The white stone and the new logic

John Bjarne Grover

The new logic

The philosopher's white stone is - if I have got it right - always the same and always looks the same and is always the natural exponential constant e = 2,7182818284... cm long - and that defines the centimetre and that is why England is something else and hence the global anglophony. But this means that the white stone is the same as the human semiotic endowment - and hence also that there exist realities beyond the human reality. Birds are the proof of that. See the article on the tentative proof of the authenticity of the white stone.

After the war, distinctive feature theory was elaborated - in an attempt to make it possible to describe the phonemic inventory of all the world's languages in terms of a small set of distinctive features that could apply with relevance and efficiency to any natural language - that is, those which were still left (there are not many languages left now).

Jakobson / Halle defined such features on an acoustic basis (aspects of the frequency spectrum of speech sounds), and Chomsky / Halle on an articulatory basis (aspects of the articulation of the sounds in the oral space).

After this work was completed - and we must assume that it was not before, but the features probably apply anyhow - it was discovered that these distinctive features also seemed to apply to the white stone in a manner which could be used to understand history. That means also politics, probably - at least some would say that it is the same.

In effect, this means that the structure of language (on a phoneme level) is the same as the human semiotic endowment. At least if one says that 'the structure of language resembles the form of the human mind', this comes down to something which most people will consider very trivial and self-evident - something as close to an empty theory as one can come.

But this only means that it is tautological and hence the same as logic: Distinctive feature theory is then conceived as important because it resembles logic. It means that the white stone fanatics believe in a new logic beyond Aristotle's morpheme level logic. Of course this sounds sensible and one thinks of a poetic logic or something like that. It could resemble Chomsky's minimalism.

But this is fine and well and what's the problem? Of course there is no problem in this unless it is turned into politics and political intrigue.

After my work with the acoustics for my PhD dissertation 'A waist of time' in 1995-1997, I could conclude that if the features of the white stone can be recognized as principly related to the distinctive features of Jakobson / Halle, then it is likely to be on the form of 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5... - that is, something closely akin to traditional pythagorean harmonies. But as I showed in the postscript to my study of Luigi Nono's string quartet "Fragmente" (1980) relative to my poetry work "Stillhetens åndedrag" (2016), it turns out that there exists a much more transcendent and interesting form of harmony therein - it is that harmony which arises 100-105 seconds into part 2 of the quartet. That is at the end of poem 50 of my work. Clearly if this be the case, and there are reasons to believe so, then it is well possible that the distinctive features that can be recognized in the white stone is the same as traditional pythagorean harmony theory - and that the new millenium will open up for a new and more transcendent concept of harmony. That is no small matter - it is not just a detail in the field of musicology - it is a quantum leap in all fields of knowledge. Indeed this is more than a way of circumscribing it - the quantum theory and quantum mechanics are probably just precisely the same as this new harmony - as conceived in my fundamental theorem of linguistics.

It is a totally new logic and new knowledge that is about to take shape - and it is this which is seen in this relation between Nono's and my works.

The harmony of Nono arises on that point (in poem 50) in the poetic structure where the last poem (#105) wraps over to the first (#65) - it goes 'the other way round' - and the progress of application of these plaited lines relative to the original poems 1-64 goes backwards - that is mirrored.

The white metre outputted a white pumice-like stone which I found on the ground on a significant place. Considering the 'thorax'-like feel the book leaves in the beginning, with a sternum and rib grid resembling the permutation of 'faith' in the book, one could venture the theory that the pumice-like substance resembles human bones. Could be the skeleton could be created in this way. I had registered the title 'Bjelleklang' = '[jingle] bells sound' to the first 34 of the 64 poems, and after the book was completed I summed up four 'skeleton' style elements of the compositional structure and procedure of writing (cp. the AIN function of the blue metre):

Bjelleklang - the Klang of 'jingle bells' or 'clock' = skull
Froskelår - frog-thighs, 'leapfrog' (?) = principle of zipping across 31 poems = hip bones
Dueslag - pigeonholes, appending 2 to 3 stanzas, running backwards = extremities
Roggbif - rainbow, the principle of symmetries arising therefrom = thorax

Stillheten = the skull and the silence of its aurals
åndedrag = the thorax, its breathing

Although these observations are perhaps not essential, it nevertheless tells that I reached the correlation with Nono's quartet via this logic of the other way round.

