A brief story of alleged unsurveillance

John Bjarne Grover

I first recalled this story as being from the late 1970's, but it must probably have been 1982 or 1983. I recall Freddy Fjellheim and me going for a walk. As far as I remember, it was up in the areas of Veum just outside Fredrikstad, but I am not totally certain about this detail - if it were in 1982-83 it could also have been in Oslo. As far as I remember, Fjellheim had or borrowed a pyjama-blue VW beetle, something like that, and I have computed that he could have released a tiny gas emission while we were in the car on the way up. I recall that we were just stepping into the forest area on a wooden path (or was it a narrow dustroad - it must have been very small) when I told a detail from a book manuscript I was writing, and I think Charles Darwin could have been a background theme: "Dyrene blues ikke ved sin vind" ('the animals are not ashamed by their wind'), but the humans are etc. The forest area did, as far as I remember, contain more trees than would be contained in a normal 'grove' which can be called 'treholt' in norwegian. The Orderud Paust case was based on what happened in 'whitsun', cp. norwegian 'vitsen' = 'the joke'. It is natural to believe that this tiny detail from us stepping into the forest areas was not surveyed, and if a satellite camera followed us, that would have been rather early, I think, for such technology. I recall the feeling of my comment on 'dyrene blues ikke ved sin vind' that it was 'sinking in' at Fjellheim - could be that was because of what could have happened in his car. I cannot remember any gas emission in the car but have computed it as possible. I also had a VW beetle for a brief time in 1977, green that was, but I dont think we drove that one, and I dont think it was the black beetle of Ragna Grøver which I sometimes borrowed (that was crashed by her in 1981). Former PM Trygve Bratteli published his memoirs 'Fange i natt og tåke' ('Prisoner in night and fog', in Nacht und Nebel) in probably 1980 or 1981 - I think Ragna Grøver had mentioned the expression 'Nacht und Nebel' earlier. I never told this brief story, as far as I remember, before now - or maybe I could have written it on my computer in recent years, which I doubt. I recall Einar Kringlen had written an article in Dagbladet about Charles Darwin and Grøver/'Mengele' commented on it. That was probably before this walk. He had also once taken me for a drive with his white VW beetle up to Veum psychiatric hospital, for a brief errand there - probably in the 1970's. The hospital could have been not far from the walk into the forest - if it were there. I dont have any data which tell that this brief story could have been surveyed or used otherwise. Frankly, I dont remember well this car element but believe that we had gone there in a car. It is the comment from my own manuscript I recall well, which suggests 1982 or 1983, as well as the moment of stepping into the forest.

Added on 11 may 2018:

I add that the path was, as far as I remember, a not so steep ascension, just a little upwards into the wood - a 'bel grade' could be.

I should add to this story also that Jette Råboe Larsen once asked me for a sexual intercourse in the free nature ('ants' = 'maur' cp. 'die Mauer') and we drove up to Veum and found a place not far from a grove of trees - that was on the other side of the psychiatric hospital relative to where I believe that I went for the walk with Fjellheim. It is not impossible that these stories have been used for imitating or creating a global power balance. The ideas that seem to have been around that octogon Eisenhower doctrine #3 Jette Råboe Larsen was Janis Joplin, Eisenhower #4 was Jimi Hendrix and Eisenhower #5 was Jim Morrison (the three famous heroine overdose deaths from 1970 or thereabout) are of course not theoretically impossible - there could even be some evidence in texts etc - but the most one can say about this is probably that 1) herione was used as a medication against cough and hence could be compared with the two drops of cough medicine that fell on my children's chair in Odda, and 2) evidence or traces of these ideas in the texts and circumstances of the rock stars are perhaps not more than normal business interests emanating from this story from the early 1960's, in particular if the Kennedy assassination and much of Kennedy's presidency was based on it. Likewise, it is of course theoretically possible that Obama is Fjellheim rebuilt, but the idea looks the same kind - it is not impossible that Obama has used the story (from Veum or thereabout) for engineering his presidency, and then the idea that Fjellheim should have been rebuilt to Obama is of course fuel to such a strategy - but I have no reason to believe that Obama is more identical to Fjellheim than political use of elements from the story could suggest. One of these is the possible association of the cough medicine with the idea of the cougar as a sort of 'coughar' - and the link from this 'coughar' to a 'sugar' and from there further on to 'Cuba' is of course easy to spot. Clearly this could have been the background of the complex with the three deaths of 1) Shimon Peres, 2) Fidel Castro, 3) Fidelito Castro for a 'wahini' complex - which, when taken to constitute a 'fidelito' unit of some sort, even could be seen as an attempted strategy against my book 'Stillhetens åndedrag' - which was completed a few days before thee death of Peres.

