Tu Fu: Ba zhèn tú

John Bjarne Grover

Tu Fu: Eight years defeat

Because of knowledge went the state in three.
Its name told the eight years of its defeat.
A river cutting through the rocks at sea
always regrets the loss that came from it.

(Not: Because of knowledge the state went in three / tuesday twentythree). Source of the poem is this book - the poem is given on https://wenku.baidu.com/view/d2cac238a1c7aa00b42acba8.html. I yesterday translated this poem by Tu Fu and wondered if I had hit upon the secret in the political intrigue - the poem seems to be about the 8 years of the beginning of the fall-apart of China into 3 states (Shu, Wei, Wu) around 221-229 - the battle of Chibi - the battle of red cliffs - and a closer study of some of the symbolism and signs suggests that this condition could be the aim of a 'NYUNKHA' program.

wu = crow, black
wei = do, act, become, serve as
shu = uncle, father's younger brother
shu = number, figure, count, enumerate
zhong = China,
zhong = 2nd in order of birth, younger of two = SHU?

nü/niu = to bleed from the nose, a check in battle
nü = to give a daughter in marriage (norw.: 'brud')
Bru[d]-noseten = NY
zhong = UNKHA

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