The border to reality

John Bjarne Grover

See this article on the socalled 'black snowflakes'.

NOTICE This article contains some photos of socalled 'recursive matter' that probably has taken shape in accordance with the perceptual properties of the human psyche and thereby perhaps also could come to affect perception or its functionality temporarily. In case this should happen, it is likely to go down again in the course of a few days if you do not consider the photos too intently again.

There is one totally essential phenomenon which determines the political reality, and that is the border to ontological reality and the question whether that border can be transgressed from a transcendent realm into historic material reality.

It happened around 17 november 2013 that I was writing on the keyboard to the internet computer and looking up some web pages. When doing so, I see both hands in front of me. I had just put the hand on the mouse and considered searching on the net for 'Padre Pio', the italian saint famed for his large stigmas, when I saw that something black took shape on the back of my right hand, the one which rested on the mouse. It was a small black 'snowflake' which I could microscope - and it was indeed real, no doubt about it. It had not been there a few seconds earlier and there had been no motion of my body beyond the reaching for the mouse. I tried all possible ways to explain it but had to conclude that there was no other good explanation than the assumption of a border to ontological or 'visible' reality which could be crossed. It could also have been telling of what a stigma is. There was a desk-lamp over the table - the bakelit pieces I could shake out of the bulbfoot could not compete with the piece I had found, and the piece had the very notable characteristic of being smooth but slightly granulated on the back side ('RU' could be the norwegian word) and containing notable traces of what looked like curling hair under black varnish on the front side. These pieces are very characteristic - I have later found many of them - and they seem to be the reference of 'Sédir's article - the mention of the 'burning bark'. The phenomenon of the surface on one side vs on the other side resembles bark on a small twig or the husk or shell of a fruit of some sort, such as the following which I found on the ground in a street one day:

I have now had this husk on my workdesk for nearly a couple of weeks in dry environments and there is still some humidity inside it - as if it were about 'hoplitical lemmesmör' a la the humidity which attached to some but not all the spines of my books a couple of years ago. Here is a photo of the humidity inside - where the arrow points, one can see a little 'lens' of water under the microscope:

This phenomenon of husk or shell of nut or fruit - in fact is called 'busta' in sanskrit, a word which seems to have been transported into politics - and in modern italian it simply means 'envelope', which should be clear enough. The sanskrit word is related to the sanskrit 'bundh' which is the same as 'cumb' which means 'to hurt' or 'to kiss', near the word 'culla' which means 'blear-eyed' and could be a background of the name of Tony Blair. If the Columbine high school terror was arranged for 'security reasons' by political administration, it could have been for this reason of the CUMB as closely related to CULLA. Sanskrit is much in use in politics, such as this example tells.

The husk or shell resembles also a skull helmet and could relate to the bizarre political ideas of skull lifting on newborn children. If I launch the theory that John F.Kennedy personally came to my home in Sandveien 4 in Molde, Norway, in the summer 1957 a couple of weeks after my birth and assisted in detaching the skull helmet with a tool and lifting it up, then masturbated on my cortex and put a finger between the hemispheres and possibly left a small mark on my white matter with a nail scissors, people are probably not inclined to believe it. There is what can be taken as indications of it in printed matter from those days and in the names of Indira Gandhi's sons and husband - the names of her sons could have been for preventing that the story slipped out of the historic memory even if it could have been removed from governmental archives. When I add the other half of the story, people are even less inclined to believe it - I mean, not the one that the Kennedy assassination was theatre for continueing the same story but rather the one that the 6 landings on the moon in 1969-72 also was theatre for making much out of that skull lifting and that there so far, in 2014, never was a man on the moon, people have a hard time following the theories. The theory suggests that Kennedy was 3 times jetted across the ocean to Norway to insult my body - in july and december 1957 and in january 1959, the first for masturbating on my cortex, the second for a rape and the third for an injection of horror chemicals, it would be telling of the importance of this element if it were to be taken seriously. The names of the three first astronauts to the moon tell of these three times, and there were officially 6 landings with 2 astronauts in each, which could mean 3 landings 'on the moon' in Norway. I have the idea from the russian Pravda ( which once was the official governmental party organ. The story or question is, with a question mark, called the 'hoax of the century' - could be the 'husk of the sent-you-these'. The british 'literary journal' Modern Language Review is apparently used for pretelling such under-the-surface events - and cases of terror the source of which is not normally published - in the issue immediately preceding it - and the story seems to be readable in the first titles of the issues of MLR in july and october 1957 and in january 1959. See end of this article for the titles of MLR just before the first landing on the moon.

The sensational newspiece is that matter can fall into the historic-material reality from an eternity or transhistoric poetic reality, and if the 6 moon landings were a hoax, one could speculate that a part of the reason for it could have been made quite simply for containing this sensational newspiece. It could have been combined with the program of containing me - and the newspiece therein, considering all the politics that could have been accumulated on my person.

This idea of matter falling into history is nothing new, of course - rather the sensational newspiece in the modern world could be that this no longer is a wellaccepted view on the status of matter but modern terror and propaganda have nearly managed to wipe this knowledge off the stage and they are now generally - in the official sphere - reserved for political administration as a tool for government. Since world war II there has been a convergence of all political division lines all over the world and it seems that politics of today is more or less equivalent with an attempt to create a theatre of roles which will make it possible to get this 'eternity mail' under control without releasing public panic. The obvious reason is that this phenomenon can make it possible to send information through an eternity and hence faster than light which means that earth can get into meaningful communication with remote parts of the universe - and possibly make even space travel possible.

