John Bjarne Grover

This article tells of what could be a political complex of high relevance for the present times - relating to the matter of my new poetry book 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra'. The article tells thereby of how important it be that major progress in knowledge of all kinds be not suppressed by secrecy clauses which could serve to turn the desirable and tasty knowledge into a bait and a carrot for the 'democratic' voters - could be even in such a form that the voters who want this knowledge thereby come to support the politics which they dont want. In view of the fact that my blue metre PEB is not yet published, I may have to write the following article for telling that it could be a giant mistake to suppress the publication of this book and to turn it into a secrecy which can be used for getting voters on the hooks.

Rigveda and Moses

There seems to be one and only one big secret in modern political history, and that is the story of the Big Scandal that must have been discovered many centuries ago - that a quite systematic and consequent parallelism exists between Rigveda in sanskrit and the books of Moses. Since, in addition, both texts could be subjected to some elasticity in the interpretations, it seemed that it was possible to launch the hypothesis that Moses had borrowed from Rigveda or, even worse, that it simply was an old translation. Whatever was the explanation, it seems that the feelings arose that serious doubt could be cast on the authenticity of Moses and hence also of christianity - and it is likely that this is what led to protestantism in Germany and anglicanism in England. The catholic church made Opus Dei which said that 'it is the work of God, not of human conspiracy' - and that certainly is the appropriate explanation as well, as soon as one understands what it is. My 'Dornenstrauch' provides a poetic interpretation to the problem - and the solution is that since both texts are about the fundamental metaphysical theories, they have to exhibit important parallels because of the human semiotic endowment. It seems that 'the opening door' is a phenomenon which can be used to describe some of the parallels.

The phenomenon seems to have been adopted quickly by political power and is likely to have led to the construction of Heimskringla around the times of Alexander Pope - since Heimskringla seems to have been constructed on basis of essential word pairs in norwegian and hebrew language - typically associated with 'excrements', and this could have been used for the alleged separatist movement in Norway which led to the antisemitic constitution of 1845 - which declared all jews for unwanted in the new kingdom, could be in order to find a solution to the 'smelly' athmosphere on the background of the proud historic traditions of vikings and their medieval kingdom which seemed to have ruled the world and the oceans from America to Constantinopel.

The success seems - as is my guess - to have been copied into the experiment called the Doppelmonarchie of Austria (Habsburg) and Hungary in the period 1867-1914 and which is likely to have been what led to Hitler (as a sort of Heimskringla phenomenon from Vinland to Constantinopel). There are signs that similar trends are en vogue even today. I mention the example which is perhaps more than an example - could be it is the whole story: Hungarian 'rend-ör' means 'order-guard' and is the standard word for 'police'. 'Renn-dör' is the indo-european variant which means 'to run the doors', and that could be in allusion to 'the opening door' as the basis for the parallelisms of Rigveda and Moses. 'Rendörség' = 'police' more generally, and a police station is called 'rendör-kapitányság'. Now the word for the main police station will then be 'rendör-fo-kapitányság', which in an indoeuropean framework typically could be misinterpreted as 'rendör-fök-up-i-tany-sag'. When the italian communist party after the war had more than 50 percent of the votes and today is almost totally non-existent, could be it is even closed down for the time being, that could be because one wants to avoid a 'rendör-fök-operaios' = 'renn-dör-fök-up-her-A-ios/up-her-A-i-Ås'. Could be even russian and chinese communism could have faced a similar fate if they had not deconstructed it? See below on Melissa as a sweet 'glas-nost', could be that even is the same person as the 'peer-e-stroika' from door to door. My guess is that this 'operaios' is what was used for making Mussolini's ('Melissani's?) fascism a hundred years ago - if a pulse of terror went from Turkey (the Van see, the Wannsee-conference?) around the Black Sea and up through Hungary and Austria towards Paris - as the eastern wing of a swastika that means the opening door when a soul steps down from eternity into history - and when this swastika turned 90 degrees down on its southern arm Italy (with Norway as the northern arm), the panic went as an under-earth pane-ic = the wheat sprouting up from the earth to be collected in the fascies for making the pane = bread out of it. It could be that essential - that italian (and perhaps even russian and chinese) communism today could not avoid being but a propaganda movement for new fascism and therefore they prefer to be low in the landscape instead - simply because of that 'operaios' at the end of the 'rendör-fök'. (I have noted that both in Greece and in Hungary they now have started using the term 'police' instead of the local language form).


I was in Italy in the summer and was acquainted with the phenomenon of melissa. It was when I was in contact with the carmelite monastery in Venice that I came to be aware of it. Melissa is sold in three carmelite monasteries in northern Italy. Melissa is a plant product made by the carmelite monks of Verona and, as tells the info paper, they have done so for 300 years. Melissa is a plant that grows in the carpathian basin and the medical product is made by squeeing the juice (cp the rigvedaen SOMA?) out of it and preserving it in alcohol. It can be smeared on the skin, which easily takes it in. I believed that it was a sort of ginseng or propoli or something like that and that it should have a calming and positive effect on the soul, which it did. I had just come to Venice after some years and was very happy to be back in the immense beauty which this times reached hitherto unknown heights. I ascribed some of this effect to the poetry I was working with just at that time - and there was some really 'spröde Chopin' in the air which was perfect for this work - but after a few days I could not avoid pondering whether the melissa I had smeared on the skin could have contributed somewhat to this. It is hard to tell what could have been the reason.

Melissa is probably not a psychedelic product but is probably sort of the opposite - and it is totally legal in Italy and probably other countries as well. My guess is that it does not create new and artifical perceptional objects such as LSD but on the contrary releases or detaches from some of the metaphysical anxiety which always is present in humans - in particular the human fear of doom at the end of time - which could be at the bottom of all sorts of political problems. It seems that melissa releases from or rather into the consciousness what can be called metaphysical archetypes of a particular nature related to these things. Could be it is called 'melissa archetypes' for all I know. I tell a few 'archetypal' stories: There was a rock concert one evening in the neighbourhood of the hotel in Venice, probably behind some houses and into a piazza there. It was a little noisy, I thought that perhaps local groups were playing, but then came a 'christian' singer who got the audience (?) involved with his 'hey daradara' to which the audience (coming out from a bar or a frutta shop?) responded with a 'hey daradara' and he was quite responsive to the project of breaking the fiction - when I thought 'going up' he sang upscale and when I thought 'sing down' he went down the scales. It helped to close the windows and the concert silenced at midnight. I doubted that this could have been there for real - I could not determine the place - but of course it could have been a loudspeaker in a nearby house. One night in the hotel I heard what I believed was a woman running from door to door knocking repeatedly on them before running to the next. Nobody opened - and she ran down the stairs to a lower floor. This was quite enigmatic and it is likely to be misinterpreted as the archetype of the 'Melissa nymphomaniac' - which probably is a serious misunderstanding of what rather is likely to be a deep understanding in Melissa of the urgent need for helping those who are in need of it and that is the mission we have on earth. If one misunderstands her as being a nymphomaniac, that is likely to be just dirty politics for smuggling the word FÖK of the hungarian police word into the intrigues. The second story was also in Venice - I had been sitting down for eating some food I had bought when suddenly I started hearing a gnawing sound from a nearby door as of a metal file working itself through a metal bar. The sound was first very low but increased in volume untill I found it smart to withdraw from what seemed to be a potentially opening door. I went behind a corner - and when I peeped back again some seconds later, there was a woman standing there in the street with a paper folder under her arm and the door from which the sounds had been coming was just gliding up - and a man stepped out of it to the woman waiting there. I left the scene - but had to wonder what it was. I had no problems with finding a rational explanation - it could have been an estate agent (the woman) who was about to acquire a new object for sale and the man who was to sell it had not the key to one of the doors but could open it that way. There was another door through which she could have come out. However, if this were another Melissa archetype, it could have been the one seen on top of the U-curve on the back side of my Endmorgan Quartet, under the shining face (see the article New revelation in Vilnius - and it would mean a man just in the moment of ejaculating and a woman (Melissa?) coming running with the documents. In human imagination it means the act of grace when the male is accepted by the woman in the moment of fertilization - it means being accepted into heaven at the end of time. It is just to open the door, tells Melissa - whom I may perhaps even have met in person and thought that I spotted some traits I recognized, but did not make any advances. She seems to be very friendly and totally free of any evil. Could be she has already had a glass of wine and is the same person as runs from door to door with 'perestroikas'.

