The vava story

John Bjarne Grover

The article assumes that Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan are my genetic parents or at least that they are so in a political mythology.

I was working recently with some sanskrit lines and came across the definition of the 'visarga' in Morgenroth's 'Lehrbuch des Sanskrit' where he tells that the devanagari 'visarga' ('h' with underdot as the transcribed 'colon' = ':') 'vertritt s oder r', and in older texts and inscriptions there can also be an 'x' that 'vertritt 'h' with underdot before 'k(h)' - and there can be two semicircles concavely adjoined in up-down direction for the same before 'p(h)'.

I recognized the phonological principles from the name of Paul Antschel and leaped to the conclusion that the story of the 'vava' in Odda some time in the period 1960-1962 (I think we came to Odda in the last days of 1959 and moved away from the place in the first half of the year 1962, could be late spring or even summer 1962) could have been because he had been there and talked with me. This is a theory I have had several times - that he went there clandestinely in the hope of meeting me outside the house - and the meeting is the background of his 'Meridian speech' for the Büchner prize of of 1960. The theory is sometimes found in the form of the urgent need for him to travel to Stockholm because a letter with secret information about me which he had given to Nelly Sachs on her departure from Paris could have been stolen by burglars in Stockholm - he seems to have instructed her to read the letter and then destroy it because of the high secrecy classification, but if she kept it some days in her home without destroying it, it could have gone lost - and therefore he had to travel up to give her a copy - but the theory tells that this was a pretext made by the french services of de Gaulle who also had provided a copy of Celan - a similar-looking natural who was willing to take the job and travelled with Celan's passport to Stockholm while Celan travelled with his across the border to Norway - over Finse where a french liaison waited in car and they drove down to Odda and he waited behind some bushes. Those who tell this theory tell that Sachs was so ill that she did not recognize him when he stood in her door in Stockholm. This theory includes some further elements - such as the letter he sent to his wife from Stockholm on 5 september 1960 which contains some 'messages' - such as his gift of white gloves from Bachmann to Sachs - 'des gants blancs' = 'de ga blank-[e fan]' = 'they gave a goo[d amn]' and 'preuve de fausseté' = 'prøvde å få sett det' = 'tried to get a glimpse of it / to see it'. Of course this letter could have been authored with the help of the french services and mailed from Stockholm by the copy.

However that be, when I now saw this 'visarga' definition again, it dawned to me that it could be the secret in the names of Celan and Sachs - and then the story of my 'vava' from Odda could have been after Celan had been there and I recognized his name in those two drops of cough medicine on the chair. I told this story on the web on 8 april 2007:

What I have to tell is this childhood memory of mine: It was in Odda - where I also knew 'Gori' - that I noticed two rings from some fluid stuff which had left circular marks on the seat of the wooden child's chair I had got. Vibeke Gröver had got one, and I had got another - there were only two of these small children's chair and they differed notably in the pattern on the seat, in particular these two stains. I think it could have been from the mixture against cough which was called "Frölich's hostemikstur" = 'hostesaft', cp. 'kosteskaft' = 'broom'. There were two kinds of 'hostesaft' used in the house - one bad-tasting and efficient and this Frölich's which had a nice taste. I think the stains on my chair was from some spill of 'hostesaft', but it could be that this was a personal association of mine. I remember a situation in the kitchen when Ragna Gröver was present when I pointed to the two stains and said: "Vava". I think this was a comment I may have used - as is the possible analysis now - for occasions when Gröver/'Mengele' could have been about putting himself in the place of Paul Celan, in which case 'papa' would relate to 'vava' such as 'Paul Celan' relates to 'Folterer'. Or maybe this is a political analysis reminiscent of the one on the clothespegs in the class in Molde. // I think the chair was in the kitchen on that occasion. I often ran in and out of the rooms - perhaps as a sort of 'space shuttle'. (I remember Vibeke Gröver and I a few times ran around with teaspoons with butter - 'olja handel-stand'?).