The reason why this phenomenon of transhistoric and potentially extraterrestrial matter is held 'secret' was also the first thing which I saw when I put a piece of such 'black snowflake' under the microscope and saw the following eye looking back at me - like somebody looking up at the moon through a telescope:

It turned out to be a small animal which had either landed with the snowflake or had crept up on it after its landing and taken up position on a hole in the flake, like a polar bear in an ice floe hole. It was very friendly and showed me how its transparent body was functioning - the microscope's underlight could easily shine through it and showed how the heart pumped the fluids back and forth in a manner which could invoke associations to just the concept of 'blear-eyed'. I have seen this small beetle on a couple of such 'snowflakes' - they are normally very small (normally not discovered without optical magnification) and a white one I saw look like a small Volkswagen:

Could be the reason why Hitler made the vehicle look just like that: The political issue is described in Exodus 7-11 and is called 'the ten plagues'. Clearly if such beetles can land on the earth from remote parts of the universe they can also bring with them bacillae and viruses which can spread quickly over the world - and from this the political conclusion was drawn that 'we must try and stop the invasion of such bugs'. But this is ostrich policy - there is no lock in the world so far constructed which can keep this border to the other reality closed - but some politicians seem to believe in terror as a way of ostrich policy for scaring the fantasy away. Bugs and beetles can be scary - but some theoreticians can take it to dinosaur theories and that is when some politicians feel that this is an important task for the government of the people - which must be a government of reality, they say. The program is called 'with terror for paradise' - the program of making a small paradise on earth with electric fences to the other reality for scaring the dinosaurs off before they step down from Andromeda - and scaring tellurians from looking out over the brink. State terrorism is probably just this. The theory follows immediately that epidemics are the same as this phenomenon - and that modern science tries to 'govern' the spreading forces by lifting them from such extra-terrestrial influences - hence 'flue' - to normal historical and easily-conceived causality which can be described by modern science - small droplets of cough full of bacillae being ejected from one person and sniffed in by another etc. If human imagination can be brought under control, then the epidemics are under control as well, tells this political 'ostrich' orientation which goes for 1) terror to scare fantasies away, and 2) research programs for containing the droplets with bacillae for preventing their spread through physical space. AIDSHIV could have been made by a government for 'getting it under control'. Therefore also the story with Kennedy. Some of the black snowflakes and other small pieces that can land on earth have hairs attached to them and these 'hairs are bending' - which is when the Kennedy assassination and the following state funeral with the 'biers are handing' is when the 'biers are kennedyan' means that he lifted himself up like some Münchausen. That is another political phenomenon - of 'getting perversities under control' in the same way as AIDSHIV etc. Homosexuality is already largely permitted ('under control') - could be by way of that epidemic. If the farce continues, necrophilia and sodomy and pederasty and all the others can come to be 'brought under control' in a similar manner by an ostrich program. It will perhaps be called love and say that what's the problem if the corpse or the dog doesn't protest. It would be for keeping the border to the spiritual world closed off in order to prevent invasion of just anything. This is, though, so very old and precisely the reason for perversities. It means going astray. A program of getting perversities 'under control' by legalizing them could be presented as an alternative to state terrorism as a means for cordoning off the dangerous brink to the abyss of eternity. Could be the problem is not in legalizing - I mean if society loses spiritual insight by legalizing homosexual intercourses and even marriages - could be it is state propaganda programs for promoting them which is.

Some important political parametres

Sanskrit CUMB/CULLA (as combined in 'Columbine') is the phenomenon of an external stigma. Could be politics hopes to make something out of it by placing the stigma 'under control' when imposing them onto others - such as the holocaust was about. It happened one day I had found a piece of what looked like 'brown sugar' ('Gordon Brown' could be the political name of this phenomenon) which under the microscope looked normal and very unsensational. In the evening I developed a blear-eyed condition and wondered what it was - and since I was about to test the theory that the piece of 'brown sugar' which I had found earlier in the day could relate to some aspects of poetry by the word KUß (a word - meaning 'kiss' in german - with possibly political offsprings in english 'cosy' and norwegian 'kos' - cp. also the name of 'Henry Kissinger'), I put it under the microscope again and found - to my large surprise - that it seemed to have undergone a change and now seemed to have been subjected to two incisions, as if somebody had been there with a saw in the mean time:

It looks like a face with a 'blear-eyed' condition. I later found that two other pieces I had found seemed to provide some relief or remedy for the stigma condition seen in this piece - and those were the pieces which looked like a vagina and a substance of layers of gelatinous strata which appeared like the substance of female breasts. The name of Bill Clinton could have this function of providing relief for the political pressure contained in the name of Blair, for example - in a mutual political balance of the turn of the millenium.

