27 september 2017

John Bjarne Grover

There have been reasons to wonder if there is a personal challenge on me as the reason for the strange over-representation of male employees in the public interface counters in at least Vienna - it could in principle be about a 'you-and-I' personal challenge of a possibly 'homo' type for modelling unconstitutional power. It has happened that I got reason to believe that letters I sent via normal postboxes did not arrive - and hence I could be forced to hand them in over the counter in a post office to be sure. For a while, and could be it still is like that, there were only male employees in the public interface of the post office counters - in most other comparable countries there are nearly 100% female employees there. Bakers shops are traditionally a workplace for women - now there are so many male employees there that it is hard for me to find a place to have a coffee for writing a poem without getting the coffee from a male. In the grocery shops I have used in Vienna there used to be female employees but now most shops have at least some male employees - a phenomenon which has come to function as a personal challenge on me. How can I get food without this apparent homo harassment? You and I? I bought some trousers and nearly all of them seemed to have low-quality zippers - in the mean time a large number of 'Änderung-Schneidereis' have popped up with apparently all and only male employees - I suppose they have work and do not only sit there sewing back and forth on the same philosophical 'lappis' all day long. But if I am supposed to have trousers on, how can I without having to interface with males? I am very sickened by those male employees - and have speculated that it could be to stretch paragraph 10 in the 1955 Staatsvertrag.

One afternoon just before the presidential election in France, I was for a coffee to a bakers shop in the lower Rotenturmstraße and had just ordered a coffee when a male ('bloggi'?) came in for a coffee with protruding chest in a manner which reminded me of Paul Grøtvedt (whom I know from Norway) - and some police were shot on Champs-Elysee in Paris rather shortly thereafter. 'Sjanselyset' could suggest that it could be about a hijack of my blue metre 'POLAKK English Bloggi' - which perhaps is what the real story is about. I had been around to a considerable number of bakers coffee points - which I went by because of male employees - before I found this one. It is now almost impossible to find a place without those males. My 'Dornenstrauch' is written all and only in such places - while there were still females working there.

The election in Germany recently could have related to my personal presence near a car crash in Berlin in 2004. It may be that my personal interface to society is of some relevance for understanding these things.

My books, such as this 'POLAKK English Bloggi' or 'Der Dornenstrauch', are not yet published.

I have speculated that my home computer and aspects of my life could be under surveillance and data distributed around in administrations - in which case it could be that the only form of 'publishing' goes via the authority of the 'services' - who thereby 'borrow' my authority. They do not have the right to represent my authority.

I dont know what is the pretext music for these things in unions etc, but I have guessed that some 'mafia power' in the secret intelligence services or thereabout - could be one single person with a hidden 'you-and-I' stategy that has been going for some years? - could control these things and replace women with 'homos' in the public interface if I have been to a place, and thereby gradually accumulate much personal unconstitutional power. We must hope that there are not too many copies ('homos') in the bottlenecks of power. I tried to find the statistics for male-female distribution of unemployment in Austria but could not find it - I suppose it could be rather biased.

A secret rewrite formula could be ÖSTERREICH / PFLEGEHEIM.

There is a 'Tischler Michael Serloth' in Selzergasse near Hütteldorferstrasse - some 'tolerance' backwards.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 27 september 2017