The script basis of the modern global power intrigue

John Bjarne Grover

The article on the VAVA tells that the two stains on the children's chair was from cough medicine ('hostesaft').

It seems that the Kennedy assassination and much of his presidency could have related to this VAVA and cough medicine - for a 'couping' strategy against my historic role and authorship.

There are some indications that the names of Janis Joplis, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison could have been affiliated with my role in some way or other. These all (as far as I know) officially suffered death from heroine overdoses. Heroine is apparently recognized as a medication against coughing. The word 'dås' means 'box' - and 'The Doors' as well as 'the overdose' could then be associated with me sitting on the children's chair.

'John is doublin' could suggest that John should have a double identity or otherwise be a 'double' type. Two 'dås' on the two stains?

'Jimi Hendrix' suggests some request for money, however humble the amount.

'Jim Morrison' could mean 'give me some order', 'tell me to do something'.

In sum, one could fancy that the three famous rock star heroine deaths from about 1970 could have been about pasting the role of agent against a smaller sum of money on 'John'.

If this 'John' was meant to mean me, I can tell that I am not an agent and have no affiliations at all with the world of secret intelligence of agent bureaus or whatever, and I am not in any agency or otherwise dependent relation to the family background. I tell it crystal clear: I do not function in any sort of role which I cannot tell out loud and clearly what it is. If anybody should suggest that I must have been informed about the house in Szolnok in advance and therefore I bought it, that is not true.

There are indications that there have been almost no limits to the investments into the program of making me find that house on own will and efforts. The best example could be the capsizing of the oil rig Alexander Kielland in 1980: RIGG VELTA = 'rig capsized', 123 people died - it had first been tied as Rigg v/Edda - if one studies the indexes, one can find what tells of RIGVEDA 1-19-7 - and if one reads that verse in devanagari but with a latin eye, it looks somewhat like the two addresses in Sziget Utca, Szolnok and in Zinckgasse, Vienna. A 'crazy' theory therefore tells that the rig was capsized on purpose for guiding me to the house in Szolnok without anybody telling me - for the eventual conclusion that Janis Joplin Jimi Hendrix Jim Morrison. (Unless, others could say, the rig was capsized for pointing to this rigvedic verse for other reasons).

Another example of even greater magnitude is the war in Syria: The verse Rigveda 1-19-7 ends in the refrain which obtains for all the 9 verses in that chapter - and that likewise looks somewhat - in the same manner of peeping - like the address 'Allégaten 34, Bergen' - the house where I had my office during the research fellow stipend in Bergen at the philosophical faculty in 1995-98, intended for the doctorate degree - here first normal script and then the same upside-down:

'Alle byer krigsherjet' = 'all towns war-ravaged'. (The graphics look somewhat like 'krigsjarte' = sort of 'war heart' but which to a norwegian immediately suggests 'krigsherjet' - but maybe there is also some 'jarda' there). Clearly there are other possible readings to this upside-down - but the one I have shown could point to Syria after the war, not the least since Syria looks like lapis philosophorum upside-down - and if you read SYRIA upside-down, it looks a little like LAPIS or LAPYS. See the article on the white stone logic in this respect. If one adds the faculty of PHILOSOPHORUM in Bergen, there are some reasons to see a 'reason' for the war in Syria, leaving all or most towns torn with war, and could be most of the revolutions of 2011 could be seen to apply to the same logic.

So it should be quite a 'hint' for me - pst, John, the house is in Szolnok, the street is called Sziget Utca...

But nobody would believe that these revolutions and wars were only for hinting to me - and so I cannot use this explanation to how I found it. Aha, so you have been asked to go and find it there?

I am not an agent - but I cannot tell whether John Fitzgerald Kennedy could have been.

(How did I find the house? Not so difficult: I felt - for various reasons - a desperate need for finding such a solution - and only Hungary had house prices I could afford, but in the west of Hungary the houses were too expensive and I discovered that they were cheaper in the east of the country and went by train to look for a house in the region Miskolc/Eger - but then I had to change train in Szolnok and strolled around while waiting and found an estate agency which had several offers in my economy class - and this house was clearly the most optimal for me).

