The year 2014

John Bjarne Grover

I tell the story of the ten theories of the year 2014 - including the potentially important question whether a new Hitler is in the making.

The year had one notable event - a personal collapse in april 2014, about the mid of the month. This has happened to me a few times earlier in my life - such as in 1988-89 when I got stuck to the ground when I was out walking and in february 2002 when I suffered a sort of paralysis of the left side of my body. This time it was mainly the right arm which got the problems but it developed quickly into a problem that surfaced mainly on the skin on arms and legs. The eczema on the right underarm was so horrible - terrible red-white blisters - and as I was gradually sinking into what felt like a despair of being consumed in the 'flames' of an electric eczema skin, freezing inside, I was finally rescued by a tube of hydro-cortizon which rejuvenated hopes in my soul - there was a means against the abyss.

What was the condition really? I have been travelling through landscapes of many theories on the topic while I have gradually recovered over the summer. I am going through some of these here and emphasize that I have not found out of it so far:

1. Overworkedness - complete exhaustion
2. Acute loss of heavy metal in the body - molybden, mangan, magnesium etc due to e.g. poisoning that drained out the matter through the urine
3. A genetic offspring of mine could have been murdered and replaced with an agent copy
4. Jodie Foster married
5. The meeting with an angel made me tremble
6. I had studied too much recursive matter from christmas 2013 up to february 2014
7. I had completed and self-published my book 'Kinderhilfe'
8. There was around those times the launch of what could have looked like a national blasphemy project offending the austrian religious feelings and dumping the blame on me, resulting in a national-subconscious hatred campaign
9. My manuscripts could have been illegally copied and leaked out to others, and when I took the drafts up to work on them, I was a poor second or third - in long gloves and wellingtons reaching nearly up to shoulders and fork.
10. The total lack of recognition of my work makes it difficult to continue.
11. etc etc - there were many theories

I go through some of these in some detail:

1. Overworkedness is the most convenient explanation. It is in fact a possible explanation. I have had my inner attention on my poetic project constantly through many years - and now it was time to relax a little. I had felt the problem of 'falling off the cross' behind the spine through a couple of years before I fell totally off it - and the terrible itch that developed now and then on the skin of mainly legs and arms gave me the chance to get some substance under the nails again. I also developed curling little and ring fingers on the right hand - it could resemble the curled-up left hand of 2002. See Caravaggio's painting 'The meal in Emmaus' - including the characteristic hand of Christ that looks like the intrigue-expression 'I wanna screw': The ring and little finger curl up under the palm as if screwing in a new lightbulb. (This is also likely to be a possible reason for the 'Kursk' in the Kursk-and-Cole construction). I refer to my poem TEQ #335 (the last poem in book 5) for a poetic interpretation which has a correlate in this important artwork of Caravaggio. When that book 5 also is about the reality of phrase structure 'eternity' relative to the classic archetypes, it can be speculated that the phenomenon in Caravaggio's artwork - or in this complex generally - could be the phenomenon that phrase structure is no real eternity - it is a symbolic level only, and therefore the 'stigma' are not real stigma on the back of the hand but only water running from 'Scharlachs' between thumb and index. It is a technological level. TEQ #335 relative to Caravaggio's artwork could be seen to turn around on the roles like a political 'Wankel machine' running on personal roles. It is only quasi existence and the person seemingly cannot eat because of problems with 'reek in the cration'. (I add that in the 2007 edition of 'The Endmorgan Quartet', book 5 was represented in two versions differing in linebreaks, and one of these made for book 16, the 16th book. In the 2008 edition this linebreak alternative was replaced with the new 16th book called "I tell you, Estunates" wherein the first 155 poems, although this book is an independent work, can be read also in parallel with a recording of Bach and Bartok by Midori Goto and Robert MacDonald).

2. Theory 2: Acute molybden loss! Molybden is a heavy metal of which there are about 10 mg in the body. The theory is that 'molybden' has been a part of the engineering of my life - I was born in 'Molde-byen' = 'Molde city'. The day when I registered my address in Vienna in the summer 2004, president Thomas Klestil fell ill and died - and his name in the sense of 'relaxed clothes-style' could mean 'Molde-byen', Molde city' - and the day when I registered my address in Venice in 2008 Jörg Haider died - his name could mean 'måle dybden' = 'measure the depth'. Hence the state suffered a state of acute 'molybden loss' on the days when I took residence among them, but not when I moved into the inbetween address in Ehamgasse at new year 2004-2005. It is possible that 11 september 2001 on Manhattan means this 'e-harn-gasse' address in that sense of it - and could serve to swap my identity with the austrian state. The molybden could have gone out = 'e' with the 'Harn' = 'urine'. It is the possible story with Kennedy of 1-2-3 and the role of the street names that lends credibility to this. To this comes the theory arising from some redundancies suggesting that somebody years ago drugged me and filled excrements into my skull and closed the wound before I woke up 24 or 48 hours later and never discovered it. (There are such excrements reported from the 'bowels' and is that very different from the 'bowl' of the head?). This 'man-hattan' would be contained in the Krarup Nielsen photos from Kuala Lumpur - see this photo - and in order to make this on the relaxed and drugged body, the head of the victim must be suspended on a specially built stand with a strap under the maxilla while it goes on through some 24 or 48 hours or so - see this photo. I do not have more 'evidence' of this theory than these photos from Krarup Nielsen's book plus some general redundancies in the mythos structure and cannot say that I remember any such change of my body. Molybden occurs in very small amounts in the body and serves - if I have got it right, which perhaps I have not - to keep not the least the walls of the neuron cells in the brain intact - and if it goes below a certain critical value, the neuron walls will start letting outside substances through. That is bad whether those subtances be cloaca or only spinal fluid or whatever. I found that natriumwolframat (it was mentioned on a web page) seems to bind molybden very efficiently and probably drains it out through the urine ('e-harn') and I speculated that I could have been poisoned with something like that - e.g. in order to turn the mid of 1-2-3 roles politically around - that the Dirty Beast rapes the austrian state or something like that. The itch at night when the body lies horizontally alarmed me. The Dirty Beast raping could then be contained in the 'na-tri-um wolf-ram-at'. I have earlier on this web page recalled the expression 'lapskaus på Dombås' (lapskaus is a norwegian dish, a sort of stew of potatoes, peas, meat etc, and the Gröver family used to stop on 'Dombås' for some lapskaus at the railway station restaurant if travelling by car from Oslo to Molde in the sixties or early seventies) mentioned several times by Gröver/'Mengele'. It is noteworthy that the separatist movement started in Donbas in Ukraine around the times when I got the problems - and indeed if 'natrium' is the 'lapse-cause' of the neuron cells, one can add a 'dom bås' = 'stupid categorization' as a 'wolf-ram-at' - cp. the 'keys-to-heaven' with its 2-5 categories of verses 2 and 5. It thus seems that this Donbas could have been in the planning in the 'intelligence services' for a long time - and it is likely to be about the classic misunderstanding: It really is about the 'anomalism' of e.g. Varro and my 'Kinderhilfe' but the security services try to convert it into a matter of power.

