Zur Polizei, Wien

John Bjarne Grover

Here follows first the english translation I added on 13 september 2019 - to the original german version of 11 september 2019 given below - and with some comments to the corona virus inbetween.

Vienna 11 september 2019

To the police, Vienna

On saturday 3 august 2019 around 17:00 I forgot in Barnabitenkirche in Mariahilferstrasse a rucksack with 2 or 3 notebooks with my own poetry drafts, and when appr. at 18:30 I came back to search for the rucksack, it was lost. I spoke with the church and the police in Stiftgasse and Kopernikusgasse who both of them adviced me consult the Fundamt (lost-and-found office) - and if that led to nothing I could go to the police. I tried four times at the Fundamt, but found nothing except for an announcement pasted up on the wall which told of a future poetry reading - 'Die Zeit und wir' it was called, while one of my lost manuscripts was called 'The perfect place'. I dont know when this announcement came up on the wall - I noticed it by the second or third visit. After the fourth visit on 16 august 2019 I went to the police and was adviced to make a report [I have given up finding out what 'Anzige' / 'politianmeldelse' is in english - they wont come out with it].

The poems are very important - in particular it is important that they do not come to be abused by others. With my poetry book 'POLAKK English Bloggi' from 2010 I have come to the results with which one can come to an understanding of the control with the austrian administration - in order to reduce the socalled 'Burgenland power'. This power is described in my article 'The hungarian evidence' - from this article one understands how and why this border power from 1919 - based on the hungarian 'hymen' - was the basis of Hitler's administration. That was the reason for Himmler = Kimle, Göring = Györ etc. It is about the 1919 'tooth of Pamhagen' - what perhaps is the reason for the name of 'Pentagon' - the american defence headquarter. See 'The Burgenland and Jakobselv borders'. That means that even Pentagon (or american politics) could be interested in this mysterious 'Burgenland power', either in order to survey the development of a new national socialist power in or from Austria, or in order to help themselves with a little piece therefrom. The 'state contract' of 1955 says that it is a condition for the independence of Austria that all leftovers of the national socialism be liquidated. That means only that one does not want a new national socialism.

The national socialism was probably nothing else than a horrible exploitation of Wittgenstein's 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung' from the summer 2018 - in order to make a common 'Geistesgesellschaft'. Hitler succeeded in driving the 'Stimmung' ('mood') very high up - and one tried 1933-45 to prevent, by all possible means, that it went down again. One used publishers' rejections of his book: Siegel & Jahoda = the holocaust, Braumüller = the world war, Reclam = the 'claps on street wall' etc.

I have since late 2009 lived in Zinckgasse in Vienna and have often noticed that advertisements ('Reclam') in the public space in Vienna have had a certain similarity with my own recent work. I have thought that this maybe is form of abuse of 'surveillance data'. That could mean that if the austrian citizens do not give their election votes to so-and-so, then it could come to a 'claps' of their own personal values - or, even worse, to a 'claps' of the central austrian church (Mariahilferstrasse, or was it Stephansplatz?) The citizens do not want that.

One notice also that the name of the current SPÖ leader is 'Pamela Rendi-Wagner'. That sounds almost like 'Pamhagen' and speaks thereby perhaps even about a certain 'Pentagon' factor in the election and in the austrian political situation. It could also mean that it for austrian citizens is totally forbidden to create a new national socialism (a high-driven personal-intellectual exploitation). It does not help that (or if) one does not understand the problem.

If it is my poems that have found a solution to these 'Burgenland power' problem, then one understands also how important it could be for Austria to prevent exploitation and abuse of my poems.

One understands also what a temptation that could be for certain political orientations - to arrive at a certain 'El-Paso'-turn: One of my 2 or 3 notebooks had entries in the first half but the second half was left completely unused - except for a password for internet written on the last page. At around 18:30 Vienna time, could be in the very moment when I stepped into the church to search for my left-behind rucksack, there was some shooting in the mexican-US border town 'El Paso'. (The 'roll after' in 'Walmart' could mean 'Hjalmar', 'knørva', 'Hakkeböf', 'LEV-erböf' mean - see the PS below - or even 'Wahl-Mart'-yrs = 'election mart'-yrs. One could believe that it was for turning roles around - so that nazism could be conceived as anti-nazism. Should that mean that relevant parties are involved in an international mafia network?

