27 march 2022

John Bjarne Grover

The story looks as follows, at least to me: England broke with the Vatican and have regretted it ever since. The Klipra connection was established with Norway for exporting the ridicule (of the inner articulations) up there and receiving divine authority in return - via the technical Messiah in the PTRSIM PIK. There is a swipswap in Norway and that could be the reason why response to my work sometimes look the opposite. There is in Modern Language Review april 1981 (at the time of the attempt on the pope) an article 9. "Why Read Kafka?!" By Martin Swales - which could have been the background of the story from 'Kaffistova' in the late 1980's when a servant came with a cup of coffee and poured it onto the trouser fly zipper of Grøver/'H'. In Modern Language Review july 2009 - at the time of the death of Corazon Aquino - an article "Subverted claims: Cortazar, Artaud and the problematics of jazz". By Nicholas Roberts. If this really be about the subverted claims of my wish to move out of Austria, as when Corazon Aquino attracted cancer in march 2008 when it became clear that I would move to Athens and when she died in 2009 I had to give up and move back to Vienna under the authority of ÖVP which could be spotted in the problematics of Jazz Dot Knørva, it is noteworthy that another title "Ungelöste Gespenster'? Ghosts in Ruth Klüger's autobiographical project". By Catherine Smale could concern the situation with the VW 'bubble' when the official father once in probably the 1970's took me for a trip for some downtown errand but stopped the VW beetle in the roadside just before the house of Dr.Hage in the lower end of Labråten, asking me if he should divorce from his wife - if I had some opinion on that? I had not, that was his choice. It can be observed that the 'Gespenster' in the 'bubble' auto could concern the theme of 'das dritte Reich' and the nature of the 'ghosts' in the bubbles there (assuming the theory of rapes of my puberty), including the theme of the 'cuban crisis' - that could have been the nature of his question, having stopped the car in the roadside. 'Smala-hove' (means really 'narrow head') is a dish in the western Norway, and 'smale' means 'sheep', hiding wolves or not. It is not impossible that the new embodiment of the father of Vikebukt (probably) 1969 could have been narrower in his head than the former had been (and, in addition, if I were raped in drugged condition, at least my body could have known something about the breadth of the penis-head in action - although that cannot count as enough info on the identity of the new custody father). The opposite of a 'narrow head' could be 'hydrocephalus' - the official father told me what it was when we once in the 1960's met one in town. I notice this SMALE and SWALE ('svale' = 'swallow', 'martin') of Modern Language Review. The attempt on the pope seemed in its temporality (in those days thermometres were inserted behind) like an imitation of a crocodile, with countdowns of Sanjay Gandhi, John Lennon and Ronald Reagan - plus the 'holy hijacker' of 2 may 1981. Could be the idea was that the pope had tried to put a rod into the gap of the crocodile but an accident happened and he landed in hospital. The question would have been if the assumed 'Brown on the train' would have been in the role of such a rod in the gap of the dirty beast - a la the 'papa' of 1981 - or if an association to the death of Aquino would have been more natural.

Briefly, it may be that England has this problem since Henry that they either has to swipswap things with Norway since 1814 or maybe they try to imitate a re-entry into the catholic church.

My work with 'Der Dornenstrauch' was just completed in the end of may or beginning of june 2015 (the last word was written in the end of april but there was editing and completion of the book itself) and on 10 june 2015 I had just signed the contract for the acquisition of the house in Szolnok and stayed in the hotel where there were these strong sobs through the wall and the tall drill outside and the sounds as of flying geese or swans - or were it mechanic sounds from the drill - and I wrote in my diary on 10 june 2015 - after breakfast in the hotel when there were sensational news:

TV news were exceptionally on as if it were 11 sep 2001 in usa and the news with the Gripen accident were on. 'Ujabb Gripen baleset'. There seemed to have been a baleset with some spot of oil on the bedcover a couple of days ago which could have been from my bag if it were not sabotage. The breakfast was on but there were no UNTERTELLERs for the cups and when I left, another person paid coins in the hand of the Hofmeister who followed me out and gave them to the reception.

'Ujabb Gripen baleset' = 'once again Gripen accident'. 'Bal' = 'left', 'bad' while 'eset' is 'happening', 'event', 'situation'. However, 'uj' means 'new' with comparative form 'ujabb' means 'more new' = 'once again', while 'ujj' means 'finger' and hence 'ujjabb' means 'more finger than usually' - as if the 'j' had become longer than normal.

The news was that a 'Gripen' airplane had been held back on the runway - I personally associated with Arne Treholt being arrested on Fornebu when he tried to leave the country.

There was also the story of the refugees from the Middle East and Syria in was it 2015 or 2016?

This came to my mind when I saw these news on China Daily today. I noticed the glass balls that had been set out on the table. Do I remember right when there were some ado about the pen for the signature on the contract? China is not really permitted, I think was the comment from the estate agent, one should really use a blue ballpoint pen according to the law, if I understood it right, in order to avoid an accident with the signing. 'Blå kulepenn' is the norwegian word - and I notice the 'blokk ulepenn' or even the 'Bloc Julia Tymoshenko'.

It arguably looks as if it is England and possibly organizers of a Black Sea Loop who wanted to have me residing in Vienna. I feel that it can be important to move to another country.

I should perhaps add the observation that there could be traces of the moment of my signing of the contract around 9 june 2015 in Zelensky's government - such as FM 'Kuleba' = 'ba [om] kule[penn]' = 'asked [for a] ballpoint [pen]'. Or 'Oleh Nemchinov' could be 'ole 'knem' machine/china' in the sobs from the neighbourhood, cp. also 'Herman Halushchenko'. 'Julia la putt-in A' - 'var det motsatt/oppå-sitt' (I cannot remember this situation/story)? I once (1985?) pulled my rainpants off and exposed the light brown or skin-coloured trousers underneath and Tordis Søderlind ('søgeren/søkeren' = 'the applicant', 'the viewfinder') said: "Nei nå trodde jeg jammen at du strippa' = 'well now I thought you were stripping', cp. the names 'Oleksiy Chernyshov', 'Ihor Umansky', 'Serhiy Marchenko'. It was not me who knife-murdered Mrs.Apenes, cp. the 'bloody myrze lensky'. If one assumes that the bombings of Sri Lanka on presidential election day in 2019 were intended for this program, it is noteworthy that it was hotels (I lived in a hotel when I experienced the sob-i-bor and signed the contract) and churches (the sob-i-bor is probably considered a religious mystery) that were targeted plus a few suburban places (the hotel was not centrally located). 'Sri Lanka' would normally (at least in norwegian) suggest 'says it in the hands', such as by the signing of a contract. I am not an agent and did not know about the house in advance - although it could be said that the address was rather well indexed in advance by Oslo terror and several stories - see this file. I certainly did not buy the house as part of a Black Sea Loop program.

As to the above 'spot of oil on the bedcover' - it can be noticed that I wrote and published this file around those days - cp. the ideas of some universals in the mention of the names of e.g. the 'Clintons''. In this file I mentioned Ursula von der Leyen (born 'Ursula Gertrud Albrecht') in the context of the idea of a rod in the crocodile's gap - cp. the article by Catherine Smale and the apparent Brown on the train.

© John Bjarne Grover
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