The hungarian evidence

John Bjarne Grover

The article is in the continuation of the article The philosopher's white stone and tells of a peculiar linguistic phenomenon in the hungarian language and how that seems to have been the background of both Hitler and the two nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945.

The article The philosopher's white stone showed that the philosopher's white stone is the cornerstone of modern politics - and very much boils down to the question of the female in the mid between the two 'males' - the question is whether she is masturbating a big phallus rising up from her fork or whether she on the contrary is pointing down with her right hand towards the female genitals of her own body - the opening where the child comes out: "Here it is!".

The latter alternative (the pointing woman) can be called 'A-doll Fitler', the former could rather be an 'A-doll Feichmann'. In the 2017 german election, a main party is 'Alternative für Deutschland'. One can guess that these two alternatives are conceived as correlating with the view whether Rigveda or Moses was 'right'. Modern semiotics tells that both were right - and hence none was wrong and none of them should be persecuted for anything on such basis.

Now there exists additional evidence of this ambiguity for the case of Hitler coming from Austria - and that is in the phenomenon of my blue metre (completed in 2010) with the reading of it on the form of either 1) linewise functions or 2) dating of text with the whole poem in the series 1-366. I have shown what line 4 is about - it is the phenomenon of global political government and the phenomenon of coordinate system origos or 'sights' (on weapons) for long-distance precision - the two ideas meeting in the idea of God looking down from the heaven above onto the humans with his long telescope tube with a convex glass lens at the end. Line 6 I have also shown the character of - and there are reasons to believe that this possibly is a right interpretation. (There have been signs of a global intrigue on the concept of HTML - the internet language that lacks TABULATOR - and line 6 is a tabulator phenomenon). Finally there is the line 1 phenomenon discussed in the article 'The fundamental theorem of linguistics. If these three obtain with sufficient precision, it should suffice for proving the relevance of this linewise function application for my blue metre of 2010.

But there is also the main dating function of the blue metre - by which you can date a text by spreading it out in 366 equal segments that are aligned like a sliding ruler against the 366 poems of my blue metre PEB - and when you find the optimal match (and there will always have to be an optimal match), the theory - and there is much empirical evidence in favour of it - tells that the text can be dated with high precision (down to plus/minus 1 year in a 1000 year span) by way of the offset of the sliding ruler. If the offset is x poems or segments, the year of writing is 2009-x/0.366 - (or, rather, one can compute with x-1 since it is rounded upwards).

Now one of the 366 poems is what I call the 'Zhikorsky' phenomenon and it makes it easy to test the relevance of the blue metre even without access to my book - it is in poem 49 from 'POLAKK English Bloggi' (2010) and looks as follows:


A bulky barge, a ferry
glides in mystery out
the harbour basin, very
red, black, white and stout.

This the movement dodgic
that sympathize the fall.
I says: Here's the logic.
He's the marine call.

Hidden on the corner
there's a stainless ring:
Library Zhikorsky Mourner.

I write on poetic Mecca.
I will write something
for the bridges of Giudecca.

          Venice 31.07.09

You can always compute the segment corresponding to this #49 if you know the year of writing - in Flaubert's "Un coeur simple" it is the last lines in the text (and hence the year of writing of this text is appr. 2009 - 49.1/0.366 = appr. 1875), in the Odyssey the segment corresponding to #49 it is in song 22 verses 460-493. It is a curious fact that you find this evidence in apparently all texts - somewhere in it you fill always find evidence of this 'person hanging in the air' - and the blue metre can be proven thereby even if you do not have my blue PEB at hand. Take any recent newspaper article, for example, of 2017 - and you will find this 'person hanging in the air' at the ratio (49 + 366 - (2009-1017) * 0.366) / 366 = 0.14188 - you count the word or lines and multiply with 0.14188 and there is that 'person hanging in the air' if the text is written in 2017. For example, if you find the word 'professor' there, it is a person in a high position. Clearly anybody who can read will have to discover this subconsciously - and many turn christian in accordance with Martin Luther's emphasis on the text.

