The philosopher's white stone
and western history in brief
up to the 2017 general election in Germany

John Bjarne Grover

The article tells of how the 'philosophers white stone' can be seen to be at the heart of the entire western history throughout the last millenium and how it enters into modern western unconstitutional power-making. It can be seen to explain how the recent 2017 general election in Germany could have been the main purpose behind the 11 september 2001 terror in USA for the further purpose of preparing for a new Hitler.

The philosopher's white stone

The entire world history of at least the western world throughout the last 1000 years can be seen to come down to the discovery of a parallelism between the ancient vedic or sanskrit Rigveda, often considered the world's oldest document, and the hebrew books of Moses. It is likely (my guess this) that the parallelism was discovered around AD 1000 and that it caused the spread of a serious doubt in the authenticity of the Bible, since it meant that Moses in principle could have been a copy of an old indian document. The Vatican established the Inquisition for stopping the spread of the doubt, as is my guess, and Martin Luther around 1500 said that we cannot be certain that the historic revelation really took place but we have the scriptures and that is what we have, basta. This was at the time when Christopher Columbus was sent out to America and could report that he believed it was India and called the people there 'indians' - and hence it was taken for granted that they were the source of the Rigveda. But since it also was shown that these were not true indians, but only a sort of 'fake' indians, it was considered proven that the Rigveda was fake and a mere copy of Moses and hence the authenticity of the Bible was rescued. This was later taken to be a goodenough reason for the pogroms on the 'indians' - and for every indian who died, the immigrated european felt more and more certain in their faith in the christian God.

But clearly this is based on faulty reasoning and when Hitler claimed that it was not the indians who should be exterminated but the hebrew jews, he felt very justified in this reorientation and launched his crusade against the jewish people under the logo of the ancient indian swastika symbol.

This is the story in brief - and it rests on the misunderstanding that the similarity of Rigveda with Moses had to mean that one of them was false. A modern semiotic understanding tells that it means the opposite - it is a proof that both of them are authentic.

Briefly: The indian pogroms are the main problem of the story, and it has led to the situation in USA of two main political parties: The US democrats are the supporters of Adolf Hitler and hence the supporters of the indians, while the US republicans try to stay clear of the old misunderstanding.

Hitler is the same as the modern 'intelligence service' phenomenon.

The ancient vedic religion is (as far as I have understood) based on the ceremony of making a white stone ex nihilo, crushing it in a mortar and mixing it up in fruit juice called SOMA - and when the congregation drinks this 'matter from heaven', they are set in a paradisal state. It has an obvious counterpart in the christian holy communion - and many mystics have thought of Jesus as a 'white stone' from heaven, a 'lapis philosophorum', as it is called - the philosopher's stone or egg.

The philosopher's stone is a real mystery, and is said to consist of salt, mercury and incombustible sulphur. It has always been the goal of alchemistic study. It is formed out of nothing - just suddenly it is there, like out of the air. It probably always looks the same or nearly the same - because the secret of the stone is that it is the form of the human psyche or mind or semiotic constitution reduced to or converted into matter. Vedic religion made it reduced from the spirit into matter and returned it to spirit via the metabolism, while hebrew religion probably goes the other way - from matter to spirit (does it? I don't think I know enough about this) and from there a single divine son of God returned as a christian offspring from judaism. It can be said that hinduism recognizes many gods for only one lonely subject (the human individual) - while judaism recognizes only one single God for a number of subjects - that is God's chosen people.

I myself managed to make such a white stone ex nihilo, out of nothing. It was a mighty big job and took years of preparation. It was in 2014 that I made the first white stone, and thereafter a second one in 2016. (See this file for samples of ex nihilo matter. The first white stone looks like this:


It looks like a sleeping eagle or rather sheep or lamb and is likely to be the same as the christian symbolism on that. Just next to the lamb's eye there are the outlines of a naked woman (Virgin Mary?) - it looks like she holds her head back and throws her long hair around like a moon crescent or a whip on the back, and she seems to be running. A diagonal sets the smooth off from the rough half. To the right of the stone one can seen the outlines of a man's face - you see his big eyebrow bow, his short socratic nose and coloured lips - he looks rightwards.

In 2012 I conducted an experiment: I bought a 300 mm lens with automatic focus, went to the Danube Island and hopped coincidentally into a forest grove wherein I held the camera down to the ground and took 23 photos in directions here and there - the lens focussed wildly in and out on anything from a nearby leaf or twig to a distant branch on a tree - I could not see what I photographed and when I looked at the 23 photos thereafter, it was a lot of shady and cloudy photos. I ran these through a thresholding filter which left every pixel either totally black or totally white - and the result was a series of surprisingly high explanatory value. They were, as it turned out, a perfect illustration to Valery's "Platane" poem - in their order of occurrences except for #1 and 2 which had swapped order.

I notice that 'Valery' is mentioned (long before I took the coincidental photos in 2012) in the title poem to the book #3 "Cat-Rufus' earth" in the 16-volume work "The Endmorgan Quartet" - it is the moment when the cats make a successful conception - it is in TEQ poem #182, written on 2 may 1998:

Yes, I can get it but spurt it like früh...
Well, I think that it doesn't make sense, or -
It's okay, it's down there, it's okay.

Then towards the end of the work, in poem #1633 called 'The curlings', written on 5 april 2007, there is mention of the 'Platane':

an element of June 6,
I felt to expose 'platan',
his body Kreml.