This story is still vividly present in my mind and I recall well that I pronounced the word with a sort of 'discoverer's intent'. Today it is a little hard to decide whether it could have been engineered by political intrigue, but I do recall a feeling of discovery - which also could have been related to a discovery of the understanding of a role of Celan - if, that is, this was the background of it. When I now came across this 'visarga' again, I understand that the 'colon' sign can be the same as the colon that occurs next to the 'stool' hieroglyph on the 'lapis philosophorum' - and these again occur with immediate proximity to the 'foot' = FU and the 'water' = VA - together a VAVA telling of the 'visarga' background of the name and function of Celan. (It can be added that it is well possible that Hitler's 'Treblinka', meaning my name, is a jewish mystery closely related to the 'visarga', and it may be that the flies of Shponka is the devanagari 'anusvara'). It is a little hard to find a good definition of the visarga and anusvara of devanagari - but it seems that the sign includes a recognition of the characteristic bow of the RA sign - the angle going down from the top line which also occurs with the semicross in the SA sign and in that KhA sign, followed by an ellipsis, which could have been for that older 'x' variant of the visarga. On there is the talk of two semicricles 'flipped sideways' (there are some delicious peanut 'flips' - not 'flies' - launched on the market these days - a sort of cheesepop news) - if they are flipped in the particular way they can land on the devanagari 'L' and then it could apply to the L of PauL Pessach AntscheL. However, my early linguistic discovery could see these as standard visarga for Pau-R Pessa-R Ant-R-e-R - and then my VAVA would mean a Pau-V and VEV or simply PAPA and VAVA. Celan's father in Czernowitz was a seller of woodware - and they moved from Wassilkogasse to Mazarykgasse when he was 15. I dont know how old the plans of a coup could be. Could be an 'anusvara' could turn this into PAPA and MAMA - for Paul Pessach Antschel and Leonie ('Nelly') Sachs. He could have told me her name if we met outside the house. It could have been this discovery I communicated with the form VAVA.

Quite a wonderchild in linguistics that could have been. I then understood a few days ago, having just realized this, that the socalled Wah-Wah pedal for electric guitars - invented apparently after this Odda story - follows the mechanics of just the FOOT and WATER hieroglyphs and although it makes a WAWA sound it is nevertheless likely that it could have been produced for the simple reason of couping my early discovery. Political intrigue couping my early scientific work - that is too bad. It would have been the official mother (not the genetic one, that could mean) who leaked the discovery to the 'services' who forwarded it to media and entertainment business. Of course the wonderchild scholar would soon silence and withdraw from further studies when the results were as badly abused as this. (I was rather old before I could take up the poetic-scientific work again). It is fully possible to understand the modern world as just this problem - the media brimming over with surveillance data from my life and workdesk - forwarded via the surveyors - instead of my books being published and for sale in the bookshops. Today the one bookshop after the other is closing or turning into souvenir and postcard sellers - and the media are service propaganda forwarding surveillance data to which they by the law should have had the copyright to if they were to forward it.

In 1997 I sent a letter to once wonderchild Midori born in 1971 and hoped for an answer to me rather than to the services or the norwegian historic background. It may be that this has turned 'political'.

Is the spiritual level of the world in a critical downwards movement - could be even because of this Kennedy coup politics?

Now from this recognition of the 'wawa' pedal as a hijack of my early discovery, I had to realize that the RA.RA.RP of Böhme as the background of the Kennedy assassination in 1963 could have been precisely the same sort of hijack of a WA.WA.RP of mine. A closer study of Kennedy's period as president tells that this VAVA could have been at least half of his presidency - which would have meant that the official mother leaked it to the services who told it to Kennedy who made much out of it - or the services used the VAVA via Böhme's RARA for making an assassination plan and then Kennedy could have signalled back again that he knew about the plans. At least the following two famous events from his presidency seems to tell of preparations for the 'assassination' - either as his own theatre or as what had been planned for the open car in Dallas:

1962 - the Cuban Missile Crisis = the cubhan (= 'coughin') me-söl (= 'with-spill') crisis (= 'krai-sits' = the across-sits chair seat) - that means the two colon stains from the cough medicine on the seat of the children's chair

1963 - the speech "Ich bin ein Berliner" held by the AMeRican President - subtracting Böhme's AM.R.P. leaves 'eican resident': In anglophony that could mean 'is an resident', such as he claimed to be, but in norwegian it could be 'er ikke en resident' = 'is not a resident', which probably was closer to the truth. This speech suggests that Kennedy was very well aware of this formula of Böhme - which is closely attached to the RA.RA.RP which could be applied for couping my VA.VA.RP.

