12 july 2021

John Bjarne Grover

The spanish flue could probably have been avoided if somebody had told Wittgenstein where he could get his book accepted for publication without having to submit it: "Listen here Ludwig, if you talk with Akademische Verlag I know that they could want to publish your book - they told me that they would be interested". Then there would probably not have been a 'his panic' disease - but humans do not talk and he could not find a solution to the problem. That was 'his panic' - he had to take a chance and apply with submission. It cost the world a holocaust and another world war - and we are still licking the wounds from that. It is the same now. The third global corona wave started around the time when I realized that I could not find a foothold in Italy after all and had to go back to Vienna. And now on summer solstice day the curve of new infections shot suddenly right up in Spain, Netherlands and Greece. It is truly amazing - are humans the only species who cannot talk?

I fancy that the centuries-old problem of fraud on historic documents has been the only thing of massive importance in international politics and it was considered unsolvable - untill 2010 when I had completed my blue metre and suddenly all the old documents probably could be verified for authenticity. Shouldnt that have led to me being the hero who should have got a good annual salary and optimal working conditions for continueing my important work? But nobody says a word and it is soon as before - and they go for a new holocaust and third world war in order to keep the old swindle up and going?

There is something absolutely unbelievable which now seems to dawn to the democratic people.

I went down Mariahilferstrasse and stopped to look at construction work visavis Barnabitenkirche where I lost my rucksack in 2019: Now they were drilling big and long holes in the foundations on the other side of the street. I continued down the street to Königsklostergasse and stopped and looked at the demolishing work in Schweighofergasse visavis the place where I met Jolie or her fatamorgana. It seems that they are pulling down a lot of houses there. I returned up again and took up Kirchengasse and was stopped in Lindengasse - it seems that they are drilling deep and wide holes in the entire street. But didnt I stand here some days or weeks ago looking at the same? It is probably not the same hole they are drilling over and over again.

Is it for making a new underground tunnel roof? Those old tunnels were probably armoured with iron some 140 years ago and maybe there is not so much left of that. Or is it only for the sport - big 'cookies' in the foundations? Poetry book, 1823 fatamorgana and Lindengasse? The drills were perhaps 20 m high.

But if it is the underground tunnel which requires new concrete and steel armouring instead of the old eroded iron, they can probably do it the same way today as they did then - removing part by part of the tunnel roof inside and reinforcing with building new concrete vaults with steel inside.


'His panic' is a quote from page 26 of

Schulte, J.: "Ludwig Wittgenstein", Suhrkamp BasisBiographie 2005

which quotes Wittgenstein 'Briefe':

Briefwechsel mit B.Russell, G.E.Moore, J.M.Keynes, F.P.Ramsey, W.Eccles, P.Engelmann und L.von Ficker, hg. von B.F.McGuinness and G.H.von Wright, Frankfurt a.M. 1980

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