Introductory remark

John Bjarne Grover

The theories (such as for the phenomenon of PTRSIM PIK) which I present below are my own - constructed on basis of personal experience and general considerations - where there are sources these are credited. The theories count as my attempts to explain the situation and not as valid claims on historic matters.

This introductory note discusses the political background which I have to struggle with. These political matters have taken too much of my time since I had to start wrestling with them after the (according to me view - unjust) rejection of my PhD dissertation 'A waist of time' in 1998 - and the bombings of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi plus the peace conference in Omagh - these three bombings make for the formula 'rejected on a political basis' - took place while I was writing the appeal to the rejection and in principle could have made the claim that it had been 'rejected on a political basis' - as if I were credited with the bombings while somebody else ran off with the credits for my PhD work. (This happened at the time when Labour politician Gro Harlem Brundtland was appointed chief of world doctor organization WHO after many years of prime ministry in Norway - she was appointed before the bombings but after I had delivered the dissertation to evaluation in december 1997 - I did not get the philosophical doctorate but was driven to forced hospitalization in psychiatric custody 'instead' - on Kennedy assassination anniversary 22 november 1999). I should have spent my time with poetry instead. I recommend for the reader the poetry on the front page rather than all the 'politics' in the many articles, which certainly is not my piece of cake but a sad burden only. I later got a disability pension which has made it possible for me to write poetry and that was of course valuable and rescued me from the complete ditch - I had at that time been 8 months sleeping more or less outdoors in Paris for sheer lack of money - but I have through many years believed that my work has been abused (also by tapping of private writings) for giving shape to terror and politics and that has been part of the reason why it has not yet been published. Today I suffer from the problem that being acquainted with new people quickly elicits the question "and what are you doing, John?". My official status is 'disability pensioner - I write poetry but it is not published yet' which means that telling the official status is to concede to the abuse as 'not so important' - and supporting terror is forbidden according by the law. (This adds to the apparent strategy of dumping blame for terror on little me). Therefore it is sort of forbidden by the law for me to get into contact with other people - unless I explain the whole story, which is why I had to write all this 'politics'. The problem is that if I tell it very briefly, nobody will believe it, and if I tell the whole story, nobody has the time to listen. Therefore all these articles in writing. But there are some interesting articles on poetic-semiotic and linguistic matters here as well - such as the following which are more in line with my interests:

The metaphysics
The christmas present
The transfiguration of Venice
PEB line 12 and 14

It seems that my fate on earth so far in life was to be the secret of the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' who wanted to abuse me as their tool for modelling their own interface to the public - for me to be the sheep's face (of jewish genetics) behind which rested the wolves of the 'services'.

The story seems to begin with the 'independence' of Norway (from Denmark, but they immediately went into union with Sweden) in 1814 - and the start of the socalled 'PTRSIM PIK' program. I have guessed (and cannot quote any source for the explication of the idea) that this is a program of engineering a child by genetic-historic factors to appear in people's nosepulled opinion like a Messiah in accordance with the function from the old to the new testament, and if a politician comes like three wise men from the east to the newborn child, the parents lift the skullcap off the child and the president-to-be masturbates a spurt on the infant cortex, that is when the people believe that he is Messiah and he wins the presidential election. It is possible that John F.Kennedy were present on 8 july 1957 in Sandveien 4, Molde, Norway after my birth on 29 june 1957. The evidence of this is in Mao's '100 Flowers' and in the names of Indira Gandhi's sons - plus the birthname of JFK's wife. See the story of Auschwitz power for further evidence. This article provides evidence that a lower part of my occipital brain lobe has been scissored off at some time in my life while the skull is intact - which means that it must have been in the earliest infancy. (The scissoring could have been a part of the political program for Kennedy involving USA in the Vietnam war). My theory is that Kennedy as a US democrat president is significant for my 'PTRSIM PIK theory' in the daring form telling that all US democrat presidents have PTRSIM PIKs on their conscience and are elected as quasi Messiahses thereby. (An intrigueing question arises: Must there even be something odd with the president's identity if he shall be recognized as the infant Messiah?) Most of these children (if this is the story) could have succumbed to the burden of abuse - which, as goes my theory, consists in the form of 8 major cases in the 8 main critical phases of child development up to the age of 18, but some could have managed the opposite and turned the genetic-historic start to their own forte. There is still the chance that I can come to be reckoned among these lucky cases rather than as a shipwreck of abuse - not the least due to the support based on the political importance from Russia, China, India and others - including the US republican party. Indira Gandhi may have been a big one in my life - when I was led into the 'octogon' (a structure of 8 triangles for putting me into the role of the transgressor, counterpointing the 8 assumed cases of abuse of mine) Gandhi had her crisis with accusations of election fraud but managed to return to politics and prime ministry nevertheless - but it is true that this story seems to have started around 1971 when school dentistry and possibly sexual abuse at the onset of my puberty could have been the story. (Around the mid 70's I developed a white spot - pigment displacement = official father replaced? - at the root of the penis and its pubic hairs). In those days things looked different and I was not even 18 and support to me expressed in such ways could have been important for me - but if the US democrat party in the current 2020 election should have presented themselves in the form of my literary work (I do not know the extent to which that could have happened) inviting people to vote for a publication of my work by voting for them, it is likely to have an opposite effect.

