Covid-19 status Sweden 2022

John Bjarne Grover

This article discusses the data in the weekly reports on covid-19 from the swedish national health authority 'Folkhälsomyndigheten'. The article contains some summary data and discussions under the addition of 3 june 2022. The question discussed in this article is whether vaccinations against covid helps at all.

The swedish Folkhälsomyndigheten has published a new weekly report which contains a few pieces of data that attract interest.

It seems that they now are more reluctant to come out with the percentages in explicit format but it seems, although the data are limited and a little vague, that the tendency now is for the percentage of vaccinated among cases and deaths to be larger than the percentage of vaccinated in the population in total - which is when the vaccinations have started to turn around.

Our world in data tells that for the population in Sweden, 74,6% are fully vaccinated (2 or more doses) + 2,2% that are only partly vaccinated = 76,8%.

From the report on week 7 it seems that this percentage is transgressed for new cases - the ratio is no longer so explicitly given as earlier but the diagram could perhaps suffice:

Figur 1A (a screenshot from the report) shows number of cases per week, with vaccinated in darker green. The critical number of how many of the cases were vaccinated and how many were not is not given this time but by magnifying the last column in the graphical diagram (which is week 7) one can probably conclude that the ratio is beyond both 74,6% and 76,8%:

The ratio number is somewhat specified or at least suggested for the number of deaths, though: In the three preceding weeks the average number of deaths was 230 out of which 66 were not vaccinated, tells the report, which means that on the average 71,3% of the deaths had been vaccinated, which is below 74,6%. The ratio is not given for the last week when the number seems to have been higher - but something can perhaps be read out of Figur 6A.

Figur 2 shows the graphics for people of age 65+. Our world in data gives also the percentages for each country and each age group and Sweden has a very high vaccination percentage among those above 65 - and by inspection of the graphics one guesses that the effect of the vaccine is not completely zero for those.

However, if the ratio of week 7 is higher than 74,6 or 76,8 %, then it seems that vaccination for the time being increases the 'danger of health' rather than diminishing it. For 'danger of life' there is still a little plus to gain from a vaccination, these data seem to suggest.

Did Russia enter Ukraina when the one ratio crossed over the other? Is covid-19 a disease called terror-and-monkey-business? I do not know anything about the ukrainian president or administration but it must be recalled that if the terror bombing of Sri Lanka and Beirut are part of a driving motor for ukrainian politics, there could be a connection which means that the system could not continue any longer in Ukraina. Such terror-and-monkey-business is probably not the expression of any official state - it is the expression of an international mafia phenomenon which can be very dangerous for the world peace - like Adolf Hitler was - if it be allowed to continue.

Russia has taken Chernobyl, tell the news. Isnt that a quite unimportant place? It was very important once and could be it then meant 'Dear Black Plague'. But on this I am only speculating and I do not know anything about this.

Added 4 march 2022 - swedish data for week 8

The report for week 8 from Folkhälsomyndigheten shows an apparently clear trend. The new report does not mention how many among the new infections were vaccinated but the graphics suggest a ratio this week as well - here is week 7 (as reported above) to the left and week 8 to the right:

The deaths are reported with some delay but the report has progressed one week since the above: While in weeks 3-5 the average of vaccinateds among the deaths was 74,4%, in week 6 (311 deaths, 70 unvaccinated) it is 77,5%.

For new patients in intensive care, in week 5-7 the average was 44% vaccinated - for week 8 it is 66,7%.

How many are fully vaccinated in Sweden? The swedish data presented by Folkhälsomyndigheten tell that by 3 march 2022 a total of 84,5% of the swedish population are fully vaccinated (2 or more doses), but 'Our world in data' tell that by 2 march 2022 the number is 74,7%. Whether this or that alternative, the graphics could suggest that this correponds roughly to or is even below the percentage of vaccinateds among the new cases for week 8.

The conclusion seems to be that vaccinations have little effect - or could even go the wrong way. This is likely to have been expected and therefore the data are hidden from public inspection in most countries in order to calm the nerves.

However, since this trend towards nearly zero effect of the vaccines has gone in tight parallel with the mortality of the disease, which now is appr 0,5% globally (ordinary flue level that is) and 0,1% in Austria, the end of the story is likely to be that the mortality goes towards zero when the effect of the vaccines does and so the whole thing runs into nothing.

Clearly in light of these data, a law of obligatory vaccination (such as in Austria) cannot be seen as sensible if the vaccines increase the chance for disease and death.

Added 11 march 2022 - swedish data for week 9

The report for week 9 does not tell or show how many of new infections were vaccinated but can tell that among the 355 deaths in week 7 there were 82,3% vaccinated. According to their own data, 84,6% of the population in Sweden above 12 years of age is vaccinated - while 'Our world in data' tells that 74,8% of the population in Sweden is fully vaccinated - that probably includes the children.

