What is 'purke'?

John Bjarne Grover

On Saturday 6 july 2013 I saw the spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar's new film (about flying lovers or something like that). The bad mood it left me in thereafter could suggest that it could be about an uncredited use of (some of) my 23 photos from the Danube island. It is probably hard to find a film with a higher density of scenes encoding the name 'John Grover', but my name is not in the credits, as far as I know. It is in the undertext of the film.

I cannot say that Friederike Mayröcker comes from Oredalsåsen in Fredrikstad, but I had the idea that her new book of poetry ('Von den Umarmungen - Gedichte') of the summer 2012 (published on Insel) related to at least one (#13) of those 23 photos of mine from the Danube island (13 is the mid photo, while Almodovar could be about the first #2 and the last #23 - with the 'stau-ros' and two months pregnancy 'phos-tar') - but it did not make sense by the dating - I mean, if her poems were written before I took the photos. Mayröcker's name resembles the name of May Kosberg who lived in Oredalsåsen and who made a 'tjukk rullings' when I met her on the 'grasser' in I think the spring of 1974.

People do perhaps not understand that these 23 photos are not just about going into the wood and photographing arbitrarily into the darkness in the course of a few seconds - it could be the result of 20 years of work. That phenomenon would be precisely the essential historic issue - and then the historic issue would be that angloamerican and Klipra connection philosophy (wherein 'Oredalsåsen' could be an element, see below) do not acknowledge the work therein. They claim that it is luck and coincidence. "You mean psychokinesis on the trunks and twigs?" Cp. the central Lamb of #2 - what Rilke sonnet part 2:VIII calls 'Das Lamm mit dem redenden Blatt', with an echo in Celan's 'Der Hengst mit dem blühenden Docht' (Fadensonnen poem #15) from the front page photo of my TEQ. In my parallel interpretation of Rilke with Shakespeare in 'Poetic semiosis' (the 3-volume edition vol.3 page 1010), the corresponding Shakespeare line is "And, darkly bright, are bright in dark directed", and my line is 'Some days I suppose it is sufficient', likewise talking of the border to darkness.

The three stories

There are the three relevant stories from Molde: My official sister Vibeke Gröver and I bicycled 'Fræna rundt' - out to Fræna and back again - from the early morning into the afternoon, I think it was. We saw landscapes with fields of carrots, cauliflowers and other farming environment. Could be the conversation went a little staccato or shortbreathed due to the pedalling. It could have been around the same time that Vibeke Gröver told the story from a household lesson in school (!) that the teacher had pulled out a package of detergent called OMO and somebody had written a big H in front of it, making it look like HOMO. The teacher was very embarassed and put it quickly back again. The third story is her asking if we should play the card game '52 pick up', to which I agreed, and she threw the whole pack of cards on the kitchen floor and said 'pick them up'. I think I remember that she laughed. '52 pell opp' would be in Fredrikstad dialect. One can notice the T-262 of Gröver/'Mengele's beetle car since 1960 when The Beatles started, and if Gröver/'Mengele' should have been replaced with a copy in order to prepare in theology for a takeover of pope #262 Paul VI, it would have been in the late sixties. If he did take the pope's place (I dont know if he really did), it could have been in 1975 - and it could have been for the idea that the pressure on me was so big that I had agreed to 'collaborate'. I did agree to push the limits of morality somewhat when I did not protest against the Octogon, but that is not the same - after the sexual revolution and hippie times - as murdering somebody, which would mean the end of one's own life. Not so long after these stories in the late 60's, the family moved down to Fredrikstad and searched for a site to build a house - looked first at the site in Oredalsåsen under some high-voltage lines but chose the one in Labråten instead.

H-omo plus H-Oredalsåsen (such as my octogon) could be the background of much 'homo' work - apparent plagiarisms under the pretext that the 'homo' work proves that it was planned in advance and that any 'whore-dal-saucy' stories would have been the result of high-level pressure - could be to a level of pope or thereabout. The single little lonely subject on earth hasn't got a chance against the moral condemnation - but can reach out to the helping hand of a plagiarism which proves that it was a matter of HOMO and FRÆNA RUNDT and things like that which thereby serves as a PROOF that it was a high-level trap which nobody could escape. That restores MORAL INTEGRITY - by way of this identity-swap contained in the HOMO PLAGIARISM.

How far has this HOMO program gone?