See this file on my ideas of origin of the PTRSIM PIK program. It seems that the 6 expeditions to the moon 1969-71 served to tell the story of these 6 PTRSIM PIKs who had been 'landed on the moon' - could be not the least because this is the most incredible part of the story - and I interpret them as follows (these names are guesses of mine):

Henrik Wergeland
Pjotr Iljitch Tschaikovsky                
Arthur Rimbaud
Ludwig Wittgenstein      
Dylan Thomas
John Grover
US president
Knox Polk
Moon lander

Henrik Arnold (Thaulow) Wergeland was a norwegian poet born before the state declared itself independent. Henry VIII could be the meaning of his name. The student days of the poet are described as 'filled with unhappy love stories' and there is the famous event called 'Torvslaget' (demonstrators and police involved) when his student uniform was rippet (is this the later english 'Jack'?) - which could be the parametres of 'drinking & whoring'. This story of Wergeland sounds like lies cooked up later and could be the origin of the story of Ludwig Wittgenstein when he worked as a teacher giving schoolboy Haidbauer a box on the ear so strong that he possibly died from it - even that could also be called 'Torvslaget' - the blow which brought him under the 'torv' = quasi 'six feet under' - hence possibly another story cooked up later for that 'Torvslaget' parametre. It is the name of the student as 'Hide-Bauer' which suggests 'six feet under' which suggests that the story could have been invented by anglophonic interesters - and perhaps also used as basis for the two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The biographies suggest also that Wittgenstein had pulled one of the girls by the hair. (The reason why Wittgenstein suddenly quit his job as teacher could rather have been that his 'Wörterbuch' had been published with official ministerial accept in Austria - his career as teacher was perhaps because his 'Tractatus' was rejected and Adolf Hitler came 'instead'). I have computed from this that it is possible that the organizers of the political intrigue could have planned to credit me with the knife murder of Inger Johanne Apenes on 5-6 may 1978, possibly the night when Aldo Moro could have been murdered in Italy - Apenes lived on 'Kongsten' and was the 'old mother' of MP Georg Apenes. I was in a party (could perhaps be called 'slaget'?) in the neighbouring house then recently acquired by 'Hanne Skjefstad' - a name which means almost 'the hand that held the knife' or 'the hand of the chief-place' - which could be telling of a Kennedy factor. Of course I have never murdered anybody: It is not possible to combine serious poetry with clandestine murder - but clearly the clandestine part of the story could be the infant brain and the masturbating candidate. It seems that Orlando di Lasso is the secret in a construction serving as proof that Hitler could have been an agent for England - di Lasso likewise seems to be credited with such an improbable story which does not harmonize with his music. 'Francois Hollande' could be a name supporting this theory.

That even I could have been planned in the end of the 19th century emerges from the name of 'Grover Cleveland' as the possible mid point between Wergeland and me. Could be the plan is that all PTRSIM PIKs should be considered as having the same story - nonsense for making new quasi Messiahses for 'secret intelligence' manipulation of the people.