Added 3 april 2022 - swedish data for week 10-12

These include data on how many of those who died from covid-19 in weeks 8-10 were vaccinated:

In week 8 there were 310 deaths, among these 54 were unvaccinated = 82,6% vaccinated.

In week 9 there were 265 deaths, among these 39 were unvaccinated = 85,3% vaccinated.

In week 10 there were 198 deaths, among these 28 were unvaccinated = 85,9% vaccinated.

Population 75% vaccinated (when children included)

Added 10 april 2022 - swedish data for week 11

In week 11 there were 190 deaths, among these 15 were unvaccinated = 92,1% vaccinated.

Added 3 june 2022 - swedish data for week 20-21

The swedish national health authority 'Folkhälsomyndigheten' has given this report for week 20-21 of 2022.

There is always some delay in the report on the covid deaths and this week one has certain data for week 19 wherein there were 35 deaths and among these 2 were unvaccinated - that means that more than 94% of those who died were fully vaccinated. In the preceding 3 weeks the average was 57 deaths per week among which an average of 8 were unvaccinated, which means an average of 86% vaccinated.

The report also presents vaccination data for those who died from covid in the weeks 6-21 in 2022 - the numbers for the confirmed covid deaths (among people above 20 years of age) are these:

No dosis a total of 254 deaths, one dosis 36 deaths etc. It seems that most of those who died had 3 doses. It is probably not so many who have 4. Since only 1 dosis counts as 'unvaccinated', the data tell that 85,9% of those who died from covid in weeks 6-21 were fully vaccinated. In the population some 75% are fully vaccinated, which means that the vaccines statistically increase the danger of death considerably. However, since the vaccination percentage is higher among the older people and those also are the ones who are most prone to die from this disease, the gap between the two numbers is somewhat closed but it seems safe to say that the net effect of the vaccines is rather zero.

Search also the report for 'genombrottsinfektioner' ('breakthrough infections') - it tells that 80% of the new infection cases of covid are fully vaccinated.

Since the percentages have been gliding more or less constantly upwards, it is likely that the end result will be that only those who are vaccinated can get sick and die from covid.

The explanation is very simple - in my view it is this: Covid viruses arise ex nihilo due to excessive abuse which presses the metaphysical misbalance across the boundary untill it cannot hold more and when the cupboard finally is opened it all falls out on the floor. That was the high mortality of 2020. However, vaccinations can stop this fallout of metaphysics into physics by pressing on with a farmaceutical monkey business which is even stronger than what caused the covid - and that temporarily stops the outbreak. However, it follows self-evidently that this stop can last for only a brief period - and after some time the misbalance is worse than ever and sooner of later it has to burst out again - then the news tell that a new variant has appeared which is more resistant against the vaccines. But you can keep your breath for a while but not indefinitely long and sooner or later you need new air. If you have a respirator or pump of some sort, you can pump new oxygen into the lungs without breathing out, but sooner or later you have to give this up and breathe out again. That is the reason why it can be dangerous to be vaccinated in that way - since those who are unvaccinated live in a natural harmony and balance between physics and metaphysics and breathe naturally in and out and have not been pushed over the boundary by the vaccines or respiratory machines - and therefore they naturally do not fall sick or die from the disease. If this development continues, eventually there will be only those who are most stubbornly vaccinated and 'boostered' and 'pumped up' who attract the disease.

My theory is that some people even can get criminal in the hope of being locked up in a cell wherein they are free from the obligations to partake in the sexual invitations from society - since everybody knows that sex leads more to earth than to heaven.

But relax - if you are anxious about these 'numbers': There exists a means against covid that is much safer than vaccines - and that is to refrain from monkey business and abuse of others' intellectual property. If you feel paranoid, the reason could be that you have stolen from others' property - and the only thing which really helps is to stop the shoplifting - even if there exist medicines which help against the diagnosis of 'paranoia'. This logic tells that the vaccines press the boundaries to the metaphysics in such a way that you can continue with abuse and monkey business and shoplifting for yet some time - but sooner or later it has to burst once again. But if you are vaccinated you need not die from it - the best medicine is to refrain from seeing the new film or reading the new bestseller if these are plagiarisms of e.g. a book of mine - then you should probably be safe enough. Of course that is the real disease - that people consume such abuse matter without knowing it. Vaccines feel like a help since it is like another drink for the alcoholic, but they cannot really solve the problem.

The metaphysical misbalance is what keeps the mythomania going - and abusive mythomaniac power does not want to understand this. Why doesn't modern medical science explain this? Could be they feel that they get their authority from denying the existence of ex nihilo matter - 'oh, stop all that spitting across the shoulder and such things' - and their clients feel that it is the 'scientific' medical authority which helps against many diseases: "The doctor has forbidden me to partake in these activities" and thereby they get better if only they keep to the instructions from the magical authority. But all that is nonsense, of course, as the story of the covid vaccines seems to tell - it could only make it worse even if it feels temporarily better.

