Archetypes and 'purka'

John Bjarne Grover

'Purka' means 'the she-pig' and is likely to be a part of the socalled 'Judensau' as an antisemitic political concept. 'Purken' is also a negative word for 'the police'. It seems that 'purka' is about to regain shape as a political figure. My interpretation is the following:

Since the times of the indian mystic treatise Rig-Veda, probably the world's oldest document, metaphysical inquiry has converged or been prone to converge on the socalled 'mystic archetypes' with an explanatory value as a sort of intermediate conceptualizing net between the human and the divine or rather mystic reality. The archetypes have a sort of transcendent status: They tell of how the human organism has its shape from what governs its perception of reality - or vice versa. There are three classic archetypes that can be traced - could be there are more but these are the ones I have worked with in extension from my own 'My mention e Anna' - and it can be added that in fact I experienced the three in rather immediate context of the writing of the literary works - here is my personal impression:

1) Man-on-wagon: A bust-sized upper part of a male body, the body being a lump of flesh with a normal head on top of it. This is situated on a small board rolling on four small wheels. The construction is in principle akin to Ezekiel's wagon on wheels, although his wheel were a little more elaborate. It is also related to ideas of ancient greek autokhthonic people sprouting up from the earth. The bust-man has spectacles, classic black glasses (Yves St.Laurent style), and a little beard. The wagon is pulled in a rope by a boy in front - he is of age about 10-12 years. The wagon and boy cross a street and the wagon slams into the curbstone (cp. Caruso's famous 'sang in Carmen' the night before the earthquake of San Francisco - which could be the reason why modern artificial earthquakes often seem to have time points resembling that 1906 one) - and the magic happens that the wagon lifts itself up on the curbstone in spite of the man's apparent limitations and in spite lack of other forms of technologies. The man is very friendly and encouraging, the boy is more peripheral. The boy and the man-on-wagon together constitute also the Ursa Major or Charles' Wain (hence the name) constellation - the boy being the pole star.

2) Dogs paradox: Two dogs are digging in the earth outside a fence untill they find the end of an underearth rope which seems to go under the fence and underearth straight to a tree standing not so far away. It could be a genetic family tree. At least a day or two later there is water in the hole. Could be there had been rain in the mean time.

3) The nose-trunk: A female in an alabaster-coloured tight-fitting dress which turns into over-all legs from her hips and down. She looks normally dressed. The dress has, though, a hood in the same colour which turns into a tube or extreme 'bonnet' which extends quite far ahead of her face - some 20-30-40 cm - and the end of this is surrounded by a fur. She apparently looks through this and therefore tends to scan the street. She has probably some sort of boots on her feet, although I cannot remember this with precision. She crosses the street (just like the man-on-wagon) and walks in front of me. Her body seems rather normally proportioned although there could be some notable traits. I thought that she wanted me to recognize her and looked into the tube in front of her face - but there was no face to be seen in there. If her head were hidden under the collar and an empty hood were only put on top, then her legs were a little too long for such a construction. If the man is the Charles' Wain, she is the southern cross.

In short, the woman could be lacking the head which the man has on the wagon. In old biblical parlance, the man is the head of the woman. These two are the Shiva with a 'wheel' of arms and the Ganesh with a nose-trunk in indian mythology - the genders differ perhaps. The apparent lack of face in the darkness could be the origins of the veils which women wear in islamic countries.

The typical reductionistic interpretation is probably that these are the father and mother and the dogs are the unification of them.

Since about the 17th or maybe the 16th century, it seems that british administration has been waging a war against these archetypes in an attempt to pervert them, and british empiricism seems to be more or less just that attempt. 'John Locke' published his first noted work soon after the birth of Alexander Pope and it is likely that he constitutes the Swift-Pope lock. His name means a 'J on Lock' in an apparent attempt to corrupt the father-mother conjunction into a homosexual conjunction. This was taken to its extremes by Adolf Hitler when he was launched by the concept of 'sodomite salt'. John Locke seems to be the nose-trunk. The next two are David Hume for the divided boy and man with a 'hume'-erous more or less genetic connection between them. George Berkeley is the dogs paradox. One speculates if these empiricists were constructed by administration for launching the 'homo' version which has bothered the world since then, and modern politial terrorism seems to be rooted in just that concept of 'homo'.