However, as I have recovered over the summer, I have started to regain confindence in the first theory - that I was in a state of overworkedness and that this was the reason for this second theory, about excrements in the head, which sounds not very good - and there are apparently no excrements to be found on the head scan I have, if that registers such substances at all (there will be no blood cells in the substance so maybe it will not be visible).

If you should suffer molybden loss due to e.g. natriumwolframat, the quickest way to get the metal into the body again seems to be by way of soya flour, white beans and eggs. When I finally discovered the phenomenon, which was only after some months, I ate pancakes made from soya flour with at least 2 eggs and with white beans in tomato sauce as filling - and computed that some 5-6 such pancakes a day would bring me back in normal shape in 10 days. I had the feeling that it helped substantially, for whatever reason. I was, when I tried to find out of the phenomenon, puzzled by the apparent lack of available information and I speculated that what is known about the effect of the metal or the lack of it is kept secret and could be reserved for political intrigue. The idea I had was that such poisoning with natrium-wolframat could make it easy to install a secret agent as a copy of a genetic offspring of the victim of the poisoning - for political abuse - cp. the possible 'na-tri-um' Wankel motor driven by lapse-cause and things like that. But I dont know if there is any basis for this guesswork.

3. If, though, it should have been molybden and possibly mangan deficiency (for 'Oslo', my second town of residence, in 1957-58, cp. also 'magnesium' as a possible third for 'Hammerfest'), it could have related to the third theory which says that a genetic offspring of mine could have been murdered by the secret and similar-looking agent 'Edward Forster' (as is my guess on basis of redundancies) on late 1 may = Workers Day, for his first occurrence in the new identity on 2 may = Grover's day = Forster's day. The terrible itch would then be because the society accepts him as an offspring of mine. The 'business trick' would be, if he is too similar and the society accepts him, that the replacement function of the murderer projects over onto the genetic father who then enters into a 'schizoid' state for letting the identity of the son - or even the murderer? - through. The handwriting gets 'schizoid', a 'Scharlach' develops as 'quasi stigma' on mainly hands and partly feet, and could be the orange stains on the curtains at least a year in advance could be telling of how deeply History has been insulted by such an intrigue. The authentic person is pressed aside probably in a more substantial way than just the normal presence of a 'charismatic' son in the house - and hypocritical 'business' could raise its trembling finger accusing me of being replaced with a copy. Hah, he is not himself! Look at that handwriting! It could be the 'Satan' project. This feeling and impression of altered handwriting lasted for some time - but I must add that an equally good theory which I found likely at that time was that my state of exhaustion from overworkedness made the body protest against any form of work - including writing by hand. Computer writing was difficult due to the curled-up right hand. My theory is, though, that the handwriting in general (for the overall complex such as in Caravaggio's artwork) is far more essential than just a small symptom.

The assumed day 2 may 2014 for a murder and replacement is also pure guesswork from my side. However, the basis for this is the following: In the 1980's I went up Kossuth Lajos Utca in Budapest with a hungarian couple and when we came to the intersection with Semelweis Utca, he asked me if I wanted to 'change money'. That was illegal and I said no. However, if the street intersection was the point, it can be observed that the two streetnames sort of rewrite into 'majus másodika két ezer tizennegy' = 2 may 2014. Hint about this is that the first hungarian PM after communism was Jozsef Antall ('security number'?) who was chief of Semelweis Museum. 'Sarkozy' means sort of 'on the corner' in hungarian - there was some attention to him in the summer 2014. Would other french presidents since then have been names on a comparable format?

After I had been put in a psychiatric hospital in Oslo in late 1999, I quickly wrote to the king to ask for being released, and soon after I had put the letter in the mailbox (if there were any connection at all), the catamaran ship 'Sleipner' went aground on 'Bloksa Ryvarden' and many people died. Sleipner was the 8-legged horse of Odin in norse mythology - could be that is the reason for the 'octogon'. (We were only three with 2 legs each in Kossuth Lajos Utca, but maybe there was a scavenger nearby?) This wigwam could be essential: If one studies the Grammatica Speculativa of Thomas of Erfurt (credited to him only in the 20th century, cp. 'Edward of Forster'), there are notable traces of the 3-4 main characters on the wigwam in terms of the basic semiotic processes in the modistic theories - but one cannot avoid a certain smell of potential 'swindle' due to the apparent association of some concepts with urination and excrementation, which looks not so scholarly, however latin it is. However, the wigwam as basis nevertheless provides for a historic continuity back to Plotinus and neo-platonism, and if there is a gap of some hundred years in a swindle between the alleged writing of it in the 14th century and the assumed real writing of it some centuries later, a gap which is closed by the apparent historic support to the authenticity of the document in neo-platonism and, it must noticed, the whole western world history since then may be contained in the fact that this similarity is due to the universal semiotic structure in the recursive wigwam piece, this gap of some centuries will come to make for a structural similarity with the practice of the perversion of necrophilia, whereby, if I have understood it right (I dont know much about this), the necrophiliac screams out the mouth when it feels that the realm of the dead flushes into the body behind the 'parabolic antenna' (a towel or cloth of some kind) suspended up around the waist - I do not know much about these peculiarities but have guessed that this isomorphy with the philosophical History since Christ is the basis for the apparent success in necrophiliac structure in the american relation to the european continent in recent centuries. This isomorphy could be the trick which made it possible for US foreign policy to launch the rights of the deceased indians in the Germany created via Friedrich List's customs union in the 1830's up to about 1845 by way of Hitler's swastika and quasi-aryan philosophies 100 years later. In the present century it could come out as Vasco da Gama. Hence also my function as 'Lundy-Kingus' (cp. the 'negro' Martin Luther King-us) relative to a Kennedy - and the re-pub-lick-an 'Eisenhower Doctrine'. If this 'Lundy Kingus' is considered as being held in a freezer for only brief performances in more lukewarm circumstances, and if this is the reason why my authorship has been held 'secret', it is not a goodenough reason. I do not participate in any such theatre or mythology construction. (It seems that word forms AB often is rendered BA for indexing 'necrophilia', e.g. 'philianecro').