Nasismus is perhaps to run around after the nose.

It is self-evident that if I had been in possession of copies of the manuscripts, then I would not have gone to the police (the value of the rucksack was otherwise - except for the manuscripts - perhaps only 100 euro or so). If the austrian state cannot find the rucksack again, then it could perhaps be possible for me to apply for surveillance copies? (I would believe that Vienna is a 'smart city' with 'general surveillance' - could be the password written in the notebook was known to certain authorities in advance?)

The 1955 state contract is still valid?

It must be avoided that e.g. ÖVP present themselves as anti-nazi party in such a way that one could believe that it really were the other way round. One must avoid a 'claps' on Street Walls or 'Walmarts'.

This apparent threat is perhaps called Haparanda & Kemi. 'Ha på' ransel' (to put on schoolbag) = 'box on the rear' - cp. Wittgenstein's famous 'box on the ear'.

The conclusion is that my poems ('POLAKK English Bloggi') is a 'strong' ('Stärke') contribution to the freedom of Austria in Europe - but the international (mafia) interests, who could try to turn Austria into a power resource, could feel these poems as a threat against the socalled 'Burgenland power'. The terror in El Paso is an example of that (given the above). Therefore it is important that either the notebooks (that were in the rucksack) or surveillance copies of the poems are returned to me. That would reinforce the integrity of Austria. At the end of september there is an election to austrian parliament and I would prefer not to be a factor therein.

Thanks and with friendly greetings,

John Grover

PS 'Hakkeböf' and 'Leverböf' were two food products (canned) from the producer 'Stabburet' (according to the dictionary: 'food store on wooden pillars') in Fredrikstad in my childhood/youth - consumed by the Grøver family on sundays - a 'Barnabit'. At the end of 2018 I sent - contrary to the normal - with email from the sickbed the manuscript to my new book Volume 4 (including 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics') to the publisher 'Libreria Editrice Vaticana' = 'LEV' - the publisher of the catholic church. As one can understand from the article 'The falling cliff of Beachy Head', this publisher LEV could be of importance for the international intrigue. A 'Lever-böf' could thereby correspond not only to a 'LEV-ÖVP' (cp. 'HAPA-12-ANDA' etc) but also to a 'LEV-bluff' - and thereby also to a 'hacke-bluff'. Which could be of importance if only 'surveillance copies' were the only possible solution for me. The chinese script sign 'SHI' - in the 214 system it is radical #184 - looks like 'Stabburet' and means 'to eat', 'food', 'meal'.

Added on 23 march 2020: The notebooks have so far not been returned to me - at least not the two main ones - I found among other old notebooks what could have been the third, but it was probably only a security copy I myself could have made - if not, it had been 'burglared back' to my home when I was out. In the mean time, the corona virus epidemic has broken out and I notice that the virus in fact resembles the 'Flakturm' of Hitler just behind the police station in Stiftsgasse where I handed in my 'Anzeige' in the hope that they can be found. The 6 Flaktürme of Vienna are in 3 pairs - could be that old joke about the chinese tripods - this one in Neubaugasse is coupled by the one in the Eszterhazypark just on the lower side (a few metres only) of the Barnabitenkirche where I lost the notebooks. I hope the corona virus is not for making a 'global project' out of the lost/stolen notebooks. I still hope the notebooks can be brought back to me.

The present article published on the internet on 11 september 2001 was originally in german language (below) wherein it should have been given the proper 'heading' 'An der Polizei', while I used the 'wrong' heading 'Zur Polizei', which probably is more about the location of the police station - with the Flakturm behind. (The errors of the german text could be telling of the problems of the story). The issue of the 'heading' is also mentioned in this article. Another two articles are this one and this one.

My view is that the story could be about religious despair or fanatism - and the Flaktürme of Hitler could be telling of a wish to take over the role as 'God's chosen people' from Israel. The term is perhaps derived from the graphic similarity with Shijing #80 line 6 - and it is a fact that the back side photo from Vilnius of my work The Endmorgan Quartet is magically interpreted in this ancient chinese poem. But that is because it is a matter of poetic logic - cp. also the front page to my DDS = 'Der Dornenstrauch' - which is everything the opposite of terror and holocaust. That of course is the tragedy of nazism - that it tries to make headway in such philosophical fields by way of violence. (There were also yesterday two earthquakes in Zagreb - not DDS part 3 end of poem #31? Cp. part 4 and this letter - but I dont know if earthquakes can be controlled). My TEQ is not a banner for Hitler's politics encoded in his Flaktürme - my poetry is everything the opposite of that - and it may be that Hitler (and his followers) tried to make headway in chinese 'poetic logic' as well by way of his terror.