I have speculated that ex nihilo matter is a scientific fact and that a technology for making it already exists - but that it could be classified as secret for political reasons. If such a machine is invented which can fill an empty vaccuum glass bulb with matter, this should be demonstrated for the students of medicine at all universities. That could help a lot and stop the covid. Most people do perhaps deny such ex nihilo formation of matter and say that it is not possible to verify it. I have personally twice experienced a 100% safe proof of its existence - opening a closed book and turning a page in the reading of it, there is a wet lump of jelly under the page that is turned, becoming visible when it is turned over - but there is no traces of it on the other side of the book and there is no way that it could come there by other means. Such a proof is enough for the theory that viruses can be formed ex nihilo. But if medical students generally calls it paranoia or some other sort of delusion, they should see the proof themselves if such a machine exists. It can be very important.

5 june 2022:

For the total percentage of the swedish population that are vaccinated, the children below 12 constitute probably more than 15% of the total population and if these are not vaccinated, the average could probably be around 75% even if it be higher for those 12 or more. 'Folkhälsomyndigheten' have their own data for these:

which tells that by 2 june 2022 there were 7 645 072 swedes 'fully vaccinated' which means 85,1% of the population. When 85,9% of those who die are vaccinated, it means that the effect is close to zero. The data for people who are 18 years or older who have got three doses:

See also these data for disease, death and vaccination status in USA up to april 2022. It is seen that the vaccines were efficient in the beginning and also somewhat through 2021 but that a rather dramatic fall in vaccine efficiency has started to apply in 2022 and could come to be catastrophic.

[15/6-2022: However, the american data seem not reliable: For 2022 week 16 there were 144,965,020 vaccinated population (among whom 119,312 with 'outcome') against 54,729,440.15 unvaccinated population (among whom 75,396 had 'outcome'). Clearly 54,729,440.15 cannot be the right number - if it counts individuals - as if one of the vaccinations was only 0,85 completed? (I notice that appr. 2,718 of the Kennedy brothers were 'shot' dead - the third lost apparently only a portion of his potential career)].

The vaccines against virus function apparently only by way of placebo, which means monkey business, and when monkey business also seems to be the reason for the disease, it follows that the vaccination program based on placebo necessarily will have to turn around and become a sort of potential poison. But the more people get sick, the more the farmaceutic industry blossoms. When Pfizer launched its Paxlovid on 21 december 2021, the global covid curve shot right up and the vaccines may have started to lose efficiency already then. GeoVax got on 2 march 2022 a patent accepted for a vaccine against cancer. The press release contains mention of 'Forward-Looking Statements' - should one speculate on a reference to me and my theory? Here is the global covid curve (source 'worldometer') with these two dates annotated - whether the farmaceutic factor be relevant or not:

It is 'not theoretically impossible' that it could be about uncredited use of intellectual property (theory) that could sort under the concept of 'monkey business' that drains the vaccines of their efficiency - in particular if it is supported by terror.

Were there relevant terror on 2 march 2022? I look up for mass shootings 2022 and find for this day a case from Baltimore Maryland (cp. the 'ball-tip' or 'ballpoint pen' - see also the inventors listed for the patent) at the intersection Walbrook Avenue and North Dukeland Street: Here Walbrook could be about the Apenes murder (for the theory of John F.Kennedy) while North Dukeland Street then could be about the Adolf Hitler factor: These two seem to be the essential names in the 1223 bridge to ÖVP Austria. [Added 7/6-22: For the location 'North Dukeland Street / Walbrook Avenue' as relevant to the Apenes case, see also The Modern Language Review for april 1978 - the article of 'Bruce Thompson' - it can be noticed that Gro Harlem Brundtland shared birthday 20 april with Adolf Hitler - and could be this '20 april' - cp. '0,666 april' - is contained in the name of 'Inger-Johanne Apenes'. I notice also that 'GeoVax' is a name that by the name of Apenes' son the MP 'Georg Apenes' relates easily to 'Georg Koch Platz' in Vienna - and it is not impossible that a 'Georg Voch Platz' could indicate a 'får våpen' = 'gets weapons' or even 'forvorpen' (?) by the logic of 'warlord i[n] myr/bog' - cp. the article by 'Clive T. Probyn' by 'warlord i[n] myr/bog' (cp. 'zelenka/zelensky') = 'cuban crisis' (cp. 'missile') of Kennedy 1962 - could be also with 'hopps' of the logo of the ukrainian TV series that brought Zelensky to power around the time of the burglary of my house in Szolnok between mid march and 28 may 2019 before covid broke out half a year later around the time of the election in Steiermark. Would this 'warlord in bog' of Kennedy 1962 even have been the reason why USA allowed for the cuban revolution of Fidel Castro? I met Raino Malnes on the train for Oslo as I entered it at Fredrikstad station - he had probably gone in a little before me - in the late 70's or early 80's but he was reading Thomas Hobbes and did not have the time to talk with me - I dont know if trains were surveyed in those days]. The location of the shooting was 1900 block of North Dukeland Street and police received a call at about 6:35 PM. The patent that had been granted that day of 2 march 2022 was Patent US16/068,527 - and if 685 be taken as 635, there are traces of the patent number. The Baltimore police had then also already received a 'ShotSpotter Alert' call from 2500 block of Edmondson Avenue at 5:45 PM and, according to the news, some minutes later a 59 year old man walked into an area hospital seeking help against gunshot wounds. (Additional news). In my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' book 16 poem 68 (which is TEQ #1588 - not #1127), the 27th letter on the 5th line is 'h'. The incident from North Dukeland Street left one person (Thomas Epps, 32 years of age) dead and another 3 wounded. GeoVax seem to have launched this vaccine against virus-provoked cancer. I worked a little on my home computer with the matter of a medication against cancer but not as a virus. (Would it have been about a 'bug' in the press conference format?)