I refer also to Caravaggio's two Emmaus studies: The one of 1601 seems to see the white stone from the front (whether Caravaggio had seen the stone or not, I dont know) and the one from 1606 is rather about the white stone the other way round.

The attempted political hijack of this new logic

Briefly: The white stone phenomenon in politics seems to be an attempt to identify the distinctive features in the white stone as what science can be satisfied with and the other way round logic as politics - which would be an attempted hijack of the new knowledge.

But this means that the logic of the new and transcendent harmony that can be recognized in Nono relative to my poetry is the real reason for the ideas of politics in the relation of Syria to the white stone - and to China and the other 4 'revolutions' of 2011. Syria on the map resembles the white stone turned around and mirrored:

Syria on the map
(source 'Microsoft Encarta')

Outline of the white stone

The stone back side mirrored

It could be the simple reason for the destruction of Syria that has been going on since 2011 that it serves to tell that the new logic of the other way round is political and not intellectual. Which, as tells my Nono study, is a mistake.

But it is not only China and Syria which resemble the white stone on the map. In 2011 there were 5 socalled 'revolutions' - in Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya and Syria. With a little turning around, one sees that Egypt resembles Libya and these resemble a hebrew THET letter, which also the white stone does as seen from the front side, while Kyrgyztan and Tunesia more resemble a hebrew IOD - could be also the stone as seen from the side. There are observations that can be made on the gap of 'Tibet' for some or all of these country outlines. When Syria is akin to the hebrew letter SAMECH, for various reasons, and the similarity of Syria is the other way round, there is the form ThIS which in hebrew means 1) crushed barley, 2) flight, flight model. Even Heraclitus notices the 'barley drink'. This 'barley' could have been taken as the greek crushing comparable to the sanskrit crushing of the white stone. What a pity if this is the reason for the 'crushing' of Syria since 2011.

There is a butterfly on the matter: Those who opt for 1) attention to the white stone can do so i) for the purpose of a new intellectualism, studies in new logic, or ii) for new concepts of power, such as the destruction of Syria, and 2) those who opt for anglophonic non-white-stone can be interested in i) new intellectualism against ii) new concepts of power. US democrats seem to go for the white stone for new concepts of power, with Obama as president when the syrian crisis broke out, while US republicans seem to go for power as non-white-stone and hence take the white stone to be for new intellectualism. The US democrats could have some naive adherents who believe that their white stone is intellectual only, and the US republicans could have some conservative adherents who go for intellectualism in terms of non-white-stone - classic syllogisms and so forth. Since left and right in politics since long has started getting badly confused, the root of this could be just there. Which also supports the theory that a new logic is about to take place.

My residence in Zinckgasse

There is the theory that 1) my person is conceived by the hijacking politics as being the same as the white stone itself, and 2) that I was planned for living in Zinckgasse in Vienna not only for reasons of di-Zinck-tive features (including octogon?) and the Bermuda triangle up the street (Wurmsergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse, Selzergasse - plus Hütteldorferstrasse when the triangle opens to rectangle). It could have been the plan that I should move from Ehamgasse on Simmering in Vienna (where I lived since 2005) and up to Zinckgasse where the house was renovated in 2006, but I ran off from it (moving out of Ehamgasse) in 2008 first to Athens and then to Venice - where in understood in 2009 that I probably had no other choice than to move back to Vienna - Corazon Aquino died on the day when my philippino neighbours moved out, and the death of two other neighbours told me that there was no purpose in moving around elsewhere. In addition, the small Calle Pedrocchi where I lived started getting somewhat emptied of people. I got the flat in Zinckgasse in the autumn 2009 via Wien Wohnservice who told me that this was the only place in Vienna for me. This happened at the beginning of Obama's presidency.

It is my impression that it is the US democrats who seem to go for expanding powers in direction China via the syrian crisis on basis of the white stone. But this also means that a part of the program on me could be to associate me with the oldfashioned distinctive features theory - for pretending that the future is in the Power of the Right Politics.