We suddenly don't sing
        and we don't ask for anything.
78th floor, vs. 105th,

The two white philosopher's stones I made was 1) the one of 'Der Dornenstrauch' (the yellow metre) part 3 which is 78 poems reduced to 64, and 2) the one of 'Stillheten' (the white metre) which is 105 poems reduced to 64. So this Valery's 'Platane' seems to be no coincidence. But it is hardly possible to make photos more coincidental than the 23 I made.

I have later understood that the photos were the human mind as good as the stone. It is because of the maximal randomness in the photos that they tell of the borders of the human semiotic constitution - and the concept of 'logical order' as being the same as 'semantic assignment' in my fundamental theorem of linguistics.

For example, the mid photo is photo #12 which tells of the white stone itself - lamb to the left, flagellante woman and stone face man to the right:

This corresponds also to the situation wherein I met the man-on-wagon (see below) - except that then I was the stone face man who was lifted over onto the lefthand side. The archetypes are a mid level of existence - when one meets the man-on-wagon, there is no reason to believe that it is not a real person, but after some hours one starts pondering whether such a being could exist at all. However, this archetypal existence can be detected in literary forms so frequently that it is fair to believe that it is a variant of the white stone.

A closer study of the series of photos shows that they are the white stone distributed on basis of 1) filters or constraints of features (rough/smooth etc) and 2) transformations like this left-right. See e.g. photos 18-19.

Hitler's holocaust is probably a modelling of these aspects of the human semiotics - developed from jewish mysticism. (That is what is called a hijack!) When transformational grammar was developed from the 1950's onwards, it was at the 'Massachusetts Institute of Technology' which hopefully does not mean 'Massacres for the new technology' - and could be a main philosophical camp for the US democrat party.

Modern politics is seemingly all and only this - the faith in the white stone as the basis for International Secret Intelligence Services with a special interest for the US democrat party. This orientation seems to be the same as international terrorism.

Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' consisted of the three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez. Sobibor is that phrase structure grammar (vs a pushdown automaton), Treblinka is the filters and control of looking from the white stone constitution of the human mind looking from under a tree, seeing the black-and-white shadows of the twigs hanging before the eyes - and the Belcez turns this silhouette seen from the back side mirror symmetrically (like the jets of water from a boat's bow = Bow-jets) around such that the outer world corresponds to the inner 'cognitive' imprint of it. This is an oversimplified exposition but serves to illustrate the principles. However, it is not really only the brain itself - it is the white stone which is the real mystery.

The generativists were very secret and esoteric in the 1980's when I tried to understand anything of it - and they never came up with this simple explanation which makes it easy to understand the whole thing but started from the facts of language structure and tried to deduct the filters and transformations backwards. That made out of them a small esoteric group who could administer the power of Hitler and the international secret intelligence - and of course it would have been too embarassing to come out with Hitler as their flagship. The holocaust was supposed to be a vacuum pump for a third millenium based on jewish mysticism - and that could perhaps have been a goodenough reason, could have been the pretext.

What nonsense, say the generativists - they are hebrew or 'cognitive' philosophers and not nazis.

I discovered the phenomenon by way of photo 5 ('syrian'?) - I had repeatedly seen shadows dance over my visual field and observed how some of them coincided with real objects and others detached from them to reduce to subjective signification only - when suddenly I discovered that some of these shadows looked like the pattern on the righthand side of the photo 5 - the only difference being that I saw them as a mirror image on the lefthand side of my visual field:

Clearly the shadows are the 'Treblinka' phenomenon - they also co-occurred with fast blinks of light - while the mirroring from left to right would mean that this inner 'match' onto the outer world - partwise attaching, partwise detaching from it - would be turned around to be an imprint of the outer world sensorially perceived by me through my perceptual system. But humans see only themselves - their own semiotic constitution of the 'world'.

Generativist theory tells that the filters, transformations, phrase structures of natural language interpret these whitestone relations of the human mind with its functionality relative to the 'world'. It is easy to postulate that the 'world' is a big whitestone structure - it is matter that has been created ex nihilo from the semiotic constitution of the human mind and the white stone is the most exemplary ex nihilo matter that exists - it is 'being' in its purest form.

The diagonal of the white stone sets the lamb off from the man - and tells of the transformation of the stone face man from the lefthand side - outside the stone - to the righthand side of it. There is a difference in featural quality in surfaces above and below the diagonal - and so forth.

But this is how the white stone is the human semiotic constitution - and this is probably old jewish wisdom. Hitler's death camps served to 'install' - as some would call it - this philosophy into the administration of world power.

Why should this be kept secret? There is only one reason for that - and that is for protecting the 'integrity' of the terrorists - which ultimately comes down to bad conscience after the indian pogroms. Does Hitler's holocaust mean that there were 6 million indians on the american continent? Or were there much more - such as 40 million? Alas, it is hard to repair that damage - based on a tragic misunderstanding - and that is the reason.

The US republicans could of course tell the whole story of modern terrorism and the US democrat party (or politics generally) - but do not because the damage on the indians cannot be repaired and a new US civil war is not of any value. Under Obama there was a period of shooting of individuals, negro protests and riots - which could have served to tell that a US civil war is not impossible. It could of course have been the secret intelligence services who could have organized it for keeping their own unconstitutional power up thereby - and that is akin to the US democrat party. It is only by upholding this possibility that the story continues - and that is the reason for international terror. The US republicans try to make the democrats responsible enough to pack down the terror - including them as much as possible. That means also withdrawing US from involvement in international terror conflicts. The syrian crisis broke out under Obama and the more than 300.000 lives and a population on the run is what it cost - that is efficient terror upholding the conflict.

