The Burgenland riddle is solved

John Bjarne Grover

Abstract: The article tells of a peculiar phenomenon called the Burgenland border between Austria and Hungary which probably has high or even top priority in current international politics and was the clue for Hitler's government 1933-45. It probably facilitates role-swaps and automatically lifts the power achieved from the role-swap over onto anglophonic hands - the role-swap probably being fuelled by the destruction of Syria via a trick on an old verse from Rigveda. I show that the role-swap seems to be designed to be between international secret intelligence services on the one hand and jewish genetics or 'Judenblut' on the other. But, as I tell in the article, the Burgenland border was considered a riddle for many decades or centuries - but I have probably solved this by my book of 2010 - and therefore there is no real reason to continue that 'anglophonic' power project on the Burgenland border region.

In the article 'The script basis of the modern global power intrigue' I discussed the theory that the verse Rigveda 1-19-7 (in sanskrit) has been or is still used for constructing a powerful political structure straddling the Burgenland border between Austria and Hungary.

Burgenland and the blue metre

With my book 'POLAKK English Bloggi' (henceforth 'PEB') of 2008-2010, it seems that I have succeeded in describing what I call the blue metre - conceived as cycles of 1000 years. This includes the solution to the mystery that has ridden politics through centuries - the mystery of HYMEN in the hungarian language on the Burgenland border between Austria and Hungary. It was this which formed the conceptual basis for Hitler's government and it seems to have been the secret of the austrian empire and the house of Habsburg through decades and centuries. When there were two US presidents called George Bush, one for 8 years and one for 4, it may have served to encode what could have been the more or less high secret called 'Bushenland' - which could mean that "there were in fact two George Bush". It could mean that there were two Adolf Hitlers - among whom at least one of them could have come from Braunau am Inn. Where the other one came from is of course an interesting question. The Bushes are US republicans.

The fact that the two Bushes were US presidents for a total of 12 years around the turn of the millenium tells of the high priority this has for politics.

It could be the most important political phenomenon of the present day, and in particular for Austria and Hungary it could be the most pressing and urgent political problem - not the least since it can lead to much international pressure for allowing for political manipulation by agents and control of various sorts. This pressure could be so great - and could have been for a long time - that Austria could have had to allow for the construction of Adolf Hitler before the war and to carry the burden for it after the war.

It seems that I have solved this political problem with my book (PEB) of 2010. The solution is a little elaborate but it rests basically on the role of the english language being characterized by a peculiar way of indexing national linguistic-cultural characteristics in other languages - and this can be attested via the etymological history of these other languages. My discovery of 2010 boils the whole theory down to 365-366 short sentences which suffice for proving the theory. The clue is in the phenomenon of earliest attested or extant occurrence of the word in a language. It means the year of the oldest document which contains a certain word. For example, in the hungarian language the oldest attested occurrence of the word 'slafrok' is in a document from 1700 (according to Benkö, Lorand: A magyar nyelv történeti-etimológiai szótára, I-III. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 1984) - the word means 'dressing-gown', 'bath-robe'. To find the relevant sentence among the 366 lines written by me in 2009 (that is the year used for the interval 2008-2010), one computes 2009-1700 = 309 and multiplies this with 366/1000 - that gives 113,09 = PEB #114 - which in line 1 is the brief english phrase "In this subject of Canterbury". If one now takes the word 'slafrok' and matches it against the elements in the beginning of "In this subject of Canterbury", if one starts replacement on 'n' instead of 'i', by making a counterreplacement of each replacement, that is sh-n, l-th, a-s, f-s, r-s, o-u, k-b, one easily reaches the form "in Neptune's bitter beauty" out of the rest of the line. The result is what can count as a 'definition' of the 'slafrock' in terms of the english language. It can be seen as a 'hungarian-english dictionary' wherein the entries are of this type 'slafrok: in Neptune's bitter beauty'. The theory is now that all words in the hungarian language can be interpreted in english in the same work - using all and only the 366 lines I have defined in 2010. That of course gives a somewhat biased and restricted form of conception of the hungarian language - and it turns out (as it seems) that all hungarian words will come out with a certain attention to the female virginal membrane called HYMEN - as if the hungarians were maniacally obsessed with the female virginal membrane in all their thoughts and conceptions. This corresponds also to the idea that this is the 'reason' why hungarian is called just so in the english language. In hungarian itself the own language is called 'magyar' which has nothing to do with that HYMEN. (Hungarian for HYMEN is 'szüzhártya' from 'szüz' = 'virgin' plus 'hártya' = 'membrane' and probably is the origin of the english word 'sweetheart'). The peculiar phenomenon is that the same 366 english lines seemingly can be used in a similar way for other languages as well. But there are not so many languages which have such good databases on the year of first attested occurrence in their written archives. I have tested the theory of the 366 lines a little against italian and polish as well, and it seems that the same obtains for these - the italian will naturally have a certain orientation towards christian transubstantiation while the polish will have a jewish interpretation - at least this is my theory. I tried the italian term 'scirocco' - it is first attested (De Mauro, Tullio & Mancini, Marco: Dizionario Etymologico. Garzanti 2000) in 1292 which means (2009-1292) * 0,366 = 262,4 = PEB #263 which has first line 'the man is reaching out' which rewrites to 'scirocco: the mental sand' (or 'the windy sand').

