Literaturhaus and potato balls

John Bjarne Grover

1. Earthquakes and the location of Literaturhaus in Vienna

There are the following facts:

26 december 2002: The handwritten manuscripts to my "The Endmorgan Quartet" books 11 and 12 were registered for copyright in Washington

26 december 2003 at 01:56 UTC: The dreadful earthquake of Bam in Iran - it destroyed the ancient city and claimed a number of lives

26 december 2004 at 00:58 UTC: The dreadful earthquake of Banda Aceh - its tsunami claimed some 200.000 lives or thereabout

Proof that the latter two were triggered by underearth bombs sent from some administration is contained in the following:

10 march 2011: I deliver my book "A waist of time" as self-publication to legal deposit in Vienna. This counts under some circumstances as copyright registration, cp. 26 december 2002.

11 march 2011: Early next morning followed the dreadful earthquake of Sendai in Japan - it demolished a nuclear reactor and large parts of the city.

16 march 2011: In the bookshop Morawa in Vienna, I bought a two-volume edition of Lorca's poetry. The receipt I got - click here - had receipt (Kassabon) number 11500175 um 13:32. Then on 11 may 2011, which is 1105 as in the Kassabon number and 2 months after Sendai, two earthquakes caused large damage to the town of Lorca in Spain: These earthquakes were at time points 1705 (cp. end of Kassabon number) und 1847: The difference between these is 0142 which can be subtracted from the time point 1332 on the receipt (Kassabon) and you get the second time point 1150 (the beginning of the receipt number and the date).

This is PROOF that Sendai was demolished by underearth bombs.

Now Literaturhaus in Vienna seems to be the theme of all this mystique: It is situated in the intersection between Bandgasse = Banda Aceh and Seidengasse = Sendai, and it shares this intersection with a PLAY-GROUND on the other side of the Seidengasse: 'Barn' = 'Bam' is norwegian for 'children', and hence Bam can be seen to index this PLAY-GROUND.

On 8 april 2013 I sent a letter to Literaturhaus. I dropped it in the mailbox in the intersection Neubaugasse/Westbahnstrasse, close to Siebensterngasse, at 1300. I don't know when the first news of Margareth Hilda Thatcher's death emerged, but the earliest I have found was 1355 - nearly one hour later. The name of Thatcher can be seen to encode the concept of 1-2-3.

Conclusion: The series of earthquakes seems to allow for the conclusions that 1) they were triggered by underearth bombs from some administration, and that means terror which reduces e.g. 11 september 2001 to a pale sunday school in comparison. and 2) they even seem to serve to index the location of Literaturhaus in Vienna in relation to my authorship. It could be worth the mention that I were some times to the Literaturhaus after I moved to Vienna in 2004 and there used to be apparent literati in the library and the obligatory visitor's book used to contain quite a number of entries every day, as far as I remember. The last times I was there, in recent years, and I must admit that it feels not so easy to go in there nowadays, for whatever reason, writing the name into the same book has left the impression that not only could my name be the first on the day, it could even be the last on the day - and there could be many days since the previous name was entered. In short, my 'impression', although I have no overview at all, is that there can be days between anybody beyond the employees goes into the library or perhaps other parts of the house. Is this because there seems to be a 'doom' resting over the place - which could be traced to artificial indexing of my authorship? Or is it because people do not feel comfortable in the rooms there, for whatever reason?

2. Tarkovsky's filmography

It could be a part of this story that the letter I sent to Literaturhaus on 8 april contained the material in the file info.htm which is part of the presentation material of my 3-volume 'quartet'. I had written this partly as information to donation of my books to libraries and private who could be relevant.

There is the idea that Andrey Tarkovsky's filmography is about some essential aspects in the political intrigue on my life. I do not have any knowledge about this, but notice the phenomenon of the title 'Stalker' and 'No-Stalker' = 'Nostalgia'. I have earlier mentioned the brief event on the Dogana Tip of Zattere in Venice in 2009: The 'No-Stalker' could be this brief passing which could have been planned to be the chance I had for a No-Stalker meeting.

The film 'Offret' ('The sacrifice') has strong similarities with the event of Gröver/'Mengele' being hospitalized in 'fylkesykehuset' (the county hospital) by force due to 'dehydration' after consumption of too much alcohol in I think 1981. It could mean the trivial joke on 'fyllesykehuset' ('hangover hospital') - and the county hospital in Fredrikstad had the same vermilion colour as the twin towers on Manhattan. The house burnt down in the last scenes of the film - and the question is whether the vermilion colour is the one of 'lemmesmöret' (the limb-butter') which can be spotted in a Heimskringle reading of Exodus 16:23 - wherefrom one can trace the idea that the bulk of the onanist dispatch of semen towards my theoretically open cortex in the summer 1957 hit not the brain but went overhead and landed most of it on the lid resting on the table behind me. It would have been a 'grazing shot' ('streif-skudd'). This 'lemmesmör' would have been what fell down from above and landed on 'Manhattan' in 2001. The vermilion colour could perhaps be the same as in the Monroe film 'How to marry a millionaire' - which is from 1953, in which case the theory relative to my own cortex isnt much worth. Manhattan 2001 could mean that the vermilion which fell to the ground looked like the President's - but there were two towers, not one, and hence the President had perhaps a Doppelgänger who was the real masturbator of 1957 - and so the honor of the White House is restored.