Added on 24 march 2020:     The two earthquakes in Zagreb were with about half an hour's interval - the first reported on this page and the second on this page (when I tried to open the second of these the browser a couple of times produced this page instead, as if 'it' tried to tell me something) - the details in the time points can be studied relative to DDS part 3 and part 4 - and when DDS part 3 poem #52 tells of Caravaggio's 'Amor Victorious' at the end of the letter to CICAP, the purpose with these earthquakes, if they be triggered by 'rockpedo bombs', could be to point to my mention of 'skum-bæsj klinten' = 'foam-excrement he smeared' - for that 'An der Polizei' instead of 'Zur Polizei', the socalled 'wrong heading', 'something wrong about the heading'.

Are you a politician and have not been informed by the intelligence services about this apparent english-intelligence strategy? Then it is time to understand that it could be the socalled 'international secret intelligence services' who are involved in an intrigue - here terror on the form of 'natural catastrophes' in an apparent coordinated strategy for pressing me to come with an apology for the lacking heading in an email to Buckingham some 20 years ago or so. Or should it be about my expression 'go to hell' in the corner of my mouth, pronounced down into the roadside when I ran past Ragna Gröver who tried to block the road for me in 1995? This incidence is described in my novel 'The Dreamer' in vol.1 p.561-562 - an incidence in the house had forced me to go out in the street - there was a black woman first and then Ragna Gröver came walking. Was it arranged by the 'secret intelligence services'? Had she worked for them with child abuse? But they cannot spread this corona virus for such reasons? I have also issued a public apology for the incidence if it were misunderstood to be directed towards her - the explanation is in the novel. Why hasnt the norwegian police arrested that stalker (I have rejected contact with her since 1988 and I am in my full rights in doing so - and then continued contact from her counts as stalking) if she even were involved in possibly quite serious child abuse against me - possibly for the unconstitutional power-creation of the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' and possibly the Kennedys? Is that the corona virus and the recent earthquakes in Zagreb?

Again, I have published my sympathies and feelings of sorry if my email were misunderstood but I cannot publish an apology in the sense of admitting evil intentions in sending it. There were no evil intentions behind the email. It must be understood that this story seems to be an organized intrigue - for those 'services' who hope to gain more unconstitutional power. In some countries it may be that the 'intelligence services' may have more factual power than the official constitutional government - and they may hope to gain a global control with a spread a la the corona virus - and it is of course possible that it could have been put in circulation for creating the pretext that the queen has been insulted by an 'evil force' and therefore her 'intelligence services' have to try and do what they can to repair the damage that has been made towards the queen's feelings. But that is likely to be a pretext for the attempt to use 'insult against the majesty' as a quasi-legal pretext for breach of the law such as terror. If that be the case, then England is doing wise in closing the kingdom - instead of letting it become the tool for terror of the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' - who could stand there 'shoulder by shoulder' with their english colleagues in the struggle against the Evil Intentions.

Clearly if this is not only a pretext farce, it could be about a story of factual despair and fanatism that could have grown out of the history that has taken shape since Henry VIII's Brexit against the Vatican - and now they hope to be declared the new 'God's chosen people' with particular licence from the Kingdom of Heaven for their political activities. It seems to be international secret intelligence services who try to run this PTRSIM PIK project.

Even in the bank which I use the display comes up in english when I put the bank card in - that is something new, could be an engineer who made it? - as if it should be a reminder that 'there is something that should be cleared up with England'. Do they try to pretend that I am to be blamed for the corona virus? Have they been informed by the 'International Secret Intelligence Services'? The fact is that it could well be that nobody has done as much as I have for the independence and future of Austria as I have done with my solution to the Burgenland border power mystery - and to join such apparent terror-driven intrigues is not wise. Do they try to give me a good advice that I should go to England? Is that why the burglary and the disappeared notebooks are not cleared out - that it means that I had better flee to England? Clearly that would not be very smart. It may be that England is in a very deep religious crisis - and that they try to gain control with the 'evil forces' by manipulating their colleagues in an unconstitutional intelligence network on the continent. To what extent the english government is involved I dont know.