It is the element of english MOCK of the hungarian culture and language - or languages and cultures generally - which seems to be the basis for the political power potential contained in the anglophony - and it seems that this phenomenon was the secret of the government of Hitler - it seems that Hitler (it is likely that even his own name was about that HYMEN) tried to form his government on basis of the power potential in just this anglophonic phenomenon - and that is why he was doomed to fail in the war against England and USA - since his fierce battles were waged with the heaviest tools of anglophony against the german language and culture. This could also be the reason why one could suspect that there was an anglophonic ember hiding behind the austrian surface.

I would guess that the anglophonic supremacy theory has developed after Napoleon.


The theory I have presented in the form of the 2010 book tells that the entire phenomenon is rooted in the first occurrence of a word in extant written documents - it means in a document which history more or less coincidentally has preserved for the present times. Had there existed a document from, say, 1690 (that is ten years older) containing the word 'slafrok', the relevant line in my theory would not have been #114 but #117 - and that is the line 'what happens if' which cannot explain 'slafrok' as Neptune's bitter beauty. It could perhaps explain it as something else - but then the overall 'mock' impression of the hungarian language would not have encircled the idea of the HYMEN. Could be there would not have been any particular overall concept detectable.

It is the strength of my theory that it boils the whole thing down to 365-366 short sentences.

What does it mean that it is the oldest occurrence in an extant written document? It means that culture has preserved this in order to obtain a certain overall form in the anglophonic conception - it means that a collective historic consciousness has tried to obtain this by some sort of deliberate choice - "preserve this document and discard that". One library was lost, another was preserved. There is some sort of deliberate choice in the collective historic consciousness that means.

The phenomenon can be recognized in 'the fragments of Heraclitus'. I have made a translation of these preserved fragments in such a way that it can be conjectured that they constitute a single poetic form that makes much sense - I have used all the fragments known to derive from Heraclitus and I have used each fragment once only. (When I made the translation in the late 1990's, it was for poetic reasons only and some of the fragments are translated with some liberty). The result suggests that there exists a sort of 'logic' in the collective historic consciousness which has decided to preserve some of his fragments and discard the rest.

This is the essence of the theory of 'anglophonic supremacy' in political power - probably a part of the spread of the english language as a global 'lingua franca' after Napoleon and Hitler. There is the problem that the political power seems to be based on 'mock' of the national characteristics.

This theory of the anglophony as the secret of political power is probably not new - and it is likely that those who stare after Hitler's power and want to do the same probably have leaped to the same conclusion that the secret of the HABsburg power is found in Heraclitus' concept of HAPs - the form HAPTOMAI is used three times in the fragment about the man who wakes up at night and kindles a light and looks at his sleeping wife - in my translation:

A man in the night kindles a light for himself
when his inner vision is extinguished:
Living, he attends the dead when asleep,
when awake he attends the sleeper.

The word really means 'to touch', 'grasp with the senses', 'attend' - but also 'kindle', 'to light a lamp'.

My own theories take it further, though, and would interpret the Burgenland border phenomenon as an aspect of the semiotic 'calibration' which can be compared with the egyptian-hieroglyphic 'tethering rope' such as in Vermeer's 'Diana and her companions'. But then there is no reason to make experiments on the Vienna-Szolnok axis - across that old HAPsburg border.

Ernest Klein has published an 'Etymological dictionary of the hebrew language' published at the University of Haifa wherein the formula HAPAX LEGOMENON (it means 'mentioned once only' - here for forms mentioned once only in the Bible) is used so often that one has to wonder what he tries to tell. It is not impossible that he tries to tell that 'HAP-axe' = to break the 'legomenon' connections between the two sides of the HAPsburgian Burgenland border. Or simply with the drop of K a 'HAP-as legomenon' when it is not broken. Palestinian power has for some time been called HAMAS - could be for a HAMAS and HAPAS. Could be this tells some high secrets on the MAMAs and PAPAs of jewish genetics in the nazi power construction of the international secret intelligence services - when the destruction of Syria could serve as 'meaning' the genetic offspring.

It can be added that it does not immediately mean that it is 'poetic' (a la Rilke in Duino elegy 9) if it is mentioned once only.


(Source of Rigveda quotes and devanagari script is

Now it seems that the international secret intelligence services - for whom Hitler probably tried to harvest power - could have been running a project on that Burgenland border of the following type: They seem (see 'The script basis of the modern global power intrigue' for the basis for this assumption) to have selected a verse from chapter 19 of the first book of the Rigveda, assumed to be the world's oldest document, and taken this verse and broken it in three for interpreting the first part as an address in Hungary and the second part as an address in Austria and then they have tried to study the details of the HYMEN BORDER POWER in the details of the devanagari letters - a curl here, a line there etc. The driving motor for turning this into power seems to have been the destruction of Syria - by reading the third part of the sentence upside down - where it looks like the norwegian form 'alle byer krigsherjet' = 'all towns war-ravaged'. Since all the verses of chapter 19 has the same third part, this upside-down destruction of Syria can be used to drive a number of such cross-border projects, upside down or not.