There seems to be a bridge from USA to Austria with ÖVP with terror in USA interpreting the 1223 link of Kennedy to me, and in recent years gun violence has grown to be the primary cause of death in USA among people below 25.

My view is that the loss in vaccine efficiency could be due to not only lack of crediting of me as source for farmaceutic progress but also simply because I have not yet been able to move out of Austria with that 1223 bridge - this problem being caused not the least by restrictions on movements due to covid-19. I have called for assistance to find a permanent residence outside Austria but there has so far not been any response.

The political and business interests could be quite cynical - they will not help me (such as in this apparent case) because that is to admit that I am a part of this construction and then they may have to credit me as the potential source of much intellectual property. It is likely that this 1223 bridge is a basis for much monkey business in media, publishing, business, politics - and it may be accompanied and strengthened by terror in USA. The bridge could extend from Pentagon in USA to Pamhagen of Burgenland in Austria and be defining for ÖVP often in government. The bridge seems to be a construction associated with Kennedy - and one can speculate that this phenomenon is a joint venture of Hitler and Kennedy interests.

"John F.Kennedy Airport", "Kennedy Space Center", missions of 'men' on the 'moon' - these could be things referring to nothing else than Kennedy masturbating on my newborn brain in 1957, sending a 'zombie' off through the air etc. ('John/Young Witzeblatt Zombie' could be the formula). If the Kennedys were a secret intelligence program, there could be very large progress for the world to gain by demythologizing the Kennedys.

In particular if Hitler were associated with the one who took my official father's place in 1969 and Kennedy constitutes a theory of something similar for my younger sister - then this 1223 in extension from Hitler could be quite essentially tied up to my person.

I must count as a holocaust survivor in this context - and if international farmaceutic industry starts exploiting my work, that could be the immediate cause of the dramtic loss in vaccine efficiency in the most recent weeks and months. To prevent that those who have been vaccinated die from all the terror and monkey business, it is important to come out with the story and credit the source properly.

Some people say perhaps that slavery pays off since the farmer saves wages payment and hence slavery is profitable for the national economy. But everybody knows that this is not true. It is the same with this story - suppressing proper crediting of the source for important progress is not only unfavourable for the economy - it can apparently be outright dangerous. It may be that surveillance of my life and work is abused for business and advertisement and media without crediting of source. In my view this could be the reason not only for loss of efficiency in the vaccines but for the whole covid pandemic.

It is not so smart to continue with that exploitative abusive program. It could be identically the same as Hitler's 'dritte Reich'. I have speculated that this 'dritte Reich' consisted in rapes of me (drugged) in puberty times and could have been in order for Hitler to have somebody to dump the blame for his war crimes on.

If my 30 years of work since 1992 is the basis for new progress in e.g. farmaceutic industry (Pfizer? GeoVax?), and much other intellectual progress in science and arts, then of course it is extremely important to credit me as the source - even if not-so-clean power could want to keep my identity and role in this story suppressed in order to hide away not the least the improper political confounding of Hitler's and Kennedy's interests. They may have planned to keep me going inside this informational 1223 glass bubble like an alien from a distant planet and use massive amounts of data from my life to engineer a new divinity for the masses to believe in and thereby be easy targets for the dirty intrigues and government from international secret intelligence mafia. Of course all this dirty intrigue must up in daylight and be revealed as the hoax it really is. It is not me who is the cheater - it is those who have constructed the 'nazi' intrigue. I must probably count as a holocaust survivor only - not a part of its construction.

My theory is that it could be alarmingly important that I be made able to move out of Austria and away from that apparent 'hitler-kennedyan' vortex of terror and monkey business. But I need some assistance to find a permanent solution outside Austria and clearly that should be possible to find, given the alarming state of covid.

Trump asked for having the details on the 2019 election in Ukraine and was impeached for it. This impeachment must have had a good reason - and it is possible to understand that now: It could have meant that if Zelensky pulled out in time, they could have avoided the war. It is possible that the TV series that brought him to power and the composition of his government are based on intelligence from my life and work - and it is a fact that covid has gone down after the russian attack on Ukraine. But 'choise in ukraine' could mean 'secret intelligence' - and what could that be? It could be just that 1223 bridge from criminal networks in USA to counterpoints in Europe - and the ultimate aim could be a Black Sea Loop for creating new fascism and nazism in Europe.