Politics install my person and work in their governments and administration and suppress these findings of mine - or let them out only through other people. That is nazism - on the background of Hitler's work such as Treblinka. In some countries, such as Austria and Germany, this is illegal according to the postwar constitution - and if the government does so without finding a publisher for my work, the constitution tells them to resign.

Now I wrote my blue metre book in 2008-2010 after I had written the 16-volume 'The Endmorgan Quartet' in the 11 years 1997-2008 - and the fact seems to be that the 16 books of TEQ correspond in their order from 1-16 with the linewise function of the poems of PEB from line 1 to line 14. This means that the nature of TEQ book 1 will tell the nature of PEB line 1, the nature of TEQ book 4 the nature of PEB line 1 and so forth. TEQ book 6 is called 'Orphan and the angels' - which corresponds to the function of PEB line 6.

TEQ book 4 is called 'Cardiff/Harding'.

TEQ book 1 is called 'Hammerfest'. A christian (not hindu) interpretation of this could be 'person hanging in the air'.

Now for the empirical fact which is the explanatory force par excellence here: It seems to be, tells my theory, that the function of PEB line 1 applies to all languages (I have tried four, see the article 'The fundamental theorem of linguistics) and it seems to be a 'micro-rainbow' which applies or relates to TEQ function 14 and probably also PEB line 14 in the sense of 'semantic assignment'. Briefly, the trivial function of line 1 tells that if you want to assess the semantic value of a phonological unit in a language, then you take the phonological unit and paste it over a part (typically, probably, the beginning or end, at the micro-kettle of gold of the micro-rainbow) of the phonology of line 1, move the features (needed for a perfect match to the unit of testing) over onto the remaining string - and with a minimal rewrite there is the meaning of the phonological unit. In english, since the PEB is written in 'anglophonic' english. Example (from the article The fundamental theorem of linguistics): Italian 'rovina' = 'ruin' is first attested in a document from 1292, which tells that the line 1 is to be found in (2009-1292) * 0.366 = 262,4 = PEB #263 where line 1 is 'The man is reaching out' - and hence the phonologic-semantic distribution of the line rewrites (by proper movement of the features) to "rovina: thinning out". It tells that in italian, the word 'rovina' means 'thinning out' (that is, it is a ruin) which follows from the fact that it is first attested in the year 1292. That is what the blue metre is about - this higher cultural logic - which preserves the documents in accordance with the blue metre - which I first investigated in my translation of Heraclitus in Bergen in 1999.

Now for the fact, which comes from the phenomenon of the development of an anglophonic world, in particular in conscience-persecuted America: The fact is that hungarian is a language which seems to define all its semantic values by line 1 of the blue metre in terms of variations on the theme of attention to the female human fork - most typically in form of variations on the theme of the young girl ('kislány' as it is called in hungarian) and her HYMEN. (See below for evidence of this). This puzzling phenomenon comes from the difference of historic background of finno-ugric hungarian relative to the indo-european english. One adds the 'édesanya' phenomenon which may be special for Hungary that on official documents one has to write one's own name and the name of the mother before she got married.

Put differently, the hungarian language is recognized as the female on the white stone pointing to the genital region: "Here it is!". (This pointing gesture could be 'A-doll Fitler' - whose government included Heinrich Himmler - 'Kimle' is just across the border to Hungary - and Göring - 'Györ' is a little further into the country).

Now for the clue of the history: PEB line 1, for hungarian this HYMEN phenomenon, is supposedly the same as TEQ book 1 called 'Hammerfest' - which again is the same as the 'person hanging in the air' in PEB #49 - and which can serve as a PROOF of the blue metre by this 'christian phenomenon' being present in all texts. You can prove the blue metre without having my PEB book simply by way of this 'person hanging in the air'. That is Martin Luther: He tells that the evidence of Christ is in the text - even if the background of this should have been in a doubt spreading from a discovery of similarity of Rigveda with Moses.

