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Articles from 2019

Why the gynaecomastia in political history since 1917?

The evidence of MacDonald's government

The story of the official residence

The zifferblatt
The article postulates a formalism for the human language faculty and suggests how this can explain apparent confusions in the modern political landscape

World Peace after Syria
The article explains how and why the years of terror (socalled 'civil war') in Syria correspond with possible arsenic poisoning of me throughout the same years and what could have been the intended effect of that.

The bitter story of Norway

Articles from 2018

For your orientation

The work is completed

Austria 2018

Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics
The article is based on and discusses the idea that the Fatima revelations of 1917 can be seen as the semantic interpretation or projection backwards in time of my poetic work The Endmorgan Quartet (TEQ) 1997-2008

'Der Dornenstrauch' and the post-1912 political parametres

Author's will for rights under public domain

Not 'med-ju-gor-je'

The 'beast of terror' and the tape measure band

Matthew 15 and the political matrix since 1912

Lapis philosophorum as the articulatory oral space

TEQ, PEB and the Fatima revelation


Biagio Marin
The secret of the story?

The Burgenland riddle is solved
The most urgent political problem of today?

Yinyang and the horned vikings
The double lapis as the yinyang and the slice of bread

The script basis of the modern global power intrigue
I am not an agent, and jewish genetics is not Satan: Why Hitler should not be repeated.

Tu Fu: Ba zh�n t�
A poem by Tu Fu translated by me - is this poem the secret of the western political intrigue?

A brief story of alleged unsurveillance
A brief story from 1982-83 or was it earlier

The vava story
The Kennedy assassination seems to have had a prelude in 1960-1962 which could have been about me.

The turning of the 'lapis philosophorum
Turning the 'lapis philosophorum' around can perhaps be telling of some politics

Two errors of 'book 16'
I mention two errors in the postscript to my book 'Stillhetens �ndedrag' that in principle could have been about political intrigue which is not due to me or my involvement in any way

Vermeer and the hieroglyphs
A discussion of the presence of egyptian hieroglyphs in the work of Johannes Vermeer

7 march 2018

Gogol and the Kennedy assassination
A fragment from a short story by Nikolai Gogol which could have been part of the construction of the Kennedy assassination in 1963

Shadows and Black Sea Loop
Some further comments on the background of the poem I sent to Midori Goto in 1997

All the shadows are good
The poem I sent to Midori Goto in 1997 - it is also on the front page of this homepage

Suggestion to hungarian authorities
On ambiguities of law and of procedures for readings of the metres

A brief draft of play I wrote in october 2017

20 february 2018
This article continues from the one of 18 february 2018

More on Euler and the natural basis for the unit of the centimetre
This article provides some data which could indicate that there exists a natural poetic-mystic basis for the constant defined by Euler - and that this was the background of the Kennedy assassination in 1963

My 1996 lecture in the theory of science
My 1996 lecture in the theory of science intended for the doctorate degree at the University of Bergen - called "Kuhn's paradigms and the simultaneity of scientific discoveries" - a quite interesting discussion of some matters closely connected with the historic background of the modern views on and role of the white philosopher's stone

Conclusion on the story as of 15 february 2018: The role of names
On the origin of the role of names in modern administrative logic

The blue metre in the political history
On how the blue metre can explain the history of the 20th century.

PEB line 11 - the data
Some data on a function of line 11 in the PEB.

Downgrade the stone

The beast of the revelation and the fundamental theorem of linguistics
A brief discussion of how the beasts of the revelation relate to my fundamental theorem of linguistics

Hitler's cabinet and the current political situation
In this article I mention some aspects of Hitler's cabinet relative to the white philosopher's stone and the concept of HYMEN on the border to Hungary - and the question is whether these aspects are active even in today's politics - in particular such as concerns the role assigned to my own person

The black snowflake of 20 december 2013

Microsoft and modern international politics
Was the 389 cycle of Regula Benedicti known before I published it some days ago? Is this matter relevant for understanding the potential political role of Microsoft's Windows?

Is there a second blue metre cycle in the Regula Benedicti?
It is possible that the monasterial rule of the Benedictines constitute an independent 'blue metre' of shorter time span - here suggested to be 389 years - and therefore will allow for cross-correlations against the PEB - for higher precision and settling of millenium in dating of texts.

The Regula Benedicti (AD 529) divided into 389 segments
Here is the Regula divided into 389 equal segments - so the reader can test the theory with own studies

Austrian politics

Articles from 2017

A poem by Nelly Sachs and a poem I wrote in 1982

Friedrich Delitzsch's 'Assyrisches Handw�rterbuch' (1896)
The book that may be a secret in political intrigue - at least it is worth the mention

Open letter to UN: Jerusalem and white stone esoterism
The letter tells of a new discovery which can be of utmost importance not the least in its potential for global peace and cultural progress - a theoretic discovery taking the possible feeling of divine sanction out of terror and nazism - and which also can have some relevance for understanding the current issue of Jerusalem as israeli capital

19 december 2017

Cuneiform and hieroglyphs in the political construction
Story elements in the Rudolfsheim district of Vienna

Cuneiform, the fundamental theorem of linguistics and 'Stillhetens �ndedrag'
The article discusses some ideas related to the hypothesis that there exists a common basis for hieroglyphic and cuneiform scripts. The discussion makes use of empirical data from own poetry but it is obvious that the discussion is very tentative and preliminary.