There is a horse-head just visible on top of the 'wigwam' piece of recursive matter - beyond the 'spiritual man' above the 'soul'-man below. If this is the 'Sleipner' horse (of Odin), the interesting question is whether old norse mythology was written in e.g. England in the 17th-18th century as a part of the making of Norway - that is, after the microscope had reached sufficient sophistication to reveal these vague horsehead outlines on the top. If so, the question is why the top-of-pantheon horse was called Sleipner. If Grammatica Speculativa is a work of comparable historic origins, and if it be marked by problems of osbcene and rude connotations hidden inside the scholarly latin, the speculation could of course be launched that 'Sleipner' ('sleip' = 'slippery') derives from 'slippe-ner' = 'to drop something down'. This could compare with or be the origin of the dubious idea of excrements in the 'bowl' of the head, dropped into it through a hole. (Similarly, the name of 'Odin' could mean 'O-din' = 'your O', as if the top 'spiritual man' stands looking up into the 'O' wherefrom the excrements come down, and when it seems that this top man loses his hair in the days after the finding of the wigwam piece - in fact I speculated, after having observed this peculiarity in the days after I found the piece, that the melting temperature for recursive matter could be different from normal matter, but it seems that it is mainly this hair-loss plus the general roll-up of the piece which is the main change - it could explain also the old norse god called Baldr). If, therefore, the theory obtains that acute molybden loss weakens the neuron cell walls enough to let outer substances through, the idea of excrements resting against the outer cell walls of e.g. the cortex could allow for the idea that acute molybden loss leads to excrements penetrating the neuron walls and reaching in to the DNA inside - and when the neurons function discretely by firing and folk mythology has it that sexual orgasm is essentially related to the functionality of the brain, there arises also the theory that Manhattan 11 september 2001 could have meant 'e-harn' in the sense of 'jewish genetics' - ejaculated from the genitals - being the same as excrements. That could be the unfortunate idea in such a 'molybden project'. Cp. the Donbas situation. Could even be the reason why I was born in Molde? Why the norwegian king and crown prince were under a birch in Molde when the germans bombed the town in 1940? And so forth. However, all this seems to depend on the assumption that old norse mythology is not so old after all.

There is the question whether humans are to be pitied at all: Why haven't somebody published the 'wigwam' before? It is 'secret'? That is no reason under such circumstances!

Now if a certain K/F rewrite is applied, this 'Bloksa Ryvarden' comes out as a 'Bluff Sorry Garden': The Oslo terror was conducted by a former soldier guard of Garden, the king's personal guard at the royal castle in Oslo. The reason for my concerns in this field is that if the 'Bluff' is meant to apply to me and to be evidenced in the handwriting after 2 may 2014 (the handwriting is now soon back in normal shape), I must emphasize that any replacement is not by me. It could be by a 'Forster' - and then it could have been the plan to let the similarity of meaning of the names FORSTER and GROVER come to be the source of a swap function. I hope this will not happen and not be released by a future genocide on a 'forest of trees'. Treblinka is a name which points to that similarity of these names. (Acute molyden loss also seems to correlate with oedema on arms and legs, against which only socalled 'aixin' - found in horse chestnut - helps, if natural means are preferred. I dont know if that even could have been the role of 'Eichmann' - to mean that 'aixin').

This K/F rewrite could have been considered as taken somewhat out of the air had it not been for the Costa Concordia disaster in Italy: Forster Funk-Order-ja could be the rewrite of much concern for the italians, as if a Forster like Hitler would work on 'funk' from London or thereabout. The italian ship shipwrecked due to some 'fun' on the 'ford' of the coast. In Ehamgasse I had a neighbour who died in 2007 and could have been a little significative of this in advance.

'Bloksa Ryvarden' seems to have some interesting rewrites - such as 'Blocks of Rudyard Kipling', 'Lorystrasse' parallel to Ehamgasse, 'Grammatica Speculativa' (cp. the 'Direka Mikula' case in Norway). Parallel on the other side is Herbortgasse, cp. Per Borten Gasse. This leads over the park to Zehetbauergasse. When I met the man-on-wagon, having completed 'Caruso', it was probably in Hütteldorferstrasse at the Pflegeheim at Zehetnergasse / Seckendorfstrasse. If this complex is around the place where I took residence without the state suffering molybden loss, it is possible that it is invoked in my memory when I use hydrocortizon since the streetnames around my current home seems to conspire on something like 'hydro-cor-tiz-on'. Could be the plan is to let this count as the Big Thing in the history. I dont think it is. There is very high humidity in the air of my current home - often more than 85%. The electric appliances collapse the one after the other - could be chips inside just corrode away. I have a tray of kitchen salt which attracted so much humidity from the air that the water stood up to the top of the salt - and the 'miracle' occurred that the level of the water continued to rise even well beyond the top peak of the salt, nearly a centimetre beyond. What could it be? A sort of Noah's Ark? I do not believe that this is SALTE[t] = THE SALT that rewrites from the SALVE of hydrocortizon - although the 'services' could probably grab this explanation as the ultimate truth. I suppose there exists a much better explanation - could be in the form of recursive matter - as for other phenomena related to streetnames and the like.