More specifically, it seems that I could have fallen victim of just that sort of 'project' - it may be that it looks as follows: Rigveda book 1 chapter 19 verse 7 could be the verse which is used. The first part seems to tell the address of my house since 2015 in Sziget Utca in Szolnok in Hungary and the second part my address since 2009 in Zinckgasse in Vienna - these address readings are not very clear and it is not a very good proof, but it is not impossible that it is just that. It may furthermore be that the Vienna address means Nelly Sachs as my genetic mother and the Szolnok address Paul Celan as my genetic father - with the third part as Syria meaning me. The conditions of the house in Szolnok is such that it seems difficult to have water installed without invoking the feel of dangers. It may be that Norway suffered the sacrifice of two foreign ministers in the governments of Gro Brundtland for the purpose of making the house address invoke the smell of excrements (a smell of 'mřkk') - via the intersecting street Daniel Berzsanyi Utca which seems to have the death of FM Knut Frydenlund in the one end (Ifjuság Utca - Frydenlund died on the toilet ring in a toilet cabinet during an official dinner) and Johan Jřrgen Holst (who was shot by an intruder in his bedroom, if I got it right) in the other (Szántó Körút). The italian politician Bersani won in fact the national election but did not form government. The intersecting street in the other end is called Vasgereben which seems to mean 'Eisenhower', not the least due to the two intersecting streets to it - 'Tél Utca' = 'Winter Street' and 'Rege utca' = 'King Street' - a la king David. There are three small intersecting streets to it - Ösz, Tel and Rege utca = Österreich (c)utcas. I discovered these and several other potential indexations of the house, such as the Oslo terror (on Utřya - 'sziget' = 'řy' = 'island'), only after I had bought the house. It was perhaps the only house I could afford with my humble pension (an adobe house, called 'Lehmhaus' in german - 25 square metres - it cost the minor sum of appr. 12 thousand euros, 3,4 million forints which looks like 'Lambertsville' in devanagari script - which is not an abnormal price for such a small adobe house in eastern Hungary - it was the chance I had with my economy - and it is not impossible that this limitation even could be a part of the reason for my humble economy) and it was optimal for me due to several factors. The worst discovery was that even Hitler's three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez could have served to index this house - could be not, but if the other indexations hold good, then it is not impossible. The three death camps are called 'Aktion Reinhard' which could mean just 'vaske-grepet' = 'the grip on the washing broom' = 'aktion reinhold' = 'washington'. Was this even the reason why Eisenhower was so called? I notice Ibsen's play from the 1890's called 'Eyolf Little' and his 'Bygmester Solnćs' = 'business is/in Szolnok'? It means that the axis Szolnok-Vienna across the Burgenland border could be an old story.

Since it is not really possible to live there without water installed, I have used the house only for weekend holiday purposes - and then I have experienced frequent strange parallelisms of border-crossings. I had bought a computer for internet use in Vienna and once when I returned from Szolnok, where the internet connection had been broken, the bios of the Vienna computer was suddenly broken and I had to buy a new one. The next time I returned from Szolnok the new hard drive was defect, probably FAT file collapse, and I had to move the hard drive from the first over on the second - for a very mean performance untill new Windows was installed. My guess is that this could 'mean' (unless simply coincidences) plans of repair of the window (in Szolnok or Vienna). In 2002 I may have been victim of a laser beam triggering a brain stroke that partly paralyzed my left hand - this has gradually recovered but is still of reduced performance. It happed on 23 february 2002, my younger sister's birthday, immediately after I had read on the internet the newspiece of the abduction of Ingrid Betancourt. This was not long after the death of princess Margaret - and I later interpreted the brainstroke, if it were due to a laser beam going under the wall of my skull for hitting my hand cortex on the 'horn' site there, as 'meaning' that the will of the princess had been opened and I was mentioned with a property in 'Cornwall' - which could mean that later house in Szolnok (not 'cornsmell'). In 2014 I suffered a similar paralysis of the right hand - the left had then recovered not so badly - but this was appr. 4444 days after the first stroke so it seemed strange. I speculated that the 4444 could 'mean' the name of a 'Bhabha Obhabha' in the devanagari script - which seems to be used to interpret the axis Szolnok-Vienna via RV 1-19-7 - read upside down etc.

This RV 1-19-7 is the one with three parts - the two first being these:

The first half of this could possibly be for the address in Szolnok, the second for the address in Vienna - while the third upside-down for war-ravaged Syria - here first normal way for showing how it resembles the address of my office when I was at the university in Bergen in 1995-98 (for 'landing' a doctorate), thereafter the same upside-down for showing how it could mean 'alle byer krigsherjet' = 'all towns war-ravaged' - such as Syria at the end of the years of destruction:

Allégaten   34   Bergen     alle   byer   krigsherjet

The end of the Wien address above looks like VIM (for Vi-en) only - and if one adds a slash inside the ellipsis of the V, it turns into BIM (the word means 'Strassenbahn'):

Va     Ba

It is very possible that this is the one and only reason for the 'homo circus' (in recent years) with homo marriage laws, male employees in bakers shops, apothecaries and other traditional female work places - that it turns the VI of the VI-en address into BI by way of a slash and thereby also turns the MOCK of the hungarian language phenomenon into MŘKK which is norwegian for 'muck', dung for fertilizing the fields, or it could mean simply excrements in the sense of bullets from a gun - which means the mafioso power that can develop by new nazism.

Rigveda 1-19-7 can be transcribed 'ya inkhayanti parvatan tirah samudram arnavam ma'. The word 'samudra' means (Monier-Williams) gathering of waters to sea, ocean, or 7 concentric circular oceans, the seven seas, the number 4, an immensely high number, a configuration of planets and stars, or the son of a merchant born on the sea.