However, I found that perhaps I should be a little careful with the product and stopped the skin-smear on the arm once or twice a day. After some days I got a little feeling of being 'boxed' in the head, as if the concepts were going too square, or like having a cardboard box down over the head, and a slight feeling of alienization accompanied it, but this 'hangover' lasted not long - and certainly could have had other reasons in the summer heat. What was more puzzling, though, was the phenomenon that I started scratching the top of my head with a finger now and then and scratched the upper level of the skin off the 'moon' a little now and then. This strange 'affe' movement of the arm and hand was puzzling, indeed it was, and I had to wonder if it would be related to the same metaphysical condition as could be observed in my poetry relative to Caravaggio - see this article on the phenomenon of Caravaggio HI (just above the head) and LO.

Moon landings

I concluded that one could make such a theory that Melissa archetypes exist and they relate to eschatological phenomena of the type that is called 'right above the head', 'landing on the moon' and things like that. Moreover, if one important Melissa archetype is the woman running from door to door for offering her help to fellow beings and if this is abused in the form of a political program of the type that led to fascism in Italy a hundred years ago, one could even put together the theory that the alleged US moon landings in 1969-1971 were of the same sort of experience, so to speak. In those days the computers were not usable for that sort of journeys, and to send an expedition to the moon would have to resemble a Jules Verne story, shooting a tin can up and pedalling back, so to speak. In short, and many seem to agree on that, it is very possible that the reports on the moon landings were a hoax only. I personally remember the historic moment well - we were sitting in front of the TV like most other people on the earth - to see a human put a foot on the moon. I think they should come out with the story if it were a hoax 'for telling something'. Since then there have been rovers landed on the moon - I dont know if they have found the gear left after the first pioneers there. My guess is that no human has ever been outside the gravity field of the earth.

What were the expeditions telling? Well, there were 6 expeditions in the years 1969-71 and 5 of these succeeded in landing and returning successfully. A 6th had to return without landing due to some problems. In each expedition there were two astronauts on the moon and one in the spacecraft that encircled the moon. I have guessed, after the 5 revolutions in 2011, that the expeditions even could have served to present names and info on a series of genetic offsprings of myself - as a sort of 'Adolf Eichmann' since the first 'Concepzion' was reported in 1960 with the world's biggest earthquake ever some minutes after the arrest of Eichmann was reported to Knesset. My younger sister Tone Helene Gröver was born 9 months and 1 day after this quake - but I am still uninformed about any such conception from me in such an early age and cannot make any claims of that kind.

This also means that if the scratching of the top of the head is a well reported phenomenon by medication with Melissa, the expeditions to the moon could even have served to 'install' national interests in a global political framework.


Melissa is legal and accepted in Italy and is sold under the licence number LIC. U.T.F. IT00VRX00010I. (It was street-strolling police or civilian guards who pointed to it when I asked if they knew anything about the product). I noticed it in the summer even that the idea of 'BREXIT' (the british exit from EU) could be recognized in the licence. VREXOIT? Fredrikstad?

I noticed also that there already for many years has existed an italian restaurant chain called BREK where people can sit for a meal and a coffee.

I have only limited knowledge of the internet, but have understood that there are only some 7-8 big servers in the world and these contain all files that are on the internet. But then why should there have to be an antivirus program on every personal computer when it is just to scan the files that go out from the big servers? It would be enough with 7-8 Kasperskys and that was all. If this really be the case (I dont know what happens on 'routers', if that is what its called), and of course it should be possible to take the viruses on the net instead of on your personal computer, it could mean that the purpose of it is for computer users to have to acquire a LICENCE once a year - and pay for it.

I have speculated - but this is sheer guesswork and maybe it is totally wrong - that Melissa could have been an old secret for making gifted children if given to the newborns for a period of time, thereby opening up the spiritual world for a child in a way which is not quickly closed again such as under normal circumstances of 'cultural control'. Was Mozart a melissa child of that type? Where did I encounter the crazy idea that Mozart was a son of Josef Mengele? Probably from the name of LSD = 'Lyserg-Syre/Acid-Dietylamid' = 'Josef-Syre/Acid-Mengele' - could be coupled with the complete TULL = nonsense of the 'third man' ideas. But these are bad rumours only, of course, could be combined with the idea of claiming that Melissa is only a form of psychedelic LSD, which it probably isnt. But there is the story from 1313 (1312-1314) from the venetian archives, the first report made in vernacular italian language, of a 'Menegel' who went inbetween two struggling people, one of them called 'Pichol Pare' ('piccolo padre') and the other 'Niccolo'. Ideas seem to pop up that Henry VIII was a relative of this humble 'Menegel' and could have said when breaking out of the catholic church that peace would not be restored before he himself, so to speak, had been declared the new pope. But where those ideas come from I dont know. Could be from the train crash at 13:13 at Åsta (means 'the site of a serious crime', it is also a norwegian female name) in Norway after I had been hospitalized and was under medication with 'olanzapin' - and the train chief was called 'Osmund Ueland'? There had been one major train accident before this in Norway and that was in the late 60's at the station called 'Tretten' which also is the word for '13'.

The word 'Habsburg' is austrian but relates perhaps also to the hungarian 'hab' = engl. 'foam' = norw. 'skum'. Norw. 'skinn' = 'shine', 'skin'.

Some conclusions

Now for the conclusion: In the Rigveda, a central concept is the SOMA which seems to have been a white stone (possibly ex nihilo, like a lapis philosophorum) which was crushed in a mortar and mixed with juice for the congregation to drink in a religious ceremony. This is probably the british reading of it - whether that also is indian I dont know, could be it is. When, therefore, Rigveda parallels Moses to some extent, and since Moses does not mention any white stone ex nihilo (but what about the tablets from God?) or anything of that kind, one could launch the theory that when Christ said that he was fulfilling the scriptures, that meant that he had to fill into Moses' texts what lacked for a complete metaphysical understanding (such as in Rigveda). Therefore the holy communion with bread and wine - like the SOMA of vedic times - simply because a proper metaphysical account cannot do without it.

Now it must be declared as highly deplorable and worthy of sharp criticism if the political planners have drafted the construction of a 'new religion' based on Melissa as a modern SOMA. The plans of such atheism would likely be to have something 'religious' to feed the people with while they themselves are tightening the power-grip on the people. That only means a new round of Heimskringler and Doppelmonarchies for new Hitlers and things like that. What is important to understand is this one and only conclusion:

The parallels of Rigveda with Moses prove not that one of them is false but on the other hand that both of them are authentic.

I have never been to a course in intelligence logic and knowledge but would guess that it could open with a statement a la this one:

We start right away with the most fundamental and sensational piece of secret that you will meet in this course - and that is that Moses never existed but was created by authors living many centuries after his alleged time and after Christ. This can be proven beyond any doubt and you can check the proof yourself if you like - it is in the comparison of Rigveda with the books of Moses - take any chapter and verse of Rigveda and look up the same chapter and verse in Moses and there you can verify the trivial fact yourself - the similarities between the sanskrit and the hebrew are so abundant that no scholar on earth can deny that the one has to be a copy of the other. This is the fundamental tenet of all modern intelligence philosophy - it is that groundbreaking scandal which was made in the 14th-15th century by the rosicrucians (?) and which led to the formation of protestantism - on basis of the this doubt and the need for taking a closer look at the textual evidence. The only reason why this scandal is not public is that the people cannot take the loss of their faith in God. But secret intelligence philosophy can and sees it as its ultimate goal to find a replacement of the fraud - by making a new form of truth. This fundamental secret was the real reason for the holocaust - and, as has been said so many times, it was the jews themselves who wanted it - to get the tragic History over and into the earth as quickly as possible. It is this story which was the reason for Hitler's use of the ancient indian swastika as his logo - for telling that the Rigveda is the original and Moses was the copy.