Was this Kennedy's warnings that an assassination could trigger a nuclear war - or was it rather Kennedy's attempt to coup the jewish-genetic diaspora culture in continuation from Hitler's Treblinka and holocaust generally?

If it was Kennedy's own coup, and then the assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald would have been Kennedy's own preplanned theatre, then it could have been for reasons of the similarity of the holocaust with the indian pogroms - and thereby an attempt to provide territorial rights to the non-indian american people. If so, then Hitler (sailing under the 'sanskrit' swastika logo) could even have been an agent for Kennedy - preparing for that program.

My own view is that Sachs and Celan could have been made as anusvara and visarga, and I was born in Sandveien = Sandskritt for just that reason, for the purpose of Kennedy couping my early intellectual properties. If so, he would have started his presidency with preparatory steps and they would have followed my movements with microscoping precision in the search of some intellectual achievement which could have been used for the coup - and it may be that I recall a feeling something like that - that it was a discovery they had waited for. It is possible that the coup would not have been efficient if they had prepared for the discovery themselves - which of course they could have done, preplanning with cough medicine for a lapis colon and with clever propaganda put the word in my mouth. But it is more probable that it had to be my own achievement if it were to be efficient. However, this Böhme formula is quite mystic and interesting and meets the formula of 'american president', so there are reasons for seeing it as a propaganda achievement.

The Cuban missile crisis took place after we had moved away from Odda so it is certain that my VAVA was before the cuban crisis. However, Kennedy early started provoking Cuba with the 'pigs bay' story - and one can read that formula upside down (cougar posture?) as 'madrid' or something like that. 'Hva sa du?' = 'what did you say?' Was it VAVA or sth like that? 'Hva ibid' can mean 'hva hva'. ('O bama' can mean 'she asked me' - to say VAVA? - cp. 'hva ibidem'). This Pigs Bay was on 17 april 1961 - and the question is whether it was before or after my VAVA - but if I said the VAVA after Celan had been to Odda/Stockholm in september 1960, then clearly it would likely have been after. One could fancy that they had spent the time with cheselling out the plans and strategies for the Cuban crisis and the assassination theatre in the open car - and concluded the work with the attack on Pigs Bay. Did Kennedy even win the election with this VAVA?

In early may 1961, tells the RoRoRo biography on Kennedy, he signed the law that lifted the minimum salary with 25%. On 16-18 may 1961, which was 4 months minus 2-4 days after the beginning of his presidency on 20 january, Kennedy was on official state visit to Canada. This could suggest that the minimum salary would have been about a 'panama silira' - or silicon lifting of the top of the head with 25%. He signed the law on the day when the first american was in outer space - which could be telling of a certain 'hat' on the later moon landings. Looking at the end of his presidency, one finds 4 months minus 2-4 days before 20 january 1964 that he was on a travel to 11 american states:

California, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington (State), Wisconsin, Wyoming.

If one turns HI vowels into LOW and vice versa, one gets a story something like this:

key la femi i / må ha han i sitte / med en ting i / nevi di / ne ti dikken di / eregert / penis av fryseren / (solve et coagula) / vis han til / vasken simmering/summerrain/cardushians

that is, the rotation of the lapis philosophorum including ideas of sodomy (ha i sitte), necrophilia - with penis from the freezer. (I dont know who that could have come from). 'Key la femi i' could mean just that installation of breast tissue under my leftside nipple in 1970 or 1971, which would have been in drugged condition. Kennedy got on 7 august 1963 a son 'Patrick' who lived for only 2 days (Celan had also got a son Francois who lived for only 30 hours) - and it is of course possible that I slept for 2 nights before that installation was healed - if, that is, it was installed and was not a trick from nature. It would have led to a slight curvature on that point - which would be the eyebrow of the eagle on the lapis philosophorum - the top curvature of the 'placenta'. Mystic studies can suggest that in the platonic realm this curvature is really straight - it is like that Indra's bow in indian philosophy which is unbent and invisible to mortals - an unbent rainbow. The series of HI-LO converted state names suggests the idea that there could have been an erect penis from the freezer put into my drugged and clutching hand resting at my hip on the bedsheet - like the hip flap on riding trousers - in the moment when the breast tissue was installed. I am not claiming that such voodoo ideas were employed, but the state names could suggest so. This story could also be turned into a self-sucking idea - in which case the question would be what to do with the ejaculated matter that could have come with 'suddenly' surprise into the mouth more than a decade later - and to spit it out in the sink would have been the natural solution. However, the sink is where the lapis philosophorum naturally is found, as suggests Ouyang Xiu as well - cp. also this photo of the 'Flower Shoe' which could have given me a good tip on the chinese poet - although to associate the lapis philosophorum with outspitted selfsucked semen is too naive.