If my epidemiological theory can lead to the construction of a medication that does not necessarily stop a virus disease but prevents people from dying from it, it could be important progress indeed and it is not right to let others run off with it without crediting the source. My medication would not be based on monkey business and would not need to be accompanied by terror in order to apply well.

The conclusion, in particular if it ends up with only vaccinated people getting sick, is also that obligatory vaccination rules must be terminated. It is when the monkey business is brought to an end that covid and similar disasters end as well.

Why have I not vaccinated? For once, it seems unsmart from a health viewpoint. Secondly, it may be that the terror-and-monkey-business program with Black Sea Loop has planned me to be the 'canule' of Austria, with Pressburg inbetween Slovakia and Slovenia, spurting out through Vaduz. This identification of me with the outlines of Austria would of course be maximally unfortunate and therefore I should try and avoid vaccination.

On 5 may 2022 I went to Italy in the faith that it was opened for tourists but it turned out that unvaccinateds could be subjected to control if they had been in 'contatto stretto' with some coronavirus positive - see rules with link from this article - and it turned out that an unvaccinated could stay only for 48 hours in a hotel before one risked being subjected to control which could be positive and then one would have to quarantine for at least 10 days - which meant that it would be difficult unless one had a hotel reservation for at least 10 days and even then it would be doubtful whether a hotel could take the burden of a quarantined person (suffering from this now very unharmful disease which is much less dangerous and even milder than a normal winter flue). I therefore had to return to Vienna - which was a great disappointment - which could be that third bump on the global curve. Indeed it was disappointing that I had to return to the 1223 Vienna construction - with all that apparent terror-and-monkey-business burden (Pfizer? GeoVax? etc etc?). Why dont they take the burdens instead of me having to return to Vienna 'because we all have to follow the rules, Mr.Grover'? (Weren't it better to find a permanent residence for me elsewhere?) And all political power agree to pretend like nothing and nobody says a word to me and I have to do all the work with showing it myself? It is probably the terror-and-monkey-business (whoever could have been behind the terror in Baltimore) which causes the covid pandemic, not some bacillae or 'zombies' hopping around in the air. The global situation could be much worse than it was in France before the 1789 revolution. I hope the restrictions with isolation and quarantine regulations will be or already are lifted so that it will be possible to travel down to Italy - instead of sitting here in Vienna as the motor for cynical capitalist money and power driving my own work down into muddy oblivion.

17 june 2022:

The new report from Folkhälsomyndigheten tells:

"Hittills har 25 bekräftade fall rapporterats avlidna under vecka 21, varav en var ovaccinerad. Föregående tre veckor var medeltalet 44 dödsfall per vecka, varav i medeltal fem personer var ovaccinerade per vecka" which means:

Weeks 18-19-20: Average 44 dead per week, of these 44 there were 5 unvaccinated each week = average 88,6% of the covid deaths were vaccinated.
Week 21: 25 dead among whom 1 was unvaccinated = 96% of the covid deaths were vaccinated.

24 june 2022:

The report from 'Folkhälsomyndigheten' for week 24 contains no data on number of deaths ('avlidna') - except perhaps a graph which probably could suggest that all deaths were vaccinated(?), but there are some data for 'breakthrough infections' ('genombrotts-infektioner'), which means infections among people who are vaccinated. Subtracting Stockholm for which these data seem to lack, as far as I have computed (if I have computed right) there were 1524 new infections (Stockholm excepted) for week 24 and probably 1354 of these were vaccinated, which means 88,8%. It seems that 85,1% of the population were vaccinated - that is by yesterday 23 june 2022 - which could suggest that vaccination increases the chance for infection.

It is not so difficult to understand. If vaccination against virus were possible, there would have been no AIDSHIV problem in the world. If virus infection (covid) is caused by e.g. excessive abuse/exploitation of intellectual property in the culture, the infections break out when the abuse cannot be piled up any longer and the avalanche starts rushing down over those who have abused the intellectual property - e.g. bought and read a bestseller based on e.g. a manuscript stolen from me. (The modern term 'subliterature' - does that even apply to such a phenomenon? I must admit that I know little or nothing about this). The vaccine will then function by way of even tougher abuse of the same intellectual property - untill even this overpile starts avalanching down again on those who have abused the property - e.g. those who have accepted another dose of the 'abusive' vaccine. Then 'boosters' will not help. The only thing which can help is of course to stop the abuse - such as the sale of those bestsellers or the news publishing on basis of surveillance data from my work and life. The vaccinations continue in the vain hope of continueing the lucrative and mythomaniac monkey business while an economic recession seems to be difficult to avoid? Weren't it better to face the facts?