To say that it has gone so far as Sudan being divided in 2011 in order to make HOMO instead of tidying up in the mafioso business is perhaps to take it too far, I don't know. Of course there would have been local reasons in Sudan - but those could of course have been exploited by the international angloamerican program. France has recently legalized homo marriages - a program which likewise could have received fuel from this historic background. We must only hope that Austria does not develop a HOMO identity instead of tidying up in the dirty business. In my octogon case, it could mean the 'incredible' phenomenon of the program being planned since on Eisenhower doctrine level or thereabout since my birth - which would be the fact which could restore reality, rather than running HOMO developments around the world for making it look like restored. The worst kind of HOMO program is the one which tells that it doesn't matter if a person is replaced with an identical copy - another person - as long as the copy looks and behaves the same. That is called administrative logic - rather than the poetic logic which talks of the inner integrity. Pedro Almodovar, whose name could compare with 'Fræna rundt' ('was pedal to Molde' etc), seems to have started his career with porn, cp. 'H-Oredalsåsen', which makes similarities with my work a relevant question. Plagiarisms are of course not the right way to restore the moral integrity of my person on the basis that this HOMO phenomenon on the historic background that the 3 stories could serve as a proof that the octogon (or at least the moral values it could assign to my person) was preplanned since at least the sixties and therefore such similarities could harvest sympathies from the audience - and add apparent moral integrity to the similar value.

If the bicycling HOMO solution in politics is going too far, this is a very deplorable phenomenon. Clearly if the real 'giallo' matter is 'who murdered Mao', it wasn't me.

I was also for early morning bicycle trips with my two sisters in Fredrikstad in 1970-71 - with the younger official sister Tone Helene Gröver to the woods where we found a frog which we put in a box (swedish 'burk') and brought home and called BURKE and with elder official sister Vibeke Gröver to the wetland district of Øra where we saw a pheasant = FASAN. If that is Burkina Faso, I don't know. Of course they have better own reasons for the name of the country.

Mai Kosberg lived in Oredalsåsen, as far as I remember, and it could of course have been not so far from the place the family looked at. I notice the popular Cosby TV series - which could include the element of NEGRO in the unfortunate sense of HOMO by way of KOSy-BERG as the VENUS berg - but it is in the front or is it in the back, as tells Almodovar's film as well. I don't know if the murder of Martin Luther King could have been for this program. 'Harry Potter' could perhaps be on the same wave.

Possible evidence of political importance of this historic background could perhaps be spotted in Wolfgang Schüssel's government when he included interior minister Liese Prokop (full name Liesel Prokop-Sykora, according to the web). She died on 31 december 2007 in an emergency ambulance due to 'Riss der Aorta' - 'rister korta' means 'shakes the cards'. Prokop in Schüssel's government could be about an interest in tidying up in the dirty business rather than accepting a HOMO development of Austria.

What is 'purke'?

The story probably starts around 1850 with the formation of paperflat symbolic logic. There is an old british measure of land called 'perch' which has a double value:

1) It can be a unit of length 1/4 of a chain, hence 5.029 m
2) It can be a unit of area 1/160 of an acre = 25.29 m2

This means that, whether coincidental or not, perch = perch * perch. It means that

purke = purke * purke = 90 degrees angle by way of 1 dimension = 2 dimensions

This is probably a british anomaly on the principle of du-ality which is abnormally misinterpreted by short circuitry as the principality of Du-ino - for the idea of 'poetic logic'.

But if purke = Judensau, it means the traditional misinterpretation of the jewish circumcision as meaning the same as the lifting of the helmet on top of the newborn skull, which is to mix up poetic and administrative logic. In addition, there is the role of the birth in this story, as if birth = birth * birth as the reason for the old testamental pact of God with the people of Israel - about consecrating ('qaddesh' - cp. 'Sudan') the firstborn (Exodus 13:1 etc).

There is also the phonological misinterpretation in the sense of pulse = the ray of light taken to be the spurt of semen in 90 degrees angle on the cortex. Pulse = pulse * pulse for the conversion of the ray of outer genetics on the infant cortex into the conception of it as ray of inner light from the inner genetics.

