Were Grøver/'Mengele' quasi pope in the Vatican?

John Bjarne Grover

There seems to exist the theory (as a 'political complex') that Grøver/'Mengele' in the late 60's or early 70's was rebuilt to a copy of pope Paul VI and took his place probably during a summer holiday at the pope's summer residence outside Rome. When he returned, it was discovered that he had a nose shorter than when he left. My own reason for this theory is in the fact that Grøver/'Mengele' (according to my memory - I cannot guarantee with certainty that he did not return later but I dont think so) was replaced with a copy on Vikebukt ferry station in the late 60's. We had been coming from Bjarne Eidsvig's oyster farm and were waiting for the ferry in a queue of cars when he said "e må pisse", went out and behind a shed - and another man returned and took his place a few minutes later. This new 'papa' did not give an explanation - neither did his wife discover the difference - and it may have been a few years later that I discovered his strangely flagging nose: It was suddenly pointing sideways, but maybe not all the time. Could be there were more than one copy of the 'papa'? Once when I came up the stairs to the upper floor he stood there on top of them with a face so strangely wrinkled that it looked as if he had twisted a 'plastic' face mask out of shape. Some years before his death he got oversized false teeth installed - cp. 'dumb-biss' or 'rumpis'.

The theory is that Grøver/'Mengele' could have taken the place of the pope and the Vatican could not take him in return but had to allow for this copy to harass the catholic church for some time (could it have been a few years?). It could have been after 'negotiations' with an external ('international') secret intelligence service that the Vatican understood that they had no choice - otherwise St.Peter's Church could come to crumble. The Vatican later restored the artworks of Michelangelo in the ceiling of the sistine chapel - the old masterwork was scraped away and a copy painted over it. That is perhaps not to 'crumble', but maybe a variant of it. After Paul VI there was a brief popehood of John Paul I but since then the popes have been non-italian for the first time in history. John Paul II canonized enormously (he pronounced more saints than had been made in the rest of the history of the catholic church). Benedict XVI had turned 16 or 18 in the course of the war and had to agree to obligatory membership in the german nazi party.

It may of course be that this is the reason for the theory - that a canonizing german 'nazi' had been pope.

The theory tells that if the Vatican after 'negotiations' had to agree to an alien copy of the pope, it was mainly for compromising the socalled 'dogma of the infallibility of the pope': If the pope were infallible and therefore could not lie, and God would not have chosen a liar as pope, if a new pope is elected from the group of cardinals who knew the previous pope personally and therefore personally got the message from him that 'Jesus did live', if this goes in an unbroken chain back to Peter as the first pope or bishop who knew Jesus personally, then it is concluded that Jesus did live and was not an invention by 'international secret intelligence services' constructing the Bible on basis of indian vedas some time down in the middle ages. If this infallibility dogma is compromised, it means that Jesus could have been an invention by those 'international secret intelligence services'. Since a good part of the Bible is the books of Moses and the story of Israel, the theory of a false Bible could include this anti-semitic element - that the people of Israel could be a new invention.

I think the oldest Bible copies that exist are from some small century down in the middle ages - as can be verified by Carbon 14. However, I have written in 2008-2010 (in extension from The Endmorgan Quartet 1997-2008) the blue metre 'POLAKK English Bloggi' which is a literary 'carbon 14' and can date texts with much precision. I have shown that Acts of the new testament probably was written in 66-67 AD - or 1066-1067 (but if older copies exist this can be excluded).

However, if 'international secret intelligence services' did force a copy of the pope Paul VI into the Vatican and they had to agree to his authority for some time, this compromising of the Vatican authority could have been for the one and only purpose of making the relation of the Vatican to me difficult or impossible - thereby preventing that the Vatican told me the Fatima origins of my work. Israel could have been established after the war for similar reasons: If jews told me about the Fatima origins, the land which God had given to the people of Israel could come to be withdrawn after all. This threat would have lent to 'international secret intelligence services' the authority of God if they were the ones manipulating the history.