(To this I must add that there is a much better theory available on my residence in Zinckgasse: When I moved out of Ehamgasse in 2008 I did not get my 'Finanzierungsbeitrag' back, more than 3000 euros, and when in late 2009 I returned to Vienna they were very nice and friendly when they found a very nice place for me not in Schinkgasse but in Zinckgasse which I got even without having to pay a 'Finanzierungsbeitrag' - a quite ideal place it is - of course that is a much better theory and it hopefully and probably is also the right one).

Boehme's pamphlet of 1747

Boehme's description of the white stone (online from the austrian national library) is esoteric and tells in part 2 'via negativa' style that the stone is black and is easy to find anywhere - and you will discover the power of esoterism arising from the reading - the horror of the fire-spewing dragon that guards the innermost secrets - and the hair rises on your head when you understand that anybody who sees the white stone must understand the limitations of this life. It is this deepseated awe and fear embodied in esoterism which has made serious progress in studies in ex nihilo matter difficult through centuries - and the new logic could not proceed before this fear was battled and bottled. The white stone project on my person could have had that simple purpose - to bring the theme down to earth. But that is just when it must go into new rational studies and not into new secrecy and political power. There is the natural temptation to turn the awe and fear of God's punishment into an awe and fear of the new government.

Boehme's 1747 pamphlet (is this the reason for the 'John Grover' pamphlets?) tells also of 'God's number'. The natural logarithmic constant e = 2,7182818284... is often called Euler's constant - after the mathematician Leonhard Euler who lived 1707-1783. Could be the constant was discovered just then? I dont know the story. The constant is called 'the base' (of natural logarithms) and that is what 'Al Qaida' means in arabic. It may be that the constant 'e' is conceived as the same as the white stone itself - and that is what 'Al Qaida' means.

It seems that Boehme's pamphlet in its 4 parts describe the four main parts of the white stone:

1. An den Leser (page 3)
2. Idea chemiæ Boehmianæ Adeptæ (page 7)
3. Schluß-Rede (page 48)
4. Kurze Schuß-Schrift (page 51)
5. Nachgesetze Chymische Schriften (= sources) (page 92)

which seem to be the four parts of the stone recognizable in the four persons on Caravaggio's Emmaus revelation 1601:

1. The tip of the eagle's beak = Caravaggio's leftmost man (with the elbows) (1601)
2. The sleeping eagle or lamb = Caravaggio's standing man (1601)
3. The woman in the mid = Caravaggio's Christ (1601)
4. The man to the right = Caravaggio's man with the crucifixion gesture (1601)
5. The diagonal?

I notice that an important 'political' interpretation of the white stone seems to be in an identity of the man to the right with the Madonna in the mid - hence the Madonna is also the Christ in the Emmaus revelation. The man to the right is the boy in the man-on-wagon archetype. This important chapter 4 = Kurze Schuß-Schrifft - could be there is a printing error there in the gothic types - that it should have been Kurze Schluß-Schrift? Where did the L go? Is there an F too much? Since the man to the right is a sort of 'Mahatma Gandhi', one could speculate that the role of Nathuram Godse in 1948 could have been related to this work of Boehme. The 'Kursk & Cole' could also clearly means simply 'Kurze & Schuss', and it must be admitted that the typography of 'Kurze' resembles 'Gurke' - cp. the royal massacre in Nepal and speculations on a 'gurkha' standin to the crown prince (not 'code pins').

And then there was this question - whether to take it as the new logic of new intellectualism or as new heights of totalitarian power keeping the secrets closed down from public knowledge.

It is possible that the power of the 'octogon' (and the 'distinctive features' therein) means the series of 8-digits in Euler's constant 2,7182818284... - including the principle of division with 1, with 2, with 4 etc. And Cantor's diagonal that goes across the white stone can be spotted graphically, as on the maps, in the relation between 5 and 8, between pentagon and octogon.

The elections in Germany and Austria 2017

There were the elections to parliament in Germany in the end of september 2017 and in Austria mid october 2017 - and both elections showed a strange tendency for some parties to gain 5 or 8 percent - same in both countries.