What nonsense, say the generativists - they are hebrew philosophers and not nazis. Do you think Hitler was created by bad US conscience - which looked like a defence of the american indians? It is likely that many americans vote for the democrats because they have a bad conscience for the terror against the indians - and terror elsewhere.

I mean, this used to be peaceful jewish mysticism and philosophy - and now it seems to be the hallmark of international terrorism. What has happened in the mean time?

Put differently, my Endmorgan Quartet and other works are written for the development of a sensible and creative culture, not for secret intelligence and terrorist intrigues.

The octogon

Could be it is unfair to say that the US democrats are terrorists - rather, it could be more to the point to say that they have difficulties with coming to power without allowing for international secret intelligence service power. Does Obamacare allow for anybody to be driven off to the hospital without much reason - such as 'nuts'? Then it is the power of international secret intelligence services. Why did Bush go to war against Saddam Hussein? It is possible that Hussein with his two wars against Iran was a main propaganda motor for Barack Hussein Obama - or rather for the politics he would allow for - and then my name comes in as a possible secret link for a Barack 'Bjarne' Obama. (It was in 1974 that two new students arrived in my high school class with names that today seem to encode the name of Obama rather exactly).

The theory goes that Treblinka was made for being associated with me or my name after the war. 'Tre-blinka' means in norwegian the wound made by the forester in the bark of a tree, telling the woodworkers (cp. 'obamacare') who come after him that the 'blinka' tree is to be cut down - the word 'tre-blinka' means then the tree selected by 'jump jarnegg grover'. Whether this link to Treblinka is unique for me or not, I don't know - but it is a theory that my name 'John Bjarne' seems to be the basis for 'Obama' with vice president 'Joe Biden' - with a precursor in prewar James Bond = Jond Bames - which means that James Bond is not me but rather all the secret agents of the 'services'. This is just an example - there could be other such examples. This just to tell that my person could have been assigned such a role - and then it is not impossible that Treblinka was associated with my name even under WWII.

The first 'octogon': A psychological theory tells that humans undergo 8 major crises in the course of the development up to age of own authority at 18. I do not have a full overview of these but have come to understand that at least the following may be of importance - here told in form of the abuse they make possible:

1) Lifting of skullcap about a week after birth with spurt of masturbated semen onto the cortex - and helmet on again.
2) Rape at age 18 months.
3) Injection of horror chemicals at age 18 months.
4) Forced ejaculation of male child at age 3, could be coordinated with rape.
5) Death of biological parents at age 12, just before 13?
6) Onanism at age 14 (ask 'mama' for permission).
7) First legal sexual encounter at age 16 (ask 'papa' for permission to marry).
8) Own authority at age 18.

An example - the first crisis: Humans are constructed in such a way that the skull is flexible for not being stuck in the birth canal but it grows firm in the course of the first year or half. Soon after birth it is easy to detach the skull-top from the child's head. This means a 'second coming' - the first is the throwout from the womb into an unprotected reality, the second is this throwout from the skull into a vulnerable world - and human life is probably essentially marked by this phenomenon - that when he skull is not opened, which it normally is not, then it means the return to paradise of the womb - where life is a give-and-take in organismic unity with the mother. It is believed that if the skull is lifted soon after birth, the person gets problems with receiving sensible responses to own initiatives later in life - and typically tax-paying, which normally leads to enhanced success in society, for such a person leads only to expulsion. The standard story could have been that if the skull were lifted after birth, which could be done on the kitchen bench, a male masturbated a spurt on the cortex before the cap was put on again - and this 'gender confusion' is a dysformed give-and-take constitution. Such children often ended in the ditch later in life because they did not get sensible responses - and hence it was a way to steal the child's future, which was the temptation - to run off with the luggage which heaven had provided the child with. But when this tragic development does not happen, even if it could, that is an essential part of human society. It is the most important crisis - and it must go the right way, not the wrong, for a healthy development.

The theory goes that I am genetic son of the two jews Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan but grew up in the custody parenthood of possibly two agents for the national or international secret intelligence services and their power philosophies and that I suffered abuse on all 8 critical points. Then how come I am still up and going? That would, as is my theory, have been not the least due to my great friends of Russia, China, India and other countries. It is likely that when Indira Gandhi fell out of parliament after allegations of 'election fraud', that was at the time I had to be part of the second octogon - but she came back up on her feet again and became head of state of India.

The second 'octogon': This was in the form of 8 relations of matrimonial infidelity which I had to count as the cause of - in the role of the intruder into 8 partnerships or marriages. It is likely or at least possible that all or most of these were couples who were agents for the same intelligence services as the custody parents could have been agents for, and it seems that the names of the females can be traced in the undertext to the Eisenhower doctrine which was published some months before my birth in 1957. I mention two famous names which could have been behind or seen as connected to two of the females: 1) The name of octogon #6 (Eisenhower doctrine #7) was 'Tonje Aanonsen' which is a name which seems to be encoded into nearly each and every poetic line which Sylvia Plath wrote. 2) The name of octogon #2 (Eisenhower doctrine #2) was 'Tordis Skjærven Søderlind', a name which seems to be encoded likewise into the poetic lines of Anne Sexton. Whether these norwegian women even were the same persons as the famous poets from Boston, I dont know - could be they were, could be not. If the theory obtains that the 8 females were 'twins' of famous people much exposed in the public media, then the second 'octogon' would have had more political impact and harvested more public sympathy for the international secret intelligence services - and the 'paradoxical' holocaust would have been easier to incorporate into western reality and politics.