Recent days have seen an escalation of tension between Israel and Iran - and Netanjahu launched the idea in gigantissimo lettering recently that 'Iran lied'. A 'cougar victim' can of course claim that 'I ran' - and if it should have been Obama from the US democrat party who 'ran', could be not only for presidency, then of course one could speculate what sort of 'lies' could have been in question. The complex of 'cougar'/'Cuba' (they even had a 'Barak' PM in Israel some years ago) and all that could be seen to go back to the vava story with Kennedy.

Iran 'responded' to the claims with a missile attack on Golan, a territory which is controlled by Israel but is of dubious territorial status.

Could be the conclusion which has to come up in daylight before the world can embark on the third millenium for real is the following hypothesis or theory - which probably must exist in some more or less standard version:

Adolf Hitler was, tells this theory, an agent for the US democrat party with the aim of creating quasi territorial rights for the non-indian US citizens in USA - and he designed his holocaust to a considerable extent around Leonie 'Nelly' Sachs ('Sachsenhausen') and Paul Pessach Antschel ('Buchenwald') - as well as other aspects of my background, such as 'Dachau' for the idea of Laura Devold (my official grandmother) going with Quisling to the 'dacha' of Lenin. The Grøver family could have been modelled in the holocaust, and the idea of a link or identity between John 'Jensen' Grøver in the 1960's and Josef Mengele in Auschwitz could have been for just that reason. 'Treblinka' would then have been my name. This means that my role would have been to be the genetic offspring from Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan - but identified in the mythos as growing up among the Grøvers and Eidsvigs (the epidemic of the 'hardon' AIDSHIV is a quite strong indication of a link or identity between Adolf Hitler and Aron Eidsvig, isnt it - or at least that some giant scandal could hide behind the name of Aron Eidsvig?) - quite simply for the purpose of the US democrat party with Kennedy couping my historic role and authorship and thereby creating a feeling of territorial rights in USA. Could be these rights eventually will not look like much more than 'terroristical rights' - I dont know whether the idea was realistic or not - but the association of Kennedy and the US democrat party with the International Secret Intelligence Services and their more or less shady associations with international 'terroristicism' could be a historic fact anyhow.

Ibsen's three dramas are interesting in this respect in the light of these associations: 'Eyolf Little' = Adolf Hitler, 'John Gabriel Borkmann' = me, John Bjarne Grover, could be with skull opened a few days after birth in 1957, theoretically even with JFK present, and 'Wild Duck' = 'child wuck' = John F.Kennedy.

The strategy of feeling of american territorial rights could be not much more than the childish 'they arent much better in Europe' - but the theory could have been to swap pogroms, so to speak, on basis of the fact that most US citizens have their natural original 'territorial rights' in Europe - and if they had exported these rights with them to the american continent, the holocaust could have looked like the pogroms on the american indians. Poland could have been a major aim of Hitler because that is 'where the earth turns', at the north and south pole.

Clearly if this is the history, then all these things must up in daylight before the world can continue with the third millenium in some serious sense of it.

As far as my role is concerned, it may have been the plan in this historic intrigue that I should live first in Vienna and then in Szolnok or at least Hungary - for the functionality of the Burgenland border with its magic HYMEN of Adolf Hitler's government. This could have been the plan for the purpose of swapping the Eyolf little with me as the little vava child, for a child wuck. However, as I have shown in my article on the magic border, the magic can be explained rationally and there isnt much left of what it used to be - and this Burgenland magic gliding into the shadows of outdated anachronism, it is futile to believe that it can have any lasting value.