On a later day I found a piece of 'black snowflake' in the water in the handsink in the bathroom. It turned out to be folded along the middle line with quite good overlap which means that it in out-folded condition would have looked something like a symmetric kite. Here it is in the folded condition - to the right with line showing the outlines of the one half of the folding:

Another piece quickly occurred in the same water - I lifted it up and left it on the white wooden shelf next to the sink. When I came some minutes later to lift it up on a microscope glass, I had lifted this second piece some centimetres up in the air when I saw, to my large surprise, that another piece took shape under it, on the same spot on the white wooden shelf as the lifted one had been. The first of these latter two had the shape of a symmetric kite - as if the folded one had already been folded out - and the second of them, the third that means, the mystic piece which I saw taking shape as if out of eternity, was in the shape of a foetus:

The symbolism is obvious and 'anthropomorphic' (that is, if pieces of matter 'fall out of eternity' or land from some extraterrestrial domain, why should they look like the interests of humans): This is about how humans procreate and make 'new matter' on earth. A closer study of the 'foetus' showed that it was a little complex and that it lent itself to an analysis in terms of one Easter Island megalithic sculpture on the lefthand half of it and what looks like a female wiping away a tear in the righthand half - could be even she is looking for her 'better half' across the ocean, looking the other way:

It seems that the megalith is wearing a mask on his brow. Have I seen him before - the man in the mask - for example when putting his foot on the lower step of the stairs to the small bridge to Campo San Barnaba in Venice when I was coming over and down the bridge on my way home to Calle Pedrocchi? Would it have meant 'bridge at the rosse' - to the 'hester island', the iceland ponies? See my poem TEQ # 592 ('He should not exact') with the mention of 'milk, drink and masquerade' which could mean simply this wife, the megalith and the mask on top of it. Are there many presidents etc who look like such small metaphysical pieces?

Political monsters who construct the 'secret intelligence projects' could have much belief in the epistemological value of this little Easter Island bit-from-nowhere. Cp. Christ 'lifted up' on the wooden cross for the stigma there and the philosophy that he was son of God. Could be this phenomenon of matter-crossing-reality-border is the only thing the politicians are doing, the only reason for the world wars and the holocaust etc. But why don't they come out with the language? Why not tell the whole story? One naturally suspects, when they don't tell it, that the 'politics' is all and only for the sake of intrigue - such as for using political indexation for making people believe that one address sucked over by redundancy to another address (it is of course possible that the philosophical level is of that kind - the attempt to try and construct swindle for proving that anything transcendent is swindle and hence the transcendent reality is 'under control' - would this program be called 'british empiricism'?) means that the person who lives on the first address is an envoy from heaven, a sort of Jesus who has come to rescue mankind, and the one on the second could be taken to be such a Jesus while in reality he could be quite different. Could be it was a part of the launch of Hitler?

But that is philosophy gone astray. It is perverse philosophy.

The launch of Hitler was not only in terms of the Saviour, but also (as part of the same) it included the man-on-wagon archetype when falling down on the nose-trunk. The Easter Island 'snowflake' could be seen to contain both - a man-on-wagon to the left and a nose-trunk to the right - and thereby also containing the fundamentals of chomskyan grammar - but then one must observe that the political interest could be in terms of the traditional man-on-wagon being equivalent with the mask on top riding the wagon underneath. It is of course possible that they have tried to model my role in the mythology along these lines - for the idea that I was never born but suddenly emerged there from a shadow in the cradle. That is nonsense, though - it is political propaganda.

Easter Island megaliths are positioned around the seaside of the island, looking out over the water - and one can fancy that it means that these giant sculptures look out over the water in search of their 'better halves' which have been moved by 'transformational grammar' across the water of eternity. It would mean that a theory exists that the sculptures, which have been considered a mystery, could have been made in the same way as I found this third 'foetus' piece on the sinkside. It goes that the geographic outlines of the Easter Island looks a little like the skull of some animal, probably horse (not dino), even if it is perhaps doubtful whether they had horses there in older times. The size of a horse-skull relates to the size of the island in a ratio which corresponds approximately to the ratio between a small white beetle on a black snowflake and the Volkswagens which Hitler made for driving around a near-symmetric 'Germany', as it is called in english, before it was divided after the war into two kite-halves. Could be that is no coincidence - and the political theory is likely to be that this is how they made the megalith sculptures on the island:

Somebody had imported some horses on a raft from Chile or thereabout to this small pacific island, and one day a person lifted a small bug up from the ground and suddenly there it was - the giant stone sculpture - suddenly and from out of nowhere, standing on the seaside and looking out over the ocean. Stonehenge could be explained in a similar way, could be the fantastic philosophy which politicians really are out hunting for. The gigantic millenial bicycle wheel in London could be telling of these aspirations - somebody had tried to repair a deflated bicycle wheel (such as my appeal on the rejected PhD) and suddenly there it was. I had lived in London 1997-98 and moved back to Bergen in june or july 1998. The wheel was opened on 31 december 1999 (by Tony Blair - it is also called 'The London Eye') and was first owned by British Airways and the Marks Barfield family before it was taken over by Madame Tussaud. My younger sister Tone Helene Gröver was born 9 months and 1 day after the world's greatest earthquake - between Concepzion and Temuco.