There is a theory that the three Kennedy brothers were named after the 1-2-3 early child abuse strategy of the octogon principles of power:

John = lifting of skullcap with masturbation onto the cortex a few days after birth
Robert = rape at 6 months of age
Ted = the 'tight' of chemicals in the blood of 18 months

If a Black Sea Loop goes along the eastern arm of the european swastika with centre in Paris, including Norway and Italy as northern and southern arms, the political impulse that goes as underearth 'tight' chemical horror from place to place, from person to person along this eastern arm (turned around into 'fascism' = 'overearth cornstalk collection' in Italy) - and if this impulse comes from the east and reaches Vienna on its way to Paris - and there it suddenly turns 90 degrees and goes up into Berlin instead of continueing to Paris, then it resembles the logic of the other way round. Like Syria relative to the white stone.

Could be this is highly relevant to the observation of pentagon-octogon similarities of the elections in Germany and Austria.

And with me as a white stone in 'Zinckgasse', the combination with the destruction of Syria could have been to arrive at a destruction of China (or as weakening of its powers) via this other-way-round. This 1-2-3 = John-Robert-Ted could also be spotted in an attempted global strategy rooted in a role of Norway - whether the two first Kennedys really was there or what is the puzzling reason for the role of this country:

1. It's 'the other way round' = Norway / Vietnam for the Vietnam war 180 degrees around the globe relative to Norway on the map.

2. 'Not so certain about that' = the Norway / Iraq double sonnet algorithm of Saddam Hussein's two wars against Iran for the numeral 23 - this defines the 'scholastic' uncertainty whether the sensorial impressions come from outside or inside your perceptual system - resembling the Treblinka effect. It could be about a variant of my fundamental theorem - for quantum theory and mechanics.

3. 'You dont understand what I mean' = Norway / Italy 180 degrees on the european swastika around Paris - cp. the arrival of the two 'avatars' through the membrane of being.

These three points - which could be simply for the political hijack and derailing of the new logic (cp. the awe of Boehme) - could also be summed up in hebrew THET-IOD-SAMECH = ThIS.

See the article on the tentative proof of the authenticity of the white stone - the observation on the auditory overhead apparition in Venice which said 'è un ragazzo'. It may be that the name of austrian vice chancellor Michael Spindlegger can be recognized in this formula if 4220 turns into 3221: Spindlegger came up from the grass roots of the party and was vice chancellor for exactly 1223 days - and on that morning (of the 1223rd day) he held a press conference declaring that he withdrew from all his political positions with immediate effect. 1223 is the factor of months, weeks, days, hours between the births of Albert of Saxony (1828) and me (1957) - this meaning that Nelly Sachs is my mother? - and it was in 2004 that I got a bank card for Die Postbank with pin code 3221. The BAWAG bank soon got into heavy weather and could be rescued only via a merger with the Postbank. I notice also that 'Tonguetip Gazzo' can be recognized as this mystic number via the 'ragazzo' and the name of Eisenhower #7 (octogon #6) - the name which Sylvia Plath's poetry seems to encode.

Robert Kennedy was 'shot in the kitchen' by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan in 1968. A puzzling observation from the austrian election on 15 october 2017 - see the front page of Kurier a week earlier with main candidates Christian Kern (SPÖ), Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) put up as on a white stone - and the formula seems to be 'Robert Kennedy sho[r]t in the kitchen' (but if short, who was there on the floor for such a longer time? I still recall the reports on TV in 1968). Clearly the name of 'Christian Kern' is easily recognized as 'Robert Kennedy', and the name of 'Sebastian Kurz' can be seen in the derivation parallel to 'Jens Stoltenberg' from the distinctive features strident, checked, tense, flat and sharp - hence NATO and the many guns there.

The name 'Sirhan Bishara Sirhan' could be telling of that medieval scholastic philosophy of inside or outside conditioning of perception of revelation - that is, whether it turns round on the other side.

I opened the new byzantian-greek lexicon of Trapp coincidentally and the finger landed on the form 'optrizomai' = 'wie im Spiegel sehen' which (unless this simply is an explanation to the medial form for heuristic reasons, which it probably is not, at least not only) is unique for this medieval time 1000 years ago - it is not in the ancient (2000 years ago) or new greek (0 years go) language as individual form, as far as I can determine - of course it exists as passive-medial grammatical form but not as independent semantic unit. This period 1000 years ago was the high age of scholasticism - with a possible relation to 'elasticism' of the rope from the wagon-of-the-man to the boy in front - who probably is the same as the man to the right of the couple on the front page of the stone. If this boy is the child of the couple on the stone, there is also an ödipal element contained in some of the features which also could be related to the eczemas I developed in Zinckgasse.