I point to a certain potential 'complex' of isomorphy of the Hokkaido island of Japan with its main city Sapporo which had the olympics in 1972 with the island of Martha's Vineyard outside Long Island - with the isomorphic element being around 'Nabs Corner' or thereabout - the maps on the web are perhaps better than the one I found. In addition, and one considers the Archipelago GULag of Solzhenitsyn from about the time of the Sapporo olympics, there is the island Kirkøy in the archipelago of Hvaler outside Fredrikstad - the only main island in the archipelago without bridge connection and as such resembling Martha's Vineyard relative to Long Island. John F.Kennedy jr fell down outside Martha's Vineyard - and so did the Air Egypt plane at 0047 o'clock in the night when Clinton was going for an official visit to Norway in the next morning - this was the night when summertime changed to wintertime. It can be said that the jews escaped from pharaoh in hieroglyphic Egypt in their Exodus only with the help of some indian cyclicity - not fully in harmony with jewish monotheism but it could have been hard to reject such a metaphysical offer - and that this old metaphysical story was the background of Luther's protestantism after catholic christianity had been erected on the basis of monotheistic judaism. Therefore Hitler vestiged his strategy in indian philosophy and used the swastika as his logo - for claiming that Luther was right (that is where he won the german sympathies) and the jews had not credited the sources and origins of their egyptian escape well enough. This could even be the essential swap mechanism with which Kennedy had hoped to coup the territorial rights - that a strategy of couping of my authorship is to be 'jewish' in error and my justified claims of being respected in the integrity of my authorship then would look 'nazi'. Of course the truth would be the other way round - that Kennedy wasnt much 'jewish' in his couping of my role and authorship and I would not be much 'nazi' in my justified claims of respect of the integrity of my authorship - and therefore the clever trick would have been that the territorial rights would swap over from Europe to America by a mechanism based on sheer TRUTH. It is well possible that this 'truth motor' as well as the need that could have been felt by many americans for a feeling of having a homeland, mixed perhaps with some bad conscience due to the indian pogroms, are the essence of the electional appeal of the US democrat party.

Therefore it can be guessed that the Air Egypt plane fell down in the water when it, like pharaoh's army in Exodus, set after the fleeing jews - who had escaped in the water but somehow mysteriously survived and came up on the other side.

Could be this tells that John F.Kennedy didnt die after all - it only looked like. But this mascerade or theatre cannot continue, of course, and of course the whole story must up in daylight.

In particular, it wasnt I who lied and I am not a threat against the peace and freedom of the world's nations.

On 10 may 2018 it seems that I could have made a little piece of gold. It happened while I wrote on a white paper, trying to translate some cyclic verses from the Rigveda in light of the error in the electronic state of my computer, and I found the conclusion in terms of the assumption that if the hebrew cycle be mistaken for a 6th vedic cycle in the table of correlations listed at the end of my 'Der Dornenstrauch', then it would look as if there were 7 cycles (6 vedic + 1 hebrew) and not 6 (5 vedic + 1 hebrew) - and that was the ultimate error that i) caused the computer to print out a 6 where there should have been a 7 (1966 instead of 1967), and ii) this 7 that was squeezed out of the computation was the gold that appeared on the paper I wrote on. I had just written out the translated concepts for 'vahama' = carrying, flowing (of water), a ship/vessel, lowest part of a column in Rigveda 1-14-6 which I had mistaken for Genesis 1-14-6 when the gold appeared. Notice the role of 'wahini' in the 'fidelito' complex of potentially attempted couping of my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' against this 'vahama' and in RV 1-19-7 the word 'parvata' which can mean either 'a heap of gold' or 'the number 7'. It is likely that ideas such as these could have been the childish background of the crash on Wall Street in 1929 - leading to Hitler's government from 1933 onwards. Whether there is any sort of 'vahama' in the name of 'Obama', I dont know. See Genesis 1-14-6 (instead of Rigveda 1-14-6) for the idea of 'mountain cave' and other possible aspects of the story.