These ideas of sudden gigantism are nothing new and could be the essence of the 'security program' (the reason why 'security' is often a variant of 'non-security' is in the above considerations of ostrich policy trying to 'get it under control') called nazism and world war II and the Klipra connection. The phenomenon of folding is called 'bretten' in norwegian, hence 'Breitensee' in Vienna could be seen as related historically to 'Auschwitz' in that sense of outer stigma of 'blear-eyed' character when 'sawing' is a human association to child-making. If you have seen white morning robes on british TV, it could of course have been about that Brighton-See. The phenomenon of the Beachy Head landslide out to to the lighthouse in the sea not far from Brighton is about the same. It is of course natural to suspect that it could have been a political trick arranged by smart dynamite. By larger magnification of the Easter Island 'foetus' piece one can spot the outlines of what looks like a beast of lion or wolf type guarding a sleeping child or pup - the big animal's head to the upper left:

One guesses that this also could be the background of the name of 'Yvonne Le Loup' whose pseudonym was 'Sedir' which could mean 'Desir'. If foot-n-mouth in England in 1968 and 2001 were attempted ways to control the 'a-meri-can press-i-dent', it could be via this aspect of the 'foetus piece' - which could have been thought of as the background of the Easter Island megalith sculptures and such tragic mistakes as Auschwitz - could be for that 'eye-switch' of the blear-eyed condition which has its descriptive origin in sanskrit - and, voila, that is how the britons had hoped to control the american continent - via the bad conscience over there for having taken the place of the indians 'across the sea' - the indian woman there. 'My bonnie is over the ocean'.

My view is that all this tragic policy is but a variant of the ostrich security program - an attempt to turn the whole field of semiotic study so much in-out and upside-down that they hoped that it would lose its meaning and be turned into the business of 'security politics'. Which is a great mistake.

Here is a detail from another piece I found - it shows 'Ibsen' en face to the left looking a little anxious at probably Strindberg in profile in front of him, facing left:

A path of holes are going across the head of Strindberg. This could be the reason why Munch wrote Stindberg instead of Strindberg on the portrait he made of the swedish author - as for Streamer and ISBN. Had Strindberg quite simply borrowed Ibsen's nose - thereby looking like an indian chief? But look, there is Steve Jobs Apple chief on the unicorn forehead of Ibsen - we must have a new technology where we need not be so concerned about the suffering noses.

The study of these transcendental pieces of matter is quite interesting and they seem to contain the source of much modern mythos and politics. One guesses that they quite simply are composed in an archetypal manner and lend shape to the world of appearances. That means that they can exhibit some behaviour at odds with normal expectations but not that they can get 'out of control'.

It is always tragic and a mistake if one tries to keep this sort of knowledge under secrecy. A part of the study involves perhaps human 'desire' and then it can feel hurting if somebody steps on a piece of knowledge which you have brought to the public space. Therefore it is tempting to make esoteric societies wherein only fellow beings respecting the values of your human desires are admitted. (What desires are you talking about?) But this is the cause of nazism. It is a good self-exercise to try and publish such information - but it is a very bad mistake to try and get hold of it by secret surveillance and against the owner's authority. It is the own authority to it which is the healthy 'control', not e.g. the scare of state terrorism. The border between the two realities seems to be interpreted in society by the means of the border to the official reality - below which there can be many historic 'enigmas' hiding, but the calm sea of the official surface reality serves to bring nerves under control. Then it is essential that the individual can control the in and out of the official reality by own authority and that the information is not acquired by society by means of secret surveillance.

It is a giant mystery to see how totally this sort of knowledge seems to govern modern politics - and there is not a single word about it anywhere in the official reality. The rockpedos apparently adds such such big 'secret' to the inventory, these archetypal mystery myths is another - all this must be brought to the public attention in order to stop the administrative power-making which is conducted on the form of abuse of people's understanding of religious matters. Rockpedos are manmade, archetypes are not - and it is important not to swap these mysteries. Administration steps on the people's feelings inside with rockpedos and Auschwitzes - and that is how they gain more power.

The whole story is simply that traditional causality must be moved from the surface layer of material reality to a deeper level of poetic logic in a transhistoric poetic eternity. Then the isolation of earth can be broken. Terror-driven politics fear that this is to take a bit of the apple - but that is probably only because their own terror can come to lead to their own expulsion from paradise. It is, rather, to take a step into the new millenium.

Some examples from political history

The example of the Columbine (combining sanskrit CUMB and CULLA) high school terror could be telling of my own high school times (at Frydenberg, not the trades school across the creek) when I also was to a 'developing countries seminary' = 'U-land-seminaret' with Olav Skundberg who had suggested this for me. The terror was conducted by the two students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold - which spoons into 'Dylan Harris' which could be read as 'U-land-seminaret' and 'Eric Klebold' = 'is in clay-roll' which I could interpret as a reference to the black matter which can be found inside or on the outside of the yellow waxen rolls which apparently can be found under circumstances resembling the black snowflakes. These waxen rolls could be about a centimetre or more ('tjukk rullings') and contain hair. In older times they were probably explained as having been ejected from anus - cp. the library catalogue OPAC and things like that. Human hair is significative of these archetypal forms which probably can be elicited under certain circumstances of 'psychological physics'. They are often apparently in close relation to human desires - and speculation can of course take it to the idea that there is an egg or sperm or even embryo inside one of these 'dispatches' from eternity - here the black 'wart' on a yellow waxen roll surrounded by hair:

