Articles on linguistic and semiotic matters

John Bjarne Grover

Here I have picked out some of the more interesting articles from this list. I have listed them here in their chronological order, the most recent first, and put the following classification labels on them:

L - matters related to linguistics
C - matters related to chinese script
A - matters related to art
P - matters related to poetic semiotics

L 29-05-2022:
The 1997 PhD dissertation part 5

L, P 03-04-2022:
The two fundamental theorems and the Covid-19 pandemic

P 23-03-2022:
Hans Henrik Holm

L 05-03-2022:
Derivation: How language relates to logic

L, C, P 21-02-2022:
Horace and chinese radicals
The riddle of the chinese script may perhaps be solved with this article. It is a comparison of all chinese Kangxi radicals with all parts of Horace's work - listed in this concordance table.

L, P 06-01-2022:
Towards a theory of poetic grammar

P 23-11-2021:
Poems of Sachs and me

P 03-11-2021:
Mystic numbers

A 13-10-2021:
Wie Klaviatur in die Saiten dringt

A 04-10-2021:
Caravaggio and 'Der Dornenstrauch'

L 25-08-2021:
Logical order

A 30-07-2021:
30 july 2021: Antonio Balestra

P 26-03-2021:
The arbitrary lamb

A, P 19-02-2021:
Chiesa di San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti

P 18-02-2021:
The clotheshorse

A, P 01-02-2021:
Tintoretto's 'Scuola Grande' and 'Stillhetens åndedrag'

P 26-10-2020 - and 7-11-2020:
The transfiguration of Venice

P 12-11-2020:
12 november 2020: Can light be dated?

P 02-10-2020:
The helicopters

C 10-07-2020:
The chinese sign GUA

C 24-04-2020:
Some comments on the Zheng chapter of Shijing

C 18-12-2019:
Shijing and the naked woman

L 27-11-2019:
The german evidence

L 23-11-2019:
PEB line 12 and 14

C 14-11-2019:
The chinese sign WO

L, P 5-11-2019:
The chinese film of 1963 and the ethnologic parametre in language

L, C 3-11-2019:
The chinese bronze inscription from 800 BC

P 17-10-2019:
Diachrony in synchrony - how poetry can change the world

P 23-04-2019:
The metaphysics

L 07-03-2019
The zifferblatt
The article postulates a formalism for the human language faculty and suggests how this can explain apparent confusions in the modern political landscape

A 05-04-2018:
Vermeer and the hieroglyphs
A discussion of the presence of egyptian hieroglyphs in the work of Johannes Vermeer

L 24-11-2017:
Egyptian hieroglyphs, lapis philosophorum and 'Stillhetens åndedrag'
The fundamental egyptian hieroglyphs derived from the philosopher's white stone - with substantial empirical support from my poetry book 'Stillhetens åndedrag'.

L 06-10-2017:
The hungarian evidence
A peculiar linguistic phenomenon in the hungarian language that seems to have been the background of both Hitler and the two nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945.

P 11-12-2016:
Modernism and the fourth archetype

L, P 20-09-2015:
The blue metre once again

L, P 08-10-2015:
PEB line 6

P 11-07-2012:
Beachy Head and Valery

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