It is a very special concept that last one - the son of a merchant born on the sea, probably born on board a ship. When John F.Kennedy jr officially died, it was in the airplane of his that fell down in the sea just outside Martha's Vineyard outside Long Island, and when exactly the same happened with the Air Egypt airplane a few weeks or so later, it was hard to avoid the associations to the jews escaping from pharaoh's army in Exodus - when the waters of the Red Sea parted to let the jews cross and closed again over the pursueing egyptian army - the entire army of the pharaoh drowned. The jews stepped up on the other side of the sea, that means. It means that if a 'JFK jr' in some form or other stepped up on the other side of the sea, such as the Atlantic, he would sort of count as a jew - could be the son of a merchant born on the sea = SAMUDRA of RV 1-19-7. The egyptian aircrash in the sea happened in the night when summertime switched to wintertime, in fact at 0047 of that very hour, and in fact 0047 is the telephone prefix for Norway - the airplane described a big N in the air before it fell into the sea, told the news - and in fact Clinton was going for an official state visit to Norway early in the next morning, could be the first US visit since the Kennedy assassination 36 years earlier, when in fact Jens A.Boyesen had been appointed to the norwegian government only a few hours before the shot in Dallas (this 'boyesen' could have been about me - then 6 years of age - having lived in Molde, Oslo and Hammerfest - which could have been the name of the assassin 'Lee Harvey Oswald'). In fact Clinton was there for a state visit in the end of october 1999 and on the anniversary day 22 november 1999 I was brought to psychiatric hospital and held there against my will for a month and a half, into the new millenium, for forced treatment and medication. If my genetic parents are the jews Sachs and Celan, one could fancy that this forced hospitalization could have been seen as correlated somewhat with the idea of JFK jr stepping up from the sea as a 'jew' - as the son of a merchant born at sea - with global mythos effect enhanced also via illegal plagiarisms on my work or a mythos presence in the media generally.

This SAMUDRA looks like this - including the final M (which looks like a '4' or square '9') - the script is otherwise the three basic forms SA-MU-DrA:

Whether this is the '4-4-4-4' of my collapse in 2014, I dont know. Could be the interval really was 4454 days. Bhabha o-Bhabha? There is probably not very much graphic adjustments needed for reading a 'Bharukh O-bama' out of it.

How do you move an 'R' one step to the right? The 'R' looks like two diagonal slashes in different directions combined - like the leftmost curl:

R(a)     M(a)

Clearly if one takes the 'R' in the leftmost part of 'SAMUDRA', where it really is a part of the 'S', and moves it one step to the right, the result could look somewhat like 'März-udra' = 'März Utca' = 'Märzstrasse' which intersects with Zinckgasse in Vienna. Or perhaps 'PÄRZ/PERC UTCA', hungarian for 'minute/fingerjoint street'. I once (it was probably in march 2012) went up this 'Märzstrasse' to Schweglerstrasse in the intersection to which two police cars - right in front of me - crashed 90 degrees to the effect that the two cars stood up in two meeting diagonals (like an indian R, sort of) and danced together on their back wheels some 20-30 metres down Schweglerstrasse before they fell down - one of them crashed into a housewall.

It could have meant 'crash on walz/wall street'.

Hopefully for me it did not 'mean' a 'R-eturn to sender' (does 'SAMUDRAM' look like 'BURP'?) on post to me - such as Hitler's postcard of 1924 - or 'R-eturn' as forwarded to somebody else. I have speculated why there has been so little post to me - and why letters from that official mother Ragna Grřver have been let through to reach my PO Box. 'Sa Mora' = 'said the mother'?

I remember from my childhood - I think it was in 1966 that I noticed the book 'Smuglere' by the norwegian author 'Arthur Omre' laid out on a table in the home. Did it mean 'Schweglerstrasse' with 'om-re' of the 'arthur' already then?

'Harry Potter' is written by J.K.Rowlings. The 'Rohingya' crisis could have been for the pair with 'Rohlinga'.

If one rather takes it that SAM-udra by this movement of the R comes to look like MAS-udra, then the 'return' could invoke ideas also to COMPUTER control - which then could come to read 'RE-DUPE-MOCK' - indeed the nature of the anglophonic control with Hungary and Austria through that Burgenland border mystery - or rather even the strategy of Hitler when he tried to use precisely this strategy of anglophonic MOCK for constructing his government - as an attempted RE-DUPE-MOCK against the anglophonic powers.

Should I have moved somewhere else? Well, frankly, the similarity of 'Zinckgasse' with the second part of RV 1-19-7 is not striking - and if I should have found another place, it could even have come to be even more similar - or at least to some other of the many verses in RV 1-19 - all of which has that 'alle byer krigsherjet' as their last part. Nobody has said a word and it took quite a lot of time to crack the code - if these observations are relevant at all.

But the construction of new nazism should be in very clear conflict with the austrian constitution of 1955. They risk losing the state. Is it the US democrat party who has been running the risk on their behalf?

Was Hitler an agent for the US democrat party?

Austria may be special in suffering from international pressure for making them agree to such 'international' projects on just that Burgenland phenomenon - and Austria has the special Freiheitliche Partei whose program could be to make the country as independent as possible. It is likely that if Hofer of the Freiheitliche Partei had won the presidential election, this 'Burgenland' program would have been terminated. When he did not, the french (Valls, not 'walz') and italian (Renzi) prime ministers resigned the day after the election - rather immediately after the election result was announced. And the german defence minister (von der Leyen) went for an official visit to Saudi Arabia but refused to accomodate to local traditions on female clothing (norw. 'klesdrakten'). Of course they do not want Hitler once again. On my view, the austrian people should try and terminate the program - for example by getting the variables unconfusably up in daylight - in particular since they risk losing the state if it is not terminated. It must be noticed that I now - with my two decades of work up to TEQ and PEB - have shown what is the nature of the Burgenland mystery and therefore it is likely to lose its interest for international politics - and then Austria will get its freedom back like other countries. But that is only if one doesnt run the future into the mountain wall once again - with a new Hitler based on that austria-hungarian bordercrossing phenomenon. It may be urgent to have it stopped.