Why is the book called 'Hammerfest'? Because many of the central words occur twice and only twice - and the exact number of such pairs in the book is the number of lines in the yellow metre 'Der Dornenstrauch' part 4. That is 'The fundamental theorem of linguistics when this principle moves onto the white metre for TEQ books 13-16.

Put differently, the christian creed can even, from this semiotic point of view, be taken to provide evidence of the existence of a blue metre. Anybody who has learnt to read would have had to discover it on some subconscious level - that there is a 'person hanging in the air' present in every text and this 'person hanging in the air' occurs in the text in a place which corresponds to its year of writing - a little more complex it may be since one would have to go via my PEB 2009 (the blue metre tells that a text gets its form after the year it is written) but in principle it should be possible to 'feel' the transhistoric blue metre time in any text. It is possible that this 'person hanging in the air' is sufficiently strong to break through in all texts, not only via my 2009 work - where it is seen in poem #49.

I notice that in Vienna tram #49 goes to Hütteldorf along Hütteldorferstasse. I dont know if this is felt as a consolidation of the confidence in the political programs - Bermuda triangle/rectangle etc.

Which means that the A-doll Fitler of Hungarian is the proof that the christian creed is the way to the eternal (transhistoric blue metre time) Heaven - and that christianity is no bluff or fraud from a Moses who could have copied from some old indian text.

The proof is in terms of 'hung-airian' christians vs 'hungry-an' young females - against the evidence of the A-doll Fitler in the white stone. The title of TEQ book 4 is 'Cardiff/Harding' - and somehow it seems that the Zinckgasse in Vienna where I have lived since 2009 serves as a historic 'proof' of something - I have guessed that the streetname be taken to mean 'Cardiff/Harding' in such a way that it points to the 'A-doll Fitler' on the white stone - which again tells of the hungarian evidence, while TEQ book 1 = 'Hammerfest' rather tells of the evidence of the crosses on the political map in PEB line 4.

This austro-hungarian border can be attested by way of the HABs-burgers relative to Heraclitus and his triple HAP-tomai.

In short. the function of Hitler was to prove that the christian creed was right and not fraud. But that probably only means the need for a confirmation from Heaven on the history of the american continent - a feeling in USA that they have the needed residence permit.

Soon after my PEB was completed in 2010, british Labour elected Ed Miliband as new leader - telling that the blue metre had been understood already in september 2010. Which means that when the syrian conflict broke out in 2011, they could not use my residential address in Vienna as pretext for it - and particular not in the form of any ideas of me being a Satan counterpoint by function 4 pointing towards line 1 against a Christ in line 1 pointing towards a function 4 (had Christ borrowed the telescope from his Father in Heaven?). This butterfly is attested in placenames across the austro-hungarian border. It must be understood that any such policy, in particular the one on Syria (across the border to Israel) if it took its pretext from my residential address (where I had 'residence permit'), would have been driven by eschatological angst and a deep-felt 'intuition' resembling religious faith that can have accumulated since the day one learnt to read. (To say that the current problems of Syria continues because I have not yet moved out of Zinckgasse should not be acceptable). It is the americans who could feel problems with residence permit in USA - and they should not dump this problem onto me - send rather an application to the chief indian and hope for a mild 'peer melder/review' - a latrine of 'pears' cannot really solve this problem, like that 'meer keller' that can be seen under the female on the white stone: If it is not her leg but rather a heap of dropped 'pears' that is seen there on the other side of the diagonal, then the octogonal problem does perhaps not apply after all and that could be felt as a relief for the american conscience. But this is probably a lot of turbulence which can be solved by way of my blue metre - and the question of divine forgiveness of american historic sins (that is, whether the christian God has the needed authority to administer such forgiveness, which perhaps could be felt as less certain if Moses were only a mere copy of Rigveda) can be solved by modern semiotics which can tell that the metaphysical angst can be calmed down by the insight that the evidence of similarity tells that both Rigveda and Moses are authentic and none of them is fraud - and the similarity between them is due to the shared theme of metaphysical origins of the ontological and historic reality in terms of the human psyche (as created by God) - and that is the evidence in the form of the philosopher's white stone - could be the reason for that white stone in politics and 'secret intelligence'. The politics may then have been driven by emotions and intuition - since my blue metre (which tells of the pointing female in the hungarian data of line 1) cannot have been known before I wrote it as a lonely pioneer in 2008-2010. But clearly anybody who can read will have had to 'feel' it intuitively by way of e.g. poem 49 - they would have felt the reality of the christian factor - which could include the reality of a doomsday with the last judgement and all that. This intuition or feeling accumulated from cultural reading has then been consolidated with Hitler in the hope that his war-machine politics would leave lasting traces on the map - so lasting that the feeling of divine grace would not disappear.