How did they manage to get me as third part in 8 matrimonial or partnership relations? The year 1975 seems to have contained much 'softening' events, including two diseases that reduced my weight rather much (and it is possible that I have not really regained the muscles well later), torture by a specialist in a basement in Oslo for unsuccessful opening of a throat abscess (why didnt they try antibiotics instead?), anaesthesia with removal of the 'tonsils' - and it is a theory that the year '75 as a mirror to my birthyear '57' is a part of the destruction of Syria - if it is right that a good portion of the placenames in Syria can be taken to 'mean' 75% or three quarters. '15' is like the name of the terrorist organization 'IS'. Is Syria a method of 'softening' states - Syria is considered the world's oldest state formation - for making them agree to the strategies of the international secret intelligence services?

Now if the 8 couples were agents for the same services as the custody parents could have been, most people would agree that the burden for such 'matrimonial infidelity' should not have been put on me but on the people who had made the intrigue, and when or if the agency was very secret, it means that the society's condemning attitude towards me would not have been fair. However, the essential idea for those who made the intrigue would have been that the infidelity was utterly formal and consisted in the penis having been inside the married vagina, never mind what the reason was. There are theories that can be constructed in favour of this view - notably the one that claims that social institutions serve to maintain cognitive consistency and coherence in 'leaps' across neural fissures, making it possible to cross the neural fjord with a ferry and thereby unnecessary to drive all the long way around the fjord - but this logical consistency and coherence would be lost in the confusion that could arise if an alien matter suddenly filled the 'fjord' of the married vagina. However, the intrigue would rather rest on the role of the 'lapis philosophorum' with the triangular relation between the sleeping lamb (the innocent husband), the naked woman (his wife) and the 'stone face' man to the right - with the semiotic relation being defined via the 'man-on-wagon' with the third person being to the left of the couple - leaping across the diagonal in an act of infidelity. Or maybe the truth is that it would be not his active involvement - it is only one of her calves which seems to hook under the diagonal line. This diagonal is likely to be the same as Cantor's famous diagonal as well - uniting the three people in what is often thought of as an 'institutional' reversal - if the righthand man stands outside to the left, pulling the diagonal after him like the thread that pulls the 'man-on-wagon', the 'alef' (Cantor's symbol for the transfinite numbers) will look right - but after he has 'jumped his negro over' it comes out wrong:

With such a strictly formal and 'alchemistic' definition of matrimonial infidelity, the services had hoped to turn the roles around for leaving onto me the stamp of 'traitor' and 'infidel' while the secret intelligence services, however much they could have indulged in terror and abuse, would have been conceived as 'innocent lambs' (or is it an eagle that looks like a lamb?) - and the leapover from left to right would then have come about by the swap due to the 'sameness' in roles - the agency services of the parents imposing abuse on me versus my infidelity imposing 'abuse' of the service agent couples.

'Man-on-wagon' is the fundamental archetype which I experienced in a western suburb to Vienna - I came walking down Hütteldorferstrasse when I saw in the lefthand corner of the eye a boy (age 10-12) standing in the roadside on the other side of the street, lifting his hand up in the air as fast as a blink of a light, then, after having caught my attention, he started running across the street, pulling a wagon (size 40*50 cm or so) on four small wheels after him in a rope - on the board lay the 'man-on-wagon' in the form of a normal human head, with scant short beard and 'Yves St.Laurent' (or 'Odd Børre' in Norway) spectacles - more recently Francois Hollande had such glasses - but the body was not much bigger than a lump of flesh the size of the shoulders on a bust, without extremities and apparently without straps or sideboards - so it looked like hazard from that point of view. He was very friendly and gave a nice impression with personal eye contact when the board slammed into the curbstone and lifted itself up onto it by magical forces - the boy had in the mean time disappeared on my righthand side. It is excluded that it was a robot - the personal contact was evident. After he had driven into the sidewalk, I could continue. It is probably the standard theory that this is the 'man-on-wagon' archetype who rests in the female's bosom or greek THUMOS (being the possible theme of the Iliad with its 'pitiless bronze' being the cause of the limitations of his body) and the four wheels are their four nipples together. The archetype is as real as the white stone is - only it is an event and not an object.

The swap of roles of me against the services (cp. also the hypothetical relation between judaism and hinduism) due to the two octogons would be a strictly formal swap based on the idea that the 'man-on-wagon' is a quasi-historic archetypal phenomenon of event type while the lapis philosophorum would be about (or be a reduction of) what is beyond history and christianity thereby gaining an upper hand relative to the hindus. If Hitler was an agent for the 'rigvedic' side, persecuting the hebrews, he would have worked for the 'christian' side nevertheless.

Clearly all this would be just a dirty trick and not much more.

It seems that the octogon is the strategy of the 'international secret intelligence services' allied more or less with the US democrat party against the rest of the world.