The PTRSIM PIKs would be typical 'intelligence projects' for global power aspirations and they may perhaps claim that I am an 'intelligence project'. I am not an 'intelligence project'! but I may be a victim of such. I am the authentic author of my works - I am not a criminal with contract with the 'services' who have stolen works from others for me to publish them in my name. I am not involved in that sort of business at all.

The story is always the same: The government has to base their power on the truth which they get from the 'intelligence services', but since that makes them dependent on these 'intelligence services', the services start winding in the power and start serving power before truth - untill the government has to 'face the fact' that they have less power than the services. But that is when the politicians should seek their mandate in the people and not in the 'services'. That is why the relation and difference between people and services are of utmost importance - and that is what my role in the mythos construction could have been about.

Adolf Hitler was the ultimate articulation of the 'intelligence services' - he declared war on every legal government and the destruction of the war won the war. After the war the 'intelligence services' have been consolidating their powers around the world. Even the Vatican had to give in a little and left the principle of italian popes, at least for some time, with John Paul II. The next pope Benedict XVI from Germany had even been 18 years old when it was still obligatory with membership in the nazi party - and hence there has even been a pope who was a 'nazi' during WWII. The current pope is not an agent (except perhaps as 'agent' for God) but he comes from Argentine. Could be this tells of an urgency in the historic situation.

My life seems to have been a constant struggle against the informational encapsulation of those services who tap my life and work and spread it around as if it were their own - the sheep's interface to society. It was soon after the war that the program of 'containing the beast' was articulated in USA - the 'containment theory' - and it is likely to be just this.

The story is simple and summed up as follows: There exists the phenomenon of 'lapis philosophorum' - the philosophers' white stone - as the 'ex nihilo' matter par excellence. It forms out of nothing and seems to always have the same form and size (this constancy is my theory - I hope to find verification of it) - which means that the white stone is the human psyche in material form. It is a mystery which is hard to understand. On this stone there are certain patterns and shapes which tell of the mythological elements in the story of Jesus Christ - there is the Virgin Mary on the sleeper's cheek (which can be turned?), the suffering of the Christ (cp. Tiepolo's "Flagellazione di Cristo alla colonna" mentioned in this file), the Calvary, the resurrection (cp. also the two hearts in the vision of the 'Miraculous Medal' of 1830) etc - and what do you think of Peter's denial (foretold), the institution of the Lord's supper (cp. the the recursion of the 'Boxed Table' of GLIMT etc), or the Gethsemane (the greek spelling Γεθσημανι could look like three Kennedy names - as for the ship's prow reaching that 'heavenly shore')? I add this riddle - see also this file - is it 'the unknown day and hour' (Mk.13:32-37)? (When did Mao die?) The correlation of Jesus' life with this white stone is easily understood if the stone simply is the human psyche: If the divine Christ should step down into human life, he had to go through these elements of the human reality - only then would he be both human and divine. But it may be that the theory was formed not so long after Christ's death, could be some decades or centuries, could be only in the second millenium, that the story of Christ is a mythos - a piece of fiction - which is constructed by the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' (a small group of folks who met under a naked lightbulb) on basis of the universals in the white stone, and that the gospels were written on basis of this. That version of the gospels is what can be recognized as the logic of Satan: It is hard to take and it can be quite powerful indeed.

The ancient hindu rites of Rigveda seem to describe how they routinely made such white stones, crushed them and drank them as part of the religious service. This was later recognized as 'the same' as the holy communion of the christian church - and the sport maay have been to identify this rigvedic evidence in sanskrit as 'the same' as the books of Moses in hebrew. That is the logic of Satan who thereby can rescue the christian people from falling into doubt by a midway solution called antisemitism - and it is possible that this 'smart intrigue' was used for driving a 'service wedge' (divide-and-conquer) in between catholics and lutherans from about 1500 onwards - which also is when the european settlement in USA started.

How many million indians lived on the american continent? Probably very many. Hitler said '6 million' - but the number may of course have been much bigger. That is the story of the difficult territorial rights of the modern americans - that the indians must have been exterminated in terrible pogroms and that the modern americans have no legal rights to their continent. That is the beast that haunts them - that they have to leave the place - and the program of 'containing the beast' was american.