But now my blue metre is completed and can provide for the needed proof - and that makes Hitler superfluous.

More importantly, there can be no reason for engineering a new Hitler on basis of the double pretext in form of the evidence in the white stone against the hungarian data (of PEB line 1 below) the reality of which any 'christian' reader can feel - in particular on basis of an anglophonic America - and Australia etc.

Put differently, if the 2017 german election is designed on the background of the american 11 september 2001 for the purpose of opening for a defining political impulse coming up from Austria, that would have been for a 'christian' consolidation of all this eschatological angst. Germany could of course run their general election over again (after the austrian election is over on 15 october 2017) on background of the unfortunate parallelism with 11 september 2001 in USA.

And, for Gods sake, somebody should find a publisher for my TEQ and PEB and the other metres.

The HABsburgers are older than Martin Luther.

The FAITH which can be engineered by way of an A-doll Fitler is the one which says that the ontological and linguistic evidence in the white stone and the hungarian HYMEN ensures that HISTORY is controlled by God - and if it should turn out that the HISTORY rather is under the control of the International Secret Intelligence Services, that could mean that God is under the control of the administration. But that would be fraud, wouldnt it? For cheating the masses? But the fear of historic FRAUD is just the background of all this - whether Moses was a fraudulent copy of Rigveda or not.

It does not help to bite the tail, as dogs can tell. What helps is to be a Good Guy. If one wants to be a Bad Guy, that could resemble the radiation of evil from a Satan. But dont dump that on me. History moves from Bad Guy to Good Guy. You can win the election by being a Bad Guy - but if you want to win the future you must be a Good Guy.

Ibsen's play "Eyolf Little" from 1896 - about the young boy who wanted to be a Big Warrior but who died too young - is evidence that the germans knew very well the plans about Hitler coming up from Austria to lay Germany waste through a period of war machine existence - but they let him through nevertheless. Why? Could be for the sake of that re-consolidation of the christian grace. Is the 2017 election in Germany the explanation to this mystery? This time the new Hitler is not likely to be a war machine like the one 100 years ago - but if a parallelism nevertheless is planned, it could be be about a giant replacement mill - by the slightest protest or grumbling against the government the protester is replaced with a copy from one of the hundreds of rebuilding facilities, and soon the german landscape is no longer as german as it was. Isnt it better to stop this now instead of letting the anglophonic victory triumph over the german linguistic and cultural roots once again? I have written a book which could restore the metaphysical rooting of german language - why not find a publisher for it?

A political role for the hungarian HYMEN can be verified also from the royal massacre in Nepal in 2001 - if that were organized from outside - hungarian for 'people' is 'nép' and the affix '-al/-el' is added to a form for telling of 'being concerned with' and things like that. Which means that a 'royal massacre in Nepal' for the hungarian case will mean 'when hymen bursts' - which is when a foreigner can have been included into the national genetic stock. If the massacre were organized, it could have been for the association of 'hungarian HYMEN' with 'national' - e.g. for the construction of 'national socialism' on the hungarian-austrian border on the background of the 'Doppelmonarchie' - or rather the HABs-burgers.