(Of course the news of 6-7-8 december 2016 could have been e.g. 'Alexander Kielland' = RV 1-19-7).

See also this file of 25 september 2017 - about a similar car crash in Berlin in 2004 - in Landsberger Allee near Arendsweg - cp. SAMUDRA. This crash seemed of high relevance for the german election 2017.

In probably 1978 I went to have some fat or breast tissue removed from under my lefthand nipple but the korean doctor removed the left side gland organ ('navigation gear'?) itself and let the rest remain. Could be somebody else has this gland now? Could be it is from me, but I did not say 'murder'. I am not a terrorist or terror organizer. When Mao was filmed swimming in the river in the mid 1960's, one could see his male 'breasts' (I saw this on TV once).

When I arrived in Vienna in 2004, I went to the Meldeamt to register my address in the early monday morning when they opened at 0800 - and president Thomas Klestil fell unconscious a few minutes past 8 - and he died the next day - could be my registration could then not be annulled. (I had gone there on friday 2 july 2004 but was told to come back with signed letting contract on monday, but they agreed to register it as 2 july due to the tax year of 183 days). 'Thomas Klestil' means norw. 'klesdrakten' = 'the clothing', 'the costume' - such as the norwegian national costume called 'bunad' - a word which associates somewhat with 'bu-nad' which in principle can mean 'the place where you live', 'residential address', same as norw. 'bopćl' cp. 'Bhopal' with the cyanide gas disaster after the death of Gandhi in 1984. For the present context, one could think of the two addresses of mine in Vienna and Szolnok - and Rigveda 1-19-7. Jörg Haider of the Freiheitliche Partei had a name which likewise could point to this complex - when 'Haidr' in devanagari script could resemble that SAMUDRA - a sort of 'Heidi'? Haider as leader of the party was followed by Heinz Christian Strache, current leader.

Is it the plan to dump the blame on me - because I lived in Zinckgasse - and that invoked old sanskrit ideas? Nobody said anything, and I had lived there many years before I could crack the code with the Rigveda etc. Is it the case that I do not get post - I send a letter but the answer does not reach me but lands somewhere else, such as in the secret intelligence services instead? Then it could be that they really are to be blamed but swap identity with me for dumping the blame on me - a swap which is strongly reinforced if the same 'services' send out surveillance data from my life and work to media of various sorts - then it makes it look as if they had the copyright to my life and work, which they don't. If, furthermore, my role is to be 'jewish genetics', while international terror has destroyed much of Syria, that could mean that one has tried to dump the blame on 'jewish genetics' - which even could be for an attempted 'Endlösung' of a future Hitler. But such politics would be no serious state - and it is probable that I have solved this Burgenland problem and thereby rescued the future freedom of Austria. Then it is totally senseless to continue this Vienna-Szolnok axis project.

It must be noticed that it is very possible that international media has been indulging in abuse of surveillance material from my life and work through several years - and if a new Hitler comes up after a decade or two, everybody has forgotten this once phenomenon in the media and it can be very hard to prove a decade or two later that it really came from surveillance data from my life and work - such as in Vienna and Szolnok.

The alleged abuse can be quite indistinct and it can be hard to prove that the material comes from me. If, say, the previous line "if a new Hitler comes up after a decade or two" had been tapped and forwarded to media, and if for a day or two there would be oldfashioned transistor radios, nostalgic cars and things like that in the media, it would be hard to prove that it comes from a line tapped from my workplace. (I looked briefly at two outdoor ads on 26 june 2018, and there could be aspects of my social interface relative to Vienna in both of them, however vaguely - or what about this ad currently up on Westbahnhof compared with the two ex nihilo 'stigma' pieces described in this file?). But if this be sufficiently systematic, it could have some effect and should be documented - could be with witness reports from journalists of international media and their beliefs about this phenomenon. If it can be proven that 1) international secret intelligence services were involved in the terror on Syria, and 2) the same swapped role with me by way of such plagiarisms and could be even post handling, then one could have found a possible explanation to a future persecution program against e.g. 'jews outside Israel' - which could look rather impossible today but which could be possible if that is the only way out of an economic depression a la 1929-1933, after the crash on Wall Street.

I add that I have never agreed to any use of surveillance material from my life and work - I agree to use of only what I have sanctioned by way of publication and then my authorship must be properly credited.

Jewish genetics: The evidence of Kursk-and-Cole

My genetic parents were probably the jewish poets Nelly Sachs (born Leonie Sachs) and Paul Celan (born Paul Pessach Antschel) - who both died in 1970 - Celan probably on Hitler's birthday 20 april 1970 and Sachs on 12 may 1970 - my official mother's birthday. The death dates of these are available from any biographies on their lives - e.g. the 'RoRoRo' monographs.

My official custody parents: The official custody father was called John Grřver officially born John Jensen on 27 October 1916 - he changed his name from Jensen to Grřver in 1946 - and the official mother born Ragna Augusta Devold Eidsvig was born on 12 May 1929. The birthdays of these official parents of mine can be verified under the entry 'John Grřver' in the directory 'Norges Lćger' or 'Norges Leger' ('Norway's doctors') which exists in many norwegian libraries (see internet and doctor home book shelves and has been published annually in book form through many decades. There one can also find his official CV.

That these birthdates probably are not late inventions can also be verified roughly from the relevant issues of Modern Language Review (for those who take that as relevant evidence). See discussion in the 'ABC'.