The difficult territorial rights and the ways to solve this problem is the political program of the US democrat party who tries to find smart solutions to the problem - smart enough to function. Could be the alleged territorial rights are mainly a pretext for terror? Can they resist a tempting offer when it comes? That is what the white stone was used for - to provide a rationale called 'divine sanction for terror' for being able to claim that the terror against the indians was with divine sanction - and that should suffice for granting them the needed territorial rights. It is based on certain aspects of Virgin Mary on the white stone identified as the same as the socalled 'hungarian HYMEN' phenomenon - therefore nazism was constructed internationally (1929 crash on Wall Street etc etc) from out of Austria and therefore Hitler's government was with names just behind the austro-hungarian border of Hegyeshalom - such as 'Kimle' with Himmler and 'Györ' with Göring etc. It is possible that 'Mosonmagyaróvar' simply is my name - 'mosdo' = 'loo' = 'john' - and that I was planned along with Hitler by the 'services' in the late 1800. Ibsen wrote a play called 'Eyolf Little' in 1896 (Eyolf died young - whether another later took his identity is not mentioned), along with 'John Gabriel Borkmann'. My role was probably planned to be the flagship of the services whose wolves was planned to dress up as the sheep of my life and work - whom they tap without asking for permission.

That seems to have been the problem of my life - to get in normal contact with the society without my social interface (and professional career) being controlled by the 'services'. They seem to have spread my work as theirs in the media - for gaining popular sheepy support while I am rejected as a 'Satan'. It is all those divide-and-conquer and similar strategies.

How can I have my books published? Submitting them to peer review by a publisher is only for digging their grave forever - very soon after the submission the publisher starts pumping out similar books written by service agents and after half a year mine is returned with the rejection 'not goodenough', 'not competitive'. (See the story of the submission of my first book rejected in concert with the Oklahoma bombing, the biggest bombing in US history - the chief of the norwegian research council at that time was also chief of the Orkla ASA business - cp. also the role of 'Nichols & Peterson', not PIKls & PTRSIM). It is only a massive success wave for nazism that comes out of a book submission from me. My blue metre 'POLAKK English Bloggi' is still unsubmitted and therefore it still has a chance - I hope that a decent publisher will contact me for asking for permission to publish it - that is the only chance my books have.

In 2013 the three first volumes of my work were finished and self-published - I personally believe that the riddle of semiotics could be solved thereby and therefore I think that these should be published. For example, my function 14 provides by its rainbow symmetry to the semantic logic evidence that a poetic-phonological logic must exist in human cognition - this discovery could lead to a transgression of the barrier which could be contained in Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus' in the form of the truth table from TTTT to FFFF. People who (naturally) laugh at this theory of mine could, alas, also be prone to contract virus diseases - see my virus theory (including some ideas on how to make the medication) based on the assumption that the sum of probabilities can be less or more than 1.0 - in which case ex nihilo vacuum pumps can (for approximating 1.0) be created for pushing matter (virus) in or out of the human reality. Clearly this could also affect Wittgenstein's theory - could be also the (von Neumann) computation theory corollaries that can be drawn from it. With this as the theoretic background, I was a little in need of having the work accepted, and it was therefore a great loss the day (18 october 2018) when I started making the fourth volume without having been contacted by publisher - the day I started was also the last day of normal urination - a very serious retention attacked me when I started writing and I spent weeks in hospital after the volume was completed.

It seems that the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' some centuries ago started collecting all evidence of the philosophers' white stone - like a Simon Wiesenthal collecting evidence after the war - in the hope of being the only ones with the knowledge available. The public program has been that the white stone does not exist - how can anything be formed 'ex nihilo'? - in the hope of being the only ones in control of 'divine sanction for terror'. That is what they can offer governments and politicians - the power of terror controlled with good contacts in Heaven. Of course the 'lapis philosophorum' is everything else than terror intrigue.

My genetic parents seem to be jewish - could be that was organized in order to identify the Satan of the 'services' as jewish genetics - for yet another round of 'satanic antisemitism' on behalf of the 'services'.

It seems that a new Hitler was planned - springing out from Hungary-bordering Austria for unfolding in Germany once again - for the modern program of 'total power'. That could be what my role as the 'beast' (jewish genetics) of Mosonmagyaróvar could have been about.