'John Locke' is probably also the origin or 'John Gröver'. If the whole WWII served to be a war of Hitler representing the original and jewish archetype version against the british John Locke version, then one can conclude that there is nothing but this single JOHN LOCKE which is political history since perhaps the mid 19th century. And that means an attempt to turn the female nose-trunk into a homo. That is politics! That could be the reason why politics looks as it does! This has nothing to do with homophobia or normal homosexuality at all - it is about a deliberate attempt to introduce sodomy as the main governing parametre.

When my great sth grandfather Ole Devold founded his tricotage factory in Langevaag at Aalesund in 1852, he started producing 'nisse-luer' = red stocking caps, blåtröyer = blue-shirts and underpants. This was probably for the same installation of the british archetypes for turning things around and corrupting the interface between humans and the divine or poetic-mystic reality. The underpants are used as an upside-down version of the hood of the nose-trunk, the blue-shirts as blåtröyer is likely to be about the man with the spectacles. It seems, as usual, that the political perversion is rooted in the John Locke turnaround of the female to a male or bottom. The access of the people to the divine is under british administration, that means.

'Purka' is likely to have been constructed on basis of this and is more or less identical to the 1-2-3 strategy on raw child abuse. A newborn child has a skull helmet which must be flexible in the birth and is attached to the rest of the skull and hence it is possible to detach the helmet - which coincides more or less exactly with the area of the hair growth later in life - from the skull and lift it off. The barbarism of detaching the helmet from a new-born child and lift it off and masturbate a spurt of semen on its cortex before the helmet is put back on again is apparently an old theme. There is the idea that the sperm remains intact and even fertile inside that skull which then can be opened after the person's death and give rise to a child born long after the genetic father is dead. For example, could Hitler have been the son of Richard Wagner? If so, there must have been a Hedda Gabler inbetween. Ibsen wrote John Gabriel Borkmann, Wild Duck and Eyolf Little in the 1890's. There probably exist myths on such a clot of sperm having been carried for generations since Jesus etc. With the invention of the freezer around 1920 this tradition is probably going out of use but still seems to be politically active in administration.

Jewish circumcision was a major step forwards against such barbarism: It means 1) that the man's penis is not 'the same' as a person's body, and 2) that judaism is about poetic-mystic logic and not the administrative logic which turns things upside down (bonnet-underpants etc) and front-back etc. The christian baptism is another variant: The priest does not spurt semen on the child's head but a handful of water.

It is administrative and not poetic logic which still tries to implement such barbarism. Step 2 and 3 in the 1-2-3 are the rape of the infant around age 6 months and torture with chemicals in the blood around age 18 months.

A highly important element is the theory that such infant helmet lifting plus spurt of semen leads to problems of tax paying later in life. That is because the child lived in the mother's womb in a system of giving and receiving which functioned as an organism resembling the social body of the society later in life, and with the birth the child is thrown into a new system whereby respiration and use of the digestion channel come into use. Then there is the option of a second birth, whereby the bird-egg of the skull cracks and the cortex is born - which is the perverse form of a 'second coming' (like that masturbator!) which does not take place and thereby the child so to speak is re-admitted into its pre-birth condition since it was not born after all. Humans and birds are two-legged. I notice the way of walking of the nose-trunk and the beak-shape.