Hence, while the state of power used to be this white stone which contained your entire life which you could hold in your hand, it is possible that the next step will be for the same services to claim that it is 'nuts' to believe that such a white stone can fall out of the empty air just like that. ('Nuts' would then also mean the reduction procedure needed to make the stone - as if the brain had been reduced to a walnut). And if the stone cannot fall out of the air just like that, then there is not much use in trying to understand the history in terms of it.

The white stone in the 2017 general election in Germany

It is seen that it is possible to sum up the entire western history since at least AD 1000 in terms of the role of the philosopher's white stone - and today it can be said that politics is about for or against the white stone - or maybe better for or against terror connected with it. My view is that the one camp is constituted by International Secret Intelligence Services in liaison with primarily the US democrat party - those are the ones who found their power on the white stone, the others are the ones who do not. The international secret intelligence services in liaison with the US democrat party are then the ones who want to keep the role of the stone secret and prevent that knowledge of it leaks out to the public - since if it does, so does their power as well.

What is the stone? It can be said to be mind turned into matter - it is the form of the human mind. It is not the human brain but the psyche, the mind, the subject, the semiotic constitution of the human species whose knowledge is probably not the same as other species. It is likely that every time it is formed, it forms 'ex nihilo' and takes on roughly the same form every time. I found mine in 2014 in the kitchen sink drainhole (see also this article and this translation) after I had completed the 64 poems of DDS part 3 - and to make the stone is quite a work. For whatever reason, I was in a state of more or less total exhaustion throughout most of the year 2014. My stone is at its longest (or measured along the diagonal line) appr. 2,718 cm - and it is probably no coincidence that this is the exponential base 'e' for natural logarithms - and that defines a centimeter.

The graph of the natural logarithm looks like the beak of the 'eagle' - starting from the end of the diagonal. Clearly these things should be massively interesting for new science and to keep it secret for power abuse is pure madness. Everybody who are not in the service 'mafia' probably agree on that.

The stone exhibits probably little variation but some. Unless some burglar has been in and replaced the original stone of mine with a copy, there seems to be a small change that has taken place:

The stone in 2014

The stone in 2017

While the stone in 2014 seemed to show the shadow of a male erection rising up from the fork of the woman, in the 2017 version this penis seems to have disappeared - unless it is only the shadows on the photo that are hard to repeat. In the german general election in september 2017, one party (CDU) lost 8 percent which another party (AfD) gained, and a third (SPD) party lost 5 percent which a fourth party (FDP) gained. Could be a pentagon was the story of the latter and hence the octogon was lost for the former. Of the four jets that were hijacked on 11 september 2001 in USA, two landed on the twin towers, one on Pentagon and one on Lambertsville. There could be a small change at the eye of the lamb-ert-sleeper, or 'Lambertsville' is only a way of telling that it is about this white stone with the 'sleeping lamb', and if the females of the octogon were not the same as the original famous poets etc, then the terror of 11 sep 2001 in USA could be about these small changes in the white stone relative to the octogon as the definition of the power.

There existed in the 1970-80's a norwegian group of entertainers called 'Primavera' who seems to have encoded these 'political' potential changes of the stone which could be associated with the 2017 general election in Germany or the terror in USA on 11 september 2001: The 'Primavera' group consisted of 1) 'Herodes Falsk' = 'er hodet falsk' = 'is the head false', cp. also 'Herodes Filsk' = 'det er hodes vilje' = 'it is the heads will', 2) 'Tom Mathisen' = tomas-tissen = the dubious penis, 3) 'Jahn Teigen' - the name could mean 'gave him the site'. I notice also the name of the israeli PM 'Benjamin Netanyahu' - which could suffice for raising some alarm on this election. (Netanyahu - and even his wife - were under police investigation before the election). 'Primavera' could be in allusion to the Botticelli belly of the woman without the penis - in particular when taking the name of the leader 'Christian Lindner' of 'Freie Demokraten Partei' (+5%) into consideration. Is it the white stone diagonal which is the twig - with the calf or foot or leg just crossing it? (I recall a government of norwegian PM Bondevik which seemed to have 'sailing up on the vom-list' as its undertext). Thereby, if the pentagon relates FD to CDU, the octogon will obtain between AfD and SPD - and then one can observe that 'Alternative für Deutschland' calls forth associations to 'all turning stive for clutchland' - and when it is noticed that my own erection is somewhat leftwards-turning, if this organ and the person it attaches to is assigned much importance for the encoding of the election, then the leftwards turning 'stiff' means that AfD is closer to SPD than to CDU. But that only means that my person is of considerable but so far totally unmentioned importance. See e.g. this file.

Is that the reason why my books are not published?

But then the question is the status of the 'clutchland'. I notice the interpretation 'all turn at HIV for clutchland' - which in principle could have been a purpose with the AIDSHIV epidemic. (I dont think I have HIV but hope everybody will not turn away). There are some reasons to believe that a code word for 'Österreich' in some contexts could be 'Pflegeheim' - that would insert an H in the line of letters. I have not had the needed technology or economic means or preparedness (I could not guess it in advance when I found the stone in 2014) to make a detailed study of the fork of the woman on the white stone, but there are reasons to believe that the most interesting aspect when focussing on this interesting organ is whether the white stone undergoes a change which means either 1) that an erection rising up from the fork of the woman disappears in the course of some time (the first primavera?) or 2) whether this erection on the contrary develops even further. Here details of the stone on this part from 2014 (left) and 2017:

The woman 2014

The woman 2017

It is likely that most of this is only differences in shadows and light during photography. A bold theory tells that the name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy tells of just this organ and these changes in the stone and that it is considered the hallmark of history. If so, it could be that the detail tells of human 'masturbation', a mild version of marital infidelity as the driving motor in the octogon - and that the rising erection is the onanism while the leg beyond the diagonal is the counterpart in the sense of marital infidelity. But the stone, at least the one I have, is not so unambiguous on the details - and it may be that the leg of the woman which seems to transgress the diagonal boundary really only is the faint outlines of some droppings.