Purse, börs etc: Wall Street Crash from Tal-mud Erubin and Hall Beer Putsch. It would have been interesting to know the real name of Adolf Hitler if he were an agent from England. Was it 'Paul Michelson' or sth like that (cp. the attempt on Lenin in 1918 outside Michelson's factories)? There was the resistance organization in Norway during the war called XU - whose central names seem to have been encoded in the socalled Oslo Report, cp. also pope 'Paul VI' after the war - and the apparent political program of identifying nazism with the name of 'John Grover' - such as in the film by Almodovar.

The intention was probably to settle this mixmax of poetic and administrative logic by way of swapping Kennedy as administrative logic and Mao as poetic logic - via the assassinations - in order to create the archetype PURKE. Hence a possible british program on Mao's poetry relative to Pelopponnes = '52 pell opp' etc. Or even pope #262.

There is currently a duality of princes in Buckingham.

Perch can also mean a ROOST - cp. the fos-star and staw-ros of photo #23 - and a freshwater FISH, not to be mixed up e.g. with 'The Blay' which could be the background of the name of Tony Blair in politics. See my poem TEQ #94 (in book 2). One could speculate that Gordon Brown was launched after Blair for the idea of Robert Adrain being the first to discover the method of least squares - which in some ways could relate to the principle of duality when it comes to creating a computable link between mind and matter. If Adrain was first, before Legendre and Gauss, it could serve to lend an aura of Legendre to Blair. (There was also the Bravo oil rig blowout outside the norwegian coast in 1977 - an upside-down drain which was efficiently plugged by 'Red Adair').

What for? The strategy is likely to be that PURKE is the strategy in the german-speaking countries and on parts of the continent, and this is going to develop into new Judensau persecutions and anti-semitism in new variants (there are not so many jews and hence potential JUDENSAUs left, but PURKE can apply to anybody with a minimum of cultural interests), while England has raised their flag which is not a PERCH but a BLAY at the turn of the millenium. TONE helene FLAGGer could be the theme. The plan is likely to be a repeat of the 20th century - with brute germans running around after the PURKEs while the watercombed and civilized british heros eventually have to beat the eisbeining and uncivilized beasts down once again.

Then it is important to notice that the program of constructing PURKE on the continent seems to be conducted by way of angloamerican 'rockpedo' earthquakes and things like that. This phenomenon should be studied and documented now when it is going on - later it can be too late.

Johan Jörgen Holst, whose death in 1994 seems to have coincided with the start of the Rwanda genocide as the international hijack of my authorship, could have been the name for a 'hoist' on Israel. "Yunnan gjör'k en hoist" would mean the other side of Vietnam in the sense of Denmark relative to Norway. The difference in flag is the blue metre - not the 'red adair' - and Israel has two blue lines plus a David star: That could make for the 2 hundred years 1814-2014 - and then the David star means the years - the millenial - and hence of Leapyears. It means that Norway was established for the Klipra connection when Denmark granted jews civilian rights in 1814, and after 200 years Israel hopes to attain the role of the Leapyear in the blue metre government of the world. That means Labour and british intelligence and the terrorist policy of knorrs and things like that. But that could be why they do not 'Tone Flagger' relative to me. Yunnan is the region in China which looks like a jig-saw puzzle piece and hence invokes ideas of France - while the region of Hunan looks more like France on the map. Ariel Sharon said as PM, shortly before he slipped into unconciousness in the framework of a medical examination of his 'heart' where one had found a little hole (diametre 1-2 mm), that all jews should move out of France. Could have been what he meant? In my blue metre analysis of names in politics, there is Jens Stoltenberg and hungarian Istvan Dobi on the first sonnet in the section called 'I giovani', which clearly could be a play with graphics and alphabet for the ideas of 'i glovani' (Nansen etc) and 'Istvan Dobl' - for the two hebrew H letters. This is my discovery - and it proves the relevance of my PEB for political theory. The blue metre - the blue conservativism which tells that we must wait 20 years before new progress can be made - is of course old, but the precise definition in my book is new. Labour must, from the viewpoint of the Leapyear phenomenon, be about the bluest conservativism one can find - the most reactionary political movement. It seems that british Labour is historically the same as german nazism: McDonald's government was the first Labour government and it started in the early morning after the death of Lenin, soon after the Beer Hall Putsch, and is likely to be the same as Hitler's couping of the russian revolution.

In short, it could be that international angloamerican politics holds out the carrot for the israeli rabbit (it is somewhat paradoxical why Israel after the apparently angloamerican holocaust invested its future in angloamericanism) that it can get the very important role of Leapyear in the third millenium if only they do not TONE FLAGGer (cp. 'Tone Helene Gröver') - but clearly there is the danger that the carrot disappears in the last moment and british Labour takes the role and place of judaism instead, for governing the global community.