A state chief or high politician normally or probably does not know more than the 'international secret intelligence services' can tell and is utterly dependent on their 'integrity'.

In 1981 I was in Rome and saw the film 'Aiutami a sognare' = 'help me to dream' - which could have been about BROM or sleeping means such as a gas. In 1983 I was back again for a briefer visit. There seems to have been the myth or story around that I had been given a cup of drink which contained BROM or some modern sleeping means and that I in drugged condition was raped by a person who had agreed to let himself be shot dead by a third man in the moment of ejaculation - for the idea that his soul would be ejaculated into my body and continue to model my consciousness. This person seems also to have been associated with GORI, my childhood fantasy friend from 1960 after probably or possibly Paul Celan had visited me in Odda. The later israeli annexation of Golan from Syria could have been on this background. Clinton's vice president was Al Gore.

I did not discover the theory of the rape by 'Gori' untill in recent years and, frankly, do not believe anything about it. But of course it is a possible theory which could be around in politics.

What should have been the reason? It could have been a simple 'revenge on background of Grøver/'Mengele' as pope in the Vatican', for the uninteresting reason that the reason for this compromising of their authority should have been me. I do not believe that the Vatican would have been involved - but if 'international secret intelligence services' were behind such a rape, they could have done it on behalf of the Vatican - continueing their 'interests' there.

Nobody (except me, but I have only theories) would tell publically about such a rape any more than the Vatican would tell about Grøver/'Mengele' as pope - a rape of the catholic church. That of course is a big error of theirs. It means that if I experience problems in Italy, or, say, am challenged by a politician out for shady power, it could be for such unpronounced reasons of protecting the integrity of 'our faith'. China had untill recently a vice premier minister called Zhang Gaoli - it could (even if 'Gori' was my fantasy friend) mean that something similar could obtain there on background of the unpronounceable theory that my elder sister should have murdered Mao who could have asked for it himself in an act of self-sacrifice for rescueing the revolution. Lenin could have done the same with my grandmother Laura Devold. 'Self-sacrifice - what are you talking about?' Such theories of self-sacrifice are later inventions, of course, even if Richard Millhous Nixon were in China to visit Mao - and any links to my person would be totally unofficial and theoretic only.

There could be many such more or less mythological stories relating unpronounceable problems to my person - and that could be a problem for my security in the relevant countries - even if nobody could understand anything of it.

I tell this story: In 1983 on norwegian national day 17 may I came out in the morning and saw the graffiti 'SVIN' written in yellow spray on the black asphalt just outside the garden gate to the house where I was living. In the nearest or next-to-nearest road intersection there was the drawing in similar graffiti of two phalluses. 'Svin på skogen' could have been a comment to the octogon stories - but on the form 'svin påsk ogen' it could mean the Vatican ('påske' is norwegian for 'Easter', 'påsk' is swedish) having okayed Grøver/'Mengele' as pope. The investigations in the case against Arne Treholt were started on the same day 17 may 1983 - and the police found a larger sum of money tucked into an envelope in his suitcase. He was found guilty of having given classified information to KGB liaison Gennadij Titov and sentenced to lifetime in prison for high treason but was pardoned after 12 years, I think it was.

In 2008-2009 I lived in Calle Pedrocchi in Venice. It was in 2009 that two neighbours died - one next to me and one right under - both of them not so young, in an age when it is normal to wander. It was only after their death that I peeped on the nameplates - and the names were ZUIN and ZORZETTO - the graffiti from 1983! ('Source ett-to' = 'source one-two'). It was natural to think that they could have died from poisonous gas from the stove - somebody in the vicinity could have connected an overpressured gas bottle to the system, would have been the suspicious idea. However, even if this should be technically impossible, since overpressure would be detected centrally and lead to closure of the gas stream, for a normal person the idea would arise. In addition, there were the gas problems in the studio flat I rented - the open gas flame for the water heater ignited well but on the stove the gas only blew the match out - and one could conclude that it could have been attached to an extra gas pipe coming from somewhere else. There was only one place in the Calle which had an overview to all the few doors of people going in and out, and hence also who was home and could be using the stove and who was not - and that was to a flat which seemed to have the word TESA on the doorbell. I take it for granted that TESA did not murder the two neighbours - but the structure of the Calle was in that way. In addition, if the flat I lived in had 'strange gas pipes', it could be natural to suspect me - but of course I did not murder the neighbours.