It must be understood that this story could be about very deep reactionary (possibly existential) anxiety for the new knowledge - even anxiety for divine punishment? - here my fundamental theorem of linguistics that could bring the knowledge of linguistics into the metaphysical regions wherein also new information and communication technologies can be developed. The anxiety tells that this phenomenon is called PTRSIM PIK while in actual fact that seems to be an attempt to cover the historic basis in the word pairs in Moses' book Genesis as background for the gospel of Matthew - it is my fundamental theorem that explains what it is - while the intrigue (could be the background of the corona virus) could be trying to create the impression that 'it is proven by some words from 1995 that it be a matter of evil' - and in the battle against this the international services must stand together? Look at that corona virus... It is not proven that I am 'the principle of evil' - it could, though, be about a proof that I am a human being - but why such despair for that?

Could be the world is waiting for a confession from Ragna Gröver for the opening of my head in 1957 - but I would not believe that the international services are waiting for that. It may be an essential point if Kennedy were present - and it may be of importance if the data should be able to reach the surface of public attention. The airport at New York is still called 'John F.Kennedy Airport' - and if that be a name telling of the powers of an unconstitutional international power intrigue, it may be that the surface of history will have to be changed. The Air Egypt plane that crashed outside Long Island (about the same place as where John F.Kennedy jr. aircrashed) in 1999 had been held back for quite a while before it was given permission for takeoff from that airport before it crashed at 0047 in the hour when summer time changed to winter time. There are reasons to speculate that this crash could have been deliberately organized for creating a superstitious mythological reality that could take faith in a PTRSIM PIK or its demagogic political variant. It is reactionary and superstitious mythomaniac society which allows such terror to remain ominous and numinous in public opinion - possibly including the offer for 'elemental heat' in order to make businesses go.

It could be the plan that I (after having presented an apology to the monarch for these intelligences) should go to England to escape the evolving nazism on the continent and that England should appear as the only place where this new nazism is not spreading - and the eventual outcome of this gamble could have been planned to be tumults out of which England steps victorious under the banner of english intelligence working on behalf of the british crown. It may be of very large importance that the constitutional police on the continent do not agree to and do not collaborate on such a plan - it is of extreme importance for the functionality of constitutional power that the police do not collaborate on such intrigues but stop the 'services' who could be involved. Is this the first century since Henry VIII when this does not start in the 20's? Then it is high time to break the spell and to avoid the historic temptations this time.

The corona virus is perhaps supposed to look like the 'evil' spreading out from me and my authorship? The politicians should not agree to the conditions and intrigues of the international secret intelligence services who could be hoping to increase their unconstitutional power in the struggle against Bad Conscience and threats like that.

Dangerous fanatism it could be - in particular if the threat is a 'mutation' of the virus with a much higher percentage of deaths. Billions of money are lost in every country with this epidemic - and who should pay for it? If England has put the epidemic in circulation, they must pay for it - not 'PTRSIM PIK'. The quasi and anachronistic 'Jesus' for a new 'God's chosen people' is the Principle of Evil? I am not involved in these intrigues.