3. The potato balls

There is the story about the 'potato balls', whether these be particular for Clinton's period or not. The idea is that the 'potato balls' are terror of administration which serve to lift the pressure on my life due to the political intrigue - but at the cost of erosion to my personal integrity, since the help is, after all, offered from the phenomenon of terror.

The 'potato balls' are also called 'kumpe' and can be conceptualized on the form of 'fork a kumpe/companion'. Manhattan 2001 could be one notable example of a 'kumpe' phenomenon. But what for?

'Kursk & Cole' in 2000 - a notable 'pair of terror' including the grey matter in the 'boi-ling' waters of 'Murmansk' swapping Oslo with Jerusalem when Murmansk swaps with Cole in Aden - was the first real substantial help I got in the absence of any info from the government which I should have had on the history of mine: After Kursk & Cole 2000 - which index my person as a dirty beast in the revelation by way of the birthdates of my two official parents - I could add Per Borten 1965-71 with my 11th birthday in the mid point - and the name of the PM apparently indexing the death of my two genetic parents in 1970 - and then I had what I needed for starting my own investigations into the history - otherwise ideas of such a gigantic political harassment of little me would have looked just paranoid and not worth the waste of time it could have been. Likewise, after the rejection of my PhD dissertation ('A waist of time'! - the book I delivered to legal deposit before Sendai) in 1998 there followed the twin bombings of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi as well as the bombing of Omagh, together the formula 'on a political basis', which was the formula I could have needed for getting my own self-esteem up again after the blow of the rejection of my intellectual/academic capacities. It was the formula which I could not write in the appeal I was writing after the rejection, precisely in the days of this twin african bombing, but the terror could have lent me the needed support if only I had known how to decipher it. After Kursk & Cole, I could collect evidence from history, enough for a rational reason for presenting the theory that Omagh and the bombings in Africa served in fact this one and only purpose - of being 'potato balls' offering me the needed assistance for the conclusion in my appeal - that the rejection was 'on a political basis'.

In short, it is not impossible that such 'forking of potato balls' - in Clinton's period or generally - served to lend me needed assistance - which would have been under the slogan 'things go better with a little terror'.

To this comes the story of the AIDSHIV epidemic. According to earlier information on the web, the AIDSHIV epidemic seems to have been set in circulation via infested test vaccines of homosexual volunteers against 'hepatitis B' ('he potato balls' of a 'purke'?) in Greenwich Village in New York in november 1978. 'Test' is hungarian for 'corpus', 'body', while 'ved eggene sine' = norw. for 'by/at her eggs'.

Halas/Zelenka (the two czechs Frantisek Halas and Jan Dismas Zelenka) seem to be the two names invoked for the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, and possibly also a reference in the earthquake of Bam - Ragna Gröver once mentioned for me that two czech 'children' = 'barn' visited their home in Klipra after the war - I think they lived there for a while.

Zelenka is a remarkable composer indeed. I do believe that he is authentic and not modern mythos swindle. It seems that he was left in oblivion, as tells the myth, untill his re-discovery recently, but if he is a part of the mythology surrounding the Kennedy assassination, then the late re-discovery is hardly coincidental. I recall talk from the seventies (Jan Henrik Ihlebaek, I think it was) that Supraphon should be a particularly interesting label - for some reason or other. I do not have the overview, but it is possible that recordings of Zelenka started only in the 80's - on Supraphon. If this is a political story, then the theory also arises by itself that the indexes of such czech presentation of the national composer could contain cues to political parametres. I do not mean to say that the czech musicians and singers who present Zelenka could have got names and been brought up to the their musician careers for indexing a certain mythological complex, but the idea arises of course by itself.

I have not studied the phenomenon but have got the feeling that there are two 'stories' which can be seen as encoded under the surface of some names - stories which also seem to encode the names Frantisek Halas and Jan Dismas Zelenka. A background of this idea of mine could perhaps be traced to norwegian immigrant (I think he was) violinist Frantisek Veselka - and to such phenomena as the norwegian concept of Jante-loven, from Aksel Sandemose's authorship. (A vital element in the construction of these stories could be the phenomenon of eggs removed from a female and installed into the ovaries of another female who then - by a psycho-optic trick - would come to look like a perfect copy of the source and hence a potential threat - while the Zelenka story could in theory be about the same eggs used a second time).