It is extremely important that these problems be brought to explicit and public daylight and not be used for shady political strategies including militaristic solutions. Errorism, terrorism etc - all this demagogy is describable and that should be done in public without militarism.

For such deplorable strategies as a 'fidelito' complex against my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' could be, I point to Rigveda 1-30-14 which could be seen to start (5 first transcribed words) with something resembling just 'Stillhetens åndedrag' ('The breathing of silence') while the rest of the verse could be attached to the ideas of Gogol's 'Ivan Fjodorovitsch Shponka' relative to the ideas of dark spots in the visual field or is it flies. These things (temptations and possible pitfalls of human reasoning) are not my book - could be rather the opposite.

In conclusion, there is a possible political temptation that is not good in the idea that 'John is doublin' - that I should be a 'doppio' swindler. I am not a swindler, I am not a 'doppio', and I am the same identity as I know with certainty that I have been since at least march 1958 (the first months I cannot remember and cannot be certain of but I dont think that is interesting). Lot and his daughters rested in a cool mountain cave for some time - whether this is the 'moon landings' of 1969-71 I dont know - but clearly a potential swindle in the identity of the once US president Kennedy (also called John, by the way - is that the 'doppio'? - but he wasnt up at 'Veum'?) cannot be told in that way.

The biggest errors of history probably start with a secrecy stamp on something that should have been published for the knowledge of the people and not reserved for secret intrigue. If one discovers such a complex as my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' relative to 'Shponka' flies in Rigveda 1-30-14, it is a grandiose error to stamp the discovery as secret and then start a 'fidelito' program. Such power struggle cannot lead forwards - and what is such struggle for really? For the truth of Luther against the lack of credits of vedic cyclicity in judaism? To tell these truths, such as I would do, is not the same as being on the tracks of Hitler - and you cannot swap me with Hitler only for being on the tracks of truth of cultural history. It is only such swampy mismatches which can be harvested from secrecy stamps and political intrigue and one should not allow this 'fidelito' program to continue.

PS - the conditions for the goldmaking were of course far more complex than just 6 vs 7 columns - but can perhaps be seen to be ultimately and historically contained in these.

I add that the gold of 10 may 2018 was preceded with the occurrence of another two pieces of matter that I picked up some days earlier - but I didnt feel like lending more attention to them because of their apparently indistinct shape and function. However, in light of the gold a few days later they could perhaps be of some significance anyhow and I present them here:

Click here for the first piece
Click here for the second piece
Click here for the piece of gold

It is the 'Long Island' shape of the first which could have some interest, however coincidental. For the second piece, I recall that I associated it with a slice of slightly sweat Gouda cheese, from which a small bite had been taken, when I looked at it in the microscope, but now it looks not so much like Gouda any longer. Could be it has dried up in the mean time. I suppose it is the same and not some other piece. I have no idea whether these pieces typically occur a few days before the gold - that is pure guesswork and may certainly not be the case at all.

Let me put it this way: I recall that I picked the two pieces up and thought, ish, now I dont want to study more of this dirt. But I could throw a brief glance at it in the microscope just to see if it was normal house dirt or more metaphysical stuff. In the microscope view that I remember, the 'Gouda' slice appeared to be balancing on the edge, rather generous in thickness, like seeing a concrete wall from above (the Berlin wall?) in a dream, and somebody (ein Berliner?) had taken a bit of it ('is an resident' vs 'ikke en resident'?). But that was perhaps only a subjective impression of some aspect of it. I suppose it could have been the 'Gouda' slice seen here, although this rests on the side - and, by the way, one could have the impression that the teeth that bit the piece now in fact embellish it around the edge where it was bit off - so clearly some strange 'di-menschenal change' could have taken place in the mean time. Form and matter - or even 'contents' - had been swapped?