The terror in USA on 11 september 2001 consisted in two jets on the twin towers on Manhattan, one on Pentagon and one on a closed diamond mine in Lambertsville. The word 'Lambertsville' looks in devanagari script a little similar to the price 3,4 million forints which I paid for the house in Szolnok - and if the twin towers on Manhattan simply means the 3 pairs of FLAKTÜRME in Vienna, then Pentagon = Pamhagen = the Burgenland border phenomenon - which seems to be the essence of the global unconstitutional power phenomenon. The burglary of my house in 2019 was followed not long after by the resignation of Strache from the vice chancellorship due to the publication on 17 may around 1814 of surveillance data from Ibiza - Heinz-Christian Strache along with John Gudenus and 'Aljona Makarowa' - with alcoholic drinks. This arguably could invoke associations to potential surveillance data from july 1957 - which could be constitutive for the austrian party ÖVP of the Kurz government. A new election followed in the autumn but I dont think there came any news about the history before the election. (ÖVP won the election and negotiations continued untill the new year 2020 when Kurz' new government started). Then there was the local election in Steiermark - this had been planned to 2020 but by moving it forwards to november 2019, it came approximately half a year after the burglary - and hence the potential rape of me in late december 1957, half a year after my birth, could have been significant for the burglary of the house I later bought for 3,4 mill.forints. This would clearly add another factor of potential abuse - see 'The hypothesis of the rape' for the theory how this could relate to austrian ÖVP who won the local Steiermark election. Now the first date when votes could be given in this election was 15 november 2019, while it recently has been shown that the first registered case of corona virus infection was in China on 17 november 2019 - the socalled 'patient zero'. The epidemic thereafter developed quickly in Wuhan in Hubei in China (see map) - which is 'isomorphically' with Wien (see map) in Austria in EU (see map). (I showed earlier how this isomorphy even seemed to centre on my PO Box). The burglary was in Sziget Utca which intersects with 'Vasgereben' ('vaske revben' is norwegian for 'washing the bottom bone' - the bone in the lower tip of the spine). There is a certain 'Eisenhower' in this Vas-Gereben when 'vas' is hungarian for german 'eisen'. The intersecting streets to this Vasgereben are Tél, Rege and Ösz Utcas - these reform to Ösz-Tel-Rege = Österreich = (with I/R) Steiermark of 'Sterei-mark' = 'ös-sterei[ch]'. Raba+Szava Utcas --> Rava+Saba - 'Saba' is a sanitary towel well known in Norway (traditionally dominating the market so much that it is a near synonym, a la a 'durex' for men). It is therefore well possible that this potential 1957 rape as apparently abused via the ÖVP factor in the Steiermark election 2019 could have been sufficiently disappointing for the root 'chinese emperor' (not 'imperor'! - but 'impfen' is german for 'vaccination') character in the construction of ÖVP since 1945/1957 to have released a cultural pessimism in China enough for this corona virus. The question is whether the triggering factor for the disease is only direct contact or if 'cultural pessimism' transferred in the platonic space could be the reason: Today is the day when the curve of infections in Austria should have started going down after the quaranteen was introduced 8 days ago - it had a small decrease yesterday but increased to normal growth today. It is the apparent rooting in ÖVP relative to me since 1945/1957 for the apparent global unconstitutional power phenomenon which is the reason why this could be of relevance for understanding the global spread of the virus.

Clearly if the austrian voters vote for me and my solution to the Burgenland power phenomenon - the solution which could give renewed independence to Austria in a liberation from international power interests - when they vote for ÖVP (that is, if they vote for ÖVP but believe they vote for me because of the mixmax story since 1945/1957), it may be that the cultural disappointment is difficult to understand for the voters in particular if ÖVP outwardly appears to be similar to the surveyed parts of my life and work - while in actual fact it could be an abusive relation that paradoxically won the election. It may well be that ÖVP on this backgound should or could be considered forbidden by international law - and could be the corona virus epidemic is telling of why. This possible story is further emphasized by the fact that the solution I found to the Burgenland power phenomenon (that which appears to be the unconstitional Hitler power) was reached via my poetry and the structure of line 1 across the 366 poems in 'POLAKK English Bloggi' - and that is just when it appears that the poetry notebooks I lost in Barnabitenkirche just between the two 'Neubaugasse' Flaktürme in Vienna could be seen as the root of the corona virus story. Clearly if my poetry were the solution to the Burgenland power phenomenon and this solution is what brings independence and future to the state of Austria (in a new freedom from the control of unconstitutional international power interests who want to use the country as a source from which such power can be pumped), then one should expect to find that the retrieval of the lost poetry notebooks should have high priority. The fact that they are still not returned to me could add another factor of disappointment to the story of the axis Szolnok-Vienna-Flaktürme across the Burgenland border - that which could have been just the theme of the terror in USA on 11 september 2001.

Clearly if people keep a strict quaranteen and the epidemic still continues, then one must look for other factors than just physical contact.

25 march 2020: I have earlier ventilated the theoretic possibility that the relevant area in Szolnok could have been the intended purpose with Adolf Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' - the three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez comprising more than a million jewish victims of the holocaust. If the speculation also is right that the 'meaning' of Auschwitz is the two Flaktürme of Augarten in Vienna, corresponding to the twin towers on Manhattan 2001, then one faces the possibility that the entire death camp program of Hitler (comprising the majority of deaths in the holocaust - around 3,5 million or so) served to encode the socalled 'Burgenland border power mystery' which seems to be the contents of the terror in USA on 11 september 2001. This of course is something of utmost importance for Italy to come to 'gripps' with.