The political propaganda is perhaps that I could be conceived as an extra-terrestrial brought forth from biological material in such a wax-roll. From Andromeda or even further away. ('Harry Potter' is a seller all over the world). I do not think so - I would take that to be propaganda which is supposed to be glued onto jewish genetics - for the 'security purposes' that anything can suddenly hop out from eternity anywhere. The hair and the wax seem to be a very primary archetypal subdivision (form and substance) which perhaps in principle could be compared with types in embryo development, but it is very far from that to the advanced organismic procreation cells, and to see it as a 'package' containing sperm sent from outer space is not interesting. The logic is likely to be that if the dispatch can contain small volkswagen beetles, cp. the pop group, then it can also contain fertile procreation material - which then would be on the background of the idea that the dispatches are due to 'intense desire', from which folk mythology concludes that the package can be opened and conception can take place. This is likely to be the folk version of the 'Temuco' conception - that talents and even look can be determined by calendarial telescopes - which are not the same as astronomic telescopes but relate to cosmic revolutions. It is not pubic hair in the wax - it rather seems to be a sort of 'fundamental matter'. To assume that the black 'nipple' has to contain fertile matter is propaganda nonsense - and the reality is very much to the contrary - that the objects that cross the border to ontological reality supposedly are those which conform to archetypal fundamentals and are therefore very constrained and under control of the constitution of the human psyche (including its fantasies). It is angloamerican nazism who tried to get this border under their own exclusive control by way of Disney and Hitler around 1928-1930, accompanied with the collapse of Wall Street, for replacing the man-on-wagon with Donald Duck - and when these archetypal constraints are gone from human recognition except for some uninteresting cartoon characters, then the scary propaganda can be launched (such as by the moon expedition in 1969?) that 'anything' can cross the border. But that is for getting the whole thing reserved for political power abuse - and research on the topic is likely to concentrate on how to send microphones through the walls and things like that. If my genetics is jewish and it is claimed by political propaganda to be 'extraterrestrial', that is for identifying these studies as jewish mysticism and claiming that it is not recommendable and a piece of superstition only - and it is easy to construct political nazi propaganda which claims that such genetics must be removed from the earth. And then it all can be moved into the Ostrich department for studying 'own feet' down there (with or without socks on 'the ground'). All this is likely to be for the bread and circus of the angloamerican security politics - including illegal surveillance and copying of my work, could be even my genetics, for megaliths around the coast of the Easter Island and offsprings across the sea. All that is strictly illegal and propaganda and abuse only, and 'reasons' that it should be done for preventing extraterrestrial influences is dirty business only. The Columbine high school terror could have been for such dirty propaganda business purposes of claiming that I should have been born from material in such a 'clay-roll' of yellow wax. I would say that the terror could have been for propaganda purposes for launching certain political interests.

The idea of me as a 'cosmic traveller' can be spotted also from the titles in MLR april 1957 - although they specify the genetic parents they also reproduce this mock purpose in terms of some basics in archetypal form. The 'fox-trap' could be seen in the symmetrically foldable list of titles wherein the mother is specified with the layers of gelatinous substance in terms of the Gottfried, Ottfried and Otfried, the letters being scissored off by a 'Naily Sachs'. The 'pap' is the 'ach-on-gel', the sperm contained in the jelly or waxen roll - which means that the father is Paul Pessach Antschel. It is mock purposes only in the 'cosmic traveller' to Easter Island stories.

Could be the fox exists as an archetypal universal - and that Nelly Sachs was particularly engineered to resemble the archetype in some aspects - while Celan was engineered to look like the 'ach-on-gel'? There is one particular aspect of this story which should be mentioned - and that is that the issue of matter crossing the border to the historic reality is nothing eccentric at all - it seems to have constituted the backbone of cultural debate for at least a century and a half. The simplest example is the case of cantorian diagonals in set theory - resting on a proof which by many mathematicians is considered a self-evident matter but which on a closer inspection rests on a very trivial flaw. It says that if you have an ocean of green water-drops and let one drop of blood into it, then the ocean is no longer totally green - and hence it is red. Many think that this is too rash logic. That is because of the role of the adjective and the question whether it is permitted to claim existence for negated adjectival sets. Clearly every sensible human will not agree to the 'proof' of the colour of the ocean - and indeed the meaning of the logical proof must be just this - that one single small black snowflake crossing the border to the historic reality is enough for the whole enterprise of philosophical empiricism to collapse. With the cantorian diagonal the logicians mean simply one small piece of matter crossing the border to historic reality - but they will not come out with this essential point: They pretend to have proven it formally by symbolic logic - but then the logic looks hasty and not well considered untill one has understood what they really are talking about. Another good and very related example is chomskyan generativism which likewise seems to rest on just this phenomenon of 'invisible matter' (on which you can write 'in the air' the addresses of the righthand contexts while printing out the lefthands) constituting a deeper eternity than a pushdown automaton for a finite historic 'eternity' of structuralism can - the argumentation is often veiled in a cloud called 'rules' - as if 'rules' constituted a level of epistemological substance comparable to the invisible world of the black snowflakes before they land in history. This phenomenon is what has made chomskyan generativism look so paradoxical. Consider this example: Political agents and 'nazis' could claim that I am an Easter Island megalith who was conceived from a yellow 'package' with an embryo from another planet - a veritable beast which must be contained (as told american containment theory in the late 40's) for reasons of security. This is what makes chomskyan generativism look so 'nazi' - if they agree to this argument: It says JUDEN RAUS. (By the way, do you know where your embryo came from?) Of course chomskyan geneativism says not so in its theoretical principles - it is rather much to the contrary of that, just like cantorian theory - but it says so as long as and to the extent that it keeps its generativism esoteric and secret at its foundations. Generativists did perhaps appear like a group of Believers - and one can speculate that these Believers were those who had seen one such piece take shape from out of eternity themselves - while others did not believe it at all and did not feel for swallowing that cantorian diagonal of the 'red ocean' or the mystery of innateness rules. The Believers did not want to come out with the essential proof! - and remained mystic and shrouded in secrecy about where they got their conviction from - and claimed to be 'radicals' and so forth - while in actual fact they looked like offsprings from british secret intelligence and CIA and those who organized Hitler's nazism in Europe as a cartoon version of judaism. Hitler as the Führer of the jewish revolution! It is all and only that single point - of keeping the mouth shut about the essential issue. Chomskyan generativism should - by normal expectations - be the very opposite of 'british nazism' and it should be the formal proof that could lead to an opening to a spiritual space, but it serves very much the interests of just political nazism to the extent that it keeps its essential foundations secret. But clearly everybody understands that formal proofs are hard to find if the symbols walk in and out of the paper surface just like that.