Hitler seems to be the guru of modern secret intelligence philosophy - he knew how to make that power which ran like sand from the hands of the oldtime believers.

My 'Dornenstrauch' proves that it may be very right that Moses follows Rigveda verse by verse, chapter by chapter - that is the yellow metre, like the blue follows any text if only you find where it starts - but that is a proof of the authenticity of both texts and not that one of them is a copy of the other. It is semiotics which can establish this fact - and the fundamental tenet of my new poetry book "Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra" is that there exist realities which humans cannot understand. The proof is that birds fly over big oceans in distances larger than their light bodies can give energies enough to transgress and hence they get their energies from sources beyond human knowledge. That is why angels - another form of reality - have wings in the human imagination. Matter ex nihilo is on just the border - there is nothing there and suddenly is there something, which means that the human border of ontological endowment was transgressed. It does not mean that it was invisible first and then suddenly attained visibility - it is the existence which is variable. Such other realities (that humans cannot understand) are the groundbreaking scandal and panic of the 'intelligence philosophy' who thereby falls into the despair of losing the grip on their reality if they have to accept it - and therefore they have cooked up this idea of a fraudulent Moses which must be kept secret because the people (the intelligence?) cannot take it.

But semiotics or rather poetic semiotics can reach the conclusion that both Moses and Rigveda are authentic and what is left of the intelligence power then? In order to remedy for this theoretic possibility the same intelligence philosophy is probably planning to prepare for an inavoidable conclusion that even Rigveda was 'false', that is, that it was an oldtime dirty trick of political power to pull the masses by their noses. How can they reach this conclusion?

188 Catullus

My blue metre PEB of 2008-2010 is my own authentic work and I believed that I was the first to discover this metre of 'absolute time' beyond the relative 'historic time'. But in the summer 2016 I came across evidence that maybe there has existed a rudimentary blue metre before - which, though, would have been held secret and reserved for intrigues to pull the masses by their noses. The evidence I found was when I studied and tried to date and verify Catull - whose 116 poems have been preserved in only one miraculous copy (Albrecht) that was found in a drawer of a certain 'bishop Rather' in Verona in the 10th century, from where it spread out in a handful of handwritten copies which all can be traced back to this single copy. Catull himself was from Verona - same place as makes the Melissa - and the theory has to arise that this 'bishop Rather' was a man of editing who could have lived centuries later. Can it be verified with my blue metre that Catull's work was completed in 58 BC and not just a few centuries ago by 'secret intelligence conspiratories' - like that 'Heimskringla'? There are three major latin authors who suffer the fate of having survived in only one or two handwritings - in addition to Catull that is the fate of the giants Tacitus and Lukrets as well - and one quickly sees the 'service' plans for the future to claim that Catull, Tacitus and Lukrets, three stars on the italian firmament, were but swindle like that 'catholic italian faith'. In the summer I verified Tacitus's 'Germania' by my blue metre so that should be rescued. Catull was the nut which was solved by a trick arising from the german Reclam (by Albrecht) edition which I used - a phenomenon which probably tells that this discovery of mine is not new. It occurred when I should count the verses of the 116 extant poems - when I came to #68 I did not discover quickly enough that the 160 verses were enumerated successively in the three parts 68a, 68b and 68c in verses 1-40 (68a), 41-148 (68b) and 149-160 (68c), but I counted 40 verses for 68a, 148 for 68b and 160 for 68c which made for a total of 348 verses - which was 188 verses too much. I did not notice this mistake of mine at the outset and was very happy to compute the great precision with which Catull met my theories of the PEB - and I concluded that Catull was verified to 58 BC in the version which has survived and that there was no doubt about it. But this was when I counted an additional 188 verses for the total opus and computed the ratios from that. When, however, I discovered the mistake, the total number of verses reduced - and suddenly the ratios of computation made the whole thing come out wrong and Catull looked not very authentic indeed - according to my blue metre. The solution was therefore to insert a virtual extra 188 lines and postulate that these had been lost in the handwriting of 'bishop Rather' - and that rescued Catull as well.

But where were the 188 lines? There are a few - about 8 - apparent lacunae detected in the Reclam edition, indicated with dotted lines. I recently found an 1883 Teubner edition which contained the same lacunae so it is likely to be standard. It seems that the elements give a right factor 6,82 if one assumes an additional 188 lines, and multiplying the numbers of my poems in the PEB with this factor makes for a proper alignment with the verses of Catull when assuming 1) that they were written in 58 BC and 2) that the 188 missing lines can be found when counting from his poem #64, verse 253 which is this: "te quaerens, Ariadna, tuoque incensus amore". I notice that this line could be seen as encoding the name which I have recognized as the undertext of the Eisenhower doctrine #1 - for the first of the 8 names in the 'octogon' - and indeed one could also spot the name of the state chief of Iraq (between Feisal and Saddam Hussein) 'Karen Adb-el Qassim'. Following this line 253 there are the lines where one also can see traces of a 'rock concert', so to speak:

quae tum alacres passim lymphata mente furebant
euhoe bacchantes, euhoe capita inflectentes.              [line 255]
harum pars tecta quatiebant cuspide thyrsos,
pars e divolso iactabant membra iuvenco,
pars sese tortis serpentibus incingebant,
pars obscura cavis celebrabant orgia cistis,
orgia quae frustra cupiunt audire profani;              [line 260]
plangebant aliae proceris tympana palmis,
aut tereti tenuis tinnitus aere ciebant;
multis raucisonos efflabant cornua bombos
barbaraque horribili stridebat tibia cantu.

Leaping 188 lines onwards takes it to the following lines of 66:10 onwards:

levia protendens brachia pollicita est,              [line 10]
qua rex tempestate novo auctus hymenaeo-
vastatum finis iuerat Assyrios,
dulcia nocturnae portans vestigia rixae,
quam de virgineis gesserat exuviis.

indeed very possibly the real reason for the current civil war crisis in Syria - if that is meant to constitute a proof that a blue metre has existed before I completed mine in 2010 (after which Ed Miliband quickly was elected new leader of british Labour) and that original but secret blue metre would then count as the secret which should serve to prove that Catull were as authentic as Moses. In 51, at line 7 there is another lacuna indicated in the Reclam edition - and this line "Lesbia, aspexi, nihil est super mi" seems to carry the potential contents of not only the name under the Eisenhower doctrine (and 'octogon') #2 but also of many or most of the poetic lines which Anne Sexton wrote, as goes this theory. For Eisenhower #3 there is a lacuna noticed at poem 61 line 78 "splendidas quatiunt comas?", for #4 I notice poem 78 line 6 "qui patruus patrui monstret adulterium" (cp. also the 'rendör-fö-kapitányság' - and this 'adulterium' could even be the reason for the idea of Melissa being a nymphomaniac?), for #5 or 6 there is a lacuna in poem 61 line 111 "o cubile, quod omnibus", for #7 poem 62 line 32 "Hesperus e nobis, aequalis, abstulit unam", cp. also the many poetic lines of Sylvia Plath, for #8 see poem 62 line 32b "Hymen o Hymenaee, Hymen ades o Hymenaee!" and for #9 there is a lacuna at poem 68 line 46 "milibus et facite haec carta loquatur anus" - cp also the many poetic lines of Marianne Moore, if that be interesting - she would have been around 80 at that time and would have been in need of a thorough rebuild which could have lasted for some time, enough for the few hours I could have known her. Could be this serious doubt which is thrown on some famous poets (including a famous rock singer?) is not fair - I only present the theory without making claims of any personal presence of the authentic poets.