In the article on 'World Peace', I discuss how it seems that the Oslo terror of 2011 could have been taken to be on the background of the call for me moving back to Venice or even Calle Pedrocchi - in which case the Oslo terror could have supported the theory that it was I who was the terrorist. Since Oslo terror 2011, the bank Intesa Sanpaolo has grown from a probably relatively middle-sized bank to become the biggest bank in Europe. One can spot this story in the name of the bank - 'in TESA' could be a hypothesis on the GAS and that could be the gas which Grøver/'Mengele' could have used on pope Paul VI for taking his place, if that is the story.

Of course the two heros from Calle Pedrocchi could have died from e.g. laser beams rather than from gas. There is no reason at all to believe neither that it was gas nor that TESA was involved. Sorry, TESA, it was not my intention to throw doubt on your integrity. If this is about the name of the bank, it would rather be about linking the story to my person.

'TESA' is also the product name of self-adhesive products of various kinds. The poem I got from the iranian woman in the park in Paris in 2002 was written on a POST-IT yellow note paper with a self-adhesive stripe along one side. On this paper was also written the NUMBER and the drawing of the candle enclosed in an oval. 'Tesa' in norwegian means also 'the thesis'.

Interest rates are the field of work of a bank: 'Interests' would be the involvement of 'international secret intelligence services' if they organize revenges on behalf of the Vatican, thereby being in false charge of the 'moral integrity', and 'rates' could be the role of the rathunt memory of mine from the time of Gori and Celan in 1960.

But how can 'Sanpaolo' have any public appeal in catholic Italy if it means Grøver/'Mengele' in the place of the pope? Of course it means not Grøver/'Mengele' but Paul VI before he were replaced. But would that make sense relative to 'in tesa'? If 'in tesa' should mean the poisonous gas, it could have been this which was under the command of 'Sanpaolo'. But a sanctified Josef Mengele would not have much appeal in Italy. 'Innte sa' = 'near-to said' could mean the steering wheel of the VW car in which we were sitting when he said into the gas of the air 'e må pisse' - he said it so to speak into the 'wheel' = 'ratt' in norwegian while 'leaning' a little forwards - cp. the idea of 'Rattolini'. Since there is no reason to suspect 'TESA', this 'Rattolini' interpretation is probably more to the point.

The story tells how active the theory of Josef Mengele as pope could be. But if the Vatican does not tell the story and does not 'admit affair', so to speak, it will continue to be defining in this way or that - untill they have no other choice. In the mean time, they could come to be burdened by bad self-esteem and self-respect. If they tell it, they will regain the status of persecuted 'catacombian' pioneers for truth before power - if, that is, there was any such story at all. But to solve the problems by way of politicians who could challenge power from me is certainly not the solution.

I was for seven weeks in hospital in Venice and they were very friendly and helpful and I was very well treated, but somebody stole 1500 euro (first 500, then 1000) from my wallet probably while I slept. I reported it to the police but have not got the money back yet. The sum is approximately what I need if I have to make the fourth volume myself - in 30 copies for donating to libraries. But it looks very crazy that I should have to do this work myself and at my own cost - considering the background history with the whole world being organized around this since 1917 - and clearly it is in the interest of the whole world to see my works published in better ways.

The theft of the money from my wallet looks a little similar to the start of the investigations in the Treholt case when they found the 'money proof' - the banknotes stuffed into an envelope in his suitcase - on I think 17 may 1983.