However, there are some reasons to speculate that the scriptural signs involved in this Rigveda 1-19-7 could be used on a larger scale - for many sorts of 'political programs' encircling the forms:

Quotes from
Böhtlingk, Otto von: Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzere Fassung, Sieben Bände. 2009
Mathews: Chinese-English Dictionary. Harvard University Press.

For example, there is this idea (whether that has a basis in realworld truth or not) that I in drugged unconscious condition could have been subjected to a 'third man' sort of 'macho' rape in Rome in 1983 - of the form that the rapist had agreed to let himself be shot by a third man in the moment when he ejaculated. One can find this idea in the graphic form of the two indians signs, if one searches for it.

There is the story element that a woman lies on the floor behind the rapist and looks up at his testicles and in the moment when these start the motion of ejaculation - if such motion is visible, that is - she shouts 'NOW!' and the third man shoots. (The bizarre scene can be seen to be the underlying or background idea also of Caravaggio's artwork on the crucifixion of St.Andreas - and the idea of such a 'third man' scene with prominent audiences could have been the background of the assassination of Anwar Sadat - by 'Khalid Ahmed Showky Al-Islambouli' - on 6 october 1981 = Gocto Beri G-röver?).

If the chinese sign KONG is taken to be 'the same' as the devanagari signs, one could fancy that this could be the background of the assassinations of Mao (unless he died naturally) and Indira Gandhi - and the idea that these deaths should be somehow related to or affiliated with my two official sisters.

What should have been the purpose with such a rape? I have fancied that it could have been for making me believe that the rapist was the same person as Nelly Sachs (whom I probably met outside Jarle's grocery shop in Volda in 1964 or 1965): Her transcendent presence in me - by my genetics - would then have been tentatively 'modelled' by such a rape.

There is some evidence in favour of this idea:

I was into a synagogue a few times and have felt a strange feeling in my underams thereafter. Now I believe that I have found the explanation to this strange feeling: The chinese sign for 'forearm' is KONG, it is listed along with another KONG which means 'temple', and this again is listed along with the third KONG which means 'body', 'oneself', 'personally' - apparently the one used for the 'third man' symbolism. Here are a series of successive KONGs in Mathews' Chinese-English Dictionary - Mathews 3704, 3705, 3706 and 3707-3708:

The explanation is that the 'third man' idea could have been for making me believe that the rapist was Nelly Sachs - and this is the reason why I get that underarm feeling after having been in a synagogue ('temple'). It means that Nelly Sachs is my mother.

This could also be the reason for the ideas that I should be 'heir to the throne' somehow - for example the third in the hierarchy or something like that. It could mean a KOKONG for 'the vipers egg' - if e.g. my work in Zinckgasse should have been subjected to much evil hatred campaigns, if then I move over to the house in Szolnok it could (by that devanagari script of RV 1-19-7) turn around so that the evil comes inside the KOKONG - where it could grow like a larvae (another chinese KONG, by the way) and one day the evil bursts open.

Likewise, it is not impossible that interpretations of RV 1-19-7 could have been the basis for Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' - and if that means 'Eidsvig Ragna', cp also the 'butt-lingk', one can speculate if the same scriptural forms also could be the background of ideas of a 'Black Sea Loop' - either in the form of a chain along names or in the form of a gas or oil field in the ocean exploding after having been pumped full with oxygen, leading to the whole seabed lifting up for sending a several hundred metres high tsunami over low countries and the black burning oil setting the coasts afire.

There is, I can add, also what could look like a 'black sea loop' in the form of a curly-haired man or woman (to the left) looking into the hole (like a telescope or microscope) of a female nipple (to the right) on top of the 'wigwam' biscuit:

I notice that when I moved into a house only a few metres from Allégaten 34 in Bergen in 1995, there was - while I came with the car with my things and started carrying them in - a man walking back and forth on the other side of the street photographing the house with a telelensed camera - absurdly in light of the fact that the house was only 5-6 metres or so off from the camera, it was a rather narrow street - and soon the news appeared of the 'milk miracle' having taken place in India probably on that very selfsame day.