But if this theory of the formation of a new Hitler should have been rooted in reality, wouldn't it mean that the austrian government had allowed for the construction? Or does it mean that this is a foreign (angloamerican or international secret intelligence services) project which the austrian government has not enough power to stop? I tell the story of Michael Spindlegger who shot up from a rather inexperienced position in the party to sudden power of vice chanceller - and after 1223 days as vice chancellor - no.2 in the country - he shot down again as quickly and suddenly as he had shot up. He announced in a morning press conference that he resigned from all his positions in politics. It was a newspaper who wrote that the number of days was 1223 - I have not checked it. I recognized it as the PIN code of the bank card I got from Die Postbank in the summer 2004 - I then found that it was the factor 1223 of months, weeks, days, hours and minutes between the births of Albert of Saxony and me. Not long after I had got this bank card, the bank BAWAG got into sudden difficulties and was nearly closed by the government - people stood in long queues in the hope of rescueing their savings. The bank was rescued by a merger with the Postbank.

Could be, therefore, that if somebody asks the austrian government if a Forster has taken the place of some identical austrian, they will have to say no, but if somebody asks if I have been replaced with a copy, they will likewise say no.

Could be, of course, that there has been no replacement at all and that my miserable condition was due to some other of the many theories.

4. Jodie Foster married in april, told the news. It is of course possible that she always has been an important person in my inner life and suddenly I was alone. I have, by the way, noticed some 'magnesium' in some of her films.

5. The meeting with an angel that made me tremble - is the fifth theory. I woke up from sleep in the late evening and stared into an inner vision of the head of a woman surrounded by a halo of large, black, curly hair interspersed with curls of white which she shook back and forth in a slow motion of immense beauty. It was a nearly two-dimensional (slightly curved) image of the woman's head I saw, but it was somehow moving nevertheless, and I understood that this was how black snowflakes are falling ex nihilo (like black bark from the twigs of a spiritual wood, as could be a standard image). That is why there are the curly hair patterns on these pieces of black 'bark'. While I observed this, I understood that I was rolled up in a tube which got more and more electrified the more intensely I looked, and I quickly calmed my attention down. The next day I met this woman in the street - she came up and out from between two parked cars and came walking towards me while touching her hair lightly with her right hand. She wore short pants and on her chest there was a triangle of curly black circles in the area uniting her claviculas and sternum. She passed me without a word and I let her pass even if I recognized her from the vision. Some days later I developed eczema on the same area of the chest - down to what looked like a little dark-red hole in the skin in the hollow right under the sternum. That meant probably not the attempt on the pope, but maybe some semiotic universal. I later recognized the angel as related to my TEQ book 6 'Orphan and the angels' about the genetic bridge that unites the consciousnesses of parents and their genetic offsprings - however unknown they can be to each other. The black seems to turn white along this bridge.

6. Recursive matter: In the christmas 2013 and the first two months of 2014 I studied many occurrences of such 'black snow' and other pieces of matter falling out of nothing. The 'wigwam' was one of them. It may, though, be that matter cannot fall out of nothing without any 'cost', and it is not impossible that my miserable condition of april-may could have been due to this - tells this theory. The eczema, for example, on the skin, on the border of being.

7. I self-published my 'Kinderhilfe', a book which probably hits german-language post-1945 or even post-1845 culture on its weak point and could be it could lead to german fears that war could arise again if this book be accepted - since it plays on strings of virtual reality which are not in the english language. The book constitutes a 'corpus' which can get quite itchy. If the war was all and only about getting these german virtualities out of the world, then clearly a revitalization of them could be a quite nervous thing.

8. The potential blasphemy project: I have mentioned this earlier - and told of how it is possible to see names such as the two norwegian PMs Kåre Willoch and Gro Harlem Brundtland representing not only the austrian-italian border between Villach and Tarvisio but perhaps even the 'UR-fjollete' character of the 'Eurovision Song Contest', the socalled 'Grand Prix'. 'Jolle[te]' is a small rowboat, much smaller than the Costa Concordia, and ORF is the national austrian broadcasting company. If history provides a link to me back to the attempt on the pope in 1981 in such a way that it comes to provide a basis for this competition, then the function of it could come to be to dump an inherent 'blasphemy' on me - for a stepping-upon-the-toes of the austrian catholic emotions. If so, and in particular if this be a part of the construction of a new 'international' Hitler, clearly the austrian people on a deep subconscious level could come to 'just hate it'. This theory says that this could have contributed to my eczemas and miserable condition, with electric skin and freezing inside.

9. My manuscripts could have been illegally copied by surveillance and leaked out to others, and when I take the drafts up to work on them, I come to be a poor second or third. I worked 11 years on TEQ on the form of time, and it was only after these intensive studies that I could draft the PEB (the blue millenial cycle) through a year and write it out in a year. However, it is likely that the preparations for these drafts were at least 20 years - since my first attempts to battle the blue metre in the streets of Oslo in the late 80's. Similarly, I had more recently worked out some drafts for a new book and it took me at least a couple of years, but I now fear that a copy has leaked out and then the manuscript is as willing as a wife who has been gang raped (by the services or whoever). Such surveillance with illegal copies can be totally destructive for the arts if surveillance reads and relates to the manuscripts. Many years of work can have been lost - and that could indeed be a part of the difficult skin throughout the summer. It is important to understand that my PEB could come to revolutionize every field of study there are in the universities - and if illegal surveillance breaks in and makes illegal copies, then the next work could come to run into nothing. That can be expensive for the country - if they are responsible of having deprived the world of another important work. The 'services' have probably been trained through decades to think (for 'strategic reasons') of my work as 'worthless crap' (such as seemed to be the indexation contained in the terror in Ukraina and Afghanistan on 2 may 2014) and therefore they are perhaps not able to understand this - but somebody else should have stopped it long ago if this really is the story.