Or is the woman simply a sort of muscular man - cp. the entertainer group 'Chippendale'? 'The strong man'? See also the apparently small head of the woman, leaning backwards and looking to the side over her left shoulder - it looks too small (and perhaps even a little masculine), as if it had undergone a reduction (to 'nuts' or walnut size? - cp also the 'reduction' of the twin towers on Manhattan) a la the method I used for making the white stones in 2014 and 2016 - reducing from 78 to 64 poems for the first and from 105 to 64 for the second. Could be this is old news - see this illustration from the book by Aage Krarup Nielsen. However, the reason why I could make the white stones was not primarily because of these reduction principles but rather because of the rooting of it in the 'catalogue of mysteries' in DDS part 1 'Kinderhilfe' - that attaches it to the metaphysical origins of such a stone. Of course it is 'nuts' to believe that you can make a stone with only a 'simsalabim' - it is the rooting of the reduction in a firmament of metaphysical mysteries that makes for the origins of the 'ontological matter' in the white stone. See this file for an example.

Alarm: All this should be rational science and not secret mythomaniac politics. This science should not be confined to the studies under the control of the power-orientated International Secret Intelligence Services.

It is fully possible that the landscape of politics is developing into alternatives in interpretation of the white stone on basis of the idea of this matter undergoing changes in time - and these changes are taken to be what History is - on background of the idea that the white stone is not much more or less than the semiotic constitution of the world of human reality. But then it is not much left which is not within the field of interest of the International Secret Intelligence Services.

I think it was Valls in France who said that there is not much left of the old political landscape with parties for this and that interest. Could be he wanted to tell that it is now all reducing to details of this white stone? Or would that be too secret, too esoteric?

There were just before and during the two election days in Germany (23-24 september 2017) some significant earthquakes in Mexico which could have enhanced the 'X-i-CO' effect of the 8 and the 5 percent for the butterfly of AfD/FD relative to SPD/CDU - and the role of the Linke and the Grüne would have been to point to the Linke orientation of my own organ and Grüne could then be about some 'green' element of the history. Could be there also is a 'Grünte' of 666 (cp. 'The Dirty Beast in the revelation') or the Sob-i-bor of Austria relative to Hungary if a future Hitler is planned to be sent up there. If it is not simply the latrine twig in the Grüne nature. However, to make such speculations on basis of seismic data can be done only if earthquakes can be made artificially. Could be this is another political secret that should have been released to the public so that they do not believe that it is God himself who want these octogon and pentagon effects - and who recommends such a political development once again.

It is very alarming with this fatalistic development - as if everybody sees that it is happening but nobody manages to say aloud what is needed to stop it. All this white stone thing should be rational science and not the world of entertainment politics.

In particular my work, such as the blue metre, must not be held secret for being reserved for such power intrigues. It must be published and be buyable through bookshops. Intellectuals should stand up against this horrible development which the reorientation in politics seems to entail. Trump seems to be a good chance for some real progress.

Put differently, was the terror on 11 sep 2001 organized by 'International Secret Intelligence Services' in liaison with the US democrat party in the hope of getting a new Hitler through in Germany? If so, that could be telling of how they use the white stone for terror-driven politics.

Konstantin Kavafis is a mightily interesting poet - I refer to his poem 'In einem alten Buch' which seems to be about this white stone story - including the concept of 'authorized residence/lift-up' which could be the key to the american problem - the americans or 'a-meer-i[n]-cans' have not obtained a proper residence permit from the indians and that is the heart of the story - it is that 'Aufenthalt' which is the poet's lift-up of the old acquarel square towards his face. (Cp. also my 'fourth archetype' - of modernism - with the man putting his nose to the yellow newspaper half covered with a white plastic bag). It is not likely that Kavafis had consulted the stone or was writing about these aspects of it - it is more likely that his poetic intuition had understood the same. He was a good poet, simply. Could be this is why the 'International Secret Intelligence Service' call him a 'homo' and seemingly let almost only 'homo' translations through in the west?

It can be expected that voices will be raised trying to delimit the spread of the knowledge of the white stone - and that the hypocritical reason for it will be that "it is only used for terror". Of course it is the very opposite - that terror can be limited by a proper spread of the knowledge of the white stone. Unfortunately there seems to be much nazi propaganda in academic life - and one is often surprised by the phenomenon of the most important things being left unmentioned. A few weeks after I had found my white stone in 2014, there were the news of an ESA expedition landing a spacecraft on a distant comet - returning photos from that remote stone which I thought I recognized slightly from my own stone, such as this one. Shortly after I had found the second stone, in 2016, a 'Schiaparelli' expedition to Mars crash landed - it looked somewhat like the lamp that stand next to the computer I use for internet - the shades I have covered with kitchen aluminium foil.