The series of states can be seen to be the rotated lapis philosophorum from that sort of viewpoint - including the understanding of photo 3 as 'necrophiliac'. It is a very great error to believe that perversities are a part of human nature or the form of the human psyche in the sense of the lapis philosophorum - that is a very perverse conception which could take the whole development astray if it were to form the basis for a political program, for example. And clearly 'couping' of intellectual property and achievements is no less perverse and cannot lead to any real progress.

The series of states are listed in alphabetic order - that is the hallmark of my own 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' which is my own quite revolutionary discovery. (The 'beast of terror' is probably a perverse 'political' variant of the 'fundamental theorem' - which could be telling that those who want to coup territorial rights could be nervous about sins of their past. If the nerves could be calmed down, then they will understand that peaceful coexistence is possible and then it is possible to understand that couping of truth is not necessary). The alphabetic order is what puts semantic assignment on a par with logical order - and thereby contributes to give shape to your world - and that can be precisely the contents of the devanagari anusvara and visarga as well. I dont know in what order Kennedy travelled these states in 1963.

Is this a proof that the coup of the jewish-genetic diaspora culture was planned from the beginning of Kennedy's presidency - I mean, the panama hat and the Canada visit?

The last thing Kennedy did before his Dallas travel was on 21 november 1963 to instruct his advisors to launch a program of a 'war on poverty', or 'war against poverty'. HI-LO turning these formulas can allow for a recognition of the form 'firerbanden o Vibeke' = 'the gang of four and Vibeke' - and this could be the origins of the myth that Vibeke Gröver was in China. What for - on the day before the assassination in 1963? It could mean a US democrat responsibility claim on parts of the history - via a 'sister Vibeke' who also had such a chair, although without cough stains? If her name means 'wolf', then perhaps the story could be just that 'wolf in granny's clothes'? Wolf is photo 2 while 'granny's clothes is photo 3 - the parabola antenna of the ballerina skirt around the waist of the 'necro' that takes in the cosmic radiation. Hence the formula of 21 nov 1963 could be simply 'the rotation of the lapis'.

Perversities are always related to truth - they could even look like the truth - but go a little astray. A coup is a perverse act from that point of view. People are cheated to believe that it is the truth could be because of some secret details.

A coup of the jewish-genetic diaspora culture cannot be right, though. Strange that nobody has found a publisher for my work.

The most massive coup machine could have applied to my life and intellectual achievements - such as the Kennedy assassination, the US involvement in the Vietnam war etc etc. (Was the US involvement in the Vietnam war a part of the couping of the jewish-genetic diaspora culture? Olof Palme took part in a public manifestation against the US involvement in the Vietnam war while he was still in the government, if I remember right. I think Charles de Gaulle even had France out of NATO for a period of time). Even Syria with its recent warfare as a turned-around lapis at the hip of Israel? 'Obama' and 'Joe Biden' are names that resemble my 'John Bjarne' - not identically the same, though. The world should not wait for me to submit my work to peer review under such circumstances - but should find a publisher who wants to publish my work - instead of agreeing to the working of that coup machine which taps my work and circulates it in illegal coup form via tapping services and media - 'wawa' pedals sort of. Is it the US democrat party who pretend to be the new 'jewish-genetic diaspora culture'? Well that could be the wolf in granny's clothes. The americans should try and regain self confidence and self esteem by better and more straightforward ways. I touched upon this story first in the article The turning of the lapis philosophorum which I put out on the internet two days ago, on 27 april 2018. What will happen when that and the present article brings some substantial data to daylight which could come to change the official view on history? Will it lead to a drop of the coup plans that could have grown since those days - or will there arise politicians who seem to talk my case but really only coup my role once again? There was a 'Vince Young' in the american news on 28 april - I dont know what is his program.