But this means that a potential 'octogon', more explicitly and historically more certain an 'Eisenhower doctrine', could be even the conlict in Syria next to Iraq, could have served this function of encoding the essential role of Catull for a responsibility claim on a historic but very secret blue metre probably in the possession of the trembling hands of some highlevel intelligence folks. My guess is that this blue metre has been somewhat rudimentary and not of the 14-line type of mine (the PEB) and even that it could have been on the form of counting and computing on morphs in the basic text. Theory: Would this have been the reason for the 'morphine' formula contained in the career of Gröver/'Mengele'? The hands trembling with precious secrets could have been holding the 'proof' (swindle, that would have been) that Catull, Tacitus, Lukrets, Homer's Odyssey and many other gems of the classic (italian) literature were swindle made by the international secret intelligence services.

Now for the essential clue in this story: The proof could function if an extra 188 lines are inserted into the work of the 116 poems of Catull but otherwise it would not. I have therefore constructed the following 'formula' which could hold major parts of the world history of the 20th century - indeed a deplorable period of the history of the human species of this should be the case:

188 Catull = Josef Mengele (in handwriting)
LSD = Lyserg-SYRE-dietylamid = Josef ACID Mengele

I refer also to the phenomenon of downstroke plus two 8-symbols in the 'linguistic machine' of the ex nihilo language philosopher and on the archaic rust-free iron nail in my shoe - the following is discussed also in the article on my new poetry book 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra':

(These revelations could be gifts from the eternal archives - containing the info you need if you do not peep in the archives of the less eternal 'services').

But this means that if the spiritual archetypes of Melissa be misinterpreted as psychedelic products called forth by LSD, the claims could have been planned to be that the archetypes on the human fear of the LaSt Day with its eschatological tremble and the 'ramp' of St.Josef (cp. Josef Mengele on the ramp of Auschwitz for selecting people for the baracks or for the gas chamber) were but a fear brought forth by medication with LSD (or, that is, even 'Josef Mengele'). "The old indians believed in transcendent SOMA but that was likely to be but a psychedelic mushroom of the days" - something like that could be the intended conclusion. Then, after the construction of the 'new religion' has been completed and people are ridiculed with its constructed ceremonies, the power-holders could be able to present the interesting newspiece that it is fraud all of it - those who believe have been cheated by the Melissa which really were nothing but bottles with LSD in it.

I do not think so. I think that the Melissa is not the same as LSD, although I have never used LSD as far as I know. Those who are hard on a theory of fraud could of course travel down to the carpathian basin and collect some melissa plants from the roadside there and follow the recipe given on the internet and try it themselves. (Are all chemical laboratories under 'service' control?)

Put differently, after Paul VI the popes have been non-italians - the polish John Paul II canonized more than all popes before him had done in total, the following Benedict 16 was a former german nazi (it was obligatory for all young males in military service of his day to be member of the nazi party), and the current Frances is an argentinian. This clearly has a taste of something new and hitherto unknown to the Vatican wherein all former popes had been italians - a sensible guess could be that the next pope could come to be an italian again. I notice the spy scandal of Gunvor Galtung Haavik in Norway in the late 70's - she was then an old woman who had worked in the foreign ministry for decades and had been in Moscow along with Ingeborg Lygren. Have you seen the 'spider' - that transcendent 'being in the network of your brain' which you can see in a space beyond space, clearly visible, even moving? You can stare at it as long as you want before the vision fades. Could be this is what has been planned to be the new divinity. Was it really the case that Josef Mengele married 'a-ragna'? I do not know anything about this, though.

Now I dont think the Vatican support this new 'spy-dear' religion - but it cannot be denied that one sees a complex of concepts that somewhat circulates around the name of Josef Mengele in the non-italian popes. But that could just as well be this 188 Catull and related phenomena.

Put differently, if the theory should arise that Josef Mengele took the place of Paul VI for a longer or shorter time, would you find it in the historic public archives? Or, alternatively, if the theory should arise that Melissa contains LSD, would that be in the printout of the chemical analysis from the public chemical laboratories?

Put differently, there could be reasons why intrigue-makers want you to believe in Melissa as a psychedelic drug of LSD type. The answer is likely to be in the roadside of the carpathian basin. I would say Melissa is a biological plant product and not related to LSD or Josef Mengele.

Some could perhaps think of this as telling about a 'pike av paver', a 'peak of power', including the control of chemical laboratories. The norw. 'pike' = engl. 'girl', you mean 'Melissa', the glas-nost girl?

See also #solens pike.

Isnt it a pity? They seem to have known about a blue metre could be for a long time but have held it secret in order to use it for swindle and cheating and for pulling the people by their spiritual noses - instead of bringing it to public attention for cultural progress for everybody. That secrecy is certainly not the future. There are many of these types of secrets that must be published - and that could be of the highest political priority in order to avoid a millenium of dark power held in a small number of hands.

San Rocco

The church of San Rocco in Venice contains two Tintorettos at the altar - "San Rocco visita gli appestati" to the right and "San Rocco in carcere" to the left - being in parallel on either side of the altar, facing each other and being in a 90 degrees angle relative to the door. It happened when I stepped in there from the door in the back end of the church that I saw it immediately - the 'recursive fox' that I had found in 2014. It emerges only when seen from a near flat angle which makes the distances on the painting be squeezed and pressed. The fox or is it a red boxer dog appeared in that form to the right and above it there is an apparent bookstand for reading, and it seems as if a man with a turban stands reading a book on it (not the Bible but the Koran - or is it Rigveda?) - with the fox underneath. Behind this turban-dressed man there is what looks like the handle of a yale-lock key to be turned around. It is the glorious head of the Saviour. This 'turning of the handle' can - if the handle be disguised as a spade handle - be called 'an drea spader' = 'Andreas Baader' as the possible secret on the righthand Tintoretto in unity with the 'Ulrike Meinhof' of the female archetype to the left: The painting on the other side of the altar will in a similar way (see from the doorway, nearly flat angle) show what resembles an eagle seated on a marble pillar - or even the female archetype with the long tube in front of her face. Here are 1) the Tintoretto on the righthand side in normal view and 'squeezed' as it is seen from the back door, and notice the fox in the lower righthand side of the squeezed view, and 2) the Tintoretto on the lefthand side in similar transform (the photos are copied from the small information leaflet on 'Scuola Grande di San Rocco - la Chiesa" which I bought in the church):

Is this 'San Rocco concerto' (cp. 188 Catull and the current crisis of Syria) the basis for the political programs on the later turban-dressed 'islamic terror' of more recent days? Is that for creating a 'new religion' which people are supposed to take faith in? You see it immediately when you step in the back door of the church - and ideas of 'stepping in the back door' could also be related to this. For a 'buk stand' with a 'tur ban' as the 'fox trap'? There is also the AIDSHIV epidemic.

For those who are interested, there are also some interesting observations that can be done on the portal to the San Giorgio anglican church in Venice, on the left and righthand sides. If you stand in front of the portal to the San Marco church, you can also see the benedictine monastery of the island of San Giorgio if you turn your head 90 degrees. Whether this has anything to do with coming in the portal to San Rocco, I dont know.

The history solved

My new poetry book "Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra", written in the course of appr. 256 days from 11 jan 2016 onwards, is constituted by a principle of interweaving of lines causing symmetries: The fundamental constitutional principle is poetic integrity in the moment of writing, and after 105 poems I plaited the lines together to 64 poems of high poetic quality and with notable symmetries in the final result. The secret is in the total disregard of the 64-structure while writing the 105-structure, to be guided all and only by poetic integrity in the moment of writing. It is this poetic integrity - comparable to classic religious commandments for decent behaviour - which is the cause of the resulting symmetries in the new level of knowledge of the 64 - which I recognize as the level where the ontological and epistemological endowments of the human nature are united in the semiotic mystery. The ontological endowment makes that reality which birds differ from - the epistemological includes the linguistic capacity.