This would be another form of look compared with the main character who seems to be peeping out (could be he even looks through a narrow slit inbetween) of the 'oarlocks' up left - the two carpet folds of another reality in Vermeer's 'Young woman reading a letter at an open window', and then the head of the man is the plate of fruit in the bed - the head of this man is just under the head of the nipple-peeper and these two have a counterpoint in the Janus head below on that same 'red cliff' wigwam:

It is likely that this could be the 'philosophical pretext' for the political intrigue - with the nipple-peeper to the right resembling the first devanagari symbol above and the 'oarlock' peeper representing the second devanagari script sign to the left - hence potentially swapping the order of the two in e.g. the 'third man' interpretation. (I found this 'biscuit' in the bed one morning - I dont know if that 'Christy cracker' could have been a background of italian PM Bettino Craxi with his man-on-wagon spectacles in Italy some years earlier).

Clearly with such a pressure (hopefully that tsunami will not come about from 'the lifting seabed'), some people could come to believe that I should have been an agent or that my pension is 'hendrix' for simple services such as buying that house and things like that. All that is nonsense - I have no such affiliations at all - and of course I would not have told these things if I were an agent. Rather cheap agent that would have been if my pension should be the 'hendrix' payment. It is very to the contrary - and I have had to spend all too much time on finding out of these things: If I had not found out of it, I could have risked being taken for an agent, for example. Strange that nobody has told me.

The conclusion is that I am not an agent and not the heart of evil inside the KOKONG spun by 'history'. Jewish genetics is not Satan.

When I made the gold on 10 may 2018 (Ascension Day that was), it happened while I made the error of taking Genesis 1-14-6 for Rigveda 1-14-6 - that is, my permutation matrix for 'Der Dornenstrauch' part 2 ('Unter Gesellschaft') poem 47 suggests Genesis 1-14-6 as well as Rigveda 1-30-14, 1-25-16, 1-22-21, 1-19-7 (the one discussed in this article) and 1-15-9 - but I started with translating Rigveda 1-14-6 and that is when the gold appeared - on the white paper when I had just written down the glosses for 'vahama' = 'carrying, flowing (of water), a ship/vessel, lowest part of a column'. If one takes this to suggest that 1) the hebrew is squeezed out and thereafter or 'therefore' 2) the gold appears, one can understand on basis of the swapped order of the two peepers on top of the wigwam relative to a 'third man' interpretation of the two devanagari signs (sign 1 and sign 2) that it explains why the order was first the crash on Wall Street in 1929 (if gold can be made then its value falls vertically) and thereafter the squeeze-out of the jews under Hitler after 1933. This is what seemingly instantiated Hitler's insistence on the indian cyclicity (his swastika logo, for example) on behalf of Martin Luther. It is important to see how these intrigue elements described in this article can happen to be a part of a construction of a new Hitler. Nobody is served by a new global financial crisis. I must be noticed that the computer glitsch that took place on my computer can have been a first breakthrough in the attempt to model a semiotic conditioning of the electronic state of a computer - and then - if that be the case and it was not simple sabotage - the sensational result was obtained when 7 was reduced to 6:

0 =+IDENTISCH(A1965;A1966)
1 =+IDENTISCH(A1966;A1966)
0 =+IDENTISCH(A1966;A1968)

should normally have been

0 =+IDENTISCH(A1965;A1966)
0 =+IDENTISCH(A1966;A1967)
0 =+IDENTISCH(A1967;A1968)

That is the opposite of squeezing the hebrew out. Notice that this is not about swindle - it is about the fundamentals of how metaphysical semiotics constitutes the real world. If Rigveda 1-14-6 is included, then there are 7 columns, but if one reads the correct Genesis 1-14-6 instead of the vedic, then there are only 6 - which means that making the gold in the sense of a vertical fall of the monetary value is exactly the opposite of what is needed to reach the new third millenium semiotic control of the electronic state of the computer. Very clearly Hitler is not the way forwards in this sense of it.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 16 may 2018