If Josef Mengele were pope for some time, and this includes the theory that he first turned into Jensen/Gröver, and that is far from certain (I have no reason to believe that Josef Mengele were involved in these stories unless he was under the identity of my official father in the 1960's), it could have been for the one and only reason of preventing that I got info on this post-1917 history from the Vatican before I wrote the work - and when it now is finished, the whole panic will go down.

There was recently a very tame 'Beluga' whale in Tufjord in Norway who 'innte sa' = 'Li Bai', so to speak, and who charmed the locals. It was top news in many international media. 'Fira påsk' is swedish for 'celebrate Easter', the interest of the Vatican. I had been to Bratislava for a trip but did not get much done there - on the way back the train ran along a dustroad when suddenly a small whirlwind blew dust up like the wave of grass in my garden, and a few metres later it happened again, only the whirl now seemed to go the other way, and a whisper escaped my mouth: Ah, what beauty! The news of the Beluga whale appeared in the media a day or two later. The 'road dust' can be called 'veistøv' and hence 'e veistøv tam[e]' - the name of my PhD thesis 'A waist of time' probably unjustly rejected in 1998 - could have been the story. The whale, who had carried some spy gear attached to it by a research team, was well received and the locals helped it off with the spyware.

See also this file - search for "There exist other proofs of equally hard fact type, although more complex" - in the continuation on GAS-PAS-GAS, including the bombing of the US embassies when I was writing the appeal to the rejected PhD THESIS in 1998.

Brigate Rosse started attacks on the italian community around 1970. 'Rogate/rugate pisse' could tell of 'e må pisse' and could as such relate to the theory of Grøver/'Mengele' in the Vatican and the situation of him leaning forwards in front of the 'ratt' at Vikebukt ferry station. 'Renato Curcio' was leader of the red brigates. On 5 may 1978 I was to a party on the other side of the canal (which goes around the Old Town) relative to my home in Fredrikstad and the old woman Inger Johanne Apenes - the old mother of conservative MP Georg Apenes - was murdered with a knife in the neighbouring house in the same night - it wasn't me who did it, of course, although my name could have suggested so. Aldo Moro was found dead in the back of a car in Rome some days later - he could have been there since that night. This story resembles the one from Calle Pedrocchi - and one can guess that Brigate Rosse was a part of the same story - 'softening' the italian society to accept a copy pope. Aldo Moro had been a central italian politician for the 'Democrazia Cristiana'. Pope Paul VI died on 6 august 1978 - 4 months after the death of Aldo Moro. Were Brigate Rosse a way of getting Mengele ideas through in the Vatican?

I had to tell this story from the VW in the late 60's since not many others could have told it - including the phenomenon that Grøver/'Mengele' normally used more refined language such as 'late vannet' ('to let the water out') etc and never forms such as 'pisse' - and this was the first time he did. It attracted attention. If Rattolini as the counterpoint to Mussolini is supposed to be the key word for a new influential politician of Mussolini type, it is worth telling this story from 'leaning in front of the wheel/ratt'.

Added on 6 may 2019: In 2009 it could have been about the overview = surveillance view to the Calle Pedrocchi. (There was also a surveillance camera in the other end of the Calle). If what I said to Paul Celan in the hypothetical telephone conversation in 1962 was 'i dag er det' (= 'today it is'), it could be about a rewrite:

i dag er det (pronounced 'idag erde')
cila gerdet = cila the fence = the two dead neighbours
cali gedret
cale pedrocch-i

Hence the whole complex could be built up around that hypothetical telephone of 1962. It had been surveyed! I didnt know that.

This could also be the two gratispapers (!) started when I arrived in Vienna in 2004:

'Heute' = idag
'Österreich' = er det, es gilt

See also the story from Bekkevoll.

I add that there was in Norway years ago a minister of TV and things like that called 'Bjartmar Gjerde'.

There seem to be some articles on the web discussing the theme of a 'copy of Paul VI', such as these:



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