Kursk and Cole: The destruction by an explosion in the rear of the US destroyer Cole in Aden on 12 October 2000 and the sinking by an explosion in the nose of the russian submarine Kursk at Murmansk 12 August 2000 relate to these two birthdays of the custody parents with 30666 days (Cole 12 october 2000 is 30666 days after 27 october 1916) and the mirror image to the first 1858 Madonna revelation in Lourdes - Kursk 12 august 2000 mirrors this revelation around the date 12 may 1929 for the birth of the custody mother. (One must correlate with one day in the second of these computations - whether that means anything as far as the mirror image is concerned). The combination of Kursk-and-Cole then leaves the label 'the dirty beast (30-666 days) in the revelation (Madonna 1858)' onto me as their official child. One must take it that there are not many married couples in the world with these two birthdays. And, even if there should be some such married couples, there is probably only one of these who fill the third criterion - by Per Borten.

Per Borten was norwegian prime minister from 12 October 1965 to 17 March 1971. That leaves my 11th birthday - I was born (officially) on 29 June 1957 - as the exact mid point of his government. Borten took over after a 20 year nearly unbroken government of Einar Gerhardsen 1945-65, and the beginning and end of Borten's period seem additionally to have indexed my biological parents - and their possibly premature deaths. Gerhardsen resigned (and Borten took over) in 1965 due to the 'Ingeborg Lygren' case in Moscow - which could have meant 'Ingeborg Bachmann' - 'lygren' = 'the liar' and it is possible that the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group in Germany could have indexed just this Bachmann ('laug-e' means also 'to bathe' and 'ren' = 'clean' - in the Vienna address there is now a modern bathroom where there formerly could have been a stable for horses - but I am not a liar!), while Borten resigned after he had leaked classified information to a journalist in an airplane - a mistake which he repeatedly called a 'glipp' - while 'klipp' is what you do with a 'neglesaks' = 'neilesaks' = nail scissors in norwegian. The norwegian governments are listed on the official website of the norwegian administration on the internet.

If you swap Kursk of Murmansk with Cole in Aden, then Oslo will swap with Jerusalem.

As far as the vedic 'Burgenland' axis of Vienna-Szolnok is concerned, are they running experiments on humans of Judenblut? That clearly must be in sharp conflict with the austrian constitution of 1955 - which forbids any formation of new national socialism if they want to retain their new freedom.

What should be the pretext for such experiments? The pretext would of course be the urgent need for solving the 'mystery' of the magic power of the Burgenland border. But it is already solved! I have solved it - in 2010! There is no need to continue the experiments - correlating this side with that side against indian script upside down and things like that.

It happened in 2018 when I was translating the vedic verse RV 1-14-6 that a small piece of gold formed on the white paper where I was writing - I was studying the word VAHAMA just then. Clearly if this alchemistic sensation could take place on a larger scale, for producing 'an immensely high number' of gold-money, it could lead to collapse in the economic system and a crash on Wall Street - which led to the depression 1929-1933 with an immense number of zeros on the banknotes - it probably lasted untill Hitler was installed - if the germans had not accepted Hitler it could have lasted for yet some years. It may be that there exist some formulas of those vedic verses which traditionally are associated with the idea of making gold - and therefore if these verses are sufficiently strongly installed in the collective subconsciousness, it can be used to trigger the fear of a crash and that can be what is needed to trigger it. Hitler and the world wars led to an enormous rise in the power of the international secret intelligence services - they have probably dominated the postwar world - and the socalled expeditions to the moon still count as valid science and everywhere facts are replaced with mythos for enhancing the powers of the 'services'. If they can succeed in making it once again, it can come to be a catastrophe of immeasurable proportions for the third millenium.

It seems that there could have been illegal plagiarisms of my work in the international media - making gold, so to speak, from my work - and one could fancy that this could be the same 'replacement function' relative to JFK jr for magnifying it onto a large scale by way of the power of the MUCK shot out from mafioso guns. It happened in the 1980's that I was to Hungary and a man who served me a glass of his own white wine told me that he had had a wineyard before communism but then the communists came and took it all - which he illustrated with a 'sapsaram!' and a grabbing hand movement - 'they took it all'. Whether this 'sapsaram!' was the reason for the olympic games in Sapporo in 1972, I dont know - but Sapporo is on Hokkaido on the same place (isomorphically) as Nabs Corner is on Martha's Vineyard. The question is therefore whether the plan could have been to make a 'sapsaram' out of my life and work - that my work be plagiarized for a Kennedy replacement function and my life (existence) is so far probably well attested in public archives - and I hope that will continue to be the case.

The international secret intelligence services

It is the role of secrets which is the problem. Why should these things be held secret if they were of decent research kind? In fact the mystery is probably already solved and then the pretext vanishes if it comes to be published.

If these horror ideas of being victim of experiments with human are the case for me, it follows that it may also well be that I am subjected to censorship of post - and hence if a publisher sends me a letter, it could have been confiscated by the censors. To get that sort of explanation after 10 years is something that should never happen in a civilized state - which means that if there is such an 'intelligence‘ project on me, it must be terminated immediately.

In particular, I have never agreed to anything such and have never been informed in any way - and if the 'intelligence' should make claims that I had been informed or had agreed or even worked for them or were an agent for them or anything the like, it would be pure lies all of it. Could be somebody has explained in the post sorter that I was hospitalized for psychiatric reasons and my post must be sent to custody holders - and then after 10 years it is discovered that it was a 'service' project? There are reasons to speculate if such be the case - for the simple reason that my PEB has solved the most fundamental political problem of central Europe but is still, after 8 years, not published beyond the few handmade copies I have made myself.

