in the happy belief that I finally had found a place free from any intelligence intrigue. But it dawned to me after some time that it was anything but just that - and for the intrigues which the 'intelligences' could use for wriggling the role on and off there is the Oslo terror as a 'proof' that I had to be involved in the nazi program: How could I otherwise buy just that house which had been indexed so clearly in the media all over the world? It is not so difficult to explain - my humble economy is the main factor and I had to go east of Budapest to find an affordable house and Szolnok is the first train stop there. (Also, my driving licence from the 1980's had lost so much colour on the photo that it could not be used - but somehow I did not feel for applying for a new one and then I used train). I was really on my way to Miscolc and Eger where the houses were even more affordable (with train connection) but had to change train in Szolnok. Trump had a bald security advisor, I think it was, a phenomenon which perhaps could have been telling - it is not impossible that the fashion there has been for a few years of shiningly bald men could have served to prevent me (on the background of 1957) from continueing on to Miscolc or Eger but I would hop off in Szolnok. 'Debrecen' would suggest to a norwegian ear 'they break in' and could be just as suggestive of 1957.

See this file

See this file for the idea that 'brexit' constitutes a new quasi-'religious' break for a new 'church' by England (british intelligence?) and the International Secret Intelligence Services possibly present in the national intelligences in an attempt to establish a new global power structure.

PTRSIM PIK seems to be used as a trick for getting nazism or similar through once again - by wriggling forwards between a number of alternatives.

Clearly if the theory of heavy child abuse for 'political' purposes should have some rooting in reality, and maybe even more after the PTRSIM PIK person has gained own authority, then it is relevant to pose the question whether such a political party really is legal. Could be it should be outlawed.

Added on 16 december 2020: It is seen that the PTRSIM PIK 'power sausage' is a sort of rope or hose twined from three smaller sub-ropes, like a typical marine boat-rope. In the archetype 'dogs paradox' there is a rope going underearth from the tree under the fence to the hole (some 30 cm deep or so) which the dogs have dug - and the end of the rope just hangs a little out from the wall of the hole. There is a little water under it. This is likely to be the 'underearth panic' of the eastern arm of the european swastika (from the Black Sea to Rimbaud's Paris) which turns 90 degrees down on Italy where it is turned into an over-earth pane-ic = Mussolini's collection of fascies. This could be the purpose with the 'wrong' conception of the power sausage. The right is to see the PTRSIM PIKs as being the way for the society to solve problems which hamper the development of a new collective logic. Rimbaud could have been the PTRSIM PIK for France to learn to cope with its difficult honour code, while I could have been norwegian for the norwegian society to learn to overcome its tendency to 'grab the opportunity'. To use me as PTRSIM PIK for making a thrice-twined rope for an italian dribble of the anglophonically controlled swastika south is probably not so smart - it can probably lead to new fascism.

Heimskringla seems to be a document engineered around the time of Pope, and from my brief studies of it I found that it could have been constructed on basis of concepts for 'excrements' and similar bodily things which have norwegian-hebrew correlates of relevant kind for the construction of the sagas. This could suggest that if norwegians accepted Heimskringla as a true story, there could be the problem that whenever they started to think about jews there could have come a bad smell and this could have been the (ridiculous) reason for the antisemitic constitution of Norway 1814.

I noticed in Vienna some dentist names that (understood in norwegian) could have a 'sub-meaning' of 'smell of excrement in the mouth'. If a nazi idea of (jewish) genetics being a form of 'excrement' applies, 'auto-fellatio' could make relevant folks look like 'Heimskringlas' (the pastry resembling a B or a numeral 8) and its innermost secret - the principle of its constitution by such norwegian-hebrew word pairs - and hence constitute a third or 'innermost' level in the triadic sign constituted by London ('Heimskringla'), US democrat party ('PTRSIM PIK' presidents) and this Austrian phenomenon. Could be Wittgenstein's name could mean 'heim-skrin-glad'?

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