I refer to the first minutes of the film "The councillor" up to the scene of the jewellery - these first minutes (after some introductory 'Kvinnerille' scenes) seem to follow my manuscript to 'Kinderhilfe' from #1 up to #6 (not including the first 1a-11a which I added later). It goes up to my 'Ich schlief ungewöhnlich wohl' which in the film is 'Ich schliff ungewöhnlich wohl' - the jeweller scene. It is the first 'Kvinnerille' scenes which could be seen as a hypothetical proof that there had to have been burglars with illegal keys and crowbars who had opened even the locked manuscript cupboard where I stored the handwritten manuscripts - and wherein I had written in small lettering on the top corner the title before I quickly locked it down. Only hypersensitive illegal surveillance could have read it, I suppose, if at all - otherwise there must have been burglars photographing it - if this is the basis for e.g. this fílm. Is the film even about this phenomenon? The CD at the end of the film? Poems 1a-11a were not in this locked-down manuscript. In this cupboard there were other manuscripts as well. I have checked only the first minutes of the film, though, and do not know if it really applies to the film generally. Nobody has said a word to me about this - if indeed it has a rooting in reality.

10. The lack of recognition is critical. Most people wait for the response to their first book - if it is accepted by a publisher, they can write book #2, otherwise it means that society does not recommend continuing and they stop. But I could not do this because of the extremely reactionary character of the political project that has been suppressive of me and my work. In the library at Urban Loritz Platz in Vienna, there is a shelf called 'Scene Österreich' with about 18 shelves of austrian poetry and prose - most authors seem to be represented by a book or two and they are not that thick. I have at random picked out some of the poetry books and been struck with the puzzling relevance of my life and aspects of my work for apparently every book I have looked at. Other 'normal' austrian authors are in the normal shelves of prose and poetry. I dont know what this 'Scene Österreich' means. Hopefully it is not about modelling me as the 'other side' - cp the ideas of a blasphemy project or the making of a new international Hitler (Forster). How many 'culture workers' come from USA or England or thereabout? Not 1223? Cp. the phenomenon of 'Literaturhaus' with Banda Aceh, Bam and Sendai earthquakes. 'Gerhard Ruiss' is chief of the author's interest organization 'IG Autoren/Autorinnen' and has been I think for a couple of decades - and I notice the phenomenon of 'Bloksa Ryvarden'. That should, though, not make a 'bluffer' out of me if I use hydrocortizon, even if the Kennedy assassination in 1963 could have been an attempt to make maximally out of the phenomenon of placenames relative to me and administration.. It was not I who went on the shooting spree on Utöya (cp.the protruding eyes on the 'wigwam') in the Oslo terror. I do not have the feeling, though, of being subjected to persecution by the literary Austria, although I do not know much about this. Of course, if there is on the library shelf a book of poetry by e.g. Peter Paul Wiplinger with trans-lations into english, it could be a coincidence that his name 'ligner på Vibeke' = 'resembles Vibeke', who also was leaning in through the window in the 70's, or it could be the publisher who found the name interesting for various such reasons, and it could be that some such scenes had a defining role for the literary field through some years, albeit mainly as framework. See e.g. Erwin Uhrmann's and Moussa Kone's book 'Nocturnes'. It need not mean that Wiplinger cannot be read as a normal poet. Or the poetry by a trio of 'Redemptoristen' - clearly that can be just normal christian poetry without any role of hydrocortizon 'salvation'.

'Ah, you had not seen the point?' Well, it may be that the city of Sendai does not find the phenomenon so funny. Or Banda Aceh, or Bam. That is, if the apparent coincidences are not just coincidences but outright politics. Of course it can be much natural coincidences. I am not the right person to discuss it.

If a new Hitler is in the making and has murdered an innocent austrian and taken his place, why don't the austrian authorities arrest him? The question is of course how many of police, justice, legislation, administration generally are normal austrians. If a new Hitler is in the making, it could be about a program for curbing the intellectuals - who constitute a problem for the exercising of pure power - by way of horror methods - those who think independently could be persecuted and sent to the chemicals - in an attempt to stop the threat from freethinking and truth against the 'intelligence power' of the 'wigwam'. Nobody wants that except for the international power liga. If so, it could be a critical time for Austria. Everybody are waiting for the truth about Marshall - and then comes a Forster instead? That cannot be in the interests of the people. The situation in Donbas in Ukraine could be telling of a possible international coup of power by the secret intelligences united across the world - and it could be just these who try to make a new Hitler for persecuting the intellectuals who constitute a threat against the power of the wigwam. I notice the Oslo terror on 'Ut-öya' (= protruding eyes) - or, as the 'Bluff Sorry Garden' could suggest, the Oslo Report from that event. The wigwam has spiritual man (including intellectuals and religious people) on top and the human soul ('service' folks, concerned with sex and other things) on the mid, and it could be that the 'services' plan to swap these two, to swing themselves up to new spiritual heights by 'smart tricks' and brute methods.

It may perhaps have been the plan to blame me for atrocities of a new Hitler - as if it were I who 'raped Austria' in a molybden conversion. That could be due to a name-similarity with Forster - this could even have been the plan with 'Treblinka' - and the trick could be to dump the blame on me because of my current address since a certain swap-function could be obtained via hydrocortizon. I have even fancied that the war in Syria would end if I moved to another location. However, this would be a cheap trick like drawing with chalk a line across the sidewalk and declaring that if anybody trespasses this line a bomb will explode. Then comes Hansen on his daily route to work and steps across the line just like nothing and the bomb explodes. Who is to blame? Hansen! - says the nazis. If he had not overstepped the line, there would have been no terror. When I moved out from Ehamgasse in 2008 and went to Athens (where they have no residential address register), I did not get my Finanzierungsbeitrag (a few thousand euros) back, due to a smart hole in the law (the limit of 2½ months between the signatures on the contract - a line of chalk? - was transgressed with one day, which meant that they could consider the Finanzierungsbeitrag a deposit) and when I returned to Vienna in late 2009, the municipal housing administration found a flat for me in 'Zincgasse' without Finanzierungsbeitrag - as if it were a repair of the loss I had suffered in 'Schinkgasse'. That was nice of them, of course. Could be it was the real reason and that hydrocortizon had nothing to do with it. It is fully possible that I have developed eczemas because that lends 'meaning' to my surroundings, and had I lived somewhere else I would have developed other 'meaningful' problems.