This would be the purpose of their PURKE program - which encodes serious logical flaws such as this one of principle of du-ality vs principality of Du-ino.

It is likely that skull opening (helmet lifted hoh and then loh again - highlevel Oredalsås and then Low-brow-ten) soon after birth - which is NOT the same as jewish circumcision - is something which leaves a scar in the child's psyche for the rest of the life and which could make it difficult for the person to pay tax - in the sense of normal people getting historic support for their persons in return for the tax money while such victims of early child abuse do not but on the contrary can suffer expulsion instead, could be of a political-persecutional kind. Or one has worked for 20 years with some poetic-logical work which is given to society and there is uncredited borrowing and expulsion to be earned in return - making an endless series of adjustment comments on the internet the only solution - while waiting for the response to start going the right way. (The PURKEs do not understand the situation - does that mean that such uncredited borrowing is stimulated by administration in order to create PURKE on the continent?) This means that it could be some empirical reality in the idea of Taxis-Hohenlohe - but that does not mean that there is an empirical basis for the short circuitry with 'principle of duality'. It is likely that the dirty trick is thereabout. It may be the british plan that the german-speaking people and other parts of Europe shall bite the hook that PURKE is an empirical fact on this basis - while that is a case of short logical circuitry - and then England has been TONE FLAGGER since long. Tone Gröver has the type of hair which they have on Pelopponnes, as I noticed when I came there - with the bottleneck of Corinth which could mean MAO POETic logic, in contrast to the administrative logic of Kennedy. It would mean that England does not bite the hook and does not swap administrative and poetic logic and are the only ones who do not. Hence the carrot is theirs and the british heros can battle the continental beasts once again.

If there are plagiarisms of my work going on, it is likely to be for such a program. For example, I have sometimes fancied that my novel 'The Dreamer' could have been plagiarized to an extent which nearly could have engineered a new literary genre. If for example Dan Brown's bestselling books should have my book as an undertext in some sense of it, it could be about a role of Gordon Brown in the political theatre being similar to Robert Adrain in the history of mathematics - for creating a Legendre out of Blay-er - even before Gauss as the 'princ-iple of mathematics'. Could be Adrain was first - not second or third - to develop the method of least squares. Gordon Brown could then also add to the british program in the sense that Tiananmen square in Beijing is not exactly the least of squares - as a basis for a propaganda war on China.

This means that the german-speaking countries are not so smart if they plan to follow this scheme. I hope the police can investigate the matters if plagiarisms of (or uncredited borrowing from) my work is going on. I have very little extra resources to spend on seeing such things, in particular if that is the only sort of response I get to my work.

Could be Almodovar's film serves to create the impression of 'recognizing John Grover's work' in the encoding of the name, while e.g. the Snowden case and other current stories could serve to create the idea of 'legless birds' (which also is the framework of the film) in the sense of being deprived of vision = BLA-I-N for norwegian 'leaf in it'. You stand there at a shelf or counter and lift up a volume - it says 'John Grover' on the front page - you are then supposed to LEAF IN IT and recognize a few salient impressions - for the general conclusion of leaving it there. Preprogramming of thought, for the continental PURKEs. It could be for the british thought-control program (e.g. for controlling the robots) of BLAY-n relative to the thought-controlled PURKE program on the continent. Four hours after I had seen the film of Almodovar on 6 july 2013 a 777 from Seoul crashed on San Francisco airport. This clearly could mean the book 'The Dreamer' - where there are many 777's - and 'Almodovar' is probably also a name invoking the idea of 'Dreamer' - for which the deep undertext of Talmud Erubin can be recognized - I notice the role of this for the engineering of nazism in Germany in the late 20's as a potential additional factor on Almodovar's name: But that would be on his name and not on mine which is heavily exposed in the film. In short, it could be about a political swap of his name and mine - and that could be about the swap of Kennedy and Mao in the sense of administrative vs poetic logic. There was also - I think soon after I had seen the film - a train accident which put fire to nearly the whole town of Lac-Megantic in Quebec in Canada when a train with 72 wagons filled with crude oil derailed and went on fire - echoing the train crash in northern Vienna some months ago which could relate to my 23 photos from the Danube island. Quebec and Canada could then be for Vibeke and (in?) Kennedy - as if about the authorship of the 23 photos? I refer to the poem on the syllable LAK in vol.3 page 1208 of the recent 3-volume edition of my work. I hope it is not public administration who organizes air crashes and train disasters for reasons of 'modelling reality'. Somebody must of course pay for the damages.