Politics could have constructed me for the double function of 1) providing a walking proof that such extraterrestrial matter does indeed exist and does now and then cross the border to tellurian historic reality, and 2) on a closer inspection this is all and only propaganda gas: It is a very normal person generated from two normal jews. Did you think that the millenial bicycle wheel in London (if it is exists, that is - I have seen it only on photos) suddenly came up by magic? It did not - people could see it being raised by ordinary mechanics.

How on earth could it be that european 'socialists' and 'communists' were on the same side of the political demarcation lines as secret agents and 'intelligence' idologists seemed to be - or even my official parents whose family seemed possibly to contain such bizarre representatives as Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele? No wonder european left side went under - while pointing a finger at me for calling me 'beast of the universe' and things like that, 'the walking proof of nazism'. Absolutely no wonder at all. All that was pure antisemitisim and nothing else - and that was the european leftists! There is nothing left of all that. Hitler called himself 'national socialist' - which seems to have been to the point - he could have called himself 'european socialist'. It seems all to be hidden in what is called british secret intelligence. European socialists collaborated with british Labour while british Labour constructed Hitler from their MacDonald government. It is very easy to understand this history. The Columbine high school terror could have been just one such 'socialist' expression of power - concerning this ambiguous status of matter in the CUMB/CULLA phenomenon. 'With terror for paradise' it could mean.

I suppose it is like this with most 'debates' that have ridden the cultural landscape of Europe for a century and a half - like the anomaly/analogy debate around the time of Caesar and Christ - and that is about the same period as one has created artificial earthquakes with the dynamite invented by Nobel - San Francisco 1906 being a prominent example - in order to appear as divine as the Lord himself when he expresses himself through the language of Nature. But there has, as far as I know, been no official word so far about these artificial dynamite earthquakes. It is likely to be the same political problem. It is not enough with a laconic 'power corrupts'. It is high time to come to the point.

Conclusion on political matters

The conclusion is that these important theoretical issues on the borderline to reality largely are kept secret and are suppressed by totalitarian society because they want to reserve it for the power games and intrigues which are built on the ridiculous confusion of the american and the asian indians - the wife of the megalith being back-to-back in India with the megalith himself in USA but far away over the ocean of tears on the other side nevertheless. The americans have a bad conscience because they have taken the place of the indians and this is the tool which is used by british monarchy to keep the american administration as their running boys. It is likely that I am designed as such a megalith including the 'octogon' (= 'Österreich'?) dispute on whose wife is it and given the role of the american people by their president - for a swapping function across the ocean for the americans to take the place of China on behalf of England.

Kumbaja my Lord = CUMB etc. Negro spirituals could have been composed by a handclapping CIA some decades ago, for the brown matter to be sawed in two or three. A rule of thumb! The 'Ice Age' animated films are probably about the small pieces of extraterrestrial or extrahistoric matter which often occur in 'Dish Water', hence the title - people normally flush them out, believing that it is remains of potato peel or tea leaves even if the hot rinsing water was clean before the last twist of the cloth and pull of the plug, but under the microscope they are revealed as Madonnas with hair inside. You quickly find that 'hammer shark' with eyes on the outside:

Could be the pieces I have found is only tea leaves that have hopped to the sink, though. Is that what tea is - mysteries on the brink to reality - closely related to the idea of a Madonna?