The peculiar possibility - and the absence of 'grabbing the opportunity' of the parents - of helmet lifting from a newborn child could of course be the role of the human hair - and thereby social life functions and tax paying is a principle which for a normal human leads to general progress in life. A shopowner who pays his tax will get more customers into the shop while if he does not pay the tax which the law prescribes the customers may avoid his shop. If you pay the tax according to the law, there is - in addition to the normal common goods built by the tax money - a general progress in life and support from the society to what you do, which could mean that by tax-paying you are reintroduced into the prebirth protected paradisal state of umbilical cord connection to society, but there is the theory that a person who has suffered such helmet lifting will not experience such progress - which means that such a person will suffer expulsion - more expulsion the more tax he pays. I paid tax to Norway through more than 20 years before I had to flee the country - and there are some reasons to speculate that I could have suffered that fate early in life.

There is the theory that the one who masturbated on my cortex was John F.Kennedy, later president, and that the Kennedy assassination in 1963 was theatre for pretending that he suffered the same - somebody 'masturbated on his cortex'. That somebody was called Harvey Lee Oswald = Hammerfest, Molde, Oslo, the three addresses of mine which represent the chemicals in the blood, the helmet lifting and the rape.

Indira Nehru Gandhi is a name resembling 'indira Nelly Sachs'. Her sons had names Sanjay, which could mean 'Sandvei' for my first address (where the helmet would have been lifted) and 'Rajiv Gandhi' = 'scandinavian'. It could suggest that the Kennedy assassination was about me personally.

Now the essential observation to be made is the theory that those who suffer problems and expulsion as a result of tax paying does so one year in advance of the payment or the tax decision or the filling in or handling of the declaration. That is the tempting element which administration could have a hard time keeping their hands off from - since it means getting an apparent grip on the future.

The theory exists (well, I have made it) that the Kennedy assassination was for installing just that future-control in administration. The principle is then likely to be that there are two disasters involved: One 'disaster' is one year in advance, and the second is the tax paying itself when this is the cause of the first disaster. The political trick is then to rob the relevant person of the first disaster - to 'hijack' it, so to speak, to an extent that it is not even discovered, and store it away for later use. Then administration feels that future is getting under their control. In late february 2002 Ingrid Betancourt was abducted and I suffered what could have been a cerebral stroke partly paralyzing my lefthand side. This was one year exactly before I made my income declaration in Paris. It is then noteworthy that her name 'Betancourt' could even suggest the 'abduction' in such a way that my own name comes out as 'walk on water' - a sort of Jesus. The theory is that the Betancourt story was for hijacking the discovery I could have made of such a disaster one year in advance if this had not happened. I got my pension and more than a year afterpayment in december 2002 and should declare this in february-march 2003.

But why hadn't I discovered this before? My first real tax was paid by declaration in january 1978. I had earned money before this but never beyond the tax-free limit. In the spring 1977 I had jumped off studies in Oslo at the turn of the year 1976-77 and been teacher at the private school Hauge-Stahlheim in Haugsvik north of Voss and I returned to Fredrikstad in the summer 1977 and started working at the library with Jette Råboe Larsen as chief of the department. I had in the summer 1977 got a letting agreement for the old farm house of Rekustad. When in the winter I lived in her flat, there was the water leak in the kitchen of Rekustad which caused some flooding disaster (even this apparently pre-heralded in Modern Language Review) - causing me to 'walk on water' - about the time when I should deliver my first declaration, or one year before the next. This was about formalities - and it could be that the real disaster had been when I jumped off the studies - since I could have understood that I could not pay back the study loan without earning much money and hence also pay much tax. Råboe Larsen had been married to a brain surgeon at a hospital in or at Oslo and moved to Fredrikstad and there was a one-year period of separation before the divorce could be formally accepted. She was waiting for the divorce papers to arrive at any time and told me that another woman had moved into her once bed. When at the end of 1993 I prepared my first book manuscript ('Submorphemic signification') for submission to publisher, the norwegian foreign minister Johan Jörgen Holst was shot in his cortex in his home bedroom on 17 december 1993 or thereabout and was (according to news reports) transported to this hospital where the husband of Larsen, according to her, that is, once worked (I have no idea if he was still there). On 12 january 1994, once again according to reports on the internet, a diplomatic 'cable' was sent from Rwanda to UN in New York telling that unless peacekeeping forces were sent there would be a genocide on the tutsies in Rwanda. This cable was sent on 12 january - the day when Holst died in the hospital. No forces were sent and the genocide on the tutsies went as planned: 800.000 tutsies were murdered with long 'jarn-eggs' by jungle rövers. That is a disaster - which via the link of the Octogon (the name of Jette Råboe Larsen can be spotted as the undertext in the Eisenhower doctrine #3) can be traced back to the water leak of Rekustad and my first declaration to the tax authorities in Norway. 800.000 is also the number of victims of Shansi, Verdun and Treblinka.