I recall me going out from Villaveien (house of Fröen - we love eien? - cp. the chemical flooding in Hungary a couple of years ago) on fresh snow and Knut Stene Johansen following after me, putting his footprints adjacent to mine as if there had been a kangaroo leaving the house. Edward Hopper, it could mean. Fjerna ruta...

Edward Hopper... Celan having read Paavo Haavikko before he wrote his 'Späte Gedichtsammlung'...

All this seems to be under administrative control, spread out over years on a bordereau paper scheme ('ruta'?), for imitating the ideas of poetic logic. Why isnt there somebody who publishes the facts of this harassment program? Is it the tragic 'secret intelligences' who feels that if poetic logic is to be established, then it must be done with 'secret intelligences' - and hence their programs are stamped 'secret' and nobody is allowed to publish it? Such secrecy stamps are not permitted. They are only engineering the british PURKE program on the continent.

It must be noticed that poetic logic cannot be developed by services who have murder on their conscience: They know about it in advance and do not prevent it in time - then they are guilty of murder and the service would have to be closed down before further progress in poetic logic is possible. Moral integrity is not obtained by swapping identities. 'Stolen integrity' - was that even one of the names in the high-school class?

'It is not the secret intelligence - it is the mafia' is perhaps the normal response. To which it can be replied that there is perhaps no essential difference between the two any longer.

The crisis is that I have to write all this and publish it on the internet. Why isnt there somebody who tidies up in the matter? Why are they all on the british PURKE program?

The computer adds nothing new to the fundamental semiotics of the alphabet as far as humans are concerned - but it does create a new semiotics for the artificial life of the robots coming up. The PURKE program would be for the one and only purpose of the humans governing the robots by way of monkey business via the archetypes - for which reason they try to make a new PURKE archetype on the continent which can be governed by Leapyear principles on the british isles. But that is of course horrendously naive - to govern robots by monkey business - and serves the one and only purpose of creating a new global class division.

Added on 12 july 2013:

If the Kennedy assassination were about putting a stamp of secrecy on Grassmann's 'Ausdehnungslehre' from 1844 in the framework of the discussion in the paper on the 'verboten' poetry, and if Labraaten 58 were about moving this knowledge over onto Labour-iota-n for leaving the role of the world government to british Labour, and if these furthermore have pretended that Israel (if only they do not TONE FLAGGer = show their true colours, the true colour of their flag) should be given this role - by waving a carrot in front of the RABBI-t-S - while there is the obvious danger that this carrot could come to be removed in the last moment for the purpose of a global hijack of judaism, then the possibility emerges that TONY BLA-I-R simply means 'if you have one of those books in your hand, leaf a little in it [and put it gently back into the shelf and do not open it again?] and do not be afraid to tell the opinion of yours'. (I do not believe that Tony Blair is a rebuilt Tone Helene Gröver, but the idea could relate to the name).

Which books?

Could be mine, quite simply, or one of those books which could contain the 'dangerous secret' which the Kennedy assassination was designed to close down under secrecy.

This could be the reason for the general angloamerican resistance to a publication of my work.

I think the rest of the world should not agree to such an intrigue. I think it is better to start digging up the whole story of Hitler etc - in particular if he and his government quite simply were britons. Paul Marshall, was that his name, or was it Paul Mitchell? 'The Beatles' could have encoded his name. The Michelson/Morley experiment could have been for this purpose, or vice versa, etc. The 1918 attempt on Lenin, the Marshall help to Europe after the war, Olof Palme etc.

A problem is that England probably would have to pay war compensation to Germany if this historic interpretation comes to be accepted.

