Was Adolf Hitler a briton called e.g. 'Paul Marshall'?

John Bjarne Grover

The article is based on the material in the article 'What is 'purke'?' and discusses the theory that Adolf Hitler could have been a briton - and the hypothetical name is even suggested.

Speculations on a new version of the story of Hitler - and I emphasize that the theory is based on my own private empirical data and speculations only: There is the theory that Hitler's real name was Paul Marshall (or Mitchel) and that he came from London. The original Adolf Hitler would then probably have grown up in the home of two british agents in Braunau-am-Inn with Klara Pölzl ('she loves sausages') as his incesteous mother who sent reports on every intercourse to british 'intelligence'. Young Adolf wanted to become a painter - could be he was son of two jews, or maybe his neighbour was. When he finally was murdered and thrown in the ditch, it was around the time when Paul Marshall took over his identity and Lenin staged the attempt on himself in 1918 outside the Michelson factories. It was Fanny Jefimovitch Kaplan who allegedly shot - it could mean 'Modern Language Review'. Lenin argued for her case in court and said that she, like himself, believed in her political mission and should therefore be treated mildly, and she spent some time in jail but was soon released. It could have been about the famous Michelson-Morley experiment - which could be encoding the name of Paul Marshall, if that was his name. 'The Beatles' could be seen to encode the name as well - with this 'John Lenin' story. There was the Marshall help to Europe after the war, and Olof Palme could be seen to encode the same name. There are several such indications on a 'Paul Marshall'. A US TV series from 'My campf' environments was called M.A.S.H.

The purpose with the incest reports of Klara Pölzl would then have been that as soon as Marshall-Hitler had installed himself in Berlin, entering the nazi party which Anton Drexler had founded in the immediate context of the murders of Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht, there would be no more contact between Marshall and London - but all contact and instructions from the british government would go in the form of administration on Pölzl's reports - which Marshall, having taken over the identity of Adolf Hitler, would 'sense' telepathically in Berlin. Could be this is the story. Most of the war and holocaust was probably appointed in advance, though, and is partly documented in Modern Language Review.

Hitler's government could of course also have been britons dressed up as germans.

Did Hitler-Marshall and his government flee to Aalesund and Klipra after the war?

If my genetic parents were Paul Celan and Nelly Sachs, it can be noticed that Paul Celan was born Paul P[essach] Antschel which suggests just this Paul Marshall if that was the real name of Hitler. It would be about a PARSELL, a small piece of earth whereupon the soldier (or Adolf Hitler 1918!) falls - and the Talmud Erubin discusses whether the soldier has the right to this piece of earth for his grave where he falls. That means the PARSELL - cp. also Thomas 'Parnell' in 'The Scriblerus club' as the possible source of not only Beowulf but possibly the whole 'Heimskringla' - and when this is turned nasal = NAZI it gets into Paul Marshall. George Bush may have leaked the other big essential in this story when he defined 'the axis of evil' = 'de[t] on[d]es akse' which echos 'Leonie Sachs': The pronounced axis was Iran, Iraq and North Korea, which suggests N/K and compares with the L/D of 'Leonie Sachs' = Nelly Sachs. When these two came to be my parents, it meant that Paul Marshall was of L/D = London. These two jewish poets would then be the big british responsibility claim on the german nazism. This story could of course have been my role in the mythos. And then it is also likely that Marshall-Hitler could have been among my acquaintances in the family. This explains also the family's route along norwegian towns in my childhood: After Molde and Oslo in 1957-58, there followed Hammerfest-Odda and then Molde-Volda-Molde. The latter triad can be seen to encode Paul Marshall or Paul Mitchell, and it is not impossible that Hammerfest-Odda can be seen to mean 'Lone Don'. Then what was the first Molde-Oslo (the latter in 'Brinken, Kampen')? Could have meant simply 'Paul Pessach Antschel'. The whole route would then have meant Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan as my parents - for the british responsibility claim on Marshall-Hitler. Could be also for the turnaround of roles of Hitler with the jews. Paul Celan disappeared on Hitler's birthday in 1970 and was buried on the day of Nelly Sachs' death which also was my official mother's official birthday. It was not Paul Marshall who was attacked in 1970, but maybe his jewish 'other side'.

I notice also Hitler/Himmler for this single letter alternation. What was Himmler's name? It was probably not the same after the war as it was before.

In the late 70's I was acquainted with the socalled 'Gruppe Elg' art group in Norway. Their names could perhaps be seen to encode just the same phenomenon: 1) Magne Rudjord = 'burp is a dra'n selv', 2) Petter Brönn = 'etter-brömp' = PS-adr/ach, and 3) Morten Juvet = Morten Juvel, Mor-til-en-juvel, for the Leonie/De[t]-on[d]e.