It is this sort of world which has developed since the Kennedy assassination and there could be a good way to walk to reach a state of truth. Why not find a publisher for my works instead? That would be to go for truth rather than swindle and couping. They want to forward my work via the surveying services who forward them on to the media from where they fall down like summer rain on the public? Well that would be a perverse culture which has a lot still to learn.

I add that I have so far never been told a word about this story - I have discovered it all by my own studies. But why is it that nobody else tells this story? Isnt that very strange? Such a coup cannot be much to respect?

If the story told here should be the truth, and somehow there must probably be some sort of truth in it, either this way or that, it must probably be concluded that it must count as unlawful politics.

Is it possible to find out whether Kennedy with his Berliner speech pre-told an assassination theatre in advance - or did he just signal strongly that he knew about the plans? Could be it is possible to find out of it. If the assassination were not theatre, it can be concluded that the threats of nuclear war (in the Cuban Missile Crisis) luckily did not come about - and the Warren commission concluded that it was a sick loner who had done it.

Do you believe that it is little Norway who shot wildly around for a few years - Lenin, Kennedy, Mao, Gandhi.... - and nobody could stop them but the world stood helpless and could do nothing? Or could this have been a shadow theatre for more powerful political factors?

Concluding, there are reasons to believe that the Kennedy assassination could have been for the purpose of couping my historic role and intellectual achievements (me as a constructed representative of the jewish-genetic diaspora culture, I would guess), whether Kennedy made the assassination himself or not. However, since 'visarga' could be an essential part of this story, if 'visarga' also is the indian version of a jewish (?) 'treblinka', then it may be that the story of the Kennedy assassination is an old one. Whether this or that be the version, it looks as if my career has been in some heavy weather - and that much could be gained by getting my authorship career up and going.

ROHITA in more quasi devanagari could be a play on the phenomenon that visarga applies (as 'h') for RA, SA and (as 'x') before KhA, all of which have this angle of RA in the beginning. KhA has a following circle or ellipsis which then suggests Ro - followed by a downstroke of H and the rest of the SA after the leftside downstroke on H. (It may be that I got a stroke in 2002 - could it have been from a laser beam?) It is possible to construct a devanagari 'logic' which reduces 'Rohinygya' to the formula for VISARGA.

There is also a trivial play with forms from 'RO.HI.N(I)' = born under the moonhouse Rohini, cp. RO.HI = gaselle, semen, tree, to the form arrived at by inserting the HI as if it were devanagari 'RA.SA.RP/RA.RA.RP' for Böhme's formula (with the 'visarga' fusion of R and S). Can it be reached via 'RA.SI.SM'? Were the socalled manned expeditions to the moon in the late 60's simply a mock of the grandiose career of the wonderchild? 'Vahini' means an army, such as in Vietnam (or an army division called '3 Gana' - with retroflex 'n' - of 81 elephants, 81 cars, 243 horses and 405 foot soldiers - I notice that Obama in 2016 went to Lima Peru 243 days after Havana Cuba). It is hard to believe that an expedition to the moon and back again could have been possible without computers, and the computers of those days needed for such a trip would probably have been mountain big.

I notice also the possible role of VI-OLIN-SARGA - 'me spill' - 'sarg' in norwegian can mean (if I got it right) the wooden side of a violin, curving around the instrument. More standard may it be, though, to talk of a similar side of a table or chair (between the seat of the chair or the top plate of the table) and the legs - that certainly would be relevant to the story of the VAVA stains.

On 28 april 2018 I found this little piece of probably ex nihilo matter on the floor:

It could suggest the lines "Det er i en speilsymmetrisk rute, / 'faller på høstens blade'" ("It is in a mirror-symmetric square, / falls on the autumn's leaves") from my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' poem #7 ('Jesus plays the flute'). 'Blade' is an old and outdated form in norwegian - modern form 'blad' (sg) or 'blader' (pl) - but it may perhaps still exist in danish.