I add to the TONe of the FLAGGer of Blair the observation on the additional effect of the name of Kate Middle-TON, and notice that 'kok-kjær-li[g]' is SYRJÄN language for SHIN OF LEG, while 'kjær-li[g]-het' is norwegian for LOVE, and 'kok' means 'boil' and 'het' means 'hot'. This can go into the name in the sense of 'ca-terr-li-ddleton' = LOVE DELTON. If TON means FLAGG, there is the trivial observation that the oldest norwegian law still in use is the socalled 'vimpel-loven' = 'pennant/streamer law' (cp also 'Wimbleton') - it is the law mentioned first in 'Norway's Laws' = 'Norges Lover'. This would mean that the SHIN OF LEG = THE LAW. See my study of The 'verboten' poetry for the relation between SHIN and socalled LEMMESMÖR or COLOUR on low textiles as transferred from the high spiritual spheres, related to Rig-Vedaen SOMA and similar concepts. (I have fancied that the Mengele 'diagonal' is perversely recognized as related to SOMA in political 'theory'). There is a poetic basis which can be observed from the alignment of Rilke's Orpheus sonnets and and Shakespeare's sonnets with my own 48 sonnets in 'Poetic semiosis', the three-volume edition vol. 3 page 1013, as basis for my poetic analysis of Chomsky's language types which can be recognized as the classic archetypes , where there are the lines 12:

Rilke #2:11 = 'Töten ist eine Gestalt unseres wandernden Trauerns'
Shakespeare #46 = 'The clear eye's moiety, and the dear heart's part'
My sonnet #30 = 'with whom we thought'

which means that the HOMO aspects in the political intrigue could serve the one and only purpose of providing a foundation for the british need for accept of the rule that


Or simply that 'murder is legal'. It would provide quasi-legitimacy to a british plan for a new round of mass murder, according to their tragic 'anglican'-related conception of 'genocide' as equivalent to an ejaculation in a 'global consciousness'. It is co-occurrence of Rilke's and Shakespeare's lines with my line which provides a quasi-legitimacy based on the PHONETIC or ACOUSTIC misreading of british 'whom' as 'homo' on a high abstract level. It goes into the highest language types and poetic logic - and this could have served to provide legitimacy to british plans for mass murder as a general principle of government. This would be the basis for the construction of the political intrigue which could serve to harvest general global sympathies for the idea of HOMO.

My own PHOTO #3 (here with the thresholding used in the book vs the version of #3 used on this web page earlier) can be studied for the assumed relation of LEG or SHIN extremities with the sense of VISION as part of a conception of THE ACOUSTIC REALITY. That could be the reason why british LABOUR want to take over the LEAPYEAR role from Israel and their RABBI-t-s. For the SYRJÄN as related to SYRIAN, see PHOTO #5 and its sense of LOVE in terms of BODY IN THE THICKET. (If one thinks this uralic Syrjän language is too peripheral and unimportant, it must be observed that it is a matter of linguistic universals which are well exemplified thereby).

A further quasi-legitimacy for british plans of government by murder is in the logical flaw telling that only murder or Mengele-based suffering can lift colour from the mind to the matter of the silken curtains. Which is a very serious mistake. It is poetic logic and not brutality which can do that. See my ABC for a rudimentary study of BRITISH SPIRITUALITY.

I notice VEAL BIRDS/OLIVES (the meatball sort of dish) which are called LEGLESS BIRDS in norwegian. The word HOIST goes back to a historic form HARI. This could lend a certain heavy weight on the publication of my authorship as it started with the murder of HOLST as a preparation for the genocide in Rwanda as a means for preventing the publication of my book, which I submitted to publishers at that time. Tony Blair was elected new chief of Labour in the course of the spring of that genocide - after the sudden death of John Smith. It could suggest that Tony Blair could have been about a LEAF-IN-IT as far as my published authorship is concerned. The concepts also means that the 'principle of duality' and 'principality of Duino' as seen as represented by the two 'princes in Buckingham' can be seen to conspire on this program - even if their names could have other reasons - and one could add the role of 'potato balls' (see also 'more potato balls') as a national norwegian dish. It is a pity that train connections to VEAL-news and from VEAL-ach to Venice are replaced with buses (the night train to Vilnius from Warszaw was a bus through several years but now seems to have been closed entirely - it is a pity - I hope they reopen the night train connection - the only daytime train leaves too early to correspond), which could be for this idea of SHIN-less driving gear ('skeinelause köyregreier' - is that even the secret code word in Dan Brown's (!) 'The lost symbol' - in the sense of 'lausetausa', a quote from local poet Bottolf in Haugsvik or Opheim?). Even the direct train connection from Budapest to Venice is closed and people have to travel via Villach and change to buses there. I saw from one of those buses, when travelling from Venice to Villach, on the platform in Udine two ladies with heavy luggage apparently thrown into despair when they understood - from the apologizing station master - that they had to wait untill 2 o'clock at night for the first train connection to Villach (right up the street, so to speak) since the few afternoon buses were already full booked. It is time to reopen the day-time train connections to Venice from Italy and Hungary. I think the continent should not contribute to the angloamerican construction of PURKE programs - which would serve the one and only purpose of engineering new nazism and fascism in Europe.