Next to 'optrizomai' in Trapp et al. there is the word 'optrikos' = 'optikos' = 'das Sehen betreffend'. Which means that the sight goes out of the eyes and hits something - or is it that the light goes in and does something - like two avatars? The man on the right of the stone is apparently the same as the boy who pulls the wagon-of-the-man - whom I met in Hütteldorferstrasse soon after my 'Caruso' was completed. This outside-inside ambiguity could be something special for medieval or byzantine conceptions of active-passive participation or involvement in sensation of light. Is the archetype actively or passively perceived? Ah, but that is just the difference between catholicism (Austria) and protestantism (Germany) as far as 'divine revelation in history' (typically Christ) - cp. Caravaggio's Emmaus 1601 artwork - could be concerned - and this catholicism vs protestantism is precisely the driving motor in a catholic austrian (Hitler) impulse going up into protestant Germany - the gap that was the driving motor in the nazism that spread out from Hitler in the 1930's. In Liddel & Scott (classic or ancient greek, 2000 years ago) the word 'optikos' is explained as 'of or for sight', which could contain some of the same ambiguity. ('Optrikos' is not given). The form OPT is used partwise for VISION, partwise for FRYING, ROASTING - as for the heraclitean HAPs about VISION, MATCH-FIRE and TOUCH. Liddel & Scott gives for 'optanion' = a place for frying, a kitchen, dry fire-wood. Robert F.Kennedy was 'shot in the kitchen'. Where is that - where would the dry fire have hit him? In the hebrew Talmud Eruvin chapter 1 fol.17a4 (towards end of chapter 1) there is talk of the soldiers who have permission to collect dry fire-wood and who are to be buried where they fall. This could have been the background of Hitler's introductory text (a sort of HYMEN?) to his 'Mein Kampf' which he wrote in Landsberg prison in 1924 after the Beer Hall Putsch - where the names of the fallen heros seem to make up for a way of burying a dead soldier who is found on a road. These had fallen for their fatherland outside Feldherrnhalle and 'im Hofe des ehemaligen Kriegsministeriums' - which for me echos 'Alternative für Deutschland' (winner in the german election recently) as well as Obama's 'Kriegsveteranminister' with name Eric K.Shinseki resembling the SENSICUTAN salve which seemed to produce the bubbly wabbles of dolphin type on my underarm in the spring 2014. Could be the reason for this association is in the Ferdinand Schulze Strasse (cp. Martin Schulz as leader of SPD) which intersected with Landsberger Allee where I was walking when two cars crashed in the spring 2004. 'Alternative für Deutschland' seemed in the german election 2017 to tap 8% from CDU - while FDP ran off with 5% from SPD - which means that a mix of the octogons and pentagons in these percentages could have made for the link back to the US democrat Kennedy's death in 1968. The austrian election some weeks later showed exactly the same puzzling phenomenon - one party went 8% up, another 5%.

I notice that the names on Hitler's HYMEN to his 'Mein Kampf' are listed in alphabetic order - and as such seem to tell the fragment from the end of chapter 1 in the hebrew Talmud Eruvin. The political force of this is likely to be in the two nuclear bombs on Japan that ended the war in 1945 and completed the circle thereby: The philosophical value of this alphabetic order for my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' is very great - but what a pity to turn such things into violence and warfare. One should not do these mistakes over again - instead, hurry up and find a publisher for my work.

Scholasticism may be a period of philosophy which can open for some political manipulation on the difference in perception - what is really real and what is really not? - of divine revelation in the gap between catholicism and protestantism - that is between Austria and Germany. Hitler was essentially austrian in Germany.

Look at the 'bad reading' of fragment 181 - the female is pointing to her genital opening like the female on the white stone.

As far as I can see, there is no part of this complex which cannot be brought to the surface of public attention - and hence there is no reason for the germans to accept a new Hitler, however much the US democrats should press on for it. It seems to be the International Secret Intelligence Services who want the new Hitler - to enhance unconstitutional power.