Of course the numbers must be published: How many new infections and deaths last week/month and how many of these were vaccinated? Such numbers are facts. I have found only swedish data of this kind so far. The US data - if you try to find them - seem to tell that the counting heartsbeats must have stopped in the middle of the injections - since the data include fractions such as 10,3 people vaccinated. But that would be no serious way to tell that the vaccination program has come into problems.

The data from USA seem to tell that for infection cases in may 2022 (week 20? or is it 20 may?) all_ages_adj all_types the numbers were the following, which I cannot make sense of:

Vaccinated with outcome = 266,095
Fully vaccinated population = 146,393,896.1
Unvaccinated with outcome = 174,584
Unvaccinated population = 54,187,000.7

5 july 2022:

The new weekly report on the state of covid in Sweden tells that breakthrough infections (infections in people who are fully vaccinated) now are on 88% - which means that 88% of the new infections are fully vaccinated - search for 'genombrottsinfektioner' (vecka 25) - while 85% of the population is fully vaccinated. This means that vaccination increases the danger of disease. The report does not mention how many of those who died were vaccinated but 'Figur 6A' ('avlidna bekräftade fall') shows it graphically and it seems that all or nearly all of those who died were fully vaccinated.

The question which must be taken seriously is this: Can we risk that everybody who are vaccinated will die from covid? The news are already reporting on a new variant of 'omicron' being in arrival and they start talking of new vaccine boosters - but clearly this is now getting into a total farce. It is likely that the epidemic is of a 'Sisyphus' type: It is the persistent exploitation of intellectual property which is the cause - after this has been pushed too far up into the metaphysics the misbalance cannot take more and it starts falling down into the physics in the form of ex nihilo viruses. This could continue untill it is in balance. But then somebody invents a placebo virus vaccine on basis of even tougher exploitation of intellectual property (e.g., they have got some classified surveillance data from the intelligence services which they use for making the vaccine - and it may be that other covid vaccines do not exist) and that manages to push it up into the metaphysics once again - but only for a while untill the stone starts rolling down again in the form of a new 'variant', as it is called - and so it could come to continue. The only thing which helps is of course to stop the exploitation (including such placebo plagiarisms) - which means to credit the source of the knowledge.

The world is waiting for the data - and in view of the crucial question whether everybody who are vaccinated could come to die from covid variants, the people have the right to get the hard facts and not only more invitations to take confidence in the authorities who recommend the vaccines. The hard facts that the people have the right to get are 1) how many of the new infections are vaccinated - that is, how many new infections and how many of these were vaccinated, and 2) how many of the deaths were vaccinated. It is highly remarkable that these very simple data seem to be hard to find. The media have been brimming over with covid and vaccination news but exactly these two datapieces have apparently been lacking completely since at least the autumn 2021 when the percentages seemed to start rising.

A simple scientific experiment can probably verify the theory of exploitation of intellectual property as the cause of the pandemic by correlating data on who has bought books in bookshops or borrowed such books in libraries that are known to be plagiarisms from uncredited literary works: If these customers or borrowers of plagiarist literature have a higher percentage of covid cases or deaths, the theory is corroborated or verified. This would also count as 'hard facts' even if it can be more difficult to verify the extent of the plagiarism. However, I would believe that some sort of measure exists that can output a percentage for 'degree of plagiarism' of e.g. a new novel relative to my 1995 novel "The Dreamer" - this novel was released for the public by me in a kitchenbench edition of a few copies in 2008 but there may perhaps have been plagiarisms on the market before this. Then some metric could be made for comparing percentage of plagiarism with percentage of vaccinations, infections and deaths among such readers etc. However, many people watch TV and many channels could be crammed with such uncredited info.

Of course, if extensive plagiarisms of my intellectual property (manuscripts and surveillance data from my life) are known to be a cause of covid, it could help against the pandemic to tidy up in this and try and repair the damage - rather than continue dancing while the Titanic goes down. Plagiarisms are forbidden by law. This should be done before even new diseases start developing. (Is this meant to be a sort of 'plagiarism' of this?)

It is probable that you will not die from covid if you do not indulge in plagiarist data that do not credit the source. But to spend days in quarantine with reading such novels could probably make it only worse.

Some hours before the terror in Highland Park, Illinois, I photographed this graffiti on a housewall in Gablenzgasse between Alliogasse and Camillo Sittegasse in Vienna. The day before I had published this file in the continuation of this study including the HI and LO of the original study. There were also some shark attacks.