Such ridiculous and potentially integrity-reducing stories are not likely to take place in the real world - but can of course easily be constructed on 'security tapes' - claiming to be tape recordings of outer acoustics from the source's own home. That would be evidence of the category called 'false security' - backwards of german 'Beischlaf' = 'sexual intercourse'. One can be schlafing bei this and that. 'Slåbrok' = 'morning/dressing gown'.

The two stories could thereby mean 'the Kennedy assassination' - and hence a reference to 'lemmesmör'. And these could - also by the story of the two czech children from Klipra if that is a relevant observation, which I dont know much about - mean the 'Bam' of Czecho - or the 'play-ground' at 'Literaturhaus'.

Assuming that the AIDSHIV epidemic was set in circulation in november 1978 (Tarkovsky's 'Stalker' is from 1979), I refer to the titles of Modern Language Review october 1978, quoted in full in 'ABC of politics'.

1. The polarization of erotic love in 'Othello'. By Arthur Kirsch.
2. The identity of William Carlos William's 'Solitary disciple'. By Suzy B.Michel
3. Tropes and blocks. By John Bayley
etc - see abc.htm.

Although this could encode the beginning of the epidemic, it is also possible that the idea was to encode the end of the story, in which case it could be about 'potato balls' of hepatitis B etc. In fact there are traces of these titles of oct 1978 in the current april 2013 issue. If oct 1978 should have been the end of the story, the beginning of the story of AIDSHIV should then be in the end. The april 2013 issue contains not the 11 titles of 1978 but on the contrary 13 titles, although the first title talks of expansion and compression. Curiously, the mid title, #7, contains traces of the alleged indexes of the beginning of the AIDSHIV epidemic story: Title #7 of MLR april 2013 is "Polemical performances: Pasolini, Fortini, Sanguineti, and the literary-ideological debates of the 1950's. By Eanna O Ceallachain" - which could resemble ideas of 'volunteers homosexuals: Greenwich village and the potato balls (1950's). By 'another of cell-in-chain' (the latter being telling of 'test vaccines'). The rest of the titles could constitute some half-similarities - 'Peter Zusi' and 'Suzy B.Michel' being perhaps above average level. See this file on title 6 from oct 1978.

In addition to post problems, there is the story of the assassin of John Lennon (cp. Borrowin books) called 'Mark David Chapman'. I sent my book to China and it could have been around the time when the book crossed the national border that the Wenchuan earthquake went off. I sent it to Aung San Suu Kyi and she was visited by John Yettaw and got the long house arrest. I notice the vermilion associations in the name form 'John Yellow' and the oil rig catastrophe outside the US coast some time later: This 'John Yellow' could then mean the 'lemmesmör' vermilion colour of the twin towers of Manhattan 2001. When, in addition, rejections of my books submitted to publishers have made it impossible to find them in the bookshop, and the option of book 'Lennon' could invoke ideas of 'stalking', it suggests that the only safe method could be to hand the book in person over to the muse. But if 'Stalker' is a relevant theme, that could be a little hazardous. Hopefully not the undertext theme of MLR. 'Vsevolod Meyerhold' - is that 'quick on the trigger' = 'rask på avtrekkeren'?

It is seen that much of this is hinged on 11 september 2001, a date which can be seen as the square root of 123 = 11.090536. One can guess that it be about a program of replacing all old archetypes with new Donald Duck type format - for leading the people astray and for reserving the spiritual reality for a small and closed set of power-holders. What a bad solution that would be. See 'mock archetypes': Drubbe = 'turban' = step 1 in a 1-2-3, Hurpe = h-'rape' = step 2, while Trulte = 'turture' = step 3. That means that the fourth mock archetype PURKE as 'the square root' of it rewrites into PRÜGEL, a bad idea. It looks difficult to find worse concepts for the political foundations.

The idea 'Big Brother sees you' could have been derived from norw. 'storebror ser deg' = 'Lemmesmör ser deg' = 'Limbbutter sees you'. The word 'lemmesmöret' in hebrew means something like 'on guard', 'on watch', or 'filter, strainer', or even 'for storage'.