PS 'Upside down' as 'cougar posture': I think I read this definition once but cannot remember where it was. A 'cougar' is an elder woman with sexual relations to much younger men (at least a generation younger) and the 'upside down' is when she and her girlfriends (forties, fifties or so) plan to go out for a glass of wine and before they leave masturbate the drugged young man hung up after his feet from the ceiling.

Added on 30 april 2018: The 'cougar' could even be a variant of the idea of 'James Joyce' (cp. norwegian 'hjemmets gleder' = 'the joys of the home') in the two formats of 'Ulysses' and 'Finnegans Wake'. The latter can be rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees for four archetypes. The same principle obtains for Vermeer's 'Girl with a pearl earring' (hieroglyph FOOT - cp. also the idea of 'hymen' with its political relevance) and 'Study of a young woman' - the latter can be rotated in a similar 'propeller' fasion:

(The photo is scanned from Liedtke's 'Vermeer - the complete paintings', Ludion 2011)

I dont know if the idea of the cougar (cp. the Eisenhower doctrine of 1957 with its possible relevance for my life) thereby can be brought in some relation with Böhme's conception of 'tincture'.

I have mentioned it earlier on this web page, as far as I remember, but can mention it again that I got from Freddy Fjellheim in probably early 1983 a copy of his first and then anonymous (it seems that it later has been rcognized as his) book called "1.Olsens bok". (It is a series of short texts - such as the third called 'Billepelsen' which today I can recognize as the Billa shop in Hackengasse on the upper side of Zinckgasse vs Pelzgasse on the lower side - and which perhaps contains elements of Böhme's 'language of nature' for the RA.RA.RP and AM.R.P. - such as I personally have seen it in nature (in Szolnok that was, from the bridge over the wetlands on the way to the shopping centres a little off downtown, not far from the hotel where I had seen the big drill and heard the sobs - it was while I was completing 'Stillhetens åndedrag' and tried to understand the circumstances of poem #60 'Som en tilfeldig lathans' = 'Like a coincidental lazybones' - a poem which can, if one likes, be read as being relevant to 'the indian' qua the 'lazybones' of the poem - 'the indian' had taken form via crystallization from 'Joyce' - it is even possible to read the poem as a series of rotations of 'the indian', four rotations per stanza, a real 'propeller', although of course it is not written as such), this symbolism contains elements of a sunset, a person coming walking as in some 'otherworld' style, a big deer of potential 'rar/strange harp' on the head in a wetlands field etc - some of these elements are contained under the sanskrit concepts of ROHITA). There are arguably traces of a sanskrit lettering of 'Rohingya' in the title. Fidel Castro died not so long after Obama had been on the historic 1. visit to Cuba (he died on 25 november 2016, birthday of Vibeke Gröver, while Shimon Peres had died some weeks earlier, around the day when my book was completed - I dont know if my book with its 64 poems could be called a 'gang of four'). I dont know if the 'cougar' normally lives in a home with plank walls - for a 'wooden background' of the 'hanger'? 'Wien' in handwriting looks like 'Olsen'. There is a series of norwegian films called 'Olsenbanden' = 'the Olsen gang' - I think it is about some smallcrook burglars.

I notice that the 'avatars' of 2017 could be of some relevance for understanding the the rotation of the lapis - since one of them (the one of the 'tincture lobster' in 90 degrees - he took up position on my left side and held my left underarm up - had a 'strange look' in his eyes which today I can recognize on the dog of photo 2 and the other fingered with the wallet in my trouser pocket - which then could be about photo 3 - in short, one of the last things Kennedy instructed his advisors of before the assassination in Dallas.

An interesting question which I think there will be no answer to, at least for the present time, is whether the Kennedy assassination could have been organized for the purpose of indexing 'Szolnok' via that sanskrit formula - but if that were the case, then there would not have been much left of the originality in my own 'vava' of the early 60's.