This story also explains why there seems to be organized prevention of publication of my authorship combined with organized imitations and theft of ideas from it - that could be for the combined representation of WHOM with HOMO.

I add that the '48 sonnets' of mine were the 16th book in TEQ the 2007 edition - later replaced with book 16. In the 2007 edition, the 48 sonnets were more or less identical with book 5 - except for the LINEBREAK function which divides 1 and 2 lines of book 16 relative to the recording of Midori. Function 16 took the role of the 48 sonnets in the 2008 and 2013 editions, and the 48 sonnets, which also could constitute a fourth part of 'My mention e Anna' for a fourth 'unrestricted' grammar type, are now included as chapter 19 in 'Poetic semiosis' in parallel alignment with the sonnets of Rilke and Shakespeare.

The story continues in the article on the british Hitler, see also a most brief summary of this under the introductory remark.

PS some minutes later: I wrote the above in the morning 12 july, and it must have been around the time when I went out to publish this on the internet (could be some 5-10 minutes before) that an email arrived from Zürich university library, telling that since I had not responded about the three volumes I had given them (they had suggested that I could come by and get them back), the library would 'die drei Bände zu den Dubletten abtreten'. To whom? - that could mean. I had not responded expect by some more information on the internet, not the least for giving them the chance to change their minds.

It happened once I was in a swiss town and found a most precious and extraordinary tea saloon - with oriental smells and plush and samovar style. This was such a rare finding that I could not forget it - and to tell the truth I travelled back to this town some years later only for going once more to this fantastic tea saloon - and then it was turned into a sort of sour milk bar! The most yackie thing I could think of! I don't know if Zürich is that sort of problem or if it is only that british 'intelligence' has too much control in the country. Did the country get too much injections of 'amphetamine' in its childhood? Could be it is a problem of 'deponency'? It seems that my childhood fantasy friend Gori was born in Zürich.


It happened a year or two ago that a family seemed to have acquired a new version of their daughter, one was broad and the other narrow in the cheekbones, or there could have been some other reason for the change (new hairdo?), and since it was impossible for me to get any information about it, I wrote a letter to a local magistrate for child protection for informing them of the phenomenon - and added that of course there could be any reasons and explanations and I would believe that everything was okay, but if needed they could find out of the details which I could not, such as the legal registration of the child etc.

After having seen Almodovar's film on 6 july, I was writing this article on monday morning 8 july when it knocked on the door and there was a civilian-dressed policeman who had the letter (there were two letters) and needed to have them confirmed. In the course of the conversation I understood that the police forwarded - or did they themselves suggest? - that if I met the daughter in the street I should walk over to the other side of the street. It is not so easy to comment on this - but I repeated that I had done them no harm and I suppose most people would find my act friendly and child-protecting - and not a threat. If the daughter should be anxious, it could not be because of me, I said, it would have to be for other reasons. The alleged policeman ended the conversation by referring to my beard - as if to suggest that a beard can be scaring for children. Could be he meant to say that this was the background of the idea - not that it should be taken seriously.

I hope this is not a repeat of the situation on Simmering in 2005 when I was stopped by police who claimed that there were witnesses telling that I had been 'talking to children', which I had not. What later happened to Gusenbauer's government I don't know. Did they win the election after this Simmering event, or was that during his government? Alfred Gusenbauer seems to have gone or fled to USA and there were news about him being granted political asylum there, if I got it right, which perhaps I did not. I hope it is not about a repeat for the 'principle of duality' with SPÖ. Am I asked to cross ove to the other side of the street if a certain person - whom I have not in any way insulted but on the contrary in theory could have helped - occurs in the street, as if I were a second-class Judensau?