One comes to the political theory that the attack on USA on 11 september 2001 could have been from just that triangular unconstitutional power mafia structure that seems to have its rooting in the Burgenland border power mystery - the border between the hungarian 'hymen' and the german 'female archetype', so to speak. It is this which seems to have been solved by my poetry.

Most of the contents of my poetry notebooks was written in Italy wherein I had intended to resettle, but various difficulties (including telephone box problems etc) made it impossible in the aftermath of my disease, so I had to give up and go back to Vienna - where the notebooks, instead of being continued like in Italy, seem to have been stolen instead. That is Wrong Way - in particular when it is my poetry which seems to have solved the 'Burgenland border power mystery' in such a way that it makes it possible to take the force out of the unconstitutional mafia power. It is the combination of these things which could take the elan vital out of people.

The observant reader may have noticed that the problem is that I seem to be squeezed between Adolf Hitler and John F.Kennedy - in what could have been a wellplanned and organized structure intended for power-creation of today - symbolized by the four jets of 11 september 2001. 'Adol F.Hitler Airport'... Sounds not so well - is that the reason for all the secrecy? It could be the reason for the loss of spiritual optimism around the globe, though. However, the impressive authority in the name of 'John F.Kennedy' could have lent some of it from Ludwig Wittgenstein and the only book he published - with official accept from the ministry of education - in Austria - his 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen' - a sort of 'portAiradol F.Volksschulen' - with graffiti in the twilight? Is my penis a 'borrowed feather'? I have not allowed it to be replaced - but it could perhaps have happened while I slept. If there is politics on 'turning on the gender', one could perhaps speculate on such ideas. But I do not write my works (including notebooks) with the penis. (But could there have been a [hired] masturbator - a 'borrowed feather', so to speak - in the church between the two Flaktürme? Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated on 4 november 1995, which was 201 days after I met Ragna Grøver in Krumgata in Oslo, as mentioned in my novel on 17 april 1995 - Grøver/'Mengele' had been at Harlem's institute 'SAO' in the late 60's while we still occasionally went footwalking on 'Skare[t]' - I had met Ragin Wenck-Wolff at Stortinget station about the same place where I also passed Kåre Willoch talking with another man - could be 'they had email' - cp. 'stay ahead[,] female' - I am not an agent)

I still hope to be able to move back to Italy.

It is today the 10th day of the national quaranteen in Austria and the numbers of infections should now (I would believe) have started to decline, but there seems to have been an increase of more than 24% in only the last 24 hours so one wonders whether physical contact between people really can explain this. It also seems that there is very little breach of the quaranteen restrictions in Austria.

The original german letter:

Wien 11 september 2019

Zur Polizei, Wien

Am Samstag 3 August 2019 um ung. 17:00 vergass ich in der Barnabitenkirche in Mariahilferstrasse einen Rucksack mit 2 oder 3 Notizbücher mit meinen eigenen Gedicht-Manuskripten, und als ich um ung. 18:30 zurück kam um den Rucksack nachzusuchen war er verlorengegangen. Ich sprach mit der Kirche und der Polizei in Stiftgasse und Kopernikusgasse die mir beide dazu räten, mit dem Fundamt zu sprechen - und wenn das zu nichts führte, könnte ich zur Polizei gehen. Ich versuchte viermals beim Fundamt, fand aber nichts ausser einer Kundmachung auf der Wand aufgeklapst, die eine künftige Lesung von Gedichte bekanntgab - 'Die Zeit und wir' war die Veranstaltung genannt, weil das eine von meinen verlorenen Manuskripten 'The perfect place' genannt war. Ich weiss nicht wann diese Kundmachung auf der Wand kam - ich habe sie beim zweiten oder dritten Besuch observiert. Nach dem vierten Besuch am Freitag 16 August 2019 ging ich zur Polizei und wurde dazu geraten, eine Anzeige einzuliefern.