How did I solve the riddle? It took me a couple of decades and the PEB is based on the 1800 page work 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - the resulting 366 lines is something which a computer could never have found. The 'services' who hope to enhance their powers with yet another Hitler had planned to use the Burgenland riddle as the pretext which should be goodenough - and then my solution comes very inconveniently for them. That is likely to be the reason why it is not published.

Is it surprising that it should be the intelligence services who are the problem? Arent those the hallmark of integrity? It may be an old problem: Public administration, such as the government, is of course utterly dependent on information about the state of affairs but cannot bicycle around themselves to find it and they cannot use commercial services and therefore have to make their own intelligence services. But since this dependency relation necessarily implies a conspiratory potential in the intelligence services, it is inevitable that a certain power accumulation starts there: It is in the form of biased info - the services do not tell the whole truth. Since this implies some power to the services corresponding to the amount of bias - some say that this is the same as 'they do not do their work' - it is inevitable that it comes to be coupled with mafioso crime since that functions as terror which enhances the power from the bias in the services. The mafioso criminals in return get info in advance on the future activities of the government and therefore can take steps for making lucrative investments - that is the relation between crime and secret intelligence. In this way terror as a political power resource necessarily develops and it comes necessarily from the secret intelligence services, since the secrecy prevents the discovery of the problem - and it prevents the services from understanding their own problems. It is likely that this always has been a problem in administration - and it is likely that this mechanism is the reason why one could believe that it is the International Secret Intelligence Services who were behind the destruction of Syria - if that served to be the 'motor' of the upside-down reading ('alle byer krigsherjet' in Oslo parlance) of the last parts of the verses in Rigveda book 1 chapter 19.

Reduce the power of the intelligence services, is the motto here. Many administrations seem to grant those services extended authorities to interact with society - that is the administrations where there are many politicians who get their power from those services. With archive-connected desktop computers in politicians' offices, the formerly necessary role of the intelligence will probably come to be tuned down to programmers, archivists and political advisors, and with less and less international conflict administrations can start trusting each other across borders and need not the whip of suspicion from the secret intelligence.

Downgrade the secrets! The mafia always gets them anyhow - it is the people who need to know them. It is the people who should have had the information in order to prevent that it be converted into misty mythos but they do not get it because it is secret - only the democratic government gets it - the services do not do their work, that means, and create the power by way of this bias.

Formerly 5 chaps carried the rooftiles on their backs up the stairs and ladders for a new roof - now 1 chap comes with them on a lorry and lifts them up with a powerful bias in the course of a few minutes in the morning. What do the remaining 4 do? 'They do not do their work' any longer - and that is the reverse 'reason' for the power of the bias. Hopefully the 4 will not go into an interacting sub-office of the 'secret intelligence services' for organizing mythos-drenched society therefrom - a terrible swamp of intrigue that could otherwise come to be.

Celan's 'Meridian'

It is probably possible to see the construction as created in return for Celan's Büchner speech 'Der Meridian' which he could have written after he could have been to a secret visit to me in Odda in 1960. Cp. also the 'Perc-strasse'. Sa-mud-ra, sam-udra. It is possible that the concept 'Meridian' derives from a comment of mine at the Meridian pillar in Hammerfest in 1959 or even 1958 - I have not got this verified but remember that I ran to the pillar and laid my palm on its granite - interpreted via 'Paul Pessach Antschel' it could be taken to mean 'palm is a canyon' - for the 'meridian' fold in the palm a la the diagonal of the 'lapis philosophorum'? But then I must add that I am not and have never been and never will be a supporter of that 'secret intelligence' affiliation with new nazi ideas. On the contary, I believe that I have found the explanation to the Burgenland border mystery and there is no reason to continue the 'experiments' or politics trying to turn this into a new power resource a la Hitler's government.

It is possible that the construction is an attempt to identify modern terror with my person - such that if I choose to go left or right it is recorded on surveillance and forms the basis for terror or not, and thereby jewish genetics is associated with terror. Could be Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan (who both died in 1970) were my best friends and that we constituted a small community in the inner spiritual space - even that could be called 'said the mother' = 'sa mora', cp. 'samudra'. It must be recalled that Obama's vice president was called Joe Biden and that their names in combination come quite close to my 'John Bjarne'. But I am not involved in any form of politics or terror or secret intelligence - however much the secret intelligences could have hoped to integrate themselves into my person and consciousness. All these things could have been planned early in my life. I suggest that the administrations of civilized countries close down all such intelligence projects that could have been associated with this complex - at least to the extent that it concerns me or 'jewish genetics'. In short, if the 'services' should try and pretend or claim that I am involved in their activities in any form, it is an outright lie. I am a lonely poet and that is it. I have never worked for the secret intelligence and never given any permission to use of my work without explicit crediting of me as the source.