Those who use knowledge for turning it into historic intrigue or who, say, 'install' poetry into administration can be called nazis, in contrast to those who mention the knowledge (and its source!) explicitly. The explicit mention drains the knowledge of the intrigue potential, the chance to manipulate the masses against their deeper intentions. Not the least therefore is it important to be explicit. I mean, if you see a 'Centre of cognitive thinking' wherein the philosopher's white stone is never mentioned but somehow seems to be the only real thing nevertheless, one can guess that it is a propaganda centre for the International Secret Intelligence Services - who could be concerned with contructing a new Hitler - at least untill they start getting explicit. If pressed on the point, will they come up with a 'nuts' (I mean, things do not fall out of the air just like that, they say perhaps) - or is it time for cognitive science to get down to the facts?

Is the philosopher's white stone classified as secret? If it is, that would be strictly against reason and law - since it would be all and only for the sake of running dirty intrigues which result in states against the law and against the people's interests.

China and Hungary

China looks vaguely like the white stone on the map - but only with inclusion of Tibet and Mongolia. Western politics could have left China with no other choice than annexing Tibet, and if a new Hitler is planned for Germany, if this Hitler goes through an 11 september 2001 bottleneck of the 2017 general election in Germany, then a new Hitler could work for a revolution in Germany that leaves China as evidence that the only chance we have is to 'f*ck the brains out of judaism' - that would be for including the 'brain' of Mongolia into China as a white stone shape. We dont need another Hitler - it is the bad conscience of USA that seem to be the problem. Why not stop this new Hitler program right away? If the white stone is classified as secret, that could be for the one and only purpose of making it possible to make a new Hitler without these political issues being understood by the public.

It can be observed that the Eisenhower doctrine is about the Middle East - and the name of China in chinese is ZHONG - which means 'the Middle'. In the East. Could be that is just the purpose with the 'octogon' power and 11 september 2001 - a stategy against China via a bottleneck in Germany.

Clearly the idea that the white stone in its form and nature necessarily implies a turnaround of the roles in favour of international secret intelligence service (for example under octogon conditions) is necessarily false - rather these seem interested in keeping the stone secret for the purpose of obtaining swaps of roles by means of terror - and that is not to be right.

If the inclusion of Tibet means that China with its materialist philosophy resembles a white stone on the map, then it could also mean that China gets in a global control with the white stone that is not terror-based. China does not believe in terror and warfare. In addition, if the 'octogon' power is based on swapping roles, it could be about a strategy for getting control with China.

Is the white stone the shared interface between the blue and the yellow metre - that is, the rotation of the Sobibor drill? My TEQ functions 1 and 14 - PEB lines 1 and 14? It is high time to get out of the thickets of confusion: It is very possible that all this comes from english being the lingua franca of interpretation of the blue metre line 1 which takes Hungary to be so called (see the data under 'Hungarian' for line 1) because of its semantics being rooted in the 188 Catullus HYMEN, the virginal membrane of the 'kislány', the young girl - see the data in 'The hungarian evidence' - and therefore the HAPS-burg history makes of Austria on the other side an 'Anustria' who believes that the sobs of the 'Sobibor' come from somebody who tries to struggle the face of him- or herself into the rectum of somebody else. But these are perverse ideas that could result from not much more than a coincidental function from english and hungarian and geographic contiguities on the european map. In addition, it is not so certain that hungarian ('magyar') has its semantics from the left- or righthand side of the 'micro-rainbow' of line 1 - it is well possible that hungarian is rooted in a semantics further into the line from either side and that it is only 'folk semantics' in the outer part - where the kettle of gold rests in folk mythology (the 'lánchíd'? - the 'kislány'?) - and hence the services want to keep the stone secret so that the public do not understand why there are so many males in the public interface in Austria. It is high time to terminate the nazi program - there is no reason to believe that the white stone is anything like holy in the sense of being the inescapable (and even shared?) path of the blue or the yellow metre.

But the blue and yellow metres are my work and it is high time to have these published instead of continueing the development of new nazism. It is no solution that the 'services' hijack my work and send it around as gratispapers - that is a form of spread that only enhances the chances for a new Hitler and that seems to be a major interest for just those 'International Secret Intelligence Services'.

I refer to my translation of Heraclitus which proves that history has preserved precisely those documents (fragments) which are needed to make a poetic sense and whole out of the presocratic philosopher - and that means that it is no coincidence which year is recorded the first attested occurrence of a word in a language - rather, that follows a higher logic which can be recognized in the blue metre line 1 of my PEB. (See also Kavafis' poem 'In einem alten Buch'). Heraclitus is famed also for his triple use of the morph HAPs in the following fragment highlighting the triple meaning of it (putting light to, attending, touching - for a shared etymology of touch and vision) - here in my translation:

A man in the night kindles a light for himself
when his inner vision is extinguished:
Living, he attends the dead when asleep,
when awake he attends the sleeper.

It is well possible that this is the story of the HABSburgers of power across the hungarian-austrian border. It could add to the idea that a woman without penis is one who is still a virgin and a woman with penis is one who is married - and hence the possible changes (by time) in the white stone could interpret just this austrian-hungarian border issue - and thereby reinforce the political faith in the role of the HABS-burgers. But this would have been unknown (except on an intuitive level) untill I completed my PEB in 2010.