I mention also, on the theory that there could have been a murder and replacement on e.g. 2 may, the norwegian children books author Anne-Cath. Vestly. She wrote many books for children, among them the series called 'Lillebror and Knerten'. 'Knerten' (the word means a small knobby thing of e.g. wood, but is used also about 'murder-him') was a piece of wood which could talk to Little Brother - could be it was a sort of 'Funk-order, ja'. Vestly had a brother called 'Mentz Schulerud', also a well known person in Norway. His name could suggest 'period [blood] you hide'. If that means a TRANS adding to the 'western cat', I dont know. I have had a strong memory from my youth around 1971-72 or thereabout - my friend and I going through a wood of decayed trees where the bark had fallen off the pale and naked trunks left standing - and the trees could be pushed easily over by hand and the mighty trees fell to the ground without a sound. Although it is likely that this either is a poetic archetype or a dream, it could be that 'blass-femi' is a concept of relevance for the political construction. I notice also the name of 'Osama bin Laden' as potentially telling of this 'Mentz Schulerud'. Is it the plan to let everything converge on a blasphemic 'dirty beast' a la the Eisenhower doctrine with Bermuda triangle spin and thereafter send it all over onto the Oslo Report (an angloamerican responsibility claim on the holocaust?) on the other side of the war?

There are signs that there could be some administrative integration into my person. Some times I have the feeling that there could have been people into my home when I come home, but never enough to a proof. It could be dangerous, of course, if elements of the state organizes nazism and plans to dump the blame on me.


The question is whether western political power is essentially swindle that defends itself from the threats from truth and that is the whole story. The intellectuals constitute such a 'threat'.

Is the whole tragedy of the western world given in the form of an 'intelligence' coup based on the wigwam and other essential pieces of recursive matter - and it is just to tidy up in this and the whole historic problem is solved? Then it is better to hurry up before it is too late and a new Hitler has made it impossible to think freely. The unwrapping of the fundamental pieces of historic swindle is the kind of revolution that could bring history up on the right tracks again.

It is possible that recursive matter constitutes a sort of inbetween reality which society reserves for the 'obscure services'. For example, I found the wigwam and microscoped it and was puzzled by the fact that it seemed to be a 'sheet' folded already several times - and after some days I found that it had undergone a change which seemed to derive from it drying up and therefore folding once again along the mid line of the historic reality. The man on top seemed to lose his hair and the female in the window underwent three stages - first with a long thing into her mouth, then apparently nursing a smaller person, then finally she seemed to lower a bunch of grapes from above down into her mouth - while the whole piece was curling slightly up.

It is possible that my own 'octogon' story has its rooting in the 8-legged horse of old-norse god Odin called Sleipner - and that the real meaning of it is in the horse-head on top of the wigwam. Strange ideas about excrementation from top down into a lower head could find their origins in that piece - and in traces of what could be signs of swindle in the modistic theories of Thomas or Erfurt as the basis for e.g. the two-party US political system. If so, it could be the truthful basis of neoplatonism around the time of Christ in this 'wigwam' (of universal validity for the human reality) which brings a faulty shade of legitimacy to some aspects of US foreign policy - to the extent that this foreign policy (possibly since the formation of modern Germany) is rooted in or finds its force in document swindle of the modistic theories. This could be the core matter in a 'Forster' program.

These very strange things seem to be the fascination of the secret services who seem to try and build an empire on the mysticism therein since the people is easily cheated thereby. Is this the separatism of Donbas - with the Ukraine as a 'folding wigwam'? Tell the people every detail in this and the logic that has been accumulated for it. The obscure services try and match the recursive matter with ideas of streetnames and things like that - which probably is to lead the whole flock astray. Business is generally FRUITSOUP vs SUITFROUP - empires of suitfroups can be built before the giant trembles and falls to the ground. You see the local businessman on his way to the bank for trying out a new fecroniliac incentive and is convinced that it will be a success. Lapsecause, caps-lause... It is likely that all these activities of the western world is nothing but that wigwam.

It is likely that the two main american parties - the difference between them - are this wigwam modism with its quasi or faulty rooting in neoplatonism, not the least in order to cope with the aboriginal indians. The presidents hewn in the mountain is likely to be a symbol of this via the 'christian wigwam' and its 'button'. (In fact the 'Scharlach' on my right hand looked like this christian wigwam and the one of the left like the wickerwork gate - in combintion they could be telling of american politics). Historic research does not tell the truth about history - such as the Marshall behind the Hitler, if that is the story - but leaves it to politics to use these data instead of telling them because the western world is essentially grounded on the swindle and very much must be reconstructed for being able to cope with the historic truth. And in the mean time a new Forster is constructed who could come to send intellectuals and independent thinkers to the chemicals in order to prevent that the historic truth be discovered with intellectual inquiry. It would be a tragic farce - which it is very easy to tidy up in.

However, and interestingly, the ten explanations to my miserable condition since april 2014 (I am recovering and improving for each day now) - including the theory of a Forster installation - seem to constitute a sort of natural Dekalogue. It is of course possible that this is my 'esthetic expression' and that this is the reason for my ideas about politics - but it is also well possible that this cannot be the whole explanation and that my ideas about politics are only esthetic - or even religious - ideas gone astray. Here are the 'ten theories' on my collapse of april-may in the order of the dekalogue:

1. The meeting with an angel made me tremble
2. I had studied too much recursive matter
3. There was potential blasphemy around
4. Overworkedness - too little rest
5. I had completed and self-published my 'Kinderhilfe'
6. A possible murder of a potential genetic offspring of mine
7. Jodie Foster married
8. My manuscripts could have been illegally copied and abused
9. Acute loss of molybden that went out through the urine
10. The total lack of recognition of my work

*         *         *

Added in december 2014:

The length of the organ

There seems to exist a theory that if a genetic offspring were replaced with a 'Forster' e.g. on 2 may 2014, the main difference between them could have been that the genetic offspring would have had a long genital organ while Forster would have had a short one. (Could be this theory really applied to Hitler relative to a 'Marshall' - cp. the camp 'Stutthof'?).