The yellow cheese is called 'gulosten' in norwegian, against 'brunosten' = the brown Gudbrandsdal cheese made (also) from goats milk. 'Brun' = 'brown', 'sten' = 'stone', hence combined for the Vollkornbrot piece, while 'brunsten' = 'the sexual drive'. In RV 1-19-7, the word immediately preceding the word 'parvata' which can mean either 'a heap of gold' or 'the number 7' is quite difficult to read and decipher, but it seems that it comes down to something close to 'nyunkha' (with long 'u') translated by Monier-Williams (p.573 col.1) as 'the insertion of the sound O in the recitation of hymns'.

Here are the sources for the finding:

Internet source is this one - see chapter 19 verse 7 - from the page Rigveda Samhita with sanskrit source online.

For the transcription of the relevant verse chapter 19 verse 7 see at 1.019.07a under this file.

Böhtlingk, Otto von: Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzere Fassung, Sieben Bände. 2009 - entry 1
Böhtlingk, Otto von: Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzere Fassung, Sieben Bände. 2009 - entry 2

Monier-Williams, Monier: Sanskrit-English Dictionary. Oxford 1979

One can speculate that the O-insertion in HYMNs was the contents in the socalled Challenger disaster when it exploded due to a leak in a socalled 'O-Dichtung' (german). "Als Grund wurde das Versagen eines oder mehrerer Dichtungsringe in einer der seitlichen Feststoffraketen ermittelt".

It seems also that the concepts surrounding this 'nyunkha' could conspire on a concept of 'sinking down' - and one could guess that this could have been associated with 'Zinckgasse'. If so, it could be the essential theme - and one could speculate whether it would have been part of plans for a new economic crisis of Wall Street type.

Added on 14 may 2018:

If the word 'NYUNKHA' is spelt with a short U then it can mean 'pleasing', as it seems. Was I a wonderchild when I pronounced the 'vava', or were I only 'pleasing', having understood that this was something that the parents 'needed' to get from me - could be they had prepared for a redundancy hole to be filled in by me and I was 'pleasing' and let them have it? If the politics is the difference between RA.RA.RP and VA.VA, then one could launch this idea of a prepared redundancy hole - but it is also possible that they found this link after my independent 'vava' - although that 'AMeRican President' of Böhme's 'Aurora' is a little special. If there is a gigantissimo program on this NYUNKHA, then it could perhaps mean that 'pleasing' of the 'vava'. (A 'new uncle' had been there - Paul Celan?) But the short U version (pleasing') is not the same as the long U version which seems to mean 'the insertion of the sound O in the recitation of hymns'. Nelly Sachs used the poetic 'O' quite a lot. But Sachs, even if she should be my genetic mother, was not the 'Butt-link'? Could be you need the 'Böhtlingk' for finding the link between the 'inkhayanti' of RV 1-19-7 and this NYUNKHA - without the Böhtlingk you will perhaps not find it. If there is no link between inkhayanti and nyunkha except for this line in Böhtlingk, then one can guess that I wasnt really pleasing - but that I told of a natural link to Paul Celan.

For the idea of 'tinc-tu[re]' of Böhme, I notice also the 'tin can' of the 'overdås' on the stains of cough medicine on the children's chair - and potentially the idea of the parents dream of having asked/prayed for it.

Why should little me up in Norway be of such interest? There is the idea that after Napoleon the program on the parallel territorial rights (parallel to USA) was launched with Denmark granting civilian rights to the jews - and Norway, then a part of Denmark, breaking out for an independent antisemitic state wherein no jews had access to the kingdom (the constitution of 1814 - the antisemitic paragraph was lifted in 1852). I dont know whether the state of Norway 1814 was sufficiently ratified by other countries. If not, it could have been for being a european parallel to USA and then the explanation to the 'Klipra connection' could in fact go back to 1814 and be about just such things as territorial rights.

Was this whole story for the purpose of me writing the blue metre and thereby solving the mystery of the HYMeN of the Burgenland border - without pleasing the power? Well, I have written it - it was completed in 2010 - and I think that it should be published. I hope that a decent publisher will send me a letter asking for rights to publish copies of it.

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