But why are such things, when communicated to the public, always in propaganda format? The 'Dice Wage' could be for telling that it is an illusion - it is potato peel! Russian roulette! It is, though, no small matter if matter crosses the border to reality - but to use it for propaganda for pretending that it is a goodenough reason to interpret 'Breitensee' as 'Spröytene' = 'the syringes' as being the same as 'Brystene' = 'the breasts' ('Movatn' = 'dish water'? 'mor-vatn' = 'mother-water'), nourishing mankind with the ambrosia needed for a healthy grow-up, is not a goodenough reason to keep it secret. On the contrary - if this is the constitutive basis for government it must be told to the people what it is about. The Easter Island piece with the wife on the back always look the same - I can even recognize the mask? It is a Too Deep Mystery to be revealed to the mob? It is a mystery - but the mystery is only that it is an archetypal derivation of the matter and these are governed by universal semiotic rules of the reality of humans - comparable to the laws of nature. How come the apple always fall if you drop it? What a Mystery! It must be kept secret and reserved for the high priests and the government only! Hitler was probably employed by the same administrations for chasing the archetypes out of the world - and that is likely to be the reason for the secrecy - that they want to use e.g. 'Breitensee' in the sense of 'Spröytene' as a Deep Mystery which the mob cannot evaluate the meaning of.

Conclusion: Matter can cross the border to reality and this has been the essence of cultural and intellectual debate for a century and a half - but the problem is that it is turned into political intrigue at the same time as the political intrigue claims that matter cannot cross the border to reality, that is, they deny the existence of their own intrigue, and that is when it gets efficient. It is all stuck there. Chomskyan generativism, for example, should be a right solution and a step forwards - but if it denies or suppresses the essential fact of matter being able to cross the border to reality, then it turns into nonsense - not much different from traditional structuralism - or even into fuel for nazi propaganda.

This could explain the role given to me in the story: It seems to be the role of being THE SECRET of the story. The Easter Island megalith. That is likely to be the reason why I could not be published so far - it would be to let out the secret, the unpronounceable, the unspeakable underwear. My theory, if the US moon landings 1969-72 were a hoax, is that it could have been about an attempt to make it impossible for me to get published or reach public recognition, and if that nevertheless should happen, it can later be revealed that it were a hoax only. If so, it would not really be about my personal writings - of course the program would be the status of The Secret of border-crossing matter and the question whether it can be let out to the public or not. The whole 'Kennedy program' could have been about this single thing only - to keep the SECRET contained (a volkswagen in the garage) and to raise an electric fence against the abyss of the universe in order to present the option of a 'paradise on earth' for the tellurians - if only they stay well off from the border to reality. Clearly this is a political program which cannot continue if academic knowledge is to continue.


What is the etymology of the word 'FUSK' (in the sexual sense)? My theory is that it derives from the german 'GROßBRITANNIEN' ('Great Britain') which goes into norwegian 'gråsprit-annien' in contrast to 'rødsprit-annien': 'Rødsprit' is the cheapest form of technical alcohol, the red fluid used for cleaning painters brushes and so forth. It is very cheap and affordable for those who are outdoors alcoholics without money - it is drinkable but tastes horribly and probably leads to degeneration of organs. 'Gråsprit' = 'grey alcohol' could perhaps mean even cheaper alcohol. The german and norwegian word for a comparably drinkable alcohol is FUSEL, the alcoholized fluid wherein organic matter has turned alcoholic and used as basis for liquors before the destillation - a sort of old dishwash water with potato peel (and extraterrestrials?) in it. This is likely to have been taken into FUSILLADE (cp. the outlines on the map of Easter Island) and likewise to the english form 'FUSK'. How low can a man get? It is likely to be about a weak point in british self-esteem - and it is well possible that the britons, being essential monarchs and believing in the ONE KINGDOM, but, alas, having been excluded from it by Henry VIII, have taken their recourse to the other way and simply call themselves GROSSE. This could be the Brigate Rosse in the sense of the 'hester island' and BRIA TE GROSSE - which could be about sanskrit BHRI = 'to hurt', meaning the same as CUMB, and ATI = 'over', 'beyond', like italian 'SULLA'. If this is the Bürgersteig program, telling that the whole world must step down when meeting the britons, the very dog of the asian highlands and hence possibly the theme of Pol Pot's program, it could lend a meaning to the name of the british chief of state in the year 2000. 'A 'fusk' backwards gives a sort of 'coffee' which then likewise, just like tea, albeit in a different way, could mean 'not exactly dishwash water' with decomposing potato peel and things like that in it - and be telling of the essential issue. People drink tea and coffee all over the world more or less constantly.

Comments on the titles of MLR july 1969 - relevant to the question of the authenticity of the moon landing?