In june (or was it may) I got a letter telling that my norwegian 'pension' would be redefined to 'trygd': The latter term is normally used about sick leave and unemployment money and tend to mean that the person is only temporarily out of work, not permanently such as 'pension' means. The term would now be used about norwegian disability pensions because that could create a feeling of being more up to date for work, so to speak - except for this, it is of course a normal pension as before. In addition, the new name on the money could make it possible to smuggle some more of the oil money out to the people. Most pensions would go a little up. Mine has gone up some percentages but it may be that I will have to pay more in social insurance - I dont know yet what that will be - but the result seems to be positive. It applies from 2015 onwards.

I got the letter informing me about the details on monday 24 november (it was not in the mailbox the thursday before that), it was dated 16 october. It was not signed by a person since it was generated by automatic computer procedure and therefore should not be vulnerable to errors in the handling of the case and cannot in principle be taken in court - which is the privilege which my pension enjoyed after more than 12 years had elapsed since it was decided (after 5 years the papers are locked down and cannot be consulted anew) and it is likely that this 'privilege' is protected by the rules of automacy in the transition so that I need not wait yet another 5 years before the pension or trygd is safe again.

The complex could be interesting relative to the issue whether my penis was a little shortened in the early 80's during the circumcision if the whole head of it were replaced. I dont know if that is possible. If it were a little shortened, it could perhaps have been of some relevance for the issue of who's who as far as length is concerned.

Could be the new 'trygd' makes the problem superfluous.

However, the question whether the penis head could have been replaced or not is contained in the name of Gro Harlem Brundtland, norwegian PM for some years and chief of WHO. 'Grow hardlimb' is the condition in the days after the circumcision when an erection is painful and it raises the question why - if it is only the stitches around the 'neck' which is the cause of this pain or if the whole head has been replaced. 'B-rundt-land' could be telling of those stitches. Brundtland is daughter of Gudmund Harlem and Inga Brynolf Danderyd. The story goes that Harlem studied medicine along with my official father who dropped out of the studies when the war came while Harlem continued. Gröver returned to the studies only when Harlem had left the university. One fancies (pure fantasy) a story from a nice summer evening in a park in Oslo - if Gröver had exchanged 'handshakes' with Harlem's wife. It is her name which means that sort of handshake. (It must be added that her name perhaps even could mean the scratching of the opening of the foreskin to force it to narrow in and thereby making a circumcision inavoidable). Gröver returned to the studies after Harlem had left the university, and Harlem was appointed minister of health in Gerhardsen's government in 1955 and could control Gröver's career after he was educated doctor. We moved around - after a route which described my name - and could be the name of the man who shot Kennedy. In 1960 Harlem changed to defence minister and was 'minister of guns' at the time of the Kennedy assassination - and speculations could go that Norway could have been involved: For example, Gerhardsen had appointed Jens A Boyesen to his government a few hours before the shot and the name of the president of the legislative assembly in the norwegian parliament (Nils Hönsvald) could be seen as suggestive of the name of the shooter ('hilsen Osvald'). When Harlem left power, his daughter Gro took over - and the theory goes that she took up the traditions from her father and continued with me - 'and that is the reason for all that apparent media attention to my person'. This is how I could have told the story in 2000 - for example, after Kursk and Cole seemed to index me. But I have later understood that this is only a surface pretext and that the real reason is far deeper into international politics - and some handshake in a summer park before the war is not the real reason.

When I lived in Ehamgasse in 2005-2008, there was one neighbour who died and another neighbour whose name meant appr the same as 'Inga Brynolf Danderyd'. If the name of Brundtland is of some importance for the political complex relative to me, then one could conjecture that the complex could mean that "we do not get the real reason", "we cannot have the whole ground". Or, simply, "we have to give off some land".

Speculations could go about Tirol, for example, the 'old' animal.

To this I must add that I am not involved in the political complex in any way and to give off land in order to make it possible to dump the blame for things on me would not be right. In particular if Austria has no other choice on the background of international pressure than to let a 'Forster' develop - and wash their hands by giving off some land.

The border between Austria and Italy likewise seems to be encoded by the two main names in norwegian politics through some decades - Kåre Willoch (Villach) and Gro Harlem Brundtland (Tarvisio).

Now it may be that the separatist movement of Tirol is not so active for the time being - but there is land-offing in Ukraine and potentially in Moldova. My view (although I know little or nothing about this) is that this situation could have been created by international secret intelligence services of particularly the west - and that these could have harassed Donbas and Gagauzia to an extent which makes separatism arise - and then Russia can offer some generous support. The west blames Russia for having created the conflicts in order to gain territory. This means that for understanding the conflicts, one needs to know why the international secret intelligence services of particularly the west could be interested in that.

The situation in Moldova

See my article TEQ and the arts. The poem When did it started? which is on the front page of this website finds an interesting art correlate in Picasso's 'Minotaure' collage for the front page of a periodical. I notice that '21' = 'vingt-e-un' is a close correlate to 'Minotaure' (on the trough-sewers of the board). The logic follows the lower righthand quadrant of the collage - with some certain number of wavelets in the cardboard and some 4-5 tacks often sitting in there. One starts on the righthand side, follows a horizontal line to the mid, then down and to the right and up again. 'My gale spass' is the knee of the Minotaure with the stem of the leaf - very precise. This graphic quadrant finds its semiotic realization in the 'a' or 'A' in the middle of the artwork - the relation between the acoustic wavelets of the cardboard (equinumerous with days in the month, which is interesting) and the symbolic semiotic A in the middle - wherein a Minotaure (a 'Tirol'?) lives. It is the projection - the 'separatism'? - of the lower quadrant into the middle semiotic unit which is the logic which my poem - and the artwork - is about.