7 july 2022:

I do not know if there are any other states that have released the 'breakthrough' data than Sweden. The US data look worthless and resemble a threat with their commas. If it really be only Sweden who have released these totally elementary and trivial data, is this also the reason why Sweden seems to have been threatened into applying for NATO membership? News tell that Turkey has given up its attempt to veto the membership - and could be Sweden is a little 'sweating' thereby and had hoped to remain outside the mythomaniac alliance with 'norf-lanken' (cp. the 'sri-lanken' bombings on the ukrainian election day in 2019) in the north-east corner and been able to continue to say what they want and need to say - but we must hope that Turkey will try again before it is too late. A world of dark mythomania and gloomy power on truth and information is the 'royalist' world of secret intelligence - sailing under a black pirate flag of 'human rights of speech and thought'. Who organized the terror in Illinois recently? If Sweden has been forced to apply for membership, is Finland only a neighbour-crumbie in that story? Hopefully there are not only royalists left in the world - going for despotic and total british power, a 'kingdom come'. Alas, the world should not allow 'problems' - such as that perennial problem whether foregiveness is granted by St.Peter's pick even for terrorists - to govern the world. It is true that the christian church offers such foregiveness even for those - but the britons broke out of that treaty alliance by Henry VIII and feel perhaps not sure about this problem. Cp. the possibly largescaled political programs there could be on Holm's 'absolution' - I recall also 'John Grøver' bending down for opening the dishwasher - the door to which thereby slanted outwards - while telling that he had confessed by a priest. (There was possibly such an element present in the potential background of mine as far as this could be relevant to the terror in Illinois recently). But clearly if the real world cannot offer the needed absolution, people with problems can seek refuge in a world of cognitive constitution (on the way from 'Humbug' to '666 Paris') and that can offer new opportunities for control and government. But then it is classified under 'fanatism' and is a poor alternative.

If the new political situation is about an old 'Kennedy' plan since the Cuban Missile Crisis - when the world was trembling in their pants (cp. the current covid pandemic) by Kennedy's nuclear thriller - to annex the authorship of mine qua PTRSIM PIK, it must be said that the abilities of the world to solve problems appears somewhat limited: Of course my books should have been published many years ago and it could well have been printed at least on the jacket of the book if not even inside that highlevel political interests could have planned an annexation of the authorship on background of the poet's unfortunate role in a political mythos theatre, a role which the poet is completely uninvolved in. If this had been done years ago, it could have been easier to define the problems today. Could be the problem-solvers feel of limited capacities - because they have to rely on the info from the international secret intelligence services? Did those arrange the terror in Illinois recently? If so, then I would not take too much confidence in their info! Could be that is where the problem is located.

"...because of plans of an annexation of the authorship on background of the poet's unfortunate role in a political mythos theatre" - is that classified info and therefore the politicians are not allowed to tell it to the public and therefore all the terrorist programs go according to the plans - while the politicians sit there listening to those classifying 'services' and cannot do much to stop it? That is not permitted! It is high time to downgrade a lot of such secrets before the world is plunged into a longer period of darkness of superstition and terrorist power. Classification is not holy - it is about trivial human concerns and it is probably not smart to lend too much power and control to 'secret intelligence'.

15 july 2022:

A new report from the swedish national health authority 'Folkhälsomyndigheten' for week 27 - see 'Figur 6A' which shows the diagram of deaths and how many were vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated are in dark green and the unvaccinated deaths are in light green. It is seen in this excerpt for the last weeks that there were still some covid deaths that were unvaccinated some weeks ago but it seems that throughout the last 6-7 weeks or so apparently 100% of the deaths were fully vaccinated:

The reports have not told the exact number of vaccinated deaths through the last weeks - it seems that the percentage of vaccinated deaths was rising constantly through the spring and this was reported untill it reached 96% in the report of 17 june 2022 (see above) but since then there has not been any more numbers on this. One guesses that it is 100% - which means that only those who are vaccinated die from covid and those who are not do not.

According to Our world in data, the percentage of vaccination among the older people in Sweden is very high, see these details, but one should expect that in the age groups of those who died at least 5-10% should have been unvaccinated - and if there had been any efficiency in the vaccines, those would have been the first to die. Alternatively, if all who die from covid are 80+, then it is just people who need to find something to die from and then the disease must be downgraded to 'extremely undangerous' - and then it is high time to stop quarantine requirements for those who test positive. The mortality of covid on a global scale has been sinking constantly since the first hysterical weeks with the opening crocodile gap in early 2020 and there is no reason to believe that it will rise again. Click here for the global mortality curve since the beginning - it is number of deaths per day divided with number of new infections per day averaged over appr 21 days (source is - you store the front page in Windows under 'Web page HTML only' and thereafter open the stored file in 'editor' and find the data set by searching for the last number in the two graphs for 'Daily New Cases' and 'Daily Deaths'). It seems that the mortality by this measure is now around 0,1-0,2% globally, which is far less than a normal winter flue (which is 0,32% according to this study in 'International journal of infectuous diseases' vol.88 nov.2019 pp.127-134). In Italy it seems to be normally less than 0,1% these days - and those are probably only older people who would have died for some other reason if there were no covid around - so what are those quarantines for? It seems that nearly 1 million italians are in quarantine every day - which looks strange. If you are on a travel and test positive you have to quarantine for 7-10 days and if the hotel cannot lodge you, you have to take the accomodation (hotel or hospital) which is offered and you have to pay for it yourself. If it is a hospital I suppose 10 days can cost 10.000 euros or so? For such an extremely harmless infection?