How did the british administration engineer the relation between the hypothetical Paul Marshall and Adolf Hitler? The attempt on Lenin was on 30 august 1918, which means that it could be a reference to Modern Language Review july 1918. There are 7 main article titles plus various minor notes etc in that issue. The 7 titles seem to encode Marshall in title 1, Hitler in title 7, and titles 2-6 seem to encode the five sensory modalities which can be spotted in the 5 first photos of mine from the Danube island:

MLR jul 1918

1. The Date of "Love's Labour's Lost". By H. B. Charlton
= the date of Paul Marshall 'stål'/'salt'. By Klara Pölzl

2. Spenser's "Blatant Beast". By Merritt Y. Hughes
= photo 4 = sense of smell

3. Dryden's "Mac Flecknoe." A Vindication. By G. Thorn-Drury
= orange 'Oranienburg' stains on curtain = photo 3 = visual modality

4. A Visit to the Friends of Ibsen. By Edmund Gosse
= photo 1 = touch - the basis for the incest reports. Was Hitler 'purke'?

5. De Superbia Carminum. By W. P. Ker
= photo 5 = taste

6. Mallet's "Histoire de Dannemarc" as a Source of "Han d'Islande". By Beatrice C. Seth-Smith
= malleus = photo 2 = audition, cp. also the 'blue metre' in the norwegian flag

7. Anglo-Norman Poems in a Dublin Manuscript. By M. Esposito
= Adolf Hitler's mum in a Braunau-am-Inn manus-crypt. By Talmud Erubin

This could be telling of just this architecture with Klara Pölzl's incest reports as the basis for british control with Hitler-Marshall. See also the rewrite in title 7 with the role of the nasals. For title 1, I notice also the 'Balfour' declaration ('Wall Balour's salt') of 2 november 1917 as the historic basis for the current state of Israel. The title 6 could be telling of Hamlet's ghost and the origin of the Talmud Erubin fragment in Thomas Parnell.

The british blocking for further progress in studies in 'curtain stains' of sensory modalities seems to have been quite efficient. It could perhaps be said that a british Hitler adventure could have had this and only this purpose. The british control with Hitler in Berlin would then have gone through Pölzl's incest reports plus administration on the five senses.

My 23 photos are assumed to be on the architecture of the acoustic reality, which means that the poetic reality is pronounced as an acoustic fact by the divine creation which splits off in a bifurcation into one phonetic form and one logical form - which could be the basis for Chomsky's minimalism. This is where the poetic surface can be created. It means that the poetic form springs forth from a divine articulation of the acoustic reality and is filtered through the architecture of the human organism and its sensory modalities into the historic reality - and when looking back into the poetic origins humans see the classic archetypes. For example, when audition = the arm extremities and vision = the legs, the man-on-wagon (Chomsky's context-free phrase structure grammar) is explained.

A british program on Hitler-Marshall will then have had two basic purposes: 1) To base it on an AFFE (Marshall essentially, via the perverse british incest program, being a copy of Hitler) for collapse of the WHOM into the HOMO, making mass murder the fundamental historic fact and basis of power, and 2) to take over the control with the divine articulation of the acoustic reality - the reality of Hitler's Germany as pronounced through the 'sensory architecture' of the London intrigue. This means that Hitler-Marshall would have pretended that 1) german nazism and its mass murder was the jewish revolution (with all its 'culture camps'), and 2) the british government was divine.

This is the historic flaw which seems to be England of today. It is the classic old error - the attempt to usurp the power in heaven.

Notice the 'Gestalt switch' of senses 1 and 5 - touch and taste - around 'a quarter past three' in photo 1 - and Rilke's line in the article 'What is 'purke'?' for the equation of WHOM/HOMO with the mass murder program. According to Rilke, there is no poetic relation between this Gestalt switch in my photo and the concept of 'Töten'.

If Paul Marshall or Mitchell was the name, that makes sense relative to the 'midtskill' = norw. for mid parting of the hair - adding the 'bart' of the moustache, there are Hitler's typical traits. This makes sense also relative to the idea of a political british 'control' (a sort of 'Jack Sprelman' type) of Marshall-Hitler - if the social identification of him was Hitler via the recognition of him in the five senses for his sexual but not personal identity.

It could be about Thomas Parnell and the fragments in the Talmud Erubin about the Thomas Parsell of the fallen soldier. If in addition Parnell wrote the icelandic sagas and Beowulf, the epic about his daring voyage from Skaane over to Denmark and king Hnaef's mjöd party there, there is the reference to title 6 in MLR jul 1918. All this could in principle constitute a package of historic interpretation with an impressive explanatory force, and it could be that e.g. Sir Karl Popper would have recommended that the theory be taken seriously.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 14 July 2013