To this comes the phenomenon of the 'tutsies' - the Kennedy assassination was in Dallas which could have been in hebrew-letter contrast to 'Halas', the czech poet Frantisek Halas who died on 27 october 1947, Gröver/'Mengele's official birthday, his death apparently preheralded in MLR. The combination of his name and the remarkable czech composer Jan Dismas Zelenka makes for a Fronleichnam = Corpus Christi out of my name. This 'Zelenka' would thereby mean 'John Fitzerald Kennedy' - it could also be part of the background of the name-change of Ceylon to Sri Lanka in 1972 after I had been in the dentist chair in the years 1970-71 where the school dentist Aulie turned my 'tutsies' into 'tric-o-tage' tram lines. 'John Christmas Skinka' or 'John Bjarne Skinka' could be the variant on me - and Bayonne ham was introduced as christmas food in Norway since about the sixties. It was outside this dentist office in probably early 1971 that teacher Robert Zimmermann (at least his last name is certain, according to my memory) grabbed my neck and pulled me head low (level of his hip) down the corridor and threw me out the school door as if it should have been at the Hyde Park Corner or the Duke of Wellington Place - apparently because I was right. Cp. the meeting with the iranian in Paris 2002 under the Flaubert pillar.

Zelenka (contemporary of Bach) is a remarkable composer indeed - but seems to have been held out of public attention for a long time, at least since recordings began: Could be this was for reserving his name for the use of Kennedy. When the pope resigned recently, he referred to the steering of the 'Schifflein Petri'. Listen to Zelenka's Psalmus 129 "De Profundis" for that ship and the subjectivity of the music.

These disasters are of course too large - and I had no chance to see any connection between the water leak at Rekustad and the Rwanda genocide. When the water leak was preheralded in MLR, they so to speak pre-hijacked the disaster - and hence possibly even an administrative link to Rwanda.

Assume, therefore, that tax paying is a real problem for those who have suffered helmet lifting with ejaculation on cortex. The metaphysics of the archetypes suggests that the social interface of a human is in the form of light emitted from the nose-trunk - the light of the face ('Antlitz') of a human - giving shape to the world who thereby returns or reflects the light in through the same hood opening. If the helmet is lifted on a newborn and a spurt of semen hits the cortex, that could mean that the response of 'light' is not going through the conventional tube of the face but comes from another and unconventional source - which administrative logic could mistake for an inner religious light. In addition, the 'light' in the form of the nutrition which the newborn mammal is getting in the form of milk from a female nipple here comes in the form of semen from a male penis head. Although this makes not much sense, since the 'milk' of the male only remains there on the surface of the cortex, the 'administrative' logic could be that this causes deep confusion in the child nevertheless and the child will have to struggle for getting hold of an ordinary nipple to suck with its sucking instincts or reflexes. This 'nipple' is then offered in the 1-2-3 in the form of another male penis into the child's anus (or mouth) for this to 'suck' 6 months later. With this half a year interval, the confusion should have been even bigger and settled the issue for the child who now believes that the things have been restored. This means that the child's NOSE-TRUNK or simply NOSE now is recognized as an ANUS. This contruction is then settled with the torture by chemicals in the blood of the child at age 18 months, for removing the last chances for the child to regain confidence in contact with the social world. An inner fire wall along the mid line between east and west or right and left is then created, making it harder for the one on the lefthand side of the body to understand those understood on the righthand side and vice versa. Cp. my reaction to the Betancourt story. If that should cause some tissue to accumulate around the nipple, as is normal also for men, but more on the lefthand side than on the righthand due to the inner firewall, that does not mean that the subject mixes up penis head and female nipple and hence that a proof of 'purka' can be established thereby: It rather means that left and right suffer some loss of ease in communication due to the abuse. Damage to the social interface is likely to be front/back normally, across the rolandic feature, and with a 90 degrees turn it is not a split-brain but a loss of confidence in the other represented in the custody authority (the realm of political power) who allowed for the abuse. It is the same sort of logic as can prove that negros have a different shape of skull and hence frenological analysis could suggest that these are inferior to the white race. But isnt that a little altmodisch?