Once again, it is urgent that my work be published. If somebody should try to tell you that "it is his project to have his work installed into administration", that would be a terrible lie. Do not believe those who come with such allegations. The 'services' and politics could want to use my blue metre, for example, for designing new governments or new 'mass cheating' strategies - what a tragic development that would have been! My work is made for the very opposite - for bringing an end to all that intrigue and conspiracy - and then it must be published.


It clearly can be a matter of a US (probably democrat) interest to get a new Hitler from Austria up into Germany, and the political pressure can be quite substantial. The german election of 2017 could be telling this story - including the element that 11 september 2001 could be a US matter of interest. However, I dont think anybody would be served with letting that Hitler through once again, and in particular Austria cannot be certain that the state can continue if it happens again, and it should therefore be high on the agenda of the relevant administrations to avoid any sort of new Hitler development. Therefore such things as apparent political interests in that Bermuda triangle and rectangle at Johnstrasse in Vienna should not be permitted at all - and to have such 'tolerant' bakers, grocers, post offices and 'Änderung'-Schneidereis should not be allowed under pretext - those initiatives are a 'danger of the security of the state' and that is not because of my person. I am not the problem - on the contrary my work is of such a kind that it should make it possible to get out of the backwaters or 'international pressure' for new nazism and things like that. But then it must be published instead of more of that degenerating inwards-collapsing nazi philosophy with secrecy on the white stone.

It is possible that 'Bjarne' means 'Wien' in the sense of 'Bayern' - and when 'Nymphenburg' is a part of München, it could be that 'Bjarne Nymfen' (for that white stone woman) means that 'Johnstrasse' in Wien via my person and the Treblinka factor (cp. also the Grover 'woodworkers' of 'Obamacare' etc). Johnstrasse is in Wien appr where Nymphenburg is in München.

Consider that Bermuda rectangle at Hütteldorferstrasse (close to where it crosses Johnstrasse), for example - it is fully possible that this problem (the Bermuda triangle opening up to a rectangle) is already solved with my TEQ book 13 - such as I have suggested in my study of Luigi Nono's music relative to my white metre.

The conclusion is that there is international coordinated work going on for making a new austrian Hitler in Germany - could be even as a ridiculous farcical repeat 100 years after the first. Or had it happened even a century or two before Hitler - and this will continue each century untill Martin Luther (born Martin Luder) is dismantled? Could be it is not there - the HAPS-burgers are older than Luther. I believe that much can be obtained by stopping the farcical repeat now instead of giving in to imaginary transatlantic 'pressure': It is fully possible that the 'pressure' comes from the constitution of the human semiotic endowment more than from any political headquarter who wants to feel in control with that endowment - the very white stone itself. The semiotic constitution is felt as a pressure - but then the problem is not solved by giving in to the pressure by making a new Hitler from a Bermuda rectangle but on the contrary by understanding what it is - as far as that 'rectangle' is concerned it could be via a rational and sensible explanation e.g. in terms of my TEQ book 13.

Find a publisher for my work and the century could be rescued with a better understanding of what all this is - as suggests my blue metre line 1. How could one discover this hungarian HYMEN function (e.g. focussing onto the fork region of the woman on the stone) of PEB line 1 without the 13 years of work for the completion of the blue metre book? My own theory is that all this history around my person was made for just that purpose - of me writing the blue metre (on basis of 'The Endmorgan Quartet' as the needed preparatory work). And then it is of utmost importance that this be not locked down for 'intelligence service' control of the world.

PS A detail: I have made the white stone myself and call it a 'lapis philosophorum' - but must confess that I have never seen any photos of other such stones nor do I know if this is accepted theory generally - that this is a real and authentic 'lapis philosophorum'. I would guess that the archives of the 'services' contain photos of classic cases of 'lapis philosophorum' - but those have not been available to me. I have found nothing on the internet. It is the high explanatory function of this theory which makes it reasonable to believe that this is the case. One should downgrade such photos of the white stone to 'public' if they exist in the archives of the 'services'.

I add once again that I have no solid proof of abuse against me in my childhood, not even proof of secret agency of the custody parents - and have constructed the theory for heuristic purposes. However, the custody parents have admitted that I nearly died from an allergic shock around age 18 months or thereabout but say that I had swallowed a nut I had found on the floor and was badly allergic against it. I also have a vivid memory from age 3 that could have been from a rape (it was about me beating a rat behind the house, followed by terrible conscience), if that were not something else. I also once consulted a psychologist who told me that both of my custody parents were 'dependent'. This is what I have of facts in favour of the theory of abuse - and the rest is based on speculations on basis of explanatory value. My earliest memory is from age 8 months and it turned out to be rather precisely the contents of the first poem that Nelly Sachs sent to Paul Celan, in march 1958.

Added on 2 october 2017:

Appr. 12 hours after I had published the above article on the internet, there was a mass shooting from a high window in Las Vegas in USA. The article originally contained the above lines including an extra line something like this (I cannot find it again but it was something like this): "Intellectuals should stand up against this horrible development which the reorientation in politics seems to entail - which should not mean standing up against the bullets. Trump seems to be a good chance for some real progress" - but I quickly deleted the line about the bullets. After the news of the shooting in Las Vegas, I speculated whether it could have been for a codeword something like this: "The norwegian telegraph house will remain puzzling".

Added on 6 october 2017:

See the further data in 'The hungarian evidence'.

In addition to the 'Primavera' entertainers, I mention also the duo 'Knutsen & Ludvigsen'.

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