The history since 1905 is the socalled 'Klipra connection' - sort of 'Connecticut' - which seems to have been established by angloamerican and other interests. It seems that it is the link between epistemology and ontology that was scissored. Why? It is possible that this was because there arose a problem of 'homo' which could not easily be solved - notably 'loving Jesus' could be difficult for males if the sexual disposition is to be included in your total attitude. Catholicism has traditionally solved this by the role of Mary but the protestants (including anglicans) have a potential problem there.

My new book is an attempt to solve the problem - which really could be the problem of linebreak (TEQ function 16) whereby an integer poetic articulation can come to be divided into two and thereby unfortunate effects can arise. (The phenomenon of anomalism is clearly related to this). Notably, Jesus is a man in the 105 version but can happen to come out as a woman in the 64 version - and how is this problem solved? One solution is to cling to an empty reality with box-and-arrow logics (like the empty can of an astronaut some days after melissa treatment), another is to turn homo and gender-confused. Norway is a country with a culture which does not suffer from homo problems but they have this box-and-arrow reality problem - telepathy is perhaps not really forbidden but nobody believes in it - like the idea of shooting particles in and out of brains. The norwegian culture is perhaps akin to the british in this respect. If, on the contrary, the secret intelligences of central Europe are busy with constructing a new power screw of Hitler type, against which the angloamericans will feel opposed, it is possible that HOMO is a central ingredient in the new construction. It is possible that this is how it was 100 years ago as well, and that what happened during the two world wars was that the world tried to massage these two possibilities ('box-and-arrow' vs. 'homo') into one new reality in the giant battles - but the solution turned out to be only partwise successful.

When the Klipra connection was situated in a norwegian framework, that could mean that the norwegian language was assigned the task of carrying the burden of this unsolvability. My new book is written in norwegian.

An example which is perhaps more than just any example: The Jesus gender problem can be found in LA #60 (out of 64) with the following lines of the fourth stanza:

Ringduen ser - og han/hun sitter på
så lenge den har bensin.
En rødstrupes livseliksir titter på,
forvandler seg selv til vin.
    The ringdove looks - and s/he sits [there]on
    as long as it has petrol/gas.
    A redbreast/robin's life elixir peeps [there]on,
    transforms itself to wine.

The lines are plaited in from poem #67 (third stanza) in the 105 version wherein they have no such symmetric mythos or religious function and where the gender is han/he:

Ringduen ser - og han sitter på
Molde tings du har sagt -
En rødstrupes livseliksir titter på,
like supermakt.
    The ringdove looks - and he sits [there]on
    Molde t[h]ings you have said -
    A redbreast/robin's life elixir peeps [there]on,
    like superpower.

One can compare it with LA #1 and Vermeer's milkmaid. 'Ringduen' is the circular pupil into which the divine light is running - as in line 1 of that poem #60. See also line 3 with the gender verification issue (no 'trans' solution, please - although the feeling in the dance needs not mean bodily contact) - here is the first stanza of poem #60:

Lyset skaper sin ensomme glans
når veien er dunkel,
som kvinnen som føler deg i sin dans.
Også er du onkel.
    The light creates its lonely shine/sheen
    when the road is dark,
    like the woman who feels you in her dance.
    And you are uncle.

If han/hun of poem #60 is a man, then he could also be a passenger in the Wolkenwagen on the wall beyond of Vermeer's milkmaid, but if it is a woman, then it can be the milkmaid herself.

I notice also the mythos role of the vin/wine/Wien and the history.

The reason why poem #60 is of essential value is that it is the mirror point to poem #5 - which seems to have been the basis for the formation of the white stone this time. The mid stanza of #5 is this:

Vi hører det når vi gjesper.line
Vi ser det i mørkets lys.
Det er som spanjoler som lesper
når mulighetene bys.
         We hear it when we yawn.
    We see it in the darkness' light.
    It is like spaniards that lisp
    when possibilities are offered.

The white stone ex nihilo of 10 august 2016 includes these patterns - the yawning face and the lisping spaniard (see the article on the book for the same details):

There are traits elsewhere in the book of a spanish lisp in a 'grac-ias' but it is in this poem that it is explicitly mentioned. It is no small matter if this makes eternity 'lay an egg' (it could have been a bird's or even angel's egg?) which has a pattern that looks like a lisping spaniard - that is to talk directly to the connection of the human ontological and epistemological endowment.

In addition to this 'eternity factor', this white stone looks like a penis head which makes the problem of potential 'homo' more acute - of course poem 60 and 5 can wrap over for 'two men' without problems, but if the penis head is essential, then there could be a homo problem there.

'Melissa' is perhaps the attempted solution. She is your friend and there is no evil in her and she could be your lover in the spiritual world - or on that threshold to the spiritual world. I tried to keep the line of poem #60 with 'han' = 'he' only, as in the original 105 version, but had to admit that there is a problem of potential homo around there. Writing 'hun' = 'she' is not really a solution either since also there is an inherent 'tat twam asi' aspect there - this other male is yourself if your mind undergoes a subdivision into a social space when the lines are plaited around. It is possible that this is the problem which is tentatively solved in catholic monasteries - it is to go for the spirit only and to leave the attraction of the flesh out of consideration.

Generally, though, it could be difficult to solve the problem: Box-and-arrow means that you do not plait over from 105 to 64 and telepathy is thereby not possible, while the homo solution is not good either - in particular if being a spiritual being means being a homo. There exist ideas of completely perverse and cruel 'solution' attempts - like anal coitus of a male with a female who is strangulated in the moment of orgasm (connecting the box-and-arrow brain with the genitals) - that is when the human mind should think twice and maybe find something else to do than cooking up such 'political solutions'. Such 'political program' is likely to be connected with 'up her A i Ås' for the 'Upanishaden' of indian spirituality - turning potentially on racial characteristics for the victim - could be even an attempt to dump the blame on China? Clearly no sensible person can find any meaning in such. Could be, though, that it is only a bad joke on 'drepulium & gufe'?

Melissa is the attempted solution that solves these problems of sexuality as part of your whole being in the spiritual attraction - a Mary for the protestants, or even more than a Mary (a Mary and more) if sexuality is included and there is no Josef inbetween - but why should it be subject to secrecy, intrigues and power games? Ah, the international secret intelligences want perhaps to use this problem of human existence as the playground of their power games. That is not the right thing to do. Could be this is the reason why the carmelites of Italy sells the melissa - and have done so for 300 years.

So, if 'Mary and more' were the last element in the undertext of the Eisenhower doctrine, why shouldnt people be informed about it? They certainly should. It is likely that the whole story is the bad conscience of the services and political constructors - who feel that religion is fraud and swindle all of it but the people need this circus in addition to their daily bread in order to survive and therefore they are fed with the swindle kept under secrecy clauses. Ah, it is likely to be just that politics has seen that the people follow the religious leaders and envy their influence and 'power' which they want to have - like they try to get 'poetic logic' under their scope. Religious demagogy is nothing good, of course, and should not be allowed to overshadow the important knowledge that religious pioneering can bring for the knowledge of the new millenium. But that religious pioneering should not be in the hands of the secret services - it should be knowledge open for the people.