But now I have solved this riddle (when I wrote the blue metre) and found the hidden reason for the alleged 'divine sanction for terror' at the hungarian border and it should mean that the next Hitler will not come about - so people will not be 'shot out' in astronautic lonelinesses after all. I have also made (while I wrote the yellow metre) what probably is a 'lapis philosophorum' and that means that the stone can come out of the secret archives again. This is the good news of the website.

My own version of the story is that I was made for these rather special circumstances in order to write the socalled 'blue metre' which is a higher concept of time and solves many of the essential problems.

I am not an agent. I am the identity I always was and remember back to the age of 8 months in the spring 1958 - when Nelly Sachs sent a poem to Paul Celan, a poem which is the contents of my memory: I remember the corridor and have verified the address and I am registered with my name on that address on that time - I had not yet learnt to walk. I do not support or work for the 'intelligence services' - my work is for regaining the optimal conditions for a new spirituality with a blossoming cultural life of music and poetry and truth as the guiding light of the sciences. I never got any information on the story or a mythos role for me - and what I present on this website is found by myself. I never even asked for or got classified data - since that is to agree to be involved in the intrigue if it means agreeing to secrecy obligations.

The 'intelligence services' I have talked of here should of course ideally have been the hallmark of truth and integrity and lawfulness, and the security of the state should ideally rest on just such pillars. It is not that I am against. When I say that 'I do not support or work for the 'intelligence services'' I mean the historic condition of these for the time being - or, more precisely, what I believe is the historic condition of these for the time being - but since those services are secret it follows that my beliefs about them are restricted and I talk on basis of meagre evidence - could be it is too meagre and general to make justified claims of being right in that suspicion. If the 'intelligence services' had been the hallmark of truth and integrity and lawfulness and if there had been no secrecy clauses on them, I could of course in principle have worked for them - although I have never done so and believe that I will never work for them either - since my view is that this is not possible under the historic conditions of our time. I emphasize this also since it is not impossible that parts of the 'services' could have abused my work under the pretext that I should have agreed to let myself be tapped and spread around by the tapping services - that is not true. I have never given any such permission. I have a pension since my career has been impossible (my idea, which I have not yet got verified, is that I for political abuse purposes was subjected to early child abuse - of a '1-2-3' kind which can be seen as summed up in the names of John, Robert and 'Ted' Kennedy - and that this leaves traces in the psyche which can resemble symptoms of schizophrenia - modern diagnostic metrics allow for 3 'light' symptoms such as unemployment, frequent change of residence as well as social dysfunction plus one 'heavy' symptom such as 'hearing voices' as sufficent for a diagnosis of schizophrenia) but that is not payment for tapped information. If I go to the left nothing happens but if I go to the right a bomb goes off somewhere - that does not mean that I am involved in terror - it rather means that the wolfy 'services' hide behind the sheepy surface of my life from which they tap the info - and it may be that the purpose is for the services to be accepted by the public while I am rejected as a 'beast of terror'. All this seems trivial - and it is important to emphasize that I am not involved in it in any sense at all. For example, I did not make a 'secret agreement' with parents or others in my youth - any such ideas that I should have a tipetop secret role or agreement are nonsense. If anybody should have made a bank account on my name with big money on it, that is not mine (I have so far, by early 2018, never owned more than 25.000 euros) and such intrigues would have been only for creating false ideas about an involvement of mine. I am the authentic author of my literary and scientific work and of what is written on this website, at least in the form it had when I put it out on the internet.

Added on 5 january 2018: I may have to add that there could be a conception among certain 'services' that my role is to be the author of literary works which can be installed into administration while my identity remains unknown and the works held secret. If anybody should claim so, it would be a terrible lie: Of course my work is not intended for administration and of course they are meant to be published in book form available in bookshops and public libraries - with my name as the author on the front page. In the worst case, some 'services' could have spread my works in networks with a 'please help yourself - but let the author name remain secret', or, even worse, without mention of author. I hope such abuse (if there has been any of it) has come to a standstill and that it will be tidied up in.