The swedish report for this week tells that 'breakthrough' = 'genombrotts-infektioner' (people who get covid even if they are fully vaccinated) are now 87% in Sweden - while the percentage of vaccinations in the population is 85%. This seems to be the tendency - that the 'breakthrough' percentage is higher than the vaccination percentage, which means that vaccinations against covid increase the danger of disease and death. Why isnt this front page news in the newspapers? It seems that most newspapers are only repeating the call for 'more boosters' over and over again.

The conclusion is seemingly this: It is the vaccinations that are dangerous, not the disease. It is a fact that the number of infections increased dramatically after the vaccinations started in 2021, and it is well possible that the whole pandemic would have been over since long if it had not been for all these injections.

It is likely that vaccination against virus isnt really possible and that those vaccines that are in use function only via 'monkey business', that is by probably plagiarism (could be constructed from stolen ideas) - even if or precisely because the reason for the disease is likely to be just that problem of plagiarism in the culture. It means that one could also make vaccines against racism by injecting a small amount of negro pigment and then the body will produce an immunity response against such pigment and that should solve the problem? Could be it would appear to help also, at least for a brief time, if enough medical authority were invested in it - but it could also soon start going wrong way, like it seems to do for covid vaccines these days. Or what about vaccines against 'infleshion'? If you have a bank loan that could be the thing - and 'infleshion' is, after all, a matter of confidence. The vaccination program looks a little like this sort of solution - but it is true that the global curve is approaching zero so the story is probably soon over - and if the world finds a solution against plagiarism the disease is not likely to come up again. But why isnt there anybody publishing the data? I have found them only in Sweden so far - and now Sweden seems to have been threatened into NATO. Is that the reason? Then what sort of story is this really? Is it the panic that all who are vaccinated could come to die from the vaccines - and how rescue the confidence in medical authority then? People should ask for the facts and not more 'incidences' and things like that.

Theory: After the french revolution the royals got nervous and started the PTRSIM PIK program on the poet's inner articulation - which probably Henry VIII believed that he had understood the mechanisms of. The purpose were to create the illusion of divine authority in the royals.

Norway was established in 1814 probably for being the counterpoint to Italy in the european swastika - so that by tapping the spirituality out of Norway, England could get an upper metaphysical hand relative to catholic Italy. If Norway is Italy, then England is Ukraine - and when the underearth panic in Ukraine swung 90 degrees down on Italy, Mussolini could harvest the fascies of overearth pane-ic for England to harvest its metaphysics up in the north - before it swung down again and emptied the wares on the british isles, like a ship returning with pepper and other colonial wares from the faraway colonies.

The english flag ('Union Jack') could even look like a piece of aurora borealis with a tinge of 'pirate flag' in the structure (diagonals a la the two crossed bones). The aurora borealis could then come from the Barents Sea ('Barentshavet') in the far north, under the polar star - see the end of my translation of Heraclitus.

Norway has probably since then suffered from spiritual drainout - victims by this geography of british spiritual colonialism. Could be Norway is among the few colonies that England still has - and NATO could have been established in order to maintain its functionality. While the britons bathe in metaphysical wellbeing while apparently sucking the values out of norwegian poets (Holm with 'Gunsmoke', me etc), the norwegians go around in a pale skeleton-cultural climate. "Spirituality - you mean ESP with particles shot from brain to brain?" (as commented Jan Jakob Tønseth).

This may have left an imprint could be also via NATO on modern culture, and the world has seemed rather unable to cope with the covid pandemic that started with BREXIT - because such an epidemic is conceived in terms of water particles shot from head to head - from ukraine to ukraine - a concept based on contagion by way of people 'spitting' on each other like water guns in Ukraine.

Metaphysical exploitation of authorship (Holm, me) is possibly the nature of the european swastika and the essence of covid - and therefore vaccines constructed on basis of exploitation of authorship necessary have to fail since it leads to a Sisyphos development of the disease and each new variant when the stone rolls down can be met with a new vaccine rolling it up again but that is a senseless activity: The only thing which helps is to stop the exploitation.

Covid broke out by BREXIT. When Russia attacked Ukraine, covid went down again. The signal that England (or NATO?) had to be stopped was in the rising number of 'breakthrough' covid infections - medical authority could no longer dam up for the loss of confidence - and it is likely that this phenomenon was the global sign that the Black Sea Loop (not black see flag!) had to be stopped.

But from my point of view it is not necessarily 'brexit' that triggered the pandemic - it could also have been about my need for moving out of Austria wherein I reside in an intersection between 1223 (with mass shooting from the roof of 'Ross Cosmetics' - cp. 'Roscosmos' - and things like that - which could have been an example of a metaphysical squeeze-out of my poetry) and could be also a norwegian-austrian axis. I still hope there will be a solution.



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