'POLAKK English Bloggi' - the blue metre

My own version of this story is that I was made for writing the 'blue metre' - what I call 'POLAKK English Bloggi', a collection of 365 poems on a sonnet form plus a leapyear poem #366. I had written 'The Endmorgan Quartet' throughout the 11 years 1997-2008, which was a more or less constant attention to the task, without a single day off. It seems that each of the 16 books in TEQ have been converted into the corresponding lines of PEB. The PEB was written as a surf on the wave that arose from these 11 years at the turn of the millenium and it probably cannot be done over again. The PEB can be used to date a text and it contains in its fourth lines the names of successive state chiefs and governments in such a format that it seems to contain the whole secret of politics within a 'corrdinate system' - I mention these examples of line 4 from a few years ago:

PEB #44 = 'to reinvigorate the life of youth' = Francois Hollande
PEB #136 = 'it is a good time' = Yves Leterme
PEB #227 = 'of distant friction, joins the packet' = Gordon Brown
PEB #319 = 'and all that lived on in their brain' = Mariano Rajoy Brey

It constitutes a long-distance gun sight from a God's view - looking down on the globus of the earth. The same sort of coordinate systems are found in my book for Scandinavia and the Middle East (Israel, Syria, Turkey). The book was completed in the summer 2010 - and clearly it should have been published immediately but the very opposite happened - a sort of hysteric cramp from political power it could have been. It is very probable that it would have been studied in many political party offices and intelligences around the world. British Labour launched 'Ed Milliband' as new leader already in september 2010. This is the reason why it must be considered utterly criminal of the world of politics to refrain from finding a publisher for me - for the simple reason that the intelligence services do not have the copyright to the book. Then how can the world of politics come to study it? They have probably helped themselves with pirate copies - mass produced electronically and sent around by the intelligence services! Such quislings that would be! Pirate copies only means that my work thereby leads to the international 'terrorist' intelligence services shooting forwards and leaving me behind in the ditch. That is why I in april 2011 went to the chinese embassy in Vienna with a copy of my book - because it was getting urgent with having enough copies of it printed and sold - in order to make this groundbreaking work help me forwards instead of my adversaries - the international secret intelligence services who may have used that upperhand potential (from pirate copying granting them an illegitimate aura of being in possession of the copyright to this work) for raping Syria. What sort of 'politics' is that?

Now politics have instead and for many years competed in helping Pinocchio stand against the evil forces of the world - that is for keeping the mythos theatre of the international secret intelligence services going while the pirate copies are printed in a desperate hurry in some back room and spread around - and when I finally can come up from the ditch again, there is nobody who needs it any longer.

It is, from this point of view, easy to understand why the world of politics let Syria be terrorized for dumping the blame on me - "hah! you lived in Zinckgasse in Vienna and that was the reason!" - for sort of 'bunad' reasons? - but the reason is probably the simple one of line 4 in the PEB - like a long-distance sight looking at the world of politics seen from a God's view.

That was the jihad! It may be that there were many hired soldiers - more or less arabic - that came into Syria, but it may also have been some genuine islamic jihadists - and they could have found their inspiration in just that God's eye phenomenon which means the blue metre.

Seen from a higher perspective, it may be that this is the whole story - that I was made from Sachs and Celan for writing this blue metre which no computer in the world could make - and which also seems to have solved the Burgenland riddle in line 1. That could also have been the reason for the difficulties of my life - to keep me in a leash for having the blue metre under administrative control. "We haven't heard about you. What sort of book are you talking about?" Even the strange Vienna-Szolnok axis with a rooting in an old verse from the indian vedas could have been made for that single purpose of dumping the blame for the terror on Syria on me while the pirate copies were printed and distributed in large amounts - and the little adobe house in Szolnok was the only house my budget could afford. Syria counts as the world's oldest state - the story probably is about the nature of state power - and the third millenium will probably see a radical change in the role of states.


The conclusion is that the secret intelligence services have an inherent inevitable potential for unconstitutional power accumulation, which (via a phenomenon known as 'weakness in the human nature') includes unconstitutional power accumulation by way of terror - but they cannot do that without being punished for it by the constitutional power and therefore they try to dump the blame on scapegoats with which they can swap roles - and then the time span and 'transparency' must be sufficient for making it difficult to prove the role-swap. The holocaust was probably such a scapegoating strategy against jewish genetics - for the purpose of increasing the power of unconstitutional secret intelligence in western societies without the blame-dump being discovered. The complex described here could span several decades for making it difficult to discover the causal links.

The Burgenland riddle in politics is probably the story of a border phenomenon which makes it particularly easy to swipswap such roles across the border - thereby making it possible for Hitler to make people believe that it was the jews who were behind the terror - and anglophony would, it seems, automatically come to run off with the political profit for linguistic reasons.

But now it seems that I have solved this problem and then it is high time to pack down the plans for a new Hitler.

The question is whether the countries of the world want terror or not. It may resemble slavery - some found it self-evident that slavery was necessary because it was profitable - and how could they sell their agricultural products if they should give decent salaries to the workers? That was the simple question, the simple fact, and many concluded that a society with slavery was better than one without.

It is the same with terror - and those societies who do not want terror should tidy up in the mess before their secret intelligence services get too much power. Secret agency is a sort of slavery.

Grover'as wisdom tells: If you get a good idea, from God, from eternity, from the spiritual climate of your days, whatever - if you put a secrecy stamp on it, then you wont get any more good ideas. And then, if you want more good ideas but cannot have them, you may feel that you have to steal them from your fellow beings - and then you soon get into a vicious spiral of swindle and breach of copyright with theft of intellectual properties. This is likely to be the tragic fate of the 'secret intelligences' with their often illegal surveillances - and be the reason why they are falling into the bad fate of crimes. Downgrade the secrets! Could be secrecy classification should be left to politicians only and not be available to secret intelligence.

PS This article is written on basis of personal evaluations of personal experience and publically available sources - I have never seen as much as a glimpse of classified information. This also means that if e.g. the theories on SAMUDRA and things like that seem probable, I cannot know whether these things really apply and therefore if the reader want to continue work on these matters, it may be wise to try and check the data against other sources. My view is that the phenomena I have discussed look sufficiently probable to call for the present article.

© John Bjarne Grover
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