Die Gedichte sind sehr wichtig - insbesonders wichtig ist es dass sie nicht von anderen Missgebraucht werden. In meinem Gedicht-Buch 'POLAKK English Bloggi' von 2010 habe ich zu den Resultaten gekommen, mit welcher man die ausländische Kontrolle mit der österreichischen Administration verstehen kann um die sogenannten 'Burgenland-Macht' zu vermindern. Diese Macht ist im Artikel 'The hungarian evidence' beschrieben - von diesem Artikel versteht man wie und warum diese Grenz-Macht aus 1919 - auf dem 'ungarische Hymen' basiert - das Fundament von Hitlers Administration sein könnte. Das wäre der Grund von Himmler = Kimle, Göring = Györ usw. Es handelt um den 1919 'Zahn von Pamhagen' - was vielleicht der Grund von dem heutigen Namen 'Pentagon' ist - das amerikanische Verteidigungs-Hauptquartier. Siehe 'The Burgenland and Jakobselv borders'. Das bedeutet, dass eben Pentagon (oder amerikanische Politik) in diese mysteriöse 'Burgenland'-Macht interessiert sein kann, entweder um die entwicklung einer neuen national-sozialistischen Macht in oder aus Österreich zu überwachen, oder um etwas davon selbst ein Stückchen zu haben. Der Staatsvertrag von 1955 sagt dass es eine Voraussetzung für die Unabhängigkeit Österreichs ist, dass alle Überreste des Nationalsozialismus liquidiert werden. Das bedeutet nur dass man einen neuen Nationalsozialismus nicht haben will.

Der Nationalsozialismus war wahrscheinlich nichts anders als eine ungeheuerliche Ausbeutung von Wittgenstein's 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung' vom Sommer 1918 - um eine gemeinsame Geistesgesellschaft daraus zu machen. Es gelang Hitler, die Stimmung sehr hoch zu treiben - und man versuchte 1933-45 mit jeder Macht zu verhindern, dass sie wieder zur Erde runterkam. Man hat die Verleger-Ablehnungen von seinem Buch benutzt: Siegel & Jahoda = das Holocaust, Braumüller = die Weltkrieg, Reclam = das 'claps on street wall' usw.

Ich wohnte seit spätem 2009 in Zinckgasse in Wien und ich habe mich sehr oft notiert, dass Werbung ('Reklam') im öffentlichen Raum in Wien mit meinen akuellen Arbeiten eine Ähnlichkeit gehabt hat. Ich habe gedacht, vielleicht sind sie eine Art von Missbrauch von Überwachungsdaten. Das könnte bedeuten, dass wenn die österreichische Bürger ihre Wahl-Stimmen nicht so-und-so abgeben, dann kann es zu einem Klaps von ihren persöhnlichen Werten kommen - oder eben schlimmer zu einem Klaps von der zentralen österreichischen Kirche (Mariahilferstrasse, oder war es am Stephansplatz)? Das wollen die Bürger natürlich nicht haben.

Man notiert sich auch, dass der Name der heutigen SPÖ-Leiterin Pamela Rendi-Wagner ist. Das klingt fast wie 'Pamhagen' und spricht damit vielleicht eben über eine gewisse 'Pentagon'-Faktor in der Wahl und in der österreichischen politischen Situation. Es könnte auch bedeuten, es ist für österreichische Bürger überhaupt nicht gestattet, ein neuer Nationalsozialismus (eine hochgetriebene Personen-Geist-Ausbeutung) zu schaffen. Es hilft nicht, dass man dieses Problem nicht versteht.

Wenn es meine Gedichte sind, die eine Lösung zu diesem 'Burgenland-Macht' Problem gefunden haben, dann versteht man auch, wie wichtig es für Österreich sein kann, eine Ausbeutung oder Missbrauch von meinen Gedichten zu verhindern.

Man versteht auch, für gewisse politische Richtungen, was für eine Versuchung dass sein könnte - um an eine 'El-Paso-Umkehrung' zu erreichen: Das eine von meinen 2 oder 3 Notizbücher war in der erste Hälfte geschrieben, in der zweite Hälfte war es völlig leer - nur auf der letzte Seite war ein Passwort für Internet eingeschrieben. Um ung. 18:30 Wien Zeit, kann sein in demselben Moment als ich die Kirche betrat um meinen hinterlassenen Rucksack zu suchen, war es etwas Schießerei in der mexikanisch-amerikanische Grenz-Stadt El Paso in USA. (Das 'roll after' in 'Walmart' könnte 'Hjalmar', 'knørva', 'Hakkeböf', 'LEV-erböf' - siehe PS unten - usw bedeuten, oder eben 'Wahl-Mart'-üren). Man könnte glauben, das wäre um die Rollen umzukehren - so dass Nazismus als Anti-Nazismus aufgefasst werden könnte. Sollte das bedeuten, dass relevante Parteien in einer internationalen Mafia-Netzwerk teilnehmen?