In short, it is probable that 'purka' is not much more than a social handicap comparable with other handicaps, wooden legs etc, but that british perversities have tried to assign to it a mystic quality for linking it to the archetypes. The 20th century seems to have been a war on the archetypes - in the hope of making people forget them - after which administration can have a lot of swindle done which people cannot understand because they have forgotten the archetypes - which after the 20th century seem to have reduced to donald duck and mickey mouse. It could be as bad as that: Churchill's V-sign could mean that 'the noses are assholes' in the sense of just that 'purka' - and that this was the entire purpose with the whole WWII. And then the Kennedy assassination could have been in extension from this. Such politics tries to assign a MYSTIC QUALITY to 'purka' - as if it were a special sort of condition through which modern people could get a new chance to glimpse into the mysteries of being. While it is nothing but dirty nazi abuse.

Politicians arent much worth if this is the story and they havent told people about it.

This is 'purka' - the 'Judensau' - the 'she-pig', with two 'anuses' as the nose.

Ole Devold could have prepared for Hitler with his underpants etc in Langevaag - for turning things around and making such Judensaus. It is likely that this is still on the program if the current times are scheduled to be a J-ON LOCK in the form of a Klipra connection of Norway being planned to be 'moved down' to Austria as an Anustria - for the decisive misunderstanding of the infant mammal to suck on the 'nipple' confused with the 'J'. Could be this is a 'jar connection' which England could be trying to impose on e.g. Austria. The 'Eggland' could then be in close association with the 'Anustria' in the middle of 'Eurompa' - things like that. It is perhaps not so advanced. 'The Father ejaculated in Anustria' etc. For whipping up new antisemitism?

It is of course a matter of primitive barbarism and nothing else. A person who is victim of 1-2-3 is handicapped - and nobody has a justified claim to christmas presents. That could be why the nazis want me to submit my books in the form of 'applications' to publishers - since that makes another genocide easy to construct. That is also why I hope that somebody else could find a publisher for me so that I do not have to send an application.

My theory is therefore that my skull helmet could have been opened soon after my birth on 29 june 1957 and it seems to have been quite a number of international events converging on this date with some telescoping effect - among them a new NATO chief and the falldown of Hermann Buhl from Chogolisa. The 'Buhl' could then have been about accumulation of tissue on the lefthand side and 'Hermann' could mean a 'copyist' or 'monkey', thereby suggesting that 'purka' or the 'Judensau' is imitating under administrative control. My book 'Poetic semiosis' probably suffices to show that poetic logic is not about 'purka' - which also suggests that the ideas of purka are made as part of an antisemitic war on poetic logic. There is probably a jungle of pretexts for such ideas.

Bush mentioned the 'purda' as a part of the reason for the war in Afghanistan, and the local government there demolished the two Buddhas. Could this have been telling that these issues are of importance for current political history?