Matter ex nihilo is a phenomenon which tells of a border to a human ontological endowment creating a certain reality - which also means that there are realities beyond this. Why isnt that a field of study in the public universities? I guess that it is a standard field of study in the secret intelligences and in the offices of the power constructions - and that should tell the whole story. That is when it is possible to say that rigvedaen SOMA as the ex nihilo white stone which is taken to be the indian template of the holy communion of christianity is the basis for the alleged fraud of Moses as the basis for christianity - and then all religious inquiry of the western world reduces to a circus of swindle and power abuse. The example of mine is telling: The 'language philosopher' and the 'archaic nail' both contain the '188' which is found in Catull - and it is possible that Josef Mengele reduces to nothing if this piece of knowledge comes to the public light in e.g. university studies of the phenomenon. Could be even the jihad spirit of the syrian rebels would cool down if this came to be publically accepted as a valid piece of study and it be understood what is politics and what is religious inquiry.

Consider this: The parallelisms of Rigveda with Moses could be the reason for protestantism and the gigantic hijack by 'politics' of the religious understanding of the world's people. The catholic church has the answer to the parallelisms that it is 'Opus Dei' - it is the work of God that is the reason for the parallelisms. To which political intrigue replies with a construction that could be contained in the Eisenhower doctrine #8 - on the logic that norw. 'o-pust' = engl. 'anal breath' which means that the eardrum in the 'Ei' = 'egg' of your head (or astronaut helmet on the moon) is recognized as the virginal membrane of 188 Catull in the HYMEN - which means, says political intrigue, that the solution to the problem is found in recognizing the virgin behind, a mythological 'after' membrane in the rectum, in the HOMO region of anal coitus. That is when 'op-her-A-i-Ås' could come to be such a difficult and unsolvable problem that communism had to be closed down all over the world.

This article has shown how easy it is to understand the problem. It is explained in a few pages that can be understood by anybody. Where is the 'democracy' of the western world?

Where is the publisher for my blue metre PEB? The 188 Catull is all and only that oldtime rudimentary ('morphinic-morphemic'?) blue metre which must exist in some deep sarcophagus of an intelligence business who keeps the power of the world in their hands as long as it remains secret.

The catholic church by 'Opus Dei' tells the religious interpretation of the solution, but it may be that scientific semiotics could explain it as well - in a way which made that tragic 'anal coitus' reduce to nothing of importance for politics - or religion.

The answer is that the parallelisms of Rigveda and Moses means not that one of them is swindle but on the contrary that both of them are authentic. That is when there is little left of historic rationale for the power phenomenon of international secret intelligence services and their philosophies.

Culture reached perhaps a peak around the italian renaissance - after which it has declined somewhat. What happened? Could be it was this 'scandal of the parallelisms of Rigveda and Moses'. But time has come to bridge across that problem - for a new cultural blossoming. The international secret intelligence services and their philosophies are the anxiety of the post-Hitler era - it is not the future.

Melissa - added on 13 november 2016:

I may have met Melissa herself - in the passing, without exchanging words but with some exchanged attention. A slight glas-nost look. I could also recognize some of her characteristic traits from a psychiatrist I once knew and from the younger days of Gro Harlem Brundtland, even she a doctor, around the time when she entered government in the mid 70's. There are some reasons to guess that this similarity could be suggestive of the idea that it was Melissa I met - and that is in the role of Brundtland as chief of WHO - followed by the korean Lee Jong-wook whose name then seems relevant to the idea of 'renn-dör-fök-up-her-A-i-Os'. Jong-wook died untimely while still chief of WHO and he was followed by the swede Anders Nordström, a name which invokes associations to two alternatives to John Gröver/'Mengele' for a role relative to Ragna Gröver - one was Anders Munthe-Kaas (not 'åndes munn-te-krås'!), even he a norwegian doctor, and after the death of Gröver/'Mengele' on 27 november 1990 (in the mirror point to the birth of the youngest daughter of the persian shah around the death of the shah himself, and 160 years after the Madonna in Paris) she re-met or married a once school- or class-mate from Ålesund ('Skogström' or sth like that) who later had lived in Sweden. Nordström was followed by Margaret Chan. In short, there are some signs that the symbolism of Labråten 58 coupled with the unpleasant idea of a young female in anal (or backwards?) coitus being strangulated by the male in the moment of orgasm (and isnt there something quasi 'racial' about the eyes under such conditions?). Such unpleasant ideas are likely to be weird derivations caused by the strongly biased cultural function which political misinterpretations such as Heimskringla (assuming that it is a fabrication for making antisemitism by biased emphasis on the idea of 'excrements' in hebrew-norwegian word pairs) or (I am guessing here) the austro-hungarian Doppelmonarchie (producing Hitler) can lead to. If that sort of sick ideas come to be installed in the top medical administration of the world, it tells of how urgently important the conclusion is:

The parallelisms of Rigveda and Moses means not that one of them is false but on the contrary that both of them are authentic.

When this is understood in full depth, then nobody would ever construct political power of the 'strangulating' type. But the misunderstanding seems to have been as profound as the eschatological doubt can be after much warfare and then the conclusion of power was that the discovery of the sanskrit-hebrew parallelisms had to be kept secret, otherwise the people would lose faith in the grace after death and fall into doubt and revolt and much tragedies. From this developed the idea of making power from such parallelisms across language families (hebrew-norwegian, hungarian-german) and from important theories kept secret and only slowly leaked to the public who could vote for more of it in elections - and that is the power and the role of modern international secret intelligence service mafia. Melissa could be such an eschatological theory, the theories of divine wrath behind rockpedo-caused earthquakes another. I am personally much concerned with preventing that my own Endmorgan Quartet could fall into such a tragic fate of being reserved for 'government', as the secret mafia probably calls it. This secret mafia has grown very strong through this story since the Rigveda-Moses discovery was made. I dont know if the current crisis in Syria is controlled by this mafia but would not be surprised to hear that it could be. It is that unconstitutional mafia which serves power to some political directions (those who are willing to follow their interests) in opposition to other political directions. The whole political mythos circus which I personally could have been brought up in (Klipra connection, Labråten 58 etc) seems to be one of the tools for that international mafia - could be they plan to create an alternative 'old testament' under the pretext that Moses was fraud.

The unconstitutional mafia power is the problem all over the world. There have been two 'makt-utredninger' = 'power descriptions' in Norway but I dont think any of them so far has succeeded in pinpointing where and how that mafia power is located. Not a word about Gröver/'Mengele' vs Harlem and things like that, as far as I know - I mean, the political mythos power.

Gröver/'Mengele' had an assistant chief doctor in his department called Gard Nykvist ('guard new-twig'), a name which can be seen as related to a 'rend-ör' = 'order-guard' version which is the original hungarian form for 'police'. He was married to a dutch woman when I was acquainted with them in 1970.

It is my view - although I know little of these things - that the Clintons are representatives in some sense of it of the power of that international service mafia. To tell of a background of such a view of mine, I mention the story of the sub Kursk that was sunk during a naval exercise when it was close to an american and norwegian sub in the Murmansk district. If it was an american torpedo under the top authority of Clinton that sunk the Kursk, and if this later should be in reference to the idea of 'who carried out the crime', one would have to ask what was in the 'sub-purpose' - that is, of being the target of the torpedo rippingh open its side - and that would have been the reason for the ripping open of the 'garbage bag' = 'söppel-pose' of mine in Szolnok after I had carried out the bags without slits = 'crime' in them, but normally it would take only a few minutes before somebody had come by and ripped them up - like a Kursk sub in Murmansk. "Who carried out the crime?" Bill Clinton is 188 cm tall, I am 187-188 cm tall. I did not carry out the 'crime' (and there would not have been any reason to peep inside for what was inside the 'crime' of the bags I carried out) but there is no doubt that Kursk-Cole indexes me uniquely in world history. This phenomenon is what I mean with the mythos symbolism of 'international secret intelligence service mafia'. The phenomenon could be recognized in the act of 'carrying out the crime' which I described in the letter to the hungarian police - mentioned under 4 november 2016 in this file - an ambiguity caused by the nearby streetnames which seem to mean 'ös-ter-reich' = Habsburg. The twin bombing of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi could likewise be seen to mean 'Habsburg'. The district of Sziget Utca in Szolnok seems possibly to be an old battleground of political signification - and I guess that both Eisenhower and Himmler could have been born with their names around 1890-1900 to the political roles of meaning that significational bridge from Kimle to Szolnok.