I laser-print my own books and donate them to libraries and formerly there existed services in town who could refill an empty laser cartridge for a decent sum. If you buy a new one, it can, when empty, be refilled at least 5 or even more times before it starts getting blunt in the print, and there would be thousands of euros to save for me by that - and the books I make for libraries would not cost me so much money. But it seems that all such services are scared or paid off the market and socalled REFILL shops take their place - if you go in there with an empty cartridge you normally get the offer of buying another already refilled one for a sensible sum. "But that is not the same as filling the one I have in the hand and which I know is okay". - No, but there is a guarantee on it, they say - if it doesnt function you can come back and get a new one. I have tried many of those shops and not one single cartridge has not been a terrible blotter, and I have concluded that these REFILL shops could even be run by the producers who want people to buy new ones.

The crisis took place when I bought a NEW cartridge at Midas Computer: I had been there once before - in 2006 I think it was - and then an apparent virus printed the trailing letters in the words 'Historic reality' in white after the initial H______ followed by a long underscore - and there were several ads up in town telling of the phenomenon. Although this of course could have been an independent 'business' virus which came from somewhere else, I had not been there again. But now some time ago I went in there again and asked if they had the socalled Marathon cartridge which can print 12000 pages - they had not, they said, and it could not be acquired, told the database, but a new DOUBLE pack of 2 * 6000 pages could be ordered and would be there the next day. I ordered it and returned the next day and bought the double pack for some 260 euros or thereabout, but the alleged new cartridge started blotting already on the next day, and I found that the inner seal (holding the cartridges) was not professionally made. The outer seal was not normal either - it was a simple adhesive tape closing the flaps and although this seemed to be difficult to get off without destroying the cardboard and there was a seal of the producer next to it, it was still far from the normal package seals. One could guess that it had arrived in that condition to the shop, though. Some days later there was the US Marathon competor's terror - close to the goal and a hundred metre or so from it. I have not found virus-induced errors printed from this cartridge - but clearly I could not use them. This was the background of me trying to get some INFO on where I could find a true refiller who could refill my own cartridge instead of offering me one which had been used by others. The yellow pages can offer no help - there is REFILL offers only and I have tried those and it is always the same story. To ask in such a shop for a colleague competitor is a waste of time. Where could I get the info? Do I have to walk around the town in search of one? I went to the Wien Stadt Information in the town hall and asked where I could get the info - they had only the suggestion that I could contact the Abfallwissenschaft in a Magistrate number something. I left the place and thought: Well, I hope they did not mistake it politically to be a matter of the idea that 'cartridges can be used once only'. It is not about the principle of duality! It is my need for saving thousands of euros when I make my book donations to society. It was critical even with the Planatol book glue I bought - and which turned out to be so lax that the side of the book could not be lifted in one of the side cartons without the inner page material slipping off at the spine, and I had to repair it with other glue. This Planatol is normally totally safe and there is the chance that the sealed pack had been sabotaged - probably not in the shop since the seal is efficient - for example if surveillance had discovered that I had completed the work and would come to bind the books. It is that sort of problem - it was not about making suggestions about once-only cartridges.

There is an election to parliament coming up in Austria in a few weeks time. I hope this is not the end of the story with me and Austria this time as well. I went around with a feeling of being considered a 'Kinderverzehrer' (isnt that the word for child molestor?) from 2005 to 2008 when I moved out of Austria. It is my name (heavily in the undertext of e.g. the film of Almodovar) which is a 'Kinderverzehrer', not my person.

Conclusion: I have not insulted anybody with my letter - on the contrary I have tried to be friendly - and it is permitted to wear a beard. If people are getting scared by a beard they should not ask the beard-carrier to get off the road but should seek help elsewhere. This means that I must relate to people as if they all have the same civilian rights - jews were granted civilian rights in Denmark in 1814 - and assume that I also have the right to walk in the street like everybody else.

I hope that is not the Snowden affair. Could be it is 'poetically' but that need not mean that it is so administratively.

I must suppose the police - rather than a normal interrogation - forwarded or related certain views, not that they themselves made claims about civilian status or ideas such as 'vil av veien' (wants to get off the road) or the like.

Anybody can of course be replaced with copies - and then the neighbours who see it should inform the police or other relevant authority. But it can be difficult to know and it would normally be nothing. Everybody would be happy for that minimum of human care and concern, and that is not to insult anybody. I am not replaced with a copy.

I add that since 2010 I have been paying 15% withhold tax to Norway. I hope this is not the background of the problems and that I get 'expulsion' in return for the tax I pay. There was also some lamp shade that fell down in the context of a russian election, whether coincidental or not.

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