The 20th century has been a western war against the archetypes as the opening to the mystic reality, and waged this war on the forms such as 1) Adolf Hitler, and apparently also 2) Walt Disney. Hitler launched an attack on England for their perverse abuse of the archetypes and went on the barricades for protecting the jewish philosophy, cp. also his quasi indian symbolism, and many could have supported him on that single point, but everybody were happy when the war was over and the 'nazi archetypes' had been beaten down. After the war, people did not want more 'nazi archetypes' and did not understand that the british 'homo' archetypes were a perversion of the human understanding of the divine. 'Sodomite salt' was the key concept for launching Hitler and still seems to be up in politics. Disney's cartoon characters Donald Duck = man-on-wagon and Mickey Mouse plus Goofy/Langbein = nose-trunk are easy to recognize. Why 'Langbein'? Because, if she has no head inside the hood, and if her head were inside her shirt, then she could have been a normal actress who played the role. But not only is her clothes a little too tight-fitting - the legs are also too long for this option. That makes her like the man-on-wagon: It is not really possible. But Disney could have served to relegate emphasis to the long bein of either an erection or of the masturbator on the infant cortex - thereby linking the archetypes to child abuse and thereby collecting disgust against them - as if the archetypes were a result of child abuse! 'Volt Diss-ney' could be the idea that she is a walking fleshy-looking robot and not much 'mystic'. Donald Duck & Co is likely to be a US harvesting of the works of Hitler - who was launched by a 'sodomite salt' strategy around the time of Disney's creation of the cartoon characters.

In short, such 'Judensau' or 'purka' politics - including attempts to assign to the child abuse a 'mystic value' which should open up new landscapes for administrative power etc - is oldfashioned nazism with the aim of corking the human understanding of the divine or mystic-poetic reality. My TEQ is an attempt to reopen those parts of the mystic reality which Hitler corked.

The 20th century tried to block the access to the mystic reality via the archetypes - and now they hope to reopen them under administrative control assigning a new value to child abuse - as if the 1-2-3 in child abuse were a way to re-open the access to the spiritual world. How sick can it get? That would be a great misunderstanding. Could be there even are plans for new 'mocking' archetypes - drubbe, trulte, purke, hurpe etc. It is a pity that those who, for whatever reason, cannot feel much respect for human spirituality feel the call for mocking other people's respect for it - and apparently feel attracted to politics as a field wherein they can find an outlet for their mock. Wouldn't it be better to understand the own problem?

The front pages of my 3-volume TEQ can be studied for some interesting observations on the nature of the archetypes. The nose of the upwards-travelling 'beast' is also the wings attached to the angelic being, and turning it 90 degrees turns it into something close to Celan's poem "Der Hengst mit dem blühenden Docht" (Fadensonnen). To see this as a 'J on Lock' is not the right solution.

Could be it is as simple as this: It is hard to think anything new if the inventory of conceptual tools is finite. With a finite inventory you can combine and permute things in infinite british ways and it never gets beyond 'the same' over and over again. The archetypes open up the world to new thinking and understanding and makes heaven higher and human reality richer. To consider that as oldfashioned superstition is not to understand it right. Much oppressive politics could want to prevent the outbreak of creative thought in the public and that could be the reason for the war against the archetypes.

As far as my own role is concerned, it could be that I am the unmentioned centre in a rather big power structure program. If that be the case, then it is likely for the one and only purpose of installing JOHN LOCKE as the most essential concept for understanding of the world. That would be for only these perverse british variants - with 'purkas' and mystic values assigned to child abuse and things like that. I refer also to Rig-Veda 1-24-12/13 in sanskrit: If this is the first mention of the concept of 'sound-current' (Divyanand), and if the same verse also encodes important aspects of the genetic power structure, then it could be that the whole story be about a political (western forces) attempt to turn the inner acoustics around to an outer. My Endmorgan Quartet is all and only inner acoustic articulations. See TEQ 15:14 (poem 1468) with function 11.

It is high time that the politicians come out with the story. They have not told about the underearth bombs, if those exist, and the earthquakes. They have no right to cheat the world as it seems that they are doing. To see every politician in the world collaborate on keeping my work off from the public - in order to turn the inner acoustics around to an outer acoustics - is to understand that every politician is an enemy of their own people when they want to replace the deep spiritual sources of the people with the cheap propaganda from the party headquarter and the even cheaper mythos world in the media.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 8 march 2013