The Oslo Report

John Bjarne Grover

Here is a facsimile of the original German version of the Oslo Report from the end of 1939. According to 'legend', the author is unknown. R.V.Jones, who with his characteristic 'wavy' hair style was the British intelligence's counterpoint to Arvid Storsveen in Norway, was the one who opened the package when it arrived in London from the British attache in Oslo. In his book "Most secret war" from 1978, possibly with a hidden reference to Josef Mengele's cup of tea and the 'most secret wart', he describes how he, after the war, encouraged the author of the report to step forward and make himself known to the public, but his identity remained unknown as late as in 1978. It is therefore not likely that his identity will be revealed.

The 8-9 page Oslo Report contains 10 paragraphs which, according to the data available to me, encode the most central names in or affiliated with 'XU' - which I tentatively have identified as follows, although I must emphasize that these are guessworks only and should not be taken to be the conclusion to the contents of the report: 1. Otto Øgrim, 2. Bjarne Eidsvig, 3. the Gran/Harlem committee = Bjarne Gran and Gudmund Harlem, 4. Vilhelm Aubert, 5. Brynjulf Ottar, 6. Eivind Hjelle, 7. Jon Hagle, 8. Eilif Dahl, 9. Ivan Thoralf Rosenquist, 10. Arvid Kristian Storsveen, and un-numbered addition 11. Øistein Strømnæs who took over as leader after Storsveen was shot or at least disappeared on 27 April 1943 (the exact 2/3 point when computed from the beginning of the English/German war to the end of the Norwegian/German war) - in such a way that these names represent the undertexts 1.grim, 2.grin, 3.gran, 4.gram, 5.gris, 6.graf, 7.gram, 8.gran, 9.grin and 10.grim - which means, 'John Grover', the name of the war and apparently the matrix of the four phonological features which could have constituted the basis for the Behistun wall. It is this Oslo Report (National Archives, Public Record Office ADM 1/23905, London) which seems to be the basis also for the Eisenhower doctrine of 5 January 1957, almost half a year before I was born. (There was a Norwegian minister of fishing called 'Eivind Bolle' in the end of the seventies, cp. the end of the 'fiscal year' in Eisenhower #6). As far as 'John Grover' is concerned, one can notice that Josef Mengele arrived in Auschwitz on 30 May 1943, and Himmler ordered the establishment of Auschwitz on 27 April 1940.

Added in 2014: After I had discovered that Adolf Hitler could have been replaced with a briton called something like 'Paul Marshall' in probably august 1918, it is easy to see what could have been the function of the Oslo Report: It could have been the simple equation 'Palm Arshall' = 'JohnG rover' - and hence a british responsibility claim on Hitler. That is likely to be the most secret 'wart'. For the nature of this 'wart', see this article - the wart on the yellow waxen substance and the question what it can contain.

It is likely that the Oslo Report serves as a responsibility claim on the sinking [in] of the Royal Oak in Scapa Flow. It could represent a responsibility claim on the sinking in of the 'royal' cork in the infancy behind (possibly mine for cork-expansion if a rape by Hitler - of the 'genetics of the Jewish diaspora' - was the story). I still, in 2008, do not know whether such cork-expansion of in infant is possible but I have been told that an infant's bottom which is torn up by a rape heals in the course of a few weeks and after some months one can normally not even find traces of it. Which could suggest that such cork-expansion should be possible if there is enough morphine in the milk bottle.

By a law introduced after the war, all German material inside the borders of England were declared free of copyright (according to PRO). It is therefore likely that copyright to the report has not been registered and that it must be declared a part of official administration. Which means that it should be permitted to publish it, at least for research purposes. PRO in the National Archives support me there.

The archive number is The National Archives PRO ADM 1/23905.

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