The two nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945 - on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - can be seen to tell of the same in the spoons: 'Share of HYMEN' and 'saga naken' ('sawed naked') would be about the same as Nepal. The purpose with the two nuclear bombs on Japan would then have been to settle the postwar anglophony by way of the fundamental theorem of linguistics - and provide peace thereby under the promise to the postwar world that there would be two and only two nuclear bombs dropped on human civilization if only the world turns and remains anglophonic. (The fundamental theorem has been defined recently by me - but clearly it corresponds to a deep intuition which must have been the background of the two nuclear bombs). It is the anglophony only which makes hungarian be a language defined semantically in terms of the young woman's hymen - and this seems also to have been the background of Hitler.

My work provides the needed empirical PROOF for this - and that is also when it is getting possible to transcend this hymen-obsession in hungarian - before this proof is available, the needed proof is only in the form of the historic necessity of national socialism and things like that. But we do no longer need this 'historic proof' in terms of a Hitler when the empirical proof now is available in the form of my books.

The strange admission of Hitler into Germany in the 1920's, even if they knew well who he was and what it would lead to, can be explained only on basis of this - that we cannot do without this knowledge and if 'the historic necessity' is the only proof that can be provided, we cannot do without it.

But with the empirical proof now available in the form of my work, we do not need the national socialism any longer. Therefore the most important thing is to have these works of mine published - and to drop the (possibly) planned construction of continued national socialism.

Hungarian HYMEN data of PEB line 1

In the following I list a number of words from the hungarian language analyzed on basis of their year of first attested occurrence according to the etymological-historical dictionary of Benkö, Lorand: "A magyar nyelv történeti-etimológiai szótára, I-III", Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 1984) relative to line 1 of my blue metre PEB. The examples serve to tell that it seems possible to reach a semantic definition on basis of the anglophonic data in my book in such a way that the concept of HYMEN seems to be the foundation of the semantics defined in this way. The examples are coincidentally selected from the dictionary. I list the year of first occurrence and (normally) the german translations from the dictionary - then the number of corresponding poem from my PEB, the line 1 therefrom and the rewrite which this allows for. If "She said: I'm a psychologist" is line 1 and 'avul' the word, the rewrite of the beginning of the line to turn it into 'avul' turns the rest of the line into "she must stay in custody".

avul (1416) = altern, zu Grunde gehen, unempfindlich werden = PEB 218
She said: "I'm a psychologist"
avul: she must stay in custody (= to grow old with HYMEN intact)

betü (1416) = Schrift, Text, Buchstabe, Sprachlaut = PEB 218
She said: "I'm a psychologist"
betü: hide me thy cold of chess (= articulation of matrix, which is an alphabetic letter and text)

beteg (1372) = krank = PEB 234
He's approaching a pen
beteg: rose i migen (= to hear the Trommelwirbels)

család (1113) = Familie = PEB 328
Yesterday it was. I read that
család: rayed we sail a yacht

csap (1213) = schlagen, hauen = PEB 292
this morning when I saw my eye
csap: morning when I SOMA/saw my give (= 'menstruation')

csap (1395) = Auslaufhahn, Zapfen = PEB 225
At Fondamenta di tre ponti restaurant
csap: ondamenta dite/diet fonti restaurant

csapda (1799) = Falle, Fanggrube = PEB 77
One tries in vain to stack
csapda: is in dream to nook/f*ck

csoda (1095 = proper name form) = Wunder, Wunderwerk = PEB 335
Rialto is an area
csoda: early and ear / in air

csoda (1350 = common name form) = Wunder, Wunderwerk = PEB 242
A boy walks up the stairs
csoda: a whopper story ('whop' derives from 'wap' = of echoic origin)

deberke (1609) = Art Tönnchen = PEB 147
A lonely place I live
deberke: fleece of limb

durcás (1633 in combination 'durczaskodasnak') = trotzig, hartnäckig = PEB 138
Philosophers are those, in fact
durcás: else or boys in f*cko

édesgyökér (1577) = Lakritze = PEB 159
Sie ist eine Lawine
édesgyökér: affiche/[r]affini/affide (like looking into the dark trunk of the female archetype - is there a black velvet curtain there?)