Added on 3 may 2018:


It seems that the phenomenon of International Secret Intelligence Services in collaboration with Kennedy and the US democrat party can be seen to constitute the main bulk of 'anti-jewish' culture and manifest themselves by way of my early VAVA. It seems that the 'intelligences' work by way of a 'logic' based on RARA vs VAVA for a 'logical' diagonal on the form 'RÆVA' which is norwegian rude or rather rural for 'bottom', 'behind', and this combines with WAHINI for the idea of 'VAGINA' in the 'BEHIND' - cp. the 'AFTER' forms of the rotation of the lapis 'after Syria'. This seems possibly to constitute a backbone of political logic for giving shape to the postwar world. A very great pity this is - and it is urgent with getting these things up in daylight so that the public does not continue supporting it in democratic elections when they vote for 'granny' but do not see that it is the 'wolf'. Examples of how this WAHINI matrix can be analyzed from a few facts:

Obama went to Cuba on 20-22 march 2016
Shimon Peres died on 28 september 2016
Obama went to Lima Peru on 18-20 november 2016
Fidel Castro died on 25 november 2016
Fidelito Castro, his son, died on 1 february 2018

This means that there are 243 days from Obama's 1. Cuban visit to his visit to Lima Peru, and Fidel Castro died on Vibeke Gröver's birthday 25 november, 7 days later. There are 405 days from 23 december 2016 ('little you-laften') to the death of Fidel Castro jr, popularly called Fidelito Castro, on 1 february 2018 - and this 23 december is not 83.5-2.5 = 81 days after the death of Shimon Peres (= 'two and a half'? 'shimon' in norwegian can mean 'he must go skiing', 'skigard' = 'fence', while polish for 'half' is 'polowa', 'pol') but 83.5+2.5 = 86 days, like replacing RA or VA with RÆ (for that 2,5). This gives in short nearly a WAHINI complex which thereby is not a WAHINI but rather a VAGINA in the behind. One can guess that this is the real reason for the 'homo wave' in recent years - such as the amount of males flooding traditional female work positions - selling bread in bakers shops, medicine in apothecaries, etc etc: It could be for the concept of VAGINA in RÆVA (or 'fidiræva', as could be the 'political' concept) - and this probably goes back to the VAVA as the background of the Kennedy assassination. A very great pity all this is - and probably not much more than a fear of what is spiritual. It seems to be a very disgusting harassment of me personally. Ideas that this RÆVA program should be an attempt to 'curb' Kennedy relative to junior (say, if the theory should be that Kennedy jr did not die outside Martha's Vineyard but went for plans to take my place instead, or something like that - for the ultimate couping or 'sapsaram' of my role and work - I don't know whether any empirical basis for this theory exists at all) by way of Castro relative to junior are probably farfetched pretexts. If 'the gang of four and Vibeke' is the 'concept', it could even be about 'curbing' my 'Stillheten' of 4 * 4 * 4 = 64 poems. WAHINI is rather a 'gang of 3' - with 81, 243, 405 - but the 'diagonal' RÆVA could perhaps turn it into a 'gang of 4' nevertheless. As if I had murdered Mao, which of course I have not, and I notice the role of the cyanide disaster of Halabjah relative to the very similar cyanide disaster of Bhopal.

Could be VAGINA in RÆVA simply is intended to mean 'Black Sea Loop' - for a terror network sending underearth panic through the countries from Turkey around the Black Sea to France, and for turning this down to overearth pane-ic = fascism in Italy as the southern branch of the european swastika. There isnt any voter who would want that.

And I dont think there is any 'vagina in the behind' of the lapis, and there is no need for this idea for making the stone 'turn around'. It must be recalled that the 'lapis philosophorum' is a mystic-philosophical achievement of a high spiritual order and it has absolutely nothing to do with terror or terror-driven administration. If the terror organizers should claim that they work with the 'lapis philosophorum' they are very far astray. There could be much of this kind in such organizing groups.

Of course I do not want to by replaced by anybody. And I certainly think that the relevant authorities should stop any harassment of me of such homo-imitating kind.

Example: I had asked in a hotel reception how much a room cost and the receptionist looked a little like an ad photo that I have seen (a drummer in a home environment) which I have fancied could have served to index the concept of 'fidelito'. Around the corner up the street there were some men sitting at a cafe table smelling as if they had much excrements in the pants. The next day this newspiece.

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