Political history is now changed
Some further corollaries of the same

Political conclusion
Conclusion on basis of the hungarian evidence and the discussion of the egyptian hieroglyphs

Egyptian hieroglyphs, lapis philosophorum and 'Stillhetens �ndedrag'
The fundamental egyptian hieroglyphs derived from the philosopher's white stone - with substantial empirical support from my poetry book 'Stillhetens �ndedrag'.
This file takes about 2,5 MB (Here is an introductory comment to the article).

Erich Haenisch's Mandschu-Grammatik - Wortlehre

The indian turned 180 degrees
I have studied the indian in 0, 90 and 270 degrees turn earlier - here about 180 degrees turn

'Stillhetens �ndedrag' and 'B�hme's formula Epist.47.�.31
How the 'esoteric' keys to secrets of modern politics are contained in my book relative to Nono's string quartet

Euler's constant 'e' in B�hme's conception
What could be the 'esoteric' keys to many secrets of modern politics

Brexit and the catalonian separatism
On how catalonian separatism could be about the construction of new nazism in Europe

The new logic
Some comments on the new logic

Something I wrote on 22-26 oct 2017
About reasons why manuscript submission to publisher is rather impossible for me

The white stone and the new logic
The new logic that should develop into rational studies and not fall into the domain of power games. The article contains also some interesting examples of this new logic

Tentative proof of the authenticity of the white stone
Some reasons to think that the stone is a 'lapis philosophorum'

The two 'avatars'
The story of what could have been an occurrence of two 'avatars'

The philosopher's white stone and distinctive feature theory
On how distinctive acoustic features of speech maybe are applied to the philosopher's white stone in politics

The hungarian evidence
A peculiar linguistic phenomenon in the hungarian language that seems to have been the background of both Hitler and the two nuclear bombs on Japan in 1945.

The philosopher's white stone
and western history in brief - up to the 2017 general election in Germany

The fundamental theorem of linguistics
The fundamental theorem of linguistics defined by me - this is a new version of the above article - and it contains also material on PEB line 1

Istv�n �rk�ny and the devanagari
Some interesting observations

'Kinderhilfe' (2014) and Friedrich Schiller's 'Sammlung von 1804'
Is Friedrich Schiller the hitherto undiscovered secret of the political intrigue?

The basket of deceit
Drug-dependent agency is not a new religious community

The zoophoria factor
Some important conclusion on the current times

The transfiguration on the mount
Some strange coincidences - and the Temple Mount crisis in Jerusalem

The magic of the history
The yellow metre and the logic of correlations between holy texts - here Rigveda and Moses and the history of the western world throughout the 2nd millenium

Luigi Nono and the syrian crisis
A correlation study of Nono's work with one of mine - and a theory on the syrian crisis since 2011.

The holy cow
Were there two octogons?

The magic of the flesh
The blue metre on the logic of famous assassinations - particularly Mao / Gandhi

Ouyang Xiu: 'Lapis philosophorum'
The 1000 year old chinese poet's work - conceived by me as his study of the 'lapis philosophorum'

The 'lapis philosophorum'
On how much politics relate to this mystic phenomenon

Amritsar and the assassination of Indira Gandhi
An interpretation of the sculptures on Albertinaplatz in Vienna relative to the story of the assassination of Indira Gandhi

Catcher in the rye
The borders to human reality?

Blue metre, space, time and linebreak
Some observations on the political misconceptions of these semiotic matters

About my work
A thorough discussion of my literary work including prospects for further work

More on the yellow metre

Some considerations on seismic and semiotic data

Catull and the fundamental theorem of linguistics

The quest for the Holy Grail

An example
An example story adding to the above article on
'Stillhetens �ndedrag' and some related political issues

'Stillhetens �ndedrag' - some technical comments
Some speculative comments on some aspects of the book relative to egyptian hieroglyphs and chinese script.

'Stillhetens �ndedrag' and some related political issues
In this article I discuss the phenomenon of apparent abuse by encoding of my work in international terror and the issue of a potential solution to this problem of terror as a form of quasi-religious sacrifice. There are some comments on the role of my new book "Stillhetens �ndedrag".

The fundamental theorem of linguistics
The fundamental theorem of linguistics defined by me - and its relation to the political problems deriving from the question of the territorial rights in America - a more streamlined version is presented below

Articles from 2016
Modernism and the fourth archetype
The Clintons and my name
My new poetry book 2016

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The file from 2014 updated in 2017

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