Germany is probably vulnerable to such intrigue because of their lutheranism which deprived the culture of the divine revelations in history which the catholics enjoy. The german culture compensated for this loss with great cultural achievement such as Bach, Schiller, Goethe and all those - but this is precisely what Hitler battled and after the war there has been only the option left of 'imitating' divine revelation in culture by 'opplegg' - you pretend to be under the guidance of divine interests when you do or do not something and play the role of a play written by the Lord himself - and that is powerful roles. But if this takes the place of rational debate, it is too easy to insert actants in roles for obtaining certain goals. Why not say things right out instead? If they plan to stop the new Hitler with 'opplegg', they are not likely to succeed but can come to drown totally in a maelstrom of human copies playing 'theatre roles'.

Earthquakes (there were some in Mexico) could have been a part of the reason for the german 2017 election which seemed taylored for getting a new Hitler in from Austria - but it is not certain that it is the germans who want the new Hitler - that could be foreign interests who have made the earthquakes artificially for pretending to be the admonitions of the Lord in history - and that is powerful in Germany.

I notice also the role of my 'Labyrinth 101' (third part of 'My mention e Anna') with poems 58 (!) and 7. Did the voters vote for my book - and the politicians do not want the book published because then the public discovers that it is poetry and not politics? But then people have the right to see the books published - rather than politics harvesting the jubilation after the marathon-runner is jerked out in the ditch right before he reaches the stadion.

Proof: I saw it in an inner vision - could be precisely at the time when I wrote the below TEQ #98-99 - that

7½ + 8 = 3

and therefore, since 57½ + 58 = 103 (or is it 105), it follows that 58+58 = 105,15 - such as Labyrinth 101 poem #58 tells. Below: The three brick rotundas and the 'arbitrarity'.

The politicians conceive of me as 'the white stone' who must be kept secret?

More on the transcendent features

The correlation of Nono's harmonies at 100-105 seconds into his string quartet 'Fragmente' (1980) with my 'Stillheten' (2016) is at my poem #50 'Tabitha (Dorcas)'. That is what interprets in such a strong way the transcendent logic of 'the other way round' - Nono's music is mainly about the form of the silence with a brief touchdown into nearly harmonic audition at precisely this point. My book of 2016 is of high value for understanding the fundamental theorem of linguistics (the foundations of quantum theory, that can be!) in the correlation of the 64 poems, 21 lines each title included, in total 1344 lines, with the 1345 words that occur twice and only twice in the four TEQ book 13-16 - occurrences are counted in each book separately, twice and only twice in book 13, then twice and only twice in book 14 etc - and the resulting list means that there are 4 alphabetic listings in succession, one for each TEQ book 13-16. There exists a pre-intuition of this Nono harmony at poem 50 in my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' poems #98-99 - which correlates with poem 50 precisely at the turn of the calendarial year - poem 99 is written on 31 december 1997 and 1 january 1998. Poem 99 starts on 'f' in poem 50. What calls for attention is that the word 'fell' in the alphabetic double-word list for poem 50 ('Tabitha (Dorcas)') falls on precisely the line which contains only the word 'fell' in TEQ poem 99, just on the new year 1998 - and indeed even in the alphabetic double-word list for poem 25 ('I neste fart' = 'In the next speed') one finds exactly the same on almost the same place. It is no coincidence that 25 is half of 50 - and I have added the inbetween poem #37 ('Og jeg kan garantere dagen' - 'And I can guarantee the day') in its double occurrences - it is 25 and 50 that are parallel in double words - and 37 comments on the parallelism:

SÅ #25






SÅ #37






SÅ #50






TEQ #98-99

    from thinking

as I looted the first manuscript.
The first manuscript,
the first poet overbit drive,
represented the real,

    while I turned asender.
When I came from the memorabilia
    I was immediately struck [by],
and when she was reading

    her hand was figuring
    the vainer dust
    of the story.
You only have to change opportunity and                

Juan Luacan
    the cottage outside Luacan
feather like a house

so as to TENGE.
You'll need a Bækkelund.
Acroft gave vidunderlig away.
(Dates, comments)

= 32/34




Nono's harmony at my wrapover is in the last four lines fire-five-floor-flur. 'Fire' is norwegian for '4' - but clearly '5' is goodenough for the 'twelve'. 'Tenke' is norwegian for 'think'.

The strong indication of correlation is in the word 'fell' in poem 25, 50 and TEQ 99 - and that is just where 37 wraps over the alphabetic list from Z to A: The poem 37 tells of this in its text - and this is where your overnatural arm opens the window to the white snow on the wooden window sill.