egyetemben (1372) - zusammen, beisammen - PEB 234
He's approaching a pen
egyetemben: he kiss a roue
dissemble: egyetemben

eped (1300) - sich vor Kummer verzehren = PEB 260
The sandcastle of the kingdom
eped: knutsl of this king I'm

esztena (1583) = Schafhürde, Schäferhütte = PEB 156
have now what
esztena: sheepfold

fancsal (1568) = tückisch, schieläugig. schielend = PEB 162
I see in inner vision
fancsal: iiiiii...

fanatikus (1754) = fanatisch = PEB 94
The boat is low in water
fanatikus: the bluffer

fátyol (1250) = Schleier, Schleierstoff = PEB 278
Running down the street
fátyol: dirtiest knit (frown, Frauen?)

fedél (1395) = Dach, Decke = PEB 225
At Fondamenta di tre ponti restaurant
fedél: night and day we drop on the rest of none/nant (or 'nestorant')

fémjelez (1879) = mit Prüfungszeichen strempeln, hallmark = PEB 48
There's something important under
fémjelez: [f]inger/angel-sort on the anthem

fentereg (1588) = sich wälzen, taumeln = PEB 155
Perfection and limitation
fentereg: könd lim if/of sheetn

gézengúz (1594) = Spitzbube, Gauner = PEB 152
The wood's its name
gézengúz: swindler

gombolyag (1405) = Ballrund = PEB 222
When staples are removed
gombolyag: else-care in ifs / L-scary nifs/news

gondola (1612) = gondol = PEB 146
This was in an evening fair
gondola: soon Eve-women's squeeze / soon Eve with in-squeeze

gulyás (1886) = gulyas = PEB 46
The walking pair, the man, the firm
gulyás: in the peer we mourn we cume

háramlik (1527) = auf jemanden übergehen/übergreifen, fall to somebody, fall to one's lot = PEB 177
Human survival existence
háramlik: sofa seems Isten's/divine

háztüznézö (1856) = envoy sent before marriage to consider material resources of the other family = PEB 56
Behind the door, the PO Boxes
háztüznézö: be in espionage

herkentyü (1855) = 1) cookies baked in fat, 2) things spoken about, but without real existence = PEB 57
Some would even go
herkentyü: one way

hórihorgas (1598) = himmelhoch Person, gangling guy = PEB 151
The story was a thunderbolt
hórihorgas: a windowspitter

imperátor (1604) = Kaiser, emperor = PEB 149
If ever you go for the fleeces
imperátor: vvvvvv..... (cp. 'fancsal' above)

indigo (1708) = the colour = PEB 111
Call sammen familjerna, call
indigo: ka famsel is namsel (in the famsel is the namsel?)

ismét (1372) = wieder, nochmals = PEB 234
He's approaching a pen
ismét: rope in khoen

Isten (1195) = God, Gott = PEB 298
Many bathrooms have a sink
Isten: AOMs have a sedt/Z (sedt-AOMs = the tombs etc)

jerke (1590) = young female sheep/goat who has not yet carried = PEB 154
Ach, ich den ewigen Ruhm
jerke: nach-widen chum

kajtat (1779) = herumsuchen = PEB 85
The measure is the sound
kajtat: a rim of ounce

karaván (1778) = Karawane = PEB 85
The measure is the sound
karaván: im wi hiir(d)? (not solved, - invitiert? inuits? in vizord?)

labirintus (1604) = labyrinth = PEB 149
If ever you go for the fleeces
labirintus: off if ye fears/feels

loncsos (1585) = zerlumpt, schmutzig = PEB 156
Have now what
loncsos: what (the rewrite goes through 4-5 steps before it returns to the beginning - hence much superfluous 'dirt')

lornyon (1846) = Stielbrille, lorgnette = PEB 60
Grabbing in the pocket of the breast
lornyon: new in grip height if the best

manikür (1904) = manicure, Handpflege = PEB 39
It's evening, morning, day and night
manikür: it's even hand and nail