Officially the house I bought (a small 25 square metre gingersnap house of adobe) was built in 1970 but I have guessed that it really was built by a 'Ligeti János' = 'John Grover' in 1823 or thereabout - and the papers scrambled around 1970 in the building authority's archives. Telegraphy would have been needed to check the theory of a 'magic' link to the Kimle district - and semaphory is not suited for the hungarian puszta.

The election result of 9 november 2016 was felt as a great relief by me - and I had grown quite nervous in the days before it. There exists a trump card for the idea of ex nihilo matter - where do the birds get their nourishment from when they fly across the vast ocean? There could be only one possible explanation - and that (it was a friendly crow who told me this) is in ex nihilo nourishment in their gizzards/giblets (?) - norwegian 'krås' - and that could be part of the reason for the role of 'Szolnok' ('szárny-ak' = 'wings', 'szar-nyak' = 'excrement-neck'). There was a 'Germanwings' aircrash some time ago. The Disney cartoon seems to have been developed around the times when the Doppelmonarchie (?) was transformed into Hitler power - that is, when the human archetypes of judaism were converted into funny cartoons (could be under the pretext that Moses was fraud) - which could be a part of the background for the current situation in WHO. The real trump would then be in the fact that the cartoon has its origins in the archetypes and not the other way round - and that the jewish archetypes are from an authentic Moses. The strangulation of young females would be a mafia project.

Dont tell us that Clinton is mafia! - could be the outcry from many intellectuals. Could be, though, that 188 Catull is not mafia - and neither am I - even if I grew up in Labråten and things like that. And I did not 'carry out the crime'.

The name of 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' rewrites somewhat to 'rop carmel rundt land/lang' = 'shout Carmel around the land/long'. The twin towers of Manhattan were not far from Harlem. This looks perhaps like a support for the spirituality of the carmelites - unless it could be simply about a 188 sort of type of signification.

Of course, if the Clinton consider themselves my friends, I would be glad to hear that, but I have to emphasize that I do not support any form of 'mafia politics' that could be associated with the official family background of mine.

Melissa - added on 14 november 2016:

There were three police interrogations in Szolnok due to burglary and garbage problems. After the last with interpreter I had a feeling that the police was not safe since the interrogation was not necessary but sort of put me in the role of the 'young females' of the mythology - a certain 'clamphold' feeling - due to various personal associations (the interrogation was otherwise just friendly). Could be the public - after Arne Treholt, Knut Frydenlund and Johan Jørgen Holst - would have had to ponder the idea that Gro Harlem Brundtland's 'Melissa' likewise was not reliable. If so, it must be understood that the political issue could derive from the idea that Moses was not reliable due to the parallelisms with Rigveda, be those of 188 type or not. I dont know if the role of Melissa in politics is related to the role of Moses.

My impression of the Melissa I met was not that she was unreliable. I would guess that nothing evil would be in her.

'Unreliable police' could mean 'unreliable Melissa' and hence 'unreliable Moses'. There were some riots in USA due to some police shooting some time ago.

In 1972-73 I met a few times a female classmate of mine (a sort of 'Habsburg') in the forest outskirts in the dark evenings, with some innocent teen petting, just the hand behind the fly. In the same area I also found (could be that was before those meetings) a dried-out skull of a horse = hungarian 'ló-koponya'. 'Lök oponya' could perhaps mean 'onion on top of her' in norwegian but 'lok oponya' would rather mean 'did not lie on top of her'. When Bill Clinton was acquitted in the indictment for the 'oral sex', it was sort of turned into 'moral sex'. Mr.X? Well if there were a Mr.X who laid on top of her there in the 'forest outskirts', it wasnt me. 'Ló' = 'horse' in hungarian, 'lö' (with long 'ö') = 'shoot'. Bersani won the election in Italy but did not form government. Could be it is not so easy for me to use the house in Szolnok either. But all this politics is none of my business.

The twin bombing of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi (a sort of 'Habsburg') was on the day 12 years after the death of Petter Andre Syversen (an acquaintance of mine from Oslo) on a road in Botswana. 'Sziv' is hungarian for 'heart'.

There was also a call for internet interrogation from my bank in Norway for verification purposes. There was an earthquake in Norcia in Italy some time ago.

Final word on Melissa and the licence - added on 16 november 2016:

LIC. U.T.F. IT00VRX00010I is the licence for Melissa. It could be at the heart of modern polics. It could have been why Kennedy seemed to 'pulk' (in the Kennedy assassination, as could be a widespread theory or myth) to Fredrikstad = VRXOIT (it could have been only a 'like outfit', though) after just having got USA involved in or 'hooked on' the Vietnam war (just enough for the theory that it was CIA who assassinated him for just that reason?) under circumstances that seemed to index the Gloria of Missa Votiva of Jan Dismas Zelenka (that is the 'Gloria in excelsis Deo' at 10:47-14:40 in this recording on the internet). POP music could have been developed on basis of this movement from that mass for this single reason - of indexing that licence - and current aberrant trends (?) of anal coitus could likewise be about a 'Missa Votiva' = 'missa våt i v-a' = 'missa wet in the V'. Such modern politics is not the friend of the people. A 'strategy' of building politics (such as apparently in WHO) on the imagery of an anal coitus of female and male wherein the male strangulates the female (the 'missa wet in the V') in the moment of orgasm - causing the eyes of the victim to protrude in such as way that what could have looked chinese before suddenly looks 'american' - and hence the 'enemy' behind must have been a chinese 'enemy of the state', could be the logic. That could be the role of a 'GLOR-I-A' of Zelenka. It is only a theory of mine that this Gloria from Missa Votiva constitutes the historic and also structural foundation (the soprano-tenor 'bridge'!) of all pop music - but if that should be the case, then it can be observed that all the pop music which people listen to, be that in the earplugs or in the supermarket, serve as propaganda for that most horribly tragic 'politics' one can think of. What a grandiose mistake - a 'service' project for making power by divide-and-conquer on peaceful social relations. GLOR-I-A can also mean 'C-I-A'.

Now it may be that all this circus really has another and better reason which makes the whole circus superfluous - and that could be contained in the relations between my new poetry book of 2016 called 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra' or perhaps rather 'Stillhetens åndedrag' and the four last books of my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (discussed towards the end of this file - this is essential for understanding the rest of this discussion) - in the first line in the fourth stanza in poem 37 - 'vertsekolltiden' is a word which means nothing in itself but refers to 1) the alignment column ('koll') of 'worth' and 2) the mirror line with 'verket' in poem 28 (mirrored about the mid poems #32-33, the half of the total of 64 poems). But this fourth stanza is plaited (explained in this file) and was guided by poetic integrity only when I wrote it.

Here are stanzas 3 and 4 in poem 37 aligned with word pairs:



I det kalde nord er sneen
hvit som pudder på din karm
når du åpner vindusveden
med din overjordiske arm.

Vil du støtte kontekst i vertsekolltiden
på tjuesjuende-tjueåttende vogn
som åpner seg mot et hulrom i den
på den sekstende og siste perrongen?

(The alphabetized word pairs of TEQ book 14 end on 'zum' - 'across' is the first word pair of book 15). And here the mirror stanzas 2 and 3 from poem poem 28 (cp. the 28th wagon = 'tjueåttende vogn' of the previous lines):



Hvorfor det tretter? Fortvilet -
det blir fortegnet sterkt
og når den er hvilet
blir den til verket.

Kesant? Ugresset i min hage
lukes av rivens tann.
Nå synger hun natt og dage
veiens og tidens sand.