The correlation of new year 1998 is not with the poetic text itself - but with the higher level of correlation with TEQ via the fundamental theorem of linguistics.

TENGE tells also of the 'vertsekoll' context phenomenon of poem 37 - here recognized in the turn of the year.

This is what the logic of 'the other way round' is about - not of similarities with outlines on the map. The political logic has felt it and intuited it - but should stop when they see what it really is. It is the intellectual work that should continue - not the suppressive violence of politics.

Proof: The fifth last line of poem 37 is where it wraps over from Z to A - and in the poem this is the line 'på den sekstende og siste perrongen' = 'on the 16th and last platform'. To find the correlate in hebrew to poem 50 I look up chapter 16 in the blue metre PEB and find chapter 16 = 'The Backpacker' which I identify as SAMECH, and then 50/2 = 25 tells of 16/2 = chapter 8 = 'Stein of language' which I earlier has identified as IOD - and hence the inbetween chapter 12 = 'Obleif' for poem 37. One guesses that this 'Obleif' is the white stone itself (the whether of life - the whole life contained in a stone in your hand) and searches for the alphabetic letter most similar to the white stone - and that should be the THET, which also is relevant for the outlines of Libya and Egypt on the map. The graphic similarity of the THET with the stone itself could be exactly what has led to the idea of recognizing the graphic outlines of the white stone on country outlines on the map.

That leaves (as in the political program of Vietnam-Iraq-Italy) the form ThIS - the crushed barley and flight or flying model.

This means that the political program really is a semiotic phenomenon of the fundamental theorem of linguistics.

I add a norwegian 'sausage' reading of the correlation scheme of TEQ 98-99 to 25-37-50 which could recognize a 'Pølsevev' ('sausage web') in the title line ('thinking'), then Bjelleklang, Froskelår, Dueslag and Roggbif in the following 4 * 4 lines, and the same 4 for the last 4 lines. This is the cheese - could this piece of Gouda be something for you? It is when one refrains from sinking the political teeth into this that the world can start moving forwards again. Refrain from sinking, start thinking.

Although the data basis is a little scant, one can nevertheless leap to a postulation on basis of the above SÅ #25-37-50 and TEQ #98-99 that the matrix in total makes for an account of the inner structure of the double articulation postulated by Martinet - that is, the socalled 'arbitrarity in signification' - in the wrapover. That is where Nono's harmonic touchdown is.

That is as expected - that the arbitrarity in signification hides within the fundamental theorem of linguistics.


There is a new field of knowledge opening up which can be spotted in Nono harmonies relative to my work - and this vast field of studies in semiotics must be explored in publically available studies and not be confined into political power intrigues.

It is likely that the white stone and similar ex nihilo phenomena are of utmost importance for new science and knowledge generally - but that the global society could not progess because of the seals of fear that had been put on the matter by centuries of esoterism, which says that "whoever transgresses this boundary must die" - and scholars tremble in their pants and do not dare to continue. Reading Boehme's pamphlet (Beschreibung des Steins) lets the awe arise - around the place of God's number is God's seal - and therefore the 'services' constructed the white stone program on me for turning this fear and awe into a principle of government: They made the program on me for being the white stone without which eternal problems could be studied by secret surveillance and the data on this spread to the people, and the evidence tells that the program is to hijack the power of esoterism on the white stone itself from the jews. Therefore scientific institutions today are often strange and seem to study me and data from my life and work as if it were the white stone they studied - for letting gloomy power take over the study of the white stone itself. That clearly is a big mistake.

It is also a mistake to believe that one can come any way forward by way of a homo philosophy. Rather, the homo philosophy seems to be used for turning this knowledge into political power - that is by turning a Bermuda triangle (Selzergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse, Wurmsergasse) into a Bermuda rectangle (including Hütteldorferstrasse = Adolf Hitler Strasse). Therefore HOMO is the same as political interesters trying to turn the new knowledge into political power - that is the power which once was recognized in the awe and fear at the white stone into governmental power. It may be the International Secret Intelligence Services who try to coup the white stone from knowledge of judaistic philosophy into the sphere of political power. HOMO is therefore not the right support of rational progress on these matters.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 19 october 2017
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