Nasismus ist vielleicht, nach der Nase herumzulaufen.

Es ist selbstverständlich, dass wenn ich Kopien von den Manuskripten gehabt hätte, dann wäre ich nicht zur Polizei gegangen (der Wert des Rucksacks wäre sonst - ausser die Manuskripten - von nur ung. 100 euro oder so). Wenn die österreichische Staat den Rucksack nicht zurück-finden kann, wäre es vielleicht für mich möglich, Überwachungs-Kopien nachzufragen? (Ich glaubte, Wien eine 'smart city' mit 'general surveillance' wäre - vielleicht wäre das geschriebene Passwort eben in Voraus für gewisse Autoritäten gekannt?).

Die 1955 Staatsvertrag ist noch gültig?

Man muss vermeiden, dass z.B. ÖVP sich als anti-nazistische Partei in so eine Weise präsentiert, dass man glauben könnte, es wäre ganz umgekehrt. Man muss einen Klaps auf Wall Street oder Wall Mart vermeiden.

Diese angebliche Bedrohung heisst vielleicht Haparanda & Kemi. 'Ha på ransel' ('Schulrucksack anziehen') = 'box on the rear' - und Wittgenstein's berühmte Ohrfeige.

Die Konklusion ist dass meine Gedichte ('POLAKK English Bloggi') ein 'starker' Beitrag zur Freiheit Österreichs in Europa - aber die internationalen (Mafia)-Interessenten, die versuchen, aus Österreich eine Macht-Quelle zu machen, fühlen vielleicht diese Gedichte als eine Bedrohung gegen die sogenannte 'Burgenland Macht'. Der Terror in El Paso ist ein Beispiel daran. Deshalb ist es wichtig dass ich entweder die Notizbücher (die in dem Rucksack waren) oder (wenn möglich) Überwachungs-Kopien von den Gedichten darin bekommen könnte. Das würde die Integrität Österreichs stärken. Am Ende September ist es eine Wahl zum österreichischen Parlament und ich würde darin lieber nicht ein Faktor sein.

Danke und mit freundlichen Grüssen,

John Grover

PS 'Hakkeböf' und 'Leverböf' waren zwei Lebensmittel-Produkte (Konserven) vom Produzent 'Stabburet' (laut Wörterbuch: 'auf Pfosten ruhender Lebensmittelspeicher aus Holz') in Fredrikstad in meinem Kindheit/Jugend - Sonntags von der Gröver-Familie gegessen - ein 'Barnabit'. Chef von 'Stabburet' war ein Däne namens 'Jebsen'. Am Ende 2018 schickte ich - ganz ungewöhnlich - vom Krankenbett bei Email das Manuskript zu meinem neuen Buch Volume 4 (mit 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics') zum Verleger 'Libreria Editrice Vaticana' = 'LEV' - der Verleger der katholischen Kirche. Wie man es von dem Artikel 'The falling cliff of Beachy Head' verstehen kann, ist diese Verleger 'LEV' möglicherweise für die internationale Intrige bedeutungsvoll. Ein 'Lever-böf' kann damit nicht nur eine 'LEV-ÖVP' (vgl. 'HAPA-12-ANDA' etc) sondern auch einen 'LEV-bluff' entsprechen - und damit auch einen 'Hacke-bluff'. Was vielleicht von Bedeutung sein könnte, wenn nur 'Überwachungs-Kopien' die einzige mögliche Lösung für mich wäre. Das chinesische Schrift-Zeichen 'SHI' - im 214-System ist es Radikal 184 - sieht wie 'Stabburet' aus und bedeutet 'essen', 'Essen', 'Mahlzeit'.


Simon, R.: Shijing. Das altchinesische Buch der Lieder. Chinesisch/Deutsch. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Rainald Simon. Reclam Bibliothek 2015.

Wittgenstein, L.: Wörterbuch für Volksschulen. Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky, Wien 1926.

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