Added on 19-21 november 2020: The above paragraph was originally this: "How many million indians lived on the american continent? Probably very many. Hitler said '6 million' - but the number may of course have been much bigger. That is the story of the difficult territorial rights of the modern americans - that the indians must have been exterminated in terrible pogroms and that the modern americans have no legal rights to their continent. That is the beast that haunts them - that they have to leave the place - and the program of 'containing the beast' was american. The modern version of this is the program of driving people 'off the place' with injections". This last unpleasant idea stood there vibrating untill I finally found the reason - which could be in the possible 'intelligence project' of crediting me with the murder of Apenes for a 'jek the ripper' = 'injection'. Likewise, another above paragraph went as follows untill I discovered it: "It seems that a new Hitler was planned - springing out from Hungary-bordering Austria for unfolding in Germany once again - for the modern program of 'total power' by way of injections driving people off their subjective territory. That could be what my role as the 'beast' (jewish genetics) of Mosonmagyaróvar could have been about." Ideas about 'divine sanct-ions' likewise - such ideas could be systematically related to the attempt to glue onto a PTRSIM PIK the role of murderer or 'drinking and whoring' a la 'Torvslaget'. Finally, the original wording of a third paragraph was this: "But now I have solved this riddle (when I wrote the blue metre) and found the hidden reason for the alleged 'divine sanction for terror' at the hungarian border and it should mean that the next Hitler will not come about - so people will not be 'shot out' in astronautic lonelinesses after all". The 'Challenger disaster' of 1986 - when the rocket exploded and the poor astronauts were sent into the universe without a chance to return - was explained in german as being due to a fault in an 'O-Dichtung'. It may be me as 'Challenger' PTRSIM PIK that is invoked for links to ideas of administrative cynicism in this story. If Nelly Sachs is the intended 'O-Dichtung', there is her poem 'So steigt der Berg' in the collection 'Ausgewählte Gedichte' made by Enzensberger which is not included in her collected works - for the first part of this poem (I think from about the time of the Kennedy assassination) starting with "Es steigt der Berg in mein Fenster hinein / unmenschlich ist der (die?) Liebe / versetzt mein Herz in den Glanz deines Staubes / Schwermut-Granit wird mein Blut / Unmenschlich ist die Liebe" (quoted in an earlier file of mine, possibly from memory). There could perhaps have been an 'intelligence project' on that poem - associated with me as 'Challenger' PTRSIM PIK - on basis of my first childhood memory and the Apenes story etc? I am not into anything like that - and indeed we must hope that the tradition of such PTRSIM PIKs will be brought to an end. In particular, I am not supporting any projects for creating 'underearth panic' in eastern Europe turning 90 degrees with the swastika around Paris down to Italy for making 'overearth pane-ic' for an 'Il Duce' in 'dusjen' there - for a later 'Führer' in Germany. Panic six feet under is when the left-behind manuscripts are corrupted - I do not want that.

PS Sub specie eternitatis, why was the PTRSIM PIK program opened? Put differently, why was I as PTRSIM PIK born in Norway - like the first one - and why were Norway possibly established for reasons of this program? My guess is that the new global collective logic of what I call the 'blue metre' presupposes that certain local cultural difficulties must be transcended. Rimbaud may have been born in France because this collective logic cannot develop with such honour codes as have been a problem there. Hitler may have been rather untouched by the 50 millions that had to give up during WWII. What can have been the russian problem I dont know. The british could have been their willingness to grant power to the intrigues of secret intelligence ('Alice'). And what is the norwegian problem? The standard answer is perhaps that they grab the opportunity rather than letting it become a common resource. Could be that is why my name as John Bjarne Grover has a 'negro' in it which, if it be 'shoeshine', turns the name into 'loopaper' - and hence the 'Challenger' is like Tore Hund (= Tore Dog) on Stiklestad when the mythological Norway was founded. The PTRSIM PIK program gives them the chance to grab the opportunity with me as 'loopaper' - and so also for the jewish genetics - but on a larger view the only sensible reason for the whole story is that they have to transcend this possible national problem. Yesterday 19 november 2020 was the last chance for a decision 6 weeks (interval before it is a valid decision) before the new year in the norwegian parliament for an apology (the moon travel program was called Apollo) and reparation money to me for the unfortunate story (and because of the early head opening I must have such reparation money tax free, otherwise it could go the wrong way - hence the new year limit), but they did not grab the opportunity this time either. Were it the plan that the Apollos should apply the other way round due to the 'octogon' (which, though, looks as if it could have been organized - and I did apologize to those involved in the late 80's)? (I searched for 'grover' on and found it not for yesterday 19 nov, but there was another suggestion instead for 'grov' drug crimes). The big problem is that the new collective cognition of the third millenium will not function if the world has to give up and hunt the rebels down, like in the Oslo terror.