marázsa (1728) = Art Fischernetz /Fischreuse = PEB 103
Chairs can roll
marázsa: chew is old

masamód (1808) = Puztmacherin, Näherin, working woman = PEB 74
He says that he
masamód: ishish = hyfesh = not HYMEN because velum not lowered

meditál (1697) = meditieren = PEB 115
I was thinking of the hotelier
meditál: kick - I've a gisten hier, or kick - I've a God ('Isten') here (see under 'Isten')

merevedik (1527) = vor Kälte erstarren, be stiff with cold = PEB 177
Human survival existence
merevedik: arns luv mi socious

monopólium (1792) = Privileg, Sonderrecht, monopoly = PEB 80
Man and woman always appear
monopólium: engineer (www...? webmaster?)

morzsalék (1372) = Stück, Bröcklein, Krümchen = PEB 234
He's approaching a pen
morzsalék: tea on him/hin

napraforgó (1787) = sunflower, Sonnenblume, girasole = PEB 82
Four-five people round the corner
napraforgó: elrun i feiurner (??? not solved) - el-fun i ray-urner?

növény (1807) = Nachfolger, Nachwuchs, Pflanze = PEB 74
He says that he
növény: hüsh-hi etc = not: HYMEN (if offspring)

oázis (1825) = 'oasis' = PEB 64
That's your mother
oázis: their matsy, Dr.Madsy, hence x-matri or MATRIX

olaj (1395) = 'Öl', 'oil' = PEB 225
At Fondamenta di tre ponti restaurant
olaj: the ment of dite panti westernfont /esterwont / Eszterházi

ország (1195) = Land, Reich, country = PEB 298
Many bathrooms have a sink
ország: museums heave a simp

öltözik (1372) = sich kleiden = PEB 234
He's approaching a pen
öltözik: a pin o pen

packázik (1558) = mit jemandem umspringen = PEB 166
The woman with the look
packázik: smithed

pálma (1416) = palm, emblem of victory = PEB 218
She said: "I'm a psychologist"
pálma: is she I cause of waist

renkesz (1786) = untersetzt = PEB 82
Four-five people round the corner
renkesz: w peep of a real foner

subica (1507) = Art Ober-/Unter-bekleidung = PEB 184
In the venetian waterway
subica: a anthem new way

szerv (1844) = Schicksal, Organ, Organisation = PEB 61
As one is pointing to the left of poser
szerv: the anointing to the sleet of poser/poseur ('new founting...'?)

tulipán (1587) = tulip = PEB 155
Perfection and limitation
tulipán: are a peng I face on

For 'olaj', the 'dite panti' could be the sobs and the western-eastern drills around the 'hymen' on the border to the two countries: 'Österreich' can mean the country to the east, that is Hungary with a hymen attention, while 'Un-gern' could mean that condition of a corresponding hymen behind, or even 'closed rectum' (including sobbing attempts to open it?). These museums heave the simp or even chimp - that is the rotating drill when this goes up from the ground, from line 1 to line 14 of the blue PEB. It could also be a matter of museums with shiva-shimps which could come down to the HAPs-burger triad of heraclitian type which even could be hiding in the Aktion Reinhard of Hitler with the three death camps Sobibor (the sob-and-drill of the olaj?), the Treblinka and Belcez of TOUCH, MATCH-FIRE and VISION - great mysteries which find their interpretation in the national socialism of the HABS-burgian and Doppelmonarchic groundfield. Clearly these mysteries should not be spread around with hitlerish cannonballs once again - and it is unfortunate to recognize them in close succession in recent (interrelated or not) newspieces such as the stampede in India, the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the death of publisher Hefner. I am not discussing whether Hitler's Aktion Reinhard actually related to the name before marriage of 'Eidsvig Ragna' and hence if 'Treblinka' could have been about my name. See also this file.

There is a natural association of 'hymen' with the 'eardrum' membrane - and hence with 'poetic logic' being based not on aristotelian logic but rather a logic of the sound of the poetic articulation itself (and that is not flatulences).

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