As concerns the possible Doppelgänger of Kennedy, I refer to the graphics of HENRY (the eighth) spelt naively out in cuneiform signs - it could be identified as something like the signs PA-NUSKA-GE-MIN-GAM-DISh - cp. pancakes my game-dish (PANNEKAKE was the first word I learnt to read, around the time of the Kennedy assassination) and things like that - Henry/pancake the Gemini Gandhis/Kennedys etc. The idea would have been that excommunication of Henry VIII should not have led to the whole church of England exiting from the catholic church - it would have been enough that Henry abdicated and left the throne to an accepted catholic. Why didn't he? There must have been a GOOD REASON? The good reason could have been that World History contained a Divine Will which steered through the millenia towards the historic focus of it all - called Henry VIII, a veritable revelation from heaven, for which reason he could not abdicate. Proof of this could have been in cuneifom - since it seemed to encode his name millenia before his coronation. This modern account of the origins of cuneiform - or of Henry VIII - after all, it is rather recent that the code was deciphered - adds perhaps that cuneiform was created by british administration (Henry himself?) who dug it down in the lands between Euphrat & Tigris = Rafael & Leonardo, the two giant painters who could have been murdered around 1520 by british administration for creating the quasi-divine Henry VIII. It is of course possible that a double murder (cp. also stories that can be fancied on the czech names) was the reason for the excommunication, but this as a proof that cuneiform is a british invention does not necessarily follow therefrom.

Generally, it is not impossible that the overall story is administration's attempt to reduce the integrity of the intellectuals who try to construct a poetic-esthetic logic on basis of the spiritual reality instead of the mock archetypes - and to lift the reduced integrity over onto the administration. Potato balls could in principle be of that type.


I bought Lorca on 16 march 2011 and the earthquake was in may. That means that it could be mentioned in MLR april 2011 - if the hypothesis on the function of this government-funded periodical is right. Indeed there is an apparent reflex in article title 8 (out of 11):

8. Valle-Inclán's Dead Bodies. By Laura Lonsdale
= Village of Lorca's dead bodies. By Lorca Loans Lale? or by Dorothy DeLay?

In short, if this means that it was a british bomb under Lorca, the british tax-payers must ask themselves if they can afford all the secret-service terror with such underearth bombs: If they will have to pay for the earthquakes in other countries, it can come to be expensive.

The conclusion could be that poetic logic must be developed in order to break the tellurian isolation in the cosmic space - and there could be many 'cosmic mails' which just pass by Earth without anybody understanding anything of it, fat offers of all sorts - but poetic logic is not the same as aristotelean logic: Things relate in poetic logic with 'surprise' and unpredictedness relative to the visible surface. The field has been the typical interest of poets and mystics through all ages, but it seems that political power of the western or perhaps angloamerican world feels threatened by it - and is trying to replace the mystic 'secrets' with modern 'secret service', in order to get the divine mysteries under governmental control, such as when Holy Rage strikes against Lorca by its earthquake and it turns out to be a trivial human bomb! This would also have been the reason for the 'mysteries' surrounding Literaturhaus in Vienna - and western political power could probably feel tempted to claim that the poetic-logical correlations of my book with Midori's music is due to governmental control of this type. Which is not the case. The tax-payers and voters - in particular the british ones - should really try and have a closer look at this phenomenon. Think of it - if the Wenchuan earthquake, which struck around the time when this poetic-logical book of mine crossed the chinese border, were due to e.g. a british bomb, the 70.000 dead and many injured and great loss of material values could come to be too expensive for the british nation or whoever made that bomb. It is probably time to realize that this postwar 'political' program - the attempt to get the development of poetic logic under such 'divine' governmental control - is futile and could come to cost too much for those who are involved. Think about it - if it is sheer angloamerican anxiety by the possible unpredictability of 'poetic surprise' which is the driving force, it is too bad if this is what made the american soldiers go from house to house in Iraq and elsewhere for pulling the 'poetically minded' people out. It could be high time with a critical analysis of the angloamerican history.

Sex is nothing new.

For example, there was an earthquake 135 km NNE of Finschhafen at Papua New Guinea on 7 may 2013, at 14:13:52 (at Kilenge Mission north of Sag-Sag), cp. e.g. 'Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy' relative to 'koblet gittslepper nerider' - I certainly do not support abuse of my own 'The Endmorgan Quartet' for political nazi propaganda. Clearly this could have been a bomb, if such bombs exist, for the propaganda effect only.

Administration has not told the people about the existence of the artificial earthquakes in the rockpedo bombs (apparently called KNORRs). These bombs could constitute a form of apparent state terrorism which makes the few islamic terrorists which exist look like sunday school teachers compared with the terror when 70.000 people in Wenchuan or 200.000 of Banda Aceh are bombed to death. It is because people still believe that earthquakes are the expression of the divine that this western state terrorism seems to be allowed by administration. Therefore the people must be informed about the existence of such bombs - and earthquake news should tell which quakes are artificial and which are natural.

There is also an animated film called 'Epic' up nowadays - I think made by what is called 'Blue sky'. Homer's epics were based on the unit of the 'mora', which could have been a measure on a syllabic level. Cp. 'Mora, wa?' My study of the history of linguistics and information technology from november 1992 to january 1993 was the basis for the later theory of the millenial unit of the 'blue metre'.

There is a continuation of this article in 'Another few stories that must be told'.

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