The situation in Moldova (I was born in Molde) seems to be vulnerable by the Gagauze region to a development parallel to the one in Ukraine with Donbas. To this can be mentioned that 'gauze' is what you put on the spine in the process of bookbinding - where you find the magic which let the israeli 'separatists' flee from the pharaoh when the water parted - and swallowed pharaoh's army when that followed after. This is the real-world interpretation of the political 'gauze' - while the introductory 'ga' would then be the greek reduplication of present and perfect forms - that is, in grammar, a semiotic fact for old and new testament. The folders (cp. Forsters, Fosters and other western words) must be reduplicated in order to reach the magic on the spine. This means the same as in the artwork relative to my poem - a lift from one real-world quadrant into a semiotic phenomenon.

It is possible that 'Donbas' = 'dum bås' (stupid categorization, such as in 2-5 of keys to heaven - but 'bås' is really the house and compartment of a cow) vs 'Gagauze' = 'dum gås' ('stupid goose', sometimes used about the lovely blondine who plays low intelligence), but that is probably only surface wordgames hiding a deeper fact a la the 'separatism' of the biblical people of Israel. It is this sort of wordgame play and philosophy which could make the 'services' very dangerous for the future of Europe. Why create such conflict only because they have seen the semiotic phenomenon? Could be for dividing the hebrews off from the greeks - for an antisemitic strategy on Europe - could be lifted over onto the turks? This sort of strategy could be very dangerous and should, I think, be avoided. It is a field of semiotic study and should not be troubled by political conflict-monging.

Politics should not gain its powers from poetic fields. The 'services' could seem to believe that 'lapis philosophorum' and other fields of mysticism and semiotics is their natural habitat - but that could be only because they have intruded into it for squeezing power out of it. They have, by a poetic view, nothing to do in those fields of study and ways of thinking. It was very happy music that Schumann wrote and then it could be that the 'services' could have spotted a source of power by divide-and-conquer (or, simply, this is when this tragic development started - could be by the creation of the german customs union) and he threw himself from the bridge. There must come a revolution against the 'secret intelligence services' of the state in that sense of it. The study of e.g. recursive matter should be in serious science and arts and not a tumbling place for administrative power.

In particular, the 'services' have no right to 'bind' my books - e.g. by confiscating them or replacing them with poor copies when they travel through the post. There was an article about 'graphene' in the recent issue of 'Nature' (reported in the swedish 'Dagens Nyheter') which tells of a material which is created in layers of thickness only one single atom thick - never has the world seen finer textiles for the emperor! This material can also be used as fuel for vehicles - burning right out of the air, it seeme to be - burning air like that Dornbusch. It is a guess of mine that this article in Nature could have served the interests of the 'services' - to create the idea that my book on the 'Dornbusch' phenomenon is the emperor's new clothes or that the library or receiver should relate to it as a 'nei-tur' - a 'no-trip' - rejecting the book if I come with it in person. This is what happened in Zürich. If it goes through the post the services could perhaps have planned to replace them with false copies or simply confiscate them - or at least the uncertainty could be present. This sort of 'bookbinding' mysteries is not legal power. It is my impression that this sort of intrigue is the field of interest of the 'secret intelligence services' and I guess that not even the government would be informed about it if it is a reality. And people have confidence in the services because it is the government. It is very possible that the conflict in Gagauzia is created by the western intelligence services for this single point of interest - and for dumping the blame on Russia. This could attach the story to me also by the 'giving off land' which it could include.

I must emphasize that I do not know if post to or from me is confiscated by the 'internationals'.

The public space

The incident in lower Rotenturmstrasse a few years ago was a man with a car alarm which started howling when he stepped out of the car and it turned silent when he sat in. But he tried to get out of the car and had to let it howl while he stood on the Bürgersteig pressing his REMOTE button, to no avail. This was on the other side of the electronics shop Niedermeyer who then was closed down some time later (the whole Niedermeyer chain - they had somem 100 shops in Austria). I had bought a computer in that shop for my PEB and Caruso, I think it was. This computer had a REMOTE button switched on - which caused the terrible 'peeping cough' in the summer 2010. The car alarm started in the moment when I turned up Rotenturmstrasse at the corner on Schwedenplatz - which could have meant 'genetic offspring'. I was as usual on Sundays on my way to a coffee point in lower Rotenturmstrasse where I used to sit and write poetry. The incident was right outside this place.

A 'double folding'?

There could be a 'double folding' in a power strategy for divide-and-conquer. I have noticed how there could be a political view based on the assumed false authenticity of the modist philosophers of language - such as Thomas of Erfurt: This strategy could go about claiming that the modists were fabricated in the 18-19th or even 20th century for lending an 'upper body' theatre gap to a 'necrophiliac' strategy of US foreign policy. I did see this phenomenon some time ago and believed that it was a goodenough reason to spot a false authenticity in Thomas' "Grammatica Speculativa" - but when I tried to date it with my PEB, I landed on the year 1308 as most probable year of authorship (although the study was very brief and superficial). That could mean that it is not false but very authentic (although other of the modists could of course be false). And that takes the bottom out of the 'upperbody' theory. This could, therefore, in principle be about a 'double strategy' - inviting to protests against the US foreign policy on basis of such 'necrophiliac' ideas going back to the formation of the german customs union - while in actual fact the modists did exist. I notice the name of Gro Harlem Brundtland as potentially relevant even to this complex - with a 'ne' in front. Could be, of course, this name is the only reason for such ideas of mine and that it really is nothing. However, if there is a double 'folding strategy' around, it could be based on the interests of the 'services' mixing with unconstitutional power interests remaining as a substrate of power hoping to gain control all over the world, here by inviting to public protests (of e.g. intellectuals) against the modists who could be used to show the reality of recursive matter - a wave of protests of intellectuals against this 'transcendent reality' - for building the unconstitutional power on recursive matter and poetic logic while the intellectuals struggle with battling such 'ghosts'. This could bring the people's confidence back onto the spiritual 'services' while the intellectuals slowly are pressed out in the peripheries untill they are chunked off there - like giving off some land. (It can be hard to pull out own teeth).

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