It seems that Indira Gandhi's election fraud goes back to 1971. The theory can be constructed - also on this background - that if I were subjected to rapes from the onset of my puberty, it could have been done with a transplanted penis taken from me - while I could have got the penis from the one who constructed an 'octogon' program. Then a tragic logic could have blamed me for the rapes of me and if the 'octogon' looked 'organized' one could blame me even for that if I got the penis from its organizer transplanted onto my body. I do not know to what extent such a theoretic construction could have any root in reality - but of course any such 'systematic scapegoating' of me would be utterly criticizable and an expression of the worst sort of political attitude. It is very high time that the whole PTRSIM PIK story be downgraded and published - in particular such aspect of my story. I do not know to what extent this will leave the public totally surprised by the apparently utter inability of politicians to do anything with the time they are living in. Of course such downgrading and publication should be done as quickly as possible.

23 november 2020: Conclusion

It is probable that the PTRSIM PIK program is an attempt to screw together a sort of Frankenstein Messiah as an average of all the PTRSIM PIKs under the control of the International Secret Intelligence Services who may have planned to use this as a tool for controlling the world opinion by manipulating people's religious feelings and knowledge. It could have been planned as a mock of religion on the format of a 'Frankenstein Ferkel' in the sense of the Dirty Beast of the Revelation - the very 666. Hitler's national socialism could have been a part of this program.

It would correspond to the same 'movement' as has been working through centuries with attempts to prove that Christ was but a fiction screwed together (under the naked lightbulb, so to speak) by a conspiracy from the forms of the 'lapis philosophorum' - a clever hoax that has cheated the world's people and pulled them by the nose for centuries - bringing much power and money to the Vatican. Those who joined that 'movement' would also have believed that the same could be done on a larger scale - and therefore tried to 'do it again' on a bigger scale by constructing the PTRSIM PIK program. Their problem is that they cannot believe that religion is anything but 'fiction' and clever tricks for cheating people. It is believed that the 'lapis philosophorum' is a sort of image of the essentials of the human psyche - and, of course, if Christ as God were to take on the shape of the human psyche, it is no wonder that the story would resemble aspects of the 'lapis'. But that does not mean that it is a hoax - rather the opposite.

Clearly this program could also or just thereby be a reactionary move in an attempt to keep the development of the new global collective logic under political control of certain 'administrative' interests pulling the human spirituality down into the problems of doubt. (Terror is an example of that). These interests would not see e.g. the role of Norway ('grabbing the opportunity') as a problem but rather as a sort of advantage for getting the collective cognition under control. (It could be what I call 'the Klipra connection').

The construction of a new quasi mega-Messiah could then also need the construction of a new quasi mega-God. Were that supposed to be the role of Kennedy - a chief role in the new pantheon? Of course that would have been a bad mock only and it would have nothing to do with true religious attitudes.

If e.g. Kennedy's US democrat party should run election campaigns based on some semantic or phonological average or other redundancies of my work, such as the somewhat pale evidence in this file could be telling of, that would have been to play with ideas of me or my work as this Dirty Beast of the Revelation - and it could entail aspirations of World Power thereby. Clearly if that were the case it must be considered a fanatic attempt to gain power by a mock of people's serious devotional aspirations - and all or most of the world's legislations would probably not hesitate with conceiving it as strictly illegal and inacceptible. It is no excuse that this PTRSIM PIK is a program that has been going for more than 200 years - on the contrary, that makes it only much more urgent with bringing this 'beast of administration' to daylight and its constructors and participants to justice. It is not the future - of course it is the end of the previous millenium.

Of course I do not want to see my work converted into a tool for such mass mock and manipulation methods for global power aspirations.

© John Bjarne Grover
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