The question is whether the 6 US moon landings 1969-72 were a hoax only - for containing 'the beast' which is constituted by such extra-historic matter crossing the border to reality. This could include the idea of state terrorism for the program of a paradise on earth - scaring demons and 'dangerous thoughts' away - in the continuation of the work done by Disney and Hitler/'Marshall'. The first moon landing was in july 1969. I must tell the story from Molde - the family lived in Björnstjerne Björnsons vei 7 and I often listened to Nathan Milstein's recording of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's e minor violin concerto - and had even choreographed a dance to it which I performed many times while listening to the recording. I do believe that this must have been well before july 1969 although there is nearly a year from this to the move to Fredrikstad and I do not recall it with precision when it could have been. I would believe that it was well before it, though. Although there are reasons to see a certain 'propaganda mock' of my dance in the astronauts hopping around on the moon, in 'rom-drakt' which could invoke associations to 'romp-prakt' in 'strumpenbüchse' etc, I suppose this cannot have been the whole story, even if it seems that Nathan Milstein constitutes a certain 'butterfly' father to me in the indexation in MLR april 1957 - and one can guess that if Paul Celan is the genetic father, Milstein could have been a 'Temuco' father in terms of factorization of a time scheme up to the conception of me (although I have not found the time scheme). When Peter Mandelson resigned from Blair's government in 1998, it was written in the newspapers that he was known as an 'energetic dancer' - and could be the story was about this delicate theme of the moon landings and the authenticity of what could be related to not only my historic existence (The Secret!) but also to the authorship or integrity of my esthetic creations. It is said that the moon landing program went back to Kennedy, and there are links to the three meetings which there could have been with him if the theory of my early childhood is right.

It must be noticed also that it was Nixon who was president at the time of the first alleged moon landing, and Nixon later had to resign due to leak of classified information - I mean, a surveillance scandal. He left the White House in helicopter after having shown a double V-sign. 'Watergate Scandal' could spoon into 'Gaterwate Danskal', 'god tur' etc. - and Norway was under Denmark until its autonomy in 1814. Which could mean simply e.g. the rape of Nanking and the role which could be seen for a swap (spoon) function of the US president with e.g. me (foot-n-mouth 1968?) as far as the politics on China is concerned. 'God tur, feite dansker' for the rape of Nanking. 'God tur, feite danser' = 'have a nice trip, fat dancer'. The 'fat dancer' could of course have been me with Mendelssohn's violin concerto.

It must also be noticed that even if the manned moon landings could have been fraud, robots or rovers on the moon have probably later been landed softly also by Russia and China. I think China landed a moon rover recently on the moon - approximately or was it exactly one year after the Newton school schooting in USA (which was I think around the time when the book by Ungaretti which I had ordered via Hasbach arrived).

Of course, if amateur telescopes could show the astronauts or the spacecraft on the moon, the story is not so interesting, although it would not be enough with some reports from people who had seen it. It could, just as for the reports on sensational pieces of matter having crossed the border to reality, be that official credibility or status is not enough guarantee. 'A professor had seen the piece taking shape' - could be it helps a little but maybe it is not really enough.

As usual, if the moon landings were a political intrigue or gag or deception program, one could believe that it would be represented in Modern Language Review immediately before the first landing - if the additional theory of the political function of this periodical is right. It means that one tentatively can test some ideas of a fictional moon landing by considering the titles of MLR july 1969 - here equipped with my comments:

1. ByrhtnoÐ in the Wilderness. By W. F. Bolton
= byrd-Not (dubious origins, no origins) searching for origins - bolting for a toilet, dancing

2. Milton's Use of Colloquial Language in "Paradise lost" (With a New Interpretation of "Drugd as Oft" (X, 568)). By Hilda M. Hulme
= stigma on the cross = easter island megalith, by revelation in hull - drugged not a soft = Hammerfest chemicals? The soft landing was drugged? Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins.

3. "Timon of Athens" Blended with "Le Misanthrope": Shadwell's Recipe for Satirical Tragedy. By John Edmunds
= le mis en drop = sent by drop in wax roll

4. Ruskin and Science. By Edward Alexander
= the foetus form? K av ring = small genetic key from ring, studied under science microscope

5. Public Theatre and Private Theatre in the Writings of Diderot. By Peter France
= the mask on the megalith and his wife

6. The Inheritors of Maurice Barrès. By M. Grover
= the inheritors of Hitler's post-card - tells that the divine origin is in Hitler. By Mr. Grover. If Maurice Barrès = Mister Grover, then Inheritors = Easter Island

7. Le Jardin de Marcel Proust: Pour le Cinquantenaire des "Jeunes Filles en Fleurs". By Annie Barnes
= le gene-[h]ard de melange poster = Hitler's genetics in the post-card. By Aine Besarn = 'Ø kjempesår' = Hitler's postcard to 'Eugene Paisseau', sent in 1924, on the 25th anniversary of moon landing 1969. Sjøen full/fille av flør = the madonna revelations in the dishwater?

8. Imaginary Artists in "A la Recherche du Temps Perdu". By J. Ann Duncan
= video constructors in 'on the research of temperature' = mörk-jury = negro breasts, brown matter (2 ex) with one female opening between the breasts - in addition to the other one wherein one can send expeditions with 'men on the moon'.

9. A Significant Sixteenth-Century Use of the Word "Umanista". By Peter M. Brown
= significant sixteenth anniversary

10. The Destination of the Ship of Fools: Religious Allegory in Brant's "Narrenschiff". By Peter Skrine
= narrenschiff to the moon = the Easter Island embryo put into the uterus. Do you believe it?

11. Anti-Pygmalion: An Apologia for Georg Büchner's Aesthetics. By M. B. Benn
= g-org bukser med ben = by A.B.Ctrumpenbüchse and his choreography of Mendelssohn-Bartoldy's e minor violin concerto

12. Thomas Mann's Interest in James Joyce. By Lilian R. Furst
= a small dick for a man with interest in Hjemmets Gleder, the giant lip for mankind

The Reviews also contain some matter of interest

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