(The odd form 'kesant?' is oral for 'ikke-sant' and means 'true, isnt it?' - it correlates phonologically with the 'landscape' word pair - cp.also the pitiful attempts of Microsoft to turn all rolldown menus into 'icontext' - I would say it is time to end that farce). The sensational observation is the word 'vertsekolltiden' in the first line of stanza 4 in poem 37 - it has its exact mirror line in the last line of stanza 2 in poem 28, and for the context there is to this the word 'labour' = 'work' one 'pushdown' sort of line above and similarly the word 'worth' for the line itself in poem 37. That is the 'kontekst i verts-e-koll[umn]-tiden'. The mirror line in the second half of the work (these mirror symmetries in half, fourth, eighths is found also in DDS part 3 which also led to a 'lapis philosophorum) is in poem 60 last line of stanza 2 = 'hvis du har tid til det' - which is that 'vertsekoll-tiden' aligned with 'yet' for 'tid'. The last line of stanza 2 in poem 60 is aligned with 'shines' and this line has mirror image in poem 5 first line of stanza 4 = 'Det lever et villsvin i hagen' aligned with 'desk'. Now this VIVLSHINEs = VILLSVIN = 'boar' is likely to be that 'Sobibor' of Heinrich Himmler's death camp installed into modern culture via the Vietnam war (and pop culture?) and masquerade (?) of VRXOIT in Norway for the licence IT00VRX00010I of Melissa - which, though, could be not much more than just this 'vertsekolltiden' = IT00-WORKtSOl-time - which thereby could be the solution to the 'mystery' of this licence. It is possible that modern Labour has something to do with the landscape of the 'Tájvédelmi Körzet' in the Kimle area of land - including that idea of an 'Eichmann' that was turned into an 'Eidrmann' - for that 'spider' illusionism. It could be about a long series of misunderstandings.

'Vil du støtte kontekst i vertsekolltiden' was originally from poem 83 and the following 'på tjuesjuende-tjueåttende vogn' comes from poem 73 of the original version. The relevant forms that conspire on the form 'vertsekolltiden' (meaning a 'form of time', cp. also poetic function 14) are written at quite different times and in very different contexts and there is one and only one thing that binds them together in the process of writing and that is in the poetic integrity guided by the poetic intuition or poetic logic that evaluates the truth value of a word in terms of phonologies and semantics that are not normally part of ordinary logical coherence and thereby can lead to quite new knowledge and discoveries - to the extent that it understands the human reality right. Which also means understanding the border to what is beyond that human reality - and that is part of the rational of poetic logic.

We must hope that this poetic intuition and integrity is not tentatively matched by 'police intuition' unwinding unreliable complexes of 'melissa' (poetic, that could be) type about to take shape in the cultural landscape.

Likewise, I hope that this 'wild boar' is not the theme of those who want to imitate a 'Sobibor' in my garden in Szolnok - that is not the paradisal 'Himmel' I am out for. A green 'wirbl-shine' (like the colour of Melissa Acqua on my desk) is something which can be understood in a poem but not installed into culture via 'service projects' who try to make power by that sort of logic. Himmler's Sobibor death camp is probably the sickest form of 'poetic logic' there has ever been - could be an attempt to call for recognition of 'poetic truth and integrity' in that sort of most horrible way of understanding 'the world of the services'. It is likely that the simple truth is that Himmler hoped to be accepted by God on the last day - in spite of the biased world of his which this cultural doubt from Moses-Rigveda could have led to. The whole protestantism of Germany could be such a target for those who try to construct nazism in Germany from outside via the german language. Could be the cultural bias which arises from 'Heimskringle' and 'rendör-fök-upheraios' and things like that traditionally is comparable to the temporary 'power' and damage done for a christian who is using language for swearing - like a rigged-up shelf falling down in a neighbouring room, causing a fine old urn or kringle or sub to fall down - installed into politics with 'swear-i-A' (Sweden) next to Norway. The local form of 'Sweden' is 'Sverige'. (This idea of a role assigned to Sweden in this mythos construction is a theory only - I am absolutely not certain about it). Swearing gives 'power' and invokes 'respect' but normally these effects are only temporary and leads to a loss of more than was gained in a longer run - and that is likely to be precisely the point with such a 'rendör-fök-etc' program: It will not lead to a renewed respect-invoking empire-strong Austro-Hungary but on the contrary rather the opposite. It is not recommendable.

Likewise, a historic 'bribe' of a Heimskringle etc that could have led to temporary power and respect of Norway is not likely to lead to such in the long run. Norway has also a rich literature from the middle viking ages - such as the oldest poetry of the country, two collections called 'the old and the new Edda': The RIG & not-rig Edda = the RIGVEDA! There is also much germanic literature from that time. It is high time to start the tidy-up of all that medieval and other periods' dubious literature. What a pity for (Richard) Wagner if his textual basis is service fraud only. The 'services' could have planned the triumph of proving that Catull, Tacitus, Lukrets, Homer's Odyssey and other pearls should have been fraud - those are not fraud (as can be shown by my PEB) but there certainly are other pieces which should be examined critically.

Could be the simplest definition of the international 'service' mafia is that it tries to build its power on a 'lie-sense' - the classic when the government wants to arrest the agents and the 'services' mix the truth up and brings the lists (lissas) of those who are not agents instead. If the people all over the world listen to pop music and thereby accept the 'lie-sense' - what a tragedy of misunderstandings that could be.

Once again, it is extremely important that my work be published and thereby be made available to the public and be not reserved for 'service mafia' or 'government' purposes. The phonological redundancies in the name structure of the leadership of WHO is an example of what I mean - the world could come to go rather dramatically in the ditch if such 'm[el]issa votiva' themes of administration came to be assigned an official authority. It is not permitted to give the intellectual property of my work an administrative stamp of secrecy classification - for limitating the spread of it. It is my copyright (not the administration's) and it is I who decide on this.

Neither do I agree to a role of gender-swapped Melissa - cp. the form 'M[el]issa Vo[l]t-att/iva'. There should not be a rape of neither me nor my work.

It is important that it be understood that this aberrant way of thinking 'power' is the same as thinking 'lie-sense'. It could to be 'service logic' to search for correlations such as in my new book and then turn them into 'power' by installing them in 'projects' and then blocking access to a full understanding of them by filling media and academies and institutions of science and arts with people under the control of the 'services'. All this 'mafia control' is of course very wrong way and everything the opposite of what I am working for - and it would be left totally incomprehensible unless there is an 'enemy of the state' which is sufficiently dangerous to your private life to make such limitations on the freedom of knowledge acceptable. All this 'angst' is the service mafia world which we must hope was only the aftermath of the world wars and which now can be calmed down to a peaceful world of freedom of speech and thought for the development of a culture of knowledge more than administrative or mafia power. My work must not be turned into such a 'service-controlled' and 'secrecy-stamped' document. If the administration has gained access to illegal copies, they should of course not spread them around as if they were their own copyright - at least not as long as ordinary publishing is a much better solution - but that should not mean that the work itself should be kept under secrecy stamp. I dont know if it is.

(I must add that the theory of an administratively controlled correlation of the development of the genre of pop music with the Vietnam war is based on rather superficial knowledge and associations and guesswork of mine and needs better verification).

Catull: Sämtliche Gedichte. Lateinisch/Deutsch. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Michael von Albrecht. Reclam 1995/2008.

'Storia linguistica di Venezia' (Tomasin 2010, on 'Carocci') there is an excerpt from an archive, reproduced also in 'Salem 1999', of a minor incident that took place around 1313 (or 1312-14), a person 'Menegel' reporting on a situation with a Piccolo Padre and a Nicoló:

Menegel çurà testimoni, lo qual dis: "È digo che' nava çó per lo canal, e nando en mi barcha d'en çó da li diti Piçol Pare e Nicoló; e nando mi e' audì che li diti Piçol Pare e Nicolò sì se menava de li remi e de forche uno l'autro; e così tronai-e' en dre' per entremeçar e partirli"

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