When did it started?

John Bjarne Grover


Luke 23.55: (was laid in it) his body

When did it started?
    On Friday the fifteenth,
is a functional flower
    in addition to many
and paranoid.

I am out to finding Harrocks,
a high metaphysics
    over the fly.
It has a pre-syntactic craft,
or if you leave it, you must
work a litt abstract
such that there were '21'
    on his trousers.

Who ate a little befast,
and if spaces are allowed
   to go a little [a]round
works and bokstaver in the Christian.
That's where I'm living
    and that's why I've 'A'.

My gales pass
the first line after the green
through many years,
    and I have been to
you develop time-honour-him
    by the table -

...and the four/five cats
    often sitting in here.

                                                22 November 1997

'Bokstaver' = Norw. for 'alphabetic letters', cp. 'books tower'. 'Boksraver' = 'the pants are off'.

Luke 23.55 is from "The Holy Bible, New International Version", International